1870 Federal Census

Mercer County, PA

The following 1870 census transcriptions for Mercer County, Pennsylvania were contributed by John MacDonald.  He has graciously made these freely available to all Mercer County researchers.  However, he still retains all rights to these compilations and strictly forbids any commercial use of his work.   

Below you will find in the left column, a transcription of the actual census record. In the right column, you will find the same census info, but arranged by name and in alphabetical order. 

At the end of this page, you will find a "KEY" for the 1870 census.

Township or Borough Township or Borough Name IndexSurname Index
Clarksville Borough Clarksville BoroughA - AkMc - McC
Cool Spring Township Cool Spring TownshipAlMcD - McH
Delaware Township Delaware TownshipAm - AoMcI - McW
Deer Creek Township Deer Creek TownshipAp - ArM - Ma
East Lackawannock Township East Lackawannock TownshipAs - AzMe
Fairview TownshipFairview TownshipB - BaMi - Mk
Findley Township
Findley TownshipBeMo
French Creek TownshipFrench Creek TownshipBi - BlMu - My
Green TownshipGreen TownshipBo
Greenville BoroughGreenville Borough
(located in Hempfield Township)
BrThe remainder is a "work in progress"
Hempfield TownshipHempfield Township
(Excludes the Borough of Greenville)
Bu - ByPlease stop back soon to see what more has been added
Hickory Township
(Excludes Borough of Sharon)
Hickory Township
(Excludes Borough of Sharon)
C - Ca
Jackson TownshipJackson TownshipCe - Cl
Jamestown BoroughJamestown BoroughCo
Jefferson TownshipJefferson TownshipCr - Cz
Lackawonnick TownshipLackawannock TownshipD - Da
Lake TownshipLake TownshipDe
Liberty TownshipLiberty TownshipDi - Do
Mercer BoroughMercer BoroughDr - Dz
Mill Creek TownshipMill Creek TownshipE - Ed
New Lebanon BoroughNew Lebanon BoroughEg- Ez
New Vernon TownshipNew Vernon TownshipF - Fe
Otter Creek TownshipOtter Creek TownshipFi - Fl
Perry TownshipPerry TownshipFo - Fz
Pine TownshipPine TownshipG - Ge
Pymatuning TownshipPymatuning TownshipGh - Gl
Salem TownshipSalem TownshipGo
Sandy Creek Township
(Excludes Sheakleyville Borough)
Sandy Creek Township
(Excludes Sheakleyville Borough)
Gr - Gz
Sandy Lake BoroughSandy Lake BoroughHa
Sandy Lake Township
(Excludes Borough of Sandy Lake)
Sandy Lake Township
(Excludes Borough of Sandy Lake)
Sharon BoroughSharon BoroughHh - Hi
Sheakleyville BoroughSheakleyville BoroughHo
Shenango Township
(Excludes Borough of Middlesex)
Shenango Township
(Excludes Borough of Middlesex)
Hu - Hy
Springfield TownshipSpringfield TownshipSurnames that begin with "I"
Stoneboro BoroughStoneboro BoroughJa - Je
Sugar Grove TownshipSugar Grove TownshipJi - Jy
West Middlesex BoroughWest Middlesex BoroughKa - Ke
West Salem TownshipWest Salem TownshipKi - Ky
Wilmington TownshipWilmington TownshipLa - Le
Wolf Creek TownshipWolf Creek TownshipLi - Lo
Worth TownshipWorth TownshipLu - Ly

Page #, Line #, Dwelling #, Family #, Surname, First Name, age, gender, race, occupation, real estate, personal estate,
place of birth.
f.f.b.= father foreign born
m.f.b. = mother foreign born
month (given with child under 1 year of age) = month of birth
month (given with older adult) = month of marriage (if married within the year)
schl = attended school within the year
read = cannot read
write = cannot write
male citizen over 21 = males of voting age
denied = males not eligible to male citizen over 21

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