Pine Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

422B-109-106, Acklay, Harriet H, 15yrs, Indian [probably Indiana]
426B-175-169, Alexander, Mary, 63yrs, PA
426B-175-169, Alexander, Susan, 60yrs, PA
424A-136-133, Anderson, Albert T, 22yrs, PA
429A-208-202, Anderson, Esther A, 27yrs, PA
429A-208-202, Anderson, James N, 35yrs, PA
424A-136-133, Anderson, Joseph W, 55yrs, PA
429A-208-202, Anderson, Lorrie E, 5yrs, PA
424A-136-133, Anderson, Oliver L, 17yrs, PA
424A-136-133, Anderson, Rebecca, 51yrs, PA
429A-208-202, Anderson, Sadie, 3yrs, PA
424A-136-133, Anderson, Thomas C, 25yrs, PA
429A-208-202, Anderson, William C, 1yrs, PA
428B-200-194, Aubeny, Mary A, 44yrs, PA; Possibly "Auberry"
428B-200-194, Aubeny, Thomas, 74yrs, PA; Possibly "Auberry"
429B-216-210, Auberry, Wm P, 34yrs, PA
419B-69-62, Barr, Charles F, 3yrs, PA
419B-69-62, Barr, George H, 40yrs, PA
421B-99-96, Barr, James F, 11/12yrs, PA
419B-69-62, Barr, John A, 15yrs, PA
421B-99-96, Barr, John F, 28yrs, PA
423A-119-115, Barr, Margaret, 19yrs, PA
421B-99-96, Barr, Mary, 20yrs, PA
423A-119-115, Barr, Nora, 1yrs, PA
419B-69-62, Barr, Peggy J, 38yrs, PA
419B-69-62, Barr, Samuel P W, 11yrs, PA
423A-119-115, Barr, T C, 24yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Barron, Milton, 20yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Bell, Caroline, 15yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, Catharine, 42yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Bell, Catharine, 58yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Bell, Catharine M, 18yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Bell, Charles H, 21yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, Edwin, 3yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, Frances, 6yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, Hattie, 20yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, James, 11yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, John, 22yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, Kissiah, 66yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, Lizzie, 18yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Bell, Margaret J, 6yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, Mary, 24yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Bell, Mary A, 21yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, Robert, 13yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Bell, William, 30yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Bell, William, 46yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Bell, William, 61yrs, PA
417B-40-39, Bell, William K, 2yrs, PA
419A-66-59, Billingsley, Charlotte, 1yrs, PA
419A-66-59, Billingsley, David, 42yrs, Ireland
419A-66-59, Billingsley, Eliza J, 34yrs, PA
419B-66-59, Billingsley, Elizabeth, 80yrs, Ireland
419A-66-59, Billingsley, James A, 5yrs, PA
419A-66-59, Billingsley, John C, 3yrs, PA
419A-66-59, Billingsley, Mary J, 8yrs, PA
419A-66-59, Billingsley, William D, 11yrs, PA
421B-101-98, Black, A T, 57yrs, PA
427B-190-184, Black, Adam S, 16yrs, PA
423B-128-125, Black, Alexander, 58yrs, Ireland
422A-106-103, Black, Austin, 6yrs, PA
422A-106-103, Black, Elizabeth, 4yrs, PA
418B-55-51, Black, Elizabeth, 23yrs, PA
415A-2-2, Black, Elizabeth, 58yrs, PA
423B-128-125, Black, Elizabeth J, 48yrs, PA
427B-190-184, Black, Ella M, 3yrs, PA
427B-190-184, Black, Elmer, 10yrs, PA
428A-193-187, Black, Emma C, 21yrs, PA
428A-194-188, Black, Fred, 1yrs, PA
421A-88-83, Black, George M, 22yrs, PA
418B-55-51, Black, Hannah, 19yrs, PA
428A-194-188, Black, Isabella, 22yrs, PA
422A-106-103, Black, James H, 44yrs, PA
418B-55-51, Black, Jane, 52yrs, Ireland
422A-106-103, Black, Jennie, 9yrs, PA
422A-106-103, Black, Jessie, 13yrs, PA
423B-128-125, Black, John A, 10yrs, PA
427B-190-184, Black, John O, 21yrs, PA
423B-128-125, Black, Joseph, 15yrs, PA
418B-55-51, Black, Joseph, 21yrs, PA
427B-190-184, Black, Joseph, 48yrs, PA
418B-55-51, Black, Margaret, 15yrs, PA
422A-101-98, Black, Margaret, 45yrs, PA
427B-190-184, Black, Margaret N, 45yrs, PA
418B-55-51, Black, Mathew, 62yrs, Ireland
415A-2-2, Black, Mathew, 65yrs, Ireland
423B-128-125, Black, Mathew B, 6yrs, PA
422A-101-98, Black, Millie, 16yrs, PA
422A-106-103, Black, Phebe, 33yrs, PA
418B-55-51, Black, Samuel, 13yrs, PA
422A-106-103, Black, Sherman, 17yrs, PA
421A-88-83, Black, Virginia, 19yrs, PA
422A-106-103, Black, William, 2yrs, PA
423B-128-125, Black, William J, 13yrs, PA
428A-194-188, Black, Willis, 24yrs, PA
423A-122-118, Blakeley, Mary J, 30yrs, PA
425A-153-150, Boddy, Mary J, 24yrs, PA
425A-153-150, Boddy, William, 5yrs, PA
425A-153-150, Boddy, William, 35yrs, England
425B-160-156, Boleyn, nancy, 47yrs, OH
421B-93-89, Bolinger, Elmira, 3yrs, PA
421A-93-89, Bolinger, John A, 30yrs, PA
421B-93-89, Bolinger, Leland McA, 1yrs, PA
421B-93-89, Bolinger, Lizzie M, 5yrs, PA
421B-93-89, Bolinger, Margaret, 29yrs, PA
421B-93-89, Bolinger, Melvina, 10yrs, PA
421B-93-89, Bolinger, Rebecca, 70yrs, PA
423A-120-116, Boston, Elizabeth, 47yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Braham, Mary J, 14yrs, PA
427A-181-175, Brandon, G W, 47yrs, PA
427A-181-175, Brandon, J S, 23yrs, PA
427A-181-175, Brandon, J. P., 42yrs, PA
427A-181-175, Brandon, W C, 12yrs, PA
417A-31-29, Brown, George B, 16yrs, PA
418B-57-53, Buchanan, Alex, 31yrs, PA
425A-151-148, Buchanan, Elenor, 50yrs, PA
419A-61-55, Buchanan, Eliza, 50yrs, Ireland
419A-61-55, Buchanan, Francis R, 17yrs, PA
425A-151-148, Buchanan, Hugh G, 13yrs, PA
425A-151-148, Buchanan, Hunter, 60yrs, PA
419A-61-55, Buchanan, James, 73yrs, PA
425A-151-148, Buchanan, Jane, 23yrs, PA
418B-57-53, Buchanan, Josiah, 28yrs, PA
425A-151-148, Buchanan, Maria, 19yrs, PA
425A-152-149, Buchanan, Mary, 25yrs, PA
417A-31-29, Buchanan, Mary, 30yrs, PA
419A-61-55, Buchanan, Nancy, 14yrs, PA
417A-31-29, Buchanan, Rachel, 33yrs, PA
425A-151-148, Buchanan, Rebecca, 17yrs, PA
230A-222-216, Buchanan, Sampson, 22yrs, Ireland
417A-31-29, Buchanan, Samuel, 49yrs, PA
425A-151-148, Buchanan, Sarah, 21yrs, PA
419A-61-55, Buchanan, Susannah, 12yrs, PA
419A-61-55, Buchanan, Thomas M, 8yrs, PA
424B-138-135, Campbell, Josiah W, 23yrs, PA
424B-138-135, Campbell, Mary E, 29yrs, PA
425A-153-150, Campbell, William, 19yrs, PA
424B-138-135, Campbell, William C, 3yrs, PA
429A-208-202, Cascadden, Thomas, 24yrs, PA
421A-89-84, Cochran, Albert J, 1/12yrs, PA
421A-89-84, Cochran, David H, 2yrs, PA
421A-89-84, Cochran, James A, 13yrs, PA
421A-89-84, Cochran, John E, 8yrs, PA
421A-89-84, Cochran, John L, 38yrs, PA
416B-24-23, Cochran, John W, 33yrs, PA
421A-89-84, Cochran, Mary E, 11yrs, PA
416B-24-23, Cochran, Mary J, 23yrs, PA
416B-24-23, Cochran, Milton M, 11/12yrs, PA
421A-89-84, Cochran, Nancy J, 34yrs, PA
420B-84-78, Conner, Isabella, 16yrs, PA
420B-84-78, Conner, Mary, 32yrs, PA
420B-84-78, Conner, Sarah E, 14yrs, PA
416A-17-17, Cooper, Amelia, 2yrs, PA
416A-17-17, Cooper, Harriet, 32yrs, PA
416A-17-17, Cooper, Lizzie, 9yrs, PA
416A-17-17, Cooper, Sarah F, 6/12yrs, PA
416A-17-17, Cooper, William, 35yrs, PA
424A-135-132, Cornelius, Allison, 7yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Cornelius, Alpheus B, 13yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Cornelius, Alva A, 15yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Cornelius, Ann A, 4yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Cornelius, Barbara E, 39yrs, PA
418A-50-47, Cornelius, Elizabeth, 75yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Cornelius, Elmira, 6yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Cornelius, Florence, 2yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Cornelius, Francis L, 9yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Cornelius, Ida M, 11yrs, PA
418B-52-49, Cornelius, Isaac, 17yrs, PA
418B-52-49, Cornelius, Isabella J, 8yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Cornelius, J J, 43yrs, PA
418B-52-49, Cornelius, Jesse, 21yrs, PA
418A-50-47, Cornelius, Jesse, 72yrs, PA
418B-52-49, Cornelius, John, 2yrs, PA
418B-52-49, Cornelius, John W, 50yrs, PA
418B-52-49, Cornelius, Julia A, 6yrs, PA
418B-52-49, Cornelius, Lavina, 41yrs, PA
418A-50-47, Cornelius, Nancy, 32yrs, PA
418B-52-49, Cornelius, Samuel, 14yrs, PA
418A-50-47, Cornelius, Samuel, 38yrs, PA
418B-52-49, Cornelius, Sarah, 19yrs, PA
418A-50-47, Cornelius, Sarah J, 30yrs, PA
427B-186-180, Coulter, Alonzo, 13yrs, PA
230B-229-223, Coulter, Andrew J, 25yrs, PA
230B-229-223, Coulter, Carrell, 3yrs, PA
424B-143-140, Coulter, Eva, 9yrs, PA
424B-143-140, Coulter, Inez, 7yrs, PA
230A-229-223, Coulter, James, 72yrs, PA
424B-143-140, Coulter, James S, 5yrs, PA
230B-229-223, Coulter, Loura, 1yrs, PA
230B-229-223, Coulter, Mary, 24yrs, PA
424B-143-140, Coulter, Mary J, 36yrs, PA
424B-143-140, Coulter, Melvina, 12yrs, PA
424B-143-140, Coulter, Richard L, 34yrs, PA
230A-229-223, Coulter, Syntha, 62yrs, PA
230B-229-223, Coulter, Viola, 5yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, Amanda C, 8yrs, PA
424A-132-129, Covert, Catharine, 45yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, Clara E, 2yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, Elizabeth, 40yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, Henry L, 13yrs, PA
424A-132-129, Covert, Jacob M, 22yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, James , 4yrs, PA
424A-132-129, Covert, John A, 24yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, John W, 45yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, Lueinda J, 19yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, Mary A, 20yrs, PA
424A-132-129, Covert, Newton, 3yrs, PA
424A-132-129, Covert, Rosannah, 6yrs, PA
424A-132-129, Covert, Samuel J, 10yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, Sarah A, 15yrs, PA
424A-132-129, Covert, William, 55yrs, PA
424B-142-139, Covert, William D, 12yrs, PA
421A-90-86, Craig, Alphens M, 20yrs, PA
421A-90-86, Craig, David C, 58yrs, PA
421A-90-85, Craig, Flora, 4yrs, PA
425B-161-157, Craig, John, 49yrs, PA
421A-90-86, Craig, Joseph, 27yrs, PA
421A-90-86, Craig, Mary, 58yrs, PA
421A-90-85, Craig, Mary , 4/12yrs, PA
421A-90-85, Craig, Ranels C, 33yrs, PA
421A-90-85, Craig, Rhoda, 33yrs, PA
425B-160-156, Craig, Robert M, 47yrs, PA
425B-161-157, Craig, Susan, 49yrs, Ireland
421B-97-94, Cro*y, Mary, 67yrs, Ireland
421B-97-94, Cro*y, Ornithel G, 72yrs, VT; [Crory?, Crony?, Croy?]
416A-13-14, Crop, Samuel, 17yrs, PA; [Cross?]
425A-150-147, Crozier, Sarah J, 13yrs, PA
417B-39-38, Cubbison, Charles M, 14yrs, PA
417B-39-38, Cubbison, Emma F, 1yrs, PA
417B-39-38, Cubbison, Florinda, 10yrs, PA
417B-39-38, Cubbison, George, 58yrs, PA
417B-39-38, Cubbison, George A, 6yrs, PA
417B-39-38, Cubbison, Mary, 42yrs, OH
417B-39-38, Cubbison, William L, 3yrs, PA
428B-198-192, Cumming, Ella R, 13yrs, PA
428A-198-192, Cumming, Isabella, 59yrs, VA
428A-198-192, Cumming, Martha E, 22yrs, PA
428B-198-192, Cumming, Rebecca, 76yrs, VA
428B-198-192, Cumming, Samuel, 16yrs, PA
428A-198-192, Cumming, William, 50yrs, PA
422A-102-99, Cunningham, Charles M, 22yrs, PA
422B-108-105, Cunningham, David, 1yrs, PA
422A-102-99, Cunningham, Elizabeth, 62yrs, PA
422B-108-105, Cunningham, Glenn, 8yrs, PA
422A-102-99, Cunningham, J G, 74yrs, PA
422A-108-105, Cunningham, John R, 40yrs, PA
422B-108-105, Cunningham, Marion, 5yrs, PA
422B-108-105, Cunningham, Milton, 3yrs, PA
422A-108-105, Cunningham, Phebe, 34yrs, NY
422B-115-112, Cunnningham, Carrie J, 8yrs, PA
422B-115-112, Cunnningham, Charles, 4yrs, PA
422B-115-112, Cunnningham, Emma, 23yrs, PA
422B-115-112, Cunnningham, F. E., 32yrs, NY
422B-115-112, Cunnningham, Harriet, 6yrs, PA
422B-115-112, Cunnningham, Valentine, 33yrs, PA
424A-134-131, Curry, Jane, 69yrs, PA
425A-151-148, Dale, Isabella, 23yrs, PA
425A-151-148, Dale, Thomas, 46yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, Austin D, 13yrs, PA
426A-168-163, Daugherty, Charles, 12yrs, PA
420A-76-70, Daugherty, Clementine, 40yrs, PA
426A-168-163, Daugherty, Edie, 8yrs, PA
420A-76-70, Daugherty, Edith F, 7yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, Emely, 36yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, Emely J, 19yrs, PA
426A-168-163, Daugherty, Harry, 1yrs, PA
420A-76-70, Daugherty, Hattie M, 2yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, Horace, 17yrs, PA
426A-167-162, Daugherty, John, 21yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, John, 43yrs, PA
420A-75-69, Daugherty, John P, 31yrs, PA
426A-168-163, Daugherty, Lawrence, 10yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, Lizzie J, 10yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, Lulu, 6yrs, PA
420A-75-69, Daugherty, Maria J, 31yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, Martha, 15yrs, PA
426A-168-163, Daugherty, Mary, 24yrs, PA
420A-76-70, Daugherty, Mary E, 9yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, Maud, 4yrs, PA
420A-76-70, Daugherty, Nettie, 4yrs, PA
420A-74-68, Daugherty, Olive, 8yrs, PA
420A-76-70, Daugherty, Richmond, 37yrs, PA
426A-168-163, Daugherty, Watson, 49yrs, PA
418B-57-53, Dauley, Margaret, 50yrs, PA
422B-113-110, Dickson, Harriet L, 55yrs, ME
422B-113-110, Dickson, John A, 19yrs, MO
422B-113-110, Dickson, Wm T, 58yrs, PA
422B-110-107, Donaldson, Catharine, 44yrs, PA
419B-72-65, Dunlap, Eliza, 40yrs, PA
415A-4-4, Dunlap, Elizabeth, 2yrs, PA
415A-3-3, Dunlap, Hannah E, 6yrs, PA
415A-4-4, Dunlap, James, 8yrs, PA
419B-72-65, Dunlap, James A, 30yrs, PA
415A-3-3, Dunlap, James S, 1yrs, PA
415A-3-3, Dunlap, Jane, 30yrs, PA
419B-72-65, Dunlap, John, 37yrs, PA
419B-72-65, Dunlap, John, 74yrs, Ireland
419B-72-65, Dunlap, John A, 11yrs, PA
417B-42-41, Dunlap, Lewis M, 16yrs, PA
419B-72-65, Dunlap, Martha, 37yrs, PA
415A-3-3, Dunlap, Martha A, 9yrs, PA
415A-4-4, Dunlap, Mary, 31yrs, PA
417B-42-41, Dunlap, Mary, 50yrs, PA
415A-3-3, Dunlap, Mary E, 4yrs, PA
415A-4-4, Dunlap, Nancy, 7yrs, PA
419B-72-65, Dunlap, Rachel M, 32yrs, PA
415A-3-3, Dunlap, Robert W, 44yrs, PA
415A-4-4, Dunlap, Samuel, 40yrs, PA
417B-42-41, Dunlap, Thomas H, 18yrs, PA
423A-119-115, Dunn, John, 18yrs, PA
417B-41-40, Dunwoody, Mary, 89yrs, Ireland
429B-217-211, Eats, Albert G, 12yrs, PA
429B-217-211, Eats, Ida, 7yrs, PA
429A-208-202, Eats, Lydia, 11yrs, PA
429B-217-211, Eats, Mary, 19yrs, PA
423A-123-119, Emery, Alice L, 14yrs, PA
423A-123-119, Emery, Anna C, 3yrs, PA
420B-82-76, Emery, Charles F, 14yrs, PA
423A-123-119, Emery, Conrad, 60yrs, PA
420B-82-76, Emery, David C, 23yrs, PA
422B-111-108, Emery, Elizabeth, 1yrs, PA
422B-111-108, Emery, Hannah, 25yrs, PA
420B-82-76, Emery, Harriet, 27yrs, PA
422B-111-108, Emery, Jameson K, 3yrs, PA
420B-82-76, Emery, John O, 17yrs, PA
420B-82-76, Emery, Joseph N, 52yrs, PA
422B-111-108, Emery, Lula M, 7yrs, PA
420B-82-76, Emery, Lydia E, 7yrs, PA
420B-82-76, Emery, Margaret A, 51yrs, PA
420B-82-76, Emery, Martha J, 12yrs, PA
423A-123-119, Emery, Mary, 50yrs, PA
422B-111-108, Emery, Mary B, 5yrs, PA
423A-123-119, Emery, Mary J, 18yrs, PA
423A-123-119, Emery, Silas A, 26yrs, PA
422B-111-108, Emery, Wm P C, 29yrs, PA
416A-17-17, Evans, Margaret, 16yrs, PA
427B-185-179, Ford, Robert, 30yrs, PA
425B-158-154, G*lick, Mary E, 28yrs, PA; [Probably Gulick or Grilick]
415B-13-13, Galoway, John, 65yrs, Ireland
415B-13-13, Galoway, Margaret, 68yrs, Ireland
416B-28-27, Gibson, George, 20yrs, PA
416B-28-27, Gibson, Jane, 49yrs, PA
416B-28-27, Gibson, John, 23yrs, PA
416B-28-27, Gibson, Mary J, 16yrs, PA
416B-28-27, Gibson, Robert, 62yrs, PA
416B-28-27, Gibson, Robert, 62yrs, PA
416B-28-27, Gibson, Sarah E, 14yrs, PA
416B-28-27, Gibson, William, 18yrs, PA
417A-35-33, Gillfilen, Susan, 8yrs, PA
423B-129-126, Gilmer, Caroline, 20yrs, PA
423B-129-126, Gilmer, Daniel, 59yrs, PA
423B-129-126, Gilmer, Daniel W, 14yrs, PA
423B-129-126, Gilmer, George , 8yrs, PA
423B-129-126, Gilmer, Jane, 54yrs, Ireland
423B-129-126, Gilmer, Mary E, 22yrs, PA
423B-129-126, Gilmer, William J, 17yrs, PA
428B-207-201, Glenn, A M, 35yrs, PA
428B-207-201, Glenn, Anna M, 24yrs, PA
429A-211-205, Glenn, Annie, 68yrs, PA
429B-216-210, Glenn, Bertha M, 1yrs, PA
429A-211-205, Glenn, Eliza, 56yrs, PA
429B-216-210, Glenn, Margaret, 26yrs, PA
429A-211-205, Glenn, Margaret, 28yrs, PA
429B-216-210, Glenn, Robert, 30yrs, PA
429A-211-205, Glenn, Thomas C, 27yrs, PA
429A-211-205, Glenn, V C, 66yrs, PA
429A-211-205, Glenn, William D, 25yrs, PA
417B-37-36, Graham, Caroline, 3yrs, PA
417B-37-36, Graham, Edwin, 1yrs, PA
417B-37-36, Graham, Elenor B, 8yrs, PA
417A-35-33, Graham, Esther A, 30yrs, PA
417A-35-34, Graham, James, 42yrs, PA
417B-37-36, Graham, James T, 54yrs, PA
417B-37-36, Graham, John B, 11yrs, PA
417A-35-34, Graham, Margaret, 24yrs, PA
417A-35-34, Graham, Maria, 22yrs, PA
417B-37-36, Graham, Mary A, 39yrs, PA
417B-37-36, Graham, Mary E, 6yrs, PA
417A-35-33, Graham, Robert H, 1yrs, PA
417A-35-33, Graham, Robert H, 34yrs, PA
417A-35-34, Graham, Tryphena, 68yrs, NY
417B-37-36, Graham, William C, 12yrs, PA
417A-33-31, Green, Alexander, 44yrs, PA
417A-33-31, Green, David A, 11yrs, PA
417A-33-31, Green, Emma, 14yrs, PA
417A-33-31, Green, George H, 19yrs, PA
417A-34-32, Green, George K, 29yrs, PA
417A-33-31, Green, Harriet, 39yrs, PA
417A-33-31, Green, Infant, 1/12yrs, PA
417A-33-31, Green, James R, 8yrs, PA
417A-33-31, Green, John G, 12yrs, PA
417A-34-32, Green, Josephene, 22yrs, PA
417A-34-32, Green, Laura M, 5yrs, PA
417A-33-31, Green, Maggie, 3yrs, PA
417A-34-32, Green, Mina J, 3yrs, PA
416B-24-23, Greer, Anna L, 13yrs, PA
417B-38-37, Greer, John M, 9yrs, PA
417B-38-37, Greer, Martin G, 6yrs, PA
417B-38-37, Greer, Mary E, 30yrs, PA
417B-38-37, Greer, Samuel L, 37yrs, PA
230A-222-216, Gregg, Daniel, 10yrs, PA
429B-222-216, Gregg, Daniel, 50yrs, Ireland
230A-222-216, Gregg, David, 8yrs, PA
230A-222-216, Gregg, James, 5yrs, PA
230A-222-216, Gregg, Joseph, 17yrs, PA
429B-222-216, Gregg, Sarah, 47yrs, NY
230A-222-216, Gregg, William A, 20yrs, PA
420A-78-72, Gulick, M*nner, 57yrs, PA
420A-78-72, Gulick, Mary E, 21yrs, PA
420A-78-72, Gulick, Nancy, 46yrs, PA
420A-78-72, Gulick, Sylvester, 27yrs, PA
421B-93-89, Heasley, Cyrus, 18yrs, PA
420B-84-79, Huddleson, Emely, 5yrs, PA
420B-84-79, Huddleson, James, 37yrs, PA
420B-84-79, Huddleson, Rachel, 29yrs, PA
423B-127-124, Humphrey, David R, 8yrs, PA
423B-127-124, Humphrey, Elizabeth, 43yrs, PA
423B-127-124, Humphrey, James, 21yrs, PA
423B-127-124, Humphrey, Joseph, 49yrs, NY
423B-126-122, Humphrey, Margaret, 30yrs, PA
423B-127-124, Humphrey, Margery, 19yrs, PA
423B-126-122, Humphrey, Margery, 50yrs, NY
423B-127-124, Humphrey, Sarah M, 6yrs, PA
423B-127-124, Humphrey, William H, 4yrs, PA
230A-228-222, Hunter, James, 47yrs, Ireland
230A-228-222, Hunter, James W, 7yrs, PA
230A-228-222, Hunter, Mathew, 10yrs, PA
230A-228-222, Hunter, Nancy R, 48yrs, PA
230A-228-222, Hunter, Sarah E, 17yrs, PA
230A-228-222, Hunter, Susan, 13yrs, PA
230A-228-222, Hunter, William J, 15yrs, PA
428B-201-195, Johnson, Alexander, 47yrs, Ireland
428B-201-195, Johnson, Elizabeth, 43yrs, Ireland
428B-201-195, Johnson, Lizzie J, 17yrs, PA
428B-201-195, Johnson, Mary, 18yrs, PA
416B-25-24, Johnston, Catharine, 28yrs, PA
416A-21-21, Johnston, David, 57yrs, PA
416B-25-24, Johnston, Elizabeth, 54yrs, OH
416B-22-22, Johnston, Emma J, 2yrs, PA
416B-25-24, Johnston, Hannah, 18yrs, PA
416B-22-22, Johnston, Isabella R, 10/12yrs, PA
416A-21-21, Johnston, Jane E, 34yrs, PA
416B-25-24, Johnston, John W, 13yrs, PA
416B-25-24, Johnston, Kennedy, 16yrs, PA
416B-22-22, Johnston, Lewis A, 26yrs, PA
416A-21-21, Johnston, Nancy, 61yrs, PA
416B-21-21, Johnston, Nancy E, 18yrs, PA
416B-22-22, Johnston, Nancy J, 24yrs, PA
416B-25-24, Johnston, Ruth, 23yrs, PA
416B-21-21, Johnston, William, 63yrs, PA
424A-135-132, Kenedy, Agnes D, 42yrs, PA
424A-135-132, Kenedy, Clinton, 43yrs, PA
426B-177-171, Kerr, Charles A, 6yrs, PA
428A-196-190, Kerr, D**id, 44yrs, PA; [Probably "David"]
428A-196-190, Kerr, George, 44yrs, PA
428A-196-190, Kerr, Hannah, 45yrs, PA
423B-126-123, Kerr, Henrietta, 9yrs, PA
426B-177-171, Kerr, John, 55yrs, PA
423B-126-123, Kerr, John J, 13yrs, PA
428A-196-190, Kerr, Joseph L, 19yrs, PA
426B-177-171, Kerr, Lucinda, 20yrs, PA
428A-196-190, Kerr, Martha J, 15yrs, PA
423B-126-123, Kerr, Mary, 43yrs, NY
426B-177-171, Kerr, Mary, 54yrs, PA
428A-196-190, Kerr, Mary C, 17yrs, PA
426B-177-171, Kerr, Samuel, 17yrs, PA
428A-196-190, Kerr, William, 10yrs, PA
421B-96-92, Kinder, Edith, 9yrs, PA
421B-96-92, Kinder, Ella, 14yrs, PA
421B-96-92, Kinder, Joshua, 39yrs, England
421B-96-92, Kinder, Malinda, 36yrs, PA
415B-10-10, Koonce, Amos, 19yrs, PA
415B-9-9, Koonce, Charles, 16yrs, PA
415B-10-10, Koonce, Clarrmda, 13yrs, PA
415B-10-10, Koonce, George, 55yrs, PA
415B-9-9, Koonce, Henry, 60yrs, PA
415B-10-10, Koonce, Jennie, 24yrs, PA
415B-10-10, Koonce, Nancy, 52yrs, PA
415B-10-10, Koonce, Nancy A, 16yrs, PA
415B-9-9, Koonce, Sarah A, 62yrs, NY
415B-9-9, Koonce, Sarah J, 21yrs, PA
415B-9-9, Koonce, Westley, 26yrs, PA
427B-186-180, Larimer, Eliza J, 55yrs, Ireland
419B-70-63, Lauderdale, Jane, 26yrs, PA
419B-70-63, Lauderdale, Martha, 64yrs, Ireland
419B-70-63, Lauderdale, Samuel, 88yrs, Ireland
419B-70-63, Lauderdale, Samuel R, 26yrs, Ireland
426A-164-159, Lawrence, Alonzo, 20yrs, PA
426A-164-159, Lawrence, Asher E, 46yrs, NH
426A-164-159, Lawrence, Ida, 7yrs, PA
426A-164-159, Lawrence, Mary, 12yrs, PA
426A-164-159, Lawrence, Minnie, 2yrs, PA
426A-164-159, Lawrence, Oswell, 18yrs, PA
426A-164-159, Lawrence, Rebecca, 42yrs, PA
426A-164-159, Lawrence, Samuel, 9yrs, PA
426A-164-159, Lawrence, Vilass, 15yrs, PA
426A-163-158, Lenegan, Ann, 9yrs, PA
426A-163-158, Lenegan, Enos, 47yrs, Ireland
426A-163-158, Lenegan, James, 14yrs, PA
426A-163-158, Lenegan, Jane, 47yrs, Ireland
426A-163-158, Lenegan, John, 20yrs, PA
426A-163-158, Lenegan, Margaret, 12yrs, PA
426A-163-158, Lenegan, Mary E, 16yrs, PA
426A-163-158, Lenegan, Robert, 6/12yrs, PA
426A-163-158, Lenegan, Samuel, 8yrs, PA
426A-163-158, Lenegan, Thomas, 6yrs, PA
426A-163-158, Lenegan, William, 18yrs, PA
425B-155-151, Lock, Lewis, 14yrs, PA
426B-176-170, Long, John, 28yrs, PA
426B-176-170, Long, Margaret J, 26yrs, PA
426B-176-170, Long, Mary A, 48yrs, PA
426B-176-170, Long, William, 55yrs, PA
429B-214-208, Love , Alexander, 20yrs, PA
429B-214-208, Love , Ann S, 26yrs, PA
429B-215-209, Love , Caroline, 26yrs, PA
429B-214-208, Love , Elizabeth, 18yrs, PA
429B-215-209, Love , Lula L, 8yrs, PA
429A-214-208, Love , Mary, 55yrs, Ireland
429B-215-209, Love , Samuel, 32yrs, PA
429B-215-209, Love , Thomas, 10/12yrs, PA
421B-95-91, Marsteller, Benjamin, 48yrs, OH
421B-95-91, Marsteller, Elmir, 20yrs, PA
421B-95-91, Marsteller, Eva, 52yrs, PA
421B-95-91, Marsteller, Laura E, 10yrs, PA
426B-172-166, Masson, Daniel J, 18yrs, PA
426B-172-166, Masson, Finlan G, 14yrs, PA
426B-172-166, Masson, J B L, 54yrs, France
426B-172-166, Masson, Margaret, 16yrs, PA
426B-172-166, Masson, Margaret, 45yrs, Ireland
426B-172-166, Masson, Martha J, 6yrs, PA
425B-157-153, Maxwell, E A, 30yrs, PA
425B-157-153, Maxwell, Flora, 10yrs, PA
425B-157-153, Maxwell, N G, 56yrs, PA
419B-67-60, Maypole, Anna, 57yrs, Prusia
419B-67-60, Maypole, Catharine, 18yrs, PA
419B-67-60, Maypole, Reginia, 22yrs, PA
419B-67-60, Maypole, William, 30yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Annie, 10yrs, PA
416B-26-25, McBride, David, 9yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, David, 12yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Elizabeth, 12yrs, PA
416B-26-25, McBride, Elizabeth, 23yrs, PA
416B-27-26, McBride, Elizabeth, 28yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, George W, 21yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Infant, 2yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, James, 4yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, James, 16yrs, PA
419B-71-64, McBride, James, 49yrs, Ireland
416B-26-25, McBride, James M, 22yrs, PA
419B-71-64, McBride, James N, 7yrs, PA
416B-26-25, McBride, Jane, 17yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Jane, 20yrs, PA
419B-71-64, McBride, Jane, 21yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Jane, 44yrs, Ireland
420A-77-71, McBride, John, 4yrs, PA
416B-26-25, McBride, John, 15yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, John, 27yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Joseph, 8yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, Julia, 16yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Margaret, 14yrs, PA
419B-71-64, McBride, Margaret, 16yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, Margaret, 47yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, Margaret G, 23yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, Martha, 14yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Mary, 18yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, Mary, 18yrs, PA
419B-71-64, McBride, Mary A, 12yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Nancy, 6yrs, PA
416B-26-25, McBride, Nancy, 13yrs, PA
419B-71-64, McBride, Nancy, 49yrs, PA
416B-26-25, McBride, Nancy, 53yrs, Ireland
419B-71-64, McBride, Rebecca, 18yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, Robert, 7yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Robert, 21yrs, Ireland
416B-27-26, McBride, Robert, 28yrs, PA
420A-77-71, McBride, Robert, 70yrs, Ireland
419B-71-64, McBride, William, 14yrs, PA
425B-159-155, McBride, William, 25yrs, PA
416B-26-25, McBride, William, 55yrs, Ireland
416B-27-26, McBride, William E, 1yrs, PA
416B-26-25, McBride, William W, 24yrs, PA
417A-32-30, McConnell, C F, 22yrs, PA
418A-46-44, McConnell, Catharine, 50yrs, Ireland
425B-158-154, McConnell, Charlotte, 52yrs, PA
425B-158-154, McConnell, Emely, 14yrs, PA
418A-46-44, McConnell, Ida, 8yrs, PA
417A-32-30, McConnell, J W, 18yrs, PA
418A-46-44, McConnell, John, 21yrs, PA
425B-158-154, McConnell, John, 26yrs, PA
417A-32-30, McConnell, Mary C, 19yrs, PA
418A-46-44, McConnell, Matilda, 15yrs, PA
418A-46-44, McConnell, Samuel, 53yrs, Ireland
425B-158-154, McConnell, Wm, 55yrs, PA
425A-147-144, McCormick, Alexander, 45yrs, PA
425A-147-144, McCormick, Euphemia, 21yrs, PA
425A-147-144, McCormick, Julinia, 23yrs, PA
425A-147-144, McCormick, Mary P, 13yrs, PA
425A-147-144, McCormick, Sarah, 43yrs, PA
424A-131-128, McCoy, Albert C, 16yrs, PA
418A-48-46, McCoy, Annie, 7/12yrs, PA
421A-91-87, McCoy, Charles C, 11yrs, PA
418A-47-45, McCoy, David C, 17yrs, PA
421A-91-87, McCoy, Emily J, 12yrs, PA
421A-91-87, McCoy, Ettie, 17yrs, PA
424A-131-128, McCoy, Harriet J, 17yrs, PA
418A-45-43, McCoy, Harry, 2yrs, PA
423A-124-120, McCoy, Hatty J, 14yrs, PA
424A-131-128, McCoy, Henretta E, 8yrs, PA
418B-54-50, McCoy, Hughes, 44yrs, PA
418A-45-43, McCoy, Isabella, 28yrs, PA
418A-45-43, McCoy, Jackson, 32yrs, PA
423B-131-128, McCoy, James M, 46yrs, PA
418A-48-46, McCoy, Jane, 12yrs, PA
423B-130-127, McCoy, Jane, 32yrs, PA
423A-124-120, McCoy, Jane, 38yrs, PA
418A-42-41, McCoy, Jane, 40yrs, PA
416B-27-26, McCoy, Jane, 67yrs, PA
423B-130-127, McCoy, Jane C, 16yrs, PA
423B-130-127, McCoy, John, 44yrs, PA
424A-131-128, McCoy, John H, 20yrs, PA
418A-48-46, McCoy, John J, 39yrs, PA
423A-124-120, McCoy, L*ta, 17yrs, PA
418B-54-50, McCoy, Lawrence F, 16yrs, PA
418A-47-45, McCoy, Lewis C, 21yrs, PA
418A-48-46, McCoy, Lizzie, 4yrs, PA
423B-130-127, McCoy, Lizzie, 14yrs, PA
423A-124-120, McCoy, Lorenzo P, 20yrs, PA
423A-124-120, McCoy, Louisa J, 22yrs, PA
418A-48-46, McCoy, Loyal B, 10yrs, PA
423B-130-127, McCoy, Maggie, 5yrs, PA
421A-91-87, McCoy, Margaret, 30yrs, PA
421A-91-87, McCoy, Margaret, 79yrs, PA
418B-54-50, McCoy, Margaret J, 9yrs, PA
418A-48-46, McCoy, Martha E, 6yrs, PA
421A-91-87, McCoy, Mary, 35yrs, PA
418A-48-46, McCoy, Mary A, 36yrs, PA
423B-130-127, McCoy, Mary E, 3yrs, PA
418A-48-46, McCoy, Mary E, 14yrs, PA
417B-41-40, McCoy, Mary E, 24yrs, PA
418B-54-50, McCoy, Milford, 14yrs, PA
417B-41-40, McCoy, Nancy, 52yrs, Ireland
418A-47-45, McCoy, Nancy, 54yrs, PA
418B-54-50, McCoy, Nancy J, 40yrs, PA
423A-124-120, McCoy, O. P, 48yrs, PA
423B-131-128, McCoy, Rebecca J, 35yrs, PA
418A-47-45, McCoy, Rhoda, 13yrs, PA
424A-131-128, McCoy, Richard M, 4yrs, PA
421A-91-87, McCoy, Robert M, 5/12yrs, PA
418A-48-46, McCoy, Sarah C, 8yrs, PA
424A-131-128, McCoy, Syntha R, 12yrs, PA
421A-91-87, McCoy, Thomas J, 15yrs, PA
418A-47-45, McCoy, Thomas J, 58yrs, PA
423B-130-127, McCoy, William J, 9/12yrs, PA
421A-91-87, McCoy, William S, 14yrs, PA
418B-54-50, McCoy, William T, 18yrs, IL
421A-91-87, McCoy, Wm H H , 40yrs, PA
418A-47-45, McCreery, Sarah, 56yrs, PA
429B-218-212, McCune, Alice A, 5yrs, PA
429B-218-212, McCune, Caroline, 14yrs, PA
429B-218-212, McCune, Catharine T, 17yrs, PA
429B-218-212, McCune, Florence E, 8yrs, PA
429B-219-213, McCune, Martha E, 21yrs, PA
429B-218-212, McCune, Melvina, 19yrs, PA
429B-219-213, McCune, Robert N, 25yrs, PA
429B-218-212, McCune, Salinda, 52yrs, PA
429B-218-212, McCune, Samuel, 22yrs, PA
429B-218-212, McCune, William, 59yrs, PA
421A-92-88, McCutchen, Effie M, 7/12yrs, PA
421A-92-88, McCutchen, J A, 23yrs, PA
421A-92-88, McCutchen, Mary, 21yrs, PA
422B-114-111, McCutcheon, M P, 58yrs, PA
423A-120-116, McDougal, Amanda M, 4/12yrs, PA
423B-125-122, McDougal, Catharine E, 6yrs, PA
423A-125-122, McDougal, Charles, 40yrs, PA
419A-63-56, McDougal, Charles, 77yrs, Scotland
419A-63-56, McDougal, Clara A, 3yrs, PA
423A-120-116, McDougal, Edgar, 2yrs, PA
418B-56-52, McDougal, Elizabeth G, 38yrs, PA
423A-125-122, McDougal, Eveline, 35yrs, PA
418B-56-52, McDougal, George, 46yrs, PA
419A-63-56, McDougal, James A, 8yrs, PA
419A-63-56, McDougal, Jane M, 30yrs, PA
419A-63-56, McDougal, John, 37yrs, PA
423A-120-116, McDougal, Joseph, 25yrs, PA
423B-125-122, McDougal, Martha J, 8yrs, PA
419A-63-56, McDougal, Martha J, 11yrs, PA
419A-63-56, McDougal, Mary, 22yrs, PA
419A-63-56, McDougal, Mary, 66yrs, PA
419A-63-56, McDougal, Mary E, 6yrs, PA
423A-120-116, McDougal, Mary E, 27yrs, PA
423A-125-122, McDougal, Mary J, 14yrs, PA
423B-125-122, McDougal, Nancy A, 10yrs, PA
418B-56-52, McDougal, Nancy J, 11yrs, PA
423A-120-116, McDougal, Samuel A, 3yrs, PA
423B-125-122, McDougal, Sarah E, 4yrs, PA
423B-125-122, McDougal, Susan E, 2yrs, PA
418B-56-52, McDougal, Thomas J, 9yrs, PA
418B-56-52, McDougal, William, 17yrs, PA
419A-63-56, McDougal, William G, 1yrs, PA
423B-125-122, McDougal, Wm V, 12yrs, PA
428A-197-191, McDowell, Adam N, 6yrs, PA
422A-105-102, McDowell, Am**da P, 19yrs, PA
427A-180-174, McDowell, Amanda C, 20yrs, PA
422A-103-100, McDowell, Borland, 64yrs, PA
428B-199-193, McDowell, Catharine, 43yrs, PA
428A-197-191, McDowell, Charles G, 3yrs, PA
428A-197-191, McDowell, D N, 32yrs, PA
427A-180-174, McDowell, David, 55yrs, PA
427A-180-174, McDowell, David W, 16yrs, PA
422A-105-102, McDowell, David W, 26yrs, PA
427A-180-174, McDowell, Dorthea, 58yrs, PA
428A-197-191, McDowell, Elizabeth, 35yrs, PA
427A-185-179, McDowell, Ella J, 16yrs, PA
428A-197-191, McDowell, Elmer F, 8yrs, PA
427A-180-174, McDowell, Emma, 13yrs, PA
422A-105-102, McDowell, Flora, 14yrs, PA
428B-199-193, McDowell, Hannah, 88yrs, PA
422A-103-100, McDowell, Hannah R, 45yrs, PA
428B-202-196, McDowell, Harriet, 8/12yrs, PA
427A-185-179, McDowell, Hellena, 39yrs, PA
422A-103-100, McDowell, Hessie, 16yrs, PA
422A-105-102, McDowell, Ina , 10yrs, PA
427A-180-174, McDowell, Isbella J, 22yrs, PA
428B-202-196, McDowell, James, 4yrs, PA
427A-180-174, McDowell, James, 21yrs, PA
428B-202-196, McDowell, James B, 44yrs, PA
422A-105-102, McDowell, James W, 22yrs, PA
428B-199-193, McDowell, Jane, 6yrs, PA
422A-105-102, McDowell, Jane, 53yrs, PA
428A-193-187, McDowell, Jane G, 46yrs, PA
428A-197-191, McDowell, John B, 9yrs, PA
427A-185-179, McDowell, John C, 8yrs, PA
428A-193-187, McDowell, John G, 46yrs, PA
427A-185-179, McDowell, Joseph A, 47yrs, PA
427A-185-179, McDowell, Lizzie C, 6yrs, PA
422A-105-102, McDowell, Lyman O, 17yrs, PA
422A-103-100, McDowell, Maggie, 19yrs, PA
428A-195-189, McDowell, Margaret, 50yrs, PA
428B-202-196, McDowell, Mary J, 23yrs, PA
428B-202-196, McDowell, Phil Kearney, 6yrs, PA
422A-103-100, McDowell, Philena, 25yrs, PA
428A-193-187, McDowell, Robert, 9yrs, PA
422A-105-102, McDowell, Robert A, 52yrs, PA
427A-180-174, McDowell, Robert L, 17yrs, PA
428A-193-187, McDowell, Sarah, 10yrs, PA
230A-226-220, McDowell, Sarah, 49yrs, PA
427B-189-183, McKay, Eliza S, 22yrs, PA
427A-182-176, McKay, George H, 11/12yrs, PA
427A-182-176, McKay, Isabella, 23yrs, PA
426B-174-168, McKay, James W, 12yrs, PA
426B-174-168, McKay, Jane, 36yrs, PA
426B-174-168, McKay, Jessie A, 10yrs, PA
426B-174-168, McKay, John, 40yrs, Ireland
426B-174-168, McKay, John L, 8yrs, PA
427A-182-176, McKay, Lizzie, 26yrs, PA
426B-174-168, McKay, Margaret R, 14yrs, PA
426B-174-168, McKay, Mary A, 1/12yrs, PA
426B-174-168, McKay, Myra J, 4yrs, PA
426B-174-168, McKay, Sarah A, 6yrs, PA
427A-182-176, McKay, Thomas, 33yrs, PA
427B-189-183, McKay, Wm J, 30yrs, PA
422A-107-104, McMichael, E S, 30yrs, PA
423A-121-117, McMillen, Abbot, 10yrs, PA
425A-146-143, McMillen, Elizabeth, 16yrs, PA
425A-146-143, McMillen, Elizabeth, 63yrs, PA
230A-224-218, McMillen, Ephisarn, 17yrs, PA
425A-146-143, McMillen, Henry, 37yrs, PA
423A-121-117, McMillen, J W, 46yrs, PA
423A-121-117, McMillen, Jennie, 38yrs, PA
428A-195-189, McMillen, Sarah B C, 11yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, Edward, 2yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, Emma J, 12yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, Horatio S, 7yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, James A, 5yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, John, 9yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, John, 46yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, Margaret J, 43yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, Robert C, 18yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, Sarah N, 15yrs, PA
230A-223-217, McWilliams, William A, 16yrs, PA
426A-165-160, Miller, Amanda J, 17yrs, PA
415A-1-1, Miller, Arlinda C, 21yrs, PA
421A-87-82, Miller, Bell M, 22yrs, PA
427B-188-182, Miller, Clarence, 8yrs, PA
429B-217-211, Miller, Cyruse, 20yrs, PA
429A-210-204, Miller, Frank, 21yrs, PA
421A-87-82, Miller, Franklin, 30yrs, PA
427B-188-182, Miller, Harry, 7yrs, PA
230A-227-221, Miller, Isaac S, 4yrs, PA
421A-87-82, Miller, Isabella, 67yrs, PA
424B-138-135, Miller, James J, 6yrs, PA
230A-227-221, Miller, Joseph, 40yrs, PA
415A-1-1, Miller, Josiah E, 16yrs, PA
415A-1-1, Miller, Julia A, 11yrs, PA
427B-188-182, Miller, Kearney, 9yrs, PA
427B-188-182, Miller, Lillie J, 1yrs, PA
424B-138-135, Miller, Lizzie M, 8yrs, PA
415B-13-13, Miller, Margaret J, 8yrs, PA
427B-188-182, Miller, Margaret J, 27yrs, PA
426A-165-160, Miller, Mary, 45yrs, PA
421A-87-82, Miller, Mary E, 10yrs, PA
415A-1-1, Miller, Mary J, 9yrs, PA
415A-1-1, Miller, Matilda, 43yrs, PA
230A-227-221, Miller, Nancy, 70yrs, Scotland
429B-217-211, Miller, Robert, 28yrs, PA
415A-1-1, Miller, Robert, 53yrs, PA
429B-217-211, Miller, Ruth A, 63yrs, PA
429B-217-211, Miller, William, 26yrs, PA
429B-217-211, Miller, William, 70yrs, PA
415A-1-1, Miller, William J, 3yrs, PA
427B-188-182, Miller, Wilson, 33yrs, PA
425B-156-152, Mondurft, A A, 56yrs, PA
425B-156-152, Mondurft, Albert, 6yrs, PA
425B-156-152, Mondurft, Charles H L, 14yrs, PA
425B-156-152, Mondurft, Elizabeth, 24yrs, PA
425B-156-152, Mondurft, Henrietta, 3yrs, PA
425B-156-152, Mondurft, Lizzie A, 9yrs, PA
425B-156-152, Mondurft, Mattie L, 9/12yrs, PA
425B-156-152, Mondurft, Muntandon, 20yrs, PA
419B-68-61, Montgomery, Anna M, 2yrs, PA
419B-68-61, Montgomery, Charles E, 9yrs, PA
419B-68-61, Montgomery, Cora E, 7yrs, PA
415B-11-11, Montgomery, emeline, 20yrs, PA
419B-68-61, Montgomery, George C, 37yrs, PA
426A-167-162, Montgomery, James L, 1yrs, PA
419B-68-61, Montgomery, Jennie C, 29yrs, PA
415B-11-11, Montgomery, John C, 27yrs, PA
419B-68-61, Montgomery, Lizzie [Q?], 6yrs, PA
426A-167-162, Montgomery, M P, 29yrs, PA
420A-77-71, Montgomery, Margaret, 2yrs, PA
426A-167-162, Montgomery, Nancy C, 24yrs, PA
420A-77-71, Montgomery, William, 12yrs, Ireland
420A-77-71, Montgomery, William, 31yrs, Ireland
429A-210-204, Moon, Alfred, 26yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, Beriah, 24yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, David, 4yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, David, 67yrs, PA
429A-212-206, Moon, Elizabeth, 49yrs, Ireland
415B-12-12, Moon, George, 13yrs, PA
429A-212-206, Moon, George, 23yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, Herman, 15yrs, PA
429A-212-206, Moon, James C, 11yrs, PA
429A-212-206, Moon, John M, 16yrs, PA
420B-83-77, Moon, Josiah, 50yrs, PA
429A-210-204, Moon, Kissiah, 21yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, Lydia A, 11yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, Marcellena, 8yrs, PA
429A-212-206, Moon, Margaret J, 21yrs, PA
429A-212-206, Moon, Martin, 52yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, Mary, 20yrs, PA
420B-83-77, Moon, Sarah, 42yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, Simon, 22yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, Susannah, 47yrs, PA
429A-212-206, Moon, Thomas W, 14yrs, PA
429A-212-206, Moon, William, 19yrs, PA
429A-209-203, Moon, Willis, 13yrs, PA
427A-181-175, Morrison, F S, 9yrs, PA
418A-45-43, Neyman, Emma, 15yrs, Mysorri
417A-30-28, Nimo, Elijah, 11yrs, PA
417A-30-28, Nimo, George W, 45yrs, PA
417A-30-28, Nimo, Hannah, 16yrs, PA
417A-30-28, Nimo, Margaret, 32yrs, PA
417A-30-28, Nimo, Martha E, 6yrs, PA
417A-30-28, Nimo, Mary E, 9yrs, PA
417A-30-28, Nimo, Nancy, 14yrs, PA
417A-30-28, Nimo, Sarah A, 2yrs, PA
417A-30-28, Nimo, Thomas M, 4yrs, PA
417A-30-28, Nimo, William, 10yrs, PA
416A-16-16, Nutt, Benjamin, 68yrs, Ireland
416A-16-16, Nutt, David, 22yrs, PA
416A-19-19, Nutt, David C, 44yrs, PA
416A-18-18, Nutt, Elizabeth, 30yrs, PA
416A-19-19, Nutt, Elizabeth, 43yrs, PA
416A-19-19, Nutt, Hugh, 4/12yrs, PA
416A-18-18, Nutt, Ida F, 5yrs, PA
416A-19-19, Nutt, James, 8yrs, PA
416A-20-20, Nutt, James, 73yrs, Ireland
416A-16-16, Nutt, James B, 34yrs, PA
416A-18-18, Nutt, James Jr, 38yrs, PA
416A-18-18, Nutt, John F, 3yrs, PA
416A-18-18, Nutt, Laura B, 7yrs, PA
416A-16-16, Nutt, Maggie, 18yrs, PA
416A-19-19, Nutt, Margaret, 10yrs, PA
416A-16-16, Nutt, Margaret, 54yrs, Ireland
416A-16-16, Nutt, Mary, 25yrs, PA
416A-19-19, Nutt, Sarah, 12yrs, PA
416A-20-20, Nutt, Sarah, 65yrs, Ireland
425B-155-151, Opre, Anna M, 6yrs, PA
425B-155-151, Opre, Austin G, 5yrs, PA
425B-155-151, Opre, Edward E, 1yrs, PA
425B-155-151, Opre, Elenor M, 8yrs, PA
425B-155-151, Opre, J H G, 36yrs, x
425B-155-151, Opre, Maria, 28yrs, PA
425B-155-151, Opre, William M, 3yrs, PA
420B-82-76, Oregon, Catharine, 72yrs, PA
417B-41-40, Parker, Eva J, 9yrs, PA
424B-141-138, Perry, Catharine, 41yrs, PA
426A-170-164, Perry, Elizabeth, 37yrs, PA
419A-60-54, Perry, Elmira, 29yrs, PA
426B-171-165, Perry, Isabella, 8yrs, PA
426A-170-164, Perry, Isabella, 62yrs, PA
419A-60-54, Perry, James, 38yrs, PA
419A-60-54, Perry, James W, 2yrs, PA
419A-60-54, Perry, John D, 8/12yrs, PA
424B-141-138, Perry, Josephene, 5yrs, PA
424B-141-138, Perry, Lewis J, 19yrs, PA
424B-141-138, Perry, Mary J, 20yrs, PA
426B-171-165, Perry, Parker, 33yrs, PA
426B-171-165, Perry, Susannah, 33yrs, Ireland
426B-170-164, Perry, Sylvester, 29yrs, PA
426A-170-164, Perry, William, 62yrs, PA
426B-171-165, Perry, William G, 4yrs, PA
416A-14-15, Philpot, John, 3yrs, PA
416A-14-15, Philpot, Margaret, 27yrs, PA
416A-14-15, Philpot, Martha J, 8/12yrs, PA
416A-14-15, Philpot, Mary, 30yrs, Ireland
416A-14-15, Philpot, Robert, 35yrs, Ireland
416A-14-15, Philpot, William, 45yrs, Ireland
415B-7-7, Pond, Emely M, 12yrs, PA
415B-7-7, Pond, Evelime M, 11yrs, PA
415B-7-7, Pond, John, 39yrs, PA
415B-7-7, Pond, Susan, 40yrs, PA
415B-7-7, Pond, William J, 16yrs, PA
429B-221-215, Porter, Emely B, 24yrs, PA
429B-221-215, Porter, Frances, 55yrs, PA
429B-221-215, Porter, Sarah E, 21yrs, PA
429B-221-215, Porter, Thomas, 62yrs, PA
429B-221-215, Porter, Zelda N, 18yrs, PA
230A-227-221, Powell, Rachel A, 36yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Powers, Jane D, 42yrs, PA
429B-216-210, Pringle, Catharine P, 8yrs, PA
425A-145-142, Prosser, Abraham B, 28yrs, PA
425A-145-142, Prosser, Harry, 3yrs, PA
425A-145-142, Prosser, Mary A, 26yrs, PA
415B-13-14, Rainey, Elenor, 32yrs, PA
415B-12-12, Rainey, Elizabeth L, 5yrs, PA
415B-13-14, Rainey, Hugh, 30yrs, Ireland
415B-12-12, Rainey, James, 38yrs, Ireland
415B-13-14, Rainey, John, 4yrs, PA
415B-12-12, Rainey, Margaret A, 7yrs, PA
416A-13-14, Rainey, Margaret J, 2yrs, PA
415B-12-12, Rainey, Martha J, 1yrs, PA
416A-13-14, Rainey, Mary E, 2yrs, PA
415B-12-12, Rainey, Mary J, 32yrs, PA
415B-12-12, Rainey, Rachel E, 3yrs, PA
420B-85-80, Ramsey, Charles C, 18yrs, PA
420B-85-80, Ramsey, David J, 2yrs, PA
420B-85-80, Ramsey, Francis, 44yrs, Ireland
421A-86-81, Ramsey, James M, 26yrs, PA
420B-85-80, Ramsey, Jane D, 39yrs, PA
421A-86-81, Ramsey, Martha, 26yrs, PA
420B-85-80, Ramsey, Martha A, 13yrs, PA
420B-85-80, Ramsey, Mary E, 11yrs, PA
421A-86-81, Ramsey, Mary J, 2yrs, PA
420B-85-80, Ramsey, Ocie, 8yrs, PA
421A-86-81, Ramsey, Robert F, 1yrs, PA
420B-85-80, Ramsey, Robert T, 15yrs, PA
420B-85-80, Ramsey, Sarah R, 5yrs, PA
416A-18-18, Richmond, Julia, 16yrs, PA
416A-20-20, Richmond, Sarah E, 17yrs, PA
427B-191-185, Rodgers, Benjamin F, 33yrs, PA
427B-191-185, Rodgers, Catharine R, 9yrs, PA
415B-10-10, Rodgers, Clara A, 3yrs, PA
427B-191-185, Rodgers, Cyrus A, 10yrs, PA
427B-191-185, Rodgers, Eliza J, 3yrs, PA
230B-230-224, Rodgers, Elizabeth, 35yrs, PA
427B-191-185, Rodgers, Emeline, 13yrs, PA
230B-230-224, Rodgers, John H, 35yrs, PA
427B-191-185, Rodgers, John N, 5yrs, PA
230B-230-224, Rodgers, John W, 67yrs, PA
427B-191-185, Rodgers, Louis C, 14yrs, PA
428A-191-185, Rodgers, Mary F, 3yrs, PA
230B-230-224, Rodgers, Rebecca, 68yrs, PA
418A-48-46, Roland, Martha, 72yrs, Ireland
427A-184-178, Rose, Alice, 4/12yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Halleck, 6yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Homer J, 14yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, James, 12yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, James M, 50yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Laura K, 20yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Lillie, 4yrs, PA
427B-186-180, Rose, Margaret L, 45yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Maria, 40yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Maria F, 16yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Martha, 85yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Mary M, 18yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Nannie, 10yrs, PA
427B-186-180, Rose, William W, 59yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Willie, 8yrs, PA
427A-184-178, Rose, Zuella, 2yrs, PA
422A-103-100, Rupert, Hannah W, 30yrs, PA
422A-103-100, Rupert, Luella, 7yrs, PA
230A-225-219, Rutter, Amos, 21yrs, PA
230A-225-219, Rutter, Susan, 59yrs, PA
230A-225-219, Rutter, William, 33yrs, PA
422B-112-109, Seaton, Ann E, 31yrs, PA
422B-112-109, Seaton, Anna B, 3yrs, PA
422B-112-109, Seaton, Ella M, 2yrs, PA
422B-112-109, Seaton, Josiah, 15yrs, PA
422B-112-109, Seaton, Wm A, 35yrs, PA
419A-64-57, Shaw, Anna E, 10yrs, PA
422A-104-101, Shaw, George, 43yrs, PA
419A-64-57, Shaw, James, 4yrs, PA
419A-64-57, Shaw, James, 50yrs, Ireland
419A-64-57, Shaw, Margaret, 6yrs, PA
419A-64-57, Shaw, Margaret, 34yrs, Ireland
422A-104-101, Shaw, Mary J, 38yrs, PA
419A-64-57, Shaw, Nancy, 1yrs, PA
419A-64-57, Shaw, Samuel, 8yrs, PA
415B-8-8, Shreffler, Andrew J, 37yrs, PA
415B-8-8, Shreffler, Barbara, 34yrs, PA
415B-8-8, Shreffler, Hannah, 15yrs, PA
415B-8-8, Shreffler, John M, 8yrs, PA
415B-8-8, Shreffler, Lizzie A, 3yrs, PA
424A-133-130, Simpson, James, 8yrs, PA
424A-133-130, Simpson, James, 55yrs, PA
424A-133-130, Simpson, John, 74yrs, PA
424A-133-130, Simpson, John W, 1yrs, PA
424A-133-130, Simpson, Martha J, 6yrs, PA
424A-133-130, Simpson, Mary E, 4yrs, PA
424A-133-130, Simpson, Nancy A, 32yrs, PA
428B-204-198, Sittig, Caroline, 22yrs, Prussia
428B-203-197, Sittig, Gottlieb, 3yrs, PA
428B-203-197, Sittig, Henry, 36yrs, Hanover
428B-203-197, Sittig, Louis, 2yrs, PA
428B-203-197, Sittig, Louisa, 5yrs, PA
428B-203-197, Sittig, Matilda, 26yrs, Hanover
428B-203-197, Sittig, William, 7yrs, PA
428B-204-198, Sittig, William, 27yrs, Hanover
415A-6-6, Sopher, Eliza A, 14yrs, PA
415A-6-6, Sopher, Emma, 9yrs, PA
415A-6-6, Sopher, Francis, 11yrs, PA
415A-6-6, Sopher, John, 46yrs, PA
415A-6-6, Sopher, Josiah, 20yrs, PA
415A-6-6, Sopher, Keziah, 38yrs, PA
415A-6-6, Sopher, Mary, 7yrs, PA
415B-6-6, Sopher, Nellie, 3yrs, PA
415A-6-6, Sopher, William, 18yrs, PA
429B-220-214, Spence, James, 53yrs, PA
429B-220-214, Spence, Mary, 56yrs, PA
429B-220-214, Spence, Nancy A, 20yrs, PA
230A-224-218, Stevenson, Ann, 61yrs, Ireland
230A-224-218, Stevenson, George W, 40yrs, PA
230A-224-218, Stevenson, Mary M, 16yrs, PA
230A-224-218, Stevenson, Nancy R, 19yrs, PA
428A-192-186, Stewart, Michael, 17yrs, PA
428B-201-195, Stiner, Adam P, 12yrs, PA
420B-80-74, Sutherland, Benjamin, 53yrs, OH
421B-96-93, Sutherland, Catharine, 25yrs, PA
421B-96-93, Sutherland, Edie M, 10/12yrs, PA
420B-80-74, Sutherland, Eliza A, 48yrs, PA
424A-137-134, Sutherland, R M, 22yrs, PA
424A-137-134, Sutherland, Susan J, 22yrs, PA
421B-96-93, Sutherland, Thomas W, 3yrs, PA
421B-96-93, Sutherland, Wm P, 26yrs, PA
419A-65-58, Thompson, Abraham E, 8yrs, PA
424B-139-136, Thompson, Caroline A, 22yrs, PA
426B-173-167, Thompson, David H, 22yrs, PA
424B-139-136, Thompson, Elizabeth J, 1yrs, PA
419A-65-58, Thompson, James, 38yrs, PA
419A-65-58, Thompson, Julia M, 1yrs, PA
426B-173-167, Thompson, Margaret G, 24yrs, PA
419A-65-58, Thompson, Mary A, 39yrs, PA
426B-173-167, Thompson, Rebecca, 66yrs, PA
419A-65-58, Thompson, Rebecca J, 11yrs, PA
424B-139-136, Thompson, Samuel, 22yrs, PA
424B-139-136, Thompson, Sarah M, 3yrs, PA
230A-226-220, Tidball, Elizabeth, 72yrs, PA
230A-226-220, Tidball, J. G, 29yrs, PA
428A-194-188, Uber, Alfred, 19yrs, PA
424B-140-137, Uber, Benjamin, 42yrs, PA
429A-213-207, Uber, Curtis C, 19yrs, PA
429A-213-207, Uber, David, 73yrs, PA
424B-140-137, Uber, John, 1yrs, PA
424B-140-137, Uber, Menerva E, 21yrs, PA
429A-213-207, Uber, Rebecca, 67yrs, PA
417A-34-32, Uber, Susan, 13yrs, PA
422B-110-107, Van Erman, Elizabeth, 39yrs, PA
422B-110-107, Van Erman, Elizabeth C, 1yrs, PA
422B-110-107, Van Erman, Francis M, 4yrs, PA
422B-110-107, Van Erman, Jame L, 6yrs, PA
422B-110-107, Van Erman, Mary M, 10yrs, PA
422B-110-107, Van Erman, N W, 49yrs, PA
422B-110-107, Van Erman, Robert C, 13yrs, PA
422B-110-107, Van Erman, William W, 8yrs, PA
421A-90-86, Waddle, Jane, 61yrs, PA
420B-81-75, Wagoner, Annetta, 19yrs, PA
420B-81-75, Wagoner, W S, 21yrs, PA
420B-81-75, Wagoner, William F, 11/12yrs, PA
426A-166-161, Waldron, Hattie D, 1yrs, PA
426A-166-161, Waldron, Mary A, 33yrs, PA
426A-166-161, Waldron, Minnie M, 11yrs, PA
426A-166-161, Waldron, S S, 45yrs, PA
421B-100-97, Walker, James, 3yrs, PA
421B-100-97, Walker, Margaret, 1yrs, PA
421B-100-97, Walker, Rose, 29yrs, PA
421B-100-97, Walker, Samuel A, 30yrs, Ireland
418B-51-48, Walls, Celesta M, 14yrs, PA
420B-79-73, Walls, Essington, 11yrs, PA
418A-51-48, Walls, Henry, 44yrs, PA
420B-80-74, Walls, James, 41yrs, PA
418B-51-48, Walls, James , 8yrs, PA
420A-79-73, Walls, John, 42yrs, PA
418B-51-48, Walls, Josephene, 5yrs, PA
420B-80-74, Walls, Laura, 4yrs, PA
420B-80-74, Walls, Linnie M, 2yrs, PA
418B-51-48, Walls, Mahlon, 18yrs, PA
418B-51-48, Walls, Mary E, 16yrs, PA
420B-80-74, Walls, Melissa A, 29yrs, PA
418B-51-48, Walls, Morrison, 14yrs, PA
418A-51-48, Walls, Rebecca, 41yrs, PA
418B-51-48, Walls, Rebecca E, 7yrs, PA
420B-80-74, Walls, Roxanna, 10yrs, PA
420B-79-73, Walls, Susannah, 24yrs, PA
420B-80-74, Walls, William E, 6yrs, PA
415B-6-6, Walters, Diana, 40yrs, PA
415B-6-6, Walters, Samuel, 43yrs, England
423A-118-114, Washabaugh, G W, 31yrs, PA
423A-118-114, Washabaugh, Jennie B, 6yrs, PA
423A-118-114, Washabaugh, Maria E, 25yrs, PA
423A-118-114, Washabaugh, Robert W, 10/12yrs, PA
427A-183-177, Watson, Elizabeth, 29yrs, PA
427A-183-177, Watson, James, 25yrs, PA
427A-183-177, Watson, Martha A, 5yrs, PA
427A-183-177, Watson, Nellie M, 1/12yrs, PA
416B-25-24, Watt, Charles J, 2yrs, PA
422A-107-104, Weakley, Angeline, 36yrs, PA
422A-107-104, Weakley, Emma F, 10yrs, PA
422A-107-104, Weakley, Hattie J, 1yrs, PA
422A-107-104, Weakley, James C, 41yrs, PA
422A-107-104, Weakley, James J, 8yrs, PA
422A-107-104, Weakley, Robert B, 4yrs, PA
428B-199-193, Weaver, William, 40yrs, PA
421B-98-95, Welch, Adda, 4yrs, PA
421B-98-95, Welch, B R, 38yrs, OH
421B-98-95, Welch, Charity, 15yrs, PA
421B-98-95, Welch, Charles, 13yrs, PA
421B-98-95, Welch, Jennie, 11yrs, PA
421B-98-95, Welch, Josephene, 8yrs, PA
421B-98-95, Welch, Lizzie, 36yrs, PA
421B-98-95, Welch, Ruby, 3/12yrs, PA
417B-36-35, Whitaker, Elizabeth, 39yrs, PA
417B-36-35, Whitaker, Ellen L, 9yrs, PA
417B-36-35, Whitaker, Emma F, 6yrs, PA
417A-36-35, Whitaker, John, 54yrs, PA
417B-36-35, Whitaker, Mary E, 11yrs, PA
423A-117-113, White, Anna E, 4yrs, PA
423A-117-113, White, Austin W, 8yrs, PA
425A-150-147, White, David P, 36yrs, PA
425A-150-147, White, Eliza R, 34yrs, Ireland
419B-73-66, White, Elizabeth, 6/12yrs, PA
425A-150-147, White, Elizabeth J, 6yrs, PA
419B-73-66, White, George W, 32yrs, PA
425A-149-146, White, George W, 58yrs, PA
425A-150-147, White, Hugh W, 1yrs, PA
423A-117-113, White, Isaac N, 30yrs, PA
425A-148-145, White, Jane, 63yrs, PA
425A-150-147, White, John B, 8yrs, PA
419B-73-67, White, John H, 38yrs, PA
423A-117-113, White, Kissiah, 2yrs, PA
423A-117-113, White, Laura J, 6yrs, PA
425A-149-146, White, Maggie A, 23yrs, PA
419B-73-66, White, Margaret, 31yrs, PA
419B-73-67, White, Margaret J, 36yrs, PA
425A-149-146, White, Maria, 14yrs, PA
421B-94-90, White, Mary, 29yrs, PA
421B-94-90, White, Mary, 71yrs, PA
425A-149-146, White, Mary A, 25yrs, PA
426B-178-172, White, Mary E, 11yrs, PA
425A-149-146, White, Narcissa, 17yrs, PA
426B-178-172, White, Rebecca J, 43yrs, PA
421B-94-90, White, Samuel G, 78yrs, PA
425A-149-146, White, Susannah, 20yrs, PA
423A-117-113, White, Susannah, 32yrs, PA
425A-149-146, White, Susannah, 54yrs, Ireland
426B-178-172, White, Thomas C, 5yrs, PA
426B-178-172, White, William, 45yrs, PA
426B-178-172, White, William H, 15yrs, PA
418A-43-42, Whitlock, Elizabeth, 30yrs, PA
418A-43-42, Whitlock, Emma, 11yrs, PA
418A-43-42, Whitlock, James, 42yrs, PA
418A-43-42, Whitlock, John, 9yrs, PA
418A-43-42, Whitlock, Leander, 2yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, Catharine, 42yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, Eliza, 16yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, Fulton B, 13yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, Hetty, 8yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, John D, 15yrs, PA
423A-122-118, Williams, Kate V, 15yrs, PA; [Surname possibly Blakeley]
415A-5-5, Williams, Margaret M, 11yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, Mary A, 18yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, Norella, 3yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, Robert L, 5yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, Robert L, 50yrs, PA
415A-5-5, Williams, Wilmina, 11/12yrs, PA
428B-205-199, Williamson, Anna L, 10yrs, PA
428B-205-199, Williamson, Henry, 50yrs, Ireland
429A-210-204, Williamson, John, 60yrs, PA
428B-205-199, Williamson, Margaret, 50yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Adam, 18yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Ann, 42yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Charles, 10yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Elizabeth, 20yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Isaac, 16yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Isaac, 52yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Jacob, 3yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, James, 6yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, John, 19yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Katie A, 8yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Oliver, 4yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Sevilla, 1yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, Solomon, 15yrs, PA
427B-187-181, Wimer, William, 12yrs, PA
422B-109-106, Wing, Elizabeth J, 4yrs, PA
422B-109-106, Wing, John H, 57yrs, NY
422B-109-106, Wing, Lucy, 43yrs, OH
422B-109-106, Wing, Samuel N, 12yrs, OH
422A-107-104, Wolford, M J, 25yrs, PA
429A-213-207, Wood, Mary, 11yrs, PA
428B-206-200, Woods, Clarissa, 18yrs, PA
428B-206-200, Woods, Emeline, 8yrs, PA
428B-206-200, Woods, James, 3yrs, PA
428B-206-200, Woods, Jane, 10yrs, PA
428B-206-200, Woods, Jeramiah, 58yrs, OH
428B-206-200, Woods, Nancy H, 48yrs, PA
428B-206-200, Woods, Samuel, 5yrs, PA
428B-206-200, Woods, Thomas, 16yrs, PA
424B-144-141, Young, Alsameda, 16yrs, PA
424B-144-141, Young, Clara, 37yrs, NY
424B-144-141, Young, E Lane, 13yrs, PA
424B-144-141, Young, Robert D, 2yrs, PA
424B-144-141, Young, Semour R, 8yrs, PA
424B-144-141, Young, Will V, 11yrs, PA
424B-144-141, Young, Wm A, 39yrs, PA
424B-144-141, Young, Wm A, 39yrs, PA

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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