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1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: R. F. Thompson
Post Office: Sheakleyville
Date of Enumeration: 28 July - 30 July, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
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* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

58B-15-15, Amon, David, 52yrs, PA
58B-15-15, Amon, George, 15yrs, PA
58B-15-15, Amon, James, 10yrs, PA
58B-15-15, Amon, Maria, 52yrs, PA
58B-15-15, Amon, Mary Anne, 12yrs, PA
58B-15-15, Amon, Sufronia, 14yrs, PA
60A-38-38, Axtell, Abraham L, 5yrs, PA
60A-38-38, Axtell, George W, 12yrs, PA
60A-38-38, Axtell, Grace P, 3yrs, PA
60A-38-38, Axtell, Hettie, 7yrs, PA
60A-38-38, Axtell, John, 10yrs, PA
60A-38-38, Axtell, Sarah, 36yrs, PA
60A-38-38, Axtell, Stilla, 1yrs, PA
60A-38-38, Axtell, Wm H, 55yrs, PA
58B-10-10, Beaty, A D, 40yrs, PA
58B-10-10, Beaty, Anna R, 6yrs, PA
60A-39-39, Beaty, Catharine R, 26yrs, PA
61A-58-58, Beaty, David, 57yrs, PA
60A-39-39, Beaty, Eleanor, 37yrs, PA
61A-58-58, Beaty, Elizabeth, 53yrs, PA
58B-10-10, Beaty, Lucy R, 3yrs, PA
58B-10-10, Beaty, Maria J, 34yrs, PA
60A-39-39, Beaty, Mary, 43yrs, PA
61A-58-58, Beaty, Naman H, 23yrs, PA
60A-39-39, Beaty, Rebecca, 67yrs, PA
61A-58-58, Beaty, Thomas, 14yrs, PA
58B-10-10, Beaty, William M, 9yrs, PA
59A-20-20, Beligs, Louis, 10yrs, PA
59A-20-20, Beligs, Martha J, 4yrs, PA
59A-20-20, Beligs, Nancy, 7yrs, PA
59A-20-20, Beligs, Perry, 31yrs, PA
59A-20-20, Beligs, Sarah A, 28yrs, PA
58A-4-4, Birchfield, Adoline, 22yrs, PA
58A-4-4, Birchfield, Christena, 55yrs, PA
58A-4-4, Birchfield, Margaret, 26yrs, PA
58A-4-4, Birchfield, Wm, 60yrs, PA
60B-54-54, Bouch, Adda, 6yrs, PA
60B-54-54, Bouch, Anna, 30 [36?]yrs, PA
60B-54-54, Bouch, Harry, 8yrs, PA
59B-31-31, Bradberry, Blanche, 2yrs, PA
61A-62-62, Bradberry, David, 82yrs, PA
59B-31-31, Bradberry, Elizabeth, 23yrs, PA
59B-31-31, Bradberry, Hugh, 23yrs, PA
59B-29-29, Bradley, Lilly, 14yrs, PA
59B-29-29, Bradley, Margaret, 57yrs, PA
59B-29-29, Bradley, T. J, 59yrs, PA
59B-27-27, Brown, George, 19yrs, PA
60B-47-47, Brown, Maria A, 54yrs, PA
59B-27-27, Brown, William W, 47yrs, PA
60B-47-47, Brown, Wm G, 63yrs, York State
60B-50-50, Brush, Aseneth, 45yrs, PA
58A-5-5, Brush, Elly, 11yrs, PA
60B-50-50, Brush, G. G, 49yrs, PA
60B-50-50, Brush, Hattie R, 17yrs, PA
58A-5-5, Brush, James, 52yrs, PA
60B-51-51, Brush, James A, 24yrs, PA
58A-5-5, Brush, James M, 21yrs, PA
58A-5-5, Brush, John W, 19yrs, PA
58A-5-5, Brush, Mary, 47yrs, PA
60B-51-51, Brush, Nancy, 21yrs, PA
59A-19-19, Carringer, Ealine, 18yrs, PA
59A-19-19, Carringer, John, 47yrs, PA
59A-19-19, Carringer, Mary F, 28yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, Arnold, 3yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, Charles J, 15yrs, PA
60A-43-43, Cochran, Eddie, 14yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, Harriet J, 43yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, Hugh, 5yrs, PA
60A-43-43, Cochran, John, 6yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, Kate, 1yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, Mary L, 17yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, Rosannah, 12yrs, PA
60A-43-43, Cochran, Samuel, 15yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, Sibly, 7yrs, PA
60A-43-43, Cochran, Sibly, 41yrs, PA
60A-43-43, Cochran, Thos C, 47yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, Thos K, 45yrs, PA
60A-42-42, Cochran, William K, 10yrs, PA
60A-43-43, Cochran, Wilson, 17yrs, PA
58B-16-16, Davison, Lucrnder M, 20yrs, PA
58B-16-16, Davison, Nancy M, 21yrs, PA
58B-16-16, Davison, R James, 24yrs, PA
58B-16-16, Davison, Richard V, 15yrs, PA
58B-16-16, Davison, Sarah, 50yrs, PA
58B-16-16, Davison, Thomas, 48yrs, Ireland
58B-16-16, Davison, William T, 17yrs, PA
58A-6-6, Dillen, Morrison, 23yrs, PA
59B-27-27, Donahue, E F, 25yrs, PA
59B-28-28, Edges, Austin, 13yrs, PA
59B-28-28, Edges, Elizabeth, 35yrs, OH
61A-61-61, Ellis, Effe, 2yrs, PA
61A-61-61, Ellis, George, 29yrs, PA
61A-61-61, Ellis, George W, 4yrs, PA
61A-61-61, Ellis, Luellie, 5/12yrs, PA
61A-61-61, Ellis, Mary A, 25yrs, PA
59A-22-22, English, A A, 22yrs, PA
59A-22-22, English, Edwin M, 5/12yrs, PA
59A-22-22, English, Mary, 20yrs, PA
59B-30-30, Farenger, Emmie, 17yrs, PA
59B-30-30, Farenger, H, 23yrs, Germany
61A-60-60, Feather, Anna M, 32yrs, PA
61A-60-60, Feather, C A, 34yrs, PA
61A-60-60, Feather, Frank C, 4yrs, PA
61A-60-60, Feather, Lizzie, 6yrs, PA
61A-60-60, Feather, Minna P, 2yrs, PA
58B-14-14, Gamble, C J, 23yrs, PA
58B-14-14, Gamble, Elizabeth, 23yrs, PA
58B-14-14, Gamble, John A, 5/12yrs, PA
58A-3-3, Hamlin, Careline, 30yrs, PA
58A-3-3, Hamlin, Mary, 10yrs, PA
59A-23-23, Hites, Henry, 25yrs, PA
58A-4-4, Hoobler, John, 25yrs, PA
61A-56-56, Johnston, Margaret, 64yrs, Scotland
61A-56-56, Johnston, Wm, 64yrs, Scotland
59B-31-31, Kirby, J. D, 19yrs, PA
59B-36-36, Larance, Clark, 67yrs, York State
59B-36-36, Larance, Frances L, 22yrs, PA
59B-36-36, Larance, Susan, 23yrs, PA
58A-2-2, Larimer, Ann L, 4yrs, PA
58A-2-2, Larimer, Elmer, 1yrs, PA
58A-2-2, Larimer, Hervey, 24yrs, PA
58A-2-2, Larimer, Rebecca, 22yrs, PA
60A-37-37, Lee, George, 65yrs, PA
60A-36-36, Lee, Hiram W, 37yrs, PA
60A-37-37, Lee, Jennei, 16yrs, PA
60A-36-36, Lee, Lousina, 27yrs, PA
60A-37-37, Lee, Maria, 58yrs, PA
60B-49-49, Limber, Allice, 21yrs, PA
59B-32-32, Limber, Barton, 2yrs, PA
59B-32-32, Limber, Carry, 1yrs, PA
59A-21-21, Limber, Carry, 4yrs, PA
60B-49-49, Limber, Elcie, 6yrs, PA
59B-32-32, Limber, Frances, 28yrs, PA
59B-32-32, Limber, Fred, 6yrs, PA
59A-21-21, Limber, G Lem, 10yrs, PA
59A-21-21, Limber, Howard, 1yrs, PA
60A-44-44, Limber, John, 67yrs, PA
59B-32-32, Limber, John J, 39yrs, PA
60B-49-49, Limber, Joseph, 31yrs, PA
60B-49-49, Limber, Liverie, 22yrs, PA
59A-21-21, Limber, Margaret, 32yrs, PA
59A-21-21, Limber, Martha, 8yrs, PA
60A-44-44, Limber, Mary, 57yrs, PA
59B-32-32, Limber, Oliva, 4yrs, PA
59A-21-21, Limber, Smith S, 6yrs, PA
59A-21-21, Limber, T J, 35yrs, PA
60B-49-49, Limber, Waltie, 3/12yrs, PA
59B-26-26, Lockhart, Allice, 6yrs, PA
59A-26-26, Lockhart, David, 27yrs, PA
59A-26-26, Lockhart, Harriet, 28yrs, OH
59B-26-26, Lockhart, Nelly, 4yrs, PA
59A-18-18, Martin, Edward R, 20yrs, PA
59A-18-18, Martin, Elizabeth, 58yrs, England
59A-18-18, Martin, Henry, 60yrs, England
60B-50-50, McCarthy, Dav, 17yrs, PA
58A-7-7, McCoy, Bertha H, 6yrs, PA
58A-7-7, McCoy, Frank W, 15yrs, PA
58A-1-1, McCoy, Fred, 3yrs, PA
58A-7-7, McCoy, Hettie M, 12yrs, PA
58A-1-1, McCoy, Infant, 4/12yrs, PA
58A-1-1, McCoy, Marvin H, 8yrs, PA
58A-7-7, McCoy, Mary E, 39yrs, PA
58A-1-1, McCoy, Susan E, 30yrs, PA
58A-1-1, McCoy, Wiliam, 38yrs, PA
61A-62-62, McDowel, Emmie C, 23yrs, PA
61A-62-62, McDowel, Florence B, 3yrs, PA
61A-62-62, McDowel, Violetta B, 10/12yrs, PA
61A-62-62, McDowel, William P, 31yrs, PA
59A-24-24, McNamerra, A , 30yrs, PA
60B-52-52, McNamerra, Eliza, 29yrs, PA
60B-52-52, McNamerra, G, 25yrs, PA
59A-24-24, McNamerra, Jane, 30yrs, PA
59A-24-24, McNamerra, Molly, 1yrs, PA
61A-60-60, McQuillen, J L, 70yrs, PA
59A-25-25, Mills, Infant, 1/12yrs, PA
59A-25-25, Mills, Rebecca A, 28yrs, PA
59A-25-25, Mills, Robert, 35yrs, PA
59A-25-25, Mills, Sarah L, 2yrs, PA
58B-11-11, Morrison, Charles, 2yrs, PA
58B-11-11, Morrison, Mary L, 27yrs, PA
58B-11-11, Morrison, Stephen, 30yrs, PA
58B-11-11, Morrison, Thomas, 6/12yrs, PA
58A-1-1, Moyer, Catharine, 69yrs, Germany
60B-48-48, Moyer, Evaline, 40yrs, PA
60B-48-48, Moyer, G W, 50yrs, PA
60B-48-48, Moyer, James F, 19yrs, PA
60A-40-40, Myers, Harry C, 10yrs, PA
60A-40-40, Myers, R C, 33yrs, PA
60A-40-40, Myers, Thomas, 32yrs, PA
60B-53-53, Newwitter, M, 30yrs, Germany
60B-53-53, Newwitter, R, 26yrs, Germany
58A-8-8, Parks, Cyrus, 52yrs, PA
58A-8-8, Parks, Julie F, 13yrs, PA
58A-8-8, Parks, Margaret J, 47yrs, PA
58A-8-8, Parks, Sarah E, 15yrs, PA
58B-10-10, Pearson, Anna, 65yrs, PA
60A-41-41, Phillips, Emily, 62yrs, PA
60A-41-41, Phillips, Isaac, 66yrs, PA
58A-7-7, Rease, William, 19yrs, OH
58B-16-16, Rels, George, 19yrs, Germany
61A-62-62, Rhodes, Isa**, 15yrs, PA
58A-6-6, Richardson, Floreetta, 1yrs, PA
58A-6-6, Richardson, George W, 3yrs, PA
58A-6-6, Richardson, James A, 11yrs, PA
58A-6-6, Richardson, Lillian, 8yrs, PA
58A-6-6, Richardson, Mary A, 25yrs, OH
58A-6-6, Richardson, [blank], 33yrs, PA
61A-57-57, Roberts, Burton, 40yrs, PA
61A-57-57, Roberts, Dorey, 12yrs, PA
61A-57-57, Roberts, George, 7yrs, PA
61A-57-57, Roberts, Letticia M, 35yrs, PA
58B-12-12, Ross, Clarry, 2yrs, PA
58B-12-12, Ross, Margaret, 23yrs, PA
58B-12-12, Ross, Wm R, 32yrs, PA
61A-62-62, Scott, Mary A, 17yrs, PA
58B-13-13, Smith, Caroline, 22yrs, PA
58B-13-13, Smith, Irie Merton, 2yrs, PA
58B-13-13, Smith, Jay Burdett, 1yrs, PA
58B-13-13, Smith, R C, 32yrs, PA
60B-55-55, Steel, Abraham, 16yrs, PA
60B-55-55, Steel, Abram, 52yrs, PA
60B-55-55, Steel, Anna, 21yrs, PA
61A-55-55, Steel, Charles, 6yrs, PA
61A-55-55, Steel, Delbert, 3yrs, PA
60B-55-55, Steel, Lucretia, 44yrs, PA
60B-55-55, Steel, Rebecca, 14yrs, PA
60B-55-55, Steel, Samuel A, 25yrs, PA
60B-55-55, Steel, William, 11yrs, PA
59B-33-33, Swarts, Clarry, 9yrs, PA
59B-33-33, Swarts, Eva, 10yrs, PA
59B-33-33, Swarts, Frances, 7yrs, PA
59B-33-33, Swarts, Johnston, 37yrs, PA
59B-33-33, Swarts, Louise, 13yrs, PA
59B-33-33, Swarts, Martaha, 33yrs, PA
59B-33-33, Swarts, Minnie, 6yrs, PA
59B-33-33, Swarts, Newton, 4yrs, PA
59A-18-18, Tailor, Fred, 19yrs, PA
61A-59-59, Thacker, Emmie, 18yrs, PA
61A-59-59, Thacker, Jane, 47yrs, PA
61A-59-59, Thacker, Mary, 21yrs, PA
60B-46-46, Thompson, A L, 28yrs, PA
60B-45-45, Thompson, Edgar, 32yrs, PA
60B-45-45, Thompson, Elizabeth, 64yrs, NJ
58B-9-9, Thompson, Elizabeth, 68yrs, PA
60B-46-46, Thompson, Florence, 10yrs, PA
60B-46-46, Thompson, G W, 33yrs, PA
60B-45-45, Thompson, Irie, 30yrs, PA
60B-45-45, Thompson, Isaac, 65yrs, York State
59B-34-34, Waggoner, David, 63yrs, PA
59B-34-34, Waggoner, Elizabeth B, 56yrs, PA
59A-17-17, West, Adison, 3/12yrs, PA
58B-17-17, West, Adison, 33yrs, PA
59A-17-17, West, Albert, 6yrs, PA
59A-17-17, West, Edward R, 2yrs, PA
58B-17-17, West, Mary J, 29yrs, PA
58B-17-17, West, William H, 10yrs, PA
59A-23-23, Wick, Adaline, 5yrs, PA
59A-23-23, Wick, Elias, 35yrs, PA
59B-35-35, Wick, Homer, 44yrs, PA
59A-23-23, Wick, Hugh, 7yrs, PA
59A-23-23, Wick, Sarah M, 24yrs, PA
59B-35-35, Wick, Sarah S, 2yrs, PA
59B-35-35, Wick, Sumner E, 7yrs, PA
59B-35-35, Wick, Ugenie, 14yrs, PA
59B-35-35, Wick, Welthy, 36yrs, PA
60B-53-53, Williams, Clyd*, 2yrs, PA
60B-53-53, Williams, Elizabeth, 21yrs, PA
60B-53-53, Williams, J A, 25yrs, PA
58B-9-9, Yard, Calveretta, 5yrs, PA
58A-9-9, Yard, Chancy H, 34yrs, PA
58B-9-9, Yard, Ellen J, 9yrs, PA
59A-19-19, Yard, H C, 25yrs, PA
58A-9-9, Yard, Rebecca J, 29yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

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