Sandy Lake Township

1870 Census Surname List

Sandy Lake Township

SANDY LAKE TOWNSHIP - excluding Borough of Sandy Lake
1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: Daniel Perrine
Post Office: Sandy Lake
Date of Enumeration: 8 July - 8 August, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

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John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 1999. Any commercial use prohibited

* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

70B-132-132, Adams, Eliza M., 20 yrs, PA
70B-132-132, Adams, James K., 64 yrs, NJ
70B-132-132, Adams, Orace W., 16 yrs, PA
70B-132-132, Adams, Selva, 57 yrs, NY
71B-150-150, Armstrong, *elona, 46 yrs, NY
71B-150-150, Armstrong, Albert, 16 yrs, PA
71B-150-150, Armstrong, H. L., 48 yrs, NY
71B-150-150, Armstrong, Lester, 14 yrs, PA
71B-150-150, Armstrong, Manning, 7 yrs, PA
71B-150-150, Armstrong, Mary E., 18 yrs, PA
71B-150-150, Armstrong, Warren, 20 yrs, PA
71B-150-150, Armstrong, William, 11 yrs, PA
68A-100-100, Baggs, Adella, 42 yrs, PA
68A-100-100, Baggs, David, 43 yrs, OH
68A-100-100, Baggs, David B., 2 yrs, PA
70A-123-123, Baggs, John E., 5 yrs, PA
68A-100-100, Baggs, Luella E., 8 yrs, PA
70A-123-123, Baggs, Margaret E., 2 yrs, PA
68A-100-100, Baggs, Mariah J., 16 yrs, PA
70A-123-123, Baggs, Martha J., 11 yrs, PA
70A-123-123, Baggs, Mary A., 13 yrs, PA
68A-100-100, Baggs, Matilda A., 5 yrs, PA
69B-123-123, Baggs, Sarah, 32 yrs, Ireland
70A-123-123, Baggs, Stewart W., 9 yrs, PA
69B-123-123, Baggs, William, 42 yrs, Ireland
69B-122-122, Baggs, William, 82 yrs, Ireland
69A-115-115, Baggs, William C., 16 yrs, PA
68A-100-100, Baggs, Willis, 13 yrs, PA
64A-39-39, Bailey, Ada B., 7 yrs, PA
67B-92-92, Bailey, Benjamin, 16 yrs, PA
67B-91-91, Bailey, Charity, 65 yrs, PA
64A-39-39, Bailey, Elizabeth, 48 yrs, PA
67B-92-92, Bailey, John L., 30 yrs, PA
67B-92-92, Bailey, Lydia A., 29 yrs, NY
64A-33-33, Bailey, Mary L., 20 yrs, PA
64A-33-33, Bailey, Susan, 55 yrs, PA
64A-33-33, Bailey, Thomas S., 25 yrs, PA
64A-39-39, Bailey, William N., 19 yrs, PA
64A-39-39, Bailey, William S., 52 yrs, NY
66A-67-67, Barker, Clara R., 12 yrs, PA
67A-81-81, Barker, Elizabeth, 14 yrs, PA
66A-67-67, Barker, Gilbert, 37 yrs, PA
66A-67-67, Barker, Ida, 9 yrs, PA
62B-16-16, Barker, J. W., 43 yrs, PA
62B-16-16, Barker, Jason A., 17 yrs, PA
67A-81-81, Barker, Jaynes, 57 yrs, NY
67A-79-79, Barker, Jesse, 33 yrs, PA
62B-16-16, Barker, John W., 19 yrs, PA
62B-16-16, Barker, Mary, 7 yrs, PA
67A-81-81, Barker, Mary, 57 yrs, PA
62B-16-16, Barker, Nancy N., 43 yrs, PA
62B-16-16, Barker, Newell, 14 yrs, PA
66A-67-67, Barker, Oliver M., 14 yrs, PA
66A-67-67, Barker, Ursula, 34 yrs, PA
66A-67-67, Barker, William, 4 yrs, PA
68B-106-106, Barnes, Aggie, 10 yrs, PA
68B-106-106, Barnes, Anne, 35 yrs, PA
70A-127-127, Barnes, Eliza M., 24 yrs, PA
73A-178-178, Barnes, George A., 28 yrs, PA
70A-127-127, Barnes, James A., 4 yrs, PA
73A-178-178, Barnes, Jessie May, 7/12 yrs, PA
68B-106-106, Barnes, John, 3 yrs, PA
73A-178-178, Barnes, Martha E., 19 yrs, PA
68B-106-106, Barnes, Mary, 8 yrs, PA
70A-127-127, Barnes, Peter J., 25 yrs, PA
64B-46-46, Barnes, Thomas, 22 yrs, PA
68B-106-106, Barnes, Thomas, 55 yrs, PA 
67B-90-90, Bartholamew, Caroline, 44 yrs, OH
67B-90-90, Bartholamew, Cassius, 24 yrs, OH
67B-90-90, Bartholamew, Emma, 15 yrs, OH
67B-90-90, Bartholamew, Henry, 7 yrs, OH
67B-90-90, Bartholamew, Orrin, 52 yrs, OH
75A-193-193, Bauman, James, 1 yrs, PA
75A-193-193, Bauman, Mellisa A, 23 yrs, PA
75A-193-193, Bauman, Rose R., 6 yrs, PA
75A-193-193, Bauman, William, 3 yrs, PA
75A-193-193, Bauman, William, 25 yrs, PA
73A-177-177, Beals, Catharine C., 6 yrs, PA
73A-177-177, Beals, Essy J., 16 yrs, OH
73A-177-177, Beals, Heewan C., 11 yrs, PA
73A-177-177, Beals, John, 45 yrs, PA
73A-177-177, Beals, John W., 14 yrs, PA
73A-177-177, Beals, Nancy J., 34 yrs, OH
73A-177-177, Beals, Nannie B., 3/12 yrs, PA
64B-46-46, Beard, Hugh, 55 yrs, PA
64B-46-46, Beard, Margaret, 55 yrs, PA
64B-46-46, Beard, Martha, 21 yrs, PA
64B-46-46, Beard, Mary, 19 yrs, PA
64B-46-46, Beard, Matilda, 17 yrs, PA
69B-122-122, Beatty, Amanda, 44 yrs, PA
69B-122-122, Beatty, David G., 14 yrs, PA
69B-122-122, Beatty, Ebenezer F., 7 yrs, PA
69B-122-122, Beatty, Jane E., 20 yrs, PA
69B-122-122, Beatty, Robert P., 9 yrs, PA
69B-122-122, Beatty, Susan M., 18 yrs, PA
69B-122-122, Beatty, William M., 12 yrs, PA
69B-122-122, Beatty, William P., 56 yrs, PA
74A-191-191, Beggs, Albert G., 1 yrs, PA
74A-191-191, Beggs, Martha, 30 yrs, PA
74A-191-191, Beggs, Robert, 37 yrs, OH
74A-191-191, Beggs, Robert C., 7 yrs, PA
74A-191-191, Beggs, William C., 10 yrs, PA
65B-60-60, Bell, Ada, 6 yrs, PA
65B-60-60, Bell, Jesse, 29 yrs, OH
65B-60-60, Bell, Nancy, 26 yrs, PA
66A-60-60, Bell, Phebe, 2 yrs, PA
74A-190-190, Bond, John T., 30 yrs, OH
74A-190-190, Bond, Mariah, 56 yrs, England
69A-112-112, Booker, Alena, 1 yrs, PA
70A-128-128, Booker, Daniel, 36 yrs, PA
69A-112-112, Booker, Hester A., 23 yrs, PA
70A-128-128, Booker, Jerusha D., 30 yrs, PA
69A-112-112, Booker, John, 38 yrs, PA
70A-128-128, Booker, Minnie J., 3/12 yrs, PA
70A-128-128, Booker, Sarah A., 2 yrs, PA
66A-62-62, Bowd [Bowel?], Joseph, 28 yrs, England
66A-62-62, Bowd [Bowel?], Margaret E., 3 yrs, PA
66A-62-62, Bowd [Bowel?], Mary A., 24 yrs, PA
66A-62-62, Bowd [Bowel?], Tillie, 11/12 yrs, PA
66A-62-62, Bowd [Bowel?], William J., 5 yrs, PA
70B-136-136, Boyd, James, 20 yrs, Ireland
70B-136-136, Boyd, Martha, 2 yrs, PA
70B-136-136, Boyd, Rosannah, 59 yrs, Ireland
70B-136-136, Boyd, Sarah, 16 yrs, Ireland
70B-136-136, Boyd, Thomas, 22 yrs, Ireland
70B-136-136, Boyd, William, 66 yrs, Ireland
73A-179-179, Brannon, Catharine, 64 yrs, OH
73A-179-179, Brannon, John A., 22 yrs, OH
74A-185-185, Brazil, Ellen, 30 yrs, Ireland
74A-186-186, Brazil, Hannah, 4 yrs, England
74A-186-186, Brazil, Jane, 25 yrs, England
74A-186-186, Brazil, Joseph W., 1 yrs, England
74A-185-185, Brazil, Margaret, 1 yrs, PA
74A-185-185, Brazil, Mary, 2 yrs, OH
74A-185-185, Brazil, Michael, 30 yrs, Ireland
74A-186-186, Brazil, Sarah A., 3 yrs, England
71B-151-151, Buckley, Alice H., 12 yrs, PA
63B-30-30, Buckley, Anne, 49 yrs, PA
68B-104-104, Buckley, Charles, 2 yrs, PA
68A-104-104, Buckley, Elizabeth, 11 yrs, PA
68B-104-104, Buckley, Emma , 4 yrs, PA
68B-104-104, Buckley, Frances E., 6 yrs, PA
71B-151-151, Buckley, George, 18 yrs, PA
63B-30-30, Buckley, Hannah, 73 yrs, PA
71B-151-151, Buckley, Job, 14 yrs, PA
68A-104-104, Buckley, Joseph, 45 yrs, England
71B-151-151, Buckley, Luke S., 9 yrs, PA
68B-104-104, Buckley, Mary A., 9 yrs, PA
71B-151-151, Buckley, Mary M., 10 yrs, PA
71B-151-151, Buckley, Samuel, 16 yrs, PA
63B-30-30, Buckley, Samuel, 87 yrs, England
68A-104-104, Buckley, Sarah, 40 yrs, PA
62B-14-14, Burns, Joseph B., 17 yrs, PA
62B-14-14, Burns, Sarah, 56 yrs, PA
62B-14-14, Burns, Thos. H., 59 yrs, PA
64A-33-33, Byes, Hector, 17 yrs, PA
66A-64-64, Caldwall, Bertha C., 3 yrs, PA
66A-64-64, Caldwall, Ira J., 1 yrs, PA
66A-64-64, Caldwall, James, 54 yrs, PA
66A-64-64, Caldwall, Rebecca, 23 yrs, PA
73A-179-179, Canada, Lee, 21 yrs, PA
63A-19-19, Cannon, Ada, 11 yrs, PA
62A-1-1, Cannon, Bridget, 50 yrs, Ireland
66B-68-68, Cannon, John C., 22 yrs, PA
62A-1-1, Cannon, Margaret A, 6 yrs, Canada
62A-1-1, Cannon, William, 50 yrs, Ireland
72B-170-170, Canum, John, 38 yrs, OH
72B-170-170, Canum, Mary E., 14 yrs, PA
72B-170-170, Canum, Sarah, 36 yrs, PA
72B-170-170, Canum, Sarah J., 6 yrs, PA
65B-54-54, Carnahan, Adolphus, 14 yrs, PA
65B-54-54, Carnahan, Andrew, 54 yrs, PA
65B-54-54, Carnahan, Cinderella, 22 yrs, PA
65B-54-54, Carnahan, Eleanor D., 20 yrs, PA
65B-54-54, Carnahan, Hiram, 17 yrs, PA
65B-54-54, Carnahan, Margaret A., 11 yrs, PA
65B-54-54, Carnahan, Nancy, 52 yrs, VA
70A-124-124, Cassidy, Catharine J., 18 yrs, PA
70A-124-124, Cassidy, Jesse, 65 yrs, PA
70A-124-124, Cassidy, Lyman, 22 yrs, PA
70A-124-124, Cassidy, Nancy, 61 yrs, PA
70A-124-124, Cassidy, Neal, 28 yrs, PA
63B-29-29, Clawson, Andrew, 10 yrs, PA
63B-29-29, Clawson, Charles, 25 yrs, PA
63B-29-29, Clawson, Lucy A., 8 yrs, PA
63B-29-29, Clawson, Patience, 38 yrs, PA
63B-29-29, Clawson, Wm H., 34 yrs, OH
68A-94-94, Clingan, Maggie, 2 yrs, PA
68A-94-94, Clingan, Mary J., 31 yrs, PA
67B-93-93, Clingan, Rachael, 63 yrs, PA
67B-93-93, Clingan, Thomas, 82 yrs, Ireland
68A-94-94, Clingan, Thos E., 30 yrs, PA
62A-5-5, Coleman, Harriet, 14 yrs, PA
69A-115-115, Cornelius, Christena, 45 yrs, PA
69A-114-114, Cornelius, Margaret J., 18 yrs, PA
69A-115-115, Cornelius, Wm M., 46 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, Cozad, Anderson, 16 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, Cozad, Delia A., 14 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, Cozad, Henry, 12 yrs, PA
73A-178-178, Cozad, Henry, 13 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, Cozad, John H., 5 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, Cozad, Mark A., 3 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, Cozad, Rebecca J., 32 yrs, PA
63A-22-22, Cross, Amanda, 7 yrs, PA
63A-22-22, Cross, Eliza, 41 yrs, England
63A-22-22, Cross, Emeline, 9 yrs, PA
63A-22-22, Cross, George, 1 yrs, PA
63A-22-22, Cross, Joseph A., 47 yrs, PA
63A-22-22, Cross, Melissa, 5 yrs, PA
63A-22-22, Cross, William, 3 yrs, PA
71A-143-143, Cummings, Abigail, 72 yrs, PA
71A-143-143, Cummings, John, 75 yrs, PA
65A-48-48, Currier, Emeline, 15 yrs, PA
65A-48-48, Currier, James M., 13 yrs, PA
65A-48-48, Currier, Melissa, 19 yrs, PA
65A-48-48, Currier, Nathan, 52 yrs, PA
65A-48-48, Currier, Phebe, 53 yrs, PA
65A-48-48, Currier, Phebe E., 10 yrs, PA
65A-48-48, Currier, Sarah, 24 yrs, PA
62A-8-8, Davis, Caroline, 50 yrs, Germany
67B-85-85, Davis, Emily, 80 yrs, CT
67B-87-87, Davis, Emma J., 16 yrs, PA
62A-8-8, Davis, Frederick, 23 yrs, PA
67B-87-87, Davis, Harriet F., 35 yrs, OH
62A-8-8, Davis, Henry G, 10 yrs, PA
62A-8-8, Davis, Hetty J, 15 yrs, PA
62A-8-8, Davis, Jacob H, 21 yrs, PA
67B-87-87, Davis, John B., 51 yrs, PA
67B-85-85, Davis, Martin B., 80 yrs, NY
67B-87-87, Davis, Millie *., 2 yrs, PA
62A-8-8, Davis, Oliver H. P., 8 yrs, PA
67B-85-85, Davis, Orsemus C., 41 yrs, PA
62A-8-8, Davis, Samuel G, 17 yrs, PA
62A-8-8, Davis, Sarah J, 12 yrs, PA
62A-8-8, Davis, Walter H, 18 yrs, PA
72B-166-166, Dean, Edward W., 20 yrs, PA
69B-120-120, Dean, Elmer E., 6 yrs, PA
69B-120-120, Dean, James E., 3 yrs, PA
72B-165-165, Dean, Mary, 36 yrs, PA
69B-120-120, Dean, Mary P., 28 yrs, PA
72B-166-166, Dean, Sarah R., 21 yrs, PA
72B-165-165, Dean, William, 45 yrs, PA
72B-166-166, Dean, William C., 2 yrs, PA
69B-120-120, Dean, William C., 30 yrs, PA
68A-99-99, Dean , Sarah , 62 yrs, PA
68A-99-99, Dean , Wm P., 59 yrs, PA
64A-38-38, Defrance, Hugh F., 21 yrs, PA
64A-38-38, Defrance, James E., 23 yrs, PA
64A-38-38, Defrance, Jane, 58 yrs, PA
64A-38-38, Defrance, William R., 29 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, Alice, 4 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, Eleanor, 10 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, George, 6 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, Hutchison, 8 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, Jackson, 2 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, John, 39 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, Mary, 16 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, Matilda, 15 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, Sarah, 18 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, Trursey Bell, 1 yrs, PA
73B-181-181, Delony, William, 12 yrs, PA
62A-2-2, Deruddy, Anne, 8 yrs, PA
62A-2-2, Deruddy, Annie, 35 yrs, Canada
62A-2-2, Deruddy, Jane, 4 yrs, PA
62A-2-2, Deruddy, John, 6 yrs, PA
62A-2-2, Deruddy, John, 35 yrs, Canada
62A-2-2, Deruddy, Mary, 13 yrs, Ireland
62A-2-2, Deruddy, Patrick, 11 yrs, PA
65A-50-50, Dight, Elizabeth, 20 yrs, PA
65A-50-50, Dight, Isaac L., 26 yrs, PA
65A-50-50, Dight, Jane, 22 yrs, PA
65A-50-50, Dight, John , 24 yrs, PA
65A-50-50, Dight, Matilda, 53 yrs, PA
65A-50-50, Dight, Richard, 59 yrs, PA
65A-50-50, Downs, Sylvester, 14 yrs, PA
67B-86-86, Dunn, Cora, 4 yrs, PA
67B-89-89, Dunn, James, 18 yrs, PA
67B-89-89, Dunn, Jane, 55 yrs, PA
67B-86-86, Dunn, John, 8/12 yrs, PA
67B-89-89, Dunn, John, 65 yrs, PA
67B-89-89, Dunn, Margaret, 35 yrs, PA
67B-86-86, Dunn, Nancy, 26 yrs, PA
67B-89-89, Dunn, Thomas, 15 yrs, PA
67B-86-86, Dunn, Wm N., 26 yrs, PA
72B-169-169, Eagles, John A., 3 yrs, PA
73A-174-174, Eastabrook, Orrins, 9 yrs, PA
63A-23-23, Egbert, Angus B., 4 yrs, PA
74A-189-189, Egbert, Anne, 46 yrs, England
62A-5-5, Egbert, Asenas, 69 yrs, OH
74A-189-189, Egbert, Asenath, 12 yrs, PA
63B-32-32, Egbert, Edwin, 48 yrs, PA
63A-23-23, Egbert, Eliza Anne, 40 yrs, PA
74A-189-189, Egbert, Eliza J., 20 yrs, PA
74A-189-189, Egbert, Elizabeth, 23 yrs, PA
74A-189-189, Egbert, Eveline, 15 yrs, PA
64A-32-32, Egbert, Ezra M., 5 yrs, PA
63A-23-23, Egbert, Frank, 9 yrs, PA
62A-5-5, Egbert, James, 72 yrs, PA
74A-189-189, Egbert, John N., 46 yrs, PA
63A-23-23, Egbert, Joseph A., 21 yrs, PA
63A-23-23, Egbert, Justus, 44 yrs, PA
63B-32-32, Egbert, Lillian E., 12 yrs, PA
64A-32-32, Egbert, Lizzie, 2 yrs, PA
63B-32-32, Egbert, Lucy J., 10 yrs, PA
63A-23-23, Egbert, Margaret J., 19 yrs, PA
64A-32-32, Egbert, Mark R., 7 yrs, PA
64A-32-32, Egbert, Miles W., 3 yrs, PA
63B-32-32, Egbert, Nancy J., 19 yrs, PA
64A-32-32, Egbert, Newton S., 9 yrs, PA
63A-23-23, Egbert, Roe*on, 16 yrs, PA
63B-32-32, Egbert, Rufus A., 21 yrs, PA
74A-189-189, Egbert, Ruth, 9 yrs, PA
63B-32-32, Egbert, Ruth S., 35 yrs, PA
63A-23-23, Egbert, Samuel L., 17 yrs, PA
74A-189-189, Egbert, Sarah A., 18 yrs, PA
63A-23-23, Egbert, Warren, 8/12 yrs, PA
74A-189-189, Egbert, William, 22 yrs, PA
72A-154-154, Elder, Alexander, 57 yrs, PA
72A-154-154, Elder, Alfred, 18 yrs, PA
72A-154-154, Elder, Edith E., 12 yrs, PA
72A-154-154, Elder, John, 23 yrs, PA
72A-154-154, Elder, Margaret, 54 yrs, PA
72A-154-154, Elder, William, 21 yrs, PA
67A-83-83, Farrah, Abram, 48 yrs, OH
72A-159-159, Farrah, Clara, 8 yrs, PA
68A-95-95, Farrah, Crawford N., 11 yrs, PA
72A-159-159, Farrah, Edmund, 36 yrs, OH
68A-95-95, Farrah, Edwin, 36 yrs, OH
72A-159-159, Farrah, Eliza Jane, 36 yrs, PA
68A-95-95, Farrah, Florence B., 9 yrs, MI
68A-95-95, Farrah, George E., 4 yrs, PA
72A-159-159, Farrah, Jefferson J., 11 yrs, PA
72A-159-159, Farrah, Jessie M., 5 yrs, PA
68A-95-95, Farrah, Joseph E., 11/12 yrs, PA
67A-83-83, Farrah, Lavina, 13 yrs, PA
72A-159-159, Farrah, Mary , 13 yrs, PA
68A-95-95, Farrah, Mary E., 13 yrs, IL
68A-95-95, Farrah, Mary E., 36 yrs, PA
67A-83-83, Farrah, Mary J., 18 yrs, PA
72A-159-159, Farrah, Nannie, 2 yrs, PA
67A-83-83, Farrah, Sarah J., 47 yrs, PA
67A-83-83, Farrah, Thomas, 17 yrs, PA
66A-65-65, First, Cinderella, 7 yrs, PA
66A-65-65, First, David, 36 yrs, PA
66A-65-65, First, Erastus, 3 yrs, PA
66A-65-65, First, Erodus, 7 yrs, PA
66A-65-65, First, Harvey, 1 yrs, PA
66A-65-65, First, Isaac, 5 yrs, PA
66A-65-65, First, John A., 11 yrs, PA
66A-65-65, First, Mary M., 8 yrs, PA
66A-65-65, First, Miriam E., 36 yrs, PA
66B-71-71, Flickinger, Benj., 69 yrs, PA
71B-148-148, Flickinger, Benjamin, 4 yrs, PA
71B-148-148, Flickinger, Catharine, 27 yrs, PA
66B-69-69, Flickinger, Chauncey N., 9 yrs, PA
66B-69-69, Flickinger, Elisha, 35 yrs, OH
71B-148-148, Flickinger, Elvina, 8 yrs, PA
66B-69-69, Flickinger, Emeline, 33 yrs, OH
66B-70-70, Flickinger, Hannah, 17 yrs, PA
65B-58-58, Flickinger, Hannah, 44 yrs, PA
66B-69-69, Flickinger, Harriet S., 11 yrs, PA
65B-58-58, Flickinger, Herny, 43 yrs, PA
71B-148-148, Flickinger, Hiram, 32 yrs, PA
71B-148-148, Flickinger, Jacob, 7 yrs, PA
66B-69-69, Flickinger, Jesse G., 4 yrs, PA
71B-148-148, Flickinger, Katie B., 10 yrs, PA
66B-69-69, Flickinger, Margaret J., 1 yrs, PA
66B-69-69, Flickinger, Mary E., 13 yrs, PA
65B-58-58, Flickinger, Melvina A., 8 yrs, PA
65B-58-58, Flickinger, Philander, 19 yrs, PA
66B-70-70, Flickinger, Silas M., 7/12 yrs, PA
66B-71-71, Flickinger, Susan, 64 yrs, PA
66B-69-69, Flickinger, William R., 7 yrs, PA
65B-58-58, Flickinger, William R., 12 yrs, PA
66B-70-70, Flickinger, Wm, 21 yrs, PA
65B-53-53, Forbes, George, 63 yrs, Ireland
65B-53-53, Forbes, Margaret A., 12 yrs, PA
65B-53-53, Forbes, Mary, 21 yrs, PA
65B-53-53, Forbes, Mary, 56 yrs, PA
65B-53-53, Forbes, Sarah, 26 yrs, PA
65A-47-47, Fowler, Eliza A., 10 yrs, PA
63A-21-21, Fowler, Eliza E., 21 yrs, PA
65A-47-47, Fowler, Emeline, 17 yrs, PA
63A-21-21, Fowler, George H., 11 yrs, PA
64B-47-47, Fowler, Hellen, 44 yrs, PA
64B-47-47, Fowler, John S., 20 yrs, PA
63A-21-21, Fowler, Maggie E., 15 yrs, PA
63A-21-21, Fowler, Mary A., 19 yrs, PA
63A-21-21, Fowler, Mary E., 53 yrs, England
63A-21-21, Fowler, Richard, 55 yrs, England
65A-47-47, Fowler, Richard A., 14 yrs, PA
63A-21-21, Fowler, Sarah, 17 yrs, PA
65A-47-47, Fowler, Simon, 53 yrs, England
64B-47-47, Fowler, William, 50 yrs, England
72A-156-156, Frost, Charlotte, 60 yrs, England
72A-157-157, Frost, Elmer R., 7/12 yrs, PA
72A-157-157, Frost, Margaret, 24 yrs, PA
72A-156-156, Frost, Sarah E., 20 yrs, PA
72A-157-157, Frost, Willaim, 25 yrs, England
72A-156-156, Frost, William, 65 yrs, England
67A-80-80, Geibner, Amelia, 32 yrs, OH
67A-80-80, Geibner, Charles W. M., 7 yrs, PA
67A-79-79, Geibner, Elizabeth C., 31 yrs, PA
67A-80-80, Geibner, Georgia E., 11 yrs, PA
67A-80-80, Geibner, John E., 5 yrs, PA
67A-79-79, Geibner, John J., 37 yrs, PA
67A-79-79, Geibner, Luella, 11 yrs, PA
67A-79-79, Geibner, Sylvia, 9 yrs, PA
67A-80-80, Geibner, William, 76 yrs, PA
67B-85-85, George, John A., 15 yrs, PA
71B-153-153, Gettis, Effie A., 2 yrs, PA
71B-153-153, Gettis, Eleanor M., 5 yrs, PA
71B-153-153, Gettis, Elizabeth, 50 yrs, PA
71B-153-153, Gettis, Martha J., 18 yrs, PA
71B-153-153, Gettis, Robert, 50 yrs, PA
71B-153-153, Gettis, Samuel, 9 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, Ginrich, John, 18 yrs, NY
69B-121-121, Glenn, David A., 16 yrs, PA
69B-121-121, Glenn, Jane E., 22 yrs, PA
69B-121-121, Glenn, John A., 45 yrs, PA
69B-121-121, Glenn, John W., 10 yrs, PA
69B-121-121, Glenn, Mary A., 19 yrs, PA
69B-121-121, Glenn, Rebecca, 47 yrs, PA
69B-121-121, Glenn, Teresa A., 13 yrs, PA
73B-184-184, Grady, Bridget, 55 yrs, Ireland
62B-9-9, Griffith, Lydia, 6 yrs, PA
62B-9-9, Griffith, Mary, 3 yrs, PA
62A-9-9, Griffith, Rosannah, 34 yrs, NY
62A-9-9, Griffith, W. H., 52 yrs, England
70A-129-129, Griggs, Florence E. E., 14 yrs, PA
70A-129-129, Griggs, Orlando, 59 yrs, NY
70A-129-129, Griggs, Peter R., 18 yrs, PA
70A-129-129, Griggs, Phine*a, 16 yrs, PA
70A-129-129, Griggs, Sarah E., 10 yrs, PA
70A-129-129, Griggs, Sophia, 52 yrs, England
62B-13-13, Hague, Albert E, 14 yrs, OH
62B-13-13, Hague, Finley, 57 yrs, OH
62B-13-13, Hague, Isabelle, 58 yrs, PA
62B-13-13, Hague, Lydia, 12 yrs, PA
62B-13-13, Hague, Mary, 2 yrs, PA
62B-13-13, Hague, Parker C., 8 yrs, PA
62B-13-13, Hague, Sarah , 4 yrs, OH
65A-51-51, Hamilton, Adaline F., 16 yrs, PA
65A-51-51, Hamilton, Elmer M., 8 yrs, PA
65A-51-51, Hamilton, Herbert, 1 yrs, PA
65A-51-51, Hamilton, James H., 59 yrs, PA
65A-51-51, Hamilton, Janette C., 37 yrs, PA
65A-51-51, Hamilton, Lizzie E., 12 yrs, PA
65A-51-51, Hamilton, Margaret D., 48 yrs, PA
72B-169-169, Hamilton, Mary A., 48 yrs, PA
67B-84-84, Hannah, Thomas, 21 yrs, PA
73B-183-183, Harrison, Elizabeth, 82 yrs, MD
67B-92-92, Haskell, Mary E., 7 yrs, PA
67B-92-92, Haskell, Richard G., 5 yrs, PA
67B-92-92, Haskell, Sarah B., 21 yrs, PA
72A-155-155, Hawk, Calvin, 4 yrs, PA
72A-155-155, Hawk, Eli, 34 yrs, PA
72A-155-155, Hawk, Elizabeth, 32 yrs, PA
72A-155-155, Hawk, Emma, 5 yrs, PA
67B-88-88, Hazlett, Edward, 55 yrs, PA
67B-88-88, Hazlett, Sarah, 52 yrs, PA
72B-171-171, Henderson, Kosiah, 21 yrs, PA
72B-171-171, Henderson, Walker, 25 yrs, PA
69A-115-115, Hettenbaugh, Ellen, 4 yrs, PA
69A-114-114, Hettenbaugh, George, 15 yrs, PA
75A-194-194, Hettenbaugh, Joseph, 11 yrs, PA
63A-19-19, Higbee, Cassius, 20 yrs, PA
63A-20-20, Higbee, Charles, 6/12 yrs, PA
63A-20-20, Higbee, E. J., 27 yrs, PA
63A-19-19, Higbee, Emily, 61 yrs, NY
63A-20-20, Higbee, Sarah A., 27 yrs, PA
63A-20-20, Higbee, Sylvester, 5 yrs, PA
63A-19-19, Higbee, Truman, 62 yrs, NY
73A-175-175, Highbee, Caleb F., 37 yrs, PA
73A-175-175, Highbee, Elmira, 33 yrs, PA
73A-175-175, Highbee, Emily, 12 yrs, PA
73A-175-175, Highbee, Lafayette, 10 yrs, PA
73A-175-175, Highbee, Minnie E., 4 yrs, PA
73A-175-175, Highbee, Nancy E., 15 yrs, PA
73A-175-175, Highbee, Samuel, 17 yrs, PA
71A-141-141, Hills, Finett, 62 yrs, NH
69A-114-114, Hoovler, Albert G., 36 yrs, PA
69A-114-114, Hoovler, Mary M., 28 yrs, PA
65B-55-55, Houston, Andrew, 36 yrs, Ireland
65B-55-55, Houston, Jane, 44 yrs, Ireland
65B-55-55, Houston, Margaret, 39 yrs, Ireland
72A-161-161, Hulse, Henry F., 13 yrs, Canada
72A-161-161, Hulse, Jane, 40 yrs, England
72A-161-161, Hulse, John S., 11 yrs, Canada
75A-194-194, Hunter, Eliza, 52 yrs, PA
72A-160-160, Hunter, Elizabeth, 28 yrs, PA
72A-160-160, Hunter, George, 45 yrs, PA
75A-194-194, Hunter, James W., 28 yrs, PA
72A-160-160, Hunter, Juliett, 6 yrs, PA
74A-188-188, Hunter, Margaret, 30 yrs, PA
72A-160-160, Hunter, Montraville, 4 yrs, PA
75A-194-194, Hunter, Robert, 23 yrs, PA
74A-188-188, Hunter, Sarah M., 6 yrs, PA
75A-194-194, Hunter, William, 68 yrs, PA
71B-147-147, J*bbs, Charles S., 3 yrs, PA
71A-147-147, J*bbs, Isabelle, 30 yrs, PA
71A-138-138, J*bbs, John, 72 yrs, England
71A-138-138, J*bbs, Margaret H., 26 yrs, PA
71A-138-138, J*bbs, Mary, 36 yrs, PA
70B-147-147, J*bbs, Mary J., 5 yrs, PA
71B-147-147, J*bbs, Minnie E., 4/12 yrs, PA
71A-147-147, J*bbs, Steven, 31 yrs, PA
70A-127-127, Jennings, John, 15 yrs, PA
70A-126-126, Ka*ae [Kalae?, Kalrae?], Alena, 1 yrs, PA
70A-126-126, Ka*ae [Kalae?, Kalrae?], Bridget, 8 yrs, Ireland
70A-126-126, Ka*ae [Kalae?, Kalrae?], Catharine, 1 yrs, PA
70A-126-126, Ka*ae [Kalae?, Kalrae?], Catharine, 32 yrs, Ireland
70A-126-126, Ka*ae [Kalae?, Kalrae?], John, 28 yrs, Ireland
70A-126-126, Ka*ae [Kalae?, Kalrae?], Martin, 3 yrs, PA
70A-126-126, Ka*ae [Kalae?, Kalrae?], Mary, 6 yrs, PA
68B-107-107, Kelly, Catharine, 38 yrs, PA
68B-107-107, Kelly, Elizabeth M., 18 yrs, PA
68B-107-107, Kelly, John D., 50 yrs, PA
68B-107-107, Kelly, John M., 13 yrs, PA
68B-107-107, Kelly, Madison, 9 yrs, PA
68B-107-107, Kelly, Sarah A., 15 yrs, PA
66A-62-62, Kinsey, Cornelius, 16 yrs, PA
70A-125-125, Kitch, Austin F., 6 yrs, PA
70A-125-125, Kitch, Elsie E., 14 yrs, PA
70A-125-125, Kitch, Henry M. C., 9 yrs, PA
70A-125-125, Kitch, James R., 4 yrs, PA
70A-125-125, Kitch, Jane E., 37 yrs, PA
70A-125-125, Kitch, Samuel, 40 yrs, PA
70A-125-125, Kitch, Sarah A., 12 yrs, PA
70B-136-136, Lang, Rachael, 27 yrs, Ireland
70B-136-136, Lang, William, 2 yrs, PA
73A-173-173, Learning [Leaming?], Alexander, 18 yrs, OH
73A-173-173, Learning [Leaming?], Jeremiah, 7* [75? 79?] yrs, MA
73A-173-173, Learning [Leaming?], Sarah, 61 yrs, PA
62B-15-15, Lewery, Harry, 4 yrs, PA
62B-15-15, Lewery, Julia, 25 yrs, NY
62B-15-15, Lewery, Murtle, 2 yrs, PA
62B-15-15, Lewery, Samuel S., 35 yrs, PA
62B-15-15, Lewery, Winnefred, 7 yrs, NY
74A-186-186, Limb, Anne, 55 yrs, England
74A-186-186, Limb, Joseph, 56 yrs, England
73B-179-179, Little, Ruth E., 7 yrs, PA
73B-179-179, Little, Samuel, 29 yrs, PA
73B-182-182, Liviston, Charles, 26 yrs, Ireland
73B-182-182, Liviston, Hannah B., 24 yrs, PA
73B-182-182, Liviston, Mary R., 11/12 yrs, PA
71A-139-139, Long, Alexander, 55 yrs, PA
71A-139-139, Long, Anne, 56 yrs, PA
71A-139-139, Long, William, 14 yrs, PA
62B-12-12, Lutton, Catharine, 52 yrs, Ireland
62B-12-12, Lutton, David B., 17 yrs, PA
62B-12-12, Lutton, J. G., 55 yrs, PA
62B-12-12, Lutton, James, 24 yrs, PA
62B-12-12, Lutton, Jane, 13 yrs, PA
62B-12-12, Lutton, Levilla, 11 yrs, PA
62B-12-12, Lutton, Olive, 22 yrs, PA
62A-4-4, Lyle, Alexander, 15 yrs, NY
62A-4-4, Lyle, Benjamin, 11 yrs, NY
62A-4-4, Lyle, Elizabeth, 13 yrs, NY
62A-4-4, Lyle, James, 5 yrs, PA
62A-4-4, Lyle, James, 34 yrs, Scotland
62A-4-4, Lyle, Jane, 8 yrs, NY
62A-4-4, Lyle, Louisa, 6/12 yrs, PA
62A-4-4, Lyle, Margaret, 3 yrs, PA
62A-4-4, Lyle, Mary A, 39 yrs, Canada
62A-4-4, Lyle, Mary E, 9 yrs, NY
62A-4-4, Lyle, William, 17 yrs, NY
68A-97-97, Lynch, Albert, 37 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Charles, 11 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Harvey, 13 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Harvey, 44 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Lizzie B., 8 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Mary, 18 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Rebecca, 6 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Rebecca, 40 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Robert, 4 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Sarah, 9 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Sedgwick, 2 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, William, 16 yrs, PA
69A-111-111, Lynch, Wilson, 1 yrs, PA
68A-96-96, Lytle, Margaret J., 22 yrs, PA
68A-96-96, Lytle, Mary A., 2 yrs, PA
68A-96-96, Lytle, Phebe, 59 yrs, PA
68A-96-96, Lytle, William A., 32 yrs, PA
75A-195-195, Marshall, Alfred, 1/12 yrs, PA
75A-195-195, Marshall, Amelia, 16 yrs, PA
74A-192-192, Martin, Jacob, 61 yrs, PA
74A-192-192, Martin, Jemims E, 16 yrs, PA
74A-192-192, Martin, Mary E., 12 yrs, PA
74A-192-192, Martin, Mary E., 51 yrs, PA
64A-36-36, Maxwell, John R., 31 yrs, PA
64A-36-36, Maxwell, Nancy C., 2 yrs, PA
64A-36-36, Maxwell, Nancy R., 25 yrs, PA
64A-36-36, Maxwell, William A., 1 yrs, PA
68B-109-109, McBride, Archibald, 49 yrs, PA
69A-116-116, McBride, Deliah, 33 yrs, OH
69A-116-116, McBride, Dorah, 4 yrs, OH
68B-109-109, McBride, George E., 12 yrs, PA
69A-116-116, McBride, Henry, 10 yrs, OH
68B-109-109, McBride, Isabella, 7 yrs, PA
68B-109-109, McBride, John B., 3 yrs, PA
69A-116-116, McBride, Katie B., 8 yrs, OH
69A-116-116, McBride, Lettie, 12 yrs, OH
68B-109-109, McBride, Margaret J., 21 yrs, PA
68B-109-109, McBride, Martha E., 10 yrs, PA
69A-116-116, McBride, Mary, 6 yrs, OH
68B-109-109, McBride, Mary A., 16 yrs, PA
68B-109-109, McBride, Melissa, 18 yrs, PA
68B-109-109, McBride, Myrtie, 1 yrs, PA
69A-116-116, McBride, Samuel, 44 yrs, PA
68B-109-109, McBride, Samuel S., 20 yrs, PA
68B-109-109, McBride, Sarah E., 14 yrs, PA
68B-109-109, McBride, Susannah, 43 yrs, PA
68B-109-109, McBride, Thomas B., 5 yrs, PA
69A-116-116, McBride, William, 1 yrs, PA
71A-146-146, McCleland, Aaron, 36 yrs, PA
71B-149-149, McCleland, Alexander, 17 yrs, PA
71B-149-149, McCleland, Ambrette, 10 yrs, PA
71B-149-149, McCleland, Archy, 15 yrs, PA
71A-146-146, McCleland, Calvin W., 11 yrs, PA
71B-149-149, McCleland, Darche*s, 8 yrs, PA
71A-146-146, McCleland, Frederick, 4 yrs, PA
71B-149-149, McCleland, Hannah, 52 yrs, PA
71B-149-149, McCleland, Lafayette, 10 yrs, PA
71A-146-146, McCleland, Laura, 6 yrs, PA
71B-149-149, McCleland, Margaret, 20 yrs, PA
71A-146-146, McCleland, Martha , 32 yrs, PA
71B-149-149, McCleland, Samuel, 56 yrs, PA
73A-174-174, McClelland, Amy, 24 yrs, PA
73A-174-174, McClelland, Eliza, 61 yrs, PA
73A-174-174, McClelland, John, 34 yrs, PA
73A-174-174, McClelland, Mary A., 20 yrs, PA
74A-188-188, McClelland, Samuel, 20 yrs, PA
73A-174-174, McClelland, Sarah B., 19 yrs, PA
73A-174-174, McClelland, William, 1 yrs, PA
73A-174-174, McClelland, Wm, 62 yrs, PA
64A-40-40, McClosky, Emma J., 16 yrs, PA
64A-40-40, McClosky, Ida R., 7 yrs, PA
64A-40-40, McClosky, J. F., 52 yrs, PA
64A-40-40, McClosky, Lizzie A., 3 yrs, PA
64B-40-40, McClosky, Mary, 78 yrs, PA
64A-40-40, McClosky, Sarephta A., 35 yrs, PA
64A-40-40, McClosky, William E., 14 yrs, PA
67B-91-91, McCurdy, Desire, 70 yrs, CT
67B-91-91, McCurdy, John B., 24 yrs, PA
67B-91-91, McCurdy, Lorain, 26 yrs, PA
63A-16-16, McDonald, Anna, 1 yrs, PA
62B-16-16, McDonald, Rosanna, 22 yrs, PA
73B-183-183, McMichael, Catharine, 1 yrs, OH
73B-183-183, McMichael, Catharine, 42 yrs, OH
73B-183-183, McMichael, Christopher, 48 yrs, OH
73B-183-183, McMichael, James C., 9 yrs, OH
73B-183-183, McMichael, John L., 11 yrs, OH
73B-183-183, McMichael, Margaret, 56 yrs, PA
73B-183-183, McMichael, Matthew, 22 yrs, OH
73B-183-183, McMichael, Rhoda J., 16 yrs, OH
73B-183-183, McMichael, Thomas, 20 yrs, OH
68B-105-105, McMullen, Katie, 11 yrs, PA
68B-105-105, McMullen, Lizzie, 8 yrs, PA
68B-105-105, McMullen, Margaret, 39 yrs, OH
68B-105-105, McMullen, Martin, 43 yrs, OH
68B-105-105, McMullen, Queen, 15 yrs, PA
68B-105-105, McMullen, Tadie, 19 yrs, OH
69A-113-113, McNally, Clara E., 3/12 yrs, PA
69A-113-113, McNally, Hannah, 25 yrs, PA
69A-113-113, McNally, Hugh E., 5 yrs, PA
69A-113-113, McNally, John, 36 yrs, PA
69A-113-113, McNally, Perry E., 3 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, McPherron, Jackson, 22 yrs, PA
66A-61-61, McPherson, John, 24 yrs, PA
66A-61-61, McPherson, John A., 5 yrs, PA
73B-184-184, McSweeney, Bridget, 23 yrs, Ireland
73B-184-184, McSweeney, Bridget, 98 yrs, Ireland
74A-184-184, McSweeney, Francis, 5 yrs, OH
73B-184-184, McSweeney, Frank, 48 yrs, Ireland
74A-184-184, McSweeney, Margaret, 1 yrs, PA
63B-28-28, Mears, Anne, 58 yrs, England
63B-27-27, Mears, Eleanor, 40 yrs, England
63B-28-28, Mears, Francis, 18 yrs, PA
63B-28-28, Mears, Francis, 77 yrs, England
68B-104-104, Mears, James, 44 yrs, PA
64B-43-43, Mears, Mary, 48 yrs, England
64B-43-43, Mears, Mary J., 18 yrs, PA
64B-43-43, Mears, Matilda E., 7 yrs, PA
64B-43-43, Mears, Richard, 53 yrs, England
64B-43-43, Mears, Wesley R., 21 yrs, PA
64B-43-43, Mears, William F., 13 yrs, PA
63B-27-27, Morvin, Richard, 76 yrs, England
71A-141-141, Murray, Andrew B., 34 yrs, Canada
66B-75-75, Nicklen, Chas. S., 32 yrs, PA
67A-75-75, Nicklen, Daniel T., 1/12 yrs, PA
66B-75-75, Nicklen, Hellen J., 4 yrs, PA
67A-75-75, Nicklen, John C., 2 yrs, PA
66B-75-75, Nicklen, Mary C., 28 yrs, PA
67A-75-75, Nicklen, Mary E., 1/12 yrs, PA
67A-75-75, Nicklen, William Huff, 16 yrs, PA [surname Huff?]
62A-7-7, Obels, Ansel, 74 yrs, VT
62A-7-7, Obels, Mariah, 64 yrs, PA
63B-25-25, Osbern, Addison, 50 yrs, PA
63B-24-24, Osbern, Amelia, 45 yrs, PA
63B-25-25, Osbern, David A., 18 yrs, PA
63B-24-24, Osbern, Elmore C., 9 yrs, PA
63B-24-24, Osbern, Ephraim, 37 yrs, PA
63B-24-24, Osbern, Eveline C., 6 yrs, PA
63B-24-24, Osbern, Frederick L., 11 yrs, PA
63B-25-25, Osbern, Hiram W., 16 yrs, PA
63B-25-25, Osbern, John S., 23 yrs, PA
63B-25-25, Osbern, Mary H., 4 yrs, PA
63B-23-23, Osbern, Sarah, 76 yrs, PA
63B-25-25, Osbern, Sarah A., 57 yrs, OH
63B-24-24, Osbern, William B., 13 yrs, PA
62A-6-6, Osburn, D M C, 47 yrs, PA
70B-134-134, Owens, Almina, 5 yrs, PA
67A-76-76, Owens, Amanda A., 18 yrs, OH
70B-134-134, Owens, Ashabel, 47 yrs, NY
70B-134-134, Owens, Benjamin, 19 yrs, PA
67A-76-76, Owens, Charles E., 3/12 yrs, PA
70B-131-131, Owens, Charles M., 3 yrs, PA
70B-133-133, Owens, Clara S., 3/12 yrs, PA
70B-133-133, Owens, Elizabeth, 11 yrs, PA
70B-134-134, Owens, Elizabeth, 46 yrs, PA
70B-131-131, Owens, Florence E., 14 yrs, PA
70B-134-134, Owens, George, 10 yrs, PA
70B-134-134, Owens, John, 16 yrs, PA
70B-133-133, Owens, John W., 36 yrs, PA
70B-133-133, Owens, Martha , 7 yrs, PA
70B-130-130, Owens, Mary, 63 yrs, PA
70B-131-131, Owens, Mary A., 37 yrs, PA
70B-133-133, Owens, Mary M., 30 yrs, PA
70B-131-131, Owens, Matilda J., 16 yrs, PA
67A-76-76, Owens, Melvin, 24 yrs, PA
70B-131-131, Owens, Orlef, 41 yrs, NY
70B-134-134, Owens, Rebecca, 14 yrs, PA
70B-130-130, Owens, Rebecca, 26 yrs, PA
70B-130-130, Owens, Uriah, 72 yrs, NY
70B-134-134, Owens, William, 8 yrs, PA
70B-130-130, Owens, William, 24 yrs, PA
62B-11-11, Palmeter, Catharine, 58 yrs, PA
62B-11-11, Palmeter, Genette, 12 yrs, OH
62B-11-11, Palmeter, George, 21 yrs, OH
62B-11-11, Palmeter, J. A., 59 yrs, CT
62B-11-11, Palmeter, Lucina, 26 yrs, OH
66B-73-73, Patton, Alonzo, 18 yrs, PA
66B-73-73, Patton, Elizabeth, 54 yrs, NY
65B-56-56, Patton, George, 24 yrs, PA
66B-73-73, Patton, Harvey, 14 yrs, PA
65B-56-56, Patton, Hugh, 61 yrs, PA
64B-44-44, Patton, Hugh R., 4 yrs, PA
64B-44-44, Patton, James, 26 yrs, PA
64B-44-44, Patton, James H., 2 yrs, PA
65B-56-56, Patton, Jane, 59 yrs, PA
66B-73-73, Patton, John, 22 yrs, PA
66B-73-73, Patton, John E., 61 yrs, PA
64B-44-44, Patton, Mariah, 21 yrs, PA
65B-56-56, Patton, Mary J., 20 yrs, PA
66B-73-73, Patton, Sarah J., 20 yrs, PA
65B-56-56, Patton, Uriah, 17 yrs, PA
74A-186-186, Paxton, James, 26 yrs, England
73A-176-176, Perrine, Alonzo, 21 yrs, PA
75A-195-195, Perrine, Angus, 4 yrs, PA
73A-176-176, Perrine, Catharine, 45 yrs, PA
75A-197-197, Perrine, Charlotte, 9 yrs, PA
63B-26-26, Perrine, Charlotte, 16 yrs, PA
63B-26-26, Perrine, Daniel, 14 yrs, PA
75A-197-197, Perrine, Daniel, 36 yrs, PA
75A-196-196, Perrine, Eliza, 66 yrs, PA
75A-197-197, Perrine, Elizabeth, 3 yrs, PA
75A-197-197, Perrine, Elizabeth, 34 yrs, England
75A-196-196, Perrine, Enoch, 78 yrs, PA
73A-176-176, Perrine, Enoch E., 6 yrs, PA
73A-176-176, Perrine, Erustus, 9 yrs, PA
63B-26-26, Perrine, Hannah, 52 yrs, England
75A-196-196, Perrine, Harriet, 31 yrs, PA
67A-77-77, Perrine, Harriet A., 33 yrs, PA
75A-197-197, Perrine, Harriet J., 11 yrs, PA
63B-26-26, Perrine, Henry, 20 yrs, PA
75A-197-197, Perrine, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
63B-26-26, Perrine, James, 19 yrs, PA
75A-197-197, Perrine, Job, 20 yrs, PA
67A-77-77, Perrine, Job, 59 yrs, PA
75A-195-195, Perrine, Lenora, 10 yrs, PA
67A-77-77, Perrine, Mary A., 65 yrs, England
73A-176-176, Perrine, Mary E., 19 yrs, PA
63B-26-26, Perrine, Mary G., 12 yrs, PA
75A-195-195, Perrine, Nancy, 35 yrs, PA
73A-176-176, Perrine, Robert J., 12 yrs, PA
71A-137-137, Perrine, Rosannah, 35 yrs, PA
71A-137-137, Perrine, Sarah J., 6 yrs, PA
71A-137-137, Perrine, Simon F., 34 yrs, PA
75A-195-195, Perrine, Spencer, 13 yrs, PA
73A-176-176, Perrine, Warren V., 14 yrs, PA
63B-26-26, Perrine, William H., 53 yrs, PA
72B-172-172, Peters, Bertin R., 5/12 yrs, PA
72B-172-172, Peters, James R., 24 yrs, PA
72B-172-172, Peters, Josephine, 16 yrs, PA
73A-172-172, Peters, Lovina, 51 yrs, PA
71A-142-142, Porter [Poster?], Albina M., 28 yrs, PA
71A-144-144, Porter, Alexander B., 38 yrs, PA
71A-142-142, Porter [Poster?], David, 62 yrs, PA
71A-142-142, Porter [Poster?], David M., 19 yrs, PA
63A-17-17, Porter, Eleanor, 62 yrs, PA
63A-17-17, Porter, Elizabeth, 30 yrs, PA
71A-144-144, Porter, Hester S., 7 yrs, PA
71A-145-145, Porter, Jane, 71 yrs, PA
70B-135-135, Porter, Margaret, 34 yrs, Ireland
71A-144-144, Porter, Margaret J., 2 yrs, PA
70B-135-135, Porter, Martha R., 10 yrs, PA
63A-18-18, Porter, Mary, 19 yrs, PA
69B-120-120, Porter, Mary, 69 yrs, PA
63A-17-17, Porter, Mary A., 28 yrs, PA
71A-144-144, Porter, Mary E., 6 yrs, PA
71A-145-145, Porter, Mary J., 47 yrs, PA
71A-142-142, Porter [Poster?], Matilda, 50 yrs, PA
71A-142-142, Porter [Poster?], McClerkin W., 9 yrs, PA
71A-142-142, Porter [Poster?], Melanethon, 7 yrs, PA
70B-135-135, Porter, Rebecca J., 13 yrs, PA
70B-135-135, Porter, Robert A., 8 yrs, PA
63A-17-17, Porter, Robert D., 18 yrs, PA
70B-135-135, Porter, Thomas, 16 yrs, PA
71A-144-144, Porter, Vashta, 34 yrs, PA
63A-18-18, Porter, Wallace C., 1 yrs, PA
63A-18-18, Porter, William F., 22 yrs, PA
63A-17-17, Porter, William H., 64 yrs, PA
70B-135-135, Porter, William J., 18 yrs, PA
64A-34-34, Powell, Burton C., 2 yrs, PA
64A-34-34, Powell, Elmere R., 4 yrs, PA
64A-34-34, Powell, Jesse E., 27 yrs, PA
64A-34-34, Powell, Netta, 6/12 yrs, PA
64A-34-34, Powell, Sarah L., 29 yrs, PA
74A-187-187, Powers, Ellen, 2 yrs, PA
74A-187-187, Powers, Mary, 23 yrs, MA
74A-187-187, Powers, Mich, 32 yrs, Ireland
66B-72-72, Reeser, Caroline, 9 yrs, PA
66B-72-72, Reeser, Clinton W., 11 yrs, PA
66B-72-72, Reeser, Elshe, 17 yrs, PA
66B-72-72, Reeser, Mary, 45 yrs, PA
66B-72-72, Reeser, Solomon R., 47 yrs, OH
66B-72-72, Reeser, William N., 7 yrs, PA
66B-72-72, Reeser, William R., 14 yrs, PA
64A-35-35, Rhodes, Amanda A., 5 yrs, OH
64A-35-35, Rhodes, Catharine, 32 yrs, OH
64A-35-35, Rhodes, Frederick E., 2 yrs, OH
64A-35-35, Rhodes, Lida, 27 yrs, OH
66B-74-74, Rice, Amanuel T., 40 yrs, OH
64B-45-45, Rice, Anna, 1 yrs, PA
66B-74-74, Rice, Cassius W., 3 yrs, PA
66B-74-74, Rice, Edith P., 8 yrs, PA
64B-45-45, Rice, Effie, 11 yrs, PA
66B-74-74, Rice, Eliza A., 9/12 yrs, PA
66B-74-74, Rice, Jacob H., 11 yrs, PA
64B-45-45, Rice, James M., 35 yrs, PA
66B-74-74, Rice, Margaret R., 35 yrs, PA
64B-45-45, Rice, Mary C., 31 yrs, PA
64B-45-45, Rice, Robert E., 9 yrs, PA
66B-74-74, Rice, William M., 15 yrs, PA
66A-61-61, Riggle, Abram, 53 yrs, PA
72B-168-168, Riggle, Adam, 30 yrs, PA
72B-167-167, Riggle, Adam, 60 yrs, PA
72B-167-167, Riggle, Elizabeth, 65 yrs, PA
72B-168-168, Riggle, Mary J., 18 yrs, PA
72B-168-168, Riggle, Samuel B., 1 yrs, PA
66A-61-61, Riggle, Sarah, 52 yrs, PA
62A-3-3, Rineman, Charles, 4 yrs, PA
62A-3-3, Rineman, W. H., 33 yrs, PA
72A-162-162, Roberts, Catharine E., 46 yrs, PA
72B-162-162, Roberts, Elizabeth, 10 yrs, PA
72B-162-162, Roberts, Harriet, 8 yrs, PA
72B-162-162, Roberts, Mary A., 6 yrs, PA
72B-162-162, Roberts, Richard, 4 yrs, PA
72A-162-162, Roberts, Samuel E., 12 yrs, PA
72A-162-162, Roberts, William, 49 yrs, PA
72A-162-162, Roberts, William H., 14 yrs, PA
71A-140-140, Ryneman, Eliza M., 70 yrs, NY
71A-140-140, Ryneman, Mary A., 28 yrs, PA
66A-66-66, Sanford, Jane, 63 yrs, PA
66A-66-66, Sanford, Nancy E., 42 yrs, PA
66A-66-66, Sanford, Truman S., 22 yrs, PA
65A-52-52, Sharp, Elizabeth, 4 yrs, PA
65A-52-52, Sharp, Isabelle, 5 yrs, Scotland
65A-52-52, Sharp, Isabelle, 34 yrs, Scotland
65A-52-52, Sharp, Jane, 12 yrs, Scotland
65B-52-52, Sharp, John D., 6/12 yrs, PA
65A-52-52, Sharp, Margaret, 2 yrs, PA
65A-52-52, Sharp, Thomas, 7 yrs, Scotland
65A-52-52, Sharp, Thomas, 38 yrs, Scotland
66A-63-63, Shindledecker, Catharine, 7 yrs, PA
66A-63-63, Shindledecker, J. H., 37 yrs, PA
66A-63-63, Shindledecker, John W. , 9 yrs, PA
66A-63-63, Shindledecker, Margaret, 4 yrs, PA
66A-63-63, Shindledecker, Mary, 39 yrs, OH
66A-63-63, Shindledecker, Mary E., 11 yrs, PA
72A-158-158, Slater, Clarissa A., 33 yrs, PA
72A-158-158, Slater, Jacob S., 6 yrs, PA
72A-158-158, Slater, Joseph, 39 yrs, PA
72A-158-158, Slater, Lucy J., 11 yrs, PA
72A-158-158, Slater, Nettie C., 2 yrs, PA
72A-158-158, Slater, Robert H., 10 yrs, PA
72B-164-164, Smith, Adam, 14 yrs, PA
72B-164-164, Smith, Catharine, 58 yrs, PA
65B-59-59, Smith, Charles A., 9 yrs, PA
72B-164-164, Smith, Franklin, 17 yrs, PA
72B-164-164, Smith, Jacob, 64 yrs, MD
65B-59-59, Smith, James W., 13 yrs, PA
65B-59-59, Smith, Mary L., 16 yrs, PA
72B-164-164, Smith, Sarah, 22 yrs, PA
65B-59-59, Smith, Sarah A., 43 yrs, PA
65B-59-59, Smith, Wheaton R., 15 yrs, PA
72B-164-164, Smith, William, 19 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, Stau, John, 21 yrs, Germany
67A-82-82, Steckel, Charlotte, 32 yrs, PA
67A-82-82, Steckel, Edwin, 32 yrs, PA
67A-82-82, Steckel, George , 8 yrs, PA
67A-82-82, Steckel, Mary A., 5 yrs, PA
65B-57-57, Swager, Angaline, 11 yrs, PA
65B-57-57, Swager, David, 39 yrs, OH
65B-57-57, Swager, Elizabeth, 9 yrs, PA
65B-57-57, Swager, Elliott, 7 yrs, PA
65B-57-57, Swager, Mary A., 38 yrs, PA
65B-57-57, Swager, Silas W., 15 yrs, PA
64A-37-37, Tanner, Deborah, 3/12 yrs, PA
64A-37-37, Tanner, Frances E., 1 yrs, PA
64A-37-37, Tanner, George R., 25 yrs, PA
64A-37-37, Tanner, Hellen , 27 yrs, PA
72B-163-163, Taylor, Bridget, 38 yrs, England
72B-163-163, Taylor, Elizabeth, 1 yrs, PA
72B-163-163, Taylor, Hannah, 14 yrs, England
68A-98-98, Taylor, Isabelle, 19 yrs, OH[?]
72B-163-163, Taylor, James, 10 yrs, OH
72B-163-163, Taylor, Jane E., 6 yrs, PA
68A-98-98, Taylor, John, 51 yrs, NJ
72B-163-163, Taylor, Margaret, 4 yrs, PA
72B-163-163, Taylor, Robert, 8 yrs, PA
68A-98-98, Taylor, Susan , 47 yrs, NJ
72B-163-163, Taylor, Thos, 47 yrs, England
66B-68-68, Thompson, H. J., 30 yrs, PA
66A-68-68, Thompson, James, 33 yrs, PA
66B-68-68, Thompson, John R., 8 yrs, PA
66B-68-68, Thompson, William F., 5 yrs, PA
64B-42-42, Thorn, Charles, 41 yrs, OH
64B-42-42, Thorn, Harriet E., 10 yrs, PA
64B-42-42, Thorn, Hulda, 35 yrs, NY
64B-42-42, Thorn, Ralph E., 13 yrs, PA
64B-42-42, Thorn, Wilson S., 12 yrs, PA
72B-163-163, Thorngate, Samuel, 23 yrs, England
67A-84-84, Turner, Aaron H., 36 yrs, PA
62B-10-10, Turner, Anne , 2 yrs, PA
67A-84-84, Turner, Ansley, 14 yrs, PA
67B-84-84, Turner, Currier, 8 yrs, PA
67A-84-84, Turner, Elizabeth, 11 yrs, PA
62B-10-10, Turner, George, 26 yrs, Wales
62B-10-10, Turner, Mary A., 24 yrs, Wales
67A-84-84, Turner, Mary A., 35 yrs, PA
67B-84-84, Turner, Orsemus, 2 yrs, PA
67B-84-84, Turner, Remington, 5 yrs, PA
62B-10-10, Turner, Sarah J., 4 yrs, PA
62B-10-10, Turner, William G., 6 yrs, PA
63B-31-31, Tuttle, Jared, 88 yrs, CT
63B-31-31, Tuttle, Ruth, 77 yrs, NY
70A-128-128, Urey, Henry F., 23 yrs, PA
70A-128-128, Urey, Sarah, 10 yrs, PA
67A-78-78, Vath, Charles, 29 yrs, PA
67A-78-78, Vath, Mary F., 3 yrs, PA
67A-78-78, Vath, Rebecca J., 27 yrs, PA
67A-78-78, Vath, William E., 1 yrs, PA
68A-102-102, Vogan, Albert S., 8 yrs, PA
69B-117-117, Vogan, Alice M., 43 yrs, PA
68A-101-101, Vogan, Charles, 7 yrs, OH
69B-117-117, Vogan, David W., 7 yrs, PA
69B-117-117, Vogan, Edward F., 17 yrs, PA
68A-102-102, Vogan, Eliza, 38 yrs, PA
69B-117-117, Vogan, Elizabeth J., 14 yrs, PA
68A-101-101, Vogan, Emma, 8 yrs, OH
68A-101-101, Vogan, Franklin, 37 yrs, PA
69B-117-117, Vogan, Harvey, 40 yrs, PA
69B-117-117, Vogan, Harvey S., 3 yrs, PA
69B-118-118, Vogan, Hester R., 14 yrs, PA
69B-118-118, Vogan, James, 49 yrs, PA
69B-118-118, Vogan, James J., 16 yrs, PA
69B-119-119, Vogan, James T., 20 yrs, PA
69B-118-118, Vogan, Margaret J., 47 yrs, PA
69B-119-119, Vogan, Melancthon, 13 yrs, PA
69B-119-119, Vogan, Rebecca A., 25 yrs, PA
68A-101-101, Vogan, Sarah, 32 yrs, PA
69B-119-119, Vogan, Sarah , 46 yrs, PA
69B-119-119, Vogan, Sarah S., 16 yrs, PA
68A-102-102, Vogan, Sedgwick W., 7 yrs, PA
69B-119-119, Vogan, Simeon, 20 yrs, PA
69B-119-119, Vogan, Washington, 52 yrs, PA
68A-103-103, Vor*s [Vorus?], Mary J., 11 yrs, PA
68A-103-103, Vor*s [Vorus?], Susan, 46 yrs, Ireland
68A-103-103, Vor*s [Vorus?], Thomas, 48 yrs, Ireland
65A-49-49, Walker, Albert A., 17 yrs, PA
65A-49-49, Walker, Cain C., 19 yrs, PA
65A-49-49, Walker, Chauncey, 44 yrs, PA
65A-49-49, Walker, Elmer F., 13 yrs, PA
65A-49-49, Walker, Hallie A., 2 yrs, PA
65A-49-49, Walker, Margaret E., 40 yrs, PA
65A-49-49, Walker, Orlestus B., 14 yrs, PA
65A-49-49, Walker, Sylvester S., 21 yrs, PA
73B-180-180, Weston, John A., 40 yrs, PA
71A-141-141, Williams, Almagro, 38 yrs, PA
71A-141-141, Williams, Elba V., 9 yrs, PA
71A-141-141, Williams, Frederick, 5 yrs, PA
71A-141-141, Williams, Lucy M., 30 yrs, PA
68B-110-110, Wilson, Agnes, 68 yrs, PA
69A-110-110, Wilson, Benjamin, 24 yrs, PA
69A-110-110, Wilson, James, 36 yrs, PA
68B-110-110, Wilson, John, 70 yrs, PA
69A-110-110, Wilson, Martha J., 7 yrs, PA
74A-192-192, Winner, Levi, 21 yrs, PA
64B-41-41, Wright, Acenath, 14 yrs, PA
64B-41-41, Wright, Albert, 23 yrs, PA
71B-152-152, Wright, Amelia, 53 yrs, England
64B-41-41, Wright, Charles, 10 yrs, PA
64B-41-41, Wright, Ellsworth, 7 yrs, PA
64B-41-41, Wright, Harriet, 13 yrs, PA
71B-151-151, Wright, Harriet, 43 yrs, England
64B-41-41, Wright, John C., 25 yrs, PA
64B-41-41, Wright, Matilda, 22 yrs, PA
64B-41-41, Wright, Patience, 8 yrs, PA
64B-41-41, Wright, Prudence, 17 yrs, PA
64B-41-41, Wright, Sampson, 57 yrs, England
71B-152-152, Wright, Steven, 16 yrs, England
71B-152-152, Wright, Steven, 55 yrs, England
69A-112-112, Zedaker, Benjn, 36 yrs, OH
68B-108-108, Zedaker, Eveline, 26 yrs, PA
68B-108-108, Zedaker, Samantha, 18 yrs, OH
68B-108-108, Zedaker, Solomon, 25 yrs, OH 

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 1999 John MacDonald

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