Stoneboro Borough

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

146A-21-21, Aley, John, 4 yrs, PA
146A-21-21, Aley, Mary, 26 yrs, PA
150A-85-85, Allen, Peter, 22 yrs, Canada
146B-33-33, Armstrong, Catharine, 2 yrs, PA
146B-33-33, Armstrong, Elizabeth, 8 yrs, Australia
146B-33-33, Armstrong, John, 4 yrs, PA
146B-33-33, Armstrong, Mary, 35 yrs, Ireland
146B-33-33, Armstrong, Ocean, 6 yrs, CA
146B-33-33, Armstrong, Thomas, 12 yrs, Australia
146B-33-33, Armstrong, Thos., 41 yrs, England
146A-18-18, Banner, Robt, 35 yrs, PA
150B-88-88, Beedle, Jesse, 45 yrs, England
150B-92-92, Birlow, Joseph, 39 yrs, England
146B-32-32, Blood, Anna B., 34 yrs, PA
146B-32-32, Blood, H. B., 34 yrs, MA
146B-32-32, Blood, H. B., 34 yrs, PA
146B-32-32, Blood, H. B. Jr., 7/12 yrs, PA
146B-32-32, Blood, Mary H., 2 yrs, PA
146B-32-32, Blood, William G., 2 yrs, PA
145A-8-8, Bonner, Edgar Troop [Throop?, Troop?], 3 yrs, PA
145A-8-8, Bonner, W. H., 28 yrs, PARemark: Borner?
149B-81-81, Bowery, Anne, 18 yrs, England
149B-81-81, Bowery, E*sy, 9 yrs, PA
149B-81-81, Bowery, Elizabeth, 3 yrs, PA
149B-81-81, Bowery, George, 6 yrs, PA
149B-81-81, Bowery, John, 38 yrs, England
149B-81-81, Bowery, Mary, 15 yrs, England
149B-81-81, Bowery, Sarah, 37 yrs, England
149B-81-81, Bowery, Thomas, 12 yrs, PA
149B-81-81, Bowery, William, 8 yrs, PA
146B-34-34, Brassee, Elizabeth A., 4 yrs, PA
146B-34-34, Brassee, James, 39 yrs, PA
146B-34-34, Brassee, Luthena, 33 yrs, PA
146B-34-34, Brassee, Wm W., 12 yrs, PA
150B-90-90, Brown, Catharine, 2 yrs, Scotland
150B-90-90, Brown, Catharine, 26 yrs, Scotland
150A-84-84, Brown, James, 33 yrs, Scotland
150A-84-84, Brown, Jane, 3 yrs, PA
147B-47-47, Brown, John, 28 yrs, England
150B-90-90, Brown, Margaret, 1 yrs, Scotland
150A-84-84, Brown, Margaret, 50 yrs, Scotland
150A-84-84, Brown, Mary, 63 yrs, PA
150B-90-90, Brown, Thos, 28 yrs, Scotland
146A-29-29, Butler, Albert, 11 yrs, IA
146B-29-29, Butler, Charles, 5 yrs, PA
146A-29-29, Butler, Flora, 13 yrs, IA
146B-29-29, Butler, Ida, 2 yrs, PA
146A-29-29, Butler, John F., 41 yrs, PA
146A-29-29, Butler, Martha, 33 yrs, PA
146A-29-29, Butler, William O., 7 yrs, IA
145A-4-4, Byers, Samuel, 35 yrs, PA
145A-4-4, Byers, Sarah J., 28 yrs, PA
145A-3-3, Cann, Robert P., 22 yrs, DE
148A-56-56, Carlisle, James, 26 yrs, England
149A-68-68, Carnes, Hellen, 1 yrs, PA
149A-68-68, Carnes, Laurence, 3* [38?, 35?] yrs, Ireland
149A-68-68, Carnes, Mary, 27 yrs, Canada
149A-68-68, Carnes, Sarah, 6 yrs, Canada
150B-95-95, Carroll, John, 3 yrs, PA
150B-95-95, Carroll, John, 33 yrs, England
150B-95-95, Carroll, Mary, 23 yrs, PA
150B-95-95, Carroll, Phebe, 2 yrs, PA
149A-67-67, Ceely, Phebe R., 67 yrs, NY
150B-92-92, Clark, Ada L., 4 yrs, England
150B-92-92, Clark, Anna E., 2 yrs, England
150B-92-92, Clark, Elizabeth, 28 yrs, England
146A-21-21, Clark, Elizabeth, 35 yrs, England
150B-92-92, Clark, James, 27 yrs, England
146A-21-21, Clark, John, 10 yrs, England
146A-21-21, Clark, Joseph, 4 yrs, England
146A-21-21, Clark, Joseph, 36 yrs, England
146A-21-21, Clark, Robert, 1 yrs, PA
146A-21-21, Clark, Sarah, 5 yrs, England
146A-21-21, Clark, William, 2/12 yrs, PA
148B-59-59, Conneely, Bridget, 40 yrs, Ireland
148B-59-59, Conneely, Daniel, 43 yrs, Ireland
146B-31-31, Cornwell, Geo. P., 7 yrs, PA
146B-31-31, Cornwell, Hellen, 2 yrs, PA
146B-31-31, Cornwell, John, 37 yrs, CT
146B-31-31, Cornwell, Margaret, 31 yrs, PA
146B-31-31, Cornwell, Minas, 9 yrs, PA
146B-31-31, Cornwell, William B., 12 yrs, NY
148B-64-64, Cratsby, Effie, 13 yrs, RI
147A-40-40, Cross, Anne, 35 yrs, Wales
147A-40-40, Cross, Benjamin, 8 yrs, Wales
147A-40-40, Cross, Eli, 7 yrs, Wales
147A-40-40, Cross, James, 1 yrs, PA
147A-40-40, Cross, John, 15 yrs, Wales
147A-40-40, Cross, Joseph, 10 yrs, Wales
147A-40-40, Cross, Joseph, 44 yrs, Wales
147A-40-40, Cross, Richard, 13 yrs, Wales
147A-40-40, Cross, Thomas, 3 yrs, PA
148A-56-56, Curry, David, 32 yrs, England
148A-52-52, Curry, John, 26 yrs, Greenland
148A-52-52, Curry, Margaret, 22 yrs, Scotland
145A-2-2, Curtis, Rachel, 101 yrs, PA
145B-15-15, Custer, Austa Minerva*, 8 yrs, PA
145B-15-15, Custer, Cassius E., 10 yrs, PA
145B-15-15, Custer, Charles S., 14 yrs, PA
145B-15-15, Custer, George, 12 yrs, OH
145B-15-15, Custer, Joseph W., 16 yrs, PA
145B-15-15, Custer, Margaret L., 20 yrs, OH
145B-15-15, Custer, Mary A., 40 yrs, OH
145B-15-15, Custer, Milton W., 18 yrs, PA
145B-15-15, Custer, Minnie, 4/12 yrs, PA
145B-15-15, Custer, Queen V., 6 yrs, PA
145B-15-15, Custer, Samuel, 44 yrs, PA
145B-15-15, Custer, Scott W., 4 yrs, PA
147A-41-41, Dau*e, Catharine, 5/12 yrs, PA
147A-41-41, Dau*e, Christiana, 3 yrs, PA
147A-41-41, Dau*e, Christiana, 26 yrs, PA
147A-41-41, Dau*e [Daurie?, Dawie?], John, 26 yrs, Scotland
146B-30-30, Davis, Adam, 51 yrs, PA
146B-30-30, Davis, Charlotte K., 13 yrs, PA
147B-43-43, Davis, David F., 52 yrs, Wales
146B-31-31, Davis, Eliza, 22 yrs, OH
147B-43-43, Davis, Elizabeth, 21 yrs, OH
147B-43-43, Davis, Elizabeth, 50 yrs, Wales
147B-43-43, Davis, Hannah K., 4 yrs, OH
146B-30-30, Davis, Ida E., 8 yrs, PA
146B-30-30, Davis, John S., 2 yrs, PA
147B-43-43, Davis, John T., 18 yrs, IN
147B-43-43, Davis, Margaret A., 16 yrs, IL
147B-43-43, Davis, Ruth E., 13 yrs, IL
146B-30-30, Davis, Samantha J., 15 yrs, PA
146B-30-30, Davis, Sarah, 41 yrs, PA
146B-30-30, Davis, Ulyssus G., 6 yrs, PA
146B-30-30, Davis, Williard *., 18 yrs, PA
145A-7-7, Dolan, Edward, 30 yrs, NY
145A-7-7, Dolan, Margaret, 19 yrs, PA
148A-53-53, Dugan, Catharine, 17 yrs, NY
148A-53-53, Dugan, Thos, 47 yrs, Ireland
147B-45-45, Dumford, Anna, 27 yrs, Wales
147B-45-45, Dumford, George, 4/12 yrs, PA
147B-45-45, Dumford, Richard, 38 yrs, England
147B-45-45, Dumford, William, 2 yrs, OH
148A-54-54, Dunn, Charles, 7 yrs, PA
148A-54-54, Dunn, Jane, 34 yrs, PA
148A-54-54, Dunn, John, 39 yrs, PA
145B-16-16, English, Caroline E., 35 yrs, PA
145B-16-16, English, Eldora L., 6 yrs, PA
145B-16-16, English, Selina E., 2 yrs, PA
145B-16-16, English, Thos, 36 yrs, PA
149A-74-74, Evans, D. R., 27 yrs, England
149A-74-74, Evans, Daniel, 2/12 yrs, PA
149A-74-74, Evans, Robert R., 3 yrs, England
149A-74-74, Evans, Samuel, 5 yrs, England
149A-74-74, Evans, Susannah, 23 yrs, England
148B-60-60, Fasser, Jane, 35 yrs, England
148B-60-60, Fasser, John, 36 yrs, England
145B-13-13, Flager, Sophrona, 16 yrs, PA
148B-58-58, Fouley, Patrick, 53 yrs, Ireland
145B-11-11, Gefford, Mar. C., 35 yrs, PA
148B-64-64, Gillert, Nay, 24 yrs, OH
148B-64-64, Gray, Abigail, 62 yrs, RI
148B-64-64, Gray, David, 68 yrs, PA
147B-46-46, Griffith, David, 39 yrs, Wales
147B-46-46, Griffith, Mary A., 1/12 yrs, PA
147B-46-46, Griffith, Miriam, 39 yrs, Wales
147B-46-46, Griffith, Moses, 6 yrs, Wales
145A-4-4, Gumphrey, John, 38 yrs, Germany
145A-4-4, Gumphrey, Julia, 16 yrs, PA
145A-4-4, Gumphrey, Lina, 10 yrs, PA
145A-4-4, Gumphrey, Mary A., 14 yrs, PA
145A-4-4, Gumphrey, Nancy, 33 yrs, PA
145A-4-4, Gumphrey, William C. C., 13 yrs, PA
148B-61-61, Hall, Emma, 9 yrs, PA
148B-61-61, Hall, Henry, 19 yrs, England
148B-61-61, Hall, James E., 3 yrs, PA
148B-61-61, Hall, John, 45 yrs, England
148B-61-61, Hall, Margaret A., 15 yrs, England
148B-61-61, Hall, Mary A., 42 yrs, England
148B-61-61, Hall, Mary J., 11 yrs, PA
148B-61-61, Hall, Nicholas J., 6 yrs, PA
148A-56-56, Henderson, Hellen, 2 yrs, PA
148A-56-56, Henderson, Jane, 33 yrs, England
148A-56-56, Henderson, Margaret, 9 yrs, England
148A-56-56, Henderson, Mary, 5 yrs, PA
147B-48-48, Henderson, Peter, 3 yrs, PA
148A-56-56, Henderson, Rosannah, 14 yrs, England
147B-48-48, Henderson, Sarah A., 21 yrs, England
148A-56-56, Henderson, Sarah J., 11 yrs, England
148A-56-56, Henderson, Thos, 37 yrs, England
147B-48-48, Henderson, Wm, 30 yrs, England
145B-12-12, Hill, Joseph C., 26 yrs, PA
149A-66-66, Hines, Rose, 24 yrs, Canada
149A-66-66, Hines, Samuel, 26 yrs, DC
150B-89-89, Hobaugh, Jos, 28 yrs, PA
150B-89-89, Hobaugh, Mary J., 21 yrs, PA
150B-89-89, Hobaugh, Wm L., 1 yrs, PA
145B-14-14, Hughes, Hellen, 20 yrs, Ireland
145B-14-14, Hughes, John, 25 yrs, Ireland
149A-69-69, Hughes, Peter, 52 yrs, Ireland
149A-69-69, Hughes, Sarah, 52 yrs, Ireland
149B-79-79, Hunt, Edmund, 35 yrs, England
149B-79-79, Hunt, Mary, 34 yrs, England
148B-57-57, Jackson, J. W. , 1 yrs, England
148A-57-57, Jackson, John, 57 yrs, England
148A-57-57, Jackson, Mary, 36 yrs, England
148A-57-57, Jackson, Mathew, 5 yrs, England
148A-50-50, Jenkins, Allen, 26 yrs, Wales
148A-50-50, Jenkins, John, 23 yrs, Wales
145B-18-18, Johnson, Alison, 27 yrs, Scotland
145B-11-11, Johnson, Anne, 33 yrs, NY
145B-18-18, Johnson, William, 27 yrs, Scotland
146A-20-20, Jolly, J. S., 24 yrs, PA
149A-70-70, Jones, Aff S., 40 yrs, NY
149A-70-70, Jones, Charles E., 17 yrs, PA
149A-70-70, Jones, Rosabelle, 13 yrs, PA
149A-70-70, Jones, Sarah A., 42 yrs, PA
146B-32-32, Keller, Caroline, 17 yrs, NJ
145A-1-1, Kenedy, Catharine, 1 yrs, PA
145A-1-1, Kenedy, Catharine, 45 yrs, Ireland
145A-1-1, Kenedy, Elenanor, 9 yrs, PA
145A-1-1, Kenedy, John, 7 yrs, PA
145A-1-1, Kenedy, John, 55 yrs, Ireland
145A-1-1, Kenedy, Mary, 4 yrs, OH
145A-1-1, Kenedy, Michael, 2 yrs, PA
145A-1-1, Kenedy, Thomas, 11 yrs, PA
149B-79-79, Kowles, John, 19 yrs, England
149B-79-79, Kowles, Mathew, 52 yrs, England
146A-27-27, Larned, C. G., 36 yrs, MA
146A-27-27, Larned, Ellen A., 26 yrs, VT
146A-27-27, Larned, Lucy S., 2 yrs, PA
150A-85-85, Lee, John, 34 yrs, England
149B-75-75, Leslie, Anna, 6 yrs, PA
149B-75-75, Leslie, Anne M., 35 yrs, PA
149B-75-75, Leslie, Carry, 10 yrs, PA
149B-75-75, Leslie, Charolotte, 11 yrs, PA
149B-75-75, Leslie, Frank, 3 yrs, PA
149B-75-75, Leslie, Henry, 45 yrs, Scotland
149B-75-75, Leslie, Infant, 3/12 yrs, PA
149B-75-75, Leslie, James, 8 yrs, PA
149B-76-76, Leslie, Robert, 25 yrs, OH
147B-48-48, Loban, John, 30 yrs, England
145A-6-6, Lynn, Albert, 19 yrs, PA
145A-4-4, Lytle, Emma, 16 yrs, PA
150B-94-94, March, Elisha, 1 yrs, PA
150B-94-94, March, Levi, 26 yrs, England
150B-94-94, March, Nancy, 28 yrs, PA
147B-48-48, McBearn, Owen, 30 yrs, Ireland
148B-59-59, McCaba, Pat, 45 yrs, Ireland
150B-91-91, McClaren, Duncan, 20 yrs, Scotland
150B-91-91, McClaren, Susannah, 21 yrs, PA
150A-85-85, McCormick, A., 19 yrs, MA
149A-67-67, McEntire, Fred C., 4 yrs, PA
149A-67-67, McEntire, G. W., 40 yrs, ME
149A-67-67, McEntire, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
149A-67-67, McEntire, Jenny F., 8 yrs, PA
149A-67-67, McEntire, Lucy A., 39 yrs, PA
149A-67-67, McEntire, Wm H., 14 yrs, PA
145B-17-17, McMillen, Elizabeth, 35 yrs, PA
145B-17-17, McMillen, Jos J., 35 yrs, PA
149B-77-77, Mears, Elizabeth, 2 yrs, PA
149B-77-77, Mears, Jos C., 23 yrs, Germany
149B-77-77, Mears, Mary J., 38 yrs, OH
145B-10-10, Merrich, Benjamin B., 10/12 yrs, PA
145B-10-10, Merrich, John B., 24 yrs, France
145B-10-10, Merrich, Letitia W., 20 yrs, PA
150A-85-85, Mewer, Andrew, 14 yrs, Scotland
150A-85-85, Mewer, Andw, 40 yrs, Scotland
145A-5-5, Moore, W. H., 34 yrs, OH
149B-76-76, Morfat, Geo A., 46 yrs, Scotland
149B-76-76, Morfat, Nancy A., 1 yrs, PA
149B-76-76, Morfat, Rosannah, 22 yrs, PA
149B-80-80, Morford, Eva A., 1 yrs, PA
149B-80-80, Morford, Geo. E., 3 yrs, PA
149B-80-80, Morford, Geo. W., 35 yrs, PA
145A-4-4, Morford, L. J., 35 yrs, PA
149B-80-80, Morford, Ruth R., 20 yrs, PA
146A-27-27, Morse, Jenny A., 20 yrs, Canada
147A-37-37, Murphy, Bridget, 3 yrs, Scotland
147A-37-37, Murphy, Hellen, 7 yrs, Scotland
147A-37-37, Murphy, Margaret A., 26 yrs, Ireland
147A-37-37, Murphy, Mary A., 1 yrs, Scotland
147A-37-37, Murphy, Peter, 32 yrs, PA
147A-37-37, Murphy, Thomas, 5 yrs, Scotland
149A-67-67, OBrien, Hellen, 28 yrs, Ireland
145B-13-13, OConnell, Charles, 4 yrs, PA
145B-13-13, OConnell, Dennis, 32 yrs, PA
145B-13-13, OConnell, Mary, 27 yrs, Ireland
145B-13-13, OConnell, Nancy, 6 yrs, PA
148A-55-55, Patterson, Isabella, 13 yrs, England
148A-55-55, Patterson, Margaret, 24 yrs, Scotland
148A-55-55, Patterson, Mary, 43 yrs, Scotland
148A-55-55, Patterson, Mary A., 11 yrs, England
148A-55-55, Patterson, Sarah J., 10/12 yrs, PA
148A-55-55, Patterson, Thomas, 8 yrs, England
148A-55-55, Patterson, Thos, 45 yrs, Scotland
148A-55-55, Patterson, William, 15 yrs, England
149A-70-70, Peters, Olive, 48 yrs, OH
146A-25-25, Philips, D. A., 30 yrs, PA
146A-25-25, Philips, Junia M., 2/12 yrs, PA
146A-25-25, Philips, Permilia, 28 yrs, MI
148A-50-50, Phillips, Isaac, 50 yrs, Wales
145A-2-2, Polk, Austin, 6 yrs, PA
145A-2-2, Polk, Mary A., 4 yrs, PA
145A-2-2, Polk, Samuel, 37 yrs, PA
145A-2-2, Polk, Sedney, 35 yrs, PA
145A-2-2, Polk, William, 9 yrs, PA
148A-51-51, Prewd, James, 15 yrs, England
148A-51-51, Prewd, James, 44 yrs, England
148A-51-51, Prewd, Margaret, 43 yrs, England
148A-50-50, Price, Janette, 37 yrs, Wales
148A-50-50, Price, Mary, 11 yrs, Wales
148A-50-50, Price, Ruth, 2 yrs, PA
148A-50-50, Price, Thomas, 37 yrs, Wales
148A-50-50, Price, William, 4 yrs, PA
150A-86-86, Prigle, Anne, 3 yrs, PA
150A-86-86, Prigle, Elizabeth, 7 yrs, PA
150A-86-86, Prigle, Margaret, 33 yrs, England
150A-86-86, Prigle, Mary J., 8 yrs, England
150A-86-86, Prigle, Polly, 5 yrs, PA
150A-86-86, Prigle, Thomas, 5/12 yrs, PA
150A-86-86, Prigle, Thos, 30 yrs, England
149A-65-65, Ray, Alice, 6 yrs, PA
149A-65-65, Ray, B. D., 24 yrs, OH
149A-65-65, Ray, Charles D., 3 yrs, PA
149A-65-65, Ray, Elizabeth, 24 yrs, PA
149A-65-65, Ray, Jesse, 3/12 yrs, PA
146A-21-21, Ray, John M., 31 yrs, OH
150A-83-83, Redford, Eliza A., 7 yrs, England
150A-83-83, Redford, George, 31 yrs, England
150A-83-83, Redford, John, 5 yrs, England
150A-83-83, Redford, Mary, 29 yrs, England
150A-83-83, Redford, Thomas, 11 yrs, England
147A-38-38, Reybold, Alice, 1 yrs, England
147A-38-38, Reybold, Rosannah, 25 yrs, England
147A-38-38, Reybold, Susie, 3 yrs, England
147A-38-38, Reybold, Thos, 25 yrs, England
149B-82-82, Richardson, Anne, 63 yrs, England
149B-82-82, Richardson, Hellen, 23 yrs, PA
149B-82-82, Richardson, Jas, 31 yrs, England
148B-59-59, Riley, James, 27 yrs, Ireland
147B-47-47, Robbins, Edward, 30 yrs, England
147B-47-47, Robbins, Grenar, 19 yrs, England
147B-47-47, Robbins, Mary, 31 yrs, England
147B-47-47, Robbins, Thomas, 28 yrs, England
146A-27-27, Robinson, Elizabeth, 7 yrs, Canada
146A-27-27, Robinson, Ellen, 3 yrs, Canada
146A-27-27, Robinson, Emma, 14 yrs, VT
146A-27-27, Robinson, Margaret, 10 yrs, Canada
146A-27-27, Robinson, Sarah , 40 yrs, Scotland
146A-27-27, Robinson, William, 2 yrs, PA
146A-27-27, Robinson, William, 45 yrs, Scotland
147A-39-39, Robison, Henry, 23 yrs, England
146B-32-32, Robison, Jane, 16 yrs, Canada
147A-39-39, Robison, Mary H., 7/12 yrs, PA
147A-39-39, Robison, Sarah, 21 yrs, England
145B-10-10, Ruff, Sarah J., 24 yrs, PA
149B-77-77, Sawyer, John, 63 yrs, England
150B-96-96, Shadbolt, Jane, 16 yrs, NY
146A-21-21, Silliman, Hiram, 56 yrs, NY
146A-21-21, Silliman, Olive, 56 yrs, OH
146A-21-21, Silliman, Worth, 20 yrs, PA
147A-36-36, Smith, Elizabeth, 1 yrs, Scotland
147A-36-36, Smith, Elizabeth A., 23 yrs, Scotland
145A-5-5, Smith, G. S., 42 yrs, NY
149A-71-71, Smith, George E., 6 yrs, PA
149A-71-71, Smith, Hester A., 28 yrs, PA
149A-71-71, Smith, J. E., 30 yrs, PA
147A-36-36, Smith, John, 29 yrs, Scotland
145A-5-5, Smith, Nettas, 23 yrs, NY
148B-58-58, Smith, Rosa, 70 yrs, WV
149A-71-71, Smith, Wm H., 2 yrs, PA
148B-63-63, Stevenson, George W., 12 yrs, England
148B-63-63, Stevenson, Hannah, 35 yrs, England
148B-63-63, Stevenson, Jas, 40 yrs, England
148B-63-63, Stevenson, John, 10 yrs, PA
148B-63-63, Stevenson, John, 60 yrs, PA
148B-63-63, Stevenson, Joseph, 8 yrs, PA
148B-63-63, Stevenson, Mary, 4 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, Aaron H., 16 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, Emma J., 5 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, Eva C., 8 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, George R., 46 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, Lizzie B., 10 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, Margaret A., 14 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, Mary A., 43 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, Rachel A., 20 yrs, PA
148B-62-62, Supple, Uriah, 18 yrs, PA
147A-42-42, Swares, Elizabeth, 43 yrs, PA
147A-42-42, Swares, Hellen G., 2 yrs, PA
147A-42-42, Swares, Henry C., 19 yrs, PA
147A-42-42, Swares, Jacob, 50 yrs, PA
147A-42-42, Swares, John C., 13 yrs, PA
147A-42-42, Swares, Mary C., 23 yrs, PA
147A-42-42, Swares, Melissa A., 7 yrs, PA
147A-42-42, Swares, Sarah E., 10 yrs, PA
147A-42-42, Swares, William S., 5 yrs, PA
148A-50-50, Taylor, Robert, 23 yrs, England
149B-78-78, Thomas, Elizabeth, 38 yrs, Wales
149B-78-78, Thomas, Margaret, 2 yrs, Wales
149B-78-78, Thomas, Thos, 28 yrs, Wales
149B-78-78, Thomas, William, 2 yrs, Wales
150B-88-88, Thompson, Jas, 45 yrs, England
145A-6-6, Throop, Elizabeth, 26 yrs, PA
145B-9-9, Throop, Henry C., 5 yrs, PA
145B-9-9, Throop, Ida C., 14 yrs, PA
145B-9-9, Throop, Kate E., 16 yrs, PA
145B-9-9, Throop, Maggie, 11 yrs, PA
145B-9-9, Throop, S. A., 42 yrs, PA
145A-6-6, Throop, S. B., 18 yrs, PA
145B-9-9, Throop, Susan, 44 yrs, PA
145A-6-6, Throop, Susan C., 6/12 yrs, PA
150B-96-96, Tinker, Jane, 40 yrs, CT
150B-96-96, Tobin, Anne, 35 yrs, Canada
150B-96-96, Tobin, Catharine, 7 yrs, NY
150B-96-96, Tobin, Margaret, 4 yrs, PA
150B-96-96, Tobin, Michael, 2/12 yrs, PA
150B-96-96, Tobin, Michael, 46 yrs, Ireland
150B-96-96, Tobin, Thomas, 2 yrs, PA
150A-85-85, Toms, Amelia, 2 yrs, PA
150A-85-85, Toms, Charlotte, 7 yrs, Canada
150A-85-85, Toms, Joseph, 9 yrs, MA
150A-85-85, Toms, Mariah, 2 yrs, PA
150A-85-85, Toms, Mariah, 30 yrs, MA
150A-85-85, Toms, Mary, 4 yrs, PA
146A-24-24, Trainer, Sarah, 55 yrs, Ireland
146A-24-24, Trainer, Thos, 55 yrs, Ireland
149A-73-73, Walbridge, Catharine E., 21 yrs, PA
149A-73-73, Walbridge, Parker A., 30 yrs, MA
149A-72-72, Walbridge, Rachel, 60 yrs, MA
149A-72-72, Walbridge, Winthrop, 63 yrs, MA
147B-49-49, Watts, Charles, 4 yrs, Canada
147B-49-49, Watts, David, 41 yrs, England
147B-49-49, Watts, Eliza, 10 yrs, England
147B-49-49, Watts, Elizabeth, 42 yrs, England
145A-4-4, Watts, Harriet, 16 yrs, England
147B-49-49, Watts, Harriet, 16 yrs, England
147B-49-49, Watts, John, 12 yrs, England
148A-49-49, Watts, Joseph, 2 yrs, England
147B-49-49, Watts, Martha, 14 yrs, England
147B-49-49, Watts, Sarah, 6 yrs, Canada
147B-49-49, Watts, William, 7 yrs, England
150B-88-88, West, Anne, 1 yrs, PA
150A-88-88, West, Dinah, 3 yrs, PA
150A-88-88, West, Elizabeth, 26 yrs, England
150A-88-88, West, Joseph, 37 yrs, England
150A-88-88, West, Mary , 5 yrs, PA
150A-87-87, Weston, Albert, 10 yrs, PA
146B-35-35, Weston, Eliza J., 16 yrs, OH
150A-87-87, Weston, Elliot, 8 yrs, PA
150A-87-87, Weston, Franklin, 14 yrs, PA
150A-87-87, Weston, George, 12 yrs, PA
150A-87-87, Weston, Hatty, 6 yrs, PA
146B-35-35, Weston, Henry, 13 yrs, PA
150A-87-87, Weston, Hulda, 33 yrs, PA
150A-87-87, Weston, Jas. B., 37 yrs, PA
147A-35-35, Weston, Mary E., 9 yrs, PA
146B-35-35, Weston, Mary J., 34 yrs, PA
150A-87-87, Weston, Sady, 3 yrs, PA
146B-35-35, Weston, Seth D. F., 3 yrs, PA
145A-6-6, Wilson, Jas H., 16 yrs, PA
147B-44-44, Wilson, David, 3 yrs, PA
147B-44-44, Wilson, David, 25 yrs, Scotland
146A-18-18, Wilson, Gracy, 5 yrs, NY
147B-44-44, Wilson, Henry, 11 yrs, Scotland
147B-44-44, Wilson, Isabella, 2/12 yrs, PA
146A-18-18, Wilson, Jane, 1 yrs, PA
147B-44-44, Wilson, Jane, 2 yrs, PA
146A-18-18, Wilson, Margaret, 3 yrs, NY
147B-44-44, Wilson, Margaret, 27 yrs, Scotland
146A-26-26, Wilson, S. A., 25 yrs, OH
150B-93-93, Wood, Anne, 28 yrs, PA
150B-93-93, Wood, Frank, 4 yrs, PA
150B-93-93, Wood, John, 2 yrs, PA
150B-93-93, Wood, John, 40 yrs, PA
145A-4-4, Woodberry, Mary, 14 yrs, PA
149A-71-71, Wright, Reuben, 18 yrs, England

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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