Salem Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

40A-33-33, Adamson, Amanda, 19 yrs, PA
40A-33-33, Adamson, Mariah E., 2/12 yrs, PA
40A-33-33, Adamson, W. G., 21 yrs, PA
43B-85-85, Allen, Elisabeth, 45 yrs, OH
43B-85-85, Allen, Euphena, 12 yrs, PA
43B-85-85, Allen, John, 8/12 yrs, PA
43B-85-85, Allen, John S., 45 yrs, PA
46A-116-116, Allen, Joseph, 75 yrs, PA
43B-85-85, Allen, Lillian E., 9 yrs, PA
46A-117-117, Allen, Mary, 45 yrs, PA
46A-116-116, Allen, Nancy, 71 yrs, PA
43B-85-85, Allen, Nancy A., 18 yrs, PA
43B-85-85, Allen, Thomas, 8/12 yrs, PA
46A-117-117, Allen, William, 41 yrs, PA
45B-113-113, Bear, Amelia, 34 yrs, PA
45B-113-113, Bear, Benjamin, 11 yrs, PA
45B-113-113, Bear, Henry, 54 yrs, PA
45B-108-108, Beaty, Ellie, 15 yrs, PA
45B-108-108, Beaty, Emiline, 47 yrs, PA
45B-109-109, Beaty, Francis, 81 yrs, PA
45B-109-109, Beaty, Isabella, 78 yrs, VA
45B-108-108, Beaty, Jas W., 55 yrs, PA
41A-52-52, Beil, Alden L., 12 yrs, OH
41A-52-52, Beil, Charly A., 6 yrs, PA
41A-52-52, Beil, John, 45 yrs, OH
41A-52-52, Beil, Mary A., 48 yrs, OH
41A-52-52, Beil, Sarah L., 10 yrs, PA
41A-52-52, Beil, William R., 19 yrs, OH
39B-21-21, Bennett, Jane, 79 yrs, Ireland
41B-56-56, Black, J. S., 8 yrs, PA
44B-94-94, Bortner, Ellen M., 15 yrs, PA
44B-94-94, Bortner, Esther W., 37 yrs, PA
44B-94-94, Bortner, George, 11 yrs, PA
44B-95-95, Bortner, George, 67 yrs, PA
44B-94-94, Bortner, Jacob A., 9 yrs, PA
44B-94-94, Bortner, Josiah, 12 yrs, PA
44B-95-95, Bortner, Julia A., 60 yrs, PA
44B-94-94, Bortner, Martha J., 4 yrs, PA
44B-94-94, Bortner, Philip, 38 yrs, PA
44A-88-88, Bosseller, Albert, 11 yrs, PA
44A-92-92, Bosseller, Amanda, 1 yrs, PA
44A-92-92, Bosseller, Amanda, 12 yrs, PA
44A-92-92, Bosseller, Amos, 7 yrs, PA
44A-88-88, Bosseller, Andrew C., 7 yrs, PA
44A-92-92, Bosseller, Anna, 31 yrs, PA
44A-92-92, Bosseller, Elisabeth, 9 yrs, PA
44A-89-89, Bosseller, Eliza, 55 yrs, PA
44A-89-89, Bosseller, Ellen, 17 yrs, PA
44A-88-88, Bosseller, Gen. Sherman, 5 yrs, PA
44A-92-92, Bosseller, George, 52 yrs, NY
44A-89-89, Bosseller, George A., 20 yrs, PA
44A-89-89, Bosseller, Hiram, 45 yrs, NY
44A-88-88, Bosseller, Ida, 3 yrs, PA
44A-92-92, Bosseller, James I., 14 yrs, PA
44A-89-89, Bosseller, John M., 23 yrs, PA
44A-88-88, Bosseller, John W., 20 yrs, PA
44A-88-88, Bosseller, Leonard, 45 yrs, NY
44A-88-88, Bosseller, Martha A., 11 yrs, PA
44A-89-89, Bosseller, Martha J., 22 yrs, PA
44A-92-92, Bosseller, Mary L., 3 yrs, PA
44A-88-88, Bosseller, Permelia, 15 yrs, PA
44A-92-92, Bosseller, Sarah A., 5 yrs, PA
44A-88-88, Bosseller, Viletta, 45 yrs, PA
44A-89-89, Bosseller, William L., 25 yrs, PA
40A-31-31, Brown, Catharine, 72 yrs, PA
42B-70-70, Brush, Elisabeth, 38 yrs, PA
42B-70-70, Brush, Friday, 9 yrs, PA
46A-115-115, Brush, Godfrey, 31 yrs, PA
42B-70-70, Brush, Hudson, 7 yrs, PA
42B-70-70, Brush, Jenette, 5 yrs, PA
42B-70-70, Brush, Jonathan, 45 yrs, PA
46A-115-115, Brush, Mariah L., 1 yrs, PA
42B-70-70, Brush, Milton, 11/12 yrs, PA
46A-115-115, Brush, Sarah, 28 yrs, PA
42B-70-70, Brush, Wilber, 13 yrs, PA
40A-39-39, Bumfrus [Bumpus?] [Bumpus?], Anne L., 54 yrs, PA
40A-39-39, Bumfrus [Bumpus?], E. J., 55 yrs, NY
40A-39-39, Bumfrus [Bumpus?], Fred R., 10 yrs, PA
40A-39-39, Bumfrus [Bumpus?], Luna, 14 yrs, PA
40A-39-39, Bumfrus [Bumpus?], Nancy, 19 yrs, PA
42B-67-67, Burn, Anna, 48 yrs, PA
42B-67-67, Burn, Barnet, 68 yrs, PA
42B-67-67, Burn, Charly, 13 yrs, PA
42B-67-67, Burn, Cornelai, 14 yrs, PA
42B-67-67, Burn, George W., 28 yrs, PA
39B-23-23, Calahan, E'd, 50 yrs, PA
39B-23-23, Calahan, Frank, 15 yrs, PA
39B-23-23, Calahan, Isabel, 55 yrs, PA
39B-23-23, Calahan, Joseph, 13 yrs, PA
39B-23-23, Calahan, William J., 18 yrs, PA
44A-90-90, Canon, Emory M, 18 yrs, PA
44A-90-90, Canon, Flora J., 7 yrs, PA
44A-90-90, Canon, Jemima, 15 yrs, PA
44A-90-90, Canon, Margaret J., 45 yrs, PA
44A-90-90, Canon, Margaret N., 2 yrs, PA
44A-90-90, Canon, Matthew, 47 yrs, PA
39B-29-29, Cedar, James, 25 yrs, PA
43A-77-77, Chamberlain, Diantha, 38 yrs, OH
43A-77-77, Chamberlain, E., 37 yrs, NY
43A-77-77, Chamberlain, Henry L., 11/12 yrs, PA
44B-93-93, Chess, Cynthia, 4 yrs, PA
44B-93-93, Chess, Jane A., 5 yrs, PA
44B-93-93, Chess, Julia A., 20 yrs, PA
44B-93-93, Chess, Mary A., 10 yrs, PA
44B-93-93, Chess, Samuel P., 8 yrs, PA
44A-93-93, Chess, T. R., 33 yrs, PA
41A-50-50, Coulter, Eleanor, 52 yrs, PA
41A-50-50, Coulter, Hannah, 19 yrs, PA
41A-50-50, Coulter, Hiram, 22 yrs, PA
41A-50-50, Coulter, Robert, 57 yrs, PA
39A-15-15, Courtney, Ellmore A., 2 yrs, PA
43A-73-73, Courtney, Grace, 64 yrs, OH
39A-15-15, Courtney, J. J., 29 yrs, OH
42B-73-73, Courtney, Jane, 29 yrs, PA
43A-73-73, Courtney, Mary, 6 yrs, PA
39A-15-15, Courtney, Mary L., 25 yrs, PA
39A-15-15, Courtney, Mollie B., 1/12 yrs, PA
42B-73-73, Courtney, R. S., 31 yrs, OH
43A-73-73, Courtney, Rhoda, 9 yrs, PA
43A-75-75, Davison, Benjamin, 58 yrs, PA
43A-75-75, Davison, Benjamin L., 15 yrs, PA
43A-75-75, Davison, Eliza J., 28 yrs, PA
43A-75-75, Davison, Margaret, 56 yrs, Ireland
43A-75-75, Davison, Mariah E., 21 yrs, PA
41A-47-47, Dick, Findley S., 6 yrs, PA
40B-47-47, Dick, Henry, 32 yrs, PA
41A-47-47, Dick, John A., 3 yrs, PA
40B-47-47, Dick, nancy, 29 yrs, PA
41A-47-47, Dick, Susan A., 10/12 yrs, PA
38B-11-11, Donaldson, Anna, 81 yrs, PA
38B-11-11, Donaldson, J. D., 81 yrs, PA
38B-12-12, Donaldson, J. R., 53 yrs, PA
38B-12-12, Donaldson, Jane, 42 yrs, PA
38B-12-12, Donaldson, John G., 16 yrs, PA
38B-11-11, Donaldson, Joseph R., 43 yrs, PA
38B-11-11, Donaldson, Josephene, 55 yrs, PA
38B-11-11, Donaldson, Leah, 59 yrs, PA
38B-11-11, Donaldson, Robert L., 21 yrs, PA
42B-69-69, Dumars, Charly, 5 yrs, PA
42B-69-69, Dumars, E. J., 33 yrs, PA
43A-73-73, Dumars, John, 5 yrs, PA
42B-69-69, Dumars, John, 11 yrs, PA
42B-69-69, Dumars, Mary A., 13 yrs, PA
42B-69-69, Dumars, Robert A., 3 yrs, PA
41A-50-50, Dumars, S. E., 7 yrs, PA
42B-69-69, Dumars, Sarah , 24 yrs, PA
42B-69-69, Dumars, Sarah E., 7 yrs, PA
42B-69-69, Dumars, William, 9 yrs, PA
45B-107-107, Eckels, Fran* [Frank?], 17 yrs, PA
45A-102-102, Eward, Annie, 75 yrs, Ireland
45A-102-102, Eward, Charlotte, 11 yrs, PA
45A-102-102, Eward, Emily J., 7 yrs, PA
45A-102-102, Eward, Flora, 14 yrs, PA
45A-102-102, Eward, Levice, 12 yrs, PA
45A-102-102, Eward, T. J., 46 yrs, PA
40A-37-37, Fell, A. L., 33 yrs, PA
40A-36-36, Fell, Annie V., 1/12 yrs, PA
40A-35-35, Fell, Bennett, 42 yrs, PA
40A-35-35, Fell, Caroline, 33 yrs, PA
40A-35-35, Fell, Charles E., 4 yrs, PA
40A-37-37, Fell, Clara M., 1 yrs, PA
39A-21-21, Fell, Eliza, 12 yrs, PA
39A-21-21, Fell, Eunice, 14 yrs, PA
40A-35-35, Fell, Eva E., 10 yrs, PA
40A-36-36, Fell, George W., 2 yrs, PA
40A-37-37, Fell, Harriet, 48 yrs, PA
40A-37-37, Fell, Harriet J., 59 yrs, PA
40A-36-36, Fell, J. J., 39 yrs, PA
40A-36-36, Fell, John M., 3 yrs, PA
39A-21-21, Fell, Jonas F., 5 yrs, PA
40A-38-38, Fell, Louisa A., 20 yrs, PA
39A-21-21, Fell, Lucinda, 16 yrs, PA
40A-36-36, Fell, Martha A., 31 yrs, PA
40A-35-35, Fell, Mary, 2 yrs, PA
39A-21-21, Fell, O. B., 68 yrs, PA
40A-38-38, Fell, S. A., 28 yrs, PA
39A-21-21, Fell, Sarah, 8 yrs, PA
39A-21-21, Fell, Sarah J., 37 yrs, OH
40A-35-35, Fell, William L., 8 yrs, PA
44B-96-96, Flick, Adaline, 8 yrs, PA
44B-96-96, Flick, Austin, 4 yrs, PA
44B-96-96, Flick, Eva May, 2/12 yrs, PA
44B-96-96, Flick, Melona, 6 yrs, PA
44B-96-96, Flick, Olive, 26 yrs, OH
44B-96-96, Flick, Thomas, 32 yrs, OH
44B-96-96, Flick, Willis, 2 yrs, PA
39B-27-27, Foulk, Catharine J., 27 yrs, PA
39B-27-27, Foulk, D. B., 34 yrs, OH
39B-27-27, Foulk, Edward C., 3 yrs, PA
39B-27-27, Foulk, Flora B., 7/12 yrs, PA
39B-27-27, Foulk, William A., 6 yrs, PA
38A-4-4, Freeland, Garrett, 61 yrs, NY
38A-3-3, Freeland, John, 38 yrs, PA
38A-4-4, Freeland, Sarah, 61 yrs, PA
42B-66-66, Fritz, David, 52 yrs, NJ
42B-66-66, Fritz, Eliza, 25 yrs, PA
42B-66-66, Fritz, Ellen, 26 yrs, PA
42B-66-66, Fritz, Levina, 57 yrs, PA
42B-66-66, Fritz, Wilson, 18 yrs, PA
43A-79-79, Garvin, David, 20 yrs, PA
43A-79-79, Garvin, Isabel, 43 yrs, PA
43A-79-79, Garvin, John, 16 yrs, PA
43A-79-79, Garvin, Matilda, 18 yrs, PA
43A-79-79, Garvin, Phebe J., 8 yrs, PA
43A-79-79, Garvin, Samuel, 10 yrs, PA
43B-79-79, Garvin, William, 5 yrs, PA
43A-79-79, Garvin, William, 51 yrs, Ireland
38B-8-8, Garwood, Elisabeth, 51 yrs, PA
38B-8-8, Garwood, Elmira, 22 yrs, PA
38B-8-8, Garwood, Emma E., 13 yrs, PA
38B-8-8, Garwood, Experience, 16 yrs, PA
38B-8-8, Garwood, Isaac, 60 yrs, PA
38B-8-8, Garwood, Mariah J., 3 yrs, PA
42A-61-61, Hamlin, Wm, 16 yrs, PA
39A-14-14, Heller, Anne E., 58 yrs, PA
39A-14-14, Heller, John, 68 yrs, PA
45B-112-112, Heller, John S., 14 yrs, PA
39A-14-14, Heller, Robert W., 19 yrs, PA
40B-44-44, Higgins, Ellie, 6 yrs, PA
40B-44-44, Higgins, Ida, 8 yrs, PA
40B-44-44, Higgins, J. J. C., 30 yrs, PA
40B-44-44, Higgins, Lulie, 1 yrs, PA
40B-44-44, Higgins, Mary, 31 yrs, PA
40B-44-44, Higgins, Mary, 76 yrs, PA
38B-13-13, Hill, Wallace, 23 yrs, PA
45B-110-110, Hoobler, Elisabeth, 51 yrs, PA
45B-110-110, Hoobler, Joseph L., 18 yrs, PA
45B-110-110, Hoobler, Philip, 54 yrs, PA
45B-110-110, Hoobler, Sarah J., 21 yrs, PA
41A-49-49, Hood, Burton, 1 yrs, PA
41A-49-49, Hood, D. J., 41 yrs, PA
41A-49-49, Hood, Ellsworth, 8 yrs, PA
41A-49-49, Hood, Maggie, 6 yrs, PA
41A-49-49, Hood, Melborne, 11 yrs, PA
41A-49-49, Hood, Ray, 4 yrs, PA
41A-49-49, Hood, Rosana, 38 yrs, PA
41A-49-49, Hood, Stewart J., 18 yrs, PA
40A-38-38, Hurst, Ella, 9 yrs, PA
46A-115-115, Johnson, Martin, 11 yrs, PA
40A-40-40, Jones, E. A., 25 yrs, PA
40B-40-40, Jones, Elisabeth, 24 yrs, PA
40B-41-41, Jones, Elisabeth D., 44 yrs, PA
40B-41-41, Jones, Eliza, 12 yrs, PA
40B-40-40, Jones, Emily A., 3 yrs, PA
40B-41-41, Jones, George, 21 yrs, PA
40B-41-41, Jones, Julietta, 13 yrs, PA
40B-41-41, Jones, Ma*ison J., 17 yrs, PA
40B-41-41, Jones, Miles, 10 yrs, PA
40B-41-41, Jones, Rebeca, 16 yrs, PA
40B-40-40, Jones, Viola J., 1 yrs, PA
40B-41-41, Jones, William, 47 yrs, VA
46A-117-117, Kame, William, 5 yrs, PA
39B-25-25, Kane, Daniel, 25 yrs, Ireland
39B-25-25, Kane, John, 65 yrs, Ireland
39B-25-25, Kane, Robert, 41 yrs, Ireland
39B-25-25, Kane, Sarah, 65 yrs, Ireland
39B-25-25, Kane, Thomas, 35 yrs, Ireland
39B-25-25, Kane, William, 30 yrs, Ireland
42A-63-63, Klingismith, David, 11 yrs, PA
42A-65-65, Klingismith, Effa L., 3 yrs, PA
42A-63-63, Klingismith, Ellmore , 9 yrs, PA
42A-65-65, Klingismith, Ensley M., 1 yrs, PA
42A-63-63, Klingismith, Grant, 3 yrs, PA
42A-65-65, Klingismith, H., 29 yrs, PA
42A-65-65, Klingismith, Hellen, 27 yrs, PA
42A-63-63, Klingismith, Hiram, 2/12 yrs, PA
42A-63-63, Klingismith, Jane, 13 yrs, PA
42A-63-63, Klingismith, Relly M., 6 yrs, PA
42A-63-63, Klingismith, Sarah A., 42 yrs, OH
42A-63-63, Klingismith, Wm, 59 yrs, PA
43A-77-77, Klingsmith, Almina, 19 yrs, PA
38B-10-10, Kyle, W. H., 70 yrs, PA
46A-119-119, Kyle, Alexander, 15 yrs, PA
38B-10-10, Kyle, Alexander H., 14 yrs, PA
38B-10-10, Kyle, Catharine, 42 yrs, OH
38B-10-10, Kyle, John B., 17 yrs, PA
38B-10-10, Kyle, Lillie J., 13 yrs, PA
39B-28-28, Lackey, Margaret M., 50 yrs, PA
39B-28-28, Lackey, Mary, 72 yrs, PA
42B-72-72, Lawton, Anne, 18 yrs, PA
42B-71-71, Lawton, John, 58 yrs, England
42B-71-71, Lawton, Joseph, 19 yrs, PA
42B-72-72, Lawton, Joseph, 19 yrs, England
42B-72-72, Lawton, Margaret, 5/12 yrs, PA
42B-71-71, Lawton, Mary A., 15 yrs, PA
42B-71-71, Lawton, Mary A., 57 yrs, PA
39A-16-16, Leech, Asbury, 55 yrs, PA
39A-16-16, Leech, Christena, 54 yrs, NY
38A-5-5, Leet, Isaac, 39 yrs, PA
38A-5-5, Leet, Jonathan, 2 yrs, PA
38A-5-5, Leet, Lizzie L., 1/12 yrs, PA
38A-5-5, Leet, Sarah L., 37 yrs, PA
39A-14-14, Liango [Lingo?], Clara E., 10 yrs, PA
39A-14-14, Liango [Lingo?], Ralph H., 12 yrs, PA
39A-14-14, Liango [Lingo?], Rebeca, 42 yrs, OH
39A-19-19, Lindsey, Ellen S., 26 yrs, PA
39A-19-19, Lindsey, Lewis, 62 yrs, PA
39A-19-19, Lindsey, Mallisa, 17 yrs, PA
39A-19-19, Lindsey, Margaret, 60 yrs, PA
39A-19-19, Lindsey, Rebeca, 17 yrs, PA
39A-19-19, Lindsey, William, 33 yrs, PA
39A-18-18, Lingo, Corintha, 17 yrs, OH
39A-18-18, Lingo, Margaret, 67 yrs, OH
39A-18-18, Lingo, Rebeca, 42 yrs, OH
39A-18-18, Lingo, Samuel, 29 yrs, OH
39A-18-18, Lingo, William S., 16 yrs, OH
45A-106-106, Long, Agnis, 77 yrs, PA
45A-105-105, Long, Charles, 12 yrs, PA
45A-105-105, Long, David, 52 yrs, PA
45A-105-105, Long, Eliza, 50 yrs, PA
45B-107-107, Long, Emeline, 9 yrs, PA
45B-107-107, Long, John, 45 yrs, PA
45A-105-105, Long, John G., 19 yrs, PA
45A-106-106, Long, John Sen., 80 yrs, PA
45A-105-105, Long, Laura, 10 yrs, PA
45B-107-107, Long, Lewis, 10 yrs, PA
45B-107-107, Long, Louisa, 29 yrs, PA
45B-107-107, Long, Maggie, 1 yrs, PA
45A-105-105, Long, Olive, 24 yrs, PA
45B-107-107, Long, Otis, 2 yrs, PA
45A-105-105, Long, Sarah, 21 yrs, PA
45B-107-107, Long, William, 6 yrs, PA
45A-105-105, Long, William, 14 yrs, PA
45A-99-99, Mann, Jane, 78 yrs, PA
45A-100-100, Matthews, Julia, 12 yrs, PA
45A-100-100, Matthews, Lucy, 10 yrs, PA
45A-100-100, Matthews, Rhoda, 45 yrs, NY
45A-100-100, Matthews, Richard, 45 yrs, OH
43A-74-74, McConnel, E, 63 yrs, PA
44B-98-98, McCorkle, Elisabeth, 64 yrs, PA
44B-98-98, McCorkle, Wm, 69 yrs, PA
41A-48-48, Mcg*** [Mcguir? Mcgirs?], E. J., 26 yrs, Yorcaign[?] Atlantic Ocean
44B-97-97, McGranahan, Bertha A., 1 yrs, PA
44B-97-97, McGranahan, Cynthia, 57 yrs, PA
44B-97-97, McGranahan, Jerod, 63 yrs, PA
44B-97-97, McGranahan, Mary E., 20 yrs, PA
44B-97-97, McGranahan, Rachel, 27 yrs, PA
44B-97-97, McGranahan, Samuel H., 27 yrs, PA
44B-97-97, McGranahan, William L., 25 yrs, PA
42B-68-68, McGranahan , Rachel A., 27 yrs, PA
42B-68-68, McGranahan , W. S., 28 yrs, PA
38A-3-3, McKinsey, Alice A, 1 yrs, PA
38A-3-3, McKinsey, Charly, 11/12 yrs, PA
38A-3-3, McKinsey, Desdemona, 5 yrs, PA
38A-3-3, McKinsey, Eva D. E., 3 yrs, PA
38A-3-3, McKinsey, Malinda, 37 yrs, PA
38A-3-3, McKinsey, Thomas, 37 yrs, OH
46A-116-116, McKinzie, Allen, 32 yrs, OH
43B-84-84, McKinzie, Carlton R., 28 yrs, OH
43A-78-78, McKinzie, Edith E., 41 yrs, PA
46A-116-116, McKinzie, Eliza, 31 yrs, PA
43A-78-78, McKinzie, Grace, 12 yrs, PA
43A-78-78, McKinzie, Horace, 17 yrs, PA
43A-78-78, McKinzie, Jacob, 15 yrs, PA
43A-78-78, McKinzie, Jeremiah, 5 yrs, PA
43A-78-78, McKinzie, John, 45 yrs, OH
43B-84-84, McKinzie, Rebeca, 68 yrs, PA
46A-116-116, McKinzie, Silvey, 1 yrs, PA
43A-78-78, McKinzie, William P., 19 yrs, PA
45B-112-112, McLean, Adaline, 42 yrs, CT
39A-14-14, McLean, Andrew C., 10 yrs, PA
38B-14-14, McLean, Celia E., 25 yrs, PA
39A-14-14, McLean, Chloe J., 12 yrs, PA
38B-14-14, McLean, Cordelia, 15 yrs, PA
38B-14-14, McLean, Elisabeth, 50 yrs, PA
43B-83-83, McLean, Elisabeth, 50 yrs, PA
38B-14-14, McLean, Emiline, 27 yrs, PA
43B-83-83, McLean, Forissa, 35 yrs, PA
38B-14-14, McLean, J. R., 53 yrs, PA
45B-112-112, McLean, J. Y., 49 yrs, PA
38B-14-14, McLean, Jacob L., 19 yrs, PA
43B-83-83, McLean, Josephene, 19 yrs, PA
43B-83-83, McLean, Margaret, 22 yrs, PA
39A-14-14, McLean, Monroe G. T., 48 yrs, NY [surname is Monroe?]
45B-112-112, McLean, Nellie, 20 yrs, PA
38B-14-14, McLean, Primpton, 22 yrs, PA
38B-13-13, Melvin, Mary, 67 yrs, PA
38B-13-13, Melvin, Wm, 69 yrs, PA
41B-57-57, Menold, Anne, 43 yrs, PA
41B-57-57, Menold, G., 56 yrs, PA
41B-58-58, Menold, George, 1 yrs, PA
41B-57-57, Menold, Henry, 15 yrs, PA
41B-57-57, Menold, Joseph L., 21 yrs, PA
41B-57-57, Menold, Mary E., 16 yrs, PA
41B-58-58, Menold, Mary E., 26 yrs, PA
41B-58-58, Menold, N. R., 27 yrs, PA
41B-57-57, Menold, Susan A., 45 yrs, PA
41B-57-57, Menold, Theodore, 14 yrs, PA
41B-57-57, Menold, William G., 12 yrs, PA
41B-55-55, Miller, Anna, 1 yrs, PA
41B-55-55, Miller, Catharine, 15 yrs, PA
41A-55-55, Miller, James, 45 yrs, PA
41B-55-55, Miller, Jesse, 5 yrs, PA
41B-55-55, Miller, Joseph, 13 yrs, PA
41B-55-55, Miller, Lewis, 10 yrs, PA
41B-55-55, Miller, Margaret, 39 yrs, PA
41B-55-55, Miller, Samuel, 17 yrs, PA
42A-64-64, Minnis, Beulah, 41 yrs, PA
39B-26-26, Minnis, Byra, 8/12 yrs, PA
42A-62-62, Minnis, Clara M., 10 yrs, PA
42A-62-62, Minnis, Cynthia L., 18 yrs, PA
42A-62-62, Minnis, David S., 27 yrs, PA
39B-26-26, Minnis, Eliza, 36 yrs, PA
39B-26-26, Minnis, Emma L., 10 yrs, PA
42A-64-64, Minnis, Ida A., 16 yrs, PA
42A-62-62, Minnis, James B., 13 yrs, PA
39B-26-26, Minnis, John A., 2 yrs, PA
42A-62-62, Minnis, Mary E., 7 yrs, PA
42A-62-62, Minnis, Narcissa, 46 yrs, PA
39B-26-26, Minnis, Richard, 31 yrs, PA
42A-62-62, Minnis, Samuel, 48 yrs, PA
39B-26-26, Minnis, Sarah E., 5 yrs, PA
42A-64-64, Minnis, W. J., 42 yrs, PA
42A-62-62, Minnis, William , 23 yrs, PA
42A-64-64, Minnis, Wilson N., 14 yrs, PA
for Monroe, see McLean
38B-11-11, Montgomery, J. D., 23 yrs, PA
45A-103-103, Myers, Amanda, 19 yrs, PA
45A-103-103, Myers, Angeline, 44 yrs, PA
45A-103-103, Myers, Frederick, 25 yrs, OH
45A-103-103, Myers, Mary, 3/12 yrs, PA
45A-103-103, Myers, Robert, 20 yrs, PA
39B-29-29, Nacky, Charlotte, 64 yrs, Poi's Ger.
44B-99-99, Nelson, Charles, 8 yrs, PA
45A-99-99, Nelson, Clara C., 9 yrs, PA
44B-99-99, Nelson, Joseph, 28 yrs, PA
44B-99-99, Nelson, Joseph, 71 yrs, PA
44B-99-99, Nelson, Lizzie C., 8 yrs, PA
44B-99-99, Nelson, Lutitia, 35 yrs, PA
44B-99-99, Nelson, Martha, 61 yrs, PA
44B-99-99, Nelson, Matilda, 28 yrs, PA
44B-99-99, Nelson, Milles, 21 yrs, PA
44B-99-99, Nelson, Sheldon, 7 yrs, PA
42A-64-64, Newbold, C. S., 17 yrs, PA
40A-34-34, Newbold, Elisabeth, 48 yrs, PA
40A-34-34, Newbold, Eva L., 15 yrs, PA
40A-34-34, Newbold, Mary, 8 yrs, PA
40A-34-34, Newbold, Sheldon, 18 yrs, PA
40A-34-34, Newbold, W. P., 45 yrs, PA
43B-82-82, Osburn, Almira M., 3 yrs, PA
40B-46-46, Osburn, Elda, 3 yrs, PA
40B-45-45, Osburn, Elma, 3 yrs, PA
41A-53-53, Osburn, Hiram, 1 yrs, PA
40B-46-46, Osburn, J. R., 28 yrs, OH
40B-46-46, Osburn, John, 7/12 yrs, PA
40B-45-45, Osburn, John, 64 yrs, PA
43B-82-82, Osburn, Lewis M., 2 yrs, PA
41A-53-53, Osburn, Lutitia, 18 yrs, OH
40B-46-46, Osburn, Mariah, 21 yrs, PA
40B-45-45, Osburn, Mary M. E., 49 yrs, PA
43B-82-82, Osburn, S. A., 30 yrs, OH
43B-82-82, Osburn, Sarah M., 24 yrs, PA
41A-53-53, Osburn, Warren, 24 yrs, OH
43A-74-74, Palm, Elisabeth, 8 yrs, PA
43A-74-74, Palm, Eliza J., 37 yrs, PA
43A-75-75, Palm, Hannah, 84 yrs, PA
43A-74-74, Palm, Hannah D., 7 yrs, PA
43A-74-74, Palm, John M., 11 yrs, PA
43A-74-74, Palm, Laura J., 13 yrs, PA
43A-74-74, Palm, Martha A., 5 yrs, PA
43A-74-74, Palm, Mary J., 2 yrs, PA
40A-32-32, Palm, Minerva, 19 yrs, PA
40A-33-33, Palm, Olive, 18 yrs, PA
40A-32-32, Palm, Peter, 26 yrs, PA
43A-74-74, Palm, W. M., 43 yrs, PA
43A-74-74, Palm, William G., 3/12 yrs, PA
39A-16-16, Parks, Rebeca, 60 yrs, PA
39B-22-22, Pears, Arther, 18 yrs, PA
39B-22-22, Pears, Ellen, 10 yrs, PA
39B-22-22, Pears, Ellinor, 47 yrs, England
39B-22-22, Pears, Frederick, 13 yrs, PA
39B-22-22, Pears, John, 46 yrs, England
39B-22-22, Pears, Mary J., 7 yrs, PA
41B-56-56, Piersal, Flora, 16 yrs, PA
41B-56-56, Piersal, Jared, 22 yrs, PA
41B-56-56, Piersal, Mary A., 11 yrs, PA
41B-56-56, Piersal, R. O., 57 yrs, OH
41B-56-56, Piersal, Rebeca, 53 yrs, OH
41B-56-56, Piersal, Selinda, 19 yrs, PA
38A-1-1, Reash, *ealine, 23 yrs, OH
38A-1-1, Reash, Catharine, 50 yrs, PA
38A-1-1, Reash, Elisabeth, 17 yrs, OH
38A-1-1, Reash, George, 54 yrs, OH
38A-1-1, Reash, Isaac, 14 yrs, PA
38A-1-1, Reash, Levi, 10 yrs, PA
38A-1-1, Reash, Levina, 7 yrs, PA
38A-1-1, Reash, Sevilla, 21 yrs, OH
38A-1-1, Reash, William, 19 yrs, OH
42A-61-61, Rhoads, Adolphus A., 5 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, Alva, 4 yrs, PA
42A-61-61, Rhoads, Alva M., 2 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, Angela , 11 yrs, PA
42A-61-61, Rhoads, Anne, 79 yrs, In Germany
39B-24-24, Rhoads, Caleb, 28 yrs, PA
42A-61-61, Rhoads, Charlotte, 35 yrs, PA
39B-24-24, Rhoads, Elisabeth, 67 yrs, PA
42A-61-61, Rhoads, Emily M., 7 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, George B., 8 yrs, PA
41B-60-60, Rhoads, Hannah N., 20 yrs, PA
42A-60-60, Rhoads, Ida C., 11 yrs, PA
42A-60-60, Rhoads, Ira N., 18 yrs, PA
39B-24-24, Rhoads, James, 30 yrs, PA
39B-30-30, Rhoads, John, 42 yrs, PA
42A-60-60, Rhoads, John R., 14 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, Joseph C., 1 yrs, PA
40A-30-30, Rhoads, Levina, 40 yrs, OH
41B-60-60, Rhoads, Lewis, 54 yrs, PA
39B-24-24, Rhoads, Lewis, 71 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, Marietta, 15 yrs, PA
41B-60-60, Rhoads, Martha, 25 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, Martha E., 13 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, Mary, 39 yrs, PA
42A-61-61, Rhoads, Mary A., 4 yrs, PA
40A-30-30, Rhoads, Niles, 13 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, S. H., 43 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, Samantha, 9 yrs, PA
41B-60-60, Rhoads, Sarah, 52 yrs, PA
42A-60-60, Rhoads, Sarah, 74 yrs, PA
42A-61-61, Rhoads, Tho's, 37 yrs, PA
42A-60-60, Rhoads, Thomas R., 16 yrs, PA
39B-24-24, Rhoads, William, 24 yrs, PA
40A-30-30, Rhoads, William , 16 yrs, PA
41B-59-59, Rhoads, William A., 6 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Riley, Eliza, 74 yrs, Ireland
45A-104-104, Roberts, Catharine, 43 yrs, PA
40B-43-43, Roberts, Celestia S., 6 yrs, PA
43B-81-81, Roberts, Crandel D., 10/12 yrs, PA
43B-81-81, Roberts, Emma A., 4 yrs, PA
40B-43-43, Roberts, J. F., 30 yrs, PA
43B-81-81, Roberts, Jennie C., 10 yrs, PA
40B-43-43, Roberts, John, 4 yrs, PA
43B-81-81, Roberts, John R., 2 yrs, PA
45A-104-104, Roberts, John W., 4 yrs, PA
45A-104-104, Roberts, Joseph, 12 yrs, PA
45A-104-104, Roberts, Lester L., 15 yrs, PA
40B-43-43, Roberts, Linetta, 2 yrs, PA
43B-81-81, Roberts, Margaret, 31 yrs, PA
45A-104-104, Roberts, Mary J., 14 yrs, PA
40B-43-43, Roberts, Milton, 4/12 yrs, PA
45A-104-104, Roberts, Nancy E., 7 yrs, PA
45A-104-104, Roberts, Phebe M., 6 yrs, PA
43B-81-81, Roberts, Rebeca M., 6 yrs, PA
45A-104-104, Roberts, Robert, 11 yrs, PA
45A-104-104, Roberts, Susan C., 1 yrs, PA
40B-43-43, Roberts, Susan M., 26 yrs, PA
43B-81-81, Roberts, T. B., 35 yrs, PA
45A-104-104, Roberts, W. C., 25 yrs, PA
40B-43-43, Roberts, William, 4 yrs, PA
42A-63-63, Rook, Nancy, 17 yrs, PA
38B-13-13, Simpson, John F., 4 yrs, PA
38B-13-13, Simpson, Martha, 35 yrs, PA
38B-13-13, Simpson, Mary J., 8 yrs, PA
38A-7-7, Small, Clara A., 3 yrs, PA
38B-7-7, Small, Hannah, 73 yrs, PA
38A-7-7, Small, John E., 11/12 yrs, PA
38A-7-7, Small, Nancy, 22 yrs, PA
38A-7-7, Small, Simon N., 35 yrs, PA
42B-71-71, Small, William, 22 yrs, PA
39B-28-28, Smith, Ellmore, 14 yrs, Canada
38A-2-2, Spring, Arthur, 40 yrs, Ireland
38A-2-2, Spring, Francis J., 2 yrs, PA
38A-2-2, Spring, Jane, 36 yrs, Ireland
38A-2-2, Spring, Jane J., 4 yrs, PA
38A-2-2, Spring, John A., 6 yrs, NY
38A-2-2, Spring, Mary J., 8 yrs, NY
38A-2-2, Spring, William A., 10 yrs, MA
44B-95-95, Steel, Catharine, 16 yrs, PA
40B-42-42, Stephenson, Almirg, 16 yrs, PA
46A-119-119, Stephenson, Amanda L., 2 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Stephenson, Amos, 8 yrs, PA
46B-121-121, Stephenson, Anna, 36 yrs, PA
40B-42-42, Stephenson, Besta L., 2 yrs, PA
46A-119-119, Stephenson, D. M., 27 yrs, PA
44A-87-87, Stephenson, David F., 12 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Stephenson, Eddy, 5 yrs, PA
40B-42-42, Stephenson, Elda E., 5 yrs, PA
46A-120-120, Stephenson, Eleanor, 68 yrs, PA
43B-87-87, Stephenson, Elisabeth, 46 yrs, PA
46A-120-120, Stephenson, Elisabeth A., 28 yrs, OH
46A-119-119, Stephenson, Elisabeth R., 64 yrs, PA
44A-87-87, Stephenson, Elisabeth T., 6 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Stephenson, Eliza, 39 yrs, PA
40B-42-42, Stephenson, Findley, 9 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Stephenson, Findley, 15 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Stephenson, Frank, 3/12 yrs, PA
40A-36-36, Stephenson, G. J., 16 yrs, PA
40B-42-42, Stephenson, George, 39 yrs, PA
40B-42-42, Stephenson, Ida, 12 yrs, PA
39A-17-17, Stephenson, J. B., 20 yrs, PA
41B-58-58, Stephenson, J. F., 15 yrs, PA
43B-87-87, Stephenson, J. L., 46 yrs, PA
46B-121-121, Stephenson, J. M. , 35 yrs, PA
43B-87-87, Stephenson, James W., 20 yrs, PA
44A-87-87, Stephenson, Jesse *. , 10 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Stephenson, John, 2 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Stephenson, John, 43 yrs, PA
46A-120-120, Stephenson, John, 69 yrs, PA
46B-120-120, Stephenson, John S., 5 yrs, PA
46B-121-121, Stephenson, Joseph, 7 yrs, PA
44A-87-87, Stephenson, Joseph A., 18 yrs, PA
46A-120-120, Stephenson, Joseph B., 28 yrs, PA
44A-87-87, Stephenson, Lewis B., 14 yrs, PA
46A-120-120, Stephenson, Lewis C., 7 yrs, PA
46B-121-121, Stephenson, Margaret, 13 yrs, PA
46A-119-119, Stephenson, Margaret L., 33 yrs, PA
46A-119-119, Stephenson, Mariah S., 25 yrs, PA
40B-42-42, Stephenson, Martha A., 37 yrs, PA
44A-87-87, Stephenson, Martial B., 8 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Stephenson, Mary , 18 yrs, PA
39A-17-17, Stephenson, Mary A., 17 yrs, PA
46A-119-119, Stephenson, Robert P., 4 yrs, PA
46B-121-121, Stephenson, Sarah , 1 yrs, PA
43B-87-87, Stephenson, Viletta S., 22 yrs, PA
45B-111-111, Stephenson, William, 12 yrs, PA
46A-120-120, Stephenson, William L., 27 yrs, PA
45B-109-109, Stinson, Amelda B., 5 yrs, PA
45B-109-109, Stinson, Anna, 7 yrs, PA
45B-109-109, Stinson, Jennie W., 3 yrs, PA
45B-109-109, Stinson, Laura D., 10 yrs, PA
45B-109-109, Stinson, Sarah A., 38 yrs, PA
41A-50-50, Swap, David, 60 yrs, NY
43B-80-80, Sweny, Anna R., 14 yrs, PA
43B-80-80, Sweny, Nancy L., 39 yrs, OH
43B-80-80, Sweny, William, 41 yrs, PA
43B-80-80, Sweny, Willie B., 5 yrs, PA
41A-54-54, Switzer, Altamont, 12 yrs, PA
41A-54-54, Switzer, Eliza, 51 yrs, PA
41A-54-54, Switzer, Ida A., 4 yrs, PA
41A-54-54, Switzer, John, 55 yrs, PA
41A-54-54, Switzer, Stafford, 16 yrs, PA
42B-67-67, Taylor, Electic, 15 yrs, PA
43A-76-76, Taylor, Henry, 66 yrs, NJ
43A-76-76, Taylor, Laura L., 63 yrs, NY
46A-114-114, Thompson, Adam S., 15 yrs, PA
46A-114-114, Thompson, Annis E., 190 yrs, PA
45B-114-114, Thompson, Ben H., 45 yrs, PA
46A-114-114, Thompson, Elisabeth, 80 yrs, PA
38A-6-6, Thompson, Elvira, 19 yrs, PA
46A-114-114, Thompson, Emily A., 17 yrs, PA
46A-114-114, Thompson, George W., 8 yrs, PA
46A-114-114, Thompson, John, 11 yrs, PA
38A-6-6, Thompson, John, 23 yrs, PA
38A-6-6, Thompson, Martha, 55 yrs, PA
38A-6-6, Thompson, Sarah, 8/12 yrs, PA
46A-114-114, Thompson, Sarah E., 13 yrs, PA
46A-114-114, Thompson, Sarah H., 44 yrs, PA
46A-114-114, Thompson, William E., 6 yrs, PA
42A-61-61, Tiffany, Phebe J., 15 yrs, PA
41A-48-48, Turner, S. R., 46 yrs, OH
41A-48-48, Turner, Almyra, 39 yrs, PA
41A-48-48, Turner, Eva M., 11 yrs, PA
44A-91-91, Turner, Nancy, 66 yrs, PA
41A-48-48, Turner, Richard E., 13 yrs, PA
44A-91-91, Turner, Sarah J., 34 yrs, PA
41A-48-48, Turner, Syrenus P., 4 yrs, PA
38B-9-9, Unger, Elisabeth, 20 yrs, PA
38B-9-9, Unger, James, 27 yrs, PA
38B-9-9, Unger, Jenietta, 2 yrs, PA
45A-101-101, Vosler, Newton G., 19 yrs, PA
45A-101-101, Vosler, Peter, 56 yrs, NY
45A-101-101, Vosler, Susanna E., 52 yrs, PA
43B-86-86, Waters, Anna, 34 yrs, OH
43B-86-86, Waters, Casius M., 7 yrs, PA
39A-20-20, Waters, Catharine, 58 yrs, NJ
43B-86-86, Waters, Charles W., 6 yrs, PA
39A-20-20, Waters, James A., 29 yrs, PA
43B-86-86, Waters, John M., 11/12 yrs, PA
39A-20-20, Waters, John W., 16 yrs, PA
39A-20-20, Waters, Leonard, 68 yrs, MD
43B-86-86, Waters, Mary, 67 yrs, PA
43B-86-86, Waters, Sam'l A., 26 yrs, PA
43B-86-86, Waters, Sarah L., 3 yrs, PA
38B-13-13, Wells, Charle, 1 yrs, PA
38B-13-13, Wells, Emeline, 20 yrs, PA
46A-118-118, Wick, Ellie, 8 yrs, PA
46A-118-118, Wick, Florence, 15 yrs, PA
46A-118-118, Wick, James, 37 yrs, OH
46A-118-118, Wick, Jane, 34 yrs, PA
46A-118-118, Wick, Nettie, 4 yrs, PA
46A-118-118, Wick, Sarah, 11 yrs, PA
41A-51-51, Williams, Melvina, 24 yrs, PA
41A-51-51, Williams, W. S., 29 yrs, PA
38A-6-6, Woods, David, 24 yrs, OH
38A-6-6, Woods, Ida, 1 yrs, PA
38A-6-6, Woods, Martha, 20 yrs, PA
42B-71-71, Wooten, John, 9 yrs, England
42B-71-71, Young, Wm, 19 yrs, England

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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