Hickory Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

Pg#–Dwelling#–Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

179A 6-6, **mp*hrey, Margaret 9/12 yr, PA, possibly Umphrey (Humphrey?)
182B-5-5, *liff, William 33 yrs, OH, Jliff?
182B-5-5, *liff, Martha 25 yrs, OH, Jliff?
182B-5-5, *liff, Cornelia 7 yrs, OH, Jliff?
182B-5-5, *liff, Lizzie 6 yrs, PA, Jliff?
182B-5-5, *liff, Allice 3 yrs, PA, Jliff?
182B-5-5, *liff, Mary 1 yrs, PA, Jliff?
225B-2-2, Abanatha, David 24 yrs, Scot
212B-7-7, Adams, Ellen 58 yrs, Scotland
212B-7-7, Adams, John 26 yrs, Scotland
212B-7-7, Adams, Thomas 21 yrs, Scotland
228A-1-1, Adler, Robert 32 yrs, PA, possibly "Idler"
228A-1-1, Adler, Rebecca 25 yrs, PA, possibly "Idler"
228A-1-1, Adler, Maud 5 yrs, PA, possibly "Idler"
228A-1-1, Adler, Hatty 2 yrs, PA, possibly "Idler"
199B-9-9, Adler, Adam 21 yrs, PA
199B-9-9, Adler, Frances 16 yrs, Eng
199B-9-9, Adler, Elisabeth 1/12 yr, PA
201A-3-3, Adler, Jacob 48 yrs, Prussia
201A-3-3, Adler, George 19 yrs, PA
201A-3-3, Adler, Caroline 16 yrs, PA
201A-3-3, Adler, Charles 13 yrs, PA
197A-1-1, Aere, Martin 24 yrs, PA
254B-4-4, Agnew, David 64 yrs, PA
254B-4-4, Agnew, Eliza 62 yrs, PA
254B-4-4, Agnew, Chas. 26 yrs, VA
254B-4-4, Agnew, Mary E. 22 yrs, PA
254B-4-4, Agnew, Theoe. 35 yrs, VA
254B-4-4, Agnew, Sydney R. 25 yrs, MD
254B-4-4, Agnew, Nelly B. 3 yrs, MD
254B-4-4, Agnew, Percy 1 yrs, MD
194A-4-4, Ague, Alexander 23 yrs, OH
194A-4-4, Ague, Mary 59 yrs, PA
194A-4-4, Ague, Cornelia 24 yrs, OH
212A-1-1, Aiker, William 54 yrs, Scotland
212A-1-1, Aiker, Elisabeth 54 yrs, Scotland
212A-1-1, Aiker, Elisabeth 11 yrs, Scot
212A-1-1, Aiker, Mary 7 yrs, Scot
212A-1-1, Aiker, John 5 yrs, Scot
212A-1-1, Aiker, Margaret 1 yrs, IL
178B-7-7, Aldaman, Augustus 38 yrs, OH
178B-7-7, Aldaman, Elisabeth 32 yrs, OH
178B-7-7, Aldaman, Fred. 11 yrs, OH
178B-7-7, Aldaman, Dexter 37 yrs, OH
180B-4-4, Aldeman, Alonza 48 yrs, OH
180B-4-4, Aldeman, Ellen 40 yrs, OH
180B-4-4, Aldeman, Rilda 19 yrs, OH
180B-4-4, Aldeman, Alda 16 yrs, OH
180B-4-4, Aldeman, Kelly 10 yrs, OH
180B-4-4, Aldeman, Mabel 1 yrs, PA
209B-5-5, Ale*n, H. H. 42 yrs, PA
209B-5-5, Ale*n, Agnes 40 yrs, PA
209B-5-5, Ale*n, Ella 19 yrs, PA
209B-5-5, Ale*n, Allice 14 yrs, PA
209B-5-5, Ale*n, Effa 11 yrs, PA
209B-5-5, Ale*n, Emma 9 yrs, PA
209B-5-5, Ale*n, Pearl 2 yrs, PA
228B-3-3, Alexander, John 29 yrs, Scot
228B-3-3, Alexander, Allice 25 yrs, PA
228B-3-3, Alexander, Henry 5 yrs, PA
228B-3-3, Alexander, Elisabeth 2 yrs, PA
230A-4-4, Alexander, Geo. 25 yrs, Scot
230A-4-4, Alexander, Jennet 25 yrs, Scot
230A-4-4, Alexander, Jennet 2 yrs, Scot
240A-1-1, Alexander, Wm. 50 yrs, Ire
196A-1-1, Alexander, Wm 30 yrs, England
216B-9-9, Alexander, Charles 20 yrs, PA
239A-8-8, Allen, John 26 yrs, Scot
239A-8-8, Allen, Dorothy 23 yrs, Scot
239B-8-8, Allen, Elisabeth 1 yrs, Scot
249B-4-4, Allen, Oliver 19 yrs, PA
253A-3-3, Allen, Frank 52 yrs, PA
253A-3-3, Allen, Elizabeth 47 yrs, IL
253A-3-3, Allen, Jane 17 yrs, PA
253A-3-3, Allen, Chas. W. 13 yrs, PA
253A-3-3, Allen, Jessie 8 yrs, PA
263B-4-4, Allen, Sane 75 yrs, Ire, probably "Jane"
193A-4-4, Allen, William 18 yrs, PA
194B-2-2, Allen, James 30 yrs, Eng,
198B-2-2, Allen, Robert 37 yrs, Scot
198B-2-2, Allen, Beatrice 37 yrs, Scot
198B-2-2, Allen, Margaret 15 yrs, Scot
198B-2-2, Allen, John 14 yrs, Scot
198B-2-2, Allen, Christena 12 yrs, Scot
198B-2-2, Allen, Euphema 9 yrs, Scot
198B-2-2, Allen, George 7 yrs, Scot
198B-2-2, Allen, Beatrice 4 yrs, Scot
198B-2-2, Allen, Agnes 10/12 yr, PA
210B-7-7, Allen, John 49 yrs, Scotland
210B-7-7, Allen, Mary 46 yrs, Scot
210B-7-7, Allen, James 24 yrs, PA
210B-7-7, Allen, John 19 yrs, PA
210B-7-7, Allen, Jane 17 yrs, PA
210B-7-7, Allen, William 16 yrs, PA
211A-7-7, Allen, Robert 13 yrs, PA
211A-7-7, Allen, Joseph 10 yrs, PA
211A-7-7, Allen, Thomas 8 yrs, PA
211A-7-7, Allen, George 4 yrs, PA
211A-7-7, Allen, Daniel 2 yrs, PA
211A-7-7, Allen, Ellen 6/12 yr, PA
224A-6-6, Anderson, David 32 yrs, Scot
224A-6-6, Anderson, Grace 32 yrs, Scot
224A-6-6, Anderson, Alexander 12 yrs, Scot
224A-6-6, Anderson, William 9 yrs, Scot
224A-6-6, Anderson, David 7 yrs, Scot
224A-6-6, Anderson, Ellen 4 yrs, Scot
224B-6-6, Anderson, John 2 yrs, Scot
231B-9-9, Anderson, John 36 yrs, Scot
231B-9-9, Anderson, Jennet 34 yrs, Scot
231B-9-9, Anderson, Robert 14 yrs, Scot
232A-9-9, Anderson, Jennet 12 yrs, Scot
232A-9-9, Anderson, James 7 yrs, Scot
232A-9-9, Anderson, Andrew 2 yrs, Scot
234A-3-3, Anderson, John 21 yrs, Scot,
251A-7-7, Anderson, Sarah 19 yrs, PA
264B-8-8, Anderson, Jno 42 yrs, Ire
264B-8-8, Anderson, Ellen 40 yrs, Ire
265A-8-8, Anderson, Ellen 13 yrs, Wales
265A-8-8, Anderson, Cath 1 yrs, PA
209B-1-1, Anderson, George 30 yrs, Scotland
209B-1-1, Anderson, Jane 24 yrs, Scotland
209B-1-1, Anderson, Robert 5 yrs, PA
209B-1-1, Anderson, Elisabeth 4 yrs, PA
209B-1-1, Anderson, Ellen 3 yrs, PA
209B-1-1, Anderson, Mary 8/12 yr, PA
264A-8-8, Andrew, David 26 yrs, PA
255A-1-1, Andrews, A. C. 38 yrs, NY
255A-1-1, Andrews, Elizabeth 28 yrs, PA
255A-1-1, Andrews, Minnie 10 yrs, PA
266B-7-7, Andrews, Jos. 34 yrs, Eng
266B-7-7, Andrews, Anne 40 yrs, Eng
266B-7-7, Andrews, Eliza 19 yrs, Eng
266B-7-7, Andrews, Dinah 14 yrs, Eng
266B-7-7, Andrews, Joseph 9 yrs, Eng
266B-7-7, Andrews, Susan 1 yrs, PA
206A-5-5, Andrews, Joseph 35 yrs, PA
206A-5-5, Andrews, Margarett 32 yrs, PA
206A-5-5, Andrews, James 10 yrs, PA
206A-5-5, Andrews, Freddy 9 yrs, PA
206A-5-5, Andrews, Samuel 7 yrs, PA
206A-5-5, Andrews, John 5 yrs, PA
206A-5-5, Andrews, Mary 2 yrs, PA
187A-1-1, Anthony, Wm 25 yrs, PA
221A-3-3, Arblast*, Charles 40 yrs, Eng, possibly "Arblaster"
221A-3-3, Arblast*, Charlotte 39 yrs, Eng, possibly "Arblaster"
221A-3-3, Arblast*, Charles 17 yrs, Eng, possibly "Arblaster"
221A-3-3, Arblast*, Charlotte 13 yrs, Eng, possibly "Arblaster"
221A-3-3, Arblast*, Henry 11 yrs, Eng, possibly "Arblaster"
221A-3-3, Arblast*, Betsy 3 yrs, PA, possibly "Arblaster"
221A-3-3, Arblast*, Mary 5/12 yr, PA, possibly "Arblaster"
237A-7-7, Arbuckle, Wm 58 yrs, PA
237A-7-7, Arbuckle, Obedience 58 yrs, PA
237A-7-7, Arbuckle, Florence 20 yrs, PA
237A-7-7, Arbuckle, Freelove 18 yrs, PA
237A-7-7, Arbuckle, Florinda 16 yrs, PA
237A-7-7, Arbuckle, Floretta 15 yrs, PA
237A-7-7, Arbuckle, William 14 yrs, PA
223A-5-5, Archibald, John 48 yrs, Scot
223A-5-5, Archibald, Eupheme 36 yrs, Scot
223A-5-5, Archibald, Isabella 16 yrs, Scot
223A-5-5, Archibald, Peter 13 yrs, Scot
223A-5-5, Archibald, Jennett 10 yrs, Scot
223A-5-5, Archibald, Adnrew 8 yrs, Scot
223A-5-5, Archibald, Anna 6 yrs, Scot
223A-5-5, Archibald, Wilhemina 5 yrs, Scot
223A-5-5, Archibald, Euphema 3 yrs, PA
223A-5-5, Archibald, John 1 yrs, PA
208A-2-2, Archibald, James 28 yrs, Scot
208A-2-2, Archibald, Isabella 25 yrs, Scot
208A-2-2, Archibald, Andrew 7 yrs, Scot
208A-2-2, Archibald, Dorothy 5 yrs, Scot
208A-2-2, Archibald, Jennet 3 yrs, PA
208A-2-2, Archibald, Elisabeth 2 yrs, PA
213B-4-4, Archibald, Thomas 36 yrs, Scot
244B-2-2, Armistead, Alfred 27 yrs, Eng
244B-2-2, Armistead, Eupheme 25 yrs, Scot
244B-2-2, Armistead, Eupheme 7 yrs, Scot
244B-2-2, Armistead, James 6 yrs, Scot
244B-2-2, Armistead, Esther 3 yrs, PA
244B-2-2, Armistead, Florence 11/12 yr, PA
193B-3-3, Armor, John 48 yrs, PA
193B-3-3, Armor, Mary 31 yrs, PA
193B-3-3, Armor, William 6 yrs, PA
193B-3-3, Armor, James 3 yrs, PA
193B-3-3, Armor, Margaret 8/12 yr, PA
199B-3-3, Armor, Mary 41 yrs, PA
199B-3-3, Armstrong, Lizze 20 yrs, PA
204B-6-6, Armstrong, Matty 24 yrs, PA
244B-4-4, Ascroft, Richard 54 yrs, Eng, probably "Ashcroft"
244B-4-4, Ascroft, Nancy 50 yrs, Eng, probably "Ashcroft"
244B-4-4, Ascroft, Thomas 29 yrs, Eng, probably "Ashcroft"
244B-4-4, Ascroft, James 23 yrs, Eng, probably "Ashcroft"
244B-4-4, Ascroft, Margaret 31 yrs, Eng, probably "Ashcroft"
244B-4-4, Ascroft, Ellen 24 yrs, Eng, probably "Ashcroft"
244B-4-4, Ascroft, William 3 yrs, Eng, probably "Ashcroft"
244B-4-4, Ascroft, Thomas 8/12 yr, Eng, probably "Ashcroft"
244B-4-4, Ashcroft, Richard 13 yrs, Eng
210A-4-4, Ashworth, Jane 26 yrs, PA
210A-4-4, Ashworth, Mariah 8 yrs, IA
210A-4-4, Ashworth, Rosella 4 yrs, IA
227A-5-5, Atlums, Thomnas 27 yrs, Eng
255B-3-3, Aucter, Jos. 34 yrs, Ger.
255B-3-3, Aucter, Caroline 18 yrs, Ger.
255B-3-3, Aucter, Chas. 1/12 yr, PA
265B-4-4, Aurbrg, Samuel 42 yrs, Wales, possibly "Ambrg"
265B-4-4, Aurbrg, Eliza 35 yrs, Wales, possibly "Ambrg"
265B-4-4, Aurbrg, Wm 3 yrs, Wales, possibly "Ambrg"
265B-4-4, Aurbrg, Jno 32 yrs, Wales, possibly "Ambrg"
265A-3-3, Austin, Alfred 23 yrs, Eng
265A-3-3, Austin, Mary 28 yrs, Eng
265A-3-3, Austin, Alfred 1 yrs, PA
266A-4-4, Austin, Edward 28 yrs, OH
266A-4-4, Austin, Elizabeth 38 yrs, PA
177A-1-1, Austin, Amos 43 yrs, PA
177A-1-1, Austin, Mary 33 yrs, OH
177A-1-1, Austin, Lilly 16 yrs, PA
177A-1-1, Austin, James 13 yrs, PA
177A-1-1, Austin, Frank 7 yrs, PA
183B-2-2, Austin, Nancy 9 yrs, PA
218A-5-5, Austin, Thomas 25 yrs, Eng
218A-5-5, Austin, Betty 16 yrs, Eng
215B-5-5, Ayres, Joseph 49 yrs, MA
215B-5-5, Ayres, Mary A. 32 yrs, PA
215B-5-5, Ayres, Zylphia 14 yrs, PA
215B-5-5, Ayres, Jane E. 12 yrs, PA
215B-5-5, Ayres, Douglass 10 yrs, PA
215B-5-5, Ayres, James 8 yrs, OH
215B-5-5, Ayres, Conrod 5 yrs, PA
215B-5-5, Ayres, John 3 yrs, PA
215B-5-5, Ayres, By*a V. 8/12 yr, PA
241B-2-2, Bach, John 44 yrs, Prus
241B-2-2, Bach, Anna 41 yrs, Prus
241B-2-2, Bach, Peter 14 yrs, Prus
241B-2-2, Bach, Eve 11 yrs, Prus
241B-2-2, Bach, Joseph 13 yrs, Prus
241B-2-2, Bach, John 9 yrs, Prus
241B-2-2, Bach, Margaret 6 yrs, PA
241B-2-2, Bach, Susanna 4 yrs, PA
241B-2-2, Bach, Felix 1 yrs, PA
258A-8-8, Baider, Ma*ulde 14 yrs, PA
247B-2-2, Bailey, Jno 58 yrs, Eng
247B-2-2, Bailey, Amelia 17 yrs, PA
247B-2-2, Bailey, Sovinia 14 yrs, PA, probably "Lovinia"
247B-2-2, Bailey, Eugene 14 yrs, PA
247B-2-2, Bailey, Robin 10 yrs, PA
257B-5-5, Bailey, Chas 17 yrs, PA,
264B-2-2, Bailey, Jno 22 yrs, PA
264B-2-2, Bailey, Maggie 20 yrs, Scot
217A-4-4, Bailey, Thomas 30 yrs, Ireland
217A-4-4, Bailey, Elisabeth 27 yrs, Eng
217A-4-4, Bailey, Jane 7 yrs, Eng
217A-4-4, Bailey, Thomas 5 yrs, Scot
217A-4-4, Bailey, Elisabeth 6/12 yr, PA
215A-5-5, Bails, John L. 36 yrs, PA
215A-5-5, Bails, Alvira 22 yrs, PA
215A-5-5, Bails, Charles 7/12 yr, PA
177B-2-2, Baily, Beckey 84 yrs, Eng
178A-7-7, Baily, Peter 50 yrs, Scot.
178A-7-7, Baily, Jane 45 yrs, Scot.
178B-7-7, Baily, Peter 23 yrs, Scot.
178B-7-7, Baily, Charles 19 yrs, Scot.
178B-7-7, Baily, Lindsay 17 yrs, Scot.
178B-7-7, Baily, Jane 13 yrs, PA
178B-7-7, Baily, Daniel 11 yrs, PA
178B-7-7, Baily, William 9 yrs, PA
178B-7-7, Baily, Jennet 8 yrs, PA
178B-7-7, Baily, Mary 5 yrs, PA
178B-7-7, Baily, Margaret 1 yrs, PA
217B-5-5, Baily, James 35 yrs, Ire
217B-5-5, Baily, Mary 29 yrs, Ire
217B-5-5, Baily, John 9 yrs, Scot
217B-5-5, Baily, Rachel 8 yrs, Scot
217B-5-5, Baily, Elisabeth 7 yrs, Eng
217B-5-5, Baily, Anna 5 yrs, Scot
217B-5-5, Baily, Jane 3 yrs, Scot
217B-5-5, Baily, Valentine 1 yrs, Scot
196A-5-5, Baine, George 29 yrs, Scot
196A-5-5, Baine, Catherine 38 yrs, Scot
196A-5-5, Baine, Ellen 9 yrs, Scot
196A-5-5, Baine, James 7 yrs, Scot
196A-5-5, Baine, Magdelana 5 yrs, Scot
196A-5-5, Baine, Jennet 3 yrs, Scot
196A-5-5, Baine, Robert 5/12 yr, PA
254A-1-1, Baker, Wm 22 yrs, Eng
254A-1-1, Baker, Hester 20 yrs, Eng
176A-9-9, Baker, A. J. 23 yrs, PA
176B-9-9, Baker, Mary 23 yrs, PA
176B-9-9, Baker, Charles 1/12 yr, PA
176B-2-2, Baker, Elijah 54 yrs, PA
176B-2-2, Baker, Elisabeth 48 yrs, PA
176B-2-2, Baker, Florence 17 yrs, PA
176B-2-2, Baker, Ida J. 17 yrs, PA
176B-2-2, Baker, Emma 7 yrs, PA
181B-2-2, Baker, Rebecca 45 yrs, PA
181B-2-2, Baker, James 6 yrs, PA
184A-1-1, Baker, Edwin 21 yrs, PA
184A-1-1, Baker, Mary 19 yrs, PA
187B-5-5, Baker, George 8 yrs, PA
196B-3-3, Baker, Eliza 34 yrs, PA
196B-3-3, Baker, Charles 12 yrs, PA
196B-3-3, Baker, John 10 yrs, PA
196B-3-3, Baker, Eunice 8 yrs, PA
197A-2-2, Baker, Jane 17 yrs, PA
199B-2-2, Baker, John 40 yrs, OH
199B-2-2, Baker, Robina 35 yrs, PA
199B-2-2, Baker, Sylvester 15 yrs, PA
199B-2-2, Baker, Mary 12 yrs, PA
199B-2-2, Baker, Henry 9 yrs, PA
199B-2-2, Baker, Elisabeth 5 yrs, PA
199B-2-2, Baker, Lula 2 yrs, PA
221B-4-4, Baker, Jacob 68 yrs, OH
212A-8-8, Balentine, John 33 yrs, Scot
212A-8-8, Balentine, Agnes 34 yrs, Scotland
212A-8-8, Balentine, Ellen 8 yrs, Scotland
212A-8-8, Balentine, John 6 yrs, Scotland
212A-8-8, Balentine, Belle 2 yrs, Scotland
256A-10-10, Baller, B. 27 yrs, PA
256A-10-10, Baller, Mary G. 24 yrs, PA
256A-10-10, Baller, Trissy 1/12 yr, PA
192A-3-3, Ballet, Justa 9 yrs, PA
222A-8-8, Bamish, Jacob 20 yrs, Bav
226A-6-6, Banary, Mary 55 yrs, France
226A-6-6, Banary, Mary 14 yrs, France
226A-6-6, Banary, Antheny 4 yrs, France
226A-6-6, Banary, Antheny 4 yrs, France
240A-6-6, Bannel, Kate 14 yrs, PA, possibly "Barmel", "Barenel"
213B-3-3, Barber, John 27 yrs, Scot
213B-3-3, Barber, Jane 24 yrs, Scot
213B-3-3, Barber, Martha 2 yrs, Scot
200A-5-5, Bard, Nuena 10 yrs, PA
234A-5-5, Barisford, John 30 yrs, Eng, possibly "Bevisford"
207A-7-7, Bark, Binedack 35 yrs, France
207A-7-7, Bark, Mary 52 yrs, France
207A-7-7, Bark, Frank 2 yrs, PA
207A-7-7, Bark, F*ennet 1 yrs, PA
265B-6-6, Barkhammer, H. 55 yrs, PA
265B-6-6, Barkhammer, Franklin 16 yrs, PA
265B-6-6, Barkhammer, Emil. 14 yrs, PA
265B-6-6, Barkhammer, Sylvester 11 yrs, PA
265B-7-7, Barkhammer, Jno. 24 yrs, PA
265B-7-7, Barkhammer, Anne 22 yrs, PA
265B-7-7, Barkhammer, Hannah 2 yrs, PA
265B-7-7, Barkhammer, Mary 1/12 yr, PA
257A-5-5, Barles, Jas 24 yrs, PA
257A-5-5, Barles, Susana 22 yrs, PA
257A-5-5, Barles, Mary 5 yrs, PA
257A-5-5, Barles, Stansbow 5/12 yr, PA
259B-8-8, Barnacle, Danl. 34 yrs, PA, possibly "Barnade"
259B-8-8, Barnacle, Wm 21 yrs, PA, possibly "Barnade"
190A-6-6, Barnhart, John 20 yrs, PA
243B-1-1, Barnikin, Geo. 38 yrs, Bav
243B-1-1, Barnikin, Rosanna 35 yrs, Bav
243B-1-1, Barnikin, Anna 6 yrs, PA
243B-1-1, Barnikin, Margaret 4 yrs, PA
243B-1-1, Barnikin, Frederick 2 yrs, PA
232A-6-6, Barns, Benjamin 22 yrs, Eng
181A-6-6, Barr, Robert 29 yrs, Scot
254B-5-5, Barret, Jno. 22 yrs, Ire
246A-4-4, Bart, Peter 27 yrs, Scot
246A-4-4, Bart, Margaret 25 yrs, Scot
246A-4-4, Bart, Peter 1/12 yr, PA
234B-3-3, Bartholomer, Ewd. 15 yrs, PA
223A-4-4, Bartholomew, Henry 34 yrs, Prus
223A-4-4, Bartholomew, Christine 38 yrs, PA
223A-4-4, Bartholomew, Mary 12 yrs, PA
223A-4-4, Bartholomew, Henry 11 yrs, PA
223A-4-4, Bartholomew, John 9 yrs, PA
223A-4-4, Bartholomew, Charles 7 yrs, PA
223A-4-4, Bartholomew, Anna 4 yrs, PA
223A-4-4, Bartholomew, Anne Eliza 1 yrs, PA
224A-5-5, Bartholomew, Carl 27 yrs, H. Cassil
224A-5-5, Bartholomew, Martha 29 yrs, H. Cassil
224A-5-5, Bartholomew, Anna 3 yrs, PA
224A-5-5, Bartholomew, John 2 yrs, PA
224A-5-5, Bartholomew, Henry 6/12 yr, PA
233A-1-1, Bartholomew, Saml 54 yrs, PA
233A-1-1, Bartholomew, Elisabeth 56 yrs, PA
233A-1-1, Bartholomew, Sarah 24 yrs, PA
233A-1-1, Bartholomew, Jonathan 21 yrs, PA
233A-1-1, Bartholomew, Charles 12 yrs, PA
233A-1-1, Bartholomew, Hiram 17 yrs, PA
241A-3-3, Bartram, Robt 20 yrs, Eng
267B-2-2, Baruet, Wm 70 yrs, Ire
267B-2-2, Baruet, Matilda 54 yrs, PA
267B-2-2, Baruet, Hamilton 19 yrs, PA
267B-2-2, Baruet, Katie 17 yrs, PA
267B-2-2, Baruet, Martha 15 yrs, PA
267B-2-2, Baruet, Godfrey 10 yrs, PA
267B-2-2, Baruet, Hamilton 5 yrs, PA
195A-3-3, Barwell, Robt 56 yrs, Eng
195A-3-3, Barwell, Hannah 56 yrs, Eng
216B-1-1, Basby, William 23 yrs, Eng
179A-1-1, Bashar, Christian 31 yrs, Bavaria
179A-1-1, Bashar, Catherine 32 yrs, France
179A-1-1, Bashar, Mariah 4 yrs, PA
179A-1-1, Bashar, John R. 2 yrs, PA
179A-1-1, Bashar, no name 1/12 yr, PA
226B-4-4, Basher, George 32 yrs, Bav
226B-4-4, Basher, Mary 20 yrs, OH
226B-4-4, Basher, Caroline 1 yrs, PA
235A-5-5, Basher, Jacob 28 yrs, Bav
235A-5-5, Basher, Alviree 19 yrs, PA
235A-5-5, Basher, John 1 yrs, PA
211A-5-5, Bateman, James 34 yrs, MA
211A-5-5, Bateman, Susan 29 yrs, Eng
211A-5-5, Bateman, Mary 8 yrs, OH
211A-5-5, Bateman, Harriett 6 yrs, OH
211A-5-5, Bateman, James 4 yrs, PA
211A-5-5, Bateman, Delia 1 yrs, PA
236B-5-5, Batizer, Jacob 25 yrs, Bav
236B-5-5, Batizer, Hellen 22 yrs, PA
236B-5-5, Batizer, Edward 3 yrs, PA
236B-5-5, Batizer, Samuel 1 yrs, PA
173A-4-4, Batizer, Anthony 33 yrs, Bav.
173A-4-4, Batizer, Elisabeth 24 yrs, Bav.
173A-4-4, Batizer, Charles 4 yrs, PA
173A-4-4, Batizer, Susannah 3 yrs, PA
173A-4-4, Batizer, John 1 yrs, PA
264A-6-6, Batle, Jno. 31 yrs, Ire
264A-6-6, Batle, Grace 28 yrs, Eng
264A-6-6, Batle, Mary A. 4/12 yr, PA
195B-1-1, Batler, Mazach 16 yrs, Wales
195B-1-1, Batler, Anna 40 yrs, Wales
195B-1-1, Batler, Cradock 18 yrs, Wales
195B-1-1, Batler, Tileson 17 yrs, Wales
195B-1-1, Batler, Comer 16 yrs, Wales
195B-1-1, Batler, Even 14 yrs, PA
195B-1-1, Batler, Elisabeth 12 yrs, PA
195B-1-1, Batler, Mary 8 yrs, PA
195B-1-1, Batler, Edward 4 yrs, PA
195B-1-1, Batler, Kate 8/12 yr, PA
234B-5-5, Bavisford, Elis. 27 yrs, Eng
234B-5-5, Bavisford, Martha 8 yrs, Eng
234B-5-5, Bavisford, Mary 4 yrs, Eng
234B-5-5, Bavisford, John 2 yrs, Eng
213B-3-3, Baxter, John 24 yrs, Scot
197A-4-4, Bear, John 19 yrs, PA
205A-6-6, Beaty, William 39 yrs, PA
205A-6-x, Beaty, Mary 34 yrs, OH
205A-6-x, Beaty, James 14 yrs, PA
205A-6-x, Beaty, Eva 11 yrs, PA
205A-6-x, Beaty, Freel 6 yrs, PA
258A-4-4, Beaumont, Jos 40 yrs, Eng
258A-4-4, Beaumont, Elizabeth 41 yrs, Eng
258A-4-4, Beaumont, Joseph 6/12 yr, PA
232A-5-5, Beaves, Michael 45 yrs, Ireland
258A-2-2, Bebour, Wesley 28 yrs, PA
258A-2-2, Bebour, Wm 26 yrs, PA
268B-5-5, Bebout, Wesley 25 yrs, PA
187B-1-1, Bebout, Alfred 22 yrs, PA
230B-5-5, Becker, Barnhart 47 yrs, H. Cassel
230B-5-5, Becker, Martha 47 yrs, H. Cassel
230B-5-5, Becker, Barnhart 19 yrs, H. Cassel
229B-4-4, Beely, James 40 yrs, Eng
229B-4-4, Beely, Mariah 38 yrs, Eng
229B-4-4, Beely, George 15 yrs, Eng
229B-4-4, Beely, William 14 yrs, Eng
229B-4-4, Beely, Robert 9 yrs, Eng
229B-4-4, Beely, Elisabeth 7 yrs, Eng
229B-4-4, Beely, Joseph 5 yrs, Eng
229B-4-4, Beely, Fanny 3 yrs, Eng
179B-2-2, Beihman, Conrad 3* yrs, Bav
179B-2-2, Beihman, Solama 20 yrs, France
207B-2-2, Belche, Cath. 23 yrs, Bav
207B-2-2, Belche, Charles 4 yrs, PA
207B-2-2, Belche, Rosa 1 yrs, PA
248B-7-7, Bell, Jas. 25 yrs, OH
248B-7-7, Bell, Margaret 19 yrs, PA
201A-4-4, Belsher, Robert 46 yrs, Eng
201A-4-4, Belsher, Molly 37 yrs, Eng
201A-4-4, Belsher, Anne 12 yrs, Eng
201A-4-4, Belsher, Mary A. 10 yrs, Eng
201A-4-4, Belsher, Joseph 8 yrs, Eng
256A-1-1, Bender, Jno 18 yrs, PA
256A-1-1, Bender, Catharine 49 yrs, PA
189B-2-2, Bensing, William 21 yrs, PA
244B-5-5, Benson, William 30 yrs, Scot
244B-5-5, Benson, Margaret 26 yrs, Scot
244B-5-5, Benson, Margaret 7 yrs, Scot
244B-5-5, Benson, Anne 5 yrs, Scot
244B-5-5, Benson, Peter 3 yrs, PA
244B-5-5, Benson, Jane 1 yrs, PA
244B-1-1, Bently, Joseph 38 yrs, PA
244B-1-1, Bently, Virginia 27 yrs, PA
244B-1-1, Bently, Harry 8 yrs, PA
244B-1-1, Bently, Samuel 6 yrs, PA
268B-2-2, Bently, Newton 30 yrs, PA
268B-2-2, Bently, Catharine 21 yrs, PA
268B-2-2, Bently, Dannid 2 yrs, PA
268B-2-2, Bently, Clara 5/12 yr, PA
191A-3-3, Bently, John 32 yrs, OH
191A-3-3, Bently, Eliza A. 24 yrs, OH
234A-2-2, Beresford, Mary 17 yrs, Eng
234B-1-1, Beresford, James 23 yrs, Eng
234B-1-1, Beresford, Elisabeth 23 yrs, Eng
234B-1-1, Beresford, Anna 2 yrs, Eng
234B-1-1, Beresford, Sarah 6/12 yr, Eng
234B-1-1, Beresford, John 55 yrs, Eng
234B-1-1, Beresford, Mary 53 yrs, Eng
234B-1-1, Beresford, Sarah 11 yrs, Eng
259B-1-1, Berlett, Lewis 20 yrs, PA
259B-1-1, Berlett, Sarah 22 yrs, PA
259B-1-1, Berlett, Albert 11/12 yr, PA
264B-1-1, Berniet, Jos. 62 yrs, Eng, possibly "Buniet", "Beimet", "Bemiet"
264B-1-1, Berniet, Jane 61 yrs, Eng, possibly "Buniet", "Beimet", "Bemiet"
193B-4-4, Berry, Francis 32 yrs, Ire
193B-4-4, Berry, Bridget 26 yrs, Ire
193B-4-4, Berry, Mary 2 yrs, PA
193B-4-4, Berry, Eliza 1 yrs, PA
200A-5-5, Berry, James 24 yrs, PA
232B-3-3, Bertholomew, Ja* 30 yrs, PA
232B-3-3, Bertholomew, Sarah 28 yrs, PA
232B-3-3, Bertholomew, Emma 4 yrs, PA
232B-3-3, Bertholomew, Elvira 3 yrs, PA
232B-3-3, Bertholomew, Francis 2 yrs, PA
232B-3-3, Bertholomew, no name 1/12 yr, PA
177A-5-5, Beswick, Thomas 35 yrs, Eng
177A-5-5, Beswick, Mary 27 yrs, Eng
177A-5-5, Beswick, Joseph 7 yrs, IL
240A-3-3, Beveridge, Wm. 30 yrs, Scot
240A-3-3, Beveridge, Mary 36 yrs, Scot
240A-3-3, Beveridge, George 22 yrs, Scot
240A-3-3, Beveridge, Jas 43 yrs, Scot
240A-3-3, Beveridge, Jennet 39 yrs, Scot
240A-3-3, Beveridge, Minnie 16 yrs, PA
240A-3-3, Beveridge, John 13 yrs, PA
240A-3-3, Beveridge, Ellen 12 yrs, PA
240A-3-3, Beveridge, Isabella 8 yrs, PA
240A-3-3, Beveridge, William 6 yrs, PA
240A-3-3, Beveridge, Mary 4 yrs, PA
240A-3-3, Beveridge, Grace 2 yrs, PA
240A-5-5, Beveridge, Jennet 10 yrs, PA
213A-7-7, Beveridge, Robt. 38 yrs, Scot
213A-7-7, Beveridge, Isabelia 26 yrs, Scot
213A-7-7, Beveridge, Isabella 9 yrs, Scot
213A-7-7, Beveridge, John 8 yrs, Scot
213A-7-7, Beveridge, Anna 4 yrs, Scot
213A-7-7, Beveridge, Jennet 1 yrs, PA
184A-3-3, Bi**getts, Thos. *4 yrs, Ire
184A-3-3, Bi**getts, Sarah 24 yrs, NY
184A-3-3, Bi**getts, Lucy 3 yrs, PA
184A-3-3, Bi**getts, James 1 yrs, PA
217B-2-2, Biggs, William 31 yrs, Scot
217B-2-2, Biggs, Isabella 31 yrs, Scot
217B-2-2, Biggs, William 9 yrs, Scot
217B-2-2, Biggs, Robert 7 yrs, Scot
217B-2-2, Biggs, Thomas 4 yrs, Scot
217B-2-2, Biggs, George 2 yrs, Scot
217B-2-2, Biggs, Anna 6/12 yr, PA
192B-3-3, Billit, David 25 yrs, AL
264B-10-10, Birduhistle, Jno 24 yrs, Eng
191A-4-4, Bissett, Mary 35 yrs, Ire,
191A-4-4, Bissett, Hatty 9 yrs, OH,
191A-4-4, Bissett, Roderick 7 yrs, OH,
227B-5-5, Black, Henry 7 yrs, Germany
253B-3-3, Black, B. F. 33 yrs, PA
253B-3-3, Black, Elizabeth 33 yrs, PA
253B-3-3, Black, Henry O. 12 yrs, PA
253B-3-3, Black, Amelia 10 yrs, PA
253B-3-3, Black, Elmer 8 yrs, PA
253B-3-3, Black, Margaret 5 yrs, PA
253B-3-3, Black, Albin 4 yrs, PA, possibly "Alvin"
253B-3-3, Black, Ida 2 yrs, PA
253B-3-3, Black, Maud 7/12 yr, PA
183A-6-6, Black, Mary 25 yrs, OH
202A-6-6, Blakely, William 34 yrs, Ireland
202A-6-6, Blakely, Mary 28 yrs, Ireland
202A-6-6, Blakely, Arthur 5 yrs, Scotland
247B-3-3, Blank, Saml 8 yrs, PA
207B-2-2, Blecher, Charles 23 yrs, Belgium, possibly Belche
222A-8-8, Blume, Charles 19 yrs, Bav
207B-8-8, Blythe, Archibald 23 yrs, Scot
208A-6-6, Bo*lk, Sarah J. 18 yrs, PA
224B-6-6, Bobenas, Andrew 48 yrs, France
224B-6-6, Bobenas, Mary 39 yrs, PA
224B-6-6, Bobenas, Gabriell* 10 yrs, PA
224B-6-6, Bobenas, Josephine 8 yrs, PA
224B-6-6, Bobenas, Andrew 8/12 yr, PA
220A-4-4, Boden, John 47 yrs, Eng, possibly "Boder"
220A-4-4, Boden, Anna 45 yrs, Eng, possibly "Boder"
220A-4-4, Boden, Eliza 7 yrs, PA, possibly "Boder"
224A-2-2, Boder, David 24 yrs, Eng,
188A-3-3, Boindley, Mary 19 yrs, PA
229A-3-3, Boker, Henry 35 yrs, Eng
229A-3-3, Boker, Amelia 30 yrs, Eng
229A-3-3, Boker, Mary 12 yrs, Eng
229A-3-3, Boker, Thomas 11 yrs, Eng
229A-3-3, Boker, Pemelia 9 yrs, Eng
229A-3-3, Boker, William 3 yrs, PA
229A-3-3, Boker, Harry 9/12 yr, PA
265B-3-3, Bole, Samuel 42 yrs, PA
265B-3-3, Bole, Elizabeth 40 yrs, PA
265B-3-3, Bole, Jennie 18 yrs, PA
265B-3-3, Bole, Jas. 16 yrs, PA
265B-3-3, Bole, Wm. 6 yrs, PA
265B-3-3, Bole, Hattie 3 yrs, PA
205B-1-1, Bolemiler, Hellen 42 yrs, Hesse Darmstedt, possibly Bolerniler
205B-1-1, Bolemiler, Caty 4 yrs, OH
205B-1-1, Bolemiler, Jacob 3 yrs, PA
205B-1-1, Bolemiler, Elisabeth 1 yrs, PA
205B-1-1, Bolemiler, John 29 yrs, Bavaria
184B-4-4, Boles, Andrew 40 yrs, Ire
184B-4-4, Boles, Eliza 42 yrs, Ire
184B-4-4, Boles, Andrew 14 yrs, PA
184B-4-4, Boles, Eliza Jane 12 yrs, PA
184B-4-4, Boles, William 10 yrs, PA
184B-4-4, Boles, John F. 7 yrs, PA
191B-3-3, Boles, Joseph 34 yrs, PA
191B-3-3, Boles, Rebecca 33 yrs, PA
191B-3-3, Boles, Catherine 10 yrs, PA
237A-4-4, Boliet, A. R. 32 yrs, PA
237A-4-4, Boliet, Adoline 32 yrs, PA
237A-4-4, Boliet, Margaret 7 yrs, PA
237A-4-4, Boliet, Letta 3 yrs, PA
237A-4-4, Boliet, Hatty 6/12 yr, PA
186B-3-3, Bolt, William 50 yrs, Eng
260A-2-2, Bolten, Cretia 22 yrs, PA
260A-2-2, Bolten, Effa 9/12 yr, PA
248B-4-4, Bolton, David 43 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Bolton, Anne 42 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Bolton, Clarissa 15 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Bolton, Matha A. 14 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Bolton, Wm 12 yrs, PA
250A-6-6, Bolton, William 31 yrs, Canada
250A-6-6, Bolton, Rachel 28 yrs, PA
250A-6-6, Bolton, Mary 9 yrs, IA
250A-6-6, Bolton, Justus 7 yrs, IA
250A-6-6, Bolton, Ida 4 yrs, PA
250B-6-6, Bolton, Wm. 1 yrs, PA
205A-2-2, Bolton, William 30 yrs, Eng
205A-2-2, Bolton, Eve 26 yrs, PA
205A-2-2, Bolton, Sarah 5 yrs, PA
205B-3-3, Bolton, Anne 50 yrs, England
210A-3-3, Boone, William 26 yrs, PA
210A-3-3, Boone, Amanda 22 yrs, PA
210A-3-3, Boone, Anna Mary 3 yrs, PA
210A-3-3, Boone, Allice 2 yrs, PA
215A-2-2, Boone, Charles 65 yrs, PA
215A-2-2, Boone, Anna 56 yrs, PA
215A-2-2, Boone, George 30 yrs, PA
215A-2-2, Boone, Elisabeth 23 yrs, PA
196B-9-9, Booth, Verial 62 yrs, Eng
203A-1-1, Boram, Mary 62 yrs, PA
203A-1-1, Boram, Albert 26 yrs, OH
203A-1-1, Boram, Stephen 19 yrs, OH
203A-1-1, Boram, James 16 yrs, OH
202B-3-3, Boran, Cornelius 35 yrs, OH
202B-3-3, Boran, Ellen 23 yrs, Scotland
213A-8-8, Borrow, George 23 yrs, PA
213A-8-8, Borrow, Caroline 24 yrs, PA
213A-8-8, Borrow, Cevinda 3 yrs, PA
213A-8-8, Borrow, Jennet 8/12 yr, PA
249B-3-3, Bortz, Charles 21 yrs, PA
249B-3-3, Bortz, George 20 yrs, PA
257B-5-5, Boussel, Jas 34 yrs, PA,
224A-2-2, Bowden, David 36 yrs, Eng,
224A-2-2, Bowden, Ellen 35 yrs, Eng,
224A-2-2, Bowden, Elisabeth 15 yrs, PA,
224A-2-2, Bowden, Eliza 9 yrs, PA,
224A-2-2, Bowden, William 4 yrs, PA,
224A-2-2, Bowden, George 11/12 yr, PA,
178A-4-4, Bowen, Hannah 38 yrs, Eng
178A-4-4, Bowen, Adaline 10 yrs, PA
178A-4-4, Bowen, Julia 4 yrs, PA
178A-4-4, Bowen, William 1 yrs, PA
190A-8-8, Bower, Am*s 25 yrs, PA
190B-8-8, Bower, Mary 22 yrs, OH
190B-8-8, Bower, Frank 3 yrs, PA
190B-8-8, Bower, Jane 1 yrs, PA
190B-8-8, Bower, Joseph 22 yrs, PA
181B-7-7, Bowers, Julianne 19 yrs, PA
200B-1-1, Bowie, John 47 yrs, Scot
200B-1-1, Bowie, Catherine 47 yrs, PA
200B-1-1, Bowie, Jane 16 yrs, PA
200B-1-1, Bowie, Alexander 10 yrs, PA
200B-1-1, Bowie, Ellen 8 yrs, PA
200B-1-1, Bowie, Eupheme 5 yrs, PA
200B-1-1, Bowie, Jennet 3 yrs, PA
203B-7-7, Bowie, Hunter 39 yrs, Scot
203B-7-7, Bowie, Margaret 40 yrs, Scot
203B-7-7, Bowie, Caty 14 yrs, PA
203B-7-7, Bowie, Alexander 12 yrs, PA
203B-7-7, Bowie, Isabella 10 yrs, PA
203B-7-7, Bowie, Joanna 8 yrs, PA
203B-7-7, Bowie, Jennet 6 yrs, PA
203B-7-7, Bowie, Joseph 2 yrs, PA
204A-7-7, Bowie, Richard 4* yrs, Scot
205A-5-5, Bowie, Magie 14 yrs, Scotland
264B-5-5, Boyer, David 33 yrs, PA
264B-5-5, Boyer, Rebecca 31 yrs, OH
264B-5-5, Boyer, Stephen 12 yrs, PA
264B-5-5, Boyer, Saml 10 yrs, PA
264B-5-5, Boyer, Jno. 18 yrs, PA
264B-5-5, Boyer, Rosanna 8 yrs, PA
264B-5-5, Boyer, Amanda 5 yrs, PA
264B-5-5, Boyer, Chaney 2 yrs, PA
208A-7-7, Boyer, John 48 yrs, PA
261A-9-9, Boyle, Thos 30 yrs, Ire
261A-9-9, Boyle, Hannah 28 yrs, PA
261A-9-9, Boyle, Bernard 1 yrs, PA
261B-9-9, Boyle, Marga. 50 yrs, Ire
261B-3-3, Boyle, Thos 25 yrs, Ire
261B-3-3, Boyle, Ellen 21 yrs, Ire
261B-3-3, Boyle, Jno 8/12 yr, PA
262A-3-3, Boyle, Patrick 28 yrs, Ire
262A-3-3, Boyle, Willifand 25 yrs, Ire
262A-3-3, Boyle, Chas 5 yrs, Ire
262A-3-3, Boyle, Thos 3 yrs, PA
262A-3-3, Boyle, Jas. 47 yrs, Ire
215B-3-3, Boyle, John 30 yrs, Ireland
185A-1-1, Boyles, John 34 yrs, Ire
185A-1-1, Boyles, Bridget 37 yrs, Ire
185A-1-1, Boyles, John 5 yrs, Scot
185A-1-1, Boyles, Catherine 1 yrs, PA
185A-1-1, Boyles, Michael 28 yrs, Ire
237B-1-1, Bracken, Sarah 13 yrs, PA
253B-5-5, Bracken, Julia 42 yrs, PA
213B-5-5, Brader, William 21 yrs, Scotland
213B-5-5, Brader, Margaret 20 yrs, Scot
213B-5-5, Brader, William 5/12 yr, Scot
259B-4-4, Bradford, Saml 47 yrs, PA
259B-4-4, Bradford, Rebecca 43 yrs, PA
259B-4-4, Bradford, Joseph 19 yrs, PA
259B-4-4, Bradford, Ella 12 yrs, PA
259B-4-4, Bradford, Louria 4 yrs, PA
183A-1-1, Brady, Patrick 35 yrs, Ire
183A-1-1, Brady, Anne 29 yrs, Ire
183A-1-1, Brady, Michael 10 yrs, NY
183A-1-1, Brady, James 8 yrs, NY
183A-1-1, Brady, William 4 yrs, PA
183A-1-1, Brady, Mary 6 yrs, PA
183A-1-1, Brady, Margaret 1 yrs, PA
252B-1-1, Bramien, Hug 30 yrs, Ire
189B-2-2, Bran***, Thomas 28 yrs, PA
178A-6-6, Brannan, Charles 40 yrs, Ireland
178A-6-6, Brannan, Mary 19 yrs, NY
178A-6-6, Brannan, John 15 yrs, PA
178A-6-6, Brannan, Charles 11 yrs, PA
178A-6-6, Brannan, Anne 8 yrs, PA
178A-6-6, Brannan, Henry 6/12 yr, PA
252B-1-1, Brannen, Thos. 23 yrs, Ire
252B-1-1, Brannen, Margaret 24 yrs, Ire
252B-1-1, Brannen, John 6/12 yr, PA
252B-7-7, Brannen, Saml. 30 yrs, Ire
252B-7-7, Brannen, Margaret 30 yrs, Ire
252B-7-7, Brannen, John 8 yrs, NY
252B-7-7, Brannen, Saml. 4 yrs, PA
252B-7-7, Brannen, Kate 2 yrs, PA
252B-7-7, Brannen, Margaret 1 yrs, PA
189B-2-2, Brannen, Rebecca 16 yrs, PA
215B-1-1, Brannon, Michael 22 yrs, Ireland
215B-1-1, Brannon, Mary 22 yrs, Scotland
212A-2-2, Branton, Joseph 23 yrs, Scotland
212A-2-2, Branton, Anne 21 yrs, Scotland
212A-2-2, Branton, George 2 yrs, Scot
212A-2-2, Branton, William 6/12 yr, PA
213B-5-5, Branton, Robt 25 yrs, Scot
188A-3-3, Breed, Clora 66 yrs, NY
233A-2-2, Breen, Patrick 30 yrs, Ire
248B-5-5, Bremman, Isaac 43 yrs, OH, see Bremen for remainder of family
249A-5-5, Bremman, Elleis 45 yrs, PA, see Bremman for remainder of family
180A-116-114, Briggs, Maud 4 yrs, PA
180A-116-114, Briggs, Charles 27 yrs, NY
222A-9-9, Brimlow, George 22 yrs, Eng
222A-9-9, Brimlow, Mary 27 yrs, Eng
222B-9-9, Brimlow, Thomas 8 yrs, Eng
222B-9-9, Brimlow, Elisabeth 5 yrs, PA
222B-9-9, Brimlow, Rachel 2 yrs, PA
188B-4-4, Brindlay, Isabella 37 yrs, OH,
188B-4-4, Brindlay, William 16 yrs, PA,
188B-4-4, Brindlay, John J. 11 yrs, PA,
188B-4-4, Brindlay, Lyddia 6 yrs, PA,
188B-4-4, Brindlay, Edmund 2 yrs, PA,
199B-7-7, Brindle, Sarah 58 yrs, Eng
228B-5-5, Broadbent, John 44 yrs, Eng
228B-5-5, Broadbent, Betty 34 yrs, Eng
228B-5-5, Broadbent, Aaron 13 yrs, Eng
228B-5-5, Broadbent, James 3 yrs, PA
248A-8-8, Broar, Robt 40 yrs, Ireland
235A-8-8, Bronson, Afred 31 yrs, PA
235A-8-8, Bronson, Harriett 22 yrs, PA
235A-8-8, Bronson, Dallas 1 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Brooks, Phoebe 24 yrs, PA
223B-4-4, Brothere, Charles 33 yrs, France, possibly "Nart"
178B-1-1, Brouson, J. J. 62 yrs, NY
178B-1-1, Brouson, Maoy 55 yrs, PA, probably "Mary"
178B-1-1, Brouson, Jane Anne 29 yrs, PA
178B-1-1, Brouson, Viola L. 17 yrs, PA
222B-6-6, Brown, Joseph 26 yrs, PA
223A-5-5, Brown, Peter 39 yrs, Scot
230B-6-6, Brown, Joseph 27 yrs, Prussia
230B-6-6, Brown, Johanna 27 yrs, Prussia
230B-6-6, Brown, Catherine 1 yrs, PA
237B-1-1, Brown, James 24 yrs, PA
237B-1-1, Brown, Mary 22 yrs, Eng
237B-3-3, Brown, John 43 yrs, PA
237B-3-3, Brown, Martha 31 yrs, PA
237B-3-3, Brown, Mary 8 yrs, PA
237B-3-3, Brown, Stephen 7 yrs, PA
238B-7-7, Brown, George 40 yrs, PA
238B-7-7, Brown, Mariah 34 yrs, PA
238B-7-7, Brown, John J. 8 yrs, PA
238B-7-7, Brown, George 5 yrs, PA
238B-7-7, Brown, Charles 3 yrs, PA
238B-8-8, Brown, Polly 70 yrs, PA
238B-8-8, Brown, Joseph 29 yrs, PA
239A-3-3, Brown, Edward 47 yrs, Wales
239A-3-3, Brown, Given 6* yrs, Wales, "Given" written over "Anna"
239A-3-3, Brown, Westley 22 yrs, Wales
239A-3-3, Brown, John 16 yrs, PA
239A-4-4, Brown, James 56 yrs, Wales
239A-4-4, Brown, Anna 54 yrs, Wales
239A-4-4, Brown, Margaret 18 yrs, Wales
244B-4-4, Brown, Thomas 21 yrs, Ire
265B-5-5, Brown, Elisab. 42 yrs, Ire
265B-5-5, Brown, Margaret 14 yrs, NY
265B-5-5, Brown, Elizabeth 13 yrs, NY
265B-5-5, Brown, Mariah 10 yrs, NY
265B-5-5, Brown, Jno 8 yrs, PA
265B-5-5, Brown, Wm 6 yrs, PA
265B-5-5, Brown, Emma 4 yrs, PA
265B-5-5, Brown, Martha 2 yrs, PA
179B-6-6, Brown, Rachel 53 yrs, PA
179B-6-6, Brown, Lucinda 43 yrs, PA
179B-6-6, Brown, Jacob 49 yrs, PA
184B-3-3, Brown, Patrick 40 yrs, Ire
184B-3-3, Brown, Bridget 34 yrs, Ire
184B-3-3, Brown, Patrick 10 yrs, PA
184B-3-3, Brown, John 8 yrs, PA
184B-3-3, Brown, Ellen 6 yrs, PA
184B-3-3, Brown, Mary 4 yrs, PA
184B-3-3, Brown, Valentine 19 yrs, Ire
189B-1-1, Brown, Milton 19 yrs, PA
199B-3-3, Brown, Richard 20 yrs, PA
210A-6-6, Brown, James 26 yrs, PA
213B-3-3, Brownlee, Jennet 23 yrs, Scot
213B-5-5, Brownlee, George 18 yrs, Scot
193A-3-3, Buchanan, Jas. 24 yrs, PA
193A-3-3, Buchanan, Marilda 26 yrs, PA
193A-3-3, Buchanan, Eliza H. 2 yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Buchannan, John 56 yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Buchannan, Agnes 53 yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Buchannan, Harrison 34 yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Buchannan, Wirt 13 yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Buchannan, Ephain 11 yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Buchannan, Esther 15 yrs, PA
180B-3-3, Buck, Joshua 24 yrs, PA
180B-3-3, Buck, Anne M. 23 yrs, PA
180B-3-3, Buck, Esther 4/12 yr, PA
191B-6-6, Budd, Betsy 85 yrs, PA
191B-3-3, Bunce, Martilla 30 yrs, OH
245B-1-1, Buoy, James 56 yrs, Scot
245B-1-1, Buoy, Jane 58 yrs, Scot
245B-1-1, Buoy, John 16 yrs, Scot
263B-3-3, Burbark, Geo. 29 yrs, MA
263B-3-3, Burbark, Lizzie 29 yrs, PA
263B-3-3, Burbark, Minnie 8 yrs, PA
263B-3-3, Burbark, Henry 7 yrs, PA
263B-3-3, Burbark, Lilly 4 yrs, PA
263B-3-3, Burbark, George 1 yrs, PA
262B-7-7, Burk, Mary 60 yrs, Ire
254A-5-5, Burn, Wm 21 yrs, Scot,
266B-5-5, Burnell, Conr'd 21 yrs, OH
266B-5-5, Burnell, Josephine 19 yrs, PA
230A-5-5, Burns, Thomas 38 yrs, Ire
230A-5-5, Burns, Jane 29 yrs, Eng
230A-5-5, Burns, Edward 5 yrs, Eng
230A-5-5, Burns, Peter 3 yrs, PA
230A-5-5, Burns, Patrick 1 yrs, PA
250A-5-5, Burns, Thomas 24 yrs, Ire
261A-8-8, Burns, Jno 40 yrs, Ire
211B-3-3, Burns, Robert 21 yrs, Scot
211B-3-3, Burns, Charles 19 yrs, Scot
220B-5-5, Burns, William 32 yrs, Eng
220B-5-5, Burns, Phillis 27 yrs, Eng
220B-5-5, Burns, Elisabeth 9/12 yr, PA
238A-7-7, Bushnell, Fred. 39 yrs, Prus
238A-7-7, Bushnell, Phillapena 35 yrs, Bav
238B-7-7, Bushnell, John 15 yrs, PA
238B-7-7, Bushnell, Frederick 9 yrs, PA
238B-7-7, Bushnell, George 5 yrs, PA
238B-7-7, Bushnell, Jacob 3 yrs, PA
238B-7-7, Bushnell, William 7/12 yr, PA
186B-4-4, Butler, Patrick 28 yrs, Ire,
206B-1-1, Buzza, William 50 yrs, England
206B-1-1, Buzza, Mary A. 49 yrs, England
206B-1-1, Buzza, Robert 21 yrs, England
206B-1-1, Buzza, John 16 yrs, England
206B-1-1, Buzza, Stephen 11 yrs, England
206B-1-1, Buzza, Richard 9 yrs, England
206B-1-1, Buzza, Mary A. 7 yrs, England
204A-4-4, Buzze, Joseph 25 yrs, Eng
204A-4-4, Buzze, Elisabeth 24 yrs, Eng
204A-4-4, Buzze, William 5 yrs, Eng
204A-4-4, Buzze, Emely 3 yrs, Eng
204A-4-4, Buzze, Mary 1 yrs, PA
234A-3-3, Buzzy, Joseph 47 yrs, Eng,
234A-3-3, Buzzy, Mary 42 yrs, Eng,
234A-3-3, Buzzy, Elisabeth 15 yrs, PA,
234A-3-3, Buzzy, Joseph 12 yrs, PA,
225B-4-4, By ***fty, Anne 38 yrs, Ire, probably Byesoft
257A-1-1, Byerly, Isaac 30 yrs, PA
257A-1-1, Byerly, Mary 21 yrs, PA
257A-1-1, Byerly, Minncy 2 yrs, PA
173B-6-5, Byers, Benjamin 46 yrs, PA
173B-6-5, Byers, Catherine 49 yrs, PA
173B-6-5, Byers, Samuel 19 yrs, PA
173B-6-5, Byers, Mary C. 17 yrs, PA
210B-6-6, Byers, Warren 30 yrs, PA
210B-6-6, Byers, Charlotte 40 yrs, PA
210B-6-6, Byers, Maud 5 yrs, PA
210B-6-6, Byers, Alva 4 yrs, PA
210B-6-6, Byers, Vica 6/12 yr, PA
225B-4-4, Byesoft, Robert 12 yrs, Canada
225B-4-4, Byesoft, Sarah 10 yrs, New Brunswick
225B-4-4, Byesoft, John 7 yrs, ME
225B-4-4, Byesoft, Margaret 5 yrs, NY
225B-4-4, Byesoft, Emma 3 yrs, PA
182A-7-6, Cachrane, Maggie 15 yrs, PA
261B-7-7, Cael, Michael 28 yrs, Ire
261B-7-7, Cael, Margaret 25 yrs, Ire
261B-7-7, Cael, Hannah 1 yrs, PA
246A-6-6, Caggaree, Jacob 45 yrs, PA
246A-6-6, Caggaree, Coralen 33 yrs, OH
246A-6-6, Caggaree, Mary 18 yrs, OH
246A-6-6, Caggaree, Hosey 16 yrs, OH
246A-6-6, Caggaree, John 13 yrs, PA
246A-6-6, Caggaree, Nancy 11 yrs, PA
246A-6-6, Caggaree, Ella 4 yrs, PA
246A-6-6, Caggaree, Agnes 9/12 yr, PA
190B-6-6, Cairus, John 30 yrs, Ire
190B-6-6, Cairus, Bridget 53 yrs, Ire
190B-6-6, Cairus, Anna 40 yrs, Ire
190B-6-6, Cairus, Bridget 4 yrs, Scot
190B-6-6, Cairus, John 2 yrs, Scot
190B-6-6, Cairus, Patrick 8/12 yr, PA
255A-1-1, Calvin, E. 29 yrs, PA
231A-2-2, Cameron, George 22 yrs, Scot,
232A-4-4, Cameron, Alex 28 yrs, Scot
232A-4-4, Cameron, Christina 27 yrs, Scot
232A-4-4, Cameron, John 6 yrs, Scot
232A-4-4, Cameron, Isabella 4 yrs, Scot
232A-4-4, Cameron, Catherine 4 yrs, Scot
232A-4-4, Cameron, Alexander 2 yrs, PA
232A-4-4, Cameron, Mary 6/12 yr, PA
178B-3-3, Cameron, William 51 yrs, Scot
178B-3-3, Cameron, Jennet 42 yrs, Scot
178B-3-3, Cameron, Charlotte 19 yrs, Scot
178B-3-3, Cameron, Elisabeth 13 yrs, PA
178B-3-3, Cameron, Jennet 7 yrs, PA
178B-3-3, Cameron, William 4 yrs, PA
178B-3-3, Cameron, George 1 yrs, PA
224B-7-7, Campbell, David 46? yrs, Scot
224B-7-7, Campbell, Mary 37 yrs, Scot
224B-7-7, Campbell, William 13 yrs, Scot
224B-7-7, Campbell, Agnes 10 yrs, Scot
224B-7-7, Campbell, Catherine 8 yrs, Scot
224B-7-7, Campbell, Mary 3 yrs, Scot
225A-7-7, Campbell, Jennet 5/12 yr, PA
229B-8-8, Campbell, James 27 yrs, Scot
229B-8-8, Campbell, Ellen 27 yrs, Scot
229B-8-8, Campbell, Agnes 3 yrs, Scot
229B-8-8, Campbell, William 67 yrs, Scot
229B-8-8, Campbell, Richard 23 yrs, Scot
229B-8-8, Campbell, James 21 yrs, Scot
265B-2-2, Campbell, C. 37 yrs, PA
265B-2-2, Campbell, Sarah 32 yrs, PA
265B-2-2, Campbell, Elizabeth 11 yrs, OH
265B-2-2, Campbell, Sarah E. 9 yrs, OH
265B-2-2, Campbell, Kate 6 yrs, PA
265B-2-2, Campbell, Walter 2 yrs, PA
178B-2-2, Campbell, Zacheriah 24 yrs, PA
178B-2-2, Campbell, Eliza 35 yrs, PA
180A-111-109, Campbell, Jas 37 yrs, PA
180A-111-109, Campbell, Sarah J. 29 yrs, PA
181B-3-3, Campbell, James 70 yrs, PA
181B-3-3, Campbell, William 35 yrs, PA
181B-3-3, Campbell, Lizzie R. 21 yrs, PA
191B-1-1, Campbell, Thom 39 yrs, PA
191B-1-1, Campbell, Elisabeth 32 yrs, PA
191B-1-1, Campbell, Elisabeth 16 yrs, PA
191B-1-1, Campbell, Rosa 13 yrs, PA
191B-1-1, Campbell, George 12 yrs, PA
191B-1-1, Campbell, Thomas 2 yrs, PA
191B-1-1, Campbell, Katy 1 yrs, PA
213B-2-2, Campbell, David 49 yrs, Scot
213B-2-2, Campbell, Margaret 19 yrs, Scot
213B-2-2, Campbell, Hugh 23 yrs, Scot
240B-2-2, Campfield, A. J. 57 yrs, PA
240B-2-2, Campfield, Mary 48 yrs, PA
240B-2-2, Campfield, Ollie 19 yrs, PA
240B-2-2, Campfield, Mary 11 yrs, PA
240B-2-2, Campfield, William 8 yrs, PA
240B-2-2, Campfield, Flora 3 yrs, PA
240B-2-2, Campfield, Rebecca 85 yrs, Ire
183A-2-2, Campman, Caroline 27 yrs, Germany
221A-8-8, Camps, Samuel 27 yrs, Eng
221A-8-8, Camps, John 1/12 yr, PA
260B-5-5, Canada, Robt. 26 yrs, PA
260B-5-5, Canada, Henrietta 24 yrs, PA
176A-3-3, Canada, James 27 yrs, Scot
176A-3-3, Canada, Eupheme 24 yrs, Scot
176A-3-3, Canada, James 6 yrs, Scot
176A-3-3, Canada, Catherine 2 yrs, Scot
202B-6-6, Canaday, W. W. 23 yrs, OH
202B-6-6, Canaday, Agnes 20 yrs, Scotland
214A-6-6, Cane, Magaret 88 yrs, PA
259B-2-2, Canelon, Pat 40 yrs, Ire
259B-2-2, Canelon, Hannah 36 yrs, Ire
259B-2-2, Canelon, Patrick 1 yrs, NY
224B-2-2, Cannaday, Alex. 40 yrs, Scot
224B-2-2, Cannaday, Jennet 28 yrs, PA
224B-2-2, Cannaday, Alexander 5 yrs, PA
224B-2-2, Cannaday, Sarah 3 yrs, PA
224B-2-2, Cannaday, David 1 yrs, PA
218A-6-6, Carberry, James 50 yrs, Ire
218A-6-6, Carberry, Jane 48 yrs, Ire
218A-6-6, Carberry, John 25 yrs, Ire
218A-6-6, Carberry, James 19 yrs, Ire
247B-6-6, Carey, Danniel 32 yrs, Ire
247B-6-6, Carey, Margaret 30 yrs, Ire
247B-6-6, Carey, Anne 2 yrs, Eng
250B-1-1, Carmichael, Thomas 50 yrs, PA
250B-1-1, Carmichael, Rebecca 49 yrs, PA
250B-1-1, Carmichael, Theodore 30 yrs, PA
212B-8-8, Carmicum, John 33 yrs, Scotland
264A-7-7, Carn, Anne 8 yrs, Ire
262B-2-2, Carney, Jno. 32 yrs, Ire
262B-2-2, Carney, Mary 25 yrs, Ire
262B-2-2, Carney, Thos 8 yrs, Scot
262B-2-2, Carney, Patrick 5 yrs, Scot
262B-2-2, Carney, Mary 3 yrs, PA
262B-2-2, Carney, Ellen 8/12 yr, PA
258A-2-2, Carns, Elizabeth 76 yrs, PA
263A-1-1, Carran, Mich 40 yrs, Ire
263A-1-1, Carran, Cath. 40 yrs, Ire
263A-1-1, Carran, Dennis 17 yrs, Eng
263A-1-1, Carran, Jno 14 yrs, Eng
263A-1-1, Carran, Wm 10 yrs, Eng
263A-1-1, Carran, Thos 8 yrs, Eng
263A-1-1, Carran, Margar 7 yrs, Eng
263A-1-1, Carran, Cath. 5 yrs, PA
263A-1-1, Carran, Mary A. 4 yrs, PA
175B-5-5, Carrie, Archibald 24 yrs, Scot
175B-5-5, Carrie, Jane 19 yrs, Scot
207A-6-6, Carrie, James 27 yrs, Scot
207A-6-6, Carrie, Margaret 22 yrs, Scot
207A-8-8, Carrie, Robert 28 yrs, Scot
207B-8-8, Carrie, Martha 29 yrs, Scot
207B-8-8, Carrie, Andrew 3 yrs, Scot
207B-8-8, Carrie, Robert 1 yrs, PA
207B-8-8, Carrie, William 14 yrs, Scot
207B-8-8, Carrie, Andrew 24 yrs, Scot
229A-2-2, Carrier, George 23 yrs, PA, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
229A-2-2, Carrier, Jennie 22 yrs, PA, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
229A-2-2, Carrier, Cassie 10/12 yr, PA, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
229A-7-7, Carrier, George 48 yrs, PA, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
229A-7-7, Carrier, Catherine 43 yrs, PA, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
229A-7-7, Carrier, Lambert 21 yrs, PA, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
229A-7-7, Carrier, Samuel 15 yrs, WI, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
229A-7-7, Carrier, Jacob 13 yrs, WI, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
229A-7-7, Carrier, William 9 yrs, PA, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
229A-7-7, Carrier, Alexander 6 yrs, PA, possibly "Carvier", Canvier"
200B-3-3, Cartner, Anna 30 yrs, PA
200B-3-3, Cartner, Charles 8 yrs, PA
200B-3-3, Cartner, Henry 6 yrs, PA
266B-8-8, Cartright, Geo. 35 yrs, Eng
266B-8-8, Cartright, Sarah 34 yrs, Eng
266B-8-8, Cartright, Anne 14 yrs, Eng
266B-8-8, Cartright, Sarah 11 yrs, Eng
266B-8-8, Cartright, Mary 8 yrs, Eng
266B-8-8, Cartright, Nancy 3 yrs, NY
267B-1-1, Cartwright, Rich. 13 yrs, Eng
267B-1-1, Cartwright, Anne 40 yrs, PA
267B-1-1, Cartwright, Alonzo 17 yrs, PA
267B-1-1, Cartwright, Martha 12 yrs, PA
267B-1-1, Cartwright, Mary 10 yrs, PA
267B-1-1, Cartwright, Albert 8 yrs, PA
267B-1-1, Cartwright, Sarah 6 yrs, PA
267B-1-1, Cartwright, Samuel 4 yrs, PA
267B-1-1, Cartwright, Hulda 3/12 yr, PA
250A-2-2, Carus, Godfrey 42 yrs, PA
250A-2-2, Carus, Sarah 38 yrs, PA
250A-2-2, Carus, William 12 yrs, PA
250A-2-2, Carus, Martin 2 yrs, PA
250A-2-2, Carus, no name 3/12 yr, PA
241A-4-4, Carwlma, Frederick 55 yrs, Prus
241A-4-4, Carwlma, Henry 25 yrs, Prus
241A-4-4, Carwlma, John 15 yrs, PA
241A-4-4, Carwlma, Ludwig 12 yrs, PA
200A-1-1, Casewell, William 44 yrs, Eng
200A-1-1, Casewell, Jane 44 yrs, Eng
200A-1-1, Casewell, Robert 1 yrs, PA
200A-1-1, Casewell, John 10 yrs, PA
186B-1-1, Casper, Luh 34 yrs, H. Darmstadt
186B-1-1, Casper, Mary 34 yrs, H. Darmstadt
186B-1-1, Casper, Mary 10 yrs, PA
186B-1-1, Casper, Henry 8 yrs, PA
186B-1-1, Casper, Ellen 3 yrs, OH
199B-10-10, Caufman, John 30 yrs, Prus.
200A-10-10, Caufman, Sophia 26 yrs, PA
200A-10-10, Caufman, John 8 yrs, OH
200A-10-10, Caufman, Peter 3 yrs, PA
200A-10-10, Caufman, Sophy 3/12 yr, PA
266B-3-3, Cauline, Mich. 43 yrs, Wertemberg
266B-3-3, Cauline, Amelia 37 yrs, Saxony
266B-3-3, Cauline, Charles 13 yrs, IL
266B-3-3, Cauline, Robert 11 yrs, IL
266B-3-3, Cauline, Frank 8 yrs, IL
266B-3-3, Cauline, Gustave 6 yrs, PA
266B-3-3, Cauline, Wm 3 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, Caution, Joseph 42 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, Caution, Mariah 43 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, Caution, Emely 10 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, Caution, Lavina 8 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, Caution, Mary 7 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, Caution, Charles 5 yrs, PA
186A-7-7, Cavanah, Thomas 30 yrs, Ire
186A-7-7, Cavanah, Margaret 20 yrs, Ire
186A-7-7, Cavanah, Mary 3 yrs, Scot
186A-7-7, Cavanah, Bridget 1 yrs, Scot
224A-1-1, Cavy, Samuel 64 yrs, OH, possibly "Cary"
224A-1-1, Cavy, Phebe 60 yrs, PA, possibly "Cary"
224A-1-1, Cavy, Lucinda 25 yrs, PA, possibly "Cary"
224A-1-1, Cavy, Robert 23 yrs, PA, possibly "Cary"
224A-1-1, Cavy, Hannah 21 yrs, PA, possibly "Cary"
224A-1-1, Cavy, Lavina 15 yrs, PA, possibly "Cary"
268A-5-5, Cawer, Silvia 21 yrs, PA
257A-4-4, Celtmire, Cath. 58 yrs, Bav
210A-1-1, Chadwick, Thomas 24 yrs, England
255B-4-4, Chapman, Scott 21 yrs, PA
255B-4-4, Chapman, Lotta 20 yrs, PA
215A-1-1, Childs, John 26 yrs, Wales
215A-1-1, Childs, Anna 27 yrs, Wales
215A-1-1, Childs, Lauru 7 yrs, PA
215A-1-1, Childs, Sarah 3 yrs, PA
215A-1-1, Childs, John 1 yrs, PA
227A-3-3, Chotletor, Sarah 46 yrs, Eng, possibly "Choltetor
227A-3-3, Chotletor, William 21 yrs, Eng, possibly "Choltetor
227A-3-3, Chotletor, Anna 17 yrs, Eng, possibly "Choltetor
227A-3-3, Chotletor, Edward 14 yrs, Eng, possibly "Choltetor
227A-5-5, Chotletor, Robt 43 yrs, Eng, possibly "Choltetor
227A-5-5, Chotletor, Mary 30 yrs, Eng, possibly "Choltetor
227A-5-5, Chotletor, John 8 yrs, PA, possibly "Choltetor
227A-5-5, Chotletor, William 4 yrs, PA, possibly "Choltetor
227A-5-5, Chotletor, James 26 yrs, Eng
227A-5-5, Chotletor, Andrew 19 yrs, Eng
192B-1-1, Clan*, John 16 yrs, PA, possibly Clark
249B-2-2, Clany, Peter 26 yrs, Ire
222A-6-6, Clark, Elisabeth 17 yrs, Scot
226A-5-5, Clark, Davis 27 yrs, PA
244B-5-5, Clark, William 30 yrs, Scot
244B-5-5, Clark, Sarah 24 yrs, Scot
244B-5-5, Clark, Robert 12 yrs, Scot
244B-5-5, Clark, Margaret 10/12 yr, Scot
266A-7-7, Clark, Saml. ** yrs, PA, age illegible
266B-7-7, Clark, Almira 22 yrs, PA
266B-2-2, Clark, Saml 73 yrs, N*, birthplace either NY or NJ
266B-2-2, Clark, Susan 59 yrs, PA
266B-2-2, Clark, Virginia 18 yrs, PA
266B-2-2, Clark, Katy 13 yrs, PA
179B-6-6, Clark, James 23 yrs, PA
186B-4-4, Clark, Andrew 35 yrs, Ire,
186B-4-4, Clark, Ada 29 yrs, Ire, deaf & dumb,,
186B-4-4, Clark, Agnes 8 yrs, PA,
186B-4-4, Clark, Sarah 4 yrs, PA,
186B-4-4, Clark, Anne 2 yrs, PA,
186B-4-4, Clark, William 9/12 yr, PA,
188B-4-4, Clark, Andrew 23 yrs, PA,
191B-2-2, Clark, Thomas 78 yrs, Eng
191B-2-2, Clark, Nancy 58 yrs, PA
191B-2-2, Clark, Louisa 37 yrs, PA
191B-2-2, Clark, Edward 32 yrs, PA
191B-2-2, Clark, Robert 23 yrs, PA
191B-2-2, Clark, Mary 21 yrs, PA
191B-2-2, Clark, Florence 18 yrs, PA
191B-2-2, Clark, James 16 yrs, PA
191B-2-2, Clark, Alfred 12 yrs, PA
204A-8-8, Clark, John 48 yrs, Wurtenburg, possibly Clenk
204B-8-8, Clark, Barbara 38 yrs, Bav, possibly Clenk
204B-8-8, Clark, Adam 19 yrs, PA, possibly Clenk
204B-8-8, Clark, John 17 yrs, PA, possibly Clenk
204B-8-8, Clark, Wilhelm 15 yrs, PA, possibly Clenk
204B-8-8, Clark, Christian 12 yrs, PA, possibly Clenk
204B-8-8, Clark, George 10 yrs, PA, possibly Clenk
204B-8-8, Clark, Charles 6 yrs, PA, possibly Clenk
204B-8-8, Clark, Andrew 4 yrs, PA, possibly Clenk
204B-8-8, Clark, Ambrose 1 yrs, PA, possibly Clenk
217A-2-2, Clark, Richard 28 yrs, Scotland
217A-2-2, Clark, Jane 29 yrs, Scot
217A-2-2, Clark, Margaret 8 yrs, Scot
217A-2-2, Clark, Abigail 3 yrs, Scot
217A-2-2, Clark, Jane 1/12 yr, PA
228B-1-1, Clark , Patrick 60 yrs, Ireland
228B-1-1, Clark , Bridget 45 yrs, Ireland
242B-2-2, Clawson, Peter 21 yrs, Prus
242B-2-2, Clawson, Barbara 21 yrs, Bav
242B-2-2, Clawson, Peter 5 yrs, PA
242B-2-2, Clawson, Mary 3 yrs, PA
242B-2-2, Clawson, John 1/12 yr, PA
215B-6-6, Clews, John 17 yrs, England
215B-6-6, Clews, Mary 17 yrs, MA
205B-6-x, Clover, Florence 18 yrs, PA
194A-4-4, Cochrain, France 15 yrs, PA
186B-3-3, Cochrane, John 44 yrs, PA
186B-3-3, Cochrane, Nancy 38 yrs, PA
186B-3-3, Cochrane, Smith 19 yrs, OH
186B-3-3, Cochrane, Manerva f yrs, PA
186B-3-3, Cochrane, Charles 12 yrs, PA
186B-3-3, Cochrane, Samuel 10 yrs, IA
186B-3-3, Cochrane, Mary 8 yrs, PA
186B-3-3, Cochrane, Caoline 6 yrs, PA
186B-3-3, Cochrane, Horace 4 yrs, PA
186B-3-3, Cochrane, Calvin 2 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Cochrane, Jas 24 yrs, Canada
258A-10-10, Coffey, Gerimiah 40 yrs, Ire
258A-10-10, Coffey, Julia 35 yrs, Ireland
258A-10-10, Coffey, Mary A. 12 yrs, Wales
258A-10-10, Coffey, Julia 10 yrs, Wales
258A-10-10, Coffey, Jno 8 yrs, Eng
258A-10-10, Coffey, Jury 5 yrs, Eng
258A-10-10, Coffey, Cornelius 1 yrs, PA
253B-4-4, Cole, J. B. 45 yrs, PA
253B-4-4, Cole, Jane 47 yrs, PA
253B-4-4, Cole, Emma J. 16 yrs, PA
253B-4-4, Cole, Jno. R. 14 yrs, OH
219B-5-5, Cole, Thomas 31 yrs, MD
219B-5-5, Cole, Ellen 26 yrs, MD
219B-5-5, Cole, Laura 3 yrs, MD
219B-5-5, Cole, Mary 1 yrs, MD
261B-4-4, Colins, Patr. 38 yrs, Ireland
261B-4-4, Colins, Margaret 26 yrs, Ire
261B-4-4, Colins, Frank 7 yrs, PA
261B-4-4, Colins, Lena 6 yrs, PA
261B-4-4, Colins, Normun 4 yrs, PA
261B-4-4, Colins, Wm 1 yrs, PA
252B-1-1, Collahan, Jno. 35 yrs, Ire
239B-4-4, Collins, Michael 46 yrs, Ire
263A-3-3, Collins, Jno 30 yrs, Ire
263A-3-3, Collins, Mary 34 yrs, Ire
263A-3-3, Collins, Wm 4 yrs, PA
263A-3-3, Collins, Mary 2 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Collins, William 38 yrs, PA
194B-2-2, Collins, Elisabeth 13 yrs, OH,
200B-5-5, Collins, Jennet 17 yrs, Nova Scotia
208A-3-3, Collins, Henry 32 yrs, BAV
208A-3-3, Collins, Charlotte 29 yrs, PA
208A-3-3, Collins, Anna 11 yrs, PA
208A-3-3, Collins, Henry 8 yrs, PA
208A-3-3, Collins, Charlotte 5 yrs, PA
208A-3-3, Collins, Julia 3 yrs, PA
208A-3-3, Collins, John 2 yrs, PA
254B-5-5, Colly, Martin 34 yrs, Ire
185B-7-7, Colohan, Mich. 35 yrs, Ireland
221A-2-2, Colp, Jacob 38 yrs, Prus
221A-2-2, Colp, Catherine 39 yrs, Bav
221A-2-2, Colp, Caroline 7 yrs, PA
221A-2-2, Colp, John 5 yrs, PA
221A-2-2, Colp, Mary 2 yrs, PA
221A-2-2, Colp, John 51 yrs, Bav
230B-8-8, Comer, Michael 30 yrs, Ire
230B-8-8, Comer, Mary 34 yrs, Ire
230B-8-8, Comer, Ellen 9 yrs, PA
230B-8-8, Comer, Margaret 7 yrs, PA
230B-8-8, Comer, Mary 6 yrs, PA
230B-8-8, Comer, John 1 yrs, PA
245B-3-3, Coniger, Walter 26 yrs, Scot
245B-3-3, Coniger, Eupheme 19 yrs, PA
245B-3-3, Coniger, Jane 8/12 yr, PA
207A-5-5, Connel, John 37 yrs, Isle of Man
207A-5-5, Connel, Anne 39 yrs, Isle of Man
207A-5-5, Connel, John 10 yrs, Isle of Man
207A-5-5, Connel, Margaret 8 yrs, Isle of Man
207A-5-5, Connel, Mary 6 yrs, Isle of Man
207A-5-5, Connel, Eliza 5 yrs, Isle of Man
207A-5-5, Connel, Allice 2 yrs, PA
207A-5-5, Connel, Anna 3/12 yr, PA
258A-6-6, Conrod, Nancy 7 yrs, PA
262A-6-6, Cony, John 40 yrs, Ire
262A-6-6, Cony, Margaret 35 yrs, Ire
262A-6-6, Cony, Katy 6 yrs, PA
262A-6-6, Cony, Mich. 5 yrs, PA
262A-6-6, Cony, Cornelius 3 yrs, PA
262A-6-6, Cony, Mary 1 yrs, PA
225A-8-8, Cook, Mary 28 yrs, Scot
225A-8-8, Cook, Jennet 8 yrs, Scot
225B-8-8, Cook, David 36 yrs, Scot
236B-2-2, Cook, George 16 yrs, PA
236B-8-8, Cook, John 13 yrs, PA
243B-2-2, Cook, Nicholas 33 yrs, Prus
243B-2-2, Cook, Victoria 31 yrs, Wirtemberg
243B-2-2, Cook, Anna 1 yrs, PA
243B-3-3, Cook, Anna 60 yrs, Prus
243B-3-3, Cook, Peter 26 yrs, Prus
243B-3-3, Cook, Mariah 21 yrs, Prus
243B-6-6, Cook, Mathias 38 yrs, Prus
243B-6-6, Cook, Anna 19 yrs, Prus
243B-6-6, Cook, Michael 12 yrs, PA
243B-6-6, Cook, John 9 yrs, PA
243B-6-6, Cook, Nicholas 7 yrs, PA
255B-2-2, Cook, Gaves 34 yrs, Eng
255B-2-2, Cook, Anne 26 yrs, NY
186A-2-2, Cook, Pease 45 yrs, PA
186A-2-2, Cook, Julianne 44 yrs, PA
186A-2-2, Cook, Charles 18 yrs, PA
186A-2-2, Cook, Clarence 10 yrs, PA
186A-2-2, Cook, Ninny 9 yrs, PA
186A-2-2, Cook, Andy 3 yrs, PA
196A-1-1, Cook, Sarah 54 yrs, PA, possibly "Cork"
261A-8-8, Cooly, Mich. 36 yrs, Ire, possibly "Cody"
261A-8-8, Cooly, Bridget 30 yrs, Ire, possibly "Cody"
261A-8-8, Cooly, Patrick 5 yrs, MA, possibly "Cody"
261A-8-8, Cooly, Jno. 3 yrs, PA, possibly "Cody"
261A-8-8, Cooly, Wm 1 yrs, PA, possibly "Cody"
208B-2-2, Coon, Absalun 45 yrs, PA
208B-2-2, Coon, Sarah 44 yrs, PA
208B-2-2, Coon, Lambert 22 yrs, PA
208B-2-2, Coon, Johnston 20 yrs, PA
208B-2-2, Coon, William 18 yrs, PA
208B-2-2, Coon, Aaron 16 yrs, PA
208B-2-2, Coon, Resiah 13 yrs, PA
208B-2-2, Coon, George 10 yrs, PA
208B-2-2, Coon, Sarah 5 yrs, PA
263A-6-6, Coran, Wm 28 yrs, Ire
263A-6-6, Coran, Bridget 26 yrs, Ire
263A-6-6, Coran, Elizabeth 3 yrs, PA
263A-6-6, Coran, Cath. 2 yrs, PA
263A-6-6, Coran, Wm 8/12 yr, PA
214A-2-2, Corban, Jane 46 yrs, PA
214A-2-2, Corban, Nancy 18 yrs, PA
214A-2-2, Corban, Alva 16 yrs, PA
214A-2-2, Corban, George 8 yrs, PA
214A-2-2, Corban, William 5 yrs, PA
214A-2-2, Corban, Jesse 1 yrs, PA
252A-4-4, Corry, Mich. 49 yrs, Ire
252A-4-4, Corry, Mary 48 yrs, Ire
252A-4-4, Corry, Patrick 21 yrs, Ire
252A-4-4, Corry, Mich. 16 yrs, PA
252A-4-4, Corry, Mary 10 yrs, PA
252A-4-4, Corry, John 9 yrs, PA
252A-4-4, Corry, Wm 7 yrs, PA
219A-6-6, Cortbon, Christian 18 yrs, Prus
257A-2-2, Costellon, John 35 yrs, Ire, possibly "Cosletton"
257A-2-2, Costellon, Catharine 29 yrs, Ire, possibly "Cosletton"
257A-2-2, Costellon, Anna 9 yrs, NY, possibly "Cosletton"
229B-3-3, Costlow, Mathew 50 yrs, Ire
229B-3-3, Costlow, Anne 58 yrs, Ire
230B-2-2, Cotts, Jeremiah 42 yrs, Wales
230B-2-2, Cotts, Sarah 44 yrs, Eng
195A-2-2, Coughea, Susan 5 yrs, PA
188B-4-4, Coulter, M. R. 40 yrs, PA,
256B-7-7, Cover, Harry 19 yrs, OH
255A-1-1, Coverdill, E. R. 25 yrs, PA
173B-8-7, Cowan, John 57 yrs, Scot.
173B-8-7, Cowan, Mary 49 yrs, Scot.
173B-8-7, Cowan, Alexander 23 yrs, OH
173B-8-7, Cowan, Robert 14 yrs, OH
173B-8-7, Cowan, Mary 12 yrs, OH
173B-8-7, Cowan, Charles 10 yrs, OH
173B-8-7, Cowan, Elisabeth 8 yrs, PA
173B-8-7, Cowan, John 5 yrs, PA
173B-8-7, Cowan, William 78 yrs, Scot.
173B-8-7, Cowan, Margaret 16 yrs, OH
200A-4-4, Cowan, William 30 yrs, Scot
257A-2-2, Cowley, Edward 35 yrs, Ire
177A-3-3, Cowly, William 4 yrs, PA
181A-1-1, Coxx, William 40 yrs, Eng
181A-1-1, Coxx, Mary 40 yrs, Eng
181A-1-1, Coxx, William 17 yrs, Eng
181A-1-1, Coxx, Mary A. 13 yrs, Eng
181A-1-1, Coxx, Charlotte 10 yrs, Eng
181A-1-1, Coxx, Thomas 8 yrs, Eng
181A-1-1, Coxx, John 5 yrs, PA
181A-1-1, Coxx, Elisabeth 2 yrs, PA
176B-7-7, Cozad, William 20 yrs, PA
192B-4-4, Cozad, Nathan 69 yrs, PA
209B-3-3, Cozadd, William 34 yrs, PA
209B-3-3, Cozadd, Eliza 33 yrs, PA
209B-3-3, Cozadd, Mary 10 yrs, PA
209B-3-3, Cozadd, Joseph 5 yrs, PA
209B-3-3, Cozadd, Mavilda 3 yrs, PA
209B-3-3, Cozadd, Sarah 1 yrs, PA
210B-5-5, Craton, Daniel 26 yrs, Scot
210B-5-5, Craton, Elisabeth 23 yrs, Scot
210B-5-5, Craton, Jane 5 yrs, PA
225A-3-3, Crawford, Wm 38 yrs, Scot
231A-3-3, Crawford, John 27 yrs, Scot
231A-3-3, Crawford, Margaret 24 yrs, Scot
231A-3-3, Crawford, Jennet 3 yrs, PA
231A-3-3, Crawford, Elisabeth 4/12 yr, PA
231B-6-6, Crawford, Patrick 25 yrs, Ireland
231B-6-6, Crawford, Allice 23 yrs, Ireland
231B-6-6, Crawford, John 7 yrs, Eng
245A-5-5, Crawford, George 29 yrs, Scot
245A-5-5, Crawford, Catherine 25 yrs, Scot
245A-5-5, Crawford, Catherine 7 yrs, PA
245A-5-5, Crawford, Amelia 4 yrs, PA
245A-5-5, Crawford, Robert 1 yrs, PA
250A-1-1, Crawford, J. H. 53 yrs, PA
250A-1-1, Crawford, Mary 47 yrs, OH
250A-1-1, Crawford, Manetta 13 yrs, PA
250A-1-1, Crawford, My*ra 13 yrs, PA
250A-1-1, Crawford, Elmer 7 yrs, PA
250A-1-1, Crawford, Andrew 5 yrs, PA
184B-4-4, Crawford, S. 40 yrs, OH
184B-4-4, Crawford, John 18 yrs, OH
189A-5-5, Crawford, M. 48 yrs, PA
189A-5-5, Crawford, John 21 yrs, PA
196A-7-7, Crawford, Robert 24 yrs, Scot
196A-7-7, Crawford, Elisabeth 24 yrs, MD
196B-7-7, Crawford, Robert 1 yrs, PA
196B-1-1, Crawford, John 27 yrs, Scot
196B-1-1, Crawford, Anna 21 yrs, Scot
196B-1-1, Crawford, Robt 2 yrs, PA
196B-1-1, Crawford, Thomas 1/12 yr, PA
196B-10-10, Crawford, Lillis 52 yrs, Scot
197A-10-10, Crawford, Jane 22 yrs, Scot
197A-10-10, Crawford, William 19 yrs, Scot
197A-10-10, Crawford, Jennet 15 yrs, PA
197A-10-10, Crawford, Adam 12 yrs, PA
191A-4-4, Crenel, Enis 22 yrs, Isle of Man,
241A-3-3, Crickman, Geo 27 yrs, Eng
241A-3-3, Crickman, Caroline 28 yrs, PA
241A-3-3, Crickman, William 3 yrs, PA
241A-3-3, Crickman, Molly 9 yrs, PA
241A-3-3, Crickman, George 1 yrs, PA
183B-6-6, Cross, Aaron 39 yrs, PA
183B-6-6, Cross, Sarah 40 yrs, MC
183B-6-6, Cross, Leonard 12 yrs, PA
183B-6-6, Cross, Thomas 9 yrs, PA
183B-6-6, Cross, Mary 5 yrs, PA
183B-6-6, Cross, Franklin 3 yrs, PA
222B-4-4, Crouch, Joseph 25 yrs, PA
222B-4-4, Crouch, Jane 18 yrs, OH
222B-4-4, Crouch, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
262A-8-8, Crouch, Jno 21 yrs, PA
262B-8-8, Crouch, Mary 21 yrs, Wales
262B-8-8, Crouch, Elizabeth 6/12 yr, PA
249B-3-3, Crowell, Mary 30 yrs, PA
190B-1-1, Crummy, Robt 20 yrs, Ire
256A-5-5, Culp, Jno. 34 yrs, Prus.
256A-5-5, Culp, Mary 31 yrs, Prus.
256A-5-5, Culp, Catherine 8 yrs, PA
256A-5-5, Culp, Mina 6 yrs, PA
256A-5-5, Culp, John 4 yrs, PA
256A-5-5, Culp, Wm 2 yrs, PA
179A-4-4, Culp, Margaret 62 yrs, Bav
259A-7-7, Cumming, Jno 37 yrs, Scot
259A-7-7, Cumming, Isabella 36 yrs, Eng
259A-7-7, Cumming, Margaret 4 yrs, Eng
259A-7-7, Cumming, Jno. 3 yrs, Eng
250A-5-5, Curley, Michael 22 yrs, Ire
255B-5-5, Curree, Jas 24 yrs, PA
255B-5-5, Curree, Ellen 20 yrs, PA
252B-9-9, Currie, LIndsay 32 yrs, Scot
257B-5-5, Currie, Saml. 24 yrs, PA,
180A-108-106, Currie, Anne 43 yrs, Wales
186A-1-1, Curtis, Elias 25 yrs, OH
186A-1-1, Curtis, Fanny 22 yrs, PA
186A-1-1, Curtis, Lilly 3 yrs, PA
198A-7-6, Cuseck, John 23 yrs, Scot
198A-7-6, Cuseck, Anne 52 yrs, Ire
222B-8-8, Cuthbert, David 30 yrs, Scot
222B-8-8, Cuthbert, Jennet 27 yrs, Scot
223A-8-8, Cuthbert, William 21 yrs, Scot
203B-6-6, Daily, Henry 28 yrs, PA
203B-6-6, Daily, Rhoda 24 yrs, PA
203B-6-6, Daily, Sarah 2 yrs, PA
208B-3-3, Daily, Mary 56 yrs, Ire
208B-3-3, Daily, Martha 79 yrs, Ire
220B-8-8, Dalbridge, John 51 yrs, Eng
220B-8-8, Dalbridge, Jane 50 yrs, Eng
220B-8-8, Dalbridge, John 23 yrs, Eng
220B-8-8, Dalbridge, Mary 21 yrs, Eng
220B-8-8, Dalbridge, James 19 yrs, Eng
220B-8-8, Dalbridge, George 17 yrs, Eng
221A-8-8, Dalbridge, Henry 15 yrs, Eng
221A-8-8, Dalbridge, Richard 11 yrs, Eng
221A-8-8, Dalbridge, Ellen 98 yrs, Eng
266A-6-6, Dallas, Jas. 30 yrs, Scot
266A-6-6, Dallas, Mary 31 yrs, Scot
266A-6-6, Dallas, Thos. E. 6 yrs, PA
266A-6-6, Dallas, Jno. G. 5 yrs, PA
256B-4-4, Damiel, Harrison 26 yrs, PA, see "Daniel"
256B-4-4, Damiel, Ellen 21 yrs, PA
260B-6-6, Danbar, Jonathan 34 yrs, OH
260B-6-6, Danbar, Nancy 27 yrs, PA
260B-6-6, Danbar, Mary 4 yrs, PA
260B-6-6, Danbar, George 2 yrs, PA
256B-6-6, Daniel, Jno 20 yrs, PA, see "Damiel"
256B-6-6, Daniel, Susana 26 yrs, PA
256B-6-6, Daniel, Cora B. 4/12 yr, PA
220A-7-7, Danks, Thomas 28 yrs, Eng, see "Dinks"
220A-7-7, Danks, Sarah 28 yrs, Wales, see "Dinks"
220A-7-7, Danks, Thomas 4 yrs, Wales, see "Dinks"
220A-8-8, Danks, Henry 36 yrs, Wales, see "Dinks"
220A-8-8, Danks, Rachel 33 yrs, Wales, see "Dinks"
220A-8-8, Danks, John 5 yrs, PA, see "Dinks"
220A-8-8, Danks, Mary 3 yrs, PA, see "Dinks"
220A-8-8, Danks, Peter 1/12 yr, PA, see "Dinks"
213B-1-1, Danmire, James 34 yrs, PA
213B-1-1, Danmire, Mary 25 yrs, PA
213B-1-1, Danmire, Hannah 3 yrs, PA
213B-1-1, Danmire, William 11/12 yr, PA
206B-5-5, Darby, Thomas 38 yrs, England
206B-5-5, Darby, Lucy 37 yrs, England
206B-5-5, Darby, David 14 yrs, England
206B-5-5, Darby, Thomas 12 yrs, England
206B-5-5, Darby, William 11 yrs, England
206B-5-5, Darby, Samuel 6 yrs, England
206B-5-5, Darby, Rosanah 8 yrs, England
206B-5-5, Darby, John 2 yrs, England
206B-5-5, Darby, Lucy 5/12 yr, England
247B-4-4, Darryman, Isabella 16 yrs, PA
204B-7-7, Darryman, Charles 57 yrs, Scot
204B-7-7, Darryman, Isabella 46 yrs, Scot
205A-7-7, Darryman, Lilly 22 yrs, Scotland
205A-7-7, Darryman, William 14 yrs, PA
205A-7-7, Darryman, Charles 12 yrs, PA
205A-7-7, Darryman, James 12 yrs, PA
205A-7-7, Darryman, Emma 8 yrs, PA
205A-7-7, Darryman, Thomas 6 yrs, PA
185A-5-5, Darsee, Anna 21 yrs, Ire
237A-9-9, Davenport, John 36 yrs, Eng
237A-9-9, Davenport, Mary 29 yrs, PA
237A-9-9, Davenport, John W. 9 yrs, PA
237B-9-9, Davenport, Anna 7 yrs, PA
237B-9-9, Davenport, Elisabeth 5 yrs, PA
237B-9-9, Davenport, Henry 3 yrs, PA
237B-9-9, Davenport, Nancy 4/12 yr, PA
239B-3-3, Davenport, Henry 24 yrs, Eng
239B-3-3, Davenport, Jane 29 yrs, PA
239B-3-3, Davenport, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
225B-1-1, David, William 34 yrs, Wales
225B-1-1, David, Anna 36 yrs, Wales
225B-1-1, David, Lwellgar 11 yrs, Wales
225B-1-1, David, William 9 yrs, Wales
187B-5-5, Davidson, Philo 18 yrs, OH
191A-4-4, Davidson, William 19 yrs, OH,
207B-7-7, Davidson, Jas. 42 yrs, PA
208A-7-7, Davidson, Mary 35 yrs, PA
208A-7-7, Davidson, Costine 14 yrs, PA
208A-7-7, Davidson, Sarah 2 yrs, PA
208A-7-7, Davidson, Willimina 1 yrs, PA
208A-1-1, Davidson, Sarah 70 yrs, PA
208A-1-1, Davidson, Jane 47 yrs, PA
208A-1-1, Davidson, Nancy 10 yrs, PA
230A-9-9, Davis, David 32 yrs, Wales
230A-9-9, Davis, Rachel 35 yrs, PA
230A-9-9, Davis, Sarah 3 yrs, PA
230A-9-9, Davis, Lewellyn 2/12 yr, PA
231A-1-1, Davis, Thomas 34 yrs, Eng
231A-1-1, Davis, Elisabeth 34 yrs, Eng
264A-2-2, Davis, Wm 29 yrs, Wales
264A-2-2, Davis, Sarah 20 yrs, PA
265A-1-1, Davis, Rich 45 yrs, France
265A-1-1, Davis, Mary A. 36 yrs, Wales
265A-1-1, Davis, Wm 15 yrs, Wales
265A-1-1, Davis, Rachel 12 yrs, PA
265A-1-1, Davis, Thos. 9 yrs, PA
265A-1-1, Davis, Nancy 7 yrs, PA
265A-1-1, Davis, Evens 4 yrs, PA
265A-1-1, Davis, Elizabeth 3 yrs, PA
265A-1-1, Davis, Sarah A. 6/12 yr, PA
265A-4-4, Davis, Even 27 yrs, Eng
265A-4-4, Davis, Barbara 22 yrs, Eng
265A-4-4, Davis, Thos. 1 yrs, OH
266A-2-2, Davis, S. 29 yrs, Wales
266A-2-2, Davis, Margaret 20 yrs, Wales
266A-2-2, Davis, Mary A. 9 yrs, Wales
266A-2-2, Davis, Hanah 8 yrs, Wales
266A-2-2, Davis, Jno. 5 yrs, PA
266A-2-2, Davis, Saml 2 yrs, PA
266A-2-2, Davis, Mary G. 2/12 yr, PA
266A-5-5, Davis, Wm 31 yrs, Eng
266A-5-5, Davis, Mary 29 yrs, Eng
266A-5-5, Davis, Sarah 6 yrs, Eng
266A-5-5, Davis, Susanna 3 yrs, Eng
266A-5-5, Davis, Jno 10/12 yr, VA
180A-114-112, Davis, Sylvester 23 yrs, PA
180A-114-112, Davis, Sarah J. 24 yrs, PA
180A-114-112, Davis, John 2 yrs, PA
180A-115-113, Davis, Sarah 43 yrs, PA
180A-115-113, Davis, Margaret 10 yrs, PA
180A-115-113, Davis, Milton 15 yrs, PA
180A-115-113, Davis, Peter 13 yrs, PA
182A-3-2, Davis, Spencer 4 yrs, PA
182A-3-2, Davis, Jerome 8 yrs, PA
208A-4-4, Davis, William 37 yrs, Eng
208A-4-4, Davis, Jennet 36 yrs, Scot
208A-4-4, Davis, William 3 yrs, PA
208A-4-4, Davis, Thomas 60 yrs, Eng
211A-3-3, Davis, Jane 50 yrs, Wales
211A-3-3, Davis, Edward 12 yrs, OH
220A-3-3, Davis, Richard 41 yrs, Wales
220A-3-3, Davis, Jane 40 yrs, Eng
220A-3-3, Davis, Jemima 18 yrs, Eng
220A-3-3, Davis, James 15 yrs, Eng
220A-3-3, Davis, William 14 yrs, Eng
220A-3-3, Davis, Richard 11 yrs, PA
220A-3-3, Davis, Martha 9 yrs, PA
220A-3-3, Davis, David 7 yrs, PA
220A-3-3, Davis, Abraham 6 yrs, PA
220A-3-3, Davis, Elisabeth 3 yrs, PA
220A-3-3, Davis, John 11/12 yr, PA
236B-8-8, Dawson, Theresa 24 yrs, PA
236B-8-8, Dawson, Justus 4 yrs, PA
236B-8-8, Dawson, Margaret 2 yrs, PA
257A-4-4, Day, Clemmence 56 yrs, Bav
257A-4-4, Day, Elizabeth 55 yrs, Bav
200B-4-4, Dean, George 49 yrs, PA
200B-4-4, Dean, Margaret 48 yrs, PA
200B-4-4, Dean, Cassius 20 yrs, PA
200B-4-4, Dean, Theresa 15 yrs, PA
200B-4-4, Dean, Gertrude 12 yrs, PA
200B-4-4, Dean, Emma 9 yrs, PA
259A-1-1, Deates, Jemor 34 yrs, PA
259A-1-1, Deates, Cath 47 yrs, PA
259A-1-1, Deates, James 20 yrs, PA
259A-1-1, Deates, Hannah 17 yrs, PA
259A-1-1, Deates, Wm 14 yrs, PA
259A-1-1, Deates, Emma 12 yrs, PA
259A-1-1, Deates, Mary E. 11 yrs, PA
259A-1-1, Deates, Sarah 6 yrs, PA
226B-5-5, Deckenson, Robt 56 yrs, Eng
226B-5-5, Deckenson, Sarah 48 yrs, Eng
226B-5-5, Deckenson, Mary 20 yrs, Eng
226B-5-5, Deckenson, Sarah 12 yrs, PA
226B-5-5, Deckenson, John W. 3 yrs, PA
255B-8-8, Decker, Aaron 31 yrs, NY
255B-8-8, Decker, Flonda 26 yrs, OH
255B-8-8, Decker, John 8 yrs, OH
255B-8-8, Decker, Mary 6 yrs, PA
255B-8-8, Decker, Kate 2 yrs, PA
268A-6-6, Defendifer, Jno 34 yrs, PA
268A-6-6, Defendifer, Louisa 24 yrs, PA
268A-6-6, Defendifer, Sylvia 6 yrs, PA
268A-6-6, Defendifer, Ernst 2 yrs, PA
182A-6-5, Deforest, Isaac 72 yrs, NJ
182A-6-5, Deforest, Nancy 70 yrs, PA
188B-3-3, Deifendafer, Wm 22 yrs, PA,
210A-6-6, Delaney, James 31 yrs, PA
210A-6-6, Delaney, Dianna 26 yrs, PA
210A-6-6, Delaney, Nicholas 2 yrs, PA
210A-8-8, Delaney, Hiram 25 yrs, PA
210A-8-8, Delaney, Ella 22 yrs, PA
210A-8-8, Delaney, Peter 2 yrs, PA
210B-8-8, Delaney, Mary 11/12 yr, PA
239B-7-7, Delong, Lucy 14 yrs, OH
187B-3-3, Dempsey, William 34 yrs, Ire
187B-3-3, Dempsey, Catherine 30 yrs, Ire
187B-3-3, Dempsey, Margaret 12 yrs, Can
187B-3-3, Dempsey, William 10 yrs, Can
187B-3-3, Dempsey, Elisabeth 8 yrs, Can
187B-3-3, Dempsey, Robert 5 yrs, PA
187B-3-3, Dempsey, Mary 1 yrs, PA
215A-6-6, Denton, James 50 yrs, England
215A-6-6, Denton, Mary 48 yrs, England
263A-4-4, Deramy, Thos 40 yrs, Ire
263A-4-4, Deramy, Bridget 40 yrs, Ire
263A-4-4, Deramy, Mary 6 yrs, Eng
263A-4-4, Deramy, Anne 4 yrs, Eng
263A-4-4, Deramy, Thos. 1 yrs, Eng
186A-4-4, Derg, Patrick 40 yrs, Ire
187A-2-2, Derg, Thomas 22 yrs, Ire
187A-2-2, Derg, Bridget 22 yrs, Ire
187A-2-2, Derrig, Patrick 30 yrs, Ire
197A-4-4, Derryman, Jane 18 yrs, Scot
190A-6-6, Derumple, Anna 17 yrs, Scot
187A-1-1, Desch, Jacob 22 yrs, PA
192A-6-6, Desh, Peter 50 yrs, Wales
239B-4-4, Devany, Mich. 43 yrs, Ire
239B-4-4, Devany, Bridget 40 yrs, Ire
239B-4-4, Devany, Patrick 11 yrs, Ire
239B-4-4, Devany, Mary 8 yrs, PA
239B-4-4, Devany, Francis 7 yrs, PA
239B-4-4, Devany, Ellen 5 yrs, PA
241B-1-1, Devany, Thomas 48 yrs, Ire
241B-1-1, Devany, Rosanna 46 yrs, Ire
241B-1-1, Devany, Henry 11 yrs, PA
241B-1-1, Devany, Mary 7 yrs, PA
180B-6-6, Devasse, John 39 yrs, Scot
180B-6-6, Devasse, Margaret 36 yrs, Scot
180B-6-6, Devasse, Andrew 9 yrs, Scot
180B-6-6, Devasse, William 7 yrs, Scot
180B-6-6, Devasse, Eliza 4 yrs, PA
181A-6-6, Devasse, John 2 yrs, PA
264A-8-8, Dewise, Hugh 35 yrs, Ire
239B-3-3, Dickson, Thomas 22 yrs, Ire
223A-6-6, Dingle, John 36 yrs, Eng
223A-6-6, Dingle, Emma 18 yrs, Eng
223A-6-6, Dingle, John 1 yrs, PA
223A-6-6, Dingle, Elisabeth 64 yrs, Eng
238A-6-6, Dingle, George 36 yrs, Eng
238A-6-6, Dingle, Rachel 28 yrs, Bav
238A-6-6, Dingle, John 10 yrs, OH
238A-6-6, Dingle, Elisabeth 7 yrs, OH
238A-6-6, Dingle, Jacob 5 yrs, PA
238A-6-6, Dingle, Hannah 3 yrs, PA
238A-6-6, Dingle, Emma 10/12 yr, PA
220A-6-6, Dinks, Peter 70 yrs, Eng, see "Danks"
220A-6-6, Dinks, Anna 64 yrs, Eng, see "Danks"
227A-4-4, Dodds, James 48 yrs, Scot
227A-4-4, Dodds, Catherine 41 yrs, Scot
227A-4-4, Dodds, Joseph 18 yrs, Scot
227A-4-4, Dodds, Sarah 16 yrs, PA
227A-4-4, Dodds, Agens 13 yrs, PA
227A-4-4, Dodds, Allice 11 yrs, PA
227A-4-4, Dodds, Mary 9 yrs, PA
227A-4-4, Dodds, Isabella 6 yrs, PA
227A-4-4, Dodds, Margaret 3 yrs, PA
227A-4-4, Dodds, Jane 11/12 yr, PA
227A-4-4, Dodds, Anna 11/12 yr, PA
241B-3-3, Dolan, Thomas 50 yrs, Ire
241B-3-3, Dolan, Anna 50 yrs, Ire
241B-3-3, Dolan, Mary 18 yrs, NY
241B-3-3, Dolan, Thomas 17 yrs, NY
241B-3-3, Dolan, Peter 10 yrs, NY
241B-3-3, Dolan, Maggie 4 yrs, NY
203A-6-6, Donagan, Jane 18 yrs, End
204B-4-4, Donagan, Francis 56 yrs, Ire
264A-9-9, Donahu, Jno. 30 yrs, Ire
264A-9-9, Donahu, Ellen 50? yrs, Ire
264A-9-9, Donahu, Thos 14 yrs, Ire
250B-3-3, Donahue, Hanora 50 yrs, Ire
250B-3-3, Donahue, Patrick 20 yrs, Ire
250B-3-3, Donahue, John 17 yrs, Ire
250B-3-3, Donahue, Susan 12 yrs, PA
250B-3-3, Donahue, Mathew 11 yrs, PA
250B-3-3, Donahue, Mary 9 yrs, PA
257A-8-8, Donahue, Chas 50 yrs, Ire,
225B-2-2, Donaldson, Robert 37 yrs, Scot
225B-2-2, Donaldson, Anne 36 yrs, Scot
225B-2-2, Donaldson, Jane 4 yrs, Scot
225B-2-2, Donaldson, Mary 9 yrs, Scot
225B-2-2, Donaldson, Mathew 7 yrs, Scot
225B-2-2, Donaldson, William 5 yrs, Scot
225B-2-2, Donaldson, Agnes 3 yrs, Scot
225B-2-2, Donaldson, Robert 1 yrs, Scot
227A-8-8, Donaldson, Cath 14 yrs, Scot
241B-4-4, Donavan, Danl 32 yrs, Ire
241B-4-4, Donavan, Anne 30 yrs, Ire
241B-4-4, Donavan, Richard 7 yrs, PA
241B-4-4, Donavan, Catherine 5 yrs, PA
241B-4-4, Donavan, Joanna 4 yrs, PA
241B-4-4, Donavan, John 2 yrs, PA
241B-4-4, Donavan, Bridget 1 yrs, PA
178A-5-5, Donavan, Cornelius 26 yrs, Ireland
178A-5-5, Donavan, Mary 19 yrs, Ire.
178A-5-5, Donavan, James F. 4 yrs, PA
178A-5-5, Donavan, Edward 2 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Donavan, Burt. 25 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Donavan, Curly 27 yrs, PA
262B-1-1, Donly, Mary 50 yrs, Eng
235B-2-2, Donner, Edward 27 yrs, PA
235B-2-2, Donner, Lyddia 23 yrs, PA
235B-2-2, Donner, Anna 4 yrs, PA
235B-2-2, Donner, Charles 2 yrs, PA
235B-2-2, Donner, no name 1/12 yr, PA
235B-6-6, Donner, Mark 28 yrs, PA
235B-6-6, Donner, Mary 22 yrs, PA
235B-6-6, Donner, Lovina 2 yrs, PA
235B-6-6, Donner, Louis 9/12 yr, PA
235B-7-7, Donner, Jacob 28 yrs, PA
235B-7-7, Donner, Margaret 24 yrs, PA
235B-7-7, Donner, Milton 6 yrs, PA
235B-7-7, Donner, Frederick 3 yrs, PA
235B-8-8, Donner, J. C. 24 yrs, PA
236A-8-8, Donner, Susan 23 yrs, PA
236A-8-8, Donner, Mary 3 yrs, PA
236A-1-1, Donner, Conrad 61 yrs, PA
236A-1-1, Donner, Mary 51 yrs, PA
236A-1-1, Donner, Sarah 17 yrs, PA
236A-1-1, Donner, John 13 yrs, PA
236A-1-1, Donner, Emma 7 yrs, PA
236A-1-1, Donner, Theresa 15 yrs, PA
234A-2-2, Donohue, Wm 27 yrs, Eng
194B-2-2, Dore, Abel 60 yrs, Wales,
194B-2-2, Dore, Mary 56 yrs, Eng,
194B-2-2, Dore, Joseph 20 yrs, Wales,
194B-2-2, Dore, Jabes 16 yrs, OH,
194B-2-2, Dore, Abel 14 yrs, OH,
194B-2-2, Dore, William 50 yrs, Wales,
194B-4-4, Dore, Henry 21 yrs, Wales
194B-4-4, Dore, Elisabeth 23 yrs, Ire
194B-4-4, Dore, Joseph 4 yrs, OH
194B-4-4, Dore, Alfuctici 3 yrs, OH
194B-4-4, Dore, Ella 2 yrs, OH
194B-4-4, Dore, Mary 9/12 yr, PA
189B-3-3, Dorman, David 36 yrs, ME
189B-3-3, Dorman, Adaline 31 yrs, OH
189B-3-3, Dorman, Ada 11 yrs, PA
189B-3-3, Dorman, Eddie 9 yrs, PA
189B-3-3, Dorman, George 5 yrs, PA
189B-3-3, Dorman, David 3 yrs, PA
189B-3-3, Dorman, Carrie 9/12 yr, PA
211A-6-6, Dormand, Rosa 2 yrs, IL
209A-3-3, Dorr, Jacob 35 yrs, Bavaria
209A-3-3, Dorr, Catharine 31 yrs, Bav
209A-3-3, Dorr, Elisabeth 10 yrs, PA
209A-3-3, Dorr, Jacob 6 yrs, PA
209A-3-3, Dorr, Catharine 4 yrs, PA
209A-3-3, Dorr, Caroline 2 yrs, PA
209A-3-3, Dorr, Louisa 6/12 yr, PA
239A-7-7, Dougherty, Saml 22 yrs, PA
239A-7-7, Dougherty, Mary 57 yrs, PA
239A-7-7, Dougherty, Clarissa 9 yrs, PA
257A-2-2, Dougherty, Jno. 27 yrs, Ire
213B-5-5, Douglass, John 35 yrs, Scot
213B-5-5, Douglass, Margaret 27 yrs, Scot
213B-5-5, Douglass, William 4 yrs, Scot
213B-5-5, Douglass, Anna 1 yrs, Scot
213B-5-5, Douglass, Charles 38 yrs, Scot
231B-1-1, Dougle, William 44 yrs, Eng
231B-1-1, Dougle, Anna 38 yrs, Eng
231B-1-1, Dougle, Anna 15 yrs, Eng
231B-1-1, Dougle, Mary 11 yrs, Eng
213B-6-6, Dougless, Henderson 25 yrs, Scot
213B-6-6, Dougless, Elisabeth 21 yrs, Scot
214A-6-6, Dougless, Agnes 1 yrs, PA
255A-4-4, Down, Sarah 34 yrs, OH
255A-4-4, Down, William 7 yrs, PA
220B-5-5, Downie, Mary 12 yrs, Eng
256B-2-2, Downing, Jno. 19 yrs, PA
258A-2-2, Downing, Anne 20 yrs, PA
258A-3-3, Downing, Wm 53 yrs, PA
258A-3-3, Downing, Ruth 56 yrs, PA
258A-3-3, Downing, Penelope 22 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Downing, Thos. 51 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Downing, Phebe 47 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Downing, Jas. 18 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Downing, Anna 15 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Downing, Thos. 13 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Downing, Harknes 11 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Downing, Jerome 9 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Downing, Kearny 6 yrs, PA
265B-8-8, Downs, Jno. 41 yrs, PA
266A-8-8, Downs, Anna 31 yrs, PA
266A-8-8, Downs, Daisy 3 yrs, PA
266A-8-8, Downs, Frank 1 yrs, PA
190B-1-1, Downy, Patrick 22 yrs, Ire
200A-6-6, Downy, James 46 yrs, Ire
200A-6-6, Downy, Agnes 42 yrs, Scot
200A-6-6, Downy, John 9 yrs, Eng
200A-6-6, Downy, Catherine 7 yrs, Eng
200A-6-6, Downy, Agnes 5 yrs, PA
200A-6-6, Downy, Margaret 4 yrs, PA
200B-6-6, Downy, James 2 yrs, PA
200B-6-6, Downy, Anna 1/12 yr, PA
252A-5-5, Doyle, Chas. 28 yrs, Ire
252A-5-5, Doyle, Mary 24 yrs, Ire
252A-5-5, Doyle, Thos. 2 yrs, MD
252A-5-5, Doyle, Bridget 6/12 yr, PA
252A-5-5, Doyle, John 25 yrs, Irel.
258A-3-3, Doyle, Pat. 24 yrs, Ire
258A-3-3, Doyle, Anna 19 yrs, Ire
258A-3-3, Doyle, Bartley 20 yrs, Ire
258A-3-3, Doyle, James 25 yrs, Ire
184B-5-5, Doyle, Peter 50 yrs, Ire
184B-5-5, Doyle, William 22 yrs, PA
195B-4-4, Doyle, Mary 23 yrs, PA
229B-9-9, Drake, Ellis 34 yrs, Eng
229B-9-9, Drake, Sarah 33 yrs, Ire
230A-9-9, Drake, Susanna 4 yrs, PA
230A-9-9, Drake, Arabella 2 yrs, PA
230A-9-9, Drake, Edward 1/12 yr, PA
213B-9-9, Drammond, Robt. 37 yrs, Scot
233B-6-6, Dresh, Frederick 36 yrs, Bav
233B-6-6, Dresh, Lena 27 yrs, France
233B-6-6, Dresh, Christena 7 yrs, PA
233B-6-6, Dresh, Frederick 4 yrs, PA
233B-6-6, Dresh, Catherine 3 yrs, PA
176A-4-4, Dresh, Charles 25 yrs, Bav.
176A-4-4, Dresh, Margaret 23 yrs, Bav.
176A-4-4, Dresh, Oswald 8/12 yr, PA
236A-6-6, Drum, Daniel 35 yrs, Bav
251B-7-7, Duffey, Jas. 34 yrs, Ire
186B-4-4, Duffy, Thomas 45 yrs, Ire,
184A-2-2, Dugan, Patrick 31 yrs, Ire
184A-2-2, Dugan, Bridget 32 yrs, Ire
184A-2-2, Dugan, Catherine 9 yrs, NJ
207A-1-1, Dulan, John 32 yrs, Ire
207A-1-1, Dulan, Amanda 27 yrs, PA
207A-1-1, Dulan, Margaret 5/12 yr, PA
223A-8-8, Dulrumple, William 23 yrs, Scot
189A-3-3, Dumars, Sarah 55 yrs, PA
226B-1-1, Duncan, John 45 yrs, Scot
226B-1-1, Duncan, Mary 50 yrs, Scot
226B-1-1, Duncan, Agnes 21 yrs, Scot
226B-1-1, Duncan, John 17 yrs, Scot
226B-1-1, Duncan, Thomas 16 yrs, PA
226B-1-1, Duncan, Mary 14 yrs, PA
226B-1-1, Duncan, Margaret 12 yrs, PA
226B-1-1, Duncan, George 10 yrs, PA
226B-1-1, Duncan, Elisabeth 7 yrs, PA
234A-3-3, Duncan, Thomas 47 yrs, Scot,
216B-5-5, Duncan, James 37 yrs, Scotland
216B-5-5, Duncan, Margaret 37 yrs, Scotland
216B-5-5, Duncan, Jane 9 yrs, Scotland
216B-5-5, Duncan, Jennett 5 yrs, Scotland
216B-5-5, Duncan, John 1 yrs, Scotland
248A-2-2, Dunham, Melv. 30 yrs, PA
248A-2-2, Dunham, Sarah 29 yrs, PA
248A-2-2, Dunham, Chas 6 yrs, PA
248A-2-2, Dunham, Carrie 2 yrs, PA
248A-2-2, Dunham, Frank 3/12 yr, PA
248A-4-4, Dunham, Alvin 28 yrs, PA
248A-4-4, Dunham, Malinda 26 yrs, PA
248A-4-4, Dunham, Thadeus 5 yrs, PA
248A-4-4, Dunham, Frederick 3 yrs, PA
248A-4-4, Dunham, Harvey 11/12 yr, PA
258A-2-2, Dunham, Saml 34 yrs, PA
258A-2-2, Dunham, Hannah 34 yrs, PA
258A-2-2, Dunham, Victor 10 yrs, PA
258A-2-2, Dunham, Samuel 8 yrs, PA
258A-2-2, Dunham, Elizabeth 5 yrs, PA
258A-2-2, Dunham, George 2 yrs, PA
268B-5-5, Dunham, Newton 25 yrs, PA
268B-5-5, Dunham, Mary 23 yrs, PA
268B-5-5, Dunham, Robt 62 yrs, PA
216B-3-3, Dunkan, George 33 yrs, Scotland
216B-3-3, Dunkan, Allison 32 yrs, Scotland
216B-3-3, Dunkan, Aaron 10 yrs, Scotland
216B-3-3, Dunkan, Jane 7 yrs, Scotland
216B-3-3, Dunkan, James 5 yrs, Scotland
216B-3-3, Dunkan, Andrew 2 yrs, Scotland
209A-4-4, Dunkard, August 44 yrs, Saxe Wein*el
201A-5-5, Dunkeely, James 30 yrs, England
201A-5-5, Dunkeely, Allice 34 yrs, England
201A-5-5, Dunkeely, Andrew 4 yrs, PA
201A-5-5, Dunkeely, John 3 yrs, PA
201A-5-5, Dunkeely, Betty 5/12 yr, PA
212B-3-3, Dunken, James 36 yrs, Scotland
212B-3-3, Dunken, Margaret 30 yrs, Scotland
212B-3-3, Dunken, Archibald 12 yrs, Scotland
212B-3-3, Dunken, Elisabeth 10 yrs, Scotland
212B-3-3, Dunken, Jennett 4 yrs, Scotland
212B-3-3, Dunken, Margaret 1 yrs, Scotland
267A-3-3, Dunlap, Jno. 45 yrs, VA
267A-3-3, Dunlap, Mary 39 yrs, PA
267A-3-3, Dunlap, Charles 6 yrs, PA
267A-3-3, Dunlap, Issabel 10/12 yr, PA
228A-4-4, Dunmire, David 63 yrs, PA
228A-4-4, Dunmire, Frances 60 yrs, PA
233A-9-9, Dunmire, Peter 61 yrs, PA
233B-9-9, Dunmire, Elisabeth 60 yrs, PA
233B-9-9, Dunmire, Lavina 27 yrs, PA
233B-9-9, Dunmire, Sabina 26 yrs, PA
233B-1-1, Dunmire, George 34 yrs, PA
233B-1-1, Dunmire, Sarah 32 yrs, PA
233B-1-1, Dunmire, Permilla 12 yrs, PA
233B-1-1, Dunmire, John 10 yrs, PA
233B-1-1, Dunmire, Hilera 6 yrs, PA
233B-1-1, Dunmire, Charles 4 yrs, IA
174B-1-1, Dunmire, Leander 20 yrs, PA
174B-1-1, Dunmire, Catherine 18 yrs, PA
182B-3-3, Dunn, Cornelius 24 yrs, Ire
182B-3-3, Dunn, Mary 18 yrs, PA
222B-1-1, DunRuly, Joseph 62 yrs, Eng, possibly "Dunkuly", "Dunkeely"
222B-1-1, DunRuly, Allice 67 yrs, Eng, possibly "Dunkuly", "Dunkeely"
222B-1-1, DunRuly, Matty 27 yrs, Eng, possibly "Dunkuly", "Dunkeely"
222B-1-1, DunRuly, Joseph 20 yrs, Eng, possibly "Dunkuly", "Dunkeely"
222B-1-1, DunRuly, Mary 1 yrs, PA, possibly "Dunkuly", "Dunkeely"
264A-3-3, Durgy, Agustus 19 yrs, MD
187A-1-1, Durhammer, Henry 24 yrs, PA
242A-7-7, Durihan, Azariah 43 yrs, PA
242A-7-7, Durihan, Elisabeth 42 yrs, PA
242A-7-7, Durihan, Lawrence 18 yrs, PA
242A-7-7, Durihan, Mary 13 yrs, PA
242A-7-7, Durihan, Douglass 10 yrs, PA
227A-2-2, Durkerly, James 57 yrs, Eng
227A-2-2, Durkerly, Hannah 52 yrs, Eng
227A-2-2, Durkerly, William 24 yrs, Eng
227A-2-2, Durkerly, Thomas 14 yrs, Eng
233B-3-3, Eagan, Saml 35 yrs, Eng, possibly "Euyan"
233B-3-3, Eagan, Mary 20 yrs, Eng, possibly "Euyan"
233B-3-3, Eagan, William 2 yrs, PA, possibly "Euyan"
233B-3-3, Eagan, James 8/12 yr, PA, possibly "Euyan"
232A-6-6, Eakin, Alfred 40 yrs, Eng
232A-6-6, Eakin, Elisabeth 32 yrs, Eng
214A-7-7, Eaton, Jonathan 50 yrs, PA
214A-7-7, Eaton, Agnes 40 yrs, PA
214B-7-7, Eaton, Susan 21 yrs, PA
214B-7-7, Eaton, Charles 16 yrs, PA
214B-7-7, Eaton, Henry 14 yrs, PA
214B-7-7, Eaton, Samantha 11 yrs, PA
214B-7-7, Eaton, Allice 10 yrs, PA
214B-7-7, Eaton, Mary 7 yrs, PA
214B-7-7, Eaton, William 5 yrs, PA
214B-7-7, Eaton, Ida 2 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, Eaton, Charles 36 yrs, PA
192B-2-2, Ebbats, Peter 27 yrs, PA
192B-2-2, Ebbats, Jane E. 26 yrs, PA
192B-2-2, Ebbats, Mary 4 yrs, PA
192B-2-2, Ebbats, George 2 yrs, PA
190A-6-6, Ebe, Thompson 20 yrs, PA
186B-4-4, Eckles, James 40 yrs, Ire,
255A-1-1, Egan, Dan. 24 yrs, Can
253A-2-2, Eich, Stephen 18 yrs, PA
184B-2-2, Eldridge, Charles 25 yrs, NY
184B-2-2, Eldridge, Mary E. 23 yrs, NY
184B-2-2, Eldridge, Westley 1 yrs, NY
219B-7-7, Ellis, John 57 yrs, Eng
219B-7-7, Ellis, Jane 50 yrs, Eng
219B-7-7, Ellis, Richard 25 yrs, Eng
219B-7-7, Ellis, Grace 21 yrs, Eng
219B-7-7, Ellis, William 20 yrs, Eng
219B-7-7, Ellis, Emily 15 yrs, Eng
219B-7-7, Ellis, Thomas 13 yrs, Eng
244A-8-8, Elser, Joseph 38 yrs, Wirtemberg
244A-8-8, Elser, Anna 38 yrs, Saxony
244A-8-8, Elser, Amelia 10 yrs, PA
244A-8-8, Elser, Anna 9 yrs, PA
244A-8-8, Elser, Joseph 7 yrs, PA
244B-8-8, Elser, Mary 5 yrs, PA
244B-8-8, Elser, Victoria 2 yrs, PA
244B-8-8, Elser, Albert 3/12 yr, PA
206B-2-2, Emberson, Edward 5 yrs, PA
184A-4-4, Embocly, Reuben 47 yrs, PA, possibly Emlody, Embody,
184A-4-4, Embocly, Mary 39 yrs, PA, possibly Emlody, Embody,
184A-4-4, Embocly, Sarah J. 12 yrs, PA, possibly Emlody, Embody,
184A-4-4, Embocly, Nancy M. 10 yrs, PA, possibly Emlody, Embody,
184A-4-4, Embocly, Heither 7 yrs, PA, possibly Emlody, Embody,
184A-4-4, Embocly, Robert F. 5 yrs, PA, possibly Emlody, Embody,
184A-4-4, Embocly, Jacob P. 2 yrs, PA, possibly Emlody, Embody,
184A-4-4, Embocly, Mary 2/12 yr, PA, possibly Emlody, Embody,
238B-5-5, Emery, William 11 yrs, PA
179A-1-1, Ernest, Catherine 15 yrs, PA
267B-4-4, Ernst, Jno. 56 yrs, France
267B-4-4, Ernst, Mary 50 yrs, France
267B-4-4, Ernst, Anna 8 yrs, PA
222A-8-8, Eslinger, Frederick 30 yrs, Bav
257B-5-5, Espy, James 30 yrs, PA,
251B-10-10, Eustace, Thos. 24 yrs, Ire
251B-10-10, Eustace, Mary 25 yrs, Can
252A-10-10, Eustace, Mary 3 yrs, PA
252A-10-10, Eustace, Wm 11/12 yr, PA
254B-4-4, Eustace, Kate 23 yrs, Ire
255A-1-1, Evans, Jno 25 yrs, Wales
264B-6-6, Evans, Maggie 15 yrs, OH
201A-2-2, Evans, James 49 yrs, Eng
201A-2-2, Evans, Anna 46 yrs, Eng
201A-2-2, Evans, William 19 yrs, Eng
201A-2-2, Evans, Jane 17 yrs, Eng
201A-2-2, Evans, Hannah 15 yrs, Eng
201A-2-2, Evans, John 11 yrs, PA
201A-2-2, Evans, James 10 yrs, PA
201A-2-2, Evans, Thomas 8 yrs, PA
201A-2-2, Evans, Elisabeth 4 yrs, PA
201A-2-2, Evans, Benjamin 2 yrs, PA
216B-4-4, Evans, David 30 yrs, Wales
216B-4-4, Evans, Mary 29 yrs, Wales
216B-4-4, Evans, Anne 11 yrs, Wales
216B-4-4, Evans, Eliza 6 yrs, Wales
216B-4-4, Evans, Sarah J. 4 yrs, OH
216B-4-4, Evans, Henry 2 yrs, OH
216B-4-4, Evans, David J. 1/12 yr, PA
221A-6-6, Evans, James 25 yrs, Wales
221A-6-6, Evans, Margaret 23 yrs, Wales
221B-6-6, Evans, William 1 yrs, Wales
243B-5-5, Evens, Francis 23 yrs, Eng
243B-5-5, Evens, Lyddia 19 yrs, PA
194B-2-2, Evens, James 12 yrs, MD,
203B-3-3, Evens, Christopher 29 yrs, Eng
203B-3-3, Evens, Caroline 25 yrs, Eng
203B-3-3, Evens, Rachel 7 yrs, Eng
203B-3-3, Evens, Edward 2/12 yr, PA
207A-6-6, Evens, Thomas 28 yrs, Scot
217B-1-1, Evens, William 40 yrs, Wales
217B-1-1, Evens, Anna 32 yrs, Wales
217B-1-1, Evens, Mary 9 yrs, Wales
217B-1-1, Evens, John 6 yrs, OH
217B-1-1, Evens, Abigail 2 yrs, OH
234B-7-7, Everhart, John 67 yrs, PA
234B-7-7, Everhart, Susanna 61 yrs, PA
235A-1-1, Everhart, Aaron 37 yrs, PA
235A-1-1, Everhart, Mary 29 yrs, PA
235A-1-1, Everhart, Jefferson 10 yrs, PA
235A-1-1, Everhart, George 3 yrs, PA
235A-3-3, Everhart, Charles 5 yrs, PA
182A-8-7, Everhart, Wm 22 yrs, PA
216A-5-5, Everhart, Owen 24 yrs, PA
216A-5-5, Everhart, Rachel 19 yrs, PA
216A-5-5, Everhart, Ethel 3/12 yr, PA
217A-3-3, Everhart, Frederick 31 yrs, PA
217A-3-3, Everhart, Hannah 28 yrs, England
217A-3-3, Everhart, Miney 4 yrs, OH
217A-3-3, Everhart, Mary 1 yrs, OH
217A-3-3, Everhart, John 26 yrs, PA
217A-3-3, Everhart, William 19 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Everhart, Reuben 38 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Everhart, Susanna 32 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Everhart, Wilson 13 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Everhart, Wylie 10 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Everhart, Adella 7 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Everhart, Ida 6 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Everhart, Warren 4 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Everhart, Maud 1 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Everhart, Sarah 71 yrs, PA
192B-6-6, Ewart, Lucetta 22 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Ewart, John 29 yrs, OH
194A-2-2, Ewart, Emily 19 yrs, OH
185B-7-7, Fagan, Simon 42 yrs, Ire
190A-2-2, Fair, Emanuel 42 yrs, PA
190A-2-2, Fair, Nancy 31 yrs, PA
190A-2-2, Fair, Carrie 12 yrs, OH
190A-2-2, Fair, Martha 9 yrs, OH
212B-4-4, Falkin, John 31 yrs, Scotland
212B-4-4, Falkin, Anne 25 yrs, MD
212B-4-4, Falkin, Agnes 3 yrs, MD
212B-4-4, Falkin, Barbara 1 yrs, MD
245A-1-1, Fanniar, John 28 yrs, Eng, possibly "Fauniar"
245A-1-1, Fanniar, Jane 28 yrs, Eng, possibly "Fauniar"
245A-1-1, Fanniar, Elisabeth 1 yrs, Eng, possibly "Fauniar"
188B-4-4, Farcey, S. B. 25 yrs, Ire,
261A-6-6, Fare, Lawunce 45 yrs, Bav, possibly "Lawrence"
261A-6-6, Fare, Leuore 45 yrs, Bav
261A-6-6, Fare, John 15 yrs, PA
248B-1-1, Farenly, Edward 35 yrs, Ire
248B-1-1, Farenly, Bridget 28 yrs, Ire
248B-1-1, Farenly, Frances 11 yrs, Eng
248B-1-1, Farenly, Margaret 9 yrs, Eng
248B-1-1, Farenly, John 7 yrs, Eng
248B-1-1, Farenly, Mary 5 yrs, Eng
248B-1-1, Farenly, Edda 2 yrs, OH
248B-1-1, Farenly, Eliza A. 1 yrs, OH
245A-3-3, Farm, Alexander 44 yrs, Scot
245A-3-3, Farm, Jesse 43 yrs, Scot
245A-3-3, Farm, David 21 yrs, Scot
245A-3-3, Farm, Alexander 1* yrs, PA
245A-3-3, Farm, John 11 yrs, PA
245A-3-3, Farm, William 9 yrs, PA
245A-3-3, Farm, Ada 7 yrs, PA
245A-3-3, Farm, Jennet 4 yrs, PA
245A-3-3, Farm, Mary 2 yrs, PA
235A-10-10, Faster, Samuel 26 yrs, PA
235B-10-10, Faster, Alma 28 yrs, PA
235B-10-10, Faster, Edward 2/12 yr, PA
246A-3-3, Fe*er, James 39 yrs, Scot, possibly "Fern"
246A-3-3, Fe*er, Elisabeth 37 yrs, Scot, possibly "Fern"
246A-3-3, Fe*er, John 12 yrs, PA, possibly "Fern"
246A-3-3, Fe*er, Margaret 10 yrs, PA, possibly "Fern"
246A-3-3, Fe*er, Eliza 6 yrs, PA, possibly "Fern"
246A-3-3, Fe*er, David 8 yrs, PA, possibly "Fern"
246A-3-3, Fe*er, Jennet 4 yrs, PA, possibly "Fern"
246A-3-3, Fe*er, Mary 2 yrs, PA, possibly "Fern"
246A-3-3, Fe*er, James 6/12 yr, PA, possibly "Fern"
228B-7-7, Fearnes, John 40 yrs, Ireland
228B-7-7, Fearnes, Mary 35 yrs, Ireland
228B-7-7, Fearnes, Rosanna 13 yrs, Scot
228B-7-7, Fearnes, Francis 11 yrs, Scot
228B-7-7, Fearnes, John 7 yrs, Scot
228B-7-7, Fearnes, James 4 yrs, PA
228B-7-7, Fearnes, Joseph 2 yrs, PA
229A-7-7, Fearnes, David 2/12 yr, PA
234A-4-4, Feler, Joseph 42 yrs, Eng
234A-4-4, Feler, Rachel 32 yrs, Eng
234A-4-4, Feler, William 12 yrs, PA
234A-4-4, Feler, Amas 10 yrs, OH
234A-4-4, Feler, Elisabeth 7 yrs, OH
234A-4-4, Feler, Frederick 5 yrs, PA
234A-4-4, Feler, Charles 3 yrs, OH
234A-4-4, Feler, no name 1/12 yr, OH
234B-5-5, Feler, Thomas 23 yrs, Eng
201A-1-1, Fencel, Nicholas 48 yrs, Bavaria
201A-1-1, Fencel, Mary 39 yrs, Baden
201A-1-1, Fencel, Frederick 14 yrs, PA
201A-1-1, Fencel, Matilda 11 yrs, PA
201A-1-1, Fencel, Nicholas 9 yrs, PA
201A-1-1, Fencel, George 7 yrs, PA
201A-1-1, Fencel, Anna 5 yrs, PA
201A-1-1, Fencel, Elisabeth 1 yrs, PA
185A-1-1, Fenity, John 34 yrs, Ire
189B-2-2, Fennel, Jacob 19 yrs, PA
235A-7-7, Fentzel, Rosanna 72 yrs, Bav
243B-1-1, Fentzel, George 81 yrs, Bav
231B-2-2, Fentzle, George 40 yrs, Bav
231B-2-2, Fentzle, Dorothy 39 yrs, Bav
231B-2-2, Fentzle, John 8 yrs, Bav
231B-2-2, Fentzle, Elisabeth 7 yrs, Bav
231B-2-2, Fentzle, Anna 1/12 yr, PA
241A-1-1, Ferguson, Mary 63 yrs, PA
241A-1-1, Ferguson, Jasper 24 yrs, PA
241A-1-1, Ferguson, Mathew 21 yrs, PA
241A-1-1, Ferguson, Elmira 17 yrs, PA
241A-1-1, Ferguson, Thomas 15 yrs, PA
241A-2-2, Ferguson, John 59 yrs, PA
241A-2-2, Ferguson, Rebecca 57 yrs, PA
241A-2-2, Ferguson, Mary 28 yrs, PA
241A-2-2, Ferguson, George 24 yrs, PA
248A-1-1, Ferguson, Susan 79 yrs, PA
228A-6-6, Ferry, Edward 40 yrs, Ireland,
199A-5-5, Filer, Mary 16 yrs, Eng
197A-4-4, Fish, E. S. 57 yrs, NH
197A-4-4, Fish, Sarah 42 yrs, PA
197A-4-4, Fish, Farnum 12 yrs, PA
197A-4-4, Fish, William 9 yrs, PA
197A-4-4, Fish, Charles 9 yrs, PA
260B-4-4, Fisher, Morris 32 yrs, NJ
260B-4-4, Fisher, Mary J. 30 yrs, OH
260B-4-4, Fisher, Caroline 9 yrs, PA
214A-1-1, Fisher, John 58 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Fisher, James 30 yrs, PA
188A-3-3, Fiske, Samuel 37 yrs, MA
185B-7-7, Fitch, William 29 yrs, IN
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, Thomas 55 yrs, Ire
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, Anna 40 yrs, Ire
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, James 19 yrs, NY
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, Margaret 17 yrs, NY
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, Thomas 15 yrs, NY
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, John 13 yrs, NY
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, Anna 11 yrs, NY
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, Ellen 9 yrs, NY
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, Charles 7 yrs, PA
250A-5-5, Fitzmorris, William 5 yrs, PA
186B-4-4, Flannery, John 25 yrs, Ire,
261A-6-6, Fleck, Jno. 24 yrs, Bav
261A-6-6, Fleck, Jno. 47 yrs, Bav
204A-5-5, Flecker, James 28 yrs, Scot
204A-5-5, Flecker, Elisabeth 25 yrs, Scot
204A-5-5, Flecker, Elisabeth 7 yrs, Scot
204A-5-5, Flecker, James 5 yrs, Scot
204A-5-5, Flecker, David 3 yrs, Scot
210B-3-3, Fleming, Andrew 33 yrs, Scotland
210B-3-3, Fleming, Margaret 32 yrs, Scot
210B-3-3, Fleming, Margaret 13 yrs, Scot
210B-3-3, Fleming, Agnes 9 yrs, Scot
210B-3-3, Fleming, Andrew 7 yrs, Scot
210B-3-3, Fleming, Jennet 4 yrs, Scot
210B-3-3, Fleming, Jane 2 yrs, PA
242B-1-1, Flowers, Margaret 55 yrs, PA
187A-4-4, Flynn, Patrick 30 yrs, Ire
187A-4-4, Flynn, Mary 31 yrs, Ire
187A-4-4, Flynn, Mary A. 10 yrs, Scot
187A-4-4, Flynn, Catherine 8 yrs, Scot
187A-4-4, Flynn, John 5 yrs, Scot
187A-4-4, Flynn, Margaret 1 yrs, Scot
186A-5-5, Fobes, Alwilda 9 yrs, OH
174A-9-8, Fogle, John H. 47 yrs, Bav
174B-9-8, Fogle, Catherine 43 yrs, Bav
174B-9-8, Fogle, Mary 18 yrs, PA
174B-9-8, Fogle, Gustus 15 yrs, PA
174B-9-8, Fogle, Charlotte 12 yrs, PA
174B-9-8, Fogle, Margaret 10 yrs, PA
174B-9-8, Fogle, Valentine 8 yrs, PA
174B-9-8, Fogle, Catherine 7 yrs, PA
207B-3-3, Folks, John 47 yrs, Wales
207B-3-3, Folks, William 12 yrs, PA
222A-8-8, Foltz, Adam 31 yrs, Bav
222A-8-8, Foltz, Charlotte 37 yrs, Bav
222A-8-8, Foltz, Charles 1 yrs, PA
193B-5-5, Foltz, Christopher 38 yrs, Bav
193B-5-5, Foltz, Julia 49 yrs, PA
193B-5-5, Foltz, Christina 8 yrs, PA
221A-5-5, Foltz, Jacob 71 yrs, Bav
221A-5-5, Foltz, Elisabeth 59 yrs, Bav
221A-5-5, Foltz, Jacob 19 yrs, Bav
235A-4-4, Ford, W. W. 24 yrs, PA
235A-4-4, Ford, Elisabeth 23 yrs, PA
235A-4-4, Ford, Louis 4 yrs, PA
235A-4-4, Ford, James 11/12 yr, PA
235A-6-6, Ford, John 48 yrs, PA, possibly "Force"
235A-6-6, Ford, Sarah 48 yrs, PA, possibly "Force"
235A-6-6, Ford, J. C. 21 yrs, PA, possibly "Force"
235A-6-6, Ford, William 5 yrs, PA, possibly "Force"
205B-4-4, Ford, T. M. 40 yrs, NY
205B-4-4, Ford, Phebe 34 yrs, NY
205B-4-4, Ford, Fanny F. 12 yrs, NY
205B-4-4, Ford, Kate 6 yrs, PA
219A-7-7, Forester, James 31 yrs, Scot
219A-7-7, Forester, Frances 27 yrs, Eng
219A-7-7, Forester, Allice 7 yrs, Eng
219A-7-7, Forester, William 3 yrs, PA
219A-7-7, Forester, Mary 2 yrs, PA
227B-5-5, Forker, Joseph 40 yrs, PA
190A-1-1, Forker, Samuel 22 yrs, PA
186B-4-4, Forman, Lizzie 25 yrs, Ire,
207A-7-7, Fornia, Louis 52 yrs, France
207A-7-7, Fornia, Mary 52 yrs, France
251A-8-8, Forrest, J. R. 39 yrs, PA
251A-8-8, Forrest, Martha 36 yrs, PA
251A-8-8, Forrest, Mary 2 yrs, PA
199B-3-3, Foster, Julia 20 yrs, PA
206A-2-2, Foster, James 16 yrs, PA
214B-3-3, Foster, David 18 yrs, PA
226A-5-5, Fox, Levi 19 yrs, PA
175A-9-9, Fox, Michael 63 yrs, Prussia
175A-9-9, Fox, Elisabeth 50 yrs, Prussia
175A-9-9, Fox, Peter 27 yrs, PA
175B-9-9, Fox, Mathias 21 yrs, PA
175B-9-9, Fox, Adam 19 yrs, PA
175B-9-9, Fox, Michael 17 yrs, PA
175B-9-9, Fox, Frantz 15 yrs, OH
175B-9-9, Fox, Eva 13 yrs, OH
175B-9-9, Fox, Mary 14 yrs, OH
175B-9-9, Fox, Henry 11 yrs, OH
175B-9-9, Fox, Caroline 7 yrs, OH
208B-5-5, Fox, Christian 24 yrs, Bav
209A-5-5, Fox, Elisabeth 23 yrs, Bav
209A-5-5, Fox, Charles 9/12 yr, PA
244A-6-6, Fraily, Sophy 17 yrs, PA
230B-1-1, Franey, Margaret 37 yrs, Ireland
230B-1-1, Franey, Mary 80 yrs, Ire
230B-1-1, Franey, Bridget 12 yrs, Eng
230B-1-1, Franey, Anna 6 yrs, Eng
227B-5-5, Frany, Mary 16 yrs, Eng
199B-3-3, Frazier, Joel 64 yrs, PA
199B-3-3, Frazier, Priscilla 48 yrs, OH
199B-3-3, Frazier, Norman 9 yrs, PA
173A-1-1, Free, Ellen 27 yrs, PA
230B-9-9, Freenfrock, G. W. 38 yrs, France, possibly "Frenfrock"
230B-9-9, Freenfrock, Malissa 25 yrs, PA, possibly "Frenfrock"
230B-9-9, Freenfrock, Jennie 20 yrs, VA, possibly "Frenfrock"
228A-6-6, Freeny, Margaret 15 yrs, Eng,
250B-1-1, French, Julia 20 yrs, NY
232B-4-4, Fri***, Enoch 37 yrs, Eng, possibly Friber, Friler
232B-4-4, Fri***, Elisabeth 35 yrs, Eng, possibly Friber, Friler
232B-4-4, Fri***, Enoch 9 yrs, PA, possibly Friber, Friler
232B-4-4, Fri***, Frank 6 yrs, PA, possibly Friber, Friler
232B-4-4, Fri***, Henry 4 yrs, PA, possibly Friber, Friler
232B-4-4, Fri***, Walter 5/12 yr, PA, possibly Friber, Friler
189B-2-2, Frogg, Charles 25 yrs, PA
208B-4-4, Fromer, Henry 20 yrs, H. Darmstadt
208B-4-4, Fromer, Catherine 15 yrs, PA
244A-6-6, Fromm, Adam 25 yrs, Prus
244A-6-6, Fromm, Elisabeth 19 yrs, PA
244A-6-6, Fromm, Mary 1 yrs, PA
244A-6-6, Fromm, August 20 yrs, PA
261A-7-7, Fromm, Anne 13 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Froom, William 42 yrs, Prussia
249B-4-4, Fruit, Wm. 66 yrs, PA
249B-4-4, Fruit, Sarah 45 yrs, PA
249B-4-4, Fruit, William 16 yrs, PA
249B-4-4, Fruit, Carrie 19 yrs, PA
221B-6-6, Fry, Stephen 52 yrs, PA
221B-6-6, Fry, Sally 42 yrs, PA
221B-6-6, Fry, Katy 18 yrs, PA
221B-6-6, Fry, Daivd 12 yrs, PA
221B-6-6, Fry, Elisabeth 10 yrs, PA
221B-6-6, Fry, Emma 7 yrs, PA
221B-6-6, Fry, Marten 4 yrs, PA
221B-6-6, Fry, Ella 2 yrs, PA
221B-6-6, Fry, Thomas 1 yrs, PA
222A-1-1, Fry, Maryle 16 yrs, PA
232B-5-5, Fry, John 37 yrs, PA
232B-5-5, Fry, Louise 28 yrs, PA
232B-5-5, Fry, Milton 10 yrs, PA
232B-5-5, Fry, Maggie 8 yrs, PA
232B-5-5, Fry, Molly 7 yrs, PA
232B-5-5, Fry, Armena 5 yrs, PA
232B-5-5, Fry, Effa 1 yrs, PA
232B-7-7, Fry, Conred 30 yrs, PA
232B-7-7, Fry, Mary 28 yrs, PA
232B-7-7, Fry, McCleland 8 yrs, PA
233A-7-7, Fry, Estella 4 yrs, PA
234B-4-4, Fry, James 27 yrs, PA
234B-4-4, Fry, Margaret 28 yrs, PA
235B-4-4, Fry, Florence 12 yrs, PA
238B-5-5, Fry, Thomas 47 yrs, PA
238B-5-5, Fry, Catherine 47 yrs, PA
238B-5-5, Fry, Naomi 20 yrs, PA
238B-5-5, Fry, Joseph 18 yrs, PA
238B-5-5, Fry, Leander 9 yrs, PA
252B-8-8, Fry, Abraham 66 yrs, PA
252B-8-8, Fry, Sally 20 yrs, PA
206A-1-1, Fry, George 58 yrs, PA
206A-1-1, Fry, Catharine 36 yrs, PA
206A-1-1, Fry, Emma 12 yrs, PA
206A-1-1, Fry, Caroline 11 yrs, PA
206A-1-1, Fry, Jane 9 yrs, PA
206A-1-1, Fry, Mary 7 yrs, PA
206A-1-1, Fry, Isaiah 3 yrs, PA
206A-1-1, Fry, Frank 1 yrs, PA
184B-2-2, Fuller, Charles 45 yrs, PA
184B-2-2, Fuller, Joseph 19 yrs, PA
196A-3-3, Fyler, Henry 40 yrs, Eng
196A-3-3, Fyler, Anne 32 yrs, Scot
196A-3-3, Fyler, Sarah 12 yrs, PA
196A-3-3, Fyler, Thomas 10 yrs, PA
196A-3-3, Fyler, Georgeanna 8 yrs, PA
196A-3-3, Fyler, Lilly 6 yrs, PA
196A-3-3, Fyler, Robert 4 yrs, PA
196A-3-3, Fyler, Margaret 9/12 yr, PA
174B-4-4, Gactner, Jacob 39 yrs, Bav
174B-4-4, Gactner, Catherine 37 yrs, Bav
174B-4-4, Gactner, Jacob 12 yrs, PA
174B-4-4, Gactner, August 10 yrs, PA
174B-4-4, Gactner, Margaret 9 yrs, PA
174B-4-4, Gactner, Theresa 6 yrs, PA
174B-4-4, Gactner, Joseph 4 yrs, PA
174B-4-4, Gactner, Ludwig 2 yrs, PA
174B-4-4, Gactner, Franciscus 6/12 yr, PA
239A-1-1, Gains, Luther 49 yrs, NY
239A-1-1, Gains, Sarah 45 yrs, PA
239A-1-1, Gains, James 16 yrs, OH
239A-1-1, Gains, Arelia 14 yrs, OH
239A-1-1, Gains, Elisabeth 12 yrs, OH
239A-1-1, Gains, Oliver 8 yrs, OH
239A-1-1, Gains, John 6 yrs, OH
239A-1-1, Gains, Charles 3 yrs, PA
239A-1-1, Gains, Ida 1 yrs, PA
239A-6-6, Gains, Erastus 18 yrs, PA
176B-4-4, Gallagher, Wm. 31 yrs, Ire.
176B-4-4, Gallagher, Margaret 32 yrs, Scot
244B-3-3, Galloway, Thos. 30 yrs, Scot
244B-3-3, Galloway, Margaret 30 yrs, Scot
185B-7-7, Garber, William 57 yrs, PA
182B-3-3, Gard, Owen 44 yrs, Ire
182B-3-3, Gard, Joanna 41 yrs, Ire
182B-3-3, Gard, William 17 yrs, PA
182B-3-3, Gard, Dennis 14 yrs, PA
182B-3-3, Gard, Thomas 10 yrs, PA
182B-3-3, Gard, Eugene 8 yrs, PA
182B-3-3, Gard, Florence 6 yrs, PA
182B-3-3, Gard, John E. 4 yrs, PA
182B-3-3, Gard, Frances 2 yrs, PA
230B-5-5, Garding, Charles 20 yrs, Prussia
203B-1-1, Garian, John 64 yrs, Prus.
203B-1-1, Garian, Peter 29 yrs, Prus.
203B-1-1, Garian, Nicholas 7 yrs, Prus.
253A-2-2, Garoin, A. B. 26 yrs, PA
253B-2-2, Garrison, Jas. 28 yrs, NY
253B-2-2, Garrison, Allice 28 yrs, PA
253B-2-2, Garrison, Allice 5 yrs, PA
253B-2-2, Garrison, Charles 3 yrs, PA
253B-2-2, Garrison, Mabel 1 yrs, PA
182B-2-2, Garven, James 40 yrs, Ire
198A-8-7, Gatins, James 31 yrs, Scot
198A-8-7, Gatins, Anne 22 yrs, Scot
198A-8-7, Gatins, Sarah 4 yrs, Scot
198A-8-7, Gatins, Mary 2 yrs, PA
198A-8-7, Gatins, Anne 1/12 yr, PA
248A-3-3, Gaylord, W. F. 28 yrs, NY
248A-3-3, Gaylord, Viola 21 yrs, PA
236A-6-6, Gease, Jacob 34 yrs, Bav
254B-5-5, Geddys, Wm 57 yrs, Scot
254B-5-5, Geddys, Elizabeth 55 yrs, Scot
254B-5-5, Geddys, John 18 yrs, PA
254B-5-5, Geddys, sarah 16 yrs, PA
213B-5-5, Gedwood, William 25 yrs, Scot
213B-5-5, Gedwood, Joana 26 yrs, Scot
213B-5-5, Gedwood, Marion 2 yrs, Scot
213B-5-5, Gedwood, David 6/12 yr, Scotland
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Levi 42 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Sarah 44 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Mary 20 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Jacob 17 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Edwin 15 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, William 14 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Lizzie 12 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Joseph 10 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Caroline 8 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Emma 6 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Hiram 4 yrs, PA
195B-2-2, Gemnierman, Hannah 2 yrs, PA
206B-4-4, Genger, Hannah 25 yrs, PA
206B-4-4, Genger, Charles 18 yrs, PA
209A-1-1, Genger, Samuel 23 yrs, PA
209A-1-1, Genger, Nancy 23 yrs, OH
209A-1-1, Genger, Elisabeth 2 yrs, PA
219A-2-2, Genger, Saul 59 yrs, PA
219A-2-2, Genger, Lena 42 yrs, PA
219A-2-2, Genger, James 10 yrs, PA
257A-6-6, George, Armss 42 yrs, Ireland, possibly female, and "Anna"?
257A-6-6, George, Patrick 18 yrs, Ireland
257B-6-6, George, Elizab. 12 yrs, PA
234A-3-3, Gettus, John 26 yrs, Ire,
214B-1-1, Gettys, Anna 20 yrs, PA
254B-1-1, Gibbions, Mich. 35 yrs, Ire
254B-1-1, Gibbions, Bridget 32 yrs, PA
254B-1-1, Gibbions, Mary A. 7 yrs, PA
254B-1-1, Gibbions, Agnes 5 yrs, PA
254B-1-1, Gibbions, Catheri. 4 yrs, PA
254B-1-1, Gibbions, Margaret 2 yrs, PA
254B-1-1, Gibbions, Mich. 10/12 yr, PA
186A-4-4, Gibbons, Paul 43 yrs, Ire
186A-4-4, Gibbons, Mary 30 yrs, Ire
186A-4-4, Gibbons, Jeffry 11 yrs, OH
186A-4-4, Gibbons, Katherine 4 yrs, OH
186A-4-4, Gibbons, Thomas 2 yrs, PA
186A-4-4, Gibbons, Michael 28 yrs, Ire
186A-4-4, Gibbons, Patrick 9 yrs, OH
194B-5-5, Gibbons, Patrick 39 yrs, Ire
194B-5-5, Gibbons, Mary 42 yrs, Eng
194B-5-5, Gibbons, John 10 yrs, Eng
194B-5-5, Gibbons, Jane 7 yrs, Eng
194B-5-5, Gibbons, Patrick 3 yrs, OH
194B-5-5, Gibbons, Edward 2 yrs, PA
236B-1-1, Gibson, Charles 68 yrs, PA
236B-1-1, Gibson, Margaret 64 yrs, PA
197A-3-3, Gibson, Riley 40 yrs, PA
197A-3-3, Gibson, Amanda 28 yrs, PA
197A-3-3, Gibson, Florence 3 yrs, PA
197A-3-3, Gibson, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
199B-4-4, Gibson, William 26 yrs, PA
199B-4-4, Gibson, Elisabeth 22 yrs, PA
199B-5-5, Gibson, Charles 74 yrs, PA
199B-5-5, Gibson, Rosanna 63 yrs, PA
199B-5-5, Gibson, Joseph 33 yrs, PA
257B-5-5, Gill, Margaret 44 yrs, PA,
257B-5-5, Gill, Elizabeth 21 yrs, PA,
257B-5-5, Gill, Ella 16 yrs, PA,
257B-5-5, Gill, Mellisa 14 yrs, PA,
257B-5-5, Gill, Robert 14 yrs, PA,
267B-6-6, Gill, Ells 65 yrs, PA
267B-6-6, Gill, Margaret 60 yrs, PA
267B-6-6, Gill, Arthur 34 yrs, PA
268A-6-6, Gill, Amanda 26 yrs, PA
268A-6-6, Gill, Lucretia 22 yrs, PA
255A-1-1, Gilmore, J. B. 26 yrs, PA
255A-4-4, Gilson, Jno. 54 yrs, OH
255A-4-4, Gilson, Nancy 57 yrs, OH
255A-4-4, Gilson, Richard 22 yrs, PA
255A-4-4, Gilson, Thomas 17 yrs, PA
256A-7-7, Gilson, Dallas 24 yrs, OH
256A-7-7, Gilson, Mary 24 yrs, PA
256A-7-7, Gilson, Louise 3 yrs, PA
256A-7-7, Gilson, Fred 4/12 yr, PA
235A-2-2, Ginger, John 30 yrs, PA
235A-2-2, Ginger, Lucinda 26 yrs, PA
261B-2-2, Givens, Jno 28 yrs, Ire
261B-2-2, Givens, Mary 25 yrs, Ire
261B-2-2, Givens, Thos. 1 yrs, PA
261B-2-2, Givens, Ellen 1/12 yr, PA
207B-4-4, Givens, George 50 yrs, Scot
207B-4-4, Givens, Mary 48 yrs, Scot
207B-4-4, Givens, Hugh 20 yrs, PA
207B-4-4, Givens, Robert 17 yrs, PA
207B-4-4, Givens, Mary 15 yrs, PA
207B-4-4, Givens, Samuel 13 yrs, PA
207B-4-4, Givens, Margaret 9 yrs, PA
250B-4-4, Glaney, Michael 32 yrs, Ire
250B-4-4, Glaney, Catherine 30 yrs, Ire
250B-4-4, Glaney, William 1 yrs, PA
250B-4-4, Glaney, James 1 yrs, PA
186A-8-8, Glaney, John 50 yrs, Ire
186B-7-7, Glaney, Mathew 19 yrs, Ire
267A-5-5, Glazer, Theobald 50 yrs, Baden
267A-5-5, Glazer, Mary 51 yrs, France
267A-5-5, Glazer, Mary 19 yrs, France
267A-5-5, Glazer, Theobald 14 yrs, PA
267A-5-5, Glazer, Caroline 15 yrs, PA
267A-5-5, Glazer, Jno 13 yrs, PA
217A-3-3, Godward, Hannah 16 yrs, OH
213A-4-4, Golden, Patrick 30 yrs, Ire
213A-4-4, Golden, Catherine 26 yrs, Ire
213A-4-4, Golden, Mary 7 yrs, Eng
213A-4-4, Golden, Patrick 1 yrs, PA
191A-4-4, Gone, John 41 yrs, Isle of Man,
191A-4-4, Gone, William 18 yrs, OH,
217A-6-6, Goodwin, David 21 yrs, Eng
197A-4-4, Goosscort, Margaret 25 yrs, OH
186B-4-4, Gordon, George 30 yrs, Eng,
209B-2-2, Gorman, Thomas 24 yrs, Canada
209B-2-2, Gorman, Joanna 20 yrs, PA
209B-2-2, Gorman, Anna 2 yrs, PA
209B-2-2, Gorman, James 4/12 yr, PA
209B-2-2, Gorman, Michael 16 yrs, Canada
253A-4-4, Gosscust, Danl. 45 yrs, OH, see "Grosscrost"
253A-4-4, Gosscust, Mary 40 yrs, PA, see "Grosscrost"
253A-4-4, Gosscust, John H. 20 yrs, PA, see "Grosscrost"
253A-4-4, Gosscust, Calvin 15 yrs, PA, see "Grosscrost"
253A-4-4, Gosscust, Ella 12 yrs, PA, see "Grosscrost"
253A-4-4, Gosscust, Maud 4 yrs, PA, see "Grosscrost"
253A-5-5, Gosscust, Andy. 45 yrs, OH, see "Gosscust"
253A-5-5, Gosscust, Malinda 33 yrs, PA, see "Gosscust"
253B-5-5, Gosscust, Alfr. 10 yrs, PA, see "Gosscust"
253B-5-5, Gosscust, Alice 8 yrs, PA
253B-5-5, Gosscust, Daniel 6 yrs, PA
253B-5-5, Gosscust, Lilly 3 yrs, PA
253B-5-5, Gosscust, no name 1/12 yr, PA
229A-6-6, Gothing, Charles 45 yrs, Eng
174A-4-4, Gough, John 37 yrs, Ireland
174A-4-4, Gough, Mary Ann 36 yrs, PA
174A-4-4, Gough, Mary Jane 14 yrs, PA
174A-4-4, Gough, Eliza 12 yrs, PA
174A-4-4, Gough, Martha A. 10 yrs, PA
174A-4-4, Gough, John 8 yrs, PA
174A-4-4, Gough, Robert R. 6 yrs, PA
174A-4-4, Gough, Willear 4 yrs, PA, possibly "William"
174A-4-4, Gough, James 2 yrs, PA
174A-4-4, Gough, Thomas 11/12 yr, PA
231A-2-2, Grachman, Wm 30 yrs, Prus,
231A-2-2, Grachman, Frederick 26 yrs, Prus,
231A-2-2, Grachman, August 23 yrs, Prus,
231A-2-2, Grachman, Morford 24 yrs, Eng,
231A-2-2, Grachman, James 24 yrs, Eng,
231A-2-2, Grachman, Charles 22 yrs, Eng,
241B-6-6, Graham, Mary 60 yrs, PA
188A-3-3, Graham, Alex. 29 yrs, PA
216A-7-7, Graham, William 33 yrs, PA
216A-7-7, Graham, Elisabeth 33 yrs, England
216A-7-7, Graham, Mary A. 8 yrs, PA
216A-7-7, Graham, James M. 6 yrs, PA
216A-7-7, Graham, Laura 4 yrs, OH
216A-7-7, Graham, Willie J. 3 yrs, OH
262A-1-1, Grance, Jno 35 yrs, Bav, possibly "Grame"
262A-1-1, Grance, Leah 30 yrs, Bav, possibly "Grame"
262A-1-1, Grance, Joseph 7 yrs, Bav, possibly "Grame"
262A-1-1, Grance, Michael 5 yrs, Bav, possibly "Grame"
262A-1-1, Grance, Mary 3 yrs, Bav, possibly "Grame"
266A-6-6, Grant, Issabel 6 yrs, PA
263B-5-5, Gravlin, Geo. 41 yrs, NY
263B-5-5, Gravlin, Fanny 39 yrs, ME
263B-5-5, Gravlin, Marcilla 18 yrs, ME
245B-7-7, Gray, Jennet 65 yrs, Scot
258A-1-1, Gray, Geo. 31 yrs, Scot
258A-1-1, Gray, Sarah 31 yrs, PA
180A-116-114, Gray, Robert 60 yrs, PA
180A-116-114, Gray, Martha 21 yrs, PA
180A-116-114, Gray, McClelland 10 yrs, PA
180A-116-114, Gray, Rachel 14 yrs, PA
180A-116-114, Gray, Sarah A. 52 yrs, PA
228A-6-6, Green, Mary 15 yrs, Eng,
229A-6-6, Green, Thomas 38 yrs, Eng
229A-6-6, Green, Elisabeth 36 yrs, Eng
229A-6-6, Green, Pheby 14 yrs, Eng
229A-6-6, Green, Catherine 12 yrs, Eng
229A-6-6, Green, Jane 7 yrs, Eng
229A-6-6, Green, Thomas 4 yrs, Eng
229A-6-6, Green, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
229A-7-7, Green, Elisabeth 10 yrs, PA
259B-2-2, Green, Wm 50 yrs, Ire
261B-6-6, Green, Marg. 16 yrs, Wales
266A-3-3, Green, Wm 29 yrs, PA
266A-3-3, Green, Jane A. 24 yrs, PA
266A-3-3, Green, Wm 5 yrs, PA
266A-3-3, Green, Suely 3 yrs, PA, possibly "Lucy"?
244A-2-2, Greenbaugh, Ander* 26 yrs, Bav, possibly "Andrew"
244A-2-2, Greenbaugh, Wolbuck 30 yrs, Bav
244A-2-2, Greenbaugh, Wolfgang 5 yrs, OH
244A-2-2, Greenbaugh, Sevastia 3 yrs, OH
244A-2-2, Greenbaugh, Catherine 1 yrs, PA
249A-8-8, Greene, George 24 yrs, NY
249A-8-8, Greene, Anna 18 yrs, PA
249A-8-8, Greene, Jenny 3 yrs, PA
188B-3-3, Greggs, Morgan 29 yrs, Eng,
261A-2-2, Greiger, Chas 36 yrs, Aus
261A-2-2, Greiger, Mary 38 yrs, Aus
204B-1-1, Grendle, Charles 32 yrs, Eng
204B-1-1, Grendle, Mary 32 yrs, Eng
204B-1-1, Grendle, Sarah 8 yrs, Eng
198A-6-5, Grier, Robert 25 yrs, Can
198A-6-5, Grier, Mary 22 yrs, Scot
198A-6-5, Grier, Mary 10/12 yr, PA
189B-5-5, Griffith, Ellen 9 yrs, PA
207A-3-3, Griffy, Morris 40 yrs, Ireland
207A-3-3, Griffy, Joanna 37 yrs, Ire
207A-3-3, Griffy, Mary 13 yrs, MA
207A-3-3, Griffy, John 10 yrs, PA
207A-3-3, Griffy, Margaret 8 yrs, NY
207A-3-3, Griffy, Thomas 5 yrs, PA
207A-3-3, Griffy, Morris 2 yrs, PA
257B-6-6, Grogen, Mary 19 yrs, PA
195B-3-3, Groham, Joseph 36 yrs, PA
195B-3-3, Groham, Martha 34 yrs, PA
195B-3-3, Groham, Eva 14 yrs, PA
195B-3-3, Groham, Ella 12 yrs, PA
195B-3-3, Groham, William 4 yrs, PA
195B-3-3, Groham, Joseph 7/12 yr, PA
267A-6-6, Groscost, Jno. 26 yrs, OH
260A-1-1, Grove, Henry 21 yrs, PA
190A-7-7, Grove, Lyman 22 yrs, OH
190A-7-7, Grove, Kate 19 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Grow, Wm 25 yrs, Scot,
263B-8-8, Gruff, Darunil 80 yrs, MD
263B-8-8, Gruff, Susan 43 yrs, MD
263B-8-8, Gruff, Lovice 10 yrs, MD
225B-2-2, Guiney, Master 36 yrs, Scot, possibly Gurney
230A-8-8, Gurine, Phillip 26 yrs, Isle of Man
225A-4-4, Guy, James 41 yrs, Scot
225A-4-4, Guy, Elisabeth 43 yrs, Scot
249A-5-5, Guyton, Michael 5* yrs, Ire
249A-5-5, Guyton, Mary 30 yrs, Ire
249A-5-5, Guyton, Joseph 4 yrs, PA
249A-5-5, Guyton, Marten 2 yrs, OH
227B-4-4, Gwens, Robert 43 yrs, Scot
227B-4-4, Gwens, Margaret 42 yrs, Scot
227B-4-4, Gwens, Margaret 15 yrs, PA
227B-4-4, Gwens, Agnes 14 yrs, PA
227B-4-4, Gwens, Robert 10 yrs, PA
227B-4-4, Gwens, Ellen 4 yrs, PA
227B-4-4, Gwens, John 2 yrs, PA
216B-9-9, Gwynn, William 25 yrs, PA
254A-2-2, Hadley, R. F. 34 yrs, OH
254A-2-2, Hadley, Louisa 28 yrs, PA
254A-2-2, Hadley, Wm 9 yrs, PA
254A-2-2, Hadley, Jno. L. 5 yrs, PA
254A-2-2, Hadley, Chas. A. 3 yrs, PA
254A-2-2, Hadley, Clara A. 7/12 yr, PA
248A-3-3, Haggarty, Sarah 53 yrs, PA
248A-3-3, Haggarty, Allice 17 yrs, PA
248A-3-3, Haggarty, Melvin 12 yrs, PA
248A-3-3, Haggarty, Howard 8 yrs, PA
214A-1-1, Haggarty, James 28 yrs, PA
211B-7-7, Hailston, William 25 yrs, Scot
261B-5-5, Hall, Norman 40 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Hall, Lydia 87 yrs, PA
184B-1-1, Hall, John 35 yrs, PA
184B-1-1, Hall, Jane 36 yrs, PA
184B-1-1, Hall, Charles 11 yrs, OH
184B-1-1, Hall, Mary 9 yrs, PA
184B-1-1, Hall, Sydney 3 yrs, PA
187A-3-3, Hall, Roswell 47 yrs, NY
187A-3-3, Hall, Mariah 35 yrs, PA
187A-3-3, Hall, Ida 11 yrs, PA
187A-3-3, Hall, George 8 yrs, PA
187A-3-3, Hall, Edgar 5 yrs, PA
187A-3-3, Hall, Ella 3 yrs, PA
187A-3-3, Hall, William 1 yrs, PA
189A-3-3, Hall, Francis 16 yrs, PA
190B-3-3, Hall, Dewitt 38 yrs, NY
190B-3-3, Hall, Mary Ann 38 yrs, Eng
190B-3-3, Hall, Frank 10 yrs, PA
190B-3-3, Hall, Charles 7 yrs, NY
204B-5-5, Hall, Alexander *2 yrs, OH, age 22 or 42
204B-5-5, Hall, Ida 26 yrs, OH
204B-5-5, Hall, Nelly 5 yrs, OH
204B-5-5, Hall, Lottie 2/12 yr, PA
188A-4-4, Hama, Stephen 55 yrs, PA
229A-4-4, Hamel, Lambert 28 yrs, Eng, possibly "Harrel"
229A-4-4, Hamel, Ellen 26 yrs, Eng
229A-4-4, Hamel, John 2 yrs, PA
229A-4-4, Hamel, Rebecca 7/12 yr, PA
246B-3-3, Hamilton, James 27 yrs, Scot
246B-3-3, Hamilton, Jennet 27 yrs, PA
246B-3-3, Hamilton, Alexander 4 yrs, PA
246B-3-3, Hamilton, David 2 yrs, PA
246B-3-3, Hamilton, Agnes 6/12 yr, PA
182A-5-4, Hamilton, David 60 yrs, PA
182A-5-4, Hamilton, Nancy 64 yrs, PA
182A-5-4, Hamilton, John H. 28 yrs, PA
182A-5-4, Hamilton, Mary J. 23 yrs, PA
182A-5-4, Hamilton, William 1 yrs, OH
217A-5-5, Hamilton, Thomas 25 yrs, Scot
217A-5-5, Hamilton, Mary 23 yrs, Scot
217A-5-5, Hamilton, Margaret 1 yrs, Scot
254A-5-5, Hamlin, Rich. 50 yrs, Scot,
215B-7-7, Hampton, Valentine 26 yrs, Ireland
216A-7-7, Hampton, Rachel 23 yrs, Scotland
216A-7-7, Hampton, Valentine 1/12 yr, PA
192B-6-6, Hann, Christopher 55 yrs, NJ
192B-6-6, Hann, Sarah 50 yrs, PA
192B-6-6, Hann, Mary E. 25 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Hann, Sarah 18 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Hann, Pheby 17 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Hann, William 11 yrs, PA
193A-1-1, Hann, James 50 yrs, NJ
193A-1-1, Hann, Mary T. 54 yrs, PA
193A-1-1, Hann, Laura 18 yrs, PA
193A-1-1, Hann, Mary 16 yrs, PA
193A-1-1, Hann, Gracy 11 yrs, PA
193A-1-1, Hann, James 6 yrs, PA
193B-7-7, Hann, Jacob Jr. 46 yrs, NJ
193B-7-7, Hann, Jenny 34 yrs, OH
193B-7-7, Hann, Jacob 85 yrs, NJ
193B-7-7, Hann, Elisabeth 86 yrs, NJ
214A-1-1, Hann, Lambert 23 yrs, PA, possibly "Ham"
176B-7-7, Hanna, Wm. 25 yrs, PA
176B-7-7, Hanna, Kate 26 yrs, PA
176B-8-8, Hanna, Wm. 25 yrs, PA
220B-6-6, Hannin, John 58 yrs, Ire
220B-6-6, Hannin, Catherine 47 yrs, Ire
220B-6-6, Hannin, Maggie 14 yrs, Ire
220B-6-6, Hannin, Anna 13 yrs, Ire
195A-1-1, Hantoucisel, James 36 yrs, Wales
240A-3-3, Hardie, Andw 22 yrs, Scot
213B-4-4, Hardie, William 30 yrs, Scot
213B-4-4, Hardie, Margaret 25 yrs, Scot
213B-4-4, Hardie, Thomas 6 yrs, Scot
213B-4-4, Hardie, Mary 1 yrs, PA
222A-6-6, Hardy, Thomas 57 yrs, Scot
222A-6-6, Hardy, Agnes 57 yrs, Scot
222A-6-6, Hardy, James 20 yrs, Scot
222A-6-6, Hardy, Robert 19 yrs, Scot
222A-6-6, Hardy, Agnes 8 yrs, Scot
222A-6-6, Hardy, Mary 6 yrs, Scot
228A-6-6, Hardy, Anthony 49 yrs, Eng,
228A-6-6, Hardy, Mary 45 yrs, Eng,
228A-6-6, Hardy, Elisabeth 19 yrs, Eng,
228A-6-6, Hardy, Samuel 11 yrs, Eng,
228A-6-6, Hardy, Harry 8 yrs, Eng,
228A-6-6, Hardy, Alice 6 yrs, PA,
228A-6-6, Hardy, Louisa 1 yrs, PA,
183B-2-2, Harkless, Saml 56 yrs, PA
183B-2-2, Harkless, Amelia 58 yrs, PA
184A-4-4, Harkless, Susan 24 yrs, PA
184A-4-4, Harkless, George 8 yrs, PA
184A-4-4, Harkless, Rolla 5/12 yr, PA
212A-5-5, Harkless, John 27 yrs, Scotland
212A-5-5, Harkless, Elisabeth 26 yrs, Scotland
227B-3-3, Harris, Stephen 28 yrs, Eng
227B-3-3, Harris, Sarah 28 yrs, Eng
227B-3-3, Harris, Mary 6 yrs, Eng
227B-3-3, Harris, John 3 yrs, Eng
227B-3-3, Harris, Ruth 1 yrs, Eng
266B-2-2, Harris, Madison 35 yrs, PA
184B-2-2, Harris, Joseph 40 yrs, PA
194A-7-7, Harris, Reece 37 yrs, Wales
194A-7-7, Harris, Mary 28 yrs, Wales
194A-7-7, Harris, Anna 10 yrs, PA
194A-7-7, Harris, Elisabeth 8 yrs, PA
194A-7-7, Harris, Morgan 6 yrs, PA
194A-7-7, Harris, Reece E. 4 yrs, PA
194A-7-7, Harris, John 2 yrs, PA
194A-7-7, Harris, William 6/12 yr, PA
177B-5-5, Harrison, Saml 40 yrs, Eng
177B-5-5, Harrison, Nancy 32 yrs, Eng
177B-5-5, Harrison, Mary E. 12 yrs, PA
177B-5-5, Harrison, William 10 yrs, PA
177B-5-5, Harrison, Benjamin 8 yrs, PA
191A-4-4, Harrison, Margaret 41 yrs, Eng,
191A-4-4, Harrison, David 33 yrs, Ire,
208B-1-1, Harrison, John 42 yrs, Eng
208B-1-1, Harrison, Anna 40 yrs, Eng
208B-1-1, Harrison, George 18 yrs, Eng
208B-1-1, Harrison, Thomas 15 yrs, Eng
208B-1-1, Harrison, Anna 12 yrs, PA
208B-1-1, Harrison, Elisabeth 9 yrs, PA
208B-1-1, Harrison, Samuel 6 yrs, PA
208B-1-1, Harrison, James 3 yrs, PA
208B-1-1, Harrison, Benjamin 11/12 yr, PA
220B-7-7, Harry, Collin 18 yrs, MD
244A-1-1, Hartman, Frantz 48 yrs, Bav
234A-1-1, Hartz, Michael 25 yrs, Prus
234A-1-1, Hartz, Charlotte 26 yrs, Bav
204A-2-2, Hass, Jacob 36 yrs, Prus.
204A-2-2, Hass, Anna 36 yrs, Prus.
204A-2-2, Hass, Joseph 8 yrs, Prus.
204A-2-2, Hass, Frantz 5 yrs, Prus.
204A-2-2, Hass, Adam 3 yrs, Prus.
204A-2-2, Hass, Peter 1 yrs, PA
204A-2-2, Hass, Nicholas 28 yrs, Prus.
233A-5-5, Hassel, Washington 20 yrs, Bav
233A-5-5, Hassel, Margaret 18 yrs, Ire
233A-5-5, Hassel, Jacob 17 yrs, Bav
253A-1-1, Hassel, Callie 18 yrs, PA
267B-8-8, Hassel, Danniel 44 yrs, Bav
267B-8-8, Hassel, Mariah 39 yrs, Prus
267B-8-8, Hassel, Danniel 19 yrs, Prus
267B-8-8, Hassel, Jacob 17 yrs, Prus
267B-8-8, Hassel, Ludwig 15 yrs, Prus
267B-8-8, Hassel, George 13 yrs, Prus
267B-8-8, Hassel, Sophia 12 yrs, Prus
267B-8-8, Hassel, Jno 6 yrs, Prus
267B-8-8, Hassel, Charles 4 yrs, PA
267B-8-8, Hassel, Edward 4 yrs, PA
267B-8-8, Hassel, Catherine 2 yrs, PA
267B-8-8, Hassel, Frederick 6/12 yr, PA
174B-2-2, Hassel, Conrad 42 yrs, Bav
174B-2-2, Hassel, Elisabeth 42 yrs, Bav
174B-2-2, Hassel, Caroline 13 yrs, PA
174B-2-2, Hassel, August 12 yrs, PA
174B-2-2, Hassel, Elisabeth 10 yrs, PA
174B-2-2, Hassel, Catherine 8 yrs, PA
174B-2-2, Hassel, Margaret 6 yrs, PA
174B-2-2, Hassel, Conrad 4 yrs, PA
174B-3-3, Hassel, Christ*** 36 yrs, Bav
174B-3-3, Hassel, Caroline 26 yrs, PA
174B-3-3, Hassel, Mary 7 yrs, PA
174B-3-3, Hassel, George 5 yrs, PA
174B-3-3, Hassel, Malina 3 yrs, PA
174B-3-3, Hassel, Margaret 1 yrs, PA
178B-6-6, Hassel, Christ 39 yrs, Bav
178B-6-6, Hassel, Caroline 41 yrs, Bav
178B-6-6, Hassel, Christian 12 yrs, PA
178B-6-6, Hassel, Jacob 11 yrs, PA
178B-6-6, Hassel, Elisabeth 6 yrs, PA
179A-4-4, Hassel, Jacob 40 yrs, Bav
179A-4-4, Hassel, Susanna 36 yrs, Bav
179A-4-4, Hassel, Anthony 10 yrs, OH
179A-4-4, Hassel, Daniel 9 yrs, PA
179A-4-4, Hassel, John 8 yrs, PA
179A-4-4, Hassel, Catherine 4 yrs, PA
179A-4-4, Hassel, Margaret 2 yrs, PA
179A-4-4, Hassel, Frederick 2/12 yr, PA
179B-9-9, Hassel, Peter 24 yrs, Bav
179B-9-9, Hassel, Barbara 30 yrs, Prus.
179B-9-9, Hassel, Mary 5 yrs, PA
179B-9-9, Hassel, Lewis 4 yrs, PA
179B-9-9, Hassel, Daniel 2 yrs, PA
179B-9-9, Hassel, Emma 3/12 yr, PA
179B-9-9, Hassel, Euphema 65 yrs, Bav
219A-8-8, Hast, Theodore 46 yrs, Prus
219A-8-8, Hast, Catherine 45 yrs, Prus
219A-8-8, Hast, Theresa 14 yrs, Prus
219A-8-8, Hast, John 12 yrs, Prus
219A-8-8, Hast, Mary 7 yrs, Prus
219A-8-8, Hast, Christina 4 yrs, PA
219A-8-8, Hast, Anna 2 yrs, PA
174A-5-5, Haster, Henry 26 yrs, PA
174A-5-5, Haster, Margaret 27 yrs, PA
174A-5-5, Haster, Alfred C. 1 yrs, PA
192A-3-3, Hatch, Myron 35 yrs, NY
192A-3-3, Hatch, Lucinda 28 yrs, PA
265A-7-7, Hatfield, Robt 35 yrs, Eng
265A-7-7, Hatfield, Mary 34 yrs, Eng
265A-7-7, Hatfield, Anna 9 yrs, Eng
265A-7-7, Hatfield, Matilda 5 yrs, PA
265A-7-7, Hatfield, Allice 11/12 yr, PA
231A-2-2, Hatrich, Adam 40 yrs, Bav,
231A-2-2, Hatrich, Margaret 33 yrs, Bav,
231A-2-2, Hatrich, Adam 11 yrs, Eng,
231A-2-2, Hatrich, Ludwig 9 yrs, Eng,
231A-2-2, Hatrich, Mary 13 yrs, Eng,
231A-2-2, Hatrich, Charles 4 yrs, Eng,
231A-2-2, Hatrich, no name 1/12 yr, Eng,
236B-8-8, Haun, Lambert 63 yrs, PA, possibly "Hann"
236B-8-8, Haun, Elisabeth 62 yrs, PA, possibly "Hann"
237A-1-1, Haun, Henry 38 yrs, PA, possibly "Hann"
237A-1-1, Haun, Clarissa 34 yrs, PA, possibly "Hann"
237A-1-1, Haun, Jenny 11 yrs, PA, possibly "Hann"
237A-1-1, Haun, Charles 5 yrs, PA, possibly "Hann"
237A-1-1, Haun, Allice 1 yrs, PA, possibly "Hann"
240B-1-1, Haunn, George 57 yrs, MD
240B-1-1, Haunn, Sarah 51 yrs, PA
240B-1-1, Haunn, Jasper 21 yrs, PA
240B-1-1, Haunn, George 18 yrs, PA
240B-1-1, Haunn, Caroline 16 yrs, PA
240B-1-1, Haunn, Worth 13 yrs, PA
240B-1-1, Haunn, Sarah 8 yrs, PA
256A-11-11, Hawk, Eli 37 yrs, PA
256B-11-11, Hawk, Elizabeth 37 yrs, PA
256B-11-11, Hawk, Wm 11 yrs, PA
256B-11-11, Hawk, Mary 8 yrs, PA
256B-11-11, Hawk, John 6 yrs, PA
256B-11-11, Hawk, Samuel 1 yrs, PA
216A-6-6, Hawk, John 27 yrs, PA
216A-6-6, Hawk, Mary 23 yrs, Scotland
216A-6-6, Hawk, Quiney 1 yrs, PA
207A-4-4, Hawkins, Joseph 60 yrs, Eng
207A-4-4, Hawkins, Catherine 58 yrs, Eng
207A-4-4, Hawkins, John 21 yrs, Eng
252B-4-4, Hawthorn, Jno. 30 yrs, Ire
252B-4-4, Hawthorn, Elizabeth 20 yrs, PA
255A-1-1, Hays, Reheraa 21 yrs, PA
255A-1-1, Hays, Wm 24 yrs, NY
174A-7-7, Hays, Samuel 25 yrs, PA
174A-7-7, Hays, Hannah 27 yrs, Eng
174A-7-7, Hays, Sheridan 3 yrs, PA
174A-7-7, Hays, John S. 2 yrs, PA
174B-1-1, Hays, Robert 63 yrs, PA
174B-1-1, Hays, Mary 49 yrs, PA
174B-1-1, Hays, Mary C. 16 yrs, PA
182B-4-4, Hays, Willeam 42 yrs, PA, probably William
182B-4-4, Hays, Rebecca 37 yrs, PA
182B-4-4, Hays, William 17 yrs, PA
182B-4-4, Hays, James 9 yrs, PA
182B-4-4, Hays, Benton 6 yrs, PA
182B-4-4, Hays, Ella J. 4 yrs, PA
182B-4-4, Hays, Perry A. 2 yrs, PA
255A-1-1, Haywood, B. J. 23 yrs, PA
193B-6-6, Hazelet, William 31 yrs, PA
250B-7-7, Hazen, Thomas 28 yrs, PA
250B-7-7, Hazen, Elton 4 yrs, PA
259B-7-7, Hazen, A. B. 29 yrs, PA
260A-7-7, Hazen, Adaline 41 yrs, PA
260A-7-7, Hazen, Louisa 21 yrs, PA
260A-7-7, Hazen, Wm 20 yrs, PA
260A-7-7, Hazen, Jno A. 11 yrs, PA
260A-7-7, Hazen, Bell 1* yrs, PA
260A-7-7, Hazen, Anna 14 yrs, PA
260A-7-7, Hazen, Saml. 7 yrs, PA
260A-7-7, Hazen, Elizabeth 74 yrs, PA
260A-2-2, Hazen, Ziba 49 yrs, PA
260A-2-2, Hazen, Milcal 47 yrs, PA
260A-2-2, Hazen, Chas W 12 yrs, PA
260A-2-2, Hazen, Adaline 9 yrs, PA
224B-1-1, Healsey, Wm. 33 yrs, PA
224B-1-1, Healsey, Mary 37 yrs, OH
224B-1-1, Healsey, Phebe 11 yrs, PA
224B-1-1, Healsey, Curtis 9 yrs, PA
224B-1-1, Healsey, Lucinda 7 yrs, PA
224B-2-2, Healsey, Samuel 3 yrs, PA
257A-1-1, Heard, J. M. 24 yrs, OH
268B-5-5, Heard, J. W. 30 yrs, OH
206B-4-4, Heasley, Curtis 35 yrs, PA
209B-5-5, Heasley, Reuben 22 yrs, PA
209B-5-5, Heasley, Lizzie 18 yrs, PA
182B-6-6, Heasly, Joseph 25 yrs, PA
182B-6-6, Heasly, Jane 27 yrs, PA
182B-6-6, Heasly, Edeith 3 yrs, PA
183A-6-6, Heasly, Louis 2 yrs, PA
183A-6-6, Heasly, Eva 4/12 yr, PA
235B-5-5, Heatrick, Mary 66 yrs, Bav
239B-2-2, Heiler, Peter 44 yrs, PA
239B-2-2, Heiler, Clara 38 yrs, PA
239B-2-2, Heiler, George 11 yrs, PA
239B-2-2, Heiler, William 9 yrs, PA
239B-2-2, Heiler, Jane 7 yrs, PA
239B-2-2, Heiler, Hiram 4 yrs, PA
239B-2-2, Heiler, Anna 3 yrs, PA
239B-2-2, Heiler, Elisabeth 2/12 yr, PA
239B-2-2, Heiler, Ellen 14 yrs, PA
174A-3-3, Helmsmar, Henry 60 yrs, Prussia
174A-3-3, Helmsmar, Catherine 52 yrs, Prussia
249A-5-5, Henesy, Mary 50 yrs, Ire
245A-1-1, Henry, Samuel 26 yrs, Eng
214B-7-7, Henry, Samuel 17 yrs, PA
185A-5-5, Heold, Lotta 23 yrs, WI
176A-7-7, Hepler, John 28 yrs, Hesse Darmstadt
176A-7-7, Hepler, Dorothy 31 yrs, Baden
176A-7-7, Hepler, Elisabeth 6 yrs, OH
176A-7-7, Hepler, John C. 5 yrs, IN
176A-7-7, Hepler, Emma 8/12 yr, PA
173A-6-6, Herman, Sebastia 35 yrs, Bav.
173A-6-6, Herman, Anna 30 yrs, Belgium
173A-6-6, Herman, Magdalena 11 yrs, PA
173A-6-6, Herman, Elisabeth 9 yrs, PA
173A-6-6, Herman, Margaret 5 yrs, PA
173A-6-6, Herman, John 3 yrs, PA
173A-6-6, Herman, Otilda 11/12 yr, PA
181A-7-7, Herman, John 39 yrs, Wirtemberg
181A-7-7, Herman, Magdelena 40 yrs, Wirtemberg
194B-3-3, Herman, Otto 33 yrs, Bav
194B-3-3, Herman, Clarissa 22 yrs, PA
194B-3-3, Herman, Matilda 3 yrs, PA
194B-3-3, Herman, John 2/12 yr, PA
179B-1-1, Hermen, Clemence 43 yrs, Bav
179B-1-1, Hermen, Mary 43 yrs, PA
179B-1-1, Hermen, Amelia 9 yrs, PA
231A-4-4, Hetrick, Jacob 40 yrs, Bav, possibly Hatrick
231A-4-4, Hetrick, Catherine 30 yrs, Bav, possibly Hatrick
231A-4-4, Hetrick, Margaret 13 yrs, Bav, possibly Hatrick
231A-4-4, Hetrick, Adam 11 yrs, PA, possibly Hatrick
231A-4-4, Hetrick, Catherine 7 yrs, PA, possibly Hatrick
231A-4-4, Hetrick, John 2 yrs, PA, possibly Hatrick
211B-8-8, Hevrigen, Daniel 36 yrs, Ireland
211B-8-8, Hevrigen, Elisabeth 35 yrs, Scotland
211B-8-8, Hevrigen, Hugh 13 yrs, Scot
211B-8-8, Hevrigen, Jennett 11 yrs, Scot
211B-8-8, Hevrigen, Ellen 8 yrs, Scot
211B-8-8, Hevrigen, Henry 1 yrs, PA
203A-6-6, Higgons, Michael 25 yrs, Ire.
203A-6-6, Higgons, Bridget 24 yrs, Ire.
203A-6-6, Higgons, no name 1/12 yr, at sea
181B-8-8, Hilkert, Ansar 27 yrs, PA, possibly "Ansan"
181B-8-8, Hilkert, Ophelia 28 yrs, PA
181B-8-8, Hilkert, Lovice 5 yrs, PA
181B-8-8, Hilkert, Pervy 2 yrs, PA, possibly Pervey
181B-8-8, Hilkert, Martha 1 yrs, PA
173B-2-2, Hilkirt, James 24 yrs, PA
173B-2-2, Hilkirt, Martha 18 yrs, OH
173B-9-8, Hilkirt, Frances 56 yrs, PA
173B-9-8, Hilkirt, Nancy 50 yrs, PA
173B-9-8, Hilkirt, Francis 18 yrs, PA
173B-9-8, Hilkirt, Hannah 15 yrs, PA
174A-9-8, Hilkirt, Martin 12 yrs, PA
174A-9-8, Hilkirt, Eva Jane 10 yrs, PA
174A-9-8, Hilkirt, Catherine 8 yrs, PA
174A-9-8, Hilkirt, Nancy L. 5 yrs, PA
231B-7-7, Hill, John 35 yrs, Eng
231B-7-7, Hill, Elisabeth 34 yrs, Eng
231B-7-7, Hill, Charlott 14 yrs, Eng
231B-7-7, Hill, John 8 yrs, Eng
232A-1-1, Hill, George 46 yrs, Eng
232A-1-1, Hill, Eliza 45 yrs, Eng
232A-1-1, Hill, George 19 yrs, Eng
232A-1-1, Hill, Eliza 16 yrs, Eng
232A-1-1, Hill, Hannah 14 yrs, Eng
232A-1-1, Hill, Henry 11 yrs, Eng
232A-1-1, Hill, Naomi 8 yrs, Eng
232A-1-1, Hill, Job 5 yrs, Eng
209B-7-7, Hill, Andrew 32 yrs, Prusia
210A-7-7, Hill, Mary 26 yrs, Prusia
210A-7-7, Hill, No Name 1/12 yr, PA
194A-5-5, Hillman, Joseph 29 yrs, Eng
194A-5-5, Hillman, Ella 24 yrs, Eng
194A-5-5, Hillman, William 5 yrs, Eng
194A-5-5, Hillman, John 3 yrs, Eng
194A-5-5, Hillman, Louisa 11/12 yr, Eng
194A-8-8, Hillman, John 27 yrs, Wales
194B-8-8, Hillman, Mary 32 yrs, Wales
194B-8-8, Hillman, Mary 5 yrs, Wales
194B-8-8, Hillman, Harriete 1 yrs, PA
216B-1-1, Hilton, Thomas 39 yrs, Eng
216B-1-1, Hilton, Allice 32 yrs, Eng
216B-1-1, Hilton, Fanny 16 yrs, Eng
216B-1-1, Hilton, Mary E. 14 yrs, England
216B-1-1, Hilton, Robert 13 yrs, Eng
216B-1-1, Hilton, Hannah 8 yrs, Eng
216B-1-1, Hilton, Betty 5 yrs, PA
216B-1-1, Hilton, Joseph 2 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Hinkson, William 48 yrs, NJ
177A-3-3, Hiteshue, John 51 yrs, PA
177A-3-3, Hiteshue, Margaret 45 yrs, PA
177A-3-3, Hiteshue, Margaret 23 yrs, PA
177A-3-3, Hiteshue, Henryetta 21 yrs, PA
177A-3-3, Hiteshue, Margaret 19 yrs, PA
177A-3-3, Hiteshue, John T. 17 yrs, PA
177A-3-3, Hiteshue, Eliza E. 14 yrs, PA
177A-3-3, Hiteshue, Kate B. 12 yrs, PA
177A-3-3, Hiteshue, Carrie 4 yrs, PA
268A-7-7, Hoagland, Rich. 73 yrs, PA
268A-7-7, Hoagland, Annie 64 yrs, PA
268A-7-7, Hoagland, Alfred 43 yrs, PA
268A-7-7, Hoagland, Drussilla 30 yrs, PA
268A-7-7, Hoagland, Mary 28 yrs, PA
268B-7-7, Hoagland, Wright 28 yrs, PA
206A-3-3, Hoagland, John 77 yrs, PA
206A-3-3, Hoagland, Catharine 70 yrs, PA
206A-4-4, Hoagland, Jesse 33 yrs, PA
206A-4-4, Hoagland, sarah 30 yrs, PA
206A-4-4, Hoagland, John 9 yrs, PA
206A-4-4, Hoagland, Seth 8 yrs, PA
206A-4-4, Hoagland, Van Dwight 6 yrs, PA
206A-4-4, Hoagland, Kate 4 yrs, PA
206A-4-4, Hoagland, Freddy 3 yrs, PA
206A-4-4, Hoagland, Mary 11/12 yr, PA
235B-3-3, Hodge, Samuel 24 yrs, PA
235B-3-3, Hodge, Margaret 22 yrs, PA
235B-3-3, Hodge, Walter 3 yrs, PA
235B-3-3, Hodge, Elisabeth 1 yrs, PA
240B-5-5, Hodge, Thomas 53 yrs, PA
240B-5-5, Hodge, Phebe 42 yrs, PA
241A-5-5, Hodge, Thomas 21 yrs, PA
241A-5-5, Hodge, Lyddia 9 yrs, PA
241A-5-5, Hodge, Florence 6 yrs, PA
241A-5-5, Hodge, LoeMorete 4 yrs, PA
254A-3-3, Hodge, Jonah 24 yrs, PA
254A-3-3, Hodge, Nancy 21 yrs, PA
254A-3-3, Hodge, Cora 3 yrs, IA
254A-3-3, Hodge, Harry 1 yrs, PA
254A-4-4, Hodge, James 29 yrs, PA
254A-4-4, Hodge, Louisa 23 yrs, PA
254A-4-4, Hodge, Clarence 2 yrs, PA
254A-4-4, Hodge, Arabella 6/12 yr, PA
212A-7-7, Hodge, Robert 20 yrs, Scotland
195A-2-2, Hodgekiss, Geo. 41 yrs, Scot
195A-2-2, Hodgekiss, Ella 48 yrs, Scot
195A-2-2, Hodgekiss, Agnes 16 yrs, MD
195A-2-2, Hodgekiss, James 31 yrs, Scot
242B-5-5, Hoffman, Caroline 18 yrs, PA
244A-7-7, Hoffman, John 66 yrs, H. Darmstadt
244A-7-7, Hoffman, Elisabeth 43 yrs, Luxemberg
244A-7-7, Hoffman, John 16 yrs, PA
244A-7-7, Hoffman, George 14 yrs, PA
244A-7-7, Hoffman, Nicholas 12 yrs, PA
244A-7-7, Hoffman, Jacob 9 yrs, PA
244A-7-7, Hoffman, James 6 yrs, PA
244A-7-7, Hoffman, Mary 5 yrs, PA
244A-7-7, Hoffman, Regina 2 yrs, PA
251B-6-6, Hoffman, Cath. 6/12 yr, KY
253B-5-5, Hoffman, Jno. 23 yrs, PA
266B-4-4, Hoffman, Craft 23 yrs, PA
266B-4-4, Hoffman, Anna 20 yrs, PA
266B-4-4, Hoffman, George 1 yrs, PA
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Peter 59 yrs, PA
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Manah 53 yrs, PA, probably "Mariah"
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Mary 35 yrs, PA
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Aaren D. 25 yrs, OH
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Austa M. 20 yrs, OH
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Delia 18 yrs, PA
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Eliza 15 yrs, PA
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Wm 13 yrs, PA
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Florence 11 yrs, PA
267B-7-7, Hoffman, Maggie 7 yrs, PA
179A-3-3, Hoffman, Peter 39 yrs, Bav
179A-3-3, Hoffman, Charlotte 35 yrs, Bav
179A-3-3, Hoffman, Peter 13 yrs, PA
179A-3-3, Hoffman, Charlotte 12 yrs, PA
179A-3-3, Hoffman, Frederick 9 yrs, PA
179A-3-3, Hoffman, Charles 7 yrs, PA
179A-3-3, Hoffman, Catherine 5 yrs, PA
179A-3-3, Hoffman, Calvin 2 yrs, PA
181A-4-4, Hoffman, Jacob 28 yrs, Bav
181A-4-4, Hoffman, Euonias 31 yrs, Bav
181A-4-4, Hoffman, Caroline 4 yrs, PA
181A-4-4, Hoffman, John 3 yrs, PA
181A-4-4, Hoffman, Frederick 8/12 yr, PA
181A-4-4, Hoffman, Frederick 64 yrs, Bav
181A-4-4, Hoffman, Margaret 63 yrs, Bav
181A-5-5, Hoffman, Christias 32 yrs, Bav
181A-5-5, Hoffman, Caroline 23 yrs, Bav
181A-5-5, Hoffman, Margaret 7 yrs, PA
181A-5-5, Hoffman, Christianna 4 yrs, PA
181A-5-5, Hoffman, Helen 2 yrs, PA
181A-5-5, Hoffman, no name 1/12 yr, PA
181B-1-1, Hoffman, David 46 yrs, PA
181B-1-1, Hoffman, Catherine 26 yrs, PA
181B-1-1, Hoffman, Sarah 6 yrs, PA
181B-1-1, Hoffman, John D. 5 yrs, PA
181B-1-1, Hoffman, Ira E. 3 yrs, PA
181B-1-1, Hoffman, Frank 1 yrs, PA
191A-3-3, Hoffman, A. D. 28 yrs, OH
241B-6-6, Hofius, George 47 yrs, PA
241B-6-6, Hofius, Elisabeth 40 yrs, OH
241B-6-6, Hofius, Mary 15 yrs, PA
242A-6-6, Hofius, Luther 12 yrs, PA
242A-6-6, Hofius, Leonard 12 yrs, PA
242A-6-6, Hofius, Amelda 9 yrs, PA
242A-6-6, Hofius, Jane 91 yrs, PA
242A-1-1, Hofius, Jonathan 53 yrs, PA
242A-1-1, Hofius, Nancy 42 yrs, PA
255B-6-6, Hofius, Seth 41 yrs, PA
255B-6-6, Hofius, Margaret 31 yrs, OH
255B-6-6, Hofius, Wm 17 yrs, PA
255B-6-6, Hofius, Mathew 15 yrs, PA
255B-6-6, Hofius, Franklin 13 yrs, PA
255B-6-6, Hofius, Annice 12 yrs, OH
255B-6-6, Hofius, Harriett 10 yrs, OH
255B-6-6, Hofius, Walter 1 yrs, PA
255B-6-6, Hofius, no name 4/12 yr, PA
256A-3-3, Hofius, Johathan 37 yrs, IA
256A-3-3, Hofius, Martha 28 yrs, IA
197A-2-2, Hofius, John 69 yrs, PA
197A-2-2, Hofius, Mariah 46 yrs, NY
197A-2-2, Hofius, Allice 18 yrs, PA
197A-2-2, Hofius, Joseph 16 yrs, PA
197A-2-2, Hofius, Laura 12 yrs, PA
197A-2-2, Hofius, Julia 4 yrs, PA
197B-3-3, Hofius, Charlotte 60 yrs, OH
197B-3-3, Hofius, Columbus 31 yrs, PA
197B-3-3, Hofius, Morgan 23 yrs, PA
217A-2-2, Hogan, Alexander 23 yrs, Scotland
218B-6-6, Hogan, Charles 21 yrs, Prus
219A-6-6, Hogan, Mariah 57 yrs, Prus
219A-1-1, Hogg, George 46 yrs, Eng
219A-1-1, Hogg, Martha 45 yrs, Eng
219A-1-1, Hogg, Emely 12 yrs, Eng
219A-1-1, Hogg, George 9 yrs, Eng
219A-1-1, Hogg, Joseph 5 yrs, PA
189A-1-1, Hoke, Robert 31 yrs, PA
215A-3-3, Holabaugh, John 42 yrs, PA
215A-3-3, Holabaugh, Rosetta 31 yrs, PA
215A-3-3, Holabaugh, Louis 11 yrs, PA
215A-3-3, Holabaugh, Peter 9 yrs, PA
215A-3-3, Holabaugh, Nicholas 7 yrs, PA
192B-3-3, Holabough, Andrew 53 yrs, PA
192B-3-3, Holabough, Elisabeth 19 yrs, PA
192B-3-3, Holabough, Andrew 21 yrs, PA
192B-3-3, Holabough, Alexander 16 yrs, PA
192B-3-3, Holabough, Mary Etta 14 yrs, PA
192B-3-3, Holabough, Clarissa 9 yrs, PA
192B-3-3, Holabough, Elenor 81 yrs, PA
200B-5-5, Holl, Mavanda 24 yrs, OH
218B-3-3, Hollabough, Seth 16 yrs, PA
257A-8-8, Holliger, Pat. 23 yrs, Ire,
178A-3-3, Hollinsworth, John 69 yrs, Eng
178A-3-3, Hollinsworth, Mary 69 yrs, Eng
214B-6-6, Hollisy, Jeremiah 40 yrs, Ire
214B-6-6, Hollisy, Elisabeth 38 yrs, Can
214B-6-6, Hollisy, Ellen 15 yrs, Can
215A-6-6, Hollisy, Mary 13 yrs, Can
215A-6-6, Hollisy, Michael 11 yrs, Can
215A-6-6, Hollisy, Anna 8 yrs, Can
215A-6-6, Hollisy, Theresa 6 yrs, Can
215A-6-6, Hollisy, Godfrey 3 yrs, OH
215A-6-6, Hollisy, Matilda 10/12 yr, PA
193A-6-6, Hollman, Tiny 23 yrs, PA
223A-1-1, Holmes, Francis 38 yrs, OH
223A-1-1, Holmes, Prudence 27 yrs, OH
223A-1-1, Holmes, Addison 11 yrs, OH
223A-1-1, Holmes, Sherman 3 yrs, PA
223A-1-1, Holmes, George 1 yrs, PA
193B-6-6, Holobough, Martha 27 yrs, PA
219A-4-4, Holsapple, Louis 27 yrs, Bav
219A-4-4, Holsapple, Catherine 23 yrs, Bav
219A-4-4, Holsapple, Charles 6 yrs, PA
219A-4-4, Holsapple, Emma 4 yrs, PA
219A-4-4, Holsapple, Louis 2 yrs, PA
219A-4-4, Holsapple, John 6/12 yr, PA
226A-4-4, Holt, William 42 yrs, Eng
226A-4-4, Holt, Hester 42 yrs, PA
226A-4-4, Holt, Samuel 17 yrs, PA
226A-4-4, Holt, Sarah J. 16 yrs, PA
226A-4-4, Holt, William 13 yrs, PA
226A-4-4, Holt, Mary E. 14 yrs, PA
226A-4-4, Holt, Walter 6 yrs, PA
226A-4-4, Holt, Owen 4 yrs, PA
226A-4-4, Holt, Edward 2 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Homer, Charles 22 yrs, PA
187A-5-5, Honey, Thomas 30 yrs, Ire
187A-5-5, Honey, Matilda 24 yrs, Ire
187A-5-5, Honey, Mary 5 yrs, PA
187A-5-5, Honey, Elisabeth 4 yrs, PA
187A-5-5, Honey, Anna 1 yrs, PA
187A-5-5, Honey, Martha 1/12 yr, PA
214B-2-2, Hood, John C. 29 yrs, PA
214B-2-2, Hood, Elisabeth 23 yrs, PA
214B-2-2, Hood, Thomas 6/12 yr, PA
174B-1-1, Hoot, Emeline 20 yrs, PA
174B-1-1, Hoot, Franklin 1/12 yr, PA
187B-6-6, Hoover, Perry 30 yrs, PA
187B-6-6, Hoover, Mary 23 yrs, PA
187B-6-6, Hoover, Anna 1 yrs, PA
187B-6-6, Hoover, Freddy 1/12 yr, PA
206A-6-6, Hoover, Elias 50 yrs, PA
206A-6-6, Hoover, Mary 40 yrs, PA
206A-6-6, Hoover, Robin 16 yrs, PA
206A-6-6, Hoover, John P. 14 yrs, PA
180B-5-5, Hopes, George 36 yrs, Eng
180B-5-5, Hopes, Hannah 36 yrs, Eng
180B-5-5, Hopes, George 14 yrs, Eng
180B-5-5, Hopes, Esther 11 yrs, Eng
180B-5-5, Hopes, Emely 8 yrs, Eng
180B-5-5, Hopes, Samuel 6 yrs, Eng
180B-5-5, Hopes, Hannah 5 yrs, Eng
180B-5-5, Hopes, James 4 yrs, Eng
180B-5-5, Hopes, William 2 yrs, Eng
180B-5-5, Hopes, Thomas 6/12 yr, PA
254B-6-6, Hopkins, Chas 44 yrs, NY
255A-6-6, Hopkins, Fanny 37 yrs, OH
255A-6-6, Hopkins, Jenny 11 yrs, MI
255A-6-6, Hopkins, Lillia 9 yrs, MI
255A-6-6, Hopkins, Ellen B. 1 yrs, PA
182B-8-7, Horner, Mary 25 yrs, OH
227B-2-2, Horseman, Thomas 44 yrs, Eng
227B-2-2, Horseman, Sarah 46 yrs, Eng
227B-2-2, Horseman, Eliza 19 yrs, Eng
227B-2-2, Horseman, Thomas 13 yrs, Eng
227B-2-2, Horseman, John 11 yrs, PA
227B-2-2, Horseman, William 8 yrs, PA
227B-2-2, Horseman, Henry 5 yrs, PA
224B-3-3, Hosack, John 22 yrs, PA
224B-3-3, Hosack, Carrie 22 yrs, PA
224B-3-3, Hosack, Harry 3 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Hosier, Chancey 28 yrs, OH
[for Hoss, see also: Sloss]
267B-5-5, Hossel, Geo. 26 yrs, Bav
267B-5-5, Hossel, Mary 24 yrs, France
267B-5-5, Hossel, Katy 26 yrs, PA
267B-5-5, Hossel, George 2 yrs, PA
267B-5-5, Hossel, Emma 7/12 yr, PA
185B-7-7, Hotcher, Fred. 50 yrs, France
188B-5-5, Howard, James 30 yrs, Ire
188B-5-5, Howard, Rose 24 yrs, Ire
189A-5-5, Howard, Charlotte 5 yrs, PA
189A-5-5, Howard, Catherine 2 yrs, PA
184A-3-3, Howell, Charles 31 yrs, Eng
184A-3-3, Howell, Henry 22 yrs, Eng
195B-1-1, Howells, Thomas 28 yrs, Wales
214B-4-4, Howler, Alexander 24 yrs, PA
214B-4-4, Howler, Emeline 20 yrs, PA
214B-4-4, Howler, no name 1/12 yr, PA
182A-4-3, Howley, William 45 yrs, Ire
182A-4-3, Howley, Margaret 46 yrs, PA
182A-4-3, Howley, William 15 yrs, Can
227B-6-6, Hoyden, Sarah 32 yrs, Eng
232B-5-5, Huber, James 22 yrs, PA
226A-2-2, Hudspith, William 32 yrs, Eng
226A-2-2, Hudspith, Elizabeth 27 yrs, Eng
178B-5-5, Huff, Jesse 40 yrs, Eng
178B-5-5, Huff, Mary 38 yrs, OH
178B-5-5, Huff, Lotta M. 6 yrs, PA
178B-5-5, Huff, Frank L. 3 yrs, PA
263A-4-4, Huffry, Pat. 56 yrs, Ire
263A-4-4, Huffry, Bridget 54 yrs, Ire
260A-5-5, Huffy, Jno 25 yrs, PA
260A-5-5, Huffy, Joanna 23 yrs, PA
259B-4-4, Hughes, Chas. 52 yrs, Wales
260B-1-1, Hughs, Geo. 28 yrs, Eng
260B-1-1, Hughs, Elizabeth 37 yrs, Eng
260B-1-1, Hughs, Mary 17 yrs, Eng
260B-1-1, Hughs, Elizab. 10 yrs, Eng
260B-1-1, Hughs, Sarah 7 yrs, Eng
260B-1-1, Hughs, Emely 5 yrs, OH
260B-1-1, Hughs, Jane 3 yrs, OH
260B-1-1, Hughs, Hellen 11/12 yr, PA
268A-5-5, Hull, Seth 26 yrs, PA
268A-5-5, Hull, Margaret 25 yrs, PA
222A-3-3, Hunter, William 36 yrs, Scot
228A-2-2, Hunter, Wm 23 yrs, PA
247A-9-9, Hunter, Jas. 29 yrs, Scot
247A-9-9, Hunter, Mary 26 yrs, Scot
247A-9-9, Hunter, Mary 2 yrs, PA
247B-9-9, Hunter, Margaret 4/12 yr, PA
256B-1-1, Hunter, Robt 26 yrs, PA
256B-1-1, Hunter, Amanda 25 yrs, PA
256B-1-1, Hunter, Ella 3 yrs, PA
177A-6-6, Hunter, John 39 yrs, PA
177A-6-6, Hunter, Mary Jane 38 yrs, PA
177A-6-6, Hunter, Willson H. 16 yrs, PA
177A-6-6, Hunter, Lawrence 14 yrs, PA
177A-6-6, Hunter, Franklin 39 yrs, PA
177A-6-6, Hunter, Elmar E. 8 yrs, PA
200A-5-5, Hupper, Valentine 28 yrs, PA
258A-5-5, Hutchison, Chas 26 yrs, PA
258A-5-5, Hutchison, Anna 23 yrs, PA
175B-4-4, Hutchison, Jas 29 yrs, Scot
175B-4-4, Hutchison, Isabella 29 yrs, NY
175B-4-4, Hutchison, John 2 yrs, PA
175B-4-4, Hutchison, James 11/12 yr, PA
175B-4-4, Hutchison, John 19 yrs, Scot
180B-1-1, Hyler, John 24 yrs, NY
180B-1-1, Hyler, Elisabeth 29 yrs, PA
180B-1-1, Hyler, Mathew 10 yrs, OH
180B-1-1, Hyler, Reece 9 yrs, OH
180B-1-1, Hyler, Allice 7 yrs, OH
180B-1-1, Hyler, Maggie 5 yrs, PA
180B-1-1, Hyler, Mary 1 yrs, PA
211B-7-7, Hynd, Robert 25 yrs, Scotland
211B-7-7, Hynd, Margaret 67 yrs, Scotland
211B-7-7, Hynd, Thomas 22 yrs, Scot
226B-2-2, Imph, Jacob 42 yrs, Bav
226B-2-2, Imph, Phillapena 37 yrs, Bav
226B-2-2, Imph, Jacob 15 yrs, Bav
226B-2-2, Imph, Frederick 12 yrs, Bav
226B-2-2, Imph, Phillip 7 yrs, Bav
226B-2-2, Imph, Margaret 4 yrs, PA
226B-2-2, Imph, John 3 yrs, PA
197A-1-1, Irwin, Christopher 43 yrs, PA
197A-1-1, Irwin, Armilda 33 yrs, OH
197A-1-1, Irwin, Thomas 7 yrs, IA
225A-8-8, Jack, Martha 24 yrs, Scot
225A-8-8, Jack, Duncan 4 yrs, PA
225A-8-8, Jack, Martha 1 yrs, OH
225B-8-8, Jack, William 24 yrs, Scot
261A-5-5, Jackmer, Thos 51 yrs, Eng
261A-5-5, Jackmer, Elizabeth 51 yrs, NY
261A-5-5, Jackmer, Thos. 15 yrs, PA
261A-5-5, Jackmer, Harry 11 yrs, PA
222A-5-5, Jackson, Hugh 45 yrs, Scot
222A-5-5, Jackson, Elisabeth 42 yrs, Scot
222A-5-5, Jackson, William 15 yrs, PA
222A-5-5, Jackson, Hugh 14 yrs, PA
222A-5-5, Jackson, Elisabeth 10 yrs, PA
222A-5-5, Jackson, James 7 yrs, PA
222A-5-5, Jackson, John 5 yrs, PA
222A-5-5, Jackson, Robert 8/12 yr, PA
224A-1-1, Jackson, Addison 15 yrs, PA
257B-6-6, Jackson, Jessee 6 yrs, PA
207B-5-5, Jackson, William 37 yrs, PA
207B-5-5, Jackson, Martha 32 yrs, OH
207B-5-5, Jackson, Addison 15 yrs, OH
207B-5-5, Jackson, William 10 yrs, PA
207B-5-5, Jackson, Jesse 5 yrs, PA
207B-5-5, Jackson, Thomas 3 yrs, PA
235A-7-7, Jacob, George 32 yrs, Bav
235A-7-7, Jacob, Barbara 31 yrs, Bav
235A-7-7, Jacob, George 4 yrs, PA
235A-7-7, Jacob, Adam 2 yrs, PA
235A-7-7, Jacob, John 6/12 yr, PA
236B-2-2, Jameson, Wm. 65 yrs, Ire
236B-2-2, Jameson, Samuel 24 yrs, PA
236B-2-2, Jameson, Anna 26 yrs, PA
221B-2-2, Jasper, Richard 24 yrs, Eng
221B-2-2, Jasper, Caroline 24 yrs, Eng
221B-2-2, Jasper, William 2 yrs, Eng
221B-2-2, Jasper, Jane 1/12 yr, PA
197A-1-1, Jemison, William 23 yrs, PA
212A-7-7, Jemison, John 32 yrs, Scotland
212A-7-7, Jemison, Elisabeth 32 yrs, Scot
264A-10-10, Jenkins, Jno. 67 yrs, Wales
264A-10-10, Jenkins, Rachel 51 yrs, Wales
264B-10-10, Jenkins, Dinah 27 yrs, Wales
264B-10-10, Jenkins, Elias 22 yrs, Wales
264B-10-10, Jenkins, Jacob 20 yrs, PA
264B-10-10, Jenkins, Phillip 17 yrs, PA
264B-10-10, Jenkins, Joshua 13 yrs, PA
264B-10-10, Jenkins, Herbert 7 yrs, PA
177B-4-4, Jenkins, Moses 26 yrs, Wales
177B-4-4, Jenkins, Hannah 21 yrs, Eng
194A-3-3, Jenkins, David 36 yrs, Eng
194A-3-3, Jenkins, Anna 26 yrs, Eng
215B-2-2, Jenkins, William 23 yrs, Wales
215B-2-2, Jenkins, Sarah 22 yrs, PA
215B-2-2, Jenkins, Anna 3 yrs, PA
215B-2-2, Jenkins, Elisabeth 1 yrs, PA
215B-2-2, Jenkins, Lewellyn 19 yrs, Wales
259A-3-3, Jennell, Math 51 yrs, Scot, possibly "Jermell"
259A-3-3, Jennell, Margaret 47 yrs, Scot, possibly "Jermell"
259A-3-3, Jennell, Jas. 14 yrs, VA, possibly "Jermell"
186B-2-2, Jennings, Herman 27 yrs, PA
186B-2-2, Jennings, Nancy 27 yrs, PA
186B-2-2, Jennings, Franklin 1 yrs, PA
186B-2-2, Jennings, Emma 3/12 yr, PA
194A-6-6, Jennings, Joseph 47 yrs, PA
194A-6-6, Jennings, Sarah 45 yrs, PA
194A-6-6, Jennings, Thomas 14 yrs, PA
194A-6-6, Jennings, John 12 yrs, PA
194A-6-6, Jennings, Sarah 10 yrs, PA
194A-6-6, Jennings, Martha 8 yrs, PA
194A-6-6, Jennings, Charles 6 yrs, PA
194A-6-6, Jennings, William 4 yrs, PA
215B-3-3, Jennings, Patrick 65 yrs, Ireland
215B-3-3, Jennings, Ellen 65 yrs, Ireland
215B-3-3, Jennings, Patrick 23 yrs, Ireland
215B-3-3, Jennings, Mary 21 yrs, Ireland
250A-4-4, Jessup, O. H. 23 yrs, NY
250A-4-4, Jessup, Anna 20 yrs, NY
250A-4-4, Jessup, Louis 9/12 yr, NY
215B-6-6, Jewel, James 45 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Jewel, Sarah 41 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Jewel, Jasper 13 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Jewel, George 12 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Jewel, Mary 9 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Jewel, Sarah 6 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Jewel, Jndson 3 yrs, PA
192B-4-4, Jewell, George 69 yrs, PA
192B-4-4, Jewell, Frances 43 yrs, PA
192B-4-4, Jewell, Sharman 2 yrs, PA
207A-2-2, Jewell, G. J. 41 yrs, PA
207A-2-2, Jewell, Isabella 34 yrs, OH
207A-2-2, Jewell, Ida 14 yrs, PA
207A-2-2, Jewell, Violetta 10 yrs, PA
207A-2-2, Jewell, Sarah 8 yrs, PA
207A-2-2, Jewell, Eva May 3 yrs, PA
214B-7-7, Jewell, Mathias 25 yrs, PA
216A-3-3, Johnson, Andrew 25 yrs, Ireland
216A-3-3, Johnson, Rachel 27 yrs, Ireland
216A-3-3, Johnson, Andrew 2 yrs, Scotland
216A-3-3, Johnson, James 1 yrs, PA
216A-4-4, Johnson, Adam 26 yrs, Scotland
216A-4-4, Johnson, Sarah 23 yrs, Scotland
216A-4-4, Johnson, John 1 yrs, PA
216A-4-4, Johnson, Martha 2 yrs, PA
216A-4-4, Johnson, Mary 3/12 yr, PA
256B-7-7, Johnston, Jas. 23 yrs, Can
265A-2-2, Johnston, Wm 25 yrs, Ire
185B-7-7, Johnston, William 43 yrs, Ire
253B-7-7, Johnston , M. A. 27 yrs, PA
253B-7-7, Johnston , Fanny 29 yrs, PA
253B-7-7, Johnston , Josaphine 10 yrs, PA
253B-7-7, Johnston , Laura 8 yrs, PA
254A-7-7, Johnston , Albt. 2 yrs, PA
225B-3-3, Jol*eymple, Hugh 36 yrs, Scot
225B-3-3, Jol*eymple, Elisabeth 28 yrs, Scot
225B-3-3, Jol*eymple, Elisabeth 7 yrs, Scot
225B-3-3, Jol*eymple, William 5 yrs, Scot
225B-3-3, Jol*eymple, Thomas 3 yrs, Scot
225B-3-3, Jol*eymple, Jennet 3/12 yr, PA
227A-1-1, Jones, Robert 50 yrs, Eng
227A-1-1, Jones, Elisabeth 55 yrs, Eng
227A-1-1, Jones, Enoch 19 yrs, Eng
227A-1-1, Jones, Martha 15 yrs, Eng
240A-1-1, Jones, James 30 yrs, Ire
240A-1-1, Jones, Mary 30 yrs, PA
240A-1-1, Jones, Jesse 5 yrs, PA
240A-1-1, Jones, William 3 yrs, PA
240A-1-1, Jones, Charles 2 yrs, PA
240A-1-1, Jones, no name 3/12 yr, PA
260B-7-7, Jones, Amanda 8 yrs, PA
267B-1-1, Jones, Edwin 20 yrs, Eng
267B-1-1, Jones, Mary 28 yrs, Eng
267B-1-1, Jones, Edwin 10 yrs, Eng
267B-1-1, Jones, George 7 yrs, PA
267B-1-1, Jones, John 4 yrs, PA
268A-2-2, Jones, Seth 39 yrs, PA
268A-2-2, Jones, Margaret 29 yrs, PA
268A-2-2, Jones, Clara 14 yrs, PA
268A-2-2, Jones, Frank 11 yrs, PA
268A-2-2, Jones, Frederick 10 yrs, PA
268A-2-2, Jones, Conrod 8 yrs, PA
268A-2-2, Jones, Elizabeth 6 yrs, PA
268A-2-2, Jones, Wade 4 yrs, PA
268A-2-2, Jones, Saidy 3 yrs, PA
174A-5-5, Jones, Perry 15 yrs, PA
188B-1-1, Jones, James 52 yrs, Eng
188B-1-1, Jones, Anna 31 yrs, Ire
188B-1-1, Jones, James 8 yrs, NY
188B-1-1, Jones, William 4 yrs, PA
188B-1-1, Jones, Mary 3 yrs, PA
188B-1-1, Jones, Henry J. 11/12 yr, PA
191A-1-1, Jones, Ella 16 yrs, OH
194B-2-2, Jones, David 33 yrs, OH,
195A-1-1, Jones, William 53 yrs, Wales
195A-1-1, Jones, Anna 53 yrs, Wales
195A-1-1, Jones, John 22 yrs, Wales
195A-1-1, Jones, Elisabeth 19 yrs, Wales
207B-3-3, Jones, David 44 yrs, Wales
207B-3-3, Jones, Rachel 45 yrs, PA
207B-3-3, Jones, Anna 16 yrs, PA
207B-3-3, Jones, Solomon 14 yrs, PA
207B-3-3, Jones, John 10 yrs, PA
207B-3-3, Jones, Elisabeth 6 yrs, PA
207B-3-3, Jones, Reece 3 yrs, PA
217A-3-3, Jones, John 19 yrs, PA
255B-9-9, Jonston, C. S. 36 yrs, PA
256A-9-9, Jonston, Sarah 24 yrs, PA
183B-1-1, Kaetzer, Henry 43 yrs, Bav
183B-1-1, Kaetzer, Catherine 13 yrs, PA
183B-1-1, Kaetzer, Frederick 11 yrs, PA
183B-1-1, Kaetzer, Elisabeth 8 yrs, PA
183B-1-1, Kaetzer, Louisa 5 yrs, PA
183B-1-1, Kaetzer, John 3 yrs, PA
235B-5-5, Kaezer, Frederick 41 yrs, Bav
235B-5-5, Kaezer, Anna 37 yrs, Bav
235B-5-5, Kaezer, Anna 12 yrs, PA
235B-5-5, Kaezer, Caroline 10 yrs, PA
235B-5-5, Kaezer, Louis 6 yrs, PA
235B-5-5, Kaezer, Catherine 3 yrs, PA
235B-5-5, Kaezer, Frederick 7/12 yr, PA
175A-1-1, Kale, John 56 yrs, Prussia
175A-1-1, Kale, Mary 46 yrs, Prussia
175A-1-1, Kale, Mathias 18 yrs, Prussia
175A-1-1, Kale, Adam 16 yrs, Prussia
175A-1-1, Kale, Anna 14 yrs, PA
175A-1-1, Kale, Nicholas 12 yrs, PA
175A-1-1, Kale, Peter 9 yrs, PA
175A-1-1, Kale, Catherine 7 yrs, PA
175A-1-1, Kale, Margaret 4 yrs, PA
175A-1-1, Kale, Jacob 1 yrs, PA
175A-6-6, Kale, Mathias 24 yrs, Prussia
175A-6-6, Kale, Rosa 20 yrs, NY
242B-2-2, Kaler, Nicholas 63 yrs, Prus
242B-2-2, Kaler, Anna 63 yrs, Prus
265A-8-8, Kaliher, Barny 28 yrs, Ire
265A-8-8, Kaliher, Margaret 27 yrs, Ire
265A-8-8, Kaliher, Michael 81/12 yr, PA
[for Kane, see also: Rane]
225B-5-5, Kark, David 48 yrs, Scot, possibly Karr (nearly illegible)
225B-5-5, Kark, Jennet 49 yrs, Scot, possibly Karr (nearly illegible)
225B-5-5, Kark, Rober 22 yrs, Scot, possibly Karr (nearly illegible)
225B-5-5, Kark, Walter 17 yrs, Scot, possibly Karr (nearly illegible)
225B-5-5, Kark, James 15 yrs, Scot, possibly Karr (nearly illegible)
225B-5-5, Kark, Jennet 14 yrs, Scot, possibly Karr (nearly illegible)
223B-3-3, Karr, John 29 yrs, Scot
174A-6-6, Kaster, Benjamin 94 yrs, PA
174A-6-6, Kaster, Catherine 59 yrs, PA
201B-5-5, Kauffman, Henry 37 yrs, Prussia
201B-5-5, Kauffman, Anna 30 yrs, Bavaria
201B-5-5, Kauffman, Henry 9 yrs, OH
201B-5-5, Kauffman, John 7 yrs, OH
201B-5-5, Kauffman, Mary 3 yrs, PA
201B-5-5, Kauffman, Mathias 70 yrs, Prussia
184A-7-7, Kaufman, Danl 30 yrs, PA
230B-3-3, Keath, Mary 59 yrs, Eng
185B-7-7, Keck, Charles 18 yrs, PA
236A-3-3, Keefer, Joseph 9 yrs, PA
236A-5-5, Keefer, Washington 29 yrs, PA
236A-5-5, Keefer, Salina 24 yrs, PA
236A-5-5, Keefer, Elmer 3 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Keistes, Clarence 16 yrs, PA,
259A-6-6, Keistes, Jam* 36 yrs, PA
259A-6-6, Keistes, Catha. 27 yrs, PA
259A-6-6, Keistes, Walter 4/12 yr, PA
252B-2-2, Keith, Mich. 61 yrs, PA
252B-2-2, Keith, Susana 61 yrs, PA
252B-2-2, Keith, Rebecca 21 yrs, PA
252B-2-2, Keith, Eva 20 yrs, PA
252B-2-2, Keith, Michael 18 yrs, PA
176A-1-1, Kelch, Phillip 45 yrs, Prussia
176A-1-1, Kelch, Anna 37 yrs, Prussia
176A-1-1, Kelch, Mary 14 yrs, PA
176A-1-1, Kelch, Michael 11 yrs, PA
176A-1-1, Kelch, Louis 9 yrs, PA
176A-1-1, Kelch, John 1 yrs, PA
176A-1-1, Kelch, Nicholas 7 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Wm 50 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Clara 41 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Eva 18 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Elina 15 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Worth 13 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Carssins 12 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Wm 9 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Florence 7 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Adda 3 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Kelley, Frederick 5 yrs, PA
262B-7-7, Kelley, Patrick 35 yrs, Ire
262B-7-7, Kelley, Margaret 28 yrs, Ire
262B-7-7, Kelley, Johannah 9 yrs, Wales
262B-7-7, Kelley, Mary 6 yrs, Wales
262B-7-7, Kelley, Margaret 5 yrs, Wales
262B-7-7, Kelley, Anne 5 yrs, PA
262B-7-7, Kelley, Hanora 1 yrs, PA
190A-6-6, Kelley, Wilson 27 yrs, PA
237B-6-6, Kelly, Araham 15 yrs, PA
255A-1-1, Kelly, Geo. 25 yrs, OH
179A-6-6, Kelly, David 49 yrs, Ireland
179A-6-6, Kelly, Lora 42 yrs, NY
179A-6-6, Kelly, Jane 20 yrs, PA
179A-6-6, Kelly, Armindo 18 yrs, PA
179A-6-6, Kelly, Joseph 16 yrs, PA
179A-6-6, Kelly, Sarah 13 yrs, PA
179A-6-6, Kelly, James 6 yrs, PA
179A-6-6, Kelly, Agnes 2 yrs, PA
188B-2-2, Kelly, Anna 17 yrs, Eng
230B-6-6, Kemph, Elixabeth 68 yrs, H. Darmstadt
195A-4-4, Kenneday, Laura 46 yrs, OH
195A-4-4, Kenneday, William 24 yrs, PA
195A-4-4, Kenneday, James 22 yrs, PA
195A-4-4, Kenneday, Alva 18 yrs, PA
195A-4-4, Kenneday, Florence 16 yrs, PA
195A-4-4, Kenneday, Laura 14 yrs, PA
195A-4-4, Kenneday, Rora 12 yrs, PA
195A-4-4, Kenneday, John 10 yrs, PA
210B-4-4, Kennedy, James 40 yrs, Scot
199A-2-2, Kennel, August 37 yrs, Saxony
199A-2-2, Kennel, Christina 32 yrs, Schwartzburg, Rudophstadt
199A-2-2, Kennel, William 6 yrs, NJ
199A-2-2, Kennel, Amelia 4 yrs, OH
199A-2-2, Kennel, Peter 8/12 yr, PA
225A-1-1, Kenny, Jonez 28 yrs, Ire, possibly Renny
192A-2-2, Kentzel, John 72 yrs, PA
192A-2-2, Kentzel, Mary 70 yrs, PA
191A-4-4, Kerr, John 20 yrs, OH,
195A-2-2, Kerr, Thomas 21 yrs, Scot
205A-5-5, Ketch, Willis 19 yrs, PA
186A-3-3, Kettle, James 50 yrs, Eng
186A-3-3, Kettle, Mariah 56 yrs, Eng
185A-6-6, Kilgore, Peter 45 yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Kilgore, Martha 35 yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Kilgore, Jane 18 yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Kilgore, William 12 yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Kilgore, Nancy 7 yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Kilgore, James 4 yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Kilgore, Mary 2 yrs, PA
258A-2-2, Kimbal, Jos. 26 yrs, PA
181A-6-6, Kimble, Phillip 37 yrs, Bav
181A-6-6, Kimble, Catherine 32 yrs, Bav
181A-6-6, Kimble, Catherine 12 yrs, PA
181A-6-6, Kimble, Christian 11 yrs, PA
181A-6-6, Kimble, Charlotte 7 yrs, PA
181A-6-6, Kimble, Charles 4 yrs, PA
191A-4-4, Kimble, Joseph 47 yrs, ME,
179A-2-2, Kinneret, Ernest 30 yrs, Bav, possibly Kimmet
179A-2-2, Kinneret, Victoria 31 yrs, Bav, possibly Kimmet
179A-2-2, Kinneret, John 5 yrs, PA, possibly Kimmet
179A-2-2, Kinneret, Flora 3 yrs, PA, possibly Kimmet
179A-2-2, Kinneret, Elisabeth 2 yrs, PA, possibly Kimmet
187B-1-1, Kircher, Martin 50 yrs, Hessel Cassel
187B-1-1, Kircher, Theresa 32 yrs, Bav
187B-1-1, Kircher, Francis 16 yrs, OH
187B-1-1, Kircher, John 14 yrs, OH
187B-1-1, Kircher, Paul 11 yrs, OH
187B-1-1, Kircher, Mary 9 yrs, OH
187B-1-1, Kircher, Henry 4 yrs, PA
194B-3-3, Kirk, Malinda 61 yrs, Luxemberg
251A-5-5, Kirkland, Jno. 49 yrs, NY
251A-5-5, Kirkland, Sarah 43 yrs, PA
251A-5-5, Kirkland, Emma A. 21 yrs, PA
251A-5-5, Kirkland, Ella V. 13 yrs, PA
243A-6-6, Knapp, Mathias 35 yrs, Prus
243A-6-6, Knapp, Anna 30 yrs, Prus
243A-6-6, Knapp, Michael 10 yrs, PA
243A-6-6, Knapp, Nicholas 8 yrs, PA
243A-6-6, Knapp, Peter 6 yrs, PA
243A-6-6, Knapp, Mary 3 yrs, PA
243A-6-6, Knapp, John 1 yrs, PA
173B-4-4, Knapp, John 29 yrs, Prussia
173B-4-4, Knapp, Margaret 18 yrs, Wirtemberg
173B-4-4, Knapp, Mathias 9/12 yr, PA
174A-3-3, Knapp, Michael 25 yrs, Prussia
174A-3-3, Knapp, Anna 22 yrs, Prussia
174A-3-3, Knapp, Caroline 1/12 yr, PA
175A-3-3, Knapp, Mich. 65 yrs, Prussia
175A-3-3, Knapp, Anna 60 yrs, Prussia
175A-3-3, Knapp, Mathias 18 yrs, NY
175A-3-3, Knapp, Nicholas 30 yrs, Prussia
197A-5-5, Knapp, Peter 28 yrs, Bav
197A-5-5, Knapp, Salina 30 yrs, Bav
197A-5-5, Knapp, Michael 4 yrs, PA
197A-5-5, Knapp, Catherine 2 yrs, PA
197A-5-5, Knapp, Mariah 2 yrs, PA
228B-3-3, Knore, Alexander 26 yrs, Scot, possibly: "Rnore"
217B-4-4, Knort, Jacob 46 yrs, Prus
217B-4-4, Knort, Mary 50 yrs, Prus
217B-4-4, Knort, Mathias 21 yrs, Prus
217B-4-4, Knort, Catherine 19 yrs, Prus
217B-4-4, Knort, Francis 17 yrs, Prus
217B-4-4, Knort, Jacob 14 yrs, Prus
217B-4-4, Knort, Peter 13 yrs, Prus
217B-4-4, Knort, John 7 yrs, Prus
217B-4-4, Knort, Anna 4 yrs, Prus
255A-1-1, Knott, G. W. 23 yrs, PA
236A-6-6, Know, Adam 23 yrs, Prus
206B-3-3, Knowels, John 27 yrs, Isle of Man
217A-1-1, Koch, John 30 yrs, Prussia
217A-1-1, Koch, Anna 30 yrs, Prussia
217A-1-1, Koch, Anna 8/12 yr, PA
217A-1-1, Koch, Nicholas 3 yrs, PA
217A-1-1, Koch, Peter 2 yrs, PA
258A-7-7, Koferty, Eleanor 15 yrs, Eng
226B-3-3, Kolh, John 27 yrs, Bav
226B-3-3, Kolh, Margaret 26 yrs, Bav
226B-3-3, Kolh, Caroline 5 yrs, PA
226B-3-3, Kolh, Jacob 3 yrs, PA
226B-3-3, Kolh, Emma 6/12 yr, PA
223A-3-3, Kooh, August 15 yrs, Hanover
223A-3-3, Kooh, William 11 yrs, Hanover
240A-4-4, Koonce, Saml 34 yrs, PA
240A-4-4, Koonce, Etta 28 yrs, NY
240A-4-4, Koonce, Ida 8 yrs, PA
240A-4-4, Koonce, Mary 5 yrs, PA
240A-4-4, Koonce, John 1 yrs, PA
240A-5-5, Koonce, Mathew 22 yrs, PA
240A-5-5, Koonce, Salina 19 yrs, PA
240A-6-6, Koonce, D. J. 40 yrs, PA
240A-6-6, Koonce, Mary 63 yrs, PA
184B-5-5, Koonce, Andrew 27 yrs, PA
184B-5-5, Koonce, Margaret 26 yrs, PA
184B-5-5, Koonce, Edward 6 yrs, PA
184B-5-5, Koonce, Frederick 4 yrs, PA
184B-5-5, Koonce, Julianne 2 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Ladd, Edward 37 yrs, NY
254A-5-5, Laferty, Jas. 46 yrs, Ire,
246B-6-6, Lainy, John 55 yrs, Scot
246B-6-6, Lainy, Margaret 56 yrs, Scot
246B-6-6, Lainy, James 23 yrs, Scot
246B-6-6, Lainy, John 16 yrs, Scot
246B-6-6, Lainy, David 13 yrs, Scot
246B-6-6, Lainy, Margaret 2 yrs, PA
205A-1-1, Lainy, Alexander 27 yrs, Scotland
205A-1-1, Lainy, Elisabeth 27 yrs, Scotland
205A-1-1, Lainy, Jennett 6 yrs, Scotland
205A-1-1, Lainy, John 4 yrs, Scotland
205A-1-1, Lainy, James 3 yrs, Scotland
205A-1-1, Lainy, Margaret 7/12 yr, PA
203B-9-9, Laird, Agnes 6 yrs, PA
213B-9-9, Laird, Thomas 26 yrs, Scot
224B-5-5, Landels, Arch 40 yrs, Scot
224B-5-5, Landels, Marion 38 yrs, Scot
224B-5-5, Landels, Jennet 17 yrs, Scot
224B-5-5, Landels, Elisabeth 15 yrs, Scot
224B-5-5, Landels, George 12 yrs, Scot
224B-5-5, Landels, Marion 10 yrs, Scot
224B-5-5, Landels, Archibald 8 yrs, Scot
224B-5-5, Landels, Georgiana 4 yrs, PA
224B-5-5, Landels, David 1 yrs, PA
262A-3-3, Lang, Pat. 23 yrs, Ire
190B-6-6, Larkins, John 5 yrs, Scot
199A-8-8, Lattimore, Benj. 68 yrs, PA
199A-8-8, Lattimore, Eliza 71 yrs, PA
199A-8-8, Lattimore, Margaret 41 yrs, PA
199B-8-8, Lattimore, Susan 31 yrs, PA
199B-1-1, Lattimore, B. J. 38 yrs, PA
199B-1-1, Lattimore, Margaret 26 yrs, PA
199B-1-1, Lattimore, Anna 2 yrs, PA
213B-9-9, Laury, Thomas 31 yrs, Scot
189A-3-3, Lausuer, Chandler 26 yrs, OH
253A-1-1, Laux, Emma 12 yrs, Bav
257A-8-8, Laven, Luke 40 yrs, Ire,
234B-2-2, Lawson, Thomas 29 yrs, Scot
214A-3-3, Lawson, Theodore 17 yrs, PA
215A-6-6, Lawton, Rachel 37 yrs, Eng
215A-6-6, Lawton, James 16 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Lawton, Hannah 13 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Lawton, Mary 12 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Lawton, Sarah J. 10 yrs, PA
215B-6-6, Lawton, Frank 4 yrs, PA
216B-6-6, Lawton, James 40 yrs, England
216B-6-6, Lawton, Elisabeth 36 yrs, Eng
216B-6-6, Lawton, Mary A. 6 yrs, Eng
216B-6-6, Lawton, Allice 1 yrs, PA
267B-3-3, Leburn, Jno 50 yrs, PA, possibly "Seburn"
267B-3-3, Leburn, Anne 51 yrs, PA, possibly "Seburn"
[see also: Seaburn]
244B-6-6, Ledgard, Edward 39 yrs, Eng
244B-6-6, Ledgard, Mary 36 yrs, Eng
244B-6-6, Ledgard, James 8 yrs, Eng
244B-6-6, Ledgard, Martha 6 yrs, Eng
245A-6-6, Ledgard, John 1 yrs, Eng
223A-2-2, Ledows, Edward 39 yrs, Eng, possibly "Ledoras"
223A-2-2, Ledows, Sarah 26 yrs, Eng, possibly "Ledoras"
173A-1-1, Lee, John 16 yrs, PA
202B-1-1, Lee, Henry 29 yrs, England
202B-1-1, Lee, Ellen 28 yrs, England
202B-1-1, Lee, William 6 yrs, England
202B-1-1, Lee, Eliza 4 yrs, England
202B-1-1, Lee, Elisabeth 1 yrs, England
203A-2-2, Lee, William 22 yrs, Eng.
203A-2-2, Lee, Elizxa 21 yrs, Eng.
203A-2-2, Lee, Joseph 62 yrs, Eng.
203A-2-2, Lee, Elisabeth 61 yrs, Eng.
231A-2-2, Lemon, Patrick 25 yrs, Ireland,
249B-4-4, Lemont, Maggie 18 yrs, Canada
249B-6-6, Lemont, Alex 40 yrs, Can
249B-6-6, Lemont, Molanse 34 yrs, NY
249B-6-6, Lemont, William 22 yrs, Can
249B-6-6, Lemont, Jane 20 yrs, Can
249B-6-6, Lemont, Eva 2 yrs, PA
249B-6-6, Lemont, Lelia 1 yrs, PA
251A-9-9, Lencil, Jno 26 yrs, PA
251A-9-9, Lencil, Anna 18 yrs, PA
229B-5-5, Leonard, Hugh 40 yrs, Ire
264B-3-3, Leonard, Jas. 73 yrs, Eng
264B-3-3, Leonard, Mary 81 yrs, Eng
264B-4-4, Leonard, Sampson 34 yrs, PA
264B-4-4, Leonard, Elizabeth 34 yrs, Ire
264B-4-4, Leonard, James 5 yrs, PA
264B-4-4, Leonard, Mary 14 yrs, PA
264B-4-4, Leonard, Wm 11 yrs, PA
264B-4-4, Leonard, Frances 9 yrs, PA
264B-4-4, Leonard, Elmira 5 yrs, PA
264B-4-4, Leonard, Simson 3 yrs, PA
264B-4-4, Leonard, Jno 1 yrs, PA
266A-4-4, Leonard, Jas. 19 yrs, VA
266A-4-4, Leonard, Wm 14 yrs, VA
266A-4-4, Leonard, Georgiana 16 yrs, VA
266A-4-4, Leonard, Simpson 12 yrs, VA
266A-4-4, Leonard, Winfield 10 yrs, VA
266A-4-4, Leonard, Edward E. 7 yrs, VA
186B-4-4, Leonard, James 35 yrs, Ire,
186B-4-4, Leonard, Jaques 30 yrs, Ire
267A-1-1, Lester, Sarah 29 yrs, Eng, possibly "Sestes", "Lestes"
267A-1-1, Lester, Albert 9 yrs, Eng, possibly "Sestes", "Lestes"
267A-1-1, Lester, Martha 7 yrs, Eng, possibly "Sestes", "Lestes"
267A-1-1, Lester, Abel 6/12 yr, PA, possibly "Sestes", "Lestes"
245B-4-4, Letch**, Danl 47 yrs, Bav
245B-4-4, Letch**, Theresa 36 yrs, Bav
245B-4-4, Letch**, Joseph 20 yrs, PA
245B-4-4, Letch**, John 17 yrs, PA
245B-4-4, Letch**, Catherine 13 yrs, PA
245B-4-4, Letch**, Frank 10 yrs, PA
245B-4-4, Letch**, Martin 7 yrs, PA
245B-4-4, Letch**, Charles 1/12 yr, PA
188A-5-5, Leuce, Michael 45 yrs, Ire
188A-5-5, Leuce, Letitia 33 yrs, Ire
188A-5-5, Leuce, Ellen 10 yrs, PA
188A-5-5, Leuce, Mary 9 yrs, PA
188A-5-5, Leuce, Julia 7 yrs, PA
188A-5-5, Leuce, Catherine 5 yrs, PA
188A-5-5, Leuce, Letitia 2 yrs, PA
188B-5-5, Leuce, William 3/12 yr, PA
188B-5-5, Leuce, John 47 yrs, Ire
188B-5-5, Leuce, Ellen 84 yrs, Ire
188B-5-5, Leuce, Richard 13 yrs, PA
205B-1-1, Leurs, Henry 56 yrs, Hesse Darmstedt
205B-1-1, Leurs, Elisabeth 16 yrs, Hesse Darmstedt
208A-5-5, Levitt, Thomas 31 yrs, CT
208A-5-5, Levitt, Leonora 23 yrs, PA
208A-5-5, Levitt, Mary 6 yrs, PA
208A-5-5, Levitt, William 4 yrs, PA
208A-5-5, Levitt, Jacob 2 yrs, PA
246B-1-1, Lewis, William 27 yrs, Scot
246B-1-1, Lewis, Jennet 23 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Lewis, Chancey 22 yrs, NY
191B-3-3, Lewis, Maggie 19 yrs, Wales
198A-5-4, Lewis, William 44 yrs, Wales
198A-5-4, Lewis, Mary 41 yrs, Wales
198A-5-4, Lewis, William 14 yrs, Wales
198A-5-4, Lewis, Sydney 10 yrs, Wales
198A-5-4, Lewis, John 9 yrs, Wales
198A-5-4, Lewis, Francis 6 yrs, Wales
198A-5-4, Lewis, James 3 yrs, Wales
263B-5-5, Licet, Lucy 79 yrs, N. S.
220B-2-2, Liddle, Saml 44 yrs, Eng
[for Lierney, see also: Tierney]
[for Limms, see also: Simms]
224A-2-2, Lindsay, John 30 yrs, Eng,
236A-2-2, Lineberger, Saml 43 yrs, PA
236A-2-2, Lineberger, Fietta 39 yrs, PA
236A-2-2, Lineberger, Peter 20 yrs, PA
236A-2-2, Lineberger, Elmira 18 yrs, PA
236A-2-2, Lineberger, Louis 14 yrs, PA
236A-2-2, Lineberger, William 11 yrs, PA
236A-2-2, Lineberger, Elisbeth 5 yrs, PA
236A-2-2, Lineberger, Lovella 8/12 yr, PA
238A-4-4, Lineberger, Charles 61 yrs, PA
238A-4-4, Lineberger, Polly 50 yrs, PA
238A-4-4, Lineberger, Sarah 22 yrs, PA
238A-4-4, Lineberger, Theresa 20 yrs, PA
238A-4-4, Lineberger, Peter 18 yrs, PA
238A-4-4, Lineberger, Amanda 16 yrs, PA
238A-4-4, Lineberger, Charles 12 yrs, PA
238A-4-4, Lineberger, Amelia 10 yrs, PA
238A-5-5, Lineberger, A. J. 28 yrs, PA
238A-5-5, Lineberger, Caroline 26 yrs, PA
238A-5-5, Lineberger, Clara 5 yrs, PA
238A-5-5, Lineberger, William 3 yrs, PA
238A-5-5, Lineberger, Charles 1 yrs, PA
206A-2-2, Lineberger, Louisa 16 yrs, PA
226B-6-6, Lininger, J. A. 25 yrs, PA
226B-6-6, Lininger, Serena 17 yrs, PA
226B-6-6, Lininger, Diantha 14 yrs, PA
226B-6-6, Lininger, Samuel 19 yrs, PA
262A-7-7, Lisdee, Vida 16 yrs, NY
197A-6-6, Lnaiderwim, Mich 35 yrs, Bav, possibly Luaiderwin,
197A-6-6, Lnaiderwim, Margaret 38 yrs, Bav, possibly Luaiderwin,
197A-6-6, Lnaiderwim, Anna 15 yrs, Bav, possibly Luaiderwin,
197A-6-6, Lnaiderwim, Eve 12 yrs, Bav, possibly Luaiderwin,
197A-6-6, Lnaiderwim, Michael 10 yrs, PA, possibly Luaiderwin,
197A-6-6, Lnaiderwim, Charles 7 yrs, PA, possibly Luaiderwin,
197B-6-6, Lnaiderwim, Mary 5 yrs, PA, possibly Luaiderwin,
197B-6-6, Lnaiderwim, Elisabeth 2 yrs, PA, possibly Luaiderwin,
197B-6-6, Lnaiderwim, no name 1/12 yr, PA, possibly Luaiderwin,
245A-6-6, Lofley, Charles 26 yrs, Eng
245A-6-6, Lofley, George 28 yrs, Eng
187B-5-5, Logan, Hiram 28 yrs, PA
187B-5-5, Logan, Ida M. 25 yrs, PA
187B-5-5, Logan, Netty M. 6 yrs, PA
189A-5-5, Logan, James 41 yrs, PA
189A-5-5, Logan, Mary 36 yrs, N. Brunswick
189A-5-5, Logan, Robert 15 yrs, OH
189A-5-5, Logan, Mary 13 yrs, IL
189A-5-5, Logan, Agnes 9 yrs, OH
189A-5-5, Logan, Cordelia 5/12 yr, PA
189A-5-5, Logan, Calvin 19 yrs, PA
185A-1-1, Lolly, Mary 14 yrs, Ire
187B-4-4, Lolly, Edward 23 yrs, Ire
187B-4-4, Lolly, Mary 20 yrs, Ire
187B-4-4, Lolly, Bridget 1 yrs, Ire
187B-4-4, Lolly, Patrick 30 yrs, Ire
233A-8-8, Long, Daniel 35 yrs, Bav
235A-3-3, Long, Daniel 30 yrs, Bav
235A-3-3, Long, Catherine 25 yrs, Bav
235A-3-3, Long, Charles 3 yrs, Bav
235A-3-3, Long, William 1 yrs, PA
235A-9-9, Long, Theobold 48 yrs, Bav
235A-9-9, Long, Charlotte 52 yrs, Bav
235A-9-9, Long, Jacob 19 yrs, Bav
235A-9-9, Long, Ludwick 15 yrs, Bav
235A-9-9, Long, Caroline 13 yrs, Bav
235A-9-9, Long, Charlotte 11 yrs, Bav
235A-9-9, Long, Danl. 19 yrs, Bav
235B-1-1, Long, Louis 31 yrs, Bav
235B-1-1, Long, Margaret 32 yrs, Bav
235B-1-1, Long, Charles 12 yrs, PA
235B-1-1, Long, John 5 yrs, PA
235B-1-1, Long, William 3 yrs, PA
235B-1-1, Long, Anna 2 yrs, PA
235B-1-1, Long, no name 4/12 yr, PA
256A-8-8, Long, Jno. 48 yrs, PA, possibly "Song"
256A-8-8, Long, Mariah 31 yrs, PA, possibly "Song"
256A-8-8, Long, Ida 11 yrs, PA, possibly "Song"
256A-8-8, Long, Arada 6 yrs, PA, possibly "Song"
256A-8-8, Long, Samuel 9 yrs, PA, possibly "Song"
259A-1-1, Long, Louis 21 yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Long, William 34 yrs, OH
205B-1-1, Long, Theobald 29 yrs, Bavaria
205B-1-1, Long, Rathevine 20 yrs, Hesse Darmstedt
257B-3-3, Louis, Adda 22 yrs, PA
257B-6-6, Louis, J. L. 32 yrs, VA, possibly "Souis"
257B-6-6, Louis, Mary 27 yrs, PA, possibly "Souis"
173A-6-6, Loutzenhaezer, Amos 21 yrs, PA
221B-7-7, Love, Robert 52 yrs, PA
221B-7-7, Love, Naomi 46 yrs, PA
221B-7-7, Love, James 18 yrs, PA
221B-7-7, Love, Charles 16 yrs, PA
221B-7-7, Love, Mary 14 yrs, PA
221B-7-7, Love, Cyrus 12 yrs, PA
221B-7-7, Love, Hugh 9 yrs, PA
228B-2-2, Love, Jennet 60 yrs, Scot
228B-2-2, Love, David 27 yrs, Scot
228B-2-2, Love, William 20 yrs, Scot
228B-2-2, Love, Elisabeth 14 yrs, Scot
231A-3-3, Love, Jane 17 yrs, Scot
239A-6-6, Love, David 25 yrs, OH
239A-6-6, Love, Rebecca 20 yrs, PA
247B-3-3, Love, Isabella 67 yrs, PA, possibly "Sove"
247B-3-3, Love, Eliza 26 yrs, PA, possibly "Sove"
193B-6-6, Love, Benjamin 89 yrs, PA
193B-6-6, Love, Sarah 79 yrs, PA
193B-6-6, Love, William 38 yrs, PA
193B-6-6, Love, Thomas 38 yrs, PA
194A-2-2, Love, C. S. 54 yrs, PA
194A-2-2, Love, Tirziah 52 yrs, PA
205A-4-4, Love, Hugh 57 yrs, PA
205A-4-4, Love, Jane 51 yrs, PA
205A-4-4, Love, William 20 yrs, PA
205A-4-4, Love, Hugh A. 18 yrs, PA
205A-4-4, Love, Sarah 26 yrs, PA
212B-6-6, Love, John 45 yrs, PA
212B-6-6, Love, Harriett 38 yrs, OH
212B-6-6, Love, Laura 12 yrs, PA
212B-6-6, Love, Mary 9 yrs, PA
212B-6-6, Love, Nancy Mary 7 yrs, PA
212B-6-6, Love, John A. 5 yrs, PA
212B-6-6, Love, Benny L. 3 yrs, PA
212B-6-6, Love, Magie E. 7/12 yr, PA
199A-4-4, Lower, Peter 27 yrs, Bav
199A-4-4, Lower, Elisabeth 27 yrs, Bav
199A-4-4, Lower, Conrad 1 yrs, Bav
231B-4-4, Lowers, Henry 37 yrs, Baden, "Palsy"
231B-4-4, Lowers, Christian 30 yrs, PA
231B-4-4, Lowers, John 6 yrs, PA
231B-4-4, Lowers, Jacob 4 yrs, PA
231B-4-4, Lowers, Phebe 2 yrs, PA
231B-4-4, Lowers, William 6/12 yr, PA
177B-8-8, Lowers, Nathan 74 yrs, PA
177B-8-8, Lowers, Lavina 42 yrs, PA
177B-8-8, Lowers, John H. 20 yrs, PA
177B-8-8, Lowers, Anna E. 18 yrs, PA
177B-8-8, Lowers, Catherine 14 yrs, PA
178A-8-8, Lowers, George 12 yrs, PA
178A-8-8, Lowers, William 7 yrs, PA
178A-8-8, Lowers, Daniel A. 4 yrs, PA
196A-2-2, Lown, Miriam 16 yrs, Eng
243A-2-2, Lowndes, Elisha 37 yrs, Eng
243A-2-2, Lowndes, Mariah 38 yrs, Eng
243A-2-2, Lowndes, Lucy 11 yrs, Eng
243A-2-2, Lowndes, John 10 yrs, Eng
243A-3-3, Lowndes, Enoch 38 yrs, Eng
243A-3-3, Lowndes, Harriet 37 yrs, Eng
243A-3-3, Lowndes, Amos 14 yrs, Eng
243A-3-3, Lowndes, Maud 6 yrs, Eng
243A-3-3, Lowndes, Nora 3 yrs, Eng
191A-4-4, Loyd, George 21 yrs, OH,
260B-3-3, Lucky, Agnes 6 yrs, NY, meant to be "Kane"?
254A-7-7, Ludwig, Arthur 18 yrs, PA
188B-3-3, Luman, Sturtevant 23 yrs, PA,
238B-4-4, Lumm, Benj. 45 yrs, OH
238B-4-4, Lumm, Susan 48 yrs, PA
238B-4-4, Lumm, Homer 18 yrs, PA
238B-4-4, Lumm, Charles 11 yrs, PA
189A-5-5, Luzier, Allice 15 yrs, PA
189A-6-6, Luzier, Hannah 39 yrs, PA
189A-6-6, Luzier, Clara 14 yrs, PA
189B-6-6, Luzier, William 12 yrs, PA
189B-6-6, Luzier, Edward 9 yrs, PA
189B-6-6, Luzier, Benjamin 7 yrs, PA
189B-6-6, Luzier, Charles 2 yrs, PA
237A-6-6, Lyhle, John 34 yrs, PA
237A-6-6, Lyhle, Kate 32 yrs, PA
237A-6-6, Lyhle, Franklin 4 yrs, PA
249B-5-5, Lynch, Newton 23 yrs, PA
249B-5-5, Lynch, Mariah 28 yrs, OH
250B-2-2, Lynch, Isaac 55 yrs, PA
250B-2-2, Lynch, Sarah 49 yrs, PA
250B-2-2, Lynch, Mary 25 yrs, PA
250B-2-2, Lynch, William 23 yrs, PA
250B-2-2, Lynch, Lucian 20 yrs, PA
250B-2-2, Lynch, Grier 19 yrs, PA
250B-2-2, Lynch, Sevilla 16 yrs, PA
250B-2-2, Lynch, Flora 9 yrs, PA
250B-2-2, Lynch, Georgianna 5 yrs, PA
257A-8-8, Lynch, And. 22 yrs, PA,
257A-8-8, Lynch, Jno. 25 yrs, PA,
208A-7-7, Lynch, James 45 yrs, Ire
208A-7-7, Lynch, Jennet 44 yrs, Scot
208A-7-7, Lynch, Mary 7 yrs, PA
208B-7-7, Lynch, Thomas 3 yrs, PA
208B-7-7, Lynch, David 2 yrs, PA
238A-3-3, Lynni, Joseph 66 yrs, PA
238A-3-3, Lynni, Nancy 57 yrs, PA
238A-3-3, Lynni, Newton 15 yrs, PA
199B-8-8, Lyon, Joseph 30 yrs, PA
253A-2-2, Lyons, Jno. 25 yrs, PA
192B-5-5, Lytle, W. S. 47 yrs, PA
192B-5-5, Lytle, Margaret 40 yrs, PA
192B-5-5, Lytle, David 18 yrs, PA
192B-5-5, Lytle, Mary E. 16 yrs, PA
192B-5-5, Lytle, Philitus 15? yrs, PA
192B-5-5, Lytle, Elisabeth 10 yrs, PA
192B-5-5, Lytle, Phenetta 7 yrs, PA
192B-5-5, Lytle, Anna 4 yrs, PA
192B-5-5, Lytle, no name 11/12 yr, PA
264A-3-3, Lytte, J. B. 35 yrs, PA, possibly "Sytte"
264A-3-3, Lytte, Lavina 29 yrs, PA, possibly "Sytte"
264A-3-3, Lytte, Jno. A. 9 yrs, PA, possibly "Sytte"
247A-3-3, M*****, S. J. 29 yrs, PA, possibly Morford
247A-3-3, M*****, Sarah 28 yrs, PA, possibly Morford
247A-3-3, M*****, Fluella 7 yrs, PA, possibly Morford
247A-3-3, M*****, Wm 6 yrs, PA, possibly Morford
247A-3-3, M*****, Leona 2 yrs, PA, possibly Morford
247A-3-3, M*****, Oviann 5/12 yr, PA, possibly Morford
185A-3-3, Mack, John 25 yrs, Ire
185A-3-3, Mack, Kate 25 yrs, Ire
185A-3-3, Mack, Thomas 6 yrs, Ire
185A-3-3, Mack, Patrick 4 yrs, Ire
185A-3-3, Mack, Charles 3/12 yr, PA
185B-7-7, Mack, Charles 45 yrs, Ire
249A-2-2, Mack, Owen 45 yrs, Ire
249A-2-2, Mack, Margaret 43 yrs, Ire
255A-1-1, Mackey, S. K. 26 yrs, MA, possibly "L. K."
180B-2-2, Madden, Michael 40 yrs, Ire
180B-2-2, Madden, Sarah 36 yrs, Scot
180B-2-2, Madden, Edward 14 yrs, Scot
180B-2-2, Madden, James 10 yrs, PA
180B-2-2, Madden, Ellen 12 yrs, PA
180B-2-2, Madden, Jane 8 yrs, PA
180B-2-2, Madden, Michael 6 yrs, PA
180B-2-2, Madden, Sarah 4 yrs, PA
180B-2-2, Madden, John 1 yrs, PA
257A-2-2, Madden, Thos. 23 yrs, Ire
185B-7-7, Madge, James 19 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Madge, Samuel 25 yrs, PA
213A-6-6, Mahannah, Saml 26 yrs, PA
213A-6-6, Mahannah, Elisabeth 19 yrs, PA
213A-6-6, Mahannah, Eva 2 yrs, PA
213A-6-6, Mahannah, Naomi 9/12 yr, PA
191A-6-6, Mailer, Sarah 57 yrs, PA
191A-6-6, Mailer, Layfayette 24 yrs, PA
191B-6-6, Mailer, Charles 19 yrs, PA
218A-2-2, Mailor, Robert 47 yrs, Eng
218A-2-2, Mailor, Anna 45 yrs, Eng
218A-2-2, Mailor, Samuel 20 yrs, Eng
218A-2-2, Mailor, Mary 8 yrs, Eng
218A-2-2, Mailor, Sarah 4 yrs, PA
218A-3-3, Mailor, Nicholas 30 yrs, Bav
218A-3-3, Mailor, Hellena 25 yrs, Prus
217A-6-6, Mallor, Thomas 36 yrs, England
196A-1-1, Malone, John 56 yrs, PA
196A-1-1, Malone, Harriett 57 yrs, PA
251B-9-9, Maloy, Pat. 20 yrs, Ire
251B-9-9, Maloy, Cather. 50 yrs, Ire
251B-9-9, Maloy, Mary 13 yrs, Ire
251B-9-9, Maloy, Bridget 16 yrs, Ire
177A-5-5, Malt, James 56 yrs, Eng
249A-7-7, Manahan, Mich 40 yrs, Ire
249A-7-7, Manahan, Mary 32 yrs, Ire
249A-7-7, Manahan, Patrick 6 yrs, Ire
249A-7-7, Manahan, Ellen 3 yrs, Ire
249A-7-7, Manahan, William 2 yrs, NY
249A-7-7, Manahan, Joanna 11/12 yr, NY
234A-2-2, Manni**, George 28 yrs, England, possibly "Manning"
234A-2-2, Manni**, Harriett 27 yrs, Eng, possibly "Manning"
234A-2-2, Manni**, John 5 yrs, Eng, possibly "Manning"
234A-2-2, Manni**, Elisabeth 3 yrs, Eng, possibly "Manning"
234A-2-2, Manni**, Anne 1 yrs, Eng, possibly "Manning"
210A-1-1, Marriot, Joseph 25 yrs, Eng
210A-1-1, Marriot, Hannah 30 yrs, Eng
244B-4-4, Marsdon, William 20 yrs, Eng
218A-8-8, Marshall, Wm 41 yrs, Eng
218A-8-8, Marshall, Betty 40 yrs, Eng
218A-8-8, Marshall, John 16 yrs, Eng
218A-8-8, Marshall, Mary 12 yrs, Eng
218A-8-8, Marshall, Robert 6 yrs, Eng
218A-8-8, Marshall, Jane 4 yrs, PA
218B-8-8, Marshall, Betty 1 yrs, PA
223A-7-7, Marshall, John 40 yrs, Eng
223A-7-7, Marshall, Mary 36 yrs, Eng
223B-7-7, Marshall, Jane 4 yrs, PA
223B-7-7, Marshall, Joseph 1/12 yr, PA
228A-2-2, Marstillen, Lemuel 28 yrs, PA
223B-4-4, Mart, Henry 30 yrs, Eng, possibly "Nart"
223B-4-4, Mart, Mariah 28 yrs, PA, possibly "Nart"
223B-4-4, Mart, John 10 yrs, PA, possibly "Nart"
223B-4-4, Mart, Charles 8 yrs, PA, possibly "Nart"
223B-4-4, Mart, Sarah 1 yrs, PA, possibly "Nart"
222A-2-2, Marten, Edwin 26 yrs, Eng
222A-2-2, Marten, Allice 25 yrs, PA
211B-4-4, Martin, James 34 yrs, Scot
211B-4-4, Martin, Agnes 26 yrs, Scot
211B-4-4, Martin, James 9/12 yr, PA
254B-2-2, Martin, Mary 51 yrs, PA
239B-6-6, Mason, Henry 33 yrs, Eng
239B-6-6, Mason, Barbara 27 yrs, Scot
210B-4-4, Masterton, John 30 yrs, Scot
222B-3-3, Mathews, John 39 yrs, Wales
222B-3-3, Mathews, Caroline 40 yrs, Wales
222B-3-3, Mathews, Benjamin 12 yrs, Wales
222B-3-3, Mathews, Charlotte 10 yrs, Wales
222B-3-3, Mathews, Mary 5 yrs, Wales
225B-4-4, Mathews, Thomas 21 yrs, Ire
225B-4-4, Mathews, Frederick 18 yrs, Canada
267A-6-6, Mathews, Anna 15 yrs, Eng
199B-1-1, Mathias, Eva 14 yrs, OH
237A-2-2, Mattocks, D. M. 36 yrs, PA
237A-2-2, Mattocks, Mary 30 yrs, PA
248A-1-1, Mattocks, Elija 34 yrs, PA
248A-1-1, Mattocks, Lovinia 33 yrs, PA
248A-1-1, Mattocks, Eva 10 yrs, PA
248A-1-1, Mattocks, Frederick 7 yrs, PA
248A-1-1, Mattocks, *ather 6 yrs, PA, probably "Luther"
248A-1-1, Mattocks, Franklin 2 yrs, PA
209A-5-5, Maxhamer, Chas 50 yrs, Bavaria
209A-5-5, Maxhamer, Barbara 56 yrs, Bav
209A-5-5, Maxhamer, Mary 10 yrs, PA
183B-5-5, Maxwell, William 31 yrs, PA
183B-5-5, Maxwell, Elisabeth 30 yrs, PA
183B-5-5, Maxwell, Elisabeth 8 yrs, PA
183B-5-5, Maxwell, Louis 5 yrs, PA
183B-5-5, Maxwell, Hatty 4 yrs, PA
183B-5-5, Maxwell, Harry 1 yrs, PA, possibly Harvey
187A-1-1, Maxwell, Ruth 77 yrs, PA
196A-6-6, Maxwell, William 24 yrs, Scot
196A-6-6, Maxwell, Christina 23 yrs, Scot
196A-6-6, Maxwell, Isabella 2 yrs, PA
197B-7-7, Maxwell, Wm 32 yrs, Scot
197B-7-7, Maxwell, Elisabeth 30 yrs, Scot
197B-7-7, Maxwell, Archy 11 yrs, Scot
197B-7-7, Maxwell, George 10 yrs, Scot
197B-7-7, Maxwell, William 7 yrs, Scot
197B-7-7, Maxwell, John 5 yrs, Scot
232A-2-2, Maxwell, Arch 32 yrs, Scot
232A-2-2, Maxwell, Mary 30 yrs, Scot
232A-2-2, Maxwell, Mary 9 yrs, Canada
232A-2-2, Maxwell, Jane 5 yrs, PA
232A-2-2, Maxwell, Jennet 3 yrs, PA
232A-2-2, Maxwell, Margaret 11/12 yr, PA
189B-1-1, Mayberry, Alex. 39 yrs, PA
189B-1-1, Mayberry, Mariah 29 yrs, PA
189B-1-1, Mayberry, Frank 4 yrs, PA
189B-1-1, Mayberry, Earl 8/12 yr, PA
[for Mayne, see also: Muyne]
230A-2-2, McAlister, Danl 38 yrs, Ire
175B-5-5, McAlpa, Paterson 54 yrs, Scot
224A-3-3, McArthur, Thomas 29 yrs, Scot
224A-3-3, McArthur, Elisabeth 33 yrs, PA
224A-3-3, McArthur, John 11 yrs, PA
195B-5-5, McBride, John 41 yrs, PA
195B-5-5, McBride, Jane 43 yrs, PA
195B-5-5, McBride, William 15 yrs, PA
196A-5-5, McBride, Ida 13 yrs, PA
196A-5-5, McBride, Nancy 11 yrs, PA
196A-5-5, McBride, Zaidel 6 yrs, PA
196A-5-5, McBride, Samuel 3 yrs, PA
229A-5-5, McBride, Charles 24 yrs, Ire
229A-5-5, McBride, Elisabeth 36 yrs, Ire
229A-5-5, McBride, Anna 3 yrs, PA
229A-5-5, McBride, Ru*hel 11/12 yr, PA
251B-5-5, McCabe, Saml 27 yrs, PA
251B-5-5, McCabe, Emma 18 yrs, PA
258A-6-6, McCabe, Jno. 27 yrs, Ire
258A-6-6, McCabe, Anne 22 yrs, Ire
258A-6-6, McCabe, Mary 5 yrs, PA
258A-6-6, McCabe, Edward 3 yrs, PA
258A-6-6, McCabe, Margaret 6/12 yr, PA
237B-6-6, McCall, Elisabeth 24 yrs, PA
231B-8-8, McCallen, Wm 30 yrs, PA
231B-8-8, McCallen, Florella 30 yrs, PA
238A-1-1, McCallen, Maggie 24 yrs, PA
189B-2-2, McCannans, Anna 11 yrs, PA
213A-1-1, McCarrel, William 58 yrs, Ire
213A-1-1, McCarrel, Mary 58 yrs, Ire
213A-1-1, McCarrel, Joseph 22 yrs, Ire
213A-3-3, McCarrel, Henry 32 yrs, Ire
213A-3-3, McCarrel, Jennett 26 yrs, Nova Scotia
213A-3-3, McCarrel, Mary 8 yrs, Nova Scotia
213A-3-3, McCarrel, David 6 yrs, Nova Scotia
213A-3-3, McCarrel, Joseph 3 yrs, PA
213A-9-9, McCauly, Alex 62 yrs, Scot
213A-9-9, McCauly, Elisabeth 73 yrs, Scot
213A-9-9, McCauly, Francis 38 yrs, Scot
213B-9-9, McCauly, Jennet 34 yrs, Scot
213B-9-9, McCauly, Alexander 12 yrs, Scot
213B-9-9, McCauly, Meavon 10 yrs, Scot
257B-5-5, McCay, James 52 yrs, PA
230A-2-2, McCearnoh, Nelley 56 yrs, Ire
248B-2-2, McCee, Peter 31 yrs, Ire
248B-2-2, McCee, Ellen 30 yrs, Ire
248B-2-2, McCee, Mary A. 2 yrs, Eng
248B-2-2, McCee, Sarah 10/12 yr, PA
233A-2-2, McCenna, Thomas 44 yrs, Ire
233A-2-2, McCenna, Elisabeth 41 yrs, Gibralter
233A-2-2, McCenna, Thomas 20 yrs, Scot
193B-2-2, McCenzie, David 18 yrs, Canada
193B-2-2, McCenzie, Kennet 18 yrs, Canada
198B-5-5, McCenzie, John 23 yrs, Scot
268B-7-7, McCleary, Lucretia 30 yrs, PA
268B-7-7, McCleary, Richard 16 yrs, PA
268B-7-7, McCleary, Robt 13 yrs, PA
268B-7-7, McCleary, Edward 22 yrs, PA
194A-2-2, McClelland, Ma 49 yrs, OH
260A-1-1, McClintock, G. W. 48 yrs, PA
260A-1-1, McClintock, Rachel 45 yrs, PA
260A-1-1, McClintock, Clara 18 yrs, PA
260A-1-1, McClintock, Frank 15 yrs, PA
260A-1-1, McClintock, Saml 13 yrs, PA
260A-1-1, McClintock, Rachel 11 yrs, PA
260A-1-1, McClintock, Jas. 10 yrs, PA
260A-1-1, McClintock, Georg 7 yrs, PA
260A-1-1, McClintock, Addie 4 yrs, PA
260A-1-1, McClintock, Wm 2 yrs, PA
257B-2-2, McCloistes, Wm 30 yrs, Scot
257B-2-2, McCloistes, Agnes 27 yrs, Scot
257B-2-2, McCloistes, Mary E. 1 yrs, PA
189B-6-6, McClure, Saml 31 yrs, PA
189B-6-6, McClure, Augusta 25 yrs, NY
189B-6-6, McClure, Mary 5 yrs, PA
189B-6-6, McClure, Anna 4 yrs, PA
236A-3-3, McColler, Margaret 57 yrs, PA, possibly "McCollen", "McCaller", "McCallen"
236A-3-3, McColler, Elizabeth 35 yrs, PA, possibly "McCollen", "McCaller", "McCallen"
236A-3-3, McColler, John A. 21 yrs, PA, possibly "McCollen", "McCaller", "McCallen"
236A-3-3, McColler, Lucinda 18 yrs, PA, possibly "McCollen", "McCaller", "McCallen"
262A-7-7, McCollum, Robt. 33 yrs, PA
262A-7-7, McCollum, Mary 32 yrs, PA
262A-7-7, McCollum, Anne 5 yrs, PA
262A-7-7, McCollum, Jno 3 yrs, PA
209A-2-2, McConnel, John 58 yrs, PA
209A-2-2, McConnel, Rebecca 58 yrs, PA
209A-2-2, McConnel, Mary P. 18 yrs, PA
209A-2-2, McConnel, Robert 16 yrs, PA
209A-2-2, McConnel, Hugh 13 yrs, PA
190B-1-1, McConwell, Thos 33 yrs, Ire
211B-3-3, McCool, Pat 26 yrs, Ireland
212B-8-8, McCool, William 30 yrs, Ireland
212B-8-8, McCool, Ellen 29 yrs, Nova Scotia
212B-8-8, McCool, Jane 6 yrs, Nova Scotia
235A-1-1, McCord, Hatty 17 yrs, OH
194B-6-6, McCormick, Edw 34 yrs, Ire
194B-6-6, McCormick, Bridget 28 yrs, Ire
194B-6-6, McCormick, James 12 yrs, Scot
195A-6-6, McCormick, Thos. 5 yrs, PA
195A-6-6, McCormick, Edward 1 yrs, PA
212A-8-8, McCormick, Barny 41 yrs, Ireland
228B-6-6, McCormick, Jd 25 yrs, Ireland
239B-1-1, McCormick, Jas 28 yrs, Scot
239B-1-1, McCormick, Margaret 26 yrs, Scot
239B-1-1, McCormick, Robert 4 yrs, Scot
239B-1-1, McCormick, Mary 2 yrs, Scot
191A-4-4, McCoy, Alex. 40 yrs, Ire
204B-3-3, McCrum, William 24 yrs, Ire
204B-3-3, McCrum, Jennet 19 yrs, Scot
204B-3-3, McCrum, James 1 yrs, Scot
184A-5-5, McCullough, Isaac 27 yrs, PA
184A-5-5, McCullough, Jane 20 yrs, PA
184A-5-5, McCullough, Charles 2 yrs, PA
184A-5-5, McCullough, Frederick 8/12 yr, PA
184A-6-6, McCullough, Esther 51 yrs, OH
184A-6-6, McCullough, John 21 yrs, PA
184A-6-6, McCullough, Mary 16 yrs, PA
184A-6-6, McCullough, Albert 13 yrs, PA
228B-6-6, McCullough, Agnes 67 yrs, Scot
262A-5-5, McCullum, Jno 37 yrs, PA
262A-5-5, McCullum, Jane 61 yrs, PA
262A-5-5, McCullum, Elizabeth 27 yrs, PA
262A-5-5, McCullum, Issabel 28 yrs, PA
262A-5-5, McCullum, Samuel 23 yrs, PA
262A-5-5, McCullum, Wm 21 yrs, PA
247A-2-2, McCurdy, Dav. 30 yrs, PA
247A-2-2, McCurdy, Ellen 30 yrs, PA
247A-2-2, McCurdy, Elisabeth 6 yrs, PA
247A-2-2, McCurdy, John 2 yrs, PA
247A-2-2, McCurdy, David 4/12 yr, PA
234A-3-3, McCusick, Mich. 30 yrs, Ire
213A-8-8, McCyle, William 5 yrs, Nova Scotia
213A-8-8, McCyle, Joseph 2 yrs, PA
213A-8-8, McCyle, Henry 4/12 yr, PA
258A-7-7, McDanniel, Mich. 50 yrs, Ire
258A-7-7, McDanniel, Bridget 49 yrs, Ire
204B-2-2, McDermot, Peter 45 yrs, Ire
204B-2-2, McDermot, Bridget 44 yrs, Ire
204B-2-2, McDermot, Ellen 8 yrs, Eng
204B-2-2, McDermot, Catherine 4 yrs, Eng
204B-2-2, McDermot, Bartholemew 34 yrs, Ire
204B-2-2, McDermot, Phillip 30 yrs, Ire
[for McDonnel, see also: McDowel]
208B-3-3, McDo*nel, Jas. 22 yrs, Scot probably McDonnel
208B-3-3, McDo*nel, Francis 20 yrs, Scot probably McDonnel
246B-5-5, McDonnal, John 25 yrs, Scot
246B-5-5, McDonnal, Margaret 20 yrs, OH
246B-5-5, McDonnal, William 2 yrs, PA
246B-5-5, McDonnal, Duncan 5/12 yr, PA
258A-1-1, McDonnal, Jno. 38 yrs, Ire
258A-1-1, McDonnal, Esther 32 yrs, Ire
258A-1-1, McDonnal, Walter 11 yrs, Ire
258A-1-1, McDonnal, Mary 7 yrs, Eng
258A-1-1, McDonnal, Ruth 4 yrs, Eng
258A-1-1, McDonnal, Eliza 2 yrs, PA
257B-5-5, McDonnald, Wm 30 yrs, Ire
196B-6-6, McDonnel, Wm 48 yrs, Scot
196B-6-6, McDonnel, Eva 30 yrs, Eng
196B-6-6, McDonnel, William 13 yrs, Eng
196B-6-6, McDonnel, Ruth 2 yrs, PA
251B-7-7, McDonnel, Henry 45 yrs, Ire
251B-7-7, McDonnel, Sarah 35 yrs, Ire
251B-7-7, McDonnel, Mary 12 yrs, Eng
251B-7-7, McDonnel, Thomas 9 yrs, Eng
245A-7-7, McDonnl, Mary 25 yrs, PA
245A-7-7, McDonnl, Etna 1 yrs, PA
241A-5-5, McDowel, Duncan 47 yrs, Scot, possibly "McDonnel"
241A-5-5, McDowel, Ellen 45 yrs, Scot, possibly "McDonnel"
241A-5-5, McDowel, Thomas 19 yrs, Scot, possibly "McDonnel"
241A-5-5, McDowel, Mathew 17 yrs, PA, possibly "McDonnel"
241A-5-5, McDowel, Duncan 15 yrs, PA, possibly "McDonnel"
241A-5-5, McDowel, Jennet 13 yrs, PA, possibly "McDonnel"
241A-5-5, McDowel, Ellen 11 yrs, PA, possibly "McDonnel"
241A-5-5, McDowel, Mary 4 yrs, PA, possibly "McDonnel"
241A-5-5, McDowel, Margaret 3 yrs, PA, possibly "McDonnel"
236B-1-1, McDowell, Anna 28 yrs, PA
236B-1-1, McDowell, Lavina 6 yrs, PA
250B-7-7, McDowell, Josiah 59 yrs, NY
250B-7-7, McDowell, Vashti 57 yrs, NY
250B-7-7, McDowell, Eva J. 18 yrs, PA
267A-4-4, McDowell, Jas. 62 yrs, PA
267A-4-4, McDowell, Martha 60 yrs, PA
267A-4-4, McDowell, Albert 32 yrs, PA
267A-4-4, McDowell, Jethro 22 yrs, PA
267A-4-4, McDowell, Mary 23 yrs, PA
267B-2-2, McDowell, Jas. 26 yrs, PA
267B-2-2, McDowell, Dauthie 23 yrs, PA
267B-2-2, McDowell, Wynonee 2 yrs, PA
267B-3-3, McDowell, Robt 21 yrs, PA
267B-5-5, McDowell, Saml. 32 yrs, PA
267B-5-5, McDowell, Margaret 30 yrs, PA
267B-5-5, McDowell, Martha 13 yrs, IL
267B-5-5, McDowell, Casanard 11 yrs, IL
267B-5-5, McDowell, Elisabeth 9 yrs, IL
267B-5-5, McDowell, Joseph 4 yrs, IL
267B-5-5, McDowell, Quincy 1 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, McDowell, Saml 65 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, McDowell, Malinda 31 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, McDowell, Franklin 19 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, McDowell, Alven 16 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, McDowell, Henry 14 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, McDowell, Juliana 11 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, McDowell, Saml. Grant 4 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, McDowell, Flora 11/12 yr, PA
188B-4-4, McElhaney, Mary 19 yrs, PA
188B-4-4, McElhaney, Orinda 17 yrs, PA
188B-4-4, McElhaney, Irena 14 yrs, PA
173B-7-6, McEwan, John 24 yrs, PA
173B-7-6, McEwan, Mary J. 26 yrs, PA
173B-7-6, McEwan, Lewis J. 3 yrs, PA
173B-7-6, McEwan, Laura C. 1 yrs, PA
192B-2-2, McFalland, S. 18 yrs, PA
216A-2-2, McFarland, James 28 yrs, PA
216A-2-2, McFarland, Hannah 21 yrs, PA
216A-2-2, McFarland, Carie 2 yrs, PA
216A-2-2, McFarland, Charles 1 yrs, PA
198B-3-3, McFiggen, Saml 29 yrs, Scot, possibly "McFigger"
198B-3-3, McFiggen, Jane 25 yrs, Scot, possibly "McFigger"
198B-3-3, McFiggen, Alexander 2 yrs, Scot, possibly "McFigger"
256A-6-6, McFonan, Robt. 29 yrs, OH, possibly "McFouan"
256A-6-6, McFonan, Louise 27 yrs, OH, possibly "McFouan"
256A-6-6, McFonan, Perry 5 yrs, OH, possibly "McFouan"
256A-6-6, McFonan, Maud 2 yrs, OH, possibly "McFouan"
256A-6-6, McFonan, Seth 10/12 yr, OH, possibly "McFouan"
252A-1-1, McGee, Jas 40 yrs, Ire
252A-1-1, McGee, Mary 36 yrs, Ire
252A-1-1, McGee, Elizabeth 14 yrs, PA
252A-1-1, McGee, M. Ann 11 yrs, PA
252A-1-1, McGee, Wm 9 yrs, PA
252A-1-1, McGee, James 2 yrs, PA
184B-6-6, McGinn, Wm. 30 yrs, Ire
184B-6-6, McGinn, Jane 66 yrs, Ire
190B-7-7, McGlen, Charles 28 yrs, Ire
191A-7-7, McGlen, Susan 19 yrs, Ire
191A-7-7, McGlen, Maggie 1 yrs, OH
264A-5-5, McGovirn, Mich. 50 yrs, Ire
264A-5-5, McGovirn, Ellen 40 yrs, Ire
264A-5-5, McGovirn, Jno 14 yrs, NY
264A-5-5, McGovirn, Frank 7 yrs, PA
264A-5-5, McGovirn, James 4 yrs, PA
190A-6-6, McGowan, Molly 27 yrs, OH
195A-1-1, McGowan, Brian 32 yrs, Ire
195A-1-1, McGowan, Mary 33 yrs, Ire
195A-1-1, McGowan, John 5 yrs, Eng
195A-1-1, McGowan, Mary A. 2 yrs, OH
195A-1-1, McGowan, Ellen 4/12 yr, PA
228B-2-2, McGowan, Mary 23 yrs, Scot
228B-2-2, McGowan, Joseph 2 yrs, PA
228B-2-2, McGowan, Jennet 1 yrs, PA
185A-3-3, McGrath, Michael 30 yrs, Ire
250B-5-5, McGrath, Patrick 24 yrs, Ire
250B-5-5, McGrath, Bridget 28 yrs, Ire
216B-2-2, McGroth, John 48 yrs, Ireland
195A-4-4, McGuire, Joseph 18 yrs, PA
240A-2-2, McGuire, Hugh 40 yrs, Ire
240A-2-2, McGuire, Anna 40 yrs, Ire
240A-2-2, McGuire, Mary 9 yrs, NY
240A-2-2, McGuire, John 6 yrs, PA
252A-2-2, McGuire, Martin 25 yrs, Ire
252A-2-2, McGuire, Bridget 23 yrs, Ire
252A-2-2, McGuire, Wm 5 yrs, PA
252A-2-2, McGuire, Jas. 3 yrs, PA
252A-2-2, McGuire, Margaret 1 yrs, PA
257A-2-2, McGuire, Danl. 28 yrs, Ire
215A-6-6, McInnis, John 20 yrs, Can
177B-3-3, McIntire, Robt. 44 yrs, Scot.
177B-3-3, McIntire, Margaret 38 yrs, Scot.
177B-3-3, McIntire, Thomas 2 yrs, Scot.
177B-3-3, McIntire, Walter 8/12 yr, PA
199A-1-1, McIntire, Mary 52 yrs, Ire
199A-1-1, McIntire, William 31 yrs, PA
199A-1-1, McIntire, Mary 22 yrs, PA
199A-1-1, McIntire, James 20 yrs, PA
232A-3-3, McIntire, Arch 38 yrs, Scot
232A-3-3, McIntire, Barbary 37 yrs, Scot
232A-3-3, McIntire, William 15 yrs, Scot
232A-3-3, McIntire, Jennet 15 yrs, PA
232A-3-3, McIntire, Christena 12 yrs, PA
232A-3-3, McIntire, Andrew 7 yrs, PA
232A-3-3, McIntire, Mary 3 yrs, PA
246A-1-1, McIntire, Robt 39 yrs, Scot
211B-2-2, McIntosh, Henry 29 yrs, Scot
211B-2-2, McIntosh, Caty 26 yrs, Scot
211B-2-2, McIntosh, Jennett 9 yrs, Scot
211B-2-2, McIntosh, John 7 yrs, Scot
211B-2-2, McIntosh, Henry 2 yrs, Scot
257A-8-8, McIntosh, Hugh 40 yrs, PA
259B-6-6, McKaine, A. E. 29 yrs, PA
259B-6-6, McKaine, Mary 29 yrs, PA
259B-6-6, McKaine, Ida May 5 yrs, PA
259B-6-6, McKaine, Cora Bell 3 yrs, PA
259B-6-6, McKaine, Eva S. 11/12 yr, PA
259B-6-6, McKaine, Alonzo 14 yrs, PA
259B-6-6, McKaine, Sylvester 9 yrs, PA
177B-1-1, McKay, George 38 yrs, Scotland
177B-1-1, McKay, Anna 36 yrs, Scot.
177B-1-1, McKay, William 12 yrs, Scot.
177B-1-1, McKay, Margaret 10 yrs, Scot.
177B-1-1, McKay, Anne 7 yrs, Scot.
177B-1-1, McKay, Emely 11/12 yr, PA
177B-1-1, McKay, Mary 3 yrs, PA
268A-4-4, McKnight, A. D. 43 yrs, PA
268A-4-4, McKnight, Mallisa 24 yrs, PA
268A-4-4, McKnight, Douglas 9 yrs, PA
268A-4-4, McKnight, Scott 2 yrs, PA
268A-4-4, McKnight, Mitty 9/12 yr, PA
211B-3-3, McLaine, Robert 28 yrs, Scot
237B-1-1, McLaughlin, Clinton 33 yrs, PA
237B-1-1, McLaughlin, Anna 37 yrs, NY
237B-1-1, McLaughlin, John 6 yrs, PA
237B-1-1, McLaughlin, George 11 yrs, PA
237B-1-1, McLaughlin, Alonzo 2 yrs, PA
239A-6-6, McLaughlin, Washington 14 yrs, PA
245A-7-7, McLaughlin, Albert 41 yrs, PA
245A-7-7, McLaughlin, Lovina 40 yrs, PA
245A-7-7, McLaughlin, Nelson 17 yrs, PA
245A-7-7, McLaughlin, Amos 15 yrs, PA
245A-7-7, McLaughlin, Mary 9 yrs, PA
[for McLee, see also: McTee]
263B-4-4, McLeery, Jas. 50 yrs, PA
263B-4-4, McLeery, Anne 42 yrs, Ire
263B-4-4, McLeery, Geo. 15 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, McMillan, Lynn 18 yrs, PA
197B-2-2, McMillen, Wm 36 yrs, Eng
197B-2-2, McMillen, Ellen 35 yrs, Wales
197B-2-2, McMillen, John 14 yrs, OH
197B-2-2, McMillen, Jennie 9 yrs, OH
197B-2-2, McMillen, William 4 yrs, OH
197B-2-2, McMillen, Anna 2 yrs, PA
201A-7-7, McMillen, John 41 yrs, Eng
201B-7-7, McMillen, Margaret 36 yrs, Scotland
201B-7-7, McMillen, James 14 yrs, MD
201B-7-7, McMillen, John 12 yrs, PA
201B-7-7, McMillen, Butler 10 yrs, VA
201B-7-7, McMillen, Albert 9 yrs, VA
201B-7-7, McMillen, Elisabeth 6 yrs, OH
201B-7-7, McMillen, Walter 2 yrs, PA
251B-1-1, McMillen, Dav 37 yrs, PA, possibly "McMillur"
251B-1-1, McMillen, Nancy 37 yrs, PA, possibly "McMillur"
251B-1-1, McMillen, Frank 9 yrs, PA, possibly "McMillur"
253A-2-2, McMillen, Robt. 42 yrs, PA
256A-9-9, McMillen, Jas. 24 yrs, PA
256A-9-9, McMillen, Mary E. 20 yrs, PA
238B-6-6, McMiller, Cindarilla 20 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, McMullen, Wm 27 yrs, OH
257A-3-3, McMurry, J. W. 45 yrs, OH, possibly "McNurrey"
257A-3-3, McMurry, Melissa 38 yrs, PA, possibly "McNurrey"
257A-3-3, McMurry, Milton 12 yrs, PA, possibly "McNurrey"
257A-3-3, McMurry, Ida M. 10 yrs, PA, possibly "McNurrey"
262B-3-3, McNainy, A. 30 yrs, Ire
262B-3-3, McNainy, Mary 35 yrs, Ire
262B-3-3, McNainy, Michael 14 yrs, Scot
262B-3-3, McNainy, Mary 12 yrs, Scot
262B-3-3, McNainy, Bridget 10 yrs, Scot
262B-3-3, McNainy, sarah 8 yrs, Scot
237A-8-8, McNair, David 22 yrs, Scot
211B-6-6, McNatlin, John 31 yrs, Ireland
211B-6-6, McNatlin, Gracie 24 yrs, Scotland
211B-6-6, McNatlin, Margaret 2 yrs, Scotland
212B-2-2, McNeal, William 27 yrs, Ireland
212B-2-2, McNeal, Mary 25 yrs, Ireland
212B-2-2, McNeal, James 25 yrs, Ireland
205A-3-3, McNeash, John 21 yrs, Scotland
205A-3-3, McNeash, Elisabeth 20 yrs, Scotland
266A-1-1, McNerry, Jno 39 yrs, Ire
266A-1-1, McNerry, Allice 37 yrs, Ire
266A-1-1, McNerry, Dauniel 7 yrs, MA probably "Daniel"
266A-1-1, McNerry, Cath 5 yrs, PA
266A-1-1, McNerry, Mary 3 yrs, PA
266A-1-1, McNerry, Anne 10/12 yr, PA
251B-8-8, McNert*y, Mich 55 yrs, Ire
251B-8-8, McNert*y, Bridget 35 yrs, Ire
251B-8-8, McNert*y, Mary 12 yrs, Can
251B-8-8, McNert*y, James 8 yrs, Can
251B-8-8, McNert*y, Mich. 5 yrs, Can
251B-8-8, McNert*y, Ellen 2 yrs, PA
251B-8-8, McNert*y, Bridget 4/12 yr, PA
[for McNurrye, see also: McMurry]
257B-1-1, McTee, Armss 37 yrs, PA, possibly "McFee", "McLee"
257B-1-1, McTee, Sarah 28 yrs, PA, possibly "McFee", "McLee"
257B-1-1, McTee, Wm 5 yrs, PA, possibly "McFee", "McLee"
257B-1-1, McTee, Margaret 3 yrs, PA, possibly "McFee", "McLee"
257B-1-1, McTee, no name 2/12 yr, PA, possibly "McFee", "McLee"
202A-5-5, McVicker, John 39 yrs, Scotland
202A-5-5, McVicker, Agnes 38 yrs, Scotland
202A-5-5, McVicker, Jane 17 yrs, Scotland
202A-5-5, McVicker, William 13 yrs, Scotland
202A-5-5, McVicker, James 10 yrs, OH
202A-5-5, McVicker, John 3 yrs, PA
202A-5-5, McVicker, Alexander 11/12 yr, PA
202A-5-5, McVicker, William 44 yrs, Scotland
175B-4-4, McWilliams, Lucinda 17 yrs, PA
179A-5-5, Means, Mary 54 yrs, PA
179A-5-5, Means, Edward 24 yrs, PA
179A-5-5, Means, George 22 yrs, PA
234B-2-2, Meek, James 29 yrs, Scot
234B-2-2, Meek, Mary 25 yrs, Scot
234B-2-2, Meek, Lillice 1 yrs, Scot
234B-2-2, Meek, James 1/12 yr, PA
257B-4-4, Mehl, Jno. 34 yrs, Fran.
257B-4-4, Mehl, Sohpia 29 yrs, PA
257B-4-4, Mehl, Jno. J. 4 yrs, PA
257B-4-4, Mehl, Kate S. 3 yrs, PA
257B-4-4, Mehl, Clara 6/12 yr, PA
255A-1-1, Mellor, Herman 23 yrs, PA
252A-8-8, Menholland, Sam. 48 yrs, Ire
252A-8-8, Menholland, Margerie 40 yrs, Scot
252A-8-8, Menholland, Samuel 19 yrs, Scot
252A-8-8, Menholland, Mary 13 yrs, Scot
252B-8-8, Menholland, Marg. 9 yrs, Can. W.
228A-2-2, Merrick, Phillip 32 yrs, DE
228A-2-2, Merrick, Ella 26 yrs, PA
228A-2-2, Merrick, Dickey 3 yrs, PA
228A-2-2, Merrick, Anna 1 yrs, PA
228A-2-2, Merrick, Nancy 66 yrs, DE
262A-2-2, Messer, Joseph 30 yrs, Prus
262A-2-2, Messer, Elizabeth 29 yrs, Prus
262A-2-2, Messer, Cath 4 yrs, Prus
262A-2-2, Messer, Callie 2 yrs, PA
187B-5-5, Metler, George 20 yrs, Wirtemburg
259B-3-3, Metzger, Geo 46 yrs, PA
259B-3-3, Metzger, Mary 38 yrs, PA
259B-3-3, Metzger, Andrew 19 yrs, PA
259B-3-3, Metzger, Synthia 17 yrs, PA
259B-3-3, Metzger, Mary S. 11 yrs, PA
259B-3-3, Metzger, Geo. M. 6 yrs, PA
259B-3-3, Metzger, Lizzie 3 yrs, PA
259B-3-3, Metzger, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
191B-3-3, Metzler, Alva 19 yrs, PA
247A-5-5, Mewer, David 22 yrs, Scot
247A-5-5, Mewer, Anna 18 yrs, Scot
247A-5-5, Mewer, Maggie 8/12 yr, PA
256B-7-7, Mick, Jno. 36 yrs, VA
256B-7-7, Mick, Carrie 33 yrs, PA
256B-7-7, Mick, Ella 11 yrs, PA
256B-7-7, Mick, Selia 7 yrs, PA
256B-7-7, Mick, Frank 8 yrs, PA
256B-7-7, Mick, Harry 3 yrs, PA
256B-7-7, Mick, Eddie 1 yrs, PA
190A-4-4, Middleton, Joseph 12 yrs, IN
173A-5-5, Mihler, Joseph 38 yrs, Bav.
173A-5-5, Mihler, Gertrude 41 yrs, Bav.
173A-5-5, Mihler, Joseph 12 yrs, Bav.
173A-5-5, Mihler, John 11 yrs, Bav.
173A-5-5, Mihler, Nicholas 5 yrs, Bav.
173A-5-5, Mihler, Killiam 3 yrs, Bav.
173A-5-5, Mihler, Clara 1 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, Aquilla 50 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, Catherine 48 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, John R. 26 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, Thomas 22 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, Hannah 17 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, Ella 15 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, Collia 14 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, James 10 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, Sarah 8 yrs, PA
236B-3-3, Miles, Ida F. 3 yrs, PA
252B-6-6, Miles, Patric 48 yrs, Ire
252B-6-6, Miles, Anne 38 yrs, Ire
252B-6-6, Miles, Eleanor 11 yrs, Eng
252B-6-6, Miles, Bridget 4 yrs, PA
252B-6-6, Miles, Thomas 1 yrs, PA
174A-1-1, Miller, Charles 24 yrs, Scot
174A-1-1, Miller, Isabella 23 yrs, Scot
175B-1-1, Miller, John 33 yrs, Scot
175B-1-1, Miller, Elisabeth 24 yrs, Scot
175B-1-1, Miller, Charles 3 yrs, Scot
175B-3-3, Miller, Nicholas 42 yrs, Bav
175B-3-3, Miller, Mary 40 yrs, Bav
175B-3-3, Miller, Michael 16 yrs, Bav
175B-3-3, Miller, Mariah 14 yrs, PA
175B-3-3, Miller, Catherine 14 yrs, PA
175B-3-3, Miller, Jacob 8 yrs, PA
175B-3-3, Miller, Mathias 8 yrs, PA
175B-3-3, Miller, Margaret 6 yrs, PA
175B-3-3, Miller, Emma 4 yrs, PA
175B-3-3, Miller, no name 1/12 yr, PA
175B-5-5, Miller, William 56? yrs, Scot
175B-5-5, Miller, Isabella 34 yrs, Scot
175B-5-5, Miller, William 3 yrs, Scot
175B-5-5, Miller, Isabella 1 yrs, PA
175B-5-5, Miller, Charles 12 yrs, Scot
176A-2-2, Miller, Jennet 62 yrs, Scot
182B-1-1, Miller, Mich. 18 yrs, PA
192A-8-8, Miller, Louis 30 yrs, Wirtemberg
198B-7-7, Miller, Martin 49 yrs, Bav
199A-7-7, Miller, Catherine 46 yrs, Bav
199A-7-7, Miller, Jacob 20 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Miller, Catherine 18 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Miller, Augustus 15 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Miller, Mary 13 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Miller, Frederick 10 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Miller, Mathias 7 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Miller, Margaret 5 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Miller, Elisabeth 1 yrs, PA
200A-5-5, Miller, Frederick 35 yrs, Bav
200A-5-5, Miller, Elisabeth 24 yrs, H. Darmstadt
200A-5-5, Miller, Charles 7 yrs, PA
200A-5-5, Miller, Sarah 4 yrs, PA
200A-5-5, Miller, Belle 1 yrs, PA
211A-6-6, Miller, Adam 40 yrs, Scotland
220A-1-1, Miller, David 20 yrs, Scot
220A-1-1, Miller, Isabella 18 yrs, Scot
220B-3-3, Miller, John 23 yrs, H. Darmstadt
220B-3-3, Miller, Elisabeth 21 yrs, PA
220B-3-3, Miller, Henry 4/12 yr, PA
221A-4-4, Miller, Jacob 31 yrs, Bav
221A-4-4, Miller, Caroline 29 yrs, Bav
221A-4-4, Miller, Caroline 8 yrs, PA
221A-4-4, Miller, John 3 yrs, PA
221A-4-4, Miller, Frederick 1 yrs, PA
230B-4-4, Miller, Augustus 48 yrs, Prus
230B-4-4, Miller, Anna 48 yrs, H. Cassel
230B-4-4, Miller, Henry 26 yrs, H. Cassel
230B-7-7, Miller, Adam 23 yrs, Prus
230B-7-7, Miller, Caroline 25 yrs, PA
230B-7-7, Miller, Harry 2 yrs, PA
230B-7-7, Miller, William 4/12 yr, PA
233A-4-4, Miller, Paul 38 yrs, Bav
233A-4-4, Miller, Naomi 36 yrs, Bav
233A-4-4, Miller, John 17 yrs, Bav
233A-4-4, Miller, Mathias 16 yrs, PA
233A-4-4, Miller, Nicholas 14 yrs, PA
233A-4-4, Miller, Elisabeth 11 yrs, PA
233A-4-4, Miller, Julia 9 yrs, PA
233A-4-4, Miller, Frecerick 7 yrs, PA
233A-4-4, Miller, Daniel 2 yrs, PA
233A-4-4, Miller, Michael 17 yrs, PA
237A-3-3, Miller, Danl 54 yrs, Prus
237A-3-3, Miller, Margaret 48 yrs, Prus
237A-3-3, Miller, Mary 20 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, Solomon 41 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, Sally 39 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, William 15 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, John 14 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, Matilda 13 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, Mary 11 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, Francis 9 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, Eliza 8 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, Sarah 6 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, Solomon 4 yrs, PA
240B-3-3, Miller, Albert 2 yrs, PA
243A-5-5, Miller, Theobold 61 yrs, Bav
243A-5-5, Miller, Margaret 57 yrs, Prus
246B-2-2, Miller, Thomas 30 yrs, Scot
246B-2-2, Miller, Mary 21 yrs, Scot
246B-2-2, Miller, Thomas 8 yrs, Scot
246B-2-2, Miller, Jennet 6 yrs, OH
246B-4-4, Miller, Thomas 42 yrs, Scot
246B-4-4, Miller, Jeffy 43 yrs, Scot
246B-4-4, Miller, Jennet 6 yrs, Scot
246B-4-4, Miller, Donalson 4 yrs, PA
246B-4-4, Miller, Henry 1 yrs, PA
250A-1-1, Miller, William 24 yrs, NY
261A-7-7, Miller, Peter 47 yrs, Prus
261A-7-7, Miller, Margaret 41 yrs, Prus
262A-4-4, Miller, Patrick 28 yrs, Ire
262A-4-4, Miller, Anne 21 yrs, PA
262A-4-4, Miller, Jno 11/12 yr, PA
267B-6-6, Miller, Jacob 43 yrs, Bav
267B-6-6, Miller, Elizabeth 47 yrs, Bav
260A-3-3, Milli*on, Sarah 24 yrs, PA
260A-3-3, Milli*on, Saml 8 yrs, PA
260A-3-3, Milli*on, Mary E. 6 yrs, PA
260A-3-3, Milli*on, Susan 5 yrs, PA
260A-3-3, Milli*on, Elizabeth 3 yrs, PA
193B-6-6, Milligan, Sarah 31 yrs, PA
248A-7-7, Milliken, Jrohn 53 yrs, PA probably "John"
248B-7-7, Milliken, Caroline 37 yrs, PA
248B-7-7, Milliken, Frances 16 yrs, PA
248B-7-7, Milliken, Sophia 9 yrs, PA
248B-7-7, Milliken, Ellen 7 yrs, PA
248B-7-7, Milliken, Abraham 6 yrs, PA
248B-7-7, Milliken, George G. 3 yrs, PA
248B-7-7, Milliken, Grace C. 3 yrs, PA
248B-7-7, Milliken, Della 11/12 yr, PA
260A-3-3, Milliken, Jas 58 yrs, PA
260A-3-3, Milliken, Elizabeth 53 yrs, PA
175B-2-2, Mills, John 27 yrs, Scot
175B-2-2, Mills, Margaret 24 yrs, Scot
175B-2-2, Mills, Robert 6 yrs, Scot
175B-2-2, Mills, William 5 yrs, PA
175B-2-2, Mills, Margaret 3 yrs, PA
202A-2-2, Mills, Samuel 32 yrs, England
202A-2-2, Mills, Hannah 25 yrs, England
202A-2-2, Mills, Thomas 5 yrs, OH
202A-2-2, Mills, Sarah J. 2 yrs, OH
208B-3-3, Millson, Jackson 35 yrs, Scot, possibly Millsop
208B-3-3, Millson, Jane 33 yrs, Scot, possibly Millsop
208B-3-3, Millson, Martha 15 yrs, Scot, possibly Millsop
208B-3-3, Millson, Jane 12 yrs, Scot, possibly Millsop
208B-3-3, Millson, William 10 yrs, Scot, possibly Millsop
208B-3-3, Millson, John 8 yrs, Scot, possibly Millsop
208B-3-3, Millson, Mary 5 yrs, PA, possibly Millsop
208B-3-3, Millson, Francis 3 yrs, PA, possibly Millsop
208B-3-3, Millson, Jackson 8/12 yr, PA, possibly Millsop
212A-3-3, Millsop, James 38 yrs, Scotland
212A-3-3, Millsop, Anne 32 yrs, Scotland
212A-3-3, Millsop, Jennett 17 yrs, Scotland
212A-3-3, Millsop, Anne 14 yrs, Scotland
212A-3-3, Millsop, Georgeri 13 yrs, Scotland
212A-3-3, Millsop, Elisabeth 10 yrs, Eng
212A-3-3, Millsop, Jackson 8 yrs, England
212A-3-3, Millsop, Hugh 3 yrs, OH
212A-3-3, Millsop, Clara J. 1 yrs, Scotland
211B-1-1, Milsop, John 42 yrs, Scot
211B-1-1, Milsop, Mary 36 yrs, Scotland
211B-1-1, Milsop, Bella 17 yrs, Scot
211B-1-1, Milsop, Taylor 15 yrs, Scot
211B-1-1, Milsop, Mary 13 yrs, Scot
211B-1-1, Milsop, Jane 6 yrs, Scot
211B-1-1, Milsop, William 4 yrs, PA
211B-1-1, Milsop, James 1 yrs, PA
214A-1-1, Milsop, William 33 yrs, Scot
214A-1-1, Milsop, Jane 30 yrs, Scot
214A-1-1, Milsop, William 10 yrs, Scot
185B-7-7, Minhaw, Mich. 22 yrs, Ire
220B-1-1, Minich, Albert 25 yrs, PA
220B-1-1, Minich, Lyddia 20 yrs, PA
220B-1-1, Minich, Samuel 2 yrs, PA
220B-1-1, Minich, no name 2/12 yr, PA
179B-10-10, Miper, Henry 26 yrs, H. Cassel, possibly Misser
179B-10-10, Miper, Mary 21 yrs, OH, possibly Misser
207A-1-1, Mitchel, Elisabeth 10 yrs, PA
207A-1-1, Mitchel, Hiram 8 yrs, PA
225A-1-1, Mitchel, Thomas 27 yrs, Eng
225A-1-1, Mitchel, Elisabeth 25 yrs, Eng
225A-1-1, Mitchel, Isbella 7 yrs, Eng
225A-1-1, Mitchel, Thomas 2 yrs, PA
225A-1-1, Mitchel, Peter 10/12 yr, PA
191A-1-1, Mitcheltree, Fellerto* 35 yrs, PA
191A-1-1, Mitcheltree, Sarah 25 yrs, PA
191A-1-1, Mitcheltree, Ella 4 yrs, PA
191A-1-1, Mitcheltree, Grace 2 yrs, PA
191A-1-1, Mitcheltree, Joe F. 4/12 yr, PA
249A-6-6, Mohen, Michael 48 yrs, Ire
249A-6-6, Mohen, Catherine 41 yrs, Ire
249A-6-6, Mohen, Thomas 14 yrs, OH
249A-6-6, Mohen, Margaret 11 yrs, OH
249A-6-6, Mohen, James 8 yrs, OH
249A-6-6, Mohen, John 4 yrs, PA
213A-2-2, Monahan, Hugh 29 yrs, Scot
213A-2-2, Monahan, Matilda 22 yrs, PA
213A-2-2, Monahan, Margaret 4 yrs, PA
213A-2-2, Monahan, Sarah 2 yrs, OH
213A-2-2, Monahan, Mary 4/12 yr, PA
176B-5-5, Monroe, David 31 yrs, Scot
176B-5-5, Monroe, Margaret 25 yrs, Wales
176B-5-5, Monroe, Isaac 6 yrs, OH
176B-5-5, Monroe, Margaret 2 yrs, PA
176B-5-5, Monroe, Hannah 1 yrs, PA
176B-7-7, Montcreif, Eva 9 yrs, PA
176B-7-7, Montcreif, Earl 8 yrs, PA
251A-3-3, Montgomery, E. *. 42 yrs, PA
251A-3-3, Montgomery, Lotta 41 yrs, PA
251A-3-3, Montgomery, Hays 17 yrs, PA
251A-3-3, Montgomery, Ella E. 19 yrs, PA
251A-3-3, Montgomery, Sam* S. 13 yrs, PA
251A-3-3, Montgomery, Jenny 11 yrs, PA
251A-3-3, Montgomery, Newton 9 yrs, PA
251A-3-3, Montgomery, Maud 3 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Mony, Richard 42 yrs, Ire
249A-4-4, Moon, Owen 48 yrs, Ire
249A-4-4, Moon, Mary 45 yrs, Ire
257A-8-8, Moon, Jas. 23 yrs, PA
229B-5-5, Moony, John 40 yrs, Ire
229B-5-5, Moony, Mary 30 yrs, Eng
229B-5-5, Moony, Patrick 6 yrs, Eng
229B-5-5, Moony, Anna 3 yrs, PA
229B-5-5, Moony, Margaret 4/12 yr, PA
173A-1-1, Moore, Amanda 28 yrs, PA
182B-1-1, Moore, Marcelva 24 yrs, OH
236B-4-4, Moore, Louisa 14 yrs, Bav
237A-8-8, Moore, M. D. 48 yrs, PA
237A-8-8, Moore, Angeline 43 yrs, PA
237A-8-8, Moore, Elda 17 yrs, PA
237A-8-8, Moore, Robert 13 yrs, PA
237A-8-8, Moore, John 7 yrs, PA
238A-1-1, Moore, J. L. 33 yrs, PA
238A-1-1, Moore, Cornelia 29 yrs, PA
238A-1-1, Moore, Harriett 8 yrs, PA
238A-1-1, Moore, Wilbur 4 yrs, PA
238A-1-1, Moore, no name 1/12 yr, PA
240B-4-4, Moore, Ulyses 34 yrs, NY
240B-4-4, Moore, Nancy 33 yrs, PA
240B-4-4, Moore, Charles 2 yrs, PA
240B-4-4, Moore, George 1/12 yr, PA
247A-1-1, Moore, Robert 38 yrs, Scot
247A-1-1, Moore, Sarah 29 yrs, Eng
247A-1-1, Moore, John 6 yrs, PA
247A-1-1, Moore, Wm 5 yrs, PA
247A-1-1, Moore, Nancy 3 yrs, PA
247A-1-1, Moore, Thomas 1 yrs, PA
256A-1-1, Moore, Jno. 27 yrs, PA
256A-1-1, Moore, Bella C. 26 yrs, PA
257A-8-8, Moore, Barney 25 yrs, Ire
258A-7-7, Moore, Geo. 34 yrs, PA
258A-7-7, Moore, Mary 32 yrs, PA
259A-7-7, Moore, Edward 11 yrs, PA
259A-7-7, Moore, Jas. 5 yrs, PA
259A-7-7, Moore, Martin 3 yrs, PA
259A-7-7, Moore, Jno W. 1 yrs, PA
[for Morford, see also: M*****]
181B-4-4, Morford, Edward 41 yrs, PA
181B-4-4, Morford, Mary 34 yrs, PA
181B-4-4, Morford, William 5 yrs, PA
181B-4-4, Morford, Cornelia 3 yrs, PA
181B-4-4, Morford, John M. 8/12 yr, PA
187B-7-7, Morford, Austin 40 yrs, PA
187B-7-7, Morford, Sarah 28 yrs, PA
187B-7-7, Morford, Lucy 8 yrs, PA
188A-7-7, Morford, Charles 7 yrs, PA
188A-7-7, Morford, Kate 4 yrs, PA
188A-7-7, Morford, Henry S. 3 yrs, PA
188A-7-7, Morford, Sarah 3 yrs, PA
188A-7-7, Morford, Laura 1 yrs, PA
191A-1-1, Morford, John 20 yrs, OH
205B-2-2, Morford, Seth 30 yrs, PA
205B-2-2, Morford, Hannah 23 yrs, PA
205B-2-2, Morford, Jerome 5 yrs, PA
205B-2-2, Morford, Charles 3 yrs, PA
205B-2-2, Morford, Enoch 1/12 yr, PA
247A-3-3, Morford, Gael 14 yrs, PA
247A-8-8, Morford, Barbara 55 yrs, PA
247A-8-8, Morford, Bin* 27 yrs, PA
248A-6-6, Morford, Frank 40 yrs, OH
248A-6-6, Morford, Mary 32 yrs, PA
248A-6-6, Morford, Jas W. 11 yrs, PA
248A-6-6, Morford, Elmer 6 yrs, PA
248A-6-6, Morford, Esingter 3 yrs, PA
248A-6-6, Morford, Maud 6/12 yr, PA
260A-4-4, Morford, Jno. 74 yrs, NJ
260A-4-4, Morford, Thenssa 71 yrs, PA
260A-6-6, Morford, Vance 40 yrs, PA
260A-6-6, Morford, Matilda 31 yrs, PA
260A-6-6, Morford, Mary 14 yrs, PA
260A-6-6, Morford, Flora 12 yrs, PA
260B-6-6, Morford, Henry 10 yrs, PA
260B-6-6, Morford, Lilly 4 yrs, PA
260B-6-6, Morford, Freddy 2 yrs, PA
260B-6-6, Morford, Arigah 42 yrs, PA
175A-2-2, Morgan, William 32 yrs, Scot
175A-2-2, Morgan, Isabella 30 yrs, Scot
201B-6-6, Morgan, Thos 40 yrs, Wales
202A-6-6, Morgan, Eliza 29 yrs, England
202A-6-6, Morgan, William 11 yrs, England
202A-6-6, Morgan, Sarah E. 6 yrs, OH
202A-6-6, Morgan, Thomas 4 yrs, OH
202A-6-6, Morgan, Joseph 1 yrs, OH
210B-4-4, Morgan, James 40 yrs, Scot
210B-4-4, Morgan, Elisabeth 30 yrs, Scot
210B-4-4, Morgan, Elisabeth 14 yrs, Scot
210B-4-4, Morgan, James 12 yrs, Scot
210B-4-4, Morgan, Robert 10 yrs, Scot
210B-4-4, Morgan, Betsy 7 yrs, Scotch
219B-3-3, Morgan, John 45 yrs, Wales
219B-3-3, Morgan, Catherine 43 yrs, Wales
219B-3-3, Morgan, James 20 yrs, PA
219B-3-3, Morgan, William 18 yrs, PA
219B-3-3, Morgan, Ezekiel 16 yrs, PA
219B-3-3, Morgan, Mary 14 yrs, PA
219B-3-3, Morgan, John 9 yrs, PA
219B-3-3, Morgan, Elisabeth 5 yrs, PA
219B-3-3, Morgan, Sarah 3 yrs, PA
219B-3-3, Morgan, Henry 6/12 yr, PA
250B-7-7, Morgan, George 16 yrs, PA
212B-1-1, Morin, William 30 yrs, Ireland
212B-1-1, Morin, Isabell 25 yrs, Ireland
212A-7-7, Morisey, John 23 yrs, Scot
[for Morny, see also: Movny]
203A-7-7, Morris, John 36 yrs, Eng.
203A-7-7, Morris, Anna 35 yrs, Eng.
203A-7-7, Morris, Rebecca 11 yrs, Eng.
203A-7-7, Morris, Israel 7 yrs, Eng.
203A-7-7, Morris, William 5 yrs, Eng.
203A-7-7, Morris, Agnes 6/12 yr, PA
211A-3-3, Morris, William 22 yrs, Wales
211A-3-3, Morris, Margaret 22 yrs, PA
217B-1-1, Morris, David 25 yrs, Wales
230B-10-10, Morris, Joseph 45 yrs, Eng
230B-10-10, Morris, Mary 44 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, Henry 20 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, Joseph 18 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, Mary 17 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, Thomas 14 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, Stephen 12 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, Sarah 9 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, David 7 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, Samuel 5 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, Mariah 4 yrs, Eng
231A-10-10, Morris, Susanna 3 yrs, Eng
267A-7-7, Morris, Wright 20 yrs, PA
267A-7-7, Morris, Sarah 24 yrs, PA
267A-7-7, Morris, Frank 2 yrs, PA
267A-7-7, Morris, Jenny 6/12 yr, PA
267A-8-8, Morris, Louisa 52 yrs, NY
267A-8-8, Morris, Wm 21 yrs, PA
267A-8-8, Morris, Jno. 17 yrs, PA
267A-8-8, Morris, Rosa 14 yrs, PA
267A-8-8, Morris, Sarah 12 yrs, PA
189A-4-4, Morrison, Frank 23 yrs, PA
189A-4-4, Morrison, Mary 22 yrs, IL
189A-4-4, Morrison, Cora E. 5/12 yr, PA
218B-6-6, Morzan, Charles 30 yrs, Me*h Schwe*on
218B-6-6, Morzan, Frederica 25 yrs, Prus
218B-6-6, Morzan, Anna 3 yrs, NY
218B-6-6, Morzan, William 2 yrs, NY
177A-7-7, Moses, Anna 78 yrs, Scot
202B-6-6, Moses, Anne 22 yrs, Scotland
210A-5-5, Moses, Hugh 38 yrs, Scotland
210A-5-5, Moses, Susan 29 yrs, Scotland
210A-5-5, Moses, Douglass 7 yrs, PA
210A-5-5, Moses, Mary 4 yrs, PA
210A-5-5, Moses, Anna 2 yrs, PA
210A-5-5, Moses, Christina 6/12 yr, PA
266A-5-5, Moses, Davy 40 yrs, Eng
225A-5-5, Mosley, David 22 yrs, Wales, possibly "Morsley"
225A-5-5, Mosley, Evmina 18 yrs, PA, possibly "Morsley"
242A-6-6, Mossman, John 80 yrs, Prus
242A-6-6, Mossman, Lucy 76 yrs, Prus
196A-2-2, Moteshire, Mich 28 yrs, Eng
191B-5-5, Mottocks, Mary 44 yrs, PA
183A-5-5, Moul, Albert 22 yrs, PA
256A-2-2, Mountan, Aaron 20 yrs, PA
262B-5-5, Movny, Jno. 27 yrs, Ire, possibly "Morny"
262B-5-5, Movny, Ellen 25 yrs, Ire, possibly "Morny"
262B-5-5, Movny, Jas. 2 yrs, PA, possibly "Morny"
262B-5-5, Movny, Jno 11/12 yr, PA, possibly "Morny"
205A-5-5, Mower, Allice 20 yrs, PA
175A-4-4, Moyer, Charles 25 yrs, Prussia
175A-4-4, Moyer, Catherine 23 yrs, PA
175A-4-4, Moyer, Caroline 4 yrs, PA
175A-4-4, Moyer, John 2 yrs, PA
175A-4-4, Moyer, Jacob 1 yrs, PA
184A-7-7, Moyer, Simora 35 yrs, PA, possibly Simon
189B-2-2, Moyer, Addison 22 yrs, PA
239A-2-2, Muchan, Jacob 45 yrs, PA
239A-2-2, Muchan, Amelia 43 yrs, PA
239A-2-2, Muchan, Abram 16 yrs, PA
239A-2-2, Muchan, Frank 14 yrs, PA
239A-2-2, Muchan, Flora 11 yrs, PA
239A-2-2, Muchan, James 8 yrs, PA
239A-2-2, Muchan, Charles 1 yrs, PA
197B-4-4, Muer, Ellen 17 yrs, Scot
247A-6-6, Muer, Richard 20 yrs, Scot
247A-6-6, Muer, Agnes 55 yrs, Scot
247A-6-6, Muer, Charles 14 yrs, Scot
247A-6-6, Muer, Ellen 17 yrs, Scot
247A-6-6, Muer, Agnes 12 yrs, Scot
247A-6-6, Muer, Jemima 10 yrs, Scot
259A-4-4, Mulholland, Jno 27 yrs, Scot
259A-4-4, Mulholland, Adaline 21 yrs, PA
259A-4-4, Mulholland, Anna E. 3 yrs, PA
259A-4-4, Mulholland, Jessu 1 yrs, PA
259A-4-4, Mulholland, Jno. 1/12 yr, PA
261A-3-3, Mulige, Thos. 41 yrs, Ire
261A-3-3, Mulige, Edward 11 yrs, NY
261A-3-3, Mulige, Cornelius 9 yrs, NY
261A-3-3, Mulige, Michael 8 yrs, NY
200B-2-2, Murphey, Joseph 39 yrs, PA
200B-2-2, Murphey, Martha 35 yrs, PA
200B-2-2, Murphey, Augusta 17 yrs, OH
200B-2-2, Murphey, Webb 13 yrs, OH
200B-2-2, Murphey, Luia 10 yrs, OH
200B-2-2, Murphey, Minnie 7 yrs, OH
200B-2-2, Murphey, Mary 2 yrs, PA
202B-5-5, Murphy, Ida 15 yrs, OH
239B-5-5, Murphy, Patrick 33 yrs, Ire
239B-5-5, Murphy, Anne 31 yrs, Ire
239B-5-5, Murphy, Jane 9 yrs, Eng
239B-5-5, Murphy, Catherine 4 yrs, Eng
239B-5-5, Murphy, Francis 2 yrs, Eng
239B-5-5, Murphy, John 2/12 yr, RI
217A-6-6, Murr, Alexander 25 yrs, Scot
217A-6-6, Murr, Mary 27 yrs, Scot
217A-6-6, Murr, Charlotte 7 yrs, Scot
217A-6-6, Murr, David 5 yrs, Scot
217A-6-6, Murr, John B. 3 yrs, PA
217A-6-6, Murr, Agnes 1 yrs, Scot
251B-7-7, Murrey, Pat. 29 yrs, Ire
233A-6-6, Muyne, Richard 24 yrs, Eng, possibly "Mayne"
233A-6-6, Muyne, Eliza 62 yrs, Eng, possibly "Mayne"
233A-6-6, Muyne, Joseph 22 yrs, Eng, possibly "Mayne"
264A-7-7, Myles, Phillip 20 yrs, Ire
264A-7-7, Myles, Cath. 24 yrs, Ire
264A-7-7, Myles, Cath. 70 yrs, Ire
257A-8-8, Nailer, Danniel 45 yrs, Ire
[for “Nart”, see also: “Mart”]
254A-7-7, Navius, S. 50 yrs, PA
254A-7-7, Navius, Albert 12 yrs, PA
254A-7-7, Navius, Jacob 10 yrs, PA
201B-2-2, Naylor, Isaac 34 yrs, England
201B-2-2, Naylor, Mary A. 30 yrs, England
201B-2-2, Naylor, Mary Anne 32 yrs, England
201B-2-2, Naylor, Joseph 31 yrs, England
201B-2-2, Naylor, William 32 yrs, England
203A-9-9, Naylor, Joseph 26 yrs, Eng.
203B-9-9, Naylor, Elisabeth 23 yrs, Eng.
203B-9-9, Naylor, Anne 1/12 yr, PA
183B-3-3, Nelson, Allis. 47 yrs, Canada W.
183B-3-3, Nelson, Sarah 21 yrs, OH
215B-4-4, Nelson, Moffitt 28 yrs, Scotland
215B-4-4, Nelson, Margaret 23 yrs, Scotland
215B-4-4, Nelson, Benjamin 3 yrs, PA
215B-4-4, Nelson, Martha 10/12 yr, PA
217B-6-6, Nelson, John 27 yrs, Scot
217B-6-6, Nelson, Mary 27 yrs, PA
217B-6-6, Nelson, Mary 7 yrs, PA
217B-6-6, Nelson, Jennett 1/12 yr, PA
217B-6-6, Nelson, Archibald 19 yrs, Scot
238B-2-2, Nelson, Joseph 30 yrs, Scot
238B-2-2, Nelson, Catherine 32 yrs, Scot
245B-2-2, Nelson, William 57 yrs, Scot
245B-2-2, Nelson, Jennet 52 yrs, Scot
245B-2-2, Nelson, John 19 yrs, Scot
245B-2-2, Nelson, George 12 yrs, Scot
245B-2-2, Nelson, Ellen 9 yrs, Scot
245B-2-2, Nelson, Thomas 7 yrs, Scot
245B-2-2, Nelson, Jane 5 yrs, Scot
247B-1-1, Nelson, Wm. 55 yrs, Scot
247B-1-1, Nelson, Jane 22 yrs, Scot
247B-1-1, Nelson, Wm. 2 yrs, PA
247B-1-1, Nelson, Mary 1 yrs, PA
211A-4-4, Nesby, Alexander 30 yrs, Scot
[for Nesmith, see also: Wesmith]
218A-7-7, Newton, John 35 yrs, Eng
218A-7-7, Newton, Mariah 27 yrs, Eng
218A-7-7, Newton, Mary 5 yrs, PA
218A-7-7, Newton, Sarah 3 yrs, PA
218A-7-7, Newton, Robert 1 yrs, PA
259A-8-8, Nichelas, A. J. 34 yrs, PA
259A-8-8, Nichelas, Nancy 31 yrs, PA
259A-8-8, Nichelas, Phillip 12 yrs, PA
259A-8-8, Nichelas, Sarah 10 yrs, PA
259B-8-8, Nichelas, Andrew 7 yrs, PA
220B-7-7, Nicholas, Edward 43 yrs, Eng
220B-7-7, Nicholas, Jane 44 yrs, Eng
220B-7-7, Nicholas, Colin 20 yrs, MD
220B-7-7, Nicholas, William 18 yrs, MD
220B-7-7, Nicholas, Mary 16 yrs, MD
220B-7-7, Nicholas, Edward 12 yrs, MD
220B-7-7, Nicholas, Loveday 5 yrs, MD
221A-6-6, Nicholas, T.H. 24 yrs, Eng
221A-6-6, Nicholas, Mary 17 yrs, Eng
240A-7-7, Nicholas, Wm 42 yrs, PA
240A-7-7, Nicholas, Harriett 38 yrs, PA
240A-7-7, Nicholas, William 17 yrs, WI
191A-4-4, Nichols, James 35 yrs, Ire
225A-3-3, Nichols, Thomas 36 yrs, PA
225A-3-3, Nichols, Margaret 22 yrs, Eng
225A-3-3, Nichols, Robert 3 yrs, PA
225A-3-3, Nichols, Mary 1 yrs, OH
240B-7-7, Nichols, Cath. 15 yrs, PA [see also Nicholas for more of this family]
240B-7-7, Nichols, Susan 12 yrs, PA
240B-7-7, Nichols, Charles 7 yrs, PA
240B-7-7, Nichols, Adolma 6 yrs, PA
240B-7-7, Nichols, Anna 5 yrs, PA
240B-7-7, Nichols, Wilson 3 yrs, PA
240B-7-7, Nichols, Clara 2 yrs, PA
240B-7-7, Nichols, no name 1/12 yr, PA
204A-7-7, Nick***, Charles 8 yrs, PA
255A-1-1, Noble, Elizab. 20 yrs, Bav.
219A-5-5, Nollman, Joseph 40 yrs, West Phalia
219A-5-5, Nollman, Christina 33 yrs, PA
219A-5-5, Nollman, Catharine 3 yrs, PA
219A-5-5, Nollman, Louisa 1 yrs, PA
226B-7-7, Norman, William 2* yrs, Eng
226B-7-7, Norman, Enely 24 yrs, PA
187A-1-1, Northstein, Lordy 21 yrs, PA
228B-4-4, Notman, James 38 yrs, Scot
228B-4-4, Notman, Cloe 18 yrs, PA
228B-4-4, Notman, Anna 14 yrs, PA
228B-4-4, Notman, James 11 yrs, PA
245B-8-8, Notman, Adam 42 yrs, Scot
245B-8-8, Notman, Margaret 42 yrs, Scot
245B-8-8, Notman, Adam 8 yrs, PA
246A-8-8, Notman, Robert 6 yrs, PA
256B-7-7, Nuntiviley, Wm 17 yrs, PA
246A-2-2, Nye, Constartien 40 yrs, Saxony
246A-2-2, Nye, Catherine 38 yrs, Bav
246A-2-2, Nye, Andrew 16 yrs, PA
228A-6-6, O'Donnel, John 27 yrs, Ireland
228A-6-6, O'Donnel, Anthony 22 yrs, Ireland
228B-6-6, O'Donnel, Owen 21 yrs, Ireland
228B-6-6, O'Donnel, Frank 25 yrs, Ireland
252A-3-3, O'Donnel, Pat. 25 yrs, Ire
252A-3-3, O'Donnel, Eliza 24 yrs, Ire
216A-8-8, Oakes, Robert 38 yrs, England
216A-8-8, Oakes, Nancy 36 yrs, Eng
216A-8-8, Oakes, Hannah 10 yrs, OH
216A-8-8, Oakes, Joseph 8 yrs, PA
216A-8-8, Oakes, Ella 6 yrs, PA
216A-8-8, Oakes, Florence 3 yrs, PA
216A-8-8, Oakes, James 2 yrs, PA
216A-8-8, Oakes, Emma 6/12 yr, PA
[for Oakeson, see also: OaReson]
214A-6-6, OaReson, Daniel 54 yrs, PA, possibly "Oakeson"
214A-6-6, OaReson, Susan 46 yrs, PA, possibly "Oakeson"
214A-6-6, OaReson, Anderson 16 yrs, PA, possibly "Oakeson"
214A-6-6, OaReson, Wilford 11 yrs, PA, possibly "Oakeson"
214A-6-6, OaReson, George 9 yrs, PA, possibly "Oakeson"
214A-6-6, OaReson, Ulysis 7 yrs, PA, possibly "Oakeson"
214A-6-6, OaReson, Lyddia 3 yrs, PA, possibly "Oakeson"
214A-1-1, OaRoson, Samuel 19 yrs, PA, possibly Oakeson
183B-4-4, Obrian, John 45 yrs, Eng
183B-4-4, Obrian, Bridget 30 yrs, Scot
183B-4-4, Obrian, William 25 yrs, PA
183B-4-4, Obrian, Jane 24 yrs, PA
183B-4-4, Obrian, Theodore 6/12 yr, PA
183B-4-4, Obrian, Charles 13 yrs, PA
183B-4-4, Obrian, Franklin 11 yrs, PA
183B-4-4, Obrian, Clara 7 yrs, PA
190B-1-1, Obrian, James 30 yrs, Ire
256B-3-3, OBrien, Timothy 40 yrs, Ire
256B-3-3, OBrien, Catharine 40 yrs, Ire
256B-3-3, OBrien, Margaret 10 yrs, Eng
256B-3-3, OBrien, Timothy 9 yrs, Eng
256B-3-3, OBrien, Catherine 6 yrs, Eng
256B-3-3, OBrien, Mary 2 yrs, PA
256B-3-3, OBrien, Julia Ann 8/12 yr, PA
240A-2-2, Ockerma, John 22 yrs, Can.
249A-5-5, Ockerman, Anna 20 yrs, Ire
190B-1-1, Oday, Thomas 26 yrs, Ire
190B-1-1, Oday, Margaret 28 yrs, Ire
190B-1-1, Oday, James 8 yrs, PA
190B-1-1, Oday, Michael 7 yrs, NY
190B-1-1, Oday, Anna 6 yrs, NY
190B-1-1, Oday, John 5 yrs, NY
190B-1-1, Oday, William 3/12 yr, PA
257A-8-8, Odenbiller, Chas 23 yrs, Ger.
204B-4-4, Ohare, Peter 27 yrs, Ire
204B-4-4, Ohare, Anne 27 yrs, Ire
204B-4-4, Ohare, Francis 4 yrs, Eng
204B-4-4, Ohare, Patrick 1/12 yr, PA
256B-6-6, Oily, Anna 8 yrs, PA
231B-3-3, Oley, Frederick 30 yrs, Bav
231B-3-3, Oley, Elisabeth 26 yrs, Bav
231B-3-3, Oley, William 1 yrs, PA
235B-7-7, Oley, Frederick 21 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Olinger, Mary 21 yrs, PA
186B-5-5, Oneil, Michael 27 yrs, Ire
186B-5-5, Oneil, Ellen 24 yrs, Ire
186B-5-5, Oneil, John 4 yrs, NY
186B-5-5, Oneil, Mary 2 yrs, PA
187A-5-5, Oneil, Julia 1 yrs, PA
204A-1-1, Oneil, Charles 38 yrs, Ire
204A-1-1, Oneil, Catherine 42 yrs, Ire
204A-1-1, Oneil, Daniel 12 yrs, OH
204A-1-1, Oneil, Thomas 11 yrs, OH
204A-1-1, Oneil, William 9 yrs, PA
204A-1-1, Oneil, Ella 7 yrs, PA
185A-7-7, Organ, John 48 yrs, PA
185A-7-7, Organ, Caroline 40 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Organ, William 25 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Organ, Alfred 20 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Organ, Rebecca 18 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Organ, Hiram 14 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Organ, Frank 11 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Organ, Wilson 9 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Organ, Eliza 65 yrs, PA
247B-4-4, Ormsby, J. W. 61 yrs, PA
247B-4-4, Ormsby, Jane 60 yrs, PA
247B-4-4, Ormsby, Margaret 33 yrs, PA
197B-4-4, Ornsby, Leander 35 yrs, PA
197B-4-4, Ornsby, Helen 32 yrs, PA
197B-4-4, Ornsby, Allice 4 yrs, PA
197B-4-4, Ornsby, James 11/12 yr, PA
185B-7-7, Orourgue, Patrick 40 yrs, Ire
185B-7-7, Ortor*, Caroline 7 yrs, PA
184A-7-7, Oursler, Benj. 26 yrs, PA
184A-7-7, Oursler, Sarah 23 yrs, PA
184A-7-7, Oursler, John 2 yrs, PA
184A-7-7, Oursler, Edna 5/12 yr, PA
261B-5-5, Ousler, Martha 43 yrs, PA
261B-5-5, Ousler, Anna 20 yrs, PA
230A-7-7, Pa*h, Louis 22 yrs, Bav
230A-7-7, Pa*h, Samantha 19 yrs, OH
230A-7-7, Pa*h, Emma 1 yrs, PA
230A-7-7, Pa*h, no name 2/12 yr, PA
192A-1-1, Painter, Adda 20 yrs, PA
191B-3-3, Palm, David 28 yrs, PA
250A-1-1, Palm, Thomas 18 yrs, PA
250A-1-1, Palm, James 19 yrs, PA
250A-1-1, Palm, George 25 yrs, PA
181B-6-6, Palmer, Mary 54 yrs, OH
181B-6-6, Palmer, Mary 29 yrs, PA
250A-3-3, Palmer, A. D. 32 yrs, NY
250A-3-3, Palmer, Leah 26 yrs, Eng
250A-3-3, Palmer, Laura 4 yrs, NY
[for Palter, see also: Patton]
227A-2-2, Papperwell, George 22 yrs, Eng
190A-4-4, Parker, Mary 52 yrs, PA
190A-4-4, Parker, John 18 yrs, MI
190A-4-4, Parker, Samuel 16 yrs, MI
190A-4-4, Parker, Perry 14 yrs, IN
190A-4-4, Parker, Violet 12 yrs, IN
201B-2-2, Parker, Rachel 14 yrs, England
202A-7-7, Parker, William 37 yrs, England
202A-7-7, Parker, Mary 35 yrs, England
202A-7-7, Parker, John 13 yrs, England
202A-7-7, Parker, Zachariah 12 yrs, England
202A-7-7, Parker, Benjamin 9 yrs, England
202A-7-7, Parker, Ellen 7 yrs, England
202B-7-7, Parker, William 5 yrs, England
202B-7-7, Parker, Benben 3 yrs, England
202B-7-7, Parker, George 4/12 yr, PA
203B-3-3, Parker, Zachery 32 yrs, Eng.
203B-3-3, Parker, Anna 27 yrs, Eng.
203B-3-3, Parker, Anna 5 yrs, Eng.
203B-3-3, Parker, Harriett 3 yrs, PA
203B-3-3, Parker, Kahn 2/12 yr, PA, possibly John
256B-7-7, Parker, Casey 22 yrs, PA
177A-7-7, Parks, Robert 40 yrs, Scot
177A-7-7, Parks, Charlotte 46 yrs, Eng
177B-7-7, Parks, Pheby A. 13 yrs, PA
177B-7-7, Parks, Robert 9 yrs, OH
266B-6-6, Parks, Wm H. 30 yrs, PA
266B-6-6, Parks, Margaret 30 yrs, PA
266B-6-6, Parks, Evie A. 9 yrs, PA
266B-6-6, Parks, Joseph 6 yrs, PA
236A-6-6, Parsh, Adam 53 yrs, Bav
236A-6-6, Parsh, Margaret 54 yrs, Bav
236A-6-6, Parsh, Caroline 14 yrs, PA
196B-2-2, Parton, George 35 yrs, Eng
196B-2-2, Parton, Sarah 30 yrs, NY
196B-2-2, Parton, William 13 yrs, PA
196B-2-2, Parton, Sarah 11 yrs, PA
210A-2-2, Parton, Beriah 45 yrs, Eng
210A-2-2, Parton, Elisabeth 36 yrs, Eng
210A-2-2, Parton, Rebecca 16 yrs, Eng
210A-2-2, Parton, Beriah 9 yrs, Eng
210A-2-2, Parton, Mary 7 yrs, Eng
210A-2-2, Parton, Jane 4 yrs, Eng
210A-2-2, Parton, Sarah 2 yrs, PA
223B-1-1, Paterson, John 40 yrs, Scot
223B-1-1, Paterson, Elenor 37 yrs, PA
223B-1-1, Paterson, Margaret 14 yrs, PA
223B-1-1, Paterson, Alice 12 yrs, PA
223B-1-1, Paterson, William 10 yrs, PA
223B-1-1, Paterson, John 8 yrs, PA
223B-1-1, Paterson, Elisabeth 3 yrs, PA
223B-1-1, Paterson, Agnes 11/12 yr, PA
260B-7-7, Patten, Wm 55 yrs, PA
260B-7-7, Patten, Ruth 54 yrs, PA
260B-7-7, Patten, Joseph 22 yrs, PA
260B-7-7, Patten, Alonzo 19 yrs, PA
260B-7-7, Patten, Wm 11 yrs, PA
205A-4-4, Patterson, Mary 16 yrs, Scotland
205B-7-7, Patterson, William 41 yrs, Scotland
205B-7-7, Patterson, Mary M. 41 yrs, Scotland
205B-7-7, Patterson, Mary 14 yrs, Scotland
205B-7-7, Patterson, Ella 11 yrs, Canada
205B-7-7, Patterson, William 9 yrs, Canada
206A-7-7, Patterson, Robert 6 yrs, Canada
206A-7-7, Patterson, James 2 yrs, PA
206A-2-2, Patterson, Maggy 12 yrs, Scotland
224A-2-2, Patterson, James 30 yrs, Scot
234B-7-7, Patterson, Sarah 16 yrs, Eng
253B-6-6, Patterson, Fred. 33 yrs, OH
253B-6-6, Patterson, Isabella 27 yrs, PA
253B-6-6, Patterson, Edith 11/12 yr, PA
187A-1-1, Patton, Allen 36 yrs, PA
187A-1-1, Patton, Sarah 35 yrs, PA
187A-1-1, Patton, Allice 13 yrs, PA
187A-1-1, Patton, Elisabeth 11 yrs, PA
187A-1-1, Patton, Annah 9 yrs, PA
187A-1-1, Patton, Ella 2 yrs, PA
246B-7-7, Patton, Johnston 37 yrs, PA, possibly "Paltor"
246B-7-7, Patton, Edna 34 yrs, PA, possibly "Paltor"
246B-7-7, Patton, Joseph 13 yrs, PA, possibly "Paltor"
246B-7-7, Patton, James 11 yrs, PA, possibly "Paltor"
246B-7-7, Patton, Elisabeth 9 yrs, PA, possibly "Paltor"
246B-7-7, Patton, William 6 yrs, PA, possibly "Paltor"
246B-7-7, Patton, John 2 yrs, PA, possibly "Paltor"
246B-7-7, Patton, Mary 15 yrs, PA, possibly "Paltor"
267A-2-2, Patton, Robt. 53 yrs, OH
267A-2-2, Patton, Faimy 19 yrs, Ire
267A-2-2, Patton, Theodore 23 yrs, PA
267A-2-2, Patton, Florinda 6/12 yr, OH
212B-7-7, Paxton, George 32 yrs, Scotland
212B-7-7, Paxton, Margaret 30 yrs, Scot
212B-7-7, Paxton, James 7 yrs, Scot
212B-7-7, Paxton, John 5 yrs, OH
212B-7-7, Paxton, Thomas 1 yrs, OH
234A-3-3, Pe**ell, Alex 24 yrs, Eng, possbily "Percell"
225A-6-6, Peacock, George 23 yrs, Scot
225A-6-6, Peacock, Isabella 27 yrs, Scot
225A-6-6, Peacock, Jennet 4/12 yr, PA
173A-8-8, Peerson, Joseph 30 yrs, Eng
173A-8-8, Peerson, Martha 29 yrs, Eng
173A-8-8, Peerson, James 6 yrs, Eng
173A-8-8, Peerson, Thomas 3 yrs, PA
173B-8-8, Peerson, Anna 1 yrs, PA
205A-5-5, Peirce, James 65 yrs, NH
205A-5-5, Peirce, Chloe 54 yrs, NH
205A-5-5, Peirce, Walter 27 yrs, NH
245A-4-4, Penman, Ellen 60 yrs, Scot
245A-4-4, Penman, Joseph 24 yrs, Scot
245A-4-4, Penman, Robert 20 yrs, Scot
245A-4-4, Penman, William 16 yrs, Scot
245A-4-4, Penman, Margaret 19 yrs, Scot
206B-6-6, Penning, Harman 27 yrs, Germany
206B-6-6, Penning, Anne 19 yrs, PA
206B-6-6, Penning, Florence 2 yrs, PA
206B-6-6, Penning, Elisabeth 7/12 yr, PA
[for Percell, see also: Pe**ell]
212B-5-5, Percy, David 23 yrs, MD
212B-5-5, Percy, Louisa 23 yrs, MD
212B-5-5, Percy, Agnes 4 yrs, OH
212B-5-5, Percy, Clara 2 yrs, PA
252B-3-3, Perrine, Enoch 29 yrs, PA
252B-3-3, Perrine, Ellen 22 yrs, Wales
252B-3-3, Perrine, Wm 3 yrs, PA
234A-3-3, Perrow, John 35 yrs, Eng
189B-5-5, Perry, John 70 yrs, Eng
189B-5-5, Perry, Anna 70 yrs, Eng
189B-5-5, Perry, Joseph 19 yrs, Eng
190A-1-1, Perry, Thomas 25 yrs, Eng
190A-1-1, Perry, Kate 19 yrs, PA
259B-8-8, Perry, Chas. 25 yrs, PA
257B-3-3, Person, T. J. 41 yrs, Can
257B-3-3, Person, Emma 28 yrs, PA
189B-2-2, Peters, Franklin 37 yrs, PA
189B-2-2, Peters, Mary 27 yrs, PA
189B-2-2, Peters, Louisa 5 yrs, PA
189B-2-2, Peters, Charles 3 yrs, PA
237B-5-5, Peters, Solomon 47 yrs, PA
237B-5-5, Peters, Betty 40 yrs, Eng
237B-5-5, Peters, Malinda 19 yrs, PA
237B-5-5, Peters, Ambrose 14 yrs, PA
237B-5-5, Peters, Charles 12 yrs, PA
237B-5-5, Peters, Esther 10 yrs, PA
237B-5-5, Peters, Molissa 8 yrs, PA
237B-5-5, Peters, John 5 yrs, PA
237B-5-5, Peters, Margaret 3 yrs, PA
246A-5-5, Peters, Christian 27 yrs, PA
246A-5-5, Peters, Elisabeth 37 yrs, PA
246A-5-5, Peters, Christian 16 yrs, PA
246A-5-5, Peters, Priscilla 11 yrs, PA
260B-8-8, Pettigrew, Isaac 48 yrs, PA
260B-8-8, Pettigrew, Margaret 42 yrs, PA
260B-8-8, Pettigrew, Vance 14 yrs, PA
260B-8-8, Pettigrew, Ninna 13 yrs, PA
260B-8-8, Pettigrew, Delora 8 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Phelan, John 56 yrs, Ire
194B-2-2, Phillips, Abel 7 yrs, OH
203B-4-4, Phillips, J. P. 37 yrs, PA
203B-4-4, Phillips, Chalotte 25 yrs, PA
203B-4-4, Phillips, Frank 13 yrs, PA
206A-2-2, Phillips, Samuel 64 yrs, PA
206A-2-2, Phillips, Insomah 62 yrs, PA
206A-2-2, Phillips, Caroline 24 yrs, PA
206A-2-2, Phillips, Seth 22 yrs, PA
206A-2-2, Phillips, Wilson 20 yrs, PA
222A-7-7, Phillips, James 45 yrs, Scot age possibly 65
222A-7-7, Phillips, Abagail 44 yrs, Scot
222A-7-7, Phillips, Adam 19 yrs, Scot
222A-7-7, Phillips, Isabella 13 yrs, Scot
222A-7-7, Phillips, Abagail 11 yrs, Scot
222A-7-7, Phillips, Hugh 9 yrs, Scot
222A-7-7, Phillips, Jane 6 yrs, Scot
226B-8-8, Phillips, John 40 yrs, PA
226B-8-8, Phillips, Naomi 33 yrs, PA
226B-8-8, Phillips, Flora E. 11 yrs, PA
226B-8-8, Phillips, Sarah 9 yrs, PA
227A-8-8, Phillips, Charles 6 yrs, PA
233B-8-8, Phillips, John 5 yrs, PA
233B-2-2, Phillps, John 37 yrs, Wales surely "Phillips"
233B-2-2, Phillps, Mariah 32 yrs, Wales
233B-2-2, Phillps, Edwin 9 yrs, PA
233B-2-2, Phillps, Ellen 7 yrs, PA
233B-2-2, Phillps, Mary 3 yrs, PA
233B-2-2, Phillps, Ida 13 yrs, PA
233B-2-2, Phillps, Ellen 60 yrs, Wales
233B-2-2, Phillps, Phillip 21 yrs, Wales
174B-5-5, Phytheon, Salina 57 yrs, Eng
174B-5-5, Phytheon, Allen 21 yrs, PA
174B-5-5, Phytheon, Lizzie 14 yrs, PA
200A-2-2, Pierce, Frances 25 yrs, Eng
200A-2-2, Pierce, Sarah 26 yrs, Eng
200A-2-2, Pierce, George 4 yrs, Eng
200A-2-2, Pierce, Anna 2 yrs, Eng
200A-2-2, Pierce, Frank 6/12 yr, PA
253A-1-1, Pierce, Jonas J. 30 yrs, NH
253A-1-1, Pierce, Kate 28 yrs, Bav
253A-1-1, Pierce, Scot 4 yrs, PA
253A-1-1, Pierce, Janus A. 2 yrs, PA
253A-1-1, Pierce, Cloe 11/12 yr, PA
256B-11-11, Pierce, Rach. 50 yrs, PA
223B-1-1, Pierson, John 35 yrs, Eng
226A-5-5, Pifer, Isaac 36 yrs, PA, possibly "Piper"
226A-5-5, Pifer, Cecilla 25 yrs, PA, possibly "Piper"
226A-5-5, Pifer, Frank 6 yrs, PA, possibly "Piper"
226A-5-5, Pifer, Laura 2 yrs, PA, possibly "Piper"
226A-5-5, Pifer, Jenny 1 yrs, PA, possibly "Piper"
243B-4-4, Pilgrim, Barnhart 49 yrs, Prus
243B-4-4, Pilgrim, Mary 43 yrs, Prus
243B-4-4, Pilgrim, Barnhart 18 yrs, PA
243B-4-4, Pilgrim, Peter 16 yrs, PA
243B-4-4, Pilgrim, John 14 yrs, PA
243B-4-4, Pilgrim, Jacob 12 yrs, PA
243B-4-4, Pilgrim, Frederick 10 yrs, PA
for Piper, see also: Pifer]
176A-5-5, Piper, Freeman 31 yrs, PA
176A-5-5, Piper, Sarah J. 24 yrs, PA
176A-5-5, Piper, Ulysses 1 yrs, PA
221B-5-5, Piper, Frank 25 yrs, PA
221B-5-5, Piper, Sarah 21 yrs, PA
221B-5-5, Piper, Mary 3 yrs, PA
221B-5-5, Piper, Eli 2 yrs, PA
221B-5-5, Piper, John 10/12 yr, PA
239A-7-7, Piper, Ida 4 yrs, PA
178B-4-4, Platt, Charles 26 yrs, PA
178B-4-4, Platt, Ellen 20 yrs, PA
178B-4-4, Platt, William 9/12 yr, PA
230B-2-2, Plinket, Patrick 30 yrs, Ire
248A-2-2, Pointe*, Anna 16 yrs, PA
228B-6-6, Pomfrey, Joseph 20 yrs, OH
190A-2-2, Porter, Martha 69 yrs, PA
190A-2-2, Porter, Martha 18 yrs, PA
201A-6-6, Porter, James 27 yrs, England
201A-6-6, Porter, Esther 26 yrs, England
201A-6-6, Porter, Comfort 5 yrs, England
201A-6-6, Porter, Martha 3 yrs, England
201A-6-6, Porter, Joseph 1/12 yr, PA
204B-6-6, Porter, Eleanor 58 yrs, PA
255A-2-2, Porter, C. M. 23 yrs, PA
255A-2-2, Porter, Effee 23 yrs, PA
255A-2-2, Porter, Anna M. 5/12 yr, PA
180A-110-108, Porterfield, George 27 yrs, OH
180A-110-108, Porterfield, Margaret 24 yrs, KY
198B-1-1, Porterfield, Saml 31 yrs, OH
198B-1-1, Porterfield, Agnes 23 yrs, Md
198B-1-1, Porterfield, James 6 yrs, Md
198B-1-1, Porterfield, David 4 yrs, Md
198B-1-1, Porterfield, Agens 2 yrs, PA
206B-2-2, Porterfield, Mary 59 yrs, PA
242B-1-1, Porterfield, John 23 yrs, OH
242B-1-1, Porterfield, Mary 26 yrs, PA
242B-1-1, Porterfield, Harry 2 yrs, PA
266B-2-2, Porterfield, Everet 19 yrs, OH
255A-3-3, Powell, Jno. 49 yrs, Ire
255A-3-3, Powell, Ellen 45 yrs, Ire
255A-3-3, Powell, Anna 18 yrs, Ire
255A-3-3, Powell, Katharine 16 yrs, PA
255A-3-3, Powell, John 14 yrs, PA
255A-3-3, Powell, Thomas 12 yrs, PA
255A-3-3, Powell, Elizabeth 6 yrs, PA
249A-9-9, Powers, Robert 23 yrs, Ire
249A-9-9, Powers, Amanda 20 yrs, PA
249A-9-9, Powers, Francis 2 yrs, PA
264A-8-8, Powers, Wm 33 yrs, Ire
264A-8-8, Powers, Anne 20 yrs, Ire
264A-8-8, Powers, Mary 3 yrs, PA
264A-8-8, Powers, Anne 2 yrs, PA
206B-2-2, Pra*er, J. L. 35 yrs, PA probably Prasser
232B-2-2, Prence, Nicholas 30 yrs, Eng, possibly "Prince" or "Pierce"
226A-1-1, Pride, Daniel 36 yrs, Scotland
226A-1-1, Pride, Ellen 31 yrs, Scot
226A-1-1, Pride, Mary 7 yrs, PA
226A-1-1, Pride, Fanny 4/12 yr, PA
226A-1-1, Pride, Jennet 4 yrs, PA
264B-6-6, Probert, Jno. 27 yrs, PA
264B-6-6, Probert, Mary 25 yrs, OH
202A-4-4, Prosser, Thomas 59 yrs, England
202A-4-4, Prosser, Catharine 23 yrs, England
202A-4-4, Prosser, Thomas 2 yrs, England
202A-4-4, Prosser, Mary J. 1/12 yr, PA
200A-5-5, Prus., Frederick 30 yrs, Prus.
231B-1-1, Pryor, Richard 22 yrs, Eng
254B-5-5, Purus, Patric 35 yrs, Ire
250B-6-6, Quillen, Lawrence 30 yrs, Ire
250B-6-6, Quillen, Joanna 26 yrs, Ire
250B-6-6, Quillen, Hugh 3 yrs, PA
250B-6-6, Quillen, Mary 2 yrs, PA
250B-6-6, Quillen, Edward 10/12 yr, PA
183B-7-7, Quimby, James 23 yrs, PA
189B-1-1, Quimby, Albina 20 yrs, PA
186A-4-4, Quuzick, Catherine 62 yrs, Ire
209B-4-4, R*enhat, B. F. 42 yrs, PA
209B-4-4, R*enhat, Eliza A. 32 yrs, PA
209B-4-4, R*enhat, Mary M. 15 yrs, PA
209B-4-4, R*enhat, Susan E. 6 yrs, PA
209B-4-4, R*enhat, William 5 yrs, PA
209B-4-4, R*enhat, John S. 3 yrs, PA
209B-4-4, R*enhat, Catharine 1 yrs, PA
209B-4-4, R*enhat, no name 2/12 yr, PA
244A-4-4, Raenhart, John 36 yrs, Bav
244A-4-4, Raenhart, Magdalena 25 yrs, Bav
244A-4-4, Raenhart, Mary 3 yrs, PA
244A-4-4, Raenhart, Elisabeth 2 yrs, PA
244A-4-4, Raenhart, John 6/12 yr, PA
186A-7-7, Rafter, John 38 yrs, PA
189A-2-2, Rafter, John 24 yrs, Ire
189A-2-2, Rafter, Martha 22 yrs, Eng
189A-2-2, Rafter, John 3/12 yr, PA
215A-5-5, Rafter, John 44 yrs, Ireland
215A-5-5, Rafter, Catharine 34 yrs, Ireland
215A-5-5, Rafter, John 10 yrs, Eng
215A-5-5, Rafter, Peter 8 yrs, Eng
215A-5-5, Rafter, Elisabeth 6 yrs, OH
215A-5-5, Rafter, Martin 4 yrs, PA
215A-5-5, Rafter, Thomas 1 yrs, PA
188B-4-4, Rainey, A. W. 24 yrs, PA
198B-4-4, Rainy, John 50 yrs, Ire
198B-4-4, Rainy, David 20 yrs, PA
198B-4-4, Rainy, Margaret 40 yrs, Ire
204A-7-7, Ramage, Richard 39 yrs, Scot
259A-5-5, Ramaze, Geo 36 yrs, PA
259A-5-5, Ramaze, Bell 31 yrs, PA
256A-4-4, Rambo, James 28 yrs, PA
256A-4-4, Rambo, Maggie 27 yrs, PA
258A-5-5, Ramsey, Henry 31 yrs, PA
258A-5-5, Ramsey, Martha 36 yrs, PA
258A-5-5, Ramsey, Margaret 10 yrs, PA
258A-5-5, Ramsey, Rebecca 2 yrs, PA
258A-5-5, Ramsey, Wm 6 yrs, PA
258A-5-5, Ramsey, Harriet 4 yrs, PA
258A-5-5, Ramsey, Jas. W. 4/12 yr, PA
261B-9-9, Ramsey, Jno. W. 28 yrs, PA
261B-9-9, Ramsey, Hannah 26 yrs, PA
261B-9-9, Ramsey, Walter 4 yrs, PA
261B-9-9, Ramsey, Mary 3/12 yr, PA
265A-2-2, Randall, Jm 29 yrs, Eng
265A-2-2, Randall, Elizabeth 26 yrs, Ire
265A-2-2, Randall, Jno. W. 5/12 yr, PA
260B-3-3, Rane, Patrick 70 yrs, Ire meant to be "Kane"?
260B-3-3, Rane, Jane 50 yrs, Ire meant to be "Kane"?
260B-3-3, Rane, Jno. 38 yrs, Ire meant to be "Kane"?
183A-7-7, Rankin, Archy 40 yrs, PA
183A-7-7, Rankin, Elisabeth 35 yrs, PA
183A-7-7, Rankin, James 14 yrs, PA
183A-7-7, Rankin, Margaret 11 yrs, PA
183B-7-7, Rankin, Theresa 10 yrs, PA
183B-7-7, Rankin, Charles 7 yrs, PA
183B-7-7, Rankin, John 4 yrs, PA
183B-7-7, Rankin, Laura 2 yrs, PA
183B-7-7, Rankin, no name 1/12 yr, PA
183B-7-7, Rankin, John 93 yrs, Ire
191B-4-4, Rankin, John 51 yrs, PA possible 57
191B-4-4, Rankin, Emeline 48 yrs, PA
191B-4-4, Rankin, Margaret 12 yrs, PA
191B-4-4, Rankin, John 10 yrs, PA
191B-4-4, Rankin, Mary E. 8 yrs, PA
191B-4-4, Rankin, George 5 yrs, PA
191B-5-5, Rankin, Nancy 77 yrs, Ire
191B-5-5, Rankin, Nancy 35 yrs, PA
191B-6-6, Rankin, Robt 38 yrs, PA
191B-6-6, Rankin, Minerva 36 yrs, PA
191B-6-6, Rankin, Ella 16 yrs, PA
191B-6-6, Rankin, Sarah 13 yrs, PA
191B-6-6, Rankin, Lucetta 11 yrs, PA
191B-6-6, Rankin, Elisabeth 9 yrs, PA
192A-6-6, Rankin, Pernina 6 yrs, PA
192A-6-6, Rankin, Arminta 11/12 yr, PA
211B-4-4, Rankin, Magie 19 yrs, Scot
234A-3-3, Rankin, Alex 21 yrs, Scot
234A-3-3, Rankin, John 23 yrs, Scot
251A-4-4, Rapp, Chas 38 yrs, PA
251A-4-4, Rapp, Hanna 35 yrs, PA
251A-4-4, Rapp, Jacob 14 yrs, PA
251A-4-4, Rapp, Ida 13 yrs, PA
251A-4-4, Rapp, Florince 10 yrs, PA
251A-4-4, Rapp, John 8 yrs, PA
251A-4-4, Rapp, Evaline 7 yrs, PA
251A-4-4, Rapp, Manilla 5 yrs, PA
251A-4-4, Rapp, Samuel 3 yrs, PA
251A-4-4, Rapp, Kate May 1 yrs, PA
259B-5-5, Rapple, W. 48 yrs, Bav
259B-5-5, Rapple, Marg. 44 yrs, Bav
259B-5-5, Rapple, Jno 12 yrs, PA
259B-5-5, Rapple, George 11 yrs, PA
259B-5-5, Rapple, Margaret 8 yrs, PA
259B-5-5, Rapple, Barbara 8 yrs, PA
259B-5-5, Rapple, Joseph 2 yrs, PA
234A-3-3, Rapson, William 27 yrs, Eng
191A-4-4, Ratcliff, Charles 21 yrs, OH
188A-4-4, Ray, Wright 55 yrs, PA
188A-4-4, Ray, Elisabeth 50 yrs, PA
188A-4-4, Ray, Ruth 27 yrs, PA
188A-4-4, Ray, Washington 25 yrs, PA
188A-4-4, Ray, John 22 yrs, PA
188A-4-4, Ray, Wright 17 yrs, PA
188A-4-4, Ray, Isabella 15 yrs, PA
188A-4-4, Ray, Jonas 10 yrs, PA
200A-3-3, Ray, David 33 yrs, Scot
200A-3-3, Ray, Margaret 30 yrs, Scot
200A-3-3, Ray, Agnes 10 yrs, OH
200A-3-3, Ray, Anna 6 yrs, PA
200A-3-3, Ray, Margaret 4 yrs, PA
200A-3-3, Ray, David 2 yrs, PA
211B-3-3, Ray, John 27 yrs, Scot
211B-3-3, Ray, Elisabeth 24 yrs, Scot
213B-9-9, Ray, Robert 37 yrs, Scot
195A-6-6, Reardon, Danl 36 yrs, Ire
195A-6-6, Reardon, Mary 55 yrs, Ire
195A-6-6, Reardon, Joanna 21 yrs, MD
195A-6-6, Reardon, Elisabeth 16 yrs, MD
195B-6-6, Reardon, Timothy 15 yrs, MD
195B-6-6, Reardon, Jane 13 yrs, MD
195B-6-6, Reardon, ELla 11 yrs, MD
250B-8-8, Reardon, John 31 yrs, Ire
250B-8-8, Reardon, Bridget 19 yrs, Ire
251A-8-8, Reardon, Thomas 1 yrs, PA
249B-1-1, Reaugh, Patrick 28 yrs, Ire
249B-1-1, Reaugh, Hanora 24 yrs, Ire
249B-1-1, Reaugh, Mary 5 yrs, NY
249B-1-1, Reaugh, John 3 yrs, NY
249B-1-1, Reaugh, Ellen 10/12 yr, PA
249B-2-2, Reaugh, Henry 22 yrs, Ire
249B-2-2, Reaugh, Mary 19 yrs, Ire
177A-3-3, Reber, George 22 yrs, Germany
237B-6-6, Rebison, Winfield 27 yrs, PA probably "Robison"
237B-6-6, Rebison, Ella 22 yrs, PA probably "Robison"
237B-6-6, Rebison, Araham 66 yrs, PA probably "Robison"
217A-6-6, Red, Thomas 23 yrs, Scot, possibly "Reel"
197B-6-6, Redman, Wm 27 yrs, PA
197B-6-6, Redman, Mary 22 yrs, PA
197B-6-6, Redman, Samuel 7/12 yr, PA
178A-2-2, Reece, John 51 yrs, Wales
178A-2-2, Reece, Anna 47 yrs, Wales
178A-2-2, Reece, Thomas 19 yrs, OH
178A-2-2, Reece, John 17 yrs, PA
178A-2-2, Reece, Rachel f yrs, PA
178A-2-2, Reece, Salina 12 yrs, PA
178A-2-2, Reece, William 10 yrs, PA
178A-2-2, Reece, Edwin 8 yrs, PA
178A-2-2, Reece, Alfred 6 yrs, PA
178A-2-2, Reece, William 56 yrs, Wales
206A-4-4, Reece, Mary J. 18 yrs, PA
219B-2-2, Reece, John 26 yrs, Eng
219B-2-2, Reece, Mary 20 yrs, Eng
219B-2-2, Reece, Sarah 6/12 yr, Eng
234A-3-3, Reece, Rachel 16 yrs, PA
201A-5-5, Reed, David 20 yrs, Scotland
201A-5-5, Reed, Robert 18 yrs, Scotland
207B-1-1, Reed, Adam 45 yrs, Scot
207B-1-1, Reed, Mary 15 yrs, PA
207B-1-1, Reed, Alexander 12 yrs, PA
211B-5-5, Reed, Hugh 24 yrs, Scot
211B-5-5, Reed, Mary 21 yrs, Scot
211B-5-5, Reed, Agnes 2/12 yr, PA
211B-5-5, Reed, Adam 8 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Reed, Hiram 31 yrs, PA, possibly "Reece"
214A-5-5, Reed, Jennie 20 yrs, PA, possibly "Reece"
214A-5-5, Reed, no name 4/12 yr, PA, possibly "Reece"
214A-5-5, Reed, Andrew 5 yrs, PA
219B-4-4, Reed, Thomas 27 yrs, Eng
219B-4-4, Reed, Margaret 31 yrs, MD
219B-4-4, Reed, Laura 12 yrs, MD
219B-4-4, Reed, Richard 10 yrs, MD
219B-4-4, Reed, Mary 4 yrs, MD
256A-2-2, Reed, Wm 30 yrs, PA
256A-2-2, Reed, Mary 20 yrs, PA
256A-2-2, Reed, Wm 3 yrs, PA
256A-2-2, Reed, Kate 1 yrs, PA
258A-9-9, Reed, Davis 22 yrs, Ire
258A-9-9, Reed, Agnes 21 yrs, Ire
258A-9-9, Reed, John 1 yrs, Scot
184B-5-5, Reeher, Isaac 56 yrs, PA
184B-5-5, Reeher, James 21 yrs, PA
190A-3-3, Reeper, Joseph 27 yrs, PA
190A-3-3, Reeper, Harriett 23 yrs, OH
190A-3-3, Reeper, Ida May 3 yrs, PA
223A-3-3, Reeser, John 41 yrs, France
223A-3-3, Reeser, Catherine 45 yrs, Hanover
223A-3-3, Reeser, John 4 yrs, PA
253B-6-6, Rehard, Jno. 43 yrs, PA
253B-6-6, Rehard, Mary J. 32 yrs, PA
253B-6-6, Rehard, Henry D. 13 yrs, PA
253B-6-6, Rehard, Wm 8 yrs, PA
253B-6-6, Rehard, Laura 5 yrs, PA
253B-6-6, Rehard, no name 1/12 yr, PA
234B-3-3, Reider, Saml 23 yrs, Eng, possibly "Reicler"
234B-3-3, Reider, Emma 26 yrs, Eng, possibly "Reicler"
261A-7-7, Reincelfriger, Marg. 18 yrs, PA, possibly "Runcelfinger"
188B-3-3, Resnmengiser, Adolph 28 yrs, PA
263B-6-6, Rhurback, Jno 33 yrs, MD
263B-6-6, Rhurback, Sarah 25 yrs, PA
263B-6-6, Rhurback, Florence 2 yrs, PA
263B-6-6, Rhurback, Juniatta 8/12 yr, PA
237A-8-8, Riblett, John 69 yrs, PA
182A-3-2, Rice, Sherman 20 yrs, PA
182A-3-2, Rice, Abba 33 yrs, PA
182A-3-2, Rice, Anna M. 6/12 yr, PA
214A-5-5, Rice, Marion 23 yrs, PA
219A-6-6, Rice, John 70 yrs, Ire
219A-6-6, Rice, Rosa 64 yrs, Ire
219A-6-6, Rice, Felix 30 yrs, Ire
219A-6-6, Rice, John 23 yrs, Ire
227A-8-8, Rice, Lyddia 14 yrs, PA
227A-8-8, Rice, Samuel 21 yrs, PA
229B-2-2, Rice, Arthur 21 yrs, Ire
229B-2-2, Rice, Mary 20 yrs, Ire
229B-2-2, Rice, Bridget 2 yrs, Ire
229B-2-2, Rice, Allice 3/12 yr, PA
250A-2-2, Rice, Sarah 22 yrs, PA
202B-8-8, Richard, Thomas 58 yrs, England
202B-8-8, Richard, Mary 55 yrs, England
202B-8-8, Richard, Sarah 14 yrs, England
205A-5-5, Richard, Henry 28 yrs, England
251B-4-4, Richard, Wm 29 yrs, PA
251B-4-4, Richard, Kate 29 yrs, PA
251B-4-4, Richard, Eliza 7 yrs, PA
251B-4-4, Richard, Laura 5 yrs, PA
251B-4-4, Richard, Jno. 3 yrs, PA
251B-6-6, Richard, Hen. 47 yrs, PA
251B-6-6, Richard, Mary 51 yrs, PA
251B-6-6, Richard, Jas. 11 yrs, PA
251B-6-6, Richard, Lucy 10 yrs, PA
253B-4-4, Richard, Aaron 18 yrs, PA
[for Richler, see also: Rider]
231B-5-5, Richardson, Jas 48 yrs, Scot
231B-5-5, Richardson, Rosanna 43 yrs, Scot
231B-5-5, Richardson, Jane 13 yrs, PA
231B-5-5, Richardson, Archibald 8 yrs, PA
231B-5-5, Richardson, Margaret 6 yrs, PA
231B-5-5, Richardson, Mary 6 yrs, PA
252A-6-6, Richaro, Benj 26 yrs, PA
252A-6-6, Richaro, Emeline 25 yrs, OH
252A-6-6, Richaro, Lilly F. 4 yrs, PA
252A-6-6, Richaro, Margaret 2 yrs, PA
252A-6-6, Richaro, Susan 1 yrs, PA
182A-1-1, Rickart, Aaron 53 yrs, PA
182A-1-1, Rickart, Charlotte 45 yrs, PA
182A-1-1, Rickart, Etha Linda 18 yrs, PA
182A-1-1, Rickart, Henry F. 15 yrs, PA
182A-1-1, Rickart, James F. 13 yrs, PA
182A-1-1, Rickart, Philo A. 12 yrs, PA
182A-1-1, Rickart, Isaac 10 yrs, PA
182A-1-1, Rickart, Clara 6 yrs, PA
182A-1-1, Rickart, Grant Colfax 4 yrs, PA
208A-6-6, Ridd, John 31 yrs, PA
208A-6-6, Ridd, Prudence 26 yrs, PA
208A-6-6, Ridd, Eliza 6 yrs, PA
208A-6-6, Ridd, Rachel 4 yrs, PA
208A-6-6, Ridd, William 2 yrs, PA
208A-6-6, Ridd, Elisabeth 66 yrs, PA
230A-3-3, Riddee, Alex 30 yrs, Scot
230A-3-3, Riddee, Catherine 25 yrs, Scot
230A-3-3, Riddee, Alexander 1 yrs, PA
230A-6-6, Riddle, George 27 yrs, Scot
230A-6-6, Riddle, Ellen 24 yrs, Scot
230A-6-6, Riddle, Jane 4 yrs, Scot
230A-6-6, Riddle, Jennet 2 yrs, Scot
200B-7-7, Rider, Jacob 35 yrs, Bav, possibly Ricler
200B-7-7, Rider, Elisabeth 28 yrs, Bav, possibly Ricler
200B-7-7, Rider, Frederick 8 yrs, PA, possibly Ricler
200B-7-7, Rider, Jacob 7 yrs, PA, possibly Ricler
200B-7-7, Rider, Charles 3 yrs, PA, possibly Ricler
200B-7-7, Rider, Rosa 1 yrs, PA, possibly Ricler
196A-4-4, Rigby, George 34 yrs, Scot
196A-4-4, Rigby, Agnes 36 yrs, Scot
196A-4-4, Rigby, Mary 12 yrs, Scot
196A-4-4, Rigby, Margaret 9 yrs, Scot
196A-4-4, Rigby, Jennet 7 yrs, Scot
196A-4-4, Rigby, Jane 5 yrs, Scot
196A-4-4, Rigby, Joanna 4 yrs, PA
196A-4-4, Rigby, John 1 yrs, PA
191A-4-4, Riley, James 35 yrs, Ire
196A-2-2, Riley, Samuel 30 yrs, England
196A-2-2, Riley, Ellen 36 yrs, Eng
248B-3-3, Riley, Jno 34 yrs, Eng
248B-3-3, Riley, Bridget 31 yrs, Ire
248B-3-3, Riley, Thomas 8 yrs, Eng
248B-3-3, Riley, James 5 yrs, Eng
248B-3-3, Riley, Elizabeth 3 yrs, Eng
248B-3-3, Riley, Sarah 8/12 yr, PA
257A-8-8, Riley, Thos. 23 yrs, Ire
219B-6-6, Rine, John 33 yrs, PA
219B-6-6, Rine, Anna 28 yrs, PA
219B-6-6, Rine, Margaret 2 yrs, PA
219B-6-6, Rine, John 11/12 yr, PA
230A-8-8, Ring, J. M. 31 yrs, PA
230A-8-8, Ring, Nancy 27 yrs, PA
230A-8-8, Ring, Lizzy 2 yrs, PA
214B-5-5, Rissinger, Isaac 52 yrs, PA
214B-5-5, Rissinger, Martha 57 yrs, PA
214B-5-5, Rissinger, Jane 11 yrs, PA
192A-6-6, Ritchie, John 43 yrs, Ire
192A-6-6, Ritchie, Sarah 36 yrs, PA
200B-6-6, Ritchie, David 31 yrs, Scot
200B-6-6, Ritchie, Christina 35 yrs, Scot
200B-6-6, Ritchie, Elisabeth 9 yrs, Scot
200B-6-6, Ritchie, Mary 7 yrs, Scot
200B-6-6, Ritchie, Margaret 5 yrs, Scot
200B-6-6, Ritchie, Thomas 2 yrs, PA
225B-6-6, Robert, Antheny 50 yrs, France
225B-6-6, Robert, Frances 17 yrs, Canada
210A-7-7, Roberts, Dallas 23 yrs, PA
218B-2-2, Roberts, Catherine 75 yrs, Wales
227A-2-2, Roberts, John 22 yrs, Eng
263B-2-2, Roberts, William 42 yrs, Wales
263B-2-2, Roberts, William 42 yrs, N. B.
263B-2-2, Roberts, Eliza 37 yrs, PA
263B-2-2, Roberts, Wm 11 yrs, PA
263B-2-2, Roberts, Lizzie 10 yrs, PA
263B-2-2, Roberts, Tilla 4 yrs, PA
[for Robison, see also: Rebison]
188B-4-4, Robison, S. 30 yrs, Eng
198B-6-6, Robison, David 52 yrs, PA
198B-6-6, Robison, Sarah 46 yrs, PA
198B-6-6, Robison, Maggie 42 yrs, PA
198B-6-6, Robison, John 19 yrs, PA
198B-6-6, Robison, Willie 15 yrs, PA
198B-6-6, Robison, Mary 14 yrs, PA
198B-6-6, Robison, Asbury 12 yrs, PA
198B-6-6, Robison, Lucy 9 yrs, PA
198B-6-6, Robison, Emma 8 yrs, PA
198B-6-6, Robison, Georgia 4 yrs, PA
204B-2-2, Robison, George 40 yrs, Ire
263A-7-7, Robison, Thos 37 yrs, PA
263A-7-7, Robison, Jane 31 yrs, PA
263A-7-7, Robison, Cassin 10 yrs, PA
263B-7-7, Robison, Jn. 9 yrs, PA
263B-7-7, Robison, Wm 7 yrs, PA
263B-7-7, Robison, Phebe 5 yrs, PA
263B-7-7, Robison, Charles 2 yrs, PA
240A-5-5, Rockwell, John 21 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Rodgers, John 50 yrs, Ire
233B-5-5, Rodgers, George 26 yrs, Eng
233B-5-5, Rodgers, Agnes 20 yrs, Scot
233B-5-5, Rodgers, James 2 yrs, OH
233B-5-5, Rodgers, Agnes 3/12 yr, PA
218B-5-5, Rodons, Frederick 30 yrs, Prus
218B-5-5, Rodons, Sophy 30 yrs, Prus
218B-5-5, Rodons, Frederick 5 yrs, Prus
218B-5-5, Rodons, John 2 yrs, Prus
218B-5-5, Rodons, Charles 5/12 yr, PA
218B-5-5, Rodons, Mary 70 yrs, Prus
224A-2-2, Rody, Richard 27 yrs, Eng
203A-5-5, Rofter, Peter 32 yrs, Ire.
203A-5-5, Rofter, Ellen 31f yrs, Ire.
203A-5-5, Rofter, Thomas 6 yrs, OH
203A-5-5, Rofter, Francis 4 yrs, PA
203A-5-5, Rofter, Mary 3 yrs, PA
187A-1-1, Rogers, John 21 yrs, Eng
201B-4-4, Rollison, James 50 yrs, England
201B-4-4, Rollison, Jane 38 yrs, England
201B-4-4, Rollison, Martha 13 yrs, England
201B-4-4, Rollison, Avela 6 yrs, PA
201B-4-4, Rollison, Mary 3 yrs, PA
201B-4-4, Rollison, Ann 10/12 yr, PA
236B-7-7, Ropp, Jacob 67 yrs, PA
236B-7-7, Ropp, Dianna 66 yrs, PA
236B-7-7, Ropp, Frank 17 yrs, PA
261A-4-4, Rosebury, Joseph 40 yrs, Ire
261A-4-4, Rosebury, Isabel 35 yrs, Ire
261A-4-4, Rosebury, Elizabeth 11 yrs, PA
261A-4-4, Rosebury, Jno. 7 yrs, PA
261A-4-4, Rosebury, Geo. 5 yrs, PA
261A-4-4, Rosebury, Mathew 3 yrs, PA
261A-4-4, Rosebury, Ellen 2 yrs, PA
228A-6-6, Ross, James 40 yrs, Scot
268B-1-1, Ross, Thos. 22 yrs, Eng
268B-1-1, Ross, Henrietta 18 yrs, OH
268B-1-1, Ross, Jno C. 6/12 yr, PA
218B-4-4, Rothfest, Bernard 48 yrs, Prus, possibly "Rothfert"
218B-4-4, Rothfest, Hannah 38 yrs, Holland, possibly "Rothfert"
218B-4-4, Rothfest, Herman 18 yrs, Prus, possibly "Rothfert"
218B-4-4, Rothfest, August 13 yrs, Prus, possibly "Rothfert"
219A-3-3, Rothroff, Aaron 14 yrs, PA
177B-7-7, Rothweel, Peter 36 yrs, Eng
177B-7-7, Rothweel, Nancy 35 yrs, Eng
177B-7-7, Rothweel, Herbert 9 yrs, Eng
177B-7-7, Rothweel, Charlotte 7 yrs, Eng
177B-7-7, Rothweel, Susy 2 yrs, Eng
221B-3-3, Rowe, John 28 yrs, Eng
221B-3-3, Rowe, Anna 28 yrs, Eng
224A-2-2, Rowe, Thomas 28 yrs, Eng
187A-4-4, Rowen, Mich 32 yrs, Eng
187A-4-4, Rowen, Bridget 27 yrs, Ire
187A-4-4, Rowen, Anna 1 yrs, NJ
264A-3-3, Rowers, Elisa* 54 yrs, PA
264A-3-3, Rowers, George 19 yrs, PA
264A-3-3, Rowers, Wm 28 yrs, PA
211A-1-1, Rowing, Stewart 35 yrs, Scotland, possibly Rorving
218A-2-2, Roxby, Thomas 34 yrs, Eng
213A-5-5, Roy, Robert 39 yrs, Scot
213A-5-5, Roy, Jane 36 yrs, Can. E.
213A-5-5, Roy, Louisa 11 yrs, Nova Scotia
190A-6-6, Rumback, John 43 yrs, Hanover
190A-6-6, Rumback, Catherine 41 yrs, Hanover
190A-6-6, Rumback, Henry 18 yrs, Hanover
190A-6-6, Rumback, Mary 14 yrs, Hanover
190A-6-6, Rumback, William 4 yrs, PA
190A-6-6, Rumback, Elisabeth 2 yrs, PA
243A-6-6, Rumelfinger, Catherine 69 yrs, Prus
243B-7-7, Rumelfinger, Peter 47 yrs, Prus
243B-7-7, Rumelfinger, Catherine 48 yrs, BAv
243B-7-7, Rumelfinger, John 16 yrs, PA
243B-7-7, Rumelfinger, Anna 12 yrs, PA
243B-7-7, Rumelfinger, Catheirne 10 yrs, PA
243B-7-7, Rumelfinger, Barbara 9 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, Rummell, Leary 8 yrs, PA
268A-1-1, Rummell, Albert 7 yrs, PA
265B-1-1, Runey, Jno 35 yrs, Ire
265B-1-1, Runey, Sarah 33 yrs, Ire
265B-1-1, Runey, Edward 11 yrs, NY
265B-1-1, Runey, James 7 yrs, NY
265B-1-1, Runey, Mary 2 yrs, PA
265B-1-1, Runey, Jno 5 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, Rupert, Phillip 21 yrs, PA
217A-6-6, Russe, Samuel 28 yrs, Scotland
186A-5-5, Russel, Joshua 27 yrs, PA
186A-5-5, Russel, Mary 23 yrs, PA
186A-5-5, Russel, William 4 yrs, PA
186A-5-5, Russel, Florella 1 yrs, PA
186A-5-5, Russel, Livingston 21 yrs, PA
190B-2-2, Russel, Robt 28 yrs, PA
190B-2-2, Russel, Elisabeth 19 yrs, Scot
205A-1-1, Russel, Alexander 32 yrs, Scotland
208B-7-7, Russel, Jennet 17 yrs, PA
208B-7-7, Russel, William 14 yrs, OH
208B-7-7, Russel, Anna 8 yrs, PA
208B-7-7, Russel, John 20 yrs, Scot
263B-7-7, Russel, Ellen 80 yrs, Ire
263B-7-7, Russel, Danniel 32 yrs, Ire, possibly "Darunil"
263B-7-7, Russel, Jranna 26 yrs, PA probably "Joanna"
263B-7-7, Russel, Ellen 3 yrs, PA
263B-7-7, Russel, David 10/12 yr, PA
236A-4-4, Rust, James 40 yrs, PA
236A-4-4, Rust, Susanna 30 yrs, PA
236A-4-4, Rust, Jane 9 yrs, PA
236A-4-4, Rust, Carrel 8 yrs, PA
236A-4-4, Rust, Disey 6 yrs, PA
236A-4-4, Rust, Lyddia 4 yrs, PA
236A-4-4, Rust, Wetly 2 yrs, PA
236A-4-4, Rust, Malinda 5/12 yr, PA
238A-2-2, Rust, William 49 yrs, PA
238A-2-2, Rust, Anna 36 yrs, PA
238A-2-2, Rust, Nancy 16 yrs, PA
238A-2-2, Rust, Orin B. 12 yrs, PA
238A-2-2, Rust, Charles 8 yrs, PA
238A-2-2, Rust, Malessa 4 yrs, PA
238A-2-2, Rust, William 2 yrs, PA
238B-6-6, Rust, Mary 36 yrs, PA
209B-7-7, Rutheford, Frank 12 yrs, NY
249A-1-1, Ryan, Edward 24 yrs, Ire
249A-1-1, Ryan, Margaret 28 yrs, Ire
249A-1-1, Ryan, Ellen 9 yrs, NY
249A-1-1, Ryan, Sarah 7 yrs, NY
249A-1-1, Ryan, Mary 2 yrs, NY
249A-1-1, Ryan, Edward 1 yrs, NY
226A-6-6, Rye, Anthoney 60 yrs, France
253B-3-3, Sager, Luther 23 yrs, PA
233B-8-8, Sailer, Frederick 27 yrs, Bav
233B-8-8, Sailer, Catherine 25 yrs, Bav
233B-8-8, Sailer, Margaret 4 yrs, PA
233B-8-8, Sailer, Frederick 2 yrs, PA
234A-8-8, Sailer, John 1 yrs, PA
232B-6-6, Sailor, Jacob 50 yrs, Bav
232B-6-6, Sailor, Elisbeth 47 yrs, Bav
232B-6-6, Sailor, Jacob 19 yrs, Bav
232B-6-6, Sailor, Adam 17 yrs, Bav
232B-6-6, Sailor, John 11 yrs, PA
232B-6-6, Sailor, Catherine 9 yrs, PA
232B-6-6, Sailor, Elisabeth 6 yrs, PA
247A-4-4, Sainy, Robert 25 yrs, Scot
247A-4-4, Sainy, Anne 24 yrs, Scot
247A-4-4, Sainy, John 1 yrs, PA
183A-3-3, Salterfield, Hannah 28 yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Sample, Saml 50 yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Sample, Nancy 50 yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Sample, James 18 yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Sample, Margaret 15 yrs, OH
193A-5-5, Sample, David 12 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Sample, James 52 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Sample, Sarah 46 yrs, OH
193A-6-6, Sample, Artelissa 18 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Sample, Lizzy 15 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Sample, Newton 12 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Sample, Lucretia 9 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Sample, Sylva 6 yrs, PA
193B-6-6, Sample, Lula 4 yrs, PA
193B-1-1, Sample, Margaret 74 yrs, PA
193B-1-1, Sample, Margaret 36 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Sample, Joseph 40 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Sample, Margaret 34 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Sample, James 17 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Sample, Louisa 15 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Sample, Margaret 13 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Sample, Emma 9 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Sample, Flora 7 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Sample, Effa 3 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Sample, Samuel 2 yrs, PA
198B-5-5, Sample, John D. 37 yrs, PA
198B-5-5, Sample, Sarah 35 yrs, Ire
198B-5-5, Sample, Mary 16 yrs, PA
198B-5-5, Sample, Caroline 14 yrs, PA
198B-5-5, Sample, Charles 12 yrs, PA
198B-5-5, Sample, John 9 yrs, PA
198B-5-5, Sample, Frank 6 yrs, PA
198B-5-5, Sample, William 3 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, John 44 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, Jane 41 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, Thomas 18 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, Rachel 16 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, Samuel 14 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, James 12 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, Eliza 8 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, John 5 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, Sarah 3 yrs, PA
218B-1-1, Sample, Rebecca 1 yrs, PA
186A-3-3, Sandars, Margaret 34 yrs, Eng
186A-3-3, Sandars, William 10 yrs, Eng
186A-3-3, Sandars, Mary 3 f yrs, Eng
233A-8-8, Sanday, Adam 50 yrs, Bav, possibly "Sunday"
233A-8-8, Sanday, Catherine 40 yrs, Bav, possibly "Sunday"
233A-8-8, Sanday, Jacob 15 yrs, PA, possibly "Sunday"
233A-8-8, Sanday, John 6 yrs, PA, possibly "Sunday"
262B-6-6, Sanders, Thos. 38 yrs, Eng
262B-6-6, Sanders, Rachel 33 yrs, Wales
262B-6-6, Sanders, Wm 14 yrs, Eng
216B-2-2, Sands, Richaid 40 yrs, Ireland, possibly "Sanels"
216B-2-2, Sands, Rosanna 37 yrs, Scotland, possibly "Sanels"
216B-2-2, Sands, James 3 yrs, PA, possibly "Sanels"
216B-2-2, Sands, Allice 1 yrs, PA, possibly "Sanels"
216B-2-2, Sands, John 15 yrs, Scotland, possibly "Sanels"
209A-4-4, Sarver, William 21 yrs, PA
192A-5-5, Satterfield, Jas. 53 yrs, PA
192A-5-5, Satterfield, Margaret 57 yrs, MD
192A-5-5, Satterfield, Edward 30 yrs, PA
192A-5-5, Satterfield, Laura 10 yrs, PA
192A-8-8, Satterfield, Andw 82 yrs, DE
193A-2-2, Satterfield, T. B. 37 yrs, MD
193A-2-2, Satterfield, Rebecca 26 yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Satterfield, Charles 2 yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Satterfield, Sada 7/12 yr, PA
236B-6-6, Saul, Louis 28 yrs, H. Darmstadt
236B-6-6, Saul, Christina 26 yrs, Bav
236B-6-6, Saul, Franklin 2 yrs, PA
236B-6-6, Saul, no name 1/12 yr, PA
210B-1-1, Savage, James 24 yrs, England
210B-1-1, Savage, Agnes 20 yrs, OH
210B-1-1, Savage, George 1 yrs, PA
185A-4-4, Schell, Jonas 28 yrs, PA
185A-4-4, Schell, Mariah 24 yrs, PA
190B-4-4, Schell, Jacob 40 yrs, PA
190B-4-4, Schell, Sarah 39 yrs, PA
190B-4-4, Schell, David 8 yrs, PA
190B-5-5, Schell, Thomas 45 yrs, PA
190B-5-5, Schell, Mary 44 yrs, PA
190B-5-5, Schell, William 18 yrs, PA
190B-5-5, Schell, Alfred 16 yrs, PA
190B-5-5, Schell, Nathan 12 yrs, PA
190B-5-5, Schell, John 8 yrs, PA
190B-5-5, Schell, Thomas 7 yrs, PA
238A-1-1, Schell, Eliza 15 yrs, PA
251B-2-2, Schell, Susan 32 yrs, PA
251B-2-2, Schell, Edwin 15 yrs, PA
251B-2-2, Schell, Ellen 10 yrs, PA
180A-109-107, Schmidt, William 43 yrs, Hanover
180A-109-107, Schmidt, Mary 29 yrs, OH
180A-109-107, Schmidt, Ida May 4 yrs, OH
180A-109-107, Schmidt, Netty Jane 2 yrs, OH
180A-109-107, Schmidt, Mary 4/12 yr, PA
209A-4-4, Schmidt, Christ 44 yrs, Bav
209A-4-4, Schmidt, Catharine 45 yrs, Bav
209A-4-4, Schmidt, Sophia 17 yrs, Bav
209A-4-4, Schmidt, Catharine 14 yrs, PA
209A-4-4, Schmidt, Wilhemina 9 yrs, PA
209A-4-4, Schmidt, Frederick 2 yrs, PA
209A-6-6, Schmidt, Peter 57 yrs, Bav
209A-6-6, Schmidt, Charlotte 58 yrs, Bav
209A-6-6, Schmidt, Peter Jr. 36 yrs, Bav
209A-6-6, Schmidt, Mary 29 yrs, Prussia
209A-6-6, Schmidt, Frederick 11 yrs, PA
209A-6-6, Schmidt, Hannah 9 yrs, PA
209A-6-6, Schmidt, Peter 7 yrs, PA
209A-6-6, Schmidt, John 5 yrs, OH
209A-6-6, Schmidt, Henry 2 yrs, PA
209A-6-6, Schmidt, Ludwick 7/12 yr, PA
243A-7-7, Schrom, Jacob 33 yrs, Bav, possibly "Schrow"
243A-7-7, Schrom, Catherine 24 yrs, Bav, possibly "Schrow"
243B-7-7, Schrom, George 6 yrs, PA, possibly "Schrow"
243B-7-7, Schrom, Caroine 4 yrs, PA, possibly "Schrow"
200B-4-4, Scott, J. A. 25 yrs, PA
249B-4-4, Scott, Ellen 71 yrs, PA
178B-7-7, Scoville, Lovina 43 yrs, OH
178B-7-7, Scoville, Septamus 17 yrs, OH
181A-3-3, Scraggs, Saml 40 yrs, England
181A-3-3, Scraggs, Nancy 48 yrs, PA
181A-3-3, Scraggs, Sarah A. 4 yrs, PA
265B-4-4, Scribel, Jos. 22 yrs, Wales, possibly "Ambrg"
[for Seaburn, see also: Leburn]
181A-8-8, Seaburn, Allen 36 yrs, OH
181A-8-8, Seaburn, Elisabeth 46 yrs, PA
181A-8-8, Seaburn, Delinda 17 yrs, PA
181A-8-8, Seaburn, Rolandus 12 yrs, PA
181A-8-8, Seaburn, David 10 yrs, PA
267B-4-4, Seaburn, Henry 40 yrs, PA, possibly "Leaburn"
267B-4-4, Seaburn, Nancy 36 yrs, PA, possibly "Leaburn"
267B-4-4, Seaburn, Pamelia 17 yrs, PA, possibly "Leaburn"
267B-4-4, Seaburn, Rich. 15 yrs, PA, possibly "Leaburn"
267B-4-4, Seaburn, Warren 12 yrs, PA, possibly "Leaburn"
267B-4-4, Seaburn, Henry 9 yrs, PA, possibly "Leaburn"
267B-4-4, Seaburn, Amanda 7 yrs, PA, possibly "Leaburn"
267B-4-4, Seaburn, Hamilton 4 yrs, PA, possibly "Leaburn"
267B-4-4, Seaburn, Clara 2 yrs, PA, possibly "Leaburn"
257B-5-5, Sealon, Geo. 16 yrs, PA
268A-3-3, Seburn, Geo. 25 yrs, PA, possibly "Leburn"
268A-3-3, Seburn, Sarah 16 yrs, PA, possibly "Leburn"
265A-5-5, Seedham, Chas 30 yrs, Eng
265A-5-5, Seedham, Sarah 32 yrs, PA
265A-5-5, Seedham, Betty 7 yrs, PA
265A-5-5, Seedham, Elizabeth 4 yrs, PA
265A-5-5, Seedham, James 2 yrs, PA
265A-5-5, Seedham, Kesiar 2/12 yr, PA
238B-3-3, Seems, Lyddia 32 yrs, PA
238B-3-3, Seems, Florinda 9 yrs, PA
238B-3-3, Seems, Emma 6 yrs, PA
238B-3-3, Seems, no name 1/12 yr, PA
185A-6-6, Sergent, James 24 yrs, KY
185A-6-6, Sergent, Elisabeth 20 yrs, OH
185A-6-6, Sergent, Charles 5/12 yr, PA
185B-7-7, Serris, Chancey 31 yrs, OH
227A-2-2, Seville, John 28 yrs, Eng
227A-2-2, Seville, Nathan 26 yrs, Eng
196B-7-7, Shafer, Mary 55 yrs, PA
196B-7-7, Shafer, Lemuel 18 yrs, PA
196B-7-7, Shafer, Frederick 17 yrs, PA
196B-9-9, Shafer, John 36 yrs, PA
196B-9-9, Shafer, Sarah 20 yrs, Eng
196B-9-9, Shafer, Verial 8/12 yr, PA
215A-4-4, Shafer, Mathias 29 yrs, PA
215A-4-4, Shafer, Hariett 25 yrs, PA
215A-4-4, Shafer, George W. 6 yrs, PA
215A-4-4, Shafer, John A. 5 yrs, PA
215A-4-4, Shafer, Charles 7/12 yr, PA
267B-3-3, Shafer, Elizabeth 50 yrs, PA
267B-3-3, Shafer, Mary 17 yrs, PA
197B-5-5, Shaffer, William 33 yrs, PA
197B-5-5, Shaffer, Rebecca 33 yrs, PA
197B-5-5, Shaffer, Samuel 11 yrs, PA
197B-5-5, Shaffer, Lavina 8 yrs, PA
197B-5-5, Shaffer, Willy 6 yrs, PA
197B-8-8, Shaffer, Abr. 32 yrs, PA
197B-8-8, Shaffer, Catherine 32 yrs, PA
198A-8-8, Shaffer, James 12 yrs, PA
198A-8-8, Shaffer, Ellen 10 yrs, PA
198A-8-8, Shaffer, Ida 9 yrs, PA
198A-8-8, Shaffer, George 7 yrs, PA
198A-8-8, Shaffer, Abram 5 yrs, PA
198A-8-8, Shaffer, Amanda 4 yrs, PA
198A-8-8, Shaffer, Anna 2 yrs, PA
198A-8-8, Shaffer, William 3/12 yr, PA
198A-1-1, Shaffer, George 26 yrs, PA
198A-1-1, Shaffer, Mary 19 yrs, PA
198A-1-1, Shaffer, Mathias 2 yrs, PA
234B-6-6, Shank, Jonathan 32 yrs, PA
234B-6-6, Shank, Mary 32 yrs, PA
234B-6-6, Shank, Sarah 10 yrs, PA
234B-6-6, Shank, Hugh 8 yrs, PA
234B-6-6, Shank, Samuel 4 yrs, PA
234B-6-6, Shank, John 3 yrs, PA
234B-6-6, Shank, no name 5/12 yr, PA
232A-6-6, Sharet, Charles 32 yrs, Eng
185B-7-7, Shaw, John 25 yrs, Scot
227B-3-3, Shaw, John 14 yrs, Eng
205A-5-5, Shean, Mary A. 20 yrs, Ireland
214A-4-4, Shears, Andrew 28 yrs, Scot, possibly "Spears"
214A-4-4, Shears, Jane 22 yrs, Scot, possibly "Spears"
214A-4-4, Shears, Margaret 4 yrs, PA, possibly "Spears"
214A-4-4, Shears, Charlotte 2/12 yr, PA, possibly "Spears"
218A-1-1, Sheavin, William 35 yrs, Ire
218A-1-1, Sheavin, Mary 33 yrs, Ire
218A-1-1, Sheavin, Jane 11 yrs, Ire
218A-1-1, Sheavin, Joseph 9 yrs, Ire
218A-1-1, Sheavin, William 7 yrs, Scot
218A-1-1, Sheavin, James 5 yrs, Scot
218A-1-1, Sheavin, John 2 yrs, Scot
205B-6-6, Sheeten, John 24 yrs, Scotland
205B-6-6, Sheeten, Isabella 22 yrs, Scotland
205B-6-6, Sheeten, Charles 1 yrs, PA
255A-5-5, Sheets, Jacob 56 yrs, VA
255B-5-5, Sheets, Rebecca 28 yrs, VA
254A-5-5, Sheider, Phillip 34 yrs, Baden
238B-1-1, Shellaberger, Jac. 39 yrs, OH
238B-1-1, Shellaberger, Marietta 28 yrs, PA
238B-1-1, Shellaberger, Angelus 8 yrs, PA
238B-1-1, Shellaberger, Frantz 7 yrs, PA
238B-1-1, Shellaberger, Flora 5 yrs, PA
238B-1-1, Shellaberger, Morgan 3 yrs, PA
238B-1-1, Shellaberger, Nina May 3/12 yr, PA
184A-7-7, Shepp, Jacob 35 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Sherod, Jas. 49 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Sherod, Malissa 10 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Sherod, Augenetta 9 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Sherod, Maggie 7 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Sherod, David 5 yrs, PA
248B-4-4, Sherod, Julia 2 yrs, PA
183A-2-2, Shilling, James 26 yrs, PA
183A-2-2, Shilling, Eliza 25 yrs, PA
183A-2-2, Shilling, Jennie 3 yrs, PA
183A-3-3, Shilling, Andrew 61 yrs, PA
183A-3-3, Shilling, Salina 53 yrs, PA
183A-3-3, Shilling, John 20 yrs, PA
183A-3-3, Shilling, Harry 9 yrs, PA
183A-4-4, Shilling, Henry 58 yrs, PA
183A-4-4, Shilling, Mary 53 yrs, NJ
183A-4-4, Shilling, Mary L. 19 yrs, PA
183A-4-4, Shilling, William 13 yrs, PA
188B-2-2, Shilling, Albert 28 yrs, PA
188B-2-2, Shilling, Josaphine 25 yrs, PA
188B-2-2, Shilling, Virga 3 yrs, PA
243A-1-1, Shilling, Theobold 42 yrs, Prus
243A-1-1, Shilling, Elisabeth 36 yrs, Bav
243A-1-1, Shilling, Peter 11 yrs, OH
243A-1-1, Shilling, Theobold 10 yrs, OH
243A-1-1, Shilling, Louis 9 yrs, OH
243A-1-1, Shilling, Daniel 8 yrs, OH
243A-1-1, Shilling, George 6 yrs, PA
243A-1-1, Shilling, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
179B-4-4, Shively, Catherine 47 yrs, Bav
179B-4-4, Shively, Rosanna 16 yrs, PA
179B-4-4, Shively, Frederick 15 yrs, PA
230B-7-7, Shoemaker, Alex 24 yrs, PA
223B-5-5, Shorie, John 56 yrs, Prus, possibly "Sporie"
224A-5-5, Shorie, Margaret 57 yrs, Prus, possibly "Sporie"
224A-5-5, Shorie, Adam 23 yrs, PA, possibly "Sporie"
224A-5-5, Shorie, Mary 13 yrs, PA, possibly "Sporie"
[for Shornton, see also: Thornton]
195B-6-6, Shotts, Danl 6 yrs, NY
205B-3-3, Shower, Samuel 28 yrs, PA
205B-3-3, Shower, Alexander 23 yrs, PA
177B-6-6, Siddle, Saml 46 yrs, Eng
177B-6-6, Siddle, Mary 43 yrs, Eng
177B-6-6, Siddle, Sidney J. 17 yrs, PA
177B-6-6, Siddle, Esther 14 yrs, PA
177B-6-6, Siddle, Abby 12 yrs, PA
177B-6-6, Siddle, Samuel 6 yrs, PA
257B-7-7, Sightner, Miles 31 yrs, PA
257B-7-7, Sightner, Mary A. 18 yrs, PA
257B-7-7, Sightner, Jessie R. 6/12 yr, PA
242A-8-8, Sigler, Frantz 68 yrs, Bav
242A-8-8, Sigler, Margaret 60 yrs, Bav
242B-8-8, Sigler, Joseph 17 yrs, Bav
242B-8-8, Sigler, Frantz 13 yrs, Bav
242B-8-8, Sigler, Elisabeth 23 yrs, Bav
242B-8-8, Sigler, Maggie 6 yrs, PA
244A-5-5, Sigler, Jacob 29 yrs, Bav
244A-5-5, Sigler, Tecla 22 yrs, Bav
244A-5-5, Sigler, Elisabeth 3 yrs, PA
244A-5-5, Sigler, Andrew 1 yrs, PA
222B-8-8, Simms, William 33 yrs, Scot, possibly "Limms"
229A-8-8, Simms, John 41 yrs, Wales
229B-8-8, Simms, Mary 40 yrs, Wales
229B-8-8, Simms, William 15 yrs, Wales
229B-8-8, Simms, John 9 yrs, Wales
229B-8-8, Simms, Thursa 5 yrs, Wales
238B-2-2, Simms, John 22 yrs, Scot
190A-6-6, Simonton, Perry 33 yrs, PA
225A-7-7, Skene, Alexander 40 yrs, Scot
225A-7-7, Skene, Christina 41 yrs, Scot
225A-7-7, Skene, Alexander 18 yrs, Scot
225A-7-7, Skene, James 16 yrs, Scot
225A-7-7, Skene, David 14 yrs, Scot
225A-7-7, Skene, John 12 yrs, Scot
225A-7-7, Skene, Thomas 6 yrs, Scot
225A-7-7, Skene, Christopher 4 yrs, Scot
225A-7-7, Skene, Henry 1 yrs, Scot
[for Skilcorn, see also: SRilcorn]
224A-2-2, Slater, Jarvis 36 yrs, Eng
255B-1-1, Slavenger, Jno. 42 yrs, PA, possibly "Stavenger"
255B-1-1, Slavenger, Katharine 41 yrs, PA, possibly "Stavenger"
255B-1-1, Slavenger, Wm 21 yrs, OH, possibly "Stavenger"
255B-1-1, Slavenger, Jane 17 yrs, PA, possibly "Stavenger"
255B-1-1, Slavenger, James 15 yrs, PA, possibly "Stavenger"
255B-1-1, Slavenger, Jackson 12 yrs, PA, possibly "Stavenger"
255B-1-1, Slavenger, Seth 12 yrs, PA, possibly "Stavenger"
255B-1-1, Slavenger, Fanny 9 yrs, PA, possibly "Stavenger"
263A-2-2, Sleine, Jno 40 yrs, Eng
263A-2-2, Sleine, Mary 37 yrs, Eng
263A-2-2, Sleine, Jno 13 yrs, Eng
263A-2-2, Sleine, Anna 10 yrs, PA
263A-2-2, Sleine, Mary 8 yrs, PA
263A-2-2, Sleine, James 3 yrs, PA
263A-2-2, Sleine, Esther 1 yrs, PA
189A-3-3, Sloss, William 25 yrs, PA
214A-3-3, Sloss, David 33 yrs, PA, possibly "Hoss"
214A-3-3, Sloss, Malissa 25 yrs, PA, possibly "Hoss"
214A-3-3, Sloss, Nancy 4 yrs, PA, possibly "Hoss"
214A-3-3, Sloss, Jane 2 yrs, PA, possibly "Hoss"
254B-4-4, Sly, Laura 36 yrs, H. Darmstadt
195A-5-5, Small, Thomas 35 yrs, Eng
195A-5-5, Small, Mary 29 yrs, Eng
195A-5-5, Small, William 10 yrs, OH
195A-5-5, Small, Henry 6 yrs, OH
195A-5-5, Small, Jabes 4 yrs, OH
195A-5-5, Small, Harriett 3 yrs, OH
195A-5-5, Small, Martha 1 yrs, PA
175A-5-5, Smith, Jacob 51 yrs, Prussia
175A-5-5, Smith, Joanna 49 yrs, Prussia
175A-5-5, Smith, Jacob 21 yrs, PA
175A-5-5, Smith, Anna 14 yrs, PA
175A-5-5, Smith, Peter 10 yrs, PA
175A-5-5, Smith, Nicholas 19 yrs, PA
189A-2-2, Smith, John 58 yrs, Eng
190A-5-5, Smith, Edward 40 yrs, Eng
190A-5-5, Smith, Mary 40 yrs, PA
190A-5-5, Smith, Sarah 15 yrs, PA
190A-5-5, Smith, Edward 3 yrs, PA
193B-2-2, Smith, John 26 yrs, Canada
194B-1-1, Smith, Hugh 43 yrs, Scotland
196B-8-8, Smith, Peter 35 yrs, Scot
196B-8-8, Smith, Mary 36 yrs, Scot
196B-8-8, Smith, Robert 13 yrs, Scot
196B-8-8, Smith, Harriett 11 yrs, Scot
202A-6-6, Smith, James 27 yrs, Ireland
228A-5-5, Smith, William 35 yrs, Eng
228A-5-5, Smith, Elisabeth 28 yrs, Eng
228A-5-5, Smith, Mary 8 yrs, Eng
228A-5-5, Smith, Sarah 5 yrs, Eng
228A-5-5, Smith, John 15 yrs, Eng
228A-5-5, Smith, William 11 yrs, Eng
237A-2-2, Smith, Camdon 15 yrs, PA
237A-5-5, Smith, Jacob 26 yrs, Bav
237A-5-5, Smith, Phillapena 21 yrs, PA
245A-1-1, Smith, James 20 yrs, Eng
247B-7-7, Smith, Alen 42 yrs, Scot
247B-7-7, Smith, Eupheme 38 yrs, Scot
247B-7-7, Smith, James 17 yrs, Scot
251B-3-3, Smith, A. M. 20 yrs, Eng
251B-3-3, Smith, Mary N. 25 yrs, PA
251B-3-3, Smith, no name 2/12 yr, PA
259A-7-7, Smith, Thos. 27 yrs, Eng
242A-5-5, Snable, Henry 43 yrs, Bav
242A-5-5, Snable, Margaret 48 yrs, Bav
242A-5-5, Snable, Caroline 10 yrs, PA
242A-5-5, Snable, Matilda 7 yrs, PA
199B-8-8, Snaederwin, John 35 yrs, Bav
199B-8-8, Snaederwin, Anna Mariah 30 yrs, Bav
199B-8-8, Snaederwin, Michael 4 yrs, PA
199B-8-8, Snaederwin, Magdalena 3 yrs, PA
201B-3-3, Sneddin, Thos. 50 yrs, Scotland
201B-3-3, Sneddin, Mary 45 yrs, Scotland
201B-3-3, Sneddin, Joseph 17 yrs, PA
201B-3-3, Sneddin, William 12 yrs, PA
201B-3-3, Sneddin, Joseph 9 yrs, PA
201B-3-3, Sneddin, Jennett 6 yrs, PA
201B-3-3, Sneddin, John 2 yrs, PA
203A-4-4, Sneddin, Robt 31 yrs, Scot.
203A-4-4, Sneddin, Nancy 35 yrs, OH
203A-4-4, Sneddin, Mary 8 yrs, OH
203A-4-4, Sneddin, Isabella 6 yrs, OH
203A-4-4, Sneddin, Cornelius 4 yrs, OH
203A-4-4, Sneddin, Robert 3 yrs, PA
203A-4-4, Sneddin, Joseph 8/12 yr, PA
211A-6-6, Sneddin, Walter 42 yrs, Scotland
211A-6-6, Sneddin, Susan 39 yrs, Scot
211A-6-6, Sneddin, Thomas 25 yrs, Scotland
217A-4-4, Sneddin, Richard 29 yrs, Scot
245A-2-2, Sneddin, John 26 yrs, Scot
245A-2-2, Sneddin, Christina 25 yrs, Scot
245A-2-2, Sneddin, Isabella 5 yrs, Scot
245A-2-2, Sneddin, Hugh 17 yrs, Scot
245A-6-6, Sneddin, Margaret 22 yrs, Scot
245A-6-6, Sneddin, Andrew 22 yrs, Scot
210B-2-2, Sneddm, Richard 36 yrs, Scotland
210B-2-2, Sneddm, Elisabeth 31 yrs, Scotland
210B-2-2, Sneddm, Jennett 7 yrs, PA
210B-2-2, Sneddm, Robert 5 yrs, PA
210B-2-2, Sneddm, Richard 4 yrs, PA
210B-2-2, Sneddm, Anna 1 yrs, PA
225B-8-8, Sneddon, John 45 yrs, Scot
233B-7-7, Snider, Frederick 37 yrs, Bav
233B-7-7, Snider, Catherine 38 yrs, Bav
219A-3-3, Snyder, Andrew 78 yrs, PA
219A-3-3, Snyder, Mary 70 yrs, PA
254A-7-7, Soleday, S. 19 yrs, PA
189A-1-1, Soliday, John 31 yrs, PA
189A-1-1, Soliday, Amy 33 yrs, PA
189A-1-1, Soliday, Talitha 9 yrs, PA
189A-1-1, Soliday, John T. 6 yrs, PA
189A-1-1, Soliday, James D. 3 yrs, PA
189A-1-1, Soliday, Daniel 68 yrs, PA
205B-6-x, Soliday, Rachel 17 yrs, PA
191A-2-2, Solleday, Jacob 33 yrs, PA
191A-2-2, Solleday, Isabella 23 yrs, OH
191A-2-2, Solleday, Lillbuner 4/12 yr, OH
224A-2-2, Somerson, George 24 yrs, Eng
205B-5-5, Somerville, Alex. 49 yrs, Scotland
205B-5-5, Somerville, Isabella 43 yrs, Scotland
205B-5-5, Somerville, Thomas 18 yrs, Scotland
205B-5-5, Somerville, William 16 yrs, Scotland
205B-5-5, Somerville, Alexander 14 yrs, PA
205B-5-5, Somerville, James B. 12 yrs, PA
205B-5-5, Somerville, John R. 10 yrs, PA
205B-5-5, Somerville, Hunter 8 yrs, PA
205B-5-5, Somerville, Walter P. 5 yrs, PA
190A-6-6, Sparling, William 23 yrs, Saxony
234B-5-5, Spaulding, Adam 58 yrs, Scot
234B-5-5, Spaulding, Jane 43 yrs, Scot
234B-5-5, Spaulding, Robert 21 yrs, Scot
234B-5-5, Spaulding, Margaret 17 yrs, Scot
234B-5-5, Spaulding, Adam 15 yrs, PA
234B-5-5, Spaulding, Alexander 12 yrs, PA
234B-5-5, Spaulding, Christena 7 yrs, PA
188A-3-3, Spearman, John 45 yrs, PA
188A-3-3, Spearman, Cordelia 37 yrs, NY
188A-3-3, Spearman, Eva 12 yrs, PA
188A-3-3, Spearman, Cloe 10 yrs, PA
188A-3-3, Spearman, Francis 7 yrs, PA
188A-3-3, Spearman, Benjamin 5 yrs, PA
188A-3-3, Spearman, Lucy 28 yrs, PA
190A-2-2, Spearman, S. 2/12 yr, PA
[for Spears, see also: Shears]
202B-5-5, Spears, Andrew 30 yrs, Scotland
202B-5-5, Spears, Elisabeth 24 yrs, Scotland
202B-5-5, Spears, Bessie 2 yrs, PA
202B-5-5, Spears, Annie 4/12 yr, PA
202B-5-5, Spears, Amy 4/12 yr, PA
196B-5-5, Speed, Oralando 50 yrs, NY
196B-5-5, Speed, Malinda 42 yrs, PA
196B-5-5, Speed, George 10 yrs, WI
196B-5-5, Speed, Julianne 7 yrs, IA
196B-5-5, Speed, Adelbert 5 yrs, PA
214B-1-1, Spence, William 22 yrs, PA
173A-7-7, Spencer, Uriah 30 yrs, Eng
173A-7-7, Spencer, Eliza 26 yrs, Eng
173A-7-7, Spencer, Mary 3 yrs, PA
173A-7-7, Spencer, Sarah 1 yrs, PA
221B-1-1, Spencer, Joseph 37 yrs, Eng
221B-1-1, Spencer, M**y 36 yrs, Eng
221B-1-1, Spencer, Frank 10 yrs, Eng
221B-1-1, Spencer, James 8 yrs, Eng
221B-1-1, Spencer, Uriah 6 yrs, Eng
221B-1-1, Spencer, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
249B-4-4, Spencer, J. W. 23 yrs, OH
230B-3-3, Sperring, Edward 28 yrs, PA
230B-3-3, Sperring, Jane 24 yrs, Scot
230B-3-3, Sperring, Prusilla 2 yrs, PA
230B-3-3, Sperring, Mary 1/12 yr, PA
202A-3-3, Sprinker, Peter 59 yrs, Prussia
202A-3-3, Sprinker, Barbara 20 yrs, Prussia
217B-3-3, SRilcorn, John 36 yrs, Eng clearly written "SRilcorn"
217B-3-3, SRilcorn, Allice 38 yrs, Eng clearly written "SRilcorn"
217B-3-3, SRilcorn, Anna 13 yrs, Eng clearly written "SRilcorn"
217B-3-3, SRilcorn, Elisabeth 1/12 yr, PA clearly written "SRilcorn"
215B-6-6, Stafford, John 50 yrs, PA
226A-3-3, Stafford, William 47 yrs, PA
226A-3-3, Stafford, Margaret 36 yrs, PA
226A-3-3, Stafford, Charles 14 yrs, PA
226A-3-3, Stafford, Medalaide 12 yrs, PA
226A-3-3, Stafford, Isophena 7 yrs, PA
226A-3-3, Stafford, Alla 3 yrs, PA
201B-2-2, Stailey, Jacob 24 yrs, Germany
176B-6-6, Stambough, Robt 26 yrs, PA
176B-6-6, Stambough, Mary 25 yrs, PA
176B-6-6, Stambough, Andrew 3 yrs, PA
176B-6-6, Stambough, Sarah J. 1 yrs, PA
180A-113-111, Stambough, David 29 yrs, PA
180A-113-111, Stambough, Betty A. 28 yrs, PA
180A-113-111, Stambough, Earl W. 4 yrs, PA
180A-113-111, Stambough, Jesse May 3 yrs, PA
180A-113-111, Stambough, William 2 yrs, PA
180A-113-111, Stambough, no name 2/12 yr, PA
183A-6-6, Stambough, George 43 yrs, PA
183A-6-6, Stambough, Eliza J. 27 yrs, Canada
183A-6-6, Stambough, Anna 2 yrs, PA
183A-6-6, Stambough, no name 1/12 yr, PA
192A-7-7, Stambough, Saml 55 yrs, OH
192A-7-7, Stambough, Phillip 52 yrs, OH
192A-7-7, Stambough, David 47 yrs, OH
192A-7-7, Stambough, Lyddia 40 yrs, PA
192A-7-7, Stambough, William 16 yrs, PA
266B-9-9, Stanfield, Alfred 30 yrs, Eng
266B-9-9, Stanfield, Anne 28 yrs, Eng
267A-9-9, Stanfield, Henry 5 yrs, Eng
267A-9-9, Stanfield, Saline 3? yrs, Eng
176B-7-7, Stank, Thomas 40 yrs, Scot, possibly "Stark"
176B-7-7, Stank, Elisabeth 33 yrs, Scot, possibly "Stark"
176B-7-7, Stank, James 11 yrs, PA, possibly "Stark"
176B-7-7, Stank, John 8 yrs, PA, possibly "Stark"
176B-7-7, Stank, Anna 6 yrs, PA, possibly "Stark"
176B-7-7, Stank, Margaret 3 yrs, PA, possibly "Stark"
176B-7-7, Stank, Agnes 7/12 yr, PA, possibly "Stark"
192B-1-1, Stanly, William 17 yrs, PA
242A-6-6, Stannard, Mathias 46 yrs, Bav
242A-6-6, Stannard, Susanna 39 yrs, Prus
242A-6-6, Stannard, Catherine 10 yrs, PA
242A-6-6, Stannard, Elisabeth 8 yrs, PA
242A-6-6, Stannard, Joseph 5 yrs, PA
242A-6-6, Stannard, Nicholas 3 yrs, PA
253A-10-10, Stannarel, Susan 13 yrs, NY
182A-6-5, Stanton, Henry 38 yrs, PA
182A-6-5, Stanton, Theresa 36 yrs, PA
182A-6-5, Stanton, Theresa 14 yrs, PA
182A-6-5, Stanton, Isaac 12 yrs, PA
182A-6-5, Stanton, Adonira 7 yrs, PA
182A-6-5, Stanton, Nancy May 3 yrs, PA
182A-6-5, Stanton, Lida 8/12 yr, PA
252B-5-5, Stanton, J. W. 29 yrs, PA
252B-5-5, Stanton, Angeline 28 yrs, PA
252B-5-5, Stanton, Ellen 9 yrs, PA
252B-5-5, Stanton, Charleotte 4 yrs, PA
252B-5-5, Stanton, Cecelia 2 yrs, PA
252B-5-5, Stanton, Wm 37 yrs, PA
252B-5-5, Stanton, Charlotte 68 yrs, PA
252B-5-5, Stanton, Theodorie 40 yrs, PA
261B-1-1, Stanton, Phillip 34 yrs, Ire
261B-1-1, Stanton, Catharine 20 yrs, Ire
261B-10-10, Stanton, Mich. 48 yrs, Ire
261B-10-10, Stanton, Mary 40 yrs, Ire
262A-10-10, Stanton, Mary 14 yrs, Eng
262A-10-10, Stanton, Henry 12 yrs, Eng
262A-10-10, Stanton, Bernard 9 yrs, NJ
262A-10-10, Stanton, Michael 4 yrs, PA
185A-2-2, Stantorf, Jacob 35 yrs, PA
185A-2-2, Stantorf, Mary 32 yrs, PA
185A-2-2, Stantorf, Emerson 12 yrs, PA
185A-2-2, Stantorf, Synthia 9 yrs, OH
185A-2-2, Stantorf, William 4 yrs, OH
185A-2-2, Stantorf, Benjamin 1 yrs, PA
185A-5-5, Starkey, Joseph 45 yrs, Eng
185A-5-5, Starkey, Matilda 43 yrs, Eng
185A-5-5, Starkey, Martha 17 yrs, OH
185A-5-5, Starkey, Carrie 9 yrs, OH
244A-3-3, Stechon, Anthony 32 yrs, Wirtemberg
244A-3-3, Stechon, Ursula 31 yrs, Wirtemberg
244A-3-3, Stechon, Victoria 5 yrs, Wirtemberg
247B-5-5, Stenger, Wm 49 yrs, PA
247B-5-5, Stenger, Isabella 45 yrs, PA
247B-5-5, Stenger, Edward 18 yrs, PA
247B-5-5, Stenger, Caroline 21 yrs, PA
247B-5-5, Stenger, Franklin 17 yrs, PA
247B-5-5, Stenger, Adam 15 yrs, PA
247B-5-5, Stenger, Oliver 12 yrs, PA
247B-5-5, Stenger, Wm 8 yrs, PA
247B-5-5, Stenger, Chas. 5 yrs, PA
247B-5-5, Stenger, no name 1/12 yr, PA
224A-5-5, Steoh, John 40 yrs, Prus, possibly "Sporie"
263B-4-4, Stephenson, Nelly 19 yrs, Scot
200A-4-4, Sterling, James 22 yrs, Scot
237B-2-2, Stevens, Richard 37 yrs, Wales
237B-2-2, Stevens, Margaret 38 yrs, PA
237B-2-2, Stevens, Emeline 12 yrs, PA
237B-2-2, Stevens, James 7 yrs, PA
237B-2-2, Stevens, Robert 4 yrs, PA
237B-2-2, Stevens, Flora 1 yrs, PA
223B-2-2, Steward, Louis 47 yrs, Scot
223B-2-2, Steward, Jane 48 yrs, Scot
223B-2-2, Steward, Stephen 24 yrs, Scot
223B-2-2, Steward, William 22 yrs, Scot
223B-2-2, Steward, Nicholas 17 yrs, Scot
223B-2-2, Steward, Maron 10 yrs, Scot
223B-2-2, Steward, David 13 yrs, Scot
223B-2-2, Steward, Louis 5 yrs, Scot
223B-2-2, Steward, Matilda 2 yrs, Scot
223B-3-3, Steward, Archibald 38 yrs, Scot surname left blank, probably Steward
223B-3-3, Steward, Isbella 35 yrs, Scot surname left blank, probably Steward
223B-3-3, Steward, Maron 15 yrs, Scot surname left blank, probably Steward
223B-3-3, Steward, Andrew 12 yrs, Scot surname left blank, probably Steward
223B-3-3, Steward, John 8 yrs, Scot surname left blank, probably Steward
223B-3-3, Steward, Jennet 5 yrs, Scot surname left blank, probably Steward
223B-3-3, Steward, Magdalean 3 yrs, Scot surname left blank, probably Steward
223B-3-3, Steward, Isabella 1 yrs, PA surname left blank, probably Steward
232A-5-5, Steward, Robert 46 yrs, PA
232A-5-5, Steward, Mary 45 yrs, PA
232A-5-5, Steward, Dewitt 18 yrs, PA
232A-5-5, Steward, Elmer 8 yrs, PA
176B-1-1, Stewart, John 31 yrs, PA
176B-1-1, Stewart, Rose 32 yrs, PA
176B-1-1, Stewart, James 7 yrs, PA
176B-1-1, Stewart, John R. 7 yrs, PA
176B-1-1, Stewart, Charles 3 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Stewart, M. G. 38 yrs, PA
192A-1-1, Stewart, William 61 yrs, Ire
192A-1-1, Stewart, Mary 47 yrs, Ire
192A-1-1, Stewart, Henry 63 yrs, Ire
192A-1-1, Stewart, William 12 yrs, PA
198A-4-3, Stewart, Henry 35 yrs, P. E. I. Prince Edward Island
198A-4-3, Stewart, Matilda 36 yrs, P. E. I. Prince Edward Island
198A-4-3, Stewart, Esther 9 yrs, P. E. I. Prince Edward Island
198A-4-3, Stewart, William 10/12 yr, PA Prince Edward Island
204B-6-6, Stewart, James 63 yrs, PA
204B-6-6, Stewart, Margaret 62 yrs, PA
204B-6-6, Stewart, William 35 yrs, PA
204B-6-6, Stewart, Emely 26 yrs, PA
214A-3-3, Stewart, Janie 50 yrs, OH
214B-3-3, Stewart, James 42 yrs, PA
214B-3-3, Stewart, Lavina 37 yrs, PA
214B-3-3, Stewart, Henry 12 yrs, MN
214B-3-3, Stewart, Maries 11 yrs, MN
214B-3-3, Stewart, Elisabeth 28 yrs, PA
221A-1-1, Stewart, Maggie 16 yrs, PA
221B-4-4, Stewart, John 24 yrs, PA
221B-4-4, Stewart, Elisabeth 25 yrs, PA
221B-4-4, Stewart, James 2 yrs, PA
221B-4-4, Stewart, Mary 6/12 yr, PA
221B-5-5, Stewart, Lucinda 28 yrs, PA
234A-3-3, Stewart, John 27 yrs, Scot
234A-3-3, Stewart, Steven 24 yrs, Scot
237B-4-4, Stewart, J. W. 28 yrs, PA
237B-4-4, Stewart, Jenny 28 yrs, PA
237B-4-4, Stewart, M. E. 36 yrs, PA
250A-6-6, Stewart, Henry 35 yrs, Eng
233A-3-3, Stilts, Joseph 25 yrs, PA
233A-3-3, Stilts, Jane 23 yrs, PA
233A-3-3, Stilts, Charles 4 yrs, PA
233A-3-3, Stilts, Ellen 2 yrs, PA
237A-6-6, Stinger, Adam 15 yrs, PA
254B-2-2, Stokes, Jas. H. 38 yrs, PA
254B-2-2, Stokes, Anna 34 yrs, PA
254B-2-2, Stokes, Harry 12 yrs, PA
254B-2-2, Stokes, Chas. 10 yrs, PA
254B-2-2, Stokes, Maria 7 yrs, PA
254B-2-2, Stokes, Wm 1 yrs, PA
202B-2-2, Stone, Hannah 35 yrs, England
202B-2-2, Stone, Joseph 18 yrs, England
202B-2-2, Stone, William 13 yrs, England
202B-2-2, Stone, Harriett 9 yrs, England
202B-2-2, Stone, Mary 6 yrs, PA
202B-2-2, Stone, Thomas 4 yrs, PA
203A-8-8, Stone, Thomas 32 yrs, Eng.
203A-8-8, Stone, Ellen 32 yrs, Eng.
203A-8-8, Stone, Mary 11 yrs, Eng.
203A-8-8, Stone, George 6 yrs, Eng.
203A-8-8, Stone, Ellen 3 yrs, Eng.
220A-5-5, Stone, Isaac 27 yrs, Eng
220A-5-5, Stone, Susanna 27 yrs, PA
220A-5-5, Stone, Sarah 6 yrs, PA
225A-1-1, Stone, William 29 yrs, Eng
264A-1-1, Stone, Stephen 32 yrs, PA
264A-1-1, Stone, Mary 28 yrs, PA
264A-1-1, Stone, Katy 3 yrs, PA
264A-4-4, Stone, E. 34 yrs, PA
264A-4-4, Stone, Rachel 21 yrs, PA
264A-4-4, Stone, Sarah 3 yrs, PA
264A-4-4, Stone, Anna M. 2 yrs, PA
264A-4-4, Stone, Wm 1/12 yr, PA
225B-2-2, StoneMonal, John 37 yrs, Scot
229A-1-1, Storaley, Thomas 35 yrs, Eng, possibly "Stonaley"
229A-1-1, Storaley, Martha 44 yrs, Eng, possibly "Stonaley"
229A-1-1, Storaley, Edward 11 yrs, Eng, possibly "Stonaley"
229A-1-1, Storaley, James 9 yrs, Eng, possibly "Stonaley"
248A-8-8, Stothart, Danl 60 yrs, Eng
199B-6-6, Stott, James 45 yrs, Eng
199B-6-6, Stott, Margaret 35 yrs, Eng
236B-4-4, Stout, Leonard 73 yrs, Bav
236B-4-4, Stout, Caroline 50 yrs, Bav
181B-5-5, Stow, Conrad 23 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, Leah 26 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, Mary 5 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, Harvey 3 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, Sarah J. 1 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, James 76 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, Mary 62 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, McCormick 40 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, Mary 25 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, Angeline 22 yrs, PA
181B-5-5, Stow, John 21 yrs, PA
265A-6-6, Streatman, Herman 28 yrs, Prus
265A-6-6, Streatman, Anna 27 yrs, Prus
265A-6-6, Streatman, Anna 4 yrs, Prus
265A-6-6, Streatman, Lena 2 yrs, PA
265A-6-6, Streatman, Frederick 1/12 yr, OH
187B-2-2, Street, Lee 44 yrs, Eng
187B-2-2, Street, Elisabeth 26 yrs, Eng
187B-2-2, Street, Edward 6 yrs, Eng
187B-2-2, Street, Sarah 2 yrs, PA
261A-7-7, Stroken, Fred. 24 yrs, Switz.
238B-3-3, Struble, Jacob 25 yrs, Bav
175A-8-8, Stupee, Jacob 25 yrs, Bav
175A-8-8, Stupee, Barbara 70 yrs, Bav
242B-5-5, Stuper, John 31 yrs, Bav
242B-5-5, Stuper, Clara 22 yrs, Bav
242B-5-5, Stuper, Elisabeth 6/12 yr, PA
227B-1-1, Sulleff, Edmond 25 yrs, PA, possibly "Sutleff"
227B-1-1, Sulleff, Mary 26 yrs, PA, possibly "Sutleff"
227B-1-1, Sulleff, John 4 yrs, PA, possibly "Sutleff"
227B-1-1, Sulleff, Joseph 2 yrs, PA, possibly "Sutleff"
182B-2-2, Sullivan, Dennis 28 yrs, Ire
182B-2-2, Sullivan, Bridget 30 yrs, Ire
182B-2-2, Sullivan, Ellen 11 yrs, PA
258A-8-8, Sullivan, Timothy 40 yrs, Ireland
258A-8-8, Sullivan, Eliza 30 yrs, Ire
258A-8-8, Sullivan, Anna 2 yrs, PA
263A-5-5, Sullivan, Jno 47 yrs, Ire
263A-5-5, Sullivan, Mary 42 yrs, Ire
263A-5-5, Sullivan, Mich. 16 yrs, Wales
263A-5-5, Sullivan, Mary 13 yrs, Wales
263A-5-5, Sullivan, Elizabeth 8 yrs, Wales
[for Sunday, see also: Sanday]
179B-5-5, Sunday, Jacob 42 yrs, Bav
179B-5-5, Sunday, Elisabeth 45 yrs, Bav
179B-5-5, Sunday, Caroline 14 yrs, PA
179B-5-5, Sunday, Elisabeth 13 yrs, PA
179B-5-5, Sunday, Christian 9 yrs, PA
179B-5-5, Sunday, Catherine 4 yrs, PA
212A-6-6, Sutherland, John 31 yrs, Scotland
212A-6-6, Sutherland, Jane 35 yrs, Scotland
212A-7-7, Sutherland, Rosanah 8 yrs, Scotland
[for Sutleff, see also: Sulleff]
227A-6-6, Sutleff, John 30 yrs, Eng
227A-6-6, Sutleff, Anna 24 yrs, Eng
227B-6-6, Sutleff, Allice 4 yrs, PA
227B-6-6, Sutleff, Jane 1 yrs, PA
198A-3-2, Swan, John 38 yrs, Scot
198A-3-2, Swan, Elisabeth 38 yrs, Scot
198A-3-2, Swan, John 9 yrs, Scot
198A-3-2, Swan, Robert 7 yrs, Scot
198A-3-2, Swan, Thomas 5 yrs, Scot
198A-3-2, Swan, David 2 yrs, IL
198A-3-2, Swan, Elisabeth 2/12 yr, PA
245B-7-7, Swan, James 30 yrs, Scot
245B-7-7, Swan, Anna 28 yrs, Scot
245B-7-7, Swan, Anna 5 yrs, Scot
245B-7-7, Swan, Jennet 4 yrs, Scot
245B-7-7, Swan, Isabella 1 yrs, PA
245B-7-7, Swan, George 1/12 yr, PA
214B-7-7, Swartz, George 25 yrs, PA
256B-8-8, Swastout, A. P. 53 yrs, NY
256B-8-8, Swastout, Nancy 50 yrs, NH
256B-8-8, Swastout, Adriel 18 yrs, PA
203A-3-3, Sweet, Cabeb 28 yrs, Eng.
203A-3-3, Sweet, Mariah 27 yrs, Eng.
203A-3-3, Sweet, William 2 yrs, Wales
203A-3-3, Sweet, Emely 1/12 yr, PA
205A-5-5, Sweever, Oliver 30 yrs, PA
205A-6-x, Sweever, Alexander 26 yrs, PA
233B-4-4, Swest, William 28 yrs, Eng
233B-4-4, Swest, Grace 19 yrs, Eng
233B-4-4, Swest, Aura 2 yrs, PA
182A-8-7, Swezy, John 27 yrs, PA
182A-8-7, Swezy, Adelia 27 yrs, OH
254A-5-5, Sylvan, Mich. 30 yrs, Scot
228B-6-6, Tailor, T John 30 yrs, Eng
258A-6-6, Tailor, Wm 28 yrs, PA
258A-6-6, Tailor, Sarah 30 yrs, PA
258A-6-6, Tailor, Selas 13 yrs, PA
249A-10-10, Tait, John 43 yrs, PA
249A-10-10, Tait, Jane 40 yrs, PA
249A-10-10, Tait, Sarah 16 yrs, PA
249B-10-10, Tait, William 15 yrs, PA
249B-10-10, Tait, Julia 9 yrs, PA
249B-10-10, Tait, Elva 4 yrs, PA
249B-10-10, Tait, Alfred 2 yrs, PA
249B-10-10, Tait, no name 2/12 yr, PA
194B-1-1, Tatlerson, John 28 yrs, Scotland
194B-1-1, Tatlerson, Eupheme 26 yrs, Scotland
194B-1-1, Tatlerson, Henry 4 yrs, Scotland
194B-1-1, Tatlerson, Eupheme 2 yrs, Scotland
229B-1-1, Tauks, Richard 28 yrs, Eng, possibly "Tanks"
229B-1-1, Tauks, Ellen 21 yrs, Eng, possibly "Tanks"
177A-2-2, Taylor, John 37 yrs, Eng
177A-2-2, Taylor, Sarah 38 yrs, Eng
177A-2-2, Taylor, James 11 yrs, PA
177A-2-2, Taylor, Samuel 9 yrs, PA
177A-2-2, Taylor, Henry 7 yrs, PA
177A-2-2, Taylor, Hannah 3 yrs, PA
199B-7-7, Taylor, Marthew 23 yrs, Eng
199B-7-7, Taylor, Aunice 23 yrs, Eng
199B-7-7, Taylor, James 2 yrs, PA
199B-7-7, Taylor, Mary 3/12 yr, PA
217B-6-6, Taylor, John 33 yrs, Scot
218A-6-6, Taylor, Joseph 23 yrs, Scot
220B-2-2, Taylor, James 29 yrs, Eng
220B-2-2, Taylor, Mary 24 yrs, OH
220B-2-2, Taylor, Joseph 4 yrs, OH
220B-2-2, Taylor, Jasper 2 yrs, OH
220B-2-2, Taylor, Mary 1 yrs, OH
228B-6-6, Taylor, Thomas 26 yrs, Eng
228B-6-6, Taylor, Agnes 24 yrs, Scot
228B-6-6, Taylor, Mary 2 yrs, Scot
228B-6-6, Taylor, Anna 5/12 yr, PA
229B-7-7, Taylor, John 39 yrs, Eng
229B-7-7, Taylor, Anne 29 yrs, PA
229B-7-7, Taylor, George 8 yrs, PA
229B-7-7, Taylor, Molly 4 yrs, PA
229B-7-7, Taylor, Ellen 4/12 yr, PA
240B-4-4, Taylor, Anne 12 yrs, OH
255A-1-1, Taylor, Nancy 22 yrs, PA
263B-8-8, Taylor, Thos. 24 yrs, MD
247A-7-7, Temple, Jno. 29 yrs, Scot
247A-7-7, Temple, Joanna 25 yrs, Scot
247A-7-7, Temple, John 6 yrs, Scot
247A-7-7, Temple, Elisabeth 4 yrs, PA
247A-7-7, Temple, Mary 4/12 yr, PA
257B-8-8, Templeton, E. 48 yrs, PA
257B-8-8, Templeton, Mary 46 yrs, PA
258A-8-8, Templeton, Mary 21 yrs, PA
258A-8-8, Templeton, Sophia 18 yrs, PA
241A-3-3, Tenant, James 33 yrs, Scot
232B-2-2, Tezeze, James 21 yrs, Eng
188A-2-2, Thocknessy, Michael 27 yrs, Ire
222B-6-6, Thomas, Saml. 26 yrs, Eng
222B-6-6, Thomas, Jane 25 yrs, PA
222B-7-7, Thomas, Henry 26 yrs, Wales
222B-7-7, Thomas, Anna 53 yrs, Wales
222B-7-7, Thomas, William 29 yrs, Wales
222B-7-7, Thomas, Windan 20 yrs, Wales
222B-7-7, Thomas, Anna 12 yrs, Wales
248A-3-3, Thomas, Rebecca 30 yrs, PA
248A-3-3, Thomas, Charles 6 yrs, PA
176A-2-2, Thompson, William 34 yrs, Scot
176A-2-2, Thompson, Margaret 30 yrs, PA
176A-2-2, Thompson, Anna 4 yrs, PA
176A-2-2, Thompson, Georgianna 2 yrs, PA
176A-2-2, Thompson, Arch. 3/12 yr, PA
176B-3-3, Thompson, James 28 yrs, Scot
176B-3-3, Thompson, Mary 27 yrs, Scot
176B-3-3, Thompson, James 6 yrs, PA
176B-3-3, Thompson, Agnes 9/12 yr, PA
180A-112-110, Thompson, Jesse 25 yrs, PA
180A-112-110, Thompson, Izora 20 yrs, PA
180A-112-110, Thompson, Kate 4 yrs, PA
180A-112-110, Thompson, Ida 2 yrs, PA
180A-112-110, Thompson, John H. 20 yrs, PA
194A-1-1, Thompson, J. W. 36 yrs, PA
194A-1-1, Thompson, Mary A. 31 yrs, OH
194A-1-1, Thompson, Frank 8 yrs, IA
194A-1-1, Thompson, July 5 yrs, IA
194A-1-1, Thompson, Lenova 3 yrs, PA
194A-1-1, Thompson, Jenny 6/12 yr, PA
197B-3-3, Thompson, Anna 13 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Thompson, Robt 60 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Thompson, Jane 63 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Thompson, John 38 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Thompson, James 24 yrs, PA
199A-7-7, Thompson, James M. 5 yrs, PA
202B-7-7, Thompson, Calvin 33 yrs, PA
202B-7-7, Thompson, Leah 28 yrs, England
202B-7-7, Thompson, Maragret 8 yrs, PA
202B-7-7, Thompson, Jane 6 yrs, PA
202B-7-7, Thompson, Burton 1 yrs, PA
203B-5-5, Thompson, Joseph 28 yrs, PA
203B-5-5, Thompson, Hannah 23f yrs, PA
203B-5-5, Thompson, Florra 4 yrs, PA
205A-5-5, Thompson, Agnes 12 yrs, Scotland
206B-4-4, Thompson, Camel 31 yrs, PA
206B-4-4, Thompson, Louisa 27 yrs, PA
206B-4-4, Thompson, Naomie 8 yrs, PA
206B-4-4, Thompson, Robert 6 yrs, PA
206B-4-4, Thompson, Jesse 3 yrs, PA
206B-4-4, Thompson, Sarah E. 10/12 yr, PA
210A-7-7, Thompson, J. W. 43 yrs, NY
210A-7-7, Thompson, Elisabeth 46 yrs, PA
210A-7-7, Thompson, James W. 22 yrs, PA
210A-7-7, Thompson, Martha 16 yrs, PA
210A-7-7, Thompson, Emma 14 yrs, PA
210A-7-7, Thompson, Elisabeth 14 yrs, PA
210A-7-7, Thompson, Adaline 18 yrs, PA
212A-7-7, Thompson, William 27 yrs, Scotland
227B-7-7, Thompson, William 35 yrs, PA
227B-7-7, Thompson, Sarah 34 yrs, PA
227B-7-7, Thompson, James 10 yrs, PA
227B-7-7, Thompson, Allice 8 yrs, PA
227B-7-7, Thompson, Joseph 6 yrs, PA
227B-7-7, Thompson, Lyddia 4 yrs, PA
228A-7-7, Thompson, Wm 2 yrs, PA
251A-2-2, Thompson, Mary 26 yrs, PA
251A-2-2, Thompson, Harry 9 yrs, PA
251A-2-2, Thompson, Lilly 5 yrs, PA
252A-7-7, Thompson, Wm 36 yrs, PA
252A-7-7, Thompson, Eliza 40 yrs, PA
252A-7-7, Thompson, Mary 8 yrs, PA
252A-7-7, Thompson, Henry F. 7 yrs, PA
260B-2-2, Thornton, Ale*. 60 yrs, Scot, possibly "Shornton"
260B-2-2, Thornton, Mary M 59 yrs, Scot, possibly "Shornton"
260B-2-2, Thornton, Chas 20 yrs, OH, possibly "Shornton"
260B-2-2, Thornton, Mary 26 yrs, Scot, possibly "Shornton"
261B-8-8, Thornton, Jno 46 yrs, Ire
261B-8-8, Thornton, Bridget 42 yrs, Ire
261B-8-8, Thornton, Thos 21 yrs, PA
261B-8-8, Thornton, Harriett 19 yrs, PA
261B-8-8, Thornton, Jno 16 yrs, PA
261B-8-8, Thornton, Bridget 12 yrs, PA
261B-8-8, Thornton, Austin 9 yrs, PA
261B-8-8, Thornton, James 7 yrs, PA
261B-8-8, Thornton, Ellen 6/12 yr, PA
197A-1-1, Tier, Elisabeth 17 yrs, Isle of Man
206B-3-3, Tier, Henry 39 yrs, England
206B-3-3, Tier, Elisabeth 43 yrs, Isle of Man
206B-3-3, Tier, Mary Ann 18 yrs, Isle of Man
206B-3-3, Tier, William 13 yrs, England
206B-3-3, Tier, Catharine 5 yrs, England
206B-3-3, Tier, Jane 3 yrs, PA
206B-3-3, Tier, John J. 1 yrs, PA
257A-2-2, Tierney, Joyn 25 yrs, Ire, possibly "Lierney"
201B-1-1, Timmins, William 33 yrs, England
201B-1-1, Timmins, Pamler 33 yrs, England
201B-1-1, Timmins, Betsy 12 yrs, England
201B-1-1, Timmins, Joseph 36 yrs, England
201B-1-1, Timmins, Anne 36 yrs, England
201B-1-1, Timmins, Anny 7 yrs, England
186A-7-7, Timon, Timothy 26 yrs, Ireland
233A-7-7, Tinker, Mary 25 yrs, PA
173A-2-2, Titus, Tunis 25 yrs, PA
173A-2-2, Titus, Lyddia 25 yrs, PA
195B-4-4, Titus, Anna 63 yrs, PA
195B-4-4, Titus, Hiram 21 yrs, PA
199A-3-3, Titus, Archibald 37 yrs, PA
199A-3-3, Titus, Eliza 34 yrs, PA
199A-3-3, Titus, William 10 yrs, PA
199A-3-3, Titus, Mary 8 yrs, PA
199A-5-5, Titus, Elisabeth 61 yrs, PA
199A-5-5, Titus, Wilford 20 yrs, PA
199A-5-5, Titus, James 19 yrs, PA
199A-5-5, Titus, Ella 12 yrs, PA
199A-6-6, Titus, Isaiah 23 yrs, PA
199A-6-6, Titus, Mary 19 yrs, PA
237B-4-4, Titus, Naomi 14 yrs, PA, possibly "Titers"
242B-4-4, Titus, George 31 yrs, PA
242B-4-4, Titus, Amanda 28 yrs, PA
242B-4-4, Titus, Willliam 9 yrs, PA
242B-4-4, Titus, McClelland 7 yrs, PA
242B-4-4, Titus, Nelley 3 yrs, PA
242B-4-4, Titus, Anna 7/12 yr, PA
249B-3-3, Titus, James 51 yrs, PA
249B-3-3, Titus, Priscilla 48 yrs, PA
249B-3-3, Titus, Dewitt 17 yrs, PA
249B-3-3, Titus, Dewight 17 yrs, PA
249B-3-3, Titus, Mina 14 yrs, PA
249B-3-3, Titus, Freeman 12 yrs, PA
249B-3-3, Titus, Israel 10 yrs, PA
242A-1-1, Titzel, Daniel 13 yrs, PA
174A-2-2, Tizzer, Andrew 34 yrs, H. Darmstadt
174A-2-2, Tizzer, Mary J. 42 yrs, PA
174A-2-2, Tizzer, Andrew 18 yrs, PA
174A-2-2, Tizzer, Nancy J. 16 yrs, PA
174A-2-2, Tizzer, Mary 12 yrs, PA
174A-2-2, Tizzer, Anna 4 yrs, PA
174A-2-2, Tizzer, Elisabeth 1 yrs, PA
257B-5-5, Tol*a, Walter 27 yrs, PA
229B-6-6, Toll, Alexander 40 yrs, England
217A-4-4, Torrence, Archer 29 yrs, Ire
204A-6-6, Touks, William 30 yrs, Eng
204A-6-6, Touks, Harriett 29 yrs, Eng
204A-6-6, Touks, William 7 yrs, Eng
204A-6-6, Touks, Edward 3 yrs, PA
204A-3-3, Tregaskes, James 28 yrs, Eng
204A-3-3, Tregaskes, Anne 29 yrs, Wales
204A-3-3, Tregaskes, Mary 10 yrs, Eng
204A-3-3, Tregaskes, Janus 4 yrs, Wales, possibly James
231B-1-1, Treglove, Wm 24 yrs, Eng
176A-8-8, Troulman, John 52 yrs, Bav
176A-8-8, Troulman, Margaret 46 yrs, Bav
176A-8-8, Troulman, Charles 17 yrs, OH
176A-8-8, Troulman, John 15 yrs, PA
176A-8-8, Troulman, Frederick 10 yrs, PA
173A-1-1, Trout, Michael 59 yrs, PA
173A-1-1, Trout, Margaret 62 yrs, NJ
173A-1-1, Trout, Carver C. 24 yrs, PA
173A-3-3, Trout, George 62 yrs, PA
173A-3-3, Trout, Sarah 53 yrs, PA
173A-3-3, Trout, Jacob 25 yrs, PA
173A-3-3, Trout, Adelia 31 yrs, PA
181A-2-2, Trout, Henry 56 yrs, PA
183A-5-5, Trout, Jacob 46 yrs, PA
183A-5-5, Trout, Sarah 40 yrs, PA
183A-5-5, Trout, William 18 yrs, PA
183A-5-5, Trout, Nancy 16 yrs, PA
183A-5-5, Trout, Michael 13 yrs, PA
183A-5-5, Trout, Mary 12 yrs, PA
183A-5-5, Trout, Ida May 9 yrs, PA
183A-5-5, Trout, George 2 yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Trout, Olavia 43 yrs, PA
255A-6-6, Trout, Cordelia 32 yrs, PA
193B-7-7, Troutman, Amanda 18 yrs, PA
194A-7-7, Troutman, Elisabeth 44 yrs, NJ
242A-2-2, Troutman, Jos. 49 yrs, PA
242A-2-2, Troutman, Nancy 43 yrs, PA
242A-2-2, Troutman, Alferetta 21 yrs, PA
242A-2-2, Troutman, Perry 19 yrs, PA
242A-3-3, Troutman, John 39 yrs, PA
242A-3-3, Troutman, Elisabeth 29 yrs, Eng
242A-3-3, Troutman, Harvey 10 yrs, PA
242A-3-3, Troutman, Charles 7 yrs, PA
242A-3-3, Troutman, Willks 5 yrs, PA
242A-3-3, Troutman, Ninny 3 yrs, PA
242A-3-3, Troutman, George 8/12 yr, PA
242A-4-4, Troutman, Geo. 77 yrs, PA
242A-4-4, Troutman, Mary 68 yrs, PA
252B-10-10, Troutman, Valentine 48 yrs, PA
252B-10-10, Troutman, Sarah 45 yrs, PA
253A-10-10, Troutman, Emma 11 yrs, PA
253A-10-10, Troutman, George 5 yrs, PA
204B-2-2, Tumer, Patrick 32 yrs, Ire
235B-4-4, Tyrrell, John 24 yrs, Canada
235B-4-4, Tyrrell, Eupheme 24 yrs, PA
235B-4-4, Tyrrell, Jesse 3 yrs, PA
188B-4-4, Uber, Perry 20 yrs, PA
257B-5-5, Uber, P. C. 25 yrs, PA
257A-4-4, Ufering, Anna 15 yrs, Bav, possibly "Oltmire"
224A-4-4, Ulrich, Henry 25 yrs, Prus
224A-4-4, Ulrich, Elisabeth 18 yrs, Prus
226A-6-6, Ulrich, John 27 yrs, Prus
226A-6-6, Ulrich, Elisabeth 26 yrs, Scot
226A-6-6, Ulrich, Henry 4 yrs, PA
226A-6-6, Ulrich, Elisabeth 2 yrs, PA
226A-6-6, Ulrich, Robert 1 yrs, PA
180A-108-106, Umphrey, James 15 yrs, PA
180A-108-106, Umphrey, William 14 yrs, PA
180A-108-106, Umphrey, Edward 18 yrs, PA
234A-3-3, Umphrey, Edward 45 yrs, Wales
218B-2-2, Underwood, Aquilla 25 yrs, Eng
218B-2-2, Underwood, Anna 30 yrs, Wales
218B-2-2, Underwood, Catherine 12 yrs, PA
218B-2-2, Underwood, John 6 yrs, PA
218B-2-2, Underwood, Mariah 3 yrs, PA
182B-1-1, Upp, Enoch 53 yrs, OH
182B-1-1, Upp, Phebe 54 yrs, NJ
182B-1-1, Upp, Ellen 20 yrs, PA
182B-1-1, Upp, Belle 18 yrs, PA
182B-1-1, Upp, Gertrude 15 yrs, PA
238A-2-2, Urey, James 19 yrs, PA
191A-4-4, Urick, John 47 yrs, Germany
267A-6-6, Urinson, Jno. 26 yrs, OH
267A-6-6, Urinson, Mary 24 yrs, PA
267A-6-6, Urinson, Edward 2 yrs, PA
267A-6-6, Urinson, Jessee 11/12 yr, PA
268B-3-3, Urmson, Thomas 46 yrs, Eng
268B-3-3, Urmson, Allice 45 yrs, Eng
268B-3-3, Urmson, Joseph 10 yrs, PA
268B-3-3, Urmson, Jenny 8 yrs, PA
268B-3-3, Urmson, Allice 6 yrs, PA
202B-4-4, Uvink, Joseph 45 yrs, Prussia, possibly Wink, Urink
202B-4-4, Uvink, Mary 38 yrs, Prussia, possibly Wink, Urink
202B-4-4, Uvink, Mariah 12 yrs, Prussia, possibly Wink, Urink
202B-4-4, Uvink, John 10 yrs, Prussia, possibly Wink, Urink
202B-4-4, Uvink, Katey 6 yrs, Prussia, possibly Wink, Urink
202B-4-4, Uvink, Margarett 4 yrs, PA, possibly Wink, Urink
202B-4-4, Uvink, Henry 1 yrs, PA, possibly Wink, Urink
195B-1-1, Valley, Sarah 63 yrs, Ire
177B-5-5, Vanderholt, Charles 16 yrs, PA
189A-3-3, Vandoosen, Francis 28 yrs, NY
189A-3-3, Vandoosen, Anna 22 yrs, PA
189A-3-3, Vandoosen, Louisa 10/12 yr, PA
192A-9-9, Vanhorn, Hiram 39 yrs, PA
192A-9-9, Vanhorn, Gracy 39 yrs, PA
192A-9-9, Vanhorn, Nancy 18 yrs, PA
192A-9-9, Vanhorn, Olive A. 16 yrs, PA
192B-9-9, Vanhorn, Martha 13 yrs, PA
192B-9-9, Vanhorn, Geo. W. 11 yrs, PA
192B-9-9, Vanhorn, Harriet 9 yrs, PA
192B-9-9, Vanhorn, Mary E. 7 yrs, PA
192B-9-9, Vanhorn, Rachel A. 3 yrs, PA
210B-6-6, Vanhorn, Lotta 14 yrs, PA
248A-3-3, Vanhorn, Isaac 50 yrs, PA
248A-5-5, Vanhorn, Gettys 21 yrs, PA
248A-5-5, Vanhorn, Loderna 17 yrs, PA, possibly "Lodema"
248A-5-5, Vanhorn, Wm 1 yrs, PA
257A-8-8, Vankerpath, Jas. 25 yrs, PA
216A-9-9, Veach, Robert 28 yrs, Scotland
216A-9-9, Veach, Isabella 19 yrs, Scotland
216A-9-9, Veach, Andrew 5/12 yr, PA
258A-7-7, Vellancy, Frances 10 yrs, Eng
234A-3-3, Venotta, Alvin 19 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Vern, Alex. 22 yrs, Scot
254A-5-5, Vern, Alex 18 yrs, Scot
222A-3-3, Vick, Justus 34 yrs, Scot
254B-3-3, Vintor, J. G. 24 yrs, Wales
254B-3-3, Vintor, Matilda 48 yrs, PA
254B-3-3, Vintor, Mary 22 yrs, PA
254B-3-3, Vintor, Clara 15 yrs, OH
254B-3-3, Vintor, Jno 12 yrs, OH
254B-3-3, Vintor, Lotta 11 yrs, OH
254B-3-3, Vintor, Emma 8 yrs, OH
254B-3-3, Vintor, George 6 yrs, OH
188A-4-4, Visher, Frank 25 yrs, PA
189B-5-5, Vissond, Sarah 29 yrs, Eng
216A-1-1, Wagenman, William 21 yrs, PA
216A-1-1, Wagenman, Eliza 21 yrs, England
179B-3-3, Wagner, Catherine 46 yrs, Bav
179B-3-3, Wagner, Peter 17 yrs, PA
179B-3-3, Wagner, Jacob 15 yrs, PA
179B-3-3, Wagner, Caroline 11 yrs, PA
179B-3-3, Wagner, George 9 yrs, PA
207B-2-2, Wagner, Charlotte 56 yrs, Bav
231A-2-2, Wagner, Daniel 22 yrs, Bav
188A-1-1, Walk, Jacob 30 yrs, PA
188A-1-1, Walk, Anna 32 yrs, PA
197B-1-1, Walkenshaw, Wm 34 yrs, Scot
197B-1-1, Walkenshaw, Mary 30 yrs, Scot
197B-1-1, Walkenshaw, George 7 yrs, PA
197B-1-1, Walkenshaw, Charles 5 yrs, PA
197B-1-1, Walkenshaw, Barbara 3 yrs, PA
197B-1-1, Walkenshaw, Margaret 5/12 yr, PA
[for Walker, see also: Wolker]
189A-5-5, Walker, Andw 24 yrs, PA
189B-4-4, Walker, John 40 yrs, PA
189B-4-4, Walker, Malinda 33 yrs, PA
189B-4-4, Walker, Mary 5 yrs, PA
194B-8-8, Walkins, Francis 23 yrs, Wales
177B-7-7, Wallace, Robert 74 yrs, Ire.
177B-7-7, Wallace, Margaret 65 yrs, Scot.
200A-4-4, Wallace, John 37 yrs, Ire
200A-4-4, Wallace, Agnes 37 yrs, Scot
200A-4-4, Wallace, John 13 yrs, OH
200A-4-4, Wallace, Belle 4 yrs, OH
268B-4-4, Wallace, Saml. 39 yrs, Scot
268B-4-4, Wallace, Ellen 37 yrs, Scot
268B-4-4, Wallace, James 13 yrs, Scot
268B-4-4, Wallace, Robt 7 yrs, Scot
268B-4-4, Wallace, Saml 5 yrs, PA
268B-4-4, Wallace, Elizabeth 3 yrs, PA
262B-4-4, Walp, Sarah 23 yrs, PA
209B-6-6, Walwork, James 30 yrs, Eng
209B-6-6, Walwork, Louisa 25 yrs, Eng
209B-6-6, Walwork, Anna 3 yrs, Eng
209B-6-6, Walwork, Emily 1 yrs, PA
191A-4-4, Ward, John 40 yrs, Ire
185B-7-7, Warton, John 13 yrs, PA
185B-7-7, Warton, Michael 60 yrs, Ire
184B-2-2, Watson, Thomas 35 yrs, PA
176A-6-6, Weasel, Valentine 57 yrs, Bav
176A-6-6, Weasel, Margaret 49 yrs, Bav
176A-6-6, Weasel, John 23 yrs, PA
176A-6-6, Weasel, George 21 yrs, PA
176A-6-6, Weasel, Elisabeth 19 yrs, PA
176A-6-6, Weasel, Mary 14 yrs, PA
243A-4-4, Weasen, Peter 47 yrs, Prus
243A-4-4, Weasen, Mary 39 yrs, Bav
243A-4-4, Weasen, Nicholas 16 yrs, NY
243A-4-4, Weasen, Peter 13 yrs, NY
243A-4-4, Weasen, Catherine 12 yrs, NY
243A-4-4, Weasen, Mary 10 yrs, NY
243A-4-4, Weasen, John 7 yrs, NY
243A-4-4, Weasen, Elisabeth 6 yrs, NY
243A-4-4, Weasen, Frankle 4 yrs, PA
243A-4-4, Weasen, Rosa 11/12 yr, PA
242B-6-6, Weason, John 26 yrs, Prus
242B-6-6, Weason, Elisabeth 22 yrs, Bav
242B-6-6, Weason, Catherine 4 yrs, PA
242B-6-6, Weason, Nicholas 3 yrs, PA
242B-6-6, Weason, Elisabeth 1 yrs, PA
242B-7-7, Weason, Nicholas 30 yrs, Prus
242B-7-7, Weason, Anna 26 yrs, Bav
242B-7-7, Weason, John 7 yrs, PA
243B-8-8, Weason, Mathias 45 yrs, Prus
243B-8-8, Weason, Anna 44 yrs, Prus
243B-8-8, Weason, Mary 13 yrs, Prus
243B-8-8, Weason, Lena 12 yrs, PA
243B-8-8, Weason, Nicholas 10 yrs, PA
243B-8-8, Weason, John 7 yrs, PA
244A-8-8, Weason, Mathias 5 yrs, PA
244A-8-8, Weason, Peter 3 yrs, PA
204A-4-4, Webb, James 29 yrs, Eng
245B-5-5, Webster, Archibald 38 yrs, Scot
245B-5-5, Webster, Jane 38 yrs, Scot
245B-5-5, Webster, Mary 5 yrs, Scot
245B-5-5, Webster, James 2 yrs, PA
246A-1-1, Webster, David 29 yrs, Scot
246A-1-1, Webster, Margaret 29 yrs, PA
246A-1-1, Webster, Anne 10 yrs, PA
246A-1-1, Webster, Maggie 5 yrs, PA
246A-1-1, Webster, Catherine 5 yrs, PA
246A-1-1, Webster, James 2 yrs, PA
246A-1-1, Webster, William 9/12 yr, PA
246A-1-1, Webster, Annie 9 yrs, PA
242B-3-3, Weesen, Peter 30 yrs, Prus
242B-3-3, Weesen, Mary 29 yrs, Prus
242B-3-3, Weesen, Barbara 7 yrs, PA
242B-3-3, Weesen, Mathias 5 yrs, PA
242B-3-3, Weesen, Anna 3 yrs, PA
242B-3-3, Weesen, Mary 1 yrs, PA
187A-6-6, Welch, Patrick 30 yrs, MA
187A-6-6, Welch, Mary 27 yrs, Eng
187B-6-6, Welch, Anna 4 yrs, MA
187B-6-6, Welch, William 3 yrs, MA
187B-6-6, Welch, Mary 7/12 yr, MA
188A-2-2, Welch, William 32 yrs, Ire
188A-2-2, Welch, Margaret 25 yrs, PA
188A-2-2, Welch, James 2 yrs, PA
188A-2-2, Welch, Mary 1 yrs, PA
192A-8-8, Welch, John 63 yrs, PA
192A-8-8, Welch, Eliza 54 yrs, PA
192A-8-8, Welch, Elisabeth 26 yrs, PA
192A-8-8, Welch, John J. 22 yrs, PA
192A-8-8, Welch, Emma 18 yrs, PA
192A-8-8, Welch, Salina 16 yrs, PA
192A-8-8, Welch, Cephas 13 yrs, PA
216B-1-1, Welch, James 23 yrs, Ireland
228A-3-3, Welch, B. D. 32 yrs, PA
228A-3-3, Welch, Minerva 32 yrs, PA
228A-3-3, Welch, Ralph 8 yrs, PA
228A-3-3, Welch, Maud 7 yrs, PA
228A-3-3, Welch, Jenny 5 yrs, PA
228A-3-3, Welch, John 2 yrs, PA
228A-3-3, Welch, Maggie 11/12 yr, PA
257A-2-2, Welch, Pat. 25 yrs, Ire
241B-5-5, Weldon, James 45 yrs, Ire
241B-5-5, Weldon, Bridget 46 yrs, Ire
241B-5-5, Weldon, John 18 yrs, Eng
241B-5-5, Weldon, William 14 yrs, NY
241B-5-5, Weldon, James 12 yrs, NY
241B-5-5, Weldon, Patrick 9 yrs, NY
241B-5-5, Weldon, Thomas 6 yrs, NY
241B-5-5, Weldon, Francis 2 yrs, PA
222A-4-4, Welsh, Jane 50 yrs, Scot
222A-4-4, Welsh, John 26 yrs, Scot
222A-4-4, Welsh, James 20 yrs, Scot
177A-4-4, Wengler, Gerhart 42 yrs, Prussia
177A-4-4, Wengler, Mary 44 yrs, H. Darmstadt
177A-4-4, Wengler, Albert 10 yrs, PA
177A-4-4, Wengler, John 7 yrs, PA
251A-1-1, Wesart, David 52 yrs, PA
251A-1-1, Wesart, Hannah 43 yrs, NY
251A-1-1, Wesart, H. Lemont 14 yrs, PA
251A-1-1, Wesart, Frank 12 yrs, PA
251A-1-1, Wesart, Wm 10 yrs, PA
251A-1-1, Wesart, Anna 4 yrs, PA
223B-3-3, Wesmith, John 29 yrs, Scot, possibly "Nesmith"
223B-3-3, Wesmith, Jennet 27 yrs, Scot, possibly "Nesmith"
223B-3-3, Wesmith, Thomas 3 yrs, Scot, possibly "Nesmith"
223B-3-3, Wesmith, Barbara 1 yrs, Scot, possibly "Nesmith"
179B-7-7, West, Horrace 26 yrs, PA
179B-7-7, West, Mariah 23 yrs, PA
179B-7-7, West, Salina 2 yrs, PA
179B-7-7, West, Edwin 5/12 yr, PA
178A-1-1, Weston, Miles 48 yrs, PA
178A-1-1, Weston, Margaret 35 yrs, PA
178A-1-1, Weston, David J. 15 yrs, PA
178A-1-1, Weston, Mary E. 12 yrs, PA
178A-1-1, Weston, Samuel 8 yrs, PA
178A-1-1, Weston, Miles E. 5 yrs, PA
178A-1-1, Weston, John J. 3 yrs, PA
178A-1-1, Weston, William 18 yrs, PA
212B-8-8, Westworthy, Alex. 23 yrs, Scotland
246A-7-7, Whipple, Henry 59 yrs, PA
246B-7-7, Whipple, Susan 36 yrs, PA
246B-7-7, Whipple, William 6/12 yr, PA
189A-2-2, White, George 39 yrs, PA
189A-2-2, White, Maggie 19 yrs, PA
189A-2-2, White, Ginetta 3 yrs, PA
189A-2-2, White, William 1 yrs, PA
211A-1-1, White, John 33 yrs, Scot
211A-1-1, White, Katherine 35 yrs, Scot
211A-1-1, White, John 9 yrs, Scot
211A-1-1, White, Margaret 7 yrs, Scot
211A-1-1, White, Jane 5 yrs, Scot
211A-1-1, White, James 2 yrs, PA
211A-1-1, White, William 9/12 yr, PA
230B-2-2, White, John 40 yrs, Ire
246A-6-6, White, Ida 3 yrs, PA
246A-6-6, White, Adelaide 1 yrs, PA
204A-7-7, Whitehead, Abr. 42 yrs, Eng
204A-7-7, Whitehead, Lyddia 49 yrs, Eng
204A-7-7, Whitehead, John 14 yrs, Eng
204A-7-7, Whitehead, Thomas 11 yrs, Eng
207B-6-6, Whitehead, Jos. 28 yrs, Eng
207B-6-6, Whitehead, Matilda 36 yrs, Eng
207B-6-6, Whitehead, Anna 7 yrs, OH
234A-3-3, Whitlash, Charles 20 yrs, VA
247B-8-8, Whitlatch, Wm 45 yrs, PA
247B-8-8, Whitlatch, Diantha 40 yrs, PA
247B-8-8, Whitlatch, Barnett 23 yrs, PA
247B-8-8, Whitlatch, Charles 21 yrs, PA
247B-8-8, Whitlatch, Winfield 17 yrs, PA
247B-8-8, Whitlatch, Jackson 15 yrs, PA
247B-8-8, Whitlatch, Wm 14 yrs, PA
248A-8-8, Whitlatch, Lucinda 12 yrs, PA
219A-9-9, Wick, John 33 yrs, Eng
219B-9-9, Wick, Hannah 34 yrs, Eng
219B-9-9, Wick, Job 8 yrs, Eng
219B-1-1, Wick, George 58 yrs, Eng
219B-1-1, Wick, Allice 55 yrs, Eng
219B-1-1, Wick, Allice 18 yrs, Eng
249B-3-3, Wick, Louis 25 yrs, PA
253A-3-3, Wick, Kate A. 22 yrs, OH
261A-1-1, Wilbrigler, Jno 50 yrs, Saxe Waines
261A-1-1, Wilbrigler, Caroline 60 yrs, Saxe Maenige
261A-1-1, Wilbrigler, Mary 4 yrs, PA
261A-1-1, Wilbrigler, Jno 14 yrs, NY
241B-2-2, Wilcom, Elisabeth 73 yrs, Prus
257A-8-8, Wiles, Dewals 40 yrs, PA
209A-7-7, Wilkins, William 27 yrs, PA
209A-7-7, Wilkins, Jenny 26 yrs, NY
264B-6-6, Wilks, Joseph 32 yrs, Wales
264B-6-6, Wilks, Jane 27 yrs, Wales
264B-6-6, Wilks, Pricilla 6 yrs, PA
264B-6-6, Wilks, E. Jane 4 yrs, PA
264B-6-6, Wilks, Ruth 10/12 yr, PA
251A-7-7, Willard, Peter 64 yrs, PA
251A-7-7, Willard, Anna 49 yrs, PA
258A-2-2, Willard, J. G. 55 yrs, NY
258A-2-2, Willard, Lucinda 53 yrs, NY
259A-2-2, Willard, Jno. 34 yrs, PA
259A-2-2, Willard, Amanda 33 yrs, PA
259A-2-2, Willard, Wm 10 yrs, PA
259A-2-2, Willard, Chals 3 yrs, PA
259A-2-2, Willard, Susan C. 1 yrs, PA
203B-1-1, William, John 30 yrs, Prus.
203B-1-1, William, Elisabeth 20 yrs, Prus.
203B-1-1, William, Jacob 1 yrs, PA
203B-1-1, William, Peter 6/12 yr, PA
203B-1-1, William, Mary 58 yrs, Prus.
233A-7-7, William, Wm 27 yrs, Eng
233A-7-7, William, Ellen 19 yrs, Eng
181B-7-7, Williams, Benton 36 yrs, PA
181B-7-7, Williams, Elisabeth 31 yrs, PA
181B-7-7, Williams, Mary 5 yrs, PA
181B-7-7, Williams, Charles 3 yrs, PA
181B-7-7, Williams, John F. 11/12 yr, PA
182A-7-6, Williams, Wm. 69 yrs, PA
182A-7-6, Williams, Mary 71 yrs, PA
182A-7-6, Williams, John G. 30 yrs, PA
182A-7-6, Williams, Gifford 24 yrs, PA
186B-3-3, Williams, James 55 yrs, Eng
191A-5-5, Williams, Alfred 36 yrs, OH
191A-5-5, Williams, Sarah A. 36 yrs, PA
191A-5-5, Williams, Mary 14 yrs, OH
191A-5-5, Williams, Emma 12 yrs, PA
191A-5-5, Williams, Frank 4 yrs, PA
202A-1-1, Williams, John 40 yrs, England
202A-1-1, Williams, Ruth 33 yrs, England
202A-1-1, Williams, Henry T. 14 yrs, England
202A-1-1, Williams, Sarah A. 9 yrs, OH
202A-1-1, Williams, Mary Anne 7 yrs, OH
202A-1-1, Williams, William 5 yrs, OH
202A-1-1, Williams, John C. 2 yrs, PA
203B-2-2, Williams, Jacob 29 yrs, Prus.
203B-2-2, Williams, Mary 29 yrs, Prus.
203B-2-2, Williams, Elisabeth 1 yrs, PA
217A-3-3, Williams, Mathew 25 yrs, Wirtemberg
220A-8-8, Williams, William 18 yrs, Wales
222B-2-2, Williams, Morgan 30 yrs, Wales
222B-2-2, Williams, Sarah 30 yrs, Wales
222B-2-2, Williams, Thomas 9 yrs, Wales
222B-2-2, Williams, Sarah 7 yrs, Wales
222B-2-2, Williams, Jane 3 yrs, PA
222B-2-2, Williams, Caroline 1 yrs, PA
224B-4-4, Williams, Wm. 35 yrs, Wales
224B-4-4, Williams, Ellen 32 yrs, Wales
224B-4-4, Williams, Martha 10 yrs, OH
224B-4-4, Williams, Marion 3 yrs, PA
224B-4-4, Williams, William 10/12 yr, PA
230A-1-1, Williams, Richard 40 yrs, Wales
230A-1-1, Williams, Grace 35 yrs, Ire
230A-1-1, Williams, Sarah 17 yrs, PA
230A-1-1, Williams, Ellen 13 yrs, PA
230A-1-1, Williams, Susanna 11 yrs, PA
230A-1-1, Williams, Catherine 9 yrs, PA
230A-1-1, Williams, John 5 yrs, PA
230A-1-1, Williams, David 2 yrs, PA
237A-8-8, Williams, Martha 18 yrs, PA
239A-5-5, Williams, John 36 yrs, Wales
239A-5-5, Williams, Lavina 25 yrs, PA
239A-5-5, Williams, Hannah 8 yrs, PA
239A-5-5, Williams, Robert 7 yrs, PA
239A-5-5, Williams, Ella 5 yrs, PA
239A-5-5, Williams, Mary 3 yrs, PA
239A-5-5, Williams, Viola 11/12 yr, PA
249A-3-3, Williams, Anne 40 yrs, Eng
249A-3-3, Williams, Elisabeth 6 yrs, Eng
261B-6-6, Williams, E. 27 yrs, Wales
261B-6-6, Williams, Mary 24 yrs, Wales
196B-4-4, Williamson, Thompson 29 yrs, PA
196B-4-4, Williamson, Martha 30 yrs, PA
196B-4-4, Williamson, Nettie 9 yrs, PA
196B-4-4, Williamson, John 7 yrs, PA
196B-4-4, Williamson, Samuel 7 yrs, PA
196B-4-4, Williamson, Mary 4 yrs, PA
225A-3-3, Williamson, Wm 36 yrs, Scot
258A-4-4, Williamson, Joseph 27 yrs, Ire
258A-4-4, Williamson, Jane E. 32 yrs, Ire
258A-4-4, Williamson, Martha 7 yrs, PA
258A-4-4, Williamson, Robert 5 yrs, PA
258A-4-4, Williamson, Joseph 3 yrs, PA
258A-4-4, Williamson, Wm 1 yrs, PA
173B-1-1, Willman, John 46 yrs, Baden
173B-1-1, Willman, Mariah 46 yrs, PA
173B-1-1, Willman, Josaphine 17 yrs, PA
173B-1-1, Willman, John 12 yrs, PA
177A-3-3, Wills, Eliza 69 yrs, PA
225A-2-2, Willson, Wm. 27 yrs, Scot
225A-2-2, Willson, Isabella 26 yrs, Scot
225A-2-2, Willson, Mary 10 yrs, Scot
225A-2-2, Willson, Thomas 5 yrs, Scot
185B-7-7, Wilson, Harris 24 yrs, NY
207A-6-6, Wilson, James 27 yrs, Scot
212A-4-4, Wilson, Thomas 27 yrs, Scotland
212A-4-4, Wilson, Mary 26 yrs, Scot
212A-4-4, Wilson, Martha 7 yrs, Scot
212A-4-4, Wilson, James 4 yrs, Scot
212A-4-4, Wilson, Jane 2 yrs, Scotland
225A-3-3, Wilson, William 46 yrs, Scot
250B-2-2, Wilson, Charles 50 yrs, NY
254A-5-5, Wilson, James 53 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Wilson, Sarah 41 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Wilson, Nancy 8 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Wilson, Thompson 14 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Wilson, James W. 12 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Wilson, Hurry 7 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Wilson, Richard 5 yrs, PA
254A-5-5, Wilson, Jacob 1 yrs, PA
256B-5-5, Wilson, Joseph 29 yrs, PA
256B-5-5, Wilson, Nancy 22 yrs, PA
256B-5-5, Wilson, Estella 1 yrs, PA
223A-3-3, Winklef**, Cath. 17 yrs, PA
222B-5-5, Winklefoos, Fred. 40 yrs, Brunswick
222B-5-5, Winklefoos, Catherine 39 yrs, Bav
222B-5-5, Winklefoos, August 15 yrs, PA
222B-5-5, Winklefoos, Frederick 13 yrs, PA
222B-5-5, Winklefoos, Caroline 7 yrs, PA
222B-5-5, Winklefoos, Mary 4 yrs, PA
222B-5-5, Winklefoos, Christian 1 yrs, PA
253A-1-1, Winn, Anna 16 yrs, Eng
183B-6-6, Winnings, Wm. 17 yrs, PA
183B-6-6, Winnings, Henry 13 yrs, PA
244A-1-1, Winstel, Abdon 47 yrs, Bav
231A-4-4, Wirch, David 28 yrs, Bav
231B-4-4, Wirch, Uley 25 yrs, Bav
231B-4-4, Wirch, Daniel 1 yrs, Bav
182B-1-1, Wireman, Mich. 30 yrs, OH
218B-3-3, Wise, George 55 yrs, PA
218B-3-3, Wise, Jane 52 yrs, PA
218B-3-3, Wise, John 20 yrs, PA
218B-3-3, Wise, Anna 16 yrs, PA
218B-3-3, Wise, Frances 14 yrs, PA
218B-3-3, Wise, Florence 10 yrs, PA
218B-3-3, Wise, Eva 8 yrs, PA
222A-1-1, Wise, Mary 72 yrs, PA
190B-4-4, Wishard, Dav** 17 yrs, PA
255B-7-7, Wishard, Saml 48 yrs, PA
255B-7-7, Wishard, Sarah 45 yrs, PA
255B-7-7, Wishard, Wm 16 yrs, PA
255B-7-7, Wishard, Arias 12 yrs, PA
255B-7-7, Wishard, Alfred 8 yrs, PA
255B-7-7, Wishard, Wesley 5 yrs, PA
255B-7-7, Wishard, Warner 2 yrs, PA
179B-8-8, Witowski, W. F. 47 yrs, Poland
179B-8-8, Witowski, Elisabeth 31 yrs, PA
179B-8-8, Witowski, Antothenice 10 yrs, Canada
179B-8-8, Witowski, Nathalia 1 yrs, OH
178A-1-1, Wolf, Elisabeth 77 yrs, PA
220A-2-2, Wolker, George 33 yrs, Scot probably "Walker"
220A-2-2, Wolker, Margaret 30 yrs, Scot probably "Walker"
220A-2-2, Wolker, Agnes 4 yrs, Scot probably "Walker"
220A-2-2, Wolker, Margaret 3 yrs, Scot probably "Walker"
227B-5-5, Wolker, William 64 yrs, PA
227B-5-5, Wolker, Margaret 57 yrs, PA
227B-6-6, Wolker, Anna 66 yrs, PA
227B-6-6, Wolker, Robert 73 yrs, PA
222A-8-8, Woltzer, Jacob 25 yrs, Bav
173B-3-3, Wonn, William 53 yrs, Prussia
173B-3-3, Wonn, Catherine 22 yrs, PA
173B-3-3, Wonn, Martin 18 yrs, PA
173B-3-3, Wonn, Henry 15 yrs, PA
173B-3-3, Wonn, Molly 12 yrs, PA
173B-3-3, Wonn, John 7 yrs, PA
173B-3-3, Wonn, Maggy 10 yrs, PA
219B-8-8, Wood, Luke 42 yrs, Eng
219B-8-8, Wood, Jane 48 yrs, Eng
220A-8-8, Wood, Titus 22 yrs, Eng
220A-8-8, Wood, Samuel 16 yrs, Eng
220A-8-8, Wood, Enoch 14 yrs, Eng
220A-8-8, Wood, Mathew 12 yrs, Eng
220A-8-8, Wood, John 8 yrs, Eng
220A-8-8, Wood, William 4 yrs, PA
190A-6-6, Woodland, George 16 yrs, PA
187B-6-6, Woodle, James 12 yrs, PA
188B-3-3, Woods, Lai*d* 34 yrs, PA
188B-3-3, Woods, Sarah 33 yrs, PA
188B-3-3, Woods, Frank 10 yrs, PA
188B-3-3, Woods, Milo 7 yrs, PA
188B-3-3, Woods, Irvine 5 yrs, PA
188B-3-3, Woods, John A. 2 yrs, PA
234B-1-1, Woods, Elisabeth 65 yrs, Eng
263B-1-1, Woods, Hiram 36 yrs, PA
263B-1-1, Woods, Mary 36 yrs, PA
192A-4-4, Woodward, A. B. 52 yrs, MA
192A-4-4, Woodward, Lucy 57 yrs, MA
192A-4-4, Woodward, Mary A. 19 yrs, PA
211A-4-4, Wright, John 29 yrs, Scot
211A-4-4, Wright, Jennett 28 yrs, Scot
211A-4-4, Wright, John 5 yrs, Scot
211A-4-4, Wright, Robert 3 yrs, Scot
211A-4-4, Wright, Henry 2 yrs, Scot
211A-4-4, Wright, Andrew 8/12 yr, Scot
234A-3-3, Wright, James 28 yrs, Scot
238B-2-2, Wright, James 21 yrs, Scot
245B-6-6, Wright, Alexander 30 yrs, Scot
245B-6-6, Wright, Isabella 27 yrs, Scot
245B-6-6, Wright, Richard 6 yrs, PA
245B-6-6, Wright, Jane 4 yrs, PA
245B-6-6, Wright, Sophy 2 yrs, PA
258A-3-3, Wright, Synthia 19 yrs, PA
258A-3-3, Wright, Ellis 11/12 yr, PA
258A-3-3, Wright, Lorenzo D. 19 yrs, PA
246B-8-8, Wyans, Jacob 22 yrs, Bav
246B-8-8, Wyans, Catherine 16 yrs, Bav
246B-8-8, Wyans, John 20 yrs, Bav
246B-8-8, Wyans, Franklin 17 yrs, Bav
218A-4-4, Wynn, Mathew 37 yrs, Ire
218A-4-4, Wynn, Anne 33 yrs, Ire
218A-4-4, Wynn, Bridget 12 yrs, Eng
218A-4-4, Wynn, Ellen 8 yrs, Eng
218A-4-4, Wynn, Mariah 6 yrs, Eng
218A-4-4, Wynn, William 3 yrs, PA
218A-4-4, Wynn, Peter 8/12 yr, OH
253A-3-3, Yisk, Elizabeth 18 yrs, Ire, possibly "York", "Yosk"
175A-7-7, Young, John 41 yrs, Scot
175A-7-7, Young, Margaret 33 yrs, Scot
175A-7-7, Young, Margaret 8 yrs, Scot
175A-7-7, Young, John 6 yrs, Scot
175A-7-7, Young, Mary 4 yrs, PA
175A-7-7, Young, William 1 yrs, PA
184A-8-8, Young, Alfred 28 yrs, PA
184A-8-8, Young, Elisabeth 24 yrs, PA
184A-8-8, Young, Martha 4 yrs, PA
184B-8-8, Young, Charles 3 yrs, PA
184B-8-8, Young, Harry 5/12 yr, PA
186A-6-6, Young, Perry 35 yrs, PA
186A-6-6, Young, Lyddia 23 yrs, PA
186A-6-6, Young, Ellen 9 yrs, PA
186A-6-6, Young, William 1 yrs, PA
211A-2-2, Young, John 30 yrs, Scotland
211A-2-2, Young, Katharnia 33 yrs, Scot
211A-2-2, Young, John 6 yrs, Scot
211A-2-2, Young, Agnes 1 yrs, PA
220B-4-4, Young, James 34 yrs, Eng
220B-4-4, Young, Jane 38 yrs, Isle of Man
220B-4-4, Young, Jane 12 yrs, OH
220B-4-4, Young, George 10 yrs, OH
220B-4-4, Young, Kate 8 yrs, OH
226A-7-7, Young, Robert 45 yrs, Scot
226B-7-7, Young, Elisabeth 43 yrs, Scot
228B-4-4, Young, James 22 yrs, Scot
234A-3-3, Young, John 35 yrs, Scot
241A-6-6, Young, Hugh 38 yrs, PA
241A-6-6, Young, Rosanna 33 yrs, PA
241A-6-6, Young, Mary 15 yrs, PA
241A-6-6, Young, Lula 13 yrs, PA
241A-6-6, Young, Evander 11 yrs, PA
241A-6-6, Young, George 6 yrs, PA
241A-6-6, Young, Emma 4 yrs, PA
241B-6-6, Young, Flora 1/12 yr, PA
242A-4-4, Young, Lyddia 16 yrs, PA
254A-2-2, Young, H. A. 14 yrs, PA
266B-1-1, Young, R. F. 22 yrs, PA
266B-1-1, Young, Elizabeth 21 yrs, PA
266B-1-1, Young, Edward 4/12 yr, PA
232B-1-1, Zahnizer, William 24 yrs, PA
232B-1-1, Zahnizer, Leah 22 yrs, PA
232B-2-2, Zahnizer, John 41 yrs, PA
232B-2-2, Zahnizer, Anna 46 yrs, PA
232B-2-2, Zahnizer, Albert 19 yrs, PA
232B-2-2, Zahnizer, Olive 17 yrs, PA
232B-2-2, Zahnizer, Mary 13 yrs, PA
232B-2-2, Zahnizer, Louisa 8 yrs, PA
242B-7-7, Zemmer, Phillip 69 yrs, Prus
243A-7-7, Zemmer, Barbara 65 yrs, Prus
192B-1-1, Ziguler, Lowes 39 yrs, PA
192B-1-1, Ziguler, Eveline 37 yrs, PA
192B-1-1, Ziguler, John 10 yrs, PA
255A-1-1, Zim, Chas. 22 yrs, PA
239B-7-7, Zimmerman, Danl 34 yrs, PA
239B-7-7, Zimmerman, Catherine 29 yrs, PA
239B-7-7, Zimmerman, Catherine 9 yrs, PA
239B-7-7, Zimmerman, Benjamin 3 yrs, PA
239B-7-7, Zimmerman, Mary 2 yrs, PA
239B-7-7, Zimmerman, David 11/12 yr, PA
236A-7-7, Zuslact, Jacob 22 yrs, Prus
236A-7-7, Zuslact, Martha 21 yrs, H. Cassel
236B-7-7, Zuslact, Christian 2 yrs, PA
236B-7-7, Zuslact, Adam 11/12 yr, PA

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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