Sandy Lake Borough

1870 Census Surname List

Sandy Lake Borough

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: Daniel Perrine
Post Office: Sandy Lake Borough
Date of Enumeration: 18 July - 21 July, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 2000. Any commercial use prohibited

* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

78B-44-44, Abbott, Allison S., 2yrs, PA
78B-44-44, Abbott, Emma, 26yrs, OH
78B-44-44, Abbott, Estella C., 10/12yrs, PA
78B-44-44, Abbott, Jas. L.[?]., 28yrs, NJ
78B-44-44, Abbott, Lilly, 4yrs, IA
78A-39-39, Allen, J. C., 22yrs, PA
79B-60-60, Armstrong, H. M., 36yrs, PA
81A-85-85, Austin, Belinda, 55yrs, OH
81A-85-85, Austin, Benaya, 60yrs, OH
80B-76-76, Bacon, Charles W., 5yrs, MI
80B-76-76, Bacon, Eliza A., 26yrs, PA
80B-76-76, Bacon, George E., 10/12yrs, PA
80B-76-76, Bacon, Ida A., 3yrs, PA
80B-76-76, Bacon, Leter W., 35yrs, OH
81A-85-85, Bailey, M. C., 23yrs, PA
76A-4-4, Bates, Hannah, 72yrs, NY
76A-4-4, Bates, Lenard, 76yrs, CT
76A-4-4, Bates, Luella A., 4yrs, PA
76A-4-4, Bates, Martha A., 26yrs, VA
79A-51-51, Blatt, Charles H., 6yrs, PA
79A-51-51, Blatt, Elfrida H. M., 2yrs, PA
79A-51-51, Blatt, H. S., 24yrs, PA
79A-51-51, Blatt, Hannah M., 25yrs, PA
79A-51-51, Blatt, Infant, 1/12yrs, PA
79A-51-51, Blatt, James H., 4yrs, PA
76B-17-17, Bligh, Chas A., 51yrs, NY
76B-17-17, Bligh, Elizabeth, 50yrs, PA
76B-17-17, Bligh, Frances A., 17yrs, PA
81A-87-87, Boun, Lewis, 9yrs, PA
81A-87-87, Boun, Liza, 28yrs, PA
81A-87-87, Boun, Mary D., 11yrs, PA
81A-87-87, Boun, Saml, 31yrs, OH
78B-42-42, Boyd, Birdie B., 3yrs, PA
78B-42-42, Boyd, Clara E., 7yrs, PA
78B-42-42, Boyd, M. R., 33yrs, PA
77B-27-27, Boyd, Martha, 22yrs, PA
78B-42-42, Boyd, Sarah E., 24yrs, PA
81A-84-84, Briggs, Albert, 27yrs, Canada
79B-63-63, Brown, Alex F., 47yrs, PA
77B-26-26, Brown, Alexander, 67yrs, PA
79B-63-63, Brown, Caroline, 39yrs, PA
80A-75-75, Brown, Caroline M., 70yrs, PA
76A-1-1, Brown, Catharine, 56yrs, PA
79B-63-63, Brown, Charles, 17yrs, PA
80B-75-75, Brown, Charles, 38yrs, PA
77B-26-26, Brown, Elizabeth, 59yrs, PA
79B-63-63, Brown, Hydrick, 30yrs, PA
79B-63-63, Brown, Infant, 1/12yrs, PA
76A-1-1, Brown, J. F., 70yrs, PA
76A-2-2, Brown, James, 43yrs, PA
76A-1-1, Brown, Jessie, 18yrs, PA
80A-75-75, Brown, Thos J., 65yrs, PA
80A-73-73, Burns, Emma J., 20yrs, PA Remark: possibly Barns
80A-73-73, Burns, M. C., 24yrs, PA Remark: possibly Barns
79A-52-52, Byers, Guynetta N., 25yrs, PA
79A-52-52, Byers, James W., 11/12yrs, PA
79A-52-52, Byers, Lizzie J., 2yrs, PA
79A-52-52, Byers, Thos C., 4yrs, PA
79A-52-52, Byers, Wm R., 32yrs, PA
79B-62-62, Calhoon, Frances, 17yrs, PA
79B-62-62, Calhoon, Oillison Clark, 14yrs, PA [surname Clark?]
78A-33-33, Carmichael, Alice, 3yrs, PA
78A-33-33, Carmichael, Caroline, 1yrs, PA
78A-33-33, Carmichael, Delia Tabitha, 24yrs, PA
78A-33-33, Carmichael, Wm, 33yrs, PA
80B-78-78, Carver, Calvin, 29yrs, OH
80B-78-78, Carver, Caroline E., 24yrs, PA
80B-78-78, Carver, Frank B., 4yrs, PA
80B-78-78, Carver, William W., 2yrs, PA
77A-21-21, Clark, George E., 2/12yrs, PA
77A-21-21, Clark, George W., 39yrs, PA
77A-21-21, Clark, Hatty M., 6yrs, PA
77A-21-21, Clark, Sarah, 37yrs, PA
77A-21-21, Clark, William A., 14yrs, PA
77B-23-23, Clary, Alonzo J., 11yrs, PA
77A-23-23, Clary, Benjamin S., 18yrs, PA
77A-23-23, Clary, Edmund G., 13yrs, PA
77A-23-23, Clary, Eva, 15yrs, PA
77A-23-23, Clary, Joseph, 49yrs, PA
77A-23-23, Clary, Lenard A., 22yrs, OH
77A-23-23, Clary, Patty, 43yrs, NY
77B-25-25, Cleland, J. S., 20yrs, PA
79B-61-61, Clyde, Eva F., 17yrs, PA
79B-61-61, Clyde, James, 40yrs, NY
79B-61-61, Clyde, James S., 5yrs, PA
79B-61-61, Clyde, Margaret M., 3yrs, PA
79B-61-61, Clyde, Mary M., 28yrs, PA
79B-61-61, Clyde, Susan, 15yrs, PA
79B-61-61, Clyde, Susan Clyde, 74yrs, Ireland
79B-62-62, Cook, Joanna, 42yrs, PA
79B-62-62, Cook, John, 43yrs, PA
80A-65-65, Cross, Joseph, 24yrs, PA
77B-26-26, Crunch [ Crewch? Creinch?], R. D., 16yrs, PA
76A-6-6, Cummings, Emma J., 14yrs, PA
76A-6-6, Cummings, Eva L., 11yrs, PA
76A-6-6, Cummings, George B., 8yrs, PA
76A-6-6, Cummings, J. P., 41yrs, PA
76A-6-6, Cummings, Jane, 46yrs, PA
76A-6-6, Cummings, Susan M., 17yrs, PA
79B-60-60, Curt, C. C., 27yrs, PA
79B-60-60, Curt, Harriet D., 68yrs, NY
80A-72-72, Dunn, Jane, 69yrs, PA
80A-72-72, Dunn, Robert, 74yrs, PA
79B-63-63, Farrah, Serepta, 16yrs, PA
77B-27-27, Fulton, Cassius B., 14yrs, PA
77B-27-27, Fulton, Eveline, 34yrs, OH
77B-27-27, Fulton, Lizzie B., 10yrs, PA
77B-27-27, Fulton, Thomas H., 3yrs, PA
77B-27-27, Fulton, Thos H., 45yrs, PA
77B-27-27, Fulton, William B., 7yrs, PA
79A-55-55, Geibner, Annette, 13yrs, PA
79A-55-55, Geibner, E. X., 41yrs, PA
79A-55-55, Geibner, Elmore, 32yrs, PA
79A-55-55, Geibner, Ida E., 11yrs, PA
79A-55-55, Geibner, Mary A., 36yrs, PA
77B-24-24, George , Andrew, 24yrs, PA
77B-24-24, George , Eva D., 1yrs, PA
77B-24-24, George , Mary R. C., 22yrs, PA
80A-65-65, Googe, Margaret, 28yrs, PA
80A-65-65, Googe, Olive E., 7yrs, PA
80A-65-65, Googe, William, 37yrs, England
79A-54-54, Hague, Emma E., 7yrs, PA
79A-50-50, Hague, Harry H., 4yrs, PA
79A-54-54, Hague, Homer S., 4yrs, PA
79A-50-50, Hague, Infant, 9/12yrs, PA
78B-48-48, Hague, John F., 64yrs, OH
79A-54-54, Hague, Julia A., 6yrs, PA
79A-50-50, Hague, L. E., 37yrs, OH
78B-48-48, Hague, Margaret A., 71yrs, PA
79A-50-50, Hague, Maud, 3yrs, IA
79A-50-50, Hague, Minerva, 33yrs, PA
79A-54-54, Hague, R. S., 32yrs, PA
79A-54-54, Hague, Rachul E., 25yrs, PA
78A-40-40, Harper, Elizabeth, 23yrs, PA
78A-40-40, Harper, Frank A., 1yrs, PA
78A-40-40, Harper, Wm H., 30yrs, PA
78A-35-35, Harrison, Isaac J., 30yrs, PA
78A-35-35, Harrison, Martha, 19yrs, PA
76B-16-16, Hassett, Anne, 5yrs, PA
76B-16-16, Hassett, Bridget, 2yrs, PA
76B-16-16, Hassett, Catharine, 14yrs, Ireland
76B-16-16, Hassett, Hellen, 12yrs, Ireland
76B-16-16, Hassett, John, 1/12yrs, PA
76B-16-16, Hassett, John, 41yrs, Ireland
76B-16-16, Hassett, Mary, 10yrs, Ireland
76B-16-16, Hassett, Mary, 30yrs, Ireland
76B-16-16, Hassett, Timothy, 6yrs, PA
76B-11-11, Hill, Edward, 6yrs, PA
76B-11-11, Hill, Elizabeth, 10yrs, PA
76B-11-11, Hill, Martha , 40yrs, NY
76B-11-11, Hill, Mary E., 18yrs, PA
76B-11-11, Hill, Nathaniel, 8yrs, PA
76B-11-11, Hill, Robert, 3yrs, PA
76B-11-11, Hill, Sarah, 11/12yrs, PA
76B-11-11, Hill, William, 4yrs, PA
76B-11-11, Hill, William C., 35yrs, PA
81A-84-84, Hunter, Alex, 42yrs, PA
81A-84-84, Hunter, Alice R., 2yrs, PA
78B-45-45, Hunter, Cyntha, 32yrs, PA
81A-84-84, Hunter, Elisa Jane, 39yrs, PA
81A-84-84, Hunter, Ella J., 4yrs, PA
78B-45-45, Hunter, Sylvester, 17yrs, PA
78A-34-34, Infield, Elizabeth, 29yrs, PA
78A-34-34, Infield, Frederick W., 4yrs, PA
78A-34-34, Infield, Harry N., 5yrs, PA
78A-34-34, Infield, James, 31yrs, PA
78A-34-34, Infield, Kline J., 2yrs, PA
78A-34-34, Infield, Thomas H., 4/12yrs, PA
81A-84-84, Irwin, Mary, 25yrs, PA
81A-84-84, Irwin, Warren, 26yrs, PA
80A-65-65, Ives, Daniel, 28yrs, OH
79B-64-64, Johenning, Anthony, 9/12yrs, PA
79B-64-64, Johenning, Cecelia, 25yrs, PA
79B-64-64, Johenning, Clemens, 30yrs, PA
79B-64-64, Johenning, Marsellus, 2yrs, PA
77B-28-28, Johnson, Cora B., 1yrs, PA
77B-28-28, Johnson, Hettie, 31yrs, PA
77B-28-28, Johnson, James F., 36yrs, PA
77B-28-28, Johnson, Rachul E., 6yrs, PA
77B-28-28, Johnson, Susan E., 11yrs, PA
81A-83-83, Kerr, Rachul M., 51yrs, PA
80B-83-83, Kerr, Samuel, 79yrs, MD
78B-45-45, Kirk, Clara, 15yrs, PA
78B-45-45, Kirk, Ella J., 10yrs, PA
78B-45-45, Kirk, Homer, 13yrs, PA
78B-45-45, Kirk, Julia, 35yrs, PA
78B-45-45, Kirk, Thomas, 55yrs, OH
80B-79-79, Latham , E. M., 50yrs, NY
80B-79-79, Latham , Lucinda, 14yrs, PA
80B-79-79, Latham , Nancy, 48yrs, PA
80B-79-79, Latham , Nancy J., 21yrs, NY
80B-79-79, Latham , Samuel, 18yrs, PA
80B-79-79, Latham , Sullivan, 4yrs, PA
80B-79-79, Latham , William, 11yrs, PA
76A-5-5, Long, Albert E., 13yrs, PA
76A-5-5, Long, Harry W., 11yrs, PA
76A-5-5, Long, R. A., 32yrs, PA
76A-6-6, Loury, Samuel, 73yrs, PA
81A-85-85, Marsh, Jobb J., 7yrs, England
81A-85-85, Marsh, Jobb J., 30yrs, England
81A-85-85, Marsh, John E., 2yrs, PA
81A-85-85, Marsh, Mariah, 4/12yrs, PA
81A-85-85, Marsh, Sarah, 29yrs, England
78A-32-32, McCormick, Elizabeth, 60yrs, PA
77B-30-30, McCormick, J. A., 25yrs, PA
77B-30-30, McCormick, James, 3/12yrs, PA
78A-32-32, McCormick, James, 58yrs, PA
78A-32-32, McCormick, James M., 18yrs, PA
77B-30-30, McCormick, Tillie, 21yrs, PA
78B-49-49, McDonald, Angus P., 3yrs, PA
79A-49-49, McDonald, Estella, 1yrs, PA
78B-49-49, McDonald, R. M., 26yrs, PA
78B-47-47, McElwain, Albert, 15yrs, PA
78B-47-47, McElwain, Carrie , 2yrs, PA
78B-47-47, McElwain, Cassy B., 8yrs, PA
78B-47-47, McElwain, Eugene, 10yrs, PA
78B-47-47, McElwain, James, 50yrs, PA
78B-47-47, McElwain, Jane R., 46yrs, PA
78B-47-47, McElwain, Montgomery M., 19yrs, PA
78B-47-47, McElwain, Sarah E., 17yrs, PA
78B-47-47, McElwain, William, 13yrs, PA
76B-14-14, McGehan, J. A., 26yrs, PA
76B-14-14, McGehan, Nancy E., 7/12yrs, PA
76B-14-14, McGehan, Sarah J., 23yrs, PA
81A-86-86, Morehead, Eliza, 25yrs, PA
81A-86-86, Morehead, Sidey, 55yrs, PA
80A-69-69, Moss, Abraham, 37yrs, PA
80A-69-69, Moss, Amos G., 6yrs, PA
80A-69-69, Moss, Charles, 1yrs, PA
80A-69-69, Moss, Jenny, 3yrs, PA
80A-69-69, Moss, John, 8yrs, PA
80A-69-69, Moss, Margaret E., 7yrs, PA
80A-69-69, Moss, Mary, 33yrs, PA
80A-69-69, Moss, William, 11yrs, PA
78B-43-43, Newkirk, Clara E., 15yrs, PA
78B-43-43, Newkirk, Leonora C., 20yrs, PA
78B-43-43, Newkirk, Samuel, 50yrs, NJ
78B-43-43, Newkirk, Samuel F., 17yrs, PA
78B-43-43, Newkirk, Samuel W., 50yrs, NJ
76B-13-13, Niece, Adaline R., 10yrs, PA
77A-19-19, Niece, Adam, 37yrs, PA
77A-19-19, Niece, Anne J., 11yrs, PA
76B-13-13, Niece, Charles E., 8yrs, PA
78A-37-37, Niece, Christena, 57yrs, PA
77A-19-19, Niece, Eleanor, 33yrs, PA
77A-19-19, Niece, Florence , 9yrs, PA
77A-19-19, Niece, Francis M, 15yrs, IA
76B-13-13, Niece, Henry, 35yrs, PA
76B-13-13, Niece, Infant, 1/12yrs, PA
76B-13-13, Niece, Martha, 32yrs, PA
78A-37-37, Niece, Martin, 60yrs, PA
77A-19-19, Niece, Mary A., 13yrs, PA
77A-19-19, Niece, Phebe, 7yrs, PA
76B-13-13, Niece, Samuel E., 12yrs, PA
81A-83-83, Niles, Austin, 52yrs, NY
81A-83-83, Niles, Francis A., 14yrs, PA
80B-81-81, Owen, Albert G., 22yrs, PA
80B-81-81, Owen, Armena J., 13yrs, PA
80B-81-81, Owen, Emma A., 15yrs, PA
80B-82-82, Owen, Luella B., 2yrs, PA
80B-81-81, Owen, Mary, 53yrs, PA
80B-81-81, Owen, Mary F., 18yrs, PA
80B-82-82, Owen, Mary M., 25yrs, PA
80B-81-81, Owen, Orin, 53yrs, NY
80B-82-82, Owen, Sheldon D., 26yrs, PA
80A-74-74, Parks, Mary, 23yrs, PA
80A-74-74, Parks, Maud, 1yrs, PA
80A-74-74, Parks, Vitallus, 24yrs, PA
76A-7-7, Patterson, Elizabeth, 43yrs, PA
76A-7-7, Patterson, Lewis, 43yrs, PA
76A-7-7, Patterson, Lewis C., 2yrs, PA
76A-7-7, Patterson, William S., 16yrs, PA
77A-20-20, Patton, Cora E., 5yrs, PA
77A-20-20, Patton, Helen M., 23yrs, PA
77A-20-20, Patton, Leon E., 2yrs, PA
77A-20-20, Patton, Nathan, 29yrs, PA
76B-15-15, Patton , Charles A., 7yrs, PA
76B-15-15, Patton , Eliza M., 2yrs, PA
76B-15-15, Patton , Harriet C., 26yrs, NY
76B-15-15, Patton , Jesse M., 6yrs, PA
76B-15-15, Patton , Nathan H., 34yrs, PA
76B-15-15, Patton , Ruth E., 4/12yrs, PA
79B-57-57, Peck, Harriet, 29yrs, PA
79A-57-57, Peck, Jesse W., 45yrs, NY
79B-57-57, Peck, May, 6yrs, PA
80A-68-68, Pinkerton, Aaron, 23yrs, PA
80A-68-68, Pinkerton, Caroline, 23yrs, PA
80A-66-66, Pinkerton, Elizabeth, 1yrs, PA
80A-67-67, Pinkerton, J. M., 55yrs, PA
80A-67-67, Pinkerton, Joh A., 20yrs, PA
80A-67-67, Pinkerton, Margaret, 57yrs, PA
80A-66-66, Pinkerton, Mary, 23yrs, PA
80A-66-66, Pinkerton, S. G., 35yrs, PA
80A-68-68, Pinkerton, Sally, 1yrs, PA
80A-66-66, Pinkerton, Wayne, 3yrs, PA
76A-9-9, Porter, Clara J., 6yrs, PA
76A-9-9, Porter, Ewing, 3yrs, PA
76A-9-9, Porter, Martha A., 36yrs, PA
76A-9-9, Porter, Thos E., 34yrs, PA
76A-9-9, Porter, Truman M., 8yrs, PA
76A-3-3, Potter, Amelia, 56yrs, PA
76A-3-3, Potter, Olive, 20yrs, PA
76A-3-3, Potter, S. A., 65yrs, OH
76B-12-12, Powell, Effie J., 3yrs, PA
76B-12-12, Powell, Elizabeth J., 28yrs, PA
76B-12-12, Powell, Infant, 1/12yrs, PA
76B-12-12, Powell, J. D., 28yrs, PA
80B-80-80, Pringle, George W., 23yrs, PA
80B-80-80, Pringle, Hezekiah, 15yrs, PA
80B-80-80, Pringle, Ida May, 12yrs, PA
80B-80-80, Pringle, James N., 11yrs, PA
80B-80-80, Pringle, James R., 52yrs, Ireland
80B-80-80, Pringle, Margaret, 17yrs, PA
80B-80-80, Pringle, William, 18yrs, PA
76A-8-8, Reed, Catharine, 32yrs, Germany
76A-8-8, Reed, Clara B., 4yrs, PA
76A-8-8, Reed, D. C., 36yrs, PA
76A-8-8, Reed, Ella J., 11yrs, PA
80B-77-77, Rice, Andrew A., 6yrs, PA
80B-77-77, Rice, John, 46yrs, Scotland
80B-77-77, Rice, Louisa M, 38yrs, PA
80B-77-77, Rice, Mary E., 2yrs, PA
80B-77-77, Rice, Samuel J., 10yrs, PA
80A-70-70, Robins, James, 27yrs, PA
80A-70-70, Robins, Jenny C., 18yrs, PA
80A-70-70, Robins, Lovina A., 23yrs, PA
80A-70-70, Robins, Margaret, 67yrs, PA
80A-70-70, Robins, Samuel G., 29yrs, PA
81A-84-84, Scholfield, Wesley, 17yrs, NY
76A-5-5, Shroyer, J. M., 18yrs, PA
78B-46-46, Simcox, Florence J., 4yrs, PA
78B-46-46, Simcox, Hannah, 38yrs, PA
78B-46-46, Simcox, Ralph W., 2yrs, PA
78B-46-46, Simcox, Wm, 40yrs, PA
76A-10-10, Slaven, Daniel, 35yrs, Ireland
76A-10-10, Slaven, Emma, 5yrs, PA
76A-10-10, Slaven, Ida, 7yrs, PA
76A-10-10, Slaven, Lovina, 28yrs, PA
78A-36-36, Smith, Ann C., 8yrs, PA
78A-36-36, Smith, Edward, 3yrs, PA
78A-36-36, Smith, James, 1yrs, PA
78A-36-36, Smith, Laura J., 7yrs, OH
78A-36-36, Smith, Margaret J., 30yrs, PA
78A-36-36, Smith, Martin, 36yrs, OH
78A-35-35, Snyder, Atta A., 4yrs, PA
78A-35-35, Snyder, Cassius F., 3yrs, PA
78A-35-35, Snyder, Emery E., 6yrs, PA
78A-35-35, Snyder, Hannah E., 27yrs, PA
78A-35-35, Snyder, J. J., 28yrs, PA
77B-31-31, Stearns, Albert, 13yrs, PA
77B-31-31, Stearns, Clara, 9yrs, PA
77B-31-31, Stearns, Ida, 18yrs, PA
77B-31-31, Stearns, Phillice, 38yrs, England
77A-22-22, Talcott, Alice A., 11yrs, OH
77A-22-22, Talcott, Edna E., 3yrs, OH
77A-22-22, Talcott, Elsa A., 40yrs, OH
77A-22-22, Talcott, Herman, 39yrs, OH
77A-22-22, Talcott, Lois E., 13yrs, OH
77A-22-22, Talcott, Pauline, 9yrs, OH
77A-22-22, Talcott, Royal H., 15yrs, OH
77A-18-18, Thompson, Charles S., 8yrs, PA
77A-18-18, Thompson, Clara E., 11yrs, PA
77A-18-18, Thompson, Emily, 16yrs, PA
77A-18-18, Thompson, Ephraim, 53yrs, NY
77A-18-18, Thompson, Eva A., 18yrs, PA
77A-18-18, Thompson, Hosiah, 43yrs, NY
77A-18-18, Thompson, John S., 14yrs, PA
77A-18-18, Thompson, Maggie M., 4yrs, PA
77A-18-18, Thompson, Nathan A., 7yrs, PA
77A-18-18, Thompson, Rebecca M., 21yrs, PA
77A-18-18, Thompson, Sarah A., 1yrs, PA
78A-38-38, Turner, Esben, 58yrs, PA
78A-38-38, Turner, Eveline, 17yrs, PA
78A-38-38, Turner, Florence, 11yrs, PA
80A-71-71, Turner, G. W., 25yrs, PA
78A-38-38, Turner, Ida, 14yrs, PA
80A-71-71, Turner, Martha J., 25yrs, PA
80A-71-71, Turner, Minnie, 1yrs, PA
78A-38-38, Turner, Rachel, 54yrs, PA
78A-40-40, Vanantwerp, Adelbert, 5yrs, PA
78A-40-40, Vanantwerp, Anne E., 30yrs, NY
78B-40-40, Vanantwerp, Harry, 4yrs, PA
78A-40-40, Vanantwerp, M. M., 37yrs, NY
78B-40-40, Vanantwerp, Sarah Jane, 1yrs, PA
79B-58-58, Vath, Charles D., 9yrs, PA
79B-58-58, Vath, David D., 11yrs, PA
79B-58-58, Vath, Frances A., 8yrs, PA
79B-58-58, Vath, John P., 35yrs, PA
79B-58-58, Vath, Sarah, 37yrs, PA
79B-58-58, Vath, Susannah A., 7yrs, PA
79A-53-52, Waid, Andrew, 1yrs, PA
79A-53-52, Waid, David B., 23yrs, PA
79A-53-52, Waid, Edward C., 30yrs, PA
79A-53-52, Waid, Margaret E., 4yrs, PA
79A-53-52, Waid, Susannah, 29yrs, PA
80B-75-75, Weaver, Mariah, 17yrs, PA
77B-25-25, West, Adelbert, 13yrs, PA
77B-25-25, West, Augustine, 14yrs, PA
77B-25-25, West, Emma, 39yrs, PA
77B-25-25, West, Everett W., 7yrs, NY
77B-25-25, West, Mary A., 15yrs, PA
77B-25-25, West, W. W., 40yrs, Canada
81A-88-88, Williams, Frank, 3yrs, PA
81A-88-88, Williams, Ida, 2yrs, PA
81A-88-88, Williams, Mary, 26yrs, PA
81A-88-88, Williams, Saml , 33yrs, MD
77B-29-29, Wilson, Abraham, 46yrs, PA
77B-29-29, Wilson, Estella, 2yrs, PA
77B-29-29, Wilson, Eva E., 6yrs, PA
77B-29-29, Wilson, John C., 8yrs, PA
77B-29-29, Wilson, Mary A., 31yrs, PA
77B-29-29, Wilson, Pinka, 4yrs, PA
77B-29-29, Wilson, Wm H., 10yrs, PA
79B-59-59, Wood, Adda M., 7yrs, PA
79B-59-59, Wood, Allan M., 10yrs, PA
79B-59-59, Wood, John L., 45yrs, VA
79B-59-59, Wood, Nancy A., 5yrs, PA
79B-59-59, Wood, Rebecca, 36yrs, PA
79B-59-59, Wood, Rebecca J., 13yrs, PA
79B-59-59, Wood, Samuel S., 20yrs, PA
79B-59-59, Wood, Wm W., 17yrs, PA
79A-56-56, Zeelaker, Charles E., 2yrs, PA
79A-55-55, Zeelaker, Ella, 9yrs, SC
79A-56-56, Zeelaker, Emma N., 1/12yrs, PA
79A-56-56, Zeelaker, John, 32yrs, OH
79A-56-56, Zeelaker, Lilly, 3yrs, PA
79A-56-56, Zeelaker, Lizzie, 6yrs, NC
79A-56-56, Zeelaker, Nancy L., 29yrs, NC

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 2000 John MacDonald

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