Hempfield Township

1870 Census Surname List

Hempfield Township

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (excluding the borough of Greenville)
1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: N. N. Selby
Post Office: New Hamburg
Date of Enumeration: 25 July - 9 August, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

* = signifies letter(s) illegible

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 1999. Any commercial use prohibited


Pg# Dwelling# Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

147B-*-*, *, **ine 60 yrs, PA [last page torn]
147B-*-*, *, * * yrs, PA [last page torn]
147B-*-*, ***endifer, Geo 85 yrs, PA [last page torn]
135B-11-11, Acher, Lucy 35 yrs, PA
136B-30-30, Aherin, Thomas 40 yrs, Ireland
136B-30-30, Aherin, Margaret 37 yrs, Ireland
136B-30-30, Aherin, Ellen 7 yrs, PA
136B-30-30, Aherin, Thomas 5 yrs, PA
136B-30-30, Aherin, Bridget 3 yrs, PA
136B-30-30, Aherin, John 1 yrs, PA
138A-52-52, Alliger, Valentine 36 yrs, Prussia G.
138A-52-52, Alliger, Terissa 28 yrs, Prussia G.
138A-52-52, Alliger, Joseph 11 yrs, Canada
138A-52-52, Alliger, George 9 yrs, Canada
138A-52-52, Alliger, Mary A. 6 yrs, PA
138A-52-52, Alliger, John 5 yrs, PA
138A-52-52, Alliger, Henry 3 yrs, PA
138A-52-52, Alliger, Peter 11/12 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Amry, Kate 24 yrs, PA
139A-68-68, Appel, Melchior 29 yrs, Baden Germ
139A-68-68, Appel, Mary 24 yrs, Baden Germ
139A-68-68, Appel, Catharine 67 yrs, Baden Germ
147A-204-204, Archer, Benjamin 66 yrs, PA
147A-204-204, Archer, Eliza 28 yrs, PA
147A-204-204, Archer, Lucy 24 yrs, PA
147A-204-204, Archer, Henry A. 11 yrs, PA
147A-204-204, Archer, Lewis 3 yrs, PA
138B-61-61, Armitage, Jacob 69 yrs, OH
141B-108-108, Atkinson, Benjamin 46 yrs, PA
141B-108-108, Atkinson, Anna 48 yrs, PA
141B-108-108, Atkinson, Anna M. 234 yrs, PA
141B-108-108, Atkinson, Elizabeth 22 yrs, PA
141B-108-108, Atkinson, Adelia F. 9 yrs, PA
141B-108-108, Atkinson, Leanora 4 yrs, PA
141B-108-108, Atkinson, Jonathan 59 yrs, PA
147B-211-211, Bacher, John 29 yrs, OH
147B-211-211, Bacher, Eva 27 yrs, Hamburg G.
147B-211-211, Bacher, William 3 yrs, PA
147B-211-211, Bacher, Mary 10/12 yrs, PA
139A-70-70, Baer, Anna 65 yrs, PA
139A-70-70, Baer, Jonas G. 29 yrs, PA
139A-70-70, Baer, Eliza 26 yrs, PA
139A-70-70, Baer, David H. 22 yrs, PA
139A-70-70, Baer, Ellie 13 yrs, PA
139A-70-70, Baer, Alpheus 9 yrs, PA
142B-122-122, Baer, Anthany 35 yrs, Baden Ger.
142B-122-122, Baer, Angelina 33 yrs, PA
143A-122-122, Baer, Mary A. 11 yrs, PA
143A-122-122, Baer, Frank 8 yrs, PA
143A-122-122, Baer, Wilson 3 yrs, PA
147A-205-205, Barnett, Mary E. 25 yrs, OH
140B-94-94, Barnhart, Levi 45 yrs, PA
140B-94-94, Barnhart, Harriet A. 43 yrs, PA
141B-109-109, Bash, John 72 yrs, PA
144A-144-144, Bates, Simeon 39 yrs, PA
144A-144-144, Bates, Elizabeth 40 yrs, PA
144A-144-144, Bates, Charles 12 yrs, PA
135A-7-7, Bean, A. H. 53 yrs, PA
135A-7-7, Bean, Margaret E. 54 yrs, PA
135A-7-7, Bean, Sarah J. 26 yrs, PA
135A-7-7, Bean, David W. 24 yrs, PA
135A-7-7, Bean, William A. 22 yrs, PA
135B-7-7, Bean, Terissa 19 yrs, PA
135B-7-7, Bean, Leander 17 yrs, PA
135B-7-7, Bean, Eva May 2 yrs, PA
146A-186-186, Bean, J. M. 51 yrs, PA
146A-186-186, Bean, Caroline 50 yrs, PA
146A-186-186, Bean, Abner L. 20 yrs, PA
146A-186-186, Bean, Oliver W. 17 yrs, PA
146A-186-186, Bean, Normand J. 14 yrs, PA
146A-186-186, Bean, Jay M. 6 yrs, PA
146A-186-186, Bean, Amanda 20 yrs, PA
143B-137-137, Beaty, John A. 44 yrs, PA
143B-137-137, Beaty, Hellen J. 28 yrs, PA
143B-137-137, Beaty, Wilson H. 13 yrs, PA
143B-137-137, Beaty, James L. 11 yrs, PA
143B-137-137, Beaty, John F. 1 yrs, PA
147A-199-199, Beaver, Edwin 28 yrs, PA
147A-199-199, Beaver, Mary A. 24 yrs, PA
147A-199-199, Beaver, Alice L. 3/12 yrs, PA
147A-200-200, Beaver, Peter 66 yrs, PA
147A-200-200, Beaver, Julia A. 50 yrs, PA
147A-200-200, Beaver, George 23 yrs, PA
147A-200-200, Beaver, Reuben 21 yrs, PA
147A-200-200, Beaver, Drusilla 19 yrs, PA
147A-200-200, Beaver, Alice 17 yrs, PA
138A-54-54, Beckert, Eddy 20 yrs, Baden G.
135B-12-12, Beil, David W. 59 yrs, PA
135B-12-12, Beil, Eliza E. 11 yrs, PA
136A-22-22, Beitter, Hannah 69 yrs, PA
144B-152-152, Bonnell, Isaac 33 yrs, PA
144B-152-152, Bonnell, Mary G. 43 yrs, PA
144B-152-152, Bonnell, Amelia A. 19 yrs, PA
144B-152-152, Bonnell, Mary A. 16 yrs, PA
144B-152-152, Bonnell, Clara E. 14 yrs, PA
144B-152-152, Bonnell, Erastus E. 12 yrs, PA
144B-152-152, Bonnell, Edward P. 9 yrs, PA
144B-152-152, Bonnell, Margaret J. 7 yrs, PA
144B-152-152, Bonnell, Harry 5 yrs, PA
146A-189-189, Bortz, Eliza 49 yrs, Some part of G.
146A-189-189, Bortz, Elizabeth 22 yrs, PA
146A-189-189, Bortz, Charles 18 yrs, PA
146A-189-189, Bortz, Louisa 15 yrs, PA
146A-189-189, Bortz, Philip 11 yrs, PA
146A-189-189, Bortz, Ida 9 yrs, PA
147A-202-202, Bortz, Marcus M. 14 yrs, PA
145A-166-166, Boyd, Jane 69 yrs, Ireland
136B-26-26, Bradly, Caroline 60 yrs, PA
143A-128-128, Broedel, John 50 yrs, Rhine Ger.
143A-128-128, Broedel, Catharine 46 yrs, Rhine Ger.
143A-128-128, Broedel, Michael 12 yrs, NY
143A-128-128, Broedel, Frances 11 yrs, PA
143A-128-128, Broedel, Margaret 9 yrs, PA
143A-128-128, Broedel, Mary 6 yrs, PA
143A-128-128, Broedel, Elizabeth 4 yrs, PA
135B-15-15, Brown, J. E. 33 yrs, PA
135B-15-15, Brown, Sarah M. 25 yrs, PA
145A-164-164, Brown, T. W. 48 yrs, PA
145A-164-164, Brown, Sarah J. 38 yrs, PA
145A-164-164, Brown, George H. 14 yrs, PA
145A-164-164, Brown, Charles 3 yrs, PA
145B-178-178, Brown, Wm 70 yrs, PA
145B-178-178, Brown, Elizabeth 40 yrs, PA
145B-178-178, Brown, Virginia A. 24 yrs, PA
143B-134-134, Burns, Stephen 76 yrs, MD
144A-143-143, Calahan, S. C. 24 yrs, PA
144A-143-143, Calahan, Margaret L. 23 yrs, PA
144A-143-143, Calahan, Cora D. 4 yrs, PA
136A-24-24, Camp, H. E. 33 yrs, OH
136A-24-24, Camp, Lizzie 28 yrs, PA
136A-24-24, Camp, Harry R. 4 yrs, PA
136A-24-24, Camp, James C. 9/12 yrs, PA
136B-24-24, Camp, B. F. 24 yrs, OH
136B-24-24, Camp, Hannah 21 yrs, OH
136B-28-28, Campbell, Andrew 79 yrs, PA
136B-28-28, Campbell, Elisabeth 71 yrs, PA
144B-157-157, Carlton, William 10 yrs, OH
146A-185-185, Caskner, John 38 yrs, VA
146A-185-185, Caskner, Esther J. 37 yrs, PA
146A-185-185, Caskner, Loida 10 yrs, PA
146A-185-185, Caskner, Hampton 3 yrs, PA
135B-14-14, Chamberlin , J. R. 59 yrs, CT
135B-14-14, Chamberlin , Rachel 434 yrs, PA
138A-49-49, Chisty, Thompson 28 yrs, PA
138B-64-64, Chisty, James W. 62 yrs, PA
138B-64-64, Chisty, Mary 51 yrs, PA
138B-64-64, Chisty, Thompson A. 30 yrs, PA
138B-64-64, Chisty, Emily 23 yrs, PA
138B-64-64, Chisty, James M. 18 yrs, PA
138B-64-64, Chisty, Belle Z. 11 yrs, PA
138B-64-64, Chisty, Mary J. 14 yrs, PA
135B-11-11, Chrisley, Wm 20 yrs, PA
147A-205-205, Christy, Jane 88 yrs, PA
138B-61-61, Clark, D. T. 52 yrs, PA
138B-61-61, Clark, Susanna 45 yrs, OH
138B-61-61, Clark, Mary L. 19 yrs, OH
138B-61-61, Clark, James A. 18 yrs, OH
138B-61-61, Clark, Matilda J. 16 yrs, OH
138B-61-61, Clark, Cornelia E. 14 yrs, OH
138B-61-61, Clark, Emma I. 12 yrs, OH
138B-61-61, Clark, Elizabeth 86 yrs, OH
147A-203-203, Cooper, Frank 37 yrs, PA
147A-203-203, Cooper, Esther 47 yrs, PA
147A-206-206, Cooper, Jacob 67 yrs, Baden Ger.
147A-206-206, Cooper, Catharine 11 yrs, PA
147B-206-206, Cooper, Thomas 36 yrs, PA
147B-206-206, Cooper, Barbara 37 yrs, PA
147B-206-206, Cooper, Milton 8 yrs, PA
147B-206-206, Cooper, Cassie M. 6 yrs, PA
147B-206-206, Cooper, Mary E. 4 yrs, PA
143B-139-139, Davis, A. R. 32 yrs, Wales
144A-139-139, Davis, Mary E. 29 yrs, PA
144A-139-139, Davis, Margaret 9 yrs, PA
144A-139-139, Davis, Mary 6 yrs, PA
144A-139-139, Davis, Gustus 6/12 yrs, PA
145B-177-177, Davis, Walter 67 yrs, Ireland
145B-177-177, Davis, Jane 67 yrs, Ireland
145B-177-177, Davis, John 27 yrs, PA
145B-177-177, Davis, Matthew A. 25 yrs, PA
137B-47-47, Davy, Annie 65 yrs, England
142B-119-119, Dean, Addison 13 yrs, PA
146B-191-191, Defendifir, Jeremiah 22 yrs, PA
144A-142-142, Dickey, Robert 61 yrs, Ireland
144A-142-142, Dickey, Matilda 58 yrs, Ireland
144A-142-142, Dickey, Rebecca 24 yrs, PA
144A-142-142, Dickey, James 17 yrs, PA
138A-58-58, Dorna, Frederick 55 yrs, Belginm
138B-58-58, Dorna, Mary M. 55 yrs, Belginm
136A-23-23, Dorwart, Lancas 25 yrs, PA
138B-62-62, Dower, J. C. 41 yrs, Germany
138B-62-62, Dower, Clara 36 yrs, PA
138B-62-62, Dower, Jennie E. 15 yrs, PA
138B-62-62, Dower, John H. 13 yrs, PA
138B-62-62, Dower, Jerome E. 5 yrs, PA
138B-62-62, Dower, Webster S. 2 yrs, PA
140B-95-95, Dumars, Jane 71 yrs, PA
140B-95-95, Dumars, John 7 yrs, PA
145A-175-175, Dumars, Willie 9 yrs, PA
137A-34-34, Durst, John 71 yrs, PA
137A-34-34, Durst, Barbary 57 yrs, PA
137A-34-34, Durst, Frances 24 yrs, PA
137A-34-34, Durst, Peter A. 22 yrs, PA
137A-34-34, Durst, Luther M. 19 yrs, PA
137A-34-34, Durst, Charles B. 18 yrs, PA
137A-34-34, Durst, Claudius B. 17 yrs, PA
137A-34-34, Durst, Robert R. 14 yrs, PA
143A-126-126, Edgar, Elizabeth 60 yrs, Ireland
143A-126-126, Edgar, Samuel 24 yrs, NY
137B-46-46, Emerick, Reuben 33 yrs, PA
137B-46-46, Emerick, Rachel 35 yrs, PA
137B-46-46, Emerick, Willie 10 yrs, PA
137B-46-46, Emerick, Lizzie 8 yrs, PA
137B-46-46, Emerick, Cozy E. 5 yrs, PA
137A-41-41, Ernest, Fred. 39 yrs, Baden G.
137A-41-41, Ernest, Telah 38 yrs, Baden G.
137A-41-41, Ernest, Stephen 15 yrs, PA
137A-41-41, Ernest, Mary 10 yrs, PA
145A-172-172, Ferguson, Madison 16 yrs, PA
136A-20-20, Fill, Francis 43 yrs, Prussia
136A-20-20, Fill, Sophiah 36 yrs, Baden G.
146A-188-188, Fisher, John 27 yrs, PA
146A-188-188, Fisher, Eliza 26 yrs, PA
146A-188-188, Fisher, Sarah 4 yrs, PA
146A-188-188, Fisher, William 2 yrs, PA
146A-188-188, Fisher, Frances 9/12 yrs, PA
144B-153-153, Fonner, Wm 46 yrs, VA
144B-153-153, Fonner, Sarah 48 yrs, PA
144B-153-153, Fonner, Frances 24 yrs, PA
144B-153-153, Fonner, Sarah C. 22 yrs, PA
144B-153-153, Fonner, John 20 yrs, PA
144B-153-153, Fonner, Kate 16 yrs, PA
144B-153-153, Fonner, William 13 yrs, PA
144B-153-153, Fonner, Ida 6 yrs, PA
144B-153-153, Fonner, Lawrence 4 yrs, PA
144B-153-153, Fonner, Philip 84 yrs, NJ
137B-47-47, Forrest, Uriah 37 yrs, PA
137B-47-47, Forrest, Salina 28 yrs, PA
137B-47-47, Forrest, William 9 yrs, PA
137B-47-47, Forrest, Harry 7 yrs, PA
137B-47-47, Forrest, Mary 5 yrs, PA
137B-47-47, Forrest, Lizzie 1 yrs, PA
138A-56-56, Foulk, Benjamin 63 yrs, PA
138A-56-56, Foulk, Polly 53 yrs, PA
135B-9-9, Foust, Ephraim 35 yrs, PA
139B-76-76, Frits, Samuel 47 yrs, PA
139B-76-76, Frits, Maria 52 yrs, PA
139B-76-76, Frits, Samuel 11 yrs, PA
139A-69-69, From, Christopher 50 yrs, Baden Ger.
139A-69-69, From, Mary 33 yrs, Baden Ger.
139A-69-69, From, Maggie 12 yrs, OH
139A-69-69, From, Caroline 9 yrs, PA
139A-69-69, From, Mary 7 yrs, PA
139A-69-69, From, Lizzie 4 yrs, PA
139A-69-69, From, Emma 1 yrs, PA
146B-191-191, Frye, George 40 yrs, PA
146B-191-191, Frye, Sarah 39 yrs, PA
137B-44-44, Gaiser, Elizabeth 60 yrs, Newburg G.
137B-44-44, Gaiser, Eliza 27 yrs, PA
137B-44-44, Gaiser, Lydia 8 yrs, PA
137B-44-44, Gaiser, Lizzie 3 yrs, PA
139B-82-82, Gallispy, Alfred 22 yrs, PA
139B-82-82, Gallispy, Emma 22 yrs, PA
135A-4-4, Garver, Sarah 35 yrs, PA
141B-109-109, George, Eli 31 yrs, PA
141B-109-109, George, Susan 31 yrs, PA
138B-65-65, Gibson, William 36 yrs, PA
138B-65-65, Gibson, Margaret 35 yrs, PA
138B-65-65, Gibson, Deloss 4 yrs, PA
141A-98-98, Glendening, Wm 50 yrs, Ireland
141A-98-98, Glendening, Sarah 37 yrs, PA
141A-98-98, Glendening, Margaret A. 13 yrs, PA
141A-98-98, Glendening, Sarah J. 10 yrs, PA
141A-98-98, Glendening, Lewis E. 9 yrs, PA
141A-98-98, Glendening, Mary E. 8 yrs, PA
141A-98-98, Glendening, Emma 5 yrs, PA
136A-19-19, Goucher, W. S. 48 yrs, OH
136A-19-19, Goucher, Deborah 45 yrs, OH
136A-19-19, Goucher, Curtis 25 yrs, OH
145B-182-182, Gouder, Cyrus 37 yrs, OH
145B-182-182, Gouder, Albert A. 10 yrs, PA
145B-182-182, Gouder, Mary L. 5 yrs, PA
145B-182-182, Gouder, Arnetta J. 3 yrs, PA
145B-182-182, Gouder, Annetta B. 1 yrs, PA
145B-182-182, Gouder, Margaret 74 yrs, MD
145B-182-182, Gouder, Harriet 34 yrs, PA
143B-134-134, Gravatt, Levi 40 yrs, PA
143B-134-134, Gravatt, Margaret 39 yrs, PA
143B-134-134, Gravatt, Elizabeth J. 21 yrs, PA
143B-134-134, Gravatt, Otis A. 12 yrs, PA
143B-134-134, Gravatt, Arminta 9 yrs, PA
143B-134-134, Gravatt, Charles D. 5 yrs, PA
138A-49-49, Grim, Lewis 28 yrs, PA
138A-49-49, Grim, Elizabeth 32 yrs, PA
138A-49-49, Grim, William H. 9 yrs, PA
138A-49-49, Grim, Sarah J. 1 yrs, PA
138A-49-49, Grim, Ellsworth 3/12 yrs, PA
145A-173-173, Grime, Balser 46 yrs, PA
145A-173-173, Grime, Margaret A. 35 yrs, PA
146B-196-196, Grover, Simon 30 yrs, PA
146B-196-196, Grover, Sarah 29 yrs, PA
146B-196-196, Grover, Mary 5 yrs, PA
146B-196-196, Grover, Sarah M. 3 yrs, PA
146B-196-196, Grover, Sylvester 7/12 yrs, PA
143B-133-133, Guthrie, William 47 yrs, PA
143B-133-133, Guthrie, Esther 40 yrs, PA
143B-133-133, Guthrie, Francisco 17 yrs, PA
143B-133-133, Guthrie, Florence 15 yrs, PA
143B-133-133, Guthrie, John B. 4/12 yrs, PA
140B-93-93, Hamilton, David 57 yrs, Ireland
140B-93-93, Hamilton, Abagail 57 yrs, NY
140B-93-93, Hamilton, David 18 yrs, PA
144B-157-157, Hamilton, Hiram 38 yrs, PA
144B-157-157, Hamilton, Catharine 28 yrs, OH
144B-157-157, Hamilton, Eoline 6 yrs, PA
144B-157-157, Hamilton, Lucy 3 yrs, PA
144B-157-157, Hamilton, Frankie 1 yrs, PA
135B-9-9, Hamlin, J. E. 35 yrs, NY
135B-9-9, Hamlin, Malinda 24 yrs, PA
135B-9-9, Hamlin, Willie 5 yrs, PA
135B-9-9, Hamlin, Harmer E. 19 yrs, PA
136B-29-29, Hamlin, Samuel 30 yrs, PA
136B-29-29, Hamlin, Elisabeth 26 yrs, PA
136B-29-29, Hamlin, Mary 7 yrs, PA
136B-29-29, Hamlin, John 5 yrs, PA
136B-29-29, Hamlin, Vinnie V. 2/12 yrs, PA
139B-78-78, Haner, Henry 53 yrs, Brunswick Ger.
139B-78-78, Haner, Henrietta 48 yrs, Hanover, Ger.
139B-78-78, Haner, Leonard 17 yrs, PA
139B-78-78, Haner, William 13 yrs, PA
144B-155-155, Hank, Samuel 26 yrs, PA
144B-155-155, Hank, Louisa 19 yrs, PA
144B-155-155, Hank, George 1 yrs, PA
143A-130-130, Hanna, Mary 65 yrs, PA
143A-130-130, Hanna, Nancy 59 yrs, PA
143A-130-130, Hanna, Elizabeth 15 yrs, PA
141A-103-103, Harrah, James 80 yrs, Ireland
141A-103-103, Harrah, Isabella 80 yrs, Ireland
139B-75-75, Hecker, Reuben 23 yrs, PA
139B-75-75, Hecker, Sarah 24 yrs, OH
139B-75-75, Hecker, Jacob 20 yrs, PA
146B-197-197, Hecker, James 58 yrs, PA
146B-197-197, Hecker, Elizabeth 51 yrs, PA
146B-197-197, Hecker, George 13 yrs, PA
138A-54-54, Heckmon, M. J. 19 yrs, PA
136B-33-33, Heilman, Thodore 28 yrs, PA
137A-33-33, Heilman, Loretta 23 yrs, OH
137A-33-33, Heilman, Luther 4 yrs, PA
137A-33-33, Heilman, Sarah 2 yrs, PA
137A-35-35, Hengist, Henry 39 yrs, Hanvoer G.
137A-35-35, Hengist, Mary 28 yrs, Hanvoer G.
137A-35-35, Hengist, Martin L. 9 yrs, PA
137A-35-35, Hengist, Annetta 7 yrs, PA
141B-105-105, Hildebrand, Chas 48 yrs, PA
141B-105-105, Hildebrand, Margaret 47 yrs, PA
141B-105-105, Hildebrand, Josiah 20 yrs, PA
141B-105-105, Hildebrand, Hannah E. 17 yrs, PA
141B-105-105, Hildebrand, Margaret J. 14 yrs, PA
141B-105-105, Hildebrand, Armina M. 11 yrs, PA
141B-105-105, Hildebrand, Annie L. 8 yrs, PA
137A-36-36, Hill, Gibson 35 yrs, PA
137A-36-36, Hill, Harriet 24 yrs, PA
137A-36-36, Hill, Clara B. 5 yrs, PA
137A-40-40, Hill, Robert 28 yrs, PA
137A-40-40, Hill, Hester 25 yrs, PA
137A-40-40, Hill, James A. 5 yrs, PA
144A-144-144, Hill, Jane 71 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Peter 44 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Mary 36 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Edwin 14 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Eliza 13 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Elias 11 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Sarah 9 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Samuel 7 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Mary E. 5 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Levi G. 3 yrs, PA
142A-111-111, Hittel, Daniel 1 yrs, PA
142A-112-112, Hittel, Samuel 42 yrs, PA
142A-112-112, Hittel, Dianna 35 yrs, PA
142A-112-112, Hittel, William J. 11 yrs, PA
142A-112-112, Hittel, Eliza J. 10 yrs, PA
142A-112-112, Hittel, Lewis 9 yrs, PA
142A-112-112, Hittel, Sarah A. 7 yrs, PA
142A-112-112, Hittel, Alminda 6 yrs, PA
142A-113-113, Hittel, Jonathan 24 yrs, PA
142A-113-113, Hittel, Mary E. 21 yrs, PA
142A-114-114, Hittel, George 50 yrs, PA
142A-114-114, Hittel, Sarah 47 yrs, PA
142A-114-114, Hittel, William 21 yrs, PA
142A-114-114, Hittel, Annie M. 19 yrs, PA
142A-114-114, Hittel, Silman 16 yrs, PA
142A-114-114, Hittel, Sarah M. 5 yrs, PA
147B-210-210, Holms, John 24 yrs, England
147B-210-210, Holms, Lide 22 yrs, PA
140A-84-84, Homer, Mary 70 yrs, MD
143B-136-136, Hovey, P. A. 46 yrs, NY
143B-136-136, Hovey, Sarah 33 yrs, PA
143B-136-136, Hovey, Eugene 4 yrs, PA
141A-99-99, Howard , L. P. 36 yrs, PA
141A-99-99, Howard , Mary 33 yrs, Ireland
141A-99-99, Howard , Kittie J. 12 yrs, PA
141A-99-99, Howard , Lizzie A. 10 yrs, PA
135A-1-1, Howry, Adam 65 yrs, PA
135A-1-1, Howry, Salome 60 yrs, PA
135A-1-1, Howry, Caroline 22 yrs, PA
135A-1-1, Howry, William H. 2 yrs, PA
145A-163-163, Hudson, Charles 46 yrs, NY
145A-163-163, Hudson, Catharine 46 yrs, PA
145A-163-163, Hudson, James A. 18 yrs, PA
145A-163-163, Hudson, William C. J. 14 yrs, PA
145A-163-163, Hudson, Clark 12 yrs, PA
145A-163-163, Hudson, Leander 10 yrs, PA
145A-163-163, Hudson, Charles A. 8 yrs, PA
140A-83-83, Huntley, P. L. 10 yrs, WI
145A-165-165, Irwin, Sada E. 19 yrs, PA
145A-164-164, Jefferson, Laura 17 yrs, PA
139B-76-76, Jewell, Minerva 14 yrs, PA
146B-193-193, Kamer, Levi 35 yrs, PA
146B-193-193, Kamer, Nancy 30 yrs, PA
146B-193-193, Kamer, Mary E. 11 yrs, PA
146B-193-193, Kamer, James A. 8 yrs, PA
146B-193-193, Kamer, Freddie M. 5 yrs, PA
146B-193-193, Kamer, Olive 1 yrs, PA
146B-193-193, Kamer, Augustus 17 yrs, PA
136A-23-23, Kamerer, Simon 48 yrs, PA
136A-23-23, Kamerer, Henrietta 44 yrs, PA
136A-23-23, Kamerer, Margaret E. 23 yrs, PA
136A-23-23, Kamerer, Oliver 20 yrs, PA
136A-23-23, Kamerer, George L. 12 yrs, PA
146A-187-187, Kamerer, Susanna 50 yrs, PA
146A-187-187, Kamerer, Sarah A. 30 yrs, PA
146A-187-187, Kamerer, Reuben 27 yrs, PA
146A-187-187, Kamerer, Jacob 24 yrs, PA
146A-187-187, Kamerer, Lydia 22 yrs, PA
146A-187-187, Kamerer, Edwin N. 16 yrs, PA
146A-187-187, Kamerer, Charles 14 yrs, PA
146B-195-195, Kamerer, Daniel 55 yrs, PA
147A-202-202, Kamerer, Benjamin 39 yrs, PA
147A-202-202, Kamerer, Elizabeth 31 yrs, PA
147A-202-202, Kamerer, Clara E. 7 yrs, PA
147A-202-202, Kamerer, Loretta A. 4 yrs, PA
147A-202-202, Kamerer, Alsada L. 4 yrs, PA
147A-202-202, Kamerer, Elizabeth 47 yrs, PA
147A-203-203, Kamerer, Leah 36 yrs, PA
144A-146-146, Keck, Edward 37 yrs, PA
144A-146-146, Keck, Susanna 34 yrs, PA
144A-146-146, Keck, Sarah E. 15 yrs, OH
144A-146-146, Keck, Amanda 12 yrs, OH
144A-146-146, Keck, Mary A. 8 yrs, OH
144B-146-146, Keck, Martha 6 yrs, OH
144B-146-146, Keck, James 1 yrs, PA
145A-171-171, Kehler, Andrew 35 yrs, PA
145A-171-171, Kehler, Lenar 24 yrs, PA
145A-171-171, Kehler, William J. 12 yrs, PA
145A-171-171, Kehler, George F. 11 yrs, PA
145A-171-171, Kehler, John 9 yrs, PA
145A-171-171, Kehler, Frankie 6 yrs, PA
145A-171-171, Kehler, Ida 3 yrs, PA
145A-174-174, Kehler, Jacob 73 yrs, Wittenberg Ger.
145A-174-174, Kehler, Louisa 70 yrs, Hanover
145B-178-178, Kellog, Jane 38 yrs, PA
137A-42-42, Kemp, W. H. 29 yrs, PA
137A-42-42, Kemp, Susanna 27 yrs, PA
137B-42-42, Kemp, John C. 9 yrs, PA
137B-42-42, Kemp, Franklin E. 7 yrs, PA
137B-42-42, Kemp, Willis A. 6 yrs, PA
137B-42-42, Kemp, Chore M. 1 yrs, PA
138A-50-50, Kohler, Harrison 40 yrs, PA
138A-50-50, Kohler, Elizabeth 30 yrs, OH
142B-118-118, Kohler, Catharine 67 yrs, PA
142B-118-118, Kohler, William 46 yrs, PA
142B-118-118, Kohler, Charles 42 yrs, PA
142B-118-118, Kohler, Leanor 36 yrs, PA
142B-118-118, Kohler, Mariah 33 yrs, PA
142B-118-118, Kohler, John 27 yrs, PA
147B-207-207, Kohler, Ephraim 38 yrs, PA
147B-207-207, Kohler, Teressa 51 yrs, VA
147B-207-207, Kohler, Alberta F. 21 yrs, VA
147B-207-207, Kohler, Elizabeth J. T. 15 yrs, PA
147B-207-207, Kohler, Catharine P. 12 yrs, PA
147B-207-207, Kohler, Mary M. 11 yrs, PA
147B-207-207, Kohler, Charles A. 6 yrs, PA
147B-207-207, Kohler, John A. 5 yrs, PA
146B-190-190, Koser, Levi 31 yrs, PA
146B-190-190, Koser, Levina 33 yrs, PA
146B-190-190, Koser, Vilora 8 yrs, PA
146B-190-190, Koser, Freddy A. 4 yrs, PA
146B-190-190, Koser, Louis 2 yrs, PA
146B-190-190, Koser, Estella 1 yrs, PA
135B-8-8, Laird, Alex. 72 yrs, Ireland
135B-8-8, Laird, Jane 75 yrs, Ireland
135B-8-8, Laird, William 45 yrs, PA
135B-8-8, Laird, Elisabeth 36 yrs, England
135B-8-8, Laird, Rebecca J. 30 yrs, PA
141A-101-101, Langdon, S. G. 66 yrs, CT
141A-101-101, Langdon, Almira W. 40 yrs, PA
141A-101-101, Langdon, Flora 4 yrs, PA
147A-205-205, Law, Nancy 84 yrs, PA
136B-25-25, Leet, F. H. 43 yrs, PA
136B-25-25, Leet, Sarah 32 yrs, NH
136B-25-25, Leet, Frederick 5 yrs, PA
136B-25-25, Leet, Irene 1 yrs, PA
136B-25-25, Leet, Jonathan 85 yrs, PA
136B-25-25, Leet, Susan 40 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Lewis, Lizzie 12 yrs, Wales
144B-158-158, Linderman, M. 22 yrs, PA
144B-158-158, Linderman, Ellen 25 yrs, Ireland
137A-37-37, Lockhart, W. 31 yrs, Ireland
137A-37-37, Lockhart, Elisabeth 38 yrs, PA
137A-37-37, Lockhart, George 8 yrs, PA
137A-37-37, Lockhart, Ernest 6 yrs, PA
137A-37-37, Lockhart, Willie 4 yrs, PA
137A-37-37, Lockhart, Lizzie 1 yrs, PA
139A-67-67, Lodge, Benjamin 59 yrs, PA
139A-67-67, Lodge, Nancy J. 58 yrs, PA
139A-67-67, Lodge, Mary 28 yrs, PA
139A-67-67, Lodge, Milton T. 25 yrs, PA
139A-71-71, Long , James H. 48 yrs, PA
139A-71-71, Long , Mary A. 45 yrs, PA
139A-72-72, Long , David 52 yrs, PA
139A-72-72, Long , Margaret A. 41 yrs, PA
139A-72-72, Long , Sarah J. 19 yrs, PA
139A-72-72, Long , Mary E. 16 yrs, PA
139A-72-72, Long , William J. 14 yrs, PA
139A-72-72, Long , Elizabeth P. 8/12 yrs, PA
139A-73-73, Long , Maria 53 yrs, PA
140A-84-84, Loutsenhiser, B. 41 yrs, PA
140A-84-84, Loutsenhiser, Elizabeth 41 yrs, PA
140A-85-85, Loutsenhiser, Jacob 43 yrs, PA
140A-85-85, Loutsenhiser, Nettie 33 yrs, PA
140A-85-85, Loutsenhiser, Frank 17 yrs, PA
140A-85-85, Loutsenhiser, Harry 6 yrs, PA
140A-85-85, Loutsenhiser, Frederick 4 yrs, PA
140A-85-85, Loutsenhiser, Albert 3 yrs, PA
147B-212-212, Loutzenhiser, A. 46 yrs, PA
147B-212-212, Loutzenhiser, Emily 47 yrs, PA
147B-212-212, Loutzenhiser, James 16 yrs, PA
147B-212-212, Loutzenhiser, Henry 11 yrs, PA
146B-194-194, Love, John 53 yrs, PA
146B-194-194, Love, Margaret J. 52 yrs, PA
146B-194-194, Love, Almira 28 yrs, PA
146B-194-194, Love, Mary 27 yrs, PA
146B-194-194, Love, Cunningham 26 yrs, PA
146B-194-194, Love, Benjamin 19 yrs, PA
146B-194-194, Love, Emma 3 yrs, PA
144B-148-148, Lutten, Peter 46 yrs, Scotland
144B-148-148, Lutten, Hulda A. 18 yrs, NY
144B-148-148, Lutten, Henry 10 yrs, PA
144B-148-148, Lutten, Eddie 7 yrs, PA
145A-176-176, Lyon, Thomas 56 yrs, PA
145A-176-176, Lyon, Eliza 53 yrs, PA
145A-176-176, Lyon, Joseph 30 yrs, PA
145A-176-176, Lyon, John 27 yrs, PA
145A-176-176, Lyon, Anderson 24 yrs, PA
145A-176-176, Lyon, Mary 18 yrs, PA
145A-176-176, Lyon, George 16 yrs, PA
145B-176-176, Lyon, Maggie 12 yrs, PA
138B-59-59, Marks, Samuel 38 yrs, Ireland
138B-59-59, Marks, Anna S. 29 yrs, PA
138B-59-59, Marks, James H. 3 yrs, PA
138B-59-59, Marks, Kate M. 1 yrs, PA
138B-60-60, Marks, James 82 yrs, Ireland
138B-60-60, Marks, John 54 yrs, Ireland
138B-60-60, Marks, Drusilla 44 yrs, Ireland
138B-60-60, Marks, Jane 39 yrs, Ireland
138B-60-60, Marks, Esther 35 yrs, PA
138B-60-60, Marks, Robert 21 yrs, PA
147B-211-211, Matay, Mary 21 yrs, PA
145A-170-170, McClimans, Joseph 22 yrs, PA
145A-170-170, McClimans, Hannah 21 yrs, PA
145A-170-170, McClimans, Minnie 10/12 yrs, PA
141A-103-103, McFatrich, Sarah A. 44 yrs, PA
141A-103-103, McFatrich, Rebecca J. 18 yrs, PA
138A-53-53, McGary, James 24 yrs, Ireland
138A-53-53, McGary, Mary 25 yrs, Ireland
138A-53-53, McGary, Thomas 10 yrs, NY
145A-165-165, McGeoner, Cath. 18 yrs, Ireland
145A-175-175, McGranahan, W. 30 yrs, PA
145A-175-175, McGranahan, Esther A. 33 yrs, OH
145A-175-175, McGranahan, Mary L. 5 yrs, PA
145A-175-175, McGranahan, Orpha R. 2 yrs, PA
147B-209-209, McMahan, Benjamin 33 yrs, OH
147B-209-209, McMahan, Sarah 28 yrs, PA
147B-209-209, McMahan, Mion B. R. 7 yrs, PA
147B-209-209, McMahan, Orion 5 yrs, PA
147B-209-209, McMahan, Warren 2 yrs, PA
147B-209-209, McMahan, Troy 6/12 yrs, PA
142B-119-119, McMillan, A. 59 yrs, PA
142B-119-119, McMillan, Elizabeth 63 yrs, PA
142B-119-119, McMillan, Nancy P. 28 yrs, PA
142B-119-119, McMillan, Jane 26 yrs, PA
142B-119-119, McMillan, Thomas 24 yrs, PA
142B-120-120, McMillan, H. P. 41 yrs, PA
142B-120-120, McMillan, Anna M. 38 yrs, PA
142B-120-120, McMillan, Mary H. 13 yrs, PA
142B-120-120, McMillan, William P. 11 yrs, PA
142B-120-120, McMillan, Alice E. 10 yrs, PA
142B-120-120, McMillan, Addison C. 8 yrs, PA
142B-120-120, McMillan, Alma 6 yrs, PA
142B-120-120, McMillan, Adda J. 6/12 yrs, PA
139A-71-71, McQuisen, L. 14 yrs, PA
139A-73-73, McQuisen, D. S. 27 yrs, PA
146B-192-192, Melvin, J. K. 77 yrs, Delaware
146B-192-192, Melvin, Anna 69 yrs, PA
146B-192-192, Melvin, James 23 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Henry 47 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Susan 40 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Sylvester 15 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Jane 13 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Emma 12 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Fleming 10 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, James 8 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Curtis 6 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Milton 5 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Armina 3 yrs, PA
147A-201-201, Melvin, Franklin 1 yrs, PA
139B-79-79, Miller, Jonas 70 yrs, PA
139B-79-79, Miller, Lydia 74 yrs, PA
139B-79-79, Miller, Margaret 36 yrs, PA
143A-123-123, Miller, William 32 yrs, PA
143A-123-123, Miller, Catharine 22 yrs, PA
143A-123-123, Miller, Ida 2 yrs, PA
143A-123-123, Miller, Maggie 10/12 yrs, PA
141B-109-109, Misner, Austa 5 yrs, PA
147B-209-209, Moffit, Sadia 21 yrs, PA
135B-16-16, Moury, David 29 yrs, PA
136A-16-16, Moury, Anna L. 27 yrs, PA
136A-16-16, Moury, Emma J. 4 yrs, PA
135B-9-9, Mowry, George 17 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Jacob 49 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Lucinda 38 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Levi G. 16 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Benjamin 15 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Edwin 13 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Mary J. 10 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Milton 9 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Ellie 8 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Louisa 7 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Elizabeth 4 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Martin 3 yrs, PA
142A-115-115, Mowry, Freddie 10/12 yrs, PA
142B-116-116, Mowry, Henry 22 yrs, PA
142B-116-116, Mowry, Susanna 21 yrs, PA
142B-116-116, Mowry, Henry 49 yrs, PA
142B-117-117, Mowry, Jesse 50 yrs, PA
142B-117-117, Mowry, Sarah 40 yrs, PA
142B-117-117, Mowry, Reuben 22 yrs, PA
142B-117-117, Mowry, Eliza 21 yrs, PA
142B-117-117, Mowry, Daniel 19 yrs, PA
142B-117-117, Mowry, Emma 14 yrs, PA
142B-117-117, Mowry, William 10 yrs, PA
142B-117-117, Mowry, Malinda 4 yrs, PA
138A-57-57, Moyer, Joseph 32 yrs, x
138A-57-57, Moyer, Mary E. 28 yrs, PA
138A-57-57, Moyer, Lizzie 5 yrs, PA
138A-57-57, Moyer, Susan M. 3 yrs, PA
139A-74-74, Moyer, Mary A. 47 yrs, PA
139A-74-74, Moyer, William J. 19 yrs, PA
139B-74-74, Moyer, Levi A. 15 yrs, PA
145B-179-179, Myres, Peter 57 yrs, OH
145B-179-179, Myres, Eda 54 yrs, MD
145B-179-179, Myres, Joseph 32 yrs, OH
145B-179-179, Myres, Benjamin F. 20 yrs, OH
145B-179-179, Myres, Celestia 16 yrs, PA
145B-179-179, Myres, John A. 13 yrs, PA
140B-97-97, Needham, S. P. 36 yrs, PA
140B-97-97, Needham, Sarah E. 34 yrs, PA
141A-97-97, Needham, Taylor 14 yrs, PA
141A-97-97, Needham, Electa J. 12 yrs, PA
141A-97-97, Needham, Dewitt W. 10 yrs, PA
141A-97-97, Needham, Frank L. 7 yrs, PA
141A-97-97, Needham, Celestia 6 yrs, PA
141A-97-97, Needham, Mills D. 4 yrs, PA
141A-97-97, Needham, Adaline R. 1 yrs, PA
144B-154-154, Neunemaker, J. G. 28 yrs, PA
144B-154-154, Neunemaker, Abagail 29 yrs, PA
144B-154-154, Neunemaker, Ellie 12 yrs, PA
145A-165-165, Nisbet, J. A. 46 yrs, PA
145A-165-165, Nisbet, Maria 39 yrs, PA
145A-165-165, Nisbet, David 17 yrs, PA
145A-165-165, Nisbet, Albert 16 yrs, PA
145A-165-165, Nisbet, Felicia 13 yrs, PA
145A-165-165, Nisbet, Frederick 8 yrs, PA
135B-11-11, Noble, John 15 yrs, PA
146B-198-198, Null, John 29 yrs, PA
146B-198-198, Null, Susan 28 yrs, PA
146B-198-198, Null, Wellington 6 yrs, PA
146B-198-198, Null, Nathan 2 yrs, PA
139A-66-66, Oakes, Samuel 60 yrs, England
139A-66-66, Oakes, Hannah 58 yrs, England
139A-66-66, Oakes, Rhoda 34 yrs, England
139A-66-66, Oakes, Sarah 18 yrs, PA
139A-66-66, Oakes, Samuel T. H. 14 yrs, PA
135A-2-2, Oldendifer, Jo's 53 yrs, PA
135A-2-2, Oldendifer, Sarah 52 yrs, PA
135A-2-2, Oldendifer, George 19 yrs, PA
135A-2-2, Oldendifer, Louisa 15 yrs, PA
135A-2-2, Oldendifer, Elisabeth 13 yrs, PA
135A-3-3, Oldendifer, Sarah 48 yrs, PA
135A-3-3, Oldendifer, Henry 26 yrs, PA
135A-3-3, Oldendifer, Lunanda 26 yrs, PA
135A-3-3, Oldendifer, Reuben 22 yrs, PA
135A-3-3, Oldendifer, George 16 yrs, PA
135A-3-3, Oldendifer, Mary E. 15 yrs, PA
135A-3-3, Oldendifer, Ellis A. 7 yrs, PA
143B-135-135, Oneal, Francis 50 yrs, Ireland
143B-135-135, Oneal, Margaret 46 yrs, England
140A-87-87, Parks, James 49 yrs, PA
140A-87-87, Parks, Caroline 35 yrs, OH
140A-87-87, Parks, Sylvester 18 yrs, PA
140A-87-87, Parks, Hellen C. 12 yrs, PA
140A-87-87, Parks, Rebecca A. 9 yrs, PA
140A-87-87, Parks, Sarah M. 7 yrs, PA
140A-87-87, Parks, Della M. 5 yrs, PA
140A-87-87, Parks, Arminda J. 2 yrs, PA
140A-87-87, Parks, George A. 3/12 yrs, PA
141A-99-99, Patterson, Robert 25 yrs, Ireland
136B-24-24, Payett, John 22 yrs, PA
141A-102-102, Payne, Stephen M. 56 yrs, RI
141A-102-102, Payne, Almira 40 yrs, PA
141A-102-102, Payne, Jane E. 19 yrs, PA
141A-102-102, Payne, Alice A. 17 yrs, PA
141A-102-102, Payne, Tyl;er 14 yrs, PA
141A-102-102, Payne, Charlotte B. 11 yrs, PA
141A-102-102, Payne, Addie B. 8 yrs, PA
141A-102-102, Payne, James V. 5 yrs, PA
141A-102-102, Payne, Nora G. 2 yrs, PA
143A-127-127, Pyatt, Elizabeth 56 yrs, NJ
143A-127-127, Pyatt, Benjamin 78 yrs, NJ
143A-127-127, Pyatt, Annie 18 yrs, NJ
143A-127-127, Pyatt, John 22 yrs, NJ
145B-181-181, Ramsey, T. W. 48 yrs, PA
145B-181-181, Ramsey, Elizabeth J. 43 yrs, OH
145B-181-181, Ramsey, Wilson W. 8 yrs, PA
145A-167-167, Reed, Michael 64 yrs, OH
145A-167-167, Reed, Mary 59 yrs, PA
145A-167-167, Reed, Henry M. 11 yrs, WI
145A-168-168, Reed, Edward 33 yrs, PA
145A-168-168, Reed, Esther 32 yrs, PA
145A-168-168, Reed, Frances 9 yrs, PA
145A-168-168, Reed, Nancy J. 5 yrs, PA
145A-168-168, Reed, William 1 yrs, PA
139B-83-83, Renold, J. G. P. 29 yrs, Baden Ger.
139B-83-83, Renold, Elizabeth 24 yrs, OH
139B-83-83, Renold, Margaret B. 2 yrs, PA
135A-6-6, Rice, H. B. 45 yrs, NJ
135A-6-6, Rice, Frances 51 yrs, England
135A-6-6, Rice, Agnis 20 yrs, PA
135A-6-6, Rice, Eugene 18 yrs, PA
135A-6-6, Rice, Thomas 16 yrs, PA
135A-6-6, Rice, Emma 13 yrs, PA
135A-6-6, Rice, Sarah 7 yrs, PA
136A-18-18, Rice, J. B. 38 yrs, NY
136A-18-18, Rice, Lydia A. 34 yrs, NY
136A-18-18, Rice, John 7 yrs, OH
136A-18-18, Rice, Willie 4 yrs, PA
136A-18-18, Rice, Belle 1 yrs, PA
144B-149-149, Ridgeway, Samuel 57 yrs, PA
144B-149-149, Ridgeway, Isabella 50 yrs, PA
144B-149-149, Ridgeway, John W. 21 yrs, PA
144B-149-149, Ridgeway, Jennie L. 18 yrs, PA
144B-149-149, Ridgeway, Susanna 17 yrs, PA
144B-149-149, Ridgeway, Wilson 14 yrs, PA
144B-149-149, Ridgeway, Samuel 2 yrs, PA
135A-4-4, Riggleman, Sol. 62 yrs, PA
135A-4-4, Riggleman, Sophiah 41 yrs, PA
135A-4-4, Riggleman, Lanyes 19 yrs, PA
135A-4-4, Riggleman, Jonathan 16 yrs, PA
135A-4-4, Riggleman, Joseph M . 14 yrs, PA
135A-4-4, Riggleman, Manius 12 yrs, PA
135A-4-4, Riggleman, Mary M. 1 yrs, PA
142B-121-121, Riggleman, John 52 yrs, PA
142B-121-121, Riggleman, Tracy 51 yrs, PA
142B-121-121, Riggleman, Anna M. 28 yrs, PA
142B-121-121, Riggleman, Simon 26 yrs, PA
142B-121-121, Riggleman, Catharine 26 yrs, PA
142B-121-121, Riggleman, Keziah 24 yrs, PA
142B-121-121, Riggleman, Sarah A. 16 yrs, PA
135A-5-5, Rinehart, Jacob 53 yrs, PA
135A-5-5, Rinehart, Elisabeth 59 yrs, PA
135A-5-5, Rinehart, Louisa 26 yrs, PA
135A-5-5, Rinehart, Henry A. 8 yrs, PA
137B-45-45, Risher, David 66 yrs, PA
137B-45-45, Risher, Hannah J. 39 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, Joseph 44 yrs, England
140B-92-92, Robinson, Nancy 40 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, Hannah J. 22 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, James 20 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, Josephene 18 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, Mary 15 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, Walker 13 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, John 11 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, George 9 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, William 6 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, Andrew 4 yrs, PA
140B-92-92, Robinson, Cora 2 yrs, PA
141B-104-104, Robinson, T. H. 46 yrs, OH
141B-104-104, Robinson, Emily 41 yrs, PA
141B-104-104, Robinson, Isabella 22 yrs, PA
141B-104-104, Robinson, Mary A. 19 yrs, PA
141B-104-104, Robinson, Malissa S. 17 yrs, PA
141B-104-104, Robinson, Milton M. 15 yrs, PA
141B-104-104, Robinson, Emily J. 13 yrs, PA
141B-104-104, Robinson, George L. 5 yrs, PA
141B-104-104, Robinson, James B. 3 yrs, PA
138A-51-51, Robison, Joseph 49 yrs, Prussia G.
138A-51-51, Robison, Belbene 37 yrs, Prussia G.
138A-51-51, Robison, Mary 9 yrs, Canada
138A-51-51, Robison, Balbal 7 yrs, Canada
141A-100-100, Rodgers, Robert 61 yrs, Ireland
141A-100-100, Rodgers, Catharine 59 yrs, PA
141A-100-100, Rodgers, Ida 29 yrs, PA
141A-100-100, Rodgers, Kate 21 yrs, PA
141A-100-100, Rodgers, Mollie 18 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, Jacob 53 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, Caroline E. 50 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, Susan B. 22 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, Florida A. 20 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, Jane E. 18 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, Marietta 16 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, Fannie B. 14 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, Caroline R. 12 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, William W. 10 yrs, PA
143B-132-132, Rose, Catharine 8 yrs, PA
138A-55-55, Rutter, George 71 yrs, PA
138A-55-55, Rutter, Susanna 68 yrs, PA
138A-55-55, Rutter, Mary 25 yrs, PA
138A-55-55, Rutter, Allen 10 yrs, PA
135B-11-11, Saul, Daniel 67 yrs, PA
135B-11-11, Saul, Polly 62 yrs, PA
135B-12-12, Saul, J. A. 29 yrs, PA
135B-12-12, Saul, Susanna 25 yrs, PA
135B-12-12, Saul, William H. 6 yrs, PA
135B-12-12, Saul, Allice 11/12 yrs, PA
135B-12-12, Saul, J. A. 29 yrs, PA
136A-22-22, Saul, Aaron 42 yrs, PA
136A-22-22, Saul, Anne A. 38 yrs, PA
136A-22-22, Saul, Mary E. L. 19 yrs, PA
136A-22-22, Saul, Martha H. J. 15 yrs, PA
136A-22-22, Saul, Agnes A. L. 12 yrs, PA
138A-54-54, Saul, W. M. 39 yrs, PA
138A-54-54, Saul, Sarah A. 37 yrs, PA
138A-54-54, Saul, Simon A. 15 yrs, PA
138A-54-54, Saul, Mary E. 9 yrs, PA
137A-38-38, Scott, Angeline 18 yrs, OH
144A-139-139, Sempleton, Rachel 71 yrs, PA
145A-165-165, Shanon, V. A. 40 yrs, PA
143B-138-138, Sheakley, W. H. 36 yrs, PA
143B-138-138, Sheakley, Lydia 34 yrs, PA
143B-138-138, Sheakley, Samuel H. 6 yrs, PA
143B-138-138, Sheakley, Anna M. 5 yrs, PA
143B-138-138, Sheakley, William H. 3 yrs, PA
143B-138-138, Sheakley, Charles C. 1 yrs, PA
140B-91-91, Shepard, Daniel 78 yrs, VT
140B-91-91, Shepard, Lucinda 72 yrs, NH
140B-91-91, Shepard, James 44 yrs, PA
140B-91-91, Shepard, William 48 yrs, PA
140B-91-91, Shepard, Forest 45 yrs, PA
143A-131-131, Shipman, S. E. 42 yrs, NY
143A-131-131, Shipman, Sarah 30 yrs, England
143A-131-131, Shipman, Alice A. 12 yrs, NY
143A-131-131, Shipman, Allen L. 10 yrs, NY
143B-131-131, Shipman, Fannie E. 2 yrs, IL
137A-38-38, Sisley, Jacob 70 yrs, PA
137A-38-38, Sisley, Rhoda 63 yrs, PA
144A-140-140, Skinner, W. B. 35 yrs, England
136A-17-17, Smith, Valentine 49 yrs, Germany
136A-17-17, Smith, Anna A. 30 yrs, Germany
136A-17-17, Smith, George 12 yrs, Canada
136A-17-17, Smith, Elisabeth 10 yrs, Canada
136A-17-17, Smith, Sophiah 8 yrs, Canada
136A-17-17, Smith, Valentine 7 yrs, Canada
136A-17-17, Smith, Peter 3 yrs, Canada
136A-17-17, Smith, Philip 1 yrs, Canada
136B-31-31, Smith, Stephen 37 yrs, x
136B-31-31, Smith, Mary 22 yrs, x
136B-31-31, Smith, William H. 2 yrs, x
136B-31-31, Smith, Lord E. 10/12 yrs, x
144A-145-145, Smith, Henry 35 yrs, OH
144A-145-145, Smith, Harriet 35 yrs, PA
144A-145-145, Smith, Mary J. 14 yrs, PA
144A-145-145, Smith, Catharine 12 yrs, PA
144A-145-145, Smith, Nancy 10 yrs, PA
144A-145-145, Smith, Jesse 7 yrs, PA
144A-145-145, Smith, Alviretta 4 yrs, PA
144A-145-145, Smith, John 2 yrs, PA
144A-145-145, Smith, Jonah 24 yrs, PA
144A-145-145, Smith, Frank 17 yrs, PA
137B-43-43, Snyder, Jacob 33 yrs, PA
137B-43-43, Snyder, Lydia 28 yrs, PA
137B-43-43, Snyder, Elizabeth 8 yrs, PA
137B-43-43, Snyder, Wqallace 7 yrs, PA
137B-43-43, Snyder, Susanna 5 yrs, PA
137B-43-43, Snyder, Frederick 3 yrs, PA
137B-43-43, Snyder, Harry 1 yrs, PA
140A-88-88, Snyder, G. J. 63 yrs, Provaria Ger.
140A-88-88, Snyder, Mary 62 yrs, Provaria Ger.
140A-88-88, Snyder, Samuel 24 yrs, PA
140A-88-88, Snyder, Catharine 13 yrs, PA
140A-89-89, Snyder, Jacob 30 yrs, PA
140A-89-89, Snyder, Catharine E. 30 yrs, PA
140A-89-89, Snyder, William 9 yrs, PA
140A-89-89, Snyder, Robert 8 yrs, PA
140A-89-89, Snyder, Edward 5 yrs, PA
140A-89-89, Snyder, John 2 yrs, PA
140A-89-89, Snyder, Elizabeth 6/12 yrs, PA
143A-129-129, Snyder, Henry 30 yrs, PA
143A-129-129, Snyder, Louisa 26 yrs, PA
143A-129-129, Snyder, Charles 6 yrs, PA
143A-129-129, Snyder, Hattie 9/12 yrs, PA
146B-192-192, Spears, Charles 8 yrs, PA
136A-21-21, Statter, Jacob 40 yrs, Baden G.
136A-21-21, Statter, Bridget 30 yrs, Baden G.
136A-21-21, Statter, Joseph 7 yrs, IN
136A-21-21, Statter, Jacob 1 yrs, PA
144B-159-159, Stephenson, Wm 23 yrs, PA
144B-159-159, Stephenson, Lilah 18 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Stewart, Vance 52 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Stewart, Eliza M. 51 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Stewart, Mary J. 24 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Stewart, James W. 22 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Stewart, Asaphena D. 20 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Stewart, Orlando V. 18 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Stewart, Wilbur V. 14 yrs, PA
141B-106-106, Stewart, Josiah 56 yrs, PA
141B-106-106, Stewart, Nancy 49 yrs, PA
141B-106-106, Stewart, John 30 yrs, PA
141B-106-106, Stewart, Sarah A. 23 yrs, PA
141B-106-106, Stewart, James M. 15 yrs, PA
141B-106-106, Stewart, Lawrence S. 13 yrs, PA
141B-107-107, Stewart, Josiah 28 yrs, PA
141B-107-107, Stewart, Margaret E. 24 yrs, PA
144B-160-160, Stiner, W. C. 33 yrs, PA
144B-160-160, Stiner, Margaret 22 yrs, Ireland
144B-160-160, Stiner, Matilda J. 4 yrs, PA
144B-160-160, Stiner, Ida M. 1 yrs, PA
145B-180-180, Stinger, Edward 40 yrs, PA
145B-180-180, Stinger, Mary 36 yrs, PA
145B-180-180, Stinger, Philip 14 yrs, PA
145B-180-180, Stinger, Mary 12 yrs, PA
145B-180-180, Stinger, Joseph 10 yrs, PA
145B-180-180, Stinger, George 8 yrs, PA
145B-180-180, Stinger, William 4 yrs, PA
145B-180-180, Stinger, Vinnie N. 1 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, James 67 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, Amelda 62 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, Amelda 32 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, Wilson B. 34 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, Malissa 25 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, Emma J. 22 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, Irwin D. 21 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, James W. 17 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, William C. 17 yrs, PA
144B-150-150, Stinson, James A. 17 yrs, PA
144B-151-151, Stinson, Alonzo 30 yrs, PA
144B-151-151, Stinson, Orzilah 26 yrs, PA
144B-151-151, Stinson, Charles B. 6 yrs, PA
143A-124-124, Stroup, Godfrey 28 yrs, Wittenburg Ger.
143A-124-124, Stroup, Catharine 19 yrs, PA
143A-124-124, Stroup, John 6/12 yrs, PA
140B-96-96, Struble, Levi 38 yrs, PA
140B-96-96, Struble, Mary 25 yrs, PA
140B-96-96, Struble, Luella 7 yrs, PA
140B-96-96, Struble, Hiwarren 5 yrs, PA
140B-96-96, Struble, Alfred A. 3 yrs, PA
140B-96-96, Struble, Juniatti 1 yrs, PA
144B-156-156, Stuber, David 45 yrs, PA
144B-156-156, Stuber, Amanda 31 yrs, PA
144B-156-156, Stuber, Codilis 9 yrs, PA
144B-156-156, Stuber, Calvin 7 yrs, PA
144B-156-156, Stuber, Elizabeth 4 yrs, PA
136B-26-26, Sunderland, E. M. 38 yrs, NY
136B-26-26, Sunderland, Belma 12 yrs, PA
136B-26-26, Sunderland, Homer 7 yrs, PA
136B-26-26, Sunderland, Harry 4 yrs, PA
135B-9-9, Taylor, J. H. 30 yrs, Scotland
140A-90-90, Tucker, John 67 yrs, VA
140B-90-90, Tucker, Lucina 48 yrs, PA
140B-90-90, Tucker, Mary E. 23 yrs, PA
140B-90-90, Tucker, George A. 14 yrs, PA
140B-90-90, Tucker, Annie 12 yrs, PA
140B-90-90, Tucker, Lizzie 9 yrs, PA
140B-90-90, Tucker, Harry N. 4 yrs, PA
139A-68-68, Uhl, Adolph 14 yrs, PA
139A-68-68, Uhl, Joseph 10 yrs, PA
136B-27-27, Vandeventer, Isaiah 63 yrs, PA
136B-27-27, Vandeventer, Rachel 61 yrs, PA
136B-27-27, Vandeventer, Eliza 25 yrs, PA
136B-27-27, Vandeventer, Emma 17 yrs, PA
143A-125-125, Vandusen, Philip 42 yrs, Canada
143A-125-125, Vandusen, Mary A. 37 yrs, Canada
143A-125-125, Vandusen, William H. 15 yrs, Canada
143A-125-125, Vandusen, Walter 8 yrs, Canada
143A-125-125, Vandusen, Anna 1 yrs, PA
139B-77-77, Wagenman, P. 63 yrs, PA
139B-77-77, Wagenman, Catharine 56 yrs, PA
139B-77-77, Wagenman, John 36 yrs, PA
139B-77-77, Wagenman, Daniel 29 yrs, PA
139B-77-77, Wagenman, Emeline 19 yrs, PA
139B-77-77, Wagenman, Levi P. 18 yrs, PA
139B-77-77, Wagenman, Catharine 23 yrs, Ger.
139B-77-77, Wagenman, Henry V. 3 yrs, PA
139B-77-77, Wagenman, Frances 1 yrs, PA
135B-13-13, Walker, D. A. 28 yrs, PA
135B-13-13, Walker, Margaret J. 25 yrs, OH
135B-13-13, Walker, Fredie H. 1 yrs, PA
143A-130-130, Walker, D. W. C. 5 yrs, PA
136B-32-32, Walters, John 46 yrs, Badin G.
136B-32-32, Walters, Augusta 34 yrs, Badin G.
136B-32-32, Walters, Mary 14 yrs, PA
136B-32-32, Walters, Emma 12 yrs, PA
145B-183-183, Wasser, Thomas 51 yrs, PA
145B-183-183, Wasser, Eliza 45 yrs, PA
145B-183-183, Wasser, William S. 23 yrs, PA
145B-183-183, Wasser, Harriet 21 yrs, PA
145B-183-183, Wasser, James O. 22 yrs, PA
145B-183-183, Wasser, Charles E. 20 yrs, PA
145B-183-183, Wasser, Annie M. 18 yrs, PA
146A-183-183, Wasser, Emma J. 16 yrs, PA
146A-183-183, Wasser, Eliza L. 14 yrs, PA
146A-183-183, Wasser, Thomas F. 11 yrs, PA
146A-183-183, Wasser, Mary M. 9 yrs, PA
146A-183-183, Wasser, E. Melinda 7 yrs, PA
146A-183-183, Wasser, Alice 5 yrs, PA
146A-183-183, Wasser, Sarah A. 3 yrs, PA
146A-183-183, Wasser, George N. 1 yrs, PA
146A-184-184, Wasser, W. S. 23 yrs, PA
146A-184-184, Wasser, Harriet J. 22 yrs, PA
146A-184-184, Wasser, Franklin 6/12 yrs, PA
138B-63-63, Weaver, Joseph 57 yrs, PA
138B-63-63, Weaver, Mary 46 yrs, PA
138B-63-63, Weaver, Emeline 21 yrs, PA
138B-63-63, Weaver, Clarles 14 yrs, PA
140A-84-84, West, Frances E. 16 yrs, PA
139B-80-80, Wheeler, Sarah 77 yrs, NY
139B-80-80, Wheeler, Louisa 24 yrs, PA
139B-81-81, Wheeler, Ephraim 43 yrs, PA
139B-81-81, Wheeler, Margaret 35 yrs, PA
139B-81-81, Wheeler, Sarah 17 yrs, PA
139B-81-81, Wheeler, Margaret 15 yrs, PA
139B-81-81, Wheeler, Elizabeth 13 yrs, PA
139B-81-81, Wheeler, Louisa 10 yrs, PA
139B-81-81, Wheeler, Ellen 9 yrs, PA
139B-81-81, Wheeler, John 5 yrs, PA
139B-81-81, Wheeler, Burton 7/12 yrs, PA
135B-10-10, White, John S. 59 yrs, PA
135B-10-10, White, Catharine 22 yrs, PA
135B-10-10, White, David 24 yrs, PA
135B-10-10, White, John J. 10 yrs, PA
137A-39-39, White, Henry 26 yrs, PA
137A-39-39, White, Caroline 24 yrs, PA
137A-39-39, White, Frankie 5 yrs, PA
137A-39-39, White, Cora 2 yrs, PA
144A-140-140, White, Caleb J. 32 yrs, NY
144A-140-140, White, Sophia A. 21 yrs, ME
144A-140-140, White, Willie L. 2 yrs, ME
144A-140-140, White, Jasper 61 yrs, NH
144A-140-140, White, Jane 60 yrs, NY
147B-208-208, White, William 62 yrs, Ireland
147B-208-208, White, Annie 60 yrs, Ireland
147B-208-208, White, Susan 25 yrs, PA
147B-208-208, White, Maud 9 yrs, PA
137B-48-48, Whitenberger, H. 18 yrs, PA
140B-90-90, Whitney, Malissa 43 yrs, PA
140B-90-90, Whitney, Willard 8 yrs, PA
145A-169-169, Whitney, William 50 yrs, NY
145A-169-169, Whitney, Elizabeth 28 yrs, PA
145A-169-169, Whitney, Norman W. 4 yrs, PA
145A-169-169, Whitney, Lillie 2 yrs, PA
137B-45-45, Wiley, Ellen 34 yrs, PA
145A-166-166, Wiley, John 62 yrs, Ireland
145A-166-166, Wiley, Emma 53 yrs, PA
145A-166-166, Wiley, Mary E. 22 yrs, PA
145A-166-166, Wiley, Emeline S. 21 yrs, PA
145A-166-166, Wiley, John 18 yrs, PA
145A-166-166, Wiley, Benjamin 17 yrs, PA
145A-166-166, Wiley, Samuel J. 12 yrs, PA
145A-166-166, Wiley, Benjamin 65 yrs, Ireland
145A-166-166, Wiley, Mary A. 67 yrs, Ireland
144B-161-161, Willing, J. A. 53 yrs, Saxon Ger.
144B-161-161, Willing, Catharine 44 yrs, Saxon Ger.
144B-161-161, Willing, Louisa 19 yrs, PA
144B-161-161, Willing, Frederick 19 yrs, PA
144B-161-161, Willing, William 16 yrs, PA
145A-161-161, Willing, George 14 yrs, PA
145A-161-161, Willing, Lewis 11 yrs, PA
144A-141-141, Wilson, Sarah 29 yrs, PA
144A-141-141, Wilson, Joseph B. 5 yrs, PA
144A-141-141, Wilson, Robert W. 2 yrs, PA
147B-212-212, Wilson, Elizabeth 78 yrs, PA
145A-172-172, Wilt, Samuel 33 yrs, PA
145A-172-172, Wilt, Elizabeth 26 yrs, PA
145A-172-172, Wilt, Edward 5 yrs, PA
145A-172-172, Wilt, Frank 3 yrs, PA
144B-147-147, Wortz, Matthias 32 yrs, PA
144B-147-147, Wortz, Lydia 29 yrs, PA
144B-147-147, Wortz, Mary E. 7 yrs, PA
144B-147-147, Wortz, Charles G. 5 yrs, PA
144B-147-147, Wortz, William L. 2 yrs, PA
140A-85-85, Wright, Margaret 15 yrs, PA
140A-86-86, Wright, James 42 yrs, PA
140A-86-86, Wright, Rebecca 40 yrs, PA
140A-86-86, Wright, Elizabeth 18 yrs, PA
140A-86-86, Wright, Sarah 13 yrs, PA
140A-86-86, Wright, John 8 yrs, PA
140A-86-86, Wright, Ida 4 yrs, PA
140A-86-86, Wright, Benjamin 1 yrs, PA
141B-109-109, Yick, Belle 23 yrs, PA
141B-110-110, Young, David 54 yrs, PA
141B-110-110, Young, Margaret 48 yrs, PA
141B-110-110, Young, Elizabeth J. 30 yrs, OH
141B-110-110, Young, Nancy A. 23 yrs, PA
142A-110-110, Young, John A. 14 yrs, PA
142A-110-110, Young, William A. 12 yrs, PA
142A-110-110, Young, David C. 6 yrs, PA
145A-162-162, Young, J. W. 53 yrs, PA
145A-162-162, Young, Adaline 49 yrs, PA
145A-162-162, Young, Lacy M. 16 yrs, PA
145A-162-162, Young, James W. 4 yrs, PA
135B-8-8, Youngblood, I. A. 9 yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 1999 John MacDonald

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