East Lackawannock Township

1870 Census Surname List

East Lackawannock Township

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: R. G. Madge
Post Office: Worth
Date of Enumeration: 1 June - 8 June 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 1999. Any commercial use prohibited

Pg# Dwelling# Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

42B-17-16, Adams, Elizabeth 50 yrs, PA
42B-17-16, Adams, Henry 26 yrs, PA
42B-17-16, Adams, Johny 16 yrs, PA
42B-17-16, Adams, Andrew 14 yrs, PA
42B-17-16, Adams, Rebeckah 10 yrs, PA
42B-17-16, Adams, Cluetta 8 yrs, PA
43A-20-19, Adams, Daniel 28 yrs, PA
43A-20-19, Adams, Sarah 23 yrs, PA
43A-20-19, Adams, Pheebe 5 yrs, PA
43A-20-19, Adams, Mary Elizabeth 3 yrs, PA
43A-20-19, Adams, Johny 1 yrs, PA
43A-20-19, Adams, infant 2/12 yrs, PA
44A-40-38, Ahrend, Henry 49 yrs, Prussia
44A-40-38, Ahrend, Nancy 40 yrs, PA
44A-40-38, Ahrend, Milton 15 yrs, PA
44A-40-38, Ahrend, Sophe 12 yrs, PA
44A-40-38, Ahrend, Johny 10 yrs, PA
44A-40-38, Ahrend, William 7 yrs, PA
44A-40-38, Ahrend, Lizzie 4 yrs, PA
44A-40-38, Ahrend, Willmine 6/12 yrs, PA
43A-23-22, Allen, Martha 51 yrs, PA
43A-23-22, Allen, Alexander 22 yrs, PA
43A-23-22, Allen, Richard A. 20 yrs, PA
49A-126-118, Allen, John 59 yrs, VA
49A-126-118, Allen, Rose 30 yrs, VA
49A-126-118, Allen, Ann 17 yrs, VA
49A-126-118, Allen, Robert 14 yrs, PA
49A-126-118, Allen, James 1 yrs, PA
45B-64-58, Amon, Andrew W. 46 yrs, PA
45B-64-58, Amon, July Ann 40 yrs, PA
45B-64-58, Amon, Ephram 20 yrs, PA
45B-64-58, Amon, Christine 18 yrs, PA
45B-66-60, Amon, Jacob 75 yrs, PA
45B-66-60, Amon, Barbra 75 yrs, MD
45B-67-61, Amon, Frederick 41 yrs, PA
45B-67-61, Amon, Margaret J. 38 yrs, PA
45B-67-61, Amon, Angelia 9 yrs, PA
45B-67-61, Amon, Mary Rebecka 7 yrs, PA
45B-67-61, Amon, Anson Benett 5 yrs, PA
42A-2-2, Anderson, Elizabeth 28 yrs, PA
42A-2-2, Anderson, John C. 4 yrs, PA
42A-2-2, Anderson, Harry W. 2 yrs, PA
42A-7-7, Anderson, Enos W. 50 yrs, PA
42A-7-7, Anderson, Elizabeth 48 yrs, PA
42A-7-7, Anderson, Hermiah Jane 22 yrs, PA
42A-7-7, Anderson, Samuel G. 19 yrs, PA
42A-7-7, Anderson, Seth H. 16 yrs, PA
42A-7-7, Anderson, Albert E. 13 yrs, PA
42A-7-7, Anderson, Mary Elizabeth 10 yrs, PA
42B-12-11, Anderson, Joseph H. 23 yrs, PA
42B-12-11, Anderson, Milo W. 24 yrs, PA
42B-12-11, Anderson, Sarah A. 21 yrs, PA
47B-98-92, Anderson, Jacob 29 yrs, PA
47B-98-92, Anderson, Elizabeth 21 yrs, PA
47B-98-92, Anderson, Alice 1 yrs, PA
44B-49-46, Archabald, James 44 yrs, Ireland
44B-49-46, Archabald, Jane 49 yrs, PA
44B-49-46, Archabald, David A. 11 yrs, PA
43A-26-25, Armor, Wm 44 yrs, PA
43A-26-25, Armor, Coriline 37 yrs, PA
43A-26-25, Armor, Elizabeth 7 yrs, PA
43A-26-25, Armor, James Walker 4 yrs, PA
43A-26-25, Armor, Andrew Wamen 4 yrs, PA
43A-26-25, Armor, Daniel Cane 1 yrs, PA
42A-3-3, Arnold, R. R. 22 yrs, PA
42A-3-3, Arnold, Olive 18 yrs, PA
42A-3-3, Arnold, Lorinda 16 yrs, PA
44B-51-48, Arrowsmith, James 46 yrs, England
44B-51-48, Arrowsmith, Charlott 46 yrs, England
42B-18-17, Barber, Wm W. 28 yrs, OH
42B-18-17, Barber, Martha A. 28 yrs, PA
42B-11-10, Billick, Liddie 25 yrs, PA
42B-11-10, Billick, Simeon P. 6 yrs, PA
47A-92-86, Bowen, Mary 18 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Samuel 53 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Anna 45 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Hulda 20 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Samuel 22 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Mary Elizabeth 19 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Levi 17 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Henry 13 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Isabelle 14 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Austin 10 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, Joseph 9 yrs, PA
50A-137-129, Bowen, George 18 yrs, PA
45A-57-54, Boyd, William B. 27 yrs, PA
44A-41-39, Brown, James 17 yrs, PA
44A-41-39, Brown, Lucy 43 yrs, Ireland
49A-122-114, Budd, G. W. 45 yrs, PA
49A-122-114, Budd, Mary Jane 325 yrs, PA
49A-122-114, Budd, Anna Mary 2/12 yrs, PA
42A-4-4, Burgess, Robt 77 yrs, Ireland
42A-4-4, Burgess, Rebeckah 41 yrs, OH
42A-4-4, Burgess, John G. 17 yrs, OH
42A-4-4, Burgess, Robert G. 15 yrs, OH
48B-115-108, Carter, Joseph 42 yrs, PA
48B-115-108, Carter, Eliza Jane 39 yrs, PA
48B-115-108, Carter, Nathaniel 14 yrs, PA
48B-115-108, Carter, Welcor 14 yrs, PA
48B-115-108, Carter, Austin 11 yrs, PA
48B-115-108, Carter, Joseph Parter 9 yrs, PA
48B-115-108, Carter, Jane Elizabeth 6 yrs, PA
48B-115-108, Carter, David Pewton 3 yrs, PA
42A-8-8, Christ , John 35 yrs, OH
42A-8-8, Christ , Mary A. 30 yrs, PA
42A-8-8, Christ , Anna Lay* 10 yrs, PA
42A-8-8, Christ , Edwin Shafer 7 yrs, PA
42A-8-8, Christ , Simeon 4/12 yrs, PA
42B-19-18, Clark, James 30 yrs, Ireland
48A-106-100, Colier, Martha A. 15 yrs, PA
43B-31-30, Conner, John 62 yrs, Ireland
48B-112-106, Cook, J. W. 25 yrs, PA
48B-112-106, Cook, Elen Jane 23 yrs, PA
48B-112-106, Cook, Mary Enna 5 yrs, PA
48B-112-106, Cook, Sarah Minie 4 yrs, PA
48B-112-106, Cook, Margaret E. 2 yrs, PA
48B-113-107, Cook, Solomon 80 yrs, PA
48B-113-107, Cook, Mary B. 55 yrs, PA
47A-87-81, Coveryton, John 18 yrs, PA
42B-14-13, Cozad, James W. 31 yrs, PA
42B-14-13, Cozad, Elizabeth 62 yrs, PA
42B-14-13, Cozad, Narcis Melissa 23 yrs, PA
42B-15-14, Cozad, John A. 27 yrs, PA
42B-15-14, Cozad, Mary Ellen 25 yrs, PA
42B-15-14, Cozad, Willie Hester 3 yrs, PA
42B-15-14, Cozad, Agness May 8/12 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, Carver 37 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, Amelia 32 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, Hiram 14 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, Charles 12 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, Frances A. 11 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, William K. 9 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, Milton Newm 8 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, Harry 4 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, Emma May 3 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Cozad, Rosa Bell 11/12 yrs, PA
47A-88-82, Cozad, Jacob 75 yrs, PA
47A-89-83, Cozad, Hiram 46 yrs, PA
47A-89-83, Cozad, Rachael 45 yrs, PA
47A-89-83, Cozad, Elmore 8 yrs, PA
47A-89-83, Cozad, Frederick 7 yrs, PA
47A-89-83, Cozad, Elizabeth 6 yrs, PA
47A-89-83, Cozad, Charles 4 yrs, PA
47A-89-83, Cozad, Laura 2 yrs, PA
49B-132-124, Crawford, Wm 60 yrs, Ireland
49B-132-124, Crawford, Elizabeth 54 yrs, PA
49B-132-124, Crawford, Mary 24 yrs, PA
49B-132-124, Crawford, Sarah 19 yrs, PA
49B-132-124, Crawford, John 16 yrs, PA
49B-132-124, Crawford, Cl*na 13 yrs, PA
49A-124-116, Crocker, Esse 6 yrs, PA
50A-138-130, Crooks, J. C. 16 yrs, PA
48A-108-102, Danley, Mary 11 yrs, PA
49B-133-125, Davidson, William 38 yrs, OH
49B-133-125, Davidson, Sarah Jane 37 yrs, PA
49B-134-126, Davidson, Pateric 75 yrs, PA
49B-134-126, Davidson, Jane 71 yrs, NY
49B-134-126, Davidson, Susan Ann 42 yrs, OH
49B-134-126, Davidson, Celista 40 yrs, OH
44B-45-42, Denniston, James 60 yrs, PA
44B-45-42, Denniston, Rebeckah 46 yrs, PA
44B-45-42, Denniston, John B. 22 yrs, PA
44B-45-42, Denniston, L. C. 15 yrs, OH
42B-16-15, Dilinger, Belle 11 yrs, PA
43A-29-28, Dilley, Price 53 yrs, PA
43A-29-28, Dilley, Sarah A. 49 yrs, PA
43A-29-28, Dilley, Albert G. 22 yrs, PA
43B-29-28, Dilley, Mary A. 20 yrs, PA
43B-29-28, Dilley, Lizzie S. 15 yrs, PA
43B-29-28, Dilley, John W. 11 yrs, PA
43B-29-28, Dilley, Harvy S. 8 yrs, PA
49B-128-120, Dodds, Michael 53 yrs, Scotland
49B-128-120, Dodds, Betsy 56 yrs, Scotland
49B-129-121, Dodds, Robert Jr. 27 yrs, Scotland
49B-129-121, Dodds, Sarah 25 yrs, PA
49B-129-121, Dodds, Bessy 1 yrs, PA
47B-98-92, Duncan, John 7 yrs, PA
49A-122-114, Dunn, J. J. 41 yrs, PA
49A-122-114, Dunn, Joseph 38 yrs, PA
48A-106-100, Edwards, Wm 56 yrs, England
48A-106-100, Edwards, Elizabeth 52 yrs, MD
48A-106-100, Edwards, William J. 16 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Fike, Jenny 16 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Fike, Marshal 12 yrs, PA
43A-22-21, Finey, William 56 yrs, PA
43A-22-21, Finey, Elizabeth 49 yrs, PA
49B-131-123, France, Kate 20 yrs, OH
44A-41-39, Frankinburg, J. 23 yrs, PA
44A-41-39, Frankinburg, Mary J. 20 yrs, PA
44A-41-39, Frankinburg, Harry G. 2 yrs, PA
44A-41-39, Frankinburg, John 1/12 yrs, PA
44B-46-43, Frederick, Nickolas 40 yrs, Baden
43A-28-27, Gault, Mathew 55 yrs, PA
43A-28-27, Gault, Sarah Ann 51 yrs, PA
43A-28-27, Gault, James W. 22 yrs, PA
43A-28-27, Gault, Maggie 24 yrs, PA
43A-28-27, Gault, Benjamin F. 19 yrs, PA
43A-28-27, Gault, Elizabeth S. 16 yrs, PA
43A-28-27, Gault, John C. 14 yrs, PA
46A-73-67, Gillilan, Mary E. 29 yrs, PA
42A-6-6, Glendening, Andrew 60 yrs, PA
42A-6-6, Glendening, Mary Ann R. 61 yrs, England
42A-6-6, Glendening, John M. 21 yrs, PA
42A-6-6, Glendening, Andrew J. 19 yrs, PA
42A-6-6, Glendening, Louisa 16 yrs, PA
48A-105-99, Graci, John F. 31 yrs, PA
48A-105-99, Graci, Mary Amanda 27 yrs, PA
48A-105-99, Graci, Minnie E. 3 yrs, PA
48A-105-99, Graci, Freeman L. 1 yrs, PA
49B-131-123, Gray, John 43 yrs, PA
49B-131-123, Gray, Margaret 44 yrs, PA
49B-131-123, Gray, Thomas 14 yrs, PA
49B-131-123, Gray, Lizzie 10 yrs, PA
42B-13-12, Hancock, Saml Miles 30 yrs, PA
42B-13-12, Hancock, Eliza 40 yrs, PA
47B-95-89, Harkless, George H. 22 yrs, PA
47B-95-89, Harkless, Mary 17 yrs, PA
49B-130-122, Harmish, Cath M. 23 yrs, PA
46B-80-74, Hartman, Margaret 40 yrs, PA
46B-80-74, Hartman, Hunrey T. 19 yrs, PA
46B-80-74, Hartman, Elizabeth A. 17 yrs, PA
46B-80-74, Hartman, Lewis A. 15 yrs, PA
46B-80-74, Hartman, Rebeckah 13 yrs, PA
46B-80-74, Hartman, John C. 11 yrs, PA
46B-80-74, Hartman, Ambrie E. 6 yrs, PA
47A-85-79, Hathorn, James 61 yrs, PA
47A-85-79, Hathorn, Sarah Ann 39 yrs, PA
47A-85-79, Hathorn, Samuel 16 yrs, PA
47A-85-79, Hathorn, Anna Mary 12 yrs, PA
48B-118-111, Hawe, Elizabeth 34 yrs, PA
48B-118-111, Hawe, Sarah Bell 2 yrs, PA
44B-52-49, Hawk, Wm 55 yrs, PA
44B-52-49, Hawk, Martha L. 43 yrs, NY
44B-52-49, Hawk, John 20 yrs, PA
44B-52-49, Hawk, Rosella 16 yrs, PA
44B-52-49, Hawk, Eli 13 yrs, PA
44B-52-49, Hawk, George F. 10 yrs, PA
44B-52-49, Hawk, Hiram S. 5 yrs, PA
44B-52-49, Hawk, Elmore E. 3 yrs, PA
46A-74-68, Hedgelan, Warren 22 yrs, PA
46A-74-68, Hedgelan, Ellen 18 yrs, PA
46A-75-69, Hedgelan, John 75 yrs, NY
46A-75-69, Hedgelan, Elizabeth 66 yrs, PA
46A-76-70, Hedgelan, Seth 48 yrs, PA
46A-76-70, Hedgelan, Elizabeth 45 yrs, PA
46A-76-70, Hedgelan, Alonzo S. 22 yrs, PA
46A-76-70, Hedgelan, Hiram M. 20 yrs, PA
46A-76-70, Hedgelan, Elmira 14 yrs, PA
46A-76-70, Hedgelan, Ida Caroline 12 yrs, PA
46A-76-70, Hedgelan, Ema May 8 yrs, PA
46A-76-70, Hedgelan, Austin Edgar 5 yrs, PA
46A-76-70, Hedgelan, infant 5/12 yrs, PA
46B-78-72, Hedglan, John Jr. 43 yrs, PA
46B-78-72, Hedglan, Mary 41 yrs, PA
46B-78-72, Hedglan, Charles Thomas 9 yrs, PA
46A-70-64, Hedglom, George G. 31 yrs, PA
46A-70-64, Hedglom, Martha Ann 27 yrs, PA
46A-70-64, Hedglom, Thomas F. 8 yrs, PA
46A-70-64, Hedglom, Elizabeth 7 yrs, PA
46A-70-64, Hedglom, Mariah Jane 4 yrs, PA
46A-70-64, Hedglom, Martha A. 2 yrs, PA
46A-70-64, Hedglom, Margaret Her***e 4/12 yrs, PA
46B-79-73, Henderson, Kate 23 yrs, MI
46B-79-73, Henderson, Maggie 1 yrs, PA
45B-65-59, Hess, Jacob 55 yrs, PA
45B-65-59, Hess, Mary 50 yrs, OH
45B-65-59, Hess, Wilmina 19 yrs, OH
45B-65-59, Hess, Harrison 14 yrs, PA
45A-57-54, Hoagland, John P. 25 yrs, PA
45A-57-54, Hoagland, Mary 25 yrs, PA
45A-57-54, Hoagland, Eva 2 yrs, PA
45A-57-54, Hoagland, Emma 2 yrs, PA
45A-57-54, Hoagland, infant 4/12 yrs, PA
48B-119-112, Hogg, George C. 33 yrs, PA
48B-119-112, Hogg, Mary Jane 30 yrs, PA
48B-119-112, Hogg, Joseph M. 6 yrs, PA
49A-119-112, Hogg, Anna M. 1 yrs, PA
49A-120-113, Hogg, George 69 yrs, PA
49A-120-113, Hogg, Mary Ann 71 yrs, PA
49A-120-113, Hogg, Thomas J. 39 yrs, PA
46A-73-67, Hutchison, John 75 yrs, Ireland
46A-73-67, Hutchison, John Jr. 40 yrs, PA
46A-73-67, Hutchison, William 60 yrs, Ireland
46B-79-73, Hutchison, Wm. 39 yrs, PA
46B-79-73, Hutchison, Jane E. 29 yrs, PA
42B-16-15, Inman, Moris 59 yrs, PA
42B-16-15, Inman, Ann 57 yrs, PA
42B-16-15, Inman, John 17 yrs, PA
47A-90-84, Jewell, Leonard 30 yrs, PA
47A-90-84, Jewell, Sarah 30 yrs, PA
47A-90-84, Jewell, Rebeckah J. 5 yrs, PA
47A-90-84, Jewell, Elizabeth 3 yrs, PA
47A-90-84, Jewell, Isabell 1 yrs, PA
47A-91-85, Jewell, Michael 86 yrs, PA
47A-91-85, Jewell, Rebeckah 64 yrs, PA
49A-123-115, Johnston, G. G. 54 yrs, PA
49A-123-115, Johnston, Lewanna 56 yrs, PA
49A-123-115, Johnston, Patterson 17 yrs, PA
49A-123-115, Johnston, Charles 13 yrs, PA
49A-123-115, Johnston, Mary 19 yrs, PA
49A-124-116, Johnston, G. B. 28 yrs, PA
49A-124-116, Johnston, Mary Ann 30 yrs, PA
49A-127-119, Johnston, Jane 40 yrs, Ireland
49A-127-119, Johnston, Elizabeth J. 13 yrs, PA
49A-127-119, Johnston, Wm James 11 yrs, PA
49A-127-119, Johnston, Alexander 9 yrs, PA
49B-127-119, Johnston, Robt 7 yrs, PA
45A-55-52, Johnston , Wm W. 24 yrs, PA
45A-55-52, Johnston , Isabella 23 yrs, PA
45A-55-52, Johnston , Detmore 4 yrs, PA
45A-55-52, Johnston , Roscoe 1 yrs, PA
42A-1-1, Jones, James 41 yrs, PA
42A-1-1, Jones, Tillie E. 33 yrs, PA
42A-1-1, Jones, John H. 14 yrs, PA
42A-1-1, Jones, Saml G. 10 yrs, PA
42A-1-1, Jones, Harry Newton 3 yrs, PA
42A-1-1, Jones, Amanda A. 2 yrs, PA
42A-2-2, Jones, John 68 yrs, PA
42A-2-2, Jones, Marey 71 yrs, PA
48B-118-111, Keer, Robert 61 yrs, Ireland
48B-118-111, Keer, Sarah 58 yrs, PA
45A-53-50, Kerr, Joseph P. 39 yrs, PA
45A-53-50, Kerr, Margaret 40 yrs, PA
45A-53-50, Kerr, James 18 yrs, VA
45A-53-50, Kerr, Mary Jane 14 yrs, PA
45A-53-50, Kerr, Sarah 12 yrs, PA
45A-53-50, Kerr, Margaret 10 yrs, PA
45A-53-50, Kerr, Nellie 8 yrs, PA
45A-53-50, Kerr, William 5 yrs, PA
45A-53-50, Kerr, Joseph 2 yrs, PA
44B-50-47, Keyson, John 35 yrs, Ireland
44B-50-47, Keyson, Mary Anne 30 yrs, PA
44B-50-47, Keyson, Margaret J. 9 yrs, PA
44B-50-47, Keyson, Alice 5 yrs, PA
44B-50-47, Keyson, Sarah 2 yrs, PA
45A-56-53, Kieth, Hattie f yrs, PA
49B-130-122, Kuil, Henry W. 29 yrs, PA
49B-130-122, Kuil, Margaret 29 yrs, PA
49B-130-122, Kuil, Harratio S. 8 yrs, PA
49B-130-122, Kuil, Ulisses A. Mead 7 yrs, PA
49B-130-122, Kuil, Anna Maud 4 yrs, PA
49B-130-122, Kuil, Namrie M. 2 yrs, PA
49B-127-119, Kurr, Isabell 28 yrs, Ireland
47B-100-94, Lanndis, Saml 26 yrs, PA
47B-100-94, Lanndis, Fanny 23 yrs, PA
47B-100-94, Lanndis, John Elmore 1 yrs, PA
47B-100-94, Lanndis, Nickham Tom 12 yrs, PA
45A-54-51, Lees, J. H. 42 yrs, England
45A-54-51, Lees, Kosiah 29 yrs, PA
45A-54-51, Lees, Mary 49 yrs, England
45A-54-51, Lees, Charlott 75 yrs, England
45A-54-51, Lees, James M 1 yrs, PA
49A-125-117, Lewis, George 34 yrs, VA
49A-125-117, Lewis, Caroline 30 yrs, VA
49A-125-117, Lewis, Albert 11 yrs, VA
49A-125-117, Lewis, Enna 7 yrs, VA
49A-125-117, Lewis, Elmore 3 yrs, VA
47A-86-80, Ligo, Jesse 41 yrs, England
47A-86-80, Ligo, Mary 27 yrs, PA
47A-86-80, Ligo, Yoda Zorlina 8 yrs, PA
47A-86-80, Ligo, E. Winefrad 6 yrs, PA
47A-86-80, Ligo, Samuel 3 yrs, PA
47A-86-80, Ligo, Margaret 1 yrs, PA
45A-53-50, Livermore, Ann 71 yrs, PA
42B-18-17, Lucket, John 15 yrs, PA
50A-140-132, Martin, Hugh 52 yrs, Ireland
50A-140-132, Martin, Elizabeth 38 yrs, PA
50A-140-132, Martin, Elmira 17 yrs, PA
50A-140-132, Martin, Norman 15 yrs, PA
50A-140-132, Martin, Mary 7 yrs, PA
50A-140-132, Martin, Amanda Jane 5 yrs, PA
50A-140-132, Martin, Thomas 3/12 yrs, PA
48B-116-109, Mayne, P. A. 28 yrs, PA
48B-116-109, Mayne, C. M. 20 yrs, PA
48B-116-109, Mayne, Minnie 2 yrs, PA
48B-117-110, Mayne, James 38 yrs, PA
48B-117-110, Mayne, Elizabeth 36 yrs, PA
48B-117-110, Mayne, Ida 13 yrs, PA
48B-117-110, Mayne, Nettu 7 yrs, PA
43B-36-35, McCamrell, Arthur 50 yrs, Ireland
43B-36-35, McCamrell, Martha S. 49 yrs, Ireland
43B-36-35, McCamrell, Martha 17 yrs, PA
43B-36-35, McCamrell, Asae 16 yrs, PA
43B-36-35, McCamrell, James 10 yrs, PA
43B-36-35, McCamrell, Arthur 8 yrs, PA
49B-133-125, McCandless, Ema 13 yrs, IL
46A-77-71, McCane, James 50 yrs, PA
46A-77-71, McCane, Mariah 46 yrs, PA
46A-77-71, McCane, Lucilla 16 yrs, PA
46A-77-71, McCane, Margaret 15 yrs, PA
46A-77-71, McCane, Frances 13 yrs, PA
46B-77-71, McCane, Elmeda 10 yrs, PA
46B-77-71, McCane, Daniel 9 yrs, PA
46B-77-71, McCane, Angeline 8 yrs, PA
42B-10-9, McClain, Charles 62 yrs, PA
42B-10-9, McClain, Jane A. 59 yrs, PA
42B-10-9, McClain, Mary 23 yrs, PA
50A-138-130, McCombs, John 51 yrs, PA
50A-138-130, McCombs, Martha 47 yrs, OH
50A-138-130, McCombs, Mary Alvettra 11 yrs, PA
50A-138-130, McCombs, Jame Sarah 8 yrs, PA
43B-30-29, McCoy, John 35 yrs, Ireland
43B-30-29, McCoy, Jane 26 yrs, Ireland
43B-30-29, McCoy, Mary E. 2 yrs, PA
43B-30-29, McCoy, Jane Jr. 4 yrs, PA
43B-30-29, McCoy, Katie 6/12 yrs, PA
48A-109-103, McCoy, Robert 58 yrs, Ireland
48A-109-103, McCoy, Mary 50 yrs, Ireland
48A-109-103, McCoy, William A. 24 yrs, PA
48A-109-103, McCoy, Thomas A. 19 yrs, PA
45A-57-54, McCue, Samuel 65 yrs, Ireland
44A-43-41, McCulough, Alex 41 yrs, PA
44A-43-41, McCulough, Harriet 36 yrs, PA
44A-43-41, McCulough, Abby Anna 10 yrs, IA
44A-43-41, McCulough, William A. 8 yrs, IA
44A-43-41, McCulough, Ella Estella 5 yrs, PA
44A-43-41, McCulough, John Stinson 2 yrs, PA
46A-73-67, McKelvey, Ann 70 yrs, Ireland
45B-65-59, McQuiston, S. J. 18 yrs, PA
43A-24-23, Mevary, Jane 65 yrs, Ireland
43A-24-23, Mevary, Martha Jane 25 yrs, PA
45A-59-55, Miller, Anna 23 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Miller, Money 58 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Miller, Leah 48 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Miller, David 28 yrs, OH
45B-61-56, Miller, Benjamin 21 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Miller, Money Jr 19 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Miller, Marry 15 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Miller, Zacharias 13 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Miller, Peter 8 yrs, PA
45B-61-56, Miller, Johny 6 yrs, PA
46A-72-66, Miller, Jacob 27 yrs, PA
46A-72-66, Miller, Sophiah 26 yrs, OH
46A-72-66, Miller, Lucinda Ann 4 yrs, PA
48A-108-102, Morow, John A. 19 yrs, PA
50A-141-133, Newell, Adam 65 yrs, PA
50A-139-131, Oake, Winslow 58 yrs, VA
50A-139-131, Oake, Agness 48 yrs, PA
50A-139-131, Oake, Margaret 14 yrs, PA
50A-139-131, Oake, Wm Alpheus 13 yrs, PA
50A-139-131, Oake, Martha E. 9 yrs, PA
50A-139-131, Oake, Julia Mariah 7 yrs, PA
46B-83-77, Osborn, Noah 56 yrs, PA
46B-83-77, Osborn, Sarah Ann 49 yrs, NY
46B-83-77, Osborn, Arabella 21 yrs, PA
46B-83-77, Osborn, Laweling 19 yrs, PA
46B-83-77, Osborn, Lewisa 16 yrs, PA
46B-83-77, Osborn, Levnorah 12 yrs, PA
46B-83-77, Osborn, Mary 10 yrs, PA
46B-83-77, Osborn, Elmer 8 yrs, PA
46B-84-78, Osborn, Jemima 80 yrs, PA
47A-87-81, Osborn, Leander 24 yrs, PA
47A-87-81, Osborn, E. J. 21 yrs, PA
45A-59-55, Page, George 19 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, Hiram R. 49 yrs, NY
47B-101-95, Page, Elizabeth 44 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, Susanna E. 24 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, John M. 22 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, Mary Jane 21 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, George W. 19 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, Elias H. 15 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, Debber E. 13 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, Henrietta 10 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, Jacob N. 7 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, Thomas M. 5 yrs, PA
47B-101-95, Page, Sylas Barlet 2 yrs, PA
46A-71-65, Parter, Thomas 30 yrs, PA
43A-21-20, Paulmore, John 35 yrs, PA
43A-21-20, Paulmore, Martha 23 yrs, PA
43A-21-20, Paulmore, Charles Clyde 4 yrs, PA
43A-21-20, Paulmore, Sarah Louisa 3 yrs, PA
43A-21-20, Paulmore, Frederick 1 yrs, PA
50A-142-134, Petters, Frank M. 20 yrs, PA
45A-59-55, Philips, Isace 40 yrs, PA
45A-59-55, Philips, Elmira 35 yrs, PA
45A-59-55, Philips, Willson Hull 11 yrs, PA
45A-59-55, Philips, R. Burton 9 yrs, PA
43A-25-24, Porter, James B. 59 yrs, OH
43A-25-24, Porter, Mary Ann 63 yrs, NY
43A-25-24, Porter, Mary Melvina 25 yrs, PA
47B-97-91, Reader, N. A. 18 yrs, OH
44A-42-40, Redman, Andrew 54 yrs, PA
44A-42-40, Redman, Amelia 48 yrs, NY
44A-42-40, Redman, George W. 16 yrs, PA
44A-42-40, Redman, Amos 13 yrs, PA
44A-42-40, Redman, Nancy A. 24 yrs, PA
44A-42-40, Redman, Margaret Jane 21 yrs, PA
44A-42-40, Redman, Martha M. 18 yrs, PA
44A-42-40, Redman, Harriet P. 10 yrs, PA
44A-42-40, Redman, Mary Ellen 7 yrs, PA
49A-126-118, Reeves, William 70 yrs, VA
49A-126-118, Reeves, Lizzie 40 yrs, PA
49A-126-118, Reeves, Charley 7 yrs, PA
49A-126-118, Reeves, Franky 4 yrs, PA
49A-126-118, Reeves, Eva 4/12 yrs, PA
49A-126-118, Reeves, Jenny 9 yrs, PA
44A-39-37, Ride, Benjamin 68 yrs, England
44A-39-37, Ride, Eliza 64 yrs, England
48A-103-97, Roberts, Edward 70 yrs, England
48A-103-97, Roberts, Mary 48 yrs, PA
48A-103-97, Roberts, George 35 yrs, PA
48A-103-97, Roberts, Benjamin 19 yrs, PA
48A-103-97, Roberts, Emma 16 yrs, PA
48A-103-97, Roberts, Eless 20 yrs, PA
48A-103-97, Roberts, Eliza 15 yrs, PA
44B-45-42, Robison, James 18 yrs, Scotland
42B-10-9, Rodgers, Ira 12 yrs, PA
50A-142-134, Rodgers, Thomas 75 yrs, PA
50A-142-134, Rodgers, Mary 25 yrs, PA
48A-107-101, Rud, James 47 yrs, PA
48A-107-101, Rud, Elizabeth 36 yrs, PA
48A-107-101, Rud, Ella 12 yrs, PA
48A-107-101, Rud, James W. 10 yrs, PA
48A-107-101, Rud, Elizabeth Etta 5 yrs, PA
48A-107-101, Rud, Mary 3/12 yrs, PA
48A-108-102, Rud, Thomas 34 yrs, PA
48A-108-102, Rud, Sarah J. 28 yrs, PA
48A-108-102, Rud, Lizzie C. 1 yrs, PA
47B-102-96, Ruder, Joseph 29 yrs, PA
47B-102-96, Ruder, Martha 23 yrs, PA
47B-102-96, Ruder, Sarah Jane 4 yrs, PA
48A-102-96, Ruder, Anna E. 2 yrs, PA
48A-102-96, Ruder, Mary M. 1 yrs, PA
49B-136-128, Shannan, G. W. 33 yrs, PA
49B-136-128, Shannan, Jane 24 yrs, PA
49B-136-128, Shannan, William 6 yrs, PA
50A-136-128, Shannan, Agness G. 5 yrs, PA
50A-136-128, Shannan, James Johnson 9/12 yrs, PA
47B-94-88, Shannon, Saml 27 yrs, PA
47B-94-88, Shannon, William 25 yrs, PA
47B-94-88, Shannon, Susan 30 yrs, PA
47B-94-88, Shannon, Laura 8 yrs, PA
48B-111-105, Shannon, Thomas 44 yrs, PA
48B-111-105, Shannon, Jane 43 yrs, PA
48B-111-105, Shannon, Andrew J. 20 yrs, PA
48B-111-105, Shannon, James Baty 16 yrs, PA
48B-111-105, Shannon, John Adison 13 yrs, PA
48B-111-105, Shannon, Mary Ella 10 yrs, PA
48B-111-105, Shannon, Samuel Edmur 8 yrs, PA
48B-111-105, Shannon, Martha E. 4 yrs, PA
42B-11-10, Sheriff, Sarah *. 75 yrs, PA
44A-43-41, Smith, Nancy A. 30 yrs, PA
44B-47-44, Smith, Levina 15 yrs, PA
44B-48-45, Smith, John W. 48 yrs, England
44B-48-45, Smith, Ester 30 yrs, Ireland
44B-48-45, Smith, James W. 1 yrs, TN
45B-69-63, Spear, James 67 yrs, PA
45B-69-63, Spear, Matilda 54 yrs, PA
45B-69-63, Spear, Rachall Senelde 21 yrs, PA
50A-141-133, Spear, Joshua 26 yrs, PA
50A-141-133, Spear, Margaret M. 26 yrs, PA
50A-141-133, Spear, I**line 3 yrs, PA
50A-141-133, Spear, Ida Belle 1 yrs, PA
47B-99-93, Stewart, Jane 77 yrs, Ireland
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, Joseph 44 yrs, PA
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, Harriet 42 yrs, PA
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, Mariah 20 yrs, PA
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, William J. 18 yrs, PA
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, Aaron 16 yrs, PA
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, George C. 14 yrs, PA
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, John 11 yrs, PA
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, Henry Newton 8 yrs, PA
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, Mary Ellen 6 yrs, PA
47A-93-87, Stinedurf, David Ulisers 4 yrs, PA
47B-93-87, Stinedurf, Susan A. 2 yrs, PA
46A-75-69, Stone, Charles 13 yrs, PA
50A-141-133, Stone, Luther 14 yrs, PA
43B-32-31, Stranahan, Andrew 32 yrs, PA
43B-32-31, Stranahan, Jennett 30 yrs, PA
43B-32-31, Stranahan, Thomas P. 3 yrs, PA
43B-32-31, Stranahan, Lizzie 2 yrs, PA
43B-32-31, Stranahan, Henry 3/12 yrs, PA
43B-33-32, Stranahan, Robt. 29 yrs, PA
43B-33-32, Stranahan, Robert W. 4 yrs, PA
43B-33-32, Stranahan, Julia Arminta 5/12 yrs, PA
43B-33-32, Stranahan, Eliza 70 yrs, Ireland
49B-135-127, Swarts, Wilson 56 yrs, PA
49B-135-127, Swarts, Susanna 62 yrs, PA
49B-135-127, Swarts, Ann Eliza 25 yrs, PA
49B-135-127, Swarts, John Robert 21 yrs, PA
49B-135-127, Swarts, Thomas 17 yrs, PA
42A-5-5, Talore, Johnethan 53 yrs, DE
42A-5-5, Talore, Elizabeth 57 yrs, DE
42A-5-5, Talore, Jennie 20 yrs, PA
42A-5-5, Talore, John 26 yrs, PA
43B-34-33, Taylor, Amos 53 yrs, OH
43B-34-33, Taylor, Susan 53 yrs, Ireland
43B-34-33, Taylor, Susan Jr. 21 yrs, OH
43B-34-33, Taylor, Mary B. 19 yrs, OH
43B-34-33, Taylor, R. J. 17 yrs, OH
43B-34-33, Taylor, H. S. 14 yrs, OH
43B-34-33, Taylor, E. M. 12 yrs, OH
45A-53-50, Thompson, James 23 yrs, OH
46A-71-65, Thompson, Geo H. 29 yrs, PA
46A-71-65, Thompson, Elizabeth 22 yrs, PA
46A-71-65, Thompson, Sarah 84 yrs, PA
46A-71-65, Thompson, Margaret 41 yrs, PA
46A-71-65, Thompson, Jane 32 yrs, PA
46B-81-75, Tinker, W. J. 65 yrs, England
46B-81-75, Tinker, Sarah 49 yrs, PA
46B-81-75, Tinker, Mary Ann 28 yrs, PA
46B-81-75, Tinker, Martha 18 yrs, PA
46B-81-75, Tinker, Rosa 15 yrs, PA
46B-81-75, Tinker, Joseph 23 yrs, PA
46B-81-75, Tinker, John 20 yrs, PA
49A-122-114, Uber, Mary C. 14 yrs, PA
49A-122-114, Uber, Martha M. 16 yrs, PA
44B-45-42, Vauhn, Selina 24 yrs, PA
48A-104-98, Vickerman, Thomas 57 yrs, England
48A-104-98, Vickerman, Mary Ann 57 yrs, England
48A-104-98, Vickerman, Betey 26 yrs, England
48A-104-98, Vickerman, Mary Ann 23 yrs, England
48A-104-98, Vickerman, Thomas S. 21 yrs, England
44A-38-36, Walker, William 35 yrs, Ireland
44A-38-36, Walker, Eliza 38 yrs, Ireland
44A-38-36, Walker, Mary Jane 7 yrs, PA
44A-38-36, Walker, Eliza Jr. 5 yrs, PA
44A-38-36, Walker, John 3 yrs, PA
44A-38-36, Walker, Eria 7/12 yrs, PA
44B-51-48, Ward, John 76 yrs, England
47B-96-90, Ward, John 32 yrs, PA
47B-96-90, Ward, Charlott 33 yrs, PA
47B-96-90, Ward, Frank L. 10 yrs, PA
47B-96-90, Ward, Cora 8 yrs, PA
47B-96-90, Ward, Nettie 5 yrs, PA
47B-96-90, Ward, Walrus 3 yrs, PA
47B-96-90, Ward, infant 1/12 yrs, PA
47B-97-91, Ward, D. D. 25 yrs, OH
43B-35-34, White, Samuel G. 60 yrs, PA
43B-35-34, White, Mary Jane 50 yrs, Ireland
43B-35-34, White, Charles C. 28 yrs, PA
43B-35-34, White, Samuel 16 yrs, PA
43B-35-34, White, Hugh 14 yrs, PA
43B-35-34, White, George 12 yrs, PA
47A-92-86, White, Elizabeth 70 yrs, PA
43A-27-26, Williams, Edward 46 yrs, Wales
43A-27-26, Williams, Elizabeth 42 yrs, Wales
43A-27-26, Williams, Petter 14 yrs, Wales
43B-33-32, Willson, P. P. 19 yrs, PA
43B-33-32, Willson, Minnie May 1 yrs, PA
45A-56-53, Willson, Newton 44 yrs, PA
45A-56-53, Willson, Cyntha Ann 42 yrs, OH
45A-56-53, Willson, William H. 18 yrs, PA
45A-56-53, Willson, George H. 11 yrs, PA
45B-68-62, Willson, Samuel 59 yrs, VA
45B-68-62, Willson, Sarah Jane 31 yrs, PA
45B-68-62, Willson, James Wm. 39 yrs, PA
45B-68-62, Willson, Sarah Jane 31 yrs, PA
45B-68-62, Willson, Lizzie 21 yrs, PA
45B-68-62, Willson, Hulda 5 yrs, PA
45B-68-62, Willson, Harry 2 yrs, PA
42B-19-18, Wright, Joseph H. 51 yrs, PA
42B-19-18, Wright, Pheebe 47 yrs, PA
42B-19-18, Wright, Mary 19 yrs, PA
42B-19-18, Wright, James E. 11 yrs, PA
42B-19-18, Wright, Pheebe Jr. 5 yrs, PA
42B-19-18, Wright, Amelia 3 yrs, PA
42B-19-18, Wright, infant 9/12 yrs, PA
45B-62-57, Yarian, Ruben 26 yrs, IN
45B-62-57, Yarian, Fannie 22 yrs, PA
48A-110-104, Young, John C. 46 yrs, PA
48A-110-104, Young, Mary 44 yrs, England
48A-110-104, Young, Mary Ann 19 yrs, PA
48B-110-104, Young, William 15 yrs, PA
48B-110-104, Young, Sidney 13 yrs, PA
46B-82-76, Zenver, Imbrie 46 yrs, PA
46B-82-76, Zenver, M***ry 43 yrs, PA
46B-82-76, Zenver, John E. 18 yrs, PA
46B-82-76, Zenver, Abram 16 yrs, PA
46B-82-76, Zenver, Martin 14 yrs, PA
46B-82-76, Zenver, Elizabeth 11 yrs, PA
46B-82-76, Zenver, Rebeckah A. 6 yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 1999 John MacDonald

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