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1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: John Snyder
Post Office: Mercer
Date of Enumeration: 1 June - 20 June, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 1999. Any commercial use prohibited


Pg# Dwelling# Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

65A-13-13, **ns, Albert 20 yrs, PA
82B-230-247, Achre, Elias 45 yrs, PA
82B-230-247, Achre, Elizabeth 35 yrs, OH
82B-230-247, Achre, Albert M. 17 yrs, PA
82B-230-247, Achre, James M. 13 yrs, PA
82B-235-252, Achre, David 45 yrs, PA
82B-235-252, Achre, Mary E. 33 yrs, PA
83A-235-252, Achre, Gilbert W. 18 yrs, PA
70B-99-99, Albin, John 50 yrs, PA
70B-99-99, Albin, Nancy 55 yrs, PA
70B-99-99, Albin, John G. 25 yrs, PA
70B-99-99, Albin, James M. 21 yrs, PA
70B-99-99, Albin, Meria J. 18 yrs, PA
70B-99-99, Albin, Sarah 23 yrs, PA
70B-100-100, Albin, Martha 72 yrs, PA
70B-100-100, Albin, Rebecca 30 yrs, PA
65B-22-22, Alexander, M. W. 43 yrs, PA
65B-22-22, Alexander, Celia 43 yrs, PA
65B-22-22, Alexander, B. Scott 20 yrs, PA
65B-22-22, Alexander, M. G. 18 yrs, PA
65B-22-22, Alexander, J. L. 16 yrs, PA
65B-22-22, Alexander, E. A. 13 yrs, PA
65B-22-22, Alexander, J. E. 10 yrs, PA
65B-22-22, Alexander, S. J. 9 yrs, PA
65B-22-22, Alexander, Jeanette 7 yrs, PA
85A-270-288, Alexander, Elias 69 yrs, PA
85A-270-288, Alexander, Eliza 70 yrs, MD
85A-271-289, Alexander, George 33 yrs, PA
85A-271-289, Alexander, Nettie 30 yrs, OH
85A-271-289, Alexander, Clarence H. 3 yrs, PA
74B-145-160, Alexander , J. S. 47 yrs, PA
74B-145-160, Alexander , Mary 30 yrs, PA
74B-145-160, Alexander , Carrie M. 1 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Allbright, Anna M. 21 yrs, PA
64A-1-1, Allen, Robert 30 yrs, PA
64A-1-1, Allen, Martha 26 yrs, PA
64A-1-1, Allen, Jennie 2 yrs, PA
64A-1-1, Allen, Lizzie 4/12 yrs, PA
74B-143-157, Allen, William 24 yrs, PA
74B-143-157, Allen, Martha C. 22 yrs, PA
74B-143-157, Allen, John P. 1 yrs, PA
66B-35-35, Amberson, P. N. 79 yrs, PA
66B-35-35, Amberson, E. S. 58 yrs, PA
66B-36-36, Amberson, A. C. 51 yrs, PA
66B-36-36, Amberson, Margaret 50 yrs, PA
66B-36-36, Amberson, Sarah E. 23 yrs, PA
66B-36-36, Amberson, Beriah 21 yrs, PA
66B-36-36, Amberson, B. C. 18 yrs, PA
66B-36-36, Amberson, W. S. 14 yrs, PA
66B-36-36, Amberson, Charles E. 9 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Anderson, Sarah E. 10 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Armstrong, Armina 11 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Armstrong, Alforetta 9 yrs, PA
82B-232-249, Armstrong, Margaret 32 yrs, PA
82B-232-249, Armstrong, Lizzie A. 10 yrs, PA
82B-232-249, Armstrong, Clarrinda 8 yrs, PA
70A-90-90, Bailey, William 25 yrs, OH
70A-90-90, Bailey, Sarah E. 24 yrs, PA
70A-90-90, Bailey, infant 1/11 yrs, PA
74A-137-149, Bailey, Joseph 33 yrs, England
74A-137-149, Bailey, Elizabeth 27 yrs, Wales
74A-137-149, Bailey, Frances 6 yrs, OH
74A-137-149, Bailey, Able D. 5 yrs, OH
74A-137-149, Bailey, Mary B. 2 yrs, OH
81A-206-224, Baker, Ada 11 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Baker, Mary E. 10 yrs, PA
83B-242-260, Baker, Susan 66 yrs, Ireland
83B-242-260, Baker, Samuel E. W. 40 yrs, Ireland
83B-242-260, Baker, James R. W. 22 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Baldwin, Margera 10 yrs, PA
83A-239-256, Bames, Amelia 77 yrs, Baden
80A-206-224, Ban , Elenor 8 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Ban , Meade 6 yrs, PA
84A-254-272, Barber, Wm J. 34 yrs, PA
84A-254-272, Barber, Adaline 27 yrs, PA
84A-254-272, Barber, James A. 8 yrs, PA
84A-254-272, Barber, Annie 7 yrs, PA
84A-254-272, Barber, Charles K. 3 yrs, PA
84A-254-272, Barber, Nettie 2 yrs, PA
65B-20-20, Barker, Joseph W. 30 yrs, PA
68A-60-57, Barker, Andrew J. 27 yrs, PA
64A-6-6, Barnes, Thomas G. 38 yrs, PA
64A-6-6, Barnes, Elizabeth 41 yrs, PA
64A-6-6, Barnes, John D. 10 yrs, PA
64A-6-6, Barnes, Annie M. 8 yrs, PA
64A-6-6, Barnes, James E. 4 yrs, PA
64B-6-6, Barnes, Edward G. 2 yrs, PA
64B-8-8, Barnes, Margaret 66 yrs, PA
64B-8-8, Barnes, Joh B. 7 yrs, PA
64B-9-9, Barnes, James 70 yrs, Ireland
64B-9-9, Barnes, Margaret 63 yrs, PA
64B-9-9, Barnes, Samuel 29 yrs, PA
64B-9-9, Barnes, Elizabeth 26 yrs, PA
64B-9-9, Barnes, Robert H. 24 yrs, PA
64B-9-9, Barnes, Gilbert G. 1/12 yrs, PA
68A-60-57, Barnes, Isaac 41 yrs, PA
68A-60-57, Barnes, Mary E. 35 yrs, PA
68A-60-57, Barnes, T. L. 1/12 yrs, PA
75A-147-162, Barnes, George 20 yrs, PA
75B-159-174, Barnes, William P. 29 yrs, PA
75B-159-174, Barnes, Mary A. 29 yrs, PA
75B-159-174, Barnes, Mary V. 3 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Barr, Ellen 11 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Barr, David C. 10 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Barr, William 8 yrs, PA
65A-13-13, Bartley, Michael 26 yrs, Ireland
81A-206-224, Bartz, Eva E. 9 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Bartz, Philip 7 yrs, PA
68A-64-61, Bastrys, D. S. 53 yrs, PA
68A-64-61, Bastrys, Mary A. 42 yrs, DE
68A-64-61, Bastrys, Fideman S. 13 yrs, PA
68A-64-61, Bastrys, David W. 10 yrs, PA
68B-64-61, Bastrys, Margaret F. 8 yrs, PA
68B-64-61, Bastrys, Emeline H. 5 yrs, PA
68B-64-61, Bastrys, Henry B. 3 yrs, PA
67B-54-51, Baughman, Amelia 6 yrs, PA
71A-106-106, Baughman, Frances 7 yrs, PA
71A-106-106, Baughman, William 4 yrs, OH
72A-126-124, Baybolt, Samuel 21 yrs, England
64A-1-1, Beachley, James P. 16 yrs, PA
67A-44-41, Beachley, A. 55 yrs, PA
67A-44-41, Beachley, Perry 10 yrs, PA
70A-93-93, Bear, Hellen C. 14 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Beatty, John E. 15 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Beatty, Willis S. 10 yrs, PA
64B-12-12, Benny, James 36 yrs, Scotland
79B-206-224, Billig, Mary A. 7 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Billig, Clara A. J. 9 yrs, PA
77B-186-203, Black, Joseph 68 yrs, PA
77B-186-203, Black, Mary 66 yrs, PA
77B-186-203, Black, Belle 22 yrs, PA
72A-125-122, Blackmoor, Samuel 35 yrs, England
72A-125-122, Blackmoor, Kissiah 52 yrs, Wales
72A-125-122, Blackmoor, George P. 14 yrs, Wales
72A-125-122, Blackmoor, Israel A. 8 yrs, OH
81B-219-235, Boles, Sarah A. 51 yrs, PA
81B-219-235, Boles, Horace L. 15 yrs, PA
85A-274-292, Bolton, Mary 18 yrs, PA
69B-84-84, Boston, Adam 51 yrs, PA
69B-84-84, Boston, Christinia 48 yrs, PA
69B-84-84, Boston, Jane E. 26 yrs, PA
69B-84-84, Boston, Melissa 21 yrs, PA
69B-84-84, Boston, Albert 18 yrs, PA
69B-84-84, Boston, Mary A. 22 yrs, PA
69B-84-84, Boston, William B. 16 yrs, PA
69B-84-84, Boston, Samuel 8 yrs, PA
73B-134-143, Bowen, William 9 yrs, Wales
75B-155-170, Boyd, William 38 yrs, PA
75B-155-170, Boyd, Elizabeth 31 yrs, PA
75B-155-170, Boyd, Montrose 3 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Boyd, Samuel 10 yrs, PA
83A-239-256, Boyer, Lawrence 41 yrs, Baden
83A-239-256, Boyer, Catharine 45 yrs, PA
83A-239-256, Boyer, Samuel 18 yrs, PA
83A-239-256, Boyer, Caroline 11 yrs, PA
83A-239-256, Boyer, Lizzie 8 yrs, PA
83B-249-267, Boyer, Clarrissa 35 yrs, PA
83B-249-267, Boyer, William 17 yrs, PA
64B-7-7, Boyle, John 33 yrs, Ireland
64B-7-7, Boyle, Sarah 25 yrs, England
64B-7-7, Boyle, Jane 7 yrs, England
64B-7-7, Boyle, John 4 yrs, PA
64B-7-7, Boyle, Charles 2 yrs, PA
64B-7-7, Boyle, Margaret 1 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Brain, Simeon 14 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Brain, Ada E. 11 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Brain, Samuel C. 9 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, J. M. 47 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, Annie J. 41 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, William M. 18 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, John A. 16 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, Eva 14 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, Ann E. 13 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, McNare 9 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, Charlotte 5 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, Nancy 3 yrs, PA
66B-33-33, Breakenridge, Philip 10/12 yrs, PA
68B-72-70, Breakenridge, Wm L. 56 yrs, PA
68B-72-70, Breakenridge, Mary 49 yrs, PA
68B-72-70, Breakenridge, J. H. 23 yrs, PA
68B-72-70, Breakenridge, Nancy J. 25 yrs, PA
68B-72-70, Breakenridge, Nancy 20 yrs, PA
68B-72-70, Breakenridge, William T. 13 yrs, PA
68B-72-70, Breakenridge, Mary 2/12 yrs, PA
76B-168-183, Breakenridge, James 42 yrs, PA
76B-168-183, Breakenridge, Mary 37 yrs, PA
76B-168-183, Breakenridge, Walter L. 14 yrs, PA
76B-168-183, Breakenridge, Mary E. 12 yrs, PA
76B-168-183, Breakenridge, John 10 yrs, PA
76B-168-183, Breakenridge, Anna E. 8 yrs, PA
76B-168-183, Breakenridge, Robert G. 6 yrs, PA
76B-168-183, Breakenridge, Nellie L. 3 yrs, PA
81B-213-229, Breakenridge, Elizabeth 60 yrs, PA
85A-267-285, Breakenridge, Saml 18 yrs, PA
84A-250-268, Briscoe, Bruce 17 yrs, PA
70B-100-100, Brooks, William 16 yrs, PA
81A-208-226, Buchanan, Jane 19 yrs, PA
68B-68-65, Buel, Mary J. 19 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Buel, Matildia 37 yrs, Ireland
80B-206-224, Burnes, Nancy E. 10 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Burnes, Archibald 7 yrs, PA
69A-81-81, Burns, Daniel 54 yrs, Ireland
69A-81-81, Burns, Bridget 40 yrs, Ireland
69A-81-81, Burns, Eliza J. 15 yrs, PA
69A-81-81, Burns, John 12 yrs, PA
69B-81-81, Burns, James 8 yrs, PA
69B-81-81, Burns, David 6 yrs, PA
83A-239-256, Busco, Rose A. 19 yrs, PA
69A-76-77, Caldwell, Martha 60 yrs, PA
69A-76-77, Caldwell, Joseph P. 29 yrs, PA
77A-177-193, Calvin, Jonathan 60 yrs, PA
77A-177-193, Calvin, Jane 50 yrs, PA
77A-177-193, Calvin, Martin L. 24 yrs, PA
77A-177-193, Calvin, William 20 yrs, PA
77A-177-193, Calvin, Jane E. 18 yrs, PA
77A-177-193, Calvin, Harriet M. 12 yrs, PA
71B-120-117, Campbell, Robert 29 yrs, Ireland
71B-120-117, Campbell, Mary 28 yrs, Scotland
71B-120-117, Campbell, James 9 yrs, Scotland
71B-120-117, Campbell, Robert 8 yrs, Scotland
71B-120-117, Campbell, Mary 3 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-138, Campbell, Hugh 32 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-139, Campbell, Willam 33 yrs, England
73A-133-139, Campbell, Mary 44 yrs, England
73A-133-139, Campbell, Elizabeth 6 yrs, England
80B-206-224, Campbell, Everett 13 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Campbell, Judson 9 yrs, PA
73B-134-143, Can, Daniel 25 yrs, Canada
77A-173-189, Can, Amelia 19 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Canahan, Hannah 10 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Canahan, Reiss A. 8 yrs, PA
67A-43-40, Card, Silas B. 27 yrs, PA
67A-43-40, Card, Susan A. 28 yrs, PA
67A-43-40, Card, Sarah E. 2 yrs, PA
67A-43-40, Card, Rachael J. 1 yrs, PA
83A-237-254, Carlon, Samuel 20 yrs, PA
77A-178-195, Carpenter, Jane 61 yrs, PA
77A-178-195, Carpenter, Sarah J. 28 yrs, PA
77A-178-195, Carpenter, John P. 17 yrs, PA
74A-137-150, Casper, Clarence 23 yrs, OH
74A-137-150, Casper, Sue 23 yrs, PA
74A-136-148, Catheart, James 50 yrs, Ireland
74A-136-148, Catheart, Ruth E. 26 yrs, PA
74A-136-148, Catheart, Robert 6 yrs, PA
74A-136-148, Catheart, James 2 yrs, PA
74A-136-148, Catheart, Eliza J. 2/12 yrs, PA
68B-65-62, Caton, Jennie 18 yrs, PA
84A-256-274, Chappel, Maggie 12 yrs, PA
82A-226-243, Chriest, Jacob 49 yrs, PA
82A-226-243, Chriest, Lovina 36 yrs, PA
82A-226-243, Chriest, Emma 9 yrs, PA
82A-226-243, Chriest, Sarah 8 yrs, PA
82A-226-243, Chriest, Florence L. 6 yrs, PA
82A-226-243, Chriest, Franklin 3 yrs, PA
82A-226-243, Chriest, Jacob 8/12 yrs, PA
66A-30-30, Christine, Philip 47 yrs, PA
66A-30-30, Christine, Elizabeth 45 yrs, PA
66A-30-30, Christine, Laura A. 18 yrs, PA
66A-30-30, Christine, George W. 16 yrs, PA
66A-30-30, Christine, Mary C. 13 yrs, PA
66A-30-30, Christine, Josiah D. 10 yrs, PA
66A-30-30, Christine, Rebecca E. 8 yrs, PA
66A-30-30, Christine, Robert S. 7 yrs, PA
66A-30-30, Christine, Thomas J. 5 yrs, PA
75B-154-169, Chrouser, F. B. 38 yrs, Bavaria
75B-154-169, Chrouser, Mary A. 35 yrs, PA
75B-154-169, Chrouser, John G. 15 yrs, PA
75B-154-169, Chrouser, Elizabeth 13 yrs, PA
75B-154-169, Chrouser, Jacob E. 11 yrs, PA
75B-154-169, Chrouser, Mary J. 9 yrs, PA
75B-154-169, Chrouser, Lewis P. 6 yrs, PA
75B-154-169, Chrouser, Elmer E. 4 yrs, PA
75B-154-169, Chrouser, Clara S. 1 yrs, PA
65A-15-15, Cinnamon, James 60 yrs, Ireland
78B-197-214, Clark, John D. 21 yrs, PA
78B-197-214, Clark, Margaret 20 yrs, PA
73B-134-143, Clifford, Thomas 23 yrs, Scotland
80A-206-224, Clingansmith, Jacob 10 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Clingansmith, Wm M. 7 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Cochrain, Annette 10 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Cochrain, Amos 7 yrs, PA
78A-193-210, Cochran, Elizabeth 57 yrs, PA
78A-193-210, Cochran, Sarah M. 24 yrs, PA
85B-276-294, Collins, Hanora 40 yrs, Ireland
85B-276-294, Collins, John 14 yrs, Canada
85B-276-294, Collins, Stephen 10 yrs, Canada
85B-276-294, Collins, Catharine 9 yrs, Canada
73A-133-138, Comeford, John 30 yrs, England
73A-133-138, Comeford, Susan 26 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-138, Comeford, John 7/12 yrs, PA
70A-89-89, Cook, Martha 76 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Coonee, Hannah 9 yrs, PA
73B-134-145, Cornstock, Lester J. 20 yrs, PA
72B-128-128, Cotton, Charles 28 yrs, England
72B-128-128, Cotton, Anna 28 yrs, England
72B-128-128, Cotton, Mary 8 yrs, England
72B-128-128, Cotton, Joh W. 6 yrs, PA
82B-234-251, Courtney, Thomas 55 yrs, PA
82B-234-251, Courtney, Thomas A. 22 yrs, PA
82B-234-251, Courtney, Mary R. 19 yrs, PA
82B-234-251, Courtney, Sarah A. 16 yrs, PA
82B-234-251, Courtney, John A. 12 yrs, PA
82B-234-251, Courtney, George F. 10 yrs, PA
81B-213-229, Coyle, Lucy 70 yrs, PA
75B-160-175, Craig, John S. 21 yrs, PA
76B-167-182, Crawford, Sarah 85 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Crawford, Mary 11 yrs, PA
65B-24-24, Crill, Lewis 46 yrs, PA
65B-24-24, Crill, Catharine 19 yrs, PA
65B-24-24, Crill, John 17 yrs, PA
65B-24-24, Crill, Mary 15 yrs, PA
67B-50-47, Crill, Adam 50 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Croaks, Warren W. 12 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Croaks, Aaron B. 10 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Croaks, John W. 8 yrs, PA
64A-3-3, Crocier, Mary 10 yrs, PA
83A-236-253, Cubbs, James 37 yrs, PA
83A-236-253, Cubbs, Clarrissa 32 yrs, PA
83A-236-253, Cubbs, Amanda R. 15 yrs, PA
83A-236-253, Cubbs, Albert E. 12 yrs, PA
83A-236-253, Cubbs, Austin 10 yrs, PA
83A-236-253, Cubbs, Laura E. 7 yrs, PA
83A-236-253, Cubbs, Eva M. 5 yrs, PA
83A-236-253, Cubbs, Elmer E. 3 yrs, PA
84A-250-268, Cubbs, George W. 31 yrs, PA
84A-250-268, Cubbs, Clarrissa 31 yrs, PA
84A-250-268, Cubbs, Elvy D. 5 yrs, PA
84A-250-268, Cubbs, Edward H. 2 yrs, PA
74A-135-147, Curry, John 22 yrs, Scotland
74A-135-147, Curry, Thomas 25 yrs, Scotland
81A-206-224, Dale, John H. 9 yrs, PA
70A-92-92, Davis, Morrison 35 yrs, PA
70A-92-92, Davis, Sarah C. 31 yrs, PA
70A-92-92, Davis, Joseph N. 11 yrs, PA
70A-92-92, Davis, Charles C. 10 yrs, PA
70A-92-92, Davis, Ann M. 5 yrs, PA
70A-92-92, Davis, Nora 2 yrs, PA
70A-92-92, Davis, infant 2/12 yrs, PA
71B-121-119, Davis, Catharine 27 yrs, PA
71B-121-119, Davis, William 5 yrs, PA
73B-134-143, Davis, David 28 yrs, Wales
78A-196-213, Davis, Joseph 35 yrs, PA
78A-196-213, Davis, Mary A. 30 yrs, PA
78B-196-213, Davis, Lucinda 13 yrs, PA
78B-196-213, Davis, Harmon 10 yrs, PA
78B-196-213, Davis, Ida 8 yrs, PA
78B-196-213, Davis, Elizabeth 6 yrs, PA
78B-196-213, Davis, U. S. Grant 3 yrs, PA
78B-196-213, Davis, Harry 1 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Davis, Emma 11 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Davis, Cora O. 7 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Davis, James 14 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Davis, Laura 8 yrs, PA
83B-248-266, Davis, Washington 31 yrs, PA
83B-248-266, Davis, Mary 27 yrs, PA
83B-248-266, Davis, James 10 yrs, PA
83B-248-266, Davis, Pearson 5 yrs, PA
83B-248-266, Davis, Ellen 4 yrs, PA
83B-248-266, Davis, Agnes 1 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Deganno, Mary J. 11 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Deganno, Joseph J. 8 yrs, PA
77A-178-194, Denniston, Andrew 35 yrs, PA
77A-178-194, Denniston, Lydia M. 29 yrs, PA
77A-178-194, Denniston, John J. 2 yrs, PA
72B-130-130, Diefenider, Frank 17 yrs, PA
74A-135-146, Dillon, Paterick 37 yrs, Ireland
74A-135-146, Dillon, Ellen 37 yrs, Ireland
74A-135-146, Dillon, John 15 yrs, Scotland
74A-135-146, Dillon, Sarah 10 yrs, England
74A-135-146, Dillon, Agnes 4 yrs, PA
74A-135-146, Dillon, Mary E. 3 yrs, PA
64A-3-3, Dodds, John 72 yrs, Ireland
64A-3-3, Dodds, Margaret 30 yrs, PA
64A-3-3, Dodds, Jane 27 yrs, PA
64A-3-3, Dodds, Elizabeth 22 yrs, PA
71B-120-118, Donahue, Paterick 33 yrs, Ireland
71B-120-118, Donahue, Mary 43 yrs, Scotland
71B-120-118, Donahue, Owen 11 yrs, Scotland
78B-200-218, Donahue, Theodore 31 yrs, Ireland
78B-200-218, Donahue, Rose A. 28 yrs, PA
78B-200-218, Donahue, Margaret 7 yrs, PA
78B-200-218, Donahue, Mary C. 3/12 yrs, PA
68B-71-69, Donaldson, J. P. 55 yrs, PA
68B-71-69, Donaldson, Amelia 23 yrs, PA
82A-221-237, Downs, Sylvester 45 yrs, PA
82A-221-237, Downs, Ellen 42 yrs, Ireland
82A-221-237, Downs, Anna 18 yrs, PA
82A-221-237, Downs, Ellen 15 yrs, PA
82A-221-237, Downs, James 13 yrs, PA
82A-221-237, Downs, Charles 8 yrs, PA
82A-221-237, Downs, Ida 4 yrs, PA
64B-8-8, Duffy, James 14 yrs, Canada
65A-13-13, Dugan, John 30 yrs, Ireland
70A-93-93, Eberly, Johon J. F. 37 yrs, OH
70A-93-93, Eberly, Catharine 32 yrs, PA
70A-93-93, Eberly, Mary E. 9 yrs, PA
70A-93-93, Eberly, Charles H. yrs, PA
70A-93-93, Eberly, Charles 30 yrs, PA
85A-273-291, Eberly, Jacob 58 yrs, Wertumburgh
85A-273-291, Eberly, Mary A. 57 yrs, Baden
85A-273-291, Eberly, David 20 yrs, PA
85A-273-291, Eberly, Joseph 15 yrs, PA
77A-173-189, Edaburn, Matthias 33 yrs, PA
77A-173-189, Edaburn, Sarah 33 yrs, PA
77A-173-189, Edaburn, Samuel W. 11 yrs, PA
77A-173-189, Edaburn, Edward F. 5 yrs, PA
77A-173-189, Edaburn, Charles Y. 3 yrs, PA
77A-173-189, Edaburn, Westly Grant 10/12 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Edinger, Catharine 9 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Edinger, Teressa 7 yrs, PA
74B-142-155, Edwards, John 51 yrs, Wales
74B-142-155, Edwards, Sarah 53 yrs, Wales
74B-142-155, Edwards, Reece 17 yrs, Wales
74B-142-156, Edwards, John 8 yrs, Wales
64B-13-13, Evans, David 37 yrs, PA
64B-13-13, Evans, Eliza 26 yrs, Ireland
64B-13-13, Evans, James A. 8 yrs, PA
64B-13-13, Evans, William 6 yrs, PA
64B-13-13, Evans, Mary M. 4 yrs, PA
64B-13-13, Evans, Hugh M. 1 yrs, PA
72A-126-124, Evans, Eliza 22 yrs, England
72A-126-124, Evans, Mary 4 yrs, Wales
72A-126-124, Evans, Elizabeth 2 yrs, Wales
75A-148-163, Evans, Hugh 36 yrs, PA
75A-148-163, Evans, Ann J. 37 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Evans, Andrew 12 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Evans, David 9 yrs, PA
72A-127-125, Farred, Jonathan 37 yrs, England
72A-127-125, Farred, Sarah 36 yrs, England
72A-127-125, Farred, Ellen 13 yrs, PA
72A-127-125, Farred, Mary 7 yrs, PA
72A-127-125, Farred, Alfred 5 yrs, PA
72A-127-125, Farred, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
72A-127-126, Farred, Isaac 46 yrs, England
72A-127-126, Farred, Anna 42 yrs, Wales
72A-127-126, Farred, Isaac 17 yrs, Wales
72A-127-126, Farred, Henry 9 yrs, PA
72A-127-126, Farred, Mary 5 yrs, PA
72B-127-126, Farred, Margaret 3 yrs, PA
83B-247-265, Findley, John 40 yrs, PA
83B-247-265, Findley, Alfonso 15 yrs, PA
83B-247-265, Findley, William 7 yrs, PA
83B-247-265, Findley, Harry 3 yrs, PA
83B-247-265, Findley, Louesa 50 yrs, PA
83B-247-265, Findley, Mary 43 yrs, PA
77B-185-202, Fisher, Peter 25 yrs, PA
77B-185-202, Fisher, Amanda 27 yrs, PA
69B-88-88, Fitzgerald, Paterick 16 yrs, OH
77B-184-201, Forbes, William 33 yrs, PA
77B-184-201, Forbes, Hennetta 26 yrs, PA
77B-184-201, Forbes, Henry B. 5 yrs, PA
77B-184-201, Forbes, Mary A. 3 yrs, PA
77B-184-201, Forbes, Anna 1 yrs, PA
73B-134-145, Forrea, Charles 46 yrs, England
73B-134-145, Forrea, Ann 47 yrs, Wales
73B-134-145, Forrea, Benjamin 12 yrs, PA
73B-134-145, Forrea, Margaret 7 yrs, PA
73B-134-145, Forrea, Ann M. 3 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Foster, Zilpha E. 15 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Foster, Hannah A. 14 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Foster, Mary M. 9 yrs, PA
84A-255-273, Free, Jacob 41 yrs, PA
84A-255-273, Free, Amelia 36 yrs, PA
84A-255-273, Free, Alice A. 13 yrs, PA
84A-255-273, Free, Edward S. 7 yrs, PA
84A-255-273, Free, Charles 3 yrs, PA
85A-274-292, French, D. W. 58 yrs, PA
85A-274-292, French, Sarah L. 48 yrs, PA
85A-274-292, French, Aggie S. 21 yrs, NY
85A-274-292, French, Sadie M 19 yrs, NY
85A-274-292, French, John S. 16 yrs, NY
85A-274-292, French, Frank D. 13 yrs, PA
85A-274-292, French, Huston D. 11 yrs, PA
64B-11-11, Fultz, Henry 24 yrs, OH
64B-11-11, Fultz, Rachel 22 yrs, PA
64B-11-11, Fultz, Eliza E. 2 yrs, PA
64B-11-11, Fultz, Charles A. 5/12 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Gathers, Benjamin A. 10 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Gathers, Alexander 8 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Gathers, Ellsworth 6 yrs, PA
66B-39-38, George, David 60 yrs, PA
66B-39-38, George, Charlotte 40 yrs, NY
66B-39-38, George, Westley 10 yrs, PA
66B-39-38, George, Rachael 4 yrs, PA
66B-39-38, George, Elenor 8/12 yrs, PA
82A-224-240, George, Ida 12 yrs, PA
82B-234-251, Gibson, Sarah 40 yrs, Ireland
79A-206-224, Gilbreth, Mary R. 45 yrs, PA
82B-231-248, Giles, George 44 yrs, PA
82B-231-248, Giles, James F. 16 yrs, PA
82B-231-248, Giles, Catharine 11 yrs, PA
82B-231-248, Giles, Anna M. 9 yrs, PA
83B-242-259, Giles, George 14 yrs, PA
75B-157-172, Gill, Siegel H. 8 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Glatzan, Emma L. 11 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Glatzan, Rudolph 9 yrs, PA
68A-57-54, Goff, James 42 yrs, Ireland
68A-57-54, Goff, Mary 41 yrs, PA
68A-57-54, Goff, Margaret 17 yrs, PA
68A-57-54, Goff, James 13 yrs, PA
68A-57-54, Goff, John 12 yrs, PA
68A-57-54, Goff, Isaac 10 yrs, PA
68A-57-54, Goff, William T. 8 yrs, PA
68A-57-54, Goff, Samuel 7 yrs, PA
68A-57-54, Goff, Mary E. 2 yrs, PA
72B-127-126, Goodat, Henry 28 yrs, England
85A-270-288, Gordon, Elizabeth 42 yrs, PA
85A-270-288, Gordon, Henry P. 7 yrs, PA
75A-150-165, Grace, Wilmot 22 yrs, PA
75A-150-165, Grace, Sarah M. 22 yrs, PA
75A-150-165, Grace, Mymetta 11/12 yrs, PA
77A-174-190, Graham, Nancy 59 yrs, PA
77A-174-190, Graham, Mattie E. 28 yrs, PA
77A-174-190, Graham, James M. 24 yrs, PA
77A-174-190, Graham, Arthur W. 22 yrs, PA
72B-128-128, Green, John 30 yrs, England
66A-32-32, Greenlee, John J. 37 yrs, PA
66A-32-32, Greenlee, Mary 31 yrs, PA
66A-32-32, Greenlee, Lester L. 8 yrs, PA
66A-32-32, Greenlee, John W. 7 yrs, PA
66A-32-32, Greenlee, Lewis W. 4 yrs, PA
66B-32-32, Greenlee, Mary 1 yrs, PA
81A-208-226, Greenlee, Mary 42 yrs, Ireland
81A-208-226, Greenlee, James 13 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Greggs, John 13 yrs, PA
72B-129-129, Griffith, Thomas 45 yrs, Wales
80A-206-224, Grove, Jacob H. 12 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Grove, Wm H. 11 yrs, PA
85A-275-293, Gurlingr, Michael 46 yrs, OH
85A-275-293, Gurlingr, Rachael 36 yrs, OH
85A-275-293, Gurlingr, John 12 yrs, OH
79B-206-224, Guthire, Herbert E. 11 yrs, PA
75B-160-175, Hammond, J. F. 34 yrs, PA
75B-160-175, Hammond, Mary A. 29 yrs, PA
75B-160-175, Hammond, Maud H. 8 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Hankey, John H. 11 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Hanna, Blanche E. 11 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Hanna, David B. 9 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Hanna, Josephene O. 7 yrs, PA
82A-223-239, Hanna, Thomas S. 55 yrs, Ireland
82A-223-239, Hanna, Eveline 56 yrs, PA
82A-223-239, Hanna, James F. 17 yrs, PA
82A-223-239, Hanna, Albert L. 12 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Hardie, Sarah A. 13 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Hardie, Henry B. 12 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Hardie, Oliver P. 8 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Harris, Ella J. 15 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Harris, Anna B. 12 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Harris, Maria B. 10 yrs, PA
75A-148-163, Harrison, Wm 30 yrs, PA
75A-148-163, Harrison, Nancy E. 26 yrs, PA
75A-148-163, Harrison, Hugh E. 7 yrs, PA
75A-148-163, Harrison, Nettie 2 yrs, PA
84B-264-282, Haslett, Alex 35 yrs, Ireland
84B-264-282, Haslett, Margaret 34 yrs, Ireland
84B-264-282, Haslett, John H. 12 yrs, PA
84B-264-282, Haslett, Jane E. 9 yrs, PA
84B-264-282, Haslett, William 7 yrs, PA
84B-264-282, Haslett, James L. 5 yrs, PA
84B-264-282, Haslett, Margaret 4 yrs, PA
74B-144-159, Hast, John 35 yrs, Ireland
76B-171-187, Haughey, Sarah J. 7 yrs, PA
84B-259-277, Hawk, Elijah 66 yrs, VA
84B-259-277, Hawk, Mary A. 52 yrs, PA
81B-213-229, Hawthorn, Martha 41 yrs, OH
69B-83-83, Hayne, John 53 yrs, Baden
69B-83-83, Hayne, Hellen 47 yrs, NJ
69B-83-83, Hayne, Albert 24 yrs, PA
69B-83-83, Hayne, John 19 yrs, PA
69B-83-83, Hayne, Meria 16 yrs, PA
69B-83-83, Hayne, Joseph 14 yrs, PA
69B-83-83, Hayne, Caroline 12 yrs, PA
69B-83-83, Hayne, George 9 yrs, PA
69B-83-83, Hayne, Elmira 4 yrs, PA
84B-264-282, Hayne, Albert 24 yrs, PA
84B-264-282, Hayne, Joseph 14 yrs, PA
65A-17-17, Heasley, Mary J. 37 yrs, PA
65A-17-17, Heasley, Lewis P. 17 yrs, PA
65A-17-17, Heasley, John 4 yrs, PA
67A-46-43, Heasley, Joseph 41 yrs, PA
67A-46-43, Heasley, Lydia A. 34 yrs, PA
67A-46-43, Heasley, Leonidias 15 yrs, PA
67A-46-43, Heasley, Arosina 10 yrs, PA
67A-46-43, Heasley, Calvin E. 4 yrs, PA
67A-47-44, Heasley, Elias 44 yrs, PA
67A-47-44, Heasley, Susanna 39 yrs, PA
67A-47-44, Heasley, William G. 14 yrs, PA
67A-47-44, Heasley, Frances A. 14 yrs, PA
67A-47-44, Heasley, Mary E. 12 yrs, PA
67A-47-44, Heasley, Loella E. 8 yrs, PA
67A-47-44, Heasley, James S. 4 yrs, PA
67A-47-44, Heasley, Sarah E. 2 yrs, PA
67B-53-50, Heasley, Martha 45 yrs, PA
67B-53-50, Heasley, Susanna 19 yrs, PA
67B-53-50, Heasley, Ellen 16 yrs, PA
70B-102-102, Heasley, John H. 45 yrs, PA
70B-102-102, Heasley, Mary E. 38 yrs, PA
70B-102-102, Heasley, Adaline 18 yrs, PA
70B-102-102, Heasley, Midison 15 yrs, PA
70B-102-102, Heasley, Fannie 13 yrs, PA
70B-102-102, Heasley, Charles 11 yrs, PA
70B-102-102, Heasley, James 9 yrs, PA
70B-102-102, Heasley, Mary 7 yrs, PA
70B-102-102, Heasley, Frank 2 yrs, PA
76B-168-184, Heighberger, Andrew 32 yrs, PA
76B-168-184, Heighberger, Margaret 22 yrs, PA
66A-29-29, Heldebrand, Ezra 37 yrs, PA
66A-29-29, Heldebrand, Nancy 30 yrs, PA
66A-29-29, Heldebrand, Samuel P. 7 yrs, PA
66A-29-29, Heldebrand, Mary E. 2 yrs, PA
66A-29-29, Heldebrand, Henry 77 yrs, PA
66A-29-29, Heldebrand, Susanna 75 yrs, PA
78B-201-219, Henderson, Philip 20 yrs, PA
68B-66-63, Hepting, Joseph 41 yrs, Baden
68B-66-63, Hepting, Harriet 30 yrs, PA
68B-66-63, Hepting, Edwin A. 8/12 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Hilands, James 12 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Hilands, Emeline 8 yrs, PA
84B-261-279, Hill, R. C. 30 yrs, PA
84B-261-279, Hill, Emma J. 25 yrs, PA
84B-261-279, Hill, Minnie 5 yrs, PA
84B-261-279, Hill, Esebella 5 yrs, PA
84B-261-279, Hill, Alice 1 5 yrs, PA
72A-124-121, Holmes, Paul 57 yrs, England
72A-124-121, Holmes, Catharine 47 yrs, Wales
72A-124-121, Holmes, Catharine 5 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Holmes, George 15 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Holmes, Mary E. 13 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Holmes, Samuel J. 11 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Holmes, Hannah 7 yrs, PA
77B-183-200, Horn, Albert 29 yrs, PA
77B-183-200, Horn, Hannah 27 yrs, OH
82A-222-238, Horn, Mary 58 yrs, PA
65A-19-19, Hosack, John J. 36 yrs, PA
65A-19-19, Hosack, Martha 33 yrs, PA
65A-19-19, Hosack, James L. 11 yrs, PA
65A-19-19, Hosack, Maggie R. 8 yrs, PA
65A-19-19, Hosack, Mary A. 7 yrs, PA
65A-19-19, Hosack, Sarah J. 6 yrs, PA
65A-19-19, Hosack, Susanna 4 yrs, PA
65B-19-19, Hosack, Wilma 1 yrs, PA
65B-20-20, Hosack, Adaline C. 38 yrs, PA
65B-20-20, Hosack, Eliza D. 1 yrs, PA
65B-25-25, Hosack, Cyrus C. 28 yrs, PA
65B-25-25, Hosack, Mary C. 25 yrs, OH
65B-25-25, Hosack, Hattie B. 3 yrs, PA
65B-26-26, Hosack, Mary 52 yrs, PA
65B-26-26, Hosack, Samuel 20 yrs, PA
65B-26-26, Hosack, Annie 18 yrs, PA
66B-36-36, Hosack, Emely 31 yrs, PA
67B-55-52, Hosack, Samuel 48 yrs, PA
67B-55-52, Hosack, Birhynia A. 39 yrs, PA
67B-55-52, Hosack, Catharine A. 7 yrs, PA
67B-55-52, Hosack, Richard E. 4 yrs, PA
67B-55-52, Hosack, Mary 70 yrs, PA
68A-58-55, Hosack, A. B. 23 yrs, PA
68A-58-55, Hosack, E. M. 23 yrs, PA
68A-59-56, Hosack, John 29 yrs, PA
68A-59-56, Hosack, M. P. 23 yrs, PA
68A-59-56, Hosack, Ida E. M. 1 yrs, PA
72A-123-120, Hosack, Thomas 48 yrs, PA
72A-123-120, Hosack, Margaret 32 yrs, Ireland
72A-123-120, Hosack, Thomas W. 2 yrs, PA
72A-123-120, Hosack, Edwin Grant 5/12 yrs, PA
75A-152-167, Hosack, David 42 yrs, PA
75A-152-167, Hosack, Maria 21 yrs, PA
75A-152-167, Hosack, Charles 7 yrs, PA
76A-162-177, Hosack, E. M. 27 yrs, PA
76A-162-177, Hosack, Frances 22 yrs, PA
76A-162-177, Hosack, Dallas K. 3 yrs, PA
76A-162-177, Hosack, Mary O. 1 yrs, PA
76A-162-177, Hosack, John 2/12 yrs, PA
74A-138-151, Howard, John 30 yrs, Scotland
77A-176-192, Howe, James R. 43 yrs, PA
77A-176-192, Howe, Mary 43 yrs, PA
64B-10-10, Huggart, William 62 yrs, Ireland
64B-10-10, Huggart, Eliza 59 yrs, Ireland
64B-10-10, Huggart, Mary 22 yrs, Ireland
64B-10-10, Huggart, William 20 yrs, Ireland
64B-10-10, Huggart, Margaret 17 yrs, PA
68A-60-57, Hughs, M. E. 20 yrs, PA
68A-60-57, Hughs, Harriet F. 23 yrs, PA
68A-60-57, Hughs, Zella M. 2/12 yrs, PA
73A-132-134, Hume, James 38 yrs, England
73A-132-134, Hume, Mary A. 39 yrs, England
72B-128-127, Humphrey, Richard 55 yrs, England
72B-128-127, Humphrey, Lydia 52 yrs, England
78A-189-206, Hunter, John 70 yrs, PA
65B-24-24, Huston, William 30 yrs, PA
65B-24-24, Huston, Jane E. 23 yrs, PA
65B-24-24, Huston, Lewis C. 4/12 yrs, PA
71B-118-115, Huston, Thomas 59 yrs, Ireland
71B-118-115, Huston, Agnes 59 yrs, Ireland
71B-118-115, Huston, Robert 25 yrs, PA
71B-118-115, Huston, Thoams 18 yrs, PA
71B-118-115, Huston, James 15 yrs, PA
72A-126-124, Huston, David 24 yrs, Scotland
72A-126-124, Huston, Hugh 30 yrs, Scotland
68A-62-59, Hutchinson, William 33 yrs, Ireland
68A-62-59, Hutchinson, Mary J. 27 yrs, Ireland
68A-62-59, Hutchinson, Mary E. 2 yrs, Ireland
76B-170-186, Irwin, Armstrong 66 yrs, PA
76B-170-186, Irwin, Rebecca 60 yrs, PA
76B-170-186, Irwin, J. Curtis 24 yrs, PA
76B-170-186, Irwin, William 68 yrs, PA
76B-170-186, Irwin , Alice A. 4 yrs, PA
72B-127-126, James, David 23 yrs, Wales
80B-206-224, James, Amelia 9 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, James, Frank G. 6 yrs, PA
76B-169-185, Jameson, Catharine 48 yrs, Ireland
76B-169-185, Jameson, Hugh 26 yrs, PA
76B-169-185, Jameson, John 19 yrs, PA
76B-169-185, Jameson, Catharine 17 yrs, PA
70A-91-91, Johnston, James 68 yrs, Ireland
70A-91-91, Johnston, Agnes 60 yrs, Scotland
72B-130-130, Johnston, John A. 22 yrs, OH
72B-130-130, Johnston, Jane 20 yrs, PA
72B-130-130, Johnston, Mary E. 1 yrs, PA
72B-130-130, Johnston, Elizabeth 60 yrs, PA
72B-130-130, Johnston, Jessie E. 5 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Johnston, Malinda 10 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Johnston, James R. 8 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Johnston, Anna B. 7 yrs, PA
65A-16-16, Jones, Robert 47 yrs, Wales
65A-16-16, Jones, Jane 47 yrs, Wales
65A-16-16, Jones, Robert 5 yrs, PA
72B-129-129, Jones, Thomas 23 yrs, Wales
72B-129-129, Jones, George 49 yrs, Wales
72B-131-132, Jones, Elias 32 yrs, Wales
72B-131-132, Jones, Elizabeth 30 yrs, PA
72B-131-132, Jones, John 14 yrs, Wales
72B-131-132, Jones, David 12 yrs, Wales
72B-131-132, Jones, Eliza J. 7 yrs, Wales
74B-142-156, Jones, Mary A. 10 yrs, Wales
74B-142-156, Jones, Sarah 3 yrs, Wales
76B-167-182, Jordon, Samauel 21 yrs, PA
82A-224-240, Junkin, Joseph 40 yrs, PA
82A-224-240, Junkin, Maria 25 yrs, MD
82A-224-241, Junkin, Wm 29 yrs, PA
82A-224-241, Junkin, Elenor A. 33 yrs, PA
71B-120-118, Kane, Elizabeth 10 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-137, Kane, Cornelius 34 yrs, England
73A-133-137, Kane, Catharine 35 yrs, England
73A-133-137, Kane, William 10 yrs, England
73A-133-137, Kane, Mary J. 2 yrs, PA
73A-133-137, Kane, Catharine 1/52 yrs, PA
82A-227-244, Keith, Margaret 37 yrs, PA
82A-227-244, Keith, John L. 13 yrs, PA
82A-227-244, Keith, Elizabeth E. 11 yrs, PA
82A-227-244, Keith, William M. 8 yrs, PA
82A-227-244, Keith, Jacob C. 7 yrs, PA
78B-203-221, Kemmerer, Peter 45 yrs, PA
78B-203-221, Kemmerer, Elizabeth 40 yrs, PA
78B-203-221, Kemmerer, Mary L. 13 yrs, PA
78B-203-221, Kemmerer, Martin L. 9 yrs, PA
78B-203-221, Kemmerer, Adam D. 6 yrs, PA
77B-186-203, Kerr, James 24 yrs, PA
81B-215-231, Kerr, James 44 yrs, Ireland
81B-215-231, Kerr, Lucinda 39 yrs, PA
81B-215-231, Kerr, Mary E. 11 yrs, PA
81B-215-231, Kerr, Hennetta 9 yrs, PA
81B-215-231, Kerr, Thomas J. 6 yrs, PA
81B-215-231, Kerr, James 1 yrs, PA
81B-216-232, Kerr, Henry 38 yrs, Ireland
81B-216-232, Kerr, Mary 30 yrs, PA
81B-216-232, Kerr, Mary E. 2 yrs, PA
81B-216-232, Kerr, Joseph A. 10/12 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Keth, David 8 yrs, PA
72A-123-120, King, James A. 12 yrs, IL
72A-123-120, King, Joseph R. 8 yrs, IL
85B-275-293, Kinsel, Rachel 5 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Kitch, George 13 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Kitch, William H. 11 yrs, PA
70B-101-101, Knoff, Adam 46 yrs, Hesse Castle
70B-101-101, Knoff, Elizabeth 43 yrs, Hesse Castle
70B-101-101, Knoff, John 17 yrs, PA
70B-101-101, Knoff, Herman 12 yrs, PA
70B-101-101, Knoff, Jacob 9 yrs, PA
70B-101-101, Knoff, Anna 5 yrs, PA
70B-101-101, Knoff, Mary 2 yrs, PA
71A-104-104, Knuff, Nicholas 61 yrs, Hesse Castle
71A-104-104, Knuff, Mary 63 yrs, Hesse Castle
71A-104-104, Knuff, William 33 yrs, PA
71A-104-104, Knuff, John 26 yrs, PA
71A-104-104, Knuff, Margaret 22 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Krumbine, Samuel 7 yrs, PA
74B-144-159, Lancey, Thomas 19 yrs, Ireland
78A-194-211, Lary, Wilson 22 yrs, PA
78A-194-211, Lary, Susan 25 yrs, PA
78A-194-211, Lary, William 1 yrs, PA
84B-265-283, Leech, Nancy 77 yrs, PA
76B-171-187, Lenegan, Nancy 85 yrs, Ireland
85A-268-286, Leopold, Henry A. 31 yrs, Prussia
85A-268-286, Leopold, Catharine 28 yrs, PA
85A-268-286, Leopold, Herbert 3 yrs, PA
68A-63-60, Lewis, J. G. 41 yrs, Wales
68A-63-60, Lewis, Margaret 42 yrs, Wales
68A-63-60, Lewis, David W. 18 yrs, Wales
68A-63-60, Lewis, Thomas 14 yrs, Wales
68A-63-60, Lewis, Mary A. 12 yrs, Wales
68A-63-60, Lewis, Louis H. 5 yrs, OH
68A-63-60, Lewis, George W. 3 yrs, PA
72B-131-131, Lewis, Richard 25 yrs, Wales
72B-131-131, Lewis, Catharine 23 yrs, Wales
72B-131-131, Lewis, Elizabeth 3 yrs, Wales
75B-156-171, Long, Hugh 39 yrs, PA
75B-156-171, Long, Floranda 39 yrs, PA
75B-156-171, Long, James C. 16 yrs, PA
75B-156-171, Long, Mark G. 15 yrs, PA
75B-156-171, Long, George L. 12 yrs, PA
75B-156-171, Long, Robert A. 9 yrs, PA
75B-156-171, Long, Annie M. 7 yrs, PA
75B-156-171, Long, Maggie A. 5 yrs, PA
75B-156-171, Long, Wilbert M. 3 yrs, PA
75B-156-171, Long, Susie M. 1 yrs, PA
83B-246-264, Lourey, Susan C. 53 yrs, PA
84A-256-274, Magoffin, H. M. 21 yrs, PA
84A-256-274, Magoffin, Elizabeth 19 yrs, PA
84A-256-274, Magoffin, Mary 1/12 yrs, PA
78B-198-216, Maitland, Mary 27 yrs, PA
78B-198-216, Maitland, Coston 2 yrs, OH
73A-133-140, Maloney, John 26 yrs, Ireland
73A-133-140, Maloney, Margaret 27 yrs, Ireland
73A-133-140, Maloney, John 7 yrs, England
73A-133-140, Maloney, Mary 5 yrs, England
73A-133-140, Maloney, William 5 yrs, England
73A-133-140, Maloney, Henry 2 yrs, PA
73A-133-140, Maloney, Stephen 5/12 yrs, PA
73A-133-140, Maloney, Bridget 66 yrs, Ireland
64B-12-12, Mars, James A. 26 yrs, PA
64B-12-12, Mars, Rose E. 20 yrs, MD
64B-12-12, Mars, Mary E. 3 yrs, PA
64B-12-12, Mars, Minnie E. 2 yrs, PA
64B-12-12, Mars, Ambrose O. 9/12 yrs, PA
71A-109-109, Mars, Matildia 17 yrs, PA
73B-133-142, Marsh, Joseph 35 yrs, England
73B-133-142, Marsh, Joseph 5 yrs, England
73B-133-142, Marsh, Elijah 2 yrs, England
69A-72-72, Marshal, B. H. 36 yrs, PA
69A-72-72, Marshal, Martha 31 yrs, OH
69A-72-72, Marshal, Jessie M. 13 yrs, OH
69A-72-72, Marshal, Harry 9 yrs, OH
69A-72-72, Marshal, Richard B. 7 yrs, OH
81B-213-229, Marshal, John 29 yrs, PA
82A-228-245, Masson, Philip 32 yrs, PA
82A-228-245, Masson, Rebecca 30 yrs, PA
82A-228-245, Masson, Rebecca C. 8 yrs, PA
82B-228-245, Masson, Mary A. 5 yrs, PA
82B-228-245, Masson, Ellen A. 5 yrs, PA
84B-258-276, Mathew, Elenor 65 yrs, PA
65A-14-14, McCalligan, James 35 yrs, Ireland
81B-219-235, McCanley, Nancy 22 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, McCaslin, Lizzie 13 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, McCaslin, Lydia 10 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, James 53 yrs, Ireland
71A-108-108, McClelland, Jeanette 41 yrs, Ireland
71A-108-108, McClelland, Margaret 22 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, James 17 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, Samuel 15 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, Mary 13 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, Alexander 11 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, David 8 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, Robert 6 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, Annie 4 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, Wilson 1 yrs, PA
71A-108-108, McClelland, Nathaniel 40 yrs, Ireland
72A-126-124, McClure, James 24 yrs, Scotland
79B-206-224, McCoy, Wm A. 8 yrs, PA
82B-233-250, McCoy, Alexander 56 yrs, PA
82B-233-250, McCoy, Catharine 46 yrs, PA
82B-233-250, McCoy, Mena 22 yrs, PA
82B-233-250, McCoy, Clara R. 18 yrs, PA
82B-233-250, McCoy, Catharine 12 yrs, PA
82B-233-250, McCoy, Anna J. 9 yrs, PA
82B-233-250, McCoy, William C. 5 yrs, PA
82B-233-250, McCoy, Edith M. 3 yrs, PA
69B-82-82, McCucheon, John 13 yrs, PA
82B-228-245, McDonald, Ellen 33 yrs, PA
67A-43-40, McDonell, William 56 yrs, PA
78A-189-206, McDonell, Theophilus 59 yrs, PA
78A-189-206, McDonell, Sarah 53 yrs, Ireland
78A-189-206, McDonell, Margaret 28 yrs, PA
78A-189-206, McDonell, Rebecca J. 22 yrs, PA
78A-189-206, McDonell, Sarah A. 21 yrs, PA
78A-189-206, McDonell, Elizabeth 19 yrs, PA
75A-149-164, McDowell, Wm B. 53 yrs, PA
75A-149-164, McDowell, Maria C. 42 yrs, PA
75A-149-164, McDowell, Dewitt C. 17 yrs, PA
75A-149-164, McDowell, Harriet 11 yrs, PA
75A-149-164, McDowell, William W. 9 yrs, PA
75A-149-164, McDowell, Edwin T. 7 yrs, PA
75A-149-164, McDowell, Eva E. 4 yrs, PA
75A-149-164, McDowell, Thomas B. 44 yrs, PA
70B-98-98, McElhaney, Albert 47 yrs, PA
70B-98-98, McElhaney, Elizabeth 47 yrs, PA
70B-98-98, McElhaney, Isabella M. 20 yrs, PA
70B-98-98, McElhaney, Thomas L. 17 yrs, PA
65B-21-21, McElree, John G. 38 yrs, PA
65B-21-21, McElree, Mary A. 34 yrs, PA
65B-21-21, McElree, Mary A. 12 yrs, PA
65B-21-21, McElree, Elizabeth J. 9 yrs, PA
65B-21-21, McElree, Ann B. 5 yrs, PA
65B-21-21, McElree, Thomas N. 2 yrs, PA
65B-21-21, McElree, John E. 4/12 yrs, PA
74B-147-162, McElree, James 30 yrs, PA
75A-147-162, McElree, Phebe J. 22 yrs, PA
75A-147-162, McElree, Ira M. 3 yrs, PA
75A-147-162, McElree, Thomas E. 1 yrs, PA
70A-95-95, McElroy, Jane 62 yrs, Ireland
70A-95-95, McElroy, Jane 24 yrs, PA
70A-95-95, McElroy, James 22 yrs, PA
64A-4-4, McGonacle, Joseph 45 yrs, Ireland
64A-4-4, McGonacle, Ann 41 yrs, Ireland
64A-4-4, McGonacle, Sarah 16 yrs, Scotland
64A-4-4, McGonacle, John 15 yrs, Scotland
64A-4-4, McGonacle, Peter 13 yrs, Scotland
64A-4-4, McGonacle, Mary Ann 9 yrs, PA
64A-4-4, McGonacle, James 7 yrs, PA
64A-4-4, McGonacle, Jane 4 yrs, PA
64A-4-4, McGonacle, Charles J. 2 yrs, PA
69B-88-88, McGonal, James 55 yrs, Ireland
69B-88-88, McGonal, Anne 55 yrs, Ireland
77B-185-202, McGreoger, Mary 23 yrs, PA
74A-135-147, McIntosch, James 37 yrs, Scotland
76B-171-187, McKay, William 61 yrs, Ireland
76B-171-187, McKay, Eliza 59 yrs, Ireland
76B-171-187, McKay, James 22 yrs, PA
76B-171-187, McKay, Mary J. 20 yrs, PA
76B-171-187, McKay, Robert 18 yrs, PA
65A-15-15, McKee, Alexander 50 yrs, Ireland
65A-15-15, McKee, Mary A. 39 yrs, Ireland
65A-15-15, McKee, Hannah 16 yrs, PA
65A-15-15, McKee, June M. 4 yrs, PA
65A-15-15, McKee, David K. 2 yrs, PA
65A-15-15, McKee, Sarah C. 1 yrs, PA
74B-141-154, McKee, James 57 yrs, Ireland
75B-157-172, McKee, Robert 48 yrs, PA
75B-157-172, McKee, Cararoline 48 yrs, VA
75B-157-172, McKee, Amanda J. 19 yrs, PA
75B-157-172, McKee, Edward L. 16 yrs, PA
75B-157-172, McKee, Mary A. 13 yrs, PA
75B-157-172, McKee, Sylvester E. 9 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, McKee, Harry 8 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, McKee, Adda M. 10 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, McKee, Lizzie E. 6 yrs, PA
78A-190-207, McKim, Robert A. 31 yrs, PA
78A-190-207, McKim, Margaret M. 27 yrs, PA
78A-190-207, McKim, Orlando H. 9 yrs, PA
78A-190-207, McKim, John W. 8 yrs, PA
67B-52-49, McKinley, Sarah 67 yrs, PA
69A-78-78, McKnight, John 58 yrs, Ireland
69A-78-78, McKnight, Margaret 40 yrs, Ireland
69A-78-78, McKnight, John 16 yrs, PA
69A-78-78, McKnight, William 15 yrs, PA
69A-78-78, McKnight, Mary 12 yrs, PA
69A-78-78, McKnight, Margaret 9 yrs, PA
69B-86-86, McKnight, Alex 22 yrs, Canada
69B-86-86, McKnight, Fanny 24 yrs, PA
70A-95-95, McKnight, David 35 yrs, PA
81B-211-228, McKnight, James 40 yrs, OH
81B-211-228, McKnight, Margaret 35 yrs, Ireland
81B-211-228, McKnight, Rebecca 5 yrs, PA
78B-204-222, McMillin, Wm H. 40 yrs, PA
78B-204-222, McMillin, Sarah A. 45 yrs, PA
78B-204-222, McMillin, Clara A. 12 yrs, OH
78B-204-222, McMillin, Mary D. 11 yrs, OH
79A-204-222, McMillin, Martha E. 8 yrs, OH
79A-204-222, McMillin, James F. 7 yrs, PA
79A-204-222, McMillin, William J. 4 yrs, PA
79A-204-222, McMillin, Harry 1 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, McWilliams, R. C. 48 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, McWilliams, Elizabeth 38 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, McWilliams, Dorcus J. 15 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, McWilliams, Hannah M. 13 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, McWilliams, Farncis B. 11 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, McWilliams, Benny 10 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, McWilliams, Lizzie 6 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, McWilliams, Sidney 4 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, McWilliams, Clarence 1 yrs, PA
74A-140-153, Miles, James 66 yrs, Ireland
74A-140-153, Miles, Elizabeth 55 yrs, Ireland
74A-140-153, Miles, Rebecca J. 25 yrs, PA
74A-140-153, Miles, Joseph 22 yrs, PA
74B-140-153, Miles, Thomas 20 yrs, PA
74B-140-153, Miles, Sarah E. 6 yrs, PA
75A-151-166, Miller, Robert 54 yrs, PA
75A-151-166, Miller, Susan 49 yrs, PA
75A-151-166, Miller, John B. 22 yrs, PA
75A-151-166, Miller, George S. 16 yrs, PA
75A-151-166, Miller, Robert 11 yrs, PA
75A-151-166, Miller, Lewis H. 9 yrs, PA
75A-151-166, Miller, Mary J. 23 yrs, PA
75A-151-166, Miller, Lodusky 18 yrs, PA
75A-151-166, Miller, Susan E. 8 yrs, PA
75A-153-168, Miller, Wm W. 38 yrs, PA
75A-153-168, Miller, Dorthea 28 yrs, PA
75A-153-168, Miller, Carlyle 9 yrs, PA
75A-153-168, Miller, Nancy 7 yrs, PA
75A-153-168, Miller, Sarah E. 4 yrs, PA
75A-153-168, Miller, Henry M. 1 yrs, PA
75B-153-168, Miller, Elizabeth A. 40 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Miller, John F. 9 yrs, PA
82B-229-246, Miller, Hugh 57 yrs, PA
82B-229-246, Miller, Nancy J. 49 yrs, PA
82B-229-246, Miller, John M. 22 yrs, PA
82B-229-246, Miller, Mary E. 17 yrs, PA
82B-229-246, Miller, Rebecca 14 yrs, PA
72B-130-130, Mitchel, Jeramiah 50 yrs, England
65A-17-17, Moffat, William 34 yrs, NY
65A-17-17, Moffat, Amelia 29 yrs, PA
65A-17-17, Moffat, Ansenette 8 yrs, PA
65A-17-17, Moffat, Anna D. 3 yrs, PA
64A-5-5, Montgomery, James 60 yrs, Ireland
64A-5-5, Montgomery, Margaret 50 yrs, Ireland
64A-5-5, Montgomery, Mary Jane 25 yrs, PA
64A-5-5, Montgomery, Elizabeth 22 yrs, PA
64A-5-5, Montgomery, Margaret A. 20 yrs, PA
64A-5-5, Montgomery, Isabella 18 yrs, PA
64A-5-5, Montgomery, James C. 18 yrs, PA
64A-5-5, Montgomery, Robert C. 14 yrs, PA
64A-5-5, Montgomery, Melissa 16 yrs, PA
64A-5-5, Montgomery, Samuel R. 12 yrs, PA
64A-5-5, Montgomery, Renwick S. 6 yrs, PA
65B-26-26, Moon, Emma J. 12 yrs, PA
67A-45-42, Moon, Eva A. 11 yrs, PA
78A-191-208, Moon, A. B. 28 yrs, PA
78A-191-208, Moon, Catharine J. 29 yrs, PA
78A-191-208, Moon, Semour B. 1 yrs, PA
78B-199-217, Moon, Henry 28 yrs, PA
78B-199-217, Moon, Rose A. 22 yrs, PA
76B-167-182, Moore, Isabella P. 43 yrs, PA
76B-167-182, Moore, Elmer Wm 9 yrs, PA
77A-175-191, Moore, John 66 yrs, PA
77A-175-191, Moore, Rebecca 50 yrs, PA
77A-175-191, Moore, George 19 yrs, PA
77A-175-191, Moore, Samuel 11 yrs, PA
77A-175-191, Moore, Charles F. 13 yrs, PA
77A-175-191, Moore, Harry 10 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Moore, Nettie F. 9 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Moore, Ellis E. 8 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Moore, Wm P. S. 6 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Moore, Benjamin 9 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Moore, John A. C. 6 yrs, PA
85A-272-290, Moore, John A. 40 yrs, PA
85A-272-290, Moore, Louisa 39 yrs, PA
85A-272-290, Moore, John H. 10 yrs, PA
85A-272-290, Moore, William 8 yrs, PA
85A-272-290, Moore, Mary E. 7 yrs, PA
85A-272-290, Moore, Lue E. 4 yrs, PA
85A-272-290, Moore, Thomas 2 yrs, PA
85A-272-290, Moore, Frank B. 4/12 yrs, PA
73B-134-145, Morgan, Maria 73 yrs, Wales
67A-44-41, Morris, George 59 yrs, PA
67A-44-41, Morris, Harriet 53 yrs, NY
67A-44-41, Morris, Isabella A. 23 yrs, OH
67A-44-41, Morris, William C. 18 yrs, OH
67A-45-42, Morris, George A. 27 yrs, OH
67A-45-42, Morris, Mary M. 22 yrs, PA
67A-45-42, Morris, Anna M. 11/12 yrs, PA
73B-134-143, Morris, William 22 yrs, Canada
74A-135-147, Mullen, John 29 yrs, Scotland
74A-135-147, Mullen, Ann 29 yrs, Scotland
74A-135-147, Mullen, John 8 yrs, Scotland
74A-135-147, Mullen, James 7 yrs, Scotland
74A-135-147, Mullen, William 3 yrs, PA
74A-135-147, Mullen, Margaret 6/12 yrs, PA
78B-202-220, Murphy, James 31 yrs, PA
78B-202-220, Murphy, Sarah 32 yrs, PA
78B-202-220, Murphy, Julia 11 yrs, PA
78B-202-220, Murphy, George 10 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Nellis, Frederick 8 yrs, PA
66B-38-37, Nelson, William 48 yrs, PA
66B-38-37, Nelson, Susanna 51 yrs, PA
66B-38-37, Nelson, James R. 14 yrs, PA
66B-38-37, Nelson, Albert E. 11 yrs, PA
69B-85-85, Nelson , Luther M. 18 yrs, PA
66A-27-27, Newberry, Josiah 48 yrs, PA
66A-27-27, Newberry, Jane 46 yrs, PA
66A-27-27, Newberry, Andrew T. 21 yrs, PA
66A-27-27, Newberry, Mary A. 18 yrs, PA
66A-27-27, Newberry, James C. 16 yrs, PA
66A-27-27, Newberry, John 14 yrs, PA
66A-27-27, Newberry, Celia 12 yrs, PA
66A-27-27, Newberry, Montrose 4 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Northrup, Jefferson 9 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Northrup, Clara B. 8 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Northrup, Ella M. 6 yrs, PA
69B-85-85, Nunemacher, Elizabeth 57 yrs, PA
69B-85-85, Nunemacher, Susanna 45 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Nutt, Jabez E. 15 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Nutt, Charles A. 13 yrs, PA
67A-41-39, O'Conner, John 45 yrs, Ireland
67A-41-39, O'Conner, Hannah 35 yrs, Ireland
67A-41-39, O'Conner, David 13 yrs, England
67A-41-39, O'Conner, Timothy 11 yrs, England
67A-41-39, O'Conner, Thomas 9 yrs, PA
67A-41-39, O'Conner, Margaret 2 yrs, PA
67A-41-39, O'Conner, Michael 9/12 yrs, PA
67A-41-39, O'Conner, John 4 yrs, PA
73B-134-143, O'Williams, John 38 yrs, Wales
73B-134-143, O'Williams, Celia 38 yrs, Wales
73B-134-143, O'Williams, Anna 14 yrs, Wales
73B-134-143, O'Williams, Mary J. 9 yrs, OH
73B-134-143, O'Williams, William 6 yrs, PA
73B-134-143, O'Williams, James 3 yrs, OH
73B-134-143, O'Williams, Margaret 1 yrs, OH
73B-134-143, O'Williams, John 3/12 yrs, PA
74B-144-159, Obins, Thomas 23 yrs, Ireland
84B-263-281, Olinger, Jane 60 yrs, Ireland
84B-263-281, Olinger, Francis 17 yrs, PA
84B-263-281, Olinger, John 16 yrs, PA
69A-79-79, ONeal, James 45 yrs, Ireland
69A-79-79, ONeal, Sarah 39 yrs, PA
69A-79-79, ONeal, Henry 12 yrs, PA
69A-79-79, ONeal, Ellen 10 yrs, PA
69A-79-79, ONeal, James 7 yrs, PA
69A-79-79, ONeal, Mary 5 yrs, PA
69A-79-79, ONeal, Carrie 2 yrs, PA
77B-186-203, Orr, Alice 8 yrs, PA
82A-225-242, Osburn, Oswell 49 yrs, OH
82A-225-242, Osburn, Mary A. 47 yrs, PA
82A-225-242, Osburn, William 18 yrs, PA
82A-225-242, Osburn, James 17 yrs, PA
82A-225-242, Osburn, Harvey 12 yrs, PA
82A-225-242, Osburn, Samuel 14 yrs, PA
82A-225-242, Osburn, Ellen 7 yrs, PA
73A-133-141, Oscar, Eliza 28 yrs, England
67B-54-51, Painter, Louis H. 36 yrs, Baden
67B-54-51, Painter, Emma 32 yrs, PA
67B-54-51, Painter, Henry S. 12 yrs, PA
67B-54-51, Painter, Samuel N. 3 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Palmer, Thomas 8 yrs, PA
67B-56-53, Pardoe, H. F. 39 yrs, PA
67B-56-53, Pardoe, Nancy E. 34 yrs, PA
67B-56-53, Pardoe, Julia A. 12 yrs, PA
67B-56-53, Pardoe, James L. 8 yrs, PA
67B-56-53, Pardoe, Robert T. 6 yrs, PA
67B-56-53, Pardoe, Charles C. 2 yrs, PA
67B-56-53, Pardoe, infant 3/52 yrs, PA
74B-146-161, Pardoe, William N. 45 yrs, PA
74B-146-161, Pardoe, Susan 42 yrs, PA
74B-146-161, Pardoe, Sarah M. 18 yrs, PA
74B-146-161, Pardoe, Gilbert 12 yrs, PA
74B-146-161, Pardoe, Jeanette 9 yrs, PA
74B-146-161, Pardoe, Emma 7 yrs, PA
74B-146-161, Pardoe, Samantha 4 yrs, PA
75B-160-175, Patterson, Mary 16 yrs, PA
78B-201-219, Patterson, Samuel 35 yrs, PA
78B-201-219, Patterson, Jane 29 yrs, PA
78B-201-219, Patterson, Calvin R. 5 yrs, PA
78B-201-219, Patterson, Arthur 1 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Patterson, Mary J. 13 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Patterson, James 8 yrs, PA
84B-266-284, Patterson, Robt 66 yrs, PA
84B-266-284, Patterson, James W. 23 yrs, PA
84B-266-284, Patterson, Magoffin 20 yrs, PA
84B-266-284, Patterson, Hester 16 yrs, PA
84B-267-285, Patterson, R. K. 31 yrs, PA
84B-267-285, Patterson, Rachael E. 26 yrs, PA
84B-267-285, Patterson, John A. 7 yrs, PA
85A-267-285, Patterson, David 4 yrs, PA
85A-267-285, Patterson, Nancy M 2 yrs, PA
84A-253-271, Pauley, Elias 35 yrs, PA
84A-253-271, Pauley, Catharine 31 yrs, PA
84A-253-271, Pauley, Edwin J. 11 yrs, PA
84A-253-271, Pauley, Maria 9 yrs, PA
84A-253-271, Pauley, Rose 7 yrs, PA
84A-253-271, Pauley, Lizzie 5 yrs, PA
84A-253-271, Pauley, Albert 3 yrs, PA
84A-253-271, Pauley, Cora 8/12 yrs, PA
76A-161-176, Paxton, William 43 yrs, PA
76A-161-176, Paxton, Sarah 33 yrs, PA
76A-161-176, Paxton, George 13 yrs, PA
76A-161-176, Paxton, Thomas K. 11 yrs, PA
76A-161-176, Paxton, Kysiah 9 yrs, PA
76A-161-176, Paxton, William B. 7 yrs, PA
76A-161-176, Paxton, Margaret J. 4 yrs, PA
76A-161-176, Paxton, John L. 1 yrs, PA
76A-165-180, Paxton, Mary A. 67 yrs, PA
76A-165-180, Paxton, Ann M. 24 yrs, PA
76A-166-181, Paxton, John 43 yrs, PA
76A-166-181, Paxton, Nancy J. 38 yrs, PA
76A-166-181, Paxton, Elizabeth 17 yrs, PA
76A-166-181, Paxton, Thomas 15 yrs, PA
76A-166-181, Paxton, Angeline 12 yrs, PA
76A-166-181, Paxton, Wilson 7 yrs, PA
76A-166-181, Paxton, Ellen M. 5 yrs, PA
76A-166-181, Paxton, James 3 yrs, PA
82A-222-238, Pearson, Charles 63 yrs, PA
76B-170-186, Peets, Alice 24 yrs, PA
79A-205-223, Perry, Joseph G. 29 yrs, PA
79A-205-223, Perry, Annie J. 28 yrs, PA
79A-205-223, Perry, Florence E. 2 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Perry, Margaret O. 11 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Perry, Emeline 10 yrs, PA
68A-61-58, Peters, Cearing 32 yrs, PA
68A-61-58, Peters, Anna 32 yrs, PA
68A-61-58, Peters, Harriet A. 9 yrs, PA
68A-61-58, Peters, Mary B. 4 yrs, PA
68A-61-58, Peters, infant 1/12 yrs, PA
68B-67-64, Peters, Amos 53 yrs, PA
68B-67-64, Peters, Amanda 43 yrs, PA
68B-67-64, Peters, Alvin 10 yrs, PA
68B-67-64, Peters, Lauretta 6 yrs, PA
68B-67-64, Peters, Drusilla 28 yrs, PA
68B-68-65, Pew, John 69 yrs, PA
68B-68-65, Pew, Nancy 65 yrs, PA
68B-68-66, Pew, J. C. 26 yrs, PA
68B-68-66, Pew, Mary J. 20 yrs, PA
68B-68-66, Pew, Francis 1 yrs, PA
69B-82-82, Pew, Samuel G. 34 yrs, PA
69B-82-82, Pew, Lydia 29 yrs, PA
69B-82-82, Pew, James G. 2 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Pew, Sarah 38 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Pew, Mattie 25 yrs, PA
84B-265-283, Pew, Thomas 41 yrs, PA
84B-265-283, Pew, Mary 41 yrs, PA
84B-265-283, Pew, Eva 10 yrs, PA
84B-265-283, Pew, Lizzie 9 yrs, PA
84B-265-283, Pew, Robert 8 yrs, PA
84B-265-283, Pew, Jesse 2 yrs, PA
65A-14-14, Phelps, David 37 yrs, Wales
65A-14-14, Phelps, Celia 28 yrs, Ireland
65A-14-14, Phelps, Catharine 12 yrs, PA
65A-14-14, Phelps, Sarah J. 4 yrs, PA
65A-14-14, Phelps, Rosamond 2 yrs, PA
72B-129-129, Phelps, William 25 yrs, Wales
72B-129-129, Philips, William 5 yrs, OH
74B-143-158, Pratt, John 22 yrs, PA
74B-143-158, Pratt, Mary 30 yrs, PA
74B-143-158, Pratt, Rebecca 8 yrs, PA
74B-143-158, Pratt, Frank 4 yrs, PA
74B-143-158, Pratt, Eliza 9/12 yrs, PA
64A-2-2, Rainey, Hugh 63 yrs, Ireland
64A-2-2, Rainey, Eliza 60 yrs, Ireland
64A-2-2, Rainey, David S. 27 yrs, PA
64A-2-2, Rainey, James W. 18 yrs, PA
64A-2-2, Rainey, Rachel 20 yrs, PA
71B-113-110, Ranhiser, Elias J. 29 yrs, PA
71B-113-110, Ranhiser, Emma M. J. 23 yrs, PA
71B-113-110, Ranhiser, Annetta 1 yrs, PA
73A-133-141, Raone, John 41 yrs, England
83B-242-259, Rauhizer, Elias 63 yrs, PA
83B-242-259, Rauhizer, Anna M. 61 yrs, PA
83B-242-259, Rauhizer, Elizabeth 30 yrs, PA
83B-242-259, Rauhizer, Michael J. 22 yrs, PA
65A-13-13, Ray, Gilbert 24 yrs, OH
66A-28-28, Redman, Albert 28 yrs, PA
66A-28-28, Redman, Rebecca 28 yrs, PA
66A-28-28, Redman, Wlater 5 yrs, PA
66A-28-28, Redman, Emma M. 2 yrs, PA
66A-28-28, Redman, infant 1/24 yrs, PA
78A-195-212, Redman, Francis 35 yrs, PA
78A-195-212, Redman, Anna M. 29 yrs, PA
78A-195-212, Redman, Amanda 7 yrs, PA
78A-195-212, Redman, Walter 5 yrs, PA
78A-195-212, Redman, Rosetta 2 yrs, PA
81B-218-234, Redman, Alexander 35 yrs, PA
81B-218-234, Redman, Elizabeth 30 yrs, PA
84A-253-271, Reher, Andrew J. 20 yrs, PA
75B-158-173, Reid, Samuel C. 43 yrs, PA
75B-158-173, Reid, Rebecca 27 yrs, PA
83A-240-257, Reihard, Jonathan 56 yrs, PA
83A-240-257, Reihard, Maria 59 yrs, PA
83A-240-257, Reihard, Levi C. 19 yrs, PA
83A-241-258, Reihard, Matthias 28 yrs, PA
83A-241-258, Reihard, Mary A. 29 yrs, PA
83A-241-258, Reihard, Agnes L. 9 yrs, PA
83A-241-258, Reihard, Elvi A. 4 yrs, PA
83A-241-258, Reihard, Charles 2 yrs, PA
83B-241-258, Reihard, Oliver 5/12 yrs, PA
76B-167-182, Rice, Jane 60 yrs, PA
67B-51-48, Richardson, Rebeca J. 16 yrs, PA
70A-97-97, Richardson, Robert 50 yrs, Ireland
70A-97-97, Richardson, Sarah 44 yrs, PA
70A-97-97, Richardson, James 17 yrs, PA
70B-97-97, Richardson, Lizzie 12 yrs, PA
70B-97-97, Richardson, William 10 yrs, PA
70B-97-97, Richardson, George 8 yrs, PA
70B-97-97, Richardson, Robert 6 yrs, PA
70B-97-97, Richardson, Sarah A. 3 yrs, PA
70B-97-97, Richardson, Rebecca 70 yrs, Ireland
78B-198-216, Riddle, John B. 63 yrs, PA
78B-198-216, Riddle, Catharine 62 yrs, OH
78B-198-216, Riddle, Zaras C. 21 yrs, PA
78B-198-216, Riddle, Homer C. 21 yrs, PA
72A-126-123, Roberts, Edward 35 yrs, Wales
72A-126-123, Roberts, Jane 30 yrs, Wales
72A-126-123, Roberts, James R. 8 yrs, England
72A-126-123, Roberts, Ellis 5 yrs, England
72A-126-123, Roberts, Thomas 2 yrs, England
72A-126-123, Roberts, Mary J. 7/12 yrs, England
81B-220-236, Roberts, John 30 yrs, PA
81B-220-236, Roberts, Sarah 25 yrs, PA
81B-220-236, Roberts, Lizzie 9 yrs, PA
81B-217-233, Robinson, Jackson 63 yrs, VA
81B-217-233, Robinson, Eliza 25 yrs, PA
81B-217-233, Robinson, Lucy A. 9 yrs, PA
81B-217-233, Robinson, Mary E. 6 yrs, PA
81B-217-233, Robinson, Willis 4 yrs, PA
81B-217-233, Robinson, Jinnie 1 yrs, PA
81B-217-233, Robinson, Richmond 17 yrs, VA
81B-217-233, Robinson, James 14 yrs, PA
72A-126-124, Robison, John 50 yrs, Scotland
77B-181-198, Robison, Andrew 40 yrs, OH
77B-181-198, Robison, Mary 37 yrs, Ireland
77B-181-198, Robison, Thomas 15 yrs, PA
77B-181-198, Robison, Mary J. 14 yrs, PA
77B-181-198, Robison, Sarah J. 12 yrs, PA
77B-181-198, Robison, Johanna 10 yrs, PA
77B-181-198, Robison, Robert 8 yrs, PA
77B-181-198, Robison, Frank A. 4 yrs, PA
77B-181-198, Robison, Louisa F. 5/12 yrs, PA
77B-181-198, Robison, Jane 83 yrs, PA
77B-182-199, Robison, William 47 yrs, England
77B-182-199, Robison, Eliza A. 47 yrs, PA
77B-182-199, Robison, Martha D. 19 yrs, PA
77B-182-199, Robison, Jane E. 18 yrs, PA
77B-182-199, Robison, Thompson 16 yrs, PA
77B-182-199, Robison, William 14 yrs, PA
77B-182-199, Robison, Joseph 12 yrs, PA
77B-182-199, Robison, Newton 10 yrs, PA
77B-182-199, Robison, Charles 8 yrs, PA
65B-25-25, Rodebaugh, Rebecca J. 16 yrs, PA
66B-34-34, Rodebaugh, Jesse 65 yrs, PA
66B-34-34, Rodebaugh, Mary 52 yrs, PA
66B-34-34, Rodebaugh, Jacob 22 yrs, PA
66B-34-34, Rodebaugh, Angeline 13 yrs, PA
66B-34-34, Rodebaugh, Joseph 10 yrs, PA
68B-65-62, Rose, John 63 yrs, PA
68B-65-62, Rose, Eliza 63 yrs, NY
74B-144-159, Rose, Julia 52 yrs, PA
74B-144-159, Rose, Julia A. 17 yrs, PA
65A-13-13, Rowe, Catharine 12 yrs, England
73A-133-141, Rowe, Edward 16 yrs, England
73A-133-141, Rowe, Elenor 14 yrs, England
73B-133-141, Rowe, Catharine 12 yrs, England
73B-133-141, Rowe, Martha 10 yrs, England
73B-133-141, Rowe, Mary A. 8 yrs, England
73B-133-141, Rowe, Harriet 6 yrs, England
73B-133-141, Rowe, Elizah 4 yrs, England
69B-87-87, Rupert, Ruben 40 yrs, PA
69B-87-87, Rupert, Hannah 35 yrs, PA
69B-87-87, Rupert, Adam P. 14 yrs, PA
69B-87-87, Rupert, William A. 9 yrs, PA
69B-87-87, Rupert, James C. 4 yrs, PA
69B-87-87, Rupert, William 23 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Rupert, Arthur B. 10 yrs, PA
67B-54-51, Sager, D. A. 22 yrs, PA
73B-133-142, Sanders, William 30 yrs, England
73B-133-142, Sanders, Hannah 27 yrs, England
73B-133-142, Sanders, Jane 11 yrs, England
73B-133-142, Sanders, Mary 9 yrs, England
73B-133-142, Sanders, Amy 6 yrs, England
73B-133-142, Sanders, Elizabeth 3 yrs, England
73B-133-142, Sanders, Hannah 3/12 yrs, England
80B-206-224, Say, George N. 9 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Say, Leslie 7 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Scakett, Esther 14 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Scakett, Elizabeth 11 yrs, PA
78A-187-204, Shafer, John 38 yrs, Hesse Darmstate
78A-187-204, Shafer, Jane 43 yrs, OH
78A-187-204, Shafer, Margaret 5 yrs, PA
78A-187-204, Shafer, Rebecca 3 yrs, PA
78A-187-204, Shafer, Rose 2 yrs, PA
78A-187-204, Shafer, Rachael 1 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Shafer, Clara A. 11 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Shafer, Harry 10 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Shafer, Butler 9 yrs, PA
85A-269-287, Shafer, Elias 30 yrs, PA
85A-269-287, Shafer, Maria 25 yrs, PA
71B-121-119, Shalk, Jacob 29 yrs, PA
84A-257-275, Shalk, John 65 yrs, Hesse Darnstate
84A-257-275, Shalk, Christena 63 yrs, Wutemburgh
84B-257-275, Shalk, Martha 22 yrs, PA
77B-180-197, Shannon, Wm 30 yrs, PA
77B-180-197, Shannon, Mary J. 23 yrs, PA
77B-180-197, Shannon, Charles L. 1 yrs, PA
77B-180-197, Shannon, Annie E. 3 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Sheriff, Mary E. 29 yrs, PA
74B-144-159, Shields, Paterick 33 yrs, Ireland
70A-89-89, Shilling, Davis 28 yrs, PA
70A-89-89, Shilling, Presilla 27 yrs, PA
70A-89-89, Shilling, Nora 4 yrs, PA
70A-89-89, Shilling, Annie 5/12 yrs, PA
67B-51-48, Shillring, Jacob H. 25 yrs, PA
67B-51-48, Shillring, Rettie 26 yrs, OH
67B-51-48, Shillring, Judson D. 2 yrs, IL
67B-49-46, Shillring , George 61 yrs, PA
67B-49-46, Shillring , Loresa 61 yrs, PA
67B-49-46, Shillring , Henry A. 34 yrs, PA
67B-49-46, Shillring , Mary 35 yrs, PA
83B-245-263, Shofer, Scott 9 yrs, PA
84A-252-270, Shrester, Henry 77 yrs, PA
84A-252-270, Shrester, Margaret 76 yrs, PA
65A-18-18, Sidley, William 31 yrs, PA
65A-18-18, Sidley, Meria 35 yrs, PA
65A-18-18, Sidley, Charity J. 8/12 yrs, PA
71B-115-112, Sidley, Jacob 29 yrs, PA
71B-115-112, Sidley, Ellen J. 24 yrs, PA
71B-115-112, Sidley, Maggie J. 6 yrs, PA
71B-115-112, Sidley, William E. 3 yrs, PA
71B-115-112, Sidley, infant 1/12 yrs, PA
71B-116-113, Sidley, Bartholamew 64 yrs, Baden
74B-144-159, Simmons, L. M. 33 yrs, PA
74B-144-159, Simmons, Margaret 29 yrs, PA
74B-144-159, Simmons, Elva M. 10 yrs, PA
74B-144-159, Simmons, Elmer 8 yrs, PA
67A-48-45, Simpson, Mathew 46 yrs, PA
67A-48-45, Simpson, Elizabeth 42 yrs, PA
67A-48-45, Simpson, Ezra N. 17 yrs, PA
67B-48-45, Simpson, Harriet J. 14 yrs, PA
67B-48-45, Simpson, Carmen 12 yrs, PA
67B-48-45, Simpson, Albert A. 9 yrs, PA
67B-48-45, Simpson, Z. R. 6 yrs, PA
67B-48-45, Simpson, Murty A. 3 yrs, PA
69A-72-71, Simpson, Marth 69 yrs, PA
69A-80-80, Sittig, Frederick 50 yrs, Hanover
69A-80-80, Sittig, Catharine 50 yrs, Hanover
69A-80-80, Sittig, John W. 15 yrs, Hanover
69A-80-80, Sittig, Albert 12 yrs, PA
69A-80-80, Sittig, Louesa 10 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Sloan, Elizabeth 13 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Sloan, Samuel O. 10 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Sloan, Sarah E. 8 yrs, PA
77A-176-192, Small, Lewis 7 yrs, PA
66B-35-35, Smith, E. C. 30 yrs, Mississippi
66B-35-35, Smith, Emeline F. 5 yrs, PA
66B-35-35, Smith, G. Ellen 1 yrs, PA
68B-65-62, Smith, J. R. 14 yrs, PA
76B-172-188, Smith, James 55 yrs, PA
76B-172-188, Smith, Rebecca E. 41 yrs, PA
76B-172-188, Smith, John E. 22 yrs, PA
76B-172-188, Smith, William C. 20 yrs, PA
76B-172-188, Smith, Margaret J. 17 yrs, PA
76B-172-188, Smith, James A. 11 yrs, PA
76B-172-188, Smith, Mary E. 10 yrs, PA
76B-172-188, Smith, David E. 8 yrs, PA
77A-172-188, Smith, Emma 6 yrs, PA
77A-172-188, Smith, Cyrus B. 4 yrs, PA
77A-172-188, Smith, Francis *. 2 yrs, PA
77A-172-188, Smith, Carrie B. 9/12 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Smith, Nettie 8 yrs, PA
73A-133-136, Sneden, Robert 42 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-136, Sneden, Jane 41 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-136, Sneden, Robert 22 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-136, Sneden, Ellen 19 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-136, Sneden, Richard 15 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-136, Sneden, Agnes 13 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-136, Sneden, Elizabeth 9 yrs, Scotland
73A-133-136, Sneden, Mary 5 yrs, PA
73A-133-136, Sneden, Allen 2 yrs, PA
71A-105-105, Snorr, Caroline 48 yrs, Baden
67B-52-49, Snyder, Joshua 34 yrs, PA
67B-52-49, Snyder, Elizabeth 25 yrs, PA
67B-52-49, Snyder, Eva C. 4 yrs, PA
67B-52-49, Snyder, Sarah A. 2 yrs, PA
71A-107-107, Snyder, Peter 53 yrs, PA
71A-107-107, Snyder, Sarah 47 yrs, PA
71A-107-107, Snyder, Emeline E. 19 yrs, PA
71A-107-107, Snyder, Catharine 17 yrs, PA
71A-107-107, Snyder, Joseph 12 yrs, PA
71A-107-107, Snyder, Hannah 9 yrs, PA
71A-107-107, Snyder, David S. 4 yrs, PA
71A-109-109, Snyder, John 35 yrs, PA
71A-109-109, Snyder, Clarissa 27 yrs, PA
71A-109-109, Snyder, Laura J. D. 7 yrs, PA
71A-109-109, Snyder, Elizabeth O. 5 yrs, PA
71A-109-109, Snyder, James R. B. 2 yrs, PA
71B-119-116, Snyder, Peter A. 54 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Jonathan 52 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Hannah 42 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, John 30 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Charles 22 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Elizabeth 19 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Jacob 17 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Caroline 16 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Margaret 14 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Julia 11 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Hannah 9 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Jonathan 7 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Mary J. 4 yrs, PA
76A-163-178, Snyder, Nancy 1 yrs, PA
76A-164-179, Snyder, George 28 yrs, PA
76A-164-179, Snyder, Sarah L. 21 yrs, OH
76A-164-179, Snyder, George Grant 1 yrs, PA
76A-164-179, Snyder, Benjamin 26 yrs, PA
83B-245-263, Snyder, Wm H. 30 yrs, PA
83B-245-263, Snyder, Margaret A. 23 yrs, PA
83B-245-263, Snyder, John E. 2 yrs, PA
83B-245-263, Snyder, Peter J. 6/12 yrs, PA
84A-252-270, Snyder, James 14 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Stearns, James T. 11 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Stearns, Mary B. 10 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Stearns, John 7 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Stearns, Joseph 5 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Steele, Adda A. 11 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Steele, Mary J. 9 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Steen, Margaret J. 24 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Stewart, Anna 18 yrs, PA
81A-207-225, Stewart, Samuel F. 30 yrs, PA
81A-207-225, Stewart, Nancy A. 31 yrs, PA
81A-208-226, Stewart, John 78 yrs, Ireland
81A-208-226, Stewart, Samuel 45 yrs, Ireland
81A-208-226, Stewart, David 35 yrs, Ireland
81A-208-226, Stewart, Sarah 30 yrs, Ireland
81B-214-230, Stewart, Alfred 23 yrs, PA
81B-214-230, Stewart, Nancy J. 22 yrs, PA
81B-214-230, Stewart, William R. 1 yrs, PA
84A-251-269, Stinger, John 61 yrs, PA
84A-251-269, Stinger, Lucinda 60 yrs, PA
84A-251-269, Stinger, Samuel C. 26 yrs, PA
84A-251-269, Stinger, Louessa 22 yrs, PA
84A-251-269, Stinger, Alice M. 5 yrs, PA
84A-251-269, Stinger, Cora E. 1 yrs, PA
72B-132-133, Struttleworth, Wm 28 yrs, England
73A-132-133, Struttleworth, Mary 19 yrs, England
73A-132-133, Struttleworth, Elizabeth 8/12 yrs, PA
73A-132-135, Struttleworth, John 24 yrs, England
73A-132-135, Struttleworth, Elizabeth 19 yrs, Wales
73A-132-135, Struttleworth, John 1 yrs, OH
65A-13-13, Summers, John 22 yrs, Scotland
81A-206-224, Swartz, Mary R. 11 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Swartzlander, Mary 15 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Swartzlander, Wm A. 11 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Swartzlander, Adam L. 9 yrs, PA
81B-219-235, Tabor, Anna 11 yrs, PA
84B-262-280, Tanner, William 24 yrs, PA
84B-262-280, Tanner, Elizabeth 19 yrs, PA
74B-142-156, Thomas, John 23 yrs, Wales
74B-142-156, Thomas, Ann 26 yrs, Wales
64B-13-13, Thompkins, J. E. 31 yrs, WV
64B-13-13, Thompkins, Mary J. 34 yrs, Ireland
64B-13-13, Thompkins, William 12 yrs, PA
69A-73-73, Thompkins, Richard 54 yrs, England
69A-73-73, Thompkins, Enople 57 yrs, PA
69A-74-74, Thompkins, James 28 yrs, PA
69A-74-74, Thompkins, Harriet 26 yrs, PA
69A-74-74, Thompkins, John F. 4 yrs, PA
69A-74-74, Thompkins, Ida 2 yrs, PA
69A-74-74, Thompkins, James 10/12 yrs, PA
69A-75-75, Thompkins, Sarah 35 yrs, PA
69A-76-76, Thompkins, Eliza 62 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Thompsin, Margaret 14 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Thompsin, Mary J. 12 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Thompsin, Matildia 14 yrs, PA
66A-31-31, Thompson, G. P. 32 yrs, PA
66A-31-31, Thompson, Mary A. 32 yrs, PA
66A-31-31, Thompson, Matildia J. 12 yrs, PA
66A-31-31, Thompson, Elizabeth A. 9 yrs, PA
66A-31-31, Thompson, Nancy E. 6 yrs, PA
66A-31-31, Thompson, John E. 4 yrs, PA
66A-31-31, Thompson, Vinnie E. 1 yrs, PA
84B-260-278, Thompson, Aken 26 yrs, PA
84B-260-278, Thompson, Mary 20 yrs, OH
84B-260-278, Thompson, Jennie M. 2/12 yrs, PA
77A-179-196, Titus, John 37 yrs, PA
77A-179-196, Titus, Sarah 33 yrs, PA
77A-179-196, Titus, Laura M. 3 yrs, PA
77A-179-196, Titus, Julia E. 6 yrs, PA
77B-179-196, Titus, Emma A. 4 yrs, PA
77B-179-196, Titus, Maggie E. 1 yrs, PA
85A-268-286, Toy, Elmer 9 yrs, PA
85A-268-286, Toy, Henrietta 6 yrs, PA
71B-117-114, Tresise, Henry 40 yrs, Wales
71B-117-114, Tresise, Charlotte 35 yrs, Wales
71B-117-114, Tresise, Henry G. 8 yrs, Wales
71B-117-114, Tresise, Francis J. 5 yrs, Wales
71B-117-114, Tresise, Charles 3 yrs, OH
74A-139-152, Triggar, John 30 yrs, England
74A-139-152, Triggar, Jane 28 yrs, England
74A-139-152, Triggar, Elizabeth 10 yrs, England
74A-139-152, Triggar, Ada 3 yrs, PA
74A-139-152, Triggar, John 2 yrs, PA
70A-94-94, Uber, Dorthea 48 yrs, Hesse Darmstate
70A-94-94, Uber, John L. 22 yrs, PA
70A-94-94, Uber, Susan 19 yrs, PA
70A-94-94, Uber, Edward L. M. 13 yrs, PA
83B-244-262, Uber, Solomon 35 yrs, PA
83B-243-262, Uber, Barbara 34 yrs, PA
83B-243-262, Uber, John N. 4 yrs, PA
83B-243-262, Uber, Gustavius A. 2 yrs, PA
83B-243-262, Uber, Barbara 73 yrs, PA
82B-232-249, Urey, Peter 57 yrs, PA
82B-232-249, Urey, Ann 60 yrs, PA
82B-232-249, Urey, Thomas 25 yrs, PA
82B-232-249, Urey, Mary 22 yrs, PA
78B-197-215, Vail, Rebecca 53 yrs, PA
78B-197-215, Vail, Eva 16 yrs, PA
65B-23-23, Vanada, Jacob 77 yrs, PA
65B-23-23, Vanada, Jacob 43 yrs, PA
65B-23-23, Vanada, Lydia 38 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Varley, John 12 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Varley, Thomas 8 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Vensil, Sylvester S. 11 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Vogus, Wm J. 15 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Vogus, Nancy E. 9 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Vogus, Freelove 8 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Vogus, Andrew J. 6 yrs, PA
68B-72-70, Wadsworth, Henry 25 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Walker, George W. 13 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Walker, William 10 yrs, PA
83B-243-261, Walker, Thomas 63 yrs, Ireland
83B-243-261, Walker, Esther 52 yrs, Ireland
83B-243-261, Walker, Mary 22 yrs, PA
83B-243-261, Walker, Sarah 20 yrs, PA
83B-243-261, Walker, John 18 yrs, PA
83B-243-261, Walker, Lizzie 16 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Wallace, Elizabeth J. 23 yrs, PA
71B-115-112, Walls, Ida A. 12 yrs, PA
83A-238-255, Walls, Rebecca J. 25 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Walters, Munroe 12 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Walters, Loatta 10 yrs, PA
81A-206-224, Walters, Lowry 8 yrs, PA
74A-138-151, Warner, Henry 40 yrs, England
74A-138-151, Warner, Mary 36 yrs, England
74A-138-151, Watts, Eliza 10 yrs, England
80A-206-224, Weber, Washington 10 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Weber, George B. M. 8 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, Webster, Catharine 23 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Weckerly, Andrew F. 8 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Weckerly, George W. 7 yrs, PA
83A-237-254, Welker, John T. 29 yrs, PA
83A-237-254, Welker, Elizabeth 28 yrs, PA
83A-237-254, Welker, George C. 6 yrs, PA
83A-237-254, Welker, Alma E. 5 yrs, PA
83A-237-254, Welker, Lizzie 2 yrs, PA
72A-126-124, Westwalter, Andrew 22 yrs, Scotland
78A-188-205, White, Mary 59 yrs, PA
78A-188-205, White, Lizzie R. 30 yrs, PA
78A-192-209, White, James B. J. 29 yrs, PA
78A-192-209, White, Elizabeth 28 yrs, PA
78A-192-209, White, Harry 10 yrs, PA
78A-192-209, White, Charles 7 yrs, PA
78A-192-209, White, Addison 4 yrs, PA
78A-192-209, White, Mary 2 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, White, Charles H. 24 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, White, Amanda 22 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, White, Anna V. 1 yrs, PA
79A-206-224, White, Mary E. 22 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, White, Joseph C. 13 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, White, Rebecca J. 12 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, White, Clementine 7 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Whitman, Sarah J. 14 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Whitman, Willis J. 11 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Whitney, Charles 11 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Whitney, Ernest E. 8 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Whtlock, Orion 12 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Whtlock, Ada H. 11 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Wilcox, John 13 yrs, PA
72A-124-121, Williams, Wm J. 16 yrs, PA
72B-129-129, Williams, John 23 yrs, Wales
72B-129-129, Williams, Sarah 25 yrs, Wales
72B-129-129, Williams, Joseph 2 yrs, OH
72B-129-129, Williams, George 37 yrs, Wales
73B-134-144, Williams, Griffith 52 yrs, Wales
73B-134-144, Williams, Rebecca 50 yrs, Wales
73B-134-144, Williams, Catharine 15 yrs, Wales
73B-134-144, Williams, Sarah J. 13 yrs, Wales
73B-134-144, Williams, Elizabeth 5 yrs, Wales
75A-152-167, Wilsey, Elnner A. 3 yrs, WI
70A-96-96, Wilson, James 71 yrs, Ireland
70A-96-96, Wilson, Catharine 55 yrs, Ireland
70A-96-96, Wilson, Elizabeth 23 yrs, PA
70A-96-96, Wilson, Catharine 21 yrs, PA
70A-96-96, Wilson, Thomas 19 yrs, PA
70A-96-96, Wilson, Hugh 17 yrs, PA
71B-118-115, Wilson, Agnes J. 10 yrs, PA
69B-87-87, Wingard, Hannah 16 yrs, PA
70B-103-103, Wingard, Lewis 57 yrs, PA
70B-103-103, Wingard, Susanna 53 yrs, PA
70B-103-103, Wingard, Melissa 23 yrs, PA
70B-103-103, Wingard, Sevilla 19 yrs, PA
70B-103-103, Wingard, Lewis W. 16 yrs, PA
71B-114-111, Wingars, John M. 35 yrs, PA
71B-114-111, Wingars, Nancy 30 yrs, PA
71B-114-111, Wingars, Lewis W. 8 yrs, PA
71B-114-111, Wingars, Elizabeth L. 8 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Winkleman, Wm N. 8 yrs, PA
79B-206-224, Winkleman, Amelia 7 yrs, PA
71A-106-106, Wise, John J. 27 yrs, Baden
71A-106-106, Wise, Susanna A. 25 yrs, PA
71A-106-106, Wise, Elizabeth W. 1/24 yrs, PA
71A-106-106, Wise, Frances 66 yrs, Baden
72B-128-127, Wood, James 32 yrs, England
72B-128-127, Wood, Elizabeth 29 yrs, England
72B-128-127, Wood, Sarah 10 yrs, England
72B-128-127, Wood, Robert 6 yrs, England
72B-128-127, Wood, Ernest J. 2 yrs, England
65A-17-17, Woodrow, Nancy 63 yrs, MD
80A-206-224, Woods, Margaret 9 yrs, PA
80A-206-224, Woods, David H. 8 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Yardley, Wm A. 10 yrs, PA
80B-206-224, Yardley, Sarah E. 9 yrs, PA
68B-69-67, Young, James 55 yrs, PA
68B-69-67, Young, Mary 58 yrs, PA
68B-69-67, Young, John 28 yrs, PA
68B-69-67, Young, Fannie 24 yrs, PA
68B-69-67, Young, Isabella 22 yrs, PA
68B-69-67, Young, Sarah 22 yrs, PA
68B-70-68, Young, Robert 25 yrs, PA
68B-70-68, Young, Mary 27 yrs, PA
68B-70-68, Young, Vivie 4 yrs, PA
81A-210-227, Young, William 35 yrs, PA
81A-210-227, Young, Sarah J. 34 yrs, PA
81A-210-227, Young, Sarah E. 14 yrs, PA
81A-210-227, Young, Ada M. 7 yrs, PA
81A-210-227, Young, Robert 5 yrs, PA
81B-210-227, Young, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
81B-210-227, Young, Maria 50 yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

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1870 Census Transcription Copyright 1999 John MacDonald