Springfield Township

1870 Census Surname List

Springfield Township

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1374)

Enumerator: John Snyder
Post Office: Mercer
Date of Enumeration: 17 Aug - 26 Aug, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

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* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

143B-239-236, Allen, Agnes A., 8yrs, PA
137A-142-140, Allen, Alvi, 15yrs, PA
144A-244-238, Allen, Ambrose M., 7yrs, PA
137A-142-140, Allen, Charles, 11yrs, PA
137A-142-140, Allen, Charles B., 47yrs, PA
137A-142-140, Allen, Chiron S., 17yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, Cochran, 43yrs, Ireland
137A-142-140, Allen, Constante, 2yrs, PA
143B-234-231, Allen, Daisie E., 4yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, Elizabeth, 41yrs, PA
129B-25-27, Allen, Elizabeth R., 18yrs, PA
129A-24-26, Allen, Ephraim, 69yrs, PA
129A-25-27, Allen, G. W., 38yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, George G., 6yrs, PA
129B-25-27, Allen, George H., 9yrs, PA
137A-142-140, Allen, Ida, 13yrs, PA
129B-25-27, Allen, Infant, 6/12yr, PA
129B-25-27, Allen, Isaac P., 8yrs, PA
129B-25-27, Allen, James, 3yrs, PA
143A-231-228, Allen, Jane, 54yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, Jane, 85yrs, Ireland
143A-231-228, Allen, Jemmima E., 20yrs, PA
144A-244-238, Allen, Jennie, 16yrs, PA
143A-234-231, Allen, John M., 24yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, John S., 12yrs, PA
144A-244-238, Allen, Julia M., 12yrs, PA
143A-231-228, Allen, Maggie, 30yrs, PA
129A-24-26, Allen, Maitha E., 16yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, Margaret, 10yrs, PA
137A-142-140, Allen, Margaret, 43yrs, PA
143B-234-231, Allen, Maria B., 2yrs, PA
129A-24-26, Allen, Martha, 68yrs, PA
143A-231-228, Allen, Mary, 15yrs, PA
144A-244-238, Allen, Mary, 40yrs, NY
143A-234-231, Allen, Mary M., 22yrs, PA
129B-25-27, Allen, Rachel, 38yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, Rachel J., 3yrs, PA
144A-244-238, Allen, Robert C., 22yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, Robert H., 20yrs, PA
143A-231-228, Allen, Sadie, 13yrs, PA
129B-25-27, Allen, Samuel, 6yrs, PA
144A-244-238, Allen, Samuel, 45yrs, Ireland
144A-244-238, Allen, Samuel R., 19yrs, PA
129B-25-27, Allen, Thomas, 12yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, Thomas W. , 18yrs, PA
137A-142-140, Allen, William, 8yrs, PA
143B-239-236, Allen, William C., 15yrs, PA
144A-244-238, Allen, Willie J., 9yrs, PA
134B-101-100, Anderson, Alex, 49yrs, PA
132B-74-74, Anderson, Alice M., 4yrs, PA
134B-101-100, Anderson, Curtis, 7yrs, PA
132B-74-74, Anderson, Ellsworth, 7yrs, PA
134B-101-100, Anderson, Emely E., 8yrs, PA
134B-101-100, Anderson, James, 10yrs, PA
132B-74-74, Anderson, Laura , 10yrs, PA
134B-101-100, Anderson, Margaret, 35yrs, PA
134B-101-100, Anderson, Margaret L., 16yrs, PA
134B-101-100, Anderson, Mathew, 73yrs, PA
132B-74-74, Anderson, Nancy A., 34yrs, PA
134B-101-100, Anderson, Robert, 1yrs, PA
132B-74-74, Anderson, Robert, 35yrs, PA
134B-101-100, Anderson, Sarah J., 15yrs, PA
141A-201-197, Arbuckle, Chrisie, 5yrs, PA
141A-201-197, Arbuckle, Elizabeth, 28yrs, PA
141A-201-197, Arbuckle, Joseph, 24yrs, PA
141A-201-197, Arbuckle, Mina A., 9yrs, PA
141A-201-197, Arbuckle, Susan C., 2yrs, PA
141A-201-197, Arbuckle, William P., 8yrs, PA
141A-201-197, Arbuckle, Wm N., 34yrs, PA
132B-77-77, Armstrong, Anna C., 4yrs, PA
138A-155-152, Armstrong, Benjamin, 35yrs, PA
138A-155-152, Armstrong, Catharine, 84yrs, Ireland
138A-155-152, Armstrong, Eliz J., 22yrs, PA
136A-123-122, Armstrong, Elizabeth, 28yrs, Ireland
136A-123-122, Armstrong, Jackson H., 1yrs, PA
136A-123-122, Armstrong, John M., 5yrs, PA
138A-155-152, Armstrong, Laura, 2yrs, PA
132B-77-77, Armstrong, Margaret, 39yrs, PA
138A-155-152, Armstrong, Nacy J., 35yrs, PA
132B-77-77, Armstrong, Robert, 53yrs, Ireland
132B-77-77, Armstrong, Thoams J., 8yrs, PA
138A-155-152, Armstrong, Thomas K., 5/12yr, PA
136A-123-122, Armstrong, Thomas W., 43yrs, PA
134A-97-96, Baker, Jacob, 36yrs, PA
134A-97-96, Baker, Joseph L., 6yrs, PA
134A-97-96, Baker, Milton C., 1yrs, PA
134A-97-96, Baker, Nancy , 10yrs, PA
134A-97-96, Baker, Robert R., 8yrs, PA
134A-97-96, Baker, Sarah J., 29yrs, PA
135A-107-106, Baughman, Charles, 5yrs, OH
135A-107-106, Baughman, Edward, 11/12yr, OH
139B-177-174, Baughman, Henry, 70yrs, Hanover
134B-107-106, Baughman, John, 53yrs, Hanover
134B-107-106, Baughman, Lavina, 9yrs, OH
135A-107-106, Baughman, Louisa, 3yrs, OH
134B-107-106, Baughman, Louisa, 34yrs, Hanover
134B-107-106, Baughman, William, 7yrs, OH
137A-141-139, Beaty, Emma, 17yrs, PA
137A-141-139, Beaty, Jennie, 7yrs, PA
137A-141-139, Beaty, John, 5yrs, PA
137A-141-139, Beaty, Maggie, 14yrs, PA
137A-141-139, Beaty, Nancy, 35yrs, PA
137A-141-139, Beaty, William, 2yrs, PA
137A-141-139, Beaty, William, 40yrs, PA
131A-54-55, Bell, Andrew, 15yrs, PA
131A-54-55, Bell, Andrew, 64yrs, PA
135B-120-119, Bell, Arthur, 3yrs, PA
135B-120-119, Bell, Daniel, 75yrs, VA
135B-120-119, Bell, Esther, 21yrs, PA
135B-120-119, Bell, Henrietta, 17yrs, VA
136A-123-122, Bell, Ira E., 16yrs, PA
135B-120-119, Bell, Jno, 3/12yr, PA
131A-54-55, Bell, Mary, 55yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Bigham, Thomas, 47yrs, PA
128B-8-9, Black, A. B., 46yrs, PA
131B-59-60, Black, Alex S., 50yrs, PA
141B-211-207, Black, Amanda, 39yrs, PA
144A-250-244, Black, Anna, 31yrs, PA
128B-8-9, Black, Annie E., 5yrs, PA
144A-250-244, Black, Charles, 8yrs, PA
144A-250-244, Black, D. F., 38yrs, PA
144A-250-244, Black, David, 3yrs, PA
141A-198-194, Black, Elenor, 30yrs, PA
131B-59-60, Black, Elizabeth S., 16yrs, PA
128B-8-9, Black, Ella R., 16yrs, PA
134B-102-101, Black, Ellen M., 22yrs, PA
141B-211-207, Black, Eva L., 10yrs, PA
141B-211-207, Black, Fannie, 7yrs, PA
134B-102-101, Black, Fannie J., 15yrs, PA
131B-59-60, Black, Homer S., 14yrs, PA
141B-211-207, Black, Horace, 5yrs, PA
141B-211-207, Black, J. C., 38yrs, PA
134B-102-101, Black, J. K., 50yrs, PA
128B-8-9, Black, James M., 20yrs, PA
144A-250-244, Black, Jennie, 12yrs, PA
128B-8-9, Black, John, 11yrs, PA
134B-102-101, Black, John K., 20yrs, PA
134B-102-101, Black, Joseph M., 11yrs, PA
128B-8-9, Black, Lavina J., 43yrs, PA
134B-102-101, Black, Lizzie, 17yrs, PA
134B-102-101, Black, Lucly L., 13yrs, PA
131B-59-60, Black, Margaret, 3yrs, PA
131B-59-60, Black, Mary , 8yrs, PA
131B-59-60, Black, Mary J., 43yrs, PA
144B-250-244, Black, Sarah, 11yrs, PA
141B-211-207, Black, Thomas, 3yrs, PA
134B-102-101, Black, William, 24yrs, PA
141A-198-194, Black, Wm C., 27yrs, PA
129B-26-28, Blair, Alice M., 15yrs, PA
129B-26-28, Blair, Catharine, 31yrs, PA
129B-26-28, Blair, Samuel E., 6yrs, PA
129B-26-28, Blair, Wm W., 40yrs, PA
134B-104-103, Bloomenshire, Adam, 8yrs, PA
134B-104-103, Bloomenshire, Charles, 1yrs, PA
134B-104-103, Bloomenshire, Lena, 5yrs, PA
134B-104-103, Bloomenshire, Louisa, 38yrs, Hanover
134B-104-103, Bloomenshire, Peter, 43yrs, Hesse Darmstate
134B-104-103, Bloomenshire, William, 10yrs, PA
134A-98-97, Book, Sarah E., 17yrs, PA
129B-30-32, Borney, Emeline, 27yrs, PA
129B-30-32, Borney, George C., 2yrs, PA
129B-30-32, Borney, Lireyntha, 8yrs, PA
129B-30-32, Borney, Thomas, 28yrs, PA
129B-30-32, Borney, William D., 4yrs, PA
128A-7-8, Boyd, Anna, 9yrs, PA
128A-7-8, Boyd, Charles M., 11yrs, PA
128B-7-8, Boyd, Edwin N., 2yrs, PA
128A-7-8, Boyd, Hugh, 40yrs, Ireland
128A-7-8, Boyd, Hugh McW., 12yrs, PA
128B-7-8, Boyd, James M., 4yrs, PA
128A-7-8, Boyd, Mary, 33yrs, PA
128B-7-8, Boyd, Mary E., 7yrs, PA
136A-122-121, Bracken, James, 23yrs, PA
136A-122-121, Bracken, John H., 4/12yr, PA
135B-119-118, Bracken, Joseph, 40yrs, PA
131B-58-59, Bracken, Melanelhen, 14yrs, PA
136A-122-121, Bracken, Sarah, 20yrs, PA
135B-119-118, Bracken, Susanah, 50yrs, PA
128A-3-3, Brandon, Maria B., 52yrs, PA
135B-120-119, Brice, Gabriel, 14yrs, PA
129B-31-33, Brunley, John W., 2yrs, PA
129B-31-33, Brunley, Mary, 25yrs, PA
129B-31-33, Brunley, Thomas, 30yrs, PA
135B-114-113, Bush, William, 20yrs, PA
131A-53-54, Caldwell, Christena, 9yrs, PA
131A-53-54, Caldwell, Clinton, 3yrs, PA
131A-53-54, Caldwell, Elizabeth, 33yrs, PA
131A-53-54, Caldwell, James, 44yrs, PA
131A-53-54, Caldwell, Margaret J., 1yrs, PA
131A-53-54, Caldwell, Perry, 8yrs, PA
134A-100-99, Campbell, James, 23yrs, PA
134A-100-99, Campbell, John, 51yrs, PA
134A-100-99, Campbell, Sarah, 46yrs, PA
134A-100-99, Campbell, William, 74yrs, PA
136A-129-128, Carnes, Demaras, 12yrs, PA
140B-195-191, Christley, A. U., 42yrs, PA
140B-195-191, Christley, Annie, 4yrs, PA
140B-195-191, Christley, Ida, 3yrs, PA
140B-195-191, Christley, Martha, 30yrs, PA
144A-249-243, Clark, A. L., 27yrs, OH
139A-169-166, Clark, Ann, 53yrs, Ireland
140B-192-188, Clark, David, 57yrs, Ireland
133A-80-80, Clark, Elizabeth, 16yrs, PA
139A-169-166, Clark, Enoch, 61yrs, PA
137A-140-138, Clark, John, 2yrs, PA
133A-80-80, Clark, John, 7yrs, PA
137A-140-138, Clark, John, 45yrs, PA
133A-80-80, Clark, Joseph, 18yrs, PA
140B-192-188, Clark, Lucinda, 24yrs, PA
133A-80-80, Clark, Margaret, 9yrs, PA
133A-80-80, Clark, Mary A., 12yrs, PA
133A-80-80, Clark, Mary A., 35yrs, PA
144A-249-243, Clark, Mary J., 27yrs, PA
133A-80-80, Clark, Mellon B., 14yrs, PA
137A-140-138, Clark, Nancy, 72yrs, PA
137A-140-138, Clark, Nancy C., 13yrs, PA
140B-192-188, Clark, Prestley R., 14yrs, PA
137A-140-138, Clark, Rebecca, 36yrs, PA
133A-80-80, Clark, Sarah, 5yrs, PA
140B-192-188, Clark, Susanah, 54yrs, PA
140B-192-188, Clark, William, 29yrs, PA
133A-80-80, Clark, Wilson, 49yrs, PA
139A-174-171, Clinefelter, Alvi M., 10yrs, PA
139A-174-171, Clinefelter, Elizabeth, 36yrs, PA
139A-175-172, Clinefelter, Jane, 66yrs, PA
139A-174-171, Clinefelter, John, 38yrs, PA
139A-175-172, Clinefelter, Martha, 21yrs, PA
139A-174-171, Clinefelter, Mary F., 3yrs, PA
139A-175-172, Clinefelter, R. W., 23yrs, PA
139A-175-172, Clinefelter, Salathiel, 72yrs, MD
140B-192-188, Clingan, Ann E., 31yrs, PA
140B-192-188, Clingan, Lizzie H., 9yrs, PA
140B-192-188, Clingan, Preston H., 12yrs, PA
139A-170-167, Collins, Albert W., 3yrs, PA
133B-84-84, Collins, Andrew, 70yrs, PA
139A-170-167, Collins, Angeline, 28yrs, PA
139A-170-167, Collins, Clarissa, 6yrs, PA
133B-86-86, Collins, George, 33yrs, PA
133B-84-84, Collins, James, 26yrs, PA
133B-85-85, Collins, James, 60yrs, PA
133B-84-84, Collins, Martha, 55yrs, PA
139A-170-167, Collins, Martha E., 8yrs, PA
133B-86-86, Collins, Nancy, 32yrs, PA
139A-170-167, Collins, Samuel, 30yrs, PA
133B-85-85, Collins, Sarah, 67yrs, PA
133B-86-86, Collins, Silas, 10yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cooper, Christena, 8yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cooper, John C., 3yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cooper, Julianna, 18yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cooper, Kitie J., 11yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cooper, Mary, 13yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cooper, Samuel, 43yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cooper, Sarah, 47yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cooper, William, 15yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cornelius, Catharine, 51yrs, PA
133A-83-83, Cornelius, Mary, 61yrs, PA
132A-68-68, Corye*, Henry, 69yrs, PA
132A-68-68, Corye*, Leni L., 10yrs, PA
132A-68-68, Corye*, Rebecca, 65yrs, PA
132A-68-68, Corye*, Thomas A., 25yrs, PA
139A-173-170, Coryea, Alexander M., 3yrs, PA
139A-173-170, Coryea, Elizabeth, 7yrs, PA
139A-173-170, Coryea, Ella B., 1yrs, PA
139A-173-170, Coryea, Elvira, 30yrs, PA
139B-179-176, Coryea, Hannah L., 6yrs, PA
139B-179-176, Coryea, Henry, 9yrs, PA
139A-173-170, Coryea, James W., 34yrs, PA
139B-179-176, Coryea, Jessie, 2yrs, PA
139B-179-176, Coryea, Lester, 11yrs, PA
139B-179-176, Coryea, Louisa J., 18yrs, PA
139A-173-170, Coryea, Martha, 5yrs, PA
139B-179-176, Coryea, Mary, 34yrs, PA
139A-173-170, Coryea, Mary A., 9yrs, PA
139B-179-176, Coryea, Moses, 45yrs, PA
139A-173-170, Coryea, Sarah J., 11yrs, PA
139B-179-176, Coryea, Susan, 8yrs, PA
139B-179-176, Coryea, William, 16yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Cotton, Amanda, 15yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Cotton, Amanda, 42yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Cotton, Armina E., 13yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Cotton, Clarence, 1yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Cotton, Edmund, 6yrs, PA
136B-137-135, Cotton, Elizabeth, 58yrs, Ireland
137B-148-146, Cotton, Frances E., 11yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Cotton, George, 47yrs, Ireland
137B-148-146, Cotton, Ira H., 4yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Cotton, John, 19yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Cotton, William, 8yrs, PA
137B-148-146, Cotton, William, 43yrs, PA
128A-4-5, Coulter, Andrew W., 6yrs, PA
128A-4-5, Coulter, Caroline M., 42yrs, PA
128A-4-5, Coulter, Frances, 16yrs, PA
128A-4-5, Coulter, John, 3yrs, PA
128A-4-5, Coulter, Lucia, 10yrs, PA
128B-9-10, Coulter, Mattie, 21yrs, PA
128A-4-5, Coulter, Sarah J., 12yrs, PA
128A-4-5, Coulter, Wm A., 42yrs, PA
131A-49-50, Covert, Prudence, 67yrs, PA
131A-49-50, Covert, Wm M., 68yrs, PA
135B-116-115, Crook, Calvin, 15yrs, OH
135B-116-115, Crook, Effie, 13yrs, PA
135B-116-115, Crook, Eliza J., 39yrs, PA
135B-116-115, Crook, Mary, 17yrs, OH
135B-116-115, Crook, Willie, 9yrs, PA
137A-143-141, Croy, Anna M., 35yrs, PA
137A-143-141, Croy, Henry B., 40yrs, PA
137A-143-141, Croy, Laura, 14yrs, PA
137A-143-141, Croy, Lydia, 10yrs, PA
137A-143-141, Croy, Samuel E., 1yrs, PA
141B-213-209, Cumming, Charles E., 7yrs, PA
141B-213-209, Cumming, Clara, 12yrs, PA
141A-200-196, Cumming, Frank O., 4yrs, PA
141A-200-196, Cumming, James S., 8yrs, PA
141B-213-209, Cumming, John L., 11yrs, PA
141A-200-196, Cumming, Margaret, 38yrs, PA
141B-213-209, Cumming, Mary, 36yrs, PA
141A-200-196, Cumming, Robert K., 42yrs, PA
141A-200-196, Cumming, Sarah J., 18yrs, PA
141A-200-196, Cumming, Thomas S., 14yrs, IA
141A-200-196, Cumming, William R., 10yrs, KS
128A-1-1, Davis, Ada J., 12yrs, PA
128A-1-1, Davis, Amanda, 37yrs, PA
128A-1-1, Davis, Anna L., 5yrs, PA
138A-157-154, Davis, Esther J., 27yrs, PA
141A-199-195, Davis, Harriet, 25yrs, PA
128A-1-1, Davis, John, 38yrs, PA
138A-159-156, Davis, John M., 35yrs, PA
141A-199-195, Davis, Joseph, 69yrs, PA
138A-157-154, Davis, Lydia, 67yrs, PA
138A-159-156, Davis, Lydia J., 6yrs, PA
138A-159-156, Davis, Mary A., 3yrs, PA
138A-159-156, Davis, Mary J., 32yrs, PA
141A-199-195, Davis, Mary J., 59yrs, PA
138A-159-156, Davis, Nancy C., 10yrs, PA
138A-159-156, Davis, Oliver W., 14yrs, PA
128A-1-1, Davis, Sadie C., 3yrs, PA
138A-157-154, Davis, Samuel, 25yrs, PA
138A-157-154, Davis, Samuel, 70yrs, PA
138A-157-154, Davis, William, 16yrs, PA
128A-1-1, Davis, Willie C., 9yrs, PA
128A-3-4, Deiffnbacher, Anna C., 1yrs, PA
128A-3-4, Deiffnbacher, Eresebrus, 34yrs, VA
128A-3-4, Deiffnbacher, Maria L., 35yrs, PA
132A-66-66, Deniston, Alfaretta, 2yrs, PA
132A-66-66, Deniston, Cleora A., 6/12yr, PA
132A-66-65, Deniston, George, 43yrs, PA
138A-158-155, Deniston, Greer, 57yrs, PA
132A-66-66, Deniston, Gustavius, 5yrs, PA
138A-158-155, Deniston, J. M., 25yrs, PA
138A-158-155, Deniston, Martha A., 53yrs, PA
138A-158-155, Deniston, Martha C., 26yrs, PA
132A-66-65, Deniston, Martha J., 29yrs, PA
138A-158-155, Deniston, Mary E., 2yrs, PA
132A-66-66, Deniston, Susan J., 31yrs, PA
138A-158-155, Deniston, William H., 27yrs, PA
132A-66-66, Deniston, Wm R., 29yrs, PA
132B-71-71, Donnelly, Lucetta, 20yrs, WI
132B-71-71, Donnelly, Lucy, 4yrs, PA
132A-70-70, Drake, E. C., 30yrs, PA 
132A-70-70, Drake, Hester A., 29yrs, PA
132B-71-71, Drake, Julianna, 25yrs, PA
132B-71-71, Drake, Lemuel, 3yrs, PA
132A-71-71, Drake, Martha, 49yrs, PA
132A-71-71, Drake, Mary J., 37yrs, PA
132A-71-71, Drake, Samuel, 67yrs, PA
132B-71-71, Drake, Samuel W., 22yrs, PA
135B-119-118, Dupps, James A., 18yrs, Ireland
139A-176-173, Dupps, Joseph, 12yrs, PA
135B-119-118, Dupps, Maria, 15yrs, PA
135B-119-118, Dupps, Mary A., 20yrs, Ireland
135B-119-118, Dupps, Mary A., 55yrs, Ireland
135B-119-118, Dupps, William, 60yrs, Ireland
137B-151-149, Dyaard, Aggie, 25yrs, PA
137B-151-149, Dyaard, Henry, 26yrs, NY
137B-151-149, Dyaard, Lillie, 5/12yr, PA
137B-151-149, Dyaard, Maggie E., 2yrs, PA
136B-136-134, Eagleson, Anna M., 2yrs, PA
136B-136-134, Eagleson, John, 30yrs, Ireland
139A-176-173, Eagleson, Margaret, 53yrs, Ireland
136B-136-134, Eagleson, Margaret A., 26yrs, PA
136B-136-134, Eagleson, Robert M., 6/12yr, PA
133B-88-88, Edaburn, Andrew, 29yrs, PA
133B-88-88, Edaburn, Marhta J., 24yrs, PA
139A-172-169, Edah*m, Caroline, 21yrs, PA
139A-172-169, Edah*m, D. M., 25yrs, PA
139A-172-169, Edah*m, Hester A., 1yrs, PA
139B-183-180, Foster, Annie, 2yrs, PA
139B-182-179, Foster, Catharine, 23yrs, PA
139B-181-178, Foster, Elizabeth, 65yrs, PA
139B-183-180, Foster, Emery, 23yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Foster, Hannah M. A., 19yrs, PA
139B-183-180, Foster, Hariet, 22yrs, PA
139B-181-178, Foster, Hezakiah, 36yrs, PA
128B-14-16, Foster, Isabella, 74yrs, Ireland
139B-182-179, Foster, John, 27yrs, PA
139B-181-178, Foster, John, 70yrs, PA
129A-18-20, Foster, Manville, 11yrs, PA
139B-181-178, Foster, Margaret, 26yrs, PA
139B-183-180, Foster, Nary, 4/12yr, PA
129A-18-20, Foster, Polly A., 33yrs, PA
129A-18-20, Foster, Thomas, 37yrs, PA
136A-129-128, Fowler, Julius L., 14yrs, PA
136B-138-136, Frankenberger, Everett, 16yrs, PA
136B-138-136, Frankenberger, Josephene, 21yrs, PA
136B-138-136, Frankenberger, Mary, 48yrs, PA
136B-138-136, Frankenberger, Samuel W., 10yrs, PA
141A-199-195, George, Westley, 10yrs, PA
131B-57-58, Gilfillen, Vrenna, 7yrs, PA
129A-21-23, Gillaspie, John, 28yrs, PA
129A-21-23, Gillaspie, Margaret, 29yrs, PA
144A-247-241, Gilson, David, 58yrs, PA
143B-237-234, Gilson, Fannie r., 1yrs, PA
144A-247-241, Gilson, Lizzie, 21yrs, PA
144A-247-241, Gilson, Malissa, 28yrs, PA
143B-237-234, Gilson, Margaret, 26yrs, PA
144A-247-241, Gilson, Martha, 19yrs, PA
143B-237-234, Gilson, Mary L., 2yrs, PA
144A-247-241, Gilson, Rebecca, 57yrs, PA
143B-237-234, Gilson, Thomas C., 31yrs, PA
144A-247-241, Gilson, William R., 24yrs, PA
143B-238-235, Glenn, Andrew, 24yrs, PA
143A-230-227, Glenn, Christeana, 23yrs, PA
141B-209-205, Glenn, Hannah J., 21yrs, PA
141B-209-205, Glenn, Isaphema, 15yrs, PA
143A-230-227, Glenn, Jams T., 58yrs, PA
143A-230-227, Glenn, John K., 24yrs, PA
141B-209-205, Glenn, Lillie M., 12yrs, PA
143A-230-227, Glenn, Lola K., 2yrs, PA
141B-209-205, Glenn, Mary M., 18yrs, PA
141B-209-205, Glenn, R. C., 51yrs, PA
141B-209-205, Glenn, Sadie, 4yrs, PA
143A-230-227, Glenn, Sarah E., 55yrs, PA
143B-238-235, Glenn, Susan J., 23yrs, PA
143B-238-235, Glenn, Thomas F., 1yrs, PA
136B-139-137, Gordon, B. F., 47yrs, PA
137A-139-137, Gordon, Hatty M., 6yrs, PA
136B-139-137, Gordon, Isabella, 46yrs, PA
137A-139-137, Gordon, Laura B., 11yrs, PA
136B-139-137, Gordon, Mary A., 14yrs, PA
136B-139-137, Gordon, Quincy A., 18yrs, PA
136B-139-137, Gordon, William B., 17yrs, PA
132B-74-74, Gr*ist, Ella, 16yrs, PA
132B-75-75, Gr*ist, Frances, 14yrs, PA
132A-69-69, Gr*ist, Martha A., 10yrs, PA
143B-240-237, Graham, Elizabeth, 65yrs, Ireland
143B-240-237, Graham, Jane, 31yrs, PA
143B-240-237, Graham, Thomas, 23yrs, PA
133B-87-87, Grandey, George, 14yrs, PA
133B-87-87, Grandey, John, 8yrs, PA
133B-87-87, Grandey, Joseph, 17yrs, PA
133B-87-87, Grandey, Josephene, 19yrs, PA
133B-87-87, Grandey, Maria, 45yrs, PA
133B-87-87, Grandey, Newton, 19yrs, PA
133B-87-87, Grandey, Rebecca, 11yrs, PA
139A-169-166, Gray, Mary, 63yrs, PA
133B-90-90, Greaves, Ishmael, 69yrs, PA
133B-90-90, Greaves, Sarah, 60yrs, PA
140B-193-189, Grubb, Ann, 49yrs, PA
140B-193-189, Grubb, Catharine, 26yrs, PA
140B-193-189, Grubb, Isabella, 69yrs, PA
140B-193-189, Grubb, James, 28yrs, PA
140B-193-189, Grubb, Thomas, 66yrs, PA
143A-226-223, Gurst, Arcie A., 3yrs, PA
142B-226-223, Gurst, Elmira, 6yrs, PA
142B-226-223, Gurst, Francilla, 19yrs, PA
142B-226-223, Gurst, Hannah Z., 8yrs, PA
142B-226-223, Gurst, James, 46yrs, PA
142B-226-223, Gurst, Mary A., 40yrs, PA
143A-226-223, Gurst, Mary E., 9/12yr, PA
138A-158-155, Hale, Porter, 9yrs, PA
134B-106-105, Hammaker, Adam, 75yrs, PA
134B-106-105, Hammaker, Eve, 42yrs, PA
134B-106-105, Hammaker, John, 53yrs, PA
134B-106-105, Hammaker, Mary, 38yrs, PA
134A-98-97, Heasley, Amelia J., 9yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, Catharine, 50yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, Charles W., 9yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, Clarrissa, 8yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, Franklin J., 14yrs, PA
138A-158-155, Heasley, Hannah, 15yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, Jacob, 53yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, James A., 19yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, John, 78yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, Joseph A., 26yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, Lewis M, 21yrs, PA
133B-92-92, Heasley, Mary, 19yrs, PA
134A-95-94, Heasley, Ruben A., 16yrs, PA
133B-92-92, Heasley, William, 22yrs, PA
137B-147-145, Henning, William, 54yrs, MD
137B-146-144, Hill, Caroline, 28yrs, PA
137B-146-144, Hill, Charles, 10yrs, PA
137B-146-144, Hill, Cora, 4yrs, PA
137B-146-144, Hill, Emma, 1yrs, PA
137B-146-144, Hill, Harry, 8yrs, PA
137A-146-144, Hill, Robert B., 30yrs, PA
137A-146-144, Hill, Sarah, 72yrs, PA
137A-146-144, Hill, William, 71yrs, PA
137B-150-148, Hoffman, Adam, 48yrs, PA
137B-150-148, Hoffman, Arabella, 16yrs, PA
137B-150-148, Hoffman, Elizabeth, 5yrs, PA
137B-150-148, Hoffman, Jane, 8yrs, PA
137B-150-148, Hoffman, Mary A., 48yrs, PA
137B-150-148, Hoffman, Mary E., 12yrs, PA
137B-150-148, Hoffman, Olive A., 10yrs, PA
135B-114-113, Hosack, Mary E., 21yrs, PA
136A-128-127, Hoyer, Barbara A., 48yrs, PA
136A-128-127, Hoyer, Cyrus C., 18yrs, PA
136A-128-127, Hoyer, John C., 6yrs, PA
136A-128-127, Hoyer, Samuel, 52yrs, PA
128B-9-10, Hughes, Ida S., 6yrs, PA
140A-190-186, Hughes, Lewis, 57yrs, PA
128B-9-10, Hughes, Lizzie, 4yrs, PA
140A-190-186, Hughes, Rebecca, 65yrs, PA
128B-9-10, Hughes, Samuel A., 35yrs, PA
128B-9-10, Hughes, Seffie B., 26yrs, OH
137A-143-141, Hughs, Samuel, 22yrs, PA
132A-64-63, Hunter, Chester, 3yrs, PA
132A-64-63, Hunter, Dorcas, 54yrs, PA
132A-64-63, Hunter, Elizabeth, 19yrs, PA
132A-64-63, Hunter, Elmer, 16yrs, PA
132A-65-64, Hunter, Harry, 1yrs, PA
132A-65-64, Hunter, John E., 29yrs, PA
132A-64-63, Hunter, Laura, 11yrs, PA
132A-65-64, Hunter, Margaret, 20yrs, PA
132A-64-63, Hunter, Theodorer, 13yrs, PA
136B-131-130, Jaggus, John, 43yrs, NJ
136B-131-130, Jaggus, Joseph, 15yrs, PA
136B-131-130, Jaggus, Mary L., 1yrs, PA
136B-131-130, Jaggus, Nancy, 17yrs, PA
136B-131-130, Jaggus, Phebe C., 8yrs, PA
136B-131-130, Jaggus, Sarah, 43yrs, Ireland
136B-131-130, Jaggus, William T., 12yrs, PA
131B-58-59, Jameson, Margaret, 84yrs, Ireland
129A-18-20, Jenoney, Clara, 7yrs, PA
128B-15-17, Johnson, Ann D., 11yrs, PA
128B-15-17, Johnson, Catharine, 39yrs, PA
129A-16-18, Johnson, Elijah, 65yrs, PA
130B-45-46, Johnson, Eliza, 37yrs, Ireland
129A-16-18, Johnson, Eliza A., 24yrs, PA
130B-45-46, Johnson, Fannie E., 4yrs, PA
130B-45-46, Johnson, Floran*a, 9yrs, OH
129A-16-18, Johnson, Hannah S., 22yrs, PA
128B-15-17, Johnson, Harrison P., 5yrs, PA
139B-178-175, Johnson, James, 2yrs, PA
130B-45-46, Johnson, James C., 16yrs, PA
130B-45-46, Johnson, Jennie L., 6yrs, OH
130B-45-46, Johnson, John F., 11yrs, OH
128B-15-17, Johnson, Maggie E., 7yrs, PA
128B-15-17, Johnson, Mary E., 12yrs, PA
130B-45-46, Johnson, Mary L., 13yrs, PA
139B-178-175, Johnson, Sarah, 24yrs, PA
130B-45-46, Johnson, Sarah M., 2yrs, PA
128B-15-17, Johnson, William, 39yrs, PA
130B-45-46, Johnson, Wm C., 45yrs, Ireland
139B-178-175, Johnson, Wm E., 4/12yr, PA
139B-178-175, Johnson, Wm H., 25yrs, PA
143A-228-225, Jones, Charles, 11yrs, PA
134A-98-97, Jourdan, Crawford D., 24yrs, PA
134A-98-97, Jourdan, Ellen, 58yrs, PA
134A-98-97, Jourdan, Hugh, 54yrs, PA
137A-144-142, Kauffman, Sarah A., 44yrs, PA
129A-17-19, Kenni*, Catharine, 65yrs, PA
141B-208-204, Ketler, A. J., 38yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, Adam, 51yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, Ella, 9yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, Emma, 7yrs, PA
141B-208-204, Ketler, Emma, 27yrs, PA
141B-208-204, Ketler, Girnella, 6yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, Jacob, 17yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, James, 20yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, John, 22yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, Joseph, 5yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, Laura, 13yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, Mary, 43yrs, PA
142A-220-217, Ketler, Samuel, 11yrs, PA
142B-224-221, Kranz, G., 52yrs, Prussia
142B-224-221, Kranz, Margaret, 60yrs, Baden
136A-127-126, Kyle, James, 16yrs, PA
136A-127-126, Kyle, Margaret J., 18yrs, PA
136A-127-126, Kyle, Nancy, 60yrs, Ireland
140A-191-187, Lacy, Elizabeth, 33yrs, PA
140A-191-187, Lacy, Hannah, 4yrs, PA
140A-191-187, Lacy, James, 35yrs, PA
140A-191-187, Lacy, William, 8yrs, PA
141B-213-209, Leidy, David, 88yrs, PA
141B-213-209, Leidy, Elizabeth, 57yrs, PA
141B-213-209, Leidy, Margaret, 55yrs, PA
141B-213-209, Leidy, Robert, 64yrs, PA
132B-78-78, Lock, Sarah, 63yrs, PA
129B-27-29, Louers, Amanda, 10yrs, PA
131B-57-58, Louery, Anna E., 18yrs, PA
131B-57-58, Louery, Huchison, 15yrs, PA
131B-57-58, Louery, Julianna, 50yrs, PA
131B-57-58, Louery, Margaret, 20yrs, PA
131B-57-58, Louery, William, 52yrs, Ireland
140A-189-185, Love, Alexander, 6yrs, PA
140A-189-185, Love, Elizabeth M., 13yrs, PA
140A-189-185, Love, Ezekiel W., 46yrs, PA
140A-189-185, Love, Janie M., 9yrs, PA
140A-189-185, Love, Margaret, 43yrs, PA
140A-189-185, Love, Mary J., 11yrs, PA
140A-189-185, Love, Nancy A., 15yrs, PA
140A-189-185, Love, Samuel, 3yrs, PA
140A-187-183, Masters, Andrew W., 2yrs, PA
140A-187-183, Masters, Eliza A., 21yrs, PA
140A-187-183, Masters, Elizabeth, 17yrs, OH
140A-187-183, Masters, George W., 7yrs, PA
140A-187-183, Masters, James C., 20yrs, PA
140A-187-183, Masters, Joseph, 47yrs, PA
140A-187-183, Masters, Joseph P., 10yrs, PA
140A-187-183, Masters, Margaret, 13yrs, PA
140A-187-183, Masters, Mary, 43yrs, PA
140A-187-183, Masters, William W., 23yrs, PA
139A-176-173, McBride, T. P., 28yrs, PA
138B-162-159, McCalmot, A. E., 23yrs, PA
138B-162-159, McCalmot, Addie T., 4/12yr, PA
138B-162-159, McCalmot, Cassie M., 23yrs, PA
138B-162-159, McCalmot, Julia A., 2yrs, PA
138B-162-159, McCalmot, June E., 4yrs, PA
130A-37-38, McCann, James, 60yrs, Ireland
130A-37-38, McCann, Margaret, 52yrs, Ireland
130A-37-38, McCann, Thomas, 21yrs, PA
130A-37-38, McCann, William, 13yrs, PA
133B-91-91, McCaskey, Elizabeth, 36yrs, PA
133B-91-91, McCaskey, John W., 8yrs, PA
133B-91-91, McCaskey, Joseph C., 9/12yr, PA
133B-91-91, McCaskey, Laurancie, 6yrs, PA
133B-91-91, McCaskey, Samuel, 39yrs, PA
133B-91-91, McCaskey, Samuel C., 4yrs, PA
130B-40-41, McComb, Catharine, 8yrs, PA
130A-40-41, McComb, Elizabeth J., 27yrs, PA
130A-40-41, McComb, John, 55yrs, PA
130A-40-41, McComb, John W., 12yrs, PA
130A-40-41, McComb, Lydia, 19yrs, PA
130A-40-41, McComb, Mary A., 21yrs, PA
130A-40-41, McComb, Sarah, 54yrs, PA
130A-40-41, McComb, Sarah H., 23yrs, PA
131B-55-56, McConnell, Austin P., 2yrs, PA
130A-36-37, McConnell, Flora, 31yrs, PA
131B-55-56, McConnell, Ida M., 5yrs, PA
131B-55-56, McConnell, Joseph, 31yrs, PA
142B-220-217, McConnell, Margaret, 26yrs, PA
131B-55-56, McConnell, Martha E., 7yrs, PA
130A-36-37, McConnell, Mary, 8/12yr, PA
131B-55-56, McConnell, Mary A., 3yrs, PA
130A-36-37, McConnell, Nathaniel, 28yrs, PA
131B-55-56, McConnell, Sarah, 27yrs, PA
143A-228-225, McCormek, Mary, 17yrs, IL
141B-212-208, McCornmons, Walker, 15yrs, PA
144A-248-242, McCoy, Ella, 15yrs, PA
144A-248-242, McCoy, Ellsworth, 9yrs, PA
144A-248-242, McCoy, Emma, 12yrs, PA
144A-248-242, McCoy, Laura, 7yrs, PA
144A-248-242, McCoy, Mary A., 42yrs, PA
130B-42-43, McCoy, Mary S., 23yrs, PA
144A-248-242, McCoy, Matilda, 4yrs, PA
144A-248-242, McCoy, Mina, 17yrs, PA
130B-42-43, McCoy, Robert D., 25yrs, PA
144A-248-242, McCoy, Thomas, 52yrs, PA
144A-248-242, McCoy, William, 19yrs, PA
130B-42-43, McCoy, William A., 2yrs, PA
130B-42-43, McCoy, Wm D., 63yrs, PA
133A-79-79, McCracken, Adam, 8yrs, PA
129B-29-31, McCracken, Calvin, 3yrs, PA
132B-78-78, McCracken, David, 30yrs, PA
132B-78-78, McCracken, Ida M., 1yrs, PA
133A-79-79, McCracken, Jane, 10yrs, PA
129B-29-31, McCracken, Juliette, 6yrs, PA
129B-29-31, McCracken, Margaret, 33yrs, PA
132B-78-78, McCracken, Maria, 26yrs, PA
132B-79-79, McCracken, Mary, 35yrs, PA
132B-78-78, McCracken, Mary M., 6yrs, PA
129B-29-31, McCracken, Melvin L., 9yrs, PA
132B-78-78, McCracken, Nancy R., 3yrs, PA
129B-29-31, McCracken, Samuel L., 14yrs, PA
132B-78-78, McCracken, Sarah A., 8yrs, PA
133A-79-79, McCracken, Sarah A., 18yrs, PA
133A-79-79, McCracken, Susan L., 5yrs, PA
129B-29-31, McCracken, Sylvanus L., 12yrs, PA
133A-79-79, McCracken, William, 2yrs, PA
132B-79-79, McCracken, William, 45yrs, PA
129B-29-31, McCracken, Wm, 40yrs, PA
128A-1-1, McDowell, Hannah, 69yrs, PA
137A-145-143, McDowell, Josiah, 7yrs, PA
128A-1-1, McDowell, Mathew, 61yrs, PA
129A-22-24, McGee, Elizabeth, 57yrs, PA
129A-22-24, McGee, George W., 11yrs, PA
129A-22-24, McGee, Susan L., 14yrs, PA
129A-22-24, McGee, William F., 17yrs, PA
144A-247-241, McKee, John, 11yrs, PA
135A-111-110, McKinn, Cassie E., 23yrs, PA
135A-111-110, McKinn, Harriet E., 57yrs, PA
135A-111-110, McKinn, Rachil, 21yrs, PA
135B-115-114, McNeal, Rufus R., 4yrs, PA
132A-69-69, McVay, Mary A., 41yrs, PA
132A-69-69, McVay, Samuel, 41yrs, PA
142B-224-221, Melcloir, Amelia, 35yrs, Prussia
142B-224-221, Melcloir, George, 13yrs, PA
142B-224-221, Melcloir, Henry, 33yrs, MD
142B-224-221, Melcloir, Lewis, 7yrs, PA
142B-224-221, Melcloir, Willam, 10yrs, PA
142B-222-219, Michael, Lauria, 48yrs, PA
133B-93-93, Michaels, John, 15yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Milhiam, Catherine, 60yrs, PA
136B-130-129, Minner, Elenor *., 4yrs, PA
136B-130-129, Minner, Eliza J., 7yrs, PA
136A-130-129, Minner, Harrison P., 9yrs, PA
136A-130-129, Minner, Jane, 35yrs, PA
136B-130-129, Minner, John A., 2yrs, PA
136A-130-129, Minner, Nathan, 39yrs, PA
136A-130-129, Minner, Sarah E., 12yrs, PA
136B-130-129, Minner, Storey M., 5yrs, PA
136A-130-129, Minner, Sylvester, 13yrs, PA
140A-188-184, Montgomery, Aken, 13yrs, PA
140A-188-184, Montgomery, Anna, 9yrs, PA
140A-189-185, Montgomery, Elizabeth, 79yrs, Ireland
140A-188-184, Montgomery, Emma, 7yrs, PA
140A-188-184, Montgomery, J. A., 48yrs, PA
140A-188-184, Montgomery, Jane, 49yrs, PA
140A-188-184, Montgomery, Jennie, 11yrs, PA
140A-188-184, Montgomery, Mary, 15yrs, PA
140A-188-184, Montgomery, Melissa, 19yrs, PA
140A-188-184, Montgomery, Willie, 4yrs, PA
144A-246-240, Moore, James, 35yrs, PA
144A-246-240, Moore, Mary E., 32yrs, PA
144A-246-240, Moore, William E., 1yrs, PA
131A-50-51, Morrow, Achsah, 12yrs, PA
131A-50-51, Morrow, Charles F., 7yrs, PA
131A-50-51, Morrow, Dorcus, 17yrs, PA
131A-50-51, Morrow, Ellen, 47yrs, PA
131A-50-51, Morrow, George W., 15yrs, PA
131A-50-51, Morrow, Jennie, 10yrs, PA
131A-50-51, Morrow, John, 19yrs, PA
131A-50-51, Morrow, Martha G., 13yrs, PA
131A-50-51, Morrow, William, 53yrs, PA
141B-210-206, Moul, Elizabeth, 54yrs, PA
141B-210-206, Moul, John, 30yrs, PA
141B-210-206, Moul, Salmon, 19yrs, PA
135B-117-116, Mu*nell, John, 2yrs, PA
135B-117-116, Mu*nell, Lizzie, 23yrs, PA
135B-117-116, Mu*nell, T. P., 30yrs, PA
129B-28-30, Munndl, Ann, 39yrs, PA
129B-28-30, Munndl, Hugh, 45yrs, PA
129B-28-30, Munndl, Ida A. J., 1yrs, PA
129B-28-30, Munndl, Robert B., 8yrs, PA
129B-28-30, Munndl, William V., 12yrs, PA
136A-125-124, Munnell, Bessie M, 2yrs, PA
136A-125-124, Munnell, June, 26yrs, PA
134B-103-102, Munnell, Martha J., 32yrs, PA
134B-103-102, Munnell, Smanatha, 14yrs, PA
136A-125-124, Munnell, Wm A., 29yrs, PA
134B-103-102, Munnell, Wm P., 32yrs, PA
135A-113-112, Nelson, A. J., 36yrs, PA
130A-39-40, Nelson, Alice J., 10yrs, PA
135A-113-112, Nelson, Anna M., 1yrs, PA
128A-5-6, Nelson, Caroline, 18yrs, PA
128A-5-6, Nelson, Catherine, 28yrs, PA
130A-39-40, Nelson, Charley, 3yrs, PA
128A-6-7, Nelson, Clarence E., 9yrs, PA
128A-5-6, Nelson, Daniel, 54yrs, PA
130A-39-40, Nelson, Dawson W., 7yrs, PA
130A-39-40, Nelson, Elizabeth, 37yrs, Ireland
130A-39-40, Nelson, Infant, 11/12yr, PA
130A-39-40, Nelson, Isabella, 14yrs, PA
135A-112-111, Nelson, James A., 62yrs, PA
135A-112-111, Nelson, John A., 29yrs, PA
130A-39-40, Nelson, John S., 42yrs, PA
136A-122-121, Nelson, Joseph, 11yrs, PA
135A-113-112, Nelson, Lizzie A., 3yrs, PA
135A-112-111, Nelson, Lydia, 64yrs, PA
135A-112-111, Nelson, Lydia M., 17yrs, PA
135A-112-111, Nelson, Margaret E., 20yrs, PA
130A-39-40, Nelson, Margaret M., 12yrs, PA
128A-5-6, Nelson, Mary, 52yrs, Ireland
130A-39-40, Nelson, Mary A., 10yrs, PA
133B-90-90, Nelson, Mary E., 11yrs, PA
128A-6-7, Nelson, Mary J., 35yrs, PA
128A-6-7, Nelson, Nicholas, 64yrs, PA
128A-5-6, Nelson, Rebecca, 16yrs, PA
128A-6-7, Nelson, Samuel L., 39yrs, PA
135A-113-112, Nelson, Sarah, 26yrs, PA
135A-112-111, Nelson, Susan J., 19yrs, PA
128A-6-7, Nelson, Willard S., 5yrs, PA
128A-6-7, Nelson, William, 1yrs, PA
135A-112-111, Nelson, William, 24yrs, PA
135A-113-112, Nelson, William J., 6yrs, PA
130A-33-34, Ni***, Charles, 46yrs, PA
130A-33-34, Ni***, James B., 12yrs, PA
130A-33-34, Ni***, Marion, 4/12yr, PA
130A-33-34, Ni***, Mary, 42yrs, PA
130A-33-34, Ni***, Mary J., 8yrs, PA
130A-33-34, Ni***, William C., 17yrs, PA
138B-164-161, Offutt, Charles G., 5yrs, PA
138B-164-161, Offutt, John, 49yrs, PA
138B-164-161, Offutt, JohnC., 13yrs, PA
138B-164-161, Offutt, June, 39yrs, PA
138B-164-161, Offutt, Mary L., 3yrs, PA
138B-164-161, Offutt, Nathan H., 9yrs, PA
138B-164-161, Offutt, W. J., 15yrs, PA
138B-164-161, Offutt, W. M., 18yrs, PA
131B-60-61, Orr, Carlon, 1yrs, PA
132B-72-72, Orr, Caroline, 25yrs, PA
133B-93-93, Orr, David P., 29yrs, PA
131B-60-61, Orr, Elizabeth, 41yrs, PA
132B-72-72, Orr, Elizabeth J., 1yrs, PA
134B-105-104, Orr, Eva J., 2yrs, PA
132B-72-72, Orr, George, 3yrs, PA
134B-105-104, Orr, Hiram, 38yrs, PA
134B-105-104, Orr, Huchison, 13yrs, PA
134B-105-104, Orr, Ida E., 5yrs, PA
131B-60-61, Orr, Isabella, 16yrs, PA
132B-72-72, Orr, James, 25yrs, PA
131B-60-61, Orr, John, 8yrs, PA
134B-105-104, Orr, John, 9yrs, PA
132B-73-73, Orr, John M., 65yrs, PA
131B-60-61, Orr, Joseph, 6yrs, PA
131B-60-61, Orr, Luella, 10yrs, PA
132B-73-73, Orr, Martha, 45yrs, PA
131B-60-61, Orr, Mary, 14yrs, PA
134B-105-104, Orr, Mary J., 37yrs, PA
133B-93-93, Orr, Sarah E., 23yrs, PA
131B-60-61, Orr, William, 3yrs, PA
131B-60-61, Orr, William, 43yrs, PA
141B-206-202, Painter, E. J., 20yrs, PA
141B-206-202, Painter, J. A., 23yrs, PA
130B-41-42, Painter, Jane, 56yrs, PA
130B-41-42, Painter, Mary, 89yrs, PA
130B-41-42, Painter, Newton, 21yrs, PA
130B-41-42, Painter, Philip, 57yrs, PA
138A-154-151, Palmer, Archie E., 5yrs, PA
133B-85-85, Palmer, Caroline, 21yrs, PA
132B-76-76, Palmer, Catharine, 60yrs, PA
137A-145-143, Palmer, Charles, 63yrs, PA
138A-154-151, Palmer, Cora *., 9/12yr, PA
132B-76-76, Palmer, Daniel, 42yrs, PA
138B-163-160, Palmer, Elizabeth, 36yrs, PA
137A-145-143, Palmer, Elizabeth, 53yrs, PA
137A-145-143, Palmer, Elmira, 17yrs, PA
132B-75-75, Palmer, Emma, 6/12yr, PA
137A-145-143, Palmer, George, 15yrs, PA
138A-154-151, Palmer, George W., 35yrs, PA
138A-154-151, Palmer, Ida L., 3yrs, PA
138B-163-160, Palmer, Infant, 2yrs, PA
132B-75-75, Palmer, J. S., 30yrs, PA
131B-59-60, Palmer, James, 16yrs, PA
132B-76-76, Palmer, James, 75yrs, PA
138B-163-160, Palmer, James W., 19yrs, PA
131B-58-59, Palmer, John, 14yrs, PA
138B-163-160, Palmer, John, 46yrs, PA
138B-163-160, Palmer, Joseph, 17yrs, PA
137A-145-143, Palmer, Margaret J., 29yrs, PA
132B-75-75, Palmer, Maria, 30yrs, PA
137A-145-143, Palmer, Mary E., 26yrs, PA
130A-37-38, Palmer, Nancy, 12yrs, PA
132B-76-76, Palmer, Newton, 21yrs, PA
136B-134-132, Palmer, Newton, 22yrs, PA
133B-92-92, Palmer, Sarah, 27yrs, PA
132B-76-76, Palmer, Thomas, 69yrs, PA
138B-163-160, Palmer, Wilb*t, 4yrs, PA
132B-75-75, Palmer, William A., 2yrs, PA
138A-154-151, Palmer, Wilmina, 25yrs, Hanover
135A-114-113, Pardoe, Christena, 74yrs, PA
135A-114-113, Pardoe, Robert, 70yrs, PA
143B-236-233, Parkes, Andrew, 21yrs, NY
143B-236-233, Parkes, Arminia, 11yrs, PA
143B-236-233, Parkes, Eliza, 42yrs, NY
143B-235-232, Parkes, Eliza, 71yrs, Ireland
143B-236-233, Parkes, Hugh, 11yrs, PA
143B-235-232, Parkes, John, 70yrs, Ireland
143B-236-233, Parkes, Lettitia, 14yrs, PA
143B-235-232, Parkes, Lettitia, 40yrs, Ireland
143B-235-232, Parkes, Margaret, 23yrs, Ireland
143B-235-232, Parkes, Mary J., 25yrs, Ireland
143B-235-232, Parkes, Robert, 19yrs, NY
143B-236-233, Parkes, Samuel, 15yrs, PA
143B-236-233, Parkes, Thomas A., 2yrs, PA
143B-236-233, Parkes, Wm J., 44yrs, Ireland
138B-165-162, Parshal, Clara J., 7yrs, PA
136A-124-123, Parshal, Clark, 13yrs, PA
136A-124-123, Parshal, Dorcas, 16yrs, PA
136A-124-123, Parshal, Elizabeth, 48yrs, PA
138B-165-162, Parshal, Francis, 11yrs, PA
138B-165-162, Parshal, J. A., 42yrs, PA
136A-124-123, Parshal, John R., 11yrs, PA
136A-124-123, Parshal, Jonathan W., 19yrs, PA
136A-124-123, Parshal, Joseph, 50yrs, PA
138B-165-162, Parshal, Maria, 36yrs, PA
136A-124-123, Parshal, Mary, 23yrs, PA
138B-165-162, Parshal, Mary A., 3yrs, PA
136A-124-123, Parshal, William, 21yrs, PA
138B-165-162, Parshal, William L., 15yrs, PA
141B-212-208, Patterson, Joseph, 23yrs, PA
141B-212-208, Patterson, Malissa, 18yrs, PA
138B-167-164, Pringle, George W., 22yrs, PA
138B-167-164, Pringle, Mary, 55yrs, Ireland
130A-35-36, Pringle, Rebecca, 65yrs, Ireland
138B-167-164, Pringle, William, 50yrs, Ireland
142A-218-215, Ramsey, Agnes, 31yrs, PA
142A-218-215, Ramsey, Andrew, 56yrs, PA
143A-228-225, Ramsey, Anna B., 2yrs, PA
142A-218-215, Ramsey, Eliza J., 9yrs, IA
142A-218-215, Ramsey, Emma M., 13yrs, IA
134A-99-98, Ramsey, Francis, 28yrs, PA
134A-99-98, Ramsey, Hugh, 54yrs, Ireland
142A-218-215, Ramsey, James C., 2yrs, PA
143A-228-225, Ramsey, Martha J., 20yrs, IL
134A-99-98, Ramsey, Mary, 53yrs, PA
134A-99-98, Ramsey, Mary J., 17yrs, PA
143A-228-225, Ramsey, Oliver P., 27yrs, PA
134A-99-98, Ramsey, Rebecca E., 17yrs, PA
134A-99-98, Ramsey, Robert B., 23yrs, PA
134A-99-98, Ramsey, Samuel F., 11yrs, PA
134A-99-98, Ramsey, Susan, 20yrs, PA
134A-99-98, Ramsey, William J., 21yrs, PA
136B-135-133, Randolph, John A., 28yrs, PA
136B-135-133, Randolph, Ruth, 25yrs, PA
136B-135-133, Randolph, William, 6/12yr, PA
142B-221-218, Reher, Catharine, 51yrs, PA
142B-222-219, Reher, Charlotte, 56yrs, PA
142B-223-220, Reher, Diadama J., 7yrs, PA
142B-222-219, Reher, Elizabeth, 18yrs, PA
142B-223-220, Reher, Ellen M., 14yrs, PA
142B-223-220, Reher, Franklin S., 11yrs, PA
142B-222-219, Reher, George M., 22yrs, PA
142B-223-220, Reher, Helen M., 16yrs, PA
142B-223-220, Reher, Jacob, 55yrs, PA
142B-222-219, Reher, John, 59yrs, PA
142B-223-220, Reher, Joseph A., 22yrs, PA
142B-222-219, Reher, Lavina R., 17yrs, PA
142B-223-220, Reher, Mary A., 52yrs, PA
142B-223-220, Reher, Sarah A., 19yrs, PA
137B-152-150, Rice, Charilla, 24yrs, PA
137B-152-150, Rice, Elizabeth, 30yrs, PA
140A-186-182, Rice, Elmer E., 9yrs, PA
140A-186-182, Rice, Gilmer A., 7yrs, PA
137B-152-150, Rice, Hannah, 27yrs, PA
140A-186-182, Rice, Harriet L., 5yrs, PA
140A-186-182, Rice, Hiram, 35yrs, PA
137B-152-150, Rice, John, 13yrs, PA
137B-152-150, Rice, Mary, 70yrs, MD
137B-152-150, Rice, Newton, 21yrs, PA
140A-186-182, Rice, Phebe, 35yrs, PA
140A-186-182, Rice, William, 11yrs, PA
137B-152-150, Rice, William, 62yrs, PA
142A-215-211, Richel, Calvin, 20yrs, PA
141B-214-210, Richel, Catharine, 42yrs, PA
142A-215-211, Richel, Crawford, 9yrs, PA
142A-215-211, Richel, Elenor, 49yrs, PA
142A-215-211, Richel, Henry, 10yrs, PA
142A-215-211, Richel, Jacob, 18yrs, PA
141B-214-210, Richel, John A., 16yrs, PA
142A-215-211, Richel, Lawrence, 16yrs, PA
141B-214-210, Richel, Mary E., 5yrs, PA
142A-215-211, Richel, Mary J., 26yrs, PA
141B-214-210, Richel, Michel, 43yrs, PA
142A-215-211, Richel, Newton, 13yrs, PA
141B-214-210, Richel, Uriah , 8yrs, PA
142A-215-211, Richel, William, 52yrs, PA
136A-129-128, Richie, John, 69yrs, PA
136A-129-128, Richie, John M., 28yrs, PA
136A-129-128, Richie, Julianna, 68yrs, NY
136A-126-125, Ride, Philis A., 15yrs, PA
136A-126-125, Ride, Rosamond, 54yrs, England
136A-126-125, Ride, Samuel, 15yrs, England
131A-52-53, Rihel, Adaline, 29yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Rihel, Ann M., 43yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Rihel, Catherine, 7/12yr, PA
135B-118-117, Rihel, Charles P., 3yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Rihel, Damie A., 7yrs, PA
131A-52-53, Rihel, Daniel, 23yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Rihel, David A., 14yrs, PA
131A-52-53, Rihel, Elias M., 6/12yr, PA
134A-96-95, Rihel, Elizabeth L., 18yrs, PA
134A-96-95, Rihel, Ellen, 48yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Rihel, George, 47yrs, PA
131A-51-52, Rihel, Henry P., 11yrs, PA
131A-51-52, Rihel, Henry R., 54yrs, PA
134A-96-95, Rihel, Jacob, 40yrs, PA
134A-96-95, Rihel, Jacob R., 14yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Rihel, John D., 15yrs, PA
131A-51-52, Rihel, Mary, 51yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Rihel, Sarah, 70yrs, PA
135B-118-117, Rihel, Sarah M., 9yrs, PA
134A-96-95, Rihel, William C., 16yrs, PA
129B-27-29, Ritenour, Clarissa, 38yrs, PA
129A-19-21, Ritenour, Daniel W., 25yrs, PA
129B-27-29, Ritenour, Eli* E., 7yrs, PA
129A-19-21, Ritenour, Eliza, 47yrs, Ireland
129A-19-21, Ritenour, Henry, 50yrs, PA
129B-27-29, Ritenour, John M., 12yrs, PA
129B-27-29, Ritenour, Joseph, 38yrs, PA
129B-27-29, Ritenour, Oliver E., 1yrs, PA
129B-27-29, Ritenour, William W., 10yrs, PA
139B-177-174, Rodewalt, Albert, 7yrs, PA
139A-177-174, Rodewalt, Chrstenia, 38yrs, Hanover
139A-177-174, Rodewalt, Henry, 47yrs, Hanover
139B-177-174, Rodewalt, Louisa, 9yrs, PA
138A-154-151, Rodewalt, Maria, 17yrs, PA
139B-177-174, Rodewalt, Maria, 21yrs, PA
139B-177-174, Rodewalt, Matilda, 19yrs, PA
133A-82-82, Rodgers, Alvi, 5yrs, PA
133A-81-81, Rodgers, Amos, 17yrs, PA
133A-81-81, Rodgers, Anderson, 20yrs, PA
133A-82-82, Rodgers, David, 34yrs, PA
133A-82-82, Rodgers, Ella, 2yrs, PA
131A-48-49, Rodgers, Elmer T., 7yrs, PA
131A-48-49, Rodgers, Esther A., 13yrs, PA
133A-79-79, Rodgers, George, 24yrs, PA
133A-81-81, Rodgers, George G., 62yrs, PA
133A-81-81, Rodgers, Hannah, 19yrs, PA
133A-82-82, Rodgers, James, 9yrs, PA
131A-53-54, Rodgers, James, 10yrs, PA
131A-48-49, Rodgers, Lamancie, 40yrs, PA
133A-82-82, Rodgers, Lucinda, 12yrs, PA
133A-82-82, Rodgers, Lucinda, 34yrs, PA
131A-53-54, Rodgers, Luella, 8yrs, PA
128B-12-14, Rodgers, Malinda M., 23yrs, PA
131A-48-49, Rodgers, Marcus, 45yrs, PA
133A-82-82, Rodgers, Milton, 10yrs, PA
133A-82-82, Rodgers, Newton, 14yrs, PA
131A-48-49, Rodgers, Norris W. S., 9yrs, PA
133A-81-81, Rodgers, Parris, 10yrs, PA
131A-48-49, Rodgers, Prudence E., 15yrs, PA
131A-48-49, Rodgers, Sheridan, 2yrs, PA
133A-81-81, Rodgers, Susan, 62yrs, PA
128B-12-14, Rodgers, Wididfeld C., 1yrs, PA
133A-82-82, Rodgers, William, 7yrs, PA
131A-48-49, Rodgers, William J., 11yrs, PA
128B-12-14, Rodgers, Wilson, 28yrs, PA
135B-115-114, Roetranft, Andrew, 23yrs, PA
135B-115-114, Roetranft, Libbie, 2yrs, PA
135B-115-114, Roetranft, Sarah, 25yrs, PA
135B-115-114, Roetranft, William, 21yrs, PA
130A-38-39, Rouke, Jane, 48yrs, Ireland
130A-38-39, Rouke, John, 60yrs, Ireland
134A-96-95, Rulter, Nancy, 15yrs, PA
141B-207-203, Rupert, Sarah, 66yrs, PA
140B-197-193, Russell, Eliza L., 17yrs, PA
140B-197-193, Russell, Isabella A., 21yrs, PA
140B-197-193, Russell, James M., 18yrs, PA
140B-197-193, Russell, John T., 51yrs, PA
140B-197-193, Russell, June, 43yrs, Ireland
140B-197-193, Russell, Robert M., 12yrs, PA
140B-197-193, Russell, Vinnie J., 9yrs, PA
139B-178-175, Sager, Albert, 18yrs, PA
140B-196-192, Sager, Andrew, 52yrs, PA
140B-196-192, Sager, Catharine, 45yrs, PA
140B-196-192, Sager, Charles D., 4yrs, PA
140B-196-192, Sager, Ella A., 9yrs, PA
139B-178-175, Sager, Emma, 15yrs, PA
128A-4-5, Sager, J. C., 26yrs, PA
140B-196-192, Sager, Lusetta M., 13yrs, PA
138A-156-153, Scannell, Amelia, 51yrs, PA
138A-156-153, Scannell, Clinton, 9yrs, PA
138A-156-153, Scannell, John, 61yrs, PA
138A-160-157, Scollard, Celestia, 21yrs, PA
138A-160-157, Scollard, Charles, 13yrs, PA
138A-160-157, Scollard, John, 15yrs, PA
138A-160-157, Scollard, Margaret, 39yrs, PA
138A-160-157, Scollard, W. S., 52yrs, NY
138A-160-157, Scollard, William, 19yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, Elizabeth, 15yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, Emeline, 23yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, James, 35yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, Jane, 26yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, John, 28yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, John, 55yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, Lavina, 12yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, Mary, 21yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, Nancy, 53yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, Nancy A., 8yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, Rachel, 17yrs, PA
135A-110-109, Shannon, Robert, 24yrs, 470
135A-109-108, Shannon, Samuel, 19yrs, PA
135A-110-109, Shannon, Sarah M., 24yrs, PA
135A-109-108, Shannon, Thomas, 10yrs, PA
139A-168-165, Shaw, Elizabeth, 26yrs, PA
139A-168-165, Shaw, George W., 3yrs, PA
130B-44-45, Shaw, Jane, 55yrs, Ireland
132A-63-62, Shaw, John, 34yrs, PA
139A-168-165, Shaw, Marcus, 8yrs, PA
132A-63-62, Shaw, Martha E., 7/12yr, PA
130B-44-45, Shaw, Mary, 18yrs, PA
132A-63-62, Shaw, Mary A., 35yrs, PA
130B-44-45, Shaw, Samuel, 55yrs, PA
138B-168-165, Shaw, Uriah, 37yrs, PA
139A-168-165, Shaw, William, 5yrs, PA
141A-204-200, Shuler, Infant, 3/12yr, PA
141A-204-200, Shuler, Jacob, 27yrs, PA
141A-204-200, Shuler, Susannah, 28yrs, PA
141A-204-200, Shuler, William F., 3yrs, PA
139B-180-177, Siimpson, George, 12yrs, PA
139B-180-177, Siimpson, John, 35yrs, PA
139B-180-177, Siimpson, Margaret, 28yrs, Hanover
139B-180-177, Siimpson, Mary L., 8yrs, PA
139B-180-177, Siimpson, Samuel R., 4yrs, PA
139B-180-177, Siimpson, Sarah E., 6yrs, PA
139B-180-177, Siimpson, William T., 13yrs, PA
131B-56-57, Simpson, Emma R., 18yrs, OH
139B-184-181, Simpson, Jane, 74yrs, PA
139B-184-181, Simpson, John, 33yrs, PA
140B-192-188, Simpson, John W., 18yrs, PA
131B-56-57, Simpson, Lafayette, 15yrs, OH
131B-56-57, Simpson, Mary J., 23yrs, PA
141A-203-199, Smith, Andrew, 6yrs, PA
141A-203-199, Smith, Benjamin, 4yrs, PA
132A-67-67, Smith, Charles, 12yrs, PA
140B-194-190, Smith, Elizabeth, 21yrs, PA
132A-67-67, Smith, Elmer E., 8yrs, PA
132A-67-67, Smith, Emma, 6yrs, PA
140B-195-191, Smith, G. W., 20yrs, PA
140B-194-190, Smith, George, 1yrs, PA
140B-194-190, Smith, Harriet M., 4yrs, PA
140B-194-190, Smith, Hezikiah, 8yrs, PA
132A-67-67, Smith, Infant, 1yrs, PA
140B-194-190, Smith, James A., 6yrs, PA
141A-203-199, Smith, Jane, 38yrs, PA
132A-67-67, Smith, Jesse, 44yrs, PA
132A-67-67, Smith, John, 14yrs, PA
132A-67-67, Smith, Laura F., 5yrs, PA
140B-194-190, Smith, Martha J., 12yrs, PA
132A-67-67, Smith, Mary, 31yrs, PA
140B-194-190, Smith, Rebecca, 35yrs, PA
140B-194-190, Smith, Samuel R., 44yrs, PA
132A-67-67, Smith, Sarah, 10yrs, PA
142B-225-222, Snyder, Abraham, 59yrs, PA
142B-225-222, Snyder, Abraham W., 24yrs, PA
142B-225-222, Snyder, Jacob H., 25yrs, PA
142B-225-222, Snyder, Leah E. H., 12yrs, PA
142B-225-222, Snyder, Lydia, 57yrs, PA
142B-225-222, Snyder, Mary, 21yrs, PA
142B-225-222, Snyder, Sarah C., 19yrs, PA
142B-225-222, Snyder, Susan, 31yrs, PA
131B-58-59, Spear, Mary, 19yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, Andrew, 20yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, Catharine, 44yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, Charles, 16yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, George B. M., 8yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, Hattie, 2yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, James, 47yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, Margaret J., 14yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, Mary E., 12yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, Samuel, 18yrs, PA
141A-202-198, Stephenson, Thomas C., 6yrs, PA
131A-47-48, Stevens, David *., 30yrs, PA
131A-47-48, Stevens, Esther, 29yrs, PA
131A-47-48, Stevens, Mary E., 1yrs, PA
131A-47-48, Stevens, Wm W. L., 3yrs, PA
128A-2-2, Stevenson, Eva, 13yrs, PA
128A-2-2, Stevenson, Harry, 9yrs, PA
128A-2-2, Stevenson, Huem, 48yrs, PA
131B-58-59, Stevenson, John, 67yrs, PA
131B-58-59, Stevenson, Maria, 55yrs, PA
131B-58-59, Stevenson, Mary, 19yrs, PA
128A-2-2, Stevenson, Rebecca, 43yrs, PA
141A-198-194, Stevenson, Sarah, 34yrs, PA
137B-149-147, Stewart, Elenor, 10/12yr, PA
137B-149-147, Stewart, Samuel, 23yrs, Ireland
137B-149-147, Stewart, Zenobia, 20yrs, PA
130A-34-35, Switzer, Andrew W., 26yrs, PA
130A-34-35, Switzer, Anna P., 2yrs, PA
130A-34-35, Switzer, Margaret L., 4yrs, PA
130A-34-35, Switzer, Martha E., 23yrs, PA
144A-245-239, Thompson, James, 55yrs, Ireland
144A-245-239, Thompson, John J. M., 13yrs, PA
144A-245-239, Thompson, Mary, 18yrs, PA
144A-245-239, Thompson, Mary J., 48yrs, Ireland
144A-245-239, Thompson, William T., 20yrs, PA
136B-134-132, Thorne, Benjamin, 8yrs, PA
136B-134-132, Thorne, James S., 22yrs, PA
136B-134-132, Thorne, Mary A., 44yrs, PA
136B-134-132, Thorne, McClaine, 49yrs, PA
136B-134-132, Thorne, Robert, 11yrs, PA
136B-134-132, Thorne, Ruth C., 17yrs, PA
136B-134-132, Thorne, William W., 14yrs, PA
128B-11-12, Uber, A. B., 30yrs, PA
129A-23-25, Uber, Alexander, 14yrs, PA
128B-10-11, Uber, Amanda, 23yrs, PA
128B-11-13, Uber, Barbara, 49yrs, PA
128B-11-12, Uber, Clarretta, 5yrs, PA
141A-205-201, Uber, David W., 29yrs, PA
141B-205-201, Uber, Edward E., 1yrs, PA
143A-233-230, Uber, Elizabeth, 50yrs, PA
128B-13-15, Uber, Emma L., 12yrs, PA
129A-23-25, Uber, Esther, 42yrs, PA
128B-11-12, Uber, Franklin P., 1yrs, PA
129A-23-25, Uber, George K., 41yrs, PA
128B-11-12, Uber, Hannah C., 30yrs, PA
143A-233-230, Uber, J. C., 24yrs, PA
128B-10-11, Uber, Jacob, 26yrs, PA
128B-10-11, Uber, James, 2yrs, PA
144A-246-240, Uber, Jennie, 9yrs, PA
128B-13-15, Uber, John, 52yrs, PA
128B-13-15, Uber, Maggie C., 4yrs, PA
128B-13-15, Uber, Malissa J., 17yrs, PA
141B-205-201, Uber, Manning S., 5/12yr, PA
129A-23-25, Uber, Mary M., 16yrs, PA
130A-37-38, Uber, Nancy M., 18yrs, PA
129A-23-25, Uber, Robert D., 8yrs, PA
143A-233-230, Uber, Robert L., 18yrs, PA
128B-11-13, Uber, Sarah A., 10yrs, PA
128B-13-15, Uber, Sarah A., 42yrs, PA
128B-12-14, Uber, Sarah C., 49yrs, PA
141A-205-201, Uber, Sarah L., 24yrs, PA
128B-11-13, Uber, Sarah L., 36yrs, PA
143A-233-230, Uber, Simon, 68yrs, PA
130A-37-38, Uber, William, 21yrs, PA
141B-205-201, Uber, William A., 4yrs, PA
130B-43-44, Urey, Adam, 21yrs, PA
130B-43-44, Urey, Barbara, 43yrs, PA
130B-43-44, Urey, Daniel, 19yrs, PA
130B-43-44, Urey, Elizabeth, 6yrs, PA
144B-251-245, Urey, Elizabeth, 48yrs, PA
144B-251-245, Urey, Hannah, 17yrs, PA
144B-251-245, Urey, John, 15yrs, PA
130B-43-44, Urey, John, 52yrs, PA
130B-43-44, Urey, Margaret, 17yrs, PA
144B-251-245, Urey, Mary A., 12yrs, PA
144B-251-245, Urey, Michael, 6yrs, PA
144B-251-245, Urey, Michael, 48yrs, PA
144B-251-245, Urey, Peggy J., 10yrs, PA
130B-43-44, Urey, Peter, 15yrs, PA
130B-43-44, Urey, Peter, 86yrs, PA
130B-43-44, Urey, William, 12yrs, PA
136B-133-131, VanAndale, Charles M., 2yrs, PA
136B-133-131, VanAndale, Henry, 27yrs, PA
136B-133-131, VanAndale, Susan, 22yrs, PA
143A-229-226, VanHorn, Cecilia, 26yrs, PA
143A-229-226, VanHorn, Charley, 9yrs, PA
143A-229-226, VanHorn, Clara, 15yrs, PA
143A-229-226, VanHorn, Elenda, 17yrs, PA
143A-229-226, VanHorn, F. T., 22yrs, PA
142A-219-216, VanHorn, H. T., 41yrs, PA
142A-219-216, VanHorn, Ida J., 6yrs, PA
142A-219-216, VanHorn, James M., 14yrs, PA
143A-229-226, VanHorn, John, 50yrs, PA
143A-229-226, VanHorn, Laura, 12yrs, PA
142A-219-216, VanHorn, Margaret, 36yrs, PA
142A-219-216, VanHorn, William L., 10yrs, PA
143A-227-224, Vincent, Elizxa A., 54yrs, PA
143A-227-224, Vincent, William, 59yrs, PA
130A-39-40, Wadsworth, Rosanna, 80yrs, Ireland
133B-89-89, Walton, Ana, 82yrs, PA
138B-161-158, Wilkin, Elenor, 34yrs, PA
138B-166-163, Wilkin, Elenor, 41yrs, PA
138B-161-158, Wilkin, Ida E., 6yrs, PA
138B-161-158, Wilkin, Jonathan, 50yrs, PA
138B-161-158, Wilkin, Josephene, 15yrs, PA
138B-161-158, Wilkin, Mary, 12yrs, PA
138B-161-158, Wilkin, Olive L., 4yrs, PA
138B-161-158, Wilkin, Sarah, 18yrs, PA
138B-166-163, Wilkin, Sarah, 72yrs, PA
138B-161-158, Wilkin, Valencia O., 9yrs, PA
138B-166-163, Wilkin, Wm B., 45yrs, PA
135A-108-107, Williams, Caroline, 45yrs, PA
135A-108-107, Williams, Frances, 18yrs, PA
135A-108-107, Williams, G. W., 44yrs, PA
135A-108-107, Williams, James, 14yrs, PA
135A-108-107, Williams, Louretta, 7yrs, PA
135B-114-113, Williams, Samuel, 7yrs, PA
143A-232-229, Williamson, Agnes, 66yrs, Ireland
143A-232-229, Williamson, Ann J., 4/12yr, PA
140B-197-193, Williamson, Anna, 30yrs, PA
143A-232-229, Williamson, David, 39yrs, Ireland
143A-232-229, Williamson, Effie A., 4yrs, PA
143A-232-229, Williamson, Joseph C., 9yrs, PA
143A-232-229, Williamson, Mary A., 7yrs, PA
143A-232-229, Williamson, N. C., 30yrs, PA
142A-217-214, Wilson, Alexander, 4yrs, PA
142A-216-213, Wilson, Alexander, 22yrs, PA
142A-217-214, Wilson, Alvi D., 1yrs, PA
142A-216-213, Wilson, Cora D., 1yrs, PA
142A-216-212, Wilson, Delilia, 52yrs, PA
137A-145-143, Wilson, Delilia J., 5yrs, PA
142A-217-214, Wilson, Henry, 28yrs, PA
142A-216-212, Wilson, Jane, 20yrs, PA
142A-216-212, Wilson, Margaret, 19yrs, PA
142A-217-214, Wilson, Margaret, 25yrs, PA
142A-216-213, Wilson, Martha, 23yrs, PA
142A-217-214, Wilson, William, 6yrs, PA
139A-171-168, Wimer, Amanda, 14yrs, PA
139A-171-168, Wimer, Eliza A., 50yrs, PA
139A-171-168, Wimer, Isaac, 58yrs, PA
139A-171-168, Wimer, Permialia, 17yrs, PA
129A-17-19, Winder, John, 65yrs, PA
129A-17-19, Winder, Maggie C., 2yrs, PA
129A-17-19, Winder, Susan, 22yrs, PA
142B-221-218, Wingar, Albert D., 3yrs, PA
142B-221-218, Wingar, Chris*e, 1yrs, PA
142B-221-218, Wingar, Curtis, 26yrs, PA
142B-221-218, Wingar, Susan C., 26yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Charles A., 7yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Elizabeth, 4yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, Esther, 12yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, Hannah, 16yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Jacob, 15yrs, PA
143A-233-230, Wingard, Jacob, 18yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, Jacob, 46yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, James, 6yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, John A., 16yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, Joseph, 3/12yr, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Joseph, 45yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Lewis, 1yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, Lewis, 3yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Margaret A., 10yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, Mary, 20yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Mary, 46yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Mary A., 8yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Peter, 19yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, Robert, 9yrs, PA
129A-20-22, Wingard, Sadie, 2yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, Sarah, 38yrs, PA
130B-46-47, Wingard, William, 19yrs, PA
133B-87-87, Zedaker, George, 76yrs, PA
133B-89-89, Zimmerman, Elizabeth, 25yrs, PA
133B-89-89, Zimmerman, John W., 26yrs, PA
133B-89-89, Zimmerman, Rachel, 52yrs, PA
133B-89-89, Zimmerman, Wm H. H., 28yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 2000 John MacDonald

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