Green Township

1870 Census Surname List

Green Township

GREEN TOWNSHIP - all census entries
1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: William M. Bailey
Post Office: Sharpsville Furnace
Date of Enumeration: 17 26 August, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

The complete transcription of this township, showing all the information given on the census for each individual, is available as a text document. I can send it as an e-mail attachment.

* = signifies letter(s) illegible

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

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Pg# Dwelling# Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

120A-68-69, Allen, James 33 yrs, PA
120A-68-69, Allen, Mary J. 26 yrs, PA
120A-68-69, Allen, John 6 yrs, PA
120A-68-69, Allen, Michael 4 yrs, PA
120A-68-69, Allen, Ada 2 yrs, PA
117A-20-21, Anderson, *. O. 25 yrs, OH
117A-20-21, Anderson, John W. 31 yrs, OH
117A-20-21, Anderson, Jane 25 yrs, PA
117A-20-21, Anderson, Elector E. 5/12 yrs, PA
117A-20-21, Anderson, Elizabeth 60 yrs, Ireland
117A-20-21, Anderson, Mary 36 yrs, OH
117A-20-21, Anderson, Jane E. 33 yrs, OH
117B-26-27, Anderson, W. M. 28 yrs, PA
117B-26-27, Anderson, Emeline 30 yrs, PA
126B-157-159, Andrews, Wm 7 yrs, PA
120B-73-74, Arthurholt, Sarah 20 yrs, OH
119B-64-65, Artman, Abert H. 29 yrs, PA
119B-65-66, Artman, Michael 55 yrs, PA
119B-65-66, Artman, Catharine 53 yrs, PA
119B-65-66, Artman, Mary 25 yrs, PA
119B-65-66, Artman, Robt 24 yrs, PA
119B-65-66, Artman, Lenader 22 yrs, PA
119B-65-66, Artman, Andrew 16 yrs, PA
119B-65-66, Artman, Jane 11 yrs, PA
120A-65-66, Artman, Margret 18 yrs, PA
120B-72-73, Artman, Abrahan 58 yrs, PA
120B-72-73, Artman, Harriet 59 yrs, PA
120B-72-73, Artman, Mary A. 17 yrs, PA
120B-72-73, Artman, John 14 yrs, PA
120B-72-73, Artman, Wilson 22 yrs, PA
120B-72-73, Artman, Jacob 88 yrs, PA
120B-72-73, Artman, Hannah 83 yrs, PA
125B-141-143, Artman, Abram 27 yrs, PA
125B-141-143, Artman, Elmira 29 yrs, PA
125B-141-143, Artman, Francis E 2 yrs, PA
125B-141-143, Artman, L. D. 1/12 yrs, PA
125B-142-144, Artman, Theodore 25 yrs, PA
125B-142-144, Artman, Emily 23 yrs, PA
125B-142-144, Artman, Mary L. 5 yrs, PA
125B-142-144, Artman, Elmer 2 yrs, PA
125B-149-151, Bailey, Ashus 44 yrs, NY
126A-149-151, Bailey, Margret 38 yrs, PA
126A-149-151, Bailey, John 15 yrs, PA
126A-149-151, Bailey, Effie 11 yrs, PA
126A-149-151, Bailey, Hiram 9 yrs, PA
126A-149-151, Bailey, Emily 7 yrs, PA
126A-149-151, Bailey, Cyrus 5 yrs, PA
126A-149-151, Bailey, Catharine 3 yrs, PA
126A-149-151, Bailey, James 9/12 yrs, PA
118A-35-36, Bales, Wallace 65 yrs, PA
118A-35-36, Bales, Martha 50 yrs, PA
118A-35-36, Bales, Alfred 7 yrs, PA
119B-62-63, Bates, Elias 50 yrs, PA
119B-62-63, Bates, Eliza 46 yrs, NY
119B-62-63, Bates, Sarah A. 17 yrs, PA
119B-62-63, Bates, Sidney S. 14 yrs, PA
119B-62-63, Bates, Mary E. 10 yrs, PA
119B-64-65, Bates, Lester 47 yrs, PA
119B-64-65, Bates, Margret 72 yrs, PA
120B-78-78, Bates, Thos U. 26 yrs, PA
120B-78-78, Bates, Mary 21 yrs, OH
120B-78-78, Bates, Leo W. 3 yrs, PA
120B-78-78, Bates, Luna 1/12 yrs, PA
120B-79-79, Bates, John 60 yrs, PA
120B-79-79, Bates, Margret 58 yrs, PA
120B-80-80, Bates, Cornelius 33 yrs, PA
120B-80-80, Bates, Elmira 34 yrs, PA
120B-80-80, Bates, Chas R. 11 yrs, PA
121A-80-80, Bates, George W. 9 yrs, PA
121A-81-81, Bates, Willis 26 yrs, PA
121A-81-81, Bates, Caroline 27 yrs, OH
121A-81-81, Bates, Arner 2 yrs, PA
121A-81-81, Bates, Anne 2 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Bates, John R. 56 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Bates, Mary 60 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Bates, Louisa 24 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Bates, Lorenza 22 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Bates, Jacob 21 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Bates, John C. 18 yrs, PA
121B-96-96, Bates, Calvin 50 yrs, PA
121B-96-96, Bates, Sarah 58 yrs, PA
121B-96-96, Bates, Lydia 20 yrs, PA
121B-97-97, Bates, Absolson 24 yrs, PA
121B-97-97, Bates, Mary J. 22 yrs, OH
121B-97-97, Bates, Wand 5/12 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Andrew J. 46 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Fyetta 44 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Emeline 26 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Saml C. 24 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Anna M 20 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Eliza 18 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Charlotta 16 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Danl 14 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Mary 12 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Bates, Frank A. 6 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Bates, Thos 42 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Bates, Maria 40 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Bates, Mary A 16 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Bates, Charles B 14 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Bates, Aby 13 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Bates, Harriet F 11 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Bates, Thos M 8 yrs, PA
125B-147-149, Bean, Nancy 67 yrs, PA
126A-154-156, Bean, Josiah 36 yrs, PA
126A-154-156, Bean, Margret 30 yrs, PA
126A-154-156, Bean, Thos F. 9 yrs, PA
126A-154-156, Bean, Martha 8 yrs, PA
126A-154-156, Bean, Hugh 5 yrs, PA
126A-154-156, Bean, Laura 2 yrs, PA
126A-154-156, Bean, Wm 12 yrs, PA
126B-155-157, Bean, Johnathan 33 yrs, PA
126B-155-157, Bean, Elizabeth 30 yrs, PA
126B-155-157, Bean, Alice T 10 yrs, PA
126B-155-157, Bean, Nancy A 8 yrs, PA
126B-155-157, Bean, Wm 3 yrs, PA
123A-116-117, Bird, Wm 42 yrs, PA
123A-116-117, Bird, Leak 44 yrs, PA
123A-116-117, Bird, Esther 18 yrs, PA
123A-116-117, Bird, John 15 yrs, PA
123A-116-117, Bird, Mary 13 yrs, PA
123A-116-117, Bird, Matilda 10 yrs, PA
123A-116-117, Bird, Rosana 5 yrs, PA
126B-160-162, Bird, Pauly 45 yrs, PA
126B-160-162, Bird, Adam 19 yrs, PA
126B-160-162, Bird, Mary 22 yrs, PA
118B-39-40, Boger, Hannah 32 yrs, PA
118B-39-40, Boger, Henry 19 yrs, PA
118B-39-40, Boger, Emma 14 yrs, PA
118B-39-40, Boger, Mary E. 11 yrs, PA
118B-39-40, Boger, Julia 7 yrs, PA
118B-39-40, Boger, Suey 5 yrs, PA
118B-42-43, Boger, Nathan 20 yrs, PA
119B-58-59, Bord, Matilda 11 yrs, PA
118B-43-44, Bro*ns, Ransell 18 yrs, PA
120B-76-76, Brockway, Alvin 35 yrs, PA
120B-76-76, Brockway, Mary 32 yrs, OH
120B-76-76, Brockway, Cassins 10 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Brockway, Jerom 41 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Brockway, Caroline 39 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Brockway, Ellenor 14 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Brockway, Wendel 12 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Brockway, Clara 11 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Brockway, Martha 9 yrs, PA
121A-85-85, Brockway, D. W. 45 yrs, PA
121A-85-85, Brockway, Emma 41 yrs, NJ
121A-85-85, Brockway, Emma F. 17 yrs, NY
121A-85-85, Brockway, Emerson 15 yrs, PA
121A-85-85, Brockway, Sarah F. 14 yrs, PA
121A-85-85, Brockway, Newton 7 yrs, PA
121A-87-87, Brockway, A. H. 33 yrs, PA
121A-87-87, Brockway, Pheba 20 yrs, PA
121A-87-87, Brockway, Welbus 8 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, Brockway, Levi 30 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, Brockway, Emeline 25 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, Brockway, Sarah 1 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, Brockway, Christina 70 yrs, PA
118B-42-43, Burns, Salina 40 yrs, PA
118B-42-43, Burns, Wayne 18 yrs, OH
126B-161-163, Burns, Abagail 25 yrs, PA
126B-161-163, Burton, Catharine 36 yrs, PA
116A-4-4, Callahan, Solomon 62 yrs, PA
116A-4-4, Callahan, John M. 26 yrs, PA
116A-4-4, Callahan, Catharine 24 yrs, PA
116A-4-5, Callahan, Soutzeniser 33 yrs, PA
116A-4-5, Callahan, Aba 22 yrs, PA
116A-4-5, Callahan, W. S. 3 yrs, PA
116A-4-5, Callahan, Elizabeth 1 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Saml 55 yrs, NY
117A-21-22, Calvert, Nancy 54 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Robt H. 27 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Mary 24 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Nancy 22 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Wm C. 20 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Sarah 18 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Robena 16 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Elizabeth 14 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Saml S. 8 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Wm C. 57 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Sarah 85 yrs, PA
117A-21-22, Calvert, Sarah A. 53 yrs, PA
119B-60-61, Calvert, Wm E. 46 yrs, PA
119B-60-61, Calvert, Ann E. 32 yrs, PA
119B-61-62, Calvert, J. G. 36 yrs, NY
119B-61-62, Calvert, Nancy 58 yrs, NY
119B-61-62, Calvert, Orvilla 22 yrs, PA
118A-30-31, Calvin, Sarah 58 yrs, PA
119A-54-55, Campbell, Wm 28 yrs, PA
119A-54-55, Campbell, Sarah 28 yrs, PA
119A-54-55, Campbell, Malinda 64 yrs, PA
119A-54-55, Campbell, Jane 35 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Jeremiah 60 yrs, MD
122B-106-106, Carr, Nancy 40 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Ida 18 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Richard 16 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Elizabeth S 14 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Erwin H 12 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Curtis 10 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Wilson 8 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Mary J 6 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Martha 2 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Carr, Amanda 8/12 yrs, PA
122B-107-107, Carr, Erwin 84 yrs, MD
122B-107-107, Carr, Susan 84 yrs, MD
122B-107-107, Carr, Elizabeth 40 yrs, MD
123B-119-122, Carr, Richard 59 yrs, MD
123B-119-122, Carr, Abagail 59 yrs, NY
123B-119-122, Carr, Mary 25 yrs, PA
123B-120-122, Carr, Robt 27 yrs, PA
123B-120-122, Carr, Mary 27 yrs, PA
123B-120-122, Carr, Jessee 3 yrs, PA
123B-120-122, Carr, Minnie 2 yrs, PA
126B-157-159, Chebona, David 51 yrs, PA
126B-157-159, Chebona, Rebecca 49 yrs, PA
126B-157-159, Chebona, Laura 20 yrs, PA
126B-157-159, Chebona, David 18 yrs, PA
126B-158-160, Chebona, Henry 25 yrs, PA
126B-158-160, Chebona, Margret 28 yrs, PA
126B-158-160, Chebona, Ada 1/12 yrs, PA
118B-42-43, Chebonda, John 55 yrs, PA
118B-43-44, Chebonda, Ann 55 yrs, PA
118B-43-44, Chebonda, Saml 23 yrs, PA
118B-43-44, Chebonda, John 22 yrs, PA
118B-43-44, Chebonda, David 16 yrs, PA
118B-43-44, Chebonda, Sarah J. 14 yrs, PA
119A-55-56, Christy, James 47 yrs, PA
119A-55-56, Christy, Margret 30 yrs, OH
119A-55-56, Christy, Emma 12 yrs, PA
119A-55-56, Christy, Lizzie 4 yrs, PA
119A-55-56, Christy, Frank 2 yrs, PA
119B-55-56, Christy, Jane 74 yrs, PA
119B-55-56, Christy, Saml 30 yrs, PA
122B-109-109, Christy, Frederic 48 yrs, PA
122B-109-109, Christy, Hannah 47 yrs, PA
122B-109-109, Christy, James 14 yrs, PA
122B-109-109, Christy, Ida 11 yrs, PA
122B-109-109, Christy, Frederick 9 yrs, PA
122B-109-109, Christy, John 8 yrs, PA
122B-109-109, Christy, Elizabeth 5 yrs, PA
125B-145-147, Climens, Hanson 42 yrs, PA
125B-145-147, Climens, Elizabeth 60 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, Josh R 47 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, Elizabeth S 43 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, Mary J 18 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, James J 15 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, Josh S 13 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, Thomas T 10 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, Wm M 8 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, Chas S 6 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, Emma S 4 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Clyde, Lizzie M 9/12 yrs, PA
122A-104-104, Clyde, Josh R 47 yrs, PA
122A-104-104, Clyde, Caroline 37 yrs, PA
117A-22-23, Cochran, Wm J. 48 yrs, PA
117B-22-23, Cochran, Elizabeth 49 yrs, PA
117B-22-23, Cochran, Jams 22 yrs, PA
117B-22-23, Cochran, David 18 yrs, PA
117B-22-23, Cochran, John W. 15 yrs, PA
117B-22-23, Cochran, Mary J. 13 yrs, PA
117B-22-23, Cochran, Henrietta 11 yrs, PA
117B-22-23, Cochran, Elizabeth C. 9 yrs, PA
117B-22-23, Cochran, George B. 7 yrs, PA
117B-22-23, Cochran, A. Lincoln 5 yrs, PA
124A-133-135, Cochran, Wm 58 yrs, Ireland
124B-133-135, Cochran, Margret 50 yrs, PA
124B-133-135, Cochran, Nancy 26 yrs, PA
124B-133-135, Cochran, Maggie 24 yrs, PA
124B-133-135, Cochran, Saml 22 yrs, PA
124B-133-135, Cochran, Wilson 21 yrs, PA
124B-133-135, Cochran, David 18 yrs, PA
124B-133-135, Cochran, Wm 16 yrs, PA
124B-133-135, Cochran, Mary 11 yrs, PA
124B-133-135, Cochran, Lizzie 9 yrs, PA
125A-138-140, Collins, Geo 45 yrs, Ireland
125A-138-140, Collins, Mary 38 yrs, Ireland
125A-138-140, Collins, Margret 10 yrs, OH
125A-138-140, Collins, John 8 yrs, OH
125A-138-140, Collins, James 7 yrs, OH
125A-138-140, Collins, Thos 5 yrs, OH
125A-138-140, Collins, Geo 3 yrs, PA
125A-138-140, Collins, Wm 7/12 yrs, PA
125A-138-140, Collins, Edward 27 yrs, Ireland
125A-137-139, Conelly, Edward 33 yrs, Ireland
125A-137-139, Conelly, Ann 26 yrs, OH
125A-137-139, Conelly, Edward 5 yrs, PA
125A-137-139, Conelly, Mary 2 yrs, PA
125A-137-139, Conelly, Ann 2 yrs, PA
126A-151-153, Coughlan, James 52 yrs, Ireland
126A-151-153, Coughlan, Margret 36 yrs, Ireland
126A-151-153, Coughlan, Margret 16 yrs, OH
126A-151-153, Coughlan, James 14 yrs, OH
126A-151-153, Coughlan, Mary A 11 yrs, PA
126A-151-153, Coughlan, Wm 9 yrs, OH
126A-151-153, Coughlan, John 6 yrs, OH
126A-151-153, Coughlan, Ellen 5 yrs, PA
126A-151-153, Coughlan, Julia 7/12 yrs, PA
125A-136-138, Cullen, John 26 yrs, Ireland
125A-136-138, Cullen, Bridget 26 yrs, Ireland
125A-136-138, Cullen, Nicholas 1 yrs, OH
125A-136-138, Cullen, John 1/12 yrs, PA
118B-46-47, Davis, Edward 26 yrs, England
125A-140-142, Dillan, John 26 yrs, OH
125B-140-142, Dillan, Louisa 32 yrs, PA
125B-140-142, Dillan, Geo M 10 yrs, PA
125B-140-142, Dillan, Lydia R 7 yrs, PA
125B-140-142, Dillan, Sarah C 5 yrs, PA
125B-140-142, Dillan, Andrew J 2 yrs, PA
116A-9-10, Drew, Danl 40 yrs, Ireland
116A-9-10, Drew, Johanna 40 yrs, Ireland
116A-9-10, Drew, Marg. 4 yrs, PA
116A-9-10, Drew, John 2/12 yrs, PA
123B-124-126, Duval, Geo W 44 yrs, NY
123B-124-126, Duval, Julia E 44 yrs, PA
123B-124-126, Duval, Lizetta A 16 yrs, PA
123B-124-126, Duval, Chas W 14 yrs, PA
123B-124-126, Duval, Clayton M 12 yrs, PA
124A-124-126, Duval, Elle* M 7 yrs, PA
124A-124-126, Duval, Lewis G 5 yrs, PA
124A-124-126, Duval, Reuben 1 yrs, PA
125B-144-146, Edwards, Lewis 36 yrs, OH
125B-144-146, Edwards, Margret 21 yrs, PA
125B-144-146, Edwards, Eva T. B. 11 yrs, PA
125B-144-146, Edwards, Lelia A 9 yrs, OH
125B-144-146, Edwards, Herbert 2 yrs, PA
121A-89-89, Ellis, James 70 yrs, PA
126A-153-155, Ensterline, Mary 45 yrs, PA
126A-153-155, Ensterline, Mary E 16 yrs, PA
126A-153-155, Ensterline, Wm 14 yrs, PA
126A-153-155, Ensterline, John 9 yrs, PA
123A-113-113, Erdis, John 52 yrs, Ireland
123A-113-113, Erdis, Lydia 50 yrs, PA
123A-113-113, Erdis, Terressa 22 yrs, PA
123A-113-113, Erdis, Wm P. 21 yrs, PA
123A-113-113, Erdis, Phoeba 18 yrs, PA
123A-113-113, Erdis, James 16 yrs, PA
123A-113-113, Erdis, Fremont 14 yrs, PA
125B-143-145, Erdis, A. W. 29 yrs, PA
125B-143-145, Erdis, Elizabeth 30 yrs, PA
125B-143-145, Erdis, Luella B 3/12 yrs, PA
116B-11-12, Everett, Robt 56 yrs, PA
116B-11-12, Everett, Mary A. 48 yrs, PA
116B-11-12, Everett, Granthon 20 yrs, PA
116B-11-12, Everett, Wm. Newton 17 yrs, PA
120A-71-72, Fell, Nathen 45 yrs, PA
120A-71-72, Fell, Mary 53 yrs, OH
120A-71-72, Fell, Uriah 21 yrs, PA
120A-71-72, Fell, Emeline 19 yrs, PA
120A-71-72, Fell, Mary E. 17 yrs, PA
120A-71-72, Fell, Eva 15 yrs, PA
120A-71-72, Fell, Emma 15 yrs, PA
120A-71-72, Fell, Amanda 13 yrs, PA
120B-71-72, Fell, Esther 11 yrs, PA
119A-49-50, Flaherty, John 45 yrs, Ireland
119A-49-50, Flaherty, Hannah 40 yrs, Ireland
119A-49-50, Flaherty, Michael 12 yrs, PA
119A-49-50, Flaherty, Catharine 10 yrs, PA
119A-49-50, Flaherty, Mary E. 8 yrs, PA
119A-49-50, Flaherty, Wm 4 yrs, PA
119A-49-50, Flaherty, Laura 2 yrs, PA
125B-146-148, Fletcher, Allex 64 yrs, PA
125B-146-148, Fletcher, Jane 56 yrs, PA
125B-146-148, Fletcher, Mary A 24 yrs, PA
125B-146-148, Fletcher, Leander 19 yrs, PA
126B-156-158, Fletcher, Wm M 37 yrs, PA
126B-156-158, Fletcher, Mary S 36 yrs, PA
126B-156-158, Fletcher, Lizzie 9 yrs, PA
126B-156-158, Fletcher, Oran E 5 yrs, PA
126B-156-158, Fletcher, Jas C 2 yrs, PA
126B-156-158, Fletcher, Samuel 33 yrs, PA
124A-126-128, Frame, Elizabeth 18 yrs, PA
124A-127-129, Frame, Abner J 39 yrs, PA
124A-127-129, Frame, Cevilla 27 yrs, PA
124A-127-129, Frame, Edward L 5 yrs, PA
124A-127-129, Frame, Chas 2 yrs, PA
122A-99-99, Fry, M. J. 59 yrs, PA
122A-99-99, Fry, Esther 52 yrs, PA
122A-99-99, Fry, Mary E. 17 yrs, PA
122A-99-99, Fry, Catharine 84 yrs, PA
126A-152-154, Fry, Wm L 45 yrs, PA
126A-152-154, Fry, Mary A 42 yrs, PA
126A-152-154, Fry, Wm T. *. 21 yrs, PA
126A-152-154, Fry, U H 19 yrs, PA
126A-152-154, Fry, Alvin 17 yrs, PA
126A-152-154, Fry, Leander 45 yrs, PA
126A-152-154, Fry, Elmira 11 yrs, PA
126A-152-154, Fry, Deana A 5 yrs, PA
118A-37-38, Furgueson, James 37 yrs, PA
118A-37-38, Furgueson, Clara 25 yrs, PA
118A-37-38, Furgueson, Catharine 8 yrs, PA
118A-37-38, Furgueson, Amanda 5 yrs, PA
118B-37-38, Furgueson, Saml 3 yrs, PA
125B-148-150, Furgueson, Levina 10 yrs, PA
126A-150-152, Furgueson, John 42 yrs, PA
126A-150-152, Furgueson, Delias 41 yrs, PA
126A-150-152, Furgueson, Amanda 13 yrs, PA
126A-150-152, Furgueson, A Levina 8 yrs, PA
116A-6-7, Gillan, Jane 60 yrs, PA
126B-162-164, Gillan, Denis 35 yrs, Ireland
126B-162-164, Gillan, Bridget 34 yrs, Ireland
126B-162-164, Gillan, Catharine 8 yrs, PA
126B-162-164, Gillan, John 6 yrs, PA
126B-162-164, Gillan, Janett 4 yrs, OH
126B-162-164, Gillan, Denis 2 yrs, PA
121A-89-89, Graham, Alfred 36 yrs, PA
121A-89-89, Graham, Elizabeth 34 yrs, PA
121A-89-89, Graham, Mary T. 14 yrs, PA
121A-89-89, Graham, James R. 12 yrs, PA
118A-29-30, Gruver, Michael 67 yrs, PA
118A-29-30, Gruver, Catharine 61 yrs, PA
118A-29-30, Gruver, John 35 yrs, PA
118A-29-30, Gruver, Jerremiah 20 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Hagens, Dwight 19 yrs, OH
118B-44-45, Harrison, John 52 yrs, PA
118B-44-45, Harrison, Matilda 55 yrs, PA
118B-44-45, Harrison, Alda 24 yrs, PA
117A-19-20, Haskel, Michael 32 yrs, PA
117A-19-20, Haskel, Nancy A. 32 yrs, PA
117A-19-20, Haskel, Jennie 10 yrs, PA
117A-19-20, Haskel, Abert 4 yrs, PA
117A-19-20, Haskel, Mary 2 yrs, PA
119A-51-52, Hill, Thos 38 yrs, Ireland
119A-51-52, Hill, Margret 35 yrs, Ireland
119A-51-52, Hill, Wm 14 yrs, PA
116A-7-8, Hill , A. Patterson 61 yrs, PA
116A-7-8, Hill , Rebecca 41 yrs, PA
116A-7-8, Hill , David H. 13 yrs, PA
116A-7-8, Hill , Margaret 10 yrs, PA
116A-7-8, Hill , Mary M. 8 yrs, PA
116A-7-8, Hill , Nancy E. 9/12 yrs, PA
123B-119-122, Hong, Flora 15 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Abner 41 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Syleia 37 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Curtis 17 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Elizabeth 15 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Theophilus 13 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Johnathan 11 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Jas. E. 8 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Chas. L. 5 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Allie E. 3 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Abner A. 4/12 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Johnathan 64 yrs, PA
120A-66-67, Hoover, Allie 60 yrs, PA
121B-94-94, Hoover, W. I. 38 yrs, PA
121B-94-94, Hoover, Anna 32 yrs, PA
121B-94-94, Hoover, MaryEtta 9 yrs, PA
121B-94-94, Hoover, Francis 5 yrs, PA
121B-94-94, Hoover, Burton 1 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Bernhard 48 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Nancy 35 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Edward K. 16 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, J. Wm 15 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Joel F. 13 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Johnson 11 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Margret 9 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Ellen M. 7 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Barnhard 6 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Hugh S. 4 yrs, PA
116B-14-15, Hughs, Nancy B. 2 yrs, PA
119B-59-60, Hunter, Harrison 46 yrs, PA
119B-59-60, Hunter, Anna 50 yrs, OH
119B-59-60, Hunter, Mary L. 15 yrs, PA
118A-31-32, John, Abraham 25 yrs, PA
118A-31-32, John, Caroline 27 yrs, PA
118A-32-33, John, John 58 yrs, PA
118A-32-33, John, Nancy A. 62 yrs, PA
118A-32-33, John, Henry C. 24 yrs, PA
124A-129-131, Johnson, Robt P 42 yrs, PA
124A-129-131, Johnson, Mary 30 yrs, PA
124A-129-131, Johnson, James T 17 yrs, PA
124A-129-131, Johnson, Wilson 15 yrs, PA
124A-129-131, Johnson, Henry 12 yrs, PA
124A-129-131, Johnson, Charles 10 yrs, PA
124A-129-131, Johnson, Margret J 5 yrs, PA
123B-121-123, Kerrick, A. R. 64 yrs, NY
123B-121-123, Kerrick, Lucy 30 yrs, PA
123B-121-123, Kerrick, Alice C 14 yrs, PA
123B-121-123, Kerrick, Chs C 11 yrs, PA
123B-121-123, Kerrick, Walter B 9 yrs, PA
123B-121-123, Kerrick, Ernst B 5 yrs, PA
123B-121-123, Kerrick, Minna 1 yrs, PA
123B-122-124, Kerrick, Albert 56 yrs, NY
123B-122-124, Kerrick, Mary 48 yrs, OH
123B-122-124, Kerrick, Joseph B 30 yrs, PA
123B-122-124, Kerrick, E. Wm R. 23 yrs, PA
123B-122-124, Kerrick, Julia 13 yrs, PA
123B-122-124, Kerrick, Albert 10 yrs, PA
123B-122-124, Kerrick, Etta 19 yrs, PA
116A-2-2, Kyle, John 59 yrs, PA
116A-2-2, Kyle, Mary 64 yrs, PA
116A-2-2, Kyle, Catharine 30 yrs, PA
116A-8-9, Laird, John 35 yrs, PA
116A-8-9, Laird, Emeline 36 yrs, PA
116A-8-9, Laird, John A. 7 yrs, PA
116A-8-9, Laird, Wm F. 3 yrs, PA
116A-8-9, Laird, Clara 3/12 yrs, PA
119A-51-52, Lanehan, Denis 17 yrs, Ireland
122B-110-110, Lawyer, Levi 37 yrs, PA
122B-110-110, Lawyer, Mary 26 yrs, OH
122B-110-110, Lawyer, Luella 9/12 yrs, PA
123A-110-110, Lawyer, Rachel 79 yrs, NJ
124B-134-136, Logan, J T. 25 yrs, PA
124B-134-136, Logan, Maggie 44 yrs, PA
124B-134-136, Logan, Jennie 32 yrs, PA
117B-23-24, Logan , S. L. 42 yrs, PA
117B-23-24, Logan , Henrietta 7 yrs, PA
117B-23-24, Logan , Sarah 9 yrs, PA
117B-23-24, Logan , Emma J. 11 yrs, PA
117B-23-24, Logan , Wm 15 yrs, PA
117B-23-24, Logan , Saml G. 17 yrs, PA
117B-23-24, Logan , Calvin 19 yrs, PA
117B-23-24, Logan , Mary E. 21 yrs, PA
124A-125-127, Londen, D. B. 40 yrs, OH
124A-125-127, Londen, S. E. 30 yrs, OH
124A-125-127, Londen, Hattie C. 16 yrs, PA
124A-125-127, Londen, Sarah J 14 yrs, PA
124A-125-127, Londen, Dewitt 11 yrs, WI
124A-128-130, Londen, Asa C 42 yrs, OH
124A-128-130, Londen, Eliza J 33 yrs, PA
124A-128-130, Londen, Emma J 11 yrs, PA
124A-128-130, Londen, Geo E 6 yrs, PA
124A-128-130, Londen, Cora E 1 yrs, PA
124A-128-130, Londen, Wm M 9 yrs, PA
121B-95-95, Lurker, Emma 25 yrs, PA
125B-148-150, Maffit, Harriet 30 yrs, PA
121A-90-90, Marly, Patrick 61 yrs, Ireland
121A-90-90, Marly, Mary 63 yrs, Ireland
121B-90-90, Marly, Michael 24 yrs, PA
121B-91-91, Marly, John 65 yrs, Ireland
121B-91-91, Marly, Ann 55 yrs, Ireland
121B-91-91, Marly, James 19 yrs, PA
121B-91-91, Marly, Mary J. 15 yrs, PA
121B-91-91, Marly, Rosanna 14 yrs, PA
121B-92-92, Marly, Richard 65 yrs, Ireland
121B-92-92, Marly, Ellen 50 yrs, Ireland
121B-92-92, Marly, John 27 yrs, PA
121B-92-92, Marly, Caroline 23 yrs, PA
121B-92-92, Marly, Mary A. 18 yrs, PA
117A-17-18, Matoo, Bartholamew 60 yrs, Ireland
117A-17-18, Matoo, Catharine 50 yrs, Ireland
117A-17-18, Matoo, Patrick 20 yrs, Ireland
117A-17-18, Matoo, Mary 15 yrs, OH
117A-17-18, Matoo, Catharine 12 yrs, OH
117A-17-18, Matoo, Mora 10 yrs, OH
116B-16-17, McAdoo, Thos 80 yrs, Ireland
117A-16-17, McAdoo, Isabella 40 yrs, PA
118A-30-31, McClirnens, Wm 35 yrs, PA
118A-30-31, McClirnens, Mary J. 34 yrs, PA
118A-30-31, McClirnens, Slialva 11 yrs, PA
118A-30-31, McClirnens, Sarah 9 yrs, PA
118A-30-31, McClirnens, John 6 yrs, PA
118A-30-31, McClirnens, Nettie 4 yrs, PA
121A-83-83, McCormick, Catharine 72 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, McCrum, J W 35 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, McCrum, S A 33 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, John A. 46 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, Nancy 46 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, Jos *. 22 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, Mary A. 18 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, John W. 14 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, Nancy J. 12 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, Luella T. 10 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, Elmer E. 8 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, Grant 5 yrs, PA
116B-15-16, McCurdy, Thos M. 3 yrs, PA
117A-16-17, McDell, Anna 12 yrs, PA
126B-159-161, McElhaney, James 69 yrs, PA
126B-159-161, McElhaney, Margret 58 yrs, PA
126B-159-161, McElhaney, Philo 17 yrs, PA
123A-117-118, McElheny, Jno K 40 yrs, PA
123B-117-118, McElheny, Rebecca 42 yrs, PA
123B-117-118, McElheny, Jas E 23 yrs, PA
123B-117-118, McElheny, Thos R 17 yrs, PA
123B-117-118, McElheny, Danl A 14 yrs, PA
123B-117-118, McElheny, Margret J 10 yrs, PA
119A-47-48, McGriff, John 19 yrs, PA
119A-47-48, McGriff, Emma 18 yrs, PA
119A-47-48, McGriff, Mary A. 46 yrs, PA
119A-48-49, McGriff, Thos 24 yrs, PA
119A-48-49, McGriff, Saml 18 yrs, PA
119A-48-49, McGriff, Elizabeth 14 yrs, PA
119A-48-49, McGriff, James 12 yrs, PA
119A-48-49, McGriff, Margret 9 yrs, PA
119A-49-50, McGriff, Giles 47 yrs, PA
119B-63-64, McLaughlin, Robt 42 yrs, PA
119B-63-64, McLaughlin, Martha A. 29 yrs, England
119B-63-64, McLaughlin, Rebecca 64 yrs, PA
120A-67-68, McLaughlin, Michael 64 yrs, PA
120A-67-68, McLaughlin, Hannah 54 yrs, PA
120A-69-70, McLaughlin, Thos 0.72 yrs, PA
120A-69-70, McLaughlin, Loretta 20 yrs, PA
120A-69-70, McLaughlin, Maria 17 yrs, PA
120A-69-70, McLaughlin, Sylvester 14 yrs, PA
120A-69-70, McLaughlin, Emma 12 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Moats, John 54 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Moats, Margret 42 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Moats, Alfred W. 18 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Moats, Jane 17 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Moats, Jacob 15 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Moats, John W. 13 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Moats, Malinda 10 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Moats, Christopher 59 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Moats, Mary A 39 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Moats, Sasrah J 13 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Moats, John C 10 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Moats, Jas J 7 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Moats, Eli B 4 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Moats, Dona E 2 yrs, PA
123A-111-111, Moats, Lewis 52 yrs, PA
123A-111-111, Moats, S. B. 50 yrs, OH
123A-111-111, Moats, H. W. 19 yrs, PA
123A-111-111, Moats, S. B. 18 yrs, PA
123A-111-111, Moats, M. J. 15 yrs, PA
123A-112-112, Moats, Jas H. 40 yrs, PA
123A-112-112, Moats, Jane 86 yrs, PA
123A-112-112, Moats, Eliza 42 yrs, PA
123A-112-112, Moats, Isabel 38 yrs, PA
119B-56-57, Moreland, Sarah 34 yrs, PA
119B-58-59, Moreland, H. C. 27 yrs, PA
119B-58-59, Moreland, Amanda 26 yrs, PA
119B-58-59, Moreland, Mary E. 1/12 yrs, PA
117B-24-25, Morland, Robt 48 yrs, PA
117B-24-25, Morland, Mary J. 32 yrs, PA
117B-24-25, Morland, Osta A. 3 yrs, PA
117B-24-25, Morland, Emma 1 yrs, PA
117B-24-25, Morland, Lizzie 1 yrs, PA
117B-25-26, Morland, David 55 yrs, PA
117B-25-26, Morland, Elizabeth 49 yrs, PA
117B-25-26, Morland, Louisa J. 20 yrs, PA
117B-25-26, Morland, Amos 14 yrs, PA
117B-25-26, Morland, Jno R. 12 yrs, PA
117B-25-26, Morland, James H. 5 yrs, PA
124A-130-132, Morland, Thos W 42 yrs, PA
124A-130-132, Morland, Dela 55 yrs, PA
124A-130-132, Morland, Anderson 24 yrs, PA
124A-130-132, Morland, Wm 22 yrs, PA
124A-130-132, Morland, Saml 12 yrs, PA
124A-131-133, Morland, John W 48 yrs, PA
124A-131-133, Morland, Lethha 50 yrs, PA
124A-131-133, Morland, Lilly 40 yrs, PA
124A-132-134, Morland, Isaac 37 yrs, PA
124A-132-134, Morland, Ellen 35 yrs, PA
124A-132-134, Morland, James A 15 yrs, PA
124A-132-134, Morland, Andrew O 12 yrs, PA
124A-132-134, Morland, Thos 11/12 yrs, PA
124B-135-137, Morland, John 50 yrs, PA
124B-135-137, Morland, Letitia 59 yrs, PA
124B-135-137, Morland, Mary 58 yrs, PA
124B-135-137, Morland, Martha 52 yrs, PA
125A-139-141, Morland, Sarah J 45 yrs, PA
125A-139-141, Morland, Wm 26 yrs, PA
125A-139-141, Morland, John S 24 yrs, PA
125A-139-141, Morland, Robt P 20 yrs, PA
125A-139-141, Morland, Jane 17 yrs, PA
125B-148-150, Morland, Catharine 62 yrs, PA
125B-148-150, Morland, E. A. 24 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, Mullen, Luther 34 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, Mullen, Sarah 27 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, Mullen, Mary 9 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, Mullen, Homer 7 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, Mullen, Emma 5 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, Mullen, Eva 2 yrs, PA
121A-84-84, Nelson, Robt G. 58 yrs, MD
121A-84-84, Nelson, W. T. 54 yrs, MD
121A-84-84, Nelson, Margaret 56 yrs, MD
123A-114-114, North, Seth 37 yrs, PA
123A-114-114, North, Mary A 34 yrs, PA
123A-114-114, North, Sarah 1 yrs, PA
123A-115-116, North, Saml 47 yrs, PA
123A-115-116, North, Mary A 36 yrs, PA
123A-115-116, North, Emery 14 yrs, PA
123A-115-116, North, Thora A 12 yrs, PA
123A-115-116, North, Robt M 10 yrs, PA
123A-115-116, North, Ida J 8 yrs, PA
123A-115-116, North, Jas M 7 yrs, PA
123A-115-116, North, Mary E 4 yrs, PA
123A-115-116, North, John 1 yrs, PA
116A-10-11, O'Neil, Denis 50 yrs, Ireland
116A-10-11, O'Neil, Ada 40 yrs, Ireland
116B-10-11, O'Neil, Demry 12 yrs, OH
116B-10-11, O'Neil, Margaret 16 yrs, OH
116B-10-11, O'Neil, Ellen 8 yrs, OH
116B-10-11, O'Neil, Peter 6 yrs, OH
116B-10-11, O'Neil, Michael 3 yrs, OH
119B-56-57, Porter, Saml 69 yrs, Ireland
119B-56-57, Porter, Elizabeth 59 yrs, Ireland
119B-56-57, Porter, Samuel C. 30 yrs, PA
119B-56-57, Porter, Wm 25 yrs, PA
121B-98-98, Porter, Homer 19 yrs, PA
121B-98-98, Porter, Amanda 44 yrs, PA
121B-98-98, Porter, Sylvester 22 yrs, PA
121B-98-98, Porter, Emma 13 yrs, PA
121B-98-98, Porter, Lincoln 10 yrs, PA
121B-98-98, Porter, Elmer 8 yrs, PA
121B-98-98, Porter, Frank 6 yrs, PA
121B-98-98, Porter, Sumner 4 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Probrt, John 35 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Probrt, Nancy A. 35 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Probrt, Mary 14 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Probrt, Fred 8 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Probrt, Henry 6 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Rade, Tos 25 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Rade, Esther 21 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Rade, Jesse 2 yrs, PA
118B-46-47, Ramsey, Mary 48 yrs, PA
125B-147-149, Ray, Wm 32 yrs, PA
125B-147-149, Ray, Harriet 34 yrs, PA
125B-147-149, Ray, John 6 yrs, PA
125B-147-149, Ray, Dect 5 yrs, PA
125B-147-149, Ray, Alpha 3 yrs, PA
125B-147-149, Ray, Mary 2 yrs, PA
125B-147-149, Ray, Th*s 22 yrs, Ireland
117B-28-29, Relinger, David 33 yrs, PA
117B-28-29, Relinger, Susan 32 yrs, PA
117B-28-29, Relinger, Ocar 9 yrs, PA
117B-28-29, Relinger, Ophelia 8 yrs, PA
117B-28-29, Relinger, Jerome 6 yrs, PA
117B-28-29, Relinger, Austin 4 yrs, PA
117B-28-29, Relinger, Ora 2 yrs, PA
117B-28-29, Relinger, Sarah A. 3/12 yrs, PA
118A-36-37, Rodgers, Robt H. 53 yrs, PA
118A-36-37, Rodgers, Catharine 51 yrs, PA
118A-36-37, Rodgers, Martin 21 yrs, PA
118A-36-37, Rodgers, Mary E. 19 yrs, PA
118A-36-37, Rodgers, Harriet M. 17 yrs, PA
118A-36-37, Rodgers, Wm S. 16 yrs, PA
118A-36-37, Rodgers, Nancy J. 13 yrs, PA
119A-52-53, Savage, John 55 yrs, Ireland
119A-52-53, Savage, Nancy 41 yrs, Ireland
119A-52-53, Savage, Eliza J. 23 yrs, Ireland
119A-52-53, Savage, Frank 21 yrs, PA
119A-52-53, Savage, John 19 yrs, PA
117B-27-28, Scott, Jas W. 33 yrs, PA
117B-27-28, Scott, Margaret 28 yrs, PA
123B-123-125, See, Mary J 48 yrs, PA
123B-123-125, See, Mary 77 yrs, VA
119A-50-51, Sewell, Geo 74 yrs, NY
119A-50-51, Sewell, Susan 64 yrs, NY
119A-50-51, Sewell, Alvin 30 yrs, OH
119A-50-51, Sewell, Elizabeth 5 yrs, PA
119A-50-51, Sewell, Malinda 30 yrs, PA
123A-114-115, Shekler, Jane 62 yrs, PA
123A-114-115, Shekler, Sarah 40 yrs, PA
123A-114-115, Shekler, Salinda 26 yrs, PA
117A-18-19, Smith, Saml 45 yrs, PA
117A-18-19, Smith, Harriet 40 yrs, PA
117A-18-19, Smith, Ida 15 yrs, PA
117A-18-19, Smith, Harriet 9 yrs, PA
117A-18-19, Smith, Esler 3 yrs, PA
117A-18-19, Smith, Martin 1 yrs, PA
121B-97-97, Smith, Wms 12 yrs, PA
123B-117-120, Sndgrass, Jane E 75 yrs, PA
123B-117-120, Sndgrass, Mary M 30 yrs, PA
123B-117-120, Sndgrass, Margretta 25 yrs, PA
118B-41-42, Snell, Francis 24 yrs, PA
118B-41-42, Snell, Nancy 24 yrs, OH
118B-41-42, Snell, Geo. L. 1 yrs, PA
116B-12-13, Snodgrass, Thos 34 yrs, PA
116B-12-13, Snodgrass, Margret 32 yrs, PA
116B-12-13, Snodgrass, Jane A. 7 yrs, PA
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Jr. P. 24 yrs, PA
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Ema A. 60 yrs, PA
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Amos 27 yrs, PA
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Isabel 30 yrs, PA
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Mary A. 22 yrs, PA
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Martha J. 17 yrs, PA
119A-53-54, Snodgrass, Josh 63 yrs, Ireland
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Ellen 25 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Lerma 23 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Amelia 22 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Armilda 29 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Elvira 18 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Cecelia 16 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Emma 14 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Sorena 12 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Snyder, Peter 39 yrs, Bavaria
116A-1-1, Snyder, Mary A. 39 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Snyder, Mary 10 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Snyder, Samantha 9 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Snyder, George 7 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Snyder, Jane 4 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Snyder, Sarah E. 6 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Snyder, Leander 10/12 yrs, PA
118A-35-36, Stafford, Wm 22 yrs, PA
118B-46-47, Stewartr, Vance A. 35 yrs, PA
118B-46-47, Stewartr, Mallisse J. 26 yrs, PA
118B-46-47, Stewartr, Mary E. 3 yrs, PA
118B-46-47, Stewartr, Willard S. 1 yrs, PA
120B-73-74, Swartz, Andrew 35 yrs, OH
120B-73-74, Swartz, Mary J. 34 yrs, PA
120B-73-74, Swartz, David 13 yrs, PA
120B-73-74, Swartz, Wm A. 12 yrs, PA
120B-73-74, Swartz, Michael 25 yrs, PA
116A-3-3, Swisher, Catharine 66 yrs, PA
116A-3-3, Swisher, Danl P. 19 yrs, PA
123B-118-121, Tarbell, L. W. 59 yrs, VT
123B-118-121, Tarbell, Maria 33 yrs, Canada
123B-118-121, Tarbell, George 5 yrs, OH
116A-5-6, Thompson, Hugh 61 yrs, PA
116A-5-6, Thompson, Ann 60 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Thompson, Hannah 74 yrs, NJ
121B-94-94, Tinker, Amos 16 yrs, PA
120A-67-68, Tote, Lanson 14 yrs, PA
119B-57-58, Wade, Robt 24 yrs, PA
119B-57-58, Wade, Emma 19 yrs, PA
119B-57-58, Wade, John 6/12 yrs, PA
120A-70-71, Wade, Alex 55 yrs, OH
120A-70-71, Wade, Margret 44 yrs, PA
120A-70-71, Wade, Eliza 17 yrs, PA
120A-70-71, Wade, Benjamine 15 yrs, PA
120A-70-71, Wade, Elsie 12 yrs, PA
120A-70-71, Wade, John 9 yrs, PA
121B-95-95, Walburn, Henry 48 yrs, PA
121A-87-87, Webb, Niles 11 yrs, PA
118B-45-46, Weber, Adam W. 28 yrs, PA
118B-45-46, Weber, Nancy 28 yrs, OH
118B-45-46, Weber, Traney S. 54 yrs, PA
118A-34-35, Wiber, Elijah 30 yrs, PA
118A-34-35, Wiber, Mary E. 28 yrs, PA
118A-34-35, Wiber, Hattie 9 yrs, PA
118A-34-35, Wiber, George 5 yrs, PA
118A-34-35, Wiber, Danl B. 2 yrs, PA
118A-34-35, Wiber, Wm 11/12 yrs, PA
118B-40-41, Willoby, Ephraim 21 yrs, PA
118B-40-41, Willoby, Juliaetta 24 yrs, PA
118B-40-41, Willoby, C. Sophia 1/12 yrs, PA
118A-33-34, Wise, Jacob 38 yrs, PA
118A-33-34, Wise, Emily S. 30 yrs, PA
118A-33-34, Wise, Jennie 13 yrs, PA
118B-38-39, Wortz, Wm 32 yrs, PA
118B-38-39, Wortz, Anna 61 yrs, PA
118B-38-39, Wortz, Julia 26 yrs, PA
118B-38-39, Wortz, Sarah 22 yrs, PA
118B-38-39, Wortz, Anna 7 yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 1999 John MacDonald

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