Lake Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

354B-26-26, Ba*ker, Malachi, 24 yrs, PA [appears to be Banker or Barker]
358A-81-81, Bachel*, Caroline, 8/12 yrs, PA [appears to be Bachelor]
358A-81-81, Bachel*, John, 38 yrs, PA [appears to be Bachelor]
358A-81-81, Bachel*, Jonathan, 9 yrs, PA [appears to be Bachelor]
358A-81-81, Bachel*, Mary A, 37 yrs, PA [appears to be Bachelor]
358A-81-81, Bachel*, Mary J, 11 yrs, PA [appears to be Bachelor]
358A-81-81, Bachel*, Thomas, 5 yrs, PA [appears to be Bachelor]
354A-19-19, Barber, Fred, 2 yrs, OH
354A-19-19, Barber, Henry, 27 yrs, OH
354A-19-19, Barber, Maria, 27 yrs, OH
355B-41-41, Barker, Eliza, 69 yrs, PA
355B-41-41, Barker, Horley, 30 yrs, PA
355B-41-41, Barker, Jane E, 1 yrs, PA
355B-41-41, Barker, Jesse, 68 yrs, PA
355B-41-41, Barker, Margaret, 25 yrs, PA
355B-44-44, Bixler, Elizabeth, 2 yrs, PA
355B-45-45, Bixler, Elizabeth, 27 yrs, PA
355B-45-45, Bixler, Jacob H, 30 yrs, PA
355B-44-44, Bixler, Jacob S, 23 yrs, PA
355B-45-45, Bixler, Manerva J, 9 yrs, PA
355B-44-44, Bixler, Margaret, 9 yrs, PA
355B-44-44, Bixler, Mary E, 27 yrs, PA
357B-68-68, Bromley, Edith, 8/12 yrs, PA
357B-69-69, Bromley, infant, 3/12 yrs, PA
357A-68-68, Bromley, James, 27 yrs, PA
357B-68-68, Bromley, John, 83 yrs, England
357B-69-69, Bromley, Josephine, 19 yrs, PA [maiden name MacDonald]
357A-68-68, Bromley, Martha, 3 yrs, PA
357B-68-68, Bromley, Mary, 57 yrs, PA
357A-68-68, Bromley, Mary A, 22 yrs, PA
357B-69-69, Bromley, Thomas, 20 yrs, PA
356B-53-53, Burdett, Charles E, 2/12 yrs, PA
356B-53-53, Burdett, Lizzie F, 8 yrs, PA
356B-53-53, Burdett, Mary E, 36 yrs, PA
356B-53-53, Burdett, Oliver, 48 yrs, England
356B-53-53, Burdett, Samuel A, 4 yrs, PA
356B-53-53, Burdett, Sarah A, 18 yrs, PA
356B-53-53, Burdett, William E, 10 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Benjamin, 18 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Charles, 8 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, David P, 13 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Eleanor, 10/12 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Eleanor, 41 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Elmer, 6 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Loos, 5 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Mary, 20 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Sherman, 6/12 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Thomas, 9 yrs, PA
355A-33-33, Caldwell, Wm, 50 yrs, PA
358A-79-79, Cannon, Adaline, 12 yrs, PA
357B-76-76, Cannon, Alfred, 33 yrs, PA
358A-78-78, Cannon, Ansley, 35 yrs, PA
358A-76-76, Cannon, Calvin G, 7/12 yrs, PA
358A-78-78, Cannon, Catharine, 30 yrs, PA
358A-78-78, Cannon, Charles, 5 yrs, PA
357B-72-72, Cannon, Elvina, 26 yrs, PA
358A-79-79, Cannon, Emily Jane, 15 yrs, PA
358A-79-79, Cannon, Harriet, 23 yrs, PA
358A-76-76, Cannon, J C, 22 yrs, PA
358A-79-79, Cannon, James, 8 yrs, PA
358A-77-77, Cannon, John A, 18 yrs, PA
357B-76-76, Cannon, John R, 6 yrs, PA
357B-76-76, Cannon, Laura J, 8 yrs, PA
358A-79-79, Cannon, Loretta, 5 yrs, PA
358A-79-79, Cannon, Margaret, 2 yrs, PA
357B-76-76, Cannon, Maria M, 13 yrs, PA
358A-77-77, Cannon, Martha, 60 yrs, PA
358A-76-76, Cannon, Mary, 4 yrs, PA
358A-77-77, Cannon, Moses B, 14 yrs, PA
357B-72-72, Cannon, Saml, 65 yrs, PA
358A-79-79, Cannon, Thomas, 4/12 yrs, PA
358A-79-79, Cannon, Thomas, 40 yrs, PA
358A-77-77, Cannon, Thomas, 67 yrs, PA
358A-76-76, Cannon, Thomas W, 2 yrs, PA
358A-79-79, Cannon, Truman, 17 yrs, PA
357B-76-76, Cannon, Uphama, 35 yrs, PA
358A-78-78, Cannon, William M, 8 yrs, PA
357B-70-70, Carver, Anna M, 26 yrs, PA
357B-70-70, Carver, John, 68 yrs, PA
357B-70-70, Carver, John F, 18 yrs, PA
357B-70-70, Carver, Mary , 63 yrs, PA
357B-70-70, Carver, Myrany, 24 yrs, PA
353A-7-7, Clark, A M, 48 yrs, PA
359A-97-97, Clark, Andrew, 10 yrs, PA
359A-97-97, Clark, Anjelo, 13 yrs, PA
359B-97-97, Clark, Corset, 44 yrs, PA
357B-73-73, Clark, E B, 42 yrs, PA
359A-97-97, Clark, Evaline, 15 yrs, PA
359A-97-97, Clark, John S, 44 yrs, PA
357B-73-73, Clark, Judson, 2 yrs, PA
357B-73-73, Clark, Lizzie, 7 yrs, PA
359B-98-98, Clark, Mary, 13 yrs, PA
357B-73-73, Clark, Mary, 14 yrs, PA
353A-7-7, Clark, Mary, 44 yrs, PA
353A-7-7, Clark, Mary V, 5 yrs, PA
357B-73-73, Clark, Nancy A, 33 yrs, PA
359B-97-97, Clark, Oliver, 2 yrs, PA
359A-97-97, Clark, Prina, 30 yrs, PA
357B-73-73, Clark, Samuel, 15 yrs, PA
359B-98-98, Clark, Sarah, 37 yrs, PA
359A-97-97, Clark, Sherman, 6 yrs, PA
357A-66-66, Colsten, Ainsworth, 3 yrs, PA
357A-66-66, Colsten, John F, 7 yrs, PA
357A-66-66, Colsten, Mary, 38 yrs, PA
357A-66-66, Colsten, Richard L, 12 yrs, PA
357A-66-66, Colsten, Silas, 9 yrs, PA
357A-66-66, Colsten, Susan M, 5 yrs, PA
357A-66-66, Colsten, V B, 42 yrs, PA
358B-90-90, Cousylman, Peter, 73 yrs, PA
358B-90-90, Cousylman, Sarah, 66 yrs, PA
357A-65-65, Cubbison, Minna, 12 yrs, PA
354A-21-21, Dean, German, 32 yrs, PA
354A-21-21, Dean, Lyda, 30 yrs, PA
354A-21-21, Dean, Phebe, 26 yrs, PA
354A-20-20, Dean, Samuel, 78 yrs, England
353B-12-12, Eccles, Elizabeth, 25 yrs, PA
353B-12-12, Eccles, Emmie E, 5 yrs, PA
353B-12-12, Eccles, Ephraim, 1/12 yrs, PA
353B-12-12, Eccles, Mary, 3 yrs, PA
353B-12-12, Eccles, Simeon, 26 yrs, PA
353B-12-12, Eccles, Susan J, 7 yrs, PA
353B-12-12, Eccles, William, 8 yrs, PA
355B-40-40, Enfield, Daniel, 30 yrs, PA
355B-40-40, Enfield, Margaret, 32 yrs, PA
353B-14-14, Fairlamb, Charles, 14 yrs, PA
353B-14-14, Fairlamb, Kate, 12 yrs, PA
353B-14-14, Fairlamb, Mary, 50 yrs, OH
353B-14-14, Fairlamb, Mary E, 18 yrs, PA
353B-14-14, Fairlamb, W V, 49 yrs, PA
354A-22-22, Fergason, Harvey W, 13 yrs, PA
354A-22-22, Fergason, James, 42 yrs, PA
354A-22-22, Fergason, James H, 9 yrs, PA
354A-22-22, Fergason, Mary, 39 yrs, PA
354A-22-22, Fergason, Oliver F, 11 yrs, PA
354A-22-22, Fergason, Sarah , 4 yrs, PA
354B-29-29, Fisher, Alberetta, 9 yrs, PA
354B-29-29, Fisher, Ann Eliza, 3 yrs, PA
354B-29-29, Fisher, Elizabeth, 1 yrs, PA
354B-28-28, Fisher, James, 3 yrs, PA
354B-29-29, Fisher, John R, 7 yrs, PA
354B-29-29, Fisher, Mary A, 30 yrs, PA
354B-28-28, Fisher, Mary E, 29 yrs, England
354B-28-28, Fisher, Rosencrant, 2 yrs, PA
354B-29-29, Fisher, Samuel, 41 yrs, England
354B-28-28, Fisher, Sarah A, 1 yrs, PA
354B-29-29, Fisher, Thomas, 5 yrs, PA
354B-28-28, Fisher, Thomas, 33 yrs, England
354B-27-27, Forker, George, 26 yrs, PA
354B-27-27, Forker, Sarah, 23 yrs, PA
356A-46-46, Fru*ell, Christain, 36 yrs, PA [possibly Fruxell]
356A-46-46, Fru*ell, Harriet E, 34 yrs, OH [possibly Fruxell]
356A-46-46, Fru*ell, Wm John, 6 yrs, PA [possibly Fruxell]
358A-80-80, Furee, Jesse, 77 yrs, PA
358A-80-80, Furee, Joel, 72 yrs, PA
358A-80-80, Furee, Laura Margaret, 13 yrs, PA
358A-80-80, Furee, Mary L, 68 yrs, PA
359A-94-94, Gagen, James, 30 yrs, Ireland
359A-94-94, Gagen, Margaret, 22 yrs, Ireland
356A-48-48, Greenfield, Elizabeth, 15 yrs, PA
356A-48-48, Greenfield, Elizabeth, 41 yrs, Scotland
356A-48-48, Greenfield, James, 1 yrs, PA
356A-48-48, Greenfield, James, 40 yrs, Scotland
356A-48-48, Greenfield, Margaret, 12 yrs, PA
358A-83-83, Hale, Amanda, 17 yrs, PA
358B-83-83, Hale, Charles, 8 yrs, PA
358A-83-83, Hale, Christena, 38 yrs, PA
358A-83-83, Hale, James, 14 yrs, PA
358B-83-83, Hale, Phebe A, 1 yrs, PA
358A-83-83, Hale, Reuben, 45 yrs, PA
358B-83-83, Hale, William, 5 yrs, PA
356A-47-47, Harrison, G W, 34 yrs, PA
356A-47-47, Harrison, J H, 39 yrs, PA
356A-47-47, Harrison, Sarah J, 25 yrs, PA
353A-6-6, Hazen, Charles F, 1 yrs, PA
353A-6-6, Hazen, Hiram R, 17 yrs, PA
353A-6-6, Hazen, John H, 7 yrs, PA
353A-6-6, Hazen, Mary E, 5 yrs, PA
353A-6-6, Hazen, Sarah M, 15 yrs, PA
354A-22-22, Heasley, W H, 21 yrs, PA
357A-67-67, Hill, Caroline, 34 yrs, Canada
357A-67-67, Hill, Ida H, 13 yrs, PA
357A-67-67, Hill, Jennie, 19 yrs, PA
357A-67-67, Hill, William M, 36 yrs, PA
355B-39-39, Holmes, Peter, 26 yrs, Ireland
355B-39-39, Holmes, Sarah, 21 yrs, PA
355B-39-39, Holmes, Wm Joseph, 3/12 yrs, PA
355B-43-43, Hummason, C. W., 51 yrs, OH
355B-43-43, Hummason, Jane, 47 yrs, PA
355B-43-43, Hummason, Mary E, 20 yrs, PA
355A-35-35, Kemm, Edward, 11 yrs, PA
355A-35-35, Kemm, Elly, 1 yrs, PA
355A-35-35, Kemm, Emmie, 5 yrs, PA
355A-35-35, Kemm, John, 46 yrs, England
355A-35-35, Kemm, Margaret, 44 yrs, PA
355A-34-34, Kemm, Mary, 11 yrs, PA
355A-35-35, Kemm, Mary J, 7 yrs, PA
355A-34-34, Kemm, Minna, 5 yrs, PA
353B-14-14, Kemm, Nancy, 55 yrs, OH
355A-34-34, Kemm, Robert, 7 yrs, PA
355A-35-35, Kemm, Samuel, 9 yrs, PA
355A-34-34, Kemm, Sarah, 36 yrs, PA
355A-35-35, Kemm, Thomas, 19 yrs, PA
355A-34-34, Kemm, Thos, 44 yrs, England
358B-84-84, Lowry, A D, 40 yrs, PA
358B-84-84, Lowry, David, 10 yrs, PA
358B-84-84, Lowry, Delbert, 9 yrs, PA
358B-84-84, Lowry, Francis L, 11 yrs, PA
358B-84-84, Lowry, John *, 1 yrs, PA
358B-84-84, Lowry, Melda J, 7 yrs, PA
358B-84-84, Lowry, Merret, 5 yrs, PA
358B-84-84, Lowry, Turissa, 31 yrs, PA
356B-59-59, Lyon, *obert, 43 yrs, Ireland
356B-59-59, Lyon, Arthur, 14 yrs, PA
356B-59-59, Lyon, David, 16 yrs, PA
356B-59-59, Lyon, Eliza, 43 yrs, PA
357A-59-59, Lyon, Emmie, 7 yrs, PA
356B-58-58, Lyon, George W, 7 yrs, PA
356B-58-58, Lyon, Margaret J, 11 yrs, PA
357A-59-59, Lyon, Maria, 11 yrs, PA
357A-59-59, Lyon, Mary, 9 yrs, PA
356B-58-58, Lyon, Mary, 47 yrs, PA
356B-58-58, Lyon, Mary E, 15 yrs, PA
356B-58-58, Lyon, Richard, 9 yrs, PA
356B-58-58, Lyon, Richard, 60 yrs, Ireland
356B-58-58, Lyon, Robert, 23 yrs, PA
356B-59-59, Lyon, Sarah A, 18 yrs, PA
356B-58-58, Lyon, William J, 20 yrs, PA
355B-38-38, Lyons, James, 22 yrs, PA
355B-38-38, Lyons, Jane, 58 yrs, Ireland
355B-38-38, Lyons, John, 59 yrs, Ireland
355B-37-37, Lyons, John Jr, 27 yrs, PA
355B-37-37, Lyons, Malissa, 1 yrs, PA
355B-37-37, Lyons, Mary, 23 yrs, PA
355B-38-38, Lyons, Mary, 24 yrs, PA
355B-37-37, Lyons, Sarah J, 4 yrs, PA
358B-89-89, Magar, Eliza, 46 yrs, Ireland
358B-89-89, Magar, Eliza J, 13 yrs, NY
358B-89-89, Magar, George, 54 yrs, Ireland
358B-89-89, Magar, Hugh, 20 yrs, NY
358B-89-89, Magar, James, 11 yrs, NY
358B-89-89, Magar, Robert, 4 yrs, NY
358B-89-89, Magar, Wm John, 17 yrs, NY
355B-37-37, McCay, Cartharine, 20 yrs, PA
353A-1-1, McClain, Allen, 64 yrs, PA
353A-1-1, McClain, Andrew A, 16 yrs, PA
353A-1-1, McClain, Mary, 59 yrs, PA
353A-1-1, McClain, Robert H, 24 yrs, PA
353A-1-1, McClain, Thomas, 19 yrs, PA
355A-36-36, McClure, Andrew, 31 yrs, PA
357A-65-65, McClure, Andrew, 34 yrs, PA
357B-74-74, McClure, Daniel, 34 yrs, PA
355B-36-36, McClure, Emily, 5 yrs, PA
357B-75-75, McClure, George, 30 yrs, PA
357A-65-65, McClure, Hannah, 58 yrs, PA
355B-36-36, McClure, Harriet, 10 yrs, PA
357A-65-65, McClure, Henry, 36 yrs, PA
357B-74-74, McClure, infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
357B-74-74, McClure, James C, 11 yrs, PA
355B-36-36, McClure, John, 14 yrs, PA
355B-36-36, McClure, Laura, 16 yrs, PA
355B-36-36, McClure, Maria, 39 yrs, PA
357B-74-74, McClure, Martha, 32 yrs, PA
355B-36-36, McClure, Nancy, 6 yrs, PA
357A-66-66, McClure, Richard, 72 yrs, PA
357A-65-65, McClure, Robert, 38 yrs, PA
357B-74-74, McClure, Robert, 66 yrs, PA
357B-74-74, McClure, Robert H, 5 yrs, PA
357B-75-75, McClure, Samuel R, 11/12 yrs, PA
357B-75-75, McClure, Sarah E, 28 yrs, PA
353B-8-8, McConnel, Clory, 2 yrs, PA
353A-8-8, McConnel, James, 25 yrs, PA
353B-8-8, McConnel, Jenneie, 24 yrs, PA
358A-82-82, McCormick, Angelo, 24 yrs, PA
358A-82-82, McCormick, Charles H, 13 yrs, PA
358A-82-82, McCormick, Jas R, 53 yrs, PA
358A-82-82, McCormick, Rebecca J, 21 yrs, PA
358A-82-82, McCormick, Ruth, 47 yrs, PA
353A-2-2, McCortney, Catherine, 57 yrs, PA
353A-2-2, McCortney, Delila J, 1 yrs, PA
353A-3-3, McCortney, Isaiah, 33 yrs, PA
353A-3-3, McCortney, Jennett, 1 yrs, PA
353A-2-2, McCortney, John, 61 yrs, PA
353A-3-3, McCortney, John E, 4 yrs, PA
353A-3-3, McCortney, Mary C, 11 yrs, PA
353A-2-2, McCortney, Mary E, 22 yrs, PA
353A-3-3, McCortney, Miles G, 2 yrs, PA
353A-2-2, McCortney, Robert, 29 yrs, PA
353A-3-3, McCortney, Samuel F, 9 yrs, PA
353A-3-3, McCortney, Sarah E, 31 yrs, PA
356A-49-49, Me*rs, Anna, 8 yrs, PA [probably Meers or Mears]
356A-49-49, Me*rs, Elizabeth, 4 yrs, PA [probably Meers or Mears]
356A-49-49, Me*rs, Elizabeth, 42 yrs, PA [probably Meers or Mears]
356A-49-49, Me*rs, Frederick, 14 yrs, PA [probably Meers or Mears]
356A-49-49, Me*rs, John, 46 yrs, England [probably Meers or Mears]
356A-49-49, Me*rs, John C, 12 yrs, PA [probably Meers or Mears]
356A-49-49, Me*rs, Sarah, 9/12 yrs, PA [probably Meers or Mears]
356A-49-49, Me*rs, Stephen, 10 yrs, PA [probably Meers or Mears]
357B-71-71, Michael, Clara, 4 yrs, PA
357B-71-71, Michael, infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
357B-71-71, Michael, Robert, 30 yrs, PA
357B-71-71, Michael, Sarah J, 22 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, George, 3 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, James, 10 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, Joseph, 48 yrs, England
356A-51-51, Micklin, Lizzie Ann, 14 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, Margaret J, 1 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, Maria, 12 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, Mary F, 5 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, Samuel, 19 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, Sarah A, 6 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, Sarah A, 44 yrs, PA
356A-51-51, Micklin, William, 20 yrs, PA
353A-5-5, Murphy, Daniel, 27 yrs, Ireland
353A-5-5, Murphy, Elizabeth, 21 yrs, Ireland
353A-5-5, Murphy, Jane, 2 yrs, PA
354A-17-17, Page, Jennie, 20 yrs, PA
354A-17-17, Page, M. L., 25 yrs, PA
353B-15-15, Patterson, Anthony, 75 yrs, Scotland
353B-15-15, Patterson, David, 23 yrs, PA
354A-15-15, Patterson, infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
354A-15-15, Patterson, infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
353B-15-15, Patterson, Isabell, 17 yrs, PA
353B-15-15, Patterson, James, 28 yrs, PA
354A-15-15, Patterson, Joseph, 25 yrs, OH
354A-15-15, Patterson, Mary A, 25 yrs, PA
353B-15-15, Patterson, Morgart, 58 yrs, OH
357B-72-72, Patton, infant, 2/12 yrs, PA
357B-72-72, Patton, Lucinda, 17 yrs, PA
357B-72-72, Patton, William, 25 yrs, PA
354B-25-25, Peach, Anne, 52 yrs, England
354B-25-25, Peach, Edward, 2 yrs, PA
354B-25-25, Peach, Mary, 13 yrs, OH
354B-25-25, Peach, Peter, 70 yrs, England
354B-25-25, Peach, Sarah, 11 yrs, PA
354B-25-25, Peach, William S, 6 yrs, PA
357A-60-60, Perry, Hortence, 11 yrs, PA
357A-60-60, Perry, John, 14 yrs, PA
357A-60-60, Perry, John, 38 yrs, PA
357A-60-60, Perry, Mary A, 20 yrs, PA
357A-60-60, Perry, William, 13 yrs, PA
358B-90-90, Persavell, Eliza, 25 yrs, PA
358B-90-90, Persavell, Elroy, 6 yrs, PA
359A-90-90, Persavell, Infant, 9/12 yrs, PA
358B-90-90, Persavell, Moor, 25 yrs, PA
356B-56-56, Pevaney, Andrew L, 11/12 yrs, PA
356B-56-56, Pevaney, Hettie A, 7 yrs, PA
356B-56-56, Pevaney, John, 46 yrs, PA
356B-56-56, Pevaney, Martha, 31 yrs, PA
356B-56-56, Pevaney, Mary E, 4 yrs, PA
356A-52-52, Pool, Albert, 37 yrs, OH
356A-52-52, Pool, Caroline, 12 yrs, PA
356A-52-52, Pool, Ida A, 8 yrs, PA
356A-52-52, Pool, Maholey, 35 yrs, PA
354B-26-26, Pool, Nancy H, 57 yrs, PA
354B-26-26, Pool, Nancy M, 16 yrs, PA
356B-52-52, Pool, Pourtress, 1 yrs, PA
356A-52-52, Pool, Reuben, 6 yrs, PA
354B-26-26, Pool, W W, 58 yrs, OH
356A-52-52, Pool, William W, 14 yrs, PA
356A-52-52, Pool, Winfield, 10 yrs, PA
355B-43-43, Pringle, R D, 24 yrs, PA
357A-60-60, Pringle, Stewart, 30 yrs, PA
356A-50-50, Purine, Emmie, 3 yrs, PA
356A-50-50, Purine, George, 26 yrs, PA
356A-50-50, Purine, Margaret, 22 yrs, PA
353B-11-11, Randolph, Emmie, 7 yrs, PA
353B-11-11, Randolph, James, 34 yrs, PA
353B-11-11, Randolph, Jane, 33 yrs, PA
353B-11-11, Randolph, Sarah A, 113 yrs, PA
356B-54-54, Ray, Lyda, 50 yrs, PA
356B-54-54, Ray, Martha, 10 yrs, PA
356B-54-54, Ray, Milda M, 12 yrs, PA
356B-54-54, Ray, Robert, 71 yrs, PA
for Rice, see Stubbs, Abner
353B-8-8, Richardson, Delila, 15 yrs, PA
354A-20-20, Rose, Emmie G, 1 yrs, PA
354A-20-20, Rose, George, 26 yrs, PA
354A-20-20, Rose, Mary, 26 yrs, PA
359A-96-96, Slater, Alfred, 14 yrs, PA
359A-96-96, Slater, Allen, 7 yrs, PA
353B-9-9, Slater, Amanda, 20 yrs, PA
357A-62-62, Slater, Andrew, 1 yrs, PA
353B-13-13, Slater, Andrew, 9 yrs, PA
357A-62-62, Slater, Benjamin, 23 yrs, PA
354A-16-16, Slater, Benjamin, 58 yrs, England
353B-13-13, Slater, Charlotte, 12 yrs, PA
357A-63-63, Slater, David H, 16 yrs, PA
359A-96-96, Slater, Edward C, 4 yrs, PA
353B-13-13, Slater, Elizabeth, 36 yrs, PA
354A-16-16, Slater, Elmer J, 4 yrs, PA
359A-96-96, Slater, Elmira, 39 yrs, PA
359A-96-96, Slater, Ennetta, 9 yrs, PA
359A-96-96, Slater, Esther, 12 yrs, PA
354A-16-16, Slater, Esther, 33 yrs, PA
353B-13-13, Slater, Ettie, 13 yrs, PA
354A-16-16, Slater, Florence, 12 yrs, PA
354A-18-18, Slater, Florence, 21 yrs, PA
354A-20-20, Slater, George, 82 yrs, England
353B-13-13, Slater, George F, 47 yrs, England
359A-96-96, Slater, George T, 44 yrs, England
354A-16-16, Slater, James B, 10 yrs, PA
354A-20-20, Slater, John, 6 yrs, PA
353B-9-9, Slater, John, 59 yrs, England
354A-16-16, Slater, Linnah, 21 yrs, PA
357A-61-61, Slater, Luke, 53 yrs, England
353B-13-13, Slater, Luke, 85 yrs, England
357A-62-62, Slater, Margaret, 24 yrs, PA
357A-61-61, Slater, Maria, 43 yrs, PA
357A-61-61, Slater, Mary, 18 yrs, PA
353B-9-9, Slater, Mary A, 14 yrs, PA
359A-96-96, Slater, Mary A, 16 yrs, PA
354A-16-16, Slater, Mary E, 15 yrs, PA
357A-63-63, Slater, Michael, 51 yrs, England
357A-63-63, Slater, Nancy, 51 yrs, PA
353B-9-9, Slater, Rebecca, 55 yrs, PA
357A-64-64, Slater, Samuel, 26 yrs, PA
354A-18-18, Slater, Samuel, 28 yrs, PA
357A-64-64, Slater, Sarah, 18 yrs, PA
354A-16-16, Slater, Sarah M, 17 yrs, PA
353B-9-9, Slater, Seth H, 17 yrs, PA
354A-16-16, Slater, Susan, 19 yrs, PA
354A-16-16, Slater, Susan, 52 yrs, PA
353B-9-9, Slater, William Edward, 19 yrs, PA
354A-16-16, Slater, William M, 30 yrs, PA
355B-40-40, Small, Minta, 9 yrs, PA for Stamp, see Thompson, Stamp J.
358B-85-85, Stubbs, Abner Rice, 21 yrs, PA [surname probably Rice]
359A-92-92, Stubbs, Arthur, 14 yrs, *
358B-86-86, Stubbs, David, 5 yrs, PA
358B-86-86, Stubbs, Ellen, 28 yrs, NY
358B-85-85, Stubbs, James, 24 yrs, PA
358B-86-86, Stubbs, Jno W, 32 yrs, PA
358B-86-86, Stubbs, John, 3 yrs, PA
358B-85-85, Stubbs, Nancy, 24 yrs, PA
359A-92-92, Stubbs, Philip, 16 yrs, PA
358B-85-85, Stubbs, Richard, 1 yrs, PA
358B-86-86, Stubbs, William, 7 yrs, PA
359A-92-92, Stubbs, William, 68 yrs, England
359A-91-91, Thompson, Andrew, 6 yrs, PA
359A-93-93, Thompson, Charles, 5 yrs, PA
358B-87-87, Thompson, David, 75 yrs, NH
358B-87-87, Thompson, Eliza, 31 yrs, PA
359A-95-95, Thompson, Ella, 8 yrs, PA
359A-93-93, Thompson, Ellen, 24 yrs, PA
359A-95-95, Thompson, Erien, 31 yrs, NY
359A-95-95, Thompson, Even, 2 yrs, PA
359A-95-95, Thompson, Falona, 2/12 yrs, PA
359A-95-95, Thompson, Fanny, 29 yrs, PA
359A-93-93, Thompson, Geraboldi, 1 yrs, PA
359A-95-95, Thompson, Gertrude, 7 yrs, PA
359A-95-95, Thompson, Harry, 4 yrs, PA
358B-88-88, Thompson, Inia, 2 yrs, PA
359A-93-93, Thompson, James, 3 yrs, PA
358B-88-88, Thompson, John W, 24 yrs, NY
359A-91-91, Thompson, Maria, 31 yrs, Scotland
359A-91-91, Thompson, Martha, 2 yrs, PA
359A-91-91, Thompson, Martha, 58 yrs, Ireland
359A-95-95, Thompson, Mary, 11 yrs, PA
353B-10-10, Thompson, Mary, 55 yrs, England
358B-87-87, Thompson, Mary, 70 yrs, PA
358B-88-88, Thompson, Maud, 3 yrs, PA
358B-88-88, Thompson, Nancy, 22 yrs, PA
353B-10-10, Thompson, Rebecca Jane, 17 yrs, PA
359A-93-93, Thompson, Richard, 23 yrs, NY
359A-91-91, Thompson, Robert, 3/12 yrs, PA
358B-88-88, Thompson, Stamp J, 21 yrs, NY [surname possibly Stamp]
359A-91-91, Thompson, William, 3 yrs, PA
359A-91-91, Thompson, Wm, 30 yrs, Ireland
353B-10-10, Thompson, Wm E, 54 yrs, England
355B-42-42, Truelstol, Ezekiel, 36 yrs, PA
355B-42-42, Truelstol, Harriet L, 4 yrs, PA
355B-42-42, Truelstol, Martha, 27 yrs, PA
353A-4-4, Vernin, Adell, 2 yrs, OH
353A-4-4, Vernin, Charles A., 4 yrs, PA
353A-4-4, Vernin, George W, 18 yrs, PA
353A-4-4, Vernin, Henry Frances, 29 yrs, PA
353A-4-4, Vernin, Henry H, 61 yrs, PA
353A-4-4, Vernin, Mary L, 58 yrs, CT
353A-4-4, Vernin, Nathaniel, 24 yrs, PA
353A-4-4, Vernin, Samuel L, 26 yrs, PA
354A-23-23, Vernon, Charles, 43 yrs, England
354B-23-23, Vernon, Elizabeth, 43 yrs, England
354B-23-23, Vernon, Emmie, 5 yrs, PA
353A-6-6, Vernon, Frederick, 51 yrs, PA
353A-6-6, Vernon, Job, 54 yrs, PA
354B-23-23, Vernon, John E, 14 yrs, PA
353A-6-6, Vernon, Sarah A, 40 yrs, PA
354B-23-23, Vernon, Susan E, 9 yrs, PA
354B-23-23, Vernon, William F, 7 yrs, PA
356B-57-57, White, Armina, 11 yrs, PA
356B-57-57, White, Casander, 46 yrs, PA
356B-57-57, White, Grant, 5 yrs, PA
356B-57-57, White, James, 3 yrs, PA
356B-57-57, White, Jane, 31 yrs, PA
356B-57-57, White, John, 8 yrs, PA
356B-57-57, White, Orwell, 12 yrs, PA
354B-24-24, Williamson, Elizabeth, 14 yrs, PA
354B-24-24, Williamson, George, 2 yrs, PA
354B-24-24, Williamson, George, 44 yrs, England
354B-24-24, Williamson, Hannah, 8 yrs, PA
354B-24-24, Williamson, Henry, 15 yrs, PA
354B-24-24, Williamson, John, 12 yrs, PA
354B-24-24, Williamson, Lucy, 36 yrs, PA
354B-24-24, Williamson, Mary Jane, 4 yrs, PA
354B-24-24, Williamson, Robert, 10 yrs, PA
354B-24-24, Williamson, Sarah, 6 yrs, PA
356B-55-55, Wingard, Daniel, 27 yrs, PA
356B-55-55, Wingard, Hetta, 28 yrs, PA
356B-55-55, Wingard, Ida, 2 yrs, PA
354A-19-19, Woods, A J, 23 yrs, PA
355A-31-31, Zahnizer, Caroline, 14 yrs, PA
355A-31-31, Zahnizer, Catharine, 19 yrs, PA
355A-31-31, Zahnizer, David, 54 yrs, PA
355A-31-31, Zahnizer, Elizabeth, 48 yrs, PA
355A-32-32, Zahnizer, Hannah, 8 yrs, PA
355A-30-30, Zahnizer, Jane M, 25 yrs, PA
355A-32-32, Zahnizer, John, 57 yrs, PA
355A-31-31, Zahnizer, John J, 12 yrs, PA
355A-30-30, Zahnizer, Loira, 2/12 yrs, PA
355A-31-31, Zahnizer, Maria, 17 yrs, PA
355A-31-31, Zahnizer, Mary, 8 yrs, PA
355A-31-31, Zahnizer, Mary, 21 yrs, PA
355A-32-32, Zahnizer, Michael, 13 yrs, PA
355A-31-31, Zahnizer, Sarah E, 9 yrs, PA
355A-32-32, Zahnizer, Susan, 52 yrs, PA
354B-30-30, Zahnizer, Wm A, 25 yrs, P

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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