Mill Creek Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

377B-132-132, Adams, Anna, 22, yrs, PA,
377B-133-133, Adams, Hannah, 30, yrs, PA,
377B-133-133, Adams, Isaac, 33, yrs, PA,
377B-132-132, Adams, Mary, 69, yrs, PA,
377B-133-133, Adams, Mathew, 4/12, yrs, PA,
377B-133-133, Adams, Peter, 3, yrs, PA,
377B-132-132, Adams, Thomas, 69, yrs, NJ,
378A-140-140, Alen, Anna J, 2, yrs, PA, [surname probably "McCracken"]
378A-140-140, Alen, Callie, 11, yrs, PA, [surname probably "McCracken"]
378A-140-140, Alen, James A, 2, yrs, PA, [surname probably "McCracken"]
378A-140-140, Alen, Jane, 47, yrs, PA, [surname probably "McCracken"]
378A-140-140, Alen, Magga, 14, yrs, PA, [surname probably "McCracken"]
378A-140-140, Alen, Mary A, 16, yrs, PA, [surname probably "McCracken"]
378A-140-140, Alen, McCracken, 50, yrs, PA, [surname probably "McCracken"]
378A-140-140, Alen, Samuel C, 8, yrs, PA, [surname probably "McCracken"]
378A-140-140, Alen, Thomas A, 8/12, yrs, PA, [surname probably "McCracken"]
373B-70-70, Aley, Elizabeth, 23, yrs, PA,
373B-69-69, Aley, Ellen M, 5, yrs, PA,
373B-70-70, Aley, James, 1, yrs, PA,
373B-69-69, Aley, Jemelet, 58, yrs, PA,
373B-69-69, Aley, Johnathan, 23, yrs, PA,
373B-70-70, Aley, Robt, 27, yrs, PA,
373B-69-69, Aley, Thomas, 17, yrs, PA,
369B-14-14, Andrew, Ann**, 27, yrs, PA,
369B-14-14, Andrew, Frank A, 8/12, yrs, PA,
369B-14-14, Andrew, John D, 3, yrs, PA,
369B-14-14, Andrew, Margaret, 4, yrs, PA,
369B-14-14, Andrew, Montgomery, 32, yrs, PA,
376B-122-122, Anna, Reed, 27, yrs, PA, [surname probably Reed, not Anna]
369B-10-10, Avery, Charles, 2, yrs, PA,
369B-10-10, Avery, Elizabeth, 5/12, yrs, PA,
369B-10-10, Avery, Louley, 4, yrs, PA,
369B-10-10, Avery, Mary, 8, yrs, PA,
369B-10-10, Avery, Mary E, 31, yrs, PA,
369B-10-10, Avery, Posten, 31, yrs, PA,
369B-10-10, Avery, Sarah, 10, yrs, PA,
374A-82-82, Baden, David, 21, yrs, PA,
374A-82-82, Baden, Hannah C, 2, yrs, PA,
374A-82-82, Baden, Huston, 16, yrs, PA,
374A-82-82, Baden, Jacob, 47, yrs, PA,
374A-82-82, Baden, Jacob M, 6, yrs, PA,
374A-82-82, Baden, James, 18, yrs, PA,
374A-82-82, Baden, Joseph, 13, yrs, PA,
374A-82-82, Baden, Mary J, 9, yrs, PA,
374A-82-82, Baden, Nancy, 48, yrs, PA,
376B-117-117, Barnes, Hulda, 31, yrs, PA,
376B-117-117, Barnes, James W, 49, yrs, PA,
376B-117-117, Barnes, Jas B, 21, yrs, PA,
376B-117-117, Barnes, Wm J, 21, yrs, PA,
374B-85-85, Barnhart, Emma, 17, yrs, PA,
373B-74-74, Barr, Sarah, 15, yrs, PA,
373B-73-73, Beach, Daniel, 7, yrs, PA,
373B-73-73, Beach, Daniel, 40, yrs, PA,
373B-73-73, Beach, James, 5, yrs, PA,
373B-73-73, Beach, Joannah, 35, yrs, PA,
373B-73-73, Beach, John, 12, yrs, PA,
373B-73-73, Beach, Joseph, 9, yrs, PA,
373B-73-73, Beach, Sarah, 3, yrs, PA,
373B-73-73, Beach, Susan, 14, yrs, PA,
373B-73-73, Beach, Wm, 10, yrs, PA,
374A-77-77, Bearce, D M L, 38, yrs, PA,
374A-77-77, Bearce, Emma B, 10, yrs, PA,
374A-77-77, Bearce, Nancy, 5, yrs, PA,
374A-77-77, Bearce, Sarah E, 30, yrs, PA,
374A-77-77, Bearce, Wilson, 7, yrs, PA,
375A-91-91, Beares, Eliza, 28, yrs, PA,
375A-91-91, Beares, Henry, 6, yrs, PA,
375A-91-91, Beares, Isabell, 26, yrs, PA,
372B-54-54, Beggs, John, 40, yrs, OH,
372B-54-54, Beggs, John E, 9, yrs, PA,
372B-54-54, Beggs, Margaret, 52, yrs, PA,
372B-54-54, Beggs, Martha, 5, yrs, PA,
372B-54-54, Beggs, Mary, 10, yrs, PA,
377B-135-135, Bilingley, Agnore, 22, yrs, OH,
373A-65-65, Braden, Elizabeth, 62, yrs, PA,
373A-65-65, Braden, John, 56, yrs, OH,
377A-129-129, Bramer, Catharine, 15, yrs, PA,
377A-129-129, Bramer, David, 54, yrs, PA,
377A-129-129, Bramer, Henry, 14, yrs, PA,
377A-129-129, Bramer, Mary, 50, yrs, PA,
377A-129-129, Bramer, Wm, 17, yrs, PA,
374A-79-79, Brannen, Allice, 27, yrs, PA,
374A-79-79, Brannen, Elmer A, 4, yrs, PA,
373A-61-61, Brannen, Hirem, 49, yrs, OH,
373A-61-61, Brannen, Margaret, 47, yrs, OH,
374A-79-79, Brannen, W W, 25, yrs, PA,
374A-79-79, Brannen, Worice R, 2, yrs, PA,
371A-33-33, Bromley, Eliza, 14, yrs, PA,
371A-34-34, Bugardener, Emma, 30, yrs, PA,
371A-34-34, Bugardener, Nan, 68, yrs, PA,
369B-8-8, Burrows, Cramer, 30, yrs, OH,
369B-8-8, Burrows, John C, 20, yrs, PA,
369B-8-8, Burrows, Sarah, 64, yrs, VA,
369B-8-8, Burrows, Sarah M, 22, yrs, PA,
369B-8-8, Burrows, Thomas, 24, yrs, PA,
369B-8-8, Burrows, Thos, 70, yrs, Ireland,
369A-2-2, Caldwell, Martha, 78, yrs, PA,
371B-44-44, Callihan, D B, 58, yrs, MD,
371B-44-44, Callihan, Rhachel, 46, yrs, OH,
374A-80-80, Cannon, Adab, 9, yrs, PA,
373A-66-66, Cannon, Catherin, 48, yrs, PA,
373A-66-66, Cannon, Effie, 5, yrs, PA,
372B-56-56, Cannon, Eliza, 24, yrs, PA,
374A-80-80, Cannon, Eliza, 29, yrs, PA,
373A-66-66, Cannon, Elizabeth, 17, yrs, PA,
373A-66-66, Cannon, Esther, 21, yrs, PA,
374A-80-80, Cannon, Horner, 32, yrs, PA,
374A-80-80, Cannon, Margaret, 34, yrs, PA,
373A-66-66, Cannon, Mary E, 14, yrs, PA,
373A-66-66, Cannon, Robt, 54, yrs, PA,
372B-56-56, Cannon, Ruben, 1, yrs, PA,
372B-56-56, Cannon, Thomas, 24, yrs, PA,
374A-80-80, Cannon, William, 21, yrs, PA,
375B-106-106, Carnahan, A F, 18, yrs, PA,
369A-7-7, Carnahan, Adaline, 6, yrs, PA,
369B-7-7, Carnahan, Allen, 5, yrs, PA,
376A-106-106, Carnahan, Casius, 10, yrs, PA,
369A-7-7, Carnahan, George, 11, yrs, PA,
376A-106-106, Carnahan, J. T., 16, yrs, PA,
375B-106-106, Carnahan, Jas M, 59, yrs, PA,
369A-7-7, Carnahan, John, 51, yrs, PA,
375B-106-106, Carnahan, L G, 27, yrs, PA,
369A-7-7, Carnahan, Margret, 17, yrs, PA,
376A-106-106, Carnahan, Milton, 14, yrs, PA,
369A-7-7, Carnahan, Nancy, 19, yrs, PA,
376A-106-106, Carnahan, Otis, 12, yrs, PA,
375B-106-106, Carnahan, Permelia, 52, yrs, PA,
369A-7-7, Carnahan, Rebecca, 44, yrs, PA,
370A-23-23, Carry, Wm, 55, yrs, PA,
373A-62-62, Caylom, Catherin, 34, yrs, PA,
373A-62-62, Caylom, James H, 1, yrs, PA,
373A-62-62, Caylom, Lewis, 38, yrs, PA,
373A-62-62, Caylom, Mary A, 6, yrs, PA,
371A-36-36, Christy, Adaline, 12, yrs, OH,
371A-36-36, Christy, Charles, 22, yrs, OH,
371A-36-36, Christy, David, 50, yrs, OH,
371A-36-36, Christy, Dennis, 7, yrs, PA,
371A-36-36, Christy, Hariet, 43, yrs, OH,
371A-36-36, Christy, James, 10, yrs, PA,
374A-78-78, Clark, S W, 50, yrs, OH,
374A-75-75, Clayton, James H, 8, yrs, PA,
374A-75-75, Clayton, Jane, 51, yrs, PA,
373B-75-75, Clayton, John, 70, yrs, PA,
[Clinton, see also De*mor]
373B-74-74, Clinton, Elias, 42, yrs, PA,
373B-74-74, Clinton, Hettie, 32, yrs, PA,
373B-74-74, Clinton, John H, 8, yrs, PA,
369B-13-13, Cole, Elie, 76, yrs, ME,
369A-2-2, Cole, Eliza, 47, yrs, PA,
369B-13-13, Cole, Hamah, 72, yrs, VT,
369A-2-2, Cole, Henry, 46, yrs, PA,
369B-13-13, Cole, Pelina, 84, yrs, PA,
369A-2-2, Cole, William, 4, yrs, PA,
375A-97-97, Cooper, C Jane, 10, yrs, PA,
375A-95-95, Cooper, Emily, 67, yrs, PA,
370B-27-27, Coovert, Chas, 14, yrs, PA,
369B-11-11, Corben, Sarah, 82, yrs, MD,
376B-123-123, Crouch, Celia, 52, yrs, PA,
374B-84-84, De*mor, Elizabeth, 30, yrs, OH,
374B-84-84, De*mor, John, 72, yrs, PA,
374B-84-84, De*mor, John Forner, 20, yrs, PA, [surname probably Forner]
374B-84-84, De*mor, Jos Clinton, 16, yrs, PA, [surname probably Clinton]
374B-84-84, De*mor, Mary, 45, yrs, OH,
374B-84-84, De*mor, Mary M, 72, yrs, PA,
374B-84-84, De*mor, Susannah, 27, yrs, PA,
375A-92-92, Deamor, David, 42, yrs, PA,
375A-92-92, Deamor, Hannah, 6, yrs, PA,
375A-92-92, Deamor, James, 3, yrs, PA,
375A-92-92, Deamor, Rebecca, 88, yrs, PA,
375A-92-92, Deamor, Sarah, 9, yrs, PA,
370A-20-20, Dean, Angeline, 13, yrs, PA,
370A-21-21, Dean, G*rtie, 2/12, yrs, PA,
370A-21-21, Dean, Henderson, 20, yrs, PA,
370A-20-20, Dean, Margaret, 51, yrs, PA,
370A-21-21, Dean, Mary A, 19, yrs, PA,
370A-20-20, Dean, Sarah N, 11, yrs, PA,
370A-20-20, Dean, William, 49, yrs, PA,
376B-120-120, DeFrance, Adison, 25, yrs, PA,
376B-120-120, DeFrance, Albert, 22, yrs, PA,
372A-46-46, DeFrance, Alfred A, 6, yrs, PA,
372A-46-46, DeFrance, Braxton B, 8, yrs, PA,
371B-46-46, DeFrance, Clary C, 12, yrs, PA,
371B-46-46, DeFrance, Clyde M, 13, yrs, PA,
369B-16-16, DeFrance, Euphamy, 24, yrs, PA,
371B-46-46, DeFrance, Guy J, 10, yrs, PA,
369B-16-16, DeFrance, Jas, *4, yrs, PA, [age 84 or 34]
376B-119-119, DeFrance, Jas, 70, yrs, PA,
374B-85-85, DeFrance, John B, 40, yrs, PA,
371B-46-46, DeFrance, John J, 39, yrs, PA,
371B-46-46, DeFrance, Lucrecia, 35, yrs, PA,
374B-85-85, DeFrance, Martha, 64, yrs, PA,
374B-85-85, DeFrance, Mary, 25, yrs, PA,
376B-119-119, DeFrance, Mary, 64, yrs, PA,
374B-85-85, DeFrance, Mattie, 23, yrs, PA,
372A-46-46, DeFrance, Robert, 4, yrs, PA,
369B-16-16, DeFrance, Sarah E, 22, yrs, PA,
370B-25-25, Dilley, Car*y, 2, yrs, PA,
370B-25-25, Dilley, David W, 30, yrs, PA,
370B-25-25, Dilley, Emeline, 27, yrs, PA,
370B-25-25, Dilley, Jessie M, 4, yrs, PA,
370B-25-25, Dilley, Margaret, 5/12, yrs, PA,
370A-22-22, Dilly, Ada B, 4/12, yrs, PA,
370A-22-22, Dilly, M G, 33, yrs, PA,
370A-22-22, Dilly, Mary J, 25, yrs, PA,
378A-144-144, Dunn, Anna, 76, yrs, PA,
378A-143-143, Dunn, Emma, 6, yrs, PA,
378A-144-144, Dunn, Francis, 76, yrs, PA,
378A-143-143, Dunn, Frank, 13, yrs, PA,
378A-143-143, Dunn, Harriette, 38, yrs, PA,
378A-143-143, Dunn, Isabelle, 2, yrs, PA,
378B-144-144, Dunn, Margaret, 43, yrs, PA,
378A-143-143, Dunn, Mary, 10, yrs, PA,
378A-143-143, Dunn, N G, 41, yrs, PA,
371B-40-40, Edwards, Edw, 41, yrs, Wales,
371B-40-40, Edwards, Elizabeth , 1, yrs, PA,
371B-40-40, Edwards, James H, 12, yrs, IA,
371B-40-40, Edwards, Juliet G, 9, yrs, PA,
371B-40-40, Edwards, Margaret, 39, yrs, PA,
371B-40-40, Edwards, Mary A, 4, yrs, PA,
371B-40-40, Edwards, Simon H, 12, yrs, PA,
371B-40-40, Edwards, Wm E, 6, yrs, PA,
371B-43-43, Elliot, Almyra, 40, yrs, NY,
371B-43-43, Elliot, Cornelius, 7, yrs, PA,
371B-43-43, Elliot, Hariet L, 18, yrs, OH,
371B-43-43, Elliot, John R, 35, yrs, OH,
371B-43-43, Elliot, Nettie N, 9, yrs, PA,
371B-43-43, Elliot, Sarah A, 13, yrs, PA,
371B-43-43, Elliot, Wilard M, 15, yrs, PA,
375B-101-101, Eurey, Samuel, 2, yrs, OH,
379A-154-154, Evans, Catharine, 18, yrs, PA, [possibly "Evins"]
379A-154-154, Evans, Christopher, 37, yrs, PA, [possibly "Evins"]
379A-154-154, Evans, Emeline, 3, yrs, PA, [possibly "Evins"]
379A-154-154, Evans, James, 15, yrs, PA, [possibly "Evins"]
379A-154-154, Evans, Jane, 38, yrs, PA, [possibly "Evins"]
379A-154-154, Evans, Jane S, 12, yrs, PA, [possibly "Evins"]
379A-154-154, Evans, Margaret, 7, yrs, PA, [possibly "Evins"]
379A-154-154, Evans, Mary E, 10, yrs, PA, [possibly "Evins"]
[Evins, see also Evans]
374B-83-83, Feteroff, David, 85, yrs, PA,
374B-83-83, Feteroff, Edward L, 2, yrs, PA,
374B-83-83, Feteroff, Nancy J, 22, yrs, PA,
374B-83-83, Feteroff, Serried, 4, yrs, PA,
374B-83-83, Feteroff, Sherman, 6, yrs, PA,
374B-83-83, Feteroff, Wm D, 12, yrs, PA,
376B-114-114, First, Barbara, 62, yrs, PA,
376B-114-114, First, Clarissie, 16, yrs, PA,
376B-113-113, First, Hannah, 31, yrs, PA,
376A-113-113, First, John, 33, yrs, PA,
376B-114-114, First, Sarah, 22, yrs, PA,
372B-58-58, Fobbs, Albert, 21, yrs, PA,
372B-58-58, Fobbs, Angeline, 45, yrs, NY,
372B-58-58, Fobbs, E. L., 47, yrs, OH,
372B-58-58, Fobbs, Emma, 14, yrs, PA,
372B-58-58, Fobbs, Mary E, 16, yrs, PA,
[Forner, see also De*mor]
373A-64-64, Free, Jessie, 10, yrs, PA,
369B-15-15, Galoway, Emet, 13, yrs, PA,
369B-15-15, Galoway, Everetta, 18, yrs, PA,
369B-15-15, Galoway, Jane, 15, yrs, PA,
369B-15-15, Galoway, John, 47, yrs, Ireland,
369B-15-15, Galoway, Mary, 10, yrs, PA,
369B-15-15, Galoway, Nancy, 41, yrs, PA,
373A-60-60, Gilleland, Jay L, 7/12, yrs, PA,
373A-60-60, Gilleland, Loretta, 20, yrs, PA,
373A-60-60, Gilleland, Saml, 25, yrs, PA,
373A-64-64, Glenn, Adella, 11, yrs, PA,
373A-64-64, Glenn, Hettie, 7, yrs, PA,
373A-64-64, Glenn, Isabell, 40, yrs, PA,
373A-64-64, Glenn, Jennie B, 15, yrs, PA,
373A-64-64, Glenn, Margaret, 13, yrs, PA,
373A-64-64, Glenn, Martha, 6, yrs, PA,
374B-82-82, Glenn, Mary, 78, yrs, PA,
373A-64-64, Glenn, Melvina, 17, yrs, PA,
373A-64-64, Glenn, Oscar, 19, yrs, PA,
373A-64-64, Glenn, Wm, 50, yrs, PA,
378B-145-145, Gorden, Charlotte, 54, yrs, PA,
378B-146-146, Gorden, Cyrus F, 17, yrs, PA,
378B-146-146, Gorden, Emily, 46, yrs, PA,
378B-145-145, Gorden, James, 57, yrs, PA,
378B-146-146, Gorden, Joseph, 56, yrs, PA,
378B-145-145, Gorden, Joseph A, 21, yrs, PA,
378B-146-146, Gorden, Sarah A, 27, yrs, PA,
376B-121-121, Greenlee, Abner B, 24, yrs, PA,
376B-121-121, Greenlee, Elizabeth, 50, yrs, PA,
376B-121-121, Greenlee, Robert, 22, yrs, PA,
376B-121-121, Greenlee, Robt, 55, yrs, PA,
378B-144-144, Greer, Margaret, 73, yrs, PA,
369A-5-5, Hagerty, Adam, 9, yrs, PA,
369A-5-5, Hagerty, Annie, 4, yrs, PA,
369A-5-5, Hagerty, Elizabeth, 39, yrs, PA,
369A-5-5, Hagerty, George, 14, yrs, PA,
369A-5-5, Hagerty, James, 13, yrs, PA,
369A-5-5, Hagerty, Jane, 1, yrs, PA,
369A-5-5, Hagerty, John, 49, yrs, Ireland,
369A-5-5, Hagerty, Marmaduke, 7, yrs, PA,
369A-7-7, Hagerty, Mary, 11, yrs, PA,
369A-5-5, Hagerty, Thomas, 5, yrs, PA,
376B-123-123, Hallabaugh, Calvin, 21, yrs, PA,
376B-123-123, Hallabaugh, James, 20, yrs, PA,
376B-123-123, Hallabaugh, Sarah, 50, yrs, PA,
376B-123-123, Hallabaugh, William, 25, yrs, PA,
369B-12-12, Hannah, A C, 41, yrs, PA,
369B-11-11, Hannah, Delia, 52, yrs, PA,
369B-12-12, Hannah, John, 66, yrs, PA,
369B-12-12, Hannah, Nancy, 64, yrs, PA,
369B-12-12, Hannah, Oliver W, 22, yrs, PA,
369B-11-11, Hannah, Sarah, 14, yrs, PA,
375A-97-97, Heckman, Araminta, 2, yrs, PA,
375A-97-97, Heckman, C G, 42, yrs, PA,
375A-97-97, Heckman, Infant, 1/12, yrs, PA,
375A-97-97, Heckman, L, 17, yrs, PA,
375A-97-97, Heckman, Nancy, 23, yrs, PA,
373B-72-72, Hedglin, Berrilla, 6/12, yrs, PA,
373B-72-72, Hedglin, Elizabeth, 35, yrs, PA,
373B-71-71, Hedglin, Hannah, 58, yrs, PA,
373B-72-72, Hedglin, James, 35, yrs, PA,
373B-71-71, Hedglin, Joab, 24, yrs, PA,
373B-71-71, Hedglin, John, 3, yrs, PA,
373B-71-71, Hedglin, Luema, 1, yrs, PA,
373B-72-72, Hedglin, Richard, 3, yrs, PA,
373B-71-71, Hedglin, Rosan, 21, yrs, PA,
373B-71-71, Hedglin, Sarah S, 19, yrs, PA,
373B-71-71, Hedglin, Wm, 64, yrs, PA,
374B-89-89, Henderson, Angeline, 29, yrs, PA,
374B-89-89, Henderson, Jas, 32, yrs, PA,
374B-89-89, Henderson, John P, 2, yrs, PA,
374B-89-89, Henderson, Robt M, 4, yrs, PA,
374B-89-89, Henderson, Ulys F, 8, yrs, PA,
377A-127-127, Henry, Wm H, 14, yrs, PA,
373B-67-67, Hoobler, J**b F, 23, yrs, PA,
373B-67-67, Hoobler, Jacob, 19, yrs, PA,
373B-67-67, Hoobler, Jacob, 65, yrs, PA,
373B-67-67, Hoobler, Margaret, 4, yrs, PA,
373B-67-67, Hoobler, Mary, 38, yrs, PA,
373B-67-67, Hoobler, Nancy, 55, yrs, PA,
373B-67-67, Hoobler, Nancy J, 22, yrs, PA,
375A-93-93, Houseman, Clarissa, 47, yrs, Germany,
375A-93-93, Houseman, Maggie, 13, yrs, OH,
375A-93-93, Houseman, Mary L, 15, yrs, OH,
375A-93-93, Houseman, Theo, 54, yrs, Switzerland,
378A-137-137, Hubert, Barbary, 52, yrs, Germany,
-137-137, Hubert, Henry, 56, yrs, Germany,
378A-137-137, Hubert, Mary, 13, yrs, OH,
378A-138-138, Hulbert, Allice, 11, yrs, OH,
378A-138-138, Hulbert, Casey, 3, yrs, PA,
378A-138-138, Hulbert, Emiline, 33, yrs, OH,
378A-138-138, Hulbert, Frank, 6/12, yrs, PA,
378A-138-138, Hulbert, Horris, 13, yrs, OH,
378A-138-138, Hulbert, O. F, 34, yrs, PA,
374A-80-80, Jackson, Jane, 60, yrs, OH,
374A-80-80, Jackson, Jos, 61, yrs, PA,
375A-95-95, Jennie, Stevens, 16, yrs, PA, [surname probably Stevens]
371A-38-38, Jewel, Alexander, 14, yrs, PA,
371A-37-37, Jewel, Alsseus, 13, yrs, PA,
371A-38-38, Jewel, Annie, 7, yrs, PA,
371A-38-38, Jewel, Cally B, 3/12, yrs, PA,
371A-38-38, Jewel, Cyrus, 19, yrs, PA,
371A-38-38, Jewel, Durius, 16, yrs, PA,
371A-37-37, Jewel, Henry, 66, yrs, PA,
371A-37-37, Jewel, James H, 22, yrs, PA,
371A-37-37, Jewel, Jane, 18, yrs, PA,
371A-38-38, Jewel, Loyrey, 5, yrs, PA,
371A-38-38, Jewel, Lucy, 38, yrs, PA,
371A-38-38, Jewel, Moses, 66, yrs, PA,
371A-37-37, Jewel, Rebecca, 55, yrs, PA,
371A-38-38, Jewel, Sidney G, 2, yrs, PA,
371A-38-38, Jewel, Wellington, 10, yrs, PA,
370B-31-31, Karr, Elizabeth, 5, yrs, PA,
370B-31-31, Karr, James, 7, yrs, PA,
370B-31-31, Karr, John, 52, yrs, PA,
370B-31-31, Karr, Mary E, 13, yrs, PA,
370B-31-31, Karr, McCormick, 17, yrs, PA,
370B-31-31, Karr, Rhebecca, 4/12, yrs, PA,
370B-31-31, Karr, Samson, 21, yrs, PA,
370B-31-31, Karr, Sarah, 44, yrs, PA,
371B-45-45, Kehr, Jackson, 38, yrs, PA, [probably Kerr]
371B-45-45, Kehr, Magaret, 2, yrs, PA, [probably Kerr]
371B-45-45, Kehr, Mary E, 28, yrs, PA, [probably Kerr]
371B-45-45, Kehr, Rhachel, 4, yrs, PA, [probably Kerr]
371B-45-45, Kehr, Sarah , 8, yrs, PA, [probably Kerr]
375B-98-98, Kelly, Catherin, 24, yrs, PA,
375B-98-98, Kelly, Catherin, 68, yrs, PA,
375B-99-99, Kelly, Charley, 1, yrs, PA,
375B-99-99, Kelly, Ida, 4, yrs, PA,
375A-98-98, Kelly, John, 69, yrs, PA,
375B-99-99, Kelly, Sarah, *3, yrs, PA, [23 or 33]
375B-99-99, Kelly, Timothy, 30, yrs, PA,
[Kerr, see also Kehr]
372A-49-49, Kerr, James, 52, yrs, PA,
372A-49-49, Kerr, Martha, 47, yrs, PA,
372A-49-49, Kerr, Martha J, 19, yrs, PA,
372A-49-49, Kerr, R D, 12, yrs, PA,
375B-103-103, Kilgore, Emma, 5, yrs, PA,
375B-103-103, Kilgore, Jane, 33, yrs, PA,
375B-103-103, Kilgore, Melda, 12, yrs, PA,
375B-103-103, Kilgore, Quinnby, 10, yrs, PA,
375B-103-103, Kilgore, Socretes, 2, yrs, PA,
375B-103-103, Kilgore, William, 48, yrs, PA,
372A-48-48, Leslie, Calvin, 33, yrs, OH,
372A-48-48, Leslie, Charles E, 10, yrs, PA,
372A-48-48, Leslie, Emline, 34, yrs, PA,
372A-48-48, Leslie, Frank C, 5, yrs, PA,
372A-48-48, Leslie, Isiphadel, 3, yrs, PA,
372A-48-48, Leslie, Julia E, 7, yrs, PA,
372A-48-48, Leslie, Liewvella, 9/12, yrs, PA,
372A-48-48, Leslie, Robert, 70, yrs, PA,
375A-95-95, Linsley, Jas, 33, yrs, PA,
371B-42-42, Lotton, David A, 17, yrs, PA, [probably "Lutton"]
371B-42-42, Lotton, Jos, 51, yrs, PA, [probably "Lutton"]
371B-42-42, Lotton, Magga, 13, yrs, PA, [probably "Lutton"]
371B-42-42, Lotton, Nancy, 55, yrs, MD, [probably "Lutton"]
379A-152-152, Magill, Joseph, 14, yrs, PA,
369A-6-6, Martin, Arthur, 51, yrs, PA,
375B-105-105, Martin, Eliza, 18, yrs, PA,
369A-6-6, Martin, Emiline, 28, yrs, PA,
372A-47-47, Martin, James, 18, yrs, PA,
375B-105-105, Martin, James A, 22, yrs, PA,
369A-6-6, Martin, John T, 3, yrs, PA,
375B-105-105, Martin, Malinda, 16, yrs, PA,
375B-105-105, Martin, Mary, 61, yrs, PA,
375B-105-105, Martin, Philip, 21, yrs, PA,
375B-105-105, Martin, Thomas, 61, yrs, PA,
377A-129-129, Mason, Charls, 15, yrs, PA,
372A-52-52, McBerny, James, 47, yrs, Ireland,
372A-52-52, McBerny, Margaret, 47, yrs, PA,
372A-52-52, McBerny, Mary *, 14, yrs, PA,
372A-52-52, McBerny, Sarah J, 13, yrs, PA,
375B-101-101, McCartney, Anna, 9, yrs, OH,
375B-101-101, McCartney, Mary, 10, yrs, OH,
375B-101-101, McCartney, Mary, 50, yrs, Scotland,
375B-101-101, McCartney, Robt, 60, yrs, PA,
372A-50-50, McCimens, Almeron, 14, yrs, PA,
372A-50-50, McCimens, Elmer, 40, yrs, PA,
372A-50-50, McCimens, James, 17, yrs, PA,
372A-50-50, McCimens, Lavina, 3, yrs, PA,
372A-50-50, McCimens, Margaret, 17, yrs, PA,
375A-96-96, McClelland, Amos, 8, yrs, PA,
375A-96-96, McClelland, Betsey, 6, yrs, PA,
375A-96-96, McClelland, Corine, 2, yrs, PA,
375A-94-94, McClelland, Eliza, */12, yrs, PA,
375A-96-96, McClelland, Frank, 11, yrs, PA,
375A-94-94, McClelland, George, 8, yrs, PA,
375A-96-96, McClelland, Hattie, 4, yrs, PA,
375A-94-94, McClelland, Hettie, 10, yrs, PA,
375A-96-96, McClelland, Magga, 15, yrs, PA,
375A-94-94, McClelland, Margaret, 4, yrs, PA,
375A-96-96, McClelland, Sarah, 41, yrs, NY,
375A-94-94, McClelland, Sarah A, 28, yrs, PA,
375A-94-94, McClelland, Thos, 32, yrs, PA,
375A-96-96, McClelland, Wm, 42, yrs, PA,
371B-42-42, McClimms, J, 9, yrs, WI,
369A-1-1, McCormick, Adam, 60, yrs, PA,
369A-1-1, McCormick, Susan, 53, yrs, PA,
[McCracken, see also "Alen"]
378A-141-141, McCracken, Aliza, 54, yrs, PA,
378A-139-139, McCracken, Amelia, 44, yrs, PA,
374A-81-81, McCracken, Callie, 5, yrs, PA,
378A-139-139, McCracken, Charles, 9, yrs, PA,
378A-139-139, McCracken, Elizabeth, 11, yrs, PA,
374A-81-81, McCracken, Hannah, 34, yrs, OH,
378A-141-141, McCracken, Hannah, 52, yrs, PA,
374A-81-81, McCracken, Harvy P., 2, yrs, PA,
374A-81-81, McCracken, Hellen, 14, yrs, PA,
374A-81-81, McCracken, Isab, 79, yrs, PA,
378A-139-139, McCracken, Isabell F, 7, yrs, PA,
374A-81-81, McCracken, James E, 12, yrs, PA,
378A-139-139, McCracken, John, 54, yrs, PA,
378A-139-139, McCracken, John C, 5, yrs, PA,
374A-81-81, McCracken, S N, 40, yrs, PA,
372A-51-51, McCullough, C, 45, yrs, PA,
372A-51-51, McCullough, Eva, 16, yrs, PA,
372A-51-51, McCullough, James, 9, yrs, PA,
372A-51-51, McCullough, John, 1, yrs, PA,
372A-51-51, McCullough, Margaret J, 40, yrs, PA,
372A-51-51, McCullough, Mary E, 6, yrs, PA,
372A-51-51, McCullough, Robert A, 18, yrs, PA,
372A-51-51, McCullough, Samuel A, 20, yrs, PA,
372A-51-51, McCullough, Wm, 11, yrs, PA,
379A-153-153, McCune, Catharin, 33, yrs, PA,
379A-153-153, McCune, Nancy, 37, yrs, PA,
373A-59-59, McFelerredge, Charles L, 7, yrs, PA,
373A-59-59, McFelerredge, David S, 9, yrs, PA,
372B-59-59, McFelerredge, James, 12, yrs, PA,
372B-59-59, McFelerredge, Jane, 38, yrs, OH,
372B-59-59, McFelerredge, John H, 10, yrs, PA,
372B-59-59, McFelerredge, S *, 45, yrs, Ireland,
375A-90-90, McIntire, Edward, 13, yrs, PA,
374B-90-90, McIntire, Jane, 45, yrs, PA,
375A-90-90, McIntire, Joseph, 7, yrs, PA,
375A-90-90, McIntire, Samuel, 9, yrs, PA,
375A-90-90, McIntire, William, 11, yrs, PA,
372B-57-57, McMullen, Casius, 7, yrs, PA,
372B-57-57, McMullen, Eliza A, 9, yrs, PA,
372B-57-57, McMullen, George, 44, yrs, OH,
372B-57-57, McMullen, Harvey, 3/12, yrs, PA,
372B-57-57, McMullen, Ida M, 4, yrs, PA,
372B-57-57, McMullen, Jane, 39, yrs, PA,
372B-57-57, McMullen, John L, 5, yrs, PA,
372B-57-57, McMullen, Wm H, 11, yrs, PA,
374B-86-86, McWilliams, David H, 16, yrs, NY,
374B-86-86, McWilliams, J, 50, yrs, NY,
374B-86-86, McWilliams, John S, 19, yrs, NY,
374B-86-86, McWilliams, Johnatha, 20, yrs, NY,
374B-86-86, McWilliams, Martha, 12, yrs, NY,
374B-86-86, McWilliams, Martha, 41, yrs, OH,
374B-86-86, McWilliams, Nancy L, 6, yrs, PA,
374B-86-86, McWilliams, Sadie C, 8, yrs, PA,
374B-86-86, McWilliams, Samuel J, 18, yrs, NY,
369A-3-3, Millener, Charles, 13, yrs, PA,
369A-3-3, Millener, Chas Sr, 69, yrs, PA,
369A-3-3, Millener, Elmer, 16, yrs, PA,
369A-3-3, Millener, Eugene, 17, yrs, PA,
369A-3-3, Millener, Levie, 53, yrs, OH,
369A-3-3, Millener, Levie Jr, 15, yrs, PA,
369A-3-3, Millener, Mary, 20, yrs, PA,
369A-3-3, Millener, Ruth, 55, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Miller, Almina, 8, yrs, PA,
379A-152-152, Miller, Catherin, 65, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Miller, Catherine, 19, yrs, PA,
379A-152-152, Miller, James, 71, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Miller, Jane, 26, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Miller, Letticia, 4, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Miller, Louisa, 12, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Miller, Mary, 46, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Miller, Sarah, 14, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Miller, Thomas *, 16, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Miller, Wm, 53, yrs, PA,
371A-33-33, Montgomery, Annie, 86, yrs, PA,
370B-32-32, Montgomery, Burton, 20, yrs, PA,
371A-33-33, Montgomery, Catherine, 22, yrs, PA,
371A-32-32, Montgomery, Charles B, 8, yrs, PA,
371A-33-33, Montgomery, Jas E, 24, yrs, PA,
370B-32-32, Montgomery, Jos, 50, yrs, PA,
370B-32-32, Montgomery, Joseph A, 13, yrs, PA,
370B-32-32, Montgomery, Martha J, 21, yrs, PA,
370B-32-32, Montgomery, Mary, 10, yrs, PA,
377B-131-131, Montgomery, Robt, 20, yrs, PA,
377B-131-131, Montgomery, Sarah, 20, yrs, PA,
370B-32-32, Montgomery, Wm H, 17, yrs, PA,
378B-147-147, Montigue, Charley E, 4, yrs, PA,
378B-147-147, Montigue, D C, 34, yrs, NY,
378B-147-147, Montigue, Ida R, 6, yrs, PA,
378B-147-147, Montigue, Jessee, 1/12, yrs, PA,
378B-147-147, Montigue, John J, 7, yrs, PA,
378B-147-147, Montigue, Mary Anna, 30, yrs, PA,
378B-149-149, Mook, Abiah, 19, yrs, PA,
378B-149-149, Mook, Abraham, 51, yrs, PA,
376A-110-110, Mook, Adaline K, 16, yrs, PA,
376A-110-110, Mook, Carry J, 6, yrs, PA,
378B-149-149, Mook, Clarissa, 1, yrs, PA,
378B-149-149, Mook, Cornelius, 18, yrs, PA,
376A-110-110, Mook, Eliza, 40, yrs, OH,
376A-110-110, Mook, Emma, 2, yrs, PA,
376A-110-110, Mook, Ezra W, 13, yrs, PA,
376A-110-110, Mook, John, 18, yrs, PA,
376A-110-110, Mook, Joseph N, 9, yrs, PA,
376A-110-110, Mook, Lemuel, 14, yrs, PA,
376A-110-110, Mook, Levie, 43, yrs, PA,
378B-149-149, Mook, Susan F, 42, yrs, PA,
376A-110-110, Mook, Wm P, 21, yrs, PA,
378A-142-142, Moore, Fidelia, 17, yrs, PA,
378A-142-142, Moore, John, 39, yrs, OH,
378A-142-142, Moore, Lucy, 15, yrs, PA,
378A-142-142, Moore, May, 6, yrs, PA,
378A-142-142, Moore, Samuel, 11, yrs, PA,
378A-142-142, Moore, Wilonia, 38, yrs, NY,
370B-30-30, More, Burton, 4, yrs, PA,
370B-30-30, More, Emma, 14, yrs, PA,
370B-30-30, More, Ina *, 6, yrs, PA,
370B-30-30, More, Infant, 2/12, yrs, PA,
370B-30-30, More, Rhachel, 38, yrs, PA,
370B-30-30, More, William W, 40, yrs, PA,
377B-132-132, Morton, Elizabeth, 41, yrs, PA,
377B-132-132, Morton, George C, 45, yrs, PA,
377B-132-132, Morton, George W, 10, yrs, PA,
377B-132-132, Morton, James H, 20, yrs, PA,
377B-132-132, Morton, John W, 18, yrs, PA,
377B-132-132, Morton, Mary M, 22, yrs, PA,
377B-132-132, Morton, Sarah J, 15, yrs, PA,
378B-148-148, Mourey, Elizabeth, 45, yrs, PA,
378B-148-148, Mourey, George, 24, yrs, PA,
378B-148-148, Mourey, Michael, 56, yrs, PA,
377B-135-135, Nelson, David, 10, yrs, PA,
377B-135-135, Nelson, John, 37, yrs, Ireland,
377B-135-135, Nelson, Lizzie, 5, yrs, PA,
377B-135-135, Nelson, Mary, 8/12, yrs, PA,
377B-135-135, Nelson, Mary A, 31, yrs, Ireland,
377B-135-135, Nelson, Robert, 7, yrs, PA,
377B-135-135, Nelson, William, 3, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Annie, 42, yrs, England,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Elizabeth, 17, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Ellen J, 10, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Emma, 6, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Francis E, 12, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Harriet, 8, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Mary L, 19, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Roset, 2, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Sarah A, 15, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Wm M, 4, yrs, PA,
373A-63-63, Nicklin, Wm N, 44, yrs, England,
377A-127-127, Noss, A R, 62, yrs, PA,
377A-127-127, Noss, C Lisley, 11, yrs, PA,
377A-127-127, Noss, Catharine, 30, yrs, PA,
377A-127-127, Noss, Elizabeth, 9, yrs, PA,
377A-127-127, Noss, James A, 11, yrs, PA,
377A-127-127, Noss, John, 5, yrs, PA,
377A-127-127, Noss, Rebecca J, 7, yrs, PA,
377A-129-129, Nummaker, S, 21, yrs, PA,
377A-128-128, Or*ity, Henry, 40, yrs, Germany, ["Orssity", "Orpity"]
377A-128-128, Or*ity, Jane, 27, yrs, PA, ["Orssity", "Orpity"]
377A-128-128, Or*ity, Lottie, 4, yrs, PA, ["Orssity", "Orpity"]
377A-128-128, Or*ity, Mary, 7, yrs, PA, ["Orssity", "Orpity"]
377A-128-128, Or*ity, Wm H, 2, yrs, PA, ["Orssity", "Orpity"]
376A-107-107, Overmire, Barb*an, 19, yrs, PA,
376A-107-107, Overmire, Geo, 49, yrs, PA, [possibly Oversmir]
376A-107-107, Overmire, Isaac, 17, yrs, PA,
376A-107-107, Overmire, Josiah, 11, yrs, PA,
376A-107-107, Overmire, Permilia, 8, yrs, PA,
376A-107-107, Overmire, Samuel, 21, yrs, PA,
376A-107-107, Overmire, Susana, 46, yrs, PA,
376B-122-122, Paden, Arnold, 7, yrs, PA,
376B-122-122, Paden, Hannah E, 10/12, yrs, PA,
376B-122-122, Paden, Harriet, 28, yrs, PA,
376B-122-122, Paden, James K, 37, yrs, PA,
376B-122-122, Paden, Jos, 37, yrs, PA,
376B-122-122, Paden, Lilly, 4, yrs, PA,
376B-122-122, Paden, Mason H, 11, yrs, PA,
372A-47-47, Palmiter, L, 31, yrs, OH,
372A-47-47, Palmiter, Olive, 2, yrs, PA,
372A-47-47, Palmiter, Orl D, 4/12, yrs, PA,
372A-47-47, Palmiter, Orpha, 3, yrs, PA,
372A-47-47, Palmiter, Sarah, 33, yrs, PA,
374B-87-87, Patton, Margaret, 24, yrs, PA,
374B-87-87, Patton, Samuel A, 9/12, yrs, PA,
374B-87-87, Patton, Wm, 22, yrs, PA,
369A-2-2, Perine, Lenora, 10, yrs, PA,
374A-76-76, Powel, Alexander, 52, yrs, PA,
374A-76-76, Powel, James S, 18, yrs, PA,
374A-76-76, Powel, Mary A, 45, yrs, PA,
374A-76-76, Powel, Thomas S, 20, yrs, PA,
374A-76-76, Powel, Vanity H, 16, yrs, PA,
371B-44-44, Price, Saml, 42, yrs, OH,
377B-136-136, Rachem, Hariet, 58, yrs, NY,
377B-136-136, Rachem, King, 20, yrs, PA,
377B-136-136, Rachem, Pally, 35, yrs, OH,
377B-136-136, Rachem, Peria, 68, yrs, NH,
377A-130-130, Ramsey, Barbary, 47, yrs, PA,
377B-130-130, Ramsey, Charles, 3, yrs, PA,
377A-130-130, Ramsey, Elizabeth, 16, yrs, PA,
377A-130-130, Ramsey, Geroge, 19, yrs, PA,
377A-130-130, Ramsey, Isaac, 54, yrs, PA,
377A-130-130, Ramsey, Jacob F, 9, yrs, PA,
377A-130-130, Ramsey, Mary Madalane, 7, yrs, PA,
376A-112-112, Randle , Ellen, 42, yrs, PA,
376A-112-112, Randle , O C, 40, yrs, PA,
376A-108-108, Red, Dell, 8, yrs, PA,
376A-108-108, Red, Etta, 7, yrs, PA,
376A-108-108, Red, Jacob, 33, yrs, PA,
376A-108-108, Red, Jas F, 8, yrs, PA,
376A-108-108, Red, Mary, 49, yrs, PA,
376A-108-108, Red, Nancy, 5, yrs, PA,
376A-108-108, Red, Robert, 1, yrs, PA,
[Reed, see also Anna, Red]
377A-124-124, Reed, Angeline, 23, yrs, PA,
376A-109-109, Reed, Araminta, 4, yrs, PA,
370B-28-28, Reed, Asher, 20, yrs, PA,
376A-111-111, Reed, Charles, 2, yrs, PA,
376B-116-116, Reed, Charles, 12, yrs, PA,
376A-109-109, Reed, Charles, 32, yrs, PA,
376A-111-111, Reed, Christopher, 29, yrs, PA,
376A-109-109, Reed, Ellen, 22, yrs, PA,
377A-125-125, Reed, Exelomia, 1, yrs, PA,
376A-111-111, Reed, Fannie, 1, yrs, PA,
370B-29-29, Reed, Hariet, 1, yrs, PA,
377A-124-124, Reed, Henry C, 23, yrs, PA,
370B-28-28, Reed, Hugh, 60, yrs, PA,
376B-116-116, Reed, Irr*, 8, yrs, PA,
376A-109-109, Reed, Jessie, 1, yrs, PA,
370B-29-29, Reed, John, 26, yrs, PA,
376B-116-116, Reed, John, 42, yrs, PA,
376B-116-116, Reed, Martha J, 32, yrs, PA,
377A-125-125, Reed, Mary, 23, yrs, PA,
370B-28-28, Reed, Nancy, 56, yrs, PA,
370B-28-28, Reed, Orlando, 15, yrs, PA,
376A-111-111, Reed, Sarah, 25, yrs, PA,
371A-37-37, Reed, Sarah, 26, yrs, PA,
370B-29-29, Reed, Sarah A, 22, yrs, PA,
377A-125-125, Reed, Stephen, 63, yrs, PA,
377A-125-125, Reed, Stephen Jr, 25, yrs, PA,
371A-37-37, Reed, Thena, 8, yrs, PA,
376A-111-111, Reed, Viola, 4, yrs, PA,
377A-124-124, Reed, Wesley, 3, yrs, PA,
375B-100-100, Riggs, A L V, 28, yrs, PA,
375B-100-100, Riggs, Johnathan, 58, yrs, PA,
375B-100-100, Riggs, Sarah, 54, yrs, PA,
378B-151-151, Robb, Isaac, 23, yrs, PA,
378B-151-151, Robb, James M, 31, yrs, PA,
379A-151-151, Robb, Joseph, 14, yrs, PA,
378B-151-151, Robb, Mary, 21, yrs, PA,
378B-151-151, Robb, Sarah, 56, yrs, PA,
378B-151-151, Robb, Sarah J, 19, yrs, PA,
378B-151-151, Robb, Susannah, 16, yrs, PA,
374B-85-85, Rodgers, Aaron, 19, yrs, PA,
374B-88-88, Santie, *ma, 53, yrs, PA,
374B-88-88, Santie, John H, 22, yrs, PA,
375B-101-101, Sarah, S Vanfleet, 23, yrs, OH, [surname surely Vanfleet]
371A-33-33, Shields, Martha, 58, yrs, PA,
378B-145-145, Smyley, EMma F, 21, yrs, PA,
[Stevens, see also Jennie]
378B-150-150, Storm, Clary, 9, yrs, PA,
378B-150-150, Storm, Esther, 44, yrs, PA,
378B-150-150, Storm, Feba, 17, yrs, PA,
378B-150-150, Storm, George, 3, yrs, PA,
378B-150-150, Storm, Jacob, 10, yrs, PA,
378B-150-150, Storm, Michael, 56, yrs, OH,
378B-150-150, Storm, Nancy, 12, yrs, PA,
378B-150-150, Storm, Samuel, 15, yrs, PA,
378B-150-150, Storm, Smyley, 5, yrs, PA,
378B-150-150, Storm, Susan, 1/12, yrs, PA,
371A-35-35, Struble, Armana, 12, yrs, PA,
371A-35-35, Struble, Frederic, 6, yrs, PA,
371A-35-35, Struble, Hannahs, 3, yrs, PA,
371A-35-35, Struble, Infant, 3/12, yrs, PA,
371A-35-35, Struble, Loretta, 34, yrs, PA,
371A-35-35, Struble, S W, 44, yrs, NJ,
371A-35-35, Struble, Sarah E, 8, yrs, PA,
376B-118-118, Sullivan, Edgar, 9, yrs, PA,
376B-118-118, Sullivan, Leucrecia, 24, yrs, PA,
376B-118-118, Sullivan, Wm, 84, yrs, PA,
377A-126-126, Thompson, Ambros, 35, yrs, OH,
377A-126-126, Thompson, Elizabeth, 35, yrs, PA,
377A-126-126, Thompson, Eviline L, 8, yrs, PA,
377A-126-126, Thompson, Hannah A, 3, yrs, PA,
377A-126-126, Thompson, John H, 6, yrs, PA,
377A-126-126, Thompson, Mary M, 6/12, yrs, PA,
377A-126-126, Thompson, Wm A, 2, yrs, PA,
375B-102-102, Turner, Infant, 4/12, yrs, PA,
375B-102-102, Turner, Jane, 29, yrs, PA,
375B-102-102, Turner, Mary F, 2, yrs, PA,
375B-102-102, Turner, Patersom, 32, yrs, PA,
376B-115-115, Urey, Adam, 18, yrs, PA,
372B-55-55, Urey, Catherin, 18, yrs, PA,
372B-55-55, Urey, Daniel, 45, yrs, PA,
372B-55-55, Urey, Elizabeth, 12, yrs, PA,
371B-42-42, Urey, George, 22, yrs, PA,
372B-55-55, Urey, Germina, 42, yrs, PA,
375B-104-104, Urey, Henry, 60, yrs, PA,
372B-55-55, Urey, Jacob, 14, yrs, PA,
376B-115-115, Urey, James, 11, yrs, PA,
372B-55-55, Urey, John, 8, yrs, PA,
375B-104-104, Urey, John, 15, yrs, PA,
375B-104-104, Urey, Laree, 40, yrs, PA,
372B-55-55, Urey, Louis, 7, yrs, PA,
372B-55-55, Urey, Lucy, 10, yrs, PA,
376B-115-115, Urey, Margaret, 22, yrs, PA,
372B-55-55, Urey, Mary, 16, yrs, PA,
375B-104-104, Urey, McClellem, 6, yrs, PA,
376B-115-115, Urey, Peeter, 31, yrs, PA,
[Vanfleet, see Sarah]
375B-101-101, Vanfleet, Price, 25, yrs, OH,
373B-68-68, Vanmeter, Henry, 66, yrs, PA,
371B-41-41, Vath, David C, 3, yrs, PA,
371B-41-41, Vath, Elizabeth, 25, yrs, PA,
371B-41-41, Vath, Jos C, 5, yrs, PA,
371B-41-41, Vath, Lewis, 27, yrs, PA,
372B-54-54, Vogan, Rebecca, 25, yrs, PA,
370B-26-26, Voras, Almina, 10, yrs, PA,
370B-26-26, Voras, Arabell, 7, yrs, PA,
370A-18-18, Voras, Cassy *, 4, yrs, PA,
370A-24-24, Voras, Curtain, 4, yrs, PA,
370B-26-26, Voras, Elizabeth, 27, yrs, PA,
370A-24-24, Voras, Elsworth, 10, yrs, PA,
370A-24-24, Voras, Emma, 14, yrs, PA,
370A-18-18, Voras, Infant, 6/12, yrs, PA,
370A-24-24, Voras, James S, 6, yrs, PA,
370A-19-19, Voras, Jane, 40, yrs, PA,
370B-26-26, Voras, Jas R, 32, yrs, PA,
370A-18-18, Voras, John, 27, yrs, PA,
370B-27-27, Voras, John O, 26, yrs, PA,
370A-24-24, Voras, Leah, 49, yrs, PA,
370A-19-19, Voras, Louis S, 19, yrs, PA,
370A-24-24, Voras, Ly*da, 16, yrs, PA,
370A-18-18, Voras, Margaret, 25, yrs, PA,
370B-27-27, Voras, Margaret E, 22, yrs, PA,
370A-24-24, Voras, Martha, 18, yrs, PA,
370A-19-19, Voras, Martha M, 5, yrs, PA,
370B-26-26, Voras, Nevada, 4, yrs, MO,
370A-19-19, Voras, Sela A, 9, yrs, PA,
370A-17-17, Voras, William, 3, yrs, PA,
370A-19-19, Voras, William O, 12, yrs, PA,
370A-24-24, Voras, Winfield S, 20, yrs, PA,
370A-24-24, Voras, Wm G, 50, yrs, PA,
372B-53-53, Wade, David, 22, yrs, PA,
372A-53-53, Wade, Hamilton, 53, yrs, PA,
372B-53-53, Wade, Joseph, 20, yrs, PA,
372B-53-53, Wade, Margaret, 53, yrs, PA,
372B-53-53, Wade, Margaret Jr, 11, yrs, PA,
372B-53-53, Wade, Mary, 15, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Alviny, 12, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Elza, 19, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Isabell, 7, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, James, 10, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Joseph, 9, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Joseph, 43, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Margaret, 43, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Martha, 17, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Nancy, 14, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Ruth, 14, yrs, PA,
377B-134-134, White, Thomas, 21, yrs, PA,
369B-9-9, Williams, Sarah D., 26, yrs, PA,
369B-9-9, Williams, Wm, 36, yrs, South Wales,
369A-4-4, Wolford, Henry, 55, yrs, PA,
369A-4-4, Wolford, Ida, 10, yrs, PA,
369A-4-4, Wolford, John, 15, yrs, PA,
369A-4-4, Wolford, Levius, 18, yrs, PA,
369A-4-4, Wolford, Lusi*da, 22, yrs, PA,
369A-4-4, Wolford, Rebecca, 48, yrs, PA,
371B-39-39, Zahler, John W, 12, yrs, PA,
371A-39-39, Zahler, L P, 41, yrs, PA,
371B-39-39, Zahler, Mary J, 16, yrs, PA,
371A-39-39, Zahler, Susan, 39, yrs, PA,

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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