New Vernon Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

394B-147-147, Andrews, G V, 13 yrs, PA
394A-147-147, Andrews, Hannah, 17 yrs, PA
394A-147-147, Andrews, James B, 20 yrs, PA
394A-147-147, Andrews, M M, 49 yrs, PA
394A-147-147, Andrews, Mary A, 18 yrs, PA
389A-70-70, Axtell, Emma, 3 yrs, PA
389B-80-80, Axtell, Isabell, 48 yrs, PA
389A-70-70, Axtell, Israel, 37 yrs, PA
389A-70-70, Axtell, John Albert, 5 yrs, PA
389B-80-80, Axtell, Mary, 17 yrs, PA
389A-69-69, Axtell, Mary Ann, f yrs, PA
389B-80-80, Axtell, Presley, 15 yrs, PA
389B-80-80, Axtell, Sylvester, 19 yrs, PA
389A-70-70, Axtell, Thadeus, 63 yrs, PA
391B-107-107, Bailey, A R, 28 yrs, OH
391B-107-107, Bailey, Artie, 23 yrs, OH
391B-107-107, Bailey, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
391B-107-107, Bailey, Thomas P, 4 yrs, PA
391B-105-105, Barber, Guy F, 7 yrs, PA; [surname Boyd?]
391A-105-105, Barber, H Boyd, 36 yrs, PA; [surname Boyd?]
391A-105-105, Barber, Isabell E, 32 yrs, OH; [surname Boyd?]
391B-105-105, Barber, James F, 4 yrs, PA; [surname Boyd?]
391B-105-105, Barber, Mary E, 8/12 yrs, PA; [surname Boyd?]
391B-105-105, Barber, N Jane, 2 yrs, PA; [surname Boyd?]
391B-105-105, Barber, Sylvester, 5 yrs, PA; [surname Boyd?]
390B-88-88, Barcan, Delbert, 5 yrs, PA
390B-88-88, Barcan, Etta, 6 yrs, York State
390A-88-88, Barcan, Mary, 29 yrs, Ireland
390A-88-88, Barcan, S O, 28 yrs, York State
390B-88-88, Barcan, Sheldon, 2 yrs, PA
390A-88-88, Barcan, Willie, 7 yrs, York State
387B-38-38, Barts, Edwin N, 11 yrs, PA
387B-38-38, Barts, Jane M, 30 yrs, PA
387B-38-38, Barts, Joseph A, 9 yrs, PA
387B-38-38, Barts, Peter, 25 yrs, PA
387B-41-41, Bell, Allice, 4 yrs, PA
387B-41-41, Bell, Mary A, 26 yrs, PA
387B-41-41, Bell, Peter, 29 yrs, OH
392A-115-115, Bierce, Alvira, 25 yrs, PA
392A-115-115, Bierce, Ruben, 30 yrs, PA
392A-115-115, Bierce, Ulissur G, 4 yrs, PA
386A-22-22, Bole, Charles M, 3 yrs, PA
386A-22-22, Bole, Eleanor, 25 yrs, PA
386A-22-22, Bole, George, 15 yrs, PA
386A-22-22, Bole, John, 20 yrs, PA
386A-22-22, Bole, Robert, 57 yrs, PA
391B-112-112, Boreland, Adam, 24 yrs, PA
391B-112-112, Boreland, Andrew, 58 yrs, PA
392A-112-112, Boreland, Elizabeth, 17 yrs, PA
391B-112-112, Boreland, Elizabeth, 55 yrs, PA
392A-112-112, Boreland, James, 59 yrs, PA
394A-146-146, Borland, Anna Bell, 11 yrs, PA
394A-146-146, Borland, Emmie Allen, 26 yrs, PA; [ surname Allen?]
394A-146-146, Borland, Isaac, 36 yrs, PA
394A-146-146, Borland, James H, 6 yrs, PA
394A-146-146, Borland, John C, 4 yrs, PA
394A-146-146, Borland, Mary C, 18 yrs, PA
394A-146-146, Borland, Robert S, 2/12 yrs, PA
394A-146-146, Borland, Sarah E, 35 yrs, PA
389A-67-67, Boyd, Anne, 56 yrs, PA
390A-84-84, Boyd, Caroline E, 26 yrs, PA
388A-50-50, Boyd, Curtin C, 2 yrs, PA
388A-50-50, Boyd, Etta A, 6 yrs, PA
385A-2-2, Boyd, Euphama, 20 yrs, PA
391B-110-110, Boyd, Evy, 9 yrs, PA
385A-2-2, Boyd, George, 26 yrs, PA
391B-110-110, Boyd, Harriet L, 47 yrs, PA
389A-67-67, Boyd, Hellen M, 27 yrs, PA
391B-110-110, Boyd, Hudson, 11 yrs, PA
390B-92-92, Boyd, Israel S, 20 yrs, PA
391B-110-110, Boyd, James, 59 yrs, Ireland
391B-110-110, Boyd, John, 16 yrs, PA
389A-67-67, Boyd, John F, 21 yrs, PA
390A-84-84, Boyd, John F, 29 yrs, PA
385A-2-2, Boyd, Joseph, 62 yrs, Ireland
388A-50-50, Boyd, Julius, 32 yrs, PA
390A-84-84, Boyd, Margaret, 24 yrs, PA
390A-84-84, Boyd, Nancy, 70 yrs, Ireland
388A-50-50, Boyd, Nathan J, 6/12 yrs, PA
391B-110-110, Boyd, Orty, 4 yrs, PA
385A-2-2, Boyd, Rhoda, 57 yrs, PA
389A-67-67, Boyd, Robert, 23 yrs, PA
390B-92-92, Boyd, Round, 55 yrs, York State
391B-110-110, Boyd, Sarah, 6 yrs, PA
388A-50-50, Boyd, Sarah, 29 yrs, PA
390A-84-84, Boyd, Thomas, 70 yrs, Ireland
389A-67-67, Boyd, William H, 25 yrs, PA
388B-60-60, Bradberry, A J, 50 yrs, PA
388B-60-60, Bradberry, Allice, 9 yrs, PA
388B-60-60, Bradberry, Etta A, 7 yrs, PA
388B-60-60, Bradberry, F. J, 19 yrs, PA
388B-60-60, Bradberry, L Magga, 1 yrs, PA
388B-60-60, Bradberry, L Minnie, 1 yrs, PA
388B-60-60, Bradberry, Laura , 5 yrs, PA
388B-60-60, Bradberry, Mary L, 29 yrs, OH
388B-60-60, Bradberry, Mary S, 15 yrs, PA
388B-60-60, Bradberry, Sarah, 13 yrs, PA
388A-48-48, Braden, Nancy E, 27 yrs, PA
388A-48-48, Braden, Wm F, 25 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Anna L, 13 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Elizabeth, 38 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, George, 49 yrs, Ireland
394A-145-145, Buck, George E, 3 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Harriet, 6 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Hellen, 5/12 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Lucinda, 15 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Mary Jane, 20 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Matilda, 6 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Samuel, 11 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Sarah , 17 yrs, PA
394A-145-145, Buck, Wm Henry, 7 yrs, PA
391A-98-98, Burnet, Matthew, 57 yrs, OH
391A-98-98, Burnet, Sarah A, 58 yrs, NJ
394B-152-152, Burnett, Alija, 37 yrs, PA
394B-152-152, Burnett, Dorothy, 23 yrs, PA
394B-148-148, Burnett, Malissa, 18 yrs, PA
394B-148-148, Burnett, Peter, 54 yrs, OH
394B-148-148, Burnett, Phebe, 58 yrs, PA
390A-86-86, Burrows, Ann Jane, 18 yrs, PA
390A-86-86, Burrows, Anne, 62 yrs, Ireland
388A-53-53, Burrows, Elizabeth, 18 yrs, York State
390B-91-91, Burrows, Elmer, 9 yrs, OH
390B-91-91, Burrows, Exenetes, 39 yrs, OH
388A-53-53, Burrows, G W, 19 yrs, PA
390A-86-86, Burrows, George, 9 yrs, PA
391B-108-108, Burrows, George, 66 yrs, Ireland
391A-103-103, Burrows, Harriet, 5 yrs, PA
390A-86-86, Burrows, Hugh, 6 yrs, PA
390A-85-85, Burrows, Hugh, 50 yrs, Ireland
388A-53-53, Burrows, Infant, 4/12 yrs, PA
390B-91-91, Burrows, James, 7 yrs, PA
390A-85-85, Burrows, Jane, 50 yrs, Ireland
390A-86-86, Burrows, John, 14 yrs, PA
390B-91-91, Burrows, Mary, 11 yrs, OH
391B-108-108, Burrows, Mary, 59 yrs, Ireland
390B-91-91, Burrows, Mead, 2 yrs, PA
390A-86-86, Burrows, Robert, 11 yrs, PA
390A-86-86, Burrows, Robt, 57 yrs, Ireland
390A-86-86, Burrows, Sarah, 11 yrs, PA
391A-103-103, Burrows, Thomas, 14 yrs, PA
390B-91-91, Burrows, W R, 38 yrs, Ireland
390A-86-86, Burrows, William, 16 yrs, PA
391A-103-103, Burrows, Wm, 20 yrs, PA
385B-14-14, Carnahan, Cyrus, 20 yrs, PA
385B-14-14, Carnahan, Hugh, 18 yrs, PA
385B-14-14, Carnahan, James, 11 yrs, PA
385B-14-14, Carnahan, John, 13 yrs, PA
385B-14-14, Carnahan, Sarah J, 47 yrs, PA
385B-14-14, Carnahan, Thomas B, 15 yrs, PA
385B-14-14, Carnahan, Thos, 45 yrs, PA
388A-54-54, Carpenter, Alexander, 39 yrs, PA
388A-54-54, Carpenter, Cradelia, 11 yrs, PA
388B-63-63, Carpenter, John, 17 yrs, PA
388A-54-54, Carpenter, Joseph B, 4 yrs, PA
388A-54-54, Carpenter, Laocena, 15 yrs, PA
388A-54-54, Carpenter, Mary E, 35 yrs, PA
388A-54-54, Carpenter, Mary Etta, 6 yrs, PA
388B-63-63, Carpenter, Nancy, 54 yrs, PA
388A-54-54, Carpenter, William H, 8 yrs, PA
394B-150-150, Cary, Alonzo, 9 yrs, PA
394B-150-150, Cary, Austen, 2 yrs, PA
394B-150-150, Cary, Charles, 10 yrs, PA
389B-75-75, Cary, Charles H, 7 yrs, PA
394B-150-150, Cary, Clarrance, 12 yrs, PA
394B-150-150, Cary, Ebenezer, 35 yrs, PA
394B-150-150, Cary, John A, 14 yrs, PA
389B-75-75, Cary, Joseph, 28 yrs, PA
394B-150-150, Cary, Margaret, 32 yrs, PA
389B-75-75, Cary, Mary J, 25 yrs, PA
389B-75-75, Cary, William H, 5 yrs, PA
387B-39-39, Casey, Eleanor, 50 yrs, Ireland
387B-39-39, Casey, Henry, 10 yrs, PA
387B-39-39, Casey, John, 50 yrs, Ireland
387B-39-39, Casey, Mary, 16 yrs, PA
386B-26-26, Catenbough, Catharine, 37 yrs, Germany
386B-26-26, Catenbough, Christian, 17 yrs, PA
386B-26-26, Catenbough, G, 53 yrs, Germany
386B-26-26, Catenbough, Gustavus, 5 yrs, PA
386B-26-26, Catenbough, James, 1 yrs, PA
386B-26-26, Catenbough, John, 20 yrs, PA
386B-26-26, Catenbough, Mary, 15 yrs, PA
386B-26-26, Catenbough, William, 10 yrs, PA
388A-49-49, Clark, Addie, 17 yrs, PA
388B-62-62, Clark, Elizabeth, 66 yrs, NJ
388A-49-49, Clark, W H, 30 yrs, PA
394B-149-149, Conduit, Cyrus L, 8 yrs, PA
394B-149-149, Conduit, Infant, 3/12 yrs, PA
394B-149-149, Conduit, Ira, 11 yrs, PA
394B-149-149, Conduit, Mary Ann, 40 yrs, PA
394B-149-149, Conduit, Mary O, 9 yrs, PA
393B-140-140, Conduit, Rachel, 59 yrs, PA
394B-149-149, Conduit, Rosilla, 14 yrs, PA
393A-131-131, Conduit, Sarah, 84 yrs, PA
394B-149-149, Conduit, Silas, 44 yrs, PA
394B-149-149, Conduit, Wm James, 3 yrs, PA
391A-101-101, Defrance, Charles L, 5 yrs, PA
391A-101-101, Defrance, Florence, 3 yrs, PA
391A-101-101, Defrance, Jas A, 23 yrs, PA
391A-101-101, Defrance, Levant, 9/12 yrs, PA
391A-101-101, Defrance, Rebecca W, 25 yrs, PA
393A-133-133, Dilly, Budett, 1/12 yrs, PA
386B-28-28, Dilly, Clark, 7 yrs, PA
393A-133-133, Dilly, Eliza A, 23 yrs, PA
393A-133-133, Dilly, Emmie, 3 yrs, PA
386B-28-28, Dilly, Frank L, 4 yrs, PA
386B-28-28, Dilly, George W, 12 yrs, PA
386B-28-28, Dilly, John, 37 yrs, PA
386B-28-28, Dilly, John M, 14 yrs, PA
386B-28-28, Dilly, Mary, 35 yrs, PA
386B-28-28, Dilly, Wesley, 1 yrs, PA
393A-133-133, Dilly, William H, 24 yrs, PA
394B-153-153, Dixon, Nancy, 70 yrs, PA
390B-94-94, Elliot, Albert, 4 yrs, PA
390B-94-94, Elliot, John, 10 yrs, Ireland
390B-94-94, Elliot, John, 36 yrs, Ireland
390B-94-94, Elliot, Lizzie, 7 yrs, PA
390B-94-94, Elliot, Magga, 6 yrs, PA
390B-94-94, Elliot, Martha, 12 yrs, Ireland
390B-94-94, Elliot, Mary, 34 yrs, Ireland
390B-94-94, Elliot, Thomas, 2 yrs, PA
390B-94-94, Elliot, William H, 14 yrs, Ireland
388A-47-47, Emery, John W, 5 yrs, PA
388A-47-47, Emery, Mahola, 35 yrs, PA
388A-47-47, Emery, Mary E, 11 yrs, PA
387B-47-47, Emery, William C, 38 yrs, PA
388B-57-57, Findley, Charles, 10 yrs, PA
388B-57-57, Findley, Hattie, 4 yrs, PA
388B-57-57, Findley, James, 1 yrs, PA
388B-57-57, Findley, John, 50 yrs, PA
388B-57-57, Findley, John E, 8 yrs, PA
388B-57-57, Findley, Lizzie, 6 yrs, PA
388B-57-57, Findley, Sarah E, 37 yrs, PA
391A-103-103, Forbes, Hannah, 30 yrs, PA
391A-103-103, Forbes, Richard, 49 yrs, Ireland
387B-37-37, Frank, J Webster, 5 yrs, IL; [surname probably Webster]
392B-124-124, Franklin, C J, 2 yrs, PA
392B-123-123, Franklin, D H, 14 yrs, PA
392B-123-123, Franklin, H. B, 17 yrs, PA
392B-123-123, Franklin, L J, 53 yrs, NY
392B-123-123, Franklin, M. M, 11 yrs, PA
392B-124-124, Franklin, S L, 1/12 yrs, PA
392B-124-124, Franklin, Sarah, 19 yrs, PA
392B-123-123, Franklin, Sarah, 48 yrs, NY
392B-124-124, Franklin, W. F, 22 yrs, PA
393A-130-130, Gailey, Cally, 7 yrs, PA
393A-130-130, Gailey, Casiur, 5 yrs, PA
393A-129-129, Gailey, Eliza, 6 yrs, PA
393A-129-129, Gailey, Elizabeth, 31 yrs, PA
393A-128-128, Gailey, Emmie, 14 yrs, PA
393A-130-130, Gailey, Matilda, 3 yrs, PA
393A-128-128, Gailey, Matilda, 61 yrs, PA
393A-130-130, Gailey, McClain, 32 yrs, PA
393A-130-130, Gailey, Rebecca, 32 yrs, PA
393A-128-128, Gailey, Ruth, 25 yrs, PA
393A-129-129, Gailey, Smith, 36 yrs, PA
393A-128-128, Gailey, William, 23 yrs, PA
393A-128-128, Gailey, William, 60 yrs, PA
393A-130-130, Gailey, William J, 9 yrs, PA
394B-154-154, Galiger, Effie, 11 yrs, PA
394B-154-154, Galiger, Frank, 14 yrs, PA
394B-154-154, Galiger, John, 41 yrs, PA
394B-154-154, Galiger, Mary, 14 yrs, PA
394B-154-154, Galiger, Rachael, 37 yrs, PA
392A-113-113, Gibson, Clarissa, 2 yrs, PA
392A-113-113, Gibson, Saml, 75 yrs, Ireland
386A-20-20, Gill, Elizabeth, 28 yrs, PA
386A-20-20, Gill, Elizabeth, 59 yrs, PA
386A-20-20, Gill, L J, 35 yrs, NY
390B-89-89, Haggerty, Ann, 70 yrs, Ireland
390B-90-90, Haggerty, Gallaher F, 15 yrs, PA
390B-90-90, Haggerty, George L, 29 yrs, PA
390B-89-89, Haggerty, Jane, 40 yrs, PA
390B-89-89, Haggerty, John, 38 yrs, PA
390B-90-90, Haggerty, Mariah, 28 yrs, PA
387A-34-34, Hazen, Henry, 27 yrs, PA
387A-34-34, Hazen, Martha, 48 yrs, PA
387A-34-34, Hazen, Unice A, 20 yrs, PA
387B-44-44, Hill, Amelia, 49 yrs, PA
387B-42-42, Hill, Elizabeth, 50 yrs, PA
387B-42-42, Hill, Florilla, 8 yrs, PA
392B-122-122, Hill, George M, 23 yrs, PA
387B-42-42, Hill, Horrace C, 11 yrs, PA
392B-122-122, Hill, James M, 26 yrs, PA
387B-42-42, Hill, Joseph, 64 yrs, York State
387B-44-44, Hill, Joseph Jr, 28 yrs, PA
387B-44-44, Hill, Margaret J, 19 yrs, PA
387B-44-44, Hill, Oliver, 40 yrs, PA
387B-44-44, Hill, Williard, 16 yrs, PA
388A-51-51, Hill , Milla, 41 yrs, PA
388A-51-51, Hill , O. J, 41 yrs, PA
388A-51-51, Hill , Willard, 16 yrs, PA
393B-138-138, Hoge, Mary, 43 yrs, OH
393B-138-138, Hoge, Sarah, 23 yrs, PA
393B-138-138, Hoge, William B, 58 yrs, PA
393B-138-138, Hoge, William Orvis, 14 yrs, PA; [surname Orvis?]
387A-36-36, Hosack, A M, 15 yrs, PA
389A-65-65, Hosack, Amelia, 17 yrs, PA
390A-87-87, Hosack, Anderson, 12 yrs, PA
390A-87-87, Hosack, Anne, 37 yrs, PA
387A-36-36, Hosack, Charles L, 7 yrs, PA
389A-66-66, Hosack, Clara, 11 yrs, PA
390A-87-87, Hosack, Elizabeth, 15 yrs, PA
387A-36-36, Hosack, Henry, 51 yrs, PA
387A-36-36, Hosack, Infant, 7/12 yrs, PA;
389A-66-66, Hosack, J F, 42 yrs, PA
389A-66-66, Hosack, James, 7 yrs, PA
390A-87-87, Hosack, James, 14 yrs, PA
389A-65-65, Hosack, James, 74 yrs, PA
387A-36-36, Hosack, Jane, 36 yrs, PA
389A-66-66, Hosack, John R, 18 yrs, PA
387A-36-36, Hosack, M A, 18 yrs, PA
389A-66-66, Hosack, Mary, 44 yrs, PA
389A-66-66, Hosack, Mary E, 14 yrs, PA
390A-87-87, Hosack, Nelly, 6 yrs, PA
390A-87-87, Hosack, R R, 50 yrs, PA
389A-66-66, Hosack, Rachael, 5 yrs, PA
389A-65-65, Hosack, Rachael, 69 yrs, PA
387A-36-36, Hosack, S Grant, 5 yrs, PA
387A-36-36, Hosack, Ward B, 3 yrs, PA
390A-87-87, Hosack, William, 10 yrs, PA
385A-6-6, Hoyt, Caroline, 26 yrs, PA
393A-131-131, Hoyt, D L, 39 yrs, York State
385B-6-6, Hoyt, Elizabeth, 11/12 yrs, PA
385A-6-6, Hoyt, Estella, 4 yrs, PA
385A-6-6, Hoyt, Etta, 8 yrs, PA
393A-131-131, Hoyt, Evy, 9 yrs, PA
385A-6-6, Hoyt, Ira, 36 yrs, NY
386A-17-17, Hoyt, John C, 4 yrs, PA
393A-131-131, Hoyt, Martha, 36 yrs, PA
386A-17-17, Hoyt, Mary, 37 yrs, PA
386A-17-17, Hoyt, Mary Jane, 8 yrs, PA
386A-17-17, Hoyt, R D (K D?), 41 yrs, York State
389B-76-76, James, Lenne M, 5 yrs, PA
389B-76-76, James, Margaret, 1 yrs, PA
389B-76-76, James, Martha, 37 yrs, PA
389B-76-76, James, William, 38 yrs, Ireland
389B-76-76, James, Wm Charles, 3 yrs, PA
388B-62-62, Jenkins, Allice, 35 yrs, PA
386B-27-27, Jenkins, Amanda, 46 yrs, PA
387A-37-37, Jenkins, E, 73 yrs, PA
386B-27-27, Jenkins, Eliza Ann, 21 yrs, PA
388B-62-62, Jenkins, Infant, 7/12 yrs, PA
386B-27-27, Jenkins, John, 15 yrs, PA
386B-27-27, Jenkins, Joseph, 48 yrs, PA
388B-62-62, Jenkins, Saml, 38 yrs, PA
386B-27-27, Jenkins, Surinda J, 11 yrs, PA
391B-106-106, Jennings, Cyrus, 1 yrs, PA
391B-106-106, Jennings, Ella, 5 yrs, PA
390A-83-83, Jennings, Frances, 48 yrs, Ireland
391B-106-106, Jennings, George, 47 yrs, Ireland
390A-83-83, Jennings, John, 49 yrs, Ireland
391B-106-106, Jennings, John M, 14 yrs, PA
391B-108-108, Jennings, John M, 16 yrs, PA; [Surname possibly Burrows]
391B-106-106, Jennings, Joseph A,=2016 yrs, PA
391B-108-108, Jennings, Lilly, 4 yrs, PA
391B-108-108, Jennings, Mrs A, 25 yrs, PA
390A-83-83, Jennings, Sabina P, 8 yrs, PA
391B-106-106, Jennings, Sarah, 35 yrs, OH
391B-106-106, Jennings, Sarah , 9 yrs, PA
391B-106-106, Jennings, Winfield, 11 yrs, PA
387B-43-43, Kemp, Celestia, 24 yrs, PA
387B-43-43, Kemp, Josiah, 3 yrs, PA
387B-43-43, Kemp, Minna, 1 yrs, PA
387B-43-43, Kemp, Thomas, 27 yrs, PA
388A-55-55, Kirk, Allice, 12 yrs, OH
388A-55-55, Kirk, Burton, 5 yrs, PA
388A-55-55, Kirk, Charles, 10 yrs, OH
388A-55-55, Kirk, Edwin, 8 yrs, PA
388A-55-55, Kirk, John, 39 yrs, PA
388A-55-55, Kirk, Mary, 32 yrs, OH
388A-55-55, Kirk, Mary Grace, 10/12 yrs, PA
388A-55-55, Kirk, Surnett, 3 yrs, PA; [possibly Sennet]
387A-35-35, Lackey, Clarra, 15 yrs, PA
387A-35-35, Lackey, Fanny E, 11/12 yrs, PA
387A-35-35, Lackey, Frank, 6 yrs, PA
387A-34-34, Lackey, Henry, 73 yrs, PA
387A-35-35, Lackey, Hugh, 44 yrs, PA
387A-35-35, Lackey, John W, 12 yrs, PA
387A-35-35, Lackey, Joseph C, 17 yrs, PA
387A-35-35, Lackey, Levy A, 4 yrs, PA
387A-35-35, Lackey, Sarah, 36 yrs, PA
387A-35-35, Lackey, William J, 9 yrs, PA
389B-72-72, Linn, Adda V, 18 yrs, PA
389B-72-72, Linn, Albert F, 16 yrs, PA
389B-72-72, Linn, David, 62 yrs, PA
389A-71-71, Linn, Edna E, 3 yrs, PA
389A-71-71, Linn, Emily, 25 yrs, PA
389A-71-71, Linn, George E, 29 yrs, PA
389B-72-72, Linn, Margaret, 54 yrs, PA
389B-72-72, Linn, Milo S, 21 yrs, PA
389A-71-71, Linn, Norwesta, 1 yrs, PA
389A-71-71, Linn, Texada, 5 yrs, PA
389A-71-71, Linn, Weston E, 7 yrs, PA
385B-7-7, Livingston, Albert, 10 yrs, PA
385B-7-7, Livingston, Annetta, 8 yrs, PA
385B-7-7, Livingston, Catherine, 33 yrs, PA
385B-7-7, Livingston, Charles B, 35 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Livingston, Danl, 61 yrs, PA
394A-141-141, Livingston, Lizzie, 13 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Livingston, Sarah, 57 yrs, PA
385B-7-7, Livingston, Sarah C, 6 yrs, PA
385B-7-7, Livingston, W. J, 35 yrs, PA
385B-7-7, Livingston, William E, 1 yrs, PA
392B-126-126, Martellas, Ally Jane, 38 yrs, PA
392B-126-126, Martellas, Almon, 4 yrs, PA
392B-126-126, Martellas, Alvin, 10 yrs, PA
392B-126-126, Martellas, Melvill, 8 yrs, PA
392B-126-126, Martellas, R P, 39 yrs, OH
386B-25-25, McCartney, Anna, 12 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, Cornelius, 11 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, Cynthia C, 15 yrs, PA
386B-25-25, McCartney, Eleanor, 29 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, Hiraim, 3 yrs, PA
394A-143-143, McCartney, Isabell, 11 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, James, 9 yrs, PA
394A-143-143, McCartney, Jessina E, 14 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, John E, 7 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, Johnston, 50 yrs, Ireland
394A-143-143, McCartney, Martha, 42 yrs, PA
386B-25-25, McCartney, Perry, 30 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, Philip, 4/12 yrs, PA
394A-143-143, McCartney, Rachael, 5 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, Rachael, 38 yrs, PA
394A-143-143, McCartney, Robert, 44 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, Stephen L, 5 yrs, PA
394A-144-144, McCartney, William B, 13 yrs, PA
389B-74-74, McCelwain, Alex, 23 yrs, PA
389B-74-74, McCelwain, Catharine, 32 yrs, PA
389B-72-72, McCelwain, David, 24 yrs, PA
389B-72-72, McCelwain, Elizabeth, 19 yrs, PA
389B-74-74, McCelwain, Mary F, 8/12 yrs, PA
389B-72-72, McCelwain, Maud, 2/12 yrs, PA
390B-95-95, McChan, Archy, 55 yrs, Ireland
390B-95-95, McChan, Elizabeth, 13 yrs, PA
390B-95-95, McChan, Elizabeth, 50 yrs, Ireland
390B-95-95, McChan, Nancy, 16 yrs, PA
390B-95-95, McChan, Sarah J, 17 yrs, PA
389A-69-69, McClure, Andrew, 32 yrs, PA
388B-59-59, McClure, Unice, 57 yrs, PA
388B-59-59, McClure, William, 61 yrs, PA
388B-59-59, McClure, William G, 25 yrs, PA
385B-15-15, McCormick, Adam, 57 yrs, PA
386A-15-15, McCormick, David L, 3 yrs, PA
389B-79-79, McCormick, Ella M, 6 yrs, PA
393B-135-135, McCormick, Emmie, 20 yrs, PA
393A-132-132, McCormick, Frank, 17 yrs, PA
393A-132-132, McCormick, Isaac, 11 yrs, PA
389B-79-79, McCormick, Jno L, 33 yrs, PA
393A-132-132, McCormick, John, 44 yrs, PA
393A-132-132, McCormick, Lindy, 13 yrs, PA
385B-15-15, McCormick, Lizzie, 24 yrs, PA
393B-137-137, McCormick, Lizzie Ann, 24 yrs, PA
389B-79-79, McCormick, Magga B, 4 yrs, PA
385B-15-15, McCormick, Margaret, 47 yrs, PA
393B-137-137, McCormick, Mary, 1 yrs, PA
393A-132-132, McCormick, Mary E, 9 yrs, PA
389B-78-78, McCormick, Mary J, 47 yrs, PA
386A-15-15, McCormick, Mary V, 17 yrs, PA
386A-15-15, McCormick, Osher D, 19 yrs, PA
393B-140-140, McCormick, Rebecca, 61 yrs, PA
393A-132-132, McCormick, Sarah, 15 yrs, PA
393A-132-132, McCormick, Sarah, 42 yrs, PA
389B-79-79, McCormick, Susan M, 30 yrs, PA
386A-15-15, McCormick, Thomas, 21 yrs, PA
393B-137-137, McCormick, Thomas, 29 yrs, PA
393A-132-132, McCormick, Ulyssus G, 2 yrs, PA
393B-135-135, McCormick, Uphama, 31 yrs, PA
393B-137-137, McCormick, William, 3 yrs, PA
389B-78-78, McCormick, William, 60 yrs, PA
392B-120-120, McCutcheon, Allice, 17 yrs, PA
392B-120-120, McCutcheon, Archy, 14 yrs, PA
390A-81-81, McCutcheon, Ellibell, 3 yrs, PA
392B-120-120, McCutcheon, James, 55 yrs, Ireland
392B-120-120, McCutcheon, John, 12 yrs, PA
389B-81-81, McCutcheon, John, 60 yrs, Ireland
392B-120-120, McCutcheon, Joseph, 9 yrs, PA
389B-81-81, McCutcheon, Joseph P, 14 yrs, PA
389B-81-81, McCutcheon, Lizzie J, 47 yrs, PA
390A-81-81, McCutcheon, Martha, 9 yrs, PA
389B-81-81, McCutcheon, Mary, 11 yrs, PA
392B-120-120, McCutcheon, Mary, 52 yrs, PA
389B-81-81, McCutcheon, Porter, 90 yrs, Ireland
392B-120-120, McCutcheon, Sarah, 23 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, Adam, 13 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, Anna Bell, 10 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, Cyrus, 25 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, Emmie, 15 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, Harry, 21 (27?) yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, John, 52 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, Malinda, 8 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, Mary, 49 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, Mary F, 17 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, Weston, 19 yrs, PA
393B-136-136, McElwain, William, 11 yrs, PA
391A-96-96, MCMichael, Charles E, 4 yrs, PA
390B-96-96, MCMichael, Chas, 55 yrs, Ireland
390B-96-96, MCMichael, Henrietta, 44 yrs, York State
390B-96-96, MCMichael, Hiraim P, 15 yrs, York State
391A-96-96, MCMichael, Margaret J, 18 yrs, York State
391A-96-96, MCMichael, Sarah E, 8 yrs, PA
391A-100-100, Michael, Esther, 54 yrs, PA
391A-100-100, Michael, Hiraim, 26 yrs, PA
391A-100-100, Michael, Hugh, 46 yrs, PA
392A-119-119, Montgomery, A, 66 yrs, PA
392B-121-121, Montgomery, Ettie, 24 yrs, PA
392B-121-121, Montgomery, Fred, 2 yrs, PA
392B-121-121, Montgomery, Griffith, 20 yrs, PA
392B-121-121, Montgomery, John, 27 yrs, PA
392B-121-121, Montgomery, Madison, 30 yrs, PA
392A-119-119, Montgomery, Margaret, 56 yrs, PA
392B-121-121, Montgomery, Mary, 55 yrs, England
392B-119-119, Montgomery, Nancy J, 22 yrs, PA
392A-119-119, Montgomery, William, 28 yrs, PA
391A-104-104, ODell, Allice, 1 yrs, PA
391A-104-104, ODell, Fanny, 7 yrs, PA
391A-104-104, ODell, Permilia, 27 yrs, PA
391A-104-104, ODell, W G, 34 yrs, York State
388B-64-64, Perrine, Ann Eliza, 55 yrs, PA
389A-64-64, Perrine, Anson W, 22 yrs, NY
388B-64-64, Perrine, Armon, 62 yrs, NY
389A-64-64, Perrine, Charles, 13 yrs, PA
389A-64-64, Perrine, Curdelia, 28 yrs, PA
389A-64-64, Perrine, Terrissa, 11 yrs, PA
389A-68-68, Phipps, J Boyd, 25 yrs, PA
389A-68-68, Phipps, Mary G, 29 yrs, PA
392A-114-114, Reed, Elizabeth, 18 yrs, PA; [possibly Rud]
392A-114-114, Reed, J G, 75 yrs, PA; [possibly Rud]
392A-114-114, Reed, Jane, 44 yrs, PA; [possibly Rud]
392A-114-114, Reed, John, 15 yrs, PA; [possibly Rud]
392A-114-114, Reed, Joseph, 10 yrs, PA; [possibly Rud]
393A-134-134, Robert, Ellen, 10 yrs, PA; [surname probably Lowry]
393B-134-134, Robert, James A, 3 yrs, PA; [surname probably Lowry]
393A-134-134, Robert, Lola, 8 yrs, PA; [surname probably Lowry]
393A-134-134, Robert, Lowry, 43 yrs, PA; [surname probably Lowry]
393A-134-134, Robert, Nanna, 5 yrs, PA; [surname probably Lowry]
393A-134-134, Robert, Rebecca, 40 yrs, PA; [surname probably Lowry]
393B-141-141, Roberts, Aminta, 2 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Roberts, Buton, 7 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Roberts, Catharine, 4 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Roberts, Hiraim, 16 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Roberts, Isabell, 36 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Roberts, John, 3/12 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Roberts, Laura, 15 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Roberts, Mary Jane, 25 yrs, PA
393B-141-141, Roberts, Samuel, 45 yrs, PA
386A-19-19, Robinson, Charles, 13 yrs, PA
386A-19-19, Robinson, Eli, 21 yrs, PA
386A-19-19, Robinson, Hannah, 24 yrs, PA
386A-18-18, Robinson, Hannah, 77 yrs, PA
386A-19-19, Robinson, Hirain, 49 yrs, PA
386A-19-19, Robinson, John, 5 yrs, PA
386A-19-19, Robinson, Lucius, 18 yrs, PA
386A-19-19, Robinson, Mabel, 49 yrs, NY
386A-19-19, Robinson, Sarah, 16 yrs, PA
389A-69-69, Ross, Anna, 1/12 yrs, PA
386A-16-16, Ross, Anna, 6 yrs, PA
393A-127-127, Ross, Annie Bell, 5 yrs, PA
389A-69-69, Ross, Berty, 4 yrs, PA
393A-127-127, Ross, Collie, 10 yrs, PA
389A-69-69, Ross, Cory, 6 yrs, PA
388B-61-61, Ross, David M, 60 yrs, PA
388B-61-61, Ross, Elizabeth, 22 yrs, PA
386A-16-16, Ross, Elzora, 7 yrs, PA
386A-16-16, Ross, Frank, 4 yrs, PA
393A-127-127, Ross, Frederick, 8 yrs, PA
393A-127-127, Ross, H Manning, 11/12 yrs, PA
392B-127-127, Ross, Harris A, 35 yrs, PA
386A-16-16, Ross, Harry, 2 yrs, PA
386A-16-16, Ross, John K, 32 yrs, PA
392B-127-127, Ross, Judson, 12 yrs, PA
386A-16-16, Ross, Julia Ann, 26 yrs, PA
388B-61-61, Ross, Martha, 18 yrs, PA
392B-127-127, Ross, Mary, 34 yrs, PA
388B-61-61, Ross, Matilda, 16 yrs, PA
389A-69-69, Ross, Morilla, 25 yrs, OH
389A-69-69, Ross, Ninna, 1 yrs, PA
389A-69-69, Ross, Rollin, 3 yrs, PA
388B-61-61, Ross, Rosannah, 54 yrs, PA
393A-127-127, Ross, S Colfax, 3 yrs, PA
389A-69-69, Ross, Samuel B, 31 yrs, PA
388B-61-61, Ross, Sarah E, 12 yrs, PA
392A-116-116, Russle, Evy A, 7 yrs, PA
392A-116-116, Russle, Jane, 36 yrs, Ireland
392A-116-116, Russle, Joseph, 48 yrs, Ireland
392A-116-116, Russle, Magga, 7 yrs, PA
392A-116-116, Russle, Mary, 11 yrs, PA
392A-116-116, Russle, Sarah, 13 yrs, PA
392A-116-116, Russle, William, 9 yrs, PA
385B-8-8, Scofield, George, 19 yrs, PA
385B-8-8, Scofield, John, 29 yrs, PA
385B-8-8, Scofield, Mary, 30 yrs, PA
385B-8-8, Scofield, William E, 5 yrs, PA
386B-24-24, Seiple, Barbary, 1 yrs, PA
386B-24-24, Seiple, Catharine, 6 yrs, PA
386B-24-24, Seiple, Elizabeth, 43 yrs, Germany
386B-24-24, Seiple, Eve, 14 yrs, PA
386B-24-24, Seiple, George, 18 yrs, Germany
386B-24-24, Seiple, Martin, 10 yrs, PA
386B-24-24, Seiple, Mary E, 3 yrs, PA
386B-24-24, Seiple, Peter A, 8 yrs, PA
386B-24-24, Seiple, William, 46 yrs, Germany
387B-45-45, Shannon, Clara, 5 yrs, PA
387B-45-45, Shannon, Ella, 1 yrs, PA
387B-45-45, Shannon, Franics, 7 yrs, PA
387B-45-45, Shannon, Laura, 14 yrs, PA
387B-45-45, Shannon, Margaret, 40 yrs, PA
387B-45-45, Shannon, Milton, 3 yrs, PA
387B-45-45, Shannon, Newton, 12 yrs, PA
387B-45-45, Shannon, Ross, 19 yrs, PA
387B-45-45, Shannon, Sophia J, 17 yrs, PA
387B-45-45, Shannon, Wm, 50 yrs, PA
392B-125-125, Shimel, Allen, 2 yrs, PA
392B-125-125, Shimel, Caroline, 30 yrs, PA
392B-125-125, Shimel, George, 13 yrs, PA
392B-125-125, Shimel, Ida, 6 yrs, PA
392B-125-125, Shimel, James, 10 yrs, PA
392B-125-125, Shimel, James, 37 yrs, PA
392B-125-125, Shimel, Mary, 8 yrs, PA
394B-154-154, Slater, Cally, 21 yrs, PA
390B-93-93, Slater, Emma, 7 yrs, PA
388A-52-52, Slater, Hetta, 29 yrs, PA
394B-154-154, Slater, Infant, 3/12 yrs, PA
394B-154-154, Slater, Ira, 23 yrs, PA
390B-93-93, Slater, Isophena, 1 yrs, PA
388A-52-52, Slater, J W, 33 yrs, PA
388A-52-52, Slater, James, 69 yrs, England
390B-93-93, Slater, Margaret, 36 yrs, PA
388A-52-52, Slater, Martha, 66 yrs, England
390B-93-93, Slater, Milton, 8 yrs, PA
390B-93-93, Slater, Selby, 3 yrs, PA
390B-93-93, Slater, William, 40 yrs, England
385A-1-1, Small, Evy Jane, 2 yrs, PA
385A-1-1, Small, J. W, 43=20yrs, PA
385A-1-1, Small, Joseph R, 13 yrs, PA
385A-1-1, Small, Margaret, 39 yrs, PA
385A-1-1, Small, Samuel A, 8 yrs, PA
385A-1-1, Small, Sarah E, 11 yrs, PA
385A-1-1, Small, William T, 15 yrs, PA
394B-151-151, Smith, Arthur, 2 yrs, PA
394B-151-151, Smith, Edward, 28 yrs, NY
394B-151-151, Smith, Joseph, 3 yrs, PA
394B-151-151, Smith, Nannie, 2/12 yrs, PA
394B-151-151, Smith, Sarah, 26 yrs, PA
387A-31-31, Snyder, Eldora, 10 yrs, PA
387A-31-31, Snyder, Elizabeth, 35 yrs, PA
387A-30-30, Snyder, Francess, 6 yrs, OH
387A-30-30, Snyder, George, 44 yrs, OH
387A-30-30, Snyder, George E, 2 yrs, OH
387A-33-33, Snyder, Hannah Uphama, 21 yrs, PA
387A-32-32, Snyder, Joseph, 58 yrs, OH
387A-33-33, Snyder, Joseph A, 23 yrs, PA
387A-30-30, Snyder, Lauretia, 42 yrs, OH
387A-30-30, Snyder, Monroe, 8 yrs, OH
387A-33-33, Snyder, Orlando, 1 yrs, PA
387A-32-32, Snyder, Orlando, 11 yrs, PA
387A-31-31, Snyder, S P, 33 yrs, OH
387A-32-32, Snyder, Sarah, 42 yrs, PA
387A-32-32, Snyder, Sarah M, 17 yrs, PA
387A-31-31, Snyder, Silas E, 8 yrs, PA
386A-23-23, Sowers, John, 18 yrs, Germany
386B-23-23, Sowers, Mary, 16 yrs, PA
386A-23-23, Sowers, Michael, 63 yrs, Germany
386A-23-23, Sowers, Willimina, 60 yrs, Germany
392A-118-118, Staup, A Mary, 19 yrs, PA
392A-118-118, Staup, John, 24 yrs, PA
392A-118-118, Staup, Martin E, 2 yrs, PA
392A-118-118, Staup, Thomas, 12 yrs, PA
387A-32-32, Steel, George, 22 yrs, NJ
387A-32-32, Steel, Mary D, 20 yrs, NJ
388B-58-58, Stergen, Isabella, 25 yrs, PA
388B-58-58, Stergen, William, 30 yrs, PA
388A-56-56, Stewart, Alturan, 35 yrs, PA
385A-3-3, Stewart, Amanda, 41 yrs, PA
385A-3-3, Stewart, Charles, 45 yrs, OH
388B-56-56, Stewart, Della, 5 yrs, PA
385A-3-3, Stewart, Edward, 5 yrs, PA
388A-56-56, Stewart, Ellen, 33 yrs, PA
385A-3-3, Stewart, Estella, 8 yrs, PA
385A-3-3, Stewart, George W., 17 yrs, PA
388A-56-56, Stewart, Gurtrude, 12 yrs, PA
388B-56-56, Stewart, John, 4 yrs, PA
385A-3-3, Stewart, Joseph, 15 yrs, PA
385A-3-3, Stewart, Lydda, 19 yrs, PA
385A-3-3, Stewart, Oliva, 10 yrs, PA
388B-56-56, Stewart, Richard, 3/12 yrs, PA
387B-46-46, Storkey, July Ann, 31 yrs, PA
387B-46-46, Storkey, Saml, 35 yrs, PA
385B-10-10, Stright, Andrew, 52 yrs, PA
385B-10-10, Stright, Charles, 9 yrs, PA
385B-10-10, Stright, Emmie, 11 yrs, PA
386B-29-29, Stright, Hadley, 44 yrs, PA
385B-11-11, Stright, James, 28 yrs, PA
386B-29-29, Stright, James A, 12 yrs, PA
385B-13-13, Stright, Jess (Jep?) A, 25 yrs, PA
386B-29-29, Stright, John W, 8 yrs, PA
385B-12-12, Stright, Joseph, 65 yrs, VA
385B-11-11, Stright, Lizzie, 9 yrs, PA
386B-29-29, Stright, Margaret, 15 yrs, PA
385B-10-10, Stright, Maria, 50 yrs, PA
385B-10-10, Stright, Maria A, 18 yrs, PA
386B-29-29, Stright, Mary, 44 yrs, PA
386B-29-29, Stright, Mary , 4 yrs, PA
385B-10-10, Stright, Mary Ellen, 16 yrs, PA
385B-11-11, Stright, Mary J, 30 yrs, PA
385B-13-13, Stright, Mary Jane, 22 yrs, PA
385B-12-12, Stright, Oleva, 60 yrs, OH
386B-29-29, Stright, Samuel, 14 yrs, PA
385B-10-10, Stright, Sarah J, 20 yrs, PA
385B-10-10, Stright, Thomas, 5 yrs, PA
385B-10-10, Stright, Wilson A, 14 yrs, PA
388B-58-58, Surmda, Harriett, 40 yrs, OH
392A-113-113, Swager, Adda Jane, 6 yrs, PA
392A-113-113, Swager, Anjoline, 30 yrs, PA
392A-113-113, Swager, Emma, 3 yrs, PA
392A-113-113, Swager, James, 34 yrs, OH
391A-102-102, Tamer, Albert, 15 yrs, PA; [possibly Tarner]
391A-102-102, Tamer, Amanda, 13 yrs, PA
391A-102-102, Tamer, Charles, 9 yrs, PA
392A-117-117, Tamer, Charles, 11 yrs, PA
391A-102-102, Tamer, Cynthia, 48 yrs, Ireland
392A-117-117, Tamer, Elen, 36 yrs, OH
391A-102-102, Tamer, Elizabeth, 11 yrs, PA
392A-117-117, Tamer, Elmer, 7 yrs, PA
391A-102-102, Tamer, Emma, 7 yrs, PA
392A-117-117, Tamer, Ettie, 5 yrs, PA
392A-117-117, Tamer, Flora, 8 yrs, PA
391A-102-102, Tamer, Florence, 5 yrs, PA
391A-102-102, Tamer, J W, 56 yrs, Ireland
391A-102-102, Tamer, James, 17 yrs, PA
392A-117-117, Tamer, James M, 36 yrs, York State
392A-117-117, Tamer, Lorenzo, 13 yrs, PA
392A-117-117, Tamer, Sarah, 3 yrs, PA
392A-117-117, Tamer, Uphamy, 6/12 yrs, PA
393B-139-139, Thompson, Addison E, 21 yrs, PA
393B-139-139, Thompson, Benj A, 45 yrs, PA
393B-139-139, Thompson, Cynthia, 42 yrs, PA
393B-139-139, Thompson, James, 14 yrs, PA
393B-139-139, Thompson, Mary E, 16 yrs, PA
392A-116-116, Turner, Sarah, 69 yrs, PA
390A-82-82, Uber, Anna, 5 yrs, PA
390A-82-82, Uber, B. N, 38 yrs, PA
390A-82-82, Uber, Cally B, 13 yrs, PA
390A-82-82, Uber, Harvey E, 16 yrs, PA
390A-82-82, Uber, James F, 8 yrs, PA
390A-82-82, Uber, Jane, 36 yrs, PA
390A-82-82, Uber, Joshua R, 10 yrs, PA
390A-82-82, Uber, Mary E, 15 yrs, PA
390A-82-82, Uber, William, 6/12 yrs, PA
391B-111-111, Vorheis, Abagail, 63 yrs, PA
391B-109-109, Vorheis, Abram, 36 yrs, PA
391B-109-109, Vorheis, Burton, 4 yrs, PA
389B-77-77, Vorheis, C A, 61 yrs, PA
389B-77-77, Vorheis, Daniel A, 20 yrs, PA
389B-77-77, Vorheis, Eliza, 50 yrs, PA
391B-109-109, Vorheis, Elizabeth, 2 yrs, PA
391B-111-111, Vorheis, Ephraim, 65 yrs, PA
389B-77-77, Vorheis, Evy M, 13 yrs, PA
391B-109-109, Vorheis, Mary Ann, 27 yrs, PA
389B-77-77, Vorheis, Mary E, 16 yrs, PA
391B-111-111, Vorheis, Nancy, 31 yrs, PA
391B-111-111, Vorheis, William, 23 yrs, PA
387B-40-40, Wentz, Joseph L, 14 yrs, PA
387B-40-40, Wentz, Sarah E, 49 yrs, Ireland
391A-97-97, White, Andrew, 29 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, Annetta, 9/12 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, Augustus, 3 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, Augustus, 44 yrs, NY
391A-99-99, White, B S, 46 yrs, PA
391A-99-99, White, Catharine, 37 yrs, PA
391A-97-97, White, Charles H, 3 yrs, PA
386A-21-21, White, Cyrus M, 19 yrs, PA
386A-21-21, White, David, 44 yrs, PA
386A-21-21, White, Elmer L, 8 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, Halloway E, 18 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, Hiraim, 16 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, Homer, 20 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, Margaret, 39 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, Martha, 4 yrs, PA
391A-97-97, White, Mary, 26 yrs, PA
386A-21-21, White, Mary, 73 yrs, PA
391A-99-99, White, Mary J, 12 yrs, PA
386A-21-21, White, Norrissa, 43 yrs, PA
391A-99-99, White, Robert, 10 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, Sarah , 8 yrs, PA
385A-5-5, White, William M, 6 yrs, PA
386A-21-21, White, William M, 17 yrs, PA
385A-4-4, Wright, Daniel, 22 yrs, PA
385A-4-4, Wright, Elizabeth, 7 yrs, PA
385A-4-4, Wright, Francis, 18 yrs, PA
385B-9-9, Wright, James, 26 yrs, PA
385B-9-9, Wright, Jane, 30 yrs, PA
385A-4-4, Wright, Levi, 47 yrs, PA
385A-4-4, Wright, Maggie, 10 yrs, PA
385A-4-4, Wright, Margaret, 52 yrs, PA
385A-4-4, Wright, William, 15 yrs, PA

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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