Cool Spring Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

Pg# Dwelling# Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

11A-153-150, Addison, Mary 10 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Addison, Agnes 7 yrs, PA
2B-25-26, Alexander, Sarah 60 yrs, PA
4B-59-58, Alexander, Jane 50 yrs, PA
6B-93-91, Alexander, Joseph 35 yrs, PA
6B-93-91, Alexander, Nettie 21 yrs, OH
6B-93-91, Alexander, John 19 yrs, OH
7A-94-92, Alexander, Thomas 41 yrs, PA
7A-94-92, Alexander, Sarah J 38 yrs, PA
7A-94-92, Alexander, Adda M 11 yrs, KY
7A-94-92, Alexander, William G 5 yrs, KY
7A-94-92, Alexander, Maria 71 yrs, PA
11B-157-152, Alexander, Mary 50 yrs, Ireland
8B-120-118, Allen, June 23 yrs, PA
10A-143-141, Allison, Eliza 54 yrs, Ireland
10A-143-141, Allison, Fannie 14 yrs, PA
10A-143-141, Allison, Joseph 13 yrs, PA
10A-143-141, Allison, Maggie 17 yrs, PA
10B-144-143, Allison, John W 29 yrs, PA
10B-144-143, Allison, Elizabeth J 31 yrs, PA
10B-144-143, Allison, James A 8 yrs, PA
10B-144-143, Allison, Homer W 6 yrs, PA
10B-144-143, Allison, Robert N 3 yrs, PA
10B-144-143, Allison, Edith 1 yrs, PA
7B-102-100, Amberson, Margaret 32 yrs, PA
7B-102-100, Amberson, Charles F 9 yrs, PA
1B-13-13, Armstrong, John 39 yrs, Ireland
1B-13-13, Armstrong, Mary E. 38 yrs, PA
1B-13-13, Armstrong, Thomas E. 11 yrs, PA
10A-140-137, Armstrong, Elliot 37 yrs, Ireland
10A-140-137, Armstrong, Sarah J 30 yrs, PA
10A-140-137, Armstrong, Elizabeth 11 yrs, PA
10A-140-137, Armstrong, Mary C 9 yrs, PA
10A-140-137, Armstrong, Samuel I 7 yrs, PA
10A-140-137, Armstrong, Isabella 3 yrs, PA
10A-140-137, Armstrong, William A 9/12 yr, PA
11A-153-150, Austin, James 45 yrs, PA
3A-39-38, Babcock, Sylvanus R. 44 yrs, PA
3A-39-38, Babcock, Rebecca A. 46 yrs, PA
3A-39-38, Babcock, Ellen 20 yrs, PA
3A-39-38, Babcock, Isabella 18 yrs, PA
3A-39-38, Babcock, Henry E. 12 yrs, PA
10B-147-146, Bagnall, Thomas 26 yrs, PA
10B-147-146, Bagnall, Isabella 24 yrs, PA
10B-147-146, Bagnall, Robert V 1 yrs, PA
6A-81-79, Barber, John S 52 yrs, PA
6A-81-79, Barber, Margaret 60 yrs, PA
6A-81-79, Barber, Adam H 17 yrs,
4B-60-59, Bell, George W. 26 yrs, PA
4B-60-59, Bell, Lizzie 23 yrs, PA
4B-60-59, Bell, Jennie B. 2 yrs, PA
10A-141-139, Bell, Hugh 50 yrs, Ireland
10A-141-139, Bell, Isabella 40 yrs, Ireland
10A-141-139, Bell, George A 17 yrs, NY
10A-141-139, Bell, Mary I 10 yrs, NY
10A-141-139, Bell, Jennie 7 yrs, NY
10A-141-139, Bell, Hugh W 4 yrs, NY
10A-141-139, Bell, James S 1 yrs, PA
3A-37-36, Bently, Joseph 36 yrs, PA
3A-37-36, Bently, Nancy 31 yrs, PA
3A-37-36, Bently, Sarah E. 8 yrs, PA
3A-37-36, Bently, Christena 2 yrs, PA
3A-37-36, Bently, Samuel 18 yrs, PA
5A-70-68, Berry, Robert 25 yrs, Canada
5A-71-69, Bestwick, Thomas 28 yrs, PA
5A-71-69, Bestwick, Mary J. 25 yrs, PA
5B-71-69, Bestwick, John G 2 yrs, PA
5B-71-69, Bestwick, Charles 1 yrs, PA
5B-71-69, Bestwick, infnat 2/12 yr, PA
5B-72-70, Bestwick, John 55 yrs, England
5B-72-70, Bestwick, Ann 46 yrs, England
5B-72-70, Bestwick, John 20 yrs, PA
5B-72-70, Bestwick, Mary 16 yrs, PA
2A-18-18, Black, Mary 46 yrs, PA
2A-18-18, Black, Frances D. 18 yrs, PA
2A-18-18, Black, Mary J. 11 yrs, PA
5B-77-75, Black, Jane A 18 yrs, PA
8B-119-117, Bowman, John H 35 yrs, PA
8B-119-117, Bowman, Sarah J 28 yrs, PA
8B-119-117, Bowman, Mary E. 7 yrs, PA
8B-119-117, Bowman, Amanda J 6 yrs, PA
8B-119-117, Bowman, Barbara A 5 yrs, PA
8B-119-117, Bowman, Hannah U 2 yrs, PA
8B-119-117, Bowman, Anna S 8/12 yr, PA
8B-120-118, Bowman, Robert S 63 yrs, PA
8B-120-118, Bowman, Barbara 64 yrs, PA
6A-85-83, Boyd, Robert 57 yrs, Ireland
6A-85-83, Boyd, Sarah K 45 yrs, PA
6A-85-83, Boyd, Emma M 18 yrs, PA
6B-92-90, Boyd, Joseph 65 yrs, Ireland
6B-92-90, Boyd, Nancy 49 yrs, PA
6B-92-90, Boyd, William D 27 yrs, PA
6B-92-90, Boyd, Henry 20 yrs, PA
6B-92-90, Boyd, Mary 18 yrs, PA
6B-92-90, Boyd, Andrew 15 yrs, PA
6B-92-90, Boyd, Anna 12 yrs, PA
6B-92-90, Boyd, Nannie B 3 yrs, PA
8A-114-112, Brest, Lewis F 26 yrs, PA
8A-114-112, Brest, Margaret J 24 yrs, PA
8A-114-112, Brest, Minnie A 4 yrs, PA
8A-114-112, Brest, Mary E 1 yrs, PA
7B-105-103, Brice, Noah 14 yrs, PA
2A-20-20, Brick, Eliza J. 13 yrs, PA
2A-22-22, Brindley, Georgia A. 5 yrs, OH
10B-150-149, Brixton, Albert 25 yrs, PA
10B-150-149, Brixton, Robert 22 yrs, PA
10B-150-149, Brixton, Elizabeth 19 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Brooks, Wilder 21 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Brown, Lizzie 70 yrs, PA
11B-153-150, Brown, John 35 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Brown , Jacob 60 yrs, PA
5A-65-63, Burns, Rosanna 16 yrs, Canada
6A-84-82, Burns, Patsey 15 yrs, Canada
3A-40-39, Burton, William 66 yrs, Ireland
3A-40-39, Burton, Nancy 54 yrs, PA
3A-40-39, Burton, James C. 20 yrs, PA
3A-40-39, Burton, Elenor 22 yrs, PA
3A-40-39, Burton, William 14 yrs, PA
10B-146-145, Callahan, Timothy 30 yrs, Ireland
10B-146-145, Callahan, Mary A 24 yrs, PA
10B-146-145, Callahan, Mary 2 yrs, PA
10B-146-145, Callahan, Ellen 3/12 yr, PA
1A-6-6, Clark, James M. 45 yrs, PA
1A-6-6, Clark, Ann 46 yrs, England
1A-6-6, Clark, Joseph W 21 yrs, PA
1A-6-6, Clark, Abraham A. 19 yrs, PA
1A-6-6, Clark, Caroline E. 18 yrs, PA
1A-6-6, Clark, Samuel D. 17 yrs, PA
1A-6-6, Clark, Charlotte J. 15 yrs, PA
1B-6-6, Clark, Mary A. 12 yrs, PA
1B-6-6, Clark, Edith E. 10 yrs, PA
1B-6-6, Clark, Elmer K. 8 yrs, PA
1B-6-6, Clark, Nancy M. 6 yrs, PA
1B-6-6, Clark, Harriet A. 3 yrs, PA
1B-7-7, Clark, J.P. 24 yrs, PA
1B-7-7, Clark, Mary J. 21 yrs, PA
2A-19-19, Clark, John H. 54 yrs, PA
2A-19-19, Clark, Rebecca F. 44 yrs, OH
2A-19-19, Clark, Elizabeth M. 23 yrs, PA
2A-19-19, Clark, Edward J. 21 yrs, PA
2A-19-19, Clark, Martha M. 12 yrs, PA
3A-33-32, Clark, William W. 37 yrs, PA
3A-33-32, Clark, Elizabeth 38 yrs, PA
3A-33-32, Clark, William A. 11 yrs, PA
3A-33-32, Clark, Susan B. 10 yrs, PA
3A-33-32, Clark, Mary C. 9 yrs, PA
3A-33-32, Clark, Rebecca C. 6 yrs, PA
3A-33-32, Clark, John G. 5 yrs, PA
3A-33-32, Clark, Edward P. 2 yrs, PA
3A-33-32, Clark, infant 2/12 yr, PA
11B-155-150, Clendenigng, Andrew 80 yrs, Ireland
11B-155-150, Clendenigng, Elizabeth 75 yrs, Ireland
11B-155-150, Clendenigng, Elizabeth 30 yrs, Ireland
11B-155-150, Clendenigng, Jane 26 yrs, Ireland
11B-155-150, Clendenigng, Andrew 13 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Clingan, Samuel 60 yrs, PA
7A-95-93, Collins, Michael 38 yrs, Ireland
7A-95-93, Collins, Harriet 38 yrs, PA
7A-95-93, Collins, Nancy 76 yrs, Ireland
8A-112-110, Cook, Joshua B 47 yrs, PA
8A-112-110, Cook, Eliza A 50 yrs, PA
8A-112-110, Cook, Laura 11 yrs, PA
8A-112-110, Cook, Novella 9 yrs, PA
3A-36-35, Cornell, Edmund 32 yrs, PA
3A-36-35, Cornell, Martha 34 yrs, PA
3A-36-35, Cornell, David F. 64 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, John 33 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, Susan 38 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, Charles 19 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, Josephene 18 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, Mary E 12 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, David F 11 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, Edmund 10 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, Maggie B 6 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, Samuel B 3 yrs, PA
10A-139-136, Cornell, Eugene 1 yrs, PA
8B-118-116, Craig, John 56 yrs, PA
8B-118-116, Craig, Jane 41 yrs, Ireland
8B-118-116, Craig, William 24 yrs, PA
8B-118-116, Craig, James 22 yrs, PA
8B-118-116, Craig, Andrew 20 yrs, PA
8B-118-116, Craig, Henrietta 16 yrs, PA
8B-118-116, Craig, Mary 14 yrs, PA
8B-118-116, Craig, Joseph 12 yrs, PA
8B-118-116, Craig, George 7 yrs, PA
8B-118-116, Craig, Francis 2 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Cramer, Charles 35 yrs, OH
7B-106-104, Crider, Henry 45 yrs, PA
7B-106-104, Crider, Margaret 46 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Delong, Mary 20 yrs, PA
5A-65-63, Denniston, Wm A. 29 yrs, PA
5A-65-63, Denniston, Mary E. 28 yrs, PA
5A-65-63, Denniston, Beaumont 10/12 yr, PA
8B-121-119, Deveron, Mary A 22 yrs, NY
8A-115-113, Dillinger, Levi 16 yrs, PA
9B-132-130, Donahue, Michael 48 yrs, Ireland
9B-132-130, Donahue, Catharine 42 yrs, Ireland
9B-132-130, Donahue, William 19 yrs, PA
9B-132-130, Donahue, Mary 17 yrs, PA
9B-132-130, Donahue, John 15 yrs, PA
9B-132-130, Donahue, Francis 13 yrs, PA
9B-132-130, Donahue, Catharine 11 yrs, PA
9B-132-130, Donahue, James 9 yrs, PA
9B-132-130, Donahue, Edwin 7 yrs, PA
9B-132-130, Donahue, Susannah 4 yrs, PA
9B-132-130, Donahue, John 87 yrs, Ireland
9B-132-130, Donahue, Mary 75 yrs, Ireland
11A-153-150, Donaldson, Thomas 70 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Douglas, Gilbert 28 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, James K. 51 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, Mary A. 43 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, Martha 19 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, Walter 15 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, Vinsent 13 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, Robet M. 11 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, William 7 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, David E. 6 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, Eva L. 5 yrs, PA
4A-50-49, Duff, John S. 3 yrs, PA
11B-153-150, Duff, Polly 60 yrs, PA
4A-53-52, Dugan, Samuel 35 yrs, OH
4A-53-52, Dugan, Hannah 35 yrs, PA
7B-109-107, Duncan, George 11 yrs, PA
2A-21-21, Dunlap, George W. 48 yrs, PA
2A-21-21, Dunlap, Lavina 30 yrs, PA
2A-21-21, Dunlap, Stewart 9 yrs, PA
2A-21-21, Dunlap, William 4 yrs, PA
6B-91-89, Dunn, Wm L 9 yrs, PA
11B-156-151, Dunn, Mary 6 yrs, PA
3B-44-43, Dunninger, Jacob 48 yrs, PA
3B-44-43, Dunninger, Barbara 47 yrs, PA
3B-44-43, Dunninger, George 8 yrs, PA
3B-44-43, Dunninger, Charlotte 4 yrs, PA
10A-142-140, Eastlick, Alexander 54 yrs, NY
10A-142-140, Eastlick, Nancy 56 yrs, PA
10A-142-140, Eastlick, Joseph 20 yrs, PA
10A-142-140, Eastlick, James 16 yrs, PA
10A-142-140, Eastlick, Elizabeth 11 yrs, PA
7A-98-96, Eleby, Daniel 58 yrs, England
7A-98-96, Eleby, Margaret 43 yrs, PA
7A-98-96, Eleby, William 16 yrs, England
7A-98-96, Eleby, Frederick 14 yrs, PA
7A-98-96, Eleby, Anna 12 yrs, PA
10A-140-137, Elliot, Irwin 83 yrs, Ireland
4A-49-48, Filson, Willam 56 yrs, PA
4A-49-48, Filson, Elizabeth 30 yrs, OH
4A-49-48, Filson, Francis A. 27 yrs, MD
4A-49-48, Filson, W. Scott 22 yrs, MD
4A-49-48, Filson, Esther P. 1 yrs, PA
7B-106-104, Filson, Margaret 20 yrs, PA
4A-54-53, Fleming, Samuel 23 yrs, PA
5B-78-76, Folkman, G W 25 yrs, PA
5B-78-76, Folkman, Mary W 20 yrs, PA
5B-78-76, Folkman, Harry 2 yrs, PA
1B-9-9, Forker, John C. 55 yrs, PA
1B-9-9, Forker, Mary 53 yrs, PA
1B-9-9, Forker, Nancy 20 yrs, PA
1B-9-9, Forker, Adam 18 yrs, PA
1B-10-10, Forker, Israel 50 yrs, PA
1B-10-10, Forker, Mary 52 yrs, PA
1B-10-10, Forker, Samuel 16 yrs, PA
1B-10-10, Forker, Isabella 13 yrs, PA
1B-10-10, Forker, John 11 yrs, PA
1B-10-10, Forker, George 8 yrs, PA
1B-10-10, Forker, William H. 69 yrs, PA
1B-11-11, Forker, Nancy 74 yrs, VA
1B-11-11, Forker, Mary J. 42 yrs, PA
1B-11-11, Forker, Elizabeth 31 yrs, PA
5B-73-71, Foulk, Charles 64 yrs, PA
5B-73-71, Foulk, Ann 57 yrs, PA
5B-73-71, Foulk, George 19 yrs, PA
5B-73-71, Foulk, Mary E 17 yrs, PA
5B-73-71, Foulk, William 60 yrs, PA
1A-5-5, Fout, John 60 yrs, Wurtemburg
1A-5-5, Fout, Mary 53 yrs, PA
1A-5-5, Fout, Theodore 22 yrs, PA
1A-5-5, Fout, Aaron 20 yrs, PA
1A-5-5, Fout, John 17 yrs, PA
1A-5-5, Fout, Mary 15 yrs, PA
1A-5-5, Fout, Samuel 13 yrs, PA
1A-5-5, Fout, Lavina 9 yrs, PA
6B-89-87, G*ilinger, Joseph 53 yrs, OH
6B-89-87, G*ilinger, Miram 51 yrs, OH
6B-89-87, G*ilinger, Eva J. 23 yrs, PA
8A-116-114, G*yton, Mathew 36 yrs, Ireland
8A-116-114, G*yton, Mary 30 yrs, Ireland
8A-116-114, G*yton, Michael 11 yrs, OH
8A-116-114, G*yton, William 9 yrs, OH
8A-116-114, G*yton, Mary A 5 yrs, PA
8A-116-114, G*yton, David J 3 yrs, PA
8A-116-114, G*yton, Ellen F 1 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Gillem, James 81 yrs, PA
11B-153-150, Glazzard, Ina 5/12 yr, PA
11B-157-152, Glenn, John C 40 yrs, PA
11B-157-152, Glenn, Sarah 31 yrs, PA
11B-157-152, Glenn, Jeanette E 9 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Hagar, Davy 35 yrs, OH
10B-145-144, Harris, John 60 yrs, England
10B-145-144, Harris, Isabella 55 yrs, Ireland
10B-145-144, Harris, Joseph 22 yrs, PA
10B-145-144, Harris, Elizabeth 25 yrs, PA
10B-145-144, Harris, John 17 yrs, PA
10B-145-144, Harris, Robert 14 yrs, PA
11B-153-150, Hartriff, Harriet 36 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Haynes, Charles 20 yrs, PA
6A-84-82, Hays, John 69 yrs, PA
6A-84-82, Hays, Mary A 50 yrs, PA
6A-84-82, Hays, Matilda 191 yrs, PA
4B-59-58, Heasley, Amanda 16 yrs, PA
3B-45-44, Herlet, Samuel 38 yrs, Ireland
3B-45-44, Herlet, Nancy 38 yrs, Ireland
8B-121-119, Hill, Alexander 50 yrs, Ireland
11A-153-150, Hllen, Sally 65 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Hoey, Samuel 63 yrs, PA
6B-91-89, Hoge, James 37 yrs, PA
6B-91-89, Hoge, Rebecca 34 yrs, PA
6B-91-89, Hoge, Mary B 10 yrs, PA
6B-91-89, Hoge, Christena M 8 yrs, PA
2B-30-31, Holmes, Joseph 60 yrs, England
2B-30-31, Holmes, Elizabeth 56 yrs, England
2B-30-31, Holmes, John 20 yrs, PA
2B-30-31, Holmes, Sarah 17 yrs, PA
2B-30-31, Holmes, Charles 14 yrs, PA
2B-30-31, Holmes, Joseph 11 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Hoover, Wm J 42 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Hoover, Sarah 31 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Hoover, James W 10 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Hoover, Flora 9 yrs, OH
6B-90-88, Hoover, Francis M 8 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Hoover, Conerod 4 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Hoover, Robert M 1 yrs, PA
2B-24-24, Hosack, Thomas 12 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Houston, Wath** 70 yrs, Wales
4B-57-56, Howard, Silas S. 36 yrs, PA
4B-57-56, Howard, Permilia 29 yrs, PA
4B-57-56, Howard, William H. 10 yrs, PA
4B-57-56, Howard, Mary J. 5 yrs, PA
4B-57-56, Howard, Jessie B. 3 yrs, PA
5B-75-73, Hughs, Moses 68 yrs, PA
5B-75-73, Hughs, Elizabeth 56 yrs, NY
5B-75-73, Hughs, Leonard M 18 yrs, PA
5B-75-73, Hughs, Peter S 16 yrs, PA
3B-43-42, Hummel, John J. 20 yrs, PA
3B-43-42, Hummel, Harriet A. 18 yrs, PA
3B-43-42, Hummel, Samuel 1 yrs, PA
3B-43-42, Hummel, Henry 22 yrs, PA
2B-25-25, Hunter, Alexander 35 yrs, PA
2B-25-25, Hunter, Ida J. 13 yrs, PA
2B-25-25, Hunter, Geroge A. 7 yrs, PA
2B-25-25, Hunter, Wilmina 5 yrs, PA
2B-25-25, Hunter, Mary L. 3 yrs, PA
2B-25-25, Hunter, Elizabeth 20 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Hunter, Hugh 70 yrs, PA
3B-48-47, Hurley, Thomas 28 yrs, Ireland
4A-48-47, Hurley, Mary 30 yrs, Ireland
4A-48-47, Hurley, Edward 6 yrs, PA
4A-48-47, Hurley, Mary A. 4 yrs, PA
4A-48-47, Hurley, Ellen 1 yrs, PA
4A-48-47, Hurley, James 2/12 yr, PA
8B-123-121, Hurley, Daniel 27 yrs, PA
8B-123-121, Hurley, Eliza 24 yrs, Ireland
8B-123-121, Hurley, Timothy 2 yrs, PA
8B-123-121, Hurley, Mary 2/12 yr, PA
9A-123-121, Hurley, Timothy 64 yrs, Ireland
9A-123-121, Hurley, Timothy Jr 21 yrs, PA
9B-135-132, Hurley, Daniel 55 yrs, Ireland
9B-135-132, Hurley, Joharanah 57 yrs, Ireland
9B-135-132, Hurley, Margaret 26 yrs, PA
9B-135-132, Hurley, Katie 23 yrs, PA
9B-135-132, Hurley, Michael 18 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Jackman, Thomas 58 yrs, Ireland
11B-156-151, Jackson, Joseph 42 yrs, PA
11B-156-151, Jackson, Mary A 51 yrs, PA
11B-156-151, Jackson, Sabina 17 yrs, PA
11B-156-151, Jackson, Joseph E 16 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Jewett, Mary 45 yrs, PA
7A-94-92, Johnson, Samuel 37 yrs, Ireland
3A-35-34, Johnston, Charlotte 35 yrs, PA
3A-35-34, Johnston, Margaret 31 yrs, PA
3A-35-34, Johnston, Susan 31 yrs, PA
3A-35-34, Johnston, Marshal N. 18 yrs, PA
10A-138-135, Johnston, John 53 yrs, PA
10A-138-135, Johnston, Sarah J 52 yrs, PA
10A-138-135, Johnston, William J 19 yrs, PA
10A-138-135, Johnston, Gemella J 9 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Johnston, Job 50 yrs, OH
3A-35-34, Johston, Ruth 38 yrs, PA
8B-121-119, Ka*e, James 18 yrs, PA
11B-153-150, Kechlion, George 70 yrs, Germany
7B-103-101, Keith, Benjamin 34 yrs, PA
7B-103-101, Keith, Rebecca M 34 yrs, PA
7B-103-101, Keith, Michael W 3 yrs, PA
7B-103-101, Keith, Sarah S 9/12 yr, PA
9B-137-134, Kenedy, Ellen 54 yrs, PA
10A-137-134, Kenedy, Edward 22 yrs, PA
6B-88-86, Kent, Joseph 61 yrs, England
6B-88-86, Kent, Jane 43 yrs, England
6B-88-86, Kent, Hannah 22 yrs, PA
6B-88-86, Kent, Mary 18 yrs, PA
6B-88-86, Kent, Catharine 16 yrs, PA
6B-88-86, Kent, Henry 20 yrs, PA
6B-88-86, Kent, Thomas 12 yrs, PA
5B-80-78, King, Edward 49 yrs, England
6A-80-78, King, Mary J. 44 yrs, PA
6A-80-78, King, Isabella 18 yrs, PA
6A-80-78, King, Sarah E. 16 yrs, PA
6A-80-78, King, Rebecca J. 14 yrs, PA
6A-80-78, King, Nancy M 12 yrs, PA
6A-80-78, King, Henrietta 10 yrs, PA
6A-80-78, King, John N 7 yrs, PA
6A-80-78, King, Lizzie 5 yrs, PA
6A-82-80, King, John 46 yrs, England
6A-82-80, King, Nancy 36 yrs, PA
6A-82-80, King, Mary 16 yrs, PA
6A-82-80, King, George 12 yrs, PA
6A-82-80, King, Lizzie 10 yrs, PA
6A-82-80, King, Mary A 38 yrs, Delaware
6A-83-81, King, Robert 58 yrs, England
6A-83-81, King, Hannah 54 yrs, PA
6A-83-81, King, John 25 yrs, PA
6A-83-81, King, Hannah 18 yrs, PA
6A-83-81, King, Robert 16 yrs, PA
6A-83-81, King, Catharine 13 yrs, PA
6A-83-81, King, Samuel 11 yrs, PA
6B-89-87, Kinsel, Albert 13 yrs, PA
1B-13-13, Kirkendal, Elizabeth 12 yrs, PA
3B-43-42, Kirkendall, Thomas 65 yrs, PA
3B-43-42, Kirkendall, Elizabeth 45 yrs, PA
3B-43-42, Kirkendall, Sarah A. 14 yrs, PA
3B-43-42, Kirkendall, Thomas 9 yrs, PA
7B-107-105, Landis, John 53 yrs, PA
7B-107-105, Landis, Christena 47 yrs, PA
7B-107-105, Landis, Josephene 15 yrs, PA
7B-107-105, Landis, Joseph 15 yrs, PA
7B-107-105, Landis, Anna 12 yrs, PA
7B-107-105, Landis, Deloys 10 yrs, PA
7B-107-105, Landis, Willie 7 yrs, PA
5A-70-68, Lees, Charles P. 47 yrs, England
5A-70-68, Lees, June 48 yrs, PA
5A-70-68, Lees, Wm D. 14 yrs, PA
5A-70-68, Lees, Mary *. 11 yrs, PA
5A-70-68, Lees, Lizzie 8 yrs, PA
5A-67-65, Livermore, Abraham 75 yrs, PA
5A-67-65, Livermore, Elizabeth 62 yrs, PA
5A-67-65, Livermore, George 36 yrs, PA
5A-67-65, Livermore, Samuel 18 yrs, PA
5A-67-65, Livermore, Nancy 22 yrs, PA
5A-67-65, Livermore, Catharine 19 yrs, PA
5A-68-66, Livermore, Wm 38 yrs, PA
5A-68-66, Livermore, Mary J. 30 yrs, PA
5A-68-66, Livermore, Mary E. 11 yrs, PA
5A-68-66, Livermore, John A. 9 yrs, PA
5A-68-66, Livermore, William 7 yrs, PA
5A-68-66, Livermore, Alva 6 yrs, PA
5A-68-66, Livermore, Ann E. 4 yrs, PA
5A-68-66, Livermore, Francis 1 yrs, PA
4A-55-54, Logan, William 50 yrs, PA
4A-55-54, Logan, Eliza 48 yrs, PA
4B-55-54, Logan, William H. 21 yrs, PA
4B-55-54, Logan, Andrew 19 yrs, PA
4B-55-54, Logan, Mary J. 16 yrs, PA
4B-55-54, Logan, Samuel 14 yrs, PA
4B-55-54, Logan, Sarah E. 10 yrs, PA
4B-55-54, Logan, Martha 7 yrs, PA
8A-110-108, Logan, John 45 yrs, PA
8A-110-108, Logan, Ann M 35 yrs, PA
8A-110-108, Logan, Mary A 6 yrs, PA
8A-110-108, Logan, William J 3 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Logan, James 23 yrs, PA
7B-109-107, Logun, John C 26 yrs, PA
7B-109-107, Logun, Sarah 26 yrs, PA
7B-109-107, Logun, Harry M 10/12 yr, PA
11A-153-150, Luce, Nicholas 70 yrs, PA
4B-56-55, Madden, John 57 yrs, PA
4B-56-55, Madden, Jane 50 yrs, PA
4B-56-55, Madden, Daniel M 27 yrs, PA
4B-56-55, Madden, Emeline 25 yrs, PA
4B-56-55, Madden, Rebecca J. 22 yrs, PA
10B-148-147, Madden, Charles 45 yrs, PA
10B-148-147, Madden, Mary J 35 yrs, OH
10B-148-147, Madden, Margaret J 15 yrs, PA
10B-148-147, Madden, Martha E 12 yrs, PA
10B-148-147, Madden, Eva L 4 yrs, PA
10B-148-147, Madden, Alice S 6/12 yr, PA
9B-134-132, Magne*, Michael 50 yrs, Ireland
9B-134-132, Magne*, Elizabeth 48 yrs, OH
9B-134-132, Magne*, John 27 yrs, PA
9B-134-132, Magne*, Michael 25 yrs, PA
9B-134-132, Magne*, Jerome 20 yrs, PA
9B-134-132, Magne*, Thomas 14 yrs, PA
9B-134-132, Magne*, James 13 yrs, PA
9B-134-132, Magne*, Edward 10 yrs, PA
9B-134-132, Magne*, Mary 6 yrs, PA
8B-121-119, Manghan, John 21 yrs, Ireland
11B-153-150, Marquis, Catharine 26 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Marsh, Michael 70 yrs, PA
11B-153-150, Mart**, Betsey 90 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Mathers, Ann 45 yrs, Ireland
3B-46-45, Maxwell, George B. 57 yrs, PA
3B-46-45, Maxwell, Christena 57 yrs, PA
3B-46-45, Maxwell, Sarah A. 27 yrs, PA
3B-46-45, Maxwell, William L. 24 yrs, PA
3B-46-45, Maxwell, Nancy J. 21 yrs,
5B-74-72, Maxwell, Thomas 27 yrs, PA
5B-74-72, Maxwell, Margaret A 26 yrs, PA
5B-74-72, Maxwell, Sarah E 5 yrs, PA
5B-74-72, Maxwell, Robert E 3 yrs, PA
5B-74-72, Maxwell, Mary A. 1 yrs, PA
5B-76-74, Maxwell, Robert 73 yrs, Ireland
5B-76-74, Maxwell, Sarah 65 yrs, PA
5B-76-74, Maxwell, Isabella 34 yrs, OH
5B-76-74, Maxwell, Margaret 29 yrs, OH
5B-76-74, Maxwell, John 27 yrs, PA
7A-97-95, McAnere, Richaid 67 yrs, Ireland
10B-149-148, McCollough, John W 48 yrs, PA
10B-149-148, McCollough, Mary E 45 yrs, PA
10B-149-148, McCollough, Willie W 6 yrs, PA
10B-149-148, McCollough, George 16 yrs, OH
9A-130-128, McCoy, John 56 yrs, Ireland
9A-130-128, McCoy, Grace 50 yrs, PA
1B-12-12, McCullough, Leonard 63 yrs, PA
1B-12-12, McCullough, Elizabeth 59 yrs, England
1B-12-12, McCullough, John 28 yrs, PA
1B-12-12, McCullough, James W. 26 yrs, PA
1B-12-12, McCullough, Sarah J. 21 yrs, PA
1B-12-12, McCullough, Mary E. 19 yrs, PA
1B-12-12, McCullough, Michael 17 yrs, PA
1A-3-3, McCune, John W. 45 yrs, PA
1A-3-3, McCune, Rebecca 37 yrs, PA
1A-3-3, McCune, Rebecca C. 15 yrs, PA
1A-3-3, McCune, Jacob B. 12 yrs, PA
1A-3-3, McCune, Robert J. 10 yrs, PA
1A-3-3, McCune, Mary N. 7 yrs, PA
1A-3-3, McCune, Thomas 7/12 yr, PA
2B-26-27, McCune, Thomas 40 yrs, PA
2B-26-27, McCune, John 43 yrs, PA
2B-26-27, McCune, Jane 43 yrs, PA
2B-26-27, McCune, George H. 10 yrs, PA
2B-26-27, McCune, Joseph M. 6 yrs, PA
2B-26-27, McCune, Ida J. 11/12 yr, PA
2B-26-27, McCune, Jane 82 yrs, PA
3B-41-40, McCune, James 44 yrs, PA
3B-41-40, McCune, Isabella 40 yrs, PA
3B-41-40, McCune, Henry 18 yrs, PA
3B-41-40, McCune, Loretta M. 18 yrs, PA
3B-41-40, McCune, Eva B. 13 yrs, PA
3B-41-40, McCune, James W. 4 yrs, PA
3B-41-40, McCune, Ada 10/12 yr, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, Samuel 46 yrs, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, Mary 40 yrs, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, Lucy L. 20 yrs, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, David 15 yrs, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, Martha 13 yrs, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, Caroline 11 yrs, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, Hannah 9 yrs, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, Nancy 4 yrs, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, Mary 1 yrs, PA
3B-42-41, McCune, Martha 77 yrs, PA
6A-87-85, McCune, George 53 yrs, PA
6A-87-85, McCune, June 53 yrs, England
6A-87-85, McCune, Nancy A 20 yrs, PA
6A-87-85, McCune, Amanda 19 yrs, PA
6A-87-85, McCune, Hannah 20 yrs, PA
6A-87-85, McCune, William 10 yrs, PA
8A-117-115, McCutcheon, George 45 yrs, Ireland
8A-117-115, McCutcheon, Rebecca J 32 yrs, Ireland
8A-117-115, McCutcheon, James P 17 yrs, PA
8A-117-115, McCutcheon, William 11 yrs, PA
8A-117-115, McCutcheon, Robert 9 yrs, PA
8A-117-115, McCutcheon, John 8 yrs, PA
8A-117-115, McCutcheon, Martha A 7 yrs, PA
8A-117-115, McCutcheon, Isabella 5 yrs, PA
8B-117-115, McCutcheon, Margaret 3 yrs, PA
2A-15-15, McKean, William 60 yrs, PA
2A-15-15, McKean, Rebecca 57 yrs, PA
2A-15-15, McKean, Sarah J. 26 yrs, PA
2A-16-16, McKean, Jane 55 yrs, Ireland
11A-153-150, McKean, Polly 70 yrs, PA
7A-96-94, McKenna, James 39 yrs, Ireland
7A-96-94, McKenna, Bridget 35 yrs, PA
7A-96-94, McKenna, Charles 14 yrs, PA
7A-96-94, McKenna, Mary A 12 yrs, PA
7A-96-94, McKenna, Celestia 8 yrs, PA
7A-96-94, McKenna, Isabella 6 yrs, PA
7A-97-95, McKenna, Owen 70 yrs, Ireland
7A-97-95, McKenna, Mary 57 yrs, Ireland
2A-16-16, McKiffin, Robert 53 yrs, Ireland
7B-105-103, McKinney, John M 56 yrs, PA
7B-105-103, McKinney, Elizabeth 48 yrs, PA
7B-105-103, McKinney, Thomas 19 yrs, PA
7B-105-103, McKinney, Emma 15 yrs, PA
7B-105-103, McKinney, Edie M 8 yrs, PA
2B-24-24, McMillen, Samuel 55 yrs, PA
2B-24-24, McMillen, Mary 53 yrs, PA
2B-24-24, McMillen, Thomas H. 24 yrs, PA
2B-24-24, McMillen, Isabella 19 yrs, PA
11B-153-150, Middleton, William 10 yrs, PA
8A-111-109, Mile*, Robert R 32 yrs, PA
8A-111-109, Mile*, Serephine 50 yrs, MD
8A-111-109, Mile*, John R 3 yrs, PA
8A-111-109, Mile*, Anna L 3 yrs, PA
8A-111-109, Mile*, William L 4/12 yr, PA
2A-22-22, Miller, John 40 yrs, PA
2A-22-22, Miller, Mary E. 36 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Minnis, Margaret 70 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Mitchel, Nancy 85 yrs, Ireland
11B-153-150, Mitchel, Minerva 62 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Montgomery, John 65 yrs, PA
4B-61-60, Moon, Nancy 39 yrs, PA
4B-61-60, Moon, Mary E. 14 yrs, PA
4B-61-60, Moon, Catharine A. 12 yrs, PA
4B-61-60, Moon, David 10 yrs, PA
4B-61-60, Moon, Nancy 8 yrs, PA
4B-61-60, Moon, Ida 6 yrs, PA
4B-61-60, Moon, Caronline 2 yrs, PA
5A-64-62, Morrow, John 47 yrs, PA
5A-64-62, Morrow, Elizabeth 36 yrs, OH
5A-64-62, Morrow, Elizabeth 17 yrs, PA
5A-64-62, Morrow, Angeline 11 yrs, PA
5A-64-62, Morrow, Nettie J. 1 yrs, PA
7A-99-97, Mulcahy, Michael 40 yrs, Ireland
7A-99-97, Mulcahy, Margaret 35 yrs, Ireland
7A-99-97, Mulcahy, Morris 12 yrs, PA
7A-99-97, Mulcahy, Mary A 11 yrs, PA
7A-99-97, Mulcahy, John 10 yrs, PA
7A-99-97, Mulcahy, Margaret 8 yrs, PA
7A-99-97, Mulcahy, Michael 7 yrs, PA
7A-99-97, Mulcahy, Paterick 5 yrs, PA
7A-99-97, Mulcahy, Bridget 3 yrs, PA
4B-59-58, Muse, Otho S. 45 yrs, PA
6A-86-84, Muse, David 43 yrs, PA
6A-86-84, Muse, June A 41 yrs, NY
6A-86-84, Muse, William L 18 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Nesbit, Samuel 35 yrs, PA
5A-66-64, Newell, Sarah W. 68 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Nicholas, Wilson 70 yrs, VA
3A-34-33, Nitzell, Jacob 46 yrs, PA
3A-34-33, Nitzell, Margaret J. 36 yrs, PA
3A-34-33, Nitzell, George B. 15 yrs, PA
3A-34-33, Nitzell, Rose E. 5 yrs, PA
1A-4-4, North, John 39 yrs, PA
1A-4-4, North, Rebecca C. 32 yrs, PA
1A-4-4, North, William 10 yrs, PA
1A-4-4, North, Mary G. 9 yrs, PA
1A-4-4, North, Melinda S. 8 yrs, PA
1A-4-4, North, Jacob C. 5 yrs, PA
1A-4-4, North, Ira C. 3 yrs, PA
1B-8-8, North, Samuel 58 yrs, England
1B-8-8, North, Jane 53 yrs, PA
1A-2-2, Page, Washington B. 46 yrs, NY
1A-2-2, Page, Harriet C. 47 yrs, PA
1A-2-2, Page, Richard B. 18 yrs, PA
1A-2-2, Page, John B. 18 yrs, PA
1A-2-2, Page, Susan E. 15 yrs, PA
1A-2-2, Page, Elizabeth 13 yrs, PA
1B-14-14, Page, John B. 81 yrs, PA
1B-14-14, Page, Susanna 69 yrs, NY
1B-14-14, Page, Silas B. 30 yrs, PA
1B-14-14, Page, Emely M. 28 yrs, PA
1B-14-14, Page, Joseph W. 31 yrs, PA
2A-14-14, Page, Susan E. 31 yrs, PA
2A-14-14, Page, Jennie A. 2 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Parrot, Polly 50 yrs, unknown
10B-149-148, Patterson, Margaret 70 yrs, PA
4A-53-52, Perrine, Mary 8 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Peterman, Melizra 17 yrs, PA
4A-51-50, Peters, John 53 yrs, PA
4A-51-50, Peters, James 22 yrs, PA
4A-51-50, Peters, Catharine J. 26 yrs, PA
4A-51-50, Peters, John 19 yrs, PA
4A-51-50, Peters, Thomas 11 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Peters, Fredie 1 yrs, PA
7A-101-99, Phipps, Thomas 38 yrs, PA
7A-101-99, Phipps, Rachel 35 yrs, PA
7A-101-99, Phipps, Harry S 14 yrs, PA
7B-101-99, Phipps, Edith M 11 yrs, PA
7B-101-99, Phipps, Thomas C 9 yrs, PA
7B-101-99, Phipps, James M 6 yrs, PA
7B-101-99, Phipps, Mary 72 yrs, Ireland
3A-38-37, Rambo, Sarah 60 yrs, PA
7A-97-95, Randolph, Clyde 5 yrs, PA
9A-124-122, Rankin, Robert 47 yrs, PA
9A-124-122, Rankin, Susannah 36 yrs, PA
9A-124-122, Rankin, Sarah A 11 yrs, PA
9A-124-122, Rankin, John C 10 yrs, PA
9A-124-122, Rankin, George A 5 yrs, PA
5B-77-75, Reed, Wm H 51 yrs, MD
5B-77-75, Reed, Annie 51 yrs, PA
5B-77-75, Reed, John T 22 yrs, PA
5B-77-75, Reed, Wm F 20 yrs, PA
5B-77-75, Reed, Alexander S 18 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Reynolds, Henry 35 yrs, NY
11A-153-150, Riddle, Louisa P 36 yrs, DE
7B-102-100, Riley, Margaret 74 yrs, PA
5B-79-77, Riney, Christopher 59 yrs, Bavaria
5B-79-77, Riney, Margaret 54 yrs, Bavaria
5B-79-77, Riney, Christopher 14 yrs, PA
5B-79-77, Riney, Mary E 12 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Riter, Polly 70 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Roberts, John K 51 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Roberts, Martha 55 yrs, PA
9A-125-123, Rodgers, Robert 30 yrs, PA
9A-125-123, Rodgers, Eunice 24 yrs, PA
9A-126-124, Rodgers, William 63 yrs, PA
9A-126-124, Rodgers, Nancy 62 yrs, PA
9A-126-124, Rodgers, Mary J 33 yrs, PA
9A-126-124, Rodgers, Margaret E 29 yrs, PA
9A-126-124, Rodgers, Sarah 65 yrs, PA
9A-127-125, Rodgers, Samuel R 27 yrs, PA
9A-127-125, Rodgers, Mary 27 yrs, PA
9A-127-125, Rodgers, Edward J 1/12 yr, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Isaac V 50 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Sarah 43 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Lydia 22 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Samuel 20 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Margaret 18 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Tanson 16 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, William 14 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Rankin 10 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Ella 6 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Frankie 4 yrs, PA
9A-129-127, Rose, Sadie 2 yrs, PA
6B-89-87, Sackett, William 16 yrs, PA
2A-17-17, Seargent, Edward 36 yrs, Ireland
2A-17-17, Seargent, Jane 50 yrs, Ireland
2A-17-17, Seargent, John R. 10 yrs, PA
2A-18-18, Seargent, Richard 85 yrs, Ireland
8B-121-119, Seurry, Michael D 46 yrs, Ireland
8B-121-119, Seurry, Mary 36 yrs, NY
8B-121-119, Seurry, William 6 yrs, PA
8B-121-119, Seurry, James 2 yrs, PA
7B-108-106, Shannon, Thompson 36 yrs, PA
7B-108-106, Shannon, Julia 24 yrs, PA
7B-108-106, Shannon, Minerva 1 yrs, PA
7B-108-106, Shannon, Clara E 3/12 yr, PA
5A-69-67, Shealds, Wm A. 64 yrs, PA
5A-69-67, Shealds, Mary 43 yrs, England
5A-69-67, Shealds, John 14 yrs, PA
5A-69-67, Shealds, Mary J. 13 yrs, PA
5A-69-67, Shealds, Harriet 11 yrs, PA
5A-69-67, Shealds, Martha 10 yrs, PA
5A-69-67, Shealds, William J. 8 yrs, PA
5A-69-67, Shealds, Sarah F. 5 yrs, PA
10B-148-147, Sheasley, Solinda 30 yrs, OH
1B-9-9, Sherlds, Mary B. 12 yrs, IL
11B-154-151, Simpson, Mary 60 yrs, PA
11B-154-151, Simpson, Elmira 30 yrs, PA
11B-154-151, Simpson, James 21 yrs, PA
11B-154-151, Simpson, Celia 19 yrs, PA
11B-154-151, Simpson, Alexander 18 yrs, PA
2B-29-30, Smith, Mary 57 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Sowers, Ephraim 32 yrs, PA
8B-122-120, Spalding, Martin 36 yrs, Ireland
8B-122-120, Spalding, Mary A 36 yrs, Ireland
8B-122-120, Spalding, Mary 8 yrs, NY
8B-122-120, Spalding, Bridget 5 yrs, PA
8B-122-120, Spalding, Andrew 3 yrs, PA
8B-122-120, Spalding, William 3/12 yr, PA
8B-121-119, Spalding , John 16 yrs, NY
7B-104-102, Stewart, Susan 51 yrs, PA
7B-104-102, Stewart, Robert 22 yrs, PA
7B-104-102, Stewart, Mary 4 yrs, PA
8A-113-111, Stinson, William 73 yrs, PA
8A-113-111, Stinson, Martha 71 yrs, PA
4B-58-57, Stokley, Baynes 43 yrs, PA
4B-58-57, Stokley, Mary A. 42 yrs, PA
4B-58-57, Stokley, Calvin 22 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Stowe, Seiche 32 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Stowe, Mary 62 yrs, PA
7A-100-98, Strait, Samuel 33 yrs, VT
7A-100-98, Strait, Martha 34 yrs, PA
7A-100-98, Strait, Jerusha 8 yrs,
7A-100-98, Strait, Laura R 3 yrs,
11B-153-150, Struthers, Ebenzer 33 yrs, PA
6B-90-88, Stwe, James 28 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Taggart, Margaret 40 yrs, PA
2A-20-20, Tait, William B. 39 yrs, PA
2A-20-20, Tait, Elizabeth 37 yrs, PA
2A-20-20, Tait, Samuel W. 14 yrs, PA
2A-20-20, Tait, Nancy J. 13 yrs, PA
2A-20-20, Tait, Willie M. 10 yrs, PA
2A-20-20, Tait, Fergus W. 6 yrs, PA
2B-28-29, Tait, Samuel W. 37 yrs, PA
2B-28-29, Tait, Martha A. 25 yrs, PA
2B-28-29, Tait, John B. 3 yrs, PA
2B-29-30, Tait, Fergus S. 33 yrs, PA
2B-29-30, Tait, Rachel 22 yrs, PA
2B-29-30, Tait, Mary E. 2 yrs, PA
2B-29-30, Tait, infant 2/12 yr, PA
2B-29-30, Tait, Rebecca 62 yrs, PA
6B-89-87, Talor, Anis M 11 yrs, PA
9B-133-131, Terrel, William 46 yrs, Ireland
9B-133-131, Terrel, Rebecca 36 yrs, Ireland
9B-133-131, Terrel, William 13 yrs, PA
9B-133-131, Terrel, James 11 yrs, OH
9B-133-131, Terrel, Mary E 8 yrs, OH
1A-2-2, Thomas, Sturgeon 29 yrs, PA
4A-52-51, Thomas, Timothy 52 yrs, Wales
4A-52-51, Thomas, Elizabeth 52 yrs, Wales
4A-52-51, Thomas, Ruth 15 yrs, OH
4A-52-51, Thomas, John 22 yrs, Wales
7B-105-103, Thompson, Grace 39 yrs, PA
8A-115-113, Thompson, Mathew 47 yrs, PA
8A-115-113, Thompson, Sarah E 37 yrs, PA
8A-115-113, Thompson, Edwin 12 yrs, PA
8A-115-113, Thompson, Alice J 10 yrs, PA
8A-115-113, Thompson, Frank W 6 yrs, PA
9A-131-129, Thompson, Archie 38 yrs, PA
9A-131-129, Thompson, Catharine 33 yrs, PA
9A-131-129, Thompson, Alexander 11 yrs, PA
9A-131-129, Thompson, Samuel 9 yrs, PA
9B-131-129, Thompson, Wm J 7 yrs, PA
9B-131-129, Thompson, Perry 5 yrs, PA
9B-131-129, Thompson, Charles 3 yrs, PA
9B-131-129, Thompson, Joseph 1 yrs, PA
11A-153-150, Thompson, John 70 yrs, Ireland
11B-153-150, Thompson, Louisa 16 yrs, PA
4B-62-61, Turner, Jacob 38 yrs, PA
4B-62-61, Turner, Mary J. 36 yrs, PA
4B-62-61, Turner, Lucinda 15 yrs, PA
4B-62-61, Turner, Daniel P. 13 yrs, PA
4B-62-61, Turner, Henry 7 yrs, PA
2A-23-23, Wagstaff, John 37 yrs, Ireland
2A-23-23, Wagstaff, Jane S. 30 yrs, PA
2A-23-23, Wagstaff, George W. 11 yrs, PA
2A-23-23, Wagstaff, Charles R. 8 yrs, PA
2B-23-23, Wagstaff, Mary A. 3 yrs, PA
9B-136-133, Walker, William 60 yrs, Ireland
9B-136-133, Walker, Jane 56 yrs, PA
9B-136-133, Walker, William 32 yrs, PA
9B-136-133, Walker, James 19 yrs, PA
4A-54-53, Weaver, Lewis 62 yrs, MD
4A-54-53, Weaver, Nancy J. 47 yrs, PA
4A-54-53, Weaver, George 21 yrs, PA
4A-54-53, Weaver, Elizabeth M. 17 yrs, PA
4A-54-53, Weaver, Emma J. 7 yrs, PA
4B-59-58, Webb, James 41 yrs, PA
4B-59-58, Webb, Samuel 7 yrs, PA
9A-128-126, Weir, John 62 yrs, PA
9A-128-126, Weir, Mary 62 yrs, PA
10B-144-142, Wilson, Robert 62 yrs, PA
10B-144-142, Wilson, Jane 63 yrs, PA
10B-144-142, Wilson, Sarah 19 yrs, PA
10B-144-142, Wilson, Susan 65 yrs, PA
10A-140-137, Wolf, William 40 yrs, Ireland
9A-130-128, Womer, John 19 yrs, PA
2B-27-28, Worral, James R. 31 yrs, PA
2B-27-28, Worral, Nellie 32 yrs, NY
2B-27-28, Worral, Emma C. 3 yrs, IN
1A-1-1, Worrell, George W. 33 yrs, PA
1A-1-1, Worrell, Sarah J. 27 yrs, PA
1A-1-1, Worrell, James M. 2 yrs, PA
2A-16-16, Young, Isabella 13 yrs, PA
2A-16-16, Young, Robert J. 11 yrs, OH
2A-16-16, Young, Charlotte J. 10 yrs, OH
7B-103-101, Young, Wm A 12 yrs, PA
9A-128-126, Young, Nancy M 12 yrs, PA
9A-128-126, Young, Mary E 10 yrs, PA
3B-47-46, Z*immerman, Joseph 36 yrs, Switzerland
3B-47-46, Z*immerman, Ann 40 yrs, Ireland
3B-47-46, Z*immerman, Paterick 9 yrs, NY
1A-4-4, Zahnizer, Margaret 19 yrs, PA
3A-38-37, Zahnizer, George M. 29 yrs, PA
3A-38-37, Zahnizer, Maggie J. 24 yrs, PA
3A-38-37, Zahnizer, Malinda 1 yrs, PA

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 1999 John MacDonald

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