Jefferson Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

349A-223-219, Adams, Alex, 34 yrs, PA
349A-223-219, Adams, Elizabeth, 25 yrs, PA
349A-223-219, Adams, Ellen J, 3 yrs, PA
349A-223-219, Adams, Ida May, 4/12 yrs, PA
349A-223-219, Adams, Thomas P, 5 yrs, PA
349A-223-219, Adams, Wm E, 9 yrs, PA
337A-39-39, Adison, Catharine, 22 yrs, PA
337A-39-39, Adison, Elija, 6/12 yrs, PA
337A-39-39, Adison, Elijah, 54 yrs, VA
338A-58-58, Anderson, Adison, 19 yrs, PA
346A-176-172, Anderson, Anna C, 46 yrs, PA
338B-58-58, Anderson, C. S., 10 yrs, PA
340B-94-91, Anderson, Cora Sophia, 5 yrs, PA
338B-62-62, Anderson, Daly Anna, 26 yrs, PA
338B-62-62, Anderson, David, 20 yrs, PA
338A-57-57, Anderson, Eliza J, 7 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Elizabeth, 15 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Emma, 7 yrs, PA
338A-57-57, Anderson, Francis, 10 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, George P, 10 yrs, PA
346A-176-172, Anderson, Hannah, 17 yrs, PA
338A-58-58, Anderson, Hannah, 53 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Hiram, 9 yrs, PA
338A-58-58, Anderson, Ira Sealy, 14 yrs, PA
346A-176-172, Anderson, Isac, 57 yrs, PA
346A-176-172, Anderson, Isac Jr, 19 yrs, PA
338B-62-62, Anderson, James, 54 yrs, PA
338A-57-57, Anderson, James Maglaugh, 15 yrs, PA
346A-176-172, Anderson, John, 12 yrs, PA
338A-57-57, Anderson, Johnson, 12 yrs, PA
338A-58-58, Anderson, Joseph A, 16 yrs, PA
338B-62-62, Anderson, Julia Ann, 55 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Lawrence, 12 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Leonard, 17 yrs, PA
346A-176-172, Anderson, Lewis, 6 yrs, PA
346A-176-172, Anderson, Linco**, 57 yrs, PA Remark: probably "Lincoln"
338B-62-62, Anderson, Luvina, 15 yrs, PA
338A-57-57, Anderson, Margaret, 4 yrs, PA
340B-94-91, Anderson, Martha, 24 yrs, PA
338A-57-57, Anderson, Martha, 40 yrs, PA
338B-62-62, Anderson, Mary Jane, 11 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Matilda, 2 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Mattuas, 43 yrs, PA
340B-94-91, Anderson, Milo, 31 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Nancy, 14 yrs, PA
338A-57-57, Anderson, Pete, 53 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Rachel, 39 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, Sarah, 4 yrs, PA
338B-60-60, Anderson, Sarah, 40 yrs, PA
338B-62-62, Anderson, Susan, 18 yrs, PA
338B-59-59, Anderson, William, 6 yrs, PA
338A-58-58, Anderson, William, 60 yrs, PA
340B-98-95, Atkinson, Allen, 14 yrs, PA
340B-99-96, Atkinson, Ann, 66 yrs, PA
340B-98-95, Atkinson, Carry, 8 yrs, IN
340B-98-95, Atkinson, Hellen, 45 yrs, OH
340B-98-95, Atkinson, Theodore, 6 yrs, IN
349A-225-221, Ba*cock, James, 17 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Batcock" [Babcock?]
345B-170-166, Bagnall, Benton, 18 yrs, PA
340A-87-85, Bagnall, Beria, 33 yrs, PA
340A-87-85, Bagnall, Burton, 3 yrs, PA
345B-170-166, Bagnall, Chandler, 6 yrs, PA
340A-85-83, Bagnall, Christian, 25 yrs, PA
345B-169-165, Bagnall, Frederick C, 27 yrs, PA Remark: age possibly 29
345B-170-166, Bagnall, Freemont, 9 yrs, PA
345B-169-165, Bagnall, George, 62 yrs, England
345B-170-166, Bagnall, Horrace Greely, 3 yrs, PA
340A-85-83, Bagnall, Isac, 21 yrs, PA
340A-85-83, Bagnall, James, 13 yrs, PA
345B-170-166, Bagnall, Jane, 16 yrs, PA
340A-87-85, Bagnall, Jennie, 7 yrs, PA
345B-170-166, Bagnall, John, 44 yrs, England
340A-85-83, Bagnall, John W, 16 yrs, PA
340A-87-85, Bagnall, Katie, 6 yrs, PA
340A-87-85, Bagnall, Lizzie, 7/12 yrs, PA
345B-170-166, Bagnall, Lucinda, 11 yrs, PA
340A-87-85, Bagnall, Maggie, 10 yrs, PA
345B-170-166, Bagnall, Mary, 40 yrs, PA
345B-169-165, Bagnall, Mary Ann, 22 yrs, PA
345B-170-166, Bagnall, McKendree, 20 yrs, PA
345B-169-165, Bagnall, Rebeckah, 59 yrs, PA
340A-87-85, Bagnall, Rebeckah D, 33 yrs, PA
340A-85-83, Bagnall, Susanne, 56 yrs, PA
340A-85-83, Bagnall, Wm, 59 yrs, England
337A-40-40, Baker, Cachcilia, 22 yrs, PA
337A-40-40, Baker, Catherine, 48 yrs, PA
337A-40-40, Baker, Christopher, 14 yrs, PA
337A-40-40, Baker, Elizabeth, 18 yrs, PA
337A-40-40, Baker, Harvey, 52 yrs, VA
337A-40-40, Baker, Mary, 1 yrs, PA
337A-40-40, Baker, Susannah, 12 yrs, PA
348A-208-204, Banis, William, 12 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Barris"
336A-26-26, Bare, Albert, 21 yrs, PA
336A-27-27, Bartholimew, Catherine, 46 yrs, PA
336A-27-27, Bartholimew, Christy, 22 yrs, PA
336A-27-27, Bartholimew, P, 50 yrs, PA
336A-27-27, Bartholimew, William, 17 yrs, PA
335A-8-8, Beggs, Carrie Mabell, 9 yrs, PA
335A-8-8, Beggs, J A, 40 yrs, PA
335A-8-8, Beggs, Mary Ann, 42 yrs, PA
335A-8-8, Beggs, Mary Arabell, 6 yrs, PA
335A-8-8, Beggs, T H, 12 yrs, PA
335A-8-8, Beggs, Wm Earl, 4 yrs, PA
349A-220-216, Blackson, Nancy, 84 yrs, PA
341B-110-107, Blarir, John, 57 yrs, PA Remark: this family known to be "Blair"
341B-110-107, Blarir, John Alex, 21 yrs, PA Remark: this family known to be "Blair"
341B-110-107, Blarir, Margaret J, 24 yrs, PA Remark: this family known to be "Blair"
341B-110-107, Blarir, Mary, 52 yrs, PA Remark: this family known to be "Blair"
341B-110-107, Blarir, Mary Elizabeth, 22 yrs, PA Remark: this family known to be "Blair"
341B-110-107, Blarir, Nancy Lewella, 10 yrs, PA Remark: this family known to be "Blair"
341B-110-107, Blarir, Rebeck Ann B, 15 yrs, PA Remark: this family known to be "Blair"
341B-110-107, Blarir, Wm Nathan, 13 yrs, PA Remark: this family known to be "Blair"
344B-151-147, Booth, Anna, 7 yrs, PA
344B-151-147, Booth, Codilian, 48 yrs, NY
344B-151-147, Booth, Franklin, 16 yrs, PA
344B-151-147, Booth, Harvey, 53 yrs, PA
344B-151-147, Booth, Lawrer, 9 yrs, PA
344B-151-147, Booth, Merry, 12 yrs, PA
344B-151-147, Booth, Sarah J, 17 yrs, PA
347B-198-194, Booth, Unis, 14 yrs, PA
344B-151-147, Booth, Unis, 15 yrs, PA
344B-151-147, Booth, Wm, 5 yrs, PA
336A-28-28, Borts, David, 48 yrs, PA
336A-28-28, Borts, George, 12 yrs, PA
336A-28-28, Borts, Henrietta, 15 yrs, PA
336A-28-28, Borts, Mary, 49 yrs, OH
336A-28-28, Borts, Susan M, 9 yrs, PA
336A-28-28, Borts, Sylvester, 7 yrs, PA
341B-106-103, Bradburn, Emma Ann, 6 yrs, PA
341B-106-103, Bradburn, Peter, 33 yrs, PA
341B-106-103, Bradburn, Rebeckah, 45 yrs, PA
340A-88-86, Brest, Ada J, 6 yrs, PA
340A-88-86, Brest, Alexander M, 11 yrs, PA
339B-76-74, Brest, Andrew, 46 yrs, PA
340B-92-89, Brest, Andrew, 78 yrs, VA
340B-92-89, Brest, Catherine E, 11 yrs, PA
339A-66-66, Brest, D W, 26 yrs, PA
340B-91-88, Brest, Daniel W, 20 yrs, PA
340A-88-86, Brest, David, 53 yrs, PA
341B-105-102, Brest, Edward F, 6 yrs, PA
340B-91-88, Brest, Eldon E, 4 yrs, PA
341B-105-102, Brest, Ema Laura, 8 yrs, PA
339B-79-77, Brest, Flora Ledelia, 12 yrs, PA
339A-66-66, Brest, Harriett, 27 yrs, PA
341B-105-102, Brest, Harry E, 2 yrs, PA
340B-91-88, Brest, Harry F, 2 yrs, PA
341B-105-102, Brest, Ida Mary, 4 yrs, PA
340B-91-88, Brest, J P, 30 yrs, PA
341B-105-102, Brest, James, 33 yrs, PA
339B-76-74, Brest, Jane, 51 yrs, PA
340B-91-88, Brest, John J, 3/12 yrs, PA
339B-76-74, Brest, Joseph N, 16 yrs, PA
340A-88-86, Brest, Laura Lesta, 9/12 yrs, PA
340B-92-89, Brest, Mary, 76 yrs, PA
341B-105-102, Brest, Matilda E, 27 yrs, PA
340A-88-86, Brest, Nancy A, 29 yrs, PA
340B-91-88, Brest, Ruth A, 30 yrs, PA
339B-79-77, Brest, W. H., 19 yrs, PA
341B-105-102, Brest, Wm M, 10 yrs, PA
340A-88-86, Brest, Zeta Alice, 4 yrs, PA
348B-217-213, Bridget, Ann, 58 yrs, Ireland
348B-217-213, Bridget, James, 15 yrs, PA
348B-217-213, Bridget, James, 59 yrs, Ireland
348B-217-213, Bridget, Joseph, 22 yrs, Ireland
348B-217-213, Bridget, Mary, 11 yrs, PA
346B-179-175, Brodbent, Caroline, 12 yrs, PA
346B-179-175, Brodbent, Charles E, 5 yrs, PA
346B-179-175, Brodbent, E, 38 yrs, England
346B-179-175, Brodbent, Elizabeth, 28 yrs, PA
345A-165-161, Brodbent, Henry J, 26 yrs, MA
345B-165-161, Brodbent, J T, 1 yrs, PA
346B-179-175, Brodbent, Jane, 5 yrs, PA
346B-179-175, Brodbent, Luvina, 2 yrs, PA
345A-165-161, Brodbent, Margaret, 29 yrs, PA
345A-165-161, Brodbent, William W, 4 yrs, PA
335B-11-11, Broomhall, Elwood H, 32 yrs, PA
335B-11-11, Broomhall, Mary, 65 yrs, PA
335B-11-11, Broomhall, Uriah, 60 yrs, PA
344B-154-150, Brown, Catherine, 65 yrs, Ireland
351A-249-245, Brown, Elizabeth, 19 yrs, PA
344B-154-150, Brown, John, 25 yrs, PA
344B-154-150, Brown, Paterick, 25 yrs, PA
351A-249-245, Brown, Thomas, 47 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, Bruice, Nancy, 70 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Braice"
336A-22-22, Brunson, Aaron, 21 yrs, PA
349B-231-227, Brunson, Benjamin, 2 yrs, PA
338A-53-53, Brunson, Byron, 20 yrs, PA
336A-23-23, Brunson, Calvin, 25 yrs, PA
349B-231-227, Brunson, Charles E, 9 yrs, PA
336A-23-23, Brunson, Della, 7 yrs, PA
349B-231-227, Brunson, Eliza, 36 yrs, PA
338A-53-53, Brunson, Eliza, 67 yrs, PA
337B-52-52, Brunson, Ellen, 40 yrs, PA
349B-228-224, Brunson, Elmore E, 8 yrs, PA
349B-228-224, Brunson, Elsie Eva, 6 yrs, PA
336A-23-23, Brunson, Emily, 20 yrs, PA
336A-22-22, Brunson, Henry, 55 yrs, PA
349B-228-224, Brunson, Hiram, 32 yrs, PA
337B-52-52, Brunson, Homer, 10 yrs, PA
336A-23-23, Brunson, James, 57 yrs, PA
349B-231-227, Brunson, James H, 36 yrs, PA
336A-23-23, Brunson, Jehile, 18 yrs, PA
337B-52-52, Brunson, John, 60 yrs, PA
338A-52-52, Brunson, Johny, 8 yrs, PA
338A-53-53, Brunson, Joseph, 63 yrs, PA
349B-228-224, Brunson, Leonora, 10 yrs, PA
336A-22-22, Brunson, Luwisa, 23 yrs, PA
336A-23-23, Brunson, Margaret, 57 yrs, PA
349B-231-227, Brunson, Mariah J, 7 yrs, PA
349B-228-224, Brunson, Martha, 12 yrs, PA
349B-228-224, Brunson, Mary, 38 yrs, PA
349B-228-224, Brunson, Ralf, 4 yrs, PA
349B-231-227, Brunson, Samuel, 6 yrs, PA
336A-22-22, Brunson, Sarah, 55 yrs, PA
335A-4-4, Buchasmon, Francis A, 17 yrs, PA
335A-4-4, Buchasmon, Hiram, 15 yrs, PA
335A-4-4, Buchasmon, Lewis, 49 yrs, PA
335A-4-4, Buchasmon, Mary, 39 yrs, VA
335A-4-4, Buchasmon, Mary Alice, 11 yrs, PA
342B-120-116, Calihan, Catherine, 14 yrs, PA
342B-120-116, Calihan, Cornelius, 12 yrs, PA
342B-120-116, Calihan, Cornelius, 19 yrs, Ireland
342B-120-116, Calihan, Mary, 45 yrs, PA
342B-120-116, Calihan, Mary Jr, 8 yrs, PA
348A-206-202, Carey, John, 16 yrs, PA
347A-187-183, Carr, Abby L, 7/12 yrs, PA
347A-187-183, Carr, Jane, 21 yrs, PA
346B-187-183, Carr, Robert, 26 yrs, PA
335B-21-21, Carrier, Curtis, 26 yrs, OH
335B-21-21, Carrier, Emma, 23 yrs, PA
336A-21-21, Carrier, Henry, 1 yrs, PA
345A-163-159, Chase, Chesty, 58 yrs, PA
345A-163-159, Chase, Easter, 56 yrs, PA
346B-186-182, Clamer, Hannah, 42 yrs, PA
346B-186-182, Clamer, John, 57 yrs, Ireland
340B-90-87, Clark, Ann, 14 yrs, PA
343B-140-136, Clark, Benjamin, 13 yrs, PA
340B-90-87, Clark, Charles, 4 yrs, PA
340A-90-87, Clark, Jane, 22 yrs, Ireland
340B-90-87, Clark, John, 8 yrs, PA
340A-90-87, Clark, John, 52 yrs, Ireland
340A-90-87, Clark, Margaret, 19 yrs, PA
340B-90-87, Clark, Mary, 16 yrs, PA
340A-90-87, Clark, Mary, 44 yrs, Ireland
340B-90-87, Clark, Rachel, 11 yrs, PA
347A-193-189, Clark, Saml A, 24 yrs, PA
349A-219-215, Cooper, Albert, 18 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Alonzo, 17 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Ann Berthemia, 14 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Arminta, 3 yrs, PA
341B-109-106, Cousin, Edwin, 10 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Elmer Elsworth, 9 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Ernery, 15 yrs, PA
341B-109-106, Cousin, Eva, 6 yrs, PA
341B-109-106, Cousin, George, 8 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Jacob, 50 yrs, PA
341B-109-106, Cousin, James, 20 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Jennie, 7 yrs, PA
341B-109-106, Cousin, John, 3 yrs, PA
341B-109-106, Cousin, John, 48 yrs, PA
341B-109-106, Cousin, Leander, 18 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Mary Ann, 38 yrs, MD
341B-109-106, Cousin, Rebeckah J, 13 yrs, PA
341B-109-106, Cousin, Rosanna, 47 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Sarah C, 11 yrs, PA
341B-109-106, Cousin, Sylvester, 16 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, William, 5 yrs, PA
339B-80-78, Cousin, Zookem, 19 yrs, PA
335A-1-1, Cozad, Clandius, 2 yrs, PA
335A-1-1, Cozad, Phebe S, 9 yrs, PA
335A-1-1, Cozad, Sarah Ann, 48 yrs, PA
335A-1-1, Cozad, Wm, 45 yrs, PA
341B-108-105, Cravern, Bridget, 54 yrs, Ireland
341B-108-105, Cravern, Ellen, 16 yrs, PA
341B-108-105, Cravern, Johny, 15 yrs, PA
341B-108-105, Cravern, Martin, 11 yrs, PA
341B-108-105, Cravern, Mary, 21 yrs, PA
341B-108-105, Cravern, Nickolas, 61 yrs, Ireland
350A-239-235, Crawford, A R, 40 yrs, PA
350A-239-235, Crawford, Agness, 17 yrs, PA
335A-2-2, Crawford, Anna E, 28 yrs, PA
350A-239-235, Crawford, Charles, 9 yrs, PA
338B-63-63, Crawford, Eliza, 62 yrs, PA
348B-213-209, Crawford, Eliza, 63 yrs, PA
350A-239-235, Crawford, George W, 12 yrs, PA
338B-63-63, Crawford, Jane H., 32 yrs, OH
335A-2-2, Crawford, Jim**y, 1 yrs, PA
335A-2-2, Crawford, John, 29 yrs, PA
350A-239-235, Crawford, John R, 2 yrs, PA
350A-239-235, Crawford, Malissa, 20 yrs, PA
348B-213-209, Crawford, Margaret, 66 yrs, PA
350A-239-235, Crawford, Mary, 14 yrs, PA
338B-63-63, Crawford, Mary H., 28 yrs, OH
338B-63-63, Crawford, R. M., 35 yrs, OH
350A-239-235, Crawford, Sarah A, 32 yrs, PA
350A-239-235, Crawford, Thomas, 1 yrs, PA
350A-239-235, Crawford, William, 68 yrs, PA
345A-163-159, Crom, Anna, 4 yrs, PA
339A-70-70, Crosse, Caroline, 16 yrs, PA
340A-84-82, Crouser, Alvin, 23 yrs, PA
340A-83-81, Crouser, Elizabeth, 40 yrs, PA
340A-83-81, Crouser, Jane, 14 yrs, PA
340A-83-81, Crouser, John, 48 yrs, PA
340A-84-82, Crouser, Lilly, 19 yrs, PA
340A-83-81, Crouser, Milton, 2 yrs, PA
340A-83-81, Crouser, Minnie, 8 yrs, PA
340A-83-81, Crouser, Sadie, 6 yrs, PA
347A-191-187, Crouser, Susan, 77 yrs, PA
340A-83-81, Crouser, Susanna, 11 yrs, PA
335B-10-10, Crum, Ben R, 13 yrs, PA
335B-10-10, Crum, Elizabeth, 46 yrs, PA
335B-10-10, Crum, Ella, 15 yrs, PA
335B-10-10, Crum, Florence, 21 yrs, PA
335B-10-10, Crum, J D, 6 yrs, WI
335A-10-10, Crum, John, 53 yrs, PA
335B-10-10, Crum, Wm Edwin, 27 yrs, PA
344A-149-145, Culman, Eliza, 40 yrs, PA
344B-149-145, Culman, James, 11/12 yrs, PA
344A-149-145, Culman, John, 16 yrs, PA
344B-149-145, Culman, Julia Ann, 13 yrs, PA
344B-149-145, Culman, Katie, 7 yrs, PA
344B-149-145, Culman, Lizzie, 9 yrs, PA
344B-149-145, Culman, Maggie, 5 yrs, PA
344B-149-145, Culman, Mary A, 15 yrs, PA
344A-149-145, Culman, Paterick, 45 yrs, Ireland
344B-149-145, Culman, Stephen, 80 yrs, Ireland
350A-236-232, Daugherty, John, 62 yrs, Ireland
350A-236-232, Daugherty, Mary, 64 yrs, Ireland
348A-211-207, Davis, Albert, 15 yrs, PA
345B-166-162, Davis, Albert S, 13 yrs, PA
348A-209-205, Davis, Alex, 25 yrs, PA
348A-207-203, Davis, Alfred, 15 yrs, PA
348A-209-205, Davis, Alfred C, 1 yrs, PA
348A-211-207, Davis, Amanda, 17 yrs, PA
345B-166-162, Davis, Anna Amanda, 18 yrs, PA
345B-166-162, Davis, Barbara J, 11 yrs, PA
348B-212-208, Davis, Barbra, 80 yrs, PA
348A-207-203, Davis, Charles, 7 yrs, PA
347A-188-184, Davis, Charley, 4 yrs, PA
347A-188-184, Davis, Christopher, 38 yrs, PA
345B-166-162, Davis, E. E., 8 yrs, PA
348A-211-207, Davis, Elmer, 11 yrs, PA
347B-203-199, Davis, Elmore, 4 yrs, PA
347B-203-199, Davis, Frank, 22 yrs, PA
347A-188-184, Davis, George, 7 yrs, PA
348A-207-203, Davis, Hannah, 9 yrs, PA
345B-166-162, Davis, Henry, 6 yrs, PA
348B-211-207, Davis, Henry, 6 yrs, PA
348A-207-203, Davis, Henry, 45 yrs, PA
348A-211-207, Davis, Jane, 13 yrs, PA
348A-207-203, Davis, John, 2 yrs, PA
348A-211-207, Davis, John, 35 yrs, PA
345B-166-162, Davis, John, 42 yrs, PA
347B-203-199, Davis, Johny, 4/12 yrs, PA
347A-188-184, Davis, Johny, 1 yrs, PA
348A-207-203, Davis, Lucinda, 4 yrs, PA
348A-207-203, Davis, Lucy, 43 yrs, PA
345B-166-162, Davis, M Tillie, 1 yrs, PA
347A-188-184, Davis, Margaret, 37 yrs, PA
347A-188-184, Davis, Mary, 6 yrs, PA
348A-209-205, Davis, Mary, 22 yrs, PA
347A-190-186, Davis, Mary, 78 yrs, PA
341B-106-103, Davis, Mary, 93 yrs, PA
348B-211-207, Davis, Matilda, 1 yrs, PA
348A-207-203, Davis, Robert, 12 yrs, PA
347B-203-199, Davis, Sarah, 25 yrs, PA
348A-211-207, Davis, Sophia, 35 yrs, PA
345B-166-162, Davis, Sophie, 42 yrs, PA
348A-207-203, Davis, Theodore, 20 yrs, PA
348B-211-207, Davis, Willber, 4 yrs, PA
345B-166-162, Davis, William M, 4 yrs, PA
347A-188-184, Davis, Wm, 9 yrs, PA
347A-196-192, Davis , Ann M, 52 yrs, PA
347A-196-192, Davis , S P, 16 yrs, PA
348A-205-201, Delsarmold, Ellen, 12 yrs, PA
348A-205-201, Delsarmold, Luvina, 30 yrs, PA
348A-205-201, Delsarmold, Seth, 14 yrs, PA
348A-205-201, Delsarmold, Thos, 34 yrs, PA
343A-131-127, Devlin, Daniel, 83 yrs, Ireland
343A-131-127, Devlin, Daniel Jr, 31 yrs, NY
343A-131-127, Devlin, John, 30 yrs, NY
343A-131-127, Devlin, Mary, 33 yrs, NY
343A-131-127, Devlin, Michael, 34 yrs, NY
343A-131-127, Devlin, Sarah, 71 yrs, Ireland
343A-131-127, Devlin, William, 25 yrs, NY
335B-19-19, Dickson, Jane, 62 yrs, PA
335B-19-19, Dickson, Josiah, 62 yrs, PA
338A-56-56, Dillinger, Agness, 26 yrs, PA
338A-54-54, Dillinger, Albert, 15 yrs, PA
338A-54-54, Dillinger, Elizabeth, 4/12 yrs, PA
338A-55-55, Dillinger, Elizabeth, 44 yrs, PA
338A-54-54, Dillinger, Hellen, 11 yrs, PA
338A-55-55, Dillinger, Henry, 69 yrs, PA
338A-56-56, Dillinger, Jacob, 7 yrs, PA
338A-56-56, Dillinger, John, 5 yrs, PA
338A-54-54, Dillinger, John, 22 yrs, PA
338A-56-56, Dillinger, Levi, 30 yrs, PA
338A-54-54, Dillinger, Lewis, 39 yrs, PA
338A-54-54, Dillinger, Lucy Ann, 28 yrs, PA
338A-55-55, Dillinger, Luvina, 29 yrs, PA
338A-55-55, Dillinger, Mary Ann, 32 yrs, PA
338A-54-54, Dillinger, Maud, 2 yrs, PA
338A-56-56, Dillinger, Millir, 2 yrs, PA
338A-56-56, Dillinger, Robert J., 3/12 yrs, PA
338A-55-55, Dillinger, Sarah A, 34 yrs, PA
338A-54-54, Dillinger, Wilbert, 6 yrs, PA
351A-248-244, Douglass, Amanda, 16 yrs, PA
351A-248-244, Douglass, Ben, 45 yrs, NY
351A-248-244, Douglass, Francis, 18 yrs, PA
351A-248-244, Douglass, Jane, 49 yrs, PA
351A-248-244, Douglass, Rebeckah J, 10 yrs, PA
351A-248-244, Douglass, Willie, 13 yrs, PA
339A-72-71, Dunoovan, Catherine, 21 yrs, PA
339A-72-71, Dunoovan, Catherine, 70 yrs, Ireland
339A-72-71, Dunoovan, Mary, 28 yrs, Ireland
339A-72-71, Dunoovan, Michael, 74 yrs, Ireland
347B-200-196, Fair, Catherine, 61 yrs, PA
347B-200-196, Fair, Chrysty Ann, 25 yrs, PA
347B-200-196, Fair, Henry, 70 yrs, PA
347B-200-196, Fair, John, 17 yrs, PA
342B-119-115, Finly, Archy, 8 yrs, PA
342B-119-115, Finly, Biddy, 2 yrs, PA
342B-119-115, Finly, Catherine, 4 yrs, PA
342A-119-115, Finly, Catherine, 41 yrs, Ireland
342B-119-115, Finly, Ellen, 12 yrs, PA
342A-119-115, Finly, Hamah, 19 yrs, PA
342A-119-115, Finly, John F, 15 yrs, PA
342B-119-115, Finly, Michael, 4 yrs, PA
342A-119-115, Finly, Owen, 47 yrs, Ireland
342A-119-115, Finly, Susan, 21 yrs, PA
342B-119-115, Finly, William, 13 yrs, PA
343B-138-134, Firey, E B, 23 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Finey"
343B-138-134, Firey, Mary Zeva, 1 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Finey"
343B-138-134, Firey, Rebeckah, 22 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Finey"
343B-139-135, Fisher, Catherine, 28 yrs, PA
343B-139-135, Fisher, Charley, 27 yrs, PA
343B-139-135, Fisher, Henry H, 4 yrs, PA
343B-139-135, Fisher, Ida M, 2 yrs, PA
343B-139-135, Fisher, Wm T, 5/12 yrs, PA
350B-244-240, Flowers, George, 80 yrs, PA
350B-244-240, Flowers, George H, 7 yrs, PA
350B-244-240, Flowers, George Jr, 23 yrs, PA
350B-244-240, Flowers, Nancy, 65 yrs, PA
346B-182-178, Forsythe, James, 58 yrs, Ireland
346B-182-178, Forsythe, Jane, 52 yrs, Ireland
346B-182-178, Forsythe, John, 11 yrs, PA
336B-35-35, Fournier, Frank, 23 yrs, France
336B-35-35, Fournier, Lauretta, 20 yrs, PA
336B-35-35, Fournier, Mary M, 6/12 yrs, PA
335A-3-3, Frey, Julia Ann, 60 yrs, PA
347B-204-200, Fritts, Albert, 22 yrs, PA
347B-204-200, Fritts, Jane, 19 yrs, PA
347B-204-200, Fritts, William, 12 yrs, PA
348B-214-210, Fruit, Anna, 63 yrs, PA
349A-221-217, Fruit, Catherine, 35 yrs, PA
349A-221-217, Fruit, Edward C, 47 yrs, PA
348B-214-210, Fruit, Elizabeth, 35 yrs, PA
346A-173-169, Fruit, Elizabeth, 36 yrs, PA
346A-173-169, Fruit, Ella May, 8 yrs, PA
346A-173-169, Fruit, Elsie, 8/12 yrs, PA
347B-199-195, Fruit, F A, 35 yrs, PA
349A-221-217, Fruit, Jessie, 9 yrs, PA
346A-172-168, Fruit, John W, 32 yrs, PA
346A-173-169, Fruit, Maggie, 6 yrs, PA
348B-214-210, Fruit, Mary, 37 yrs, PA
347B-199-195, Fruit, P L, 25 yrs, PA
346A-173-169, Fruit, Ritchard, 44 yrs, PA
349A-221-217, Fruit, Robert, 2 yrs, PA
346A-173-169, Fruit, Robert W, 10 yrs, PA
346A-172-168, Fruit, Sarah E, 30 yrs, NY
348B-214-210, Fruit, Wert, 33 yrs, PA
343A-132-128, Gallaker, J J, 63 yrs, Ireland
349A-222-218, Garner, Elizabeth, 68 yrs, PA
349A-222-218, Garner, Jacob, 71 yrs, PA
346A-175-171, Garner, Jacob L, 32 yrs, PA
349A-222-218, Garner, John, 25 yrs, PA
346A-175-171, Garner, John W, 1 yrs, PA
346A-175-171, Garner, Mary E, 2 yrs, PA
346A-175-171, Garner, R A, 31 yrs, PA
349A-222-218, Garner, Sarah, 22 yrs, PA
344A-148-144, Garvin, Lizzie, 12 yrs, PA
348A-206-202, George, Mariah, 17 yrs, PA
336B-30-30, Gibson, Almira, 20 yrs, PA
336B-30-30, Gibson, Cummila, 24 yrs, PA
336B-30-30, Gibson, Eva Ester, 12 yrs, PA
336A-30-30, Gibson, James, 61 yrs, PA
336A-30-30, Gibson, James Alfred, 30 yrs, PA
336B-30-30, Gibson, Margaret J, 18 yrs, PA
336B-30-30, Gibson, Sarah E, 14 yrs, PA
340B-93-90, Glbert, David, 26 yrs, PA
340B-93-90, Glbert, Mary, 25 yrs, PA
340B-93-90, Glbert, William, 16 yrs, PA
344B-149-145, Gleason, John, 50 yrs, PA
335B-18-18, Glendening, *ela May, 6 yrs, PA
335B-18-18, Glendening, Dickson, 11/12 yrs, PA
335B-18-18, Glendening, E J, 37 yrs, PA
335B-18-18, Glendening, James, 13 yrs, PA
335B-18-18, Glendening, Mead, 4 yrs, PA
335B-18-18, Glendening, Wm, 50 yrs, PA
342B-125-121, Griffin, Bridget, 50 yrs, Ireland
342B-125-121, Griffin, Bridget Jr, 12 yrs, PA
342B-125-121, Griffin, James, 23 yrs, PA
342B-125-121, Griffin, Mary, 27 yrs, PA
342B-125-121, Griffin, Patrick, 25 yrs, PA
345B-167-163, Griffin, Rose Anna, 80 yrs, PA
342B-125-121, Griffin, Wm, 16 yrs, PA
345A-158-154, Guard, Anna, 10 yrs, PA
345A-158-154, Guard, Ellen, 35 yrs, PA
345A-158-154, Guard, Thomas, 35 yrs, Ireland
345A-158-154, Guard, Willie, 8 yrs, PA
336A-24-24, Gundy, Elizabeth, 66 yrs, PA
336A-24-24, Gundy, John L, 66 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Gyles, Anna, 10 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Gyles, Elizabeth, 70 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Gyles, Ella, 3 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Gyles, Emma, 10/12 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Gyles, Henry, 36 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Gyles, James, 8 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Gyles, Leah, 35 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Gyles, Sarah, 12 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Gyles, William, 6 yrs, PA
343B-136-132, Halestini, Branton, 62 yrs, PA
343B-136-132, Halestini, Canstance, 52 yrs, PA
343B-136-132, Halestini, Canstance Jr, 13 yrs, PA
343B-136-132, Halestini, Frances, 25 yrs, PA
341B-107-104, Hallingberger , J, 37 yrs, PA
341B-107-104, Hammill, Hernnet, 20 yrs, PA
338B-60-60, Hancock, Hannah, 30 yrs, PA
338B-60-60, Hancock, Sarah, 6 yrs, PA
338B-60-60, Hancock, Willis Ward, 3 yrs, PA
338B-60-60, Hancock, Zebalon, 32 yrs, PA
344B-153-149, Hardastz, Henry, 16 yrs, PA
347A-192-188, Harn, Edward, 64 yrs, PA
347A-192-188, Harn, Elizabeth, 64 yrs, PA
347B-202-198, Harne, Christy, 2 yrs, PA
347B-202-198, Harne, Estella, 7 yrs, PA
347B-202-198, Harne, Hannah, 9 yrs, PA
347B-202-198, Harne, Hellen, 13 yrs, PA
347B-202-198, Harne, Ida, 5 yrs, PA
347B-202-198, Harne, Mary, 34 yrs, PA
347B-202-198, Harne, Matilda, 18 yrs, PA
347B-202-198, Harne, Stephen, 43 yrs, PA
347B-202-198, Harne, Wm, 21 yrs, PA
335A-6-6, Harshaw, Hugh, 23 yrs, Canada
341A-100-97, Hasmer, Ada, 6 yrs, PA
341A-100-97, Hasmer, Anna, 8 yrs, IA
341A-100-97, Hasmer, Charles, 16 yrs, OH
341A-100-97, Hasmer, Edgar, 14 yrs, IA
341A-100-97, Hasmer, Florence, 10 yrs, IA
341A-100-97, Hasmer, G S, 46 yrs, VT
341A-100-97, Hasmer, Gold, 3 yrs, PA
341A-100-97, Hasmer, Harriet, 57 yrs, NY
341A-100-97, Hasmer, Wm, 12 yrs, IA
341A-104-101, Hathorn, Andrew J, 19 yrs, PA
341B-104-101, Hathorn, Charles E, 6 yrs, PA
341A-104-101, Hathorn, Elizabeth, 44 yrs, PA
341A-104-101, Hathorn, George R, 15 yrs, PA
341B-104-101, Hathorn, Henry, 60 yrs, PA
342B-124-120, Hathorn, James, 42 yrs, PA
341A-104-101, Hathorn, James W, 21 yrs, PA
341A-104-101, Hathorn, John, 45 yrs, PA
341A-104-101, Hathorn, John Francis, 13 yrs, PA
341A-104-101, Hathorn, Joseph A, 11 yrs, PA
342B-124-120, Hathorn, Mary, 80 yrs, PA
341A-104-101, Hathorn, Samuel H, 17 yrs, PA
341A-104-101, Hathorn, Sanderson M, 8 yrs, PA
340B-96-93, Haulenback, Elizabeth, 66 yrs, PA
340B-96-93, Haulenback, Jery, 50 yrs, PA
347A-193-189, Hauser, Anna, 28 yrs, PA
347A-193-189, Hauser, Cornelius, 28 yrs, PA
347A-193-189, Hauser, Katie, 4 yrs, PA
347A-193-189, Hauser, Olivr, 4 yrs, PA
346B-184-180, Havler, Alta J, 3 yrs, PA
346B-183-179, Havler, Eliza, 58 yrs, PA
346B-184-180, Havler, Elizabeth, 21 yrs, PA
346B-183-179, Havler, Ira, 18 yrs, PA
346B-184-180, Havler, John, 25 yrs, PA
346B-184-180, Havler, Joseph, 4 yrs, PA
346B-183-179, Havler, Mathias, 20 yrs, PA
346B-183-179, Havler, Menerva J, 15 yrs, PA
346B-183-179, Havler, Nancy Jane, 34 yrs, PA
346B-183-179, Havler, Ritchard F, 13 yrs, PA
346B-183-179, Havler, Saml, 58 yrs, PA
346B-184-180, Havler, Samuel, 6/12 yrs, PA
346B-183-179, Havler, Samuel T, 23 yrs, PA
for Hawthorn, see "Hathorn"
339A-70-70, Hays, Fredy, 7 yrs, PA
339A-70-70, Hays, Ida, 4 yrs, PA
339A-70-70, Hays, Nancy Jane, 34 yrs, PA
339A-70-70, Hays, Samuel, 43 yrs, PA
339B-77-75, Heart, Agness, 7 yrs, PA
339B-77-75, Heart, Byna, 23 yrs, PA
339B-77-75, Heart, George, 24 yrs, PA
339B-77-75, Heart, Harry, 4 yrs, PA
335A-7-7, Hilterbran, Jane E, 36 yrs, PA
335A-7-7, Hilterbran, Levi, 44 yrs, PA
347B-201-197, Hinkson, Elizabeth, 30 yrs, PA
347B-201-197, Hinkson, Ferland, 70 yrs, PA
347B-201-197, Hinkson, Sarah, 1 yrs, PA
347B-201-197, Hinkson, Subina, 5 yrs, PA
347B-201-197, Hinkson, Wm H, 7 yrs, PA
347A-194-190, Hoagland, Daniel G, 21 yrs, PA
347A-194-190, Hoagland, John S, 51 yrs, NJ
337B-50-50, Hoey, Catherine, 30 yrs, PA
337B-50-50, Hoey, Emma, 1 yrs, PA
337B-50-50, Hoey, George W, 40 yrs, PA
337B-50-50, Hoey, Samuel, 3 yrs, PA
337B-50-50, Hoey, Sarah E, 16 yrs, PA
347B-198-194, Hogland, Catherine, 25 yrs, PA
347B-198-194, Hogland, David, 46 yrs, PA
347B-198-194, Hogland, John H, 3 yrs, PA
350A-237-233, Hosel, Caroline, 19 yrs, PA
350A-237-233, Hosel, Elizabeth, 50 yrs, Bavaria
350A-237-233, Hosel, Elizabeth Jr, 16 yrs, PA
350A-237-233, Hosel, Frederick, 7 yrs, PA
350A-237-233, Hosel, Jacob, 45 yrs, Bavaria
350A-237-233, Hosel, Jacob Jr, 17 yrs, PA
350A-237-233, Hosel, Johnny, 7 yrs, PA
346A-173-169, Houler, Ira, 17 yrs, PA
346A-178-174, Howard, Sylvester, 20 yrs, PA
342B-122-118, Hughes, Daniel, 80 yrs, Ireland
342B-122-118, Hughes, Mary, 70 yrs, Ireland
335B-16-16, Hughs, Anna Laura, 4 yrs, PA
335B-12-12, Hughs, B P, 49 yrs, PA
335B-16-16, Hughs, James, 20 yrs, PA
335B-16-16, Hughs, John, 32 yrs, PA
335B-16-16, Hughs, John Lee, 1 yrs, PA
335B-16-16, Hughs, Mary, 24 yrs, PA
335B-12-12, Hughs, Mary, 58 yrs, PA
336A-25-25, Hull, B S, 27 yrs, PA
336A-25-25, Hull, Caroline, 28 yrs, PA
336B-31-31, Hull, Charles H, 10 yrs, PA
336A-26-26, Hull, Hellen, 17 yrs, PA
336A-26-26, Hull, Hiram, 67 yrs, PA
336B-31-31, Hull, James Wm, 2 yrs, PA
336A-25-25, Hull, Jennie T, 4/12 yrs, PA
336B-31-31, Hull, John Jr, 41 yrs, PA
336B-31-31, Hull, Lucinda, 14 yrs, PA
336A-26-26, Hull, Martin L, 23 yrs, PA
336B-31-31, Hull, Mary Jane, 33 yrs, PA
336B-31-31, Hull, Maud, 6 yrs, PA
350A-241-237, Hunter, Albert, 23 yrs, PA
335A-9-9, Hunter, Alma, 30 yrs, PA
335A-9-9, Hunter, Anna Mabell, 2/12 yrs, PA
350A-241-237, Hunter, Elizabeth,=2050 yrs, NY
350A-241-237, Hunter, Fydella J, 14 yrs, PA
350A-241-237, Hunter, George, 12 yrs, PA
350A-241-237, Hunter, Martha E, 18 yrs, PA
335A-9-9, Hunter, S S, 34 yrs, PA
350A-241-237, Hunter, Saml, 49 yrs, PA
346B-180-176, Inman, Hiram, 26 yrs, PA
346B-180-176, Inman, Jane, 24 yrs, PA
346B-180-176, Inman, Samuel, 1 yrs, PA
342A-111-108, Jenning, Barnnebas, 20 yrs, PA
342A-111-108, Jenning, Catherine, 50 yrs, Ireland
342A-111-108, Jenning, Cornelius, 13 yrs, PA
342A-111-108, Jenning, Ellen, 24 yrs, PA
342A-111-108, Jenning, John, 30 yrs, PA
342A-111-108, Jenning, Ritchard, 22 yrs, PA
342A-111-108, Jenning, Ritchard, 60 yrs, Ireland
342A-117-113, Jennings, Aggir, 22 yrs, PA
342A-117-113, Jennings, James R, 25 yrs, PA
342A-117-113, Jennings, John, 30 yrs, PA
342A-117-113, Jennings, Rebeckah, 23 yrs, PA
342A-117-113, Jennings, William, 20 yrs, PA
342A-117-113, Jennings, Wm, 75 yrs, Ireland
340A-86-84, Jewell, Edith C, 1 yrs, PA
340A-86-84, Jewell, Harvey S, 3 yrs, PA
340A-86-84, Jewell, James *, 5 yrs, PA Remark: middle initial probably "G"
340A-86-84, Jewell, Mary, 35 yrs, PA
340A-86-84, Jewell, Mary Jr, 8 yrs, PA
340A-86-84, Jewell, Thomas, 43 yrs, PA
340A-86-84, Jewell, Wm, 11 yrs, PA
335B-15-15, Johnson, E, 30 yrs, PA
349A-225-221, Johnson, Eliza, 55 yrs, PA
335B-15-15, Johnson, Harriet, 29 yrs, PA
335B-15-15, Johnson, Samuel E, 6 yrs, PA
349B-235-231, Johnston, Alex, 55 yrs, Ireland
342B-123-119, Johnston, Eliza, 53 yrs, PA
350A-235-231, Johnston, Emma, 2 yrs, PA
349B-235-231, Johnston, Isabella, 15 yrs, PA
348B-214-210, Johnston, James, 16 yrs, PA
349B-235-231, Johnston, James, 16 yrs, PA
349B-235-231, Johnston, John, 9 yrs, PA
339B-82-80, Johnston, Lucy, 17 yrs, PA
349B-235-231, Johnston, Mary, 45 yrs, Ireland
349B-235-231, Johnston, Mary Ann, 19 yrs, PA
350A-235-231, Johnston, Robert, 7 yrs, PA
350A-235-231, Johnston, Sarah, 5 yrs, PA
349B-235-231, Johnston, William, 22 yrs, PA
335A-3-3, Jones, Caroline, 20 yrs, PA
335A-3-3, Jones, Fanny, 11 yrs, PA
335A-3-3, Jones, Johnethan, 3/12 yrs, PA
344B-152-148, Karlan, Newton, 8 yrs, PA
343A-127-123, Keeler, Edward *, 6 yrs, PA Remark: middle initial C?
343A-127-123, Keeler, Eliza J, 8 yrs, PA
343A-127-123, Keeler, Luvinus, 31 yrs, PA
343A-127-123, Keeler, Mary Ellen, 4 yrs, PA
343A-127-123, Keeler, Sarah M, 30 yrs, PA
345B-167-163, Kellery, Anna, 19 yrs, PA
345B-167-163, Kellery, John, 17 yrs, PA
345B-167-163, Kellery, Mary, 39 yrs, PA
345B-167-163, Kellery, Paterick, 48 yrs, Ireland
342B-122-118, Kelly, James, 12 yrs, NY
350B-245-241, Kenedy, Ira, 35 yrs, OH
350B-245-241, Kenedy, Susan, 62 yrs, OH
350B-245-241, Kenedy, Susanna, 19 yrs, OH
338A-52-52, Kernick, Edward, 25 yrs, PA
338A-52-52, Kernick, Lizzie, 16 yrs, PA
340B-99-96, Kile, Robert, 63 yrs, Ireland
336B-32-32, Kimmel, Ann, 80 yrs, PA
336B-32-32, Kimmel, Elizabeth, 47 yrs, PA
336B-33-33, Kimmel, Jacob, 51 yrs, PA
336B-32-32, Kimmel, John Jr, 41 yrs, PA
336B-32-32, Kimmel, Johnson, 81 yrs, PA
336B-32-32, Kimmel, Luomia, 50 yrs, PA
344A-146-142, King, Cyntha J, 24 yrs, PA
344A-146-142, King, Mary A. E., 48 yrs, PA
344A-146-142, King, R R, 52 yrs, PA
348B-214-210, Koonce, Alfred, 20 yrs, PA
350A-240-236, Koonce, Charley, 12 yrs, PA
350A-240-236, Koonce, Edwin, 18 yrs, PA
350A-240-236, Koonce, Hamah, 43 yrs, PA
350A-240-236, Koonce, Hiram, 44 yrs, PA
350A-240-236, Koonce, Julia Ann, 15 yrs, PA
350A-240-236, Koonce, Selina, 13 yrs, PA
343B-140-136, Lack, Adam, 40 yrs, PA
343B-140-136, Lack, Andy J, 5 yrs, PA
343B-140-136, Lack, Barbra, 36 yrs, PA
348A-210-206, Lack, Francis, 10 yrs, PA
338B-61-61, Lack, George, 25 yrs, PA
347A-191-187, Lack, Lewis, 13 yrs, PA
347A-191-187, Lack, Malinda, 9 yrs, PA
338B-61-61, Lack, Margaret, 2 yrs, PA
338B-61-61, Lack, Margaret, 20 yrs, PA
347A-191-187, Lack, Mary, 54 yrs, PA
348A-210-206, Lack, Mary A, 1 yrs, PA
343B-140-136, Lack, Mary E, 14 yrs, PA
348A-210-206, Lack, Mary E, 31 yrs, PA
343B-140-136, Lack, Nancy Jane, 3 yrs, PA
343B-140-136, Lack, Sarah, 5/12 yrs, PA
348A-210-206, Lack, Wm, 33 yrs, PA
348A-210-206, Lack, Wm J, 6 yrs, PA
337A-37-37, Laferty, Ada, 8 yrs, PA
337A-37-37, Laferty, Archabald, 3 yrs, PA
337A-37-37, Laferty, Estella, 7/12 yrs, PA
336B-37-37, Laferty, James, 50 yrs, Ireland
337A-37-37, Laferty, Jane, 10 yrs, PA
337A-37-37, Laferty, John Henry, 7 yrs, PA
337A-37-37, Laferty, Maggie, 18 yrs, PA
337A-37-37, Laferty, Mary, 40 yrs, Ireland
337A-37-37, Laferty, Mary Jr, 13 yrs, PA
337A-37-37, Laferty, Sadie, 16 yrs, PA
337A-37-37, Laferty, Tod**, 5 yrs, PA
for Lary, see "Lay"
344B-153-149, Laughner, Rosa, 5 yrs, PA
345B-171-167, Law, Alice, 16 yrs, PA
345B-171-167, Law, Anna, 25 yrs, PA
346A-171-167, Law, Edith, 12 yrs, PA
346A-171-167, Law, James H, 15 yrs, PA
345B-171-167, Law, Mary, 47 yrs, PA
345B-171-167, Law, Thomas, 73 yrs, Ireland
345B-171-167, Law, Thomas Jr, 22 yrs, PA
345B-171-167, Law, Willson, 20 yrs, PA
349B-229-225, Lay, G H, 27 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Lary"
349B-229-225, Lay, Ida, 6 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Lary"
349B-229-225, Lay, Mary, 26 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Lary"
349B-230-226, Levingstan, Charles, 25 yrs, PA
349B-230-226, Levingstan, Coe Dewit, 2 yrs, PA
349B-230-226, Levingstan, Mary S, 24 yrs, PA
338A-52-52, Limber, Sarah, 30 yrs, PA
335B-20-20, Lytle, James R, 32 yrs, PA
335B-20-20, Lytle, Mary Jane, 36 yrs, PA
335B-20-20, Lytle, R K, 9 yrs, PA
342A-116-112, Maden, Anna, 21 yrs, Ireland
338A-54-54, Magaray, Ann, 60 yrs, PA
350A-236-232, Magee, LIzzie, 25 yrs, PA
339B-78-76, Maglanghlin, C, 18 yrs, PA
345A-159-155, Mallen, Ellen, 72 yrs, Ireland
345A-159-155, Mallen, Ellen Jr, 24 yrs, Scotland
337A-43-43, Marrow, Morrison, 17 yrs, PA
345B-167-163, Mathe*ws, Catherine, 8 yrs, PA
342B-121-117, Mathers, Thomas, 17 yrs, PA
350B-246-242, Mattocks, Agness, 3 yrs, PA
350B-246-242, Mattocks, Frank, 10 yrs, PA
350B-246-242, Mattocks, Harmony, 12 yrs, PA
350B-246-242, Mattocks, Jacob, 45 yrs, PA
350B-246-242, Mattocks, Johny, 1 yrs, PA
350B-246-242, Mattocks, Mary, 35 yrs, PA
348B-212-208, Mattocks, Mary, 61 yrs, OH
350B-246-242, Mattocks, Menerva, 8 yrs, PA
350B-246-242, Mattocks, Sarah, 14 yrs, PA
348B-212-208, Mattocks, Sarah, 31 yrs, PA
350B-246-242, Mattocks, Wilminia, 5 yrs, PA
343B-137-133, Mayer, George, 14 yrs, PA
343B-137-133, Mayer, John, 18 yrs, PA
343B-137-133, Mayer, Lizzie, 22 yrs, PA
343B-137-133, Mayer, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
343B-137-133, Mayer, Michael, 54 yrs, PA
343B-137-133, Mayer, Philip, 21 yrs, PA
343B-137-133, Mayer, Susan, 50 yrs, PA
343B-141-137, McCane, Albert T, 12 yrs, PA
344A-141-137, McCane, Ausdome, 2 yrs, PA
343B-141-137, McCane, John, 8 yrs, PA
343B-141-137, McCane, John, 50 yrs, Ireland
343B-141-137, McCane, Joseph, 20 yrs, PA
343B-141-137, McCane, Matilda, 16 yrs, PA
343B-141-137, McCane, Rosa, 35 yrs, Ireland
344A-141-137, McCane, Sarah, 5 yrs, PA
343B-141-137, McCane, Wm, 18 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, McConnell, Almira, 20 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, McConnell, Calvin B, 18 yrs, PA
351A-247-243, McConnell, Eliza, 53 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, McConnell, Francis F, 3 yrs, PA
337A-38-38, McConnell, George, 39 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, McConnell, Henry, 59 yrs, PA
337A-38-38, McConnell, James George, 3 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, McConnell, Jane , 10 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, McConnell, John, 6 yrs, PA
337A-38-38, McConnell, John Francis, 39 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, McConnell, Julia Ann, 12 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, McConnell, Julia Ann, 47 yrs, PA
350B-243-239, McConnell, Margaret, 24 yrs, PA
337A-38-38, McConnell, Martha, 35 yrs, PA
337A-38-38, McConnell, Mary M, 11 yrs, PA
337A-38-38, McConnell, Thomas Henry, 9 yrs, PA
337A-38-38, McConnell, Welthy Ann, 1 yrs, PA
344B-152-148, McConva, Julia, 4 yrs, PA
349A-219-215, McCulough, Alonzo S, 2 yrs, PA
348B-218-214, McCulough, Amanda J, 13 yrs, PA
348B-218-214, McCulough, F S, 49 yrs, PA
349A-219-215, McCulough, Flora J, 7 yrs, PA
348B-218-214, McCulough, James A, 17 yrs, PA
348B-218-214, McCulough, Lewisa, 48 yrs, PA
348B-218-214, McCulough, Lizzi* A**, 7 yrs, PA
349A-219-215, McCulough, Martha, 40 yrs, PA
349A-219-215, McCulough, Mary Ada, 10 yrs, PA
348B-218-214, McCulough, Mary E, 21 yrs, PA
349A-219-215, McCulough, Robert F, 4 yrs, PA
349A-219-215, McCulough, S T, 43 yrs, PA
348B-218-214, McCulough, Samuel F, 15 yrs, PA
348B-218-214, McCulough, Susan E, 19 yrs, PA
348B-218-214, McCulough, Wm E, 10 yrs, PA
342A-118-114, McDanald, Emily Jane, 8 yrs, PA
342A-118-114, McDanald, Kaleb, 9 yrs, PA
342A-118-114, McDanald, Laura , 4 yrs, PA
342A-118-114, McDanald, Mary, 38 yrs, PA
342A-118-114, McDanald, Saml, 39 yrs, PA
342A-118-114, McDanald, Samuel A, 3/12 yrs, PA
339B-78-76, McDonald, Amanda, 21 yrs, PA
339B-74-73, McDonald, Charley, 9/12 yrs, PA
339A-74-73, McDonald, Isac, 12 yrs, PA
339B-74-73, McDonald, Joseph, 5 yrs, PA
339B-78-76, McDonald, Joseph, 28 yrs, PA
339B-78-76, McDonald, Margaret, 36 yrs, PA
339A-74-73, McDonald, Martha, 9 yrs, PA
339A-74-73, McDonald, Matilda, 7 yrs, PA
339A-74-73, McDonald, Matilda, 40 yrs, PA
339B-78-76, McDonald, Robert, 70 yrs, PA
339A-74-73, McDonald, Sarah, 14 yrs, PA
339A-74-73, McDonald, Wm, 52 yrs, PA
337A-41-41, McDowell, Emma, 19 yrs, PA
337A-41-41, McDowell, Fannie, 56 yrs, PA
337A-41-41, McDowell, J. H., 58 yrs, PA
350B-242-238, McGargee, George, 52 yrs, PA
350B-242-238, McGargee, John, 13 yrs, PA
350B-242-238, McGargee, Joseph, 22 yrs, PA
350B-242-238, McGargee, Laura, 8 yrs, PA
350B-242-238, McGargee, Luesa, 18 yrs, PA
350B-242-238, McGargee, Madison, 26 yrs, PA
350B-242-238, McGargee, Mary, 49 yrs, England
350B-242-238, McGargee, Sarah E, 16 yrs, PA
350B-242-238, McGargee, Washington, 22 yrs, PA
350B-242-238, McGargee, Willson, 11 yrs, PA
342A-116-112, McGrath, P. C., 37 yrs, Ireland
335A-6-6, McMillen, James W, 16 yrs, PA
335A-6-6, McMillen, Lizzie Jane, 9 yrs, PA
335A-6-6, McMillen, Margaret S, 12 yrs, PA
335A-6-6, McMillen, Mary Ann, 37 yrs, PA
335A-6-6, McMillen, Thomas S, 40 yrs, PA
336B-36-36, McNish, Alexandria, 20 yrs, PA
336B-36-36, McNish, Andrew, 46 yrs, Scotland
336B-36-36, McNish, Andrew Jr, 19 yrs, PA
336B-36-36, McNish, Fran*y H, 6 yrs, PA
336B-36-36, McNish, George, 14 yrs, PA
336B-36-36, McNish, Isabella, 5 yrs, PA
336B-36-36, McNish, James, 16 yrs, PA
336B-36-36, McNish, Jane, 42 yrs, Scotland
336B-36-36, McNish, Robert, 10 yrs, PA
342A-112-109, Merchant, Adam, 49 yrs, PA
342A-113-110, Merchant, Albert, 23 yrs, PA
342A-112-109, Merchant, Anna C, 8 yrs, PA
342A-112-109, Merchant, Elizabeth, 13 yrs, PA
342A-112-109, Merchant, Julia Ann, 19 yrs, PA
342A-112-109, Merchant, Lewisa, 11 yrs, PA
342A-113-110, Merchant, Lucy Ann, 20 yrs, PA
342A-112-109, Merchant, Luen*da, 22 yrs, PA
342A-112-109, Merchant, Susan, 44 yrs, PA
344A-143-139, Miller, Anna, 58 yrs, PA
336B-34-34, Miller, Catherine, 13 yrs, PA
335B-10-10, Miller, Cyrus, 20 yrs, PA
344A-143-139, Miller, Eliza Ann, 25 yrs, PA
336B-34-34, Miller, Elizabeth, 35 yrs, Bavaira
343B-134-130, Miller, Emeline, 33 yrs, PA
336B-34-34, Miller, Emma, 7 yrs, PA
336B-34-34, Miller, Fred, 2 yrs, PA
344A-143-139, Miller, George A, 57 yrs, PA
347A-194-190, Miller, Henry H, 18 yrs, PA
336B-34-34, Miller, Jacob, 14 yrs, England
336B-34-34, Miller, John, 9 yrs, PA
347A-194-190, Miller, Lizzie P, 19 yrs, PA
347A-194-190, Miller, Lucy A, 16 yrs, PA
344A-143-139, Miller, Malinda Ann, 3 yrs, PA
336B-34-34, Miller, Margaretta, 5 yrs, PA
347A-194-190, Miller, Martha, 49 yrs, NJ
343B-134-130, Miller, Mary E, 8 yrs, PA
336B-34-34, Miller, Peter, 45 yrs, Bavaira
336B-34-34, Miller, Peter Jr, 11 yrs, PA
344A-143-139, Miller, Ruben, 26 yrs, PA
343B-134-130, Miller, Susan Ann, 11 yrs, PA
343A-134-130, Miller, Wm E, 36 yrs, PA
343A-130-126, Mitchel, Andrew, 44 yrs, PA
342B-123-119, Mitchel, Clarinda, 7 yrs, PA
343A-126-122, Mitchel, Ella, 2 yrs, PA
343A-129-125, Mitchel, Hu*y, 14 yrs, PA
343A-130-126, Mitchel, Jackson, 11 yrs, PA
342B-126-122, Mitchel, James, 40 yrs, PA
343A-130-126, Mitchel, James C, 6 yrs, PA
342B-123-119, Mitchel, John, 3/12 yrs, PA
343A-126-122, Mitchel, John, 8 yrs, PA
343A-129-125, Mitchel, John, 35 yrs, PA
343A-130-126, Mitchel, Lidie, 39 yrs, PA
342B-126-122, Mitchel, Margaret, 36 yrs, Ireland
343A-129-125, Mitchel, Mary , 40 yrs, PA
343A-126-122, Mitchel, Mary A, 11 yrs, PA
343A-126-122, Mitchel, Mikel, 4 yrs, PA
343A-129-125, Mitchel, Nancy, 72 yrs, PA
342B-126-122, Mitchel, Patrick, 13 yrs, PA
342B-123-119, Mitchel, Sarah J, 26 yrs, PA
342B-123-119, Mitchel, Wm, 31 yrs, PA
345A-155-151, Moon, Eliza Ann, 11 yrs, PA
344B-155-151, Moon, Elizabeth A, 43 yrs, PA
345A-155-151, Moon, John A, 13 yrs, PA
345A-155-151, Moon, Mary, 8 yrs, PA
345A-155-151, Moon, Robert, 3 yrs, PA
344B-155-151, Moon, Robert W, 47 yrs, PA
344B-155-151, Moon, Sarah J, 14 yrs, PA
339A-65-65, Moore, Jane, 15 yrs, PA
346B-181-177, Morrows, Alex, 55 yrs, Ireland
346B-181-177, Morrows, Alex H, 20 yrs, PA
346B-181-177, Morrows, Bessy, 56 yrs, Ireland
346B-181-177, Morrows, Carrie, 14 yrs, PA
346B-181-177, Morrows, Jemima, 22 yrs, PA
346B-181-177, Morrows, Marvin, 17 yrs, PA
343A-132-128, Mullen, Mary, 40 yrs, Ireland
344B-152-148, Mumrel, Ahemizah, 19 yrs, PA Remark: Munerel?
344B-152-148, Mumrel, John, 34 yrs, PA Remark: Munerel?
344B-152-148, Mumrel, Margaret, 31 yrs, PA Remark: Munerel?
344B-152-148, Mumrel, Sarah, 59 yrs, PA Remark: Munerel?
344B-152-148, Mumrel, William, 9 yrs, PA Remark: Munerel?
339B-79-77, Nickle, Caroline Maud, 9/12 yrs, PA
339B-79-77, Nickle, Elizabeth A, 26 yrs, PA
343A-128-124, Nickle, Esie M, 10 yrs, PA
343A-128-124, Nickle, George, 14 yrs, PA
339B-79-77, Nickle, Jefferson, 30 yrs, PA
343A-128-124, Nickle, Nancy, 47 yrs, PA
343A-128-124, Nickle, Wm, 5 yrs, PA
343A-128-124, Nickle, Wm, 46 yrs, PA
343A-128-124, Nickle, Zereida, 16 yrs, PA
339A-67-67, Nipple, Hannah, 31 yrs, PA
339A-67-67, Nipple, Jacob V, 31 yrs, OH
339A-67-67, Nipple, James C, 2 yrs, PA
344A-147-143, OBrine, A Isabella, 2 yrs, PA
344A-147-143, OBrine, Charles, 3 yrs, PA
344A-147-143, OBrine, Daniel, 34 yrs, NY
344A-147-143, OBrine, Ellen, 35 yrs, PA
344A-147-143, OBrine, Hannah, 9 yrs, PA
344A-147-143, OBrine, John, 11 yrs, PA
344A-147-143, OBrine, Rebeckah, 7 yrs, PA
344A-147-143, OBrine, William, 5 yrs, PA
342A-117-113, Obrine, Ann, 10 yrs, PA
345A-160-156, OConer, Ferguson, 31 yrs, PA
345A-160-156, OConer, Mary A, 76 yrs, Ireland
342A-115-111, Odonald, Johannah, 50 yrs, Ireland
342A-115-111, Odonald, John, 60 yrs, Ireland
336B-31-31, ONiel, John, 40 yrs, Ireland
335A-5-5, Orsmby, A W, 50 yrs, NY
335A-5-5, Orsmby, O. H., 60 yrs, PA
348B-216-212, Osborn, Annetta Jane, 18 yrs, PA
348B-216-212, Osborn, Francis, 9 yrs, PA
348B-216-212, Osborn, G W, 42 yrs, PA
348B-216-212, Osborn, Ina Isabella, 12 yrs, PA
348B-216-212, Osborn, Jacob, 15 yrs, PA
348B-216-212, Osborn, James W, 21 yrs, PA
348B-216-212, Osborn, Sarah Jemire, 6 yrs, PA
335A-4-4, Parme*, Malinda, 24 yrs, PA
345A-156-152, Patterson, Lucy, 20 yrs, OH
345A-156-152, Patterson, Sarah, 50 yrs, OH
341A-102-99, Pearson, Albert, 1 yrs, PA
341A-102-99, Pearson, Alexander, 25 yrs, PA
341A-101-98, Pearson, Anna, 18 yrs, PA
341A-101-98, Pearson, Charles, 13 yrs, PA
341A-101-98, Pearson, Edward, 21 yrs, PA
341A-101-98, Pearson, Harry, 11 yrs, PA
341A-101-98, Pearson, Mary, 30 yrs, PA
341A-101-98, Pearson, Sarah , 16 yrs, PA
341A-101-98, Pearson, Sophronia, 53 yrs, NY
341A-102-99, Pearson, Susan, 22 yrs, PA
341A-101-98, Pearson, Wm W, 73 yrs, PA
344B-153-149, Petts, John T, 35 yrs, PA
344B-153-149, Petts, Mary, 32 yrs, PA
344B-150-146, Pew, Elizabeth, 64 yrs, PA
344B-150-146, Pew, Harrace, 21 yrs, PA
344B-150-146, Pew, Jane, 32 yrs, PA
344B-150-146, Pew, Lizzie, 26 yrs, PA
344B-150-146, Pew, William, 73 yrs, PA
347A-195-191, Po*ter, Charlotta, 52 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Porter"
347A-195-191, Po*ter, David, 55 yrs, Ireland Remark: appears to be "Porter"
347A-195-191, Po*ter, James Alex, 21 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Porter"
347A-195-191, Po*ter, Mariah J, 13 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Porter"
347A-195-191, Po*ter, Mary E, 16 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Porter"
347A-195-191, Po*ter, S Hamilton, 15 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Porter"
347A-195-191, Po*ter, Wm Bax, 19 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Porter"
347B-197-193, Potter, Elizabeth J, 13 yrs, PA
347B-197-193, Potter, H E, 10 yrs, PA
347B-197-193, Potter, Nancy J, 39 yrs, PA
347B-197-193, Potter, Nesbit R, 14 yrs, PA
347A-197-193, Potter, Saml, 44 yrs, PA
347B-197-193, Potter, Sarah Est, 4 yrs, PA
347B-197-193, Potter, W H, 6 yrs, PA
349B-232-228, Raney, Eliza, 59 yrs, Ireland
349B-232-228, Raney, James, 62 yrs, Ireland
346A-174-170, Raney, Mary E, 20 yrs, PA
344A-142-138, Redfoot, Anna, 2 yrs, PA
344A-142-138, Redfoot, Cassy, 8 yrs, PA
344A-142-138, Redfoot, Christ, 10 yrs, Wertemburg
344A-142-138, Redfoot, Daniel, 3 yrs, PA
344A-142-138, Redfoot, G, 36 yrs, Wertemburg
344A-142-138, Redfoot, John, 3/12 yrs, PA
344A-142-138, Redfoot, Sophie, 34 yrs, Wertemburg
344A-142-138, Redfoot, Tomy, 7 yrs, PA
344A-142-138, Redfoot, Wm, 5 yrs, PA
344A-144-140, Redock, Lewis, 3 yrs, PA
344A-144-140, Redock, Lewis, 27 yrs, PA
344A-144-140, Redock, Melvin, 4/12 yrs, PA
344A-144-140, Redock, Rachel, 25 yrs, PA
344A-144-140, Redock, Willie, 8 yrs, PA
349B-234-230, Rena, A L, 36 yrs, PA
349B-234-230, Rena, Charles, 13 yrs, PA
349B-234-230, Rena, George L, 8 yrs, PA
349B-234-230, Rena, Margaret, 33 yrs, PA
349B-234-230, Rena, Willie, 2 yrs, PA
350A-238-234, Reno, Ada, 24 yrs, PA
350A-238-234, Reno, Elizabeth, 59 yrs, PA
350A-238-234, Reno, Jesse, 63 yrs, PA
350A-238-234, Reno, Luella, 14 yrs, PA
350A-238-234, Reno, Perry, 17 yrs, PA
351A-247-243, Rice, Charley, 14 yrs, PA
350B-247-243, Rice, James, 17 yrs, PA
351A-247-243, Rice, Jane, 9 yrs, PA
350B-247-243, Rice, Rebeckah, 50 yrs, PA
350B-247-243, Rice, S. B., 51 yrs, PA
350B-247-243, Rice, Samuel, 21 yrs, PA
345A-164-160, Right, Elizabeth, 24 yrs, PA
345A-161-157, Right, Jane, 35 yrs, PA
345A-164-160, Right, Wm, 50 yrs, PA
346B-185-181, Rodgers, Hiram, 59 yrs, PA
346B-185-181, Rodgers, Jenett, 10 yrs, PA
345A-164-160, Rodgers, John, 18 yrs, PA
346B-185-181, Rodgers, Nancy, 33 yrs, PA
346B-185-181, Rodgers, Robert, 13 yrs, PA
346B-185-181, Rodgers, Sadie J, 3 yrs, PA
346B-185-181, Rodgers, Thomas, 7 yrs, PA
341B-104-101, Ross, Margaret, 66 yrs, PA
346A-177-173, Shafer, Albert, 9/12 yrs, PA
340B-95-92, Shafer, Andrew J, 10 yrs, PA
346A-177-173, Shafer, Anna Mary, 5 yrs, PA
336A-29-29, Shafer, Barnhart, 38 yrs, Baden
346A-177-173, Shafer, C., 47 yrs, PA
340B-95-92, Shafer, Charles, 6 yrs, PA
336A-29-29, Shafer, Charly, 11 yrs, PA
336A-29-29, Shafer, Christina, 6 yrs, PA
340B-95-92, Shafer, Cynthia, 40 yrs, PA
346A-174-170, Shafer, Cynthia C, 4 yrs, PA
349A-226-222, Shafer, David, 36 yrs, PA
346A-177-173, Shafer, Fruit, 3 yrs, PA
349B-226-221, Shafer, George A, 3 yrs, PA
340B-95-92, Shafer, Hannah, 11 yrs, PA
346A-174-170, Shafer, Hannah, 68 yrs, PA
340B-95-92, Shafer, James A, 9 yrs, PA
336A-29-29, Shafer, John, 12 yrs, PA
346A-174-170, Shafer, John, 30 yrs, PA
346A-177-173, Shafer, John E, 13 yrs, PA
349A-226-222, Shafer, Julia, 28 yrs, PA
346A-177-173, Shafer, Lurina, 43 yrs, PA
349A-226-222, Shafer, Marshal A, 6 yrs, PA
336A-29-29, Shafer, Mary, 30 yrs, PA
340B-95-92, Shafer, Mary Luveda, 4 yrs, PA
336A-29-29, Shafer, Mary P, 10 yrs, PA
346A-177-173, Shafer, Rebeckah, 16 yrs, PA
349B-226-221, Shafer, Ritchard, 1 yrs, PA
346A-174-170, Shafer, Robert W, 3 yrs, PA
340B-95-92, Shafer, Samuel, 35 yrs, PA
340B-95-92, Shafer, Thomas, 2 yrs, PA
339A-69-69, Shanmon, George, 46 yrs, Ireland
339A-68-68, Shanmon, George C, 14 yrs, PA
339A-68-68, Shanmon, James, 34 yrs, Ireland
339A-68-68, Shanmon, Lucinda, 12 yrs, PA
339A-69-69, Shanmon, Margaret, 45 yrs, Ireland
339A-69-69, Shanmon, Mary Jane, 12 yrs, PA
339A-68-68, Shanmon, Matilda, 10 yrs, PA
339A-68-68, Shanmon, Rebeckah, 34 yrs, Ireland
339A-68-68, Shanmon, Sarah Bell, 2 yrs, PA
337B-50-50, Shannon , Mary J, 9 yrs, PA
341A-103-100, Shellenberger, Daniel, 2 yrs, PA
341A-103-100, Shellenberger, Darius, 13 yrs, PA
341A-103-100, Shellenberger, Elizabeth, 4 yrs, PA
341A-103-100, Shellenberger, Lucian, 10 yrs, PA
341A-103-100, Shellenberger, Luweke, 8 yrs, PA
341A-103-100, Shellenberger, Sophia, 37 yrs, PA
341A-103-100, Shellenberger, Willabe, 35 yrs, PA
341A-103-100, Shellenberger, Willimia, 9 yrs, PA
347B-199-195, Shumberger, Delery, 9 yrs, PA
341A-99-96, Smith, Ann, 3 yrs, PA
341A-99-96, Smith, Elizabeth, 1 yrs, PA
339B-82-80, Smith, Elizabeth, 60 yrs, PA
339B-82-80, Smith, Henry, 24 yrs, PA
340B-99-96, Smith, Michael, 28 yrs, PA
339B-82-80, Smith, R W, 54 yrs, England
339B-82-80, Smith, Rolf M, 22 yrs, PA
341A-99-96, Smith, Willie, 13 yrs, PA
336A-25-25, Smith, Wm, 24 yrs, PA
346A-171-167, Sneezer, Solomon, 29 yrs, PA
349A-224-220, Snider, Anna M, 12 yrs, PA
349A-224-220, Snider, Barbra, 50 yrs, PA
343A-129-125, Snider, Clara J, 8 yrs, PA
349A-224-220, Snider, Elizabeth, 18 yrs, PA
349A-224-220, Snider, George H, 16 yrs, PA
349A-224-220, Snider, Henry, 61 yrs, PA
349A-224-220, Snider, Hezakiah, 26 yrs, PA
348A-206-202, Snider, Hiram, 32 yrs, PA
349A-224-220, Snider, Ida M, 5 yrs, PA
349A-224-220, Snider, Lewis C, 11 yrs, PA
348A-206-202, Snider, Malinda A, 8 yrs, PA
348A-206-202, Snider, Mary A, 2 yrs, PA
348A-206-202, Snider, Seth, 1 yrs, PA
348A-206-202, Snider, Susanna, 31 yrs, PA
347A-189-185, Snorn, Charley W, 5 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Snow"
347A-189-185, Snorn, Sarah Ann, 25 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Snow"
347A-189-185, Snorn, Wm, 28 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Snow"
339A-73-72, Snow, Matilda, 15 yrs, PA
345A-162-158, Stee*, Andrew R, 10 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Steem" or "Steen"
345A-162-158, Stee*, Catherine J, 37 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Steem" or "Steen"
345A-162-158, Stee*, Charles T, 5 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Steem" or "Steen"
345A-162-158, Stee*, Martha R, 6/12 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Steem" or "Steen"
345A-162-158, Stee*, Mary E, 7 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Steem" or "Steen"
345A-162-158, Stee*, Robert, 46 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Steem" or "Steen"
345A-162-158, Stee*, Sarah, 67 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Steem" or "Steen"
345A-162-158, Stee*, Sarah M, 14 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Steem" or "Steen"
345A-162-158, Stee*, William E, 16 yrs, PA Remark: appears to be "Steem" or "Steen"
345A-161-157, Steister, Elizabeth, 28 yrs, PA
343B-135-131, Steister, Levi, 16 yrs, PA
343B-135-131, Steister, Mary Ann, 47 yrs, PA
343B-135-131, Steister, Saml, 48 yrs, PA
343B-135-131, Steister, Samuel, 18 yrs, PA
345A-161-157, Steister, Wm, 23 yrs, PA
345A-161-157, Steister, Wm Jr, 3/12 yrs, PA
335A-1-1, Stewart, Elizabeth, 22 yrs, PA
335A-1-1, Stewart, John A, 2 yrs, PA
337A-39-39, Stewart, Roby, 5 yrs, PA
336A-25-25, Stiner, Robert, 30 yrs, NY
338B-64-64, Stingsed, Charley, 16 yrs, VA
338B-64-64, Stingsed, Hannah, 12 yrs, PA
338B-64-64, Stingsed, Henry, 44 yrs, Hanover
338B-64-64, Stingsed, Henry Jr, 6 yrs, PA
338B-64-64, Stingsed, Lewis, 14 yrs, PA
338B-64-64, Stingsed, Lina, 40 yrs, Hanover
338B-64-64, Stingsed, Wm, 10 yrs, PA
335B-14-14, Stoner, Abigail, 64 yrs, NY
335B-13-13, Stoner, Hanah, 34 yrs, PA
335B-13-13, Stoner, Miron, 27 yrs, NY
335B-14-14, Stoner, Samuel, 58 yrs, PA
344B-154-150, Stronser, Harry, 14 yrs, PA
348B-215-211, Stull, Alvina, 26 yrs, PA
348B-215-211, Stull, Amelia, 18 yrs, PA
348B-215-211, Stull, John, 4 yrs, PA
348B-215-211, Stull, Lester, 32 yrs, PA
349B-233-229, Stull, Mary, 78 yrs, PA
349B-233-229, Stull, Mary Jr, 25 yrs, PA
348B-215-211, Stull, Robert, 6/12 yrs, PA
339A-73-72, Thompson, Andrew S, 5 yrs, PA
339A-73-72, Thompson, Joseph, 9 yrs, PA
337B-46-46, Thompson, Mary, 77 yrs, PA
337B-46-46, Thompson, Mary Ann, 45 yrs, PA
342A-118-114, Thompson, Rebeckah, 57 yrs, PA
339A-73-72, Thompson, Robert, 33 yrs, PA
339A-73-72, Thompson, Sarah, 35 yrs, PA
337B-46-46, Thompson, Uriah, 38 yrs, PA
351A-250-246, Troutman, C, 55 yrs, Baden
351A-250-246, Troutman, Callie, 14 yrs, PA
351A-250-246, Troutman, Cath, 54 yrs, Baden
351A-250-246, Troutman, John, 20 yrs, PA
351A-250-246, Troutman, Mary, 18 yrs, PA
340B-97-94, Vandever, Hiram, 27 yrs, PA
340B-97-94, Vandever, Sarah , 56 yrs, PA
340B-97-94, Vandever, Sylvanus, 59 yrs, PA
335A-1-1, Vanhorn, Wm Beran, 20 yrs, PA
347B-198-194, Venatta, Willie, 11 yrs, PA
335B-14-14, Venetta, Harry, 5 yrs, PA
338A-53-53, Venetta, Mary, 20 yrs, PA
343A-133-129, Waggon, Fyetta, 36 yrs, PA
343A-133-129, Waggon, Johnathan, 10 yrs, PA
343A-133-129, Waggon, M P, 32 yrs, PA
343A-133-129, Waggon, Peter, 5 yrs, PA
343A-133-129, Waggon, Philip E, 8 yrs, PA
343A-133-129, Waggon, Ruben H, 2 yrs, PA
339A-65-65, Waggoner, Anna, 3/12 yrs, PA
339A-65-65, Waggoner, Charley, 2 yrs, PA
344A-145-141, Waggoner, Cyntha Ann, 2/12 yrs, PA
344A-145-141, Waggoner, Eliza, 21 yrs, PA
344A-145-141, Waggoner, Henry, 26 yrs, PA
339A-65-65, Waggoner, Henry, 60 yrs, Hanover
339A-65-65, Waggoner, Morry, 44 yrs, PA Remark: possibly "Mary"
345A-157-153, Willson, Dora, 2 yrs, PA
345A-157-153, Willson, Ema, 35 yrs, PA
345A-157-153, Willson, John, 35 yrs, PA
345A-157-153, Willson, Robert, 5 yrs, PA
345B-168-164, Winkleman, Adaline, 19 yrs, PA
345B-168-164, Winkleman, Benjamin, 12 yrs, PA
345B-168-164, Winkleman, Elizabeth, 47 yrs, PA
345B-168-164, Winkleman, Maggie, 22 yrs, PA
345B-168-164, Winkleman, Saml., 45 yrs, PA
347B-199-195, Woodbery, C, 20 yrs, PA
344A-148-144, Woods, Mary A, 45 yrs, PA
348A-208-204, Young, Charlotta, 14 yrs, PA
335B-17-17, Young, Elizabeth, 54 yrs, France
348A-208-204, Young, Emeline, 16 yrs, PA
335B-17-17, Young, Henry, 50 yrs, PA
348A-208-204, Young, Ida Jane, 10 yrs, PA
348A-208-204, Young, J. S., 53 yrs, PA
338B-58-58, Young, Margaret, 16 yrs, PA
348A-208-204, Young, Sarah, 46 yrs, PA
337B-51-51, Zahniser, Aaron, 17 yrs, PA
337B-47-47, Zahniser, Albert, 8 yrs, PA
337B-48-48, Zahniser, Alice, 8 yrs, PA
337A-42-42, Zahniser, Amelia, 65 yrs, PA
349A-220-216, Zahniser, Amos, 33 yrs, PA
337A-43-43, Zahniser, Auman, 1 yrs, PA
337B-51-51, Zahniser, Catharine, 30 yrs, PA
337B-51-51, Zahniser, David, 14 yrs, PA
337B-51-51, Zahniser, David, 56 yrs, PA
337B-47-47, Zahniser, Dorkey Ann, 19 yrs, PA
337B-47-47, Zahniser, Dortha Anna, 87 yrs, PA
337B-49-49, Zahniser, Elizabeth, 44 yrs, PA
346A-178-174, Zahniser, Elizabeth A, 27 yrs, PA
337B-49-49, Zahniser, Ephefram, 11 yrs, PA
346A-178-174, Zahniser, Eva Mary, 5 yrs, PA
339B-81-79, Zahniser, Fred, 25 yrs, PA
337B-47-47, Zahniser, George, 17 yrs, PA
349A-220-216, Zahniser, Hannah, 35 yrs, PA
337B-45-45, Zahniser, Henrietta, 29 yrs, PA
337B-51-51, Zahniser, Henry, 20 yrs, PA
339B-81-79, Zahniser, infant, 8/12 yrs, PA
337B-48-48, Zahniser, Jacob, 50 yrs, PA
346A-178-174, Zahniser, Jacob N, 30 yrs, PA
337B-48-48, Zahniser, James, 11 yrs, PA
337A-43-43, Zahniser, Jennie M, 23 yrs, MA
349B-227-223, Zahniser, Jery, 24 yrs, PA
346A-178-174, Zahniser, John, 5/12 yrs, PA
337A-45-45, Zahniser, John A, 31 yrs, PA
349A-220-216, Zahniser, John E, 5 yrs, PA
337A-43-43, Zahniser, Josiah, 28 yrs, PA
337B-48-48, Zahniser, Lemuel, 17 yrs, PA
337B-48-48, Zahniser, Leslie, 5 yrs, PA
337B-48-48, Zahniser, Lewis, 20 yrs, PA
349A-220-216, Zahniser, Lizzie M, 2 yrs, PA
349B-227-223, Zahniser, Maggie, 4/12 yrs, PA
337A-44-44, Zahniser, Mariah, 64 yrs, PA
337A-42-42, Zahniser, Mariah Jane, 40 yrs, PA
339B-81-79, Zahniser, Mary, 22 yrs, PA
337B-47-47, Zahniser, Mary, 46 yrs, PA
337B-48-48, Zahniser, Mary, 48 yrs, PA
337B-49-49, Zahniser, Mathias, 67 yrs, PA
337A-42-42, Zahniser, Michael, 65 yrs, PA
349B-227-223, Zahniser, Nancy J, 22 yrs, PA
349A-220-216, Zahniser, Nanny A, 17 yrs, PA
337B-48-48, Zahniser, Rachel, 22 yrs, PA
337B-51-51, Zahniser, Rachel, 47 yrs, PA
337B-45-45, Zahniser, Ritchard Moris, 4 yrs, PA
337B-49-49, Zahniser, Sammuel, 45 yrs, PA
337B-47-47, Zahniser, Samuel, 48 yrs, PA
337B-48-48, Zahniser, Sarah, 14 yrs, PA
337B-47-47, Zahniser, Sephronig, 12 yrs, PA
339B-81-79, Zahniser, Thomas, 2 yrs, PA

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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