Pymatuning Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

13B-188-192, Adam, Hawthorn, 6, PA
13B-188-192, Adam, John, 71, PA
13B-188-192, Adam, John T, 9, PA
13B-188-192, Adam, Margaret M, 46, PA
30A-423-430, Adams, Laura, 8, PA
10B-152-158, Alderman, Lydia, 10, PA
11A-153-159, Alderman, Uriah, 14, OH
30B-433-440, Arnold, Charles, 3, OH
30B-433-440, Arnold, Edith, 6, PA
30B-433-440, Arnold, Geo, 13, IN
30B-433-440, Arnold, Geo H, 38, OH
30B-433-440, Arnold, Harriet, 30, OH
30B-433-440, Arnold, Kate, 10, IN
30B-433-440, Arnold, Peter, 7, PA
30B-433-440, Arnold, Robt, 1, PA
18A-248-255, Arthurholt, A J, 40, OH
18A-249-256, Arthurholt, Albert, 6, PA
18A-249-256, Arthurholt, Ca** M, 4, PA
18A-248-255, Arthurholt, Charles F, 6, PA
18A-248-255, Arthurholt, Colonel, 32, OH
18A-249-256, Arthurholt, Curtis, 28, PA
18A-250-257, Arthurholt, David, 46, OH
18A-249-256, Arthurholt, Emma, 1, PA
18A-250-257, Arthurholt, John, 16, PA
18A-248-255, Arthurholt, John A, 7, PA
18A-250-257, Arthurholt, Lavina, 9, PA
18A-249-256, Arthurholt, Maria, 28, PA
18A-248-255, Arthurholt, Mary C, 28, PA
18A-250-257, Arthurholt, Miram, 14, PA
18A-248-255, Arthurholt, Nancy, 65, PA
18A-250-257, Arthurholt, Sarah, 20, PA
18A-250-257, Arthurholt, Silas, 19, PA
18A-250-257, Arthurholt, Smith, 23, PA
18A-250-257, Arthurholt, Susanna, 46, OH
25B-363-369, Artman, Kate, 14, PA
25B-363-369, Artman, Wm, 16, PA
18A-253-260, Ash, Charles S, 13, PA
18A-253-260, Ash, Elizabeth, 35, OH
18A-253-260, Ash, Elmer, 7, PA
18B-253-260, Ash, Emma J, 4, PA
18B-253-260, Ash, Francis C, 6, PA
18B-253-260, Ash, James W, 1, PA
18A-253-260, Ash, John H, 11, PA
18A-253-260, Ash, William, 9, PA
18A-253-260, Ash, William, 46, PA

24A-342-348, Asner, Alphe, 10, PA

24A-342-348, Asner, Emma J, 4, PA

21B-303-309, Asner, Ida M, 2, PA

21B-303-309, Asner, James E, 20, PA

24A-342-348, Asner, Malan, 34, OH

24A-342-348, Asner, Margret, 25, Baden

24A-342-348, Asner, Margret E, 7, PA

21B-303-309, Asner, Mary A, 27, PA

24A-343-349, Asner, Mathew, 23, England

24A-342-348, Asner, Philena, 3, PA

2A-26-28, Bahan, James, 48, Ireland

2B-26-28, Bahan, Mary, 27, PA

32B-467-475, Bailey, Anna M, 31, PA

32B-467-475, Bailey, Etta L, 7, PA

13B-189-193, Bailey, John, 60, PA

32B-467-475, Bailey, Mannie L, 5, PA

32B-467-475, Bailey, Margret S, 11, PA

32B-467-475, Bailey, Sarah W, 13, PA

32B-467-475, Bailey, William C, 9, PA

32B-467-475, Bailey, Wm M, 36, PA

22A-305-311, Bakeman, Chris, 52, Hanover

22A-305-311, Bakeman, Christina, 31, Byron

22A-305-311, Bakeman, Danl P, 2, PA

22A-305-311, Bakeman, Elizabeth, 11, PA

22A-305-311, Bakeman, George W, 8, PA

22A-305-311, Bakeman, Kate A, 6, PA

25B-360-366, Baker, Henry, 43, Hanover

3A-35-38, Baker, Theodore, 23, PA

6A-83-89, Barnhart, Caroline, 16, PA

6A-83-89, Barnhart, Ida E, 14, PA

6A-83-89, Barnhart, Isaac, 7, PA

6A-83-89, Barnhart, Isaac, 58, PA

6A-83-89, Barnhart, L**h, 22, PA

6A-83-89, Barnhart, Margret, 52, PA

6A-83-89, Barnhart, Susan A, 9, PA

6A-83-89, Barnhart, Wm F, 10, PA

28B-398-404, Baroman, Ann, 6/12, PA

28A-398-404, Baroman, Danl, 24, Scotland

28A-398-404, Baroman, Lydia H, 17, PA

13B-190-194, Bartholmew, Charles, 50, PA

13B-190-194, Bartholmew, Lydia, 65, PA

13B-190-194, Bartholmew, Phillip, 78, PA

15B-213-218, Barton, M Wilson, 13, PA

16B-232-238, Batiger, Elizabeth, 42, Baden

16B-232-238, Batiger, George, 20, PA

16B-232-238, Batiger, George, 51, Badon

16B-232-238, Batiger, Hiram, 6, PA

16B-232-238, Batiger, Jacob, 18, PA

16B-232-238, Batiger, Louisa, 15, PA

15B-215-220, Baty, Adda, 8, PA

15B-214-219, Baty, Adman, 6, PA

15B-214-219, Baty, Amelia, 3, PA

15B-214-219, Baty, Jas M, 45, PA

15B-214-219, Baty, Julia A, 14, PA

15B-214-219, Baty, Lizzie, 10, PA

15B-214-219, Baty, Margret S, 16, PA

15B-214-219, Baty, Pheba A, 12, PA

15B-214-219, Baty, Susana, 40, PA

17A-238-245, Bean, Ada, 13, PA

17A-238-245, Bean, Carrie, 1, PA

17A-238-245, Bean, Charles C, 8, PA

17A-238-245, Bean, F J, 42, PA

17A-238-245, Bean, Julia E, 5, PA

17A-238-245, Bean, Lola M, 10, PA

17A-238-245, Bean, Mary A, 42, PA

17A-238-245, Bean, Mary E, 17, PA

32A-459-467, Bean , M E, 28, PA

10B-148-154, Bear, Chas H, 3, PA

11A-155-161, Bear, George, 71, PA

12B-180-183, Beaver, Albert, 2, PA

12B-180-183, Beaver, Henry, 4, PA

12B-180-183, Beaver, Kate, 24, Hesse Darmstadt

12B-180-183, Beaver, Margret, 2/12, PA

12B-180-183, Beaver, Valentine, 35, PA

21A-295-301, Beckstine, Louisa, 29, Hanover

20A-277-283, Bell, Alvi, 32, PA

20A-276-282, Bell, Amji, 44, PA

20A-277-283, Bell, Caroline, 35, PA

20A-277-283, Bell, Danl W, 10, PA

20A-276-282, Bell, Eliza, 40, PA

20A-276-282, Bell, Ella V, 13, PA

20A-276-282, Bell, Elmer E, 8, PA

20A-276-282, Bell, George A, 11, PA

27A-378-384, Bell, John, 22, Scotland

20A-277-283, Bell, John, 77, NJ

20A-276-282, Bell, John L, 10, PA

20A-276-282, Bell, Reuben A, 15, PA

20A-277-283, Bell, Susana, 40, PA

20A-277-283, Bell, Susana, 73, PA

20A-277-283, Bell, Wm H, 29, PA

30A-423-430, Benedict, Mary, 95, PA

1B-12-12, Bentley, Elvira, 24, PA

1B-12-12, Bentley, Flora B, 1, PA

1B-12-12, Bentley, James, 32, PA

1A-4-4, Bently, Alfred, 14, PA

1A-4-4, Bently, Eveline, 11, PA

1A-4-4, Bently, George, 16, PA

1A-4-4, Bently, Pauly, 56, PA

1A-4-4, Bently, Wm, 69, PA

1A-4-4, Bently, Wm Jr, 36, PA

27B-388-394, Berry, Babara, 44, Scotland

27B-388-394, Berry, Bridget, 21, Scotland

27B-388-394, Berry, John, 42, Scotland

27B-388-394, Berry, John H, 17, PA

27B-388-394, Berry, Wm, 15, PA

21A-296-302, Bickert, Matilda, 11, PA

21A-294-300, Bidleg, Caroline, 22, OH

21A-294-300, Bidleg, Danl, 36, OH

21A-294-300, Bidleg, Mary E, 4, OH

4B-59-64, Bisby, Caroline, 22, PA

30A-425-432, Blank, Aaron, 62, PA

30A-425-432, Blank, Agnes, 15, PA

30A-425-432, Blank, Ida J, 17, PA

30A-425-432, Blank, Rebecca, 59, PA

23B-332-338, Blockson, Philip, 30, England

21B-299-305, Blogh, Kate, 4, Baden

9B-136-142, Boger, Saml, 13, PA

22B-319-325, Bolet, Lorinda, 21, PA

26A-365-371, Boliver, Frederick, 2, PA

26A-365-371, Boliver, Jennie, 18, Wales

26A-365-371, Boliver, John, 9/12, PA

25B-365-371, Boliver, John, 25, NY

16B-229-235, Boltman, Vimi, 13, PA

17B-244-251, Bolton, John, 21, PA

17B-244-251, Bolton, Rebecca, 24, PA

8A-119-123, Booth, Wm, 58, PA

32B-462-470, Booths, Mary A, 17, Wales

25A-356-362, Borble, Anna, 22, England

25A-356-362, Borble, James, 24, England

25A-356-362, Borble, Wm, 1, PA

12A-169-174, Bortz, Louisa, 14, PA

21A-290-296, Botany, Catharine, 25, Prussia

16A-221-226, Bower, Danl, 26, PA

16A-221-226, Bower, Martha, 21, PA

16A-221-226, Bower, Orin B, 1, PA

7A-98-101, Bowers, Henry, 9, PA

24A-340-346, Brainard, Bert, 3, PA

24A-340-346, Brainard, Cladius, 26, OH

24A-340-346, Brainard, Floraette, 22, OH

24A-340-346, Brainard, Leon, 7/12, PA

29A-412-418, Brocklin, Ann, 43, MI

29A-412-418, Brocklin, Belle, 14, OH

29A-412-418, Brocklin, Cora, 5, PA

29A-412-418, Brocklin, Elizabeth, 16, OH

29A-412-418, Brocklin, Frank, 2, PA

29A-412-418, Brocklin, Henry, 54, NY

29A-412-418, Brocklin, Lemuel, 19, MI

29A-412-418, Brocklin, Rosa, 12, OH

29A-412-418, Brocklin, Wm, 7, OH

29A-413-419, Brottlebank, Robt, 25, England

11A-159-164, Brown, Adinore, 20, PA

24A-341-347, Brown, Anna, 28, PA

20B-285-291, Brown, Anna G, 30, Hesse Darmstadt

3A-40-43, Brown, Annas, 47, KY

20B-285-291, Brown, Edwin, 3, Hesse Darmstadt

3A-40-43, Brown, Edwin, 43, KY

20B-285-291, Brown, George, 33, Hesse Darmstadt

24A-341-347, Brown, Grant, 2, PA

20B-285-291, Brown, Henry, 3/12, PA

27B-388-394, Brown, Janet, 60, Scotland

24A-341-347, Brown, Sherman, 4/12, PA

24A-341-347, Brown, Walker, 31, OH

26A-367-373, Brumagene, Catharine, 14, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, Isabella, 12, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, James, 8, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, John, 22, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, Mary, 4, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, Mary S, 42, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, Thos, 16, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, Walter, 20, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, Wilson, 6, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, Wm, 10, Scotland

26A-367-373, Brumagene, Wm, 42, Scotland

10B-152-158, Buchanon, Ellie, 10, PA

5A-66-71, Buchwalter, Alice A, 11, PA

5A-66-71, Buchwalter, Danl, 39, PA

5A-66-71, Buchwalter, Elizabeth, 33, PA

5A-66-71, Buchwalter, Martha S, 7, PA

5A-66-71, Buchwalter, Mary C, 2, PA

5A-66-71, Buchwalter, Suvella M, 6, PA

5A-66-71, Buchwalter, Willie F, 4, PA

5A-66-71, Buchwalter, Winfd S, 14, PA

29B-416-423, Bullock, Charles, 10, England

29B-416-423, Bullock, Charles, 45, England

29B-416-423, Bullock, Elizabeth, 20, England

29B-416-423, Bullock, Harriet, 16, England

29B-416-423, Bullock, Harriet, 43, England

29B-416-423, Bullock, Henry, 14, England

29B-416-423, Bullock, Wm, 12, England

29A-410-416, Bullocks, Amy, 1, England

29A-410-416, Bullocks, Augusta, 3, England

29A-410-416, Bullocks, Eleanor A, 22, England

29A-410-416, Bullocks, Saml, 25, England

15B-216-221, Bumppis, Emma C, 4, PA

15B-216-221, Bumppis, Frank M, 2, PA

15B-216-221, Bumppis, Linda, 27, PA

15B-216-221, Bumppis, Lorenzo D, 28, OH

20B-289-295, Burns, Bridget O, 32, Ireland

20B-289-295, Burns, Catharine, 10, England

20B-289-295, Burns, John, 5, NY

20B-289-295, Burns, Margert, 14, England

20B-289-295, Burns, Mary, 10, England

20B-289-295, Burns, Robt, 45, Ireland

20B-289-295, Burns, Sarah J, 9/12, PA

1A-9-9, Byerly, Andrew, 15, PA

1A-9-9, Byerly, Andrew, 57, PA

31B-451-459, Byerly, George, 33, PA

1A-9-9, Byerly, James, 13, PA

1A-6-6, Byerly, Josh, 33, PA

1A-9-9, Byerly, Julia, 11, PA

1A-9-9, Byerly, Lial, 19, PA

1A-6-6, Byerly, Lizzie, 3, PA

1A-9-9, Byerly, Lizzie, 17, PA

1A-6-6, Byerly, Mande, 7, PA

11A-159-164, Byerly, Mary, 67, PA

11A-159-164, Byerly, Michael, 72, PA

31B-451-459, Byerly, Nancy, 23, PA

1A-9-9, Byerly, Ruth, 56, PA

1A-6-6, Byerly, Sophia, 28, PA

28A-393-399, Campbell, Agens, 26, Scotland

9B-138-144, Campbell, Charles T, 4, PA

22B-314-320, Campbell, Christi**, 18, Scotland

14B-207-211, Campbell, Edward M, 47, PA

28A-393-399, Campbell, Elizabeth, 4, PA

9B-138-144, Campbell, Elizabeth A, 29, PA

15A-207-211, Campbell, George R, 17, PA

9B-140-146, Campbell, James, 35, PA

9B-138-144, Campbell, James M, 2, PA

9B-140-146, Campbell, Jane, 22, PA

28A-393-399, Campbell, Jessee, 2, PA

10A-141-147, Campbell, Mary, 40, PA

15A-207-211, Campbell, Mary A, 19, PA

10A-141-147, Campbell, Rachell, 69, PA

9B-141-147, Campbell, Robt, 79, PA

9B-138-144, Campbell, Robt *, 32, PA

10A-141-147, Campbell, Sarah, 24, PA

14B-207-211, Campbell, Sophia, 44, PA

28A-393-399, Campbell, Wm, 27, Scotland

15A-207-211, Campbell, Wm C, 22, PA

23A-322-328, Caragher, Francis, 3, NY

23A-322-328, Caragher, Francis, 29, Ireland

23A-322-328, Caragher, Julia, 29, Ireland

23A-322-328, Caragher, Kate A, 8, NY

23A-322-328, Caragher, Mary, 8/12, PA

1A-8-8, Carier, Amanda, 1/12, PA

1A-8-8, Carier, Amanda, 19, PA

1A-8-8, Carier, Judson, 25, PA

26B-372-378, Carle, Catharine, 1, PA

26B-372-378, Carle, James, 19, Scotland

26B-372-378, Carle, James, 49, Scotland

26B-372-378, Carle, Jane, 14, Scotland

26B-372-378, Carle, Janet, 15, Scotland

26B-372-378, Carle, John, 21, Scotland

26B-372-378, Carle, Margret, 17, Scotland

26B-372-378, Carle, Peter, 9, Scotland

26B-372-378, Carle, Robt, 12, Scotland

26B-372-378, Carle, Thos, 7, Scotland

27A-380-386, Carlshaw, Elizabeth, 2/12, PA

27A-380-386, Carlshaw, Hannah, 30, England

27A-380-386, Carlshaw, Wm, 30, England

17B-244-251, Carmichal, Edson, 5, PA

17B-244-251, Carmichal, Emma J, 3, PA

17B-244-251, Carmichal, Jno, 30, PA

2B-32-35, Carnes, Godfrey G, 36, PA

2B-32-35, Carnes, James, 27, PA

2B-32-35, Carnes, John, 65, PA

2B-32-35, Carnes, Mary, 20, PA

2B-32-35, Carnes, Sarah, 59, OH

2B-32-35, Carnes, William, 25, PA

19A-263-270, Carr, Sarah, 72, Ireland

29A-411-417, Carrick, Mary, 21, England

29A-411-417, Carrick, Mary Jane, 5/12, PA

29A-411-417, Carrick, Matilda, 2, PA

29A-411-417, Carrick, Robt, 24, England

18A-247-254, Carrier, Lyman, 28, PA

18A-247-254, Carrier, Sarah, 72, PA

23A-325-331, Case, A G, 22, OH

23A-325-331, Case, Alta, 17, OH

23A-325-331, Case, Charles, 15, OH

23A-325-331, Case, Jennie, 31, PA

23A-325-331, Case, Lizzie, 11, OH

23A-325-331, Case, Nelson, 59, OH

7A-95-99, Casper, Gilbert, 15, PA

7A-95-99, Casper, Hannah, 18, PA

7A-95-99, Casper, Jane, 53, PA

6B-95-99, Casper, John, 45, PA

7A-95-99, Casper, Marilla, 21, PA

28A-397-403, Caulen [Cavlen?, Cawlen?], Hugh, 21, Scotland

28A-397-403, Caulen, Jennie, 17, WI

21A-293-299, Cerval, Alexander, 38, PA

21A-293-299, Cerval, Curtis, 8, PA

21A-293-299, Cerval, Fannie, 11, OH

21A-293-299, Cerval, Lucinda, 28, OH

21A-293-299, Cerval, Ora, 3, PA

19A-264-271, Cervat, Robt H, 13, PA

21A-297-303, Chesnut, A W, 16, PA

21A-297-303, Chesnut, Byron, 13, PA

21A-297-303, Chesnut, Charles, 39, PA

21A-297-303, Chesnut, Charles C, 7, PA

13A-185-188, Chesnut, Dilla, 7, PA

21A-297-303, Chesnut, Elizabeth, 11, PA

21B-297-303, Chesnut, John, 5, PA

21A-297-303, Chesnut, Laura, 9, PA

21A-297-303, Chesnut, Mary, 14, PA

21B-297-303, Chesnut, Sarah A, 2, PA

21A-297-303, Chesnut, Sarah A, 39, PA

11B-165-170, Chessly, Amelia, 71, OH

11B-165-170, Chessly, Charles, 30, Wirtenburg

11B-165-170, Chessly, Emanuel, 1, PA

3B-40-43, Chinn, John, 10, KY

25A-352-358, Chisolm, Elizabeth, 4, OH

25A-352-358, Chisolm, Elizabeth, 46, England

25A-352-358, Chisolm, George, 20, England

25A-352-358, Chisolm, James, 7, OH

25A-352-358, Chisolm, Jane, 18, England

25A-352-358, Chisolm, John, 15, PA

25A-352-358, Chisolm, Thos, 13, PA

25A-352-358, Chisolm, Thos, 46, England

25A-352-358, Chisolm, William, 10, PA

14A-198-202, Chrisman, Herny, 20, PA

13B-189-193, Chrisman, Mary R, 1/12, PA

13B-189-193, Chrisman, Sarah, 18, PA

24A-345-351, Chrisolm, Elizabeth, 11/12, PA

24A-345-351, Chrisolm, George, 20, England

24A-345-351, Chrisolm, Harriet, 22, PA

24A-345-351, Chrisolm, John, 2, PA

30A-425-432, Clark, Charles, 21, MA

31A-441-448, Clark, G, 35, OH

12B-174-179, Clark, John, 27, PA

22B-313-319, Clark, Thos, 60, England

2A-22-24, Clark , Charlotta, 19, PA

2A-22-24, Clark , Emma J, 22, PA

2A-22-24, Clark , Frederick, 11, PA

2A-22-24, Clark , Henry, 51, PA

2A-22-24, Clark , Jas A, 7, PA

2A-22-24, Clark , Sencilla, 44, PA

6B-89-95, Clemins, Hannah, 15, Wales

19A-261-268, Clendenin, Jno, 21, PA

20B-283-289, Clendening, Charles, 8, PA

20A-283-289, Clendening, Elizabeth, 55, PA

20A-283-289, Clendening, George, 12, PA

20A-283-289, Clendening, Isabella, 14, PA

20A-283-289, Clendening, Samuel, 10, PA

20B-283-289, Clendening, Wm, 6, PA

20A-283-289, Clendening, Wm, 57, Ireland

25B-358-364, Clough, Growan, 23, England

32A-458-466, Cochrain, Charles, 11, IL

20A-280-286, Coger, Benjn, 36, PA

20A-280-286, Coger, Delila, 3, PA

20A-280-286, Coger, Ira, 6/12, PA

20A-280-286, Coger, Isaac, 13, PA

20A-280-286, Coger, Permilla P, 34, PA

20A-280-286, Coger, Thomas, 11, PA

25B-359-365, Comstock, Josh, 21, PA

27A-377-383, Connel, James, 4, OH

27A-377-383, Connel, Jane, 24, Scotland

26B-375-381, Connell, Jane, 6, PA

26B-375-381, Connell, John, 10, England

26B-375-381, Connell, Mary, 30, England

26B-375-381, Connell, Robt, 34, England

22B-318-324, Conner, Kate R, 24, Ireland

22B-318-324, Conner, Orrie, 1/12, PA

22B-318-324, Conner, Patrick, 25, Ireland

22B-318-324, Conner, Rose, 3, PA

22B-318-324, Conner, Thos, 1, PA

31A-446-454, Coon, Frank, 20, PA

31A-446-454, Coon, J Madison, 15, PA

31A-446-454, Coon, Mary, 51, PA

31A-446-454, Coon, Rachel, 13, PA

31A-446-454, Coon, Sarah E, 11, PA

13B-191-195, Cooper, Isabel, 44, PA

13B-191-195, Cooper, Lewis W, 15, PA

16A-223-229, Cooper, Mary, 15, PA

13B-191-195, Cooper, Munson F, 12, PA

13B-191-195, Cooper, Nathaniel, 18, PA

13B-191-195, Cooper, Robt C, 16, PA

3A-38-41, Coulter, Catharine, 22, PA

3A-38-41, Coulter, Catharine, 50, PA

3A-38-41, Coulter, Saml S, 19, PA

3A-38-41, Coulter, Seth D, 14, PA

13B-190-194, Cover, Caroline, 29, PA

13B-190-194, Cover, Charles, 2, PA

13B-190-194, Cover, Henry, 27, OH

13B-190-194, Cover, Monroe, 4, PA

13B-190-194, Cover, Veranda, 6, PA

27A-378-384, Cowan, John, 25, Scotland

2A-19-21, Cozad, Danl, 19, PA

2A-19-21, Cozad, Elis E E, 6, PA

2A-19-21, Cozad, Harry S, 1, PA

2A-19-21, Cozad, Jno C, 31, PA

2A-19-21, Cozad, Mary E, 30, PA

2A-19-21, Cozad, Phillip S, 3, PA

19B-274-280, Craft, Harrison, 32, VA

19B-274-280, Craft, Margret, 30, VA

28A-396-402, Crany, Alice, 2, PA

28A-396-402, Crany, Alice, 32, England

28A-396-402, Crany, Ann, 8, England

28A-396-402, Crany, James, 6, England

28A-396-402, Crany, James, 32, England

28A-396-402, Crany, John, 1, PA

28A-396-402, Crany, Margret, 4, PA

28A-396-402, Crany, Susana, 11, England

2B-33-36, Crawford, Allen, 16, PA

3A-33-36, Crawford, Alva B, 18, PA

30B-438-445, Crayton, George W, 14, PA

30B-438-445, Crayton, Joseph, 42, PA

30B-438-445, Crayton, Margret, 33, PA

8B-125-130, Cron, Alpheus G, 28, PA

8B-125-130, Cron, Charles, 3, PA

8B-125-130, Cron, David, 3/12, PA

8B-125-130, Cron, Emily, 25, PA

8B-125-130, Cron, Frank, 2, PA

8B-123-128, Cron, John, 60, NJ

8B-123-128, Cron, John A, 19, PA

8B-123-128, Cron, Mary Ann, 63, NJ

3A-36-39, Crosby, Elizabeth, 37, England

3A-36-39, Crosby, John, 40, England

25A-357-363, Crosen, Ann, 26, Ireland

25A-357-363, Crosen, Catharine, 6/12, PA

25A-357-363, Crosen, Danl, 30, Scotland

28B-400-406, Crostly, Henry, 23, Ireland

6B-90-96, Crotler [Croster?], Eleanor, 54, NY

6B-90-96, Crotler [Croster?], Emma, 14, NY

6B-90-96, Crotler [Croster?], Francis, 10, NY

6B-90-96, Crotler [Croster?], Thirton, 57, NY

25B-358-364, Cu*ler, Albert, 24, NY

28B-405-411, Culbertson, James, 49, England

28B-405-411, Culbertson, John, 21, England

28B-405-411, Culbertson, Margret, 16, England

28B-405-411, Culbertson, Margret, 49, England

28B-405-411, Culbertson, Thomas, 23, England

16A-224-230, Cunningham, Ellen, 5, PA

16A-224-230, Cunningham, Kate, 28, Ireland

16A-224-230, Cunningham, Mary Jane, 6, PA

16A-224-230, Cunningham, P, 35, Ireland

18B-256-263, Cuschlag, Adam, 15, PA

18B-255-262, Cuschlag, Ann, 2, PA

18B-255-262, Cuschlag, Ann, 24, England

18B-256-263, Cuschlag, Chris, 13, PA

18B-255-262, Cuschlag, Dan, 27, Prussia

21A-292-298, Cuschlag, Danl, 9, PA

18B-256-263, Cuschlag, Danl, 52, Prussia

18B-255-262, Cuschlag, Jacob, 3, PA

21A-292-298, Cuschlag, John, 7, PA

21A-292-298, Cuschlag, Ludwig, 4, PA

21A-292-298, Cuschlag, Ludwig, 29, Prussia

18B-255-262, Cuschlag, Margret, 8/12, PA

18B-256-263, Cuschlag, Margret, 18, PA

18B-256-263, Cuschlag, Margret, 52, PA

21A-292-298, Cuschlag, Mary, 26, England

21A-292-298, Cuschlag, Walter, 1, PA

18B-255-262, Cuschlag, William, 5, PA

23A-324-330, Custer, Charles, 14, PA

4A-47-52, Cutwright, Charlotte, 25, KY

4A-47-52, Cutwright, Robert, 33, KY

4A-47-52, Cutwright, Robert S, 1, PA

2A-20-22, Daly, Cevilla, 11, PA

2A-20-22, Daly, Cinderella, 17, PA

2A-23-25, Daly, Jack, 69, PA

2A-20-22, Daly, Joseph, 47, PA

2A-23-25, Daly, Marthew, 70, PA

2A-20-22, Daly, Rachel, 43, PA

10A-144-150, Davis, Elizabeth, 76, PA

10A-144-150, Davis, Isaac, 71, PA

10A-146-152, Davis, John, 9, PA

10A-146-152, Davis, Levisa J, 11, PA

10A-146-152, Davis, Margret A, 4, PA

10A-146-152, Davis, Martin, 32, PA

10A-146-152, Davis, Mary E, 13, PA

10A-146-152, Davis, Ruth, 38, PA

19B-274-280, Davis, William, 17, PA

22B-321-327, Dawes, Betsy, 39, PA

23A-321-327, Dawes, Jewel, 15, PA

23A-321-327, Dawes, John, 17, PA

22B-321-327, Dawes, Joseph, 44, NY

23A-321-327, Dawes, Minnie, 5, PA

23A-321-327, Dawes, Robt, 3, PA

23A-321-327, Dawes, Wealthy, 10, PA

29B-420-427, Dawson, Eliza, 24, England

29B-420-427, Dawson, Joseph, 29, England

29B-420-427, Dawson, Mary Jane, 3, England

14A-199-203, Deifendifer, Adam, 2, PA

11B-167-172, Deifendifer, Alfred S, 7, PA

12B-179-182, Deifendifer, Alice, 19, PA

12B-179-182, Deifendifer, Anjeline, 42, PA

11B-164-169, Deifendifer, Benjn, 65, PA

11A-155-161, Deifendifer, Catharine, 64, PA

15B-215-220, Deifendifer, Chas A, 30, PA

11B-164-169, Deifendifer, Eli, 29, PA

12B-179-182, Deifendifer, Elizabeth, 21, PA

12B-179-182, Deifendifer, Eva A, 11, PA

12B-179-182, Deifendifer, Frank, 2, PA

11B-164-169, Deifendifer, George, 34, PA

12B-179-182, Deifendifer, Henry, 55, PA

15B-215-220, Deifendifer, Ida, 5/12, PA

11B-164-169, Deifendifer, James, 31, PA

11B-164-169, Deifendifer, Jereman, 27, PA

14A-199-203, Deifendifer, Laura, 6/12, PA

14A-199-203, Deifendifer, Lydia, 27, PA

14A-199-203, Deifendifer, M S, 16, PA

14A-194-198, Deifendifer, Mary, 50, PA

15B-215-220, Deifendifer, Mary E, 24, PA

14A-199-203, Deifendifer, Melia M, 10, PA

10B-149-155, Deifendifer, Milisa, 13, PA

11A-155-161, Deifendifer, Moses, 63, PA

15B-215-220, Deifendifer, Nancy, 70, PA

15B-215-220, Deifendifer, Otto, 2, PA

14A-199-203, Deifendifer, Pricilla A, 8, PA

11B-167-172, Deifendifer, Sarah, 39, PA

12B-179-182, Deifendifer, Sarah , 14, PA

11B-164-169, Deifendifer, Sarah , 25, PA

14A-199-203, Deifendifer, Sarah J, 7, PA

15B-215-220, Deifendifer, Sol, 69, PA

14A-199-203, Deifendifer, Sol H, 33, PA

11B-167-172, Deifendifer, Susan C, 10, PA

11B-164-169, Deifendifer, Sylvester, 18, PA

11B-164-169, Deifendifer, Victor, 1, PA

12B-179-182, Deifendifer, William, 9, PA

12B-179-182, Deifendifer, William, 16, PA

20A-278-284, Denim, Geo Willis, 1, PA

20A-278-284, Denim, Nancy, 32, PA

20A-278-284, Denim, Wm S, 33, PA

27B-391-397, Denison, Ellen, 6, PA

27B-391-397, Denison, James, 13, Scotland

27B-391-397, Denison, Robt, 4, PA

27B-391-397, Denison, Sarah, 32, Ireland

13B-192-196, Derr, Franklin, 6, PA

13B-192-196, Derr, John P, 34, PA

13B-192-196, Derr, Sallie, 29, PA

21B-302-308, Ders, Caroline, 10, PA

21B-302-308, Ders, Charles, 4, PA

21B-302-308, Ders, Dancy, 14, PA

21B-302-308, Ders, Emma, 8, PA

21B-302-308, Ders, Eustaf, 5, PA

21B-302-308, Ders, Henry, 17, NY

21B-302-308, Ders, Henry, 55, Baden

21B-302-308, Ders, Jacob, 16, PA

21B-302-308, Ders, John, 19, Baden

21B-302-308, Ders, Lena, 42, Baden

21B-302-308, Ders, Mary, 1, PA

21B-302-308, Ders, Rosa, 12, PA

24B-348-354, Dickson, Ann, 38, England

9A-133-139, Dickson, Anna, 1, PA

9A-132-138, Dickson, David, 7, PA

9A-133-139, Dickson, Eliza, 38, NY

9A-133-139, Dickson, Elizabeth, 71, NY

9A-132-138, Dickson, Emiley, 10, PA

24B-348-354, Dickson, Henry, 3, PA

9A-132-138, Dickson, J Wm, 5, PA

9A-132-138, Dickson, Jane H, 37, England

24B-348-354, Dickson, John, 10, England

24B-348-354, Dickson, Joseph, 9/12, PA

9A-132-138, Dickson, Lizzie A, 8, PA

24B-348-354, Dickson, Margret, 16, England

9A-133-139, Dickson, Mary , 24, PA

9A-132-138, Dickson, Mary E, 12, PA

24B-348-354, Dickson, Simon, 13, England

24B-348-354, Dickson, Thos, 7, England

24B-348-354, Dickson, Thos, 44, England

9A-133-139, Dickson, Thos P, 31, OH

24B-348-354, Dickson, Wm, 14, England

10B-151-157, Diefendifer, Anna, 38, PA

10B-151-157, Diefendifer, Benjn F, 10, PA

10B-151-157, Diefendifer, Chas H, 41, PA

13B-187-191, Diefendifer, Ellen, 14, PA

10B-151-157, Diefendifer, Juda N, 6, PA

10B-151-157, Diefendifer, Mary L, 8, PA

10B-151-157, Diefendifer, Moses G, 2, PA

10B-151-157, Diefendifer, Sarah A, 14, PA

10B-151-157, Diefendifer, Wm O, 12, PA

17A-237-243, Dillen, Anna M, 37, PA

17A-237-243, Dillen, Charles W, 11, PA

17A-237-243, Dillen, Elizabeth A, 6, PA

17A-237-243, Dillen, John A, 9, PA

17A-237-244, Dillen, Margret, 37, PA

17A-237-244, Dillen, Robert, 77, Ireland

17A-237-243, Dillen, Robt J, 3, PA

17A-237-243, Dillen, Wm, 37, PA

25A-355-361, Dillon, Adaline, 4, PA

25A-355-361, Dillon, Elizabeth, 2, PA

25A-355-361, Dillon, Elizabeth, 24, Ireland

25A-355-361, Dillon, John, 9/12, PA

25A-355-361, Dillon, Margret, 7, England

25A-355-361, Dillon, Richard, 33, Ireland

27A-382-388, Dilly, Hannah, 48, OH

27A-382-388, Dilly, Joseph, 46, OH

27B-387-393, Doanson, Jessee, 25, England

27B-387-393, Doanson, Mary, 1/12, PA

27B-387-393, Doanson, Mary, 25, England

27B-387-393, Doanson, Sarah, 60, England

21B-298-304, Dohane, Catharine, 44, Ireland

21B-298-304, Dohane, Edwin, 52, Ireland

21B-298-304, Dohane, Mary B, 12, Canada

21B-298-304, Dohane, Patrick J, 14, Canada

16A-225-231, Donahue, Math, 24, Ireland

16B-232-238, Donahue, Ths., 40, Ireland

1B-11-11, Donaldson, Alex, 25, OH

8B-121-126, Donaldson, Esther Ann, 47, PA

8B-121-126, Donaldson, Etta E, 14, PA

8B-121-126, Donaldson, Louisa M, 16, PA

8B-121-126, Donaldson, Martin T, 5, PA

1B-11-11, Donaldson, Mary, 19, PA

8B-121-126, Donaldson, Mary E, 11, PA

8B-121-126, Donaldson, Saml B, 47, PA

1B-11-11, Donaldson, Wilbert, 2, PA

11B-166-171, Donaldson, Wm H, 72, PA

14B-203-207, Donkle, Hannah R, 14, PA

14B-203-207, Donkle, Saml P, 19, PA

23B-337-343, Dooleg, Catharine, 6/12, PA

23B-337-343, Dooleg, Edward, 2, PA

23B-337-343, Dooleg, Eleanor, 3, PA

23B-337-343, Dooleg, Elizabeth, 26, NY

23B-337-343, Dooleg, John, 32, NY

8B-126-131, Double, Eliza J, 13, PA

8B-126-131, Double, George B, 9, PA

8B-126-131, Double, James F, 11, PA

8B-126-131, Double, Margret A, 3, PA

8B-126-131, Double, Maria, 38, PA

19B-270-277, Double, Mary, 18, PA

8B-126-131, Double, Mary E, 18, PA

8B-126-131, Double, Matilda, 3/12, PA

8B-126-131, Double, Nancy W, 7, PA

8B-126-131, Double, Sarah P, 5, PA

8B-126-131, Double, Thos, 43, PA

31B-455-463, Dowing, Capitonia, 11, PA

31B-455-463, Dowing, Julia, 9, PA

31B-455-463, Dowing, Julia A, 48, PA

31B-455-463, Dowing, Nancy A, 34, PA

31B-455-463, Dowing, R Knox, 13, PA

21A-296-302, Duncan, Abner, 32, PA

21A-296-302, Duncan, Mary E, 62, PA

3B-45-48, Dunham, Caroline, 45, PA

1A-3-3, Dunham, Elmira, 1, PA

1A-1-1, Dunham, Geo., 63, PA

1A-1-1, Dunham, Jane, 64, PA

1A-3-3, Dunham, Marthew, 21, PA

3B-45-48, Dunham, Mary, 14, PA

1A-1-1, Dunham, Mary E, 25, PA

1A-3-3, Dunham, Mary J, 3, PA

1A-1-1, Dunham, Phineas, 21, PA

3B-45-48, Dunham, Phineas, 49, PA

1A-3-3, Dunham, Robt, 33, PA

3B-45-48, Dunham, Sarah E, 11, PA

3B-45-48, Dunham, Willimina B, 8, PA

3B-45-48, Dunham, Wm S, 4, PA

15B-218-223, Dunivan, Anna M, 34, Scotland

15B-218-223, Dunivan, John, 28, Ireland

1A-1-1, Dunlap, Margret, 66, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Anamias A, 42, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Caroline, 37, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Cary, 11, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Catharine, 7, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Clandins, 17, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Ernest A, 16, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Frank, 9, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Howard, 13, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Lanethon, 3, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Laura, 15, PA

13A-183-186, Durst, Susan, 1, PA

25A-354-360, Evens, John, 29, England

25A-354-360, Evens, Sarah, 21, England

25A-354-360, Evens, Thos, 3, PA

21B-303-309, Everett, Emma, 19, PA

30B-439-446, Fancenot, Danl, 23, OH

30B-439-446, Fancenot, Ida, 1, PA

30B-439-446, Fancenot, Lucy, 22, PA

25A-351-357, Fanick, Johnathan, 23, PA

2A-21-23, Farrel, Clara E, 4, PA

2A-21-23, Farrel, James, 29, PA

2A-21-23, Farrel, Lizzie B, 2, PA

2A-21-23, Farrel, Mary A, 24, PA

25B-364-370, Fell, A, 28, PA

19A-262-269, Fell, A*** [Aron?], 36, PA

19A-260-267, Fell, Aaron, 5/12, PA

19A-260-267, Fell, Adeline, 15, PA

30B-434-441, Fell, Albert, 23, PA

19A-262-269, Fell, Allen, 1, PA

30B-434-441, Fell, Andrew, 51, PA

25B-364-370, Fell, Bina, 28, OH

25B-364-370, Fell, Clara, 4, OH

30B-432-439, Fell, Elmira, 2, PA

30B-431-438, Fell, Elmira, 54, PA

19A-262-269, Fell, Emeline, 32, PA

20B-287-293, Fell, Esther C, 64, PA

19A-262-269, Fell, Frances, 4, PA

25B-363-369, Fell, Irwin, 26, PA

19A-260-267, Fell, James, 10, PA

20B-287-293, Fell, Jerry, 23, PA

19A-260-267, Fell, Jessee, 6, PA

19A-262-269, Fell, Jessee, 6, PA

20B-287-293, Fell, Jessee, 70, PA

25B-364-370, Fell, John, 2, PA

19A-260-267, Fell, Julia A, 39, PA

25B-363-369, Fell, Luzie, 26, PA

19A-260-267, Fell, Malan, 51, PA

19A-260-267, Fell, Malan T, 2, PA

25B-363-369, Fell, Mary E, 3, PA

30B-432-439, Fell, Maryette, 26, PA

30B-431-438, Fell, Nathan, 56, PA

30B-432-439, Fell, Rowlen, 28, PA

30B-434-441, Fell, Roxana, 17, PA

30B-434-441, Fell, Susan, 44, NY

25B-363-369, Fell, Willie E, 1, PA

14A-196-200, Fitch, Harry G, 12, PA

14A-196-200, Fitch, J L, 43, OH

14A-196-200, Fitch, Nancy S, 49, PA

20B-287-293, Fletcher, Jane, 16, NY

20A-279-285, Forest, Amanda, 29, PA

26A-369-375, Forest, James, 19, Scotland

20A-279-285, Forest, Wm W, 60, PA

32A-461-469, Foster, Dilla, 7/12, PA

32A-461-469, Foster, Hannah, 8, PA

32A-461-469, Foster, James, 7, PA

32A-461-469, Foster, Jessee, 12, PA

5B-76-81, Foster, Jessie, 13, PA

32A-461-469, Foster, Margret J, 45, PA

32A-461-469, Foster, Mark, 45, PA

32A-461-469, Foster, Sidney, 15, PA

6A-81-87, Foster, Silas C, 10, PA

2B-28-31, Fouts, Cora A, 2, OH

2B-28-31, Fouts, Edward, 26, OH

2B-28-31, Fouts, Emeline, 26, PA

19B-271-278, Frampton, David A, 33, PA

19B-271-278, Frampton, Delora, 20, PA

19B-270-277, Frampton, Hannah J, 26, PA

19B-270-277, Frampton, John H, 29, PA

19B-270-277, Frampton, Johnathon, 63, PA

19B-270-277, Frampton, Matilda, 23, PA

19B-270-277, Frampton, Matilda, 62, Ireland

21A-290-296, Fromer, Adam, 1, PA

21A-290-296, Fromer, Casper, 18, Prussia

20B-290-296, Fromer, Catharine, 28, Baden

21A-290-296, Fromer, Jacob, 5, PA

20B-290-296, Fromer, John, 7, PA

20B-290-296, Fromer, John, 29, Prussia

21A-290-296, Fromer, Lizzie, 4, PA

21A-290-296, Fromer, Theressa, 2, PA

6A-82-88, Fry, Elizabeth M, 33, PA

6A-82-88, Fry, Etta, 4, PA

6A-82-88, Fry, Laura A, 8, PA

6A-82-88, Fry, Leonard C, 35, PA

6A-82-88, Fry, Malissa J, 13, PA

6A-82-88, Fry, Pern, 14, PA

6A-82-88, Fry, Willie, 2, PA

14B-201-205, Furgueson, Aia, 3, PA

14B-201-205, Furgueson, D A, 26, PA

14B-201-205, Furgueson, E, 60, PA

14B-200-204, Furgueson, John, 11, PA

14B-201-205, Furgueson, Serilu, 60, PA

14A-200-204, Furgueson, Thos, 17, PA

14B-201-205, Furgueson, Walter, 13, PA

14B-201-205, Furgueson, William, 11, PA

14B-200-204, Furgueson, Williamson, 14, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Caroline, 20, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Emma, 8, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Frederick, 2, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, James, 22, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Jno B, 45, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, John, 18, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Leander, 6, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Maria, 14, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Mary, 1/12, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Mary, 43, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Mowella, 16, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Sarah, 10, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Sophia, 12, PA

10A-143-149, Furguson, Wm, 4, PA

29A-409-415, Fyfe, Allex, 40, Scotland

29A-409-415, Fyfe, Jane, 49, England

22B-315-321, Gatz, Anna, 18, PA

22B-315-321, Gatz, John, 52, Darmstadt

22B-315-321, Gatz, Mary, 58, Darmstadt

14A-199-203, George, Catharine, 68, PA

14A-199-203, George, John, 69, PA

32A-458-466, Gill, George P, 1, PA

32A-458-466, Gill, Hannah M, 22, PA

32A-458-466, Gill, James, 23, PA

32A-458-466, Gill, Rachel, 69, PA

16A-226-232, Gillespie, Amanda, 36, PA

14A-195-199, Gillespie, Carson, 59, PA

14A-196-200, Gillespie, Eliza, 52, PA

16A-226-232, Gillespie, Elmira, 23, PA

14A-195-199, Gillespie, Emma J, 6, PA

14A-195-199, Gillespie, Frederic, 2, PA

14A-195-199, Gillespie, John, 8, PA

16A-226-232, Gillespie, Josephus, 20, PA

16A-226-232, Gillespie, Margret, 63, PA

14A-195-199, Gillespie, Mary, 48, PA

16A-226-232, Gillespie, Saml, 69, PA

16A-226-232, Gillespie, Saml W, 27, PA

14A-195-199, Gillespie, William H, 5, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Abijah, 13, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Adaline, 2, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Adaline G, 37, PA

9B-137-143, Gilliland, Betsy, 60, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Caroilne, 4, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Ellen, 6, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, John F, 12, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Maria, 6/12, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Mary, 10, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Mathew, 9, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Mathew, 35, PA

9B-136-142, Gilliland, Robt, 8, PA

9B-137-143, Gilliland, Robt, 74, PA

9B-137-143, Gilliland, Wm, 18, PA

22A-313-319, Gletson, Dorsey, 40, England

22B-313-319, Gletson, James, 3, PA

22A-313-319, Gletson, James, 42, England

22B-313-319, Gletson, Margret, 10/12, PA

22B-313-319, Gletson, Sarah, 17, England

22B-313-319, Gletson, Thompson, 6, England

4B-54-58, Glore, Amanda, 5/12, PA

2B-30-33, Glore, Hettie, 22, KY

4B-54-58, Glore, John, 28, KY

4B-54-58, Glore, Martha, 21, PA

2B-30-33, Glore, William, 3, PA

12B-181-184, Godfrey, James, 10, PA

12B-181-184, Godfrey, John, 9, PA

24A-339-345, Goldman, Bridget, 54, Ireland

24A-339-345, Goldman, John, 23, Ireland

24A-339-345, Goldman, Margret, 16, England

15B-216-221, Goorich, John, 13, PA

22B-313-319, Grace, Abner, 45, England

25B-358-364, Graft, William, 24, England

30B-437-444, Graham, Ada, 9, PA

31A-442-449, Graham, Cyrus, 21, PA

16B-229-235, Graham, Julia, 34, NY

30B-437-444, Graham, Laura, 55, NY

16B-229-235, Graham, Richard, 33, NY

25B-358-364, Granen, James, 29, England

8B-122-127, Grant, Josaphine, 1, PA

8B-122-127, Grant, Josh, 27, PA

8B-122-127, Grant, Maria, 22, PA

8B-122-127, Grant, Wm, 4, PA

26A-367-373, Gray, James, 42, Scotland

29B-417-424, Greaves, Catharine, 2, PA

29B-417-424, Greaves, John, 38, England

29B-417-424, Greaves, John H, 4, PA

29B-417-424, Greaves, Joseph R, 4, PA

29B-417-424, Greaves, Mary, 38, PA

29B-417-424, Greaves, Sarah, 1/12, PA

24A-343-349, Greegs, Elizabeth, 8, PA

24A-343-349, Greegs, George, 15, England

24A-343-349, Greegs, James, 13, PA

24A-343-349, Greegs, Jane, 11, PA

24A-343-349, Greegs, John, 17, England

24A-343-349, Greegs, John, 44, England

24A-344-350, Greegs, John, 74, England

24A-343-349, Greegs, Margaret A, 6, PA

24A-343-349, Greegs, Matilda, 4, PA

24A-343-349, Greegs, Matilda, 42, England

24A-344-350, Greegs, Sarah, 70, England

25A-354-360, Greeves, Herbert, 25, England

24A-346-352, Greggs, David, 4, PA

24A-346-352, Greggs, Elizabeth, 6, OH

29B-415-421, Greggs, Elizabeth, 7, PA

29B-415-421, Greggs, Elizabeth, 27, OH

29A-415-421, Greggs, George, 26, England

24A-346-352, Greggs, John, 2, PA

29B-415-421, Greggs, Margret, 6, PA

24A-346-352, Greggs, Mary A, 28, England

21A-291-297, Greggs, Mary J, 7, PA

24B-346-352, Greggs, Sarah, 1/12, PA

29B-415-421, Greggs, Sarah, 1, PA

24A-346-352, Greggs, Thos, 30, England

29B-415-421, Greggs, Wm, 11, PA

28A-395-401, Griffin, Henry, 32, Ireland

28A-395-401, Griffin, James, 4, PA

28A-395-401, Griffin, Margret, 26, Canada

28A-395-401, Griffin, Mary, 9/12, PA

8B-120-125, Groves, Wm, 18, PA

2B-30-33, Guce, Adiron, 25, PA

2B-30-33, Guce, Alice, 26, PA

2B-30-33, Guce, Calesta, 53, NY

2B-30-33, Guce, Robt, 60, PA

29A-413-419, Guest, Mary, 16, England

27B-389-395, Hacler, Andrew, 32, Scotland

27B-389-395, Hacler, James, 2, Scotland

27B-389-395, Hacler, Janet, 27, Scotland

27B-389-395, Hacler, Wm, 4, Scotland

19B-269-276, Hahn, Adam, 75, MD

19B-269-276, Hahn, Adam Jr, 24, PA

19B-269-276, Hahn, Mary, 67, PA

25A-358-364, Hancock, Anna, 36, Wales

29B-418-425, Harcles, Agnes, 43, Scotland

29B-418-425, Harcles, Frank, 18, Scotland

29B-418-425, Harcles, Frank, 45, Scotland

29B-418-425, Harcles, Joseph, 16, Canada

29B-418-425, Harcles, Robt, 9, Canada

23B-338-344, Hareles, Esther, 33, England

24A-338-344, Hareles, Gowan, 4, PA

23B-338-344, Hareles, John, 35, England

24A-338-344, Hareles, Mary A, 12, England

24B-349-355, Harra, Margret, 22, England

24B-349-355, Harra, Robt, 6/12, PA

24B-349-355, Harra [Hasra, Hassa?], Thos, 24, England

31B-456-464, Harriet, Albert, 48, PA

32A-456-464, Harriet, Alice, 5, PA

32A-456-464, Harriet, Ellen, 13, PA

32A-456-464, Harriet, Emma, 7, PA

32A-456-464, Harriet, Flora, 10, PA

31B-456-464, Harriet, Levina, 40, PA

32A-456-464, Harriet, Lucretia, 2, PA

31B-456-464, Harriet, Sylvester, 16, PA

24B-350-356, Harrison, Ann, 24, England

21A-291-297, Harrison, Ann, 59, England

24B-350-356, Harrison, Elizabeth, 4, PA

25A-353-359, Harrison, Harriet, 21, PA

24B-350-356, Harrison, James, 25, England

25A-353-359, Harrison, Sarah, 1, PA

24B-350-356, Harrison, Sarah, 2, PA

24B-350-356, Harrison, Wm, 8/12, PA

25A-353-359, Harrison, Wm, 22, England

21A-291-297, Harrison, Wm, 71, England

7A-104-106, Hawkens, Elizabeth, 37, PA

7B-104-106, Hawkens, John, 25, PA

7B-104-106, Hawkens, Julia A, 8, PA

7B-104-106, Hawkens, Nancy, 1, PA

7B-104-106, Hawkens, Sebirsa J, 6, PA

7A-104-106, Hawkens, Wm, 73, MD

7B-108-111, Hays, Calvin S, 6, PA

7B-108-111, Hays, Catharine, 28, PA

7B-108-110, Hays, David, 72, PA

7B-108-111, Hays, David S, 31, PA

7B-108-110, Hays, Eleanor, 72, PA

7B-108-111, Hays, Levisa [Sevisa?], 1, PA

7B-108-111, Hays, Mary E, 4, PA

17A-239-246, Hedrick, Adam, 4, PA

17A-239-246, Hedrick, Catharine, 14, PA

17A-239-246, Hedrick, Charlotte, 12, PA

17A-239-246, Hedrick, Elizabeth, 9, PA

17A-239-246, Hedrick, Elizabeth, 36, PA

17A-239-246, Hedrick, John, 1, PA

17A-239-246, Hedrick, Peter, 5, PA

17A-239-246, Hedrick, Peter, 44, Bavaria

3B-42-45, Heff [Neff?], Wm, 14, PA

30A-423-430, Hendry, James, 23, Scotland

27B-385-391, Heslin, Peter, 30, PA

31A-448-456, Hewit, A V, 22, PA

2B-33-36, Hewit, Amelia, 31, PA

15A-207-212, Hewit, Ann, 69, PA

2B-33-36, Hewit, Benla, 10/12, PA

15A-207-212, Hewit, Elizabeth M, 35, PA

26A-366-372, Hewit, Elmer E, 5, PA

26A-366-372, Hewit, Emma J, 26, PA

31A-448-456, Hewit, F L, 32, PA

2B-33-36, Hewit, George, 3, PA

2B-33-36, Hewit, Harry, 6, PA

31A-448-456, Hewit, Lambert, 47, PA

2B-33-36, Hewit, Philip R, 32, PA

26A-366-372, Hewit, Ransom, 28, OH

16A-226-232, Hewit, Theodore, 20, PA

31A-448-456, Hewit, Wm, 15, PA

3B-44-47, Hicox, Alexander, 10, PA

3B-44-47, Hicox, Chas C, 48, NY

3B-44-47, Hicox, Etta, 14, PA

3B-44-47, Hicox, James, 12, PA

3B-44-47, Hicox, Martha, 18, PA

3B-44-47, Hicox, Nancy A, 43, PA

1A-2-2, Hilderbrand, Adelia, 2, PA

1A-2-2, Hilderbrand, Geo. W, 33, PA

1A-2-2, Hilderbrand, Lucila, 21, PA

1B-15-16, Hobaugh, Bella, 15, PA

1B-15-16, Hobaugh, James A, 1, PA

1B-15-16, Hobaugh, Jno, 41, PA

4A-50-55, Hobaugh, John, 15, PA

1B-15-16, Hobaugh, Marthew, 40, PA

1B-15-16, Hobaugh, Mary J, 7, PA

1B-15-16, Hobaugh, Saml V, 4, PA

11B-166-171, Hobby, Alice A, 43, PA

11B-166-171, Hobby, Mary J, 16, PA

11B-166-171, Hobby, Saml C, 45, PA

11B-166-171, Hobby, Wm H, 11, PA

32A-460-468, Hodge, Albert, 20, PA

32A-460-468, Hodge, Alferetta, 15, PA

32A-460-468, Hodge, Austa R, 13, PA

32A-460-468, Hodge, Catharine, 50, PA

14A-200-204, Hodge, Cynthia, 15, PA

32A-460-468, Hodge, Jessee, 9, PA

32A-460-468, Hodge, Kate, 11, PA

32A-460-468, Hodge, Lebus, 17, PA

32A-460-468, Hodge, Levi, 22, PA

14A-200-204, Hodge, Mary M, 34, PA

32A-460-468, Hodge, Robt, 52, PA

14A-200-204, Hodge, Stewart, 44, PA

24B-351-357, Hodgson, Elizabeth, 44, PA

24B-351-357, Hodgson, Hannah, 13, PA

24B-351-357, Hodgson, Jane, 21, PA

25A-351-357, Hodgson, John, 8, PA

25A-351-357, Hodgson, Johnathan, 10/12, PA

24B-351-357, Hodgson, Joseph, 10, PA

25A-351-357, Hodgson, Lizzie, 6, PA

24B-351-357, Hodgson, Mary, 17, PA

24B-351-357, Hodgson, Robt, 19, PA

24B-351-357, Hodgson, Robt, 50, England

25A-351-357, Hodgson, Thos, 3, PA

24B-351-357, Hodgson, Wm, 15, PA

31B-453-461, Hofius, Eva A, 14, PA

31B-453-461, Hofius, George C, 10, PA

31B-453-461, Hofius, George H, 46, PA

31B-453-461, Hofius, Hoster, 17, PA

4A-49-54, Hofius, James E, 7, PA

4A-49-54, Hofius, John, 30, PA

4A-49-54, Hofius, John F, 3, PA

31B-453-461, Hofius, John H, 16, PA

31B-453-461, Hofius, Laura A, 12, PA

31B-453-461, Hofius, Lewis C, 19, PA

4A-49-54, Hofius, Mary, 32, PA

31B-453-461, Hofius, Mary J, 43, NY

28B-398-404, Holinger, J. C., 19, PA

4B-59-64, Hollinbaugh, Malinda, 29, PA

4B-59-64, Hollinbaugh, Sa**, 30, PA

4B-59-64, Hollinbaugh, Sarah S, 1, PA

9B-137-143, Holllinbaugh, Mary, 26, PA

25A-356-362, Honesth, Benjn, 61, England

27A-384-390, Hosenplug [Hosenpheg?], Danl, 26, PA

27A-384-390, Hosenplug [Hosenpheg?], Sarah J, 24, PA

27B-384-390, Hosenplug [Hosenpheg?], Silas P, 5/12, PA

19B-270-277, Howard, Geo W, 23, NY

23A-324-330, Hull, George, 25, OH

23A-324-330, Hull, Jennie, 20, PA

29A-407-413, Hum, Conrad, 38, PA

29A-407-413, Hum, Franklin, 10, PA

29A-407-413, Hum, Jennie, 6, PA

29A-407-413, Hum, Lorinda, 30, PA

29A-407-413, Hum, Saml, 3, PA

19A-261-268, Hunter, Ada, 1, PA

19A-261-268, Hunter, Alex, 42, PA

12A-170-175, Hunter, Caroline, 45, PA

12A-170-175, Hunter, Charlotte, 19, PA

12A-170-175, Hunter, Ella, 21, PA

19A-261-268, Hunter, Ellen J, 3, PA

19A-261-268, Hunter, Elmer, 7, PA

12A-170-175, Hunter, Freeman, 17, PA

12A-170-175, Hunter, James, 50, PA

19A-261-268, Hunter, Lyman, 14, OH

5B-68-73, Hunter, Malissa, 18, PA

19A-261-268, Hunter, Margret, 32, OH

12A-170-175, Hunter, Saml, 8, PA

12A-170-175, Hunter, Willimina, 15, PA

1B-16-17, Huston, Albert, 1, PA

1B-16-17, Huston, Fanny, 21, PA

1B-16-17, Huston, Jno, 24, KY

15B-213-218, Hyde, C W, 22, NY

11A-160-165, Hyle, Aaron, 25, PA

4A-52-56, Hyle [Kyle?], Bamum, 16, PA

11A-160-165, Hyle, Christina, 70, PA

11A-159-164, Hyle, Clara, 2, PA

11A-159-164, Hyle, Elizabeth, 2/12, PA

11A-159-164, Hyle, Emma D, 8, PA

11A-159-164, Hyle, George, 6, PA

11A-160-165, Hyle, George, 70, PA

11A-160-165, Hyle, George A, 4, PA

11A-159-164, Hyle, Levi, 30, PA

11A-159-164, Hyle, Mary Jane, 4, PA

11A-160-165, Hyle, Samuel, 31, PA

11A-159-164, Hyle, Sarah , 28, PA

23A-325-331, Irwin, Madison, 18, OH

1A-7-7, Jackstimer, Chas P, 13, PA

25B-362-368, Jackstimer, Etta, 14, PA

1A-7-7, Jackstimer, Henry, 39, PA

1A-7-7, Jackstimer, Lewis M, 15, PA

1A-7-7, Jackstimer, Mary E, 37, NY

25B-362-368, Jackstimer, Susan, 11, PA

25B-362-368, Jackstrimer, Phoeba, 32, PA

1B-10-10, Jacobs, Jno S, 6/12, OH

1B-10-10, Jacobs, Laura, 17, PA

1B-10-10, Jacobs, Thomas, 23, OH

25B-359-365, Jay, Miles, 61, NY

25B-359-365, Jay, Thadeus, 27, NY

25B-359-365, Jay, Unes P, 52, NY

26B-373-379, Jenkins, Ann M, 41, PA

26B-373-379, Jenkins, Anna, 3, PA

26B-373-379, Jenkins, John, 6/12, PA

26B-373-379, Jenkins, John H, 31, Wales

26B-373-379, Jenkins, Kate, 8, PA

26B-373-379, Jenkins, Margret, 11, PA

26B-373-379, Jenkins, Martha, 6/12, PA

26B-373-379, Jenkins, Mary A, 10, PA

26B-373-379, Jenkins, Thos J, 7, PA

26B-373-379, Jenkins, Wm, 9, PA

18B-258-265, Jennings, Baraba, 9, PA

18B-258-265, Jennings, Benjn, 41, England

18B-258-265, Jennings, Francis, 3, PA

18B-258-265, Jennings, Isabella, 30, Scotland

18B-258-265, Jennings, Margret, 7, PA

18B-258-265, Jennings, Mary E, 1, PA

18B-258-265, Jennings, Sarah A, 5, PA

18B-258-265, Jennings, William, 7, PA

15A-209-214, Jewal, Sarah, 42, PA

21B-301-307, Johnson, Charles, 21, OH

21B-301-307, Johnson, Eliza, 30, OH

21B-301-307, Johnson, Folrissa, 15, PA

21B-301-307, Johnson, Louisa, 10, PA

21B-301-307, Johnson, Martha J, 27, OH

21B-301-307, Johnson, Nevera, 55, OH

21B-301-307, Johnson, Saml, 12, PA

31A-443-450, Johnston, Adaline, 19, PA

11A-154-160, Johnston, Charles W, 5/12, PA

5B-71-76, Johnston, Emma, 20, PA

31A-443-450, Johnston, Etta, 6, PA

5B-71-76, Johnston, Frank, 18, PA

31A-443-450, Johnston, Harriet, 52, England

29A-407-413, Johnston, J H, 21, PA

31A-443-450, Johnston, James, 9, PA

11A-154-160, Johnston, John, 23, England

25B-358-364, Johnston, John, 24, Scotland

11A-154-160, Johnston, Nancy, 26, England

31A-443-450, Johnston, Sarah, 15, PA

31A-443-450, Johnston, Thos, 21, England

31A-443-450, Johnston, Thos, 53, England

31A-443-450, Johnston, Zophia, 2, PA

3A-39-42, Jones, Anna, 15, PA

3A-39-42, Jones, Benjamin, 17, PA

3A-39-42, Jones, Charles, 13, PA

8A-117-121, Jones, Charles, 20, OH

3A-39-42, Jones, Clara, 3, PA

28B-402-408, Jones, Edward, 2, PA

28B-402-408, Jones, Elizabeth, 20, PA

3A-39-42, Jones, Frank, 1, PA

3A-39-42, Jones, Heninetta, 36, NY

6A-81-87, Jones, Jacob, 67, PA

8A-117-121, Jones, Maria, 19, OH

6A-81-87, Jones, Maria, 58, PA

28B-402-408, Jones, Richard, 24, England

3A-39-42, Jones, Saml B, 40, KY

28B-402-408, Jones, Sarah, 1, PA

3A-39-42, Jones, Senella, 11, PA

3A-39-42, Jones, Seowida, 9, PA

3A-39-42, Jones, Urilda, 7, PA

3A-39-42, Jones, Wm, 5, PA

27B-386-392, Jones, Wm, 26, Wales

28B-399-405, Joyce, Alice, 8, England

28B-399-405, Joyce, Harriet, 27, England

28B-399-405, Joyce, Henry, 5, England

28B-399-405, Joyce, Hugh, 8/12, England

28B-399-405, Joyce, James, 3, England

28B-399-405, Joyce, John, 32, Ireland

28B-399-405, Joyce, Thomas, 6, England

14B-203-207, Keefer, Amelia, 43, PA

14B-203-207, Keefer, Charles, 7, PA

14B-203-207, Keefer, Emma, 6, PA

14B-203-207, Keefer, Geo W, 67, PA

14B-203-207, Keefer, Harry, 3, PA

14B-203-207, Keefer, Mary A, 12, PA

14B-203-207, Keefer, Nancy, 9, PA

25B-360-366, Keller, Caroline, 29, Hanover

25B-360-366, Keller, Chris, 39, Prussia

25B-360-366, Keller, Clarissa, 11, Prussia

25B-360-366, Keller, Henry, 11, PA

14A-197-201, Kelley, Alzoa, 12, PA

14A-197-201, Kelley, Anna, 5, PA

14A-197-201, Kelley, Caroline, 50, PA

14A-197-201, Kelley, John, 54, PA

14A-197-201, Kelley, Laura, 9, PA

14A-197-201, Kelley, Mary, 19, PA

14A-197-201, Kelley, Vesta, 15, PA

16A-220-225, Kelly, James, 14, NY

16A-220-225, Kelly, Kate, 4, PA

16A-220-225, Kelly, Martin, 62, Ireland

16A-220-225, Kelly, Mary, 5, NY

16A-220-225, Kelly, Mary S, 45, Ireland

16A-220-225, Kelly, Peter, 8, NY

16A-220-225, Kelly, Robt, 6, NY

31B-449-457, Kenedy, Clemens, 19, KY

25B-358-364, Kery, John, 30, England

2A-18-19, Key, Elizabeth, 11, Scotland

1B-18-19, Key, James, 20, Scotland

2A-18-19, Key, Janet, 13, Scotland

1B-18-19, Key, Janet, 57, Scotland

1B-18-19, Key, John, 15, Scotland

1B-18-19, Key, Susan, 18, Scotland

1B-18-19, Key, Thomas, 57, Scotland

1B-18-19, Key, Thomas Jr, 30, Scotland

1B-18-19, Key, Wm, 22, Scotland

12A-174-179, Kidd, Charles F, 13, PA

12A-174-179, Kidd, Hannah, 46, PA

12A-174-179, Kidd, John, 23, PA

12A-174-179, Kidd, Queen, 1, PA

12A-174-179, Kidd, Robt, 50, PA

12B-174-179, Kidd, Roxelva, 3, PA

1B-17-18, Kirkland, Julia, 66, PA

1B-17-18, Kirkland, Martin, 68, PA

32B-464-472, Kisk, Catharine, 33, Baden

32B-464-472, Kisk, Clarissa, 4, PA

32B-464-472, Kisk, Hannah, 6, CA

32B-464-472, Kisk, Mary, 7, CA

32B-464-472, Kisk, Peter, 2, PA

32B-464-472, Kisk, Peter, 36, Prussia

15A-212-217, Klingensmith, Arsola M, 16, PA

13A-185-188, Klingensmith, Catharine, 61, PA

15A-212-217, Klingensmith, David, 47, PA

13A-185-188, Klingensmith, Electra C, 17, PA

13A-185-188, Klingensmith, Falecia, 24, PA

13A-185-189, Klingensmith, George R, 2/12, IA

15A-212-217, Klingensmith, Henry M, 9, PA

15A-212-217, Klingensmith, Isaac K, 10, PA

13A-185-189, Klingensmith, Jacob, 31, PA

15A-212-217, Klingensmith, Lem, 5, PA

13A-185-189, Klingensmith, Louisa, 22, PA

13A-185-189, Klingensmith, Margret J, 22, IA

15A-212-217, Klingensmith, Mary, 40, PA

13A-185-188, Klingensmith, Rub, 36, PA

32A-459-467, Koonce, A E, 28, PA

30A-427-434, Koonce, Abram, 32, PA

30A-427-434, Koonce, Bert D, 1, PA

8A-112-115, Koonce, Catharine, 70, PA

5A-68-73, Koonce, Chas, 63, PA

8A-112-115, Koonce, Danl, 74, PA

30A-427-434, Koonce, Esther, 28, PA

25B-361-367, Koonce, Henry, 24, PA

25B-362-368, Koonce, J M, 22, PA

25B-361-367, Koonce, Jerusha, 20, PA

25B-362-368, Koonce, Joseph, 67, PA

5A-68-73, Koonce, Mary, 62, PA

25B-362-368, Koonce, Pricilla, 64, PA

32A-459-467, Koonce, Saml, 29, PA

25B-361-367, Koonce, Thadeus, 5/12, PA

5B-68-73, Koonce, Wm, 31, PA

6B-87-93, Langley, Jasper, 25, PA

9A-131-137, Law, Allen, 21, PA

9A-131-137, Law, Chas J, 13, PA

9A-131-137, Law, Elizabeth, 48, PA

9A-131-137, Law, Robt, 15, PA

9A-131-137, Law, Wm, 53, PA

23B-331-337, Lees, John, 55, England

23B-331-337, Lees, Mary, 55, England

3A-34-37, Leightner, Albert, 36, PA

3A-34-37, Leightner, Almina, 8, PA

3A-34-37, Leightner, Elmer, 4, PA

3A-34-37, Leightner, Margret V, 12, PA

3A-34-37, Leightner, Olivia J, 14, PA

3A-34-37, Leightner, Susan, 35, PA

6B-85-91, Leonard, Abner, 13, PA

7A-102-104, Leonard, Allen W, 22, PA

6A-85-91, Leonard, Caleb, 39, OH

6B-85-91, Leonard, David E, 12, PA

7A-102-104, Leonard, Florence M, 12, PA

7A-102-104, Leonard, James, 48, OH

7A-102-104, Leonard, John J, 17, PA

6B-85-91, Leonard, Lydia A, 9, PA

7A-102-104, Leonard, Malissa G, 14, PA

6A-85-91, Leonard, Mathew, 17, OH

7A-102-104, Leonard, Nancy J, 42, PA

6A-85-91, Leonard, Rebecca, 39, PA

26A-368-374, Lewis, Henry, 5, PA

26A-368-374, Lewis, Jane, 1, PA

26A-368-374, Lewis, Samuel, 32, Wales

26A-368-374, Lewis, Sarah, 30, England

26A-368-374, Lewis, Sarah A, 3, PA

31A-449-457, Lightner, Elizabeth, 64, PA

31A-449-457, Lightner, Ezra, 23, PA

31A-449-457, Lightner, John, 72, PA

29A-408-414, Lindsay, James, 12, PA

29A-408-414, Lindsay, John, 9, PA

29A-408-414, Lindsay, Mattison, 24, Scotland

29A-408-414, Lindsay, Mattison, 48, PA

21B-300-306, Lininger, Caroline J, 22, PA

28B-406-412, Lininger, Joel C, 3, PA

28B-406-412, Lininger, Louisa C, 25, PA

21B-300-306, Lininger, M P, 25, PA

28B-406-412, Lininger, Rans, 25, PA

21B-300-306, Lininger, Walter, 10/12, PA

15B-219-224, Livingston, Ada, 13, PA

15B-219-224, Livingston, Amizah, 10, PA

8B-124-129, Livingston, Bell, 22, PA

15B-219-224, Livingston, Eliza, 41, PA

8B-124-129, Livingston, Frank C, 11, PA

8B-124-129, Livingston, Gertrude, 14, PA

8B-124-129, Livingston, Jane, 38, PA

8B-124-129, Livingston, Josh, 60, PA

8B-124-129, Livingston, Mary, 67, PA

15B-219-224, Livingston, Mary E, 18, PA

15B-219-224, Livingston, Thomp**, 28, PA

15B-219-224, Livingston, William C, 16, PA

23A-325-331, Lockwood, Elisha, 25, OH

6A-80-86, Loup, Eli, 19, PA

7A-103-105, Lowery, Ann H, 40, PA

7A-103-105, Lowery, Anna, 4, PA

7A-103-105, Lowery, George, 55, NY

7A-103-105, Lowery, Wm G, 2/12, PA

7A-103-105, Lowery, Worth, 21, PA

13A-186-190, Luks [Luke?], Catharine, 1, PA

13A-186-190, Luks [Luke?], George, 49, Ireland

13A-186-190, Luks [Luke?], Jane, 38, PA

29A-413-419, Luther, Anna, 18, England

25A-358-364, Luther, Edward, 40, England

29A-413-419, Luther, Joseph, 34, England

25B-358-364, Luther, Martin, 24, England

25A-358-364, Luther, Mary, 43, England

29A-410-416, Luther, Robt, 38, England

25A-358-364, Luther, Sadie J, 9, England

16B-227-233, Mahey, Charles, 1, OH

16B-227-233, Mahey, John, 5, OH

16B-227-233, Mahey, Margret, 3, OH

16B-227-233, Mahey, Mary D, 37, Ireland

16B-227-233, Mahey, Wm, 34, Ireland

13A-187-191, Mahr, A H, 31, PA

13A-187-191, Mahr, Danl H, 22, PA

13A-187-191, Mahr, Hannah S, 24, PA

13A-187-191, Mahr, Johnathan, 68, PA

13A-187-191, Mahr, Maria, 63, PA

13A-187-191, Mahr, Susana Mc, 21, PA

16A-225-231, Maley, Bridget, 21, Ireland

16A-225-231, Maley, Martin, 1, PA

16A-225-231, Maley, Porter, 28, Ireland

20A-282-288, Maloney, Ellen, 1, PA

20A-282-288, Maloney, Ellen, 35, Ireland

20A-282-288, Maloney, John, 6, NY

20A-282-288, Maloney, John, 50, Ireland

20A-282-288, Maloney, Mary, 3, PA

20A-282-288, Maloney, Wm, 5, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Amelia, 14, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Edward, 18, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Eliza J, 11, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Emanuel, 4, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Emma M, 9, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Frank, 7, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, George W, 20, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Lydia, 4/12, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Mandas, 54, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Martin, 13, PA

12A-171-176, Mansfort, Sarah B, 42, PA

12A-173-178, Marshall, Charles, 11, PA

12A-173-178, Marshall, Elmer E, 8, PA

12A-173-178, Marshall, James, 45, PA

12A-173-178, Marshall, Lewis, 3, PA

12A-173-178, Marshall, Mary, 5, PA

12A-173-178, Marshall, Parker, 13, PA

12A-173-178, Marshall, Sarah R, 41, PA

18A-252-259, Masakle, Barnhart, 71, Bavaria

18A-252-259, Masakle, Christiana, 56, Bavaria

19B-275-281, Mason, David, 27, PA

19B-275-281, Mason, Louisa, 22, OH

13A-182-185, Mathay, Daniel, 1, PA

13A-182-185, Mathay, Eliza, 15, PA

12B-182-185, Mathay, Elizabeth, 40, Baden

13A-182-185, Mathay, Frederick, 4, PA

12B-182-185, Mathay, Frederick, 42, Prussia

13A-182-185, Mathay, George, 19, NY

13A-182-185, Mathay, John, 7, PA

13A-182-185, Mathay, Kate, 9, PA

13A-182-185, Mathay, Lena, 17, NY

13A-182-185, Mathay, Peter, 12, PA

6A-84-90, Mathews, Caroline, 1, PA

6A-84-90, Mathews, Henry, 33, England

6A-84-90, Mathews, Lorencia, 22, PA

7B-106-108, Matocks, Eli, 68, PA

7B-106-108, Matocks, Mary, 72, MD

30A-428-435, Mattocks, Alex, 63, PA

30A-428-435, Mattocks, Charles K, 14, PA

30A-428-435, Mattocks, Elmira, 20, PA

7B-110-113, Mattocks, Elmira, 34, PA

7B-110-113, Mattocks, Geo, 29, PA

7B-110-113, Mattocks, Ilena, 7, PA

30A-428-435, Mattocks, John, 24, PA

30A-428-435, Mattocks, Lydia, 22, PA

7B-110-113, Mattocks, Mary E, 12, PA

7B-110-113, Mattocks, Minnie, 2, PA

30A-428-435, Mattocks, Nancy, 54, PA

7B-110-113, Mattocks, Sarah M, 9, PA

30A-428-435, Mattocks, Sarah M, 16, PA

7B-110-113, Mattocks, Sherman, 4, PA

30A-428-435, Mattocks, Thos, 32, PA

17B-240-247, McArthur, Ada J, 13, PA

17B-240-247, McArthur, Ella, 16, PA

17B-240-247, McArthur, James W, 18, PA

17B-240-247, McArthur, John J, 53, PA

17B-240-247, McArthur, Joseph M, 10, PA

17B-240-247, McArthur, Julia A, 7, PA

17B-240-247, McArthur, Margret, 4, PA

17B-240-247, McArthur, Maria, 38, PA

27A-376-382, McCana, Alex, 53, Ireland

27A-376-382, McCana, Allex, 10, PA

27A-376-382, McCana, Ann J, 13, PA

27A-376-382, McCana, Edward, 8, PA

27A-376-382, McCana, Margret, 14, PA

27A-376-382, McCana, Mary, 2, PA

27A-376-382, McCana, Mary, 41, Scotland

27A-376-382, McCana, Peter, 20, Scotland

26A-370-376, McCann, Alex, 5, PA

26B-370-376, McCann, Anna, 3, PA

26A-370-376, McCann, Barnett, 11, PA

26A-370-376, McCann, Charles, 10, PA

26A-370-376, McCann, Charles, 37, Ireland

26A-370-376, McCann, Edward, 6, PA

26B-370-376, McCann, James, 1, PA

26A-370-376, McCann, Margret, 13, PA

26A-370-376, McCann, Mary, 36, PA

28B-400-406, McCany [McCarry?], Anna, 18, Ireland

28B-400-406, McCany [McCarry?], Felix, 21, Scotland

28B-400-406, McCany [McCarry?], Mary, 1, PA

26A-369-375, McCartney, Agnes, 42, Scotland

26A-369-375, McCartney, James, 14, Scotland

26A-369-375, McCartney, John, 20, Scotland

26A-369-375, McCartney, Mary, 16, Scotland

26A-369-375, McCartney, Walter, 42, Scotland

28A-394-400, McClane, Barbara, 3, PA

28A-394-400, McClane, Elizabeth, 4/12, PA

28A-394-400, McClane, Ellen, 13, PA

28A-394-400, McClane, James, 14, PA

28A-394-400, McClane, James, 38, Scotland

28A-394-400, McClane, Jane, 12, PA

28A-394-400, McClane, Jane, 35, PA

28A-394-400, McClane, Janet, 9, PA

28A-394-400, McClane, John, 17, PA

28A-394-400, McClane, Richard, 6, PA

15A-213-218, McClelland, Clarissa R, 18, PA

15A-213-218, McClelland, Elizabeth, 55, PA

9B-134-140, McClelland, Josh, 18, PA

9B-134-140, McClelland, Martha A, 14, PA

15A-213-218, McClelland, Martha E, 20, PA

9B-134-140, McClelland, Mary A, 20, PA

15A-213-218, McClelland, Nancy A, 16, PA

9B-134-140, McClelland, Nelly, 53, OH

9B-134-140, McClelland, Robt, 54, PA

15A-213-218, McClelland, Saml M, 51, PA

15A-213-218, McClelland, Wm T, 27, PA

11B-163-168, McClure, Andrew, 76, NJ

11B-163-168, McClure, Clarence, 20, PA

11B-163-168, McClure, David, 53, PA

11B-163-168, McClure, Frank L, 13, PA

11B-163-168, McClure, Levina, 43, PA

11B-163-168, McClure, Lizzie S, 1, PA

11B-163-168, McClure, Mary L, 15, PA

11B-163-168, McClure, Sophia, 76, MD

2B-32-35, McCord, Elizabeth, 28, PA

20B-288-294, McDonald, Agnes, 28, Ireland

20B-288-294, McDonald, James, 2, PA

20B-288-294, McDonald, Robt, 4/12, PA

20B-288-294, McDonald, Robt, 30, Ireland

2A-24-26, McDowel, Charles, 2, PA

2A-24-26, McDowel, Jas C, 25, PA

2A-24-26, McDowel, Sarah A, 25, PA

6B-86-92, McFarland, Archibald, 57, OH

6B-86-92, McFarland, Cora, 15, PA

23A-323-329, McFarland, Dwight, 19, PA

6B-86-92, McFarland, Floris, 20, PA

23A-323-329, McFarland, Lizzie, 11, PA

6B-86-92, McFarland, Malinda, 48, PA

23A-323-329, McFarland, Sarah, 42, OH

23A-323-329, McFarland, Smith, 52, OH

6B-86-92, McFarland, Theressa, 24, PA

6B-86-92, McFarland, Walter, 14, PA

11B-164-169, McFay, Martha, 22, PA

23B-332-338, McGee, Ann, 22, England

23B-332-338, McGee, Isabella, 46, England

23B-332-338, McGee, Mary Jane, 17, England

23B-332-338, McGee, Richard, 54, England

7A-103-105, McGuire, Howard, 24, PA

2A-18-20, McIntire, Albert, 5, PA

2A-18-20, McIntire, Anna, 7, PA

2A-18-20, McIntire, Elly, 4, PA

2A-18-20, McIntire, Jane, 8, PA

2A-18-20, McIntire, Janet, 35, Scotland

2A-18-20, McIntire, Robt, 6, PA

2A-18-20, McIntire, Wm, 3, PA

2A-18-20, McIntire, Wm, 35, Scotland

2B-31-34, McKane, James, 30, PA

2B-31-34, McKane, Louisie, 28, NY

2B-31-34, McKane, Sarah, 16, PA

2A-25-27, McKee, Eliza J, 24, PA

2A-25-27, McKee, Henry, 59, Ireland

2A-25-27, McKee, Mary, 55, Ireland

2A-25-27, McKee, Saml, 20, PA

9A-127-132, McKinley, Elizabeth, 14, PA

8B-127-132, McKinley, James, 47, PA

9A-127-132, McKinley, James C, 4, PA

9A-127-132, McKinley, Phillip M, 12, PA

8B-127-132, McKinley, Regina, 36, Baden

31A-445-452, McKnight, Aaron, 41, PA

17B-242-249, McKnight, Agnes, 5, PA

15A-209-214, McKnight, Agnes, 74, PA

8A-119-123, McKnight, Andrew, 62, PA

9A-130-136, McKnight, Christiana, 45, Baden

17B-242-249, McKnight, Clara, 9, PA

15A-209-214, McKnight, Clarence S, 5/12, PA

8A-118-122, McKnight, Curtis, 31, PA

8A-118-122, McKnight, Delie, 30, PA

31A-445-452, McKnight, Effie, 77, NJ

17B-242-249, McKnight, Fanny, 11, PA

9A-130-136, McKnight, Hannah J, 24, PA

8A-119-123, McKnight, Harry, 23, PA

15A-209-214, McKnight, J B, 29, PA

8A-115-119, McKnight, James, 58, PA

8A-115-119, McKnight, James J, 27, PA

17B-242-249, McKnight, Jason S, 32, PA

8A-119-123, McKnight, Jemima, 63, PA

8A-115-119, McKnight, John C, 25, PA

9A-130-136, McKnight, Josh, 56, PA

17B-242-249, McKnight, Julia, 28, PA

7A-98-101, McKnight, Lucretia, 12, PA

15A-209-214, McKnight, Marinda, 21, PA

14B-201-205, McKnight, Mary J, 30, PA

31A-445-452, McKnight, Mary J, 36, PA

31A-445-452, McKnight, Minnie, 1, PA

7A-98-101, McKnight, Nelly, 43, PA

8A-115-119, McKnight, Pricilla, 55, PA

7A-98-101, McKnight, Rebecca, 14, PA

8A-118-122, McKnight, Treeland, 2, PA

7A-98-101, McKnight, Wm, 49, PA

15A-209-214, McKnight, Wm G, 74, PA

11B-168-173, McLaughlin, Aaron, 36, PA

20A-281-287, McLaughlin, Bridget, 5, PA

20A-281-287, McLaughlin, Bridget, 36, Ireland

11B-168-173, McLaughlin, Elaska, 1, PA

4A-46-51, McLaughlin, Elias, 3, PA

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Emma A, 3, PA

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Esther E, 12, PA

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Geo W, 13, PA

4A-46-51, McLaughlin, Hannah, 32, PA

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Jane, 18, PA

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Jno W, 3, PA

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Jno W, 41, PA

20A-281-287, McLaughlin, John, 9, Ireland

4A-46-51, McLaughlin, Joseph, 12, IN

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Leander, 10, PA

11B-168-173, McLaughlin, Mary, 30, PA

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Mary E, 6, PA

20A-281-287, McLaughlin, Peter, 14, Ireland

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Sarah, 39, PA

11B-168-173, McLaughlin, Susan, 71, PA

4A-46-51, McLaughlin, William, 7, PA

5A-65-70, McLaughlin, Wm H, 17, PA

31B-453-461, McMurry, Catharine, 64, NY

31B-452-460, McMurry, Cynthia, 48, PA

31B-452-460, McMurry, Florence, 19, PA

31B-452-460, McMurry, James, 22, PA

31B-452-460, McMurry, Jessee, 49, OH

31B-452-460, McMurry, Nancy E, 11, PA

32A-458-466, McMurry, Peter, 19, PA

31B-453-461, McMurry, Thos, 72, Ireland

22A-308-314, McMury, Ada, 4, PA

22A-307-313, McMury, Eliza, 23, PA

22A-307-313, McMury, Eliza, 63, PA

22A-307-313, McMury, Ella, 20, PA

22A-308-314, McMury, Ella J, 6, PA

22A-307-313, McMury, Hutchison, 63, Ireland

22A-308-314, McMury, Jane, 25, PA

22A-308-314, McMury, John, 34, PA

22A-307-313, McMury, Thos, 20, PA

19B-269-276, McNally, Alice, 17, PA

19B-270-277, McNary, Wm A, 18, NY

29A-414-420, McTargast, John, 30, Scotland

29A-414-420, McTargast, Mary, 32, Scotland

29A-414-420, McTargast, Wm, 2, Scotland

12B-180-183, McTay, Nettie, 11, PA

22B-314-320, Mellinger, Ezra, 18, PA

14A-198-202, Mertz, Cora, 2, PA

14A-198-202, Mertz, Emma, 28, PA

14A-198-202, Mertz, Frances, 7, PA

14A-198-202, Mertz, Henry, 31, PA

18B-259-266, Mibert, Catharine, 53, PA

18B-259-266, Mibert, Eliza, 19, PA

18B-259-266, Mibert, Justice, 51, Prussia

18B-259-266, Mibert, Nellie, 3, IN

30B-439-446, Miller, Catharine, 55, OH

12A-172-177, Miller, Elizabeth, 8, PA

12A-172-177, Miller, Emanuel, 1, PA

12A-172-177, Miller, Emma, 6, PA

28A-393-399, Miller, John, 22, Scotland

19A-262-269, Miller, Leander, 32, PA

19B-271-278, Miller, Lewis, 29, PA

12A-172-177, Miller, Maria, 11, PA

19A-262-269, Miller, Maria, 16, PA

12A-172-177, Miller, Susana, 27, PA

12A-172-177, Miller, Wallace, 4, PA

12A-172-177, Miller, William, 38, PA

3B-43-46, Milligan, Anna, 6, PA

3B-43-46, Milligan, Charles S, 2, MO

3B-43-46, Milligan, Ellen, 28, NY

3B-43-46, Milligan, James, 27, PA

3B-43-46, Milligan, John M, 4, PA

19B-270-277, Mimeh, Reuben, 22, PA

16B-233-239, Minich, Edward, 13, PA

16B-233-239, Minich, Elizabeth, 27, PA

16B-233-239, Minich, Francis D J, 9/12, PA

16B-233-239, Minich, Moses J, 3, PA

16B-233-239, Minich, Wm, 55, PA

16B-233-239, Minich, Wm H C, 4, PA

11A-161-166, Minick, Leah, 65, PA

11A-161-166, Minick, Rebecca, 3, PA

11A-161-166, Minick, Wede, 65, PA

7B-105-107, Minieh, George W, 1/12, PA

7B-105-107, Minieh, Jacob V, 7, PA

7B-105-107, Minieh, John H, 10, PA

7B-105-107, Minieh, Martha L, 2, PA

7B-105-107, Minieh, Peter, 35, PA

7B-105-107, Minieh, Peter D, 1/12, PA

7B-105-107, Minieh, Susan J, 42, PA

10A-145-151, Mirns [Mims?], Albert, 20, PA

10A-145-151, Mirns [Mims?], George, 55, NY

10A-145-151, Mirns [Mims?], Harriett, 55, NY

10A-145-151, Mirns [Mims?], John, 13, PA

10A-145-151, Mirns [Mims?], Josaphene, 21, PA

10A-145-151, Mirns [Mims?], Julia, 27, PA

28B-401-407, Mitchel, Margret, 50, Scotland

28B-401-407, Mitchel, Peter, 52, Scotland

22B-320-326, Moffet, Allen, 30, OH

22B-319-325, Moffet, Augustus, 69, NY

22B-320-326, Moffet, Carl, 6, OH

22B-319-325, Moffet, Ellen, 54, OH

22B-320-326, Moffet, Maria C, 30, OH

15A-210-215, Mohr, Clara J, 5, PA

15A-210-215, Mohr, Elizabeth R, 24, Baden

15A-210-215, Mohr, Jacob, 68, Bavaria

15A-210-215, Mohr, John C, 3, PA

15A-210-215, Mohr, Phillip, 1, PA

15A-210-215, Mohr, William, 31, OH

27B-385-391, Moline, Ellen, 5, Scotland

27B-385-391, Moline, James, 30, Ireland

27B-385-391, Moline, Jane, 32, Ireland

27B-385-391, Moline, Margret, 3, Scotland

27B-385-391, Moline, Sarah, 7, Scotland

6B-94-98, Moore, Anna E, 23, PA

4B-55-59, Moore, Ellen, 39, KY

4B-55-59, Moore, Harrison, 16, KY

6B-94-98, Moore, James, 21, PA

31A-445-453, Moore, James, 73, PA

6B-94-98, Moore, Joseph, 48, PA

4B-55-59, Moore, Levina J, 2, PA

6B-94-98, Moore, Nancy, 46, PA

31A-445-453, Moore, Rebecca, 34, PA

4B-55-59, Moore, Richard, 48, KY

4B-55-59, Moore, Simon, 18, KY

30B-440-447, Morgan, Anna B, 2, OH

30B-440-447, Morgan, Elizabeth, 20, OH

30B-440-447, Morgan, Thos, 55, OH

16A-223-229, Morris, Alva, 27, PA

16A-223-228, Morris, Catharine, 25, Baden

16A-223-229, Morris, Catharine, 69, PA

16A-223-228, Morris, Clara B, 3/12, PA

19B-272-279, Morris, Eliza J, 19, PA

16A-223-228, Morris, Ellen S, 5, PA

15A-211-216, Morris, George, 14, PA

15A-211-216, Morris, Harriet, 6, PA

17B-243-250, Morris, Harriet, 32, PA

17B-243-250, Morris, John W, 33, PA

17A-238-245, Morris, Josh, 19, PA

15A-211-216, Morris, Louisa, 14, PA

17B-243-250, Morris, M Catharine, 9, PA

15A-211-216, Morris, Mary A, 47, PA

15A-211-216, Morris, Sarah J, 23, PA

17B-243-250, Morris, Steven A, 6/12, PA

16A-223-228, Morris, Sylvia, 3, PA

15A-211-216, Morris, Thompson, 50, PA

15A-211-216, Morris, Wilhemmie, 14, PA

19B-272-279, Morris, William, 2, VA

19B-272-279, Morris, William, 21, VA

16A-223-228, Morris, Wm F, 27, PA

17B-243-250, Morris, Wort F, 10, PA

19B-266-273, Morrison, Alice S, 2, PA

19A-266-273, Morrison, Elizabeth, 41, PA

19A-265-272, Morrison, James, 35, PA

19A-265-272, Morrison, James S, 7, PA

19A-265-272, Morrison, Jeff A, 9, PA

19A-264-271, Morrison, Jennie, 17, PA

19A-264-271, Morrison, John, 51, VA

19A-266-273, Morrison, John H, 13, PA

19A-265-272, Morrison, Julia A, 75, VA

31B-449-457, Morrison, Mary C, 18, PA

19A-266-273, Morrison, Mary M, 11, PA

19A-265-272, Morrison, Matilda, 24, OH

19A-266-273, Morrison, Phillip E, 9, PA

19A-264-271, Morrison, Sarah, 53, OH

19A-265-272, Morrison, Sarah S, 3, PA

19A-264-271, Morrison, Thos, 23, PA

19B-266-273, Morrison, Thos J, 2/12, PA

19B-266-273, Morrison, Wm D, 7, PA

19A-263-270, Mortimer, Eliza, 62, Ireland

19A-263-270, Mortimer, Robt, 62, Ireland

32B-466-474, Mortimore, Ella, 2, PA

32B-466-474, Mortimore, John, 1, PA

32B-466-474, Mortimore, Josh, 6, PA

32B-466-474, Mortimore, Josh, 35, PA

32B-466-474, Mortimore, Lizzie, 4, PA

32B-466-474, Mortimore, Lydia, 30, PA

32B-466-474, Mortimore, Robt, 8, PA

7B-106-108, Morton, Angeline, 30, PA

2B-29-32, Mountain, Armenas, 20, PA

2B-27-30, Mountain, Austin, 25, PA

2B-29-32, Mountain, Barbara, 1/12, PA

2B-27-29, Mountain, Cornelius, 5, OH

2B-27-29, Mountain, Dejilla, 7, OH

2B-27-29, Mountain, Eliza, 26, PA

2B-29-32, Mountain, Eliza J, 25, OH

2B-29-32, Mountain, Emeline, 23, PA

2B-27-30, Mountain, Francina, 23, PA

2B-27-29, Mountain, Hub, 30, PA

2B-29-32, Mountain, Jessie, 55, OH

2B-29-32, Mountain, Mary, 6, OH

9B-139-145, Mowly, Anna M, 6, PA

9B-139-145, Mowly, Danl, 38, PA

9B-139-145, Mowly, Elna Jane, 12, PA

9B-139-145, Mowly, Frank V, 3, PA

9B-139-145, Mowly, George, 1/12, PA

9B-139-145, Mowly, Maria, 38, PA

9B-139-145, Mowly, Sarah A, 8, PA

9B-139-145, Mowly, Wm B, 10, PA

4B-60-65, Moyer, Amanda J, 31, PA

4B-60-65, Moyer, Anna C, 3, PA

13B-194-198, Moyer, Charles A, 17, PA

13B-194-198, Moyer, Ella J, 15, PA

4B-60-65, Moyer, Elmer E, 9, PA

13B-194-198, Moyer, Elvina, 39, PA

4B-60-65, Moyer, George, 43, PA

14A-194-198, Moyer, Henry F. , 8, PA

13B-194-198, Moyer, Levi, 40, PA

7B-107-109, Moyer, Mary, 15, PA

13B-194-198, Moyer, Mary C, 13, PA

14A-194-198, Moyer, Sarah E, 10, PA

4B-60-65, Moyer, Sulu M, 6, PA

4B-60-65, Moyer, Thompson S, 11, PA

27B-390-396, Nelson, George, 2, PA

27B-390-396, Nelson, James, 3/12, PA

27B-390-396, Nelson, James, 28, Scotland

28B-403-409, Nelson, James, 30, Scotland

27B-390-396, Nelson, Mary, 28, Scotland

27B-390-396, Nelson, Wm, 4, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, Andrew J, 13, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, James C, 12, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, John, 38, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, John F, 8, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, Louisia J, 7, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, Martha E, 1, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, Mena S, 30, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, Sarah A, 3, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, Sphia E, 10, PA

3B-41-44, Nichols, Wm W, 5, PA

25A-358-364, Ofecker, Joniah, 23, OH

6A-84-90, Olds, Violetta, 15, PA

2B-31-34, Olney, Florence, 9, PA

6B-93-97, Onstoll, Andrew, 18, PA

6B-93-97, Onstoll, Catharine, 56, PA

6B-93-97, Onstoll, Peter, 31, PA

32A-462-470, Ormsby, E Wils, 37, PA

32A-462-470, Ormsby, M A, 32, PA

32B-462-470, Ormsby, S L, 7, PA

23B-330-336, Paden, Anna, 22, England

23B-330-336, Paden, James, 32, PA

6B-87-93, Paden, Mary E, 24, PA

6B-87-93, Paden, Robt, 11, PA

6B-87-93, Paden, Sarah, 54, Ireland

6B-87-93, Paden, Sarah A, 17, PA

23B-330-336, Paden, Ugene, 2, PA

23B-330-336, Paden, Wm E, 2/12, PA

6A-80-86, Panley, Amand, 33, PA

10B-150-156, Panley, Anna M, 4, PA

10B-150-156, Panley, Eliza, 36, PA

10B-150-156, Panley, Francis, 6, PA

10B-150-156, Panley, Frank, 41, PA

10B-150-156, Panley, Henry A, 13, PA

6A-80-86, Panley, Ida F, 4, PA

10B-150-156, Panley, Kate M, 8, PA

6A-80-86, Panley, Margret S, 8, PA

10B-150-156, Panley, Moses M, 10, PA

10B-150-156, Panley, Slevin S, 17, PA

6A-80-86, Panley, Thos W, 3, PA

6A-80-86, Panley, Wm, 33, PA

10B-150-156, Panley, Wm A, 15, PA

4A-48-53, Parish, John, 60, England

4A-48-53, Parish, Martha, 17, England

4A-48-53, Parish, Mary A, 59, Ireland

3A-34-37, Patten , Edward, 28, PA

1B-13-13, Patterson, John, 18, OH

1B-13-13, Patterson, Simon, 26, OH

32A-459-467, Patton , Thos R, 10, PA

14B-202-206, Pauley, Abner H , 27, PA

14B-202-206, Pauley, Harry A, 6/12, PA

14B-202-206, Pauley, Josh H, 5, PA

14B-202-206, Pauley, Lizzie, 3, PA

14B-202-206, Pauley, Lydia A, 20, PA

28A-397-403, Peal, Ann, 27, PA

30B-430-437, Peal, Catharine, 36, Ireland

28A-397-403, Peal, Elizabeth, 1/12, PA

30A-430-437, Peal, Elizabeth, 60, Ireland

28A-397-403, Peal, Jafe, 35, Ireland

28A-397-403, Peal, James, 2, PA

30A-430-437, Peal, James, 70, Ireland

28A-397-403, Peal, Mary Ann, 1, PA

28A-397-403, Peal, Patrick, 4, PA

30B-430-437, Peal, Peter, 21, Ireland

30A-430-437, Peal, Thos, 32, Ireland

1B-14-15, Pella, Benjn F, 3, PA

1B-14-15, Pella, Eveline, 41, KY

26A-369-375, Phillips, Abner, 11, Scotland

4B-62-67, Phillips, Amos, 48, OH

4B-62-67, Phillips, Ellen, 14, PA

7B-107-109, Phillips, Geo W, 33, PA

5A-62-67, Phillips, Howard, 9, PA

26A-369-375, Phillips, Hugh, 9, Scotland

5A-62-67, Phillips, Josh S, 5, PA

22B-317-323, Phillips, Lina, 26, PA

4B-62-67, Phillips, Mary, 36, PA

7B-107-109, Phillips, Mary C, 1, PA

7B-107-109, Phillips, Rachel V, 22, PA

5A-62-67, Phillips, Robt, 12, PA

22B-317-323, Phillips, S. Alzoa, 4, PA

22B-317-323, Phillips, Saml, 30 [50?], PA

22B-317-323, Phillips, Susie U, 2, PA

17B-245-252, Pilgrim, Anna, 2, PA

17B-245-252, Pilgrim, Catharine, 40, Baden

17B-245-252, Pilgrim, Cooroel, 42, Baden

17B-245-252, Pilgrim, Geroge, 8, PA

17B-245-252, Pilgrim, Henry, 13, PA

17B-245-252, Pilgrim, Kate, 4, PA

17B-245-252, Pilgrim, Lizzie, 10, PA

17B-241-248, Piper, Edith, 5/12, PA

17B-241-248, Piper, H S, 29, PA

17B-241-248, Piper, Minne, 7, PA

17B-241-248, Piper, Sarah , 4, PA

17B-241-248, Piper, Susan T, 24, PA

6B-93-97, Polmer, Amanda, 13, OH

6B-93-97, Polmer, Malinda, 52, PA

23B-334-340, Pomroy, Anna, 11, England

23B-334-340, Pomroy, Elizabeth, 47, England

23B-334-340, Pomroy, Martha, 6, England

23B-334-340, Pomroy, Mary Jane, 16, England

23B-334-340, Pomroy, Thos, 18, England

23B-334-340, Pomroy, Thos, 40, England

27B-386-392, Porteh, Elizabeth, 4, Wales

27B-386-392, Porteh, Ellen, 7, Wales

27B-386-392, Porteh, Emma, 3, Wales

27B-386-392, Porteh, Joseph, 34, England

27B-386-392, Porteh, Mary, 9/12, PA

27B-386-392, Porteh, Mary A, 33, Wales

4A-53-57, Porter, Agnes A, 24, PA

4A-53-57, Porter, E. Jennie, 30, PA

4A-53-57, Porter, Isabella, 59, Ireland

4A-53-57, Porter, James W, 22, PA

4A-53-57, Porter, William, 34, PA

7B-109-112, Porterfield, Hannah J, 22, PA

7B-109-112, Porterfield, Saml B, 26, OH

3B-42-45, Potter, Melvina, 30, OH

3B-42-45, Potter, Phoeta L, 1, PA

3B-42-45, Potter, Wilson, 28, OH

27B-386-392, Power, John, 25, Wales

18A-251-258, Powley, Alice, 19, PA

13B-189-193, Powley, Catharine H, 28, PA

18A-251-258, Powley, Charles, 15, PA

13B-189-193, Powley, Frank P, 32, PA

18A-251-258, Powley, Helena, 17, PA

18A-251-258, Powley, Henrietta, 12, PA

13B-189-193, Powley, Margret J, 2/12, PA

18A-251-258, Powley, Peter, 60, PA

18A-251-258, Powley, Susan, 50, PA

18A-251-258, Powley, Thos S, 21, PA

16B-234-240, Prezella, Alex, 42, PA

16B-234-240, Prezella, Rebecca, 36, PA

17A-234-240, Prezzella, James W[?], 9, PA

17A-234-240, Prezzella, John D, 5, PA

17A-234-240, Prezzella, Lorinda J, 16, PA

17A-234-240, Prezzella, Martha M, 14, PA

17A-234-240, Prezzella, Robt D, 7/12, PA

3A-35-38, Pritchard, Eliza, 18, England

3A-35-38, Pritchard, Elizabeth, 62, England

3A-35-38, Pritchard, James, 65, England

3A-35-38, Pritchard, Rhoda, 16, England

24B-346-352, Pritchard, Solomon, 19, England

24B-346-352, Pritchard, Wm, 15, England

5B-69-74, Quimby, Angeline, 45, PA

5B-69-74, Quimby, Chas S, 14, PA

5B-69-74, Quimby, Ephraim, 78, PA

10B-152-158, Raney, Calvin, 21, PA

10B-153-159, Raney, Charles N, 4, PA

10B-153-159, Raney, Elizabeth, 27, PA

10B-153-159, Raney, George, 6, PA

10B-152-158, Raney, Jane, 45, OH

10B-152-158, Raney, John, 61, PA

10B-153-159, Raney, John M, 33, PA

10B-152-158, Raney, Kate, 24, PA

10B-152-158, Raney, Newton, 15, PA

11A-153-159, Raney, Wm L, 2, PA

29B-423-430, Raub, Danl, 52, OH [see Robb]

29B-423-430, Raub, Elizabeth, 56, PA [see Robb]

23A-327-333, Raub, Henry, 29, OH [see Robb]

23A-327-333, Raub, Lenora, 3, PA [see Robb]

23A-327-333, Raub, Susan, 25, OH [see Robb]

16B-228-234, Reed, Bridget, 27, Ireland

30B-436-443, Reed, Charles A, 59, NY

30B-436-443, Reed, Ella, 10, PA

16B-228-234, Reed, Ellen, 10, OH

30B-436-443, Reed, Eva, 14, PA

1A-5-5, Reed, George, 5, PA

30B-436-443, Reed, Harriet, 44, VT

16B-228-234, Reed, James, 6, OH

16B-228-234, Reed, James, 35, Ireland

1A-5-5, Reed, James A, 38, PA

16B-228-234, Reed, John, 12, OH

1A-5-5, Reed, Mary, 3, PA

16B-228-234, Reed, Mary, 8, OH

16B-228-234, Reed, Michael, 3, OH

1A-5-5, Reed, Sarah, 23, PA

16B-228-234, Reed, Thos F, 1, OH

30B-436-443, Reed, Wm A, 12, PA

1B-13-13, Reeder, Amelia, 23, OH

1B-13-13, Reeder, Benjn, 30, OH

23A-326-332, Reichard, Alonzo, 13, PA

23A-326-332, Reichard, Chester, 6, PA

23A-326-332, Reichard, Edward, 9, PA

23A-326-332, Reichard, Henry E, 35, PA

23A-326-332, Reichard, Hulbert, 4, PA

23A-326-332, Reichard, Mary, 31, PA

17B-246-253, Reife [Rufe?], Andrew, 11, PA

17B-246-253, Reife [Rufe?], Catharine, 74, Wurtenberg

17B-246-253, Reife [Rufe?], Charles, 17, PA

17B-246-253, Reife [Rufe?], George, 13, PA

17B-246-253, Reife [Rufe?], George, 49, Wurtenberg

18A-246-253, Reife [Rufe?], Josh, 5, PA

18A-246-253, Reife [Rufe?], Louisa, 8, PA

31A-442-449, Reiley, Catharine, 6, PA

31A-442-449, Reiley, Jas., 4, PA

31A-442-449, Reiley, Pauley, 44, PA

31A-442-449, Reiley, Thos, 4, PA

11B-162-167, Remerer, Charles M, 11, PA

11B-162-167, Remerer, Josh S, 44, PA

11B-162-167, Remerer, Levina, 48, PA

11B-162-167, Remerer, MaryAnn, 15, PA

16A-222-227, Reynolds, Amos, 7, PA

16A-222-227, Reynolds, James, 5, PA

16A-222-227, Reynolds, Levina, 3, PA

16A-222-227, Reynolds, Mary J, 43, PA

16A-222-227, Reynolds, Miles, 9, PA

16A-222-227, Reynolds, Robert, 43, PA

31A-445-452, Rhine, John, 17, PA

19B-269-276, Rice, Marion, 22, PA

7A-99-102, Richards, Anna, 45, PA

7A-97-100, Richards, David, 43, PA

7A-97-100, Richards, David G, 4, PA

23B-334-340, Richards, Edwin, 23, England

7A-99-102, Richards, George M, 21, PA

7A-97-100, Richards, Hannah J, 3, PA

7A-99-102, Richards, James, 48, PA

7A-99-102, Richards, James A, 19, PA

7A-99-102, Richards, Jay S, 14, PA

7A-99-102, Richards, Jno W, 17, PA

4A-53-57, Richards, Mary, 63, PA

7A-97-100, Richards, Mary A, 6, PA

7A-99-102, Richards, S Maria, 25, PA

7A-97-100, Richards, Saml M, 7, PA

23B-335-341, Richards, Sarah, 68, Wales

7A-97-100, Richards, Sophr**ia, 45, PA

23B-335-341, Richards, Thos, 34, Wales

23B-335-341, Richards, Thos, 64, Wales

10A-147-153, Rickert, Abraham, 24, PA

11A-158-163, Rickert, Alice, 11, PA

10B-149-155, Rickert, Amanda, 25, PA

11A-158-163, Rickert, Charles, 54, PA

11A-158-163, Rickert, Danl. P, 13, PA

10B-149-155, Rickert, David, 63, PA

11A-158-163, Rickert, Edward, 20, PA

10A-148-154, Rickert, Eliza, 40, PA

10A-147-153, Rickert, Elizabeth, 20, PA

17A-235-241, Rickert, Ellen, 33, PA

10A-148-154, Rickert, Emma, 17, PA

17A-235-241, Rickert, George, 33, PA

10B-148-154, Rickert, Henry P, 7, PA

11A-157-162, Rickert, Jennie, 18, PA

11A-157-162, Rickert, John F, 17, PA

10B-148-154, Rickert, Julia A, 12, PA

11A-158-163, Rickert, Lewis S, 15, PA

17A-235-241, Rickert, Lizzie, 6, PA

10B-149-155, Rickert, Lydia, 63, PA

10B-149-155, Rickert, Malinda, 22, PA

10B-148-154, Rickert, Mary, 60, PA

10B-149-155, Rickert, Matilda, 24, PA

10A-147-153, Rickert, Nettie A, 1/12, PA

10B-148-154, Rickert, Peter, 93, PA

10B-149-155, Rickert, Ransom, 21, PA

11A-158-163, Rickert, Simon H, 7, PA

10A-148-154, Rickert, Sophia, 15, PA

11A-158-163, Rickert, Susan, 50, PA

11A-158-163, Rickert, William, 4, PA

17A-235-241, Rickert, William, 9, PA

17A-235-241, Rickert, Willie, 7, PA

11A-157-162, Rickert, Wm E, 21, PA

30B-439-446, Riley, Julia, 12, PA

21B-299-305, Rimault, A B, 52, Baden

21B-299-305, Rimault, Amgust, 11, PA

9A-128-134, Rimault, Andrew M, 1, PA

9A-129-135, Rimault, Barnhart, 30, Baden

9A-129-135, Rimault, Christiana, 64, Baden

9A-128-134, Rimault, Danl P, 11, PA

9A-129-135, Rimault, Dortha, 28, Baden

9A-128-134, Rimault, Elizabeth, 31, PA

9A-128-134, Rimault, Fanny E, 4, PA

21B-299-305, Rimault, G H, 20, OH

9A-128-134, Rimault, Geo W, 9, PA

21B-299-305, Rimault, Jacek, 56, Baden

9A-129-135, Rimault, Jacob, 19, PA

21B-299-305, Rimault, Jacob, 22, OH

9A-129-135, Rimault, John, 25, Baden

9A-129-135, Rimault, Louisa, 23, PA

9A-129-135, Rimault, Philipa, 68, Baden

21B-299-305, Rimault, Phillip, 18, PA

9A-128-134, Rimault, Phillip, 34, Baden

9A-128-134, Rimault, Rosa M, 3/12, PA

21B-299-305, Rimault, Rosa S, 14, PA

9A-129-135, Rimault, Rosana, 21, PA

20B-286-292, Rish, Frank, 3/12, PA

20B-286-292, Rish, Frank, 30, Baden

20B-286-292, Rish, Joseph, 1, NY

20B-286-292, Rish, Lena, 35, Baden

20B-286-292, Rish, Lizzie, 7, DC

20B-286-292, Rish, Margret, 3, MD

20B-286-292, Rish, Wm, 7, DC

30A-423-430, Robb [Raub?], Charles, 15, OH

30A-424-431, Robb [Raub?], George, 27, OH

30A-424-431, Robb [Raub?], Mary, 22, OH

30A-423-430, Robb [Raub?], Nancy, 21, OH

9A-133-139, Robinson, W***** [Winnie?], 12, PA

23B-329-335, Robison, Alice A, 1/12, PA

29B-421-428, Robison, Anna, 9, PA

29B-421-428, Robison, Elizabeth, 32, PA

29B-421-428, Robison, Henry, 5, PA

29B-421-428, Robison, Mary, 1, PA

23A-329-335, Robison, Mary A, 21, England

23A-329-335, Robison, Mathew, 22, England

29B-421-428, Robison, Michael, 36, England

29B-421-428, Robison, Sarah, 3, PA

23B-332-338, Robison, Wm, 24, England

23B-334-340, Rocfort, Mathew, 19, England

5B-76-81, Roe, Clara M, 3, PA

28A-392-398, Roe, Elizabeth, 38, England

28A-392-398, Roe, Evis, 13, England

5B-76-81, Roe, Sarah A, 33, PA

5B-76-81, Roe, Thos, 32, England

23B-334-340, Roe, Ths, 17, England

28A-392-398, Roe, Wm H, 16, England

5B-75-80, Roewell, Ann M, 22, PA

5B-75-80, Roewell, David S, 10, PA

5B-75-80, Roewell, Elizabeth, 56, PA

5B-75-80, Roewell, Elizabeth J, 14, PA

5B-75-80, Roewell, Jno, 21, PA

5B-75-80, Roewell, P M, 16, PA

5B-75-80, Roewell, S A, 18, PA

5B-75-80, Roewell, S W, 59, CT

5B-75-80, Roewell, W S, 28, PA

23B-333-339, Rohl, Herbert, 33, England

23B-333-339, Rohl, Martha, 53, England

18A-252-259, Roldman, Malissa, 21, PA

4A-52-56, Ross, Eliza J, 33, PA

4A-52-56, Ross, Elizabeth, 70, PA

4A-52-56, Ross, John, 31, PA

4A-52-56, Ross, Sarah C, 23, PA

18B-257-264, Rufing, Charles, 11, PA

18B-257-264, Rufing, Chris, 9, PA

18B-257-264, Rufing, Jacob, 7, PA

18B-257-264, Rufing, John, 14, PA

18B-257-264, Rufing, John, 41, Prussia

18B-257-264, Rufing, Lewis, 5, PA

18B-257-264, Rufing, Lizzie, 13, PA

18B-257-264, Rufing, Margret, 34, Baden

18B-257-264, Rufing, Mary, 1, PA

18B-257-264, Rufing, Willie, 4, PA

3B-42-45, Rumbaugh, Rebecca, 67, PA

4B-57-61, Rust, Anna G, 1, PA

5B-73-78, Rust, Cara, 14, PA

4B-57-61, Rust, Eliza, 24, PA

15A-208-213, Rust, Elizabeth, 52, PA

15A-208-213, Rust, Henry W, 54, PA

15A-208-213, Rust, Martha M, 15, PA

5B-73-78, Rust, Martin, 15, PA

5B-73-78, Rust, Nancy J, 40, PA

4B-57-61, Rust, Saml C, 33, PA

15A-208-213, Rust, Sarah J, 19, PA

5B-73-78, Rust, Wilson, 42, PA

16B-231-237, Ryan, Anna, 8, PA

16B-231-237, Ryan, Edward, 7, PA

16B-231-237, Ryan, James, 30, Ireland

16B-231-237, Ryan, Mary, 1/12, PA

6B-94-98, Ryan, Mary, 14, PA

16B-231-237, Ryan, Mary M, 32, Ireland

16B-231-237, Ryan, Michael, 4, PA

14B-206-210, Ryan, William B, 40, PA

3B-46-50, Saley, Augustus, 2, PA

3B-46-50, Saley, Augustus, 45, Prussia

3B-46-50, Saley, Caroline, 5, PA

3B-46-50, Saley, Maria, 27, Prussia

4A-50-55, Sample , Eliza, 55, PA

22B-316-322, Sanfried, Anna, 3, PA

22B-316-322, Sanfried, Catharine, 9/12, PA

22B-316-322, Sanfried, Margret, 4, PA

22B-316-322, Sanfried, Margret, 24, Darmstadt

22B-316-322, Sanfried, Phillip, 25, Byron

6B-88-94, Sasson, Bridget A, 25, Ireland

6B-88-94, Sasson, Jno, 40, Ireland

6B-88-94, Sasson, Margret S, 1/12, PA

6B-88-94, Sasson, Mary A, 2, PA

6B-88-94, Sasson, Patric P, 4, PA

3B-45-49, Schull, Emma, 28, NH

3B-45-49, Schull, Robt, 33, OH

32B-465-473, Seaton, George, 14, PA

32B-465-473, Seaton, Lambert, 22, PA

32B-465-473, Seaton, Lucius, 12, PA

32B-465-473, Seaton, Mary J, 45, VA

32B-465-473, Seaton, Robt, 52, PA

23A-321-327, Sedgerick, Deby, 74, NY

18B-257-264, Seegla, Barraba, 63, Baden

19B-268-275, Sells, Amos, 40, OH

19B-268-275, Sells, Levina, 28, PA

19B-268-275, Sells, Maggie, 4, PA

19B-268-275, Sells, Minnie, 5, PA

19B-268-275, Sells, Sney, 8, PA

17A-236-242, Shane, Bartholemew, 8, NY

17A-236-242, Shane, Maru, 30, Ireland

17A-236-242, Shane, Patrick, 3, PA

17A-236-242, Shane, Patrick, 50, Ireland

5B-74-79, Shaner, Aley, 32, PA

5B-74-79, Shaner, Elsie M, 2, PA

5B-74-79, Shaner, Hannah, 5, PA

5B-74-79, Shaner, Lazetta, 9, PA

5B-74-79, Shaner, Saml, 10, PA

5B-74-79, Shaner, Wm H, 33, PA

30A-428-435, Shaw, Margret J, 28, PA

12A-170-175, Sherrard, Grace, 3, PA

11B-169-174, Sherrard, John, 23, PA

11B-169-174, Sherrard, Josaphine, 24, PA

12A-169-174, Sherrard, Saml, 21, PA

11B-169-174, Sherrard, Saml, 53, PA

11A-161-166, Shesley, Jospeh, 9, PA

28B-403-409, Shirk, Alex, 50, Scotland

28B-403-409, Shirk, Isabella, 10, Scotland

28B-403-409, Shirk, Jane, 53, Scotland

28B-403-409, Shirk, Janet, 17, Scotland

28B-403-409, Shirk, Mary, 15, Scotland

28B-403-409, Shirk, Miram, 13, Scotland

28B-403-409, Shirk, Thos, 22, Scotland

28B-403-409, Shirk, Wm, 22, Scotland

28B-403-409, Shirk, Wm M, 8, Scotland

28B-404-410, Shirp, Jane, 19, Scotland

28B-404-410, Shirp, Wm, 1/12, PA

28B-404-410, Shirp, Wm, 25, Scotland

27A-383-389, Shoemaker, Eliza, 20, PA

27A-383-389, Shoemaker, W. H., 33, PA

22A-306-312, Showes, Andrew, 51, Ireland

22A-306-312, Showes, Margret, 51, Ireland

8A-113-116, Sidels, Charles T, 11, PA

8A-113-117, Sidels, Elizabeth, 17, PA

8A-113-116, Sidels, John, 57, PA

8A-113-116, Sidels, Martha A, 22, PA

8A-113-117, Sidels, Nancy, 3/12, PA

8A-113-116, Sidels, Nettie, 15, PA

8A-113-117, Sidels, Thos, 27, PA

30A-425-432, Simbert, Harry, 13, PA

30A-425-432, Simbert, Willis A, 12, PA

7B-108-110, Simonton, Elizabeth, 66, PA

21A-295-301, Simpkins, Mary, 7, PA

26A-369-375, Simpson, Adam, 25, Scotland

26A-369-375, Simpson, David, 18, Scotland

3B-43-46, Simpson, David, 25, VA

20B-287-293, Skillthrop, Robt, 13, NC

2B-30-33, Slater, Nathan, 86, RI

32A-457-465, Sleet, James, 4, OH

32A-457-465, Sleet, John, 2, PA

32A-457-465, Sleet, Layfaette, 7, KY

32A-457-465, Sleet, Pauline, 9/12, PA

32A-457-465, Sleet, Pauline, 29, KY

32A-457-465, Sleet, Simon, 29, KY

32A-457-465, Sleet, Thos, 9, KY

26B-374-380, Slestly, Agnes, 1/12, PA

26B-374-380, Slestly, Ann, 4, PA

26B-374-380, Slestly, Christoma, 2, PA

26B-374-380, Slestly, Esther S, 23, Scotland

26B-374-380, Slestly, Henry, 26, Scotland

25B-358-364, Sneden, Richard, 23, Scotland

31A-444-451, Snyder, David, 55, PA

31A-444-451, Snyder, Jaems, 17, PA

31A-444-451, Snyder, Susan, 58, PA

23B-336-342, Sogan, Inaz, 63, Scotland

27A-381-387, Soghley, Archibald, 22, Scotland

27A-381-387, Soghley, Charles, 17, Scotland

27A-381-387, Soghley, Chas, 47, Ireland

27A-381-387, Soghley, Hugh, 2, PA

27A-381-387, Soghley, James, 12, PA

27A-381-387, Soghley, Jane, 43, Scotland

27A-381-387, Soghley, Mary, 5, PA

27A-381-387, Soghley, Patrick, 20, Scotland

18A-252-259, Soul, John, 16, PA

26B-374-380, Speers, Agnes, 18, Scotland

30A-426-433, Spitler, Elizabeth, 2, PA

30A-426-433, Spitler, John, 30, OH

30A-426-433, Spitler, Mggie L, 4, PA

30A-426-433, Spitler, Nancy A, 32, PA

30A-426-433, Spitler, Sohama, 6, PA

1B-12-12, Stafford, John, 10, PA

1B-14-14, Stambaugh, Amanda, 25, PA

1B-14-14, Stambaugh, Danl, 54, OH

1B-14-14, Stambaugh, Lanrice, 14, PA

1B-14-14, Stambaugh, Louita, 17, PA

1B-14-14, Stambaugh, Margret, 54, PA

1B-14-14, Stambaugh, Wm B, 19, PA

7B-111-114, Stevens, Amelda J, 22, PA

7B-111-114, Stevens, James W, 18, PA

7B-111-114, Stevens, John, 45, PA

8A-111-114, Stevens, John , 12, PA

8A-111-114, Stevens, Margret M, 8, PA

8A-111-114, Stevens, Mary A, 14, PA

8A-111-114, Stevens, Nancy S, 9/12, PA

7B-111-114, Stevens, Sarah J, 39, PA

7B-111-114, Stevens, Wm H, 26 [20?], PA

8A-116-120, Stewart, Charles S, 13, PA

8A-116-120, Stewart, D J, 44, NY

4A-50-55, Stewart, Elizabeth, 18, PA

8A-116-120, Stewart, Elizabeth E, 16, PA

4A-50-55, Stewart, H Kyle, 22, PA

5B-70-75, Stewart, Hannah, 59, PA

8A-116-120, Stewart, James L, 7, PA

4A-50-55, Stewart, John C, 51, PA

4A-50-55, Stewart, John H, 14, PA

4A-50-55, Stewart, Lilly E, 12, PA

4A-50-55, Stewart, Mallisa B, 6, PA

8A-116-120, Stewart, Mary A, 10, PA

4A-50-55, Stewart, Mary J, 46, PA

4A-50-55, Stewart, Mary M, 16, PA

4A-50-55, Stewart, Millia E, 2, PA

8A-116-120, Stewart, Saml A, 1, PA

8A-116-120, Stewart, Saml P, 46, OH

32B-467-475, Stewart, T D, 22, PA

5B-70-75, Stewart, Thos, 69, PA

4A-50-55, Stewart, Wm E, 9, PA

8A-116-120, Stewart, Wm W, 19, PA

15B-217-222, Stinger, Afred Theo, 17, PA

15B-217-222, Stinger, Angeline M, 10, PA

5B-72-77, Stinger, Cloa May, 4, PA

15B-217-222, Stinger, E Emma, 14, PA

5B-72-77, Stinger, Harry D, 1, PA

15B-217-222, Stinger, Jackson, 8, PA

5B-72-77, Stinger, Jas M, 25, PA

15B-217-222, Stinger, John H, 37, PA

15B-217-222, Stinger, Julia A S, 12, PA

15B-217-222, Stinger, Mary A S, 5, PA

5B-72-77, Stinger, Sarah, 23, PA

15B-217-222, Stinger, Sarah, 38, PA

13B-193-197, Stinger , E Clara, 14, PA

11B-163-168, Stinson, Julia A, 65, PA

27A-381-387, Stout, James, 20, PA

14B-204-208, Stoyer, Beneval, 14, PA

13B-193-197, Stoyer, Clara V, 4, PA

13B-193-197, Stoyer, Danl P, 6, PA

14B-204-208, Stoyer, Ellen, 38, PA

13B-193-197, Stoyer, F Adison, 10, PA

13B-193-197, Stoyer, Hiram, 7, PA

14B-204-208, Stoyer, Joseph, 41, PA

14B-204-208, Stoyer, Joseph E, 12, PA

13B-193-197, Stoyer, Lydda, 36, PA

14B-204-208, Stoyer, Maria J, 8, PA

14B-204-208, Stoyer, Mary E, 10, PA

14B-204-208, Stoyer, Monroe, 16, PA

13B-193-197, Stoyer, Permila A, 9, PA

14B-204-208, Stoyer, Sally A, 6, PA

13B-193-197, Stoyer, Saml, 36, PA

14B-204-208, Stoyer, Wm H, 4, PA

31B-454-462, Stranahan, Cora B, 2, PA

31B-454-462, Stranahan, Duncan, 17, PA

31B-454-462, Stranahan, Eva, 15, PA

31B-454-462, Stranahan, Laura E, 7/12, PA

31B-454-462, Stranahan, Mitilda, 39, PA

31B-454-462, Stranahan, Wm, 44, PA

25A-358-364, Sul*oun*, S*ale*, 21, PA

29B-419-426, Sulivan, Dennis, 15, PA

29B-419-426, Sulivan, Edward, 22, MA

29B-419-426, Sulivan, Johanna, 60, Ireland

29B-419-426, Sulivan, John, 19, PA

14A-195-199, Sullivan, Henry, 14, PA

12B-178-181, Swab , Anna, 11, PA

12B-178-181, Swab , Benjn, 45, PA

12B-178-181, Swab , Danl E, 3, PA

12B-178-181, Swab , Emma, 19, PA

12B-178-181, Swab , Francis, 6, PA

12B-178-181, Swab , Henry, 15, PA

12B-178-181, Swab , Sarah, 44, PA

12B-178-181, Swab , Susan, 9, PA

12B-178-181, Swab , William, 13, PA

19A-262-269, Swartz, Abram, 18, OH

12B-181-184, Swartz, Elizabeth, 27, PA

20B-287-293, Swartz, George, 21, PA

12B-181-184, Swartz, Saml, 38, PA

27A-377-383, Taggert, John, 59, Scotland

27A-377-383, Taggert, Wm, 28, Scotland

3A-37-40, Taylor, Albert, 17, PA

3A-37-40, Taylor, Anna, 21, PA

3A-37-40, Taylor, Anna, 48, PA

3A-37-40, Taylor, Charles, 14, PA

24B-347-353, Taylor, David, 10/12, PA

3A-37-40, Taylor, Elicia, 8, PA

24B-347-353, Taylor, Eliza, 9, IL

24B-347-353, Taylor, George, 16, IL

3A-37-40, Taylor, Helen, 4, PA

3A-37-40, Taylor, John, 11, PA

24B-347-353, Taylor, John, 11, PA

24B-347-353, Taylor, John, 12, IL

32B-467-475, Taylor, John, 50, England

24B-347-353, Taylor, John, 52, England

24B-347-353, Taylor, Joseph, 14, IL

24B-347-353, Taylor, Richard, 18, IL

3A-37-40, Taylor, Robt, 45, England

24B-347-353, Taylor, Sarah, 5, PA

24B-347-353, Taylor, Sarah, 40, England

24B-347-353, Taylor, Thos, 14, PA

22A-309-315, Tenant, Wm, 23, Scotland

29B-422-429, Thomas, Ebenzer, 34, England

25B-359-365, Thomas, Eva, 13, Wales

22B-317-323, Thomas, Julia, 16, PA

29B-422-429, Thomas, Mary, 13, Wales

22A-310-316, Thompson, A*aron, 56, PA

31A-447-455, Thompson, Augustus, 22, PA

4B-61-66, Thompson, David, 35, PA

4B-61-66, Thompson, Elizabeth, 56, PA

4B-59-63, Thompson, Florence, 17, PA

4B-61-66, Thompson, George, 58, PA

4B-61-66, Thompson, Hiram, 16, PA

29A-409-415, Thompson, John, 15, England

22A-310-316, Thompson, John, 56, PA

22A-310-316, Thompson, Louisa M, 7, PA

4B-61-66, Thompson, Margret, 19, PA

31A-447-455, Thompson, May, 3, PA

22A-310-316, Thompson, Moses, 17 [11?], PA

4B-61-66, Thompson, Newton, 23, PA

4B-61-66, Thompson, Philina, 28, PA

22A-310-316, Thompson, Rachel, 12, PA

22A-310-316, Thompson, Rebecca, 46, PA

22A-310-316, Thompson, Saml, 20, PA

4B-59-63, Thompson, Sarah, 59, PA

31A-447-455, Thompson, Sylvester, 23, PA

29A-409-415, Thompson, Thos, 16, England

4B-59-63, Thompson, William, 55, PA

26B-371-377, Thornburn, Ann, 30, Scotland

26B-371-377, Thornburn, George, 7, Scotland

26B-371-377, Thornburn, Jane, 3, Scotland

26B-371-377, Thornburn, Mary, 1, Scotland

26B-371-377, Thornburn, Robt, 13, Scotland

26B-371-377, Thornburn, Robt, 34 [36?], Scotland

26B-371-377, Thornburn, Walter, 5, Scotland

26B-371-377, Thornburn, Wm, 21, Scotland

16B-229-235, Thorpe, Hattie, 20, NY

16B-230-236, Thorpe, Henry R, 31, NY

16B-230-236, Thorpe, Jennie, 19, PA

4B-58-62, Tingley, Elizabeth, 49, OH

5A-64-69, Tingley, Frank, 4, PA

5A-63-68, Tingley, Frederic, 1, PA

5A-64-69, Tingley, Jane, 13, PA

5A-64-69, Tingley, Jno, 42, PA

4B-58-62, Tingley, John, 14, OH

5A-64-69, Tingley, Mary, 43, PA

8A-114-118, Tingley, Mary, 57, PA

4B-58-62, Tingley, Mathias, 10, OH

5A-64-69, Tingley, Nancy, 11, PA

5A-63-68, Tingley, Saml F, 31, PA

4B-58-62, Tingley, Simpson, 12, OH

5A-63-68, Tingley, Sophia J, 25, PA

5A-63-68, Tingley, Thadeus, 4, PA

19B-267-274, Uber, Agnes, 23, PA

19B-267-274, Uber, Emeline, 25, PA

19B-267-274, Uber, Harrison, 21, PA

19B-267-274, Uber, Mary A, 65, PA

4A-49-54, Umphrey, Lewis, 22, PA

10A-142-148, Urmson, Abigail, 19, PA

10A-142-148, Urmson, Nancy, 69, England

10A-142-148, Urmson, Wm, 23, PA

25B-358-364, Urwin, W F, 20, WV

22B-314-320, Vernon, Carrie M, 7, PA

22B-314-320, Vernon, Charles, 11, PA

31A-448-456, Vernon, Elizabeth, 78, Wales

22B-314-320, Vernon, Lewina, 39, PA

22B-314-320, Vernon, Sayetta E, 1, PA

22B-314-320, Vernon, Wm, 45, PA

22B-314-320, Vernon, Wm T, 5, PA

15B-214-219, Vogus, George, 14, PA

18B-254-261, Wagoner, Elizabeth, 54, Baden

18B-254-261, Wagoner, John, 11, PA

18B-254-261, Wagoner, John, 50, Baden

24B-346-352, Wake, George, 19, England

23B-336-342, Ward, Ida, 39, Scotland

7A-100-103, Ward, Margret, 36, PA

23B-336-342, Ward, Peter, 42, Ireland

7A-100-103, Ward, Saml, 44, PA

15B-215-220, Wasser, harry, 11, PA

5A-67-72, Watson, A H, 23, PA

5A-67-72, Watson, A T, 54, PA

5A-67-72, Watson, A. H., 16, PA

5A-67-72, Watson, Clara D, 20, PA

27B-390-396, Watson, Donald, 23, Scotland

27A-378-384, Watson, Elizabeth, 33, Scotland

5A-67-72, Watson, Elizabeth, 52, PA

5A-67-72, Watson, Hannah M, 10, OH

27A-378-384, Watson, J***** [James or John], 24, Scotland:

27A-378-384, Watson, Janet, 13, Scotland

27A-378-384, Watson, Joseph, 6, PA

27A-378-384, Watson, Mary, 11, PA

5A-67-72, Watson, Samantha E, 14, PA

27B-390-396, Watson, Thos, 21, Scotland

27A-378-384, Watson, Willie, 3, PA

5A-67-72, Watson, Wm L, 12, PA

25B-358-364, Weittenberger, Allison, 16, OH

9B-133-139, Well, Zemiah, 87, CT

4A-52-56, Wherry, Hugh, 21, PA

16A-225-231, White, John, 31, Ireland

23B-331-337, Wick, Phoeba, 23, England

23B-331-337, Wick, Wm, 25, England

9B-135-141, Wier, Andrew, 69, PA

9B-135-141, Wier, Frank, 10, PA

9B-135-141, Wier, Sarah, 58, PA

23B-335-341, Williams, Mary A, 12, PA

22A-307-313, Williams, Rebecca J, 12, PA

5B-77-82, Williamson, Ezra, 35, PA

5B-77-82, Williamson, Mary M, 32, PA

30A-429-436, Willim, Enoch, 12, PA

30A-429-436, Willim, John, 52, England

30A-429-436, Willim, John W, 17, PA

30A-429-436, Willim, M*lon, 5, PA

30A-429-436, Willim, Mary, 3, PA

30A-429-436, Willim, Mary A, 42, England

31B-450-458, Wills, Emma, 6, NY

31B-450-458, Wills, George, 45, Saxoney

31B-450-458, Wills, Henry, 17, NY

31B-450-458, Wills, Herbert, 8, NY

31B-450-458, Wills, Lewis, 2/12, PA

31B-450-458, Wills, Louisa, 44, Holand

31B-450-458, Wills, Wm, 10, NY

30B-435-442, Wilson, Ada V, 1, PA

30B-435-442, Wilson, Dwight, 29, OH

22A-312-318, Wilson, Francena, 18, PA

22A-312-318, Wilson, James, 11, PA

22A-312-318, Wilson, John, 13, PA

30B-435-442, Wilson, Lizzie J, 30, OH

22A-312-318, Wilson, Rebecca, 49, PA

22A-312-318, Wilson, Wm, 8, PA

22A-312-318, Wilson, Wm, 55, Ireland

19B-271-278, Womer, Amos, 18, PA

14B-205-209, Womer, Bevva, 7, PA

14B-205-209, Womer, Edward, 11, PA

19B-271-278, Womer, Harry, 23, PA

14B-205-209, Womer, John, 55, PA

14B-205-209, Womer, Joseph, 12, PA

14B-205-209, Womer, Margret, 47, PA

8A-116-120, Womer, Wm, 19, PA

9A-128-133, Woner, Christiana, 55, Baden

9A-128-133, Woner, Danl, 68, Baden

13A-184-187, Wood, Marilla K, 28, PA

13A-184-187, Wood, Ranson D, 2, OH

13A-184-187, Wood, Rufus E, 29, PA

8A-120-124, Woods, Alexander, 3/12, PA

8B-120-125, Woods, Clarinda, 46, PA

17A-238-245, Woods, David, 18, PA

8B-120-125, Woods, Elvira, 39, PA

6A-77-82, Woods, L P, 22, PA

8A-120-124, Woods, Lustre B, 62, PA

8A-120-125, Woods, Margret, 48, PA

8A-120-124, Woods, Mary J, 30, PA

8B-120-125, Woods, Mina A, 32, PA

5B-77-82, Woods, Phebe, 64, PA

22A-304-310, Woods, Sarah, 50, PA

5B-77-82, Woods, W W, 70, PA

21A-296-302, Woods, Wm D, 31, PA

12B-177-180, Wortman, Anna, 14, PA

12B-177-180, Wortman, Elmina W, 42, PA

12B-177-180, Wortman, Henry T, 10, PA

12B-177-180, Wortman, Jas N, 7, PA

12B-177-180, Wortman, Mary M, 2, PA

12B-177-180, Wortman, Saml, 46, PA

11A-155-161, Wostman, Eliza, 17, PA

21A-295-301, Wrangst [Unangst?], Susan, 62, PA

21A-295-301, Wrangst [Unangst?], Thos, 61, PA

21A-295-301, Wrangst [Unangst?], Thos Jr, 19, PA

23A-328-334, Wright, Hannah M, 24, PA

27A-379-385, Wright, Janet, 35, Scotland

23A-328-334, Wright, P D, 28, NY

27A-379-385, Wright, Wm, 35, Scotland

32B-463-471, Wyans, Catharine, 13, PA

32B-463-471, Wyans, Catharine, 48, Bysun

32B-463-471, Wyans, Frank, 17, PA

32B-463-471, Wyans, Jacob, 23, PA

32B-463-471, Wyans, John, 19, PA

32B-463-471, Wyans, John, 52, Prussia

32B-463-471, Wyans, Lewis, 6, PA

32B-463-471, Wyans, Lizzie, 15, PA

32B-463-471, Wyans, Mary, 11, PA

23A-321-327, Yetman, Caroline, 40, OH

6A-78-84, Young, Ann T., 64, PA

6A-79-85, Young, Caroline, 36, PA

6B-89-95, Young, Charles, 10, PA

6B-89-95, Young, Ellen, 29, PA

6A-78-84, Young, Jas, 72, PA

4B-56-60, Young, Joseph, 56, PA

4B-56-60, Young, Maria, 57, Ireland

6A-79-85, Young, Robt C, 4, PA

6A-79-85, Young, Saml C, 11, PA

6A-79-85, Young, T M, 37, PA

6B-89-95, Young, Thos, 39, England

6A-79-85, Young, Thos M, 8, PA

6A-79-85, Young, Wm W, 13, PA
20B-284-290, Zellers, Clara, 8, PA
20B-284-290, Zellers, Edwin, 15, PA
20B-284-290, Zellers, Ella, 1, PA
20B-284-290, Zellers, Emma, 5, PA
20B-284-290, Zellers, John, 44, OH
20B-284-290, Zellers, Laura, 12, PA
20B-284-290, Zellers, Lydia, 39, OH
22A-311-317, Zillenger, Baraba, 49, Holland
22A-311-317, Zillenger, Jacob, 17, PA
22A-311-317, Zillenger, Jacob, 44, Holland
22A-311-317, Zillenger, John, 14, PA
22A-311-317, Zillenger, Leander, 20, PA
[end of enumeration]

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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