Jamestown Borough

1870 Census

Jamestown Borough

JAMESTOWN BOROUGH - all census entries
1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: Wm. M. Bailey
Post Office: Mercer
Date of Enumeration: 27 Aug - 3 Sept, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 1999. Any commercial use prohibited


Pg# Dwelling# Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth
127B-10-10, Akin, Lucy 76 yrs, VT
127B-10-10, Akin, Jane 55 yrs, VT
127B-10-10, Akin, Lizzie 34 yrs, OH
129B-48-48, Anderson, David 50 yrs, Ireland
129B-48-48, Anderson, Margret 49 yrs, Ireland
129B-48-48, Anderson, Matilda 22 yrs, OH
129B-48-48, Anderson, Wm 20 yrs, OH
129B-48-48, Anderson, Eliza 16 yrs, OH
129B-48-48, Anderson, Charlota 10 yrs, OH
133A-111-115, Andrew, Malissa 29 yrs, PA
128B-29-29, Anett, John 26 yrs, OH
128B-29-29, Anett, Elizabeth 27 yrs, PA
131A-73-76, Askue, Mary 70 yrs, PA
130B-64-67, Aton, John 25 yrs, PA
130B-64-67, Aton, Mary 21 yrs, OH
131A-72-75, Austin, James 36 yrs, NY
131A-72-75, Austin, Ellen 32 yrs, NY
131A-72-75, Austin, Ernst 9 yrs, NY
131A-72-75, Austin, Walter 7 yrs, NY
131A-72-75, Austin, Lillie 5 yrs, OH
128A-24-24, Baird, J. R. 43 yrs, Canada
128A-24-24, Baird, Unes 31 yrs, NY
128B-29-29, Baird, James 18 yrs, PA
130A-55-55, Baty, John 47 yrs, Ireland
130A-55-55, Baty, Mary 18 yrs, PA
130A-55-55, Baty, Edward 14 yrs, PA
130A-55-55, Baty, Barnard 16 yrs, PA
130A-55-55, Baty, Cesley 11 yrs, PA
130A-55-55, Baty, Margret 13 yrs, PA
130A-55-55, Baty, John 8 yrs, PA
130A-55-55, Baty, Alice 6 yrs, PA
130B-64-66, Belinek, Nancy 48 yrs, PA
130B-64-66, Belinek, Jno 23 yrs, PA
130B-64-66, Belinek, Frank 17 yrs, PA
128B-31-31, Blair, Jas H. 43 yrs, PA
128B-31-31, Blair, Amanda M 45 yrs, OH
128B-31-31, Blair, Alonzo 22 yrs, PA
128B-31-31, Blair, Umphrey 22 yrs, PA
128B-31-31, Blair, Clarence 13 yrs, PA
128B-31-31, Blair, Elmer 8 yrs, PA
128B-31-31, Blair, Loretta 3 yrs, PA
132B-101-105, Blair, Wm H. 22 yrs, PA
132B-101-105, Blair, Alice A. 24 yrs, PA
127B-15-15, Boaugh, J. A. 26 yrs, PA
127B-15-15, Boaugh, Amie 17 yrs, PA
127B-15-15, Boaugh, Ernst 4/12 yrs, PA
127B-15-15, Boaugh, Robt 27 yrs, PA
132A-92-96, Boden, Jane 25 yrs, PA
128A-21-21, Bonell, George 39 yrs, PA
128A-21-21, Bonell, Ea V. 20 yrs, Wiss
133A-118-122, Bram, Nora 20 yrs, Ireland
127A-1-1, Breckenridge, J. C. 26 yrs, PA
127A-1-1, Breckenridge, L. A. 24 yrs, PA
127A-1-1, Breckenridge, Wm 3 yrs, PA
127A-1-1, Breckenridge, Bernie 0/12 yrs, PA
127A-8-8, Brvose, David 25 yrs, PA
132B-99-103, Burlingam, E. R. 45 yrs, VT
132B-99-103, Burlingam, H. B. 35 yrs, OH
132B-99-103, Burlingam, Ida 14 yrs, OH
132B-99-103, Burlingam, Lewis 10 yrs, OH
132B-99-103, Burlingam, Homer 6 yrs, OH
132B-99-103, Burlingam, George 3 yrs, OH
132B-99-103, Burlingam, Frank 3/12 yrs, OH
127B-14-14, Burt, Lizzie 18 yrs, PA
128A-19-19, Calhoun, A. 40 yrs, NY
128A-19-19, Calhoun, Anjeline 36 yrs, PA
128A-19-19, Calhoun, Frank 14 yrs, PA
128A-19-19, Calhoun, Wm 11 yrs, PA
127A-3-3, Calvin, Mathew 39 yrs, PA
127A-3-3, Calvin, Malinda 42 yrs, PA
127A-3-3, Calvin, Matilda E. 18 yrs, PA
127A-3-3, Calvin, Silas 16 yrs, PA
128A-20-20, Calvin, R. W. 39 yrs, PA
128A-20-20, Calvin, E. M. 30 yrs, PA
128A-20-20, Calvin, R. M. 7 yrs, PA
128A-20-20, Calvin, C. A. 5 yrs, PA
130A-61-61, Campbell, Wimiea 40 yrs, OH
130A-61-61, Campbell, Fred 17 yrs, PA
132B-100-104, Campbell, Eliza 70 yrs, PA
132B-100-104, Campbell, Malinda 25 yrs, PA
133A-110-114, Campbell, Jas 45 yrs, PA
133A-110-114, Campbell, Mary 42 yrs, PA
133A-110-114, Campbell, Elta 11 yrs, PA
133A-110-114, Campbell, John 9 yrs, PA
133A-110-114, Campbell, Wm 7 yrs, PA
133A-110-114, Campbell, Frank 5 yrs, PA
133A-110-114, Campbell, Emma 3 yrs, PA
133A-110-114, Campbell, Augustus 3/12 yrs, PA
129A-39-39, Carr, J. W. 35 yrs, PA
129A-39-39, Carr, Susan 29 yrs, PA
129A-39-39, Carr, Joseph 5 yrs, PA
129A-39-39, Carr, Saml 4 yrs, PA
129B-49-49, Carr, David 29 yrs, PA
133A-107-111, Carr, J. H. 34 yrs, PA
133A-107-111, Carr, Amanda 33 yrs, PA
133A-107-111, Carr, Emma 5 yrs, PA
133A-107-111, Carr, Jno 58 yrs, PA
133A-107-111, Carr, Rebecca 62 yrs, PA
131B-86-90, Case, Adeline 40 yrs, PA
129A-44-44, Champman, E. C. 24 yrs, NY
129A-44-44, Champman, Mary 22 yrs, OH
129A-44-44, Champman, Wm 9/12 yrs, PA
133A-115-119, Chapman, E. 38 yrs, Coma*
133A-115-119, Chapman, Mary 33 yrs, PA
133A-115-119, Chapman, Maria 6 yrs, PA
133A-115-119, Chapman, John 4 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Chapman, J. W. 38 yrs, PA
133A-115-119, Chebonda, Wiley 36 yrs, PA
133A-115-119, Chebonda, R. H. 25 yrs, PA
133A-115-119, Chebonda, Thos 3 yrs, PA
133A-115-119, Chebonda, Marshal 1 yrs, PA
133A-117-121, Chebonda, Margt 52 yrs, PA
133A-117-121, Chebonda, Oral J. 17 yrs, PA
130B-68-71, Clark, Pat 35 yrs, Ireland
130B-68-71, Clark, Mary 25 yrs, PA
133A-107-111, Clay, Celia 17 yrs, PA
127B-12-12, Cochlin, Bengan 52 yrs, Ireland
127B-12-12, Cochlin, Bridget 50 yrs, Ireland
127B-12-12, Cochlin, Bridget 17 yrs, Ireland
127B-12-12, Cochlin, Torence 15 yrs, Ireland
127B-12-12, Cochlin, Joseph 10 yrs, Ireland
133A-121-125, Cochlin, Bridget 18 yrs, PA
132B-98-102, Colbysn, Chas 36 yrs, NY
132B-98-102, Colbysn, Mary 25 yrs, NY
132B-98-102, Colbysn, Merton 7 yrs, OH
132B-98-102, Colbysn, Lewis 2 yrs, PA
131A-74-77, Collins, Geo. B. 36 yrs, PA
131A-74-77, Collins, Mary E. 28 yrs, PA
131A-74-77, Collins, J. Cora 10 yrs, PA
131A-74-77, Collins, Charles E. 5 yrs, Canada
128B-35-35, Conart, Saml 54 yrs, PA
128B-35-35, Conart, Lucy A. 50 yrs, PA
128B-35-35, Conart, Catharine 30 yrs, PA
128B-35-35, Conart, Maria 11 yrs, PA
128B-35-35, Conart, Lizzie 7 yrs, PA
127A-9-9, Connway, Michael 50 yrs, Ireland
127A-9-9, Connway, Mary 48 yrs, Ireland
127B-9-9, Connway, Ellen 18 yrs, Canada
127B-9-9, Connway, Margret 16 yrs, OH
128B-34-34, Cook, Wm 40 yrs, Ireland
128B-34-34, Cook, Nancy 32 yrs, Ireland
128B-34-34, Cook, Henry 6 yrs, IL
128B-34-34, Cook, Eliza J. 4 yrs, IL
128B-34-34, Cook, Robert C 1 yrs, OH
133A-104-108, Craft, F. 34 yrs, Prussia
133A-104-108, Craft, Minnie 30 yrs, Hanover
133A-104-108, Craft, Herry 5 yrs, PA
133A-104-108, Craft, Minnie 2 yrs, PA
133A-104-108, Craft, Frank 1/12 yrs, PA
130B-63-63, Craig, Elizabeth 65 yrs, PA
131B-82-85, Cravat, Saml 25 yrs, PA
131B-82-85, Cravat, Nettie 26 yrs, PA
131B-82-85, Cravat, Flora 1 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Crillan, Pat 25 yrs, Ireland
133A-106-110, Cross, Susan 18 yrs, OH
128A-23-23, Davidson, J. T. 29 yrs, PA
128A-23-23, Davidson, Abagail 24 yrs, OH
128A-23-23, Davidson, John 2 yrs, PA
128A-23-23, Davidson, Florence E. 8/12 yrs, PA
128B-32-32, Davidson, Lucinda 67 yrs, PA
127A-7-7, Denison, John 49 yrs, PA
127A-7-7, Denison, Sarah 46 yrs, PA
127A-7-7, Denison, Joseph 22 yrs, PA
127A-7-7, Denison, Minnie 10 yrs, PA
132A-89-93, Dewitt, Geo 26 yrs, NY
132A-92-96, Dwight, H. F. 47 yrs, CT
132A-92-96, Dwight, Emeline 28 yrs, NY
132A-92-96, Dwight, Hart S. 11 yrs, OH
132A-92-96, Dwight, A. A. 39 yrs, CT
128B-33-33, Edy, Ben F. 31 yrs, PA
128B-33-33, Edy, Caroline 28 yrs, PA
128B-33-33, Edy, Wm 1 yrs, PA
127A-5-5, Emery, Ella 13 yrs, PA
129A-43-43, English, J. F. 28 yrs, PA
129A-43-43, English, S. A. 26 yrs, PA
129A-43-43, English, Warren 1 yrs, PA
129B-46-46, Fiddler, John 60 yrs, PA
129B-46-46, Fiddler, Mary 53 yrs, PA
129B-46-46, Fiddler, Sylvester 29 yrs, PA
129B-46-46, Fiddler, Mary E. 24 yrs, PA
129B-46-46, Fiddler, Edgar J. 17 yrs, PA
133A-119-123, Forest, Henry 24 yrs, PA
133A-119-123, Forest, Nancy 23 yrs, PA
133A-119-123, Forest, George 3 yrs, PA
133A-119-123, Forest, Jane 25 yrs, PA
133A-119-123, Forest, George 30 yrs, PA
133A-119-123, Forest, Mary 1 yrs, PA
132B-103-107, Foster, Thos 60 yrs, NJ
132B-103-107, Foster, Johanna 50 yrs, NY
133A-112-116, Foster, Mary 3 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Fouts, John 30 yrs, PA
129A-36-36, Fowler, Chas H. 50 yrs, CT
129A-36-36, Fowler, Mary *. 38 yrs, MA
129A-36-36, Fowler, Alonza 18 yrs, OH
128A-24-24, Franklin, Syytchia 27 yrs, NY
127A-1-1, Frizzle, Ira A 30 yrs, Canada
132A-94-98, Gamble , D. 39 yrs, PA
132A-94-98, Gamble , S. W. 34 yrs, PA
132A-94-98, Gamble , Clara 7 yrs, PA
132A-94-98, Gamble , Farnk 4 yrs, PA
132A-94-98, Gamble , Teressa1 f yrs, PA
132B-94-98, Gamble , Martha 27 yrs, PA
131A-75-78, Gardner, Saml 30 yrs, Ireland
131A-75-78, Gardner, Mary J. 28 yrs, PA
131A-75-78, Gardner, Mary E. 7 yrs, PA
131A-75-78, Gardner, Hattie 4 yrs, PA
131A-75-78, Gardner, Robt 2 yrs, PA
131A-75-78, Gardner, Rebecca J. 21 yrs, Ireland
131A-75-78, Gardner, Robt 65 yrs, Ireland
133A-121-125, Garley, H. J. 21 yrs, Ireland
133A-121-125, Gavin, John 40 yrs, Prussia
127A-4-4, George, Wm 29 yrs, PA
127A-4-4, George, Mary R. 19 yrs, PA
133A-108-112, Gibson, Wm 57 yrs, NY
133A-108-112, Gibson, Susan 51 yrs, PA
131B-85-88, Giddings, Augustus 65 yrs, ME
131B-85-88, Giddings, Caroline 50 yrs, MA
131B-85-88, Giddings, Helen *. 19 yrs, PA
131B-85-88, Giddings, E. C. 16 yrs, PA
127A-2-2, Gillespie, David 17 yrs, PA
128B-26-26, Gleeson, C. E. 14 yrs, PA
130A-54-54, Gleeson, Michael 49 yrs, Ireland
130A-54-54, Gleeson, Margret 24 yrs, Ireland
130A-54-54, Gleeson, Kate 15 yrs, PA
131B-78-81, Griffin, Andrew 26 yrs, PA
131B-78-81, Griffin, Hattie 2 yrs, PA
131B-78-81, Griffin, Hattie 2/12 yrs, PA
131B-78-81, Griffin, Emma 2 yrs, PA
127A-5-5, Guiles, A. 42 yrs, NY
127A-5-5, Guiles, Caroline 36 yrs, PA
127A-5-5, Guiles, Letitie 16 yrs, PA
127A-5-5, Guiles, Linda 13 yrs, PA
127A-5-5, Guiles, Elmer 8 yrs, PA
128B-27-27, Hazen, Jasper 24 yrs, PA
128B-27-27, Hazen, Tyetta 22 yrs, PA
128B-27-27, Hazen, Saml 21 yrs, PA
128B-27-27, Hazen, Mary A. 58 yrs, NY
133A-107-111, Hazen, Wm 12 yrs, PA
129A-42-42, Heins, Rebecca 46 yrs, PA
129A-42-42, Heins, Jno W. 20 yrs, PA
129A-42-42, Heins, Emma 10 yrs, PA
129A-42-42, Heins, Wm 8 yrs, PA
129A-40-40, Hendon, Stephen 55 yrs, PA
129A-40-40, Hendon, Betsey 50 yrs, NY
129A-40-40, Hendon, Mary M. 19 yrs, PA
129A-40-40, Hendon, Sarah F. 8 yrs, PA
133B-121-125, Henouland, Frank 9 yrs, PA
133A-109-113, Henry, Nancy 80 yrs, PA
133A-109-113, Henry, Sarah 59 yrs, PA
129B-50-50, Hest, Saml 17 yrs, PA
129B-50-50, Hest, Cora 10 yrs, PA
129B-50-50, Hest, Ada 8 yrs, PA
128A-20-20, Hoge, Sylvester 22 yrs, PA
132B-94-98, Hogg, Movis 14 yrs, PA
132B-95-99, Hohnes, A. 52 yrs, PA
132B-95-99, Hohnes, Eumicia 47 yrs, NY
132B-95-99, Hohnes, George 11 yrs, PA
132B-95-99, Hohnes, Hattie 10 yrs, PA
132A-92-96, Hollister, S. E. 26 yrs, PA
131B-82-85, Homer, Gibson 4 yrs, PA
133A-118-122, Horner, H. J. 37 yrs, PA
133A-118-122, Horner, L. C. 31 yrs, PA
133A-118-122, Horner, M. A. 10 yrs, PA
133A-118-122, Horner, A. S. 6 yrs, PA
133A-118-122, Horner, John H. 7/12 yrs, PA
133A-106-110, Houser, Wm 23 yrs, PA
128A-22-22, Howard, D. C. 39 yrs, Ga
128A-22-22, Howard, Hellen 32 yrs, OH
128A-22-22, Howard, Ada F. 10 yrs, PA
128A-22-22, Howard, Elizabeth T. 7 yrs, PA
128A-22-22, Howard, Alice J. 5 yrs, PA
128A-22-22, Howard, Dai* K. 3 yrs, PA
128A-22-22, Howard, Louisa J. 5/12 yrs, PA
133A-106-110, Huns, Henry 26 yrs, Canada
133A-106-110, Huns, Jno 28 yrs, Canada
132B-97-101, Jones, Hiram 43 yrs, NY
132B-97-101, Jones, Harriet 37 yrs, OH
132B-97-101, Jones, Frank 17 yrs, OH
132B-97-101, Jones, Fred 13 yrs, OH
132B-97-101, Jones, Hattie 10 yrs, OH
132B-97-101, Jones, Harry 6 yrs, OH
132B-97-101, Jones, Heugh 4 yrs, PA
132B-97-101, Jones, Hellen 3 yrs, PA
132B-97-101, Jones, Mary 1 yrs, PA
127A-2-2, Kelson, J. H. 28 yrs, PA
127A-2-2, Kelson, M. M. 19 yrs, PA
133A-108-112, Kidd, Ella 16 yrs, Ireland
133A-114-118, Kyle, J. 49 yrs, OH
133A-114-118, Kyle, E. 36 yrs, NY
133A-114-118, Kyle, Jennie 11 yrs, PA
133A-114-118, Kyle, Flora 4 yrs, PA
133A-114-118, Kyle, Clara 3 yrs, PA
128A-25-25, Leisure, Andrew 51 yrs, NY
128A-25-25, Leisure, Precilla 57 yrs, OH
128A-25-25, Leisure, Louisa A. 16 yrs, PA
128A-25-25, Leisure, Sarah E. 14 yrs, PA
128A-18-18, Lochley, Thos 26 yrs, PA
128A-18-18, Lochley, Louisa 26 yrs, PA
128B-32-32, Londen, David 20 yrs, PA
128B-32-32, Londen, Mary 41 yrs, PA
128B-32-32, Londen, Florence E. 8 yrs, PA
130A-58-58, Londen, John 38 yrs, PA
130A-58-58, Londen, Christian 37 yrs, PA
130A-58-58, Londen, Henderson 11 yrs, PA
130A-58-58, Londen, Mary C. 6 yrs, PA
130A-58-58, Londen, Emma 4 yrs, PA
131B-84-87, Lu* e*, Henry 60 yrs, PA
131B-84-87, Lu* e*, Ann J. 24 yrs, PA
131B-84-87, Lu* e*, Mored B. 2/12 yrs, PA
131B-87-91, Mahon, David 40 yrs, PA
131B-87-91, Mahon, Nancy 36 yrs, PA
131B-87-91, Mahon, Mary M. 14 yrs, PA
132A-87-91, Mahon, Wm C. 3 yrs, PA
132A-87-91, Mahon, Maidison 16 yrs, PA
132A-87-91, Mahon, Jno 1/12 yrs, PA
132B-102-106, Manthol, Josiah 45 yrs, PA
132B-102-106, Manthol, Sarah 37 yrs, PA
128B-28-28, Marshall, S. W. 24 yrs, PA
128B-28-28, Marshall, Sarah 21 yrs, PA
133A-107-111, Martin, Nelson 23 yrs, PA
133A-105-109, Mc**ber, C. S. 24 yrs, MI
133A-105-109, Mc**ber, Marg 245 yrs, VT
133A-105-109, Mc**ber, Ada 5/12 yrs, PA
131B-83-86, McBride, Henry 60 yrs, Ireland
131B-83-86, McBride, Ann 40 yrs, Ireland
131B-83-86, McBride, Kate 13 yrs, Canada
131B-83-86, McBride, Bridget 10 yrs, Canada
129A-38-38, McCartney, H. C. 31 yrs, PA
129A-38-38, McCartney, Ugene 9 yrs, PA
129A-38-38, McCartney, Grace 7 yrs, PA
129B-47-47, McCrookin, Robt 35 yrs, OH
130A-57-57, McElhager, James 30 yrs, Ireland
130A-57-57, McElhager, Eliza 28 yrs, Ireland
130A-57-57, McElhager, Augusta 10 yrs, PA
130A-57-57, McElhager, Sarah 8 yrs, PA
130A-57-57, McElhager, Wm B. 6 yrs, PA
130A-57-57, McElhager, Ella 1 yrs, PA
130B-70-73, McElhages, David 32 yrs, Ireland
131A-70-73, McElhages, Maria 28 yrs, PA
131A-70-73, McElhages, Minnie 6 yrs, PA
131A-70-73, McElhages, Anna 4 yrs, PA
131A-70-73, McElhages, Dolly 2 yrs, PA
128B-30-30, McElrog, Geo. C. 28 yrs, PA
128B-30-30, McElrog, Amanda 24 yrs, PA
132B-96-100, McGill, Jno 44 yrs, OH
132B-96-100, McGill, Sarah 40 yrs, Ireland
132B-96-100, McGill, Jno 16 yrs, PA
132B-96-100, McGill, Fromk 11 yrs, PA
132B-96-100, McGill, Amanda 18 yrs, PA
132B-96-100, McGill, Minni 9 yrs, PA
127B-17-17, McGregor, John 40 yrs, Ireland
127B-17-17, McGregor, Charlotte 40 yrs, NY
128A-17-17, McGregor, Jno H 15 yrs, PA
128A-17-17, McGregor, Elmer 11 yrs, PA
128A-17-17, McGregor, Lincoln 9 yrs, PA
130B-67-70, McKabe, Thos 54 yrs, Ireland
130B-67-70, McKabe, Mary 47 yrs, Ireland
130B-67-70, McKabe, Barney 13 yrs, PA
127A-1-1, McKinley, John 27 yrs, PA
127B-14-14, McMaster, James 45 yrs, PA
127B-14-14, McMaster, Jane A. 33 yrs, PA
127B-14-14, McMaster, Thos A. 12 yrs, PA
127B-14-14, McMaster, David S. 9 yrs, PA
127B-14-14, McMaster, Wm 6 yrs, PA
129A-45-45, McMaster, Mary 30 yrs, PA
129A-45-45, McMaster, H. H. 22 yrs, PA
127A-6-6, McMichael, Elizabeth 64 yrs, Ireland
127A-6-6, McMichael, Elizabeth 20 yrs, Ireland
127A-6-6, McMichael, Nancy 24 yrs, Ireland
127A-6-6, McMichael, Hannah 22 yrs, Ireland
127A-6-6, McMichael, Andrew 18 yrs, Ireland
128B-28-28, McMichael, And 19 yrs, Ireland
129B-50-50, McMinan, James 47 yrs, Ireland
129B-50-50, McMinan, Mary 50 yrs, Ireland
129A-37-37, McNale, Thos. 39 yrs, PA
129A-37-37, McNale, Sarah 39 yrs, PA
129A-37-37, McNale, Mary E. 12 yrs, PA
129A-37-37, McNale, Maggie 10 yrs, PA
129A-37-37, McNale, John E. 7 yrs, PA
129A-37-37, McNale, Sarah 5 yrs, PA
129A-37-37, McNale, Hettie 3 yrs, PA
130B-65-68, McNickle, Arthur 69 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, McRabe, Alice 22 yrs, PA
131B-79-82, Mellinger, Ransom 26 yrs, Canada
131B-79-82, Mellinger, Emma 22 yrs, NY
127B-16-16, Mitchell, Alex 49 yrs, NY
127B-16-16, Mitchell, Sus 44 yrs, NY
127B-16-16, Mitchell, Louisa 26 yrs, Canada
127B-16-16, Mitchell, Danl 18 yrs, Canada
127B-16-16, Mitchell, Frank 16 yrs, Canada
127B-16-16, Mitchell, Charles 13 yrs, Canada
127B-16-16, Mitchell, Orin 10 yrs, Canada
127B-16-16, Mitchell, Wm 8 yrs, NY
127B-16-16, Mitchell, Clinton 4 yrs, PA
132A-88-92, MKinley, James 65 yrs, Ireland
132A-88-92, MKinley, Margret 61 yrs, Ireland
132A-88-92, MKinley, George 31 yrs, PA
132A-88-92, MKinley, Maggie 28 yrs, PA
132A-88-92, MKinley, Nancy G. 22 yrs, PA
132A-88-92, MKinley, Mary 30 yrs, PA
132A-88-92, MKinley, Harry 1 yrs, PA
133A-109-113, Moats, T. G. 53 yrs, PA
133A-109-113, Moats, Emeline 42 yrs, PA
133A-109-113, Moats, Wm H. 14 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Moats, Jacob 53 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Moats, Cyntha 40 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Moats, Robt 21 yrs, PA
130B-69-72, Myers, Thos 40 yrs, Canada
130B-69-72, Myers, Mary 26 yrs, OH
130B-69-72, Myers, Sarah 7 yrs, NY
130B-69-72, Myers, Alice 4 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Nevil, Phillip 35 yrs, PA
130A-60-60, Obrian, Pat J. 22 yrs, Ireland
130A-60-60, Obrian, Mary 35 yrs, Ireland
130A-60-60, Obrian, Teressa 13 yrs, PA
130A-60-60, Obrian, Maggie 10 yrs, PA
130A-60-60, Obrian, Mary J. 4 yrs, PA
130A-60-60, Obrian, Jane 2 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Obrien, Pete 30 yrs, Ireland
130A-54-54, Oconer, Elizabeth 24 yrs, Ireland
130A-54-54, Oconer, Anna 4 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Patten, Lausa 20 yrs, PA
131B-86-89, Patterson, Jno 37 yrs, PA
131B-86-89, Patterson, Susan 24 yrs, PA
131B-86-89, Patterson, Minnie M. 1 yrs, PA
127A-8-8, Pefer, Benjamin 52 yrs, PA
127A-8-8, Pefer, Susan 49 yrs, PA
127A-8-8, Pefer, Emma C. 20 yrs, PA
127A-8-8, Pefer, Samantha 18 yrs, PA
127A-8-8, Pefer, Sirrlus D. 15 yrs, PA
127A-8-8, Pefer, J. Annette 12 yrs, PA
128B-33-33, Phillips, R. S. 22 yrs, PA
127A-7-7, Ramsey, Pearson 22 yrs, PA
129B-52-52, Randolph, Hiram 54 yrs, PA
129B-52-52, Randolph, Thirey 43 yrs, PA
129B-52-52, Randolph, Edgar 20 yrs, PA
129B-52-52, Randolph, Ella 17 yrs, PA
129B-52-52, Randolph, Harry 12 yrs, PA
129B-52-52, Randolph, Hala 10 yrs, PA
128A-26-26, Ray, David 59 yrs, PA
128A-26-26, Ray, Jemima 52 yrs, PA
128A-26-26, Ray, David 19 yrs, PA
128A-26-26, Ray, Thos 16 yrs, PA
128A-26-26, Ray, Lucy J. 10 yrs, PA
128A-26-26, Ray, Cynthia 5 yrs, PA
133A-116-120, Reed, Jno 58 yrs, PA
133A-116-120, Reed, Nancy 55 yrs, PA
132A-92-96, Reelenbs, J. 20 yrs, PA
133A-112-116, Reeves, Thos 20 yrs, England
133A-112-116, Reeves, Sarah 20 yrs, PA
130B-65-68, Riley, W. L. 34 yrs, PA
130B-65-68, Riley, Nancy 29 yrs, PA
130B-65-68, Riley, Chas F. 11 yrs, PA
130B-65-68, Riley, Anna M. 8 yrs, PA
130B-65-68, Riley, James T. 5 yrs, PA
130B-65-68, Riley, Hattie 1 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Roberts, Wm 16 yrs, PA
133A-121-125, Rodge, Eliza 19 yrs, PA
130A-56-56, Rodgers, James 32 yrs, PA
130A-56-56, Rodgers, Nanie 25 yrs, PA
128B-34-34, Rutherford, Fanny 20 yrs, Ireland
133A-106-110, Scovil, C. W. 36 yrs, OH
133A-106-110, Scovil, B. A. 27 yrs, MA
133A-106-110, Scovil, E. M. 5 yrs, PA
133A-106-110, Scovil, C. W. 2 yrs, PA
131B-81-84, Sebold, John 30 yrs, Canada
131B-81-84, Sebold, Lydia 26 yrs, Ireland
131B-81-84, Sebold, Mary 4/12 yrs, PA
131A-76-79, Sewell, James 43 yrs, OH
131A-76-79, Sewell, Anna 42 yrs, PA
131A-76-79, Sewell, Nancy J. 15 yrs, PA
131A-76-79, Sewell, Susan 13 yrs, PA
131A-76-79, Sewell, Mary E. 11 yrs, PA
131A-76-79, Sewell, Alfred A. 10 yrs, PA
131A-76-79, Sewell, Celestia 8 yrs, PA
131B-76-79, Sewell, Florence 6 yrs, PA
131B-76-79, Sewell, Cara 4 yrs, PA
131B-76-79, Sewell, James 2 yrs, PA
133A-113-117, Shaw, Jno M. 28 yrs, PA
133A-113-117, Shaw, J. O. 20 yrs, NY
131B-80-83, Sheperd, Ellen 20 yrs, OH
131B-80-83, Sheperd, Jas A 23 yrs, OH
132A-90-94, Shultz, G. W. 45 yrs, NY
132A-90-94, Shultz, Elizabeth 39 yrs, PA
132A-90-94, Shultz, Gertrude 2 yrs, PA
130A-62-62, Sinclair, John S. 54 yrs, PA
130A-62-62, Sinclair, Sarah 52 yrs, PA
130A-62-62, Sinclair, Sarah C. 31 yrs, PA
130B-62-62, Sinclair, Ella 25 yrs, PA
130B-62-62, Sinclair, Jno N. 23 yrs, PA
130B-62-62, Sinclair, James B. 14 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, James 42 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Susan 39 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Emma 16 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Chas 12 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Wm 7 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Judson 2 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Austin 1/12 yrs, PA
132A-91-95, Snyder, Jasper 26 yrs, PA
132A-91-95, Snyder, Lizzie 26 yrs, PA
132A-91-95, Snyder, Lillie 3 yrs, PA
132A-91-95, Snyder, Casa 1 yrs, PA
127B-13-13, Stewart, Jno W. 69 yrs, PA
127B-13-13, Stewart, Jane 63 yrs, PA
127B-13-13, Stewart, Lizzie B. 40 yrs, PA
127B-16-16, Sulivan, Ada 21 yrs, Canada
127B-16-16, Sulivan, Minnie 3 yrs, PA
127B-16-16, Sulivan, Clara 3/12 yrs, PA
131B-77-80, Taylor, Wm 33 yrs, Canada
131B-77-80, Taylor, Sarah 28 yrs, OH
131B-77-80, Taylor, Harry 3 yrs, OH
129B-53-53, Thomas, Tinson 52 yrs, NY
129B-53-53, Thomas, Nancy 50 yrs, PA
130A-53-53, Thomas, Rosina 14 yrs, PA
129B-47-47, Thompson, E. 45 yrs, OH
129B-47-47, Thompson, Jane 45 yrs, OH
129B-47-47, Thompson, Laura 12 yrs, PA
129B-47-47, Thompson, Emma 10 yrs, PA
129B-47-47, Thompson, Willis W. 9 yrs, PA
129B-49-49, Thoop, W. B. 31 yrs, PA
129B-49-49, Thoop, Susan 30 yrs, PA
129B-49-49, Thoop, Ellen 10 yrs, PA
129B-49-49, Thoop, Henry 7 yrs, PA
129B-49-49, Thoop, Nannie 2 yrs, PA
130A-59-59, Throne, John 22 yrs, PA
130A-59-59, Throne, Mary 18 yrs, PA
132A-93-97, Throop, James 52 yrs, CT
132A-93-97, Throop, Eleanor 52 yrs, PA
132A-93-97, Throop, James 13 yrs, PA
130B-64-64, Trensdale, Ephraim 26 yrs, PA
130B-64-64, Trensdale, Lacy 21 yrs, PA
130B-64-64, Trensdale, Eva 11/12 yrs, PA
132A-89-93, Trensdale, Wm 40 yrs, PA
132A-89-93, Trensdale, Frank R. 30 yrs, OH
132A-89-93, Trensdale, Cal 18 yrs, PA
132A-89-93, Trensdale, Delmer 15 yrs, PA
132A-89-93, Trensdale, Estella 14 yrs, PA
132A-89-93, Trensdale, James 10 yrs, PA
132A-89-93, Trensdale, Wm J. 4 yrs, PA
129A-41-41, Troup, Eli 24 yrs, PA
129A-41-41, Troup, Rebecca 22 yrs, PA
129A-41-41, Troup, Nellie 2 yrs, PA
131A-71-74, Truesdale, Josh 37 yrs, PA
131A-71-74, Truesdale, Phr**gia 34 yrs, PA
131A-71-74, Truesdale, Allua 17 yrs, PA
131A-71-74, Truesdale, Alice 11 yrs, PA
131A-71-74, Truesdale, Jessee 9 yrs, PA
131A-71-74, Truesdale, Maggie 5 yrs, PA
131A-71-74, Truesdale, A. Clifton 1 yrs, PA
130B-64-65, Wade, A. P. 25 yrs, PA
130B-64-65, Wade, Mary 28 yrs, PA
130B-64-65, Wade, Jane 5 yrs, PA
130B-64-65, Wade, Lulee 1/12 yrs, PA
131B-84-87, Wells, elizabeth 66 yrs, PA
128B-29-29, Wiley, John 18 yrs, PA
131A-73-76, Williams, E. J. 43 yrs, OH
131A-73-76, Williams, George 16 yrs, PA
131A-73-76, Williams, Mary 13 yrs, OH
131A-73-76, Williams, Etta 11 yrs, OH
131A-73-76, Williams, Frank 10 yrs, OH
133A-120-124, Winters, Saml W. 29 yrs, DC
127B-11-11, Witherall, A. J. 32 yrs, NY
127B-11-11, Witherall, Nettie 22 yrs, OH
127B-11-11, Witherall, Kate 11/12 yrs, OH
129A-44-44, Wooldrige, Wm 28 yrs, England
129A-44-44, Wooldrige, Philopena 29 yrs, Bavaria
129A-44-44, Wooldrige, Elun 5 yrs, PA
129A-44-44, Wooldrige, Mertin 3 yrs, PA
129B-51-51, Worrel, I. W. 28 yrs, PA
129B-51-51, Worrel, M. E. 22 yrs, PA
129B-51-51, Worrel, Cora 3 yrs, PA
129B-51-51, Worrel, Frank 3/12 yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 1999 John MacDonal

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