Greenville Borough

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg# Dwelling# Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

155B-102-102, Acher, William 50 yrs, PA
155B-102-102, Acher, Susan 49 yrs, PA
155B-102-102, Acher, Clara E. 23 yrs, PA
155B-102-102, Acher, A. Eugene 20 yrs, PA
155B-102-102, Acher, Agnes N. 11 yrs, PA
170B-360-372, Acher, William H. 26 yrs, PA
170B-360-372, Acher, Mary 21 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Adams, Mary 16 yrs, PA
170A-331-342, Alexander, L. C. 24 yrs, PA
156B-122-123, Allen, W. T. 26 yrs, MI
156B-122-123, Allen, Laura 23 yrs, PA
162B-216-220, Allison, John 58 yrs, PA
162B-216-220, Allison, Eliza A. 55 yrs, PA
162B-216-220, Allison, Annie 24 yrs, PA
163A-216-220, Allison, Eliza 22 yrs, PA
163A-216-220, Allison, John 17 yrs, PA
169A-322-333, Allison, Mrs. 40 yrs, OH
163B-230-235, Andrews, John P. 42 yrs, PA
163B-230-235, Andrews, Elizabeth 26 yrs, PA
164A-230-235, Andrews, Hugh B. 5 yrs, PA
164A-230-235, Andrews, David 2 yrs, PA
164A-230-235, Andrews, Martha M. 5/12 yrs, PA
166A-267-275, Angemire, Henry 43 yrs, OH
166A-267-275, Angemire, Susanna 34 yrs, OH
166A-267-275, Angemire, Sarah A. 16 yrs, OH
166A-267-275, Angemire, Rachel C. 13 yrs, PA
166A-267-275, Angemire, William F. 6 yrs, PA
166A-267-275, Angemire, Clara 2 yrs, PA
153B-74-74, Armstrong, ------- 22 yrs, PA
151A-30-30, Arnold, Pat 30 yrs, Ireland
156A-116-117, Austin, Henry 49 yrs, MA
156A-116-117, Austin, Clara J. 47 yrs, MA
156A-116-117, Austin, Robert E. 20 yrs, PA
156A-116-117, Austin, Adella F. 16 yrs, PA
156A-116-117, Austin, Charlie H. 14 yrs, PA
156A-116-117, Austin, Ida L. 12 yrs, PA
156B-118-119, Austin, Thomas M. 8 yrs, PA
170B-360-373, Austin, H. D. 21 yrs, PA
165A-254-262, Baer, Eliza 18 yrs, PA
165A-255-263, Baer, Pearson 30 yrs, PA
165A-255-263, Baer, Julia 32 yrs, PA
165B-255-263, Baer, Angeline 11 yrs, PA
165B-255-263, Baer, Henry 10 yrs, PA
165B-255-263, Baer, Ida M. 6 yrs, PA
165B-255-263, Baer, Celestia 4 yrs, PA
165B-255-263, Baer, Wilson 1 yrs, PA
169A-323-334, Baer, Josiah 26 yrs, PA
169A-323-334, Baer, Lydia 27 yrs, PA
169A-323-334, Baer, Clara E. 3 yrs, PA
151B-41-41, Baily, Dennis 42 yrs, Ireland
151B-41-41, Baily, Mary J. 40 yrs, Ireland
151B-41-41, Baily, James 12 yrs, NY
151B-41-41, Baily, Michael 9 yrs, Ireland
170B-355-366, Bair, Susan 16 yrs, PA
163B-225-230, Bansier, Jane 23 yrs, New Yersey
158A-147-149, Barnes, Mary 53 yrs, PA
158A-147-149, Barnes, William 18 yrs, PA
158A-147-149, Barnes, Mary Jr. 15 yrs, PA
158A-147-149, Barnes, Charles 20 yrs, PA
154A-82-82, Bartleson, P. J. 32 yrs, KY
154A-82-82, Bartleson, Margaret 28 yrs, PA
154A-82-82, Bartleson, Florence 8 yrs, PA
154A-82-82, Bartleson, H. Louisa 4 yrs, NY
154A-82-82, Bartleson, Jessie 2 yrs, PA
154A-82-82, Bartleson, Frederick 5/12 yrs, PA
170A-336-347, Bateman, Amelia 21 yrs, PA
170A-336-347, Bateman, George 22 yrs, PA
149A-1-1, Beachler, J. H. 39 yrs, PA
149A-1-1, Beachler, Julia A. 34 yrs, PA
149A-1-1, Beachler, William 14 yrs, PA
149A-1-1, Beachler, Sylvester 12 yrs, PA
149A-1-1, Beachler, Charls 10 yrs, PA
149A-1-1, Beachler, Harry 8 yrs, PA
149A-1-1, Beachler, Milton 6 yrs, PA
149A-1-1, Beachler, Eddy 4 yrs, PA
149A-1-1, Beachler, George 2 yrs, PA
149A-2-2, Beachler, Solomon 35 yrs, PA
149A-2-2, Beachler, Eliza 38 yrs, PA
149A-2-2, Beachler, Lizzie 12 yrs, PA
149A-2-2, Beachler, Arminta 10 yrs, PA
149A-2-2, Beachler, Samuel 7 yrs, PA
149A-2-2, Beachler, Freddy 4 yrs, PA
149A-2-2, Beachler, Mary 2 yrs, PA
162A-202-206, Beadaman, R. M. 45 yrs, MD
162A-202-206, Beadaman, Mary 16 yrs, OH
162A-202-206, Beadaman, Annetta 14 yrs, PA
162A-202-206, Beadaman, Luther A. 13 yrs, PA
162A-202-206, Beadaman, Augustus 11 yrs, PA
162A-202-206, Beadaman, Philip M. 9 yrs, PA
162A-202-206, Beadaman, Frances S. 7 yrs, PA
162A-202-206, Beadaman, Paul 5 yrs, PA
158B-152-154, Bean, Mary J. 30 yrs, PA
163A-217-221, Bean, J. R. 44 yrs, PA
163A-217-221, Bean, Mina 33 yrs, PA
163A-217-221, Bean, Ida May 11 yrs, PA
163A-217-221, Bean, Cora B. 9 yrs, PA
163A-217-221, Bean, Fred W. 4 yrs, PA
163A-217-221, Bean, Clara C. 1 yrs, PA
153A-70-70, Bearce, J. R. 73 yrs, NH
153A-70-70, Bearce, Eliza 72 yrs, NH
153A-70-70, Bearce, Eliza Jr. 37 yrs, NH
153B-70-70, Bearce, Annie 11 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Beaty, John 28 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Beaty, Calvin 24 yrs, PA
151A-36-36, Beck, Nicholas 27 yrs, OH
151A-36-36, Beck, Lizzie 27 yrs, PA
151A-36-36, Beck, Lottie 6 yrs, PA
159A-158-161, Beck, O. P. 57 yrs, NY
159A-158-161, Beck, Priscilla 48 yrs, MA
170B-349-360, Becker, J. H. 27 yrs, Darmstadt Ger.
170B-349-360, Becker, Maggie 22 yrs, PA
170B-349-360, Becker, Susan A. 4 yrs, PA
170B-349-360, Becker, Henry 2 yrs, PA
170B-349-360, Becker, Conrad F. 1 yrs, PA
170B-349-360, Becker, Elizabeth 52 yrs, Darmstadt Ger.
170B-349-360, Becker, Conrad 53 yrs, Darmstadt Ger.
170B-355-366, Beckley, A. G. 27 yrs, OH
156A-113-113, Beckman, Sarah 20 yrs, PA
155B-107-107, Beighler, Reuben 48 yrs, PA
155B-107-107, Beighler, Rebecca 45 yrs, PA
155B-107-107, Beighler, E. Alice 19 yrs, PA
155B-107-107, Beighler, Frank H. 16 yrs, PA
155B-107-107, Beighler, Reuben A. 10 yrs, PA
155B-107-107, Beighler, Annie 9 yrs, PA
154B-90-90, Beighley, S. L. 18 yrs, PA
154B-90-90, Beighley, Malissa C. 13 yrs, PA
152A-47-47, Beil, David 52 yrs, PA
152A-47-47, Beil, Mary A. 50 yrs, PA
152A-47-47, Beil, William H. 29 yrs, PA
152A-47-47, Beil, Alvin B. 22 yrs, PA
152A-47-47, Beil, Louisa H. 19 yrs, PA
152A-47-47, Beil, Agnes E. 16 yrs, PA
152A-47-47, Beil, Laura A. 13 yrs, PA
152A-47-47, Beil, Sarah C. 9 yrs, PA
152A-47-47, Beil, Clara E. 6 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Beil, Will H. 28 yrs, PA
157B-136-137, Bennett, Frank 29 yrs, PA
157B-136-137, Bennett, Ellen 26 yrs, OH
157B-136-137, Bennett, Willie 2 yrs, PA
167B-297-306, Benninghoff, Fred 31 yrs, PA
167B-297-306, Benninghoff, Frances J. 29 yrs, PA
167B-297-306, Benninghoff, Mary E. 10 yrs, PA
168A-297-306, Benninghoff, Nancy E. 8 yrs, PA
168A-297-306, Benninghoff, Effie J. 6 yrs, PA
168A-297-306, Benninghoff, Wilson S. 4 yrs, PA
168A-297-306, Benninghoff, N. Thomas 6/12 yrs, PA
166B-279-287, Benninghoof, John 68 yrs, PA
166B-279-287, Benninghoof, Elizabeth 64 yrs, PA
149A-6-6, Bergin, Timothy 60 yrs, Ireland
164B-248-255, Berry, John 45 yrs, Ireland
164B-248-255, Berry, John 23 yrs, NY
164B-248-255, Berry, Mary 21 yrs, NY
164B-248-255, Berry, Catharine 18 yrs, NY
165A-248-255, Berry, Eddie 16 yrs, NY
165A-248-255, Berry, Maggie 17 yrs, NY
167B-291-300, Biekard, Edward 23 yrs, Ger.
162A-200-204, Biery, Elias 26 yrs, PA
162A-200-204, Biery, Emeline 26 yrs, PA
162A-200-204, Biery, Annie L. 4 yrs, PA
162A-200-204, Biery, Lillie 3 yrs, PA
162A-200-204, Biery, Ida 1 yrs, PA
167B-292-301, Billig, William 24 yrs, PA
168A-304-314, Billig, John 62 yrs, PA
150A-19-19, Bishop, Lewis 39 yrs, Hesse Ger.
150A-19-19, Bishop, Eliza 38 yrs, PA
150A-19-19, Bishop, Sarah J. 15 yrs, PA
150A-19-19, Bishop, Henry J. 14 yrs, PA
150A-19-19, Bishop, Lewis 12 yrs, PA
150A-19-19, Bishop, Franklin 8 yrs, PA
150A-19-19, Bishop, Clara 6 yrs, PA
150A-19-19, Bishop, Elziabeth 4 yrs, PA
162B-215-219, Bittenbanner, G. A. 56 yrs, PA
162B-215-219, Bittenbanner, Louisa 52 yrs, PA
162B-215-219, Bittenbanner, Alice 24 yrs, PA
162B-215-219, Bittenbanner, Mary 18 yrs, PA
154B-89-89, Bixtine, Samuel 55 yrs, PA
154B-89-89, Bixtine, Catharine 48 yrs, PA
157A-131-132, Bloch, N. 37 yrs, Berlin Ger.
157A-131-132, Bloch, Orilla 31 yrs, OH
157A-131-132, Bloch, Clarence 11 yrs, PA
157A-131-132, Bloch, Julia 9 yrs, PA
164B-240-245, Bloodhart, John Jr. 27 yrs, PA
164B-240-245, Bloodhart, Barbara 22 yrs, Bavaria Ger.
164B-240-245, Bloodhart, John 6/12 yrs, PA
164B-241-246, Bloodhart, John Sen. 69 yrs, PA
164B-241-246, Bloodhart, Annie M. 64 yrs, PA
164B-241-246, Bloodhart, Simon 33 yrs, PA
164B-241-246, Bloodhart, Samuel 20 yrs, PA
154B-85-85, Boger, Denny 29 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Boies, Esther 61 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Boies, Alphus G. 31 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Boies, Theresa 26 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Boies, Jennie 3 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Boies, John S. 1 yrs, PA
167A-290-298, Bole, Catharine 50 yrs, PA
150B-25-25, Bomac, Benjamin 33 yrs, PA
150B-25-25, Bomac, Caroline 33 yrs, PA
150B-25-25, Bomac, Agnes 19 yrs, PA
150B-25-25, Bomac, Mary 17 yrs, PA
150B-25-25, Bomac, Amelia 16 yrs, PA
150B-25-25, Bomac, Augustus 15 yrs, PA
150B-25-25, Bomac, Jeremiah 12 yrs, PA
153B-71-71, Bond, M. M. 33 yrs, OH
153B-71-71, Bond, Ellen 32 yrs, PA
153B-71-71, Bond, Anna 13 yrs, PA
153B-71-71, Bond, Emma 10 yrs, PA
153B-71-71, Bond, Nellie 4 yrs, PA
153B-75-75, Bond, G. 63 yrs, NY
153B-75-75, Bond, Mira 60 yrs, NY
153B-75-75, Bond, Ellen 31 yrs, PA
153B-75-75, Bond, Catharine 25 yrs, PA
153B-75-75, Bond, Annie 19 yrs, PA
153B-75-75, Bond, James 20 yrs, PA
159A-160-163, Book, Harland 36 yrs, PA
159A-160-163, Book, Emma 25 yrs, NY
159A-160-163, Book, Atwater 5 yrs, PA
159A-160-163, Book, Minnie 3 yrs, PA
159A-160-163, Book, Samuel 2 yrs, PA
167B-295-304, Bottiser, Anthony 59 yrs, Prussia
167B-295-304, Bottiser, Susan 56 yrs, Prussia
167B-295-304, Bottiser, Philip 22 yrs, Prussia
167B-295-304, Bottiser, Mary 16 yrs, PA
167B-295-304, Bottiser, Louisa 14 yrs, PA
167B-295-304, Bottiser, George 10 yrs, PA
172A-362-375, Bovee, John 25 yrs, NY
172A-362-375, Bovee, Alicia 21 yrs, PA
172A-362-375, Bovee, Vinnie V. 10/12 yrs, PA
151B-39-39, Bowen, Michael 25 yrs, Ireland
151B-39-39, Bowen, Catharine 35 yrs, Ireland
151B-39-39, Bowen, John 10 yrs, OH
151B-39-39, Bowen, Frank 9 yrs, OH
151B-39-39, Bowen, Michael 6 yrs, OH
151B-39-39, Bowen, Catharine 4 yrs, OH
151B-39-39, Bowen, Willie 9/12 yrs, OH
151B-40-40, Bowen, William 40 yrs, Ireland
151B-40-40, Bowen, Annie 35 yrs, Ireland
151B-40-40, Bowen, John 13 yrs, PA
151B-40-40, Bowen, James 4 yrs, PA
151B-40-40, Bowen, Burnett 2 yrs, PA
155A-95-95, Bower, Stephen 65 yrs, Baden Ger.
155A-95-95, Bower, Tracy 67 yrs, Baden Ger.
155A-95-95, Bower, George 15 yrs, PA
155A-95-95, Bower, Willie 13 yrs, PA
155A-95-95, Bower, Sophia 37 yrs, Baden Ger.
158B-151-153, Boyd, Lizzie 21 yrs, Ireland
169A-318-328, Boyer, Eliza 24 yrs, PA
169A-318-328, Boyer, Malinda 23 yrs, PA
169A-318-328, Boyer, Frank 27 yrs, PA
163B-224-229, Bracken, John 45 yrs, OH
163B-224-229, Bracken, Rebecca 40 yrs, PA
163B-224-229, Bracken, Eva 15 yrs, PA
163B-224-229, Bracken, Ida N. 11 yrs, PA
163B-224-229, Bracken, James 9 yrs, PA
163B-224-229, Bracken, Susa M. 7 yrs, PA
172A-363-378, Brainard, R. E. 58 yrs, PA
172A-363-378, Brainard, Sarah A. 47 yrs, PA
172A-363-378, Brainard, Maggie M. 15 yrs, PA
172A-363-378, Brainard, Susie S. 13 yrs, PA
170B-343-354, Breckenridge, P. 44 yrs, PA
154A-80-80, Brigdon, W. L. 40 yrs, MA
154A-80-80, Brigdon, Elizabeth 37 yrs, PA
154A-80-80, Brigdon, Edith 10 yrs, OH
154A-80-80, Brigdon, Freddy 6 yrs, PA
154A-80-80, Brigdon, William 3 yrs, PA
152A-50-50, Bright, Alex 31 yrs, PA
152A-50-50, Bright, Eliza J. 25 yrs, PA
152A-50-50, Bright, Gertrude E. 11/12 yrs, PA
150A-22-22, Broderick, M. 27 yrs, Ireland
150B-28-28, Broderick, Martin 27 yrs, Ireland
161A-190-194, Brooks, B. S. 73 yrs, PA
149B-15-15, Brown, Eleazor 47 yrs, PA
149B-15-15, Brown, Abagail 49 yrs, OH
149B-15-15, Brown, Orange C. 23 yrs, OH
155B-102-102, Brown, L. B. 22 yrs, PA
156A-113-113, Brown, L. D. 37 yrs, PA
156A-113-113, Brown, Martha A. 13 yrs, PA
156A-113-113, Brown, Hattie M. 12 yrs, PA
156A-113-113, Brown, Clara A. 9 yrs, PA
162B-208-212, Brown, C. 35 yrs, PA
162B-208-212, Brown, Abrilla 32 yrs, OH
162B-208-212, Brown, Fannie E. 6 yrs, PA
162B-208-212, Brown, Ida 3/12 yrs, PA
164A-236-241, Brown, Levina 54 yrs, PA
164A-236-241, Brown, Lizzie 24 yrs, PA
164A-236-241, Brown, Maggie 19 yrs, PA
166A-269-277, Brown, James W. 69 yrs, PA
166A-269-277, Brown, Jane 64 yrs, PA
166A-269-277, Brown, Maggie J. 24 yrs, PA
168A-304-314, Brown, Harriet 45 yrs, OH
168A-304-314, Brown, Charlotte 7 yrs, IL
170B-341-352, Brown, J. C. 40 yrs, PA
170B-341-352, Brown, Mary A. 37 yrs, PA
170B-341-352, Brown, Sarah J. 9 yrs, PA
170B-341-352, Brown, Mary A. 6 yrs, PA
170B-341-352, Brown, Robert W. 3 yrs, PA
170B-341-352, Brown, Esther E. 3 yrs, PA
158B-151-153, Brundage, T. J. 42 yrs, NY
158B-151-153, Brundage, Mary E. 38 yrs, NY
158B-151-153, Brundage, George 18 yrs, NY
157B-141-143, Brush, Esther 70 yrs, PA
153A-63-63, Buck, William 56 yrs, NY
153A-63-63, Buck, Celestia 48 yrs, NY
153A-63-63, Buck, Duane D. 22 yrs, PA
153A-63-63, Buck, Augusta 6 yrs, PA
158A-145-147, Buel, A. W. 37 yrs, CT
158A-145-147, Buel, Marietta S. 33 yrs, NY
158A-145-147, Buel, Eben H. 10 yrs, PA
158A-145-147, Buel, Eben sen. 69 yrs, CT
168A-303-312, Burch, Jane 53 yrs, PA
168A-303-312, Burch, Ada 15 yrs, PA
163A-222-226, Burchfield, J. R. 36 yrs, PA
163A-222-226, Burchfield, Lizzie 34 yrs, PA
163A-222-226, Burchfield, Kate 12 yrs, PA
163A-222-226, Burchfield, Willie 10 yrs, PA
163A-222-226, Burchfield, Jennie 2 yrs, PA
165B-261-269, Burnett, Andrew 53 yrs, OH
165B-261-269, Burnett, Rebecca 48 yrs, PA
165B-261-269, Burnett, James 14 yrs, PA
165B-261-269, Burnett, Duward 8 yrs, PA
167A-281-289, Bycroft, Robert 30 yrs, England
167A-281-289, Bycroft, Eliza 25 yrs, Ireland
167A-281-289, Bycroft, Sarah 70 yrs, England
164B-245-252, Calahan, William 34 yrs, Ireland
164B-245-252, Calahan, Mary 31 yrs, Ireland
164B-245-252, Calahan, Dennis 8 yrs, OH
164B-245-252, Calahan, Joanna 6 yrs, OH
164B-245-252, Calahan, William 4 yrs, OH
164B-245-252, Calahan, Michael 2 yrs, OH
164B-245-252, Calahan, George 4/12 yrs, PA
168A-299-308, Calahan, David 35 yrs, PA
168A-299-308, Calahan, Flora 32 yrs, OH
168A-299-308, Calahan, Charles 7 yrs, PA
168A-299-308, Calahan, William 5 yrs, PA
170B-358-369, Caldwell, M. G. 27 yrs, PA
170B-346-357, Callan, Thomas 55 yrs, Ireland
170B-346-357, Callan, Nancy 52 yrs, PA
170B-346-357, Callan, Harriet 21 yrs, PA
170B-346-357, Callan, Samuel 16 yrs, PA
170B-346-357, Callan, James 12 yrs, PA
170B-346-357, Callan, Frank T. 8 yrs, PA
170B-346-357, Callan, Henry 18 yrs, PA
162A-201-205, Callon, John 23 yrs, PA
162A-201-205, Callon, Jennie 20 yrs, PA
162A-201-205, Callon, Mary E. 1 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Campbell, Mary T. 38 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, Jacob 48 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, Mary M. 39 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, Lizzie 15 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, Callie 13 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, Henry 12 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, Jennie 10 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, George B. 8 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, Dora 6 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, Lulie 4 yrs, PA
161B-198-202, Campbell, Herdie C. 1 yrs, PA
160B-181-184, Caple, Catharine 23 yrs, PA
155A-94-94, Carney, Jemire 17 yrs, PA
149B-12-12, Carns, J. A. 42 yrs, PA
149B-12-12, Carns, Minerva J. 36 yrs, PA
149B-12-12, Carns, Harry H. 11 yrs, PA
149B-12-12, Carns, Flora E. 8 yrs, PA
149B-12-12, Carns, Mary L. 6 yrs, PA
149B-12-12, Carns, Emma J. 3 yrs, PA
149B-12-12, Carns, John W. 1 yrs, PA
158A-148-150, Carpenter, Alex. 38 yrs, NJ
151B-43-43, Carr, James 30 yrs, Ireland
151B-43-43, Carr, Mary 24 yrs, Canada
151B-43-43, Carr, John 6 yrs, PA
151B-43-43, Carr, Patrick 3 yrs, PA
151B-43-43, Carr, Annie 3/12 yrs, OH
169B-325-336, Carskadden, G. W. 50 yrs, PA
169B-325-336, Carskadden, Juliet H. 45 yrs, PA
169B-325-336, Carskadden, James B. 15 yrs, PA
168B-309-319, Carver, Amanda 13 yrs, PA
169A-316-326, Casson, James 61 yrs, PA
169A-316-326, Casson, Rachel 50 yrs, PA
169A-316-326, Casson, Emma 23 yrs, PA
169A-316-326, Casson, James 5 yrs, PA
169A-316-326, Casson, Samuel 4 yrs, PA
169A-316-326, Casson, Carrie 1 yrs, PA
150B-23-23, Chalfont, E. O. 23 yrs, OH
150B-23-23, Chalfont, Mary A. 21 yrs, OH
165B-256-264, Chapman, John 31 yrs, VT
165B-256-264, Chapman, Annie 24 yrs, OH
165B-256-264, Chapman, Minerva 4 yrs, PA
165B-256-264, Chapman, Harry 2 yrs, PA
158B-152-154, Cherry, Louis 13 yrs, PA
158B-152-154, Cherry, Levina 13 yrs, PA
153B-74-74, Christy, Malinda 50 yrs, PA
150B-28-28, Clancy, Michael 22 yrs, Ireland
161A-193-197, Clark, J. K. 68 yrs, PA
161A-193-197, Clark, Elizabeth 49 yrs, PA
161A-193-197, Clark, Traville 24 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Clark, C. M. 40 yrs, OH
154A-79-79, Clover, W. M. 29 yrs, PA
154A-79-79, Clover, Hannah 28 yrs, Ireland
170B-356-367, Clover, Philip 57 yrs, PA
170B-356-367, Clover, Marcia 50 yrs, NY
170B-356-367, Clover, Florence E. 18 yrs, PA
164B-242-248, Conly, James 25 yrs, Ireland
164B-242-248, Conly, Rose 24 yrs, Ireland
150B-28-28, Connell, Jefrey 25 yrs, Ireland
170B-347-358, Connely, John 27 yrs, NY
170B-347-358, Connely, Eliza 29 yrs, Ireland
170B-347-358, Connely, Maggie 7 yrs, PA
170B-347-358, Connely, George 1 yrs, PA
170B-347-358, Connely, Charles 5/12 yrs, PA
156A-115-115, Cook, Emeline 60 yrs, NY
156A-115-115, Cook, Atwater 21 yrs, NY
161B-193-197, Cook, Rosanna 20 yrs, PA
161B-193-197, Cook, Celinda 19 yrs, PA
167A-284-292, Cook, Morgan 53 yrs, OH
167A-284-292, Cook, Lucinda 45 yrs, VT
167A-284-292, Cook, Ora 9 yrs, OH
167A-284-292, Cook, James 7 yrs, OH
150A-22-22, Cornell, J. 25 yrs, Ireland
154A-83-83, Costolow, Thomas 55 yrs, Ireland
154A-83-83, Costolow, Margaret 40 yrs, Ireland
161A-190-194, Cotton, Silas 53 yrs, NY
161A-190-194, Cotton, Sarah A. 48 yrs, NY
161A-190-194, Cotton, Adel 17 yrs, PA
161A-190-194, Cotton, Eugene 15 yrs, PA
161A-190-194, Cotton, Elizabeth 12 yrs, PA
161A-190-194, Cotton, Ellmore 8 yrs, PA
161A-190-194, Cotton, Harry 6 yrs, PA
161A-190-194, Cotton, Dorlisca 4 yrs, PA
160B-181-184, Cox, Elizabeth 29 yrs, IL
160B-181-184, Cox, Willie 4 yrs, WV
167B-292-301, Craig, Robert 37 yrs, PA
167B-292-301, Craig, Sarah 27 yrs, PA
167B-292-301, Craig, John 7 yrs, PA
167B-292-301, Craig, Willie 3/12 yrs, PA
151A-31-31, Cramer, Israel 29 yrs, PA
151A-31-31, Cramer, Hellen 23 yrs, PA
151A-31-31, Cramer, Maggie 1 yrs, PA
166A-272-280, Crandall, J. F. 32 yrs, NY
166A-272-280, Crandall, Clara 25 yrs, NY
165A-253-260, Crowell, David 22 yrs, NY
165A-253-260, Crowell, Ida 18 yrs, PA
165A-253-260, Crowell, Freddie 1/12 yrs, PA
169B-324-335, Cunningham, C. 20 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Cupher, Geo A. 24 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Cupher, David A. 22 yrs, PA
165B-258-266, Daily, Jesse 69 yrs, OH
165B-258-266, Daily, Margaret A. 48 yrs, PA
168A-300-309, Dambacher, John 36 yrs, Wittenburg G.
168A-300-309, Dambacher, Catharine 30 yrs, PA
168A-300-309, Dambacher, Maria 8 yrs, PA
168A-300-309, Dambacher, Emma 6 yrs, PA
168A-300-309, Dambacher, Rosanna 4 yrs, PA
168A-300-309, Dambacher, Frances 1 yrs, PA
168A-300-309, Dambacher, Andrew 20 yrs, Wittenburg G.
157A-129-130, Davidson, Eva 19 yrs, PA
151B-37-37, Davis, Rose 19 yrs, PA
157B-140-142, Davis, Eliza 82 yrs, PA
157B-140-142, Davis, Hannah R. 38 yrs, PA
164A-235-240, Davis, Ruth A. 46 yrs, PA
164A-235-240, Davis, Lucy 18 yrs, PA
164A-235-240, Davis, Emma 11 yrs, PA
164A-235-240, Davis, Ollie 7 yrs, PA
167A-286-294, Davis, Mary A. 43 yrs, PA
167A-286-294, Davis, Will 14 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Day, Charles 35 yrs, NY
168A-302-311, Defenbacher, C. R. 30 yrs, PA
168A-302-311, Defenbacher, Emma 28 yrs, PA
168A-302-311, Defenbacher, Newin G. 7 yrs, PA
168A-302-311, Defenbacher, Mary G. 5 yrs, PA
168A-302-311, Defenbacher, Lillie C. 3 yrs, PA
168A-302-311, Defenbacher, Vinnie V. 3/12 yrs, PA
154A-80-80, Defenderfer, Sarah 17 yrs, PA
160B-181-184, Deforest, James 22 yrs, PA
170A-334-345, Derfindifer, Eliza 23 yrs, PA
159A-162-165, Dickey, S. C. 33 yrs, PA
159A-162-165, Dickey, Eliza 27 yrs, PA
159A-162-165, Dickey, Mary 3 yrs, PA
159A-162-165, Dickey, Robert 17 yrs, PA
166A-268-276, Doak, Mary 43 yrs, Ireland
166A-268-276, Doak, Ellie 18 yrs, PA
166A-268-276, Doak, John 10 yrs, PA
169B-328-339, Donaldson, F. 47 yrs, PA
169B-328-339, Donaldson, Caroline 50 yrs, PA
169B-328-339, Donaldson, James 21 yrs, PA
169B-328-339, Donaldson, Jacob J. 20 yrs, PA
169B-328-339, Donaldson, Fielding 19 yrs, PA
164A-231-236, Donel, Andrew 52 yrs, Ireland
164A-231-236, Donel, Martha 59 yrs, Ireland
159B-172-175, Doner, Simon 50 yrs, PA
159B-172-175, Doner, Christena 41 yrs, PA
159B-172-175, Doner, Amanda 20 yrs, PA
159B-172-175, Doner, Frank A. 11 yrs, PA
153B-74-74, Donnells, S. E. 26 yrs, PA
153B-74-74, Donnells, Caroline 22 yrs, PA
153B-74-74, Donnells, Franics M. 16 yrs, PA
153B-74-74, Donnells, C. C. 28 yrs, ME
169B-330-341, Droony, Eugene 42 yrs, Ireland
169B-330-341, Droony, Margaret 40 yrs, Ireland
169B-330-341, Droony, Mary 20 yrs, NY
169B-330-341, Droony, James 18 yrs, NY
169B-330-341, Droony, Margaret 15 yrs, NY
169B-330-341, Droony, Ellen 12 yrs, NY
169B-330-341, Droony, Lizzie 7 yrs, PA
169B-330-341, Droony, Rose 5 yrs, PA
169B-330-341, Droony, Frank 3 yrs, PA
169B-330-341, Droony, Eugene 1 yrs, PA
151A-30-30, Duffee, Owen 40 yrs, Ireland
156B-119-120, Dumars, Thomas 58 yrs, PA
156B-119-120, Dumars, Anna 54 yrs, PA
156B-119-120, Dumars, Henry 27 yrs, PA
156B-119-120, Dumars, Mary 24 yrs, PA
156B-119-120, Dumars, Annie Jr. 21 yrs, PA
156B-119-120, Dumars, Emma 17 yrs, PA
162B-211-215, Duncan, Louisa 60 yrs, CT
165A-248-255, Dunlavy, James 30 yrs, Ireland
165A-248-255, Dunlavy, Mary 20 yrs, PA
170B-360-371, Durst, Ellie 44 yrs, PA
170B-360-371, Durst, Kate B. 30 yrs, PA
152B-53-53, Eberman, J. M. 33 yrs, PA
152B-53-53, Eberman, Elmira 30 yrs, PA
152B-53-53, Eberman, Virginia 4 yrs, PA
152B-60-60, Eberman, W. F. 23 yrs, PA
152B-60-60, Eberman, Lucy 24 yrs, PA
153A-60-60, Eberman, Willie 4 yrs, PA
159A-159-162, Eckels, N. 72 yrs, PA
159A-159-162, Eckels, Hannah 62 yrs, PA
159A-159-162, Eckels, Margaret H. 20 yrs, PA
168B-308-318, Edgar, David 63 yrs, Ireland
170B-351-362, Edgar, D. 60 yrs, Ireland
160B-182-185, Ellinger, James 50 yrs, PA
160B-182-185, Ellinger, Samuel M. 37 yrs, PA
160B-182-185, Ellinger, Lizzie 32 yrs, PA
160B-182-185, Ellinger, Hellen 29 yrs, PA
160B-182-185, Ellinger, Charles 38 yrs, PA
160B-182-185, Ellinger, Marion 22 yrs, PA
160B-182-185, Ellinger, Jennie 2 yrs, PA
151A-34-34, Ellis, John 20 yrs, Canada
170B-339-350, Emery, William 23 yrs, PA
158B-153-155, Emory, Henry 24 yrs, PA
158B-153-155, Emory, Elizabeth 26 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Ent, Mary T. 19 yrs, Germany
167A-283-291, Erdice, Ellen 35 yrs, Ireland
166B-279-287, Esrich, Cornelius 30 yrs, England
170A-336-347, Evans, Mary 27 yrs, PA
170A-336-347, Evans, Clark B. 30 yrs, OH
170A-336-347, Evans, S. G. 3 yrs, PA
165A-250-257, Everhart, Addison 38 yrs, PA
165A-250-257, Everhart, Mary A. 36 yrs, PA
165A-250-257, Everhart, Frank T. 12 yrs, PA
165A-250-257, Everhart, Fannie B. 9 yrs, PA
165A-250-257, Everhart, Millie J. 6 yrs, PA
165A-250-257, Everhart, Maggie 4 yrs, PA
165A-250-257, Everhart, Marion 2 yrs, PA
168B-313-323, Everhart, Paul 65 yrs, PA
168B-313-323, Everhart, Hannah 56 yrs, MD
168B-313-323, Everhart, Hannah M. 24 yrs, PA
168B-313-323, Everhart, Elizabeth 26 yrs, PA
168B-313-323, Everhart, Cassius 18 yrs, PA
168B-313-323, Everhart, Clayton 8 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Eway, C. H. 34 yrs, PA
170A-335-346, Faultz, Sarah 27 yrs, PA
154B-92-92, Ferguson, W. C. 40 yrs, PA
154B-92-92, Ferguson, Eveline 39 yrs, PA
154B-92-92, Ferguson, Martin W. 19 yrs, PA
154B-92-92, Ferguson, Teeny E. 17 yrs, PA
155A-92-92, Ferguson, James W. 15 yrs, PA
155A-92-92, Ferguson, John A. 12 yrs, PA
155A-92-92, Ferguson, Cashius C. 10 yrs, PA
155A-92-92, Ferguson, Mary E. 7 yrs, PA
155A-92-92, Ferguson, Emma J. 5 yrs, PA
155A-92-92, Ferguson, Agnes A. 3 yrs, PA
166A-265-273, Ferguson, Susan 50 yrs, PA
166A-265-273, Ferguson, Frances 25 yrs, PA
166A-265-273, Ferguson, Frank 17 yrs, PA
166B-280-288, Fesler, J. W. 18 yrs, PA
164B-243-250, Fessler, R. W. 44 yrs, PA
164B-243-250, Fessler, N. H. 44 yrs, PA
164B-243-250, Fessler, John W. 18 yrs, PA
164B-243-250, Fessler, Walter W. 16 yrs, PA
149A-7-7, Fisher, Frank 30 yrs, PA
149B-7-7, Fisher, Mtilda 24 yrs, PA
149B-7-7, Fisher, Beriah 4 yrs, PA
151A-30-30, Fisher, William 21 yrs, PA
150B-23-23, Fisk, Henry W. 30 yrs, NY
160A-180-183, Fisk, Somebody 35 yrs, PA
160A-180-183, Fisk, Frank 21 yrs, PA
170B-352-363, Fisk, Mary 50 yrs, NY
170B-352-363, Fisk, Frank 22 yrs, NY
170B-344-355, Flasher, Mary 17 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Floras, McFarland 20 yrs, PA
165A-253-261, Folk, Frank 24 yrs, PA
165A-253-261, Folk, Louisa 23 yrs, OH
165A-253-261, Folk, Edgar 5/12 yrs, PA
165B-263-271, Folk, Jacob 45 yrs, PA
165B-263-271, Folk, Sarah 39 yrs, OH
165B-263-271, Folk, Samuel 8 yrs, PA
165B-263-271, Folk, Vincent 7 yrs, PA
165B-263-271, Folk, Gen Sherman 5 yrs, PA
165B-263-271, Folk, Jacob 2 yrs, PA
166A-263-271, Folk, Eddie 1/12 yrs, PA
166A-263-271, Folk, Elmira 17 yrs, PA
167A-290-299, Foltz, Eliza 25 yrs, PA
167A-290-299, Foltz, Freddie 3 yrs, PA
167A-290-299, Foltz, Harry 2 yrs, PA
153A-64-64, Ford, D. H. 31 yrs, PA
153A-64-64, Ford, Amanda M. 28 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Forest, Marshal 30 yrs, Canada
166B-273-281, Fouer, Geo. H. 36 yrs, PA
166B-273-281, Fouer, Annett C. 26 yrs, PA
166B-273-281, Fouer, Ralph 4 yrs, PA
166B-273-281, Fouer, Lucy 2 yrs, PA
166B-273-281, Fouer, George 4/12 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Foulk, Frank 24 yrs, PA
160B-184-187, Fox, Ellmore 6 yrs, PA
160B-184-187, Fox, Lizzie 3 yrs, PA
157A-131-132, Frankle, H. 26 yrs, Berlin Ger.
170B-353-364, Frederick, Philip 28 yrs, Bavaria Ger.
170B-353-364, Frederick, Lena 30 yrs, PA
170B-353-364, Frederick, Clara 2 yrs, PA
170B-353-364, Frederick, Charles 4/12 yrs, PA
156B-121-122, Freeman, Esther 70 yrs, PA
166B-280-288, Frey, Charles 17 yrs, PA
157A-132-133, Frits, Peter 57 yrs, NJ
157A-132-133, Frits, Harriet 52 yrs, PA
157A-132-133, Frits, Martha 32 yrs, PA
168A-303-313, Frits, Jacob 33 yrs, PA
168A-303-313, Frits, Sarah 31 yrs, PA
168A-303-313, Frits, Mary 9/12 yrs, PA
170A-334-345, Galispie, A. D. 47 yrs, PA
170A-334-345, Galispie, Nancy 47 yrs, PA
170A-334-345, Galispie, Alfred D. 22 yrs, PA
170A-334-345, Galispie, Eugene 17 yrs, PA
170A-334-345, Galispie, Alexander J. 12 yrs, PA
149A-4-4, Galoway, James 55 yrs, PA
149A-4-4, Galoway, Elizabeth 55 yrs, PA
149A-4-4, Galoway, Sylvester 22 yrs, PA
149A-4-4, Galoway, Richard 18 yrs, PA
149A-4-4, Galoway, Emma 16 yrs, PA
160A-179-182, Garber, Thomas 29 yrs, PA
160A-179-182, Garber, Jennie 28 yrs, PA
160A-179-182, Garber, Dellie 10 yrs, PA
160A-179-182, Garber, Frank 5 yrs, PA
160A-179-182, Garber, Clara 3 yrs, PA
163B-227-232, Garber, David 65 yrs, PA
163B-227-232, Garber, Louisa 59 yrs, PA
163B-227-232, Garber, John A. 33 yrs, PA
163B-227-232, Garber, Sarah M. 30 yrs, PA
163B-227-232, Garber, James P. 26 yrs, PA
163B-227-232, Garber, David Jr 24 yrs, PA
163B-227-232, Garber, Samuel 62 yrs, PA
164B-246-253, Garber, Widow 40 yrs, PA
164B-246-253, Garber, Susan 17 yrs, PA
164B-246-253, Garber, Amanda 13 yrs, PA
164B-246-253, Garber, Henry 11 yrs, PA
164B-246-253, Garber, Lydu 5 yrs, PA
164B-246-253, Garber, Lizzie 4 yrs, PA
169A-324-335, Gibson, Mrs. 33 yrs, PA
157B-133-134, Gilkerson, Mrs. M. 36 yrs, OH
157B-133-134, Gilkerson, Ellen 22 yrs, OH
157A-130-131, Gillis, Elizabeth 42 yrs, PA
157A-130-131, Gillis, John A. 18 yrs, OH
156A-112-112, Giser, Fred 18 yrs, PA
150A-22-22, Glancy, M. 22 yrs, Ireland
172A-363-378, Goncrner, Allie 27 yrs, PA
153A-67-67, Goodwin, I. 53 yrs, ME
153A-67-67, Goodwin, Rhoda 35 yrs, PA
153A-67-67, Goodwin, Samuel E. 13 yrs, PA
153A-67-67, Goodwin, Francis J. 4 yrs, PA
170A-336-347, Goodwin, Samuel 64 yrs, ME
170B-344-355, Gotebaugh, Catharine 30 yrs, PA
167B-294-303, Graul, Henry 39 yrs, Bavaria Ger.
167B-294-303, Graul, Elizabeth 35 yrs, Bavaria Ger.
167B-294-303, Graul, William S. 15 yrs, PA
167B-294-303, Graul, Mary 13 yrs, PA
167B-294-303, Graul, Emma 11 yrs, PA
167B-294-303, Graul, George 8 yrs, PA
167B-294-303, Graul, Charles 6 yrs, PA
167B-294-303, Graul, George 41 yrs, Bavaria Ger.
167B-294-303, Graul, Elizabeth 45 yrs, Bavaria Ger.
161A-189-193, Gravat, Harvey 31 yrs, PA
161A-189-193, Gravat, Sarah A. 30 yrs, PA
161A-189-193, Gravat, Gilbert 5 yrs, PA
161A-189-193, Gravat, Caleb 2 yrs, PA
170B-348-359, Green, A. C. 24 yrs, OH
170B-348-359, Green, Alice 24 yrs, OH
163A-221-225, Greer, A. J. 45 yrs, PA
163A-221-225, Greer, Kate 42 yrs, PA
163A-221-225, Greer, Rebecca H. 20 yrs, PA
163A-221-225, Greer, Fannie B. 13 yrs, PA
168B-307-317, Grim, D. W. 29 yrs, PA
168B-307-317, Grim, Elizabeth 28 yrs, PA
168B-307-317, Grim, Cora M. 7 yrs, PA
168B-307-317, Grim, Della E. 6 yrs, PA
168B-307-317, Grim, Maggie G. 3 yrs, PA
168B-307-317, Grim, Emma G. 11/12 yrs, PA
168B-308-318, Grim, Benjamin 63 yrs, PA
168B-308-318, Grim, Lucy A. 52 yrs, PA
170B-351-362, Grim, Benjamin 62 yrs, PA
170B-351-362, Grim, Lucy 52 yrs, PA
168B-312-322, Grosbaker, John 30 yrs, Baden Ger.
168B-312-322, Grosbaker, Joanna 30 yrs, Baden Ger.
168B-312-322, Grosbaker, Willie 7 yrs, Baden Ger.
168B-312-322, Grosbaker, Elizabeth 5 yrs, Baden Ger.
168B-312-322, Grosbaker, John 3 yrs, NY
154B-85-85, Grouer, William 21 yrs, PA
154B-85-85, Grouer, Morgan 20 yrs, PA
168A-301-310, Halley, Catharine 63 yrs, Scotland
168A-301-310, Halley, Catharine Jr. 38 yrs, PA
153A-68-68, Hamblin, J. K. 61 yrs, NY
153A-68-68, Hamblin, Eunice 62 yrs, MA
153A-68-68, Hamblin, Alice K. 21 yrs, PA
153A-68-68, Hamblin, Albert 21 yrs, PA
153A-68-68, Hamblin, John C. 17 yrs, PA
153A-69-69, Hamblin, H. M. 34 yrs, OH
153A-69-69, Hamblin, Ada E. 27 yrs, VT
153A-69-69, Hamblin, Walter E. 7 yrs, MA
154A-78-78, Hamel, Rose 26 yrs, Ireland
152A-52-52, Hamos, Samuel 48 yrs, PA
152A-52-52, Hamos, Elizabeth 39 yrs, PA
152A-52-52, Hamos, Frank 20 yrs, PA
152A-52-52, Hamos, Ida 19 yrs, PA
152A-52-52, Hamos, Sada 17 yrs, PA
152A-52-52, Hamos, Robert 15 yrs, PA
152B-52-52, Hamos, Clark 14 yrs, PA
152B-52-52, Hamos, Charles 12 yrs, PA
153A-65-65, Hanna, W. S. 54 yrs, PA
153A-65-65, Hanna, Lizzie 44 yrs, PA
153A-65-65, Hanna, Lizzie E. 9 yrs, PA
153A-65-65, Hanna, William T. 6 yrs, PA
156A-110-110, Hardy, John 84 yrs, NH
156A-110-110, Hardy, Miranda 71 yrs, NY
159B-168-171, Harfest, W. F. 33 yrs, PA
159B-168-171, Harfest, Emma 24 yrs, PA
159B-168-171, Harfest, Frederick 3/12 yrs, PA
158B-153-156, Harlow, Mary 34 yrs, PA
161A-188-192, Harlow, Elizabeth 50 yrs, OH
161A-188-192, Harlow, Henry 18 yrs, IN
161A-188-192, Harlow, Mary A. 16 yrs, OH
164A-234-239, Harnet, Catharine 68 yrs, PA
164A-234-239, Harnet, John 41 yrs, PA
164A-234-239, Harnet, Maria 36 yrs, PA
164A-234-239, Harnet, Madison 30 yrs, PA
162B-212-216, Harvey, Isaac 83 yrs, NY
161A-192-196, Hawks, H. A. 30 yrs, NY
161A-192-196, Hawks, Catharine 26 yrs, PA
161A-192-196, Hawks, George M. N. 6 yrs, PA
161A-192-196, Hawks, Willie 1 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Hawks, Phebe 18 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Hays, N. R. 35 yrs, NY
152B-59-59, Heath, A. A. 53 yrs, NY
152B-59-59, Heath, Electa 54 yrs, NY
152B-59-59, Heath, Augusta 30 yrs, PA
152B-59-59, Heath, Leona 27 yrs, PA
152B-59-59, Heath, Clara 14 yrs, PA
152B-59-59, Heath, Willie 10 yrs, PA
152B-59-59, Heath, Loretta 8 yrs, PA
152B-59-59, Heath, Simeon A. 3 yrs, PA
166B-277-285, Heilman, Fred 35 yrs, Wittenburg G.
166B-277-285, Heilman, Annie 31 yrs, Hesse Ger
166B-277-285, Heilman, Louisa 7 yrs, PA
166B-277-285, Heilman, William 7/12 yrs, PA
156A-115-115, Hemsted, Harriet 58 yrs, NY
159A-164-167, Hendrickson, S. L. 31 yrs, PA
159A-164-167, Hendrickson, Theresa 29 yrs, OH
159A-164-167, Hendrickson, George K. 4 yrs, PA
159A-164-167, Hendrickson, Harvey S. 2 yrs, PA
159B-164-167, Hendrickson, Martha 57 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Hendrickson, H. C. 44 yrs, NY
160A-177-180, Hendrickson, Louisa 41 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Hendrickson, William 17 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Hendrickson, Hattie 7 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Hendrickson, Nellie 2 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Hendrickson, Wm. 84 yrs, MA
152A-50-50, Henesy, Mary 16 yrs, NY
161B-196-200, Henlein, B. 45 yrs, Wittenburg Ger.
161B-196-200, Henlein, Amelia 37 yrs, Wittenburg Ger.
161B-196-200, Henlein, Alfred 17 yrs, PA
161B-196-200, Henlein, Matilda 15 yrs, PA
161B-196-200, Henlein, Frances 13 yrs, PA
161B-196-200, Henlein, Morris 11 yrs, PA
161B-196-200, Henlein, Augustus 7 yrs, PA
161B-196-200, Henlein, Manerva 5 yrs, PA
161B-196-200, Henlein, Ida 3 yrs, PA
165A-249-256, Henry, W. B. 34 yrs, PA
165A-249-256, Henry, Elizabeth 32 yrs, PA
165A-249-256, Henry, William A. 7 yrs, PA
165A-249-256, Henry, Mary E. 4 yrs, PA
152A-51-51, Herrick, F. 35 yrs, NY
152A-51-51, Herrick, Catharine 36 yrs, NY
152A-51-51, Herrick, Vinnie V. 1/12 yrs, PA
163B-228-233, Heslin, Nancy 29 yrs, PA
154B-88-88, Heysor, H. C. 39 yrs, Prussia
154B-88-88, Heysor, Mary 22 yrs, NY
154B-88-88, Heysor, John H. 1/12 yrs, PA
165A-252-259, Hildebrand, Mrs. 51 yrs, NJ
165A-252-259, Hildebrand, Alexander 22 yrs, PA
165A-252-259, Hildebrand, Sarah J. 14 yrs, PA
165A-252-259, Hildebrand, Wilford C. 6 yrs, PA
165A-252-259, Hildebrand, Sarah A. 3 yrs, PA
160A-178-181, Hillery, Mary 21 yrs, Ireland
166B-279-287, Hist, Elizabeth 26 yrs, OH
170B-355-366, Hoble, A. B. 39 yrs, NY
162A-205-209, Hobough, Sarah 46 yrs, France
162A-205-209, Hobough, Rebecca 19 yrs, PA
162A-205-209, Hobough, Matilda 16 yrs, PA
162A-205-209, Hobough, Samuel B. 22 yrs, PA
162A-205-209, Hobough, Maggie 21 yrs, PA
162A-205-209, Hobough, Lizzie 9/12 yrs, PA
162A-207-211, Hodge, William 25 yrs, England
162A-207-211, Hodge, Lizzie 24 yrs, England
162B-207-211, Hodge, John 6 yrs, England
162B-207-211, Hodge, Lizzie 4 yrs, PA
162B-207-211, Hodge, Vinnie V. 1/12 yrs, PA
160B-185-188, Hodgeman, J. W. 58 yrs, VT
160B-185-188, Hodgeman, Emeline 49 yrs, PA
160B-185-188, Hodgeman, George A. 20 yrs, OH
160B-185-188, Hodgeman, Leora S. 18 yrs, OH
170B-342-353, Hoelz, A. 37 yrs, Baden Ger.
170B-342-353, Hoelz, Sophia 31 yrs, Baden Ger.
170B-342-353, Hoelz, Charles 10 yrs, NY
170B-342-353, Hoelz, Emety 6 yrs, NY
170B-342-353, Hoelz, Sophia 4 yrs, NY
155B-104-104, Hoffman, Kate 16 yrs, PA
157B-138-139, Hoge, Charles 45 yrs, Ireland
157B-138-139, Hoge, Mary A. 40 yrs, PA
157B-138-139, Hoge, Lizzie 15 yrs, PA
157B-138-139, Hoge, Willie 13 yrs, PA
157B-138-139, Hoge, James 12 yrs, PA
157B-138-139, Hoge, Katy 9 yrs, PA
157B-138-139, Hoge, John 5 yrs, PA
157B-138-139, Hoge, Ralph 3 yrs, PA
150A-22-22, Hogen, Hanna 16 yrs, OH
150A-22-22, Hogen, Effie 10 yrs, PA
150A-22-22, Hogen, Maud 4 yrs, PA
150A-22-22, Hogen, Vinnie V. 1/12 yrs, PA
151A-30-30, Hogen, Annie 18 yrs, PA
151A-30-30, Hogen, Thomas 22 yrs, Ireland
151A-30-30, Hogen, Catharine 1 yrs, PA
153A-62-62, Holby, Louisa 30 yrs, PA
153A-62-62, Holby, Harry 6 yrs, PA
154B-87-87, Holby, John 38 yrs, PA
154B-87-87, Holby, Marilla 35 yrs, OH
154B-87-87, Holby, Etta 9 yrs, PA
154B-87-87, Holby, Lunore 4 yrs, PA
154B-87-87, Holby, Dewalt 2 yrs, PA
168A-305-315, Holeman, Mary J. 45 yrs, PA
168A-305-315, Holeman, Amenia A. 9 yrs, PA
163A-223-227, Holler, William 58 yrs, PA
163A-223-227, Holler, Margaret 48 yrs, PA
158A-148-150, Holtz, Fred 22 yrs, Germany
157A-127-128, Homer, Jacob 51 yrs, PA
157A-127-128, Homer, Hannah 52 yrs, PA
157A-127-128, Homer, Edward 24 yrs, PA
157A-127-128, Homer, Electa 21 yrs, PA
157A-127-128, Homer, Charles 19 yrs, PA
157A-127-128, Homer, Amanda 18 yrs, PA
157A-127-128, Homer, Dottie 4 yrs, PA
169A-315-325, Homer, David 52 yrs, PA
169A-315-325, Homer, Elizabeth 52 yrs, NY
169A-315-325, Homer, Henry C. 24 yrs, PA
169A-315-325, Homer, John P. 13 yrs, PA
169A-315-325, Homer, Brigham 10 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Hottel, Jonathan 49 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Hottel, W. B. 16 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Hottel, Albert B. 13 yrs, OH
159B-173-176, Howel, William 33 yrs, NJ
159B-173-176, Howel, Ellen 31 yrs, PA
159B-173-176, Howel, William 10 yrs, NJ
151A-33-33, Hubbard, G. W. 46 yrs, NY
151A-33-33, Hubbard, Sarah A. 45 yrs, PA
151A-33-33, Hubbard, Amelia A. 20 yrs, PA
151A-33-33, Hubbard, Orlina P. 18 yrs, PA
151A-33-33, Hubbard, George H. 15 yrs, PA
151A-33-33, Hubbard, Julia E. 10 yrs, PA
151A-33-33, Hubbard, Jelleff B. 2 yrs, PA
169A-320-331, Hubbard, P. M. 59 yrs, NY
152B-58-58, Huber, A. 49 yrs, Ger
152B-58-58, Huber, Elizabeth 48 yrs, Ger
152B-58-58, Huber, Elizabeth Jr. 25 yrs, PA
152B-58-58, Huber, Frank 22 yrs, PA
152B-58-58, Huber, Charles 15 yrs, PA
162B-214-218, Huin, David 38 yrs, PA
162B-214-218, Huin, Mary M. 40 yrs, PA
162B-214-218, Huin, Mary 7 yrs, PA
162B-214-218, Huin, David 5 yrs, PA
162B-214-218, Huin, Annie J. 2 yrs, PA
166A-270-278, Huling, R. S. 58 yrs, PA
166A-270-278, Huling, Mary M. 43 yrs, OH
166A-270-278, Huling, Ellie 19 yrs, OH
166A-270-278, Huling, William 16 yrs, OH
166A-270-278, Huling, Mary M. 13 yrs, OH
166A-270-278, Huling, Frank C. 11 yrs, OH
166A-270-278, Huling, Annie M. 8 yrs, OH
170A-331-342, Hull, Seth 48 yrs, PA
170A-331-342, Hull, Mary 35 yrs, PA
170A-331-342, Hull, John M. 12 yrs, PA
170A-331-342, Hull, Clement V. 7 yrs, PA
170A-331-342, Hull, Sarah L. 4 yrs, PA
170A-331-342, Hull, Lern 40 yrs, PA
159B-167-170, Hunter, James 46 yrs, PA
163A-221-225, Hunter, R. B. 72 yrs, PA
164B-242-249, Hunter, Mary 69 yrs, PA
156B-124-125, Hurlbut, David 43 yrs, OH
156B-124-125, Hurlbut, Jerusha 37 yrs, OH
156B-124-125, Hurlbut, Hal 5 yrs, PA
156B-124-125, Hurlbut, Maud 3 yrs, PA
158A-144-146, Hutchison, John 66 yrs, Scotland
158A-144-146, Hutchison, Elizabeth 60 yrs, MA
158A-144-146, Hutchison, Mary 29 yrs, PA
158A-144-146, Hutchison, Elizabeth 17 yrs, PA
162B-210-214, Iche, William 25 yrs, Hanover Ger.
162B-210-214, Iche, Cadilla 22 yrs, PA
166A-271-279, Jackman, Mary 29 yrs, Ireland
166A-271-279, Jackman, Mary Jr. 6 yrs, PA
166A-271-279, Jackman, Thomas 4 yrs, PA
166A-271-279, Jackman, William 3 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Jackson, John 55 yrs, England
150B-24-24, Jerott, Benjamin 33 yrs, PA
150B-24-24, Jerott, Ellen 25 yrs, PA
153B-75-75, Jewett, Eva 14 yrs, PA
153B-75-75, Jewett, Grace 12 yrs, PA
156A-112-112, Johnson, S. P. 54 yrs, PA
156A-112-112, Johnson, Margaret 44 yrs, PA
156A-112-112, Johnson, Jennie 21 yrs, PA
156A-112-112, Johnson, Annie 19 yrs, PA
156A-112-112, Johnson, Robert 13 yrs, PA
166A-266-274, Johnson, Catharine 72 yrs, PA
166A-266-274, Johnson, Emeline 35 yrs, PA
166A-266-274, Johnson, Mary J. 33 yrs, PA
166A-266-274, Johnson, Martha 29 yrs, PA
166A-266-274, Johnson, Virginia 20 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Jones, Sarah 17 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Kamerer, Sarah 24 yrs, PA
154B-90-90, Kane, John 24 yrs, Germany
154B-90-90, Kane, Elizabeth A. 23 yrs, PA
154B-90-90, Kane, Ida A. 4 yrs, PA
154B-90-90, Kane, Cora B. 2 yrs, PA
170B-345-356, Kates, B. C. 45 yrs, PA
170B-345-356, Kates, Emma 20 yrs, PA
170B-345-356, Kates, Edwin 25 yrs, PA
170B-345-356, Kates, Benjamin 22 yrs, PA
152B-58-58, Keck, Alice 16 yrs, PA
155A-101-101, Keck, John 53 yrs, PA
155A-101-101, Keck, Terissa 57 yrs, PA
155A-101-101, Keck, Geo O. 28 yrs, PA
155B-101-101, Keck, Louisa 27 yrs, OH
155B-101-101, Keck, James M. 27 yrs, PA
155B-101-101, Keck, William D. 20 yrs, PA
155B-101-101, Keck, John C. 14 yrs, PA
155B-109-109, Keck, Henry 47 yrs, PA
156A-109-109, Keck, Sarah A. 40 yrs, PA
156A-109-109, Keck, Malinda A. 19 yrs, PA
156A-109-109, Keck, Judson A. 10 yrs, PA
156A-109-109, Keck, Abraham 51 yrs, PA
162B-211-215, Keck, Isaac 41 yrs, PA
162B-211-215, Keck, Charles J. 18 yrs, PA
162B-211-215, Keck, Clara L. 16 yrs, PA
167A-288-296, Keck, Abraham 31 yrs, PA
167A-288-296, Keck, Catharine 26 yrs, PA
167A-288-296, Keck, George 7 yrs, PA
167A-288-296, Keck, Ellen 5 yrs, PA
167B-293-302, Keck, Sarah 13 yrs, PA
167B-293-302, Keck, George 21 yrs, PA
170A-339-350, Keck, William 60 yrs, PA
170A-339-350, Keck, Harriet 49 yrs, OH
170A-339-350, Keck, William A. 28 yrs, PA
170A-339-350, Keck, Ellie S. 24 yrs, PA
170B-341-352, Keck, George Sen. 56 yrs, PA
170B-357-368, Keck, L. L. 30 yrs, PA
170B-357-368, Keck, Felicia 25 yrs, PA
170B-357-368, Keck, Harry 3 yrs, PA
170B-357-368, Keck, Florence 1 yrs, PA
167A-291-300, Keller, Geo. M. 39 yrs, OH
167A-291-300, Keller, Lucinda 35 yrs, PA
167A-291-300, Keller, Wallace 14 yrs, IA
167B-291-300, Keller, Esther 12 yrs, IA
167B-291-300, Keller, Charles 9 yrs, PA
167B-291-300, Keller, Addie 7 yrs, PA
167B-291-300, Keller, Frank 5 yrs, PA
167B-291-300, Keller, Arthur 4 yrs, PA
167B-291-300, Keller, Grant 1 yrs, PA
167B-291-300, Keller, Cora 1/12 yrs, PA
151A-32-32, Kelso, Geo W. 39 yrs, PA
151A-32-32, Kelso, Margaret J. 29 yrs, PA
151A-32-32, Kelso, Frank 9 yrs, PA
151A-32-32, Kelso, Clara 6 yrs, PA
151A-32-32, Kelso, Helenor M. 3 yrs, PA
151A-32-32, Kelso, Lafayette 22 yrs, PA
159B-171-174, Kern, John 47 yrs, PA
159B-171-174, Kern, Wilamina 37 yrs, PA
159B-171-174, Kern, Lizzie 16 yrs, PA
167B-295-304, Kilafer, George 21 yrs, Bavaria Ger
170B-355-366, Kimmel, Sarah 20 yrs, PA
150B-28-28, Kiney, Dennis 30 yrs, Ireland
165B-259-267, King, John 66 yrs, PA
165B-259-267, King, Mary 69 yrs, PA
152A-49-49, Kinseller, Annie 17 yrs, Ireland
152B-57-57, Kirker, J. S. 58 yrs, PA
152B-57-57, Kirker, Sarah 45 yrs, PA
152B-57-57, Kirker, Alfred 15 yrs, PA
166A-264-272, Kitch, Sarah 13 yrs, PA
150B-26-26, Klingsmith, Amos 26 yrs, PA
150B-26-26, Klingsmith, Emma 21 yrs, PA
150B-26-26, Klingsmith, Lucinda 2 yrs, PA
150B-26-26, Klingsmith, Eliza 50 yrs, PA
150B-26-26, Klingsmith, Mary 13 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Kohler, Mary 25 yrs, PA
153A-68-68, Kreps, A. T. 28 yrs, PA
160B-186-189, Kreps, G. R. 37 yrs, PA
160B-186-189, Kreps, Florilla 30 yrs, PA
160B-186-189, Kreps, Eliza F. 4 yrs, PA
160B-186-189, Kreps, Harriet M. 2 yrs, PA
160B-186-189, Kreps, Alberta 7/12 yrs, PA
160B-186-189, Kreps, Alice 15 yrs, PA
160B-186-189, Kreps, David D. 25 yrs, PA
161A-186-189, Kreps, William A. 23 yrs, PA
150A-20-20, Kughler, J. W. 23 yrs, PA
150A-20-20, Kughler, Amanda 23 yrs, PA
150A-20-20, Kughler, William F. 2 yrs, PA
150A-20-20, Kughler, Harry C. 5/12 yrs, PA
155B-106-106, Kughler, G. D. 45 yrs, PA
155B-106-106, Kughler, Elizabeth 44 yrs, PA
155B-106-106, Kughler, James W. 24 yrs, PA
155B-106-106, Kughler, M. 69 45 yrs, PA
164A-239-244, Kughler, J. C. 30 yrs, PA
164B-239-244, Kughler, Ellen J. 30 yrs, OH
164B-239-244, Kughler, Orson A. 6 yrs, OH
153A-62-62, Laird, Celestia 22 yrs, PA
149B-14-14, Lamb, John 67 yrs, PA
149B-14-14, Lamb, Martha L. 63 yrs, PA
149B-14-14, Lamb, James H. 32 yrs, PA
149B-14-14, Lamb, Annette R. 28 yrs, PA
149B-14-14, Lamb, Alice L. 8 yrs, PA
150B-23-23, Lane, Louisa W. 48 yrs, OH
170B-349-360, Langfelt, Fred 17 yrs, Bavaria Ger.
170B-360-373, Larimer, N. 37 yrs, PA
163B-225-230, Lasner, C. W. 27 yrs, PA
163B-225-230, Lasner, Emma 22 yrs, PA
163B-225-230, Lasner, May 5 yrs, PA
163B-225-230, Lasner, Lulie 2 yrs, PA
163B-225-230, Lasner, Frances 9/12 yrs, PA
155A-96-96, Law, James 45 yrs, PA
155A-96-96, Law, Elizabeth 39 yrs, PA
155A-96-96, Law, Mary T. 14 yrs, PA
155A-96-96, Law, Charle A. 13 yrs, PA
155A-96-96, Law, Albin H. 9 yrs, PA
150B-27-27, Leech, Isaiah 41 yrs, PA
150B-27-27, Leech, Mary 41 yrs, PA
150B-27-27, Leech, Eva 15 yrs, PA
150B-27-27, Leech, Luella 7 yrs, PA
150B-27-27, Leech, Charles 4 yrs, PA
152B-56-56, Leech, W. P. 45 yrs, PA
152B-56-56, Leech, Minerva 45 yrs, PA
152B-56-56, Leech, Lester D. 20 yrs, PA
152B-56-56, Leech, Augustus 17 yrs, PA
152B-56-56, Leech, Lizzie 15 yrs, PA
152B-56-56, Leech, Sadie 10 yrs, PA
152B-56-56, Leech, Berlena 69 yrs, PA
153B-76-76, Leech, Primpton 29 yrs, PA
153B-76-76, Leech, Charlotte 29 yrs, PA
153B-76-76, Leech, May 8 yrs, PA
154A-76-76, Leech, Jessie 1/12 yrs, PA
156B-121-122, Leech, J. A. 44 yrs, PA
156B-121-122, Leech, Phebe 36 yrs, PA
156B-121-122, Leech, Addie 16 yrs, PA
156B-121-122, Leech, Harry 13 yrs, PA
156B-121-122, Leech, Freddy 9 yrs, PA
156B-121-122, Leech, Jennie 6 yrs, PA
169A-324-335, Legin, Peter 60 yrs, Ireland
157A-130-131, Lenardo, M. 19 yrs, PA
157B-142-144, Lesher, Samuel 36 yrs, PA
157B-142-144, Lesher, Amanda A. 37 yrs, PA
157B-142-144, Lesher, Marietta 14 yrs, PA
157B-142-144, Lesher, Adda A. 13 yrs, PA
157B-142-144, Lesher, Hattie B. 11 yrs, PA
157B-142-144, Lesher, William I. 9 yrs, PA
157B-142-144, Lesher, Jennie 7 yrs, PA
158B-155-158, Lesher, Marietta 14 yrs, PA
168B-309-319, Lesher, Rebecca A. 76 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Limry, John 24 yrs, Ireland
151A-30-30, Linderman, M. 60 yrs, Hesse Ger.
151A-30-30, Linderman, Ellie 16 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Lininger, H. 23 yrs, PA
151B-44-44, Logan, John D. 32 yrs, PA
151B-44-44, Logan, Mary J. 29 yrs, PA
151B-44-44, Logan, Harry M. 3 yrs, PA
151B-45-45, Logan, Milton 30 yrs, PA
151B-45-45, Logan, Callie 25 yrs, PA
152A-45-45, Logan, Sylvester 21 yrs, PA
167A-284-292, Logan, John 58 yrs, PA
167A-289-297, Lohn, Benjamin 26 yrs, PA
167A-289-297, Lohn, Susan 25 yrs, PA
167A-289-297, Lohn, Minerva 1 yrs, PA
157A-128-129, Loomis, Marvin 62 yrs, MA
157A-128-129, Loomis, Mary A. 58 yrs, PA
157A-128-129, Loomis, Dora F. 22 yrs, PA
156A-111-111, Loutenhiser, David 67 yrs, PA
156A-111-111, Loutenhiser, Euty 65 yrs, PA
156B-121-122, Loutseniser, J. 18 yrs, PA
165A-254-262, Lyman, Michael 23 yrs, PA
164B-247-254, Malony, Dan 40 yrs, Ireland
164B-247-254, Malony, Mary 33 yrs, Ireland
164B-247-254, Malony, Mary E. 3 yrs, PA
164B-247-254, Malony, Julia 2 yrs, PA
159B-170-173, Man, Anderson 50 yrs, PA
159B-170-173, Man, Elizabeth 44 yrs, PA
159B-170-173, Man, Robert 17 yrs, PA
159B-170-173, Man, Lide 15 yrs, PA
159B-170-173, Man, Harry 12 yrs, PA
159B-170-173, Man, George E. 8 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, Marsh, Ella 20 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, Marsh, Luella 8/12 yrs, PA
168A-298-307, Martin, W. C. E. 40 yrs, PA
168A-298-307, Martin, Jennie P. 29 yrs, PA
168A-298-307, Martin, John H. 15 yrs, PA
170B-350-361, Martin, C. H. 39 yrs, NY
170B-350-361, Martin, Sarah 29 yrs, NY
170B-350-361, Martin, Minnie 7 yrs, NY
170B-359-370, Martin , Letitia J. 26 yrs, PA
170B-359-370, Martin , Maggie 23 yrs, PA
162B-209-213, Matthews, James 60 yrs, PA
162B-209-213, Matthews, Sarah 50 yrs, PA
162B-209-213, Matthews, Sarah J. 26 yrs, PA
162B-209-213, Matthews, William 21 yrs, PA
162B-209-213, Matthews, James 19 yrs, PA
162B-209-213, Matthews, Presley M. 9 yrs, PA
164A-233-238, Matthews, F. S. 35 yrs, MD
164A-233-238, Matthews, Caroline 28 yrs, PA
164A-233-238, Matthews, Amanda E. 11 yrs, PA
164A-233-238, Matthews, Lydia 2 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Maunheimer, A. 22 yrs, Wirtenburg Ger.
170A-335-346, Maxwell, William 60 yrs, PA
170A-335-346, Maxwell, Caroline 57 yrs, PA
170A-335-346, Maxwell, Ralph 34 yrs, PA
154B-86-86, McAnder, Patrick 69 yrs, Ireland
154B-86-86, McAnder, Mary Ann 51 yrs, Ireland
154B-86-86, McAnder, Mary E. 17 yrs, NY
154B-86-86, McAnder, James 22 yrs, MA
150A-22-22, McBards, Pat 38 yrs, Ireland
160B-184-187, McCalpine, M. 25 yrs, NY
160B-184-187, McCalpine, Ellie 10 yrs, PA
160B-184-187, McCalpine, Mary 6 yrs, OH
169B-327-338, McCartney, Eugene 19 yrs, Canada
158A-146-148, McClelland, Allen 33 yrs, Scotland
158A-146-148, McClelland, Priscilla 34 yrs, England
158A-146-148, McClelland, Georgiana 13 yrs, Scotland
169B-326-337, McClelland, Sarah 61 yrs, PA
169B-326-337, McClelland, Ellen S. 23 yrs, PA
154B-89-89, McClimans, Elizabeth 23 yrs, PA
154B-89-89, McClimans, Sarah 18 yrs, PA
158A-143-145, McClimans, Alvin 30 yrs, PA
158A-143-145, McClimans, Maria 25 yrs, PA
158A-143-145, McClimans, Frank 5 yrs, PA
158A-143-145, McClimans, Emma 4 yrs, PA
158A-143-145, McClimans, Ida 2 yrs, PA
158A-143-145, McClimans, Marty 6/12 yrs, PA
158B-152-154, McClimans, Hugh 24 yrs, PA
164A-232-237, McConel, Susan 80 yrs, Ireland
150A-22-22, McCormic, Thomas 28 yrs, Ireland
150B-28-28, McCormick, Thomas 28 yrs, Ireland
153B-73-73, McCray, Emma 22 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, McCray, L. W. 3 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, McCray, Lenora 1 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, McCray, James 30 yrs, PA
156A-112-112, McCray, William 20 yrs, PA
151A-34-34, McCree, James 42 yrs, Scotland
151A-34-34, McCree, Fannie 35 yrs, England
161A-191-195, McCristen, Jesse 43 yrs, PA
161A-191-195, McCristen, Margaret 39 yrs, PA
161A-191-195, McCristen, Clarence 18 yrs, PA
161A-191-195, McCristen, Samuel 16 yrs, PA
161A-191-195, McCristen, Curtis 13 yrs, PA
161A-191-195, McCristen, James 11 yrs, PA
161A-191-195, McCristen, Harry 9 yrs, PA
161A-191-195, McCristen, Fred 5 yrs, PA
149B-9-9, McCrory, Peter 35 yrs, Scotland
149B-9-9, McCrory, Margaret 33 yrs, Scotland
149B-9-9, McCrory, William 6 yrs, Scotland
149B-9-9, McCrory, Charles 3 yrs, PA
160B-183-186, McDowel, Jane 47 yrs, PA
160B-183-186, McDowel, Samuel 23 yrs, PA
160B-183-186, McDowel, Hannah 15 yrs, PA
160B-183-186, McDowel, Matthias 12 yrs, PA
160B-183-186, McDowel, Gertrude 9 yrs, PA
156B-120-121, McDowell, William 48 yrs, NY
156B-120-121, McDowell, Mollie 17 yrs, PA
156B-120-121, McDowell, Cora 14 yrs, PA
169A-321-332, McElaug, Mary 19 yrs, Ireland
166A-264-272, McFetridge, Elsie 71 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, McGowen, Barney 40 yrs, Ireland
160A-177-180, McHager, Sarah 40 yrs, Ireland
153A-68-68, McKay, Samuel 17 yrs, PA
158A-148-150, McKee, John 40 yrs, NY
158A-148-150, McKee, Phebe 35 yrs, NY
158A-148-150, McKee, Mary 15 yrs, CA
158A-148-150, McKee, Lottie 13 yrs, NY
158A-148-150, McKee, John 10 yrs, OH
158A-148-150, McKee, Lillie 6 yrs, OH
158A-148-150, McKee, Mattie 5 yrs, PA
158A-148-150, McKee, Addie 2 yrs, PA
158A-148-150, McKee, Walter 7/12 yrs, PA
155B-104-104, McKibbin, J. H. 34 yrs, NY
155B-104-104, McKibbin, Sarah 28 yrs, NY
149B-11-11, McLean, W. A. 31 yrs, PA
149B-11-11, McLean, Anna B. 23 yrs, PA
149B-11-11, McLean, Estella 3 yrs, PA
153A-66-66, McManara, Joseph 41 yrs, PA
153A-66-66, McManara, Eliza J. 36 yrs, DE
150B-28-28, McManis, Hugh 28 yrs, Ireland
150B-28-28, McManis, Annie 25 yrs, Ireland
150B-28-28, McManis, John 7/12 yrs, PA
158B-154-157, McMillen, W. 36 yrs, PA
158B-154-157, McMillen, John 12 yrs, PA
158B-154-157, McMillen, William 10 yrs, PA
158B-154-157, McMillen, Lou Maud 6 yrs, PA
158B-154-157, McMillen, Mirty May 3 yrs, PA
158B-154-157, McMillen, Catharine 66 yrs, PA
151A-30-30, McNally, Pat 40 yrs, Ireland
160B-182-185, McNally, Mercy 70 yrs, PA
170B-361-374, McNally, Margaret 30 yrs, PA
160B-184-187, McNeely, Mary 54 yrs, VT
160B-184-187, McNeely, William 54 yrs, PA
150B-28-28, McPardon, Patrick 38 yrs, Ireland
153B-72-72, McPherin, J. G. A. 26 yrs, PA
153B-72-72, McPherin, Caroline M. 25 yrs, OH
155A-94-94, McPherin, J. 62 yrs, PA
155A-94-94, McPherin, Mary 56 yrs, OH
155A-94-94, McPherin, F. J. Lemoin 23 yrs, PA
170B-340-351, Melony, John 28 yrs, Canada
167B-296-305, Melvin, Samuel 49 yrs, PA
162A-206-210, Menold, F. D. 24 yrs, PA
162A-206-210, Menold, Charlotte A. 29 yrs, PA
162A-206-210, Menold, Maud 3 yrs, PA
156B-126-127, Meresklisch, J. G. 36 yrs, PA
156B-126-127, Meresklisch, Tillie J. 29 yrs, PA
156B-126-127, Meresklisch, Laura 9 yrs, PA
156B-126-127, Meresklisch, Willie 7 yrs, PA
157A-126-127, Meresklisch, Clyde 3 7 yrs, PA
158B-155-158, Miller, Jacob 33 yrs, PA
158B-155-158, Miller, Lizzie M. 26 yrs, PA
158B-155-158, Miller, Edward 7 yrs, PA
158B-155-158, Miller, Maud 3 yrs, PA
158B-155-158, Miller, Willie 4/12 yrs, PA
161B-197-201, Miller, Penrose 35 yrs, PA
161B-197-201, Miller, Elizabeth 31 yrs, PA
161B-197-201, Miller, Freddie 3 yrs, PA
161B-197-201, Miller, Obediah 25 yrs, PA
162B-213-217, Miller, E. E. 55 yrs, PA
162B-213-217, Miller, Mary A. 35 yrs, OH
162B-213-217, Miller, Wilford 17 yrs, PA
162B-213-217, Miller, Tressa 12 yrs, PA
163A-219-223, Miller, Harman 31 yrs, PA
163A-219-223, Miller, Margaret A. 24 yrs, NY
167B-293-302, Miller, Adam 70 yrs, PA
167B-293-302, Miller, Lydia 62 yrs, PA
156A-114-114, Millhouse, J. E. 43 yrs, PA
156A-114-114, Millhouse, Eliza 41 yrs, PA
156A-114-114, Millhouse, Jacob N. 17 yrs, PA
159A-161-164, Mills, James 50 yrs, PA
159A-161-164, Mills, Nancy E. 42 yrs, PA
159A-161-164, Mills, Edwin 26 yrs, PA
159A-161-164, Mills, Leffert H. 11 yrs, PA
159A-161-164, Mills, Kate 4 yrs, PA
166B-274-282, Mizler, Lucins 41 yrs, OH
166B-274-282, Mizler, Mary 17 yrs, PA
166B-274-282, Mizler, Emrinda 14 yrs, PA
166B-274-282, Mizler, James 12 yrs, PA
166B-274-282, Mizler, Ettie 10 yrs, PA
166B-274-282, Mizler, Charles 7 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Mizler, Cashins 19 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Mizner, James 12 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Montgomery, Hugh 31 yrs, OH
169B-327-338, Montgomery, Venilla 30 yrs, OH
169B-327-338, Montgomery, Rolla 10 yrs, OH
159A-163-166, Moore, Henry 23 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Morfet, Albert 20 yrs, OH
160A-177-180, Morgan, James 25 yrs, PA
169A-321-332, Morgan, Patrick 42 yrs, Ireland
169A-321-332, Morgan, Annie 46 yrs, Ireland
170B-355-366, Moseman, B. E. 27 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Moser, J. 26 yrs, Bavaria Ger.
155A-100-100, Mower, M. J. 44 yrs, OH
155A-100-100, Mower, Silvey R. 24 yrs, PA
155A-100-100, Mower, Alice 20 yrs, OH
155A-100-100, Mower, Samuel A. 16 yrs, PA
155A-100-100, Mower, Charles P. 14 yrs, PA
155A-100-100, Mower, Felicia J. 10 yrs, PA
165A-251-258, Moyer, James 23 yrs, PA
165A-251-258, Moyer, Mary 22 yrs, OH
165A-251-258, Moyer, Ellie 1 yrs, PA
166B-280-288, Moyer, D. C. 46 yrs, PA
166B-280-288, Moyer, Jemima 43 yrs, PA
166B-280-288, Moyer, Eva 20 yrs, PA
166B-280-288, Moyer, Walter E. 18 yrs, PA
166B-280-288, Moyer, William A. 16 yrs, PA
167A-287-295, Moyer, William 17 yrs, PA
155B-105-105, Munheimer, S. W. 29 yrs, Ger.
155B-105-105, Munheimer, Ellie 20 yrs, VA
155B-105-105, Munheimer, Nettie 1 yrs, PA
155B-105-105, Munheimer, Raphael 23 yrs, Germany
170B-355-366, Musielewski, R. 28 yrs, Prussia
149B-17-17, Neel, John B. 44 yrs, PA
149B-17-17, Neel, Nancy 43 yrs, PA
149B-17-17, Neel, Lydia A. 12 yrs, PA
149B-17-17, Neel, William H. 10 yrs, PA
150A-17-17, Neel, Mary 8 yrs, PA
150A-17-17, Neel, Curtin W. 6 yrs, PA
150A-17-17, Neel, John M. 3 yrs, PA
170B-357-368, Nesbit, David 18 yrs, PA
154A-77-77, Norton, Milo 53 yrs, NY
154A-77-77, Norton, Mary R. 40 yrs, NY
154A-77-77, Norton, Francis A. 17 yrs, NY
154A-77-77, Norton, Harriet C. 14 yrs, PA
154A-77-77, Norton, Fred A. 4 yrs, PA
154A-77-77, Norton, Nancy H. 78 yrs, VT
150A-21-21, O'Grady, John 33 yrs, Ireland
150A-21-21, O'Grady, Mary 30 yrs, England
150A-21-21, O'Grady, Catharine 11 yrs, Canada
150A-21-21, O'Grady, Agnes 9 yrs, MI
150A-21-21, O'Grady, Alice 3 yrs, PA
150A-21-21, O'Grady, Frederick 1 yrs, PA
154A-84-84, O.Haran, Edward 90 yrs, Ireland
154A-84-84, O.Haran, Catharine 90 yrs, Ireland
158A-150-152, O.Neal, John 42 yrs, OH
158B-150-152, O.Neal, Maria 38 yrs, IN
158B-150-152, O.Neal, Watson P. 18 yrs, OH
158B-150-152, O.Neal, B. Saint 16 yrs, OH
158B-150-152, O.Neal, Alice M. 13 yrs, IN
158B-150-152, O.Neal, Elsie D. 8 yrs, OH
158B-150-152, O.Neal, John 1 yrs, PA
159A-158-161, Oaks, Theodore 24 yrs, OH
151B-40-40, Oats, Alexander 24 yrs, PA
151A-30-30, OBrien, Frank 23 yrs, Ireland
153B-74-74, OGrada, Caroline 33 yrs, England
154A-85-85, Oldendifer, George 36 yrs, Ireland
154A-85-85, Oldendifer, Maria 30 yrs, Ireland
154B-85-85, Oldendifer, Jerry 12 yrs, PA
154B-85-85, Oldendifer, Frances 6 yrs, PA
157A-130-131, Oneal, Watson 18 yrs, OH
170A-332-343, Ostheimer, Elias 26 yrs, Baden Ger.
170A-332-343, Ostheimer, Josephene 19 yrs, PA
170A-332-343, Ostheimer, Clara 2 yrs, PA
169A-317-327, Ostiner, Elias 24 yrs, Germany
169A-317-327, Ostiner, Josephene 21 yrs, PA
169A-317-327, Ostiner, Clara 2 yrs, PA
150A-22-22, Otis, Thaddeus 25 yrs, Ireland
150B-28-28, Otis, Timothy 25 yrs, Ireland
157A-129-130, Packard, J. R. 33 yrs, OH
157A-129-130, Packard, Augusta 30 yrs, NY
157A-129-130, Packard, Clara 9 yrs, PA
157A-129-130, Packard, Cora 7 yrs, PA
157A-129-130, Packard, Edwin 5 yrs, PA
157A-129-130, Packard, Celestia 3 yrs, PA
158B-152-154, Packard, Dr. 53 yrs, OH
158B-152-154, Packard, Celestia 46 yrs, OH
168B-310-320, Packard, George 38 yrs, OH
168B-310-320, Packard, Malona 38 yrs, PA
168B-310-320, Packard, Dickey 11 yrs, PA
168B-310-320, Packard, Clayton 8 yrs, PA
168B-310-320, Packard, Lottie 7 yrs, PA
170B-340-351, Packard, S. A. 59 yrs, OH
170B-340-351, Packard, Anna C. 57 yrs, PA
170B-340-351, Packard, N. C. 39 yrs, OH
170B-340-351, Packard, William 23 yrs, PA
170B-340-351, Packard, Nancy H. 26 yrs, PA
170B-347-358, Packard, Sarah 27 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, Paden, Wm 22 yrs, PA
164B-242-247, Painter, Ellen 36 yrs, MA
159B-164-167, Parks, Mary 18 yrs, PA
155B-108-108, Partridge, Joseph 47 yrs, PA
155B-108-108, Partridge, Betheny 44 yrs, PA
155B-108-108, Partridge, Mary 18 yrs, PA
155B-108-108, Partridge, Cora 8 yrs, PA
158B-157-160, Patter, Fanny 45 yrs, PA
158B-157-160, Patter, Margaret 23 yrs, PA
159A-157-160, Patter, Mary 21 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Peck, Joseph 29 yrs, PA
157B-137-138, Peffer, Anna 19 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Pendegraff, W. 34 yrs, Scotland
160A-175-178, Pennyman, Geo. 30 yrs, OH
160A-175-178, Pennyman, Mary 25 yrs, PA
160A-175-178, Pennyman, Metta 5 yrs, PA
155A-98-98, Perry, J. M. 26 yrs, PA
155A-98-98, Perry, Eliza 33 yrs, PA
155A-98-98, Perry, Laura 6 yrs, PA
169B-329-340, Phelan, W. S. 31 yrs, Ireland
169B-329-340, Phelan, Eliza 21 yrs, PA
169B-329-340, Phelan, Mary 3/12 yrs, PA
153A-66-66, Piper, F. D. 17 yrs, PA
153A-66-66, Piper, Freddy F. 11 yrs, PA
153A-66-66, Piper, John D. 9 yrs, PA
169A-324-335, Plott, Mary 36 yrs, OH
156A-114-114, Pollock, Cath. 53 yrs, PA
157B-134-135, Porter, Eugene 12 yrs, OH
153B-74-74, Portesue, ------- 25 yrs, NY
170A-336-347, Powers, Mary 35 yrs, PA
158B-152-154, Prescot, Daniel 12 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Raggenkamp, A. 21 yrs, Prussia
170B-354-365, Ramsey, John 50 yrs, Ireland
170B-354-365, Ramsey, Mary 50 yrs, PA
170B-354-365, Ramsey, John N. 21 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Ramsey, Esther 45 yrs, NY
169A-324-335, Ray, James 50 yrs, OH
169A-324-335, Ray, Martha J. 45 yrs, OH
169A-324-335, Ray, Julia 18 yrs, OH
149A-3-3, Rector, George 39 yrs, PA
149A-3-3, Rector, Jane 34 yrs, PA
149A-3-3, Rector, Mary 14 yrs, PA
149A-3-3, Rector, William 12 yrs, PA
149A-3-3, Rector, Luella 10 yrs, PA
149A-3-3, Rector, Georgianna 8 yrs, PA
149A-3-3, Rector, Armina 5 yrs, PA
149A-3-3, Rector, Samuel 1 yrs, PA
153B-74-74, Remlard, David 33 yrs, Canada
167A-284-292, Reynolds, Sylvester 33 yrs, PA
150B-29-29, Reznor, Thomas 48 yrs, PA
150B-29-29, Reznor, Ellen 46 yrs, PA
150B-29-29, Reznor, Alice 21 yrs, PA
150B-29-29, Reznor, Frank 19 yrs, PA
150B-29-29, Reznor, Belle 17 yrs, PA
150B-29-29, Reznor, John 14 yrs, PA
163A-223-228, Rice, A. K. 36 yrs, PA
163A-223-228, Rice, Vienna 34 yrs, PA
163B-223-228, Rice, Tilman 14 yrs, PA
163B-223-228, Rice, Allen 12 yrs, PA
170A-338-349, Richard, Kasper 38 yrs, Prussia
170A-338-349, Richard, Maggie 33 yrs, Darmstadt G.
170B-340-351, Richard, A. 24 yrs, PA
157A-133-134, Richardson, John 36 yrs, OH
157A-133-134, Richardson, Marietta 31 yrs, PA
157A-133-134, Richardson, Elizabeth 29 yrs, PA
149B-16-16, Ridley, Jacob 55 yrs, PA
149B-16-16, Ridley, Elizabeth 54 yrs, PA
156B-118-119, Riff, Maggie 20 yrs, NY
150A-18-18, Riley, Ellen 20 yrs, Ireland
151B-42-42, Riley, John 70 yrs, Ireland
151B-42-42, Riley, Ellen 56 yrs, Ireland
151B-42-42, Riley, Ellen Jr. 17 yrs, NY
169B-327-338, Roberta, Mary J. 22 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Roberta, Laura 15 yrs, PA
159B-174-177, Roberts, M. C. 30 yrs, PA
159B-174-177, Roberts, Louisa 27 yrs, OH
160A-174-177, Roberts, Wilbur 17 yrs, PA
161A-187-191, Roberts, Emery 50 yrs, VA
161A-187-191, Roberts, Rebecca 33 yrs, PA
163B-225-230, Robison, Mary 72 yrs, PA
155A-99-99, Rolls, Charles W. 29 yrs, PA
155A-99-99, Rolls, Rebecca 21 yrs, PA
155A-99-99, Rolls, Willie 5 yrs, PA
155B-103-103, Romp, Lizzie 13 yrs, PA
164A-232-237, Roony, Eugene 40 yrs, Ireland
164A-232-237, Roony, Margaret 42 yrs, Ireland
164A-232-237, Roony, Mary 20 yrs, NY
164A-232-237, Roony, James 18 yrs, NY
164A-232-237, Roony, Margaret 15 yrs, NY
164A-232-237, Roony, Annie 13 yrs, NY
164A-232-237, Roony, Lizzie 8 yrs, PA
164A-232-237, Roony, Rose 6 yrs, PA
164A-232-237, Roony, Francis 4 yrs, PA
164A-232-237, Roony, Eugen 2 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Rose, Joseph 34 yrs, PA
152A-49-49, Rose , S. M. 48 yrs, PA
152A-49-49, Rose , Sarah C. 37 yrs, PA
152A-49-49, Rose , William S. 16 yrs, PA
152A-49-49, Rose , Maggie M. 14 yrs, PA
152A-49-49, Rose , Fannie F. 11 yrs, PA
152A-49-49, Rose , John L. 6 yrs, PA
156A-114-114, Ross, J. E. 21 yrs, PA
166B-276-284, Rousinbug, Andrew 23 yrs, Hesse Ger
166B-276-284, Rousinbug, Christena 20 yrs, Hesse Ger
152B-55-55, Rowp, Mary 15 yrs, PA
149B-15-15, Royal, Chatta 17 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Rudkins, Mary 55 yrs, Ireland
165A-254-262, Ruff, Philip 18 yrs, PA
163B-228-233, Runselfinger, John 34 yrs, Prussia
163B-228-233, Runselfinger, Elizabeth 27 yrs, PA
163B-228-233, Runselfinger, Theressa 6 yrs, PA
166A-270-278, Rusler, William 19 yrs, OH
170B-355-366, Russel, Sohpia 28 yrs, England
170B-355-366, Russel, Charles H. 6 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Russel, Ada L. 2 yrs, PA
170B-355-366, Russel, Albert 35 yrs, England
149B-10-10, Sahn, Elias 30 yrs, PA
149B-10-10, Sahn, Mary 25 yrs, OH
149B-10-10, Sahn, George D. 10/12 yrs, PA
166B-278-286, Saul, Peter 33 yrs, Hesse Ger
166B-278-286, Saul, Susanna 29 yrs, Hesse Ger
166B-278-286, Saul, Emma 6 yrs, PA
166B-278-286, Saul, Maggie 4 yrs, PA
166B-278-286, Saul, Mary 3 yrs, PA
166B-278-286, Saul, Charles 10/12 yrs, PA
165B-257-265, Savank, Jacob 48 yrs, PA
165B-257-265, Savank, Sarah 46 yrs, PA
165B-257-265, Savank, John H. 20 yrs, PA
165B-257-265, Savank, Lutelis 16 yrs, PA
165B-257-265, Savank, Mary L. 12 yrs, PA
149A-2-2, Schad, Louisa 28 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Schad, Albert 22 yrs, PA
152A-46-46, Scott, Geo. R. 39 yrs, PA
152A-46-46, Scott, Clarissa 29 yrs, OH
152A-46-46, Scott, Frank 10 yrs, OH
152A-46-46, Scott, Gibb 8 yrs, OH
160A-176-179, Scott, Lydia 27 yrs, OH
149B-8-8, Seigfrits, D. F. 24 yrs, PA
149B-8-8, Seigfrits, Mary J. 23 yrs, PA
149A-5-5, Seiple, Joseph 51 yrs, PA
149A-5-5, Seiple, Sarah 36 yrs, PA
149A-5-5, Seiple, Elvira E. 17 yrs, PA
149A-5-5, Seiple, David A. 15 yrs, PA
149A-5-5, Seiple, Clara A. 14 yrs, PA
149A-5-5, Seiple, Milton S. 12 yrs, PA
149A-5-5, Seiple, Ernest H. 6 yrs, PA
149A-5-5, Seiple, Mary M. 2 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Sempleton, C. 44 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Sempleton, Susan J. 37 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Sempleton, Edwin S. 16 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Sempleton, Mable E. 14 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Sempleton, Jane 11 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Sempleton, Annie 11 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Sempleton, John C. 9 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Sempleton, Robert M. 2 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Sempleton, Augustus H. 10 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Shaller, Rose 20 yrs, PA
162A-204-208, Shanon, Henry 52 yrs, PA
162A-204-208, Shanon, Annie 52 yrs, PA
162A-204-208, Shanon, Henrietta 16 yrs, OH
162A-204-208, Shanon, Willie 11 yrs, PA
170B-344-355, Shattock, Sarah 44 yrs, PA
170B-344-355, Shattock, George 11 yrs, PA
170B-344-355, Shattock, Eddie 8 yrs, PA
156B-118-119, Sheakley, James 38 yrs, PA
156B-118-119, Sheakley, Lydia 36 yrs, PA
156B-118-119, Sheakley, Ida 13 yrs, PA
156B-118-119, Sheakley, Clara 11 yrs, PA
156B-118-119, Sheakley, Freddy 9 yrs, PA
161B-195-199, Shoemaker, M. 45 yrs, Prussia
161B-195-199, Shoemaker, Mary 43 yrs, Prussia
161B-195-199, Shoemaker, Emma 18 yrs, IL
161B-195-199, Shoemaker, Mary 15 yrs, PA
161B-195-199, Shoemaker, Maggie 13 yrs, PA
161B-195-199, Shoemaker, Sophia 12 yrs, PA
161B-195-199, Shoemaker, Michael 9 yrs, PA
161B-195-199, Shoemaker, Adam 7 yrs, PA
157B-137-138, Shrom, H. N. 38 yrs, PA
157B-137-138, Shrom, Mary E. 38 yrs, PA
157B-137-138, Shrom, Charles 8 yrs, PA
157B-137-138, Shrom, Clara 3 yrs, PA
157B-137-138, Shrom, Florence 1 yrs, PA
151B-38-38, Siegfried, Conrad 48 yrs, Some part Ger
151B-38-38, Siegfried, Elizabeth 48 yrs, Some part Ger
151B-38-38, Siegfried, Lewis 19 yrs, OH
151B-38-38, Siegfried, Emma 18 yrs, PA
151B-38-38, Siegfried, Lena 16 yrs, PA
151B-38-38, Siegfried, Lizzie 14 yrs, PA
151B-38-38, Siegfried, Henry 12 yrs, PA
151B-38-38, Siegfried, Willie 10 yrs, PA
151B-38-38, Siegfried, Freddy 8 yrs, PA
154A-81-81, Siegfried, D. M. 48 yrs, PA
154A-81-81, Siegfried, Annie E. 48 yrs, PA
154A-81-81, Siegfried, Henry 16 yrs, PA
154A-81-81, Siegfried, John 14 yrs, PA
154A-81-81, Siegfried, Christian A. 12 yrs, PA
154A-81-81, Siegfried, Cyrus 10 yrs, PA
154A-81-81, Siegfried, Edwin W. 5 yrs, PA
161A-187-190, Simpson, John 52 yrs, OH
161A-187-190, Simpson, Fanny 50 yrs, PA
159B-167-170, Sims, Henry 57 yrs, PA
159B-167-170, Sims, Elizabeth 59 yrs, PA
159B-167-170, Sims, Emma 22 yrs, PA
159B-167-170, Sims, Frederick J. 21 yrs, PA
159B-167-170, Sims, Lizzie 17 yrs, PA
159B-167-170, Sims, Harry 14 yrs, PA
166A-265-273, Sims, Henry 57 yrs, PA
157B-140-141, Smith, Rachel 51 yrs, PA
157B-140-141, Smith, Lydia M. 22 yrs, PA
157B-140-141, Smith, Alice 16 yrs, PA
157B-140-141, Smith, Emma 10 yrs, PA
158B-156-159, Smith, Benjamin 45 yrs, England
158B-156-159, Smith, Isabella 44 yrs, PA
158B-156-159, Smith, Dewalt 16 yrs, PA
158B-156-159, Smith, Austin H. 14 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Smith, Steven 29 yrs, PA
160A-181-184, Smith, John B. 63 yrs, OH
160A-181-184, Smith, Sevillia 42 yrs, PA
160B-181-184, Smith, David C. 22 yrs, PA
160B-181-184, Smith, George R. 15 yrs, PA
160B-181-184, Smith, Jessie M. 11 yrs, PA
160B-181-184, Smith, Addie B. 7 yrs, PA
160B-181-184, Smith, Jennie 4 yrs, PA
164B-244-251, Smith, Joseph 26 yrs, PA
164B-244-251, Smith, Millie 21 yrs, PA
165B-260-268, Smith, Ferdinand 45 yrs, Germany
165B-260-268, Smith, Caroline 19 yrs, PA
165B-260-268, Smith, Adam 15 yrs, PA
165B-260-268, Smith, Joseph 13 yrs, PA
165B-260-268, Smith, Celia 10 yrs, PA
165B-262-270, Smith, Caroline 48 yrs, Germany
165B-262-270, Smith, Joseph 25 yrs, PA
165B-262-270, Smith, John 20 yrs, PA
165B-262-270, Smith, Sophia 19 yrs, PA
165B-262-270, Smith, James 15 yrs, PA
165B-262-270, Smith, Caroline 12 yrs, PA
165B-262-270, Smith, William 8 yrs, PA
166B-275-283, Smith, Joseph 35 yrs, PA
166B-275-283, Smith, Lizzie 34 yrs, PA
166B-275-283, Smith, Maggie 9 yrs, PA
166B-275-283, Smith, Robert 6 yrs, PA
166B-275-283, Smith, Eliza 2 yrs, PA
169B-324-335, Smith, J. W. 30 yrs, MA
170A-333-344, Smith, Mary 21 yrs, OH
170A-333-344, Smith, Annie 19 yrs, PA
170B-354-365, Smith, Albert 18 yrs, PA
170B-357-368, Smith, Anna 20 yrs, OH
165A-254-262, Smoyer, John 35 yrs, PA
165A-254-262, Smoyer, Sarah 33 yrs, PA
165A-254-262, Smoyer, Henry W. 10 yrs, PA
165A-254-262, Smoyer, Jennie 1 yrs, PA
156B-123-124, Snyder, George 33 yrs, PA
156B-123-124, Snyder, Adelia 29 yrs, NJ
156B-123-124, Snyder, Willie 9 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, Somebody, John 60 yrs, Ger.
158A-148-150, Somebody, Philip 28 yrs, Germany
155B-105-105, Sowers, Lizzie 16 yrs, PA
152A-48-48, Spear, L. B. 32 yrs, PA
152A-48-48, Spear, Eliza J. 28 yrs, PA
152A-48-48, Spear, Bartley E. 7 yrs, PA
152A-48-48, Spear, Adella 5 yrs, PA
152A-48-48, Spear, Sarah N. 3 yrs, PA
167A-285-293, Spear, Seth 46 yrs, PA
167A-285-293, Spear, Casadana 51 yrs, PA
167A-285-293, Spear, Ida 18 yrs, PA
167A-285-293, Spear, Olivia 16 yrs, PA
167A-285-293, Spear, John 9 yrs, PA
167A-285-293, Spear, Linas S. 34 yrs, PA
154B-91-91, Spencer, Orlando 38 yrs, PA
154B-91-91, Spencer, Mary 32 yrs, PA
154B-91-91, Spencer, William 12 yrs, PA
154B-91-91, Spencer, James 9 yrs, PA
154B-91-91, Spencer, Lyde 7 yrs, PA
154B-91-91, Spencer, Elizabeth 5 yrs, PA
154B-91-91, Spencer, Lincoln 2 yrs, PA
158A-144-146, Spencer, William 15 yrs, OH
158A-144-146, Spencer, Elizabeth 8 yrs, PA
158A-144-146, Spencer, Frank 6 yrs, PA
158A-144-146, Spencer, Ida 2 yrs, PA
164A-233-238, Stall, Edmond K. 20 yrs, PA
163A-220-224, Stamm, Clara 15 yrs, NY
160A-176-179, Stinson, Melda 32 yrs, PA
168B-314-324, Stone, J. H. 43 yrs, PA
168B-314-324, Stone, Mary 32 yrs, PA
168B-314-324, Stone, Charles 13 yrs, PA
168B-314-324, Stone, Edward 11 yrs, PA
168B-314-324, Stone, George W. 3 yrs, PA
163A-218-222, Straub, Hannah 17 yrs, Ger.
162A-203-207, Stright, R. T. 25 yrs, PA
162A-203-207, Stright, Jane 26 yrs, OH
162A-203-207, Stright, Annie 7 yrs, PA
162A-203-207, Stright, Georgiana 4 yrs, PA
162A-203-207, Stright, Henry 2 yrs, PA
160A-177-180, Strom, Lizzie 19 yrs, PA
154B-88-88, Strosser, Mary 13 yrs, PA
165A-253-260, Strouse, Sarah 20 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, Struble , Leonard 50 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, Struble , Judy 48 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, Struble , Lester A. 16 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, Struble , Anna D. 11 yrs, PA
153B-73-73, Struble , Teressa 6 yrs, PA
155B-103-103, Sullard, Deborah 57 yrs, NJ
156B-125-126, Sutton, E. G. 50 yrs, PA
156B-125-126, Sutton, Theodore 18 yrs, PA
159A-158-161, Taylor, Docia 89 yrs, MA
161B-199-203, Taylor, W. G. 46 yrs, PA
161B-199-203, Taylor, Susan 48 yrs, PA
161B-199-203, Taylor, Annie B. 23 yrs, PA
161B-199-203, Taylor, Lucetta 21 yrs, PA
162A-199-203, Taylor, Jehn H. 20 yrs, PA
162A-199-203, Taylor, William J. 18 yrs, PA
162A-199-203, Taylor, Caroline E. 16 yrs, PA
162A-199-203, Taylor, Thomas 10 yrs, PA
150A-22-22, Tennant, William 59 yrs, Scotland
150A-22-22, Tennant, Elizabeth 53 yrs, Scotland
150A-22-22, Tennant, William 23 yrs, Scotland
150A-22-22, Tennant, Isabel 18 yrs, OH
150A-22-22, Tennant, George 10 yrs, OH
151A-35-35, Terwillger, Chas 29 yrs, NY
151A-35-35, Terwillger, Charlotte 31 yrs, PA
151A-35-35, Terwillger, Annie 11/12 yrs, PA
152B-54-54, Thalimer, D. A. 44 yrs, NY
152B-54-54, Thalimer, Mary E. 32 yrs, OH
152B-54-54, Thalimer, Charles A. 13 yrs, PA
152B-54-54, Thalimer, Alvy G. 9 yrs, PA
152B-54-54, Thalimer, Eddie 7 yrs, PA
152B-54-54, Thalimer, Maggie 3 yrs, PA
158A-149-151, Thompson, Maria 38 yrs, NY
158A-149-151, Thompson, Minnie 3 yrs, PA
159B-166-169, Thompson, John 63 yrs, PA
159B-166-169, Thompson, Cyntha 30 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Thompson, Isaac 24 yrs, PA
163A-220-224, Tillotson, Wm 59 yrs, NY
163A-220-224, Tillotson, Louisa 51 yrs, NY
163A-220-224, Tillotson, Augden W. 27 yrs, NY
163A-220-224, Tillotson, Norton E. 23 yrs, NY
163A-220-224, Tillotson, Ida 14 yrs, NY
169A-319-330, Tilman, H. Bery 26 yrs, PA
169A-319-330, Tilman, Sarah E. 23 yrs, PA
169A-319-330, Tilman, William C. 3 yrs, PA
169A-319-330, Tilman, Lucy A. 1 yrs, PA
160A-178-181, Tinan, E. J. 35 yrs, OH
160A-178-181, Tinan, Elizabeth 30 yrs, PA
160A-178-181, Tinan, Mary 6 yrs, PA
160A-178-181, Tinan, Frederick 3 yrs, OH
155B-103-103, Tunison, Richard 47 yrs, NY
155B-103-103, Tunison, Mary 37 yrs, NJ
155B-103-103, Tunison, William L. 20 yrs, NJ
155B-103-103, Tunison, Hiram A. 18 yrs, NY
151A-37-37, Turner, Allen 48 yrs, PA
151A-37-37, Turner, Mary E. 39 yrs, NY
151A-37-37, Turner, Julius F. 18 yrs, PA
151A-37-37, Turner, Edith E. 15 yrs, PA
151A-37-37, Turner, Ellmore A. 6 yrs, PA
155A-97-97, Turner, Lemina 45 yrs, NY
155A-97-97, Turner, James M. 26 yrs, NY
155A-97-97, Turner, Olive 21 yrs, PA
159B-165-168, Turner, Gilbert 45 yrs, PA
159B-165-168, Turner, Sarah 44 yrs, NY
159B-165-168, Turner, Hattie 15 yrs, PA
159B-165-168, Turner, George 12 yrs, PA
161A-187-191, Vancamp, S. E. 13 yrs, PA
161A-187-191, Vancamp, Cyntha A. 12 yrs, PA
161A-187-191, Vancamp, Enos 10 yrs, PA
161A-187-191, Vancamp, Matthew 3 yrs, PA
165A-254-262, Vandeventer, Edward 20 yrs, PA
163B-229-234, Vanduson, Henry 33 yrs, Canada
163B-229-234, Vanduson, Jane 32 yrs, PA
163B-229-234, Vanduson, John H. 11 yrs, PA
163B-229-234, Vanduson, Elizabeth 7 yrs, PA
163B-229-234, Vanduson, George P. 4 yrs, PA
163B-229-234, Vanduson, Charley B. 3 yrs, PA
163B-229-234, Vanduson, Ellsworth E. 2/12 yrs, PA
156A-115-116, Vangleson, C. 19 yrs, PA
157B-139-140, Varney, M. 79 yrs, NH
157B-139-140, Varney, Samuel P. 49 yrs, NH
157B-139-140, Varney, Rebecca M. 49 yrs, PA
157A-130-131, Vaughn, W. A. 47 yrs, PA
157A-130-131, Vaughn, Sarah 44 yrs, PA
157A-130-131, Vaughn, James W. 18 yrs, PA
157A-130-131, Vaughn, Thresa B. 15 yrs, PA
157A-130-131, Vaughn, Hattie E. 12 yrs, PA
157A-130-131, Vaughn, Emma P. 4 yrs, PA
157A-130-131, Vaughn, Carrie M. 2 yrs, PA
167B-296-305, Vaughn, S. L. 29 yrs, PA
167B-296-305, Vaughn, Marian 27 yrs, PA
167B-296-305, Vaughn, Jennie 6 yrs, PA
149B-13-13, Velery, W. 45 yrs, PA
149B-13-13, Velery, Sarah 37 yrs, PA
149B-13-13, Velery, Charles 10 yrs, PA
149B-13-13, Velery, Catharine 4 yrs, PA
162B-212-216, Vickers, Joseph 62 yrs, England
162B-212-216, Vickers, Ruhannah 53 yrs, NY
162B-212-216, Vickers, Annie 15 yrs, PA
156A-115-116, Vogan, John 33 yrs, PA
156A-115-116, Vogan, Hellen 26 yrs, NY
156A-115-116, Vogan, Nota V. 3 yrs, PA
156A-115-116, Vogan, Willie 2 yrs, PA
156A-115-116, Vogan, Julius 18 yrs, PA
170B-343-354, Wadsworth, Rebecca 22 yrs, PA
155A-93-93, Wagner, Aaron 27 yrs, PA
155A-93-93, Wagner, Maria 23 yrs, PA
156B-120-121, Walker, Martha 50 yrs, NY
166B-280-288, Walker, J. N. 20 yrs, PA
153A-61-61, Washburn, A. W. 31 yrs, OH
153A-61-61, Washburn, Lydia A. 37 yrs, NY
153A-61-61, Washburn, Elmore A. 11 yrs, OH
159B-164-167, Wasser, Henry 16 yrs, PA
169A-319-329, Wasser, Eli 46 yrs, PA
169A-319-329, Wasser, Lucy A. 52 yrs, PA
169A-319-329, Wasser, Ellie 15 yrs, PA
169A-319-329, Wasser, Hannah L. 14 yrs, PA
169B-327-338, Watkins, Wm 25 yrs, OH
163B-226-231, Waugh, J. A. 53 yrs, PA
163B-226-231, Waugh, Margaret J. 51 yrs, PA
163B-226-231, Waugh, Robert 25 yrs, PA
163B-226-231, Waugh, Mollie 19 yrs, PA
163B-226-231, Waugh, Emma 4 yrs, PA
168B-309-319, Waugh, William 52 yrs, PA
168B-309-319, Waugh, Annie 41 yrs, PA
168B-309-319, Waugh, James A. 23 yrs, PA
168B-309-319, Waugh, William F. 21 yrs, PA
168B-309-319, Waugh, John 17 yrs, PA
158B-150-152, Weaver, Emma 21 yrs, PA
158B-152-154, Weber, John 21 yrs, PA
161B-194-198, Welk, H. 25 yrs, OH
161B-194-198, Welk, Florence 21 yrs, PA
161B-194-198, Welk, Frank 2 yrs, PA
167A-282-290, Welk, William 48 yrs, OH
167A-282-290, Welk, Barbara 54 yrs, OH
167A-282-290, Welk, J. George 20 yrs, OH
167A-282-290, Welk, Ellie 15 yrs, OH
168A-306-316, Welk, Jeremiah 28 yrs, OH
168A-306-316, Welk, Martha 26 yrs, Ireland
168A-306-316, Welk, Edmond 4 yrs, PA
168A-306-316, Welk, Jeremiah 2 yrs, PA
150A-22-22, Wesse, John 21 yrs, Ireland
150B-28-28, Wesse, John 21 yrs, PA
159A-163-166, White, George 22 yrs, Canada
166A-268-276, White, Annie 53 yrs, PA
152B-55-55, Wick, Augustus 37 yrs, PA
152B-55-55, Wick, Fannie 24 yrs, PA
155B-104-104, Wick, Catharine 57 yrs, PA
154A-78-78, Wier, Jacob L. 35 yrs, PA
154A-78-78, Wier, Mary 35 yrs, PA
154A-78-78, Wier, Arthur 13 yrs, PA
154A-78-78, Wier, Kate 10 yrs, PA
154A-78-78, Wier, Herman 7 yrs, PA
170A-337-348, Wilder, Robert 28 yrs, Baden Ger.
170A-337-348, Wilder, Mary 26 yrs, Baden Ger.
170A-337-348, Wilder, Lena 3 yrs, NY
170A-337-348, Wilder, Robert 2 yrs, NY
170A-337-348, Wilder, Julia 2/12 yrs, PA
157B-134-135, William, John 29 yrs, OH
157B-134-135, William, Rose 24 yrs, NY
157B-134-135, William, Freddie 1 yrs, OH
164A-237-242, Williamson, J. S. 47 yrs, PA
164A-237-242, Williamson, Mary A. 47 yrs, Ireland
164A-237-242, Williamson, Susan J. 18 yrs, PA
164A-237-242, Williamson, Andrew 17 yrs, PA
164A-237-242, Williamson, Elizabeth 14 yrs, PA
162B-214-218, Woodle, Sarah 17 yrs, PA
152A-48-48, Woods, Sophrona 20 yrs, PA
170B-339-350, Woods, Ida 12 yrs, PA
150A-18-18, Wright, J. E. 26 yrs, IN
150A-18-18, Wright, Ellen 22 yrs, PA
168B-311-321, Wright, Frank 24 yrs, PA
168B-311-321, Wright, Catharine 20 yrs, NJ
168B-311-321, Wright, Frank 1 yrs, PA
167A-287-295, Wymer, J. S. 27 yrs, PA
167A-287-295, Wymer, Annie 25 yrs, PA
167A-287-295, Wymer, Willie 1 yrs, PA
170B-361-374, Wymer, William 47 yrs, PA
170B-361-374, Wymer, Sarah J. 51 yrs, OH
170B-361-374, Wymer, Agnes S. 21 yrs, PA
170B-361-374, Wymer, Frances 14 yrs, PA
159B-169-172, Yeagle, Edward 54 yrs, PA
159B-169-172, Yeagle, Matilda 44 yrs, PA
159B-169-172, Yeagle, Sarah 14 yrs, PA
164A-238-243, Yeagle, John 34 yrs, PA
164A-238-243, Yeagle, Elizabeth 33 yrs, PA
169A-322-333, Yeakle, Edward 42 yrs, PA
154B-89-89, Young, A. M. 29 yrs, PA
153A-68-68, Zahanizer, A. J. 20 yrs, PA

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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