Liberty Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

365B-64-66, Allen, Jane, 17yrs, PA
365B-64-66, Allen, John, 23yrs, VA
365B-64-66, Allen, Richard S, 4/12yrs, PA
366B-83-85, Anderson, David, 49yrs, PA
366B-83-85, Anderson, James, 24yrs, PA
366B-83-85, Anderson, Jane, 52yrs, PA
366B-83-85, Anderson, Sarah, 19yrs, PA
366B-83-85, Anderson, Thomas, 14yrs, PA
366B-79-81, Armstrong, Archie D, 7yrs, PA
366B-79-81, Armstrong, Catharine C, 36yrs, PA
366B-79-81, Armstrong, D H, 43yrs, PA
366B-79-81, Armstrong, Frances A, 15yrs, PA
366B-82-84, Armstrong, Hellen A, 53yrs, PA
366B-79-81, Armstrong, Lola L, 4yrs, PA
366B-79-81, Armstrong, Theresa E, 13yrs, PA
366B-82-84, Armstrong, Thomas C, 6yrs, PA
366B-79-81, Armstrong, Thomas E, 10yrs, PA
366B-79-81, Armstrong, Valentine G, 16yrs, PA
366B-82-84, Armstrong, Walter B, 16yrs, PA
365A-61-63, Barbers, A S, 50yrs, PA
365A-61-63, Barbers, Harriet A, 14yrs, PA
365A-61-63, Barbers, Henry S, 19yrs, PA
365A-61-63, Barbers, John W, 9yrs, PA
365A-61-63, Barbers, Mary A, 16yrs, PA
365A-61-63, Barbers, Mary J, 42yrs, PA
365A-61-63, Barbers, Robert M, 1yrs, PA
365A-61-63, Barbers, Stewart W, 5yrs, PA
365A-61-63, Barbers, Walter, 12yrs, PA
362A-19-19, Barnes, Anna E, 9yrs, PA
362A-19-19, Barnes, Elizabeth, 35yrs, PA
362A-19-19, Barnes, Emma P, 7yrs, PA
362A-19-19, Barnes, Julia M, 2yrs, PA
362A-19-19, Barnes, Laura J, 4yrs, PA
362A-19-19, Barnes, Philip S, 35yrs, PA
366B-81-83, Bell, Ann, 47yrs, PA
366B-81-83, Bell, John B, 53yrs, OH
366B-81-83, Bell, Lillie J, 9yrs, PA
366B-81-83, Bell, Mary E, 18yrs, PA
366B-81-83, Bell, Sevilla, 14yrs, PA
368B-111-111, Bentley, Susan, 32yrs, PA
364A-44-46, Black, Ada, 18yrs, PA
364A-44-46, Black, Laura M, 12yrs, PA
364A-44-46, Black, Mary, 44yrs, PA
364A-44-46, Black, Robert G, 49yrs, PA
365B-65-67, Blair, Catharine, 40yrs, PA
365B-65-67, Blair, Elmer E, 7yrs, PA
365B-65-67, Blair, Franklin G, 1yrs, PA
365B-65-67, Blair, Joseph W, 9yrs, PA
365B-65-67, Blair, Solomon, 35yrs, PA
365B-65-67, Blair, Walter, 3yrs, PA
366A-70-72, Boozle, Charles, 5yrs, PA
366A-70-72, Boozle, Joseph, 34yrs, PA
366A-70-72, Boozle, Mary, 32yrs, PA
366A-70-72, Boozle, Walker, 1yrs, PA
368A-101-101, Breakenridge, Agnes, 7yrs, PA
368A-101-101, Breakenridge, Charles P, 9yrs, PA
368B-114-114, Breakenridge, Elizabeth, 40yrs, PA
368A-101-101, Breakenridge, John C, 12yrs, PA
368B-114-114, Breakenridge, Mary A, 7yrs, PA
368A-101-101, Breakenridge, Mary E, 38yrs, PA
368A-101-101, Breakenridge, Michael R, 4yrs, PA
368A-101-101, Breakenridge, Rebecca, 80yrs, VA
368A-101-101, Breakenridge, Rebecca A, 13yrs, PA
368B-114-114, Breakenridge, Robert J, 10yrs, PA
368B-114-114, Breakenridge, W W, 47yrs, PA
367B-101-101, Breakenridge, Walles, 45yrs, PA
362B-22-23, Breneman, Amanda, 15yrs, PA
362B-22-23, Breneman, Daniel, 55yrs, PA
362B-22-23, Breneman, David, 17yrs, PA
362B-22-23, Breneman, Elizabeth, 20yrs, PA
362B-22-23, Breneman, Jane, 61yrs, PA
362B-22-23, Breneman, John, 19yrs, PA
362B-22-23, Breneman, Laura, 12yrs, PA
362B-22-23, Breneman, Samuel, 25yrs, PA
365A-57-59, Buchanan, Mary E, 14yrs, PA
365A-57-59, Buchanan, Sarah, 18yrs, PA
365A-57-59, Buchanan, William, 17yrs, PA
364B-52-54, Cambell, Ella, 22yrs, PA
361A-7-7, Campbell, Eliza J, 48yrs, PA
361B-7-7, Campbell, Georgia C, 9yrs, PA
361B-7-7, Campbell, James L, 14yrs, PA
361A-7-7, Campbell, John H, 52yrs, PA
361A-7-7, Campbell, Nancy J, 27yrs, PA
361B-7-7, Campbell, Rosella, 11yrs, PA
361B-7-7, Campbell, Samuel, 19yrs, PA
368B-111-111, Chapin, Anna, 1yrs, PA
368B-111-111, Chapin, Franklin D, 44yrs, MA
368B-111-111, Chapin, Malinda, 66yrs, VT
361A-6-6, Christy, James, 7yrs, PA
361A-6-6, Christy, James, 42yrs, Ireland
361A-6-6, Christy, John A, 5yrs, PA
361A-6-6, Christy, Mary A, 1yrs, PA
361A-6-6, Christy, Sarah J, 34yrs, Ireland
361A-6-6, Christy, William, 4yrs, PA
367A-91-91, Cooper, Albina C, 11yrs, PA
367A-91-91, Cooper, Ella M, 9yrs, PA
367A-91-91, Cooper, George, 46yrs, PA
367A-92-92, Cooper, Ida, 11yrs, PA
367A-92-92, Cooper, Jennie D, 7yrs, PA
367A-92-92, Cooper, Laura A, 9yrs, PA
367A-92-92, Cooper, Lucinda, 31yrs, PA
367A-91-91, Cooper, Margaret, 34yrs, PA
367A-91-91, Cooper, Mary F, 14yrs, PA
367A-92-92, Cooper, Mary M, 67yrs, PA
367A-92-92, Cooper, N C, 48yrs, PA
361A-4-4, Coulter, Sarah, 76yrs, PA
362B-25-26, Courtney, Amanda L, 14yrs, PA
362B-24-25, Courtney, Anna E, 19yrs, PA
362B-25-26, Courtney, David F, 49yrs, PA
362B-25-26, Courtney, Dewitt G, 21yrs, PA
362B-24-25, Courtney, Jane, 9yrs, PA
362B-25-26, Courtney, Jane, 47yrs, PA
362B-24-25, Courtney, Jane W, 45yrs, Ireland
362B-24-25, Courtney, John P, 8yrs, PA
362B-24-25, Courtney, Mary, 13yrs, PA
362B-25-26, Courtney, Mary C, 15yrs, PA
362B-25-26, Courtney, Nancy R, 18yrs, PA
362B-25-26, Courtney, Samuel P, 11yrs, PA
362B-25-26, Courtney, Sarah C, 3yrs, PA
362B-24-25, Courtney, Sarah E, 5yrs, PA
362B-25-26, Courtney, Thomas E, 6yrs, PA
362B-24-25, Courtney, William, 55yrs, PA
362B-24-25, Courtney, Wm R, 11yrs, PA
361B-8-8, Covert, Abraham, 18yrs, PA
361B-8-8, Covert, Armina L, 8yrs, PA
368A-105-105, Covert, Elizabeth, 37yrs, PA
368A-105-105, Covert, Forney, 2yrs, PA
361B-8-8, Covert, Hannah M, 6yrs, PA
361B-8-8, Covert, Jacob D, 40yrs, PA
368A-105-105, Covert, James D, 12yrs, PA
361B-8-8, Covert, James L, 13yrs, PA
368A-105-105, Covert, John H, 15yrs, PA
368A-105-105, Covert, Joseph, 53yrs, PA
361B-8-8, Covert, Luke B, 16yrs, PA
361B-8-8, Covert, Mary A, 83yrs, PA
368A-105-105, Covert, Samuel, 22yrs, PA
361B-8-8, Covert, Sarah, 37yrs, PA
361B-8-8, Covert, Sarah M, 2yrs, PA
368A-105-105, Covert, Sherman F, 3yrs, PA
368A-105-105, Covert, William R, 17yrs, PA
363B-40-41, Craig, Anna B J, 11yrs, PA
361B-12-12, Craig, Charles B, 11yrs, PA
361B-12-12, Craig, Elizabeth E, 27yrs, PA
363B-40-41, Craig, F S, 45yrs, PA
362A-17-17, Craig, Harry F, 2yrs, PA
361B-12-12, Craig, Jackson, 13yrs, PA
361B-12-12, Craig, James, 29yrs, PA
362A-17-17, Craig, James S, 39yrs, PA
361B-12-12, Craig, John, 60yrs, PA
362A-17-17, Craig, Lizzie, 23yrs, PA
363B-40-41, Craig, M E, 35yrs, PA
361B-12-12, Craig, Nancy, 56yrs, PA
361B-12-12, Craig, Nancy J, 20yrs, PA
362A-17-17, Craig, Samuel, 3/12yrs, PA
361B-10-10, Craig, Sarah E, 50yrs, PA
362A-15-15, Craig , Armina, 16yrs, PA
362A-15-15, Craig , Elizabeth, 48yrs, PA
362A-15-15, Craig , James B, 48yrs, PA
362A-15-15, Craig , John, 8yrs, PA
362A-15-15, Craig , Martha, 13yrs, PA
362A-15-15, Craig , Willie, 5yrs, PA
368A-107-107, Cribbs, Peter, 74yrs, PA
364A-45-47, Crowel, Caroline, 27yrs, PA
364A-45-47, Crowel, Harry M, 2yrs, PA
361B-13-13, Crury, Amelda, 7yrs, PA
361B-13-13, Crury, Anson, 38yrs, PA
361B-13-13, Crury, Aurelia N, 15yrs, PA
361B-13-13, Crury, Infant, 4/12yrs, PA
361B-13-13, Crury, Josiah D, 11yrs, PA
361B-13-13, Crury, Mary E, 38yrs, PA
361B-13-13, Crury, Norman, 2yrs, PA
361B-13-13, Crury, Willie, 5yrs, PA
362B-21-22, Dale, Amanda, 20yrs, PA
362A-20-20, Dale, Caroline, 3yrs, PA
362A-20-20, Dale, Catharine R, 42yrs, PA
362B-21-22, Dale, David, 43yrs, PA
362B-21-22, Dale, Edward G, 7yrs, PA
362A-20-20, Dale, George C, 7/12yrs, PA
362A-20-20, Dale, Harriet A, 11yrs, PA
362A-20-20, Dale, Levi, 50yrs, PA
362B-21-21, Dale, Maria, 60yrs, PA
362A-20-20, Dale, Mary A, 8yrs, PA
362B-21-21, Dale, William, 70yrs, PA
362A-20-20, Dale, Winfield S, 22yrs, PA
361A-4-4, Deniston, Charles W, 9yrs, PA
361A-4-4, Deniston, Edward, 4yrs, PA
361A-4-4, Deniston, Edward, 54yrs, PA
368B-111-111, Deniston, Esther, 44yrs, VT
361A-4-4, Deniston, Franics M, 24yrs, PA
361A-4-4, Deniston, Mary J, 46yrs, PA
367B-98-98, Desson, Charles, 3yrs, PA
367B-98-98, Desson, Joseph, 26yrs, Canada
367B-98-98, Desson, Margaret, 25yrs, Ireland
367B-98-98, Desson, Willie, 1yrs, PA
367B-96-96, Dight, Dawson W, 6yrs, PA
367B-96-96, Dight, Isaac L, 3yrs, PA
367B-96-96, Dight, James M, 7yrs, PA
367B-96-96, Dight, Margaret L, 1yrs, PA
367B-96-96, Dight, Sarah A, 28yrs, PA
367B-96-96, Dight, Wm H, 30yrs, PA
364B-53-55, Dillinger, Alice J, 41yrs, PA
364B-53-55, Dillinger, Angeline, 16yrs, PA
364B-53-55, Dillinger, Catharine W, 14yrs, PA
364B-53-55, Dillinger, George, 57yrs, PA
364B-54-56, Dillinger, Hugh G, 36yrs, PA
364B-53-55, Dillinger, James C, 18yrs, PA
364B-53-55, Dillinger, Lewis, 4yrs, PA
364B-54-56, Dillinger, Margaret, 35yrs, PA
364B-54-56, Dillinger, Margaret J, 1yrs, PA
364B-53-55, Dillinger, Rasina J, 6yrs, PA
364B-53-55, Dillinger, Rebecca C, 12yrs, PA
364B-53-55, Dillinger, Roxanna, 11/12yrs, PA
367B-94-94, Donns, Bredin, 50yrs, PA
367B-94-94, Donns, Jane, 50yrs, Ireland
367B-94-94, Donns, John, 19yrs, PA
368B-115-115, Downs, Edwin, 5/12yrs, PA
368B-115-115, Downs, Phebe, 19yrs, PA
368B-115-115, Downs, William, 24yrs, PA
367A-90-90, Drennan, Andrew, 39yrs, Ireland, Remark: possibly Dreman
367A-90-90, Drennan, George C, 7yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Dreman
367A-90-90, Drennan, Jane, 34yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Dreman
367A-90-90, Drennan, Mary L, 4yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Dreman
367A-90-90, Drennan, Robert M, 9yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Dreman
363A-33-33, Dunwoody, Edwin, 13yrs, PA
363B-39-40, Dunwoody, Elizabeth, 32yrs, PA
363B-39-40, Dunwoody, Gilbert, 50yrs, Ireland
363B-39-40, Dunwoody, Infant, 4/12yrs, PA
363A-33-33, Dunwoody, Isabella, 51yrs, PA
363A-33-33, Dunwoody, John, 65yrs, Ireland
363B-39-40, Dunwoody, Joseph S, 10yrs, PA
363A-33-33, Dunwoody, Joshua, 11yrs, PA
363A-33-33, Dunwoody, Lucinda, 21yrs, PA
363B-39-40, Dunwoody, Mary A, 8yrs, PA
363A-33-33, Dunwoody, Merrilla, 8yrs, PA
363B-39-40, Dunwoody, Robert W, 2yrs, PA
363B-39-40, Dunwoody, Sarah E, 6yrs, PA
363B-39-40, Dunwoody, Thomas R, 4yrs, PA
363A-33-33, Dunwoody, Willis, 15yrs, PA
366B-84-86, Espy, James S, 30yrs, PA
366B-84-86, Espy, Lizzie, 31yrs, PA
366B-84-86, Espy, Norman R, 3yrs, PA
366B-84-86, Espy, Robert H, 10/12yrs, PA
368A-104-104, Fillman, Catharine, 44yrs, PA
368A-104-104, Fillman, Jacob, 50yrs, PA
368A-104-104, Fillman, Syrene M, 19yrs, PA
363A-32-32, Foster, Amanda J, 24yrs, PA
364B-50-52, Foster, Eliza A, 40yrs, PA
363A-32-32, Foster, Gilbert D, 21yrs, PA
364B-50-52, Foster, Hugh, 51yrs, PA
363A-32-32, Foster, Mary J, 55yrs, Ireland
363B-38-38, Foster, William, 63yrs, PA
363A-32-32, Foster, William P, 22yrs, PA
361B-12-12, Freer, Daniel, 6yrs, PA
365B-67-69, Gasloway, Stewart, 71yrs, MD
363A-29-29, George, Ellen, 40yrs, Ireland
363A-29-29, George, Hugh M, 52yrs, PA
364B-51-53, George, Lucina J, 29yrs, PA
363A-29-29, George, Margaret, 11yrs, PA
364B-51-53, George, Margaret, 60yrs, PA
362B-26-27, George, Mary, 10/12yrs, PA
362B-26-27, George, Rebecca, 32yrs, PA
364B-51-53, George, Samuel B, 30yrs, PA
362B-26-27, George, Thomas, 53yrs, PA
364B-51-53, George, William, 62yrs, PA
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, A*eline J, 15yrs, PA, Remark: Asseline? Afeline?
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, Charles E, 3yrs, PA
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, Ella M, 7yrs, PA
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, Flora F, 13yrs, PA
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, James B, 20yrs, PA
363A-35-35, Gilfillen, James G, 52yrs, PA
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, John C, 18yrs, PA
364A-46-48, Gilfillen, Lizzie, 10yrs, PA
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, Martha L, 10yrs, PA
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, Mary, 47yrs, PA
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, Mary E, 23yrs, PA
363B-35-35, Gilfillen, Robert, 25yrs, PA
364B-52-54, Glenn, Adella=20B, 3yrs, PA
364B-52-54, Glenn, Agnes, 24yrs, PA
364A-46-48, Glenn, Anna G, 7/12yrs, PA
364B-52-54, Glenn, Charles M, 2/12yrs, PA
364A-46-48, Glenn, John, 33yrs, PA
364A-46-48, Glenn, Laura L, 2yrs, PA
364A-46-48, Glenn, Maria, 26yrs, PA
364B-52-54, Glenn, Robert N, 33yrs, PA
367B-99-99, Goff, Jane, 54yrs, Ireland
367B-99-99, Goff, Robert, 20yrs, Ireland
367B-99-99, Goff, Samuel, 12yrs, PA
367B-99-99, Goff, Sarah, 15yrs, PA
367B-99-99, Goff, William, 30yrs, Ireland
364A-48-50, Guist, Hortense, 18yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Grist
365B-68-70, Hanna, Alexander, 46yrs, PA
365B-68-70, Hanna, Anna E, 21yrs, PA
365B-68-70, Hanna, John, 19yrs, PA
365B-68-70, Hanna, Mary G, 40yrs, PA
365B-63-65, Harrison, Elizabeth A, 48yrs, PA
365B-63-65, Harrison, James *, 50yrs, England, Remark: middle initial J or Y
364B-51-53, Hublets, Lewis, 18yrs, NY
366A-76-78, Irwin, James, 37yrs, PA
366A-76-78, Irwin, Margaret E, 11yrs, PA
366A-76-78, Irwin, Martha A, 1yrs, PA
366A-76-78, Irwin, Mary J, 8yrs, PA
366A-76-78, Irwin, Parnelia, 34yrs, PA
366A-76-78, Irwin, William O, 10yrs, PA
365B-67-69, Jerome, John, 5yrs, PA
366A-75-77, Kennier, George, 76yrs, PA
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, Anna, 42yrs, Ireland
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, Charles S, 3yrs, PA
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, Edward H, 5yrs, PA
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, George W, 20yrs, PA
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, J D, 41yrs, PA
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, John, 19yrs, PA
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, Joseph, 11/12yrs, PA
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, Mary, 12yrs, PA
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, Sarah, 14yrs, PA
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, Sarah, 81yrs, CT
364B-49-51, Kirkpatrick, Thomas T, 8yrs, PA
365B-62-64, Lightner, Adella, 2yrs, PA
365A-62-64, Lightner, Emma, 17yrs, PA
365B-62-64, Lightner, Henry, 14yrs, PA
365B-62-64, Lightner, John, 6yrs, PA
365B-62-64, Lightner, Samuel, 7yrs, PA
365A-62-64, Lightner, Samuel, 60yrs, PA
365B-62-64, Lightner, Sophia, 11yrs, PA
365A-62-64, Lightner, Syntha, 44yrs, PA
365A-62-64, Lightner, William, 19yrs, PA
363A-30-30, Logan, Elmer, 7yrs, PA
363A-30-30, Logan, Emeline, 10yrs, PA
363A-30-30, Logan, Maggie, 5yrs, PA
363A-30-30, Logan, Mary J, 14yrs, PA
363A-30-30, Logan, Syntha, 35yrs, PA
363A-30-30, Logan, Thomas J, 17yrs, PA
363A-30-30, Logan, Walter, 12yrs, PA
363A-30-30, Logan, William, 2yrs, PA
363A-30-30, Logan, William, 36yrs, PA
366A-74-76, McClafferty, Ada, 18yrs, PA
366A-74-76, McClafferty, Agnes, 41yrs, PA
363B-39-39, McClymonds, J M, 23yrs, PA, Remark: possibly "P M"
363B-39-39, McClymonds, Lizzie R, 21yrs, PA
362A-18-18, McCoy, Clarrissa, 18yrs, PA
362A-18-18, McCoy, Cyrus, 13yrs, PA
362A-18-18, McCoy, Loretta, 17yrs, PA
362A-18-18, McCoy, Marion, 16yrs, PA
362A-18-18, McCoy, Sarah, 49yrs, VA
362A-18-18, McCoy, Taylor, 14yrs, PA
362A-18-18, McCoy, Thomas P, 50yrs, PA
367A-88-88, McGonagle, John, 7yrs, PA
367A-88-88, McGonagle, Joseph, 4yrs, PA
367A-88-88, McGonagle, Joseph, 45yrs, Ireland
367A-88-88, McGonagle, Lizzie, 2yrs, PA
367A-88-88, McGonagle, Mary, 13yrs, PA
367A-88-88, McGonagle, Matilda, 15yrs, PA
367A-88-88, McGonagle, Rebecca, 43yrs, Ireland
363B-36-36, McIntire, Andrew C, 3yrs, PA
363B-36-36, McIntire, Catharine, 7yrs, PA
363B-36-36, McIntire, George, 39yrs, PA
363B-36-36, McIntire, Joseph, 5yrs, PA
363B-36-36, McIntire, Margaret, 10/12yrs, PA
363B-36-36, McIntire, Margaret, 23yrs, PA
365A-56-58, McKnight, Lizzie, 22yrs, PA
365A-56-58, McKnight, Mary, 23yrs, PA
365A-56-58, McKnight, Sadie, 18yrs, NJ
365A-56-58, McKnight, William, 68yrs, Ireland
367B-95-95, Mcknight, Alex, 58yrs, Ireland
367B-95-95, Mcknight, Eliza J, 15yrs, PA
367B-95-95, Mcknight, Mary, 45yrs, Ireland
367B-95-95, Mcknight, Mary A, 8yrs, PA
365A-58-60, McWilliams, Alex, 44yrs, PA
365A-58-60, McWilliams, James, 13yrs, PA
365A-58-60, McWilliams, Margaret, 35yrs, PA
365A-58-60, McWilliams, Peter C, 6yrs, PA
365A-58-60, McWilliams, Robert M, 10yrs, PA
367B-93-93, Michaels, Amelia, 20yrs, PA
367A-93-93, Michaels, George, 54yrs, PA
367B-93-93, Michaels, Jacob, 12yrs, PA
367B-93-93, Michaels, James T, 24yrs, PA
367B-93-93, Michaels, Lavina, 9yrs, PA
367B-93-93, Michaels, Rebecca, 16yrs, PA
367B-93-93, Michaels, Sarah, 50yrs, PA
364A-41-42, Miles, Achsah, 25yrs, PA
364A-41-42, Miles, Aquilla C, 14yrs, PA
364A-41-42, Miles, Hannah R, 16yrs, PA
363A-34-34, Miles, Harriet J, 5yrs, PA
362B-26-27, Miles, Harrison, 19yrs, PA
364A-45-47, Miles, Henrietta, 15yrs, PA
364A-41-42, Miles, Hutchinson B, 18yrs, PA
364A-45-47, Miles, Isabella, 12yrs, PA
364A-41-42, Miles, Isolina D, 11yrs, PA
363A-34-34, Miles, James, 63yrs, PA
364A-41-42, Miles, John J T, 8yrs, PA
363A-34-34, Miles, Lewis D, 9yrs, PA
363A-34-34, Miles, Margaret, 42yrs, PA
364A-41-42, Miles, Martha M, 23yrs, PA
363A-34-34, Miles, Mary E, 12yrs, PA
363B-41-42, Miles, Melvina, 44yrs, PA
364A-45-47, Miles, Nancy, 55yrs, PA
364A-45-47, Miles, Thomas, 57yrs, PA
364A-45-47, Miles, Thomas C, 18yrs, PA
363A-34-34, Miles, Thomas M, 10yrs, PA
368A-103-103, Miller, Caroline M, 2yrs, PA
368A-103-103, Miller, Margaret E, 3yrs, PA
368A-103-103, Miller, Mary E, 23yrs, PA
368A-103-103, Miller, Nettie J, 4/12yrs, PA
368A-103-103, Miller, W H, 28yrs, PA
364A-47-49, Morland, Edgar C, 4yrs, PA
364A-47-49, Morland, Margaret, 37yrs, PA
364A-47-49, Morland, Samuel, 50yrs, PA
364A-47-49, Morland, Viola E, 14yrs, PA
364A-47-49, Morland, William N, 10yrs, PA
368B-112-112, Morrison, Hiram, 25yrs, PA
368B-112-112, Morrison, John, 3yrs, PA
368B-112-112, Morrison, John, 70yrs, PA
368B-112-112, Morrison, Katie, 6yrs, PA
368B-112-112, Morrison, Susan, 27yrs, PA
368B-112-112, Morrison, William, 11/12yrs, PA
366A-73-75, Nelson, David S, 6yrs, PA
366A-73-75, Nelson, James A, 42yrs, PA
366A-73-75, Nelson, Scott, 2yrs, PA
366A-73-75, Nelson, Vanelia, 31yrs, PA
361B-9-9, Neyman, Aesah, 11yrs, PA
361B-9-9, Neyman, Charles F, 17yrs, PA
361B-11-11, Neyman, Elizabeth, 4yrs, PA
361B-11-11, Neyman, John, 27yrs, PA
361B-11-11, Neyman, Mary, 24yrs, PA
361B-9-9, Neyman, N E, 48yrs, PA
361B-9-9, Neyman, Sarah J, 15yrs, PA
361B-9-9, Neyman, Sargh A, 49yrs, PA
361B-11-11, Neyman, William, 2yrs, PA
362B-24-25, Norcross, Cristena, 35yrs, PA
365A-60-62, Patterson, Delilia, 46yrs, PA
365A-60-62, Patterson, George, 16yrs, PA
365A-60-62, Patterson, Joshua, 19yrs, PA
365A-60-62, Patterson, Martha, 17yrs, PA
365A-60-62, Patterson, Samuel A, 2yrs, PA
365A-60-62, Patterson, Thomas, 6yrs, PA
366B-80-82, Pearson, Abraham, 59yrs, PA
366B-77-79, Pearson, Alice, 10yrs, PA
366A-77-79, Pearson, Amanda S, 17yrs, PA
368B-113-113, Pearson, Anna J, 7yrs, PA
366B-80-82, Pearson, Arthur E, 15yrs, PA
366B-77-79, Pearson, Carrell, 7yrs, PA
366A-77-79, Pearson, Curtis, 51yrs, PA
366B-80-82, Pearson, Eliza M, 20yrs, PA
361A-1-1, Pearson, Frances, 27yrs, PA
366B-80-82, Pearson, Gettes, 23yrs, PA
361A-1-1, Pearson, Jennie, 8yrs, PA
368B-113-113, Pearson, John C, 27yrs, PA
366A-77-79, Pearson, Lydia, 47yrs, PA
368B-113-113, Pearson, Lydia E, 4yrs, PA
361A-1-1, Pearson, Maggie, 33yrs, PA
368B-113-113, Pearson, Mary, 26yrs, PA
366A-77-79, Pearson, Mary J, 16yrs, PA
366B-80-82, Pearson, Sarah, 47yrs, PA
361A-1-1, Pearson, Wm B, 31yrs, PA
361A-3-3, Peiffer, Elmira, 16yrs, PA
361A-3-3, Peiffer, Lizzie, 10yrs, PA
361A-3-3, Peiffer, Michael, 19yrs, PA
361A-3-3, Peiffer, Michael, 68yrs, PA
361A-3-3, Peiffer, Rebecca, 45yrs, PA
364B-50-52, Porter, Byron, 14yrs, NC
368B-111-111, Preast, Minerva, 41yrs, VT
364B-55-57, Pringle, Mary A, 40yrs, PA
365A-57-59, Pringle, Mary A, 72yrs, PA
364B-55-57, Pringle, Mary J, 16yrs, PA
364B-55-57, Pringle, Robert W, 48yrs, Ireland
365A-57-59, Pringle, William, 58yrs, Ireland
364B-49-51, Puffinbugh, L J, 21yrs, PA
362B-23-24, Pyser, James L, 28yrs, PA
362B-23-24, Pyser, Margaret, 65yrs, PA
362B-23-24, Pyser, Margaret, 65yrs, PA
362B-23-24, Pyser, Susan, 23yrs, PA
368B-116-116, Ramsay, infant, 5/12yrs, PA
368B-116-116, Ramsay, Jacob, 23yrs, PA
368B-110-110, Ramsay, Jacob, 64yrs, PA
368B-116-116, Ramsay, Margaret, 24yrs, PA
368B-116-116, Ramsay, Mary M, 2yrs, PA
368B-110-110, Ramsay, Nancy J, 19yrs, PA
367A-89-89, Redmond, Eliza, 44yrs, Ireland
367A-89-89, Redmond, Henry, 6yrs, PA
367A-89-89, Redmond, Henry K, 63yrs, Ireland
367A-89-89, Redmond, Jemima, 12yrs, PA
367A-89-89, Redmond, John, 15yrs, PA
367A-89-89, Redmond, Lizzie, 17yrs, PA
367A-89-89, Redmond, Mary A, 22yrs, Ireland
367A-89-89, Redmond, Robert, 13yrs, PA
367A-89-89, Redmond, Samuel, 19yrs, PA
367A-89-89, Redmond, William A, 10yrs, PA
366A-70-72, Reher, Alice M, 13yrs, PA
368A-107-107, Reher, Andrew, 48yrs, PA
368A-107-107, Reher, Daniel P, 19yrs, PA
368A-107-107, Reher, George W, 17yrs, PA
366A-69-71, Reher, Leah S, 10yrs, PA
366A-69-71, Reher, Mary A, 5yrs, PA
365B-69-71, Reher, Mary A, 42yrs, PA
365B-69-71, Reher, Ruben P, 17yrs, PA
368A-107-107, Reher, Salena A, 7yrs, PA
365B-69-71, Reher, Samuel, 47yrs, PA
366A-69-71, Reher, Samuel A, 2yrs, PA
365B-69-71, Reher, Sarah C, 19yrs, PA
368A-107-107, Reher, Susannah, 42yrs, PA
366A-70-72, Reher, William M, 15yrs, PA
363A-31-31, Richmond, Jane, 69yrs, Ireland
363A-31-31, Richmond, Smith, 70yrs, PA
363B-38-38, Riddle, Edward A, 17yrs, PA
363B-38-38, Riddle, George W, 58yrs, PA
363B-38-38, Riddle, James, 20yrs, PA
363B-38-38, Riddle, Mary, 21yrs, PA
363B-38-38, Riddle, Mary, 51yrs, PA
363B-38-38, Riddle, Wm S, 19yrs, PA
368A-102-102, Rodgers, Daniel, 2yrs, PA
368A-102-102, Rodgers, Elijah W, 3yrs, PA
368A-102-102, Rodgers, Elizabeth, 30yrs, PA
368A-102-102, Rodgers, George T, 38yrs, PA
363A-29-29, Sales, John, 23yrs, Ireland
365A-59-61, Seth , John P, 58yrs, PA
365A-59-61, Seth , Joseph E, 21yrs, PA
365A-59-61, Seth , Mary, 50yrs, PA
365A-59-61, Seth , Mary V, 19yrs, PA
365A-59-61, Seth , Sarah F, 8yrs, PA
365A-59-61, Seth , Warren O, 11yrs, PA
365B-67-69, Shroyer, Simon, 71yrs, MD
367A-87-87, Smith, David W, 22yrs, PA
367A-87-87, Smith, Gerge W, 20yrs, PA
361A-5-5, Smith, James M, 24yrs, PA
361A-5-5, Smith, John T, 16yrs, PA
367A-87-87, Smith, Josephene C, 32yrs, PA
361A-5-5, Smith, Margaret, 35yrs, PA
367A-87-87, Smith, Mary O, 14yrs, PA
367A-87-87, Smith, Robert F, 58yrs, PA
367A-87-87, Smith, Sybel, 56yrs, PA
361A-5-5, Smith, William, 68yrs, PA
361A-5-5, Smith, William A, 33yrs, PA
364A-48-50, Snyder, A E, 55yrs, PA
362A-16-16, Snyder, Dorathea J, 15yrs, PA
362A-16-16, Snyder, Elizabeth, 3yrs, PA
364A-48-50, Snyder, Jacob, 50yrs, PA
362A-16-16, Snyder, James B, 1yrs, PA
362A-16-16, Snyder, Jonathan, 39yrs, PA
362A-14-14, Snyder, Joseph P, 22yrs, PA
362A-16-16, Snyder, Maggie, 6yrs, PA
362A-16-16, Snyder, Nancy R, 4yrs, PA
362A-16-16, Snyder, Nettie, 13yrs, PA
362A-16-16, Snyder, Rose, 29yrs, PA
361B-14-14, Snyder, Sarah, 50yrs, PA
362A-14-14, Snyder, Sarah S, 19yrs, PA
367B-97-97, Stern, Charles, 63yrs, Saxony, Remark: possibly Stem
367B-97-97, Stern, Josephene L, 20yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Stem
367B-97-97, Stern, Louisa L, 13yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Stem
367B-97-97, Stern, Lucinda M, 53yrs, NH, Remark: possibly Stem
367B-97-97, Stern, Mary E, 16yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Stem
363B-37-37, Stevenson, Charles, 24yrs, PA
363B-37-37, Stevenson, Sarah, 24yrs, PA
368B-109-109, Stine, John, 49yrs, PA
368B-109-109, Stine, Rebecca, 75yrs, PA
368B-109-109, Stine, Susannah, 24yrs, PA
366A-75-77, Uber, Abraham, 49yrs, PA
366B-78-80, Uber, Alfred, 36yrs, PA
363A-28-28, Uber, Amanda J, 7yrs, PA
363A-28-28, Uber, Amanda M, 40yrs, PA
368A-106-106, Uber, Andrew K, 44yrs, PA
368B-108-108, Uber, Anna L, 1yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Annie, 5yrs, PA
363A-28-28, Uber, Cassius, 18yrs, PA
363A-28-28, Uber, Catharine, 18yrs, PA
366B-78-80, Uber, Chinelsa, 30yrs, PA
368A-106-106, Uber, Cyrus, 21yrs, PA
366A-75-77, Uber, D P, 25yrs, PA
363A-28-28, Uber, Daniel, 13yrs, PA
368A-108-108, Uber, Daniel, 39yrs, PA
366B-78-80, Uber, Eva D, 3yrs, PA
366B-78-80, Uber, Fred S, 9yrs, PA
366A-72-74, Uber, George, 48yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Hannah, 7yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Harvey S, 2yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Henry S, 3/12yrs, PA
368A-106-106, Uber, Jacob H, 32yrs, PA
363A-28-28, Uber, James, 45yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Jane E, 8yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Joseph, 18yrs, PA
366B-78-80, Uber, Lilla B, 7yrs, PA
368A-106-106, Uber, Magdalene, 58yrs, PA
366A-72-74, Uber, Margaret, 18yrs, PA
368B-108-108, Uber, Margaret, 36yrs, PA
366A-72-74, Uber, Margaret, 49yrs, PA
366A-75-77, Uber, Mary, 63yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Mary A, 10yrs, PA
365B-67-69, Uber, Mary A, 70yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Michael, 11yrs, PA
365B-67-69, Uber, Michael, 71yrs, PA
368A-106-106, Uber, Michael R, 59yrs, PA
366B-78-80, Uber, Milton, 21yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Minerva, 39yrs, PA
368B-108-108, Uber, Nelson P, 9yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, Perry, 19yrs, PA
366A-75-77, Uber, S P, 36yrs, PA
368A-106-106, Uber, Sarah, 19yrs, PA
366A-72-74, Uber, Sarah M, 19yrs, PA
368B-110-110, Uber, Sarah R, 1yrs, PA
363A-28-28, Uber, Thomas, 13yrs, PA
366A-75-77, Uber, W G, 20yrs, PA
368B-114-114, Uber, William, 28yrs, PA
365B-66-68, Uber, William, 49yrs, PA
363B-36-36, Watt, James, 22yrs, PA
364A-42-43, Weakley, Mary, 68yrs, PA
364A-42-43, Weakley, Robert, 37yrs, PA
364A-43-45, Weller, Cara L, 1yrs, PA
364A-43-45, Weller, G W, 29yrs, PA
364A-42-44, Weller, James *, 2yrs, PA, Remark: Middle initial "J"?
364A-42-44, Weller, John N, 3yrs, PA
364A-43-45, Weller, Juliette A, 29yrs, PA
364A-42-44, Weller, Lavina, 29yrs, PA
364A-42-44, Weller, Robert W, 32yrs, PA
366A-71-73, Williamson, Austa, 3yrs, PA
366A-71-73, Williamson, Eliza L, 26yrs, PA
366A-71-73, Williamson, James M, 30yrs, PA
366A-71-73, Williamson, John H, 1yrs, PA
366A-71-73, Williamson, Mary, 5yrs, PA
367B-100-100, Winder, Catharine, 32yrs, PA
367B-100-100, Winder, Christopher, 36yrs, PA
367B-100-100, Winder, Clarence E, 1yrs, PA
367B-100-100, Winder, Robert S, 9yrs, PA
365A-58-60, Wise, John, 26yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, Amanda, 2yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, Ann, 9yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, Daniel, 43yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, George, 16yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, Jacob, 18yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, John, 15yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, John, 25yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, Lewis, 6yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, Mary, 13yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, Mary, 64yrs, PA
361A-2-2, Wolford, Susannah, 41yrs, PA
367B-96-96, Zems, John, 75yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Zerns
367B-96-96, Zems, Mary A, 68yrs, PA, Remark: possibly Zerns

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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