Shenango Township

1870 Census Surname List

Shenango Township

SHENANGO TOWNSHIP - excluding Borough of New Lebanon
1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1374)

Enumerator: R. G. Madge
Post Office: Worth
Date of Enumeration: 13 July - 30 July, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 2000. Any commercial use prohibited

As with most of the written census records, one can tell from the different styles of handwriting that there were several people copying the records. In some cases, the letters "M" and "W" appeared identical. Keep this in mind while reading this transcription.

* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

86B-69-67, Alderman, H., 11yrs, PA

88B-97-95, Alderman, Leonora, 10yrs, PA

88B-97-95, Alderman, Mary A., 25yrs, PA

88B-97-95, Alderman, Mary D. D., 3yrs, PA

88B-97-95, Alderman, O. J., 42yrs, PA

88B-97-95, Alderman, Orland J., 15yrs, PA

103A-320-316, Alison, Amanda, 25yrs, PA

103A-320-316, Alison, Anna, 2yrs, PA

103A-320-316, Alison, Charles, 3/12yr, PA

103A-320-316, Alison, Frank, 5yrs, PA

103A-320-316, Alison, John, 27yrs, PA

97A-228-224, Allen, Alberta, 15yrs, PA

97A-228-224, Allen, Alvina D., 12yrs, PA

97A-228-224, Allen, Eliza, 10yrs, PA

89A-108-106, Allen, Elizabeth, 60yrs, PA

89A-111-109, Allen, Elizth, 32yrs, PA

89A-108-106, Allen, Elsie, 3/12yr, PA

97A-228-224, Allen, George, 46yrs, PA

97A-228-224, Allen, James W., 6yrs, PA

89A-108-106, Allen, John C., 3yrs, PA

85B-55-55, Allen, Jos S., 17yrs, PA

97A-228-224, Allen, Leomira, 39yrs, PA

97A-228-224, Allen, Mary A., 10yrs, PA

89A-108-106, Allen, Mary E., 25yrs, PA

89A-108-106, Allen, R. S., 26yrs, PA

97A-228-224, Allen, Silas, 8yrs, PA

85B-51-51, Allen, W. W., 19yrs, PA

89A-111-109, Allen, William, 19yrs, PA

87A-77-75, Amon, Chauncey, 6yrs, PA

87A-77-75, Amon, Edward J., 3yrs, PA

87A-77-75, Amon, Flora J., 7yrs, PA

87A-77-75, Amon, Lims, 35yrs, PA

87A-77-75, Amon, Perry, 1yrs, PA

88B-102-100, Amon, Richd, 40yrs, PA

87A-77-75, Amon, Sarah, 35yrs, PA

95B-208-205, Anar, Nelson, 82yrs, NJ [Surname probably Nelson }

96B-219-215, Anderson, Abigail, 55yrs, PA

97B-236-232, Anderson, Ada Y., 18yrs, PA

97A-233-229, Anderson, Albert A., 12yrs, PA

97A-233-229, Anderson, Amelia, 24yrs, PA

96B-222-218, Anderson, Armstrong, 10yrs, PA

96B-222-218, Anderson, Belinda, 42yrs, OH

96B-222-218, Anderson, Chrita, 17yrs, PA

96B-221-217, Anderson, D. C., 45yrs, PA

96B-221-217, Anderson, D. L., 3yrs, PA

96B-219-215, Anderson, Eliza Jane, 9yrs, PA

97A-233-229, Anderson, Elmore, 8yrs, PA

96B-222-218, Anderson, Elna, 19yrs, PA

96B-222-218, Anderson, H. F., 3yrs, PA

97A-233-229, Anderson, Harriet M., 20yrs, PA

96B-222-218, Anderson, Hiram, 43yrs, PA

96B-222-218, Anderson, Ida, 7yrs, PA

96B-221-217, Anderson, Jno A., 17yrs, PA

97B-236-232, Anderson, Katie, 16yrs, PA

96B-221-217, Anderson, Lizzie, 18yrs, PA

96B-222-218, Anderson, Melvina, 14yrs, PA

97B-236-232, Anderson, Ottie, 14yrs, PA

97B-236-232, Anderson, Prestley, 12yrs, PA

96B-222-218, Anderson, Rachel, 12yrs, PA

96B-221-217, Anderson, Rebecca, 38yrs, OH

97B-236-232, Anderson, S. J., 42yrs, OH

97A-233-229, Anderson, Sarah W., 46yrs, PA

92B-158-156, Anderson, Ulissa, 20yrs, PA

96B-219-215, Anderson, W. B., 60yrs, PA

97A-233-229, Anderson, W. R., 52yrs, PA

96B-221-217, Anderson, Wm F., 5yrs, PA

83A-13-13, Arbuckle, Jaen, 54yrs, PA

83A-13-13, Arbuckle, Jos, 71yrs, PA

102B-312-308, Armstrong, E., 28yrs, England

102B-312-308, Armstrong, Harriet, 28yrs, England

102B-312-308, Armstrong, Jane, 9/12yr, PA

102B-312-308, Armstrong, John, 2yrs, England

97A-234-230, Armstrong , B. , 35yrs, PA

97B-234-230, Armstrong , E., 4/12yr, PA

97B-234-230, Armstrong , M., 2yrs, PA

97A-234-230, Armstrong , Maggie, 6yrs, PA

97A-234-230, Armstrong , Mary, 38yrs, PA

100B-284-280, B*ll, Samuel, 75yrs, PA [Surname Bell or Bill]

105B-354-350, Badger, Henry, 3yrs, PA

105B-354-350, Badger, John, 49yrs, Wales

105B-354-350, Badger, John J., 19yrs, PA

105B-354-350, Badger, Mary, 43yrs, PA

105B-354-350, Badger, Wm, 9yrs, PA

99A-267-263, Bailey, Elizabeth, 5yrs, PA

97A-229-225, Bailey, Elizth, 67yrs, PA

94B-195-192, Baird, Cath A., 22yrs, PA

95A-190-187, Baird, Charles B., 11yrs, PA

95B-204-201, Baird, David, 32yrs, Ireland

95B-204-201, Baird, Eliza, 30yrs, PA

109A-401-397, Baird, Emma J., 6yrs, PA

109A-401-397, Baird, Henry, 11yrs, PA

95A-190-187, Baird, Isabella, 42yrs, PA

94B-195-192, Baird, James, 46yrs, PA

95A-190-187, Baird, James C., 2yrs, PA

94B-195-192, Baird, Jamie, 51yrs, PA

94B-195-192, Baird, Jas O., 18yrs, PA

109A-401-397, Baird, John, 3yrs, PA

95B-204-201, Baird, John, 25yrs, Ireland

95A-190-187, Baird, John, 42yrs, PA

109A-401-397, Baird, Lucy, 1yrs, PA

109A-401-397, Baird, Margaret A., 36yrs, PA

95B-204-201, Baird, Mary, 1yrs, PA

95A-190-187, Baird, Mary J., 5yrs, PA

95A-190-187, Baird, Robt C., 7yrs, PA

94B-195-192, Baird, William, 19yrs, PA

95A-190-187, Baird, William J., 9yrs, PA

109A-401-397, Baird, Wm K., 40yrs, PA

95B-210-207, Barney, Alex, 17yrs, PA

107B-382-378, Basley, Caroline, 8yrs, PA

107B-382-378, Basley, James, 1yrs, PA

107B-382-378, Basley, James, 35yrs, Ireland

107B-382-378, Basley, Mary J., 10yrs, PA

107B-382-378, Basley, Paterick, 15yrs, PA

107B-382-378, Basley, Rosa, 30yrs, Ireland

99B-271-267, Bear, J. J., *yrs, PA [Age given as both 20 & 30]

86B-70-68, Beighley, Ella, 5yrs, PA

86B-70-68, Beighley, Ellmore, 3yrs, PA

86B-70-68, Beighley, G. L., 47yrs, PA

86B-70-68, Beighley, John D., 20yrs, PA

86B-70-68, Beighley, Leah, 37yrs, PA

113A-452-447, Bell, Catherine, 40yrs, England

85B-55-55, Bell, J. C., 27yrs, PA

113A-452-447, Bell, John, 9yrs, England

92A-152-150, Bell, Maggie, 12yrs, PA

85B-51-51, Bell, Marg, 67yrs, PA

113A-452-447, Bell, Margaret A., 17yrs, England

92A-152-150, Bell, Martha, 14yrs, PA

92A-152-150, Bell, Mary, 54yrs, PA

92A-152-150, Bell, Nettie, 9yrs, PA

85B-55-55, Bell, R. T., 1yrs, PA

113A-452-447, Bell, Robert, 37yrs, England

113A-452-447, Bell, Robison, 10yrs, England

92A-152-150, Bell, Samuel, 29yrs, PA

85B-55-55, Bell, Susan, 29yrs, PA

92A-152-150, Bell, Thomas, 18yrs, PA

85B-51-51, Bell, W. S., 65yrs, PA

92A-152-150, Bell, Walter, 20yrs, PA

92A-152-150, Bell, William, 52yrs, PA

105A-347-343, Bell, Wm, 25yrs, Scotland

103B-332-328, Benet, Edward, 7yrs, PA

103B-332-328, Benet, Jane, 53yrs, England

103B-332-328, Benet, Ritchard, 68yrs, England

97A-229-225, Bentley, Ella, 7yrs, OH

97A-229-225, Bentley, Emery, 6yrs, PA

97A-229-225, Bentley, Margaret, 38yrs, OH

97A-229-225, Bentley, Mary, 11yrs, OH

97A-229-225, Bentley, Sarah, 12yrs, OH

97A-229-225, Bentley, W. H., 36yrs, PA

89A-113-111, Best, Albert, 20yrs, PA

89A-113-111, Best, Jennie, 33yrs, PA

89A-113-111, Best, John W.[?]., 19yrs, PA

89A-113-111, Best, Marcus, 17yrs, PA

89A-113-111, Best, Margaret, 60yrs, PA

89A-113-111, Best, Mary, 30yrs, PA

87A-76-74, Best, Susan, 40yrs, PA

89A-113-111, Best, T. H., 62yrs, PA

87A-76-74, Best, Wm, 73yrs, PA

90B-132-130, Best , J. B., 29yrs, PA

90B-132-130, Best , John, 2/12yr, PA

90B-132-130, Best , Margaret, 23yrs, PA

108B-397-393, Bevan, Alfred, 13yrs, Wales

108B-397-393, Bevan, Ann, 16yrs, Wales

108B-397-393, Bevan, Cath, 52yrs, Wales

108B-397-393, Bevan, Davy, 26yrs, Wales

108B-397-393, Bevan, John, 28yrs, Wales

108B-397-393, Bevan, John, 60yrs, Wales

99B-275-271, Bevis, Bridget, 47yrs, Wales

99B-275-271, Bevis, John, 37yrs, Wales

[for Biblett, see Riblett]

114A-465-461, Bickerdick, James, 35yrs, England

86A-64-62, Biddle, Eliz S., 4yrs, PA

86A-64-62, Biddle, Emma J., 2yrs, PA

86A-64-62, Biddle, Jas H., 3yrs, PA

86A-64-62, Biddle, John, 1/12yr, PA

86A-64-62, Biddle, John C., 6yrs, PA

86B-65-63, Biddle, Leucinda, 25yrs, PA

86A-65-63, Biddle, Marg, 79yrs, PA

86A-64-62, Biddle, Mary E., 7yrs, PA

86A-64-62, Biddle, R. C., 39yrs, PA

86A-64-62, Biddle, R. H., 37yrs, PA

89B-116-114, Bird, Elizth, 39yrs, PA

85A-48-48, Bixler, Feronica, 52yrs, OH

85A-48-48, Bixler, Henry, 18yrs, PA

85A-48-48, Bixler, Malinda, 10yrs, PA

85A-49-49, Bixler, Nancy, 77yrs, PA

85A-48-48, Bixler, Nicholas, 53yrs, PA

85A-49-49, Bixler, Saml C., 39yrs, PA

85A-48-48, Bixler, Susana, 13yrs, PA

107A-377-373, Bla*am, Peter, 23yrs, Prussia

110A-418-414, Black, Saml, 30yrs, PA

110A-418-414, Black, Susan, 26yrs, PA

110B-424-420, Blo*kson, Philip, 34yrs, England

104A-333-329, Bloomer, France, 37yrs, Switcheland

103B-333-329, Bloomer, J. H., 39yrs, Switcheland

104A-333-329, Bloomer, Janey, 15yrs, NY

107A-377-373, Boden, Antony, 27yrs, Prussia

112A-442-437, Boden, Ebert, 2yrs, PA

112A-442-437, Boden, Edward, 25yrs, England

112A-442-437, Boden, Mary Ann, 27yrs, England

112A-442-437, Boden, Thomas C., 3/12yr, PA

109B-410-406, Bodtwalt, A., 32yrs, Hanover

109B-410-406, Bodtwalt, Cath, 31yrs, Hanover

109B-410-406, Bodtwalt, Henry, 11yrs, PA

109B-410-406, Bodtwalt, Lewis, 3yrs, PA

109B-410-406, Bodtwalt, Lusa, 5yrs, PA

109B-410-406, Bodtwalt, Mina, 9/12yr, PA

109B-410-406, Bodtwalt, Philip, 8yrs, PA

109B-410-406, Bodtwalt, Tilda, 9yrs, PA

94A-182-179, Bond, Hugh, 42yrs, PA

94A-182-179, Bond, Mary J., 38yrs, OH

91A-136-134, Booke, Mary , 10yrs, PA

91A-136-134, Booke, Sarah A., 33yrs, OH

91A-136-134, Booke, Wayne, 59yrs, OH

84B-37-37, Bosser [Boper?], Charles C., 2yrs, PA

84B-37-37, Bosser [Boper?], Eliz, 29yrs, PA

84B-37-37, Bosser [Boper?], Saml, 33yrs, PA

84B-37-37, Bosser [Boper?], Wilson E., 5yrs, PA

99B-274-270, Bowen, Catherin, 35yrs, PA

99B-274-270, Bowen, Thomas, 31yrs, Wales

101A-296-292, Boyer, Andrew, 3yrs, PA

101A-296-292, Boyer, Andrew, 39yrs, Hanover

101A-296-292, Boyer, Augustus, 16yrs, PA

101A-296-292, Boyer, Carolina, 13yrs, PA

101A-296-292, Boyer, Charley, 5yrs, PA

101A-296-292, Boyer, Christina, 39yrs, Hanover

101A-296-292, Boyer, Christopher, 36yrs, Hanover

101A-296-292, Boyer, Francico, 1yrs, PA

101B-298-294, Boyer, Johanias, 65yrs, Hanover

101A-296-292, Boyer, Margaret, 11yrs, PA

101A-296-292, Boyer, Mary, 8yrs, PA

112A-439-434, Bradock, George, 26yrs, England

82A-4-4, Bradock, George, 27yrs, England

82A-4-4, Bradock, Isaba, 49yrs, England

82A-4-4, Bradock, Sarah Cotton, 15yrs, England

82A-4-4, Bradock, Stephen, 24yrs, England

106A-365-361, Brady, Francis, 10yrs, Ireland

106A-365-361, Brady, Thomas, 40yrs, Ireland

109B-407-403, Brandan, George, 25yrs, PA

109B-407-403, Brandan, John, 19yrs, PA

109B-407-403, Brandan, Mary, 60yrs, PA

109B-407-403, Brandan, McCammons, 6yrs, PA

109B-407-403, Brandan, Rebeckah, 16yrs, PA

109B-407-403, Brandan, Wm, 60yrs, VA

94B-198-195, Branton, Alexander, 1yrs, PA

94B-198-195, Branton, Martha, 18yrs, Ireland

94B-198-195, Branton, Thos, 22yrs, Scotland

92A-149-147, Brown, Ada, 12yrs, PA

100B-283-279, Brown, Ann, 5yrs, Wales

86A-58-57, Brown, Ann M., 12yrs, PA

99B-272-268, Brown, Dasie H., 3/12yr, OH

98B-255-251, Brown, David, 5yrs, Nova Scotia

93A-160-158, Brown, Ed, 17yrs, PA

91B-149-147, Brown, Edwin, 18yrs, PA

111A-431-426, Brown, Elizabeth, 12yrs, Ireland

100B-283-279, Brown, Elizabeth, 32yrs, Wales

111A-431-426, Brown, Francis, 10yrs, Ireland

86A-58-57, Brown, Hannah, 29yrs, PA

98B-255-251, Brown, James, 1yrs, PA

100B-283-279, Brown, James, 3yrs, Wales

100B-283-279, Brown, John, 6/12yr, PA

111A-431-426, Brown, John, 38yrs, Ireland

92A-149-147, Brown, Lilly A., 9yrs, PA

91B-149-147, Brown, Luticia, 14yrs, PA

111A-431-426, Brown, Mary, 40yrs, Ireland

110A-419-415, Brown, Mary J., 12yrs, England

111A-431-426, Brown, Philip, 8yrs, England

91B-149-147, Brown, Rebecca, 40yrs, PA

100B-283-279, Brown, Robert, 35yrs, England

98B-255-251, Brown, Robt, 27yrs, Scotland

99B-272-268, Brown, Rose H., 20yrs, OH

86A-58-57, Brown, Sa*** [Samus?] L., 9yrs, PA

99B-272-268, Brown, Saml E., 26yrs, OH

98B-255-251, Brown, Sarah, 27yrs, Ireland

100B-283-279, Brown, Walter A., 9yrs, Wales

95B-207-204, Buchanan, D. M., 20yrs, PA

95B-207-204, Buchanan, R. E., 18yrs, PA

97B-237-233, Buchanon, Emeline, 52yrs, PA

97B-237-233, Buchanon, J. W., 60yrs, PA

97B-237-233, Buchanon, John M., 20yrs, PA

85A-49-49, Buckwalter, Benj T., 16yrs, PA

85A-49-49, Buckwalter, Magdalene, 40yrs, PA

85A-49-49, Buckwalter, Sam, 42yrs, PA

85A-49-49, Buckwalter, Saml W., 11yrs, PA

105B-357-353, Burett, Bidy, 40yrs, Ireland

105B-357-353, Burett, Bridget, 2yrs, PA

105B-357-353, Burett, James, 11yrs, Scotland

105B-357-353, Burett, Johny, 5yrs, PA

105B-357-353, Burett, Mary, 9yrs, Scotland

105B-357-353, Burett, Miles, 45yrs, Ireland

105B-357-353, Burett, Miles Jr., 12yrs, Ireland

105B-357-353, Burett, Pe*, 14yrs, Ireland [probably Pat]

100A-278-274, Burk, Peter, 30yrs, PA

86B-74-72, Burns, Elizth, 52yrs, PA

112B-443-438, Burns, James, 35yrs, Scotland

93B-171-168, Burns, Maggie, 18yrs, PA

112B-443-438, Burns, Robt, 27yrs, Scotland

102A-311-307, Butcher, Edward, 14yrs, Wales

102A-311-307, Butcher, Ellen, 32yrs, Wales

102A-311-307, Butcher, James, 35yrs, England

102A-311-307, Butcher, James J., 1yrs, PA

85A-47-47, Byers, Adaline, 20yrs, PA

85A-47-47, Byers, Caroline, 10yrs, PA

85A-47-47, Byers, E. Wiley, 54yrs, PA

86B-72-70, Byers, Eliza J., 38yrs, PA

86B-72-70, Byers, Ella, 12yrs, PA

86B-71-69, Byers, Ellen, 24yrs, PA

85A-47-47, Byers, Ester, 17yrs, PA

86B-71-69, Byers, Ester, 26yrs, PA

85A-47-47, Byers, Hannah, 49yrs, PA

86B-72-70, Byers, J. P., 42yrs, PA

86B-71-69, Byers, Jane, 67yrs, PA

85A-47-47, Byers, John, 14yrs, PA

86B-72-70, Byers, John P., 10yrs, PA

86B-72-70, Byers, Lizzie, 3yrs, PA

85A-47-47, Byers, Maggie, 8yrs, PA

86B-72-70, Byers, Willie, 5yrs, PA

112A-439-434, Cabaugh, Peter, 25yrs, Belgium

101B-301-297, Calahan, Hugh, 22yrs, Scotland

101B-301-297, Calahan, Thomas, 20yrs, Scotland

101B-303-299, Caldwell, Ann, 58yrs, Ireland

101B-304-300, Caldwell, David, 68yrs, PA

102A-305-301, Caldwell, Elizabeth, 60yrs, Ireland

102A-305-301, Caldwell, Irwin, 27yrs, PA

101B-303-299, Caldwell, Isabell, 27yrs, PA

101B-303-299, Caldwell, James, 14yrs, PA

101B-303-299, Caldwell, Jane, 73yrs, PA

102A-305-301, Caldwell, John M., 29yrs, PA

101B-304-300, Caldwell, Margaret, 64yrs, Ireland

101B-303-299, Caldwell, Margaret J., 30yrs, PA

101B-303-299, Caldwell, Mary A., 19yrs, PA

101B-303-299, Caldwell, Robert, 61yrs, PA

113B-455-451, Caldwell, Saml, 22yrs, PA

102A-305-301, Caldwell, Thomas, 64yrs, PA

100B-286-282, Callins, David D., 63yrs, MD

100B-286-282, Callins, Mary A. S., 62yrs, MD

100B-286-282, Callins, Percy Deal, 15yrs, PA

108A-391-387, Came, Agenss, 8yrs, Scotland

108A-391-387, Came, James, 22yrs, Scotland

108A-391-387, Came, Mary, 10yrs, Scotland

108A-391-387, Came, Rodger, 15yrs, Scotland

108A-391-387, Came, Sarah, 17yrs, Scotland

96B-220-216, Campbell, A. L., 36yrs, PA

85A-45-45, Campbell, Elizth, 22yrs, PA

113B-455-451, Campbell, Emma J., 4yrs, PA

85A-45-45, Campbell, Harvey, 4/12yr, PA

113B-455-451, Campbell, James Mc, 7yrs, PA

84B-43-43, Campbell, Jane, 57yrs, OH

84B-43-43, Campbell, Jas, 57yrs, KY

113B-455-451, Campbell, John, 41yrs, PA

96B-220-216, Campbell, Margaret, 26yrs, PA

113B-455-451, Campbell, Matilda, 13yrs, PA

85A-45-45, Campbell, Orabella, 2yrs, PA

113B-455-451, Campbell, Rachel, 29yrs, PA

84B-43-43, Campbell, Rebecca, 26yrs, PA

113B-455-451, Campbell, Robert, 42yrs, PA

85A-43-43, Campbell, Robt, 24yrs, PA

85A-45-45, Campbell, Thos, 20yrs, PA

99B-270-266, Camps, Luella, 12yrs, OH

99B-270-266, Camps, Milton, 11yrs, OH

99B-270-266, Camps, Newton, 7yrs, OH

87B-89-87, Cannon, Albert, 5yrs, PA

87B-88-86, Cannon, Alexander, 33yrs, PA

87B-84-82, Cannon, Caroline, 44yrs, PA

87B-84-82, Cannon, Charles, 1yrs, PA

87B-89-87, Cannon, Emeline, 16yrs, PA

87B-88-86, Cannon, George, 31yrs, PA

87B-89-87, Cannon, Hugh, 29yrs, PA

85A-46-46, Cannon, James, 19yrs, PA

87B-88-86, Cannon, James, 55yrs, PA

88A-90-88, Cannon, Jas Jr., 10/12yr, PA

85A-46-46, Cannon, John, 56yrs, PA

87B-84-82, Cannon, John W., 19yrs, PA

87B-88-86, Cannon, Mag, 55yrs, PA

87B-90-88, Cannon, Margaret, 32yrs, PA

85A-46-46, Cannon, Rachael C., 22yrs, PA

85A-46-46, Cannon, Rebecca, 55yrs, PA

87B-89-87, Cannon, Sarah, 27yrs, PA

87B-84-82, Cannon, Thos, 52yrs, PA

87B-89-87, Cannon, Willis, 3yrs, PA

85A-46-46, Cannon, Woods, 15yrs, PA

93A-164-162, Carmichael, A. P., 34yrs, PA

93A-164-162, Carmichael, Hattie, 2yrs, PA

93A-164-162, Carmichael, Jos M., 4yrs, PA

93A-164-162, Carmichael, Sarah, 34yrs, PA

111A-427-422, Carr, Annie, 5yrs, Ireland

98A-248-244, Carr, Barney, 45yrs, PA

111A-427-422, Carr, Bridget, 3yrs, Ireland

98A-248-244, Carr, Cyrus, 12yrs, PA

111A-427-422, Carr, Daniel, 44yrs, Ireland

98A-248-244, Carr, Eli K., 7yrs, PA

111A-427-422, Carr, Ellen, 35yrs, Ireland

98A-248-244, Carr, Fruit, 14yrs, PA

104A-337-333, Casida, John, 50yrs, Ireland

107A-378-374, Casidy, Peter, 50yrs, Ireland

112A-439-434, Caslow, Ritch, 39yrs, Ireland

89A-107-105, Cater, John, 23yrs, PA

89A-107-105, Cater, Margaret, 40yrs, PA

89A-107-105, Cater, Nancy C., 16yrs, PA

89A-107-105, Cater, Oscar, 11yrs, PA

99B-270-266, Cerran, Di*ma, 35yrs, OH

99B-270-266, Cerran, Edward, 25yrs, MI

103B-330-326, Childs, Edward, 11yrs, Wales

103B-330-326, Childs, Marga**, 40yrs, Wales

103B-330-326, Childs, Margan Jr., 8yrs, Wales

103B-330-326, Childs, Margaret, 33yrs, Wales

103B-330-326, Childs, Mary, 2yrs, PA

103B-330-326, Childs, Wm, 6yrs, Wales

91B-147-145, Clark, Annie, 47yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, Eliza J., 19yrs, PA

91B-147-145, Clark, Jane, 53yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, Jas *., 21yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, Jas H., 45yrs, PA [possibly Jas A.]

91B-146-144, Clark, Jas Thomp, 5yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, John A., 17yrs, PA

85B-57-56, Clark, John B., 15yrs, PA

86B-67-65, Clark, L. M., 11yrs, PA

91B-146-144, Clark, Lizzie J., 10yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, Mary, 43yrs, PA

91B-146-144, Clark, Mary A., 35yrs, PA

85B-57-56, Clark, Mary C., 15yrs, PA

85B-57-56, Clark, Mary E., 28yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, Mary M., 15yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, McClellan, 6yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, Nettie E. A., 4/12yr, PA

85B-57-56, Clark, R. L., 9yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, Richard E., 4yrs, PA

91B-146-144, Clark, Richd, 50yrs, PA

90B-133-131, Clark, S Ann, 8yrs, PA

85B-57-56, Clark, S. B., 13yrs, PA

91B-146-144, Clark, Sadie C., 7yrs, PA

85B-57-56, Clark, Theo H, 17yrs, PA

85B-57-56, Clark, W. B., 47yrs, PA

88B-106-104, Clawges, Ellen, 18yrs, PA

88B-106-104, Clawges, Wm, 23yrs, PA

92B-156-154, Clinging, Lizzie, 9yrs, PA

92B-156-154, Clinging, Preston, 11yrs, PA

86B-75-73, Clinging, Sarah, 90yrs, PA

94B-196-193, Cloughley, Mary, 30yrs, Ireland

94B-196-193, Cloughley, W., 35yrs, Ireland

105A-348-344, Coal, Anna, 4yrs, PA

98A-244-240, Coal, Cath, 47yrs, Wales

105A-350-346, Coal, Davy, 9yrs, PA

105A-348-344, Coal, Emily, 6yrs, Wales

105A-348-344, Coal, Fred, 25yrs, England

105A-350-346, Coal, George, 35yrs, Ireland

104B-342-338, Coal, Henry, 30yrs, England

105A-348-344, Coal, Hester, 1yrs, PA

104B-342-338, Coal, Hester, 9yrs, England

97B-242-238, Coal, Ida Mary, 9/12yr, PA

97B-244-240, Coal, J. D., 57yrs, PA

105A-350-346, Coal, James, 8yrs, PA

104B-342-338, Coal, Jennie, 4yrs, PA

105A-350-346, Coal, John, 4yrs, PA

105A-350-346, Coal, Mary, 32yrs, PA

97B-242-238, Coal, Mary Jane, 21yrs, PA

104B-342-338, Coal, Ritchard, 2yrs, PA

97B-242-238, Coal, Samuel, 28yrs, PA

105A-350-346, Coal, Sarah, 13yrs, PA

105A-348-344, Coal, Sarah, 23yrs, England

104B-342-338, Coal, Susanna, 25yrs, England

113B-459-455, Coalby, Eliza J., 26yrs, PA

113B-459-455, Coalby, Wm, 38yrs, England

84A-27-27, Cochran, A. G., 10yrs, PA

84A-27-27, Cochran, Elizabeth, 2yrs, PA

83B-27-27, Cochran, J. J., 44yrs, PA

83B-27-27, Cochran, Lavinia, 16yrs, PA

84A-27-27, Cochran, Louisa, 7yrs, PA

83B-27-27, Cochran, M. , 37yrs, OH

84A-27-27, Cochran, Sarah, 70yrs, MD

108A-389-385, Cockins, Agness, 18yrs, Scotland

108A-389-385, Cockins, Hector, 25yrs, Scotland

108A-389-385, Cockins, Tommy, 1yrs, PA

108A-388-384, Combs, Amelia, 33yrs, OH

108A-388-384, Combs, Clyde, 5yrs, PA

108A-388-384, Combs, Corey, 12yrs, OH

108A-388-384, Combs, Martin, 35yrs, OH

108A-388-384, Combs, Mary, 13yrs, OH

108A-388-384, Combs, Spencer, 1yrs, PA

105A-351-347, Conabie, Anna, 37yrs, Wales

105A-351-347, Conabie, Davy J., 13yrs, PA

105A-351-347, Conabie, Lucy, 3yrs, PA

105A-351-347, Conabie, Patience, 8yrs, PA

105A-351-347, Conabie, Sarah A., 4yrs, PA

105A-351-347, Conabie, Susanna, 6yrs, PA

105A-351-347, Conabie, Willie, 11yrs, PA

105A-351-347, Conabie, Wm, 38yrs, England

105B-358-354, Conelery, John, 24yrs, Ireland

85A-44-44, Conner, F. E., 11yrs, PA

85A-44-44, Conner, J. M., 51yrs, PA

85A-44-44, Conner, John, 89yrs, PA

85A-44-44, Conner, Mary E., 15yrs, PA

85A-44-44, Conner, Sarah, 50yrs, PA

94A-180-177, Conner, Thomas, 46yrs, Ireland

102B-314-310, Cook, Anna, 8/12yr, PA

102B-314-310, Cook, Anna S., 72yrs, England

102B-314-310, Cook, Ester, 10yrs, England

102B-314-310, Cook, John, 45yrs, England

102B-314-310, Cook, John J., 14yrs, England

102B-314-310, Cook, Mary, 35yrs, England

102B-314-310, Cook, Michael, 4yrs, England

111A-431-426, Coukey, Alex, 35yrs, Ireland

110A-419-415, Coxtan, John, 25yrs, England

105A-349-345, Coyle, James, 25yrs, Ireland

105A-349-345, Coyle, John, 7/12yr, PA

105A-349-345, Coyle, Mary, 22yrs, PA

91B-145-143, Cramer, Ab, 47yrs, PA

91B-145-143, Cramer, Kennedy, 24yrs, PA

93B-173-170, Crawford, A. L., 27yrs, PA

96B-223-219, Crawford, A. M., 40yrs, * [appears to be OH written over PA]

94A-183-180, Crawford, Benton, 1yrs, PA

94A-183-180, Crawford, Celecia, 13yrs, PA

96B-223-219, Crawford, Cyrus, 8yrs, OH

90A-126-124, Crawford, David S., 8yrs, PA

90A-126-124, Crawford, Elizth, 38yrs, OH

94A-183-180, Crawford, Ethalia, 15yrs, PA

94A-183-180, Crawford, Gemella, 8yrs, OH

96B-223-219, Crawford, James, 15yrs, OH

94A-183-180, Crawford, Jas A., 6yrs, OH

94A-183-180, Crawford, Jas W., 40yrs, OH

90A-126-124, Crawford, Jos, 48yrs, OH

94A-183-180, Crawford, Lucy Ann, 11yrs, PA

96B-223-219, Crawford, Mary, 35yrs, PA

96B-223-219, Crawford, Olie, 5yrs, OH

90A-126-124, Crawford, Robert R., 6yrs, PA

94A-183-180, Crawford, Sylvina, 34yrs, OH

100B-288-284, Creps [Cress?], Anna, 23yrs, PA

100B-288-284, Creps [Cress?], Lizzie, 2/12yr, PA

100B-288-284, Creps [Cress?], Mary, 2yrs, PA

100B-288-284, Creps [Cress?], Nickolas, 32yrs, Baden

100B-288-284, Creps [Cress?], Philips, 70yrs, Bavaria

110A-414-410, Cropman, R. C., 42yrs, PA

110A-414-410, Cropman, Arcenia E., 6yrs, PA

110A-414-410, Cropman, Francis S., 10yrs, PA

110A-414-410, Cropman, Horatio A., 11/12yr, PA

110A-414-410, Cropman, Sarah M., 39yrs, PA

110A-414-410, Cropman, Ulysus C. [G.?], 3yrs, PA

114A-466-462, Cropsman, A. M., 40yrs, PA

114A-466-462, Cropsman, Jane, 36yrs, PA

114A-466-462, Cropsman, Mary Bell, 1yrs, PA

114A-466-462, Cropsman, Nan Ella, 5/12yr, PA

94A-179-176, Crossman, Cyrus, 27yrs, PA

94A-179-176, Crossman, Maria J., 27yrs, PA

101A-295-291, Crow, Abram, 52yrs, PA

101A-295-291, Crow, Clarence H., 10yrs, PA

101A-295-291, Crow, Martillan, 31yrs, OH

101A-295-291, Crow, Mary, 62yrs, MD

101A-295-291, Crow, Rosanna, 80yrs, PA

110A-419-415, Culley, Isabella, 17yrs, PA

110A-419-415, Culley, Lincoln, 7yrs, PA

110A-419-415, Culley, Mary, 56yrs, England

110A-419-415, Culley, Robert, 55yrs, England

110A-419-415, Culley, Wm, 20yrs, PA

106A-362-358, Cunnef, Bridget, 54yrs, Ireland

106A-362-358, Cunnef, John, 2/12yr, PA

106A-362-358, Cunnef, Sarah, 26yrs, Nova Scotia

106A-362-358, Cunnef, Thomas, 23yrs, Ireland

109A-399-395, Curry, Alice, 40yrs, Ireland

109A-399-395, Curry, Alice Jr., 13yrs, PA

109A-399-395, Curry, Frank, 15yrs, PA

109A-399-395, Curry, George, 45yrs, Ireland

103B-329-325, Cury, John, 18yrs, PA

105A-347-343, Cyler, John, 45yrs, Ireland

105A-347-343, Cyler, Margaret, 40yrs, Ireland

83A-20-20, Daily, Susanna, 55yrs, PA

83B-20-20, Daily, Wm, 29yrs, PA

83A-20-20, Daily, Wm, 72yrs, PA

105B-358-354, Daley, Agness, 2yrs, Scotland

105B-358-354, Daley, Isabella, 21yrs, Scotland

105B-358-354, Daley, John, 4/12yr, PA

106B-366-362, Danley, Thomas, 26yrs, Scotland

112A-439-434, Darby, Wm, 41yrs, Ireland

114A-462-458, Daugherty, Cyntha J., 12yrs, OH

114A-462-458, Daugherty, Evalina M, 6yrs, PA

114A-462-458, Daugherty, George W., 8yrs, OH

114A-462-458, Daugherty, Joseph, 4yrs, PA

114A-462-458, Daugherty, Martha E., 1yrs, PA

114A-462-458, Daugherty, Robt, 53yrs, PA

114A-462-458, Daugherty, Sylima, 38yrs, PA

114A-462-458, Daugherty, Terissa C., 10yrs, OH

114A-462-458, Daugherty, Thomas C. F., 14yrs, OH

112B-446-441, Davis, Agness, 2yrs, PA

103A-322-318, Davis, Amelia J., 1yrs, Wales

112B-446-441, Davis, Ben, 6yrs, PA

107B-381-377, Davis, Charlotte, 16yrs, Wales

112B-446-441, Davis, Dickey, 8yrs, PA

107B-381-377, Davis, Edwin, 37yrs, Wales

107B-381-377, Davis, Edwine, 1yrs, PA

103A-322-318, Davis, Emma, 23yrs, Wales

112B-446-441, Davis, Evan, 35yrs, Wales

96B-226-222, Davis, Freeby H., 10/12yr, PA

88A-90-88, Davis, George, 11yrs, PA

96B-226-222, Davis, Joseph, 6yrs, England

96B-226-222, Davis, Joseph, 24yrs, England

96B-226-222, Davis, Martha, 26yrs, England

107B-381-377, Davis, Mary, 2yrs, PA

107B-381-377, Davis, Mary, 30yrs, Wales

112B-446-441, Davis, Mary A., 33yrs, Wales

86B-74-72, Davis, Nancy, 14yrs, PA

103A-322-318, Davis, Ritchard, 4/12yr, PA

111A-430-425, Davis, Robert, 30yrs, Ireland

111A-430-425, Davis, Robert J., 26yrs, Scotland

112B-446-441, Davis, Sarah, 10yrs, PA

112B-446-441, Davis, Thomas J., 2yrs, PA

112B-446-441, Davis, Walter, 13yrs, PA

112B-446-441, Davis, Willie, 3/12yr, PA

103A-322-318, Davis, Wm, 3yrs, Wales

111A-430-425, Davis, Wm, 27yrs, Ireland

103A-322-318, Davis, Wm, 30yrs, Wales

86A-62-60, Dawson, C. L., 20yrs, PA

86A-62-60, Dawson, Mag, 62yrs, PA

85A-48-48, Debtwiler, Elizth, 36yrs, PA

101B-298-294, Devas, Ellen, 12yrs, Scotland

93A-162-160, Dick, Hanna, 19yrs, PA

110A-416-412, Dick, Luly, 3yrs, PA

110A-416-412, Dick, Luvisa, 40yrs, PA

110A-416-412, Dick, Maggie, 10yrs, PA

110A-416-412, Dick, Newton, 5yrs, PA

110A-416-412, Dick, Samuel, 40yrs, PA

110A-416-412, Dick, Wilford, 12yrs, PA

101B-299-295, Dillan, Eliza, 25yrs, Ireland

101B-299-295, Dillan, John, 27yrs, Scotland

101B-299-295, Dillan, Wm, 3/12yr, PA

91A-140-138, Dilley, Charles, 12yrs, WI

91A-140-138, Dilley, J. H., 38yrs, PA

91A-140-138, Dilley, Leticia, 39yrs, PA

91A-138-136, Dilley, Rolic, 2yrs, PA

112A-439-434, Dilon, Pat, 35yrs, Scotland

112A-439-434, Dilon, Spratt Am, 25yrs, Scotland

112A-439-434, Dilon, Wm, 30yrs, Scotland

102B-313-309, Dobbin, Jane Ann, 22yrs, England

102B-313-309, Dobbin, Maggie, 3/12yr, PA

102B-313-309, Dobbin, Wm, 30yrs, England

108B-394-390, Dobin, Joseph, 55yrs, England

91B-148-146, Dolby, Albert, 9yrs, PA

91B-148-146, Dolby, Homer, 7yrs, PA

91B-148-146, Dolby, John C., 52yrs, PA

91B-148-146, Dolby, Josiah, 13yrs, PA

91B-148-146, Dolby, Lizzie S., 5yrs, PA

91B-148-146, Dolby, Margaret, 2yrs, PA

91B-148-146, Dolby, Mary J., 15yrs, PA

91B-148-146, Dolby, Ruth, 11yrs, PA

91B-148-146, Dolby, Sarah , 42yrs, PA

110A-418-414, Donaldson, Math, 35yrs, Ireland

90A-121-119, Donovan, J., 40yrs, Ireland

100A-281-277, Doubt, James, 36yrs, England

100A-281-277, Doubt, John, 10yrs, PA

100A-281-277, Doubt, Joseph, 4yrs, PA

100A-281-277, Doubt, Samuel, 3yrs, PA

100A-281-277, Doubt, Sarah J., 1yrs, PA

100A-281-277, Doubt, Susan, 26yrs, Wales

100A-281-277, Doubt, Susanna, 7yrs, PA

114B-471-467, Drumer, J., 32yrs, Scotland

114B-471-467, Drumer, James, 3yrs, Scotland

114B-471-467, Drumer, John, 5yrs, Scotland

114B-471-467, Drumer, Sarah, 30yrs, Scotland

83B-26-26, Duffy, Thomas, 50yrs, Ireland

110B-422-418, Dugan, Bridget, 26yrs, PA

94B-201-198, Dugan, Ellen, 6/12yr, PA

110B-422-418, Dugan, Ellen, 5yrs, OH

94B-201-198, Dugan, Jas, 30yrs, Ireland

94B-201-198, Dugan, Julia, 29yrs, NY

94B-201-198, Dugan, Kate, 4yrs, PA

110B-422-418, Dugan, Michel, 1yrs, OH

94B-201-198, Dugan, Willie, 2yrs, PA

110B-422-418, Dugan, Wm, 27yrs, Ireland

110B-422-418, Dugan, Wm J., 3yrs, OH

100A-278-274, Dun, Bridget, 11yrs, Ireland

100A-278-274, Dun, Bridget, 60yrs, Ireland

100A-278-274, Dun, Ellen, 2yrs, PA

100A-278-274, Dun, James, 30yrs, Ireland

100A-278-274, Dun, Martin, 9yrs, Ireland

100A-278-274, Dun, Martin, 55yrs, Ireland

100A-278-274, Dun, Mary, 30yrs, Ireland

100A-278-274, Dun, Mary Ann, 4yrs, PA

100A-278-274, Dun, Nedd, 28yrs, Ireland

100A-278-274, Dun, Philips, 22yrs, Ireland

95B-204-201, Duncan, Jas, 30yrs, Ireland

101A-292-288, Dunla*y, Anna, 4yrs, PA

101A-292-288, Dunla*y, Edward, 32yrs, Ireland

101A-292-288, Dunla*y, Ludwick, 9/12yr, PA

101A-292-288, Dunla*y, Mary C., 2yrs, PA

101A-292-288, Dunla*y, Nancy, 27yrs, Baden

101A-292-288, Dunla*y, Wm, 4yrs, PA

83B-24-24, Eberts, Milton, 24yrs, PA

92B-158-156, Edeburn, Albert, 17yrs, PA

89B-120-118, Edeburn, Alfred M., 9yrs, PA

92B-158-156, Edeburn, B. Ellen, 50yrs, OH

90A-128-126, Edeburn, Calvin, 32yrs, PA

92B-160-158, Edeburn, Christy, 34yrs, PA

92B-160-158, Edeburn, Clara E., 10yrs, PA

92B-158-156, Edeburn, D. Wm, 22yrs, PA

92B-159-157, Edeburn, Effee M*r., , 1yrs, PA

89B-120-118, Edeburn, Emma A., 15yrs, PA

92B-160-158, Edeburn, Florence , 7yrs, PA

92B-159-157, Edeburn, Frank B., 23yrs, PA

92B-159-157, Edeburn, H. R., 29yrs, PA

83A-15-15, Edeburn, Henderson, 20yrs, PA

92B-158-156, Edeburn, Henry, 58yrs, PA

92B-160-158, Edeburn, Ida J., 8yrs, PA

83A-15-15, Edeburn, J. W., 57yrs, PA

93A-160-158, Edeburn, James, 2yrs, PA

93A-161-159, Edeburn, John, 58yrs, PA

93A-161-159, Edeburn, John D., 15yrs, PA

93A-160-158, Edeburn, John R., 1yrs, PA

83A-15-15, Edeburn, Lizzie M., 18yrs, PA

90A-128-126, Edeburn, Louiisa, 25yrs, PA

93A-161-159, Edeburn, Luvinia, 21yrs, PA

93A-161-159, Edeburn, Margt, 20yrs, PA

93A-161-159, Edeburn, Maria, 56yrs, PA

93A-161-159, Edeburn, Maria A., 18yrs, PA

90B-128-126, Edeburn, Marshal, 6yrs, PA

89B-120-118, Edeburn, Mary Ann, 36yrs, PA

83A-15-15, Edeburn, Nancy, 57yrs, PA

90A-128-126, Edeburn, Orwar Jos, 8yrs, PA

83A-15-15, Edeburn, Robert, 22yrs, PA

89B-120-118, Edeburn, Ruea, 5yrs, PA

83A-15-15, Edeburn, Salina, 16yrs, PA

89B-120-118, Edeburn, Saml, 42yrs, PA

93A-160-158, Edeburn, Scott W., 4yrs, PA

92B-160-158, Edeburn, Simeon, 39yrs, PA

89B-120-118, Edeburn, Wm, 18yrs, PA

106A-360-356, Edward, Georgie, 15yrs, PA

106A-360-356, Edward, Jane, 5yrs, PA

106A-360-356, Edward, Jon, 15yrs, PA

106A-360-356, Edward, Joseph, 40yrs, Wales

106A-360-356, Edward, Lily, 7/12yr, PA

106A-360-356, Edward, Mary, 40yrs, Wales

106A-360-356, Edward, Mary Ann, 9yrs, PA

106A-360-356, Edward, Susy, 11yrs, PA

107A-375-371, Edwards, Charly, 35yrs, Wales

111B-439-434, Eldar, Christiana, 19yrs, OH

112A-439-434, Eldar, David, 8yrs, PA

111B-439-434, Eldar, Elizabeth, 44yrs, Ireland

111B-439-434, Eldar, George, 17yrs, OH

112A-439-434, Eldar, James, 10yrs, PA

111B-439-434, Eldar, Sarah J., 14yrs, OH

94A-184-181, Eldridge, A., 37yrs, NY

94A-184-181, Eldridge, Elizabeth, 31yrs, OH

97B-238-234, Elery, Mary, 5yrs, PA

113A-453-448, Elison, Albert W., 6yrs, PA

113A-453-448, Elison, Clara , 4yrs, PA

113A-453-448, Elison, Henry J., 1yrs, PA

113A-453-448, Elison, Horace M., 28yrs, OH

113A-453-448, Elison, Nettie, 22yrs, PA

109B-408-404, Espy, Charles, 18yrs, PA

111B-435-430, Espy, Frank, 21yrs, PA

109B-408-404, Espy, Harriet, 45yrs, PA

109B-408-404, Espy, Lula, 9yrs, PA

109B-408-404, Espy, Martha J., 15yrs, PA

109B-408-404, Espy, Robert, 2yrs, PA

109B-408-404, Espy, Wm, 44yrs, PA

99A-267-263, Evans, Davy E., 8yrs, PA

99A-267-263, Evans, Jamima, 7yrs, PA

99A-267-263, Evans, John E., 15yrs, Wales

99A-267-263, Evans, Robt D., 11yrs, PA

99A-267-263, Evans, Wm, 14yrs, Wales

104B-340-336, Even, Sarah, 17yrs, MD

82B-9-9, Everhart, John, 24yrs, PA

96A-212-209, Everpart, Cat E., 38yrs, PA

96A-212-209, Everpart, Jos P., 40yrs, PA

82A-3-3, Eward, John, 29yrs, Scotland

82A-3-3, Eward, Margaret, 27yrs, Scotland

82A-3-3, Ewart, James, 20yrs, Scotland

82A-3-3, Ewart, Margaret, 6yrs, Scotland

91B-142-140, Ewing, Clarissa, 12yrs, PA

91B-142-140, Ewing, E. Birdie, 7/12yr, PA

91B-142-140, Ewing, Emma O., 8yrs, PA

91B-142-140, Ewing, Lizzie J., 15yrs, PA

91A-142-140, Ewing, Mary, 38yrs, PA

91B-142-140, Ewing, Mary M., 19yrs, PA

91B-142-140, Ewing, Sarah J., 10yrs, PA

91A-142-140, Ewing, Thos, 40yrs, OH

91B-142-140, Ewing, Wm Scott, 3yrs, PA

97A-233-229, Ewins, Walous, 53yrs, PA

99B-269-265, Faris, David, 37yrs, PA

99B-269-265, Faris, Elsworth, 3yrs, PA

99B-269-265, Faris, Frank, 14yrs, PA

99B-269-265, Faris, George, 7yrs, PA

99B-269-265, Faris, Mary, 11yrs, PA

99B-269-265, Faris, Wm, 8yrs, PA

107B-384-380, Farley, Anna, 21yrs, Scotland

107B-384-380, Farley, Daniel, 1yrs, PA

107B-384-380, Farley, Daniel, 25yrs, Scotland

107B-384-380, Farley, Mary A., 5yrs, Scotland

107B-384-380, Farley, Sarah, 3yrs, Scotland

113A-449-444, Farvor, Anna, 30yrs, Switcheland

113A-449-444, Farvor, Lizzie, 3/12yr, PA

113A-449-444, Farvor, Peter, 40yrs, Prussia

113A-449-444, Farvor, Peter Jr., 3yrs, PA

113A-449-444, Farvor, Tressa, 5yrs, PA

113B-460-456, Feather, Clara Eva, 1yrs, PA

95B-209-206, Feather, Epdema M., 3yrs, OH

113B-460-456, Feather, J. R., 28yrs, PA

95B-209-206, Feather, Jas H., 10yrs, OH

113B-460-456, Feather, John E., 7yrs, PA

113B-460-456, Feather, Margaret A., 25yrs, PA

113B-460-456, Feather, Mary Anna, 3yrs, PA

95B-209-206, Feather, Mary C., 39yrs, OH

95B-209-206, Feather, Sarah J., 12yrs, OH

95B-209-206, Feather, W. R., 38yrs, PA

95B-209-206, Feather, Willie, 15yrs, PA

113B-460-456, Feather, Wm H., 5yrs, OH

107A-371-267, Feeley, Denis, 21yrs, Ireland

106B-371-267, Feeley, James, 23yrs, Ireland

95B-207-204, Fessel, G. W., 43yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Forbus, Janie, 17yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Forbus, Sarah, 100yrs, Ireland

93B-174-171, Frazier, John, 14yrs, PA

111B-433-428, Frei*r, George, 23yrs, Ireland

83A-17-17, Froom, Amelia, 5/12yr, PA

83A-17-17, Froom, Cathe, 31yrs, PA

83A-17-17, Froom, Lily A., 8yrs, PA

83A-17-17, Froom, Mollie, 4yrs, PA

83A-17-17, Froom, William, 6yrs, PA

83A-17-17, Froom, Wm, 28yrs, England

87A-82-80, Garrott, Adam, 30yrs, PA

87B-86-84, Garrott, Chas, 40yrs, PA

87B-86-84, Garrott, David, 15yrs, PA

87B-86-84, Garrott, Eliza, 10yrs, PA

87B-86-84, Garrott, Elizth A., 14yrs, PA

87B-83-81, Garrott, Emeline, 1yrs, PA

87A-82-80, Garrott, Emeline, 7yrs, PA

87B-86-84, Garrott, Emeline, 8yrs, PA

87A-81-79, Garrott, George, 18yrs, PA

87B-86-84, Garrott, Hannah J., 39yrs, PA

87A-81-79, Garrott, Jackson, 31yrs, PA

86B-69-67, Garrott, Jacob, 27yrs, PA

87A-81-79, Garrott, Jacob, 70yrs, PA

86B-69-67, Garrott, John J., 4yrs, PA

86B-69-67, Garrott, Martha, 1yrs, PA

87A-81-79, Garrott, Mary, 61yrs, PA

87B-82-80, Garrott, Mary A., 2yrs, PA

86B-69-67, Garrott, Sarah, 26yrs, PA

87A-82-80, Garrott, Sarah, 32yrs, PA

87B-83-81, Garrott, Susanna, 17yrs, PA

87B-83-81, Garrott, Thos, 24yrs, PA

87B-86-84, Garrott, William, 12yrs, PA

87A-81-79, Garrott, William, 18yrs, PA

86B-73-71, Gearhart, Daniel, 12yrs, PA

86B-73-71, Gearhart, Frank, 4yrs, PA

86B-73-71, Gearhart, Jacob, 40yrs, PA

86B-73-71, Gearhart, Sarah, 25yrs, PA

89B-115-113, Gelkey, Agnes, 42yrs, PA

89B-115-113, Gelkey, Aretus, 19yrs, PA

89B-115-113, Gelkey, James, 55yrs, PA

89B-115-113, Gelkey, Mary S., 14yrs, PA

89B-115-113, Gelkey, Robt McVey, 9yrs, PA

89B-115-113, Gelkey, Sarah J., 16yrs, PA

89B-115-113, Gelkey, William, 20yrs, PA

89B-114-112, Gerley, Marg, 81yrs, PA

85A-50-50, Gibson, Cyrus, 60yrs, PA

85A-50-50, Gibson, Lizzie, 11yrs, PA

85A-50-50, Gibson, Margt, 59yrs, PA

85A-50-50, Gibson, Mary Ann, 34yrs, PA

85A-50-50, Gibson, Sadie E., 19yrs, PA

96A-215-212, Gilbert, Margt, 75yrs, PA

84A-34-34, Gilkey, Callie, 22yrs, PA

84A-35-35, Gilkey, David, 36yrs, PA

89A-114-112, Gilkey, Elizabeth, 41yrs, PA

84A-35-35, Gilkey, Elizth, 32yrs, Ireland

89A-114-112, Gilkey, Henry, 52yrs, PA

84A-33-33, Gilkey, John, 64yrs, PA

84A-33-33, Gilkey, Lizzie Ann, 22yrs, PA

84A-33-33, Gilkey, Mary M., 18yrs, PA

84A-33-33, Gilkey, Robert Smith, 15yrs, PA

84A-33-33, Gilkey, Sarah, 58yrs, PA

84A-33-33, Gilkey, Sarah Jr., 32yrs, PA

84A-35-35, Gilkey, T. A., 9yrs, PA

84A-34-34, Gilkey, W. H., 24yrs, PA

87A-78-76, Gillilan, David Dickson, 4yrs, PA

87A-78-76, Gillilan, Hiram K., 2yrs, PA

87A-78-76, Gillilan, Jas, 32yrs, PA

87A-78-76, Gillilan, John, 3/12yr, PA

87A-78-76, Gillilan, Mosourie, 25yrs, OH

97A-230-226, Glenn, *, 32yrs, OH [possibly "Eli A" (written over "Elizth")]

97A-230-226, Glenn, Calvin, 10yrs, PA

97A-230-226, Glenn, Harriet, 28yrs, OH

97A-230-226, Glenn, Henry, 7yrs, PA

93A-169-166, Gold, Amos, 10yrs, PA

93A-169-166, Gold, Effie, 6yrs, PA

93A-169-166, Gold, Irwin, 52yrs, PA

93A-169-166, Gold, Rachael, 49yrs, PA

106B-367-363, Goliher, James, 18yrs, Scotland

106B-367-363, Goliher, Martin, 40yrs, Ireland

106B-367-363, Goliher, Paterick, 20yrs, Ireland

85A-49-49, Good, Emma Bell, 2yrs, PA

114A-464-460, Gouldy, Agness, 7yrs, Scotland

114A-464-460, Gouldy, Elizabeth, 35yrs, Scotland

114A-464-460, Gouldy, Mathew*, 6yrs, Scotland

114A-464-460, Gouldy, Wm, 36yrs, Ireland

88B-102-100, Grace, J. A., 27yrs, PA

83A-12-12, Graff, Arminton, 8yrs, PA

83A-12-12, Graff, Danl, 44yrs, PA

83A-12-12, Graff, George W, 2yrs, PA

83A-12-12, Graff, Jasper W., 2/12yr, PA

83A-12-12, Graff, Mary A., 38yrs, PA

113B-456-452, Grand, Eliflet, 11yrs, PA

113B-456-452, Grand, Eliza, 50yrs, PA

113B-456-452, Grand, Hester J., 22yrs, PA

113B-456-452, Grand, John, 21yrs, PA

113B-456-452, Grand, Joseph, 9yrs, PA

113B-456-452, Grand, Matilda, 15yrs, PA

113B-456-452, Grand, Phenix, 60yrs, Mexico

113B-456-452, Grand, Wm, 16yrs, PA

101B-301-297, Green, Anna, 6yrs, Scotland

90A-122-120, Green, Barney, 38yrs, Ireland

101B-301-297, Green, Bella, 3/12yr, PA

90A-122-120, Green, Cath., 30yrs, Ireland

109A-404-400, Green, Charles P., 10yrs, PA

101B-297-293, Green, Emma, 6yrs, PA

97B-241-237, Green, Hezekiah, 40yrs, PA

101B-301-297, Green, James, 5yrs, Scotland

101B-301-297, Green, James, 28yrs, Ireland

90A-122-120, Green, John, 5yrs, PA

101A-297-293, Green, John, 48yrs, PA

101B-297-293, Green, John, 72yrs, PA

109A-404-400, Green, John H., 46yrs, PA

101B-297-293, Green, John Jr., 2yrs, PA

101B-301-297, Green, Joseph, 29yrs, Ireland

109A-404-400, Green, Josiah, 12yrs, PA

109A-404-400, Green, Martha J., 44yrs, PA

97B-241-237, Green, Mary, 25yrs, OH

101A-297-293, Green, Mary, 36yrs, PA

90A-122-120, Green, Mary Ann, 13yrs, NY

109A-404-400, Green, Mary E., 15yrs, PA

101B-301-297, Green, Rachel, 24yrs, Scotland

101A-297-293, Green, Robert, 13yrs, PA

101A-297-293, Green, Sarah J., 15yrs, PA

109A-404-400, Green, Winfrid S., 17yrs, PA

111A-427-422, Greer, James, 25yrs, Ireland

93B-171-168, Greyham, Marg, 66yrs, PA

93B-171-168, Greyham, Robert, 20yrs, PA

93B-171-168, Greyham, Wm, 70yrs, PA

88B-102-100, Griffin, E. A., 7yrs, PA

88B-102-100, Griffin, E. T., 40yrs, PA

88B-102-100, Griffin, J. M., 47yrs, PA

88B-102-100, Griffin, L. G., 3yrs, PA

88B-102-100, Griffin, M. C., 9yrs, PA

88B-102-100, Griffin, Maria, 40yrs, PA

88B-102-100, Griffin, S. W., 9yrs, PA

100A-280-276, Griffith, David, 20yrs, Wales

104B-345-341, Griffith, John, 23yrs, Wales

100A-280-276, Griffith, Mary, 18yrs, Wales

100A-279-275, Grifith, David H., 26yrs, Wales

100A-279-275, Grifith, Davy, 9yrs, PA

100A-279-275, Grifith, Edward, 18yrs, Wales

100A-279-275, Grifith, Hannah, 2yrs, PA

100A-279-275, Grifith, Jane, 39yrs, Wales

100A-279-275, Grifith, Margaret, 14yrs, PA

100A-279-275, Grifith, Tobitha, 4yrs, PA

100A-279-275, Grifith, Wm, 39yrs, Wales

100A-279-275, Grifith, Wm James, 7yrs, PA

110A-419-415, Gromnel, Thomas, 40yrs, England

98A-251-247, Grover, Angeline, 24yrs, PA

98A-251-247, Grover, Charles, 4yrs, PA

98A-251-247, Grover, Frank, 25yrs, PA

114B-470-466, Groves, Maggie, 20yrs, PA

114B-470-466, Groves, Willie, 1yrs, PA

114B-470-466, Groves, Wm, 24yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, Abram, 22yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, Eliza, 11yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, James, 13yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, John, 9yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, John, 59yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, Leah, 47yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, Margaret, 4yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, May, 16yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, Rebeckah, 6yrs, PA

112B-447-442, Gruver, Wm, 20yrs, PA

106A-363-359, Gumbol, Agness, 28yrs, Scotland

106A-363-359, Gumbol, Edward, 28yrs, Isle of Man

106A-363-359, Gumbol, Mary, 2yrs, Scotland

106A-363-359, Gumbol, Robert, 7/12yr, PA

93A-167-165, Gundy, B., 44yrs, PA

89A-110-108, Gundy, E., 43yrs, PA

90B-131-129, Gundy, Elizabeth, 56yrs, PA

93A-167-165, Gundy, Jamie, 16yrs, PA

93A-167-165, Gundy, Leath, 40yrs, PA

93A-167-165, Gundy, Lizzie, 11yrs, PA

89A-110-108, Gundy, Sabilla, 37yrs, PA

93A-167-165, Gundy, Sarah Ann, 71yrs, PA

84A-30-30, Guthrie, Anna, 56yrs, PA

84A-30-30, Guthrie, J. C., 29yrs, PA

84A-30-30, Guthrie, James S., 18yrs, PA

84A-30-30, Guthrie, John, 58yrs, PA

84A-30-30, Guthrie, Mary A., 25yrs, PA

84A-30-30, Guthrie, Sarah J., 20yrs, PA

105A-352-348, Hagerty, Anna, 30yrs, England

105A-352-348, Hagerty, Anna J., 8yrs, England

105A-352-348, Hagerty, James, 11yrs, England

105A-352-348, Hagerty, James, 33yrs, Ireland

105A-352-348, Hagerty, John, 12yrs, England

105A-352-348, Hagerty, Mary, 4yrs, PA

105A-352-348, Hagerty, Paterick, 6yrs, PA

83B-24-24, Halaba, Geo. B., 14yrs, PA

83B-24-24, Halaba, H. M., 7yrs, PA

83B-24-24, Halaba, N. M., 45yrs, PA

83B-24-24, Halaba, Ruth N., 19yrs, PA

83B-24-24, Halaba, W. D., 23yrs, PA

82A-3-3, Hannah, Wm, 28yrs, Scotland

88A-94-92, Harrier, Jane, 13yrs, PA

88A-94-92, Harrier, John, 66yrs, PA

88A-94-92, Harrier, Katy, 90yrs, PA

88A-94-92, Harrier, Liddie, 30yrs, PA

88A-94-92, Harrier, Mary, 50yrs, PA

88A-94-92, Harrier, Polly, 40yrs, PA

88A-94-92, Harrier, William, 34yrs, PA

108B-398-394, Harrington, A., 41yrs, NY

109A-398-394, Harrington, Albert, 3yrs, PA

109A-398-394, Harrington, Effie, 1yrs, PA

108B-398-394, Harrington, Ella, 15yrs, PA

108B-398-394, Harrington, Etta, 7yrs, PA

108B-398-394, Harrington, Franklin, 11yrs, PA

109A-398-394, Harrington, Jacob, 5yrs, PA

108B-398-394, Harrington, Sarah, 34yrs, PA

108B-398-394, Harrington, Wm, 13yrs, PA

113B-457-453, Hassel, Catherine, 59yrs, Beveria

113B-457-453, Hassel, George, 34yrs, Beveria

113B-457-453, Hassel, George Sen, 58yrs, Beveria

102A-308-304, Haver, Albert H., 16yrs, PA

102A-308-304, Haver, Dorinda A., 13yrs, PA

109B-405-401, Haver, Edward, 71yrs, NJ

102A-308-304, Haver, Harrison, 40yrs, PA

102A-308-304, Haver, James H., 18yrs, PA

102A-308-304, Haver, Lucinda, 40yrs, PA

109B-405-401, Haver, Nancy, 65yrs, DC

102A-308-304, Haver, Newell G., 4yrs, PA

102A-308-304, Haver, Sarah E., 7yrs, PA

111B-436-431, Hawk, Charley, 6yrs, PA

111B-435-430, Hawk, David, 46yrs, PA

98B-258-254, Hawk, Frank, 3yrs, PA

98B-258-254, Hawk, Frederic, 7/12yr, PA

113B-455-451, Hawk, Jamie, 17yrs, PA

111B-436-431, Hawk, Jane, 16yrs, PA

98B-256-252, Hawk, John, 65yrs, PA

111B-436-431, Hawk, John L., 14yrs, PA

98B-256-252, Hawk, Mahala, 20yrs, PA

111B-436-431, Hawk, Marshal, 10yrs, PA

98B-256-252, Hawk, Mary, 61yrs, PA

111B-436-431, Hawk, Mattie b., 7yrs, PA

111B-436-431, Hawk, May L., 9yrs, PA

82B-9-9, Hawk, Rosa, 16yrs, PA

85B-55-55, Hawk, Sadie, 19yrs, PA

111B-436-431, Hawk, Sarah, 46yrs, PA

98B-258-254, Hawk, Semantha, 28yrs, PA

98B-258-254, Hawk, Wesley, 31yrs, PA

98B-258-254, Hawk, Wm W., 5yrs, PA

106B-365-361, Hawkis, Henry, 28yrs, Scotland

105B-356-352, Head, Able, 15yrs, OH

105B-356-352, Head, George, 42yrs, Wales

105B-356-352, Head, Hannah, 13yrs, OH

105B-356-352, Head, James, 8yrs, OH

105B-356-352, Head, John, 55yrs, Wales

105B-356-352, Head, Joseph, 6yrs, PA

105B-356-352, Head, Lucy, 34yrs, Wales

105B-356-352, Head, Percilla, 10yrs, OH

105B-356-352, Head, Wm, 16yrs, OH

88A-93-91, Heasley, Danl, 39yrs, PA

88A-93-91, Heasley, Elizth, 37yrs, PA

108B-398-394, Hebrew, Edward, 30yrs, Prussia

108B-398-394, Hebrew, Eliza, 20yrs, PA

108B-398-394, Hebrew, Frank, 15yrs, PA

108B-398-394, Hebrew, Willie, 6yrs, PA

109B-409-405, Hedge, Henry, 19yrs, Wales

109B-409-405, Hedge, R., 46yrs, England

111B-435-430, Hedgelin, David, 35yrs, PA

82A-3-3, Henry, James, 30yrs, Scotland

82A-3-3, Henry, John, 33yrs, Scotland

108A-392-388, Henry, Joseph, 3yrs, PA

108A-392-388, Henry, Julia Anna, 3/12yr, PA

108A-392-388, Henry, Robert, 29yrs, Ireland

108A-392-388, Henry, Sarah, 27yrs, PA

86B-70-68, Hhan, Maggie, 20yrs, PA

106B-366-362, Higgins, Cath, 28yrs, Scotland

106B-366-362, Higgins, Isabella, 3yrs, Scotland

106B-366-362, Higgins, James, 6/12yr, PA

106B-366-362, Higgins, John, 30yrs, Ireland

88B-100-98, Hildebram, John, 27yrs, PA

88B-100-98, Hildebram, Mary E., 28yrs, PA

88B-100-98, Hildebram, W. , 35yrs, PA

88B-103-101, Hildebram, W. J., 19yrs, PA

89A-109-107, Hildebran, *. H. [H. H.?], 41yrs, PA

89A-109-107, Hildebran, James H., 16yrs, PA

89A-109-107, Hildebran, Lizzie, 29yrs, PA

98B-256-252, Hill, Charles G., 2yrs, PA

92B-156-154, Hill, Elizth S., 49yrs, PA

92B-156-154, Hill, James, 39yrs, PA

113A-454-449, Hinemarsh, Anna, 2yrs, PA

113A-454-449, Hinemarsh, Mary, 20yrs, PA

113A-454-449, Hinemarsh, Thom, 28yrs, England

113A-450-445, Hob***, Deber, 50yrs, Ireland [possibly Hobern]

113A-450-445, Hob***, Peter, 21yrs, France [possibly Hobern]

113A-450-445, Hob***, Thomas, 22yrs, France [possibly Hobern]

113A-450-445, Hob***, Thomas, 47yrs, Ireland [possibly Hobern]

82B-10-10, Hoey, Ann, 56yrs, PA

82B-10-10, Hoey, Asa, 20yrs, PA

82B-10-10, Hoey, Caroline, 15yrs, PA

82B-10-10, Hoey, John A., 12yrs, PA

82B-10-10, Hoey, William, 70yrs, PA

87B-85-83, Hogue, John, 54yrs, PA

87B-85-83, Hogue, Maria Jane, 14yrs, PA

87B-85-83, Hogue, Mary, 16yrs, PA

87B-85-83, Hogue, Mary, 52yrs, PA

87B-85-83, Hogue, Samuel, 25yrs, PA

87B-85-83, Hogue, Sarah Ann, 18yrs, PA

87B-85-83, Hogue, Thomas, 19yrs, PA

87B-85-83, Hogue, William, 10yrs, PA

111B-432-427, Holmes, Elizabeth, 2yrs, England

111A-432-427, Holmes, George, 10yrs, England

111A-432-427, Holmes, James A., 32yrs, England

111B-432-427, Holmes, Jane, 9/12yr, PA

111A-432-427, Holmes, John, 7yrs, England

111A-432-427, Holmes, Mary A., 4yrs, England

111A-432-427, Holmes, Ralf, 33yrs, England

111A-432-427, Holmes, Thomas, 8yrs, England

96B-225-221, Hopkins, John, 9yrs, England

96B-225-221, Hopkins, Mary, 30yrs, Ireland

96B-225-221, Hopkins, Putt, 14yrs, England

96B-225-221, Hopkins, Thos, 31yrs, Ireland

90B-129-127, Horner [Homer ?], Elizabeth, 23yrs, PA

90B-129-127, Horner [Homer ?], F. R., 25yrs, PA

90B-130-128, Horton, Emily, 22yrs, PA

90B-130-128, Horton, Irwin, 25yrs, PA

97A-231-227, Houston, Annetta, 4/12yr, PA

97A-231-227, Houston, Colora, 35yrs, NY

97A-231-227, Houston, H. B., 5yrs, PA

114B-469-465, Houston, James, 22yrs, PA

114B-469-465, Houston, Jane, 49yrs, PA

97A-231-227, Houston, Saml, 39yrs, OH

114B-469-465, Houston, Saml, 50yrs, PA

97A-231-227, Houston, Viola, 1yrs, PA

97B-239-235, Huff [Haff ?], Adam, 22yrs, PA

95B-210-207, Huff, Almeda, 2yrs, PA

96A-215-212, Huff, Almy, 30yrs, PA

96A-215-212, Huff, Avery, 19yrs, PA

98A-252-248, Huff, Caroline, 8yrs, PA

95B-207-204, Huff, Cathrine, 42yrs, PA

95B-210-207, Huff, Cristena, 20yrs, Scotland

96A-215-212, Huff, Elizth, 53yrs, OH

95B-210-207, Huff, Franky, 3/12yr, PA

97B-239-235, Huff [Haff ?], Hall, 18yrs, PA

96A-215-212, Huff, Jesse, 60yrs, PA

95B-210-207, Huff, Jno G., 22yrs, PA

96A-215-212, Huff, John, 9yrs, PA

97B-239-235, Huff [Haff ?], Maggie, 16yrs, PA

96B-227-223, Huff, margaret, 17yrs, PA

98A-252-248, Huff, Margaret J., 5yrs, PA

96A-215-212, Huff, Margt, 22yrs, PA

97B-239-235, Huff [Haff ?], Mary, 35yrs, PA

98A-252-248, Huff, Mary A., 24yrs, PA

96A-215-212, Huff, Mary E., 14yrs, PA

98A-252-248, Huff, Newton, 25yrs, PA

95B-207-204, Huff, Otis A., 12yrs, PA

97B-239-235, Huff [Haff ?], Peter, 50yrs, PA

95B-207-204, Huff [Haff ?], Samuel, 45yrs, OH

96B-227-223, Huff, Seal, 24yrs, PA

98A-252-248, Huff, Willson, 1yrs, PA

98A-244-240, Hughes, C. W., 19yrs, OH

98A-244-240, Hughes, D. F., 16yrs, PA

98A-244-240, Hughes, J. W., 18yrs, PA

103A-323-319, Hughs, Ben, 53yrs, Wales

103A-323-319, Hughs, Ben H., 11yrs, VA

103A-323-319, Hughs, Gewellen, 5yrs, PA

103A-323-319, Hughs, Hester, 1yrs, PA

107B-380-376, Hughs, Hugh, 35yrs, Wales

103A-323-319, Hughs, Mary, 40yrs, Wales

107B-380-376, Hughs, Mary, 40yrs, Wales

107B-380-376, Hughs, Mary Jane, 10yrs, Wales

107B-380-376, Hughs, Morgan, 28yrs, Wales

107B-380-376, Hughs, Thomas, 25yrs, Wales

103A-323-319, Hughs, Wm, 8yrs, PA

98B-257-253, Hunter, Francis E., 9yrs, PA

98B-257-253, Hunter, Hiram, 45yrs, PA

98B-257-253, Hunter, Ida Jane, 11yrs, PA

98B-257-253, Hunter, Mary, 36yrs, PA

98B-257-253, Hunter, Mary C., 18yrs, PA

84A-31-31, Hutchison, Barbara, 24yrs, PA

82B-11-11, Hutchison, Cathrine, 30yrs, PA

82B-11-11, Hutchison, Eliza, 60yrs, PA

82B-11-11, Hutchison, Isael G., 19yrs, PA

82B-11-11, Hutchison, Isail, 62yrs, PA

84A-31-31, Hutchison, W. G., 25yrs, PA

112A-439-434, Hutchison, Wm, 30yrs, England

97B-243-239, Irons, Edward, 30yrs, PA

97B-243-239, Irons, Margt, 67yrs, Ireland

88A-96-94, Irwin, John, 22yrs, PA

91A-140-138, Irwin, Leticia, 82yrs, Ireland

88A-96-94, Irwin, Maggie, 8yrs, PA

88A-96-94, Irwin, Marg, 44yrs, PA

88A-96-94, Irwin, Robt, 48yrs, PA

88A-96-94, Irwin, Robt J., 18yrs, PA

88A-96-94, Irwin, Thomas, 20yrs, PA

88A-96-94, Irwin, Wm H., 16yrs, PA

103B-326-322, Isodskel, Emma, 17yrs, PA

93B-174-171, Jackson, Andrew, 1yrs, PA

93B-173-170, Jackson, Anna, 70yrs, PA

93B-174-171, Jackson, Argencha, 17yrs, PA

95A-190-187, Jackson, Cath, 73yrs, PA

93B-174-171, Jackson, Cathrine, 26yrs, PA

93B-173-170, Jackson, E. A., 27yrs, PA

93B-174-171, Jackson, Epphie J., 6yrs, PA

93B-174-171, Jackson, Hugh A., 3yrs, PA

93B-173-170, Jackson, M. A., 32yrs, PA

93B-173-170, Jackson, M. Albert, 10yrs, PA

93B-173-170, Jackson, M. D., 32yrs, PA

93B-173-170, Jackson, Thos C., 1yrs, PA

93B-174-171, Jackson, Thos C., 14yrs, PA

93B-174-171, Jackson, Thos C., 43yrs, PA

93B-173-170, Jackson, W. A., 4yrs, PA

93B-173-170, Jackson, W. A., 37yrs, PA

93B-174-171, Jackson, Wm Tanis, 16yrs [10yrs?], PA

113B-455-451, Jacobs, John, 26yrs, Prussia

106B-369-365, James, Ann J., 4yrs, Wales

106B-369-365, James, Anna, 37yrs, Wales

104B-345-341, James, D. E., 21yrs, Wales

99A-265-261, James, Elizabeth Ann, 12yrs, PA

106B-368-364, James, Esher, 26yrs, Wales

99A-265-261, James, Gwenllian, 43yrs, Wales

106B-369-365, James, Hannah, 13yrs, Wales

106B-369-365, James, John, 2yrs, Wales

104B-345-341, James, Lizzie, 1/12yr, PA

106B-369-365, James, Margaret, 6yrs, Wales

106B-369-365, James, Mary, 8yrs, Wales

112A-443-438, James, Rachel, 66yrs, Wales

104A-338-334, James, Robert, 21yrs, England

104B-345-341, James, Sarah, 21yrs, Wales

104B-345-341, James, Susanna, 2yrs, PA

104B-345-341, James, Thomas, 2yrs, PA

106B-369-365, James, Thomas, 27yrs, Wales

99A-265-261, James, Thomas W., 46yrs, Wales

104B-345-341, James, Willie, 3yrs, PA

106B-368-364, James, Wm, 26yrs, Wales

106B-368-364, James, Wm John, 1yrs, PA

107B-383-379, Jameson, Martha, 6yrs, Scotland

107B-383-379, Jameson, Mary, 33yrs, Ireland

107B-383-379, Jameson, Robert, 3yrs, Scotland

107B-383-379, Jameson, Robt, 34yrs, Ireland

83B-25-25, Jenkins, Ann, 40yrs, Wales

104A-334-330, Jenkins, Anna, 12yrs, PA

104A-334-330, Jenkins, Anna, 40yrs, PA

83B-25-25, Jenkins, Danl, 45yrs, Wales

106A-364-360, Jenkins, David, 21yrs, Wales

104A-334-330, Jenkins, Davy, 15yrs, PA

106A-363-359, Jenkins, Edwin, 65yrs, Wales

83B-25-25, Jenkins, Janice, 12yrs, PA [Jamie?

83B-25-25, Jenkins, John, 3yrs, PA

104A-334-330, Jenkins, John, 10yrs, PA

83B-25-25, Jenkins, Leuvina, 6yrs, PA

106A-364-360, Jenkins, Lizzie, 65yrs, Wales

83B-25-25, Jenkins, Marthusla, 14yrs, PA

104A-334-330, Jenkins, Mary, 16yrs, PA

83B-26-26, Jenkins, Mary, 19yrs, PA

104A-334-330, Jenkins, Sarah, 8yrs, PA

83B-25-25, Jenkins, Thomas, 21yrs, PA

104A-334-330, Jenkins, Thomas, 23yrs, PA

106A-364-360, Jenkins, Treos, 17yrs, PA

104A-334-330, Jenkins, Wm, 20yrs, PA

104A-334-330, Jenkins, Wm, 40yrs, Wales

98A-249-245, Jennings, Levia, 18yrs, PA

98A-249-245, Jennings, Susan, 49yrs, PA

90B-134-132, Jewell, Emily S., 15yrs, PA

114B-468-464, Jewell, George, 45yrs, PA

90B-134-132, Jewell, Harlin E., 7yrs, PA

90B-134-132, Jewell, Jane E., 44yrs, PA

90B-134-132, Jewell, Mary A., 17yrs, PA

90B-134-132, Jewell, Menerva, 9yrs, PA

90B-134-132, Jewell, Orrie A., 4yrs, PA

90B-134-132, Jewell, T. H. , 19yrs, PA

90B-134-132, Jewell, Wm, 48yrs, PA

103A-322-318, Johns, Mary, 69yrs, Wales

103A-322-318, Johns, Wm, 32yrs, Wales

90A-125-123, Johnson, Hadissa, 58yrs, PA

90A-125-123, Johnson, James, 55yrs, PA

94B-195-192, Johnson, Jas, 51yrs, PA

90A-125-123, Johnson, Martha, 16yrs, PA

90A-125-123, Johnson, Thomas, 23yrs, PA

91A-137-135, Johnson, W. A., 50yrs, PA

95B-206-203, Johnston, Andrew, 4/12yr, PA

95B-206-203, Johnston, Jamie, 34yrs, Scotland

95B-206-203, Johnston, Jessie, 11yrs, Scotland

95B-206-203, Johnston, Margaret, 6yrs, Scotland

95B-206-203, Johnston, Martha, 14yrs, Scotland

95B-206-203, Johnston, Mary, 4yrs, PA

95B-206-203, Johnston, Robt, 39yrs, Ireland

107A-379-375, Jones, Day, 19yrs, Wales

99A-260-256, Jones, Drusilla A.[?]., 1yrs, PA

107A-375-371, Jones, Elvina, 25yrs, Wales

107A-375-371, Jones, Ema, 1yrs, PA

99A-260-256, Jones, Harrace, 10yrs, PA

107A-379-375, Jones, Jane, 56yrs, Wales

107A-375-371, Jones, John [M. or W.]., 4/12yr, Wales

107A-377-373, Jones, Margaret, 27yrs, Wales

107A-377-373, Jones, May Jane, 1yrs, PA

99A-260-256, Jones, Minnie F., 6yrs, PA

98B-260-256, Jones, Rosanna, 33yrs, PA

110B-424-420, Jones, Thomas, 48yrs, England

98B-260-256, Jones, W. H., 34yrs, OH

107A-377-373, Jones, Wm, 25yrs, Wales

107A-379-375, Jones, Wm, 28yrs, Wales

91A-141-139, Judy, Alice A., 12yrs, PA

91A-141-139, Judy, Amos, 36yrs, PA

91A-141-139, Judy, Emma, 5yrs, PA

91A-141-139, Judy, Frank, 5yrs, PA

91A-141-139, Judy, Julia, 3yrs, PA

91A-141-139, Judy, Mary, 37yrs, PA

91A-141-139, Judy, Melissa, 18yrs, PA

91A-141-139, Judy, Menerva, 10yrs, PA

101A-294-290, K**ssman [Kemssman?], Elmore, 1yrs, PA

101A-294-290, K**ssman [Kemssman?], Henry, 35yrs, Ireland

101A-294-290, K**ssman [Kemssman?], Ida, 8yrs, PA

101A-294-290, K**ssman [Kemssman?], Marilla, 9yrs, PA

101A-294-290, K**ssman [Kemssman?], Minas, 12yrs, PA

101A-294-290, K**ssman [Kemssman?], Susan, 32yrs, PA

101A-294-290, K**ssman [Kemssman?], William, 7yrs, PA

99A-264-260, Kalley, Elizabeth, 50yrs, England

99A-264-260, Kalley, Ugene, 14yrs, England

99A-264-260, Kalley, Wm, 50yrs, Isle of Man

98A-244-240, Kelly, Lizzie, 18yrs, England

109A-404-400, Kelly, WM H., 19yrs, PA

106B-371-267, Keneff, Anna, 44yrs, Scotland

107A-374-370, Keneff, Anna J., 9yrs, Scotland

107A-374-370, Keneff, Bridget, 4yrs, Scotland

106B-371-267, Keneff, John, 55yrs, Scotland

107A-374-370, Keneff, Margaret, 2yrs, Scotland

107A-374-370, Keneff, Mary, 12yrs, Scotland

107A-374-370, Keneff, Michael, 29yrs, Ireland

107A-374-370, Keneff, Philip, 4/12yr, Scotland

107A-374-370, Keneff, Sarah, 28yrs, Ireland

100B-290-286, Kenton, Caroline M., 12yrs, PA

101A-290-286, Kenton, Charley, 4/12yr, PA

100B-290-286, Kenton, David, 32yrs, Bavaria

101A-290-286, Kenton, Frank, 2yrs, PA

100B-290-286, Kenton, Fredy, 9yrs, PA

100B-290-286, Kenton, Gold, 4yrs, PA

100B-290-286, Kenton, Irwin B., 10yrs, PA

100B-290-286, Kenton, Nancy E., 30yrs, PA

86A-63-61, Kewn, James, 17yrs, England

113B-454-450, Kinkley, Wm, 30yrs, England

82A-3-3, Kirk, Elizabeth, 26yrs, Germany

82A-3-3, Kirk, John, 28yrs, Germany

91A-137-135, Kitch, Elie, 20yrs, PA

91A-137-135, Kitch, Jos, 64yrs, PA

91A-137-135, Kitch, Sarah, 58yrs, PA

114B-467-463, Knee, Catherine E., 10yrs, PA

114B-467-463, Knee, Johny, 4yrs, PA

114B-467-463, Knee, Margaret, 6yrs, PA

114B-467-463, Knee, Mary, 8yrs, PA

114B-467-463, Knee, Mary L., 28yrs, PA

114B-467-463, Knee, Philip, 40yrs, PA

114B-467-463, Knee, Philip, 40yrs, PA

114B-467-463, Knee, Sarah, 1/12yr, PA

114B-467-463, Knee, William, 2yrs, PA

82B-6-6, Laferty, John, 37yrs, Scotland

105B-355-351, Lal**ry [Lallery?], John, 35yrs, Ireland

105B-355-351, Lal**ry [Lallery?], John Jr., 2yrs, PA

105B-355-351, Lal**ry [Lallery?], Mary, 23yrs, PA

105B-355-351, Lal**ry [Lallery?], Mary E., 1yrs, PA

100B-285-281, Lamberton, Eliza, 21yrs, England

100B-285-281, Lamberton, R., 24yrs, England

101B-298-294, Lang, Agusta, 47yrs, Wertemberg

101B-298-294, Lang, Christan, 58yrs, Baden

98A-245-241, Lang, Jane, 57yrs, PA

101B-298-294, Lang, John, 30yrs, Wertemberg

114B-466-462, Lang, Mattie, 16yrs, PA

98A-245-241, Lang, Wm, 51yrs, PA

84B-38-38, Lately, Anna, 9yrs, PA

84B-38-38, Lately, Emeline, 50yrs, PA

84B-38-38, Lately, George E., 65yrs, PA

84B-38-38, Lately, Winfield, 17yrs, PA

111A-430-425, Law, Charles, 40yrs, Ireland

111A-430-425, Law, Wm, 30yrs, Ireland

114A-461-457, Lawdan, E., 56yrs, England

114A-461-457, Lawdan, Hanrah J., 1yrs, PA

114A-461-457, Lawdan, James, 19yrs, England

113B-460-456, Lawdan, John, 60yrs, England

114A-461-457, Lawdan, Joseph, 14yrs, PA

114A-461-457, Lawdan, Wm George, 5yrs, PA

99A-262-258, Layman, Avilora, 8yrs, PA

99A-262-258, Layman, Eliza Jane, 31yrs, PA

102A-306-302, Layman, Henderson, 2yrs, PA

99A-262-258, Layman, James S., 2yrs, PA

102A-306-302, Layman, John, 4yrs, PA

102A-306-302, Layman, Mary, 28yrs, PA

99A-262-258, Layman, Otha, 35yrs, PA

102A-306-302, Layman, Porter, 30yrs, PA

99A-262-258, Layman, Rinka A., 11yrs, PA

99A-262-258, Layman, Sarah F., 6yrs, PA

100B-285-281, Lean, Susan, 52yrs, England [surname McLean?]

82B-8-8, Leasure, Ann, 39yrs, PA

82B-8-8, Leasure, Florence, 16yrs, PA

82B-8-8, Leasure, George, 12yrs, PA

82B-8-8, Leasure, Harvy, 9yrs, PA

82B-8-8, Leasure, John W., 36yrs, PA

82B-8-8, Leasure, Mary E., 1yrs, PA

82B-8-8, Leasure, Sena Lyota, 3yrs, PA

99A-261-257, Legg, Alice, 25yrs, England

99A-261-257, Legg, Arabella, 5/12yr, England

99A-261-257, Legg, Aron, 22yrs, England

99A-261-257, Legg, Birtha, 2yrs, England

104A-339-335, Lewis, Eliza, 1/12yr, PA

99A-265-261, Lewis, Elizabeth, 17yrs, Wales

104A-339-335, Lewis, James, 23yrs, England

99A-266-262, Lewis, John, 14yrs, Wales

104A-339-335, Lewis, Mary, 23yrs, England

104A-339-335, Lewis, Tarnny A., 2yrs, England

104A-339-335, Lewis, Turza, 4yrs, England

83B-26-26, Lifford, John, 55yrs, Ireland

95B-203-200, Lightner, Isabella, 23yrs, PA

95B-203-200, Lightner, Jesse, 35yrs, PA

89B-117-115, Linder, Arseneth, 36yrs, England

89B-117-115, Linder, Hy G., 36yrs, England

87B-87-85, Livingston, Amia, 25yrs, PA

87B-87-85, Livingston, Eliza, 57yrs, PA

87B-87-85, Livingston, Elmore, 7yrs, PA

87B-87-85, Livingston, John, 33yrs, PA

87B-87-85, Livingston, John, 66yrs, PA

87B-87-85, Livingston, Martha, 18yrs, PA

110A-417-413, Logan, S. A., 11yrs, PA

101A-293-289, Long, Christiana, 49yrs, BAden

93B-173-170, Long, D. C., 10yrs, PA

101A-293-289, Long, George, 12yrs, PA

101A-293-289, Long, Ludwick, 56yrs, BAden

91A-140-138, Loper, Leonard, 18yrs, PA

107A-376-372, Loyd, Annie, 13yrs, PA

107A-376-372, Loyd, Elizabeth, 37yrs, Wales

107A-376-372, Loyd, Ritchard, 40yrs, Wales

84A-29-29, Luton, E*l, 11yrs, Wales

84A-29-29, Luton, Elizth, 1yrs, OH

84A-29-29, Luton, Jane, 43yrs, England

84A-29-29, Luton, Thomas, 35yrs, Wales

84A-29-29, Luton, Wm, 17yrs, England

95A-187-184, Lynch, Fredrick, 12yrs, Scotland

94B-197-194, Lynch, Hugh, 25yrs, Scotland

94B-197-194, Lynch, Jesse, 8/12yr, PA

95A-187-184, Lynch, Jessee, 44yrs, Scotland

95A-187-184, Lynch, Jno, 20yrs, Scotland

94B-197-194, Lynch, Mary, 24yrs, Scotland

95A-187-184, Lynch, Saml, 15yrs, Scotland

95A-187-184, Lynch, William, 18yrs, Scotland

94B-197-194, Lynch, Wm, 3yrs, Scotland

96B-225-221, Lyons, Mary, 14yrs, England

112B-448-443, Mackey, Elizabeth, 32yrs, England

112B-448-443, Mackey, James, 5yrs, PA

112B-448-443, Mackey, James, 33yrs, England

113A-448-443, Mackey, Lizzie, 1yrs, PA

112B-448-443, Mackey, Margaret, 3yrs, PA

82B-6-6, Maginnis, Henry, 40yrs, Scotland

82B-6-6, Maginnis, Margaret, 33yrs, Scotland

108B-394-390, Maglaughlin, Elen J., 5yrs, PA

108A-394-390, Maglaughlin, Elizabeth, 40yrs, Isle of Man

108B-394-390, Maglaughlin, Even, 16yrs, PA

106B-370-366, Maglaughlin, H., 52yrs, Ireland

108A-394-390, Maglaughlin, H. , 42yrs, Isle of Man

108B-394-390, Maglaughlin, J. , 18yrs, PA

108B-394-390, Maglaughlin, John, 11yrs, PA

106B-370-366, Maglaughlin, John, 19yrs, Scotland

108B-394-390, Maglaughlin, Wm, 14yrs, PA

106B-367-363, Mahala, Barny, 31yrs, Ireland

106B-367-363, Mahala, Elizabeth, 30yrs, Ireland

106B-367-363, Mahala, James, 6yrs, Scotland

106B-367-363, Mahala, John, 1yrs, PA

106B-367-363, Mahala, Lizzie, 12yrs, Scotland

110B-424-420, Makepeace, Isabella, 8yrs, England

110B-424-420, Makepeace, Jane, 37yrs, England

110B-424-420, Makepeace, John, 38yrs, England

110B-424-420, Makepeace, John E, 13yrs, England

110B-424-420, Makepeace, Lizzie A., 2yrs, PA

110B-424-420, Makepeace, T. Thomas, 7yrs, England

110B-424-420, Makepeace, Wm T., 11yrs, England

111A-430-425, Makeson, Wm J., 28yrs, Scotland

113A-451-446, Malery, Ida M., 7yrs, PA

113A-451-446, Malery, J. D., 37yrs, PA

113A-451-446, Malery, John S., 11yrs, PA

113A-451-446, Malery, Leona M., 9yrs, PA

113A-451-446, Malery, Mary M., 27yrs, VA

113A-451-446, Malery, Sarah, 5yrs, PA

113A-451-446, Malery, Wm H., 4yrs, PA

88B-98-96, Malholam, Geo, 9yrs, PA

90A-121-119, Malox, John, 30yrs, Ireland

108A-387-383, Manery, Charles H., 11yrs, PA

108A-387-383, Manery, George, 8/12yr, PA

108A-387-383, Manery, Herbert, 6yrs, PA

108A-387-383, Manery, R. J., 9yrs, PA

108A-387-383, Manery, Ritchard, 42yrs, England

108A-387-383, Manery, Sarah, 31yrs, PA

96A-212-209, Marman, E., 45yrs, IN

99B-271-267, Marshal, Charles C., 5yrs, PA

99B-271-267, Marshal, Luella, 2yrs, PA

99B-271-267, Marshal, M. A., 32yrs, PA

99B-271-267, Marshal, Thomas, 32yrs, PA

112A-443-438, Marshal, Wm, 26yrs, Scotland

99B-271-267, Marshal, Wm Sharman, 3yrs, PA

106A-363-359, Marshed, John, 22yrs, Scotland

106A-363-359, Marshed, Thomas, 21yrs, Scotland

93A-166-164, Marsteller, B. A. J., 48yrs, PA

93A-166-164, Marsteller, Elizth, 42yrs, OH

93A-166-164, Marsteller, J. J., 21yrs, PA

93A-166-164, Marsteller, J. Martha, 18yrs, PA

93A-165-163, Marsteller, John, 73yrs, MD

93A-165-163, Marsteller, Marg, 69yrs, OH

109B-412-408, Mason [Wason?], Laura Viola, 1yrs, PA

110A-413-409, Mason [Wason?], Lutecia, 59yrs, OH

110A-413-409, Mason [Wason?], Margaret, 29yrs, PA

110A-413-409, Mason [Wason?], Martha A., 27yrs, PA

109B-412-408, Mason [Wason?], Phililam S., 22yrs, PA

109B-412-408, Mason [Wason?], Robert, 26yrs, PA

110A-413-409, Mason [Wason?], Thomas, 59yrs, PA

110A-413-409, Mason [Wason?], Thomas M., 21yrs, PA

110A-413-409, Mason [Wason?], Wm, 19yrs, PA

103B-327-323, Mathews, Anna, 16yrs, OH

103B-327-323, Mathews, E. J., 24yrs, OH

103B-327-323, Mathews, Peter, 24yrs, OH

82A-3-3, Mathey, John, 24yrs, France

98B-256-252, Mattocks, George, 20yrs, PA

107A-379-375, Maurice, John, 25yrs, Wales

107A-379-375, Maurice, Sophia, 26yrs, Wales

107A-379-375, Maurice, Wm John, 2/12yr, PA

112B-444-439, Maxwell, Isabella, 23yrs, Nova Scotia

112B-444-439, Maxwell, James, 3yrs, Nova Scotia

96B-221-217, Maxwell, Janie, 72yrs, Ireland

112B-444-439, Maxwell, John, 30yrs, Scotland

112B-444-439, Maxwell, Sarah, 3/12yr, PA

93A-170-167, Mayers, Calvin W., 16yrs, PA

93A-170-167, Mayers, D. Willson, 41yrs, PA

93A-170-167, Mayers, Jamie, 33yrs, PA

94A-179-176, Mayres, Benj, 70yrs, OH

93B-170-167, Mayres, David W., 6/12yr, PA

93B-170-167, Mayres, Emma, 9yrs, PA

94A-180-177, Mayres, Frank F., 12yrs, PA

94A-180-177, Mayres, James Jr., 39yrs, PA

94A-181-178, Mayres, Jane, 70yrs, OH

94A-181-178, Mayres, Jas Sr., 79yrs, PA

94A-179-176, Mayres, Lavinia, 20yrs, PA

93B-170-167, Mayres, Lizzie, 12yrs, PA

94A-180-177, Mayres, Mary E., 33yrs, PA

94A-181-178, Mayres, Melvin, 10yrs, PA

93B-170-167, Mayres, Nora, 7yrs, PA

94A-180-177, Mayres, Philiama, 14yrs, PA

93B-170-167, Mayres, Scott, 5yrs, PA

109A-403-399, McBride, Andrew, 10yrs, PA

109A-403-399, McBride, Charles, 12yrs, PA

109A-403-399, McBride, Elizabeth, 35yrs, PA

109A-403-399, McBride, George, 39yrs, PA

109A-403-399, McBride, John, 15yrs, PA

88B-104-102, McBurney, Mary, 21yrs, OH

82A-3-3, McBurney, Robert, 34yrs, Scotland

82A-3-3, McCalister, James, 28yrs, Germany

107B-385-381, McCall, Anna, 8yrs, Scotland

107B-385-381, McCall, Charles, 9/12yr, PA

107B-385-381, McCall, Charles, 34yrs, Ireland

107B-385-381, McCall, James, 3yrs, Scotland

107B-385-381, McCall, John, 6yrs, Scotland

107B-385-381, McCall, Mary, 34yrs, Ireland

107B-385-381, McCall, Michael, 14yrs, Scotland

107B-385-381, McCall, Thomas, 12yrs, Scotland

102A-307-303, McCallen, David H., 4yrs, PA

102A-307-303, McCallen, Elizabeth, 25yrs, England

102A-307-303, McCallen, Elsie, 1/12yr, PA

102A-307-303, McCallen, James, 5yrs, PA

102A-307-303, McCallen, James, 38yrs, Ireland

102A-307-303, McCallen, Lutiana J., 10yrs, PA

102A-307-303, McCallen, Mary Eden, 2yrs, PA

102A-307-303, McCallen, Wm John , 7yrs, PA

82B-7-7, McCamlet, A., 34yrs, Scotland

82B-7-7, McCamlet, Alex, 5yrs, Scotland

82B-7-7, McCamlet, Ann, 9yrs, Scotland

82B-7-7, McCamlet, Archy, 2yrs, Scotland

82B-7-7, McCamlet, John, 14yrs, Scotland

82B-7-7, McCamlet, Mary, 8yrs, Scotland

82B-7-7, McCamlet, Mary, 39yrs, Scotland

82B-7-7, McCamlet, Pat, 12yrs, Scotland

109B-411-407, McCandlass, James, 62yrs, PA

109B-411-407, McCandlass, James Jr., 17yrs, PA

109B-411-407, McCandlass, Jane, 62yrs, PA

91B-143-141, McCarrol, Lizzie, 22yrs, PA

111A-429-424, McCartney, Barnom, 24yrs, Ireland

111A-429-424, McCartney, Ellen, 20yrs, Ireland

111A-429-424, McCartney, Philip, 2yrs, Scotland

86A-62-60, McCaslin, Clara B., 2yrs, MO

86A-62-60, McCaslin, E. J., 27yrs, PA

86A-62-60, McCaslin, Ira, 5yrs, PA

86A-62-60, McCaslin, John, 3/12yr, PA

86A-62-60, McCaslin, Wm H., 30yrs, PA

103B-329-325, McCleaery, Charley F., 11yrs, PA

103B-329-325, McCleaery, Elsie, 6/12yr, PA

103B-329-325, McCleaery, Jessie, 6yrs, PA

103B-329-325, McCleaery, John C., 9yrs, PA

103B-329-325, McCleaery, Mary Jane, 39yrs, PA

103B-329-325, McCleaery, Robert, 45yrs, PA

103B-329-325, McCleaery, Robert M., 7yrs, PA

103B-329-325, McCleaery, Wm S., 2yrs, PA

110A-420-416, McCleren, Jane, 47yrs, Ireland

110A-420-416, McCleren, Peter, 43yrs, Ireland

94A-177-174, McCluskey, Marcia, 15yrs, PA

94A-177-174, McCluskey, Martha, 44yrs, PA

94A-177-174, McCluskey, Saml, 42yrs, PA

107A-378-374, McCoddle, Elizabeth, 30yrs, Scotland

107A-378-374, McCoddle, James, 6yrs, Scotland

107A-378-374, McCoddle, Owen, 36yrs, Ireland

103B-326-322, McCreary, Anna, 6yrs, PA

103B-326-322, McCreary, Clara, 8yrs, PA

98A-245-241, McCreary, J., 54yrs, PA

98A-245-241, McCreary, Lizzie, 25yrs, PA

103B-326-322, McCreary, Sarah, 30yrs, OH

93B-174-171, McDonald, Donald, 12yrs, Scotland

114A-463-459, McDonald, Elizabeth, 1yrs, PA

114A-463-459, McDonald, Elizabeth, 34yrs, Scotland

114A-463-459, McDonald, Ellen, 7yrs, Scotland

114A-463-459, McDonald, Gilbert, 13yrs, Scotland

114A-463-459, McDonald, Gilbert Sen, 17yrs, Scotland

114A-463-459, McDonald, Mary, 3yrs, OH

114A-463-459, McDonald, Wm, 38yrs, Scotland

114A-463-459, McDonald, Wm J., 10yrs, Scotland

106A-361-357, McEntree, Agness, 6yrs, Scotland

106A-361-357, McEntree, Ann, 26yrs, Scotland

106A-365-361, McEntree, Ellen, 28yrs, Scotland

106A-361-357, McEntree, John, 4yrs, Scotland

106A-365-361, McEntree, Mary, 6yrs, Scotland

106A-361-357, McEntree, Mary, 8yrs, Scotland

106A-365-361, McEntree, Miles, 5yrs, Scotland

106A-361-357, McEntree, Philip, 29yrs, Ireland

106A-365-361, McEntree, Sarah, 2yrs, PA

106A-365-361, McEntree, Thomas, 5/12yr, PA

106A-361-357, McEntree, Thomas, 1yrs, Scotland

106A-365-361, McEntree, Thomas, 32yrs, Ireland

93B-171-168, McEntroy, Wm, 18yrs, PA

101B-300-296, McFa***nd, Daniel, 34yrs, Ireland

101B-300-296, McFa***nd, Jane, 5/12yr, PA

101B-300-296, McFa***nd, Johny, 5yrs, PA

101B-300-296, McFa***nd, Katie, 12yrs, Scotland

101B-300-296, McFa***nd, Mary, 31yrs, Ireland

101B-300-296, McFa***nd, Mary A., 6yrs, Scotland

101B-300-296, McFa***nd, Susan, 3yrs, PA

83B-21-21, McFarland, A., 59yrs, PA

83B-21-21, McFarland, Ann, 55yrs, PA

83B-22-22, McFarland, Caleb, 16yrs, PA

83B-21-21, McFarland, J. D., 22yrs, PA

83B-21-21, McFarland, Lecilia, 9yrs, PA

83B-21-21, McFarland, Mary, 16yrs, PA

83B-22-22, McFarland, Saml, 51yrs, OH

83B-21-21, McFarland, Sarah, 19yrs, PA

83B-21-21, McFarland, Symantha, 22yrs, PA

110B-421-417, McGerty, Frank, 12yrs, PA

110B-421-417, McGerty, Hugh, 8yrs, PA

110B-421-417, McGerty, James, 19yrs, PA

110B-421-417, McGerty, John, 6yrs, PA

110B-421-417, McGerty, John, 21yrs, PA

110B-421-417, McGerty, John, 51yrs, Ireland

110B-421-417, McGerty, Margaret, 16yrs, PA

110B-421-417, McGerty, Mary, 14yrs, PA

110B-421-417, McGerty, Sarah, 48yrs, Ireland

107B-386-382, McGinis, Barney, 4yrs, Scotland

107B-386-382, McGinis, Cath, 30yrs, PA

107B-386-382, McGinis, Edward, 3yrs, Scotland

107B-386-382, McGinis, James, 9yrs, Scotland

107B-386-382, McGinis, Paterick, 6yrs, Scotland

107B-386-382, McGinis, Paterick, 32yrs, Ireland

106B-366-362, McGraffrey, E., 50yrs, Ireland

90A-121-119, McGuigen, Anna B., 16yrs, PA

90A-121-119, McGuigen, C., 12yrs, NY

89B-121-119, McGuigen, Cathrine, 42yrs, Scotland

90A-121-119, McGuigen, Ellen, 4yrs, PA

89B-121-119, McGuigen, Frank, 20yrs, OH

89B-121-119, McGuigen, Joseph, 14yrs, NY

89B-121-119, McGuigen, Marg, 18yrs, NY

89B-121-119, McGuigen, Mary, 16yrs, NY

104B-341-337, McHenry, John, 32yrs, England

106B-367-363, McHiggings, M., 45yrs, Ireland

83A-16-16, McIntyre, Amanda, 24yrs, PA

83A-16-16, McIntyre, Margt, 22yrs, Scotland

83A-16-16, McIntyre, Mary, 50yrs, Scotland

83A-16-16, McIntyre, Robert, 25yrs, Scotland

83A-16-16, McIntyre, Thomas, 45yrs, Scotland

83A-16-16, McIntyre, Thomas A., 13yrs, PA

86A-59-58, McKelvy, James, 32yrs, PA

86A-59-58, McKelvy, Martha, 42yrs, PA

86A-59-58, McKelvy, Mary, 70yrs, PA

86A-59-58, McKelvy, Nat, 46yrs, PA

105B-358-354, McKinney, D., 24yrs, Scotland

90A-123-121, McLain, Anna, 72yrs, PA

90A-123-121, McLain, Mary, 44yrs, PA

90A-123-121, McLain, Robt, 70yrs, PA [for McLean, see also "Lean"]

100B-285-281, McLean, R. R., 60yrs, England

88B-104-102, McLuathy [McQuathy?], Eliza, 58yrs, Ireland

97B-235-231, McMillen, Alonzo, 1yrs, PA

87A-75-73, McMillen, Asa N., 5yrs, PA

97B-235-231, McMillen, Emma, 7yrs, PA

87A-75-73, McMillen, J. C., 35yrs, PA

97B-235-231, McMillen, Jane E., 12yrs, PA

97B-235-231, McMillen, John W. T., 3yrs, PA

87A-75-73, McMillen, Marg, 45yrs, PA

97B-235-231, McMillen, Mary A., 39yrs, Ireland

86B-75-73, McMillen, Sarah, 40yrs, PA

97B-235-231, McMillen, Sarah A., 9yrs, PA

97B-235-231, McMillen, Thomas, 14yrs, PA

97B-235-231, McMillen, W., 38yrs, PA

82A-3-3, McMore, James, 25yrs, Native

112A-439-434, McMulen, Wm, 28yrs, Scotland

94B-194-191, McNair, Archibald, 49yrs, PA

94B-194-191, McNair, Ellen, 49yrs, PA

94B-194-191, McNair, S. Henry, 6yrs, PA

95A-191-188, McPherson, Jno, 29yrs, British Am.

95A-187-184, McShano*y, Eliz, 23yrs, Scotland

95A-187-184, McShano*y, Henry, 31yrs, East Indies [for Mellon, see Wellon]

96A-211-208, Meredith, Daniel, 15yrs, PA

96A-211-208, Meredith, Eliza, 50yrs, PA

96A-211-208, Meredith, Morris, 53yrs, Wales

96A-211-208, Meredith, Phebe J., 10yrs, PA

103A-319-315, Metz, Alace M., 10yrs, PA

102B-319-315, Metz, Charles C., 14yrs, PA

83A-19-19, Metz, Daniel, 40yrs, PA

102B-319-315, Metz, Daniel B., 17yrs, PA

103A-319-315, Metz, Frances, 4yrs, PA

103A-319-315, Metz, Hiram, 10yrs, PA

103A-319-315, Metz, Ida May, 7/12yr, PA

102B-317-313, Metz, J. P., 21yrs, PA

103A-325-321, Metz, J. R., 23yrs, PA

103A-325-321, Metz, Jennie Maud, 2/12yr, PA

102B-319-315, Metz, John, 45yrs, MD

102B-319-315, Metz, Kosiah, 40yrs, PA

103A-319-315, Metz, Kosiah J., 8yrs, PA

83A-19-19, Metz, Lucinda, 40yrs, PA

103A-325-321, Metz, Mary A., 2yrs, PA

102B-319-315, Metz, Noah B., 12yrs, PA

103A-325-321, Metz, Philena, 25yrs, PA

102B-317-313, Metz, Sarah A., 20yrs, PA

102B-317-313, Metz, T. Elizabeth, 3/12yr, PA

83A-19-19, Metz, Wm Calvin, 14yrs, PA

102B-319-315, Metz, Wm Newton, 19yrs, PA

90A-121-119, Milan, James, 26yrs, Ireland

83A-18-18, Miles, A. A., 28yrs, LA

88A-92-90, Miles, Geo. Finley, 4/12yr, PA

88A-92-90, Miles, Harriet, 28yrs, PA

83A-18-18, Miles, Harry S., 1yrs, PA

88A-92-90, Miles, Jas D., 33yrs, PA

83A-18-18, Miles, M. H., 4yrs, PA

88A-92-90, Miles, Margaret, 2yrs, PA

88A-92-90, Miles, Martha A., 3yrs, PA

83A-18-18, Miles, N. M., 36yrs, PA

83A-18-18, Miles, W. H., 9yrs, PA

88A-92-90, Miles, W. James, 5yrs, PA

104A-336-332, Miller, Anna, 2yrs, PA

104A-336-332, Miller, Daniel, 14yrs, Wales

104A-336-332, Miller, George, 8yrs, PA

104A-336-332, Miller, Johny, 12yrs, Wales

104A-336-332, Miller, Rachel, 46yrs, Wales

104A-336-332, Miller, Thomas, 6yrs, PA

104A-336-332, Miller, Thomas, 43yrs, Wales

99A-263-259, Miner, A*bral, 5yrs, PA [Asbreal?

99A-263-259, Miner, Caroline, 27yrs, PA

99A-263-259, Miner, Robert E. L., 2yrs, PA

99A-263-259, Miner, William, 29yrs, PA

94B-193-190, Mitcheltree, Cal, 35yrs, PA

88A-95-93, Mitcheltree, Charles, 5yrs, PA

93B-175-172, Mitcheltree, Charles, 26yrs, PA

94A-185-182, Mitcheltree, Chas J., 13yrs, PA

90B-130-128, Mitcheltree, Clara, 11yrs, PA

94A-176-173, Mitcheltree, Eliza, 69yrs, Ireland

90B-130-128, Mitcheltree, Elizabeth, 1yrs, PA

94A-185-182, Mitcheltree, Ella G., 20yrs, PA

88A-95-93, Mitcheltree, Elmira, 46yrs, PA

94B-193-190, Mitcheltree, Florence, 12yrs, PA

94B-193-190, Mitcheltree, Frank, 8yrs, PA

90B-130-128, Mitcheltree, Geo, 61yrs, Ireland

94A-176-173, Mitcheltree, Geo F., 35yrs, PA

94A-185-182, Mitcheltree, Irwin, 45yrs, PA

88A-95-93, Mitcheltree, James, 13yrs, PA

94A-185-182, Mitcheltree, Jane, 44yrs, NJ

90B-130-128, Mitcheltree, Janice, 10yrs, PA

87B-83-81, Mitcheltree, Jas, 21yrs, PA

94A-176-173, Mitcheltree, Jno, 73yrs, PA

93A-163-161, Mitcheltree, John T., 9yrs, PA

88A-95-93, Mitcheltree, Joseph, 2yrs, PA

93B-175-172, Mitcheltree, Laura, 2yrs, PA

93B-172-169, Mitcheltree, Laura, 14yrs, PA

94B-193-190, Mitcheltree, Laura A., 5yrs, PA

93B-175-172, Mitcheltree, Law., 14yrs, CT

88A-95-93, Mitcheltree, Leizie, 7yrs, PA

93B-172-169, Mitcheltree, Leuticia, 11yrs, PA

90B-130-128, Mitcheltree, Lizzie, 13yrs, PA

88A-95-93, Mitcheltree, Maggie, 9yrs, PA

93A-163-161, Mitcheltree, Margt, 32yrs, PA

93B-175-172, Mitcheltree, Mary, 32yrs, PA

93B-172-169, Mitcheltree, Mary, 56yrs, PA

88A-95-93, Mitcheltree, Mary A., 14yrs, PA

94A-176-173, Mitcheltree, Mary Ann, 41yrs, PA

93A-163-161, Mitcheltree, R. W., 35yrs, PA

93B-172-169, Mitcheltree, Saml, 55yrs, OH

93B-175-172, Mitcheltree, Saml H., 4yrs, PA

93A-163-161, Mitcheltree, Saml R., 4yrs, PA

88A-95-93, Mitcheltree, William, 12yrs, PA

93B-172-169, Mitcheltree, William, 19yrs, OH

88A-95-93, Mitcheltree, Wm, 38yrs, PA

111A-430-425, Moffit , Robt, 27yrs, Ireland

112A-439-434, Mon*y, John, 42yrs, Scotland

90B-131-129, Moore, Avaline, 66yrs, VT

90B-131-129, Moore, Hannah, 31yrs, PA

90B-131-129, Moore, J. R., 32yrs, OH

90B-131-129, Moore, John H., 5yrs, PA

90B-131-129, Moore, Joseph E., 2yrs, PA

90B-131-129, Moore, Lizzie M., 1yrs, PA

107A-377-373, Morebaugh, Elizabeth, 25yrs, Prussia

107A-377-373, Morebaugh, John, 33yrs, Prussia

97B-238-234, Morford, Henderson, 15yrs, PA

97B-238-234, Morford, James, 11yrs, PA

97B-238-234, Morford, Jesse, 19yrs, PA

97B-238-234, Morford, John, 12yrs, PA

97B-238-234, Morford, Mary, 48yrs, OH

97B-238-234, Morford, Saml, 22yrs, PA

107B-380-376, Morgan, Thomas, 27yrs, Wales

104B-346-342, Morgans, Ann, 36yrs, Wales

105A-346-342, Morgans, Davy, 8yrs, Wales

105A-346-342, Morgans, Johny, 5yrs, Wales

104B-346-342, Morgans, Thomas, 27yrs, Wales

110A-413-409, Morley [Worley?], John, 12yrs, PA

95A-188-185, Morris, Robert, 19yrs, Scotland

95A-188-185, Morris, Wm, 37yrs, Scotland

111B-434-429, Morrison, Elizabeth, 63yrs, OH

111B-434-429, Morrison, G. C., 25yrs, PA

111B-434-429, Morrison, H. H., 27yrs, PA

113A-454-450, Morton, Elizabeth, 28yrs, PA

113A-454-449, Morton, Francis, 4yrs, England

113B-454-450, Morton, George, 4yrs, England

113A-454-449, Morton, George, 33yrs, England

113A-454-449, Morton, Mary, 28yrs, England

113A-454-450, Morton, Mary A., 8yrs, PA

113A-454-449, Morton, Mary Jr., 6yrs, England

113B-454-450, Morton, Samuel, 1yrs, England

113A-454-450, Morton, Thomas, 29yrs, England

113A-454-449, Morton, Wm A., 1yrs, England

113A-454-450, Morton, Wm A., 6yrs, PA

83A-14-14, Morver, Benj, 47yrs, PA

83A-14-14, Morver, Elioza, 13yrs, PA

83A-14-14, Morver, Mary, 17yrs, PA

83A-14-14, Morver, Nancy, 46yrs, PA

83A-14-14, Morver, Sarah, 19yrs, PA

106B-369-365, Mosley, Henry, 17yrs, Wales

106B-369-365, Mosley, John, 26yrs, Wales

106B-368-364, Mosley, John, 60yrs, Wales

106B-369-365, Mosley, Mary, 60yrs, Wales

90A-127-125, Mostetter, Sophie, 32yrs, PA

90A-124-122, Mostler, Alfred E., 3yrs, PA

90A-124-122, Mostler, Eliza M., 6/12yr, PA

90A-124-122, Mostler, Emery, 32yrs, OH

90A-124-122, Mostler, Jas A., 10yrs, PA

90A-124-122, Mostler, Lauressa, 5yrs, PA

90A-124-122, Mostler, Perry O. [A.?], 8yrs, PA

90A-124-122, Mostler, Sarah J., 30yrs, PA

106A-361-357, Mullen, James, 23yrs, Scotland

111A-428-423, Muny [Mury?], Agness, 27yrs, Scotland

111A-428-423, Muny [Mury?], Ellen, 4yrs, Scotland

111A-428-423, Muny [Mury?], James, 1/12yr, PA

111A-428-423, Muny [Mury?], Jenett, 2yrs, PA

111A-428-423, Muny [Mury?], John, 30yrs, Ireland

111A-428-423, Muny [Mury?], Wm, 6yrs, Scotland

82A-3-3, Murdock, Joc., 23yrs, Scotland

112A-439-434, Murphy, John, 47yrs, Ireland

112A-439-434, Murphy, Johny J., 22yrs, England

92B-157-155, Muyers, Benj, 39yrs, PA

92B-157-155, Muyers, E. J., 16yrs, PA

92B-157-155, Muyers, G. A., 7yrs, PA

92B-157-155, Muyers, J. S., 12yrs, PA

92B-157-155, Muyers, M. M., 17yrs, PA

92B-157-155, Muyers, N. L., 43yrs, PA [possibly W. L.

95B-205-202, Nans, Cathrine, 30yrs, Ireland

95B-205-202, Nans, Hugh, 30yrs, Scotland

95B-205-202, Nans, James, 3yrs, PA

95B-205-202, Nans, John, 1yrs, PA [for Nelson, also see "Anar"]

93A-162-160, Nelson, John, 70yrs, PA

95B-208-205, Nelson, Joshua, 70yrs, PA

93A-162-160, Nelson, Sarah, 39yrs, PA

82B-9-9, Nickolas, Paney, 24yrs, PA

95B-203-200, Nightwine, Cath, 15yrs, PA

103A-321-317, Nightwine, Ellen, 18yrs, PA

103A-321-317, Nightwine, Iselia, 12yrs, PA

111B-437-432, Nightwine, Mary A., 29yrs, PA

103A-321-317, Nightwine, Mary S., 3yrs, PA

111B-437-432, Nightwine, Maud, 7/12yr, PA

103A-321-317, Nightwine, Orphy, 8yrs, PA

111B-437-432, Nightwine, Robt, 2yrs, PA

103A-321-317, Nightwine, Saml, 61yrs, PA

103A-321-317, Nightwine, Sarah, 49yrs, PA

103A-321-317, Nightwine, Sarah C., 16yrs, PA

103A-321-317, Nightwine, Violet B., 14yrs, PA

111B-437-432, Nightwine, Wm, 27yrs, PA

111B-437-432, Nightwine, Wm J., 4yrs, PA

114A-465-461, Norton, Cynderella, 5yrs, England

114A-465-461, Norton, Eliza, 24yrs, England

114A-465-461, Norton, Francis, 30yrs, England

114A-465-461, Norton, Lizzie A., 2yrs, PA

106B-370-366, Oconner, Barnard, 6yrs, Scotland

106B-370-366, Oconner, Cath, 17yrs, Scotland

106B-370-366, Oconner, James, 50yrs, Ireland

106B-370-366, Oconner, John, 11yrs, Scotland

106B-370-366, Oconner, Mary, 50yrs, Ireland

103B-331-327, Odonnald, Eliza, 35yrs, Wales

103B-331-327, Odonnald, James, 7yrs, PA

103B-331-327, Odonnald, Joseph, 3yrs, PA

103B-331-327, Odonnald, Lizzie, 10yrs, PA

103B-331-327, Odonnald, Nancy, 14yrs, PA

103B-331-327, Odonnald, Pat, 41yrs, Ireland

103B-331-327, Odonnald, Paterick, 5yrs, PA

103B-331-327, Odonnald, Wm, 16yrs, Wales

90A-121-119, Oneal, George, 35yrs, Ireland

103B-328-324, Oris, Anna, 25yrs, Wales

103B-328-324, Oris, Anna J., 11yrs, PA

103B-328-324, Oris, Isac, 6yrs, PA

103B-328-324, Oris, James F., 50yrs, Wales

103B-328-324, Oris, Mary, 45yrs, Wales

103B-328-324, Oris, William, 10yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, Adaline, 14yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, David, 43yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, David H., 16yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, George, 51yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, George E., 18yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, Joseph S., 12yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, Margaret, 41yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, S. Willson, 6yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, Wilber, 2yrs, PA

102B-318-314, Oriss, Wm W., 9yrs, PA

98B-253-249, Orris, Alex, 16yrs, PA

98B-253-249, Orris, Amanda, 7yrs, PA

98B-253-249, Orris, Charles, 11yrs, PA

98A-253-249, Orris, Henry, 51yrs, PA

98B-253-249, Orris, Malinda, 14yrs, PA

98A-253-249, Orris, Rebecca, 40yrs, PA

110B-424-420, Patterson, Thomas, 23yrs, England

102A-310-306, Patton, Carintha J., 17yrs, PA

102A-310-306, Patton, Catherine, 42yrs, PA

83B-23-23, Patton, Charles, 14yrs, PA

83B-23-23, Patton, David, 40yrs, PA

83B-23-23, Patton, Eva, 15yrs, PA

83B-23-23, Patton, Hiram, 10yrs, PA

102A-310-306, Patton, John Sherman, 13yrs, PA

102A-310-306, Patton, Mary E., 2yrs, PA

83B-23-23, Patton, Nancy, 39yrs, PA

102A-310-306, Patton, Newton P., 5yrs, PA

102A-310-306, Patton, Samuel J., 20yrs, PA

102A-310-306, Patton, Thomas, 43yrs, PA

102A-310-306, Patton, Thomas J., 10yrs, PA

102A-310-306, Patton, Wm H., 15yrs, PA

102B-316-312, Pearson, Anna, 74yrs, England

102B-316-312, Pearson, Robert, 70yrs, England

94B-199-196, Peel, Christiana, 1yrs, England

94B-199-196, Peel, Geo Thomas, 7yrs, England

94B-199-196, Peel, James, 33yrs, England

94B-199-196, Peel, Margaret, 29yrs, England

94A-184-181, Pelton, Elmira, 12yrs, PA

102A-307-303, Pennman, Mary, 20yrs, Scotland

98B-254-250, Perriman, David, 4/12yr, PA

98B-254-250, Perriman, Hannah, 21yrs, England

98B-254-250, Perriman, P., 23yrs, Scotland

95A-191-188, Perry, John S., 25yrs, PA

95A-191-188, Perry, Sarah M., 24yrs, PA

91B-149-147, Pettit, *ath, 78yrs, NJ [Uath? Wath?

92A-150-148, Pettit, Adazilla, 10yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Arthur A., 4yrs, PA

92A-150-148, Pettit, Cathrina, 46yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Clara C., 13yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Elizth, 43yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Frank, 22yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Harmoer M., 15yrs, PA

91B-149-147, Pettit, Isabella, 57yrs, PA

92A-150-148, Pettit, John, 15yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, John, 52yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, John M. C., 11yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Lizzie A., 21yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Margaret, 17yrs, PA

92A-150-148, Pettit, Mary, 19yrs, PA

92A-150-148, Pettit, Nat, 12yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Orrie B., 1yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Rebecca, 19yrs, PA

92A-150-148, Pettit, Samuel, 29yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Samuel K., 9yrs, PA

92A-150-148, Pettit, W. R., 48yrs, PA

92A-151-149, Pettit, Welbert L., 7yrs, PA

92A-150-148, Pettit, Willis, 17yrs, PA

99A-267-263, Philips, Benjamin, 32yrs, Wales

99A-267-263, Philips, Mame, 40yrs, Wales

99A-267-263, Philips, Martha, 2yrs, PA

92B-154-152, Phillips, George, 6yrs, Wales

92B-154-152, Phillips, Harriet, 25yrs, Wales

92B-154-152, Phillips, Jane, 1yrs, PA

92B-154-152, Phillips, John, 29yrs, Wales

92B-154-152, Phillips, Lizzie, 7yrs, Wales

92B-154-152, Phillips, Wm J., 1yrs, PA

103A-319-315, Pipers, Mary, 68yrs, PA

84A-28-28, Pointen, Eliza, 45yrs, Wales

84A-28-28, Pointen, Mary L., 11yrs, PA

84A-28-28, Pointen, Rebecca, 14yrs, PA

84A-28-28, Pointen, Wm, 70yrs, England

86A-61-59, Porter, Dav, 31yrs, PA

86A-61-59, Porter, Sarah A., 28yrs, PA

86A-61-59, Porter, Walter, 3yrs, PA

86A-61-59, Porter, William, 5yrs, PA

84B-42-42, Powell, E., 58yrs, MD

84B-42-42, Powell, Ellenor, 41yrs, PA

84B-42-42, Powell, Eugenie, 17yrs, PA

84B-42-42, Powell, James, 22yrs, PA

84B-42-42, Powell, Lizzie, 19yrs, PA

89B-120-118, Powers, Michael, 22yrs, Canada

104A-338-334, Price, John, 35yrs, England

104B-341-337, Price, Lewis, 22yrs, England

99B-274-270, Price, M. A., 8yrs, PA

99B-274-270, Price, Resha, 2yrs, PA

99B-274-270, Price, Robert Henry, 4yrs, PA

104B-341-337, Price, Ste*m, 27yrs, England

99B-274-270, Price, Susana, 7yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, Catherine, 10yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, Elizabeth, 11yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, Ellen, 4yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, George, 6yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, James, 8yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, Jane, 5yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, Margaret, 14yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, Susan, 48yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, Thomas, 2yrs, PA

110B-423-419, Proud, Wm, 52yrs, England

87A-75-73, Quimby, Charles S., 3yrs, PA

87A-75-73, Quimby, Levinia, 21yrs, PA

99B-268-264, Ralston, John, 14yrs, PA

99A-268-264, Ralston, Katie, 16yrs, PA

99A-268-264, Ralston, Mary, 46yrs, PA

99B-268-264, Ralston, Saml, 9yrs, PA

99A-268-264, Ralston, Saml, 52yrs, OH

99A-268-264, Ralston, Seth, 18yrs, PA

97B-240-236, Ramsey, Amanda, 28yrs, PA

97B-240-236, Ramsey, C., 34yrs, PA

109A-402-398, Randal, Dora G., 3yrs, OH

109A-402-398, Randal, Sarah A., 36yrs, OH

109A-402-398, Randal, Willis, 7/12yr, PA

109A-402-398, Randal, Wm W., 46yrs, OH

82B-6-6, Raney, Edward, 30yrs, Scotland

82A-1-1, Read, G. W., 43yrs, PA

82A-1-1, Read, John C., 14yrs, PA

82A-1-1, Read, Mary S., 19yrs, PA

82A-1-1, Read, U. E., 38yrs, PA

82A-1-1, Read, W. A. C., 17yrs, PA

84B-36-36, Reed, Albert, 7yrs, PA

84B-36-36, Reed, Anna M., 12yrs, PA

84A-32-32, Reed, Arbella, 7yrs, PA

84A-32-32, Reed, Cordelia, 7yrs, PA

82B-9-9, Reed, Daniel, 70yrs, PA

84A-36-36, Reed, David C., 45yrs, PA

88B-98-96, Reed, E. S. A., 21yrs, PA

84A-32-32, Reed, Elizth, 30yrs, PA

84B-36-36, Reed, Emma J., 15yrs, PA

84B-36-36, Reed, Eva Mary, 1yrs, PA

84B-36-36, Reed, Henry H., 9yrs, PA

82B-9-9, Reed, James M., 14yrs, OH

110A-415-411, Reed, John, 45yrs, Scotland

110A-415-411, Reed, John J., 12yrs, Scotland

91B-144-142, Reed, Joseph, 40yrs, PA

82B-9-9, Reed, Luke C., 20yrs, PA

84A-32-32, Reed, M. E., 1yrs, PA

91B-144-142, Reed, Malissa J., 2yrs, PA

91B-144-142, Reed, Margaret, 76yrs, PA

91B-144-142, Reed, Maria, 27yrs, PA

110A-415-411, Reed, Mary, 40yrs, Scotland

84A-36-36, Reed, Mary J., 37yrs, PA

83B-23-23, Reed, Myers, 28yrs, PA

88B-98-96, Reed, Phebe, 63yrs, PA

91B-144-142, Reed, Robert M., 5yrs, PA

84A-32-32, Reed, Saml D., 39yrs, PA

82B-9-9, Reed, Sophia, 65yrs, PA

84A-36-36, Reed, Sylvester, 17yrs, PA

88B-98-96, Reed, William, 74yrs, PA

111A-427-422, Reed, Wm, 26yrs, Scotland [for Reese, see also "Ruse"]

82A-2-2, Resser, John, 3/12yr, PA

82A-2-2, Resser, Mary, 28yrs, PA

82A-2-2, Resser, Maud H., 20yrs, PA

82A-2-2, Resser, Washington, 25yrs, PA

82B-5-5, Rhone, Stewart, 37yrs, Scotland

96A-216-213, Ri*let, Horatio, 10yrs, PA

96A-216-213, Ri*let, Minnie W., 8yrs, PA

96A-216-213, Ri*let, Ruhanna, 1yrs, PA

96A-216-213, Ri*let, Teressa, 27yrs, PA

96A-216-213, Ri*let, Thadeus, 3yrs, PA

96A-216-213, Ri*let, W. W., 34yrs, PA

96A-216-213, Ri*let, Wm Bular, 5yrs, PA

87A-79-77, Riblett [Biblett?] [Biblett?], Benjamin, 8yrs, PA

87A-79-77, Riblett [Biblett?], Charles, 2yrs, PA

87A-79-77, Riblett [Biblett?], Florence, 6yrs, PA

87A-79-77, Riblett [Biblett?], Francis, 15yrs, PA

87A-79-77, Riblett [Biblett?], James, 12yrs, PA

87A-79-77, Riblett [Biblett?], John, 37yrs, PA

87A-79-77, Riblett [Biblett?], John W., 10yrs, PA

87A-79-77, Riblett [Biblett?], Lavinia, 33yrs, PA

87A-79-77, Riblett [Biblett?], Olive B., 4yrs, PA

88B-103-101, Rice, Charles, 7yrs, PA

88B-103-101, Rice, Geo. W., 49yrs, PA

88B-103-101, Rice, Louisa, 44yrs, PA

88B-103-101, Rice, Mary C., 18yrs, PA

96B-224-220, Riggs, Jno, 50yrs, PA

96B-224-220, Riggs, Mary E., 48yrs, PA

111B-435-430, Risher, A. M., 24yrs, PA

98A-247-243, Risher, Alice, 20yrs, IN

98A-246-242, Risher, Anninda, 10yrs, PA

111B-435-430, Risher, Charles C., 7yrs, PA

98A-246-242, Risher, Clara C., 4yrs, PA

98A-246-242, Risher, D. E., 8yrs, PA

98A-246-242, Risher, D. H., 14yrs, PA

98A-246-242, Risher, E. A., 6yrs, PA

98A-246-242, Risher, Elizth, 37yrs, PA

111B-435-430, Risher, Eva A., 3yrs, PA

98A-246-242, Risher, G. W., 39yrs, PA

111B-435-430, Risher, I. D., 29yrs, PA

98A-247-243, Risher, Jas C., 22yrs, PA

111B-435-430, Risher, John M., 26yrs, PA

114A-465-461, Risher, John Sen, 72yrs, MD

98A-247-243, Risher, Marvin, 2yrs, KY

114A-465-461, Risher, Mary, 70yrs, PA

111B-435-430, Risher, Mary Jane, 16yrs, PA

111B-435-430, Risher, May C., 5yrs, PA

98A-246-242, Risher, Thomas F., 2yrs, PA

98A-246-242, Risher, Wm F., 16yrs, PA

112A-443-438, Ritchards, Charlot, 28yrs, Wales

112A-443-438, Ritchards, James, 3yrs, Wales

112A-443-438, Ritchards, Johny, 5yrs, Wales

112A-443-438, Ritchards, Thomas, 11yrs, Wales

112A-443-438, Ritchards, Willire, 7yrs, Wales

112A-443-438, Ritchards, Wm, 30yrs, Wales

104B-344-340, Roberts, Cath, 75yrs, Wales

99B-273-269, Roberts, Davidus, 24yrs, PA

99B-273-269, Roberts, Eloira, 48yrs, NY

114A-465-461, Roberts, Henry, 18yrs, England

112A-443-438, Roberts, John, 50yrs, England

99B-273-269, Roberts, John, 57yrs, PA

99B-273-269, Roberts, Johny, 16yrs, PA

99B-273-269, Roberts, Julia, 14yrs, PA

114A-465-461, Roberts, Thomas, 14yrs, England

99B-273-269, Roberts, William, 11yrs, PA

96A-213-210, Robinson, Alex, 7yrs, PA

96A-213-210, Robinson, Alex, 44yrs, England

96A-213-210, Robinson, Barbara, 14yrs, PA

96A-213-210, Robinson, Eliz, 42yrs, England

96A-213-210, Robinson, Elizth, 4yrs, PA

96A-214-211, Robinson, Frank, 38yrs, Ireland

96A-214-211, Robinson, Jane, 28yrs, PA

96A-213-210, Robinson, Janie, 17yrs, England

96A-214-211, Robinson, John K., 11yrs, PA

96A-213-210, Robinson, Margaret, 12yrs, PA

96A-213-210, Robinson, Mary, 15yrs, PA

96A-214-211, Robinson, Nancy K., 8yrs, PA

96A-213-210, Robinson, Robert, 19yrs, England

96A-214-211, Robinson, Wm, 3yrs, PA

101B-301-297, Robison, Hugh, 30yrs, Ireland

87A-80-78, Rogers, Alice A., 12yrs, PA

87A-80-78, Rogers, James, 27yrs, PA

87A-80-78, Rogers, Marg, 5yrs, PA

87A-80-78, Rogers, Mynie M., 2yrs, PA

87A-80-78, Rogers, Sarah, 32yrs, PA

105B-359-355, Rolins, Andrew, 19yrs, England

106A-359-355, Rolins, Cath, 4yrs, PA

105B-359-355, Rolins, Elizabeth, 43yrs, England

105B-359-355, Rolins, Elizabeth J., 12yrs, England

105B-359-355, Rolins, John, 45yrs, England

105B-359-355, Rolins, Mary, 16yrs, England

105B-359-355, Rolins, Ritchard, 14yrs, England

106A-359-355, Rolins, Robert C., 6yrs, PA

106A-359-355, Rolins, Susanna, 3yrs, PA

104B-344-340, Ruse, Daniel, 6yrs, PA

105A-350-346, Ruse [Reese?], Davy, 38yrs, Ireland

104B-344-340, Ruse, Edwin, 17yrs, PA

104B-344-340, Ruse, Ester, 44yrs, Wales

104B-344-340, Ruse, Jenkin, 52yrs, Wales

104B-344-340, Ruse, John, 9yrs, PA

104B-344-340, Ruse, Resese, 11yrs, PA

104B-344-340, Ruse, Thomas, 14yrs, PA

100A-282-278, Samuel, Anna, 8yrs, Wales

100A-282-278, Samuel, Benjamin, 35yrs, Wales

100B-282-278, Samuel, Bun, 2yrs, PA

100B-282-278, Samuel, Joseph, 4yrs, PA

100B-282-278, Samuel, Mary A., 6yrs, Wales

100A-282-278, Samuel, Rachel, 10yrs, Wales

100A-282-278, Samuel, Sarah, 31yrs, Wales

108B-395-391, Sance, James, 1yrs, PA

108B-395-391, Sance, James, 47yrs, Ireland

108B-395-391, Sance, John, 14yrs, WI

108B-395-391, Sance, Mary, 39yrs, Ireland

108B-395-391, Sance, Mary J., 9yrs, WI

108B-395-391, Sance, Michael , 12yrs, WI

108B-395-391, Sance, Ritchard, 4yrs, PA

108B-395-391, Sance, Thomas, 6yrs, WI

88A-94-92, Sanford, Wm, 10yrs, PA

82A-1-1, Sarver, Wm H., 22yrs, PA

108A-390-386, Scandall, Arthur, 12yrs, PA

108A-390-386, Scandall, Bridget, 4yrs, PA

108A-390-386, Scandall, Bridget, 35yrs, Ireland

108A-390-386, Scandall, James, 10yrs, PA

108A-390-386, Scandall, John, 14yrs, PA

108A-390-386, Scandall, Michael, 8yrs, PA

108A-390-386, Scandall, Thomas, 6yrs, PA

108A-390-386, Scandall, Wm, 1yrs, PA

113B-454-450, Scott, Wm, 15yrs, England

110A-419-415, Sears, Wm, 56yrs, England

104B-343-339, Sehoolin, Hemey, 2yrs, Scotland

104B-343-339, Sehoolin, John, 33yrs, Ireland

104B-343-339, Sehoolin, Mary, 1yrs, Scotland

104B-343-339, Sehoolin, Mary C., 26yrs, Scotland

104B-343-339, Sehoolin, Thomas, 1/12yr, PA

88B-99-97, Seirer, Geo W., 27yrs, PA

88B-99-97, Seirer, Lizzie, 26yrs, PA

88B-99-97, Seirer, Mary D. L., 5yrs, PA

84B-40-40, Sewessy, Aloie, 22yrs, PA

84B-40-40, Sewessy, Amanda, 21yrs, PA

84B-39-39, Sewessy, Caroline, 9yrs, PA

84B-41-41, Sewessy, Charles E., 14yrs, PA

84B-39-39, Sewessy, Edith, 19yrs, PA

84B-39-39, Sewessy, Geo, 53yrs, PA

84B-40-40, Sewessy, George, 11/6?yrs, PA

84B-41-41, Sewessy, Jane S., 21yrs, PA

84B-41-41, Sewessy, Josiah, 22yrs, PA

84B-39-39, Sewessy, Madora, 14yrs, PA

84B-39-39, Sewessy, Maggie, 11yrs, PA

84B-41-41, Sewessy, Maggie, 19yrs, PA

84B-40-40, Sewessy, Mary Ann, 2yrs, PA

84B-39-39, Sewessy, Mary Ann, 7yrs, PA

84B-39-39, Sewessy, Mary Ann, 52yrs, PA

84B-41-41, Sewessy, Mathias, 50yrs, PA

84B-41-41, Sewessy, Matilda, 39yrs, PA

84B-40-40, Sewessy, William, 4yrs, PA

84B-39-39, Sewessy, William, 29yrs, PA

91A-139-137, Shagger, Cathrine, 5yrs, PA

91A-139-137, Shagger, Christina, 6yrs, PA

91A-139-137, Shagger, Jacob, 4/12yr, PA

91A-139-137, Shagger, John, 3yrs, PA

91A-139-137, Shagger, John, 45yrs, Germany

91A-139-137, Shagger, Magdalena, 8yrs, PA

91A-139-137, Shagger, Mary, 30yrs, Germany

110A-419-415, Sharp, Thomas, 35yrs, Scotland

113B-458-454, Shearn, Henry, 40yrs, Wales

113B-458-454, Shearn, Henry H., 6yrs, PA

113B-458-454, Shearn, John F., 11yrs, PA

113B-458-454, Shearn, Margarett, 33yrs, PA

113B-458-454, Shearn, Perry C., 4yrs, PA

113B-458-454, Shearn, Sarah A., 4/12yr, PA

113B-458-454, Shearn, Wm H., 13yrs, OH

91B-145-143, Shingledecker, M. , 47yrs, PA

92A-152-150, Shirk, Lary, 35yrs, PA

109B-409-405, Short, Emma E., 3yrs, PA

109B-409-405, Short, Henry, 45yrs, England

109B-409-405, Short, Henry J., 14yrs, Wales

109B-409-405, Short, Joseph, 12yrs, Wales

109B-409-405, Short, Lewis C., 1yrs, PA

109B-409-405, Short, Martha J., 5yrs, Wales

109B-409-405, Short, Mary A., 40yrs, PA

109B-409-405, Short, Thomas H., 8yrs, Wales

94B-200-197, Simpson, Hannah, 27yrs, England

105A-347-343, Simpson, John, 17yrs, Scotland

94B-200-197, Simpson, Mary D., 2yrs, PA

105A-347-343, Simpson, R., 25yrs, Scotland

94B-200-197, Simpson, Robert, 4yrs, PA

94B-200-197, Simpson, S. W., 26yrs, PA

92B-156-154, Slemons, Thos, 84yrs, Ireland

89A-112-110, Sloss, Gordon H., 7yrs, PA

89A-112-110, Sloss, James W., 33yrs, PA

89A-112-110, Sloss, Rebecca, 9yrs, PA

89A-112-110, Sloss, Robt T., 1yrs, PA

89A-112-110, Sloss, Sarah A., 27yrs, PA

89A-112-110, Sloss, Susan E., 4yrs, PA

96A-217-214, Smith, Alexander, 5yrs, PA

95A-189-186, Smith, Cyntha, 2yrs, PA

111A-430-425, Smith, Francis J., 6yrs, Scotland

95A-189-186, Smith, George, 10yrs, OH

95A-189-186, Smith, Harry, 8yrs, OH

111A-430-425, Smith, James, 4yrs, OH

111A-430-425, Smith, Jane, 25yrs, Ireland

111A-430-425, Smith, John, 1yrs, PA

111A-430-425, Smith, John, 30yrs, Ireland

111A-430-425, Smith, M., 29yrs, Ireland

95A-189-186, Smith, Marriot, 6yrs, PA

96A-217-214, Smith, Rebecca A., 23yrs, PA

95A-189-186, Smith, Saml, 55yrs, England

96A-217-214, Smith, Samuel, 1yrs, PA

95A-189-186, Smith, Samuel, 11yrs, OH

95A-189-186, Smith, Secilia, 41yrs, England

95A-189-186, Smith, Thomas, 13yrs, OH

95A-189-186, Smith, William, 19yrs, England

86B-73-71, Smith, Wm, 23yrs, PA

96A-217-214, Smith, Wm, 24yrs, PA

94B-202-199, Smith , Margt, 5yrs, Scotland

94B-202-199, Smith , Margt, 40yrs, Ireland

94B-202-199, Smith , Pat'k, 45yrs, Ireland

109A-400-396, Spears, Anna, 5yrs, PA

109A-400-396, Spears, Elizabeth, 11yrs, PA

109A-400-396, Spears, Hannah, 40yrs, Scotland

109A-400-396, Spears, James, 40yrs, Ireland

109A-400-396, Spears, Jane, 15yrs, Scotland

109A-400-396, Spears, John, 13yrs, PA

82A-3-3, Spears, Robert, 18yrs, Scotland

82A-3-3, Spears, William, 26yrs, Scotland

110A-417-413, Speers, Isac, 34yrs, Ireland

110A-417-413, Speers, Sarah, 35yrs, PA

111B-438-433, Stanford, Catherine, 62yrs, PA

111B-438-433, Stanford, John, 23yrs, OH

111B-438-433, Stanford, Lauretta, 28yrs, PA

111B-438-433, Stanford, Rosey J., 9yrs, OH

92B-156-154, Stemens, Kate, 16yrs, PA

95B-209-206, Stephens, A., 17yrs, PA

114B-468-464, Stephenson, Julia A., 55yrs, PA

89A-111-109, Stewart, Ann M., 39yrs, PA

85B-54-54, Stewart, Eliza, 40yrs, OH

89A-111-109, Stewart, George A., 7yrs, PA

89A-111-109, Stewart, James H., 5yrs, PA

109B-406-402, Stewart, Jane, 52yrs, PA

85B-54-54, Stewart, Jas S., 20yrs, PA

85B-54-54, Stewart, Jno S., 17yrs, PA

89A-111-109, Stewart, Jos C., 21yrs, PA

85B-54-54, Stewart, L. M., 21yrs, PA

85B-54-54, Stewart, R. M., 24yrs, PA

89A-111-109, Stewart, Robert, 18yrs, PA

89A-111-109, Stewart, Robt, 49yrs, PA

85B-54-54, Stewart, S. J., 25yrs, PA

85B-54-54, Stewart, Terza R., 12yrs, PA

85B-54-54, Stewart, Thomas, 14yrs, PA

89A-111-109, Stewart, William, 9yrs, PA

109B-406-402, Stewart, Wm, 66yrs, PA

100B-289-285, Stinederf, Amanda E., 33yrs, PA

100B-289-285, Stinederf, Eliza J., 7yrs, PA

100B-289-285, Stinederf, Eva, 3yrs, PA

100B-289-285, Stinederf, Isah, 10yrs, PA

100B-289-285, Stinederf, John, 1/12yr, PA

100B-289-285, Stinederf, Merthine, 14yrs, PA

100B-289-285, Stinederf, Michel, 44yrs, PA

103A-324-320, Stone, Abram, 43yrs, England

103A-324-320, Stone, Abram J., 9yrs, England

103A-324-320, Stone, Hannah, 37yrs, England

103A-324-320, Stone, Thomas, 3yrs, PA

101A-291-287, Stull, Frank, 4yrs, PA

101A-291-287, Stull, Rebeckah, 30yrs, PA

101A-291-287, Stull, Saml, 35yrs, PA

107A-373-369, Sulivan, Jame, 27yrs, Ireland

107A-373-369, Sulivan, John, 3yrs, PA

107A-373-369, Sulivan, Michael, 25yrs, Ireland

89B-119-117, Sweesey, Clara B., 12yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Sweesey, David, 23yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Sweesey, E., 17yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Sweesey, E., 52yrs, Ireland

85B-52-52, Sweesey, Frances, 11yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Sweesey, Geo. M., 14yrs, PA

89B-119-117, Sweesey, Harriet J., 10yrs, PA

89B-119-117, Sweesey, Horatio S., 9yrs, PA

89B-119-117, Sweesey, Jeff, 48yrs, PA

89B-119-117, Sweesey, Louisa A., 16yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Sweesey, M. , 24yrs, PA

89B-119-117, Sweesey, Mary Ann, 48yrs, PA

89B-119-117, Sweesey, Mary E., 18yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Sweesey, Noxreta, 17yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Sweesey, Sarah A., 21yrs, PA

89B-119-117, Sweesey, Sarah J., 21yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Sweesey, Susan, 15yrs, PA

85B-52-52, Sweesey, W. , 58yrs, PA

95A-188-185, Targart, Ellen, 22yrs, Scotland

95A-188-185, Targart, John, 30yrs, England

95A-186-183, Targert, Joseph, 24yrs, England

95A-186-183, Targert, Sarah , 27yrs, England

92B-159-157, Tarmer, J. W., 12yrs, IL

113A-454-449, Tayler, Andrew, 32yrs, England

88B-101-99, Taylor, W. W., 28yrs, OH

112A-440-435, Taylor, Edward , 7yrs, England

112A-440-435, Taylor, Elizabeth, 10/12yr, England

112A-440-435, Taylor, Henry, 44yrs, Ireland

88B-101-99, Taylor, Katie, 1yrs, PA

112A-440-435, Taylor, Margaret A., 9yrs, England

112A-440-435, Taylor, Mary A., 40yrs, England

112A-440-435, Taylor, Mary J., 3yrs, England

88B-101-99, Taylor, Mary M., 28yrs, PA

112A-440-435, Taylor, Thomas H., 14yrs, England

112A-440-435, Taylor, Wm, 11yrs, England

85B-53-53, Teal, Ellenor, 32yrs, PA

85B-53-53, Teal, Seth, 37yrs, PA

112B-445-440, Thompson, Andy, 6yrs, PA

112B-445-440, Thompson, Cath, 52yrs, PA

112B-445-440, Thompson, Charly, 11yrs, PA

89B-116-114, Thompson, D. C., 32yrs, PA

86A-63-61, Thompson, D. H., 25yrs, PA

112B-445-440, Thompson, Dannie, 24yrs, PA

112B-445-440, Thompson, David, 57yrs, PA

86B-66-64, Thompson, E. D., 1yrs, PA

86B-66-64, Thompson, E. J., 22yrs, PA

89B-116-114, Thompson, Eliza, 69yrs, PA

112B-445-440, Thompson, Elizabeth, 29yrs, PA

109A-405-401, Thompson, Emma L., 9yrs, PA

112B-445-440, Thompson, Ester, 23yrs, PA

86A-63-61, Thompson, Freddy S., 11/12yr, PA

89B-116-114, Thompson, George, 29yrs, PA

109A-405-401, Thompson, Harvey A., 1/12yr, PA

98A-250-246, Thompson, Henry, 26yrs, PA

112A-439-434, Thompson, James, 37yrs, Scotland

112B-445-440, Thompson, John, 20yrs, PA

109A-405-401, Thompson, John S., 1yrs, PA

86A-63-61, Thompson, Margaret, 60yrs, OH

98A-250-246, Thompson, Mariette, 20yrs, PA

86A-63-61, Thompson, Marilda, 20yrs, PA

109A-405-401, Thompson, Mary E., 30yrs, PA

109A-405-401, Thompson, Newell, 34yrs, OH

112B-445-440, Thompson, Peter, 19yrs, PA

86B-66-64, Thompson, R. B., 28yrs, PA

112B-445-440, Thompson, Rachel, 15yrs, PA

89A-112-110, Thompson, Rebecca, 60yrs, PA

86B-66-64, Thompson, Scott, 45yrs, PA

112B-445-440, Thompson, Ulyssus, 4yrs, PA

98A-250-246, Thompson, Wm, 8/12yr, PA

86B-68-66, Titler, C. W., 24yrs, PA

86B-68-66, Titler, Frances, 2yrs, PA

86B-67-65, Titler, Jaen, 63yrs, PA

86B-67-65, Titler, John, 65yrs, PA

86B-68-66, Titler, Nancy A., 26yrs, PA

104B-340-336, Tyrall, Bridget, 6yrs, PA

104B-340-336, Tyrall, Elizabeth, 10yrs, OH

104A-340-336, Tyrall, Elizabeth, 30yrs, England

104B-340-336, Tyrall, James, 8yrs, OH

104B-340-336, Tyrall, John, 4yrs, PA

104B-340-336, Tyrall, Mary J., 14yrs, OH

104B-340-336, Tyrall, Petty, 2yrs, PA

104B-340-336, Tyrall, Wm, 12yrs, OH

89B-114-112, Ueff, Charles, 11yrs, PA

104A-338-334, Viper, Elizabeth, 48yrs, England

104A-338-334, Viper, John, 16yrs, England

104A-338-334, Viper, Joseph, 7yrs, England

104A-338-334, Viper, Lizzie, 18yrs, England

104A-338-334, Viper, Nickolas, 17yrs, England

104A-338-334, Viper, Thomas, 50yrs, England

105A-353-349, Waddle, Anna, 38yrs, England

105A-353-349, Waddle, Harriet, 7yrs, England

105B-353-349, Waddle, James, 3/12yr, PA

105A-353-349, Waddle, James, 39yrs, England

105B-353-349, Waddle, Sarah A., 3yrs, England

91A-138-136, Walker, Anna, 45yrs, PA

90B-135-133, Walker, Elizabeth, 50yrs, PA

94A-178-175, Walker, Elizth, 64yrs, PA

91A-137-135, Walker, George, 15yrs, PA

94A-178-175, Walker, Hermon, 22yrs, PA

94A-185-182, Walker, Hugh N. [W.?], 26yrs, PA

91A-138-136, Walker, James, 7yrs, PA

91A-138-136, Walker, John H., 48yrs, PA

91A-135-133, Walker, Lizzie J., 5yrs, PA

94B-195-192, Walker, M. T. G., 20yrs, PA

91A-138-136, Walker, Nancy, 17yrs, PA

91A-135-133, Walker, R. M. O., 18yrs, PA

90B-135-133, Walker, Saml, 59yrs, PA

91A-135-133, Walker, Samuel, 15yrs, PA

94A-178-175, Walker, Sarah, 19yrs, PA

91A-138-136, Walker, Sarah J., 20yrs, PA

91A-135-133, Walker, Susana A., 12yrs, PA

94B-195-192, Walker, Thomas, 23yrs, PA

99A-264-260, Ward, John, 45yrs, Ireland [for Wason, see "Mason"]

100B-285-281, Wats, Elizabeth E., 25yrs, England

100B-285-281, Wats, James, 25yrs, England

90A-127-125, Watson, Alonzo H., 33yrs, NY

90A-127-125, Watson, Charles, 9yrs, PA

97A-232-228, Watson, Darius, 38yrs, NY

88A-91-89, Watson, Ella, 5yrs, PA

97A-232-228, Watson, Ella, 8yrs, PA

97A-232-228, Watson, Eva May, 6yrs, PA

90A-127-125, Watson, Filetius, 11yrs, PA

88A-91-89, Watson, George, 22yrs, PA

90A-127-125, Watson, Hale, 63yrs, PA

90A-127-125, Watson, Horace D., 6yrs, PA

89A-106-104, Watson, Howe, 23yrs, PA

90A-127-125, Watson, J. A., 12yrs, PA

88A-91-89, Watson, James, 64yrs, PA

88A-91-89, Watson, Jawin, 12yrs, PA

97A-232-228, Watson, M. J., 2yrs, PA

88A-91-89, Watson, M. Nora, 15yrs, PA

88A-91-89, Watson, Margt, 46yrs, PA

90A-127-125, Watson, Mary E., 35yrs, PA

97A-232-228, Watson, Minerva E., 38yrs, NY

112A-439-434, Watson, Pet, 40yrs, England

97A-232-228, Watson, Scovil, 11yrs, PA

102B-315-311, Webster, Andrew, 30yrs, PA

102B-315-311, Webster, Anna, 26yrs, PA

108A-393-389, Webster, Emma M., 10yrs, PA

102A-309-305, Webster, Frank, 3yrs, PA

102B-315-311, Webster, Frank, 4yrs, PA

100B-287-283, Webster, G. W., 24yrs, PA

102B-315-311, Webster, Horatio, 2yrs, PA

101B-302-298, Webster, John, 67yrs, CT

108A-393-389, Webster, Julia Ann, 52yrs, PA

100B-287-283, Webster, Kate, 24yrs, Wortemberg

101B-302-298, Webster, Lachester, 25yrs, PA

108A-393-389, Webster, Lizzie, 16yrs, PA

108A-393-389, Webster, Nancy A., 20yrs, PA

101B-302-298, Webster, Roty Ann, 35yrs, PA

101B-302-298, Webster, Sarah, 66yrs, PA

102A-309-305, Webster, Sarah , 23yrs, PA

102A-309-305, Webster, Sylvester, 26yrs, PA

108A-393-389, Webster, William, 14yrs, PA

108A-393-389, Webster, Wm, 62yrs, NY

100B-287-283, Webster, Zella May, 1yrs, MO

99B-276-272, Welch, Minneford, 68yrs, Ireland

99B-276-272, Welch, Thomas, 70yrs, Ireland

83B-26-26, Wellon [Mellon?], James, 40yrs, Scotland

82A-3-3, Wessel, Elizabeth, 11yrs, PA

82A-3-3, Wessel, John, 6yrs, PA

82A-3-3, Wessel, Margaret, 32yrs, Germany

82A-3-3, Wessel, William, 8yrs, PA

82A-3-3, Wessel, William, 37yrs, Germany

83B-26-26, Whaley, Alice, 17yrs, Canada

83B-26-26, Whaley, Henry, 21yrs, GA

83B-26-26, Whaley, Mary, 35yrs, Ireland

83B-26-26, Whaley, Saml, 46yrs, Ireland

102B-313-309, Wheathy, Thomas, 18yrs, England

107A-372-368, White, Cath, 24yrs, Ireland

82A-5-5, White, Catharine, 35yrs, Scotland

107A-372-368, White, Charles, 6/12yr, PA

95A-192-189, White, Elizth, 32yrs, PA

95A-192-189, White, Eva, 13yrs, PA

95A-192-189, White, F. W., 35yrs, PA

82B-5-5, White, James, 3yrs, PA

82B-5-5, White, Jane, 5yrs, Scotland

95A-192-189, White, Jas C., 18yrs, PA

91B-143-141, White, Jas M., 24yrs, PA

107A-372-368, White, John, 3yrs, PA

82A-5-5, White, John, 9yrs, Scotland

82A-3-3, White, John, 30yrs, Scotland

104B-341-337, White, John, 30yrs, England

82A-5-5, White, John, 34yrs, Scotland

82B-5-5, White, Margaret, 7yrs, Scotland

107A-372-368, White, May, 5yrs, Scotland

91B-143-141, White, Nancy, 68yrs, PA

105B-358-354, White, Owen, 22yrs, Ireland

95A-192-189, White, Robt W., 5yrs, PA

91B-143-141, White, Saide, 23yrs, PA

95A-192-189, White, Saml, 2yrs, PA

107A-372-368, White, Thomas, 27yrs, Ireland

95A-192-189, White, Thos C., 8yrs, PA

82B-5-5, White, William, 1yrs, PA

82A-3-3, Whitelaw, Thomas, 29yrs, Scotland

108B-396-392, Williams, Abram, 4yrs, PA

104A-335-331, Williams, Ami, 13yrs, Wales

100A-277-273, Williams, Anna, 6yrs, Wales

92A-153-151, Williams, Charles, 15yrs, OH

92A-153-151, Williams, Charles, 47yrs, England

100A-277-273, Williams, Daniel, 3/12yr, PA

108B-396-392, Williams, David K., 38yrs, Wales

108B-396-392, Williams, Day, 2yrs, PA

104A-335-331, Williams, Elizabeth, 40yrs, England

99A-266-262, Williams, Elizabeth, 78yrs, Wales

108B-396-392, Williams, Ellen, 9/12yr, PA

104A-335-331, Williams, Ema, 8yrs, Wales

108B-396-392, Williams, Hannah, 14yrs, PA

100A-277-273, Williams, Henry, 12yrs, Wales

99B-277-273, Williams, Henry, 44yrs, Wales

108B-396-392, Williams, Jane, 32yrs, PA

100A-277-273, Williams, John, 16yrs, Wales

104B-345-341, Williams, John, 22yrs, PA

104A-335-331, Williams, John, 50yrs, England

92A-153-151, Williams, Joseph, 8yrs, PA

100A-277-273, Williams, Lizzie, 3yrs, PA

99B-277-273, Williams, Lizzie, 44yrs, Wales

104A-335-331, Williams, Mar*y, 15yrs, England

92A-153-151, Williams, Martha, 13yrs, OH

92A-153-151, Williams, Martha, 46yrs, South Wales

100A-277-273, Williams, Mary, 18yrs, Wales

92A-153-151, Williams, Mary Ann, 11yrs, PA

92A-153-151, Williams, Phil Jas, 5yrs, PA

108B-397-393, Williams, Philip, 26yrs, Wales

100A-277-273, Williams, Reese, 9yrs, Wales

92A-153-151, Williams, Richard, 21yrs, South Wales

104A-335-331, Williams, Robert, 10yrs, Wales

104A-335-331, Williams, Sarh J., 1yrs, PA

108B-397-393, Williams, Sophie, 18yrs, Wales

108B-396-392, Williams, Teyella, 7yrs, PA

108B-396-392, Williams, W. J. [M. J.?], 15yrs, PA

92B-153-151, Williams, W. J. T., 47yrs, PA

92B-158-156, Willson, Chars, 17yrs, AL

95B-207-204, Wireman, John, 70yrs, PA

89B-118-116, Wise, Ella Jane, 5yrs, PA

89B-118-116, Wise, Jas Alex, 1yrs, PA

89B-118-116, Wise, Sarah A., 7yrs, PA

89B-118-116, Wise, Susan, 24yrs, Scotland

89B-118-116, Wise, W. J., 29yrs, PA

88B-105-103, Womer, [S. B.?, D. B.?], 60yrs, PA

88B-105-103, Womer, Elizth, 57yrs, PA

88B-105-103, Womer, Isaac, 37yrs, PA

88B-105-103, Womer, Nancy, 18yrs, PA

114A-464-460, Woods, Robt, 37yrs, Ireland

110B-425-421, Wordle, George, 34yrs, England

110B-425-421, Wordle, Jane, 36yrs, England

110B-425-421, Wordle, Luke F., 6yrs, England

110B-425-421, Wordle, Sarah, 12yrs, England

110B-425-421, Wordle, Wm James, 1yrs, PA [for Worley, see "Morley"]

92B-155-153, Wyatt, Betsey, 33yrs, Wales

92B-155-153, Wyatt, Briget, 3/12yr, OH

92B-155-153, Wyatt, Emily, 2yrs, OH

92B-155-153, Wyatt, Maria M., 9yrs, OH

92B-155-153, Wyatt, Mary Jane, 6yrs, OH

92B-155-153, Wyatt, Wm, 30yrs, England

98B-259-255, Young, Ada, 1yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, Charles, 14yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, Elizth, 41yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, George, 21yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, Harry, 12yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, Hiram, 10yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, Hugh, 17yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, James, 8yrs, PA

111B-433-428, Young, Jamse, 23yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, Janie, 6yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, John, 19yrs, PA

112A-441-436, Young, Lizzie, 19yrs, PA

111B-433-428, Young, Margaret, 20yrs, PA

111B-433-428, Young, Mary, 58yrs, Ireland

112A-441-436, Young, Mary A., 5/12yr, PA

111B-433-428, Young, Mary Ann, 18yrs, PA

112A-441-436, Young, Robt, 22yrs, Scotland

98B-259-255, Young, Thos, 45yrs, PA

98B-259-255, Young, Wm, 24yrs, PA

85B-57-56, Zahniser, Cyusha, 7yrs, PA

86A-65-63, Zahniser, Grace Wood, 2yrs, PA

86A-65-63, Zahniser, Hilbert, 9yrs, PA

86A-65-63, Zahniser, M. H., 30yrs, PA

86A-65-63, Zahniser, Mag E., 8yrs, PA

86A-65-63, Zahniser, Mattie, 7yrs, PA

86A-65-63, Zahniser, Norman, 4yrs, PA

85B-57-56, Zahniser, R. K., 5yrs, PA

86A-65-63, Zahniser, Sarh, 29yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 2000 John MacDonald

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