Sandy Creek Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

51B-64-64 Abbot, Henry W, 24 yrs, PA
55B-121-121 Alexand, Clara D, 6 yrs, PA
55B-121-121 Alexand, John H, 4 yrs, PA
55B-121-121 Alexand, Margaret C, 28 yrs, PA
55B-121-121 Alexand, Martin, 33 yrs, PA
53B-94-94 Anderson, Jacob, 37 yrs, England
56B-137-137 Armour, Jas, 26 yrs, PA
55A-112-112 Ausburn, A, 29 yrs, OH
55A-112-112 Ausburn, Elma, 3 yrs, PA
54A-98-98 Ausburn, Hannah, 54 yrs, MD
54A-98-98 Ausburn, Hiram, 55 yrs, OH
55A-112-112 Ausburn, Lavern, 5 yrs, PA
55A-112-112 Ausburn, Rhoda, 29 yrs, PA
54A-98-98 Ausburn, Richard S, 18 yrs, PA
54A-98-98 Ausburn, Sarah, 15 yrs, PA
54A-98-98 Ausburn, Taylor, 22 yrs, OH
54A-98-98 Ausburn, William, 20 yrs, OH
50A-40-40 Axtell, Catharine, 23 yrs, PA
50A-40-40 Axtell, James W, 4 yrs, PA
50A-40-40 Axtell, John, 27 yrs, PA
50A-40-40 Axtell, Miles B, 2 yrs, PA
56B-143-143 Axtle, A W, 25 yrs, PA
56B-143-143 Axtle, Annie, 56 yrs, PA
56B-143-143 Axtle, Jane, 30 yrs, PA
56B-143-143 Axtle, John R, 2 yrs, PA
52A-75-75 Bailey, Findley, 23 yrs, PA
49B-29-29 Baker, George, 40 yrs, PA
49B-29-29 Baker, Loeza, 31 yrs, PA
49B-29-29 Baker, Luella, 10 yrs, PA
53A-91-91 Barns, William, 21 yrs, PA
49A-22-22 Baxter, Joseph, 19 yrs, PA
49A-21-21 Bear, Elizabeth, 19 yrs, PA
49A-21-21 Bear, Hattie, 10/12 yrs, PA
49A-21-21 Bear, John, 25 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, Caroline, 5 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, Caroline, 33 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, Chas, 38 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, Chas A, 9 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, Elias, 15 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, Eliza J, 12 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, John A, 7 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, Mary, 4 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, Milton, 10 yrs, PA
54B-110-110 Belig, Sarah L, 2 yrs, PA
48A-3-3 Bell, Adda Z, 20 yrs, PA
48B-14-14 Bell, Arthur, 47 yrs, Ireland
48A-8-8 Bell, Catharine, 28 yrs, PA
48A-8-8 Bell, Charles C, 28 yrs, PA
48A-3-3 Bell, Edith, 1 yrs, PA
48A-8-8 Bell, George A, 2 yrs, PA
48B-14-14 Bell, Jane A, 15 yrs, PA
48B-14-14 Bell, Joseph H, 19 yrs, PA
48B-14-14 Bell, Levina, 58 yrs, PA
48A-3-3 Bell, Samuel T, 26 yrs, PA
48A-8-8 Bell, William, 5 yrs, PA
48B-14-14 Bell, Willmind you, 18 yrs, PA
48B-14-14 Bell, Wim, 86 yrs, England
53B-94-94 Berisford, Sarah, 11 yrs, England
55A-118-118 Biggat, Aldin, 1 yrs, PA
55A-118-118 Biggat, Esther E, 31 yrs, PA
55A-118-118 Biggat, Harvy, 12 yrs, PA
55A-118-118 Biggat, John, 30 yrs, PA
55A-118-118 Biggat, Lyda, 4 yrs, PA
50A-32-32 Biggort, Clarrie M, 28 yrs, PA
50A-34-34 Biggort, Elizabeth, 40 yrs, PA
50A-32-32 Biggort, Jacob, 32 yrs, PA
50A-32-32 Biggort, Jesse C, 2 yrs, PA
50A-34-34 Biggort, Mary, 44 yrs, Ireland
50A-32-32 Biggort, Minnie O, 4 yrs, PA
50A-32-32 Biggort, Nettie M, 6 yrs, PA
50A-34-34 Biggort, Samuel, 83 yrs, Ireland
52B-80-80 Bishop, Amanda R, 8/12 yrs, PA
52B-80-80 Bishop, E W, 2 yrs, PA
52B-79-79 Bishop, E W, 63 yrs, NJ
52B-79-79 Bishop, Jane, 68 yrs, PA
52B-79-79 Bishop, Margaret, 38 yrs, PA
52B-80-80 Bishop, Rosanah, 23 yrs, PA
52B-80-80 Bishop, Wilson, 35 yrs, PA
53A-87-87 Blackford, Angeline, 45 yrs, PA
53A-87-87 Blackford, Arzan, 45 yrs, PA
53A-87-87 Blackford, James, 36 yrs, PA
53A-87-87 Blackford, Margaret, 77 yrs, PA
53A-87-87 Blackford, W. T., 42 yrs, VA
52B-78-78 Blair, Elener, 42 yrs, PA
52B-78-78 Blair, Hugh, 9 yrs, PA
52B-78-78 Blair, Hugh, 56 yrs, PA
52B-78-78 Blair, John, 12 yrs, PA
52B-78-78 Blair, John Davison, 70 yrs, PA
52B-78-78 Blair, Margaret, 14 yrs, PA
52B-78-78 Blair, Roswell, 8/12 yrs, PA
52B-78-78 Blair, Smith C, 7 yrs, PA
56B-141-141 Brakeman, Elizabeth, 44 yrs, York State
56B-141-141 Brakeman, Jackson, 35 yrs, OH
55A-119-119 Bramen, B., 21 yrs, PA
55A-119-119 Bramen, Elizabeth, 16 yrs, PA
55B-119-119 Bramen, Kate, 8 yrs, PA
53B-95-95 Brennen, Annastallia, 9 yrs, PA
53B-95-95 Brennen, Jane, 12 yrs, PA
53B-95-95 Brennen, Jos, 34 yrs, Ireland
53B-95-95 Brennen, Joseph, 5 yrs, PA
53B-95-95 Brennen, Margaret, 7 yrs, PA
53B-95-95 Brennen, Mary, 3 yrs, PA
53B-95-95 Brennen, Mary, 34 yrs, Ireland
53B-95-95 Brennen, William, 14 yrs, PA
50B-43-43 Brooks, Rebecca, 62 yrs, PA
50B-49-49 Brown, G. C., 25 yrs, PA
50B-50-50 Byers, Corinthia, 23 yrs, PA
50B-50-50 Byers, Elliot, 65 yrs, PA
50B-50-50 Byers, George, 22 yrs, PA
51A-52-52 Byers, J. S., 19 yrs, PA
51A-52-52 Byers, James A, 21 yrs, PA
50B-52-52 Byers, John, 66 yrs, PA
50B-50-50 Byers, Margaret, 58 yrs, PA
50B-51-51 Byers, Margaret, 58 yrs, PA
50B-50-50 Byers, Mary, 22 yrs, PA
50B-51-51 Byers, Mary, 62 yrs, PA
50B-50-50 Byers, Milton, 5/12 yrs, PA
50B-51-51 Byers, Nancy, 60 yrs, PA
51A-52-52 Byers, Nancy A, 24 yrs, PA
50B-50-50 Byers, Seth, 16 yrs, PA
50B-41-41 Calahan, Edward, 26 yrs, PA
50B-41-41 Calahan, Nina, 5 yrs, PA
50B-41-41 Calahan, Norra, 1 yrs, PA
56B-138-138 Caldwell, Ambros, 13 yrs, PA
56B-138-138 Caldwell, Cascius C, 5 yrs, PA
56B-139-139 Caldwell, Frank, 7 yrs, PA
56B-139-139 Caldwell, Jas, 44 yrs, PA
56B-139-139 Caldwell, John, 9 yrs, PA
56B-139-139 Caldwell, John, 83 yrs, PA
56B-139-139 Caldwell, June, 34 yrs, PA
56B-138-138 Caldwell, Lezetta, 26 yrs, PA
56B-139-139 Caldwell, S**erman, 2 yrs, PA
56B-138-138 Caldwell, Suphrona, 2 yrs, PA
56B-138-138 Caldwell, Wm, 38 yrs, PA
51A-55-55 Calvert, Alice, 16 yrs, PA
54A-97-97 Cannon, Cllie, 5 yrs, PA
54A-97-97 Cannon, Mary E, 1 yrs, PA
53B-97-97 Cannon, Mary J, 40 yrs, PA
53B-97-97 Cannon, Palmeria, 16 yrs, PA
54A-97-97 Cannon, Robert M, 14 yrs, PA
54A-97-97 Cannon, Susan E, 10 yrs, PA
53B-97-97 Cannon, T W, 52 yrs, PA
54A-97-97 Cannon, Thomas T., 7 yrs, PA
49A-15-15 Carpenter, Charles W, 3 yrs, PA
49A-15-15 Carpenter, Hattie R, 6 yrs, PA
49A-15-15 Carpenter, James, 31 yrs, PA
49A-15-15 Carpenter, Miles C, 8/12 yrs, PA
49A-15-15 Carpenter, Sarah J, 32 yrs, PA
49A-23-23 Carrenton, Carry, 2 yrs, PA
49A-23-23 Carrenton, F. B., 48 yrs, PA
49A-23-23 Carrenton, Miles, 3 yrs, PA
49A-23-23 Carrenton, Sarah, 28 yrs, PA
50B-45-45 Carringer, Andrew, 24 yrs, PA
50A-38-38 Carringer, Clyde, 4 yrs, PA
50A-38-38 Carringer, Dianthy, 33 yrs, PA
50B-45-45 Carringer, Frank, 4 yrs, PA
50A-38-38 Carringer, Lilly, 12 yrs, PA
50B-45-45 Carringer, Orilla, 23 yrs, PA
50A-38-38 Carringer, Wm, 39 yrs, PA
49B-24-24 Castora, Almyra, 73 yrs, York State
49B-24-24 Castora, Richard, 74 yrs, PA
54A-103-103 Chess, Alexander, 3 yrs, PA
54B-104-104 Chess, Alva L, 9 yrs, PA
54A-103-103 Chess, Elizabeth, 6 yrs, PA
54A-102-102 Chess, Elizabeth, 69 yrs, PA
54B-104-104 Chess, James, 1 yrs, PA
54B-104-104 Chess, John, 7 yrs, PA
54A-104-104 Chess, John, 31 yrs, PA
54A-103-103 Chess, Malinda, 26 yrs, PA
54A-102-102 Chess, Samuel, 69 yrs, PA
54A-103-103 Chess, Samuel Jr, 30 yrs, PA
54A-104-104 Chess, Sara*, 32 yrs, PA
54A-103-103 Chess, Wm M, 8 yrs, PA
52A-71-71 Church, Berton, 7 yrs, PA
52A-69-69 Church, Cyrus, 68 yrs, York State
52A-71-71 Church, Jane, 23 yrs, PA
52A-69-69 Church, Margaret, 65 yrs, PA
52A-68-68 Church, Welthy, 84 yrs, CT
52A-71-71 Church, William, 23 yrs, PA
52A-72-72 Colven, A F, 10/12 yrs, PA
52A-72-72 Colven, Emmie A, 13 yrs, PA
52A-72-72 Colven, George, 10 yrs, PA
52A-72-72 Colven, Mary H, 36 yrs, PA
52A-72-72 Colven, Nancy, 50 yrs, York State
52A-73-73 Colven, Thomas, 74 yrs, PA
52A-72-72 Colven, William, 58 yrs, PA
55B-120-120 Crawford, A M, 35 yrs, PA
55B-120-120 Crawford, Angeline, 37 yrs, PA
55B-120-120 Crawford, Flore E, 1 yrs, PA
55B-120-120 Crawford, Harvy P, 2 yrs, PA
50A-36-36 Crooks, Anjaletta, 13 yrs, PA
50A-36-36 Crooks, Eleanor, 31 yrs, PA
50A-36-36 Crooks, Frances, 7 yrs, PA
50A-36-36 Crooks, Mary, 66 yrs, PA
52A-75-75 Cummins, A F, 29 yrs, PA
52A-75-75 Cummins, Abigail R, 64 yrs, PA
51A-56-56 Cummins, Albert, 4 yrs, PA
51A-56-56 Cummins, Armenia, 32 yrs, PA
52A-75-75 Cummins, F Grant, 6 yrs, PA
51A-56-56 Cummins, Frank, 12 yrs, PA
52A-75-75 Cummins, H C Madison, 15 yrs, PA
52A-75-75 Cummins, Hattie M, 8 yrs, PA
52A-75-75 Cummins, M, 57 yrs, PA
51A-56-56 Cummins, Mary, 10 yrs, PA
51A-56-56 Cummins, Simon, 36 yrs, PA
52B-77-77 Cummons, Adelpha, 23 yrs, York State
52B-77-77 Cummons, John, 25 yrs, PA
53A-91-91 Curtner, Elizab., 18 yrs, PA
52B-81-81 Dagart, Joseph, 26 yrs, PA
52B-81-81 Dagart, Mary, 26 yrs, PA
52B-81-81 Dagart, Wm C, 1 yrs, PA
51B-67-67 Davis, Anne, 26 yrs, PA
51B-68-68 Davis, Clark W, 3 yrs, PA
51B-68-68 Davis, David, 23 yrs, PA
52A-73-73 Davis, Elizabeth, 10 yrs, PA
51B-67-67 Davis, Ella, 5 yrs, PA
51B-68-68 Davis, Esther, 23 yrs, PA
52A-73-73 Davis, Esther, 45 yrs, PA
51B-67-67 Davis, Fred, 3 yrs, PA
51B-67-67 Davis, Hattie, 2 yrs, PA
51B-67-67 Davis, Henry, 28 yrs, PA
52A-73-73 Davis, James, 48 yrs, PA
51B-66-66 Davis, Jane, 26 yrs, PA
51B-66-66 Davis, Mary A, 16 yrs, PA
52A-73-73 Davis, Mary E, 15 yrs, PA
51B-67-67 Davis, Maud, 5/12 yrs, PA
51B-66-66 Davis, Phebe, 55 yrs, PA
52A-68-68 Davis, Richard, 2 yrs, PA
52A-73-73 Davis, William M, 13 yrs, PA
52B-82-82 Davison, Anne, 47 yrs, Ireland
52B-82-82 Davison, Emma, 5 yrs, PA
52B-82-82 Davison, Ervin, 10 yrs, PA
52B-83-83 Davison, Jane, 52 yrs, Ireland
52B-83-83 Davison, John, 60 yrs, Ireland
52B-83-83 Davison, John H, 21 yrs, PA
52B-82-82 Davison, Malinda, 13 yrs, PA
52B-83-83 Davison, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
52B-83-83 Davison, Nancy, 17 yrs, PA
52B-83-83 Davison, Thomas, 14 yrs, PA
52B-78-78 Davison, Thomas, 47 yrs, PA
52B-82-82 Davison, William, 50 yrs, Ireland
52B-82-82 Davison, Wm, 8 yrs, PA
50B-46-46 DeArmont, Ande, 24 yrs, PA
50B-46-46 DeArmont, Arminta, 24 yrs, PA
56B-140-140 Dilly , Eva, 17 yrs, PA
56B-140-140 Dilly , John, 10 yrs, PA
56B-140-140 Dilly , Mary, 40 yrs, PA
56B-140-140 Dilly , Sarah, 15 yrs, PA
56B-140-140 Dilly , Thos B, 40 yrs, PA
53B-96-96 Dristel, Margaret, 22 yrs, PA
53B-96-96 Dristel, Patric Jr, 34 yrs, PA
53B-96-96 Dristel, Patric Sr, 55 yrs, England
48A-7-7 Dunn, A. L., 5 yrs, PA
49B-31-31 Dunn, Almyra, 31 yrs, PA
49B-31-31 Dunn, Amelia, 1 yrs, PA
49B-31-31 Dunn, Flora, 10 yrs, PA
48A-7-7 Dunn, George, 9 yrs, PA
48A-7-7 Dunn, Hettie, 3 yrs, PA
49B-31-31 Dunn, Hettie, 6 yrs, PA
48A-7-7 Dunn, James, 70 yrs, PA
49B-31-31 Dunn, Milton, 4 yrs, PA
48A-7-7 Dunn, S. A., 40 yrs, PA
49B-31-31 Dunn, Sadie, 8 yrs, PA
48A-7-7 Dunn, Sarah, 37 yrs, PA
49B-31-31 Dunn, T. H., 36 yrs, PA
48A-7-7 Dunn, W. J., 13 yrs, PA
48A-2-2 Eckles, Mary, 20 yrs, PA
48A-2-2 Eckles, Samuel, 24 yrs, PA
48A-2-2 Eckles, Sarah, 7/12 yrs, PA
56A-129-129 Emery, Colter, 20 yrs, PA
50A-37-37 English, Clarry, 10 yrs, PA
50A-37-37 English, Eliza, 51 yrs, PA
55B-126-126 English, Hariet, 3 yrs, PA
55B-126-126 English, Harmon, 1 yrs, PA
55B-126-126 English, Jas, 26 yrs, PA
50A-37-37 English, Robert, 58 yrs, PA
55B-126-126 English, Sarah A, 26 yrs, PA
50A-37-37 English, Sylvester, 17 yrs, PA
50A-37-37 English, William, 26 yrs, PA
53A-86-86 Findly, Frank, 14 yrs, PA
53A-86-86 Findly, Robt T., 40 yrs, PA
53A-86-86 Findly, S A, 34 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, Anne, 47 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, Charles A, 19 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, Clarry B, 3 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, George S, 15 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, Henry, 55 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, James W, 8 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, John, 22 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, Louise, 11 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, Malinda, 17 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, Nancy M, 13 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, Susannah, 24 yrs, PA
51A-57-57 Fisher, William J, 6 yrs, PA
55A-114-114 Flick, Henryetta, 58 yrs, PA
55A-114-114 Flick, Jacob, 61 yrs, PA
55A-114-114 Flick, Rebecca, 23 yrs, PA
55A-114-114 Flick, Sylvester, 23 yrs, PA
55A-114-114 Flick, Warren K, 15 yrs, PA
54A-99-99 Frank, William, 11 yrs, PA
55B-125-125 Graham, John, 42 yrs, Ireland
55B-125-125 Graham, Mack, 9 yrs, Scotland
55B-125-125 Graham, Magga, 7 yrs, Scotland
55B-125-125 Graham, Mary, 40 yrs, Ireland
55B-125-125 Graham, Pat, 16 yrs, Scotland
55B-124-124 Hall, Alfred, 21 yrs, OH
55B-124-124 Hall, Lyda, 52 yrs, IL
55B-124-124 Hall, W H, 66 yrs, CT
54B-106-106 Hamlin, Harvy, 14 yrs, PA
56A-130-130 Hoobler, Jas, 22 yrs, PA
48B-13-13 Jenkings, Andrew, 7 yrs, PA
48B-13-13 Jenkings, Edward M, 4 yrs, PA
48B-13-13 Jenkings, Eliza E, 18 yrs, PA
48B-13-13 Jenkings, George W, 1 yrs, PA
48B-13-13 Jenkings, M M, 42 yrs, PA
48B-13-13 Jenkings, Magor, 10 yrs, PA
48B-13-13 Jenkings, Matilda E, 41 yrs, PA
48B-13-13 Jenkings, Samuel R, 16 yrs, PA
48A-9-9 Kier, Mary, 2 yrs, PA
48A-9-9 Kier, Mary, 21 yrs, PA
48A-9-9 Kier, Samuel, 28 yrs, PA
48B-12-12 Kilgore, Callie M, 5 yrs, PA
48B-12-12 Kilgore, James, 32 yrs, PA
48B-12-12 Kilgore, Sarah E, 29 yrs, PA
53B-92-92 Lackey, Charles H, 11 yrs, PA
53B-92-92 Lackey, Elvira, 15 yrs, PA
53B-92-92 Lackey, Emiline, 45 yrs, PA
53A-92-92 Lackey, Isaac, 48 yrs, PA
53B-92-92 Lackey, Jane, 7 yrs, PA
53B-92-92 Lackey, Kate V, 9 yrs, PA
53B-92-92 Lackey, Knab, 1 yrs, PA
53B-92-92 Lackey, Myranda, 17 yrs, PA
53B-92-92 Lackey, S. H., 22 yrs, PA
54A-101-101 Larimer, Charles, 12 yrs, PA
54A-101-101 Larimer, Clarence, 1 yrs, PA
54A-101-101 Larimer, Dove, 2 yrs, PA
54A-101-101 Larimer, L N, 40 yrs, PA
54A-101-101 Larimer, Mellissa, 26 yrs, PA
54A-101-101 Larimer, Robt, 23 yrs, PA
51B-61-61 Larrimer, Anna E, 22 yrs, PA
51B-61-61 Larrimer, Chalmer, 24 yrs, PA
51B-61-61 Larrimer, Eliza, 61 yrs, PA
51B-61-61 Larrimer, Nancy, 30 yrs, PA
51B-61-61 Larrimer, Samuel, 60 yrs, PA
53A-84-84 Larry, Edgar, 19 yrs, PA
53B-93-93 Lewton, Elenor, 23 yrs, PA
53B-93-93 Lewton, Enoch, 22 yrs, England
53B-93-93 Lewton, Lizzie, 3 yrs, PA
53B-93-93 Lewton, Walter, 1 yrs, PA
49B-27-27 Little, Catharine, 60 yrs, PA
49B-25-25 Malcom, Cynthia E, 21 yrs, OH
49B-25-25 Malcom, Laverne, 2 yrs, OH
49B-25-25 Malcom, Mela*, 23 yrs, OH
53A-89-89 Mann, A. King, 11 yrs, PA
53A-89-89 Mann, Abram, 54 yrs, PA
53A-89-89 Mann, Amanda, 25 yrs, PA
53A-89-89 Mann, Isaac, 13 yrs, PA
53A-89-89 Mann, Mary, 47 yrs, PA
55A-119-119 Martin, Mary, 22 yrs, Ireland
55A-119-119 Martin, Patric, 27 yrs, Ireland
55A-119-119 Martin, Thos, 28 yrs, Ireland
51A-53-53 McBride, Clisty, 27 yrs, PA
51A-53-53 McBride, Gilmer, 19 yrs, PA
51A-53-53 McBride, James S, 22 yrs, PA
51A-53-53 McBride, John, 70 yrs, PA
51A-53-53 McBride, John A, 17 yrs, PA
51A-53-53 McBride, Mary , 54 yrs, PA
51A-53-53 McBride, Sarah C, 24 yrs, PA
50B-49-49 McCartney, Martha, 40 yrs, PA
51B-60-60 McClerg, Almira, 20 yrs, PA
51B-59-59 McClerg, Daniel, 16 yrs, PA
51A-59-59 McClerg, Daniel, 48 yrs, PA
51B-59-59 McClerg, David, 12 yrs, PA
51B-59-59 McClerg, Elizabeth, 18 yrs, PA
51B-60-60 McClerg, James, 21 yrs, PA
51A-59-59 McClerg, Mary, 51 yrs, PA
51B-59-59 McClerg, William, 10 yrs, PA
55B-127-127 McCorkle, Elizabeth, 5 yrs, PA
55B-127-127 McCorkle, Julian, 32 yrs, PA
55B-127-127 McCorkle, Lyman, 35 yrs, OH
48B-11-11 McCracken, Ann M, 17 yrs, PA
48B-12-12 McCracken, Anna E, 27 yrs, PA
54B-107-107 McCracken, Charles F, 11 yrs, PA
54B-107-107 McCracken, Clara Bell, 5 yrs, PA
56A-134-134 McCracken, Eliza, 34 yrs, PA
54B-107-107 McCracken, Eliza A, 10 yrs, PA
48B-11-11 McCracken, Elizabeth E, 17 yrs, PA
51A-54-54 McCracken, Elmyra L, 22 yrs, PA
54B-107-107 McCracken, Emelissa, 36 yrs, PA
48B-12-12 McCracken, F S, 26 yrs, PA
48B-11-11 McCracken, George A, 12 yrs, PA
54B-107-107 McCracken, George S, 4 yrs, PA
54B-107-107 McCracken, Harry B, 2 yrs, PA
51A-54-54 McCracken, J S, 22 yrs, PA
48B-11-11 McCracken, James, 25 yrs, PA
48B-11-11 McCracken, James H, 4 yrs, PA
56A-135-135 McCracken, John, 75 yrs, PA
48B-11-11 McCracken, John W, 9 yrs, PA
48B-11-11 McCracken, Maregaret, 41 yrs, PA
48B-11-11 McCracken, Margaret E, 2 yrs, PA
48B-11-11 McCracken, Martha J, 6 yrs, PA
56A-134-134 McCracken, Nettie, 12 yrs, PA
56A-135-135 McCracken, Oliver, 24 yrs, PA
56A-134-134 McCracken, Plummer, 10 yrs, PA
56A-135-135 McCracken, Sarah, 64 yrs, PA
54B-107-107 McCracken, Sarah E, 7 yrs, PA
56A-135-135 McCracken, So*hah, 20 yrs, PA
56A-134-134 McCracken, W P, 35 yrs, PA
54B-107-107 McCracken, W., 33 yrs, PA
54B-107-107 McCracken, Wm H, 13 yrs, PA
48B-12-12 McCracken, Wm T, 2 yrs, PA
51B-63-63 McCraken, Emmie, 13 yrs, PA
51B-63-63 McCraken, Florinda, 44 yrs, PA
51B-63-63 McCraken, J W, 49 yrs, PA
51B-64-64 McCraken, James, 77 yrs, PA
51B-62-62 McCraken, John, 35 yrs, PA
51B-62-62 McCraken, Margaret E, 17 yrs, PA
51B-62-62 McCraken, Martha L, 15 yrs, PA
51B-64-64 McCraken, Rebecca, 66 yrs, PA
51B-63-63 McCraken, Sarah E, 19 yrs, PA
51B-62-62 McCraken, Thomas, 61 yrs, PA
51B-63-63 McCraken, William, 17 yrs, PA
51B-62-62 McCraken, William L, 10 yrs, PA
51B-65-65 McCutchim, M. E, 23 yrs, PA
51B-65-65 McCutchim, Minnie J, 7/12 yrs, PA
51B-65-65 McCutchim, T A, 31 yrs, PA
49A-22-22 McDowel, Adella, 11 yrs, PA
49A-22-22 McDowel, Charles, 15 yrs, PA
49A-22-22 McDowel, David, 42 yrs, PA
49A-22-22 McDowel, Welthea, 35 yrs, PA
48A-4-4 Mears, Claretta, 2/12 yrs, PA
55A-115-115 Mears, Dorcas, 67 yrs, PA
55A-115-115 Mears, Elizabeth, 22 yrs, PA
48A-4-4 Mears, John E, 2 yrs, PA
48A-4-4 Mears, Joshua, 31 yrs, PA
48A-4-4 Mears, Leacella, 4 yrs, PA
55A-115-115 Mears, Lilly M, 4 yrs, PA
48A-4-4 Mears, Mary, 32 yrs, PA
55A-115-115 Mears, Milton, 19 yrs, PA
55A-115-115 Mears, Nancy, 24 yrs, PA
53A-88-88 Miles, Cyrus R, 4 yrs, PA
53A-88-88 Miles, Hannah E, 26 yrs, PA
53A-88-88 Miles, John P, 35 yrs, PA
53A-88-88 Miles, M. J., 2 yrs, PA
54B-109-109 Miller, Anna, 19 yrs, PA
52A-76-76 Miller, Burton, 1 yrs, PA
52A-76-76 Miller, Effa J, 3 yrs, PA
52A-76-76 Miller, Elizabeth, 31 yrs, PA
52A-76-76 Miller, Frank, 5 yrs, PA
52A-76-76 Miller, George, 31 yrs, PA
54B-109-109 Miller, Wm, 26 yrs, PA
53B-94-94 Milton, Delora, 1 yrs, PA
53B-94-94 Milton, Hannah, 26 yrs, England
53B-94-94 Milton, John H, 5 yrs, PA
53B-94-94 Milton, Thos, 37 yrs, PA
54B-105-105 Minnis, A. T., 14 yrs, PA
54B-105-105 Minnis, Asher, 55 yrs, PA
53A-85-85 Minnis, Caleb N, 27 yrs, PA
53A-85-85 Minnis, Carry A, 26 yrs, PA
54B-105-105 Minnis, Clar E, 17 yrs, PA
54B-105-105 Minnis, E E, 10 yrs, PA
54B-105-105 Minnis, Elizabeth, 50 yrs, PA
54B-105-105 Minnis, H. V., 6 yrs, PA
54B-106-106 Minnis, Malinda, 23 yrs, PA
54B-105-105 Minnis, S A, 24 yrs, PA
54B-106-106 Minnis, Saml, 30 yrs, PA
54B-105-105 Minnis, T. B., 12 yrs, PA
56A-130-130 Morford, Francis, 23 yrs, PA
56A-130-130 Morford, J C, 60 yrs, PA
56A-130-130 Morford, Mary, 54 yrs, PA
51A-58-58 Morrison, Caroline, 24 yrs, PA
51A-58-58 Morrison, Fanny, 17 yrs, PA
51A-58-58 Morrison, Levy, 31 yrs, PA
48B-9-9 Moyer, Charles, 3/12 yrs, PA
48B-9-9 Moyer, George, 25 yrs, PA
48B-9-9 Moyer, Terissa, 20 yrs, PA
52A-70-70 Mumford, Frank C, 3 yrs, PA
52A-70-70 Mumford, John, 37 yrs, PA
52A-70-70 Mumford, Maranda, 30 yrs, PA
50B-49-49 Myers, Mary, 69 yrs, PA
50B-49-49 Myers, Thomas J, 70 yrs, PA
56A-132-132 Nearman, Benjamin, 10 yrs, PA
56A-132-132 Nearman, Catherin, 8 yrs, PA
56A-132-132 Nearman, Fred, 43 yrs, Germany
56A-132-132 Nearman, Frederic, 6 yrs, PA
56A-132-132 Nearman, George, 1 yrs, PA
56A-132-132 Nearman, Josepein, 35 yrs, PA
56A-132-132 Nearman, Lizzie, 4 yrs, PA
52B-84-84 Newton, Elizabeth, 46 yrs, PA
53A-84-84 Newton, Harvy, 17 yrs, PA
52B-84-84 Newton, Henry, 52 yrs, PA
53A-84-84 Newton, Mary E, 8 yrs, PA
53A-84-84 Newton, Theodore, 12 yrs, PA
53A-84-84 Newton, Theophilus, 12 yrs, PA
53A-84-84 Newton, Udora, 3 yrs, PA
53A-84-84 Newton, Wilson M, 10 yrs, PA
52B-84-84 Newton, Wm H, 19 yrs, PA
49A-18-18 Neyman, Irie, 30 yrs, PA
49A-18-18 Neyman, Nancy E, 20 yrs, PA
49A-18-18 Neyman, Rosanah, 67 yrs, PA
54B-111-111 Orr, Belle, 32 yrs, PA
55A-111-111 Orr, George W, 11/12 yrs, PA
54B-111-111 Orr, Lautha A, 5 yrs, PA
55A-111-111 Orr, Leon W, 2 yrs, PA
55A-111-111 Orr, Minnie D, 4 yrs, PA
54B-111-111 Orr, Umphey, 36 yrs, PA
51A-55-55 Orrison, Anna Bell, 2 yrs, PA
51A-55-55 Orrison, Ellis, 35 yrs, PA
51A-55-55 Orrison, James H, 12 yrs, PA
51A-55-55 Orrison, Lillie, 9 yrs, PA
51A-55-55 Orrison, Martha, 35 yrs, PA
49B-30-30 Palm, A Jackson, 23 yrs, PA
53B-96-96 Palm, Birt, 10 yrs, PA
49B-30-30 Palm, Catherine, 43 yrs, PA
53B-96-96 Palm, Elizabeth, 32 yrs, PA
49B-30-30 Palm, Emmie, 18 yrs, PA
53B-96-96 Palm, George, 6 yrs, PA
53B-96-96 Palm, Hiram, 5 yrs, PA
49B-30-30 Palm, Jefferson, 17 yrs, PA
53B-96-96 Palm, John, 36 yrs, OH
53B-96-96 Palm, Margetta, 12 yrs, PA
49B-30-30 Palm, Milton, 20 yrs, PA
49B-30-30 Palm, Myrtie, 9 yrs, PA
53B-96-96 Palm, Sullivan, 8 yrs, PA
49B-30-30 Palm, William, 45 yrs, PA
49A-17-17 Pearson, Carrie, 35 yrs, PA
49A-17-17 Pearson, Kate, 8 yrs, PA
49A-17-17 Pearson, L*lder, 4 yrs, PA
49A-17-17 Pearson, W. B., 37 yrs, PA
49A-17-17 Pearson, Wm, 6 yrs, PA
53A-90-90 Philips, Carry, 3/12 yrs, PA
54A-99-99 Philips, Coirls, 23 yrs, PA
53A-90-90 Philips, Elizabeth, 29 yrs, PA
54A-99-99 Philips, Evretts, 22 yrs, PA
54A-99-99 Philips, John, 58 yrs, PA
54A-99-99 Philips, Leticha, 60 yrs, PA
54A-99-99 Philips, Miles, 20 yrs, PA
53A-90-90 Philips, R M, 28 yrs, PA
53A-90-90 Philips, Wm T., 3 yrs, PA
50B-48-48 Phillips, Harry L, 18 yrs, PA
50B-48-48 Phillips, Jane, 53 yrs, PA
50B-48-48 Phillips, Thomas, 49 yrs, PA
55A-119-119 Powers, Pat, 22 yrs, Ireland
50A-33-33 Rager, Clemmens, 8 yrs, PA
50A-33-33 Rager, Cornelia, 32 yrs, PA
50A-33-33 Rager, Phillip, 2 yrs, PA
50A-33-33 Rager, Robert, 40 yrs, PA
50A-33-33 Rager, Ulyssus G, 3 yrs, PA
50A-33-33 Rager, Viola, 6 yrs, PA
50A-33-33 Rager, William, 11 yrs, PA
50B-41-41 Roberts, Almeda, 24 yrs, PA
55A-113-113 Roberts, Annie, 8 yrs, PA
55A-113-113 Roberts, Fannie R, 20 yrs, PA
55A-113-113 Roberts, Isabell, 1 yrs, PA
50A-41-41 Roberts, Miner, 68 yrs, PA
50A-41-41 Roberts, Sally Anne, 67 yrs, PA
55A-113-113 Roberts, Solomon, 12 yrs, PA
55A-113-113 Roberts, Thomas, 35 yrs, PA
50A-35-35 Robinson, Eleanor, 66 yrs, PA
50A-35-35 Robinson, Wm, 65 yrs, PA
50B-44-44 Ross, Agusta, 3 yrs, PA
50B-44-44 Ross, Albert, 1 yrs, PA
55B-128-128 Ross, Benj, 36 yrs, PA
50B-44-44 Ross, Martha, 30 yrs, PA
50B-44-44 Ross, Minna, 5 yrs, PA
50B-44-44 Ross, Stephen, 30 yrs, PA
57A-146-146 S**ung, Clyde, 3 yrs, PA
57A-146-146 S**ung, Mary E, 3/12 yrs, PA
57A-146-146 S**ung, Robt W, 9 yrs, PA
57A-146-146 S**ung, Sarah, 31 yrs, PA
57A-146-146 S**ung, W C, 40 yrs, PA
57A-146-146 S**ung, Wm, 10 yrs, PA
55B-122-122 Scrivens, Benj, 66 yrs, PA
48A-1-1 Scrivens, Benjamin D, 1 yrs, PA
48A-1-1 Scrivens, Charles G, 3 yrs, PA
48A-1-1 Scrivens, Dorey A, 5 yrs, PA
48A-1-1 Scrivens, Emma E, 7 yrs, PA
55B-122-122 Scrivens, Harriet, 16 yrs, PA
48A-1-1 Scrivens, Hattie, 5 yrs, PA
55B-122-122 Scrivens, Joseph, 18 yrs, PA
48A-1-1 Scrivens, Martha, 30 yrs, PA
48A-1-1 Scrivens, Mary A, 9 yrs, PA
55B-122-122 Scrivens, Susannah, 60 yrs, PA
48A-1-1 Scrivens, W. , 34 yrs, PA
49B-28-28 Sheakley, Arthur, 5 yrs, PA
49B-28-28 Sheakley, Bell, 27 yrs, PA
56A-133-133 Sheakley, Clara B, 9 yrs, PA
56A-133-133 Sheakley, Clarence, 1 yrs, PA
49B-28-28 Sheakley, Cynthia, 3 yrs, PA
49B-27-27 Sheakley, Cynthia, 68 yrs, PA
56A-133-133 Sheakley, Etta, 6 yrs, PA
56A-133-133 Sheakley, Geo, 35 yrs, PA
49B-27-27 Sheakley, George, 79 yrs, PA
49B-28-28 Sheakley, Infant, 4/12 yrs, PA
49B-28-28 Sheakley, Jesse, 7 yrs, PA
56A-133-133 Sheakley, John, 11 yrs, PA
50A-39-39 Sheakley, Juda, 59 yrs, PA
56A-133-133 Sheakley, Malinda, 35 yrs, PA
49B-28-28 Sheakley, Molly, 2 yrs, PA
49B-28-28 Sheakley, Robert, 30 yrs, PA
49B-28-28 Sheakley, Seneth, 3 yrs, PA
56A-133-133 Sheakley, Sinthy, 3 yrs, PA
50A-39-39 Sheakley, Thos, 60 yrs, PA
50A-39-39 Sheakley, William, 28 yrs, PA
49A-20-20 Simons, Blanch, 5 yrs, PA
49A-20-20 Simons, Ida R, 11 yrs, PA
49A-20-20 Simons, Isaiah, 37 yrs, PA
49A-20-20 Simons, Josaphene, 25 yrs, PA
49A-20-20 Simons, Mack, 9 yrs, PA
49A-20-20 Simons, William, 1 yrs, PA
50B-42-42 Sisley, Frank, 4 yrs, PA
50B-42-42 Sisley, Hiraim A, 6 yrs, PA
50B-42-42 Sisley, Julia, 27 yrs, PA
50B-42-42 Sisley, Saml, 31 yrs, PA
51B-64-64 Smack, Hettie M, 14 yrs, PA
54B-108-108 Smith, Elijah, 36 yrs, PA
54B-108-108 Smith, Mary J, 37 yrs, PA
52B-76-76 Snodgrass, Jas, 24 yrs, PA
52B-76-76 Snodgrass, Magga, 28 yrs, PA
48A-6-6 Spruny, Frank E, 5 yrs, PA
48A-6-6 Spruny, Mary, 9 yrs, PA
49A-16-16 Spruny, Mary, 64 yrs, PA
49A-16-16 Spruny, Mary A, 28 yrs, PA
48A-5-5 Spruny, Mary J, 27 yrs, PA
48A-6-6 Spruny, O. H., 32 yrs, PA
48A-6-6 Spruny, Rosanah, 32 yrs, PA
48A-5-5 Spruny, S. *., 38 yrs, PA
48A-5-5 Spruny, Susanah, 5 yrs, PA
56A-131-131 Streight, Eliza J, 29 yrs, PA
56A-131-131 Streight, Geo, 29 yrs, PA
56A-131-131 Streight, Jas, 2 yrs, PA
56A-131-131 Streight, Jas, 8 yrs, PA
56A-131-131 Streight, Sarah E, 5 yrs, PA
56B-142-142 Sysley, Annie, 22 yrs, PA
56B-142-142 Sysley, Hettie, 7/12 yrs, PA
56B-142-142 Sysley, Hiram, 24 yrs, PA
52B-83-83 Thompson, Adaline, 28 yrs, PA
56A-136-136 Thompson, Alva, 72 yrs, PA
56B-137-137 Thompson, Alvy, 3 yrs, PA
54A-100-100 Thompson, Anna, 17 yrs, PA
56B-137-137 Thompson, Clarry B, 1 yrs, PA
54A-100-100 Thompson, David, 43 yrs, PA
52B-83-83 Thompson, Eliga, 31 yrs, PA
54A-100-100 Thompson, Emma, 10 yrs, PA
52A-74-74 Thompson, Frank, 13 yrs, PA
54A-100-100 Thompson, Hattie, 7 yrs, PA
52A-74-74 Thompson, James, 7 yrs, PA
54A-100-100 Thompson, John E, 15 yrs, PA
52A-74-74 Thompson, Lizzie, 19 yrs, PA
52A-74-74 Thompson, M F, 45 yrs, PA
54A-100-100 Thompson, Magga, 30 yrs, PA
50A-38-38 Thompson, Mary, 61 yrs, PA
56A-136-136 Thompson, Mary, 67 yrs, New York St
52A-74-74 Thompson, Mary Ann, 10 yrs, PA
56B-137-137 Thompson, Mary J, 33 yrs, PA
56B-137-137 Thompson, Roderick, 2 yrs, PA
56B-137-137 Thompson, Roderick, 39 yrs, York State
54A-100-100 Thompson, Rosa, 5 yrs, PA
54A-100-100 Thompson, Sarah, 12 yrs, PA
56A-136-136 Thompson, Sarah, 30 yrs, PA
52A-74-74 Thompson, Sarah, 48 yrs, PA
56A-129-129 Vaughn, Emma R, 23 yrs, PA
55B-128-128 Vaughn, Geo, 28 yrs, PA
56A-129-129 Vaughn, H. M., 26 yrs, PA
55B-129-129 Vaughn, Jacob, 57 yrs, PA
56A-129-129 Vaughn, Jane, 54 yrs, PA
55B-128-128 Vaughn, Mary, 27 yrs, PA
56A-129-129 Vaughn, Sedarins, 21 yrs, PA
56A-129-129 Vaughn, William, 18 yrs, PA
55A-117-117 Walles, Addison, 33 yrs, PA
55A-117-117 Walles, Ellenor, 75 yrs, PA
55A-117-117 Walles, Sarah A, 37 yrs, PA
55A-117-117 Walles, Thomas, 7* yrs, PA
50B-47-47 Ward, Clara, 24 yrs, PA
50B-47-47 Ward, Emast P, 10/12 yrs, PA
50B-47-47 Ward, Ross, 33 yrs, PA
53B-93-93 Weaver, Vandell, 27 yrs, PA
48B-10-10 Webster, Aliza A, 31 yrs, PA
48B-10-10 Webster, D. W., 25 yrs, PA
48B-10-10 Webster, Edward W, 11 yrs, PA
48B-10-10 Webster, Jane E, 8 yrs, PA
48B-10-10 Webster, Sarah E, 4 yrs, PA
48B-10-10 Webster, Susan M, 10 yrs, PA
48B-10-10 Webster, Wm L, 9/12 yrs, PA
55A-119-119 Wheelin, Wm, 26 yrs, Ireland
55B-123-123 White, A P, 34 yrs, OH
49B-26-26 White, Allice, 2 yrs, PA
55B-123-123 White, Andrew, 2 yrs, PA
49B-26-26 White, Clarry, 8 yrs, PA
49B-26-26 White, David, 18 yrs, PA
55B-123-123 White, Elizabeth, 31 yrs, OH
55B-124-124 White, Ellen, 36 yrs, OH
55B-124-124 White, Ellenor, 73 yrs, OH
55B-123-123 White, George, 7 yrs, PA
55B-123-123 White, Hattie, 10 yrs, PA
49B-26-26 White, John, 50 yrs, OH
55B-123-123 White, Laura, 5 yrs, PA
49B-26-26 White, Mary, 17 yrs, PA
49B-26-26 White, Sarah, 39 yrs, PA
49B-26-26 White, William, 13 yrs, PA
55A-116-116 Wiley, Frank, 19 yrs, PA
55A-116-116 Wiley, Mary, 20 yrs, PA
56B-144-144 William, Catherin, 20 yrs, PA
56B-144-144 William, Daniel, 12 yrs, PA
56B-144-144 William, Henry, 25 yrs, PA
56B-144-144 William, Lizzie, 18 yrs, PA
56B-144-144 William, Mary A., 48 yrs, PA
56B-144-144 William, Saml, 49 yrs, PA
56B-144-144 William, Sarah, 16 yrs, PA
57A-144-144 William, Sccot, 20 yrs, PA
49A-19-19 Williams, Charles, 13 yrs, PA
56B-141-141 Williams, Elener, 18 yrs, PA
49A-19-19 Williams, Elizabeth, 43 yrs, PA
49A-19-19 Williams, Franklin, 11 yrs, PA
49A-19-19 Williams, Ida A, 9 yrs, PA
56B-141-141 Williams, John, 14 yrs, PA
57A-145-145 Williams, John, 35 yrs, PA
57A-145-145 Williams, Louisa, 21 yrs, PA
57A-145-145 Williams, Marie, 32 yrs, PA
57A-145-145 Williams, Martha, 64 yrs, PA
49A-19-19 Williams, Mary E, 16 yrs, PA
57A-147-147 Williams, Perlina, 30 yrs, PA
49A-19-19 Williams, Plumer, 18 yrs, PA
57A-147-147 Williams, Rebeca, 63 yrs, PA
49A-19-19 Williams, Samuel, 6 yrs, PA
57A-147-147 Williams, Samuel A, 26 yrs, PA
57A-145-145 Williams, Sarah, 44 yrs, PA
53A-91-91 Young, Albert, 4 yrs, PA
53A-91-91 Young, Izabell, 31 yrs, PA
53A-91-91 Young, John, 7 yrs, OH
53A-91-91 Young, Jos, 23 yrs, England
53A-91-91 Young, Mary E, 1 yrs, PA
53A-91-91 Young, Thomas, 9 yrs, PA
53A-91-91 Young, Wm, *6 yrs, England

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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