Wilmington Township

1870 Census Surname List

Wilmington Township

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: R. G. Madge
Post Office: Worth
Date of Enumeration: 10 June - 15 June, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 2000. Any commercial use prohibited

* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

186A-18-18, Allen, David, 15yrs, PA
186A-18-18, Allen, Ester, 43yrs, PA
185B-11-11, Allen, J. C., 35yrs, PA
185B-11-11, Allen, J. R. Miller, 2yrs, PA
186A-18-18, Allen, Joseph, 75yrs, Ireland
185B-11-11, Allen, Margaret, 31yrs, PA
185B-11-11, Allen, Mary Ema Ida J., 9yrs, PA
186A-17-17, Angle, Martha Minerva, 23yrs, PA
186A-17-17, Angle, Mary Blanch, 2yrs, PA
186A-17-17, Angle, Porter, 24yrs, PA
186A-17-17, Angle, Sarah, 66yrs, PA
190B-93-88, Baird, Joseph, 6yrs, PA
188B-71-66, Banks, W*yers, 25yrs, VA
191A-107-102, Black, Adaline, 24yrs, PA
191A-107-102, Black, Catherine, 2yrs, PA
191A-107-102, Black, Charles H., 36yrs, PA
191A-107-102, Black, Charles H., 36yrs, PA
191A-108-103, Black, Cyntha Ann, 36yrs, PA
191A-107-102, Black, Edward Dixon, 7yrs, PA
191A-108-103, Black, Hannah, 60yrs, PA
191A-107-102, Black, Hugh Ross, 4/12yr, PA
191A-108-103, Black, Infant, 2/12yr, PA
191A-108-103, Black, Infant, 2/12yr, PA
190A-91-86, Black, James, 22yrs, PA
191A-108-103, Black, James D., 44yrs, PA
190A-91-86, Black, John, 55yrs, PA
191A-108-103, Black, John Howard, 9yrs, PA
191A-108-103, Black, Maggie Francis, 6yrs, PA
190A-91-86, Black, Martha, 48yrs, PA
190A-91-86, Black, Martha Jane, 12yrs, PA
190A-91-86, Black, Mary Ann, 18yrs, PA
190A-91-86, Black, Nancy, 20yrs, PA
191A-108-103, Black, Nettie El, 3yrs, PA
190A-91-86, Black, Sarah, 51yrs, PA
191A-107-102, Black, Susan, 4yrs, PA
191A-108-103, Black, William Ira, 17yrs, PA
190A-91-86, Black, William John, 15yrs, PA
190B-102-97, Bland, Elizabeth, 96yrs, England
190B-102-97, Bland, William, 70yrs, England
190B-97-92, Boyd, Jane, 24yrs, PA
188B-59-53, Boyd, Thomas, 16yrs, PA
190B-97-92, Boyd, William, 54yrs, Ireland
190A-92-87, Boyler, Anna, 16yrs, PA
190A-92-87, Boyler, Catharine, 41yrs, PA
190A-92-87, Boyler, Elizabeth, 9yrs, PA
190A-92-87, Boyler, Jacob, 12yrs, PA
190A-92-87, Boyler, Lidia, 3yrs, PA
190A-92-87, Boyler, Rudolph, 1yrs, PA
190A-92-87, Boyler, Sarah, 11yrs, PA
190A-92-87, Boyler [Boyles?], Yost, 47yrs, PA
187A-41-37, Brackan, James, 50yrs, PA
190B-99-94, Branaman, Alice, 25yrs, NJ
190B-99-94, Branaman, Henry, 26yrs, PA
187B-51-45, Bucannon, Wm H., 12yrs, PA
185A-3-3, Buckal**, [Buckalew?, Buckalern?], Calvin W., 2yrs, PA
185A-3-3, Buckal**, [Buckalew?, Buckalern?], Catherine, 27yrs, PA
185A-3-3, Buckal**, [Buckalew?, Buckalern?], John G., 6/12yr, PA
185A-3-3, Buckal**, [Buckalew?, Buckalern?], Thompson M., 37yrs, PA
187B-44-40, Burdett, John E., 8/12yr, PA
187A-44-40, Burdett, Martha, 22yrs, PA
187A-44-40, Burdett, Wm S., 24yrs, PA
187B-48-43, Carpenter, Abert, 15yrs, PA
187B-48-43, Carpenter, Aggie, 20yrs, PA
187B-48-43, Carpenter, James C., 24yrs, PA
187B-48-43, Carpenter, Jemia, 9yrs, PA
187B-48-43, Carpenter, Magret E., 26yrs, PA
187B-48-43, Carpenter, Mary Ann, 52yrs, PA
187B-48-43, Carpenter, Mintie, 7yrs, PA
187B-48-43, Carpenter, W. H., 55yrs, PA
187B-48-43, Carpenter, Wm Mc**llan, 18yrs, PA
188B-60-54, Cathers, Elizabeth B., 19yrs, PA
189B-81-76, Coli**, Clara Agustus, 11yrs, PA
189B-81-76, Coli**, Elizabeth, 32yrs, PA
189B-81-76, Coli**, Ellen Susan, 5yrs, PA
189B-81-76, Coli**, Josephine, 7yrs, PA
189B-81-76, Coli**, Martha Ann, 15yrs, PA
189B-81-76, Coli**, Mary Elizabeth, 9yrs, PA
189B-81-76, Coli**, Sarah Jane, 14yrs, PA
189B-81-76, Coli**, Simeon, 49yrs, NY Colier?
188A-57-51, Colter, Boyd, 2yrs, PA
188A-57-51, Colter, Cyntha, 12yrs, PA
188A-57-51, Colter, Joseph, 5yrs, PA
188A-57-51, Colter, Lucinda, 10yrs, PA
188A-57-51, Colter, Martha, 8yrs, PA
188A-57-51, Colter, Ruth, 31yrs, PA
188A-57-51, Colter, William, 50yrs, PA
186B-29-27, Cowden, Isac I., 38yrs, PA
186B-29-27, Cowden, Liddie, 8//12yr, PA
186B-29-27, Cowden, Mariah, 35yrs, PA
186B-29-27, Cowden, Mary, 6yrs, PA
186B-29-27, Cowden, Minnie, 12yrs, PA
186B-29-27, Cowden, William, 9yrs, PA
188B-70-65, Cox, Charles, 52yrs, England
188B-70-65, Cox, Charles W., 18yrs, PA
188B-70-65, Cox, Charlott, 51yrs, PA
188B-70-65, Cox, Greyham, 16yrs, PA
188B-70-65, Cox, Hannah, 11yrs, PA
188B-70-65, Cox, Holland, 20yrs, PA
186A-16-16, Cramer, Hugh M., 30yrs, PA
185A-9-9, Crawford, Elizabeth, 70yrs, WV
185A-9-9, Crawford, Josiah, 65yrs, WV
186B-33-31, Crawford, Thomas, 19yrs, OH
185A-1-1, Davis, Alfred, 31yrs, PA
185A-1-1, Davis, Mare Jane, 23yrs, PA
185A-5-5, Dick, Robert, 72yrs, PA
185A-5-5, Dick, Robert H., 19yrs, PA
188B-67-62, Dodds, Anna, 26yrs, England
188B-67-62, Dodds, Jennie, 23yrs, PA
188B-67-62, Dodds, Margaret, 57yrs, England
188B-67-62, Dodds, Robert, 60yrs, Scotland
186B-30-28, Donaldson, Ema, 28yrs, OH
186B-30-28, Donaldson, Frances Anna, 3yrs, PA
186B-30-28, Donaldson, John *., 33yrs, PA
186B-30-28, Donaldson, John Spear, 1/12yr, PA
186B-30-28, Donaldson, Thomas Isac, 2yrs, PA
188B-61-55, Donnaldson, Anna, 45yrs, England
188B-61-55, Donnaldson, Betsy, 56yrs, PA
188B-61-55, Donnaldson, J. A., 46yrs, PA
188B-61-55, Donnaldson, Mary Ann, 15yrs, PA
189B-87-82, Duke, Dinah, 10yrs, PA
189B-87-82, Duke, Elizabeth, 47yrs, VA
189B-87-82, Duke, James, 42yrs, VA
189B-87-82, Duke, Mattie, 12yrs, PA
189B-87-82, Duke, Rosanne, 16yrs, PA
189A-77-72, Duke, Samuel, 18yrs, VA
190B-95-90, Duncan, Cyrus, 24yrs, PA
190B-95-90, Duncan, Nancy, 48yrs, OH
186B-33-31, Elliott, James, 12yrs, PA
188A-56-50, Fe* [Fee?, Fec?], Henry, 26yrs, Canada
185B-14-14, Furghisan, Ester, 25yrs, PA
191A-105-100, Garatt, Agness, 30yrs, PA
191A-105-100, Garatt, Henry, 39yrs, PA
191A-105-100, Garatt, Henry Jr., 3yrs, PA
191A-105-100, Garatt, Maggie A., 7yrs, PA
191A-105-100, Garatt, Robert McClellan, 6yrs, PA
191A-105-100, Garatt, Sadie, 8yrs, PA
186B-32-30, Glendening, Linie, 15yrs, PA
190B-103-98, Greyham, Alfred, 25yrs, PA
191A-103-98, Greyham, Henry Clarence, 3yrs, PA
191A-103-98, Greyham, Mary, 24yrs, PA
191A-103-98, Greyham, Mary Margaret, 5yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Hant, Lewisa, 27yrs, PA
189B-80-75, Har**y, Daniel, 77yrs, PA Harvey?
187B-45-41, Haslep, Betsy, 74yrs, PA
187B-45-41, Haslep, George, 65yrs, Ireland
186A-19-19, Haver, Clara, 14yrs, PA
186A-19-19, Haver, Eva, 10yrs, PA
186A-19-19, Haver, George, 6yrs, PA
186A-19-19, Haver, James, 18yrs, PA
186A-19-19, Haver, John M., 47yrs, PA
186A-19-19, Haver, rebeckah, 37yrs, PA
186A-19-19, Haver, Susan Elmira, 3yrs, PA
191A-104-99, Hodge, Hannah Rosetta, 6yrs, PA
191A-104-99, Hodge, Ira Rodge, 8yrs, PA
191A-104-99, Hodge, James A., 32yrs, PA
191A-104-99, Hodge, Lucy Ellen, 8yrs, PA
191A-104-99, Hodge, Mary Jane, 32yrs, PA
188B-60-54, Hodge, Sarah, 60yrs, VA
191A-104-99, Hodge, Sarah Toddy, 1/12yr, PA
185A-2-2, Hope, A. L., 11yrs, PA
185A-4-4, Hope, Anna Marigh, 24yrs, PA
185A-4-4, Hope, Eliza, 63yrs, PA
185A-4-4, Hope, Eliza Hays, 44yrs, PA
185A-2-2, Hope, James F., 32yrs, PA
185A-2-2, Hope, James K., 5yrs, PA
185A-2-2, Hope, Jane, 35yrs, OH
185A-2-2, Hope, John Newton, 7yrs, PA
185A-4-4, Hope, Robert, 8yrs, PA
185A-2-2, Hope, William A., 14yrs, PA
190A-91-86, Hosier, William, 82yrs, NY
186B-25-25, Houseton, Eva, 1yrs, PA
186A-25-25, Houseton, Joseph, 27yrs, PA
186A-25-25, Houseton, Sarah Jane, 28yrs, PA
189B-79-74, Johnson, Alexander, 12yrs, PA
189A-79-74, Johnson, Alexander, 50yrs, PA
189B-79-74, Johnson, Eliza Ellen, 14yrs, PA
189B-79-74, Johnson, Elizabeth, 8yrs, PA
189A-79-74, Johnson, Henry, 20yrs, PA
189B-79-74, Johnson, James, 16yrs, PA
189A-79-74, Johnson, Rachel, 51yrs, PA
189A-79-74, Johnson, Sarah, 24yrs, PA
189A-79-74, Johnson, William, 22yrs, PA
189B-86-81, Johnston, Alice E., 6yrs, PA
190A-88-83, Johnston, Amanda, 28yrs, PA
190A-88-83, Johnston, Anna Arminta, 2yrs, PA
189B-86-81, Johnston, Elizabeth, 26yrs, PA
189B-86-81, Johnston, Frank E., 7yrs, PA
190A-90-85, Johnston, Hannah, 80yrs, PA
190A-90-85, Johnston, Joseph, 30yrs, PA
186A-20-20, Johnston, M. E., 48yrs, PA
186A-20-20, Johnston, M. M. Maud, 14yrs, PA
190A-90-85, Johnston, Mary Minetta, 3/12yr, PA
190A-88-83, Johnston, Matthew, 27yrs, PA
189B-86-81, Johnston, Maud E., 4yrs, PA
189A-74-69, Johnston, Robert, 70yrs, PA
186A-20-20, Johnston, Samuel L., 12yrs, PA
190A-90-85, Johnston, Sarah Jane, 28yrs, PA
186A-20-20, Johnston, Thomas, 47yrs, PA
190A-90-85, Johnston, William E., 4yrs, PA
190A-90-85, Johnston, Willison B., 2yrs, PA
189B-82-77, Jones, Ann, 74yrs, England
189B-82-77, Jones, William, 78yrs, England
189A-77-72, Ki*k [Kink?, Kirk?], Annie, 8yrs, PA
189A-77-72, Ki*k [Kink?, Kirk?], Collie, 12yrs, PA
189A-77-72, Ki*k [Kink?, Kirk?], Katie, 14yrs, PA
189A-77-72, Ki*k [Kink?, Kirk?], Maggie, 20yrs, PA
189A-77-72, Ki*k [Kink?, Kirk?], Mary, 40yrs, PA
189A-77-72, Ki*k [Kink?, Kirk?], Robert, 23yrs, PA
189A-77-72, Ki*k [Kink?, Kirk?], Wilbur, 17yrs, PA
189A-77-72, Ki*k [Kink?, Kirk?], William, 50yrs, PA
187A-38-35, Kilpatrick, Sarah, 43yrs, Ireland
187A-38-35, Kilpatrick, Thomas, 14yrs, PA
187A-38-35, Kilpatrick, William, 17yrs, PA
188B-67-62, Knott, John, 68yrs, England
185B-13-13, Koffman, Adam, 17yrs, PA
185B-13-13, Koffman, Christian, 63yrs, PA
185B-13-13, Koffman, Elizabeth, 29yrs, PA
185B-13-13, Koffman, John, 20yrs, PA
185B-13-13, Koffman, Joseph, 22yrs, PA
185B-13-13, Koffman, Martha, 64yrs, PA
185B-13-13, Koffman, Mattie, 24yrs, PA
188A-56-50, Lamb, Amanda, 33yrs, PA
188A-56-50, Lamb, Edwin, 7yrs, PA
188A-56-50, Lamb, Eva, 1yrs, PA
188A-56-50, Lamb, Katie, 5yrs, PA
188A-56-50, Lamb, Robert E., 35yrs, PA
190B-101-96, Levingston, Hiram, 23yrs, PA
190B-101-96, Levingston, Hugh, 25yrs, PA
186B-29-27, Levingston, Jane, 60yrs, PA
190B-101-96, Levingston, Mary E., 22yrs, PA
190B-101-96, Levingston, William Thomas, 9/12yr, PA
189A-73-68, Ligo, Dick, 5yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Ligo, Edwin, 17yrs, PA
188B-73-68, Ligo, Elizabeth, 15yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Ligo, Emma, 14yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Ligo, George, 7yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Ligo, Ida, 12yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Ligo, John, 47yrs, England
188B-73-68, Ligo, Joseph, 12yrs, PA
188B-71-66, Ligo, Luther, 26yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Ligo, Luwisa, 46yrs, England
188B-73-68, Ligo, Martha Ann, 34yrs, PA
189A-73-68, Ligo, Mary, 7yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Ligo, Mary, 16yrs, PA
188B-71-66, Ligo, Mary, 67yrs, England
189A-73-68, Ligo, Nellie, 2yrs, PA
188B-71-66, Ligo, Samuel, 73yrs, England
188B-73-68, Ligo, Samuel Jr., 38yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Ligo, Shepherd, 19yrs, PA
188B-73-68, Ligo, Walker, 10yrs, PA
189A-78-73, Ligo, Walter, 10yrs, PA
186A-19-19, Lipp, J. F., 29yrs, NY
190B-100-95, Long, David, 56yrs, PA
190B-100-95, Long, Joseph C., 10yrs, PA
190B-100-95, Long, Laura, 18yrs, PA
190B-100-95, Long, Lucinda, 18yrs, PA
190B-100-95, Long, Robert C., 21yrs, PA
190B-100-95, Long, Susan, 54yrs, PA
190B-100-95, Long, William H., 15yrs, PA
191A-106-101, Love, Edna A. Shurn, 5yrs, PA [surname Shurn?]
191A-106-101, Love, Hugh, 62yrs, PA
191A-106-101, Love, Margaret, 38yrs, PA
187A-37-34, Marshal, Hannah, 56yrs, PA
187A-37-34, Marshal, Henry, 72yrs, PA
187A-37-34, Marshal, Lucinda, 19yrs, PA
186A-21-21, McCardy, Clara, 3yrs, PA
186A-21-21, McCardy, Elizabeth, 25yrs, PA
186A-21-21, McCardy, Elmore, 1yrs, PA
186A-21-21, McCardy, James W., 6yrs, PA
186A-21-21, McCardy, Thomas, 28yrs, PA
189B-85-80, McClain, Agness, 11/12yr, PA
186B-33-31, McClain, James, 33yrs, Scotland
189B-85-80, McClain, Mary, 23yrs, PA
189B-85-80, McClain, Robert J., 37yrs, Ireland
188B-59-53, McComb, Albert, 25yrs, PA
188A-58-52, McComb, Ann, 68yrs, PA
188B-59-53, McComb, Bertlam L., 9/12yr, PA
188B-59-53, McComb, Clarissa, 28yrs, PA
188B-59-53, McComb, Emeline, 20yrs, PA
188B-59-53, McComb, Jane, 69yrs, PA
188A-58-52, McComb, John W., 29yrs, PA
188A-58-52, McComb, Mattie R., 27yrs, PA
188B-59-53, McComb, Samuel, 75yrs, PA
185A-8-8, McConnell, Clarissa, 48yrs, PA
185B-10-10, McConnell, D. Rankin, 5yrs, PA
188B-65-60, McConnell, Elizabeth Ann, 38yrs, PA
185B-10-10, McConnell, Emeline, 33yrs, PA
185A-8-8, McConnell, Hannah Jane, 16yrs, PA
188B-65-60, McConnell, Hugh, 58yrs, PA
188B-65-60, McConnell, James, 1yrs, PA
188B-65-60, McConnell, James Sen, 91yrs, PA
185B-10-10, McConnell, John W., 9yrs, PA
188B-65-60, McConnell, Lida, 9yrs, PA
185A-8-8, McConnell, Margaret E., 11yrs, PA
185B-10-10, McConnell, Margaret Lewelle, 7yrs, PA
185B-10-10, McConnell, Martha R., 3yrs, PA
188B-65-60, McConnell, Rachael, 7yrs, PA
185A-8-8, McConnell, Rachael Ida, 6yrs, PA
185A-8-8, McConnell, Robert, 46yrs, PA
185A-8-8, McConnell, Robert Finnly, 2yrs, PA
185B-10-10, McConnell, Sarah Eliza, 10/12yr, PA
185B-10-10, McConnell, Thomas, 38yrs, PA
185A-8-8, McConnell, Thomas Calvin, 13yrs, PA
188B-65-60, McConnell, William, 11yrs, PA
185A-8-8, McConnell, William Karr, 8yrs, PA
188B-65-60, McConnell, Zenis, 13yrs, PA
187A-35-32, McCrumb, Ida Jane, 5yrs, PA
186B-33-31, McCrumb, James, 68yrs, PA
187A-35-32, McCrumb, James Andrew, 7yrs, PA
187A-36-33, McCrumb, James W., 3yrs, PA
187A-35-32, McCrumb, James W., 35yrs, PA
187A-36-33, McCrumb, John B., 30yrs, PA
187A-35-32, McCrumb, Joseph Frederick, 4yrs, IL
187A-35-32, McCrumb, Mary Anna, 26yrs, PA
186B-33-31, McCrumb, Nancy, 68yrs, PA
187A-35-32, McCrumb, Nancy Anna, 2yrs, PA
187A-36-33, McCrumb, Nannie Ostila, 2yrs, PA
187A-36-33, McCrumb, Sarah B., 24yrs, PA
185B-15-15, McFarlan, Anna Mary, 4yrs, PA
185A-7-7, McFarlan, Canedy W., 5yrs, PA
185A-7-7, McFarlan, Chamay Byers, 4/12yr, PA
185A-7-7, McFarlan, E. M., 40yrs, PA
185B-15-15, McFarlan, James Campbell, 3yrs, PA
185B-16-16, McFarlan, Jane, 33yrs, PA
188A-55-49, McFarlan, Jane E., 28yrs, PA
185A-7-7, McFarlan, John Mel*** [Melvin?], 10yrs, PA
185B-15-15, McFarlan, Lemuel, 34yrs, PA
185B-16-16, McFarlan, Mariah W., 36yrs, VA
185B-16-16, McFarlan, Mary, 71yrs, PA
185A-7-7, McFarlan, Mary Jane, 30yrs, PA
186A-16-16, McFarlan, Nancy, 73yrs, PA
188A-55-49, McFarlan, Nettie, 60yrs, PA
185B-15-15, McFarlan, Rachel, 32yrs, PA
188A-55-49, McFarlan, Samuel, 71yrs, PA
188A-55-49, McFarlan, Sarah, 78yrs, PA
187A-39-36, McFarland, Elizabeth, 23yrs, PA
187A-39-36, McFarland, Robert P., 27yrs, PA
190B-98-93, McKeley, Hugh, 76yrs, PA
190B-98-93, McKeley, Mary, 73yrs, PA
189A-76-71, Meanes*, George W., 41yrs, PA
189A-76-71, Means, Charley, 2yrs, PA
189A-76-71, Means, Hannah, 26yrs, PA
189A-76-71, Means, Infant, 1/12yr, PA
189A-76-71, Means, Lilly May, 4yrs, PA
187A-41-37, Mercer, J. P., 39yrs, PA
187A-42-38, Mercer, Alexander, 9yrs, PA
187A-42-38, Mercer, Andrew, 13yrs, PA
187A-43-39, Mercer, Calvin Y., 9yrs, PA
187B-46-42, Mercer, Elizabeth, 41yrs, PA
187B-46-42, Mercer, Flora C., 4yrs, PA
187B-46-42, Mercer, James C., 11yrs, PA
187B-45-41, Mercer, Jane, 84yrs, PA
187A-42-38, Mercer, Jane Anna, 19yrs, PA
187A-43-39, Mercer, John, 41yrs, PA
187A-42-38, Mercer, John *., 15yrs, PA
187B-46-42, Mercer, Joseph W., 16yrs, PA
187A-41-37, Mercer, Lizzie Eva, 11yrs, PA
187B-46-42, Mercer, Lyle, 45yrs, PA
187B-46-42, Mercer, Margaret Jane, 18yrs, PA
187A-43-39, Mercer, Mary Anna, 36yrs, PA
187A-43-39, Mercer, Mary Jane, 6yrs, PA
187B-46-42, Mercer, Nellie, 6/12yr, PA
187A-43-39, Mercer, Rebeckah Ann, 9yrs, PA
187A-42-38, Mercer, Robert A., 11yrs, PA
187A-42-38, Mercer, Sarah , 52yrs, PA
187A-41-37, Mercer, Sarah Bell, 8yrs, PA
187B-46-42, Mercer, Sylvester, 9yrs, PA
187A-42-38, Mercer, T. D., 22yrs, PA
187A-42-38, Mercer, William L., 24yrs, PA
187A-42-38, Mercer, Wm, 49yrs, PA
190B-94-89, Minick, Agness A., 21yrs, Scotland
190B-96-91, Minick, Amanda, 30yrs, PA
190B-94-89, Minick, Barton, 9yrs, PA
190B-102-97, Minick, Clyde Bl**d, 6yrs, PA
190B-94-89, Minick, Elizabeth, 61yrs, PA
190B-94-89, Minick, Emma Jane, 14yrs, PA
190B-96-91, Minick, Fannie Eliza, 3yrs, PA
190B-94-89, Minick, James, 63yrs, PA
190B-94-89, Minick, James Y., 23yrs, PA
190B-102-97, Minick, Jane, 30yrs, PA
190B-96-91, Minick, John Kirk, 31yrs, PA
190B-102-97, Minick, Mary Elizabeth, 2yrs, PA
190B-102-97, Minick, Samuel D., 36yrs, PA
190A-90-85, Mo*re, Frank, 13yrs, PA
188B-72-67, Moore, Andrew, 55yrs, PA
188B-72-67, Moore, Anna Eliza, 23yrs, PA
188B-72-67, Moore, Clement McKaig, 10yrs, PA
188B-72-67, Moore, Epentus Lyle, 17yrs, PA
188B-72-67, Moore, Margaret, 57yrs, PA
188B-72-67, Moore, Sarah, 48yrs, PA
189B-83-78, Nellis, Edwin, 9yrs, PA
189B-83-78, Nellis, Isabella, 15yrs, PA
189B-83-78, Nellis, Jacob, 22yrs, PA
189B-83-78, Nellis, James, 10yrs, PA
189B-83-78, Nellis, James, 61yrs, PA
189B-83-78, Nellis, Jane, 46yrs, PA
189B-83-78, Nellis, Mary Martha, 13yrs, PA
189B-83-78, Nellis, Thomas, 16yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Patterson, Anna Mary, 10yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Patterson, Elizabeth E. ***, 12yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Patterson, Nancy Jane, 34yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Patterson, Nancy Jane Jr, 15yrs, PA
185A-6-6, Patterson, Samuel, 46yrs, PA
190B-99-94, Pearson, Frank, 11yrs, PA
186A-24-24, Porter, Alice, 2yrs, PA
186B-32-30, Porter, Bella, 36yrs, PA
185B-14-14, Porter, Elen, 72yrs, PA
185B-14-14, Porter, Ester, 50yrs, PA
186B-32-30, Porter, Fanie Jennie, 8yrs, PA
185B-14-14, Porter, J. Justice, 27yrs, PA
185A-9-9, Porter, Jane, 68yrs, WV
186B-32-30, Porter, Jane, 69yrs, PA
185B-14-14, Porter, John W., 17yrs, PA
186A-24-24, Porter, Joseph S., 8yrs, PA
186B-32-30, Porter, Lizzie Olive, 6yrs, PA
186A-24-24, Porter, Margaret J., 31yrs, PA
185B-14-14, Porter, Mary Elen, 10yrs, PA
186A-24-24, Porter, Nani Lewella, 6/12yr, PA
186B-31-29, Porter, Racheal, 68yrs, PA
186B-32-30, Porter, Robert E*eart, 4yrs, PA
186B-32-30, Porter, Robert W., 33yrs, PA
186A-24-24, Porter, Thomas B., 35yrs, PA
186B-32-30, Porter, Thomas J., 10yrs, PA
186A-24-24, Porter, Thomas M., 4yrs, PA
188B-61-55, Price , S. W., 16yrs, PA
185B-12-12, Rankin, Archabald, 2yrs, PA
185B-12-12, Rankin, Archabald C., 44yrs, PA
185B-12-12, Rankin, Elizabeth, 55yrs, PA
185B-12-12, Rankin, Ema Jane, 8yrs, PA
185B-12-12, Rankin, Mary, 81yrs, PA
185B-12-12, Rankin, Mary F., 10yrs, PA
185B-12-12, Rankin, Mary Jr., 49yrs, PA
185B-12-12, Rankin, Susan, 34yrs, PA
188B-69-64, Redman, George, 1yrs, PA
188B-69-64, Redman, Grant, 3yrs, PA
188B-69-64, Redman, John, 7yrs, PA
188B-69-64, Redman, Martha, 42yrs, PA
188B-69-64, Redman, Samuel, 11yrs, PA
188B-69-64, Redman, Solomon, 9yrs, PA
188B-69-64, Redman, Stephen B., 39yrs, PA
188B-69-64, Redman, Sylvester, 5yrs, PA
188B-69-64, Redman, Thomas, 15yrs, PA
187A-41-37, Reed, Elizabeth, 70yrs, MD
188B-60-54, Remely, Mary Sarah, 15yrs, PA
188B-62-57, Robinson, Elizabeth, 32yrs, England
188B-62-57, Robinson, Josiah L., 46yrs, PA
185B-13-13, Robison, Aaron Elsworth, 8yrs, PA
186A-17-17, Robison, Anson, 13yrs, PA
188B-66-61, Robison, Elizabeth, 3yrs, PA
188B-66-61, Robison, George, 40yrs, PA
188B-66-61, Robison, Minnie, 8yrs, PA
188B-66-61, Robison, Susan, 34yrs, Ireland
187B-50-44, Shafer, Jane L., 21yrs, PA
187B-50-44, Shafer, W. H., 21yrs, PA
188B-68-63, Signer, Elizabeth, 57yrs, PA
188B-68-63, Signer, William, 53yrs, PA
188B-63-58, Simeson, Barney, 14yrs, PA
188B-63-58, Simeson, David, 10yrs, PA
188B-63-58, Simeson, Ema, 3yrs, PA
188B-63-58, Simeson, Ester E., 41yrs, PA
188B-63-58, Simeson, Jamie, 8yrs, PA
188B-63-58, Simeson, M. E., 17yrs, PA
188B-63-58, Simeson, Maggie, 12yrs, PA
188B-63-58, Simeson, Parker, 42yrs, OH
188B-63-58, Simeson, Paterick, 6yrs, PA
188B-63-58, Simeson, William E., 16yrs, PA
188A-53-47, Spear, Christian J. R., 4yrs, PA
188A-53-47, Spear, Edora caroline, 7yrs, PA
188A-53-47, Spear, Eva Netta, 2yrs, PA
188A-53-47, Spear, J. C., 51yrs, OH
188A-53-47, Spear, Leslie L., 12yrs, PA
188A-53-47, Spear, Margelo, 40yrs, PA
188A-53-47, Spear, Mary Almira, 7yrs, PA
188A-53-47, Spear, Nora, 7/12yr, PA
188A-53-47, Spear, Pheebe W., 5yrs, PA
186A-22-22, Stafford, Franklin P., 1yrs, PA
186A-22-22, Stafford, Joseph, 34yrs, PA
186A-22-22, Stafford, Sarah Ann, 27yrs, PA
185A-5-5, Stewart, Liddie A., 2yrs, PA
188B-71-66, Stow, Anna, 50yrs, NY
188A-56-50, Swagger, David, 29yrs, OH
186B-27-26, Tanner, Eliza, 52yrs, England
186B-27-26, Tanner, Eliza Jr., 20yrs, PA
186B-27-26, Tanner, George D., 11yrs, PA
186B-27-26, Tanner, James, 6yrs, PA
186B-27-26, Tanner, John, 15yrs, PA
186B-27-26, Tanner, Seth P., 9yrs, PA
186B-27-26, Tanner, William, 56yrs, Wales
186B-27-26, Tanner, William Jr., 17yrs, PA
186A-19-19, Thompson, Emma, 9yrs, PA
187B-51-45, Thompson, J. P., 49yrs, PA
187B-51-45, Thompson, Lizzie Jane, 20yrs, PA
187B-51-45, Thompson, Mary Ann, 25yrs, PA
187B-51-45, Thompson, Nancy Emma, 7yrs, PA
187B-51-45, Thompson, Sarah, 47yrs, PA
187B-51-45, Thompson, Sarah Cath, 18yrs, PA
189B-84-79, Trotter, Benjamin C., 27yrs, PA
189B-84-79, Trotter, Margaretta, 9yrs, PA
189B-84-79, Trotter, Nancy, 46yrs, PA
189B-84-79, Trotter, WillsonW., 17yrs, PA
188A-58-52, Turner, John, 50yrs, OH
186B-31-29, Vanfleet, E. J. P., 23yrs, PA
188B-64-59, Walker, Ester, 28yrs, PA
188B-64-59, Walker, George, 29yrs, PA
188B-64-59, Walker, John, 2/12yr, PA
186A-23-23, Willson, Elizabeth, 66yrs, PA
189B-83-78, Wingard, Jane, 85yrs, PA
188A-52-46, Wingerd, Ada, 5yrs, PA
187B-52-46, Wingerd, Ann, 44yrs, PA
188A-52-46, Wingerd, Anna, 7yrs, PA
187B-52-46, Wingerd, Charles P., 12yrs, PA
188A-52-46, Wingerd, Elsie, 8yrs, PA
187B-52-46, Wingerd, John, 16yrs, PA
187B-52-46, Wingerd, Mary E., 20yrs, PA
187B-52-46, Wingerd, Mattie, 10yrs, PA
187B-52-46, Wingerd, Mevilla, 12yrs, PA
187B-52-46, Wingerd, Peter, 45yrs, PA
187B-52-46, Wingerd, Samuel, 14yrs, PA
190B-98-93, Witherspoon, Sarah, 65yrs, PA
190A-93-88, Worley, Amanda, 13yrs, PA
190A-93-88, Worley, Charlott, 18yrs, PA
190B-93-88, Worley, Elmore, 9yrs, PA
190A-93-88, Worley, Henry, 61yrs, MD
190A-93-88, Worley, Hugh, 20yrs, PA
190A-93-88, Worley, Ira, 16yrs, PA
190A-93-88, Worley, Milton, 11yrs, PA
190B-93-88, Worley, Susan, 6yrs, PA
190A-93-88, Worley, Susan, 55yrs, PA
189A-75-70, Young, Hannah, 32yrs, PA
189A-74-69, Young, Jane Levington, 30yrs, PA
189A-74-69, Young, John, 72yrs, PA
189A-75-70, Young, John Charles, 6yrs, PA
189A-74-69, Young, Margaret, 63yrs, PA
189A-75-70, Young, Mary *dna, 10/12yr, PA
189A-75-70, Young, William, 32yrs, PA
186B-25-25, Zenver, Ema P., 9yrs, PA
190A-89-84, Zenver* [Zenvers?], Jane, 47yrs, PA
190A-89-84, Zenver* [Zenvers?], John S., 51yrs, PA
190A-89-84, Zenver* [Zenvers?], John Wesly, 15yrs, PA
190A-89-84, Zenver* [Zenvers?], Martha W., 18yrs, PA
190A-89-84, Zenver* [Zenvers?], Rebeckah J., 11yrs, PA
190A-89-84, Zenver* [Zenvers?], Robert E Coyl, 7yrs, PA
188A-54-48, Zook, Barbra, 2yrs, PA
188A-54-48, Zook, Barbra, 33yrs, PA
188A-54-48, Zook, David, 10yrs, PA
188A-54-48, Zook, Mattie, 6yrs, PA
188A-54-48, Zook, Nancy, 8yrs, PA
188A-54-48, Zook, Pettr, 45yrs, PA
[end of township]

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 2000 John MacDonald

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