Otter Creek Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 * =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

401B-97-97, Allison, Leah, 30 yrs, PA
401B-97-97, Allison, Martha E., 3 yrs, PA
401A-94-94, Allison, Mary, 22 yrs, PA
401B-97-97, Allison, Mary J., 1 yrs, PA
401B-97-97, Allison, William, 45 yrs, PA
396A-21-21, Baer, Anne E., 50 yrs, PA
395A-3-3, Baer, Annie, 29 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, Benjamin, 51 yrs, PA
396A-17-17, Baer, Caroline, 16 yrs, PA
396A-17-17, Baer, Catherine, 14 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, Charles B., 23 yrs, PA
396A-21-21, Baer, Clara E., 9 yrs, PA
396A-17-17, Baer, Daniel, 56 yrs, PA
396A-17-17, Baer, Daniel L., 12 yrs, PA
396A-17-17, Baer, David, 21 yrs, PA
396A-21-21, Baer, David, 54 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, Eli F., 8 yrs, PA
396A-21-21, Baer, Eliza, 20 yrs, PA
395A-3-3, Baer, George A., 3/12 yrs, PA
396A-17-17, Baer, Harriet, 19 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, Henry E., 12 yrs, PA
395A-3-3, Baer, Jacob, 29 yrs, PA
396A-17-17, Baer, James, 10 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, James, 20 yrs, PA
396A-21-21, Baer, John A., 12 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, Leah, 14 yrs, PA
396A-21-21, Baer, Milton, 17 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, Priscilla, 46 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, Priscilla E., 18 yrs, PA
396A-21-21, Baer, Sarah, 14 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, Susan, 16 yrs, PA
398A-49-49, Baer, William J., 4 yrs, PA
400B-89-89, Baker, Alfred E., 10 yrs, PA
400B-89-89, Baker, Alva A., 10 yrs, PA
395A-7-7, Baker, Amos, 54 yrs, PA
400B-88-88, Baker, Apheus, 14 yrs, PA
400B-88-88, Baker, Catharine, 8 yrs, PA
400B-88-88, Baker, Dorah, 12 yrs, PA
395A-7-7, Baker, Elvi*a, 54 yrs, PA
400B-89-89, Baker, George B., 2 yrs, PA
400B-89-89, Baker, J. H., 34 yrs, PA
400B-89-89, Baker, Malissa *., 33 yrs, PA
400B-88-88, Baker, Mariah, 41 yrs, PA
400B-89-89, Baker, Milton J., 7 yrs, PA
395A-7-7, Baker, Sarah J., 15 yrs, PA
400B-88-88, Baker, W. C., 41 yrs, PA
400B-89-89, Baker, Walker G., 8 yrs, PA
400A-80-80, Bascom, Arkie D., 26 yrs, OH, ["Boscomb?"]
400A-80-80, Bascom, Caroline E., 62 yrs, CT, ["Boscomb?"]
400A-80-80, Bascom, Carrie E., 6 yrs, WI, ["Boscomb?"]
400A-80-80, Bascom, Franklin A., 35 yrs, OH, ["Boscomb?"]
400A-80-80, Bascom, Fredie P., 3 yrs, OH, ["Boscomb?"]
400A-80-80, Bascom, Horatio, 62 yrs, NY, ["Boscomb?"]
400A-80-80, Bascom, Horatio W., 1 yrs, OH, ["Boscomb?"]
396B-30-30, Bash, Esther, 16 yrs, PA
396B-30-30, Bash, George, 3 yrs, PA
396B-30-30, Bash, Jacob, 5 yrs, PA
396B-30-30, Bash, Jacob, 49 yrs, OH
396B-30-30, Bash, Jane, 47 yrs, VA
396B-31-31, Bash, John W., 26 yrs, PA
396B-30-30, Bash, Mariah J., 14 yrs, PA
396B-31-31, Bash, Mary S., 18 yrs, PA
396B-30-30, Bash, Thodocia, 7 yrs, PA
399A-63-63, Bearman, Adam, 31 yrs, Hesse Castle B.
399A-63-63, Bearman, Celestia, 2 yrs, PA
399A-63-63, Bearman, Lizzie, 6 yrs, OH
399A-63-63, Bearman, Rachel, 29 yrs, Hesse Castle B.
400A-76-76, Beaty, Frank, 19 yrs, PA
400A-76-76, Beaty, Nancy, 40 yrs, PA
400A-76-76, Beaty, Wilson, 53 yrs, PA
400B-83-83, Beighley, Anna, 10 yrs, PA
396B-24-24, Belton, Angeline, 39 yrs, PA
396B-24-24, Belton, Attas, 9 yrs, OH
396B-24-24, Belton, D. T. [D. J.?], 38 yrs, PA
396B-24-24, Belton, Jesse, 5 yrs, PA
396B-24-24, Belton, Mary, 7 yrs, PA
396B-24-24, Belton, William, 12 yrs, OH
397A-35-35, Billeg, Barbary, 79 yrs, PA
397A-35-35, Billeg, Daniel, 63 yrs, PA
397A-35-35, Billeg, Sarah, 60 yrs, PA
397A-35-35, Billeg, Silman, 16 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Calvin, 4 yrs, PA
396A-18-18, Billig, Clinton, 13 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Daniel, 13 yrs, PA
396A-18-18, Billig, Edwin, 33 yrs, PA
396A-18-18, Billig, Eliza, 2 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Ellen, 1 yrs, PA
396A-18-18, Billig, Ellen, 7 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Ephraim, 39 yrs, PA
396A-18-18, Billig, Eugene, 9 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Flora, 36 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Harrison, 6 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Henry, 15 yrs, PA
396A-18-18, Billig, Jesse, 4 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Levi, 18 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Lucinda, 11 yrs, PA
396A-18-18, Billig, Mary, 6 yrs, PA
396A-18-18, Billig, Rebeca, 33 yrs, PA
395B-13-13, Billig, Silverstor, 9 yrs, PA
400B-85-85, Blair, Lizzie D., 4 yrs, PA
400B-85-85, Blair, Mary C., 26 yrs, PA
400B-85-85, Blair, S. H., 31 yrs, PA
400B-85-85, Blair, Sarah E., 3 yrs, PA
397B-40-40, Bolp, Frederick, 33 yrs, Wellenbury G., [Bolss?, Bolp?]
395A-6-6, Brush , J. W., 22 yrs, PA
397B-40-40, Bush, Andrew, 22 yrs, PA
397B-40-40, Bush, John, 35 yrs, OH
397B-40-40, Bush, Joseph, 15 yrs, PA
397B-40-40, Bush, L. F., 57 yrs, Whittem'gh G.
397B-40-40, Bush, William, 18 yrs, PA
400B-83-83, Canada, Alex., 37 yrs, Canada
400B-84-84, Carringer, C. A., 36 yrs, PA
400B-84-84, Carringer, Clara E., 4 yrs, PA
400B-84-84, Carringer, Elisabeth, 35 yrs, PA
400B-84-84, Carringer, Nancy J., 6 yrs, PA
398B-50-50, Christman, Caroline, 2 yrs, PA
398A-50-50, Christman, D., 48 yrs, PA
398A-50-50, Christman, Daniel, 22 yrs, PA
398B-50-50, Christman, Emma R., 3 yrs, PA
398B-50-50, Christman, George W., 7 yrs, PA
398A-50-50, Christman, Jonas, 17 yrs, PA
398B-50-50, Christman, Lizetta, 9 yrs, PA
398A-50-50, Christman, Mary , 14 yrs, PA
398A-50-50, Christman, Mary A., 44 yrs, PA
398B-50-50, Christman, Nancy E., 5 yrs, PA
398A-50-50, Christman, Sarah , 18 yrs, PA
398B-50-50, Christman, Silvester F., 11 yrs, PA
399A-65-65, Coon, Alvah, 38 yrs, PA
399A-65-65, Coon, Anna, 24 yrs, PA
399B-67-67, Coon, Flora, 8 yrs, PA
399B-67-67, Coon, Florena, 32 yrs, Baden G.
399A-65-65, Coon, Hannah A., 2 yrs, PA
399B-67-67, Coon, Hannah J., 11 yrs, PA
399A-65-65, Coon, Nora A., 6/12 yrs, PA
399B-67-67, Coon, Seth, 37 yrs, PA
399B-67-67, Coon, William J., 9 yrs, PA
395A-1-1, Currier, Sarah, 24 yrs, PA
400B-82-82, Davis, Delia, 3 yrs, PA
400A-82-82, Davis, Elisabeth A., 12 yrs, PA
400A-82-82, Davis, Ellie, 7 yrs, PA
400A-82-82, Davis, Martin C., 10 yrs, PA
400A-82-82, Davis, Nancy, 33 yrs, PA
400A-82-82, Davis, T. G., 45 yrs, PA
400B-84-84, Donaldson, Jane, 60 yrs, PA
399B-73-73, Dumham, Harriet, 26 yrs, PA
399B-73-73, Dumham, Harry, 5 yrs, PA
399B-73-73, Dumham, Jasper, 31 yrs, PA
401A-94-94, Dunham, Ezra J., 20 yrs, PA
401A-94-94, Dunham, Jonathan, 61 yrs, PA
399B-68-68, Eckar*t, Bena, 45 yrs, Hesse G.
399B-68-68, Eckar*t, Caroline, 10 yrs, Hesse G.
399B-68-68, Eckar*t, Henry, 50 yrs, Hesse G.
397B-44-44, Eich, Catharine, 21 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, Elisabeth, 16 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, Gustus, 9 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, Justina, 47 yrs, Prusia
397B-44-44, Eich, Lewis , 18 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, Lydia, 8 yrs, PA
398A-44-44, Eich, Martin, 5 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, Mary, 14 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, Otto, 6 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, Simeon, 11 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, Steven, 19 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, Theadore, 13 yrs, PA
397B-44-44, Eich, W. C., 47 yrs, Prusia
400B-84-84, Faustnaught, S., 19 yrs, OH
399A-58-58, Ferree, Ephraim, 40 yrs, PA
401B-97-97, Fleming, Minerva, 20 yrs, PA
395A-5-5, Folk, Lydia, 24 yrs, PA
395A-5-5, Folk, Simeon, 33 yrs, PA
399B-70-70, Froman, C., 73 yrs, Some part of G.
397B-39-39, Fry, John, 64 yrs, PA
397B-39-39, Fry, Susanna, 68 yrs, PA
398B-55-55, Furee, Catharine E., 5 yrs, PA
398B-55-55, Furee, L. K., 43 yrs, PA
398B-55-55, Furee, Sarah A., 27 yrs, OH
395A-2-2, Gats, Anne E., 21 yrs, PA
395A-2-2, Gats, Anne M, 1/12 yrs, PA
395A-2-2, Gats, Philip, 26 yrs, Hessen Dormstad G.
396A-19-19, Glatsaw, C, 20 yrs, PA
399B-72-72, Gonerway, Mary, 19 yrs, PA
401B-97-97, Griere, John, 44 yrs, PA
398A-46-46, Hafaker, George W., 10 yrs, PA
398A-46-46, Hafaker, Lydia A., 20 yrs, OH
398A-46-46, Hafaker, Sam'l, 49 yrs, PA
398A-46-46, Hafaker, Susannah, 50 yrs, PA
397A-36-36, Hans, Caroine, 17 yrs, PA
398B-51-51, Hans, Catharine, 59 yrs, PA
397A-36-36, Hans, Daniel, 50 yrs, PA
398B-51-51, Hans, Gideon, 56 yrs, PA
397A-36-36, Hans, Jacob, 14 yrs, PA
397A-36-36, Hans, Sarah A., 47 yrs, PA
399B-72-72, Harmon, Francis, 18 yrs, PA
401A-92-92, Hileman, Ben., 67 yrs, PA
395B-14-14, Hoffman, J. S., 14 yrs, PA
396A-19-19, Hoffman, L. E., 10 yrs, PA
397B-42-42, Hood, Barlary, 50 yrs, PA
397B-42-42, Hood, Lewis, 17 yrs, PA
397B-42-42, Hood, Philip, 65 yrs, Darmstadt G.
397B-42-42, Hood, William, 23 yrs, PA
401A-90-90, Hudson, Nelson, 15 yrs, PA
399B-72-72, Hughey, Addie, 8 yrs, PA
399B-72-72, Hughey, Edgar, 4 yrs, PA
399B-72-72, Hughey, Fanny, 23 yrs, PA
399B-72-72, Hughey, G. W., 38 yrs, PA
399B-72-72, Hughey, Laury, 7 yrs, PA
399A-62-62, Hughey, Martha, 75 yrs, PA
399B-72-72, Hughey, Minnis, 2 yrs, PA
401B-102-102, Iche, L. F., 18 yrs, PA
395B-11-11, Kashner, Apfne, 50 yrs, PA
399B-69-69, Kashner, Clara C., 6 yrs, PA
395B-12-12, Kashner, Daniel, 18 yrs, PA
399B-69-69, Kashner, Harriet, 30 yrs, PA
399B-69-69, Kashner, Hellen S. M., 5 yrs, PA
399B-69-69, Kashner, J. P., 34 yrs, PA
395B-11-11, Kashner, Jon*n, 13 yrs, PA
395B-11-11, Kashner, Jon., 56 yrs, PA
395B-11-11, Kashner, Levi, 30 yrs, OH
395B-11-11, Kashner, Mary, 15 yrs, PA
395B-14-14, Kashner, Matilda, 21 yrs, PA
399B-69-69, Kashner, Sarah C., 2 yrs, PA
395B-11-11, Kashner, Susan, 15 yrs, PA
399B-69-69, Kashner, Uriah O., 10 yrs, PA
399B-69-69, Kashner, Virena E., 8 yrs, PA
395B-14-14, Kashner, W. H., 26 yrs, PA
399B-69-69, Kashner, William H., 5/12 yrs, PA
395B-15-15, Kitch, Andrew, 21 yrs, PA
395B-15-15, Kitch, Anna, 20 yrs, PA
396B-28-28, Kitch, Anne M., 2 yrs, PA
398B-56-56, Kitch, David, 33 yrs, PA
396A-22-22, Kitch, David M., 36 yrs, PA
398B-56-56, Kitch, Elisabeth, 29 yrs, PA
398B-56-56, Kitch, Ellmore, 8 yrs, PA
396A-22-22, Kitch, Jacob, 74 yrs, PA
395B-15-15, Kitch, Lillie M., 3/12 yrs, PA
396A-22-22, Kitch, Nancy H., 24 yrs, PA
396B-28-28, Kitch, Sarah A., 24 yrs, PA
396B-28-28, Kitch, William, 26 yrs, PA
398B-56-56, Kitch, William, 32 yrs, PA
396B-28-28, Kitch, William H., 11/12 yrs, PA
395A-4-4, Klingensmith, B., 45 yrs, PA
395A-4-4, Klingensmith, Elisabeth, 16 yrs, PA
395A-4-4, Klingensmith, George, 21 yrs, PA
395A-4-4, Klingensmith, Leah, 9 yrs, PA
395A-4-4, Klingensmith, Lenn*, 42 yrs, Hessen Dormstad G.
395A-4-4, Klingensmith, Levi, 3 yrs, PA
395A-4-4, Klingensmith, Margaret, 13 yrs, PA
395A-4-4, Klingensmith, Mary A., 11 yrs, PA
395A-4-4, Klingensmith, Philip L., 17 yrs, PA
399A-60-60, Koon, George, 13 yrs, PA
399A-60-60, Koon, John, 42 yrs, PA
399A-60-60, Koon, Laura, 31 yrs, Baden G.
399A-60-60, Koon, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
400A-78-78, Lankey, E. H., 46 yrs, PA
400A-78-78, Lankey, George F., 11 yrs, PA
400A-78-78, Lankey, James H., 9 yrs, PA
400A-78-78, Lankey, Mary A., 17 yrs, PA
400A-78-78, Lankey, P. R., 40 yrs, PA
400A-78-78, Lankey, Sada E., 16 yrs, PA
395B-12-12, Lesher, Catharine A, 46 yrs, PA
395B-12-12, Lesher, Daniel, 9 yrs, PA
395B-12-12, Lesher, Lucinda, 15 yrs, PA
395B-12-12, Lesher, Nathan, 48 yrs, PA
401B-100-100, Limber, Chrispher, 39 yrs, PA
401B-100-100, Limber, Elisabeth, 57 yrs, PA
401B-100-100, Limber, Emma J., 4 yrs, PA
401B-100-100, Limber, Lydia, 17 yrs, PA
401B-100-100, Limber, Mary, 22 yrs, PA
401B-100-100, Limber, Thomas, 29 yrs, PA
401B-100-100, Limber, William J., 2 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, Andrew E., 18 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, Anna E., 30 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, Dorah W., 14 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, Eliza, 53 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, Esther J., 32 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, J. W., 56 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, James, 12 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, John M, 25 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, Leones, 7 yrs, PA
401A-91-91, Linn, Preston W., 21 yrs, PA
397A-37-37, Litch, David A., 23 yrs, PA
397A-37-37, Litch, Fanny, 67 yrs, PA
397A-37-37, Litch, John, 32 yrs, PA
397A-37-37, Litch, Josiah, 37 yrs, PA
397A-37-37, Litch, Mariah J., 25 yrs, PA
397A-37-37, Litch, Martin, 35 yrs, PA
398B-51-51, Loch, Sarah, 15 yrs, PA
399A-59-59, Lockhart, M., 75 yrs, PA
395B-16-16, Lohr, Alfred A., 11 yrs, PA
396A-16-16, Lohr, Alonzo S., 2 yrs, PA
396A-16-16, Lohr, Clara V., 5 yrs, PA
395B-16-16, Lohr, David, 39 yrs, PA
396A-16-16, Lohr, Frank M., 7 yrs, PA
395B-16-16, Lohr, John A., 16 yrs, PA
395B-16-16, Lohr, Julia, 40 yrs, PA
395B-16-16, Lohr, Lucy E., 13 yrs, PA
395B-16-16, Lohr, William J., 18 yrs, PA
400A-75-75, Long, Frank, 6/12 yrs, PA
400A-75-75, Long, Margaret, 22 yrs, PA
400A-75-75, Long, T. * [T.C.?]., 29 yrs, PA
395A-1-1, Loveland, Albert, 19 yrs, PA
395A-1-1, Loveland, Alex G., 21 yrs, PA
395A-1-1, Loveland, Harriet, 42 yrs, VT
395A-1-1, Loveland, Solomon, 42 yrs, PA
397B-40-40, Ludwick, Caroline, 17 yrs, Darmstadt G.
399A-65-65, Mace, Samuel, 11 yrs, PA
401A-93-93, Martin, Addie, 10 yrs, PA
401A-93-93, Martin, Albert, 14 yrs, PA
401A-93-93, Martin, Amanda A., 17 yrs, PA
401A-93-93, Martin, Emma, 19 yrs, PA
401A-93-93, Martin, Jane, 49 yrs, PA
401A-93-93, Martin, Joseph, 59 yrs, PA
401A-93-93, Martin, Robert, 26 yrs, PA
401A-90-90, McCrite, Eliza, 59 yrs, PA
401A-90-90, McCrite, Isabel, 33 yrs, PA
401A-90-90, McCrite, J. C., 23 yrs, PA
401A-90-90, McCrite, Maggie, 19 yrs, PA
401A-90-90, McCrite, Wilson, 21 yrs, PA
400A-79-79, McKane, Bethena B., 23 yrs, PA
400A-79-79, McKane, Eliza, 59 yrs, PA
400A-79-79, McKane, Isaac, 18 yrs, PA
400A-79-79, McKane, James, 63 yrs, PA
400A-79-79, McKane, Rosa A., 69 yrs, PA
396B-29-29, McKinzie, Elsie, 6 yrs, OH
396B-29-29, McKinzie, Robert, 46 yrs, OH
396B-29-29, McKinzie, Saloma, 36 yrs, OH
401B-98-98, McKnight, Annie, 12 yrs, PA
401B-98-98, McKnight, David, 51 yrs, PA
401B-98-98, McKnight, Nancy, 15 yrs, PA
401B-98-98, McKnight, Sarah, 41 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, Anderson J., 16 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, Andrew A., 15 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, Ellmore Y., 12 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, John W., 10 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, Rebeca J., 13 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, Robert B., 8 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, Sarah, 66 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, Susan, 39 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, Susan E., 1 yrs, PA
400A-81-81, McLean, William, 39 yrs, PA
396B-25-25, McMahan, Celestia, 20 yrs, PA
396B-27-27, McMahan, Edith, 7 yrs, PA
396B-27-27, McMahan, Ellie, 5 yrs, PA
396B-25-25, McMahan, Estella, 3 yrs, PA
396B-27-27, McMahan, Henry, 43 yrs, OH
396B-25-25, McMahan, Lewis, 25 yrs, OH
396B-27-27, McMahan, Mertia, 8/12 yrs, PA
396B-27-27, McMahan, Minnie, 2 yrs, PA
396B-27-27, McMahan, Sarah A., 34 yrs, PA
401A-95-95, McMillen, Chancy L., 16 yrs, PA
401A-95-95, McMillen, J. R., 45 yrs, PA
401A-95-95, McMillen, James L., 9 yrs, PA
401A-95-95, McMillen, Laura A., 1 yrs, PA
401A-95-95, McMillen, Margaret J., 18 yrs, PA
401A-95-95, McMillen, Mary E., 13 yrs, PA
401B-96-96, McMillen, Nan., 50 yrs, PA
401B-96-96, McMillen, Osburn, 15 yrs, PA
401A-95-95, McMillen, Reuben, 6 yrs, PA
401B-96-96, McMillen, Wealthy, 18 yrs, PA
401A-95-95, McMillen, William E., 21 yrs, PA
401A-92-92, Metzler, Alvin, 19 yrs, PA
401A-92-92, Metzler, Jane, 9 yrs, PA
401A-92-92, Metzler, John , 16 yrs, PA
401A-92-92, Metzler, Lizette, 43 yrs, PA
401A-92-92, Metzler, William, 22 yrs, PA
395A-6-6, Morford, A. J., 44 yrs, PA
395A-6-6, Morford, Eliza, 42 yrs, OH
395A-6-6, Morford, Seymour J., 2 yrs, PA
395A-6-6, Morford, Viola, 21 yrs, PA
395A-6-6, Morford, William H., 4 yrs, PA
401B-99-99, Morton, Agnis, 7 yrs, PA
401B-99-99, Morton, Alfred, 9 yrs, PA
401B-99-99, Morton, Clara M., 15 yrs, PA
401B-99-99, Morton, Daniel, 12 yrs, PA
401B-99-99, Morton, Dency, 40 yrs, OH
401B-99-99, Morton, John, 39 yrs, PA
401B-99-99, Morton, Maggie, 1 yrs, PA
401B-99-99, Morton, Rate B., 4 yrs, PA
398B-54-54, Moyer, Francis, 5 yrs, PA
398B-54-54, Moyer, Hannah, 31 yrs, PA
398B-54-54, Moyer, J. A., 34 yrs, PA
398B-54-54, Moyer, Lauretta, 1 yrs, PA
397B-40-40, Moyer, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
398B-54-54, Moyer, Mary A., 7 yrs, PA
400A-79-79, Mumford, Nancy, 14 yrs, PA
395B-10-10, Pauly, Claudius, 1 yrs, PA
395B-10-10, Pauly, Elander J., 3 yrs, PA
395B-10-10, Pauly, Ellmore, 7 yrs, PA
395B-10-10, Pauly, Harry, 5 yrs, PA
395A-10-10, Pauly, James, 30 yrs, PA
396A-19-19, Pauly, John A., 1 yrs, PA
396A-19-19, Pauly, Leah, 27 yrs, PA
396A-19-19, Pauly, Louissa S., 3 yrs, PA
396A-19-19, Pauly, M. E., 34 yrs, PA
395A-10-10, Pauly, Matilda, 28 yrs, PA
395B-10-10, Pauly, William, 8 yrs, PA
399B-71-71, Picherson, J. A., 42 yrs, NY
399B-71-71, Picherson, Margaret L., 29 yrs, PA
399B-71-71, Picherson, Rosa A., 6 yrs, PA
399B-71-71, Picherson, Samuel E., 3 yrs, PA
396B-26-26, Price, Edwin, 37 yrs, OH
396B-26-26, Price, Margaret, 35 yrs, OH
396B-26-26, Price, Margaret Sr., 66 yrs, OH
396B-26-26, Price, Mary A., 4 yrs, OH
395A-9-9, Rankin, Elizabeth, 38 yrs, PA
395A-9-9, Rankin, Jacob J., 1 yrs, PA
395A-9-9, Rankin, John, 48 yrs, PA
395A-9-9, Rankin, Susan M., 2 yrs, PA
399A-58-58, Reash, Eliza J., 28 yrs, PA
399A-58-58, Reash, George W., 6 yrs, PA
399A-58-58, Reash, Samuel, 30 yrs, OH
399A-58-58, Reash, Samuel F., 4 yrs, PA
399A-58-58, Reash, Vinnie V., 1 yrs, PA
399B-74-74, Reeher, Emma, 1 yrs, PA
399B-74-74, Reeher, Nancy A., 3 yrs, PA
399B-74-74, Reeher, Phebe, 34 yrs, PA
399B-74-74, Reeher, Sam'l F., 35 yrs, PA
395A-8-8, Reichart, Elizabeth, 20 yrs, OH
395A-8-8, Reichart, H. J., 24 yrs, PA
398B-57-57, Rhoads, Anna M., 33 yrs, PA
398B-57-57, Rhoads, Clara, 7 yrs, PA
398B-57-57, Rhoads, Lewis, 35 yrs, PA
398B-57-57, Rhoads, Mary, 3 yrs, PA
398B-57-57, Rhoads, William, 5 yrs, PA
399B-66-66, Richard, Albertine, 17 yrs, PA
399B-66-66, Richard, George M, 10 yrs, PA
399B-66-66, Richard, Joseph A., 10 yrs, PA
399B-66-66, Richard, Margaret, 14 yrs, PA
399A-66-66, Richard, Owen, 50 yrs, PA
399A-66-66, Richard, ruth, 43 yrs, PA
401B-101-101, Richardson, Edward W., 13 yrs, PA
401B-101-101, Richardson, Frances, 44 yrs, PA
401B-101-101, Richardson, Ida, 12 yrs, PA
401B-101-101, Richardson, John, 59 yrs, MA
396B-24-24, Richardson, Rebeca, 16 yrs, PA
401B-101-101, Richardson, Rebeca, 16 yrs, PA
401B-101-101, Richardson, Sarah, 17 yrs, PA
401B-102-102, Riley, Elisabeth, 43 yrs, PA
401B-102-102, Riley, Elisabeth Jr., 11 yrs, PA
399A-61-61, Riley, Flora M., 1 yrs, PA
399A-61-61, Riley, Frank, 23 yrs, PA
401B-102-102, Riley, James, 40 yrs, PA
401B-102-102, Riley, Lewis, 8 yrs, PA
399A-61-61, Riley, Phebe, 20 yrs, PA
401B-102-102, Riley, Rosana, 6 yrs, PA
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, Anna, 12 yrs, PA
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, Caroline, 10 yrs, PA
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, Elisabeth, 42 yrs, PA
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, Elisabeth Jr., 21 yrs, PA
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, Henry, 3 yrs, PA
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, Henry, 46 yrs, Wellenbury G.
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, Louisa, 6 yrs, PA
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, Peter, 19 yrs, PA
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, Rosa, 8 yrs, PA
397B-41-41, Rodemoyer, William, 16 yrs, PA
397B-43-43, Rodenmoyer, Emma D., 4 yrs, PA
397B-43-43, Rodenmoyer, Jacob, 37 yrs, Darmstadt G.
397B-43-43, Rodenmoyer, James S., 8 yrs, PA
397B-43-43, Rodenmoyer, Leah, 33 yrs, OH
398A-48-48, Roleather, Anna, 11 yrs, PA
398A-48-48, Roleather, Catharine E., 34 yrs, Hesse G.
398A-48-48, Roleather, Conrad, 8 yrs, PA
398A-48-48, Roleather, George, 13 yrs, PA
398A-48-48, Roleather, John, 6 yrs, PA
398A-48-48, Roleather, Nicholas, 40 yrs, Hesse G.
398A-48-48, Roleather, Samuel, 3/12 yrs, PA
398A-45-45, Rump, Elisabeth, 14 yrs, PA [Rumf?, Rumss?]
398A-45-45, Rump, Emma, 4 yrs, PA [Rumf?, Rumss?]
398A-45-45, Rump, George, 10 yrs, PA [Rumf?, Rumss?]
398A-45-45, Rump, John, 7 yrs, PA [Rumf?, Rumss?]
398A-45-45, Rump, John, 45 yrs, Darmstadt G. [Rumf?, Rumss?]
398A-45-45, Rump, Margaret, 12 yrs, PA Remark: [Rumf?, Rumss?]
398A-45-45, Rump, Margaret, 42 yrs, Hamburg G. [Rumf?, Rumss?]
398A-45-45, Rump, Mary J., 15 yrs, PA [Rumf?, Rumss?]
399A-64-64, Russel, Alwilder, 9 yrs, PA
399A-64-64, Russel, Andrew, 15 yrs, PA
399A-64-64, Russel, Isabel, 44 yrs, PA
399A-64-64, Russel, Sarah, 17 yrs, PA
399A-64-64, Russel, Thomas, 57 yrs, PA
395A-3-3, Sheasley, James, 11 yrs, PA
398B-52-52, Snyder, Anna, 45 yrs, PA
398B-52-52, Snyder, Caroline, 10 yrs, PA
398A-47-47, Snyder, Charles, 43 yrs, PA
398B-52-52, Snyder, Elmina, 15 yrs, PA
398A-47-47, Snyder, Emeline, 32 yrs, PA
398B-52-52, Snyder, Jonas, 42 yrs, PA
398B-52-52, Snyder, Laura, 3/12 yrs, PA
398B-52-52, Snyder, Levi, 12 yrs, PA
398A-47-47, Snyder, Reuben S., 10 yrs, PA
398A-47-47, Snyder, Sarah E., 8 yrs, PA
398B-52-52, Snyder, William, 8 yrs, PA
399A-59-59, Standley, Bright, 64 yrs, NJ
399A-59-59, Standley, David, 17 yrs, PA
399A-59-59, Standley, Ellie J., 11 yrs, PA
399A-59-59, Standley, Hugh F., 21 yrs, PA
399A-59-59, Standley, John, 6 yrs, PA
399A-59-59, Standley, Olive, 3 yrs, PA
399A-59-59, Standley, Rachel, 49 yrs, PA
399A-59-59, Standley, Robert, 16 yrs, PA
399A-59-59, Standley, Susanna, 8 yrs, PA
400B-83-83, Steckel, Daniel, 55 yrs, PA
400B-83-83, Steckel, Edwin H., 38 yrs, PA
400B-83-83, Steckel, Sarah A., 52 yrs, PA
400B-83-83, Steckel, William A., 20 yrs, PA
398B-53-53, Strouss, Ferdinand, 10 yrs, PA
398B-53-53, Strouss, Godfrey, 67 yrs, Bittenburgh G.
398B-53-53, Strouss, Godliff, 6 yrs, PA
398B-53-53, Strouss, Hannah, 17 yrs, Bittenburgh G.
398B-53-53, Strouss, Henry, 12 yrs, PA
398B-53-53, Strouss, Joanna, 48 yrs, Bittenburgh G.
398B-53-53, Strouss, Rachel, 19 yrs, Bittenburgh G.
395B-15-15, Thompson, Ida, 15 yrs, PA
397A-33-33, Trine, Anderson J., 8 yrs, PA
397A-32-32, Trine, Catharine, 64 yrs, PA
397A-32-32, Trine, Eliza A., 25 yrs, PA
397A-33-33, Trine, James C., 1 yrs, PA
397A-33-33, Trine, Peter, 38 yrs, PA
397A-32-32, Trine, Peter, 62 yrs, PA
397A-33-33, Trine, Rebeca, 34 yrs, PA
397A-33-33, Trine, Vinnie V., 1/12 yrs, PA
397A-33-33, Trine, William, 10 yrs, PA
396A-20-20, Wagenman, J. G., 24 yrs, PA
396A-20-20, Wagenman, Lydia C., 10/12 yrs, PA
396A-20-20, Wagenman, Mary A., 24 yrs, PA
397A-34-34, Weaver, Ashly I., 5 yrs, MN
397A-34-34, Weaver, Ellie J., 6 yrs, MN
397A-34-34, Weaver, Harriet, 11 yrs, WI
397A-34-34, Weaver, Jane A., 33 yrs, OH
397A-34-34, Weaver, Jesse, 41 yrs, PA
397A-34-34, Weaver, Jessie M., 3 yrs, MN
397A-34-34, Weaver, Mary , 78 yrs, PA
397A-32-32, Wentling, George, 50 yrs, PA
396A-23-23, Wheeler, Eliza A., 37 yrs, PA
396B-23-23, Wheeler, James A., 9 yrs, PA
396A-23-23, Wheeler, John M., 14 yrs, PA
396B-23-23, Wheeler, Loretta, 3 yrs, PA
396B-23-23, Wheeler, Mary A., 6 yrs, PA
396A-23-23, Wheeler, Minara, 41 yrs, PA
396B-23-23, Wheeler, Oliver C., 11 yrs, PA
395B-14-14, Whitenberger, W. H., 17 yrs, PA
400B-86-86, Williamson, Clarinda, 22 yrs, PA
400B-86-86, Williamson, Curtis, 2 yrs, PA
400B-86-86, Williamson, F. B., 31 yrs, PA
400B-87-87, Williamson, George T., 10 yrs, PA
400B-86-86, Williamson, Henry, 82 yrs, PA
400B-87-87, Williamson, Henry W., 14 yrs, PA
400B-87-87, Williamson, James, 50 yrs, PA
400B-87-87, Williamson, John P., 13 yrs, PA
400B-87-87, Williamson, Leander L., 8 yrs, PA
400B-87-87, Williamson, Mary, 42 yrs, PA
400B-87-87, Williamson, Sarah E., 5 yrs, PA
397A-38-38, Williman, Anna M., 8 yrs, PA
397A-38-38, Williman, Daniel J., 5 yrs, PA
397A-38-38, Williman, Eliza, 37 yrs, PA
397A-38-38, Williman, James, 10 yrs, PA
397A-38-38, Williman, Jesse F., 2/12 yrs, PA
397A-38-38, Williman, John, 43 yrs, PA
397A-38-38, Williman, John H., 16 yrs, PA
397A-38-38, Williman, Susan, 13 yrs, PA
397A-38-38, Williman, William F., 14 yrs, PA

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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