West Middlesex Borough

1870 Census Surname List

Borough of West Middlesex (Shenango Township)

West Middlesex Borough 
1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1374)

Enumerator:  R. G. Madge
Post Office: Worth
Date of Enumeration:
1 July to 13 July, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 2000. Any commercial use prohibited

* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

124A-138-136, Adams, Alexander, 37 yrs, Scotland
124A-138-136, Adams, David, 20 yrs, Scotland
124A-138-136, Adams, Jane, 30 yrs, Scotland
124A-138-136, Adams, Minnie Epilin, 3 yrs, PA
124A-138-136, Adams, Sarah Jane, 10 yrs, Wales South
119A-49-49, Albertson, Anna, 16 yrs, PA
119A-49-49, Albertson, J. S., 42 yrs, OH
119A-49-49, Albertson, Liddie, 36 yrs, OH
119A-49-49, Albertson, Millie, 8 yrs, PA
119A-49-49, Albertson, Pella, 12 yrs, PA
119A-49-49, Albertson, Stewart, 10 yrs, PA
119B-57-57, Allen, E. E., 14 yrs, PA
119B-57-57, Allen, E. M., 36 yrs, PA
119B-57-57, Allen, J. Mc., 47 yrs, PA
119B-57-57, Allen, M. E., 10 yrs, PA
119B-57-57, Allen, M. F., 8 yrs, PA
119B-57-57, Allen, R. P., 12 yrs, PA
119B-57-57, Allen, W. E. M., 5 yrs, PA
122A-98-98, Anderson, Fannie, 6 yrs, PA
122A-98-98, Anderson, Margaret, 30 yrs, PA
122A-98-98, Anderson, P. H., 34 yrs, NY
121A-87-87, Arbaugh, Eliza, 28 yrs, PA
122A-99-99, Arbaugh, Henry, 68 yrs, PA
121A-87-87, Arbaugh, J. P., 37 yrs, PA
122A-99-99, Arbaugh, Margaret, 59 yrs, PA
122A-99-99, Arbaugh, Mary Elizabeth, 31 yrs, PA
122A-99-99, Arbaugh, Susan C., 22 yrs, PA
117B-24-24, Baird, James, 40 yrs, Scotland
116B-15-15, Ballard, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
124B-140-138, Barett, Ellen, 1 yrs, PA
124B-140-138, Barett, John, 6 yrs, PA
124B-140-138, Barett, John, 33 yrs, Ireland
124B-140-138, Barett, Mary, 5 yrs, PA
124B-140-138, Barett, Nancy, 36 yrs, PA
124B-140-138, Barett, Stephen, 13 yrs, PA
126B-175-172, Barnhart, Emma, 23 yrs, PA
126B-175-172, Barnhart, Emma Jr., 16 yrs, PA
126B-175-172, Barnhart, James A., 27 yrs, PA
126B-175-172, Barnhart, Minnie, 4 yrs, PA
117B-24-24, Barr, James, 16 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Barr, Mary D., 44 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Barr, Mary Ellen, 4 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Barr, Samuel, 54 yrs, PA
119A-45-45, Begs, Elizabeth, 65 yrs, PA
117B-26-26, Bently, Lucy, 24 yrs, PA
123B-122-122, Billet, Charles, 2 yrs, PA
123B-122-122, Billet, David, 25 yrs, VA
123B-122-122, Billet, Elizabeth, 28 yrs, PA
120A-66-66, Blackson, Jemima, 25 yrs, OH
120B-77-77, Boal, Eliza, 25 yrs, Ireland
120B-77-77, Boal, John, 1 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Boal, John, 27 yrs, Ireland
120B-77-77, Boal, Thomas F., 3 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Boal, W. H., 5 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Boal, William, 19 yrs, PA
118A-29-29, Bowman, Frank, 9 yrs, PA
118A-29-29, Bowman, Grant, 3 yrs, PA
117B-29-29, Bowman, Hannah M., 34 yrs, PA
117B-29-29, Bowman, Menerva J., 16 yrs, PA
117B-29-29, Bowman, N. R., 38 yrs, PA
118A-29-29, Bowman, N. R. Jr., 6 yrs, PA
117B-29-29, Bowman, Sarah E., 12 yrs, PA
125A-148-146, Brandan, George B., 7 yrs, PA
125A-148-146, Brandan, James E., 36 yrs, PA
125A-148-146, Brandan, Julia, 32 yrs, PA
125A-148-146, Brandan, Mary E., 5 yrs, PA
119B-60-60, Brown, Jemiah, 17 yrs, PA
119A-48-48, Brown, Kathie J., 26 yrs, PA
119A-48-48, Brown, Robert M., 31 yrs, PA
117A-18-18, Burnett, Margaret, 46 yrs, PA
117A-18-18, Burnett, Wm R., 47 yrs, OH
118A-35-35, Byers, Andrew, 83 yrs, VA
116B-16-16, Byers, Anna Bell, 8 yrs, PA
118A-35-35, Byers, Blinda, 36 yrs, PA
116B-16-16, Byers, C., 41 yrs, PA
126A-163-160, Byers, Charles, 28 yrs, Baden
116B-16-16, Byers, Clary E., 12 yrs, PA
116B-16-16, Byers, Elizabeth, 34 yrs, PA
116B-16-16, Byers, Elizabeth M., 6 yrs, PA
126A-163-160, Byers, Emma, 10/12 yrs, PA
118A-35-35, Byers, James, 40 yrs, PA
118A-35-35, Byers, John A., 8/12 yrs, PA
118A-35-35, Byers, Peggy, 77 yrs, PA
116B-16-16, Byers, Sarah Olive, 3 yrs, PA
116B-16-16, Byers, William M., 10 yrs, PA
126A-163-160, Byers, Willimine, 22 yrs, PA
123A-119-119, Caldwell, Elizabeth, 14 yrs, PA
123A-119-119, Caldwell, Ellen, 12 yrs, PA
123A-119-119, Caldwell, James, 9 yrs, PA
123A-119-119, Caldwell, Jane, 22 yrs, PA
123A-119-119, Caldwell, Johny, 16 yrs, PA
123A-119-119, Caldwell, Rhoda, 51 yrs, PA
123A-119-119, Caldwell, Samuel, 20 yrs, OH
123A-119-119, Caldwell, Uria, 51 yrs, PA
125A-146-144, Canley, Edward, 30 yrs, Ireland
116A-2-2, Cantman, Carolyne, 30 yrs, PA
125A-147-145, Carbaugh, Daniel, 14 yrs, PA
125A-147-145, Carbaugh, David, 50 yrs, PA
124B-141-139, Carbaugh, Henry, 20 yrs, PA
125A-147-145, Carbaugh, James, 23 yrs, PA
125A-147-145, Carbaugh, Nettie, 5 yrs, PA
125A-147-145, Carbaugh, Sarah Ann, 40 yrs, PA
125A-147-145, Carbaugh, Shederick, 19 yrs, PA
118A-31-31, Chamberlain, J. S., 21 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, Childs, Anna, 7 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, Childs, Edwin, 12 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, Childs, Fredy, 10 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, Childs, Harry, 14 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, Childs, Luella, 5 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, Childs, Malinda, 35 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, Childs, Ruby, 1 yrs, PA
122B-104-104, Childs, W. H., 40 yrs, PA
120A-64-64, Chrouse, George B., 23 yrs, PA
120A-64-64, Chrouse, Rebeckah Ann, 20 yrs, PA
119A-54-54, Clark, Agness, 26 yrs, PA
118B-45-45, Clark, Ann, 40 yrs, England
118B-45-45, Clark, Anna, 7 yrs, PA
118B-45-45, Clark, Caroline, 9 yrs, PA
118B-45-45, Clark, Charles M., 18 yrs, PA
121A-81-81, Clark, Henry R., 3 yrs, PA
120B-81-81, Clark, James, 44 yrs, PA
118B-45-45, Clark, John, 46 yrs, PA
118B-45-45, Clark, Johny, 6/12 yrs, PA
121A-81-81, Clark, Mary, 19 yrs, PA
121A-81-81, Clark, Matilda, 36 yrs, PA
118B-45-45, Clark, Minnie, 5 yrs, PA
119A-54-54, Clark, T. N., 25 yrs, PA
118B-45-45, Clark, William T., 15 yrs, PA
121B-91-91, Clawges, Ruth, 16 yrs, PA
125B-154-152, Clendening, Emma J., 17 yrs, PA
122B-106-106, Coal, Jessie F., 8 yrs, PA
116B-7-7, Cochran, Ada, 13 yrs, PA
120A-71-71, Cochran, Josaeph, 27 yrs, PA
120A-71-71, Cochran, Mariah, 21 yrs, MD
120A-71-71, Cochran, Mary, 1 yrs, MD
120A-69-69, Colins, Daniel, 22 yrs, PA
120B-73-73, Collins, Austie E., 30 yrs, OH
120B-73-73, Collins, J. R., 36 yrs, PA
120B-73-73, Collins, Kittie, 6 yrs, PA
118B-41-41, Cramer, John, 6 yrs, PA
118B-38-38, Custin, Mary A., 65 yrs, NY
126A-168-165, Daley, Mary, 25 yrs, PA
118B-44-44, Daran, Carrier J., 18 yrs, PA
122A-96-96, Davis, Abner, 7 yrs, PA
122A-96-96, Davis, Alfred, 16 yrs, PA
120A-68-68, Davis, Anna, 6 yrs, PA
122A-96-96, Davis, Budman, 3 yrs, PA
120A-68-68, Davis, C. C., 27 yrs, PA
121B-96-96, Davis, Elizabeth, 39 yrs, PA
122A-96-96, Davis, Ellen, 6 yrs, PA
120A-62-62, Davis, Frank, 17 yrs, PA
119B-62-62, Davis, George W., 55 yrs, PA
120A-68-68, Davis, Harrashia F., 1 yrs, PA
119B-62-62, Davis, James, 19 yrs, PA
117B-24-24, Davis, Jane, 15 yrs, PA
121B-96-96, Davis, Jefferson, 50 yrs, PA
120A-68-68, Davis, Lizzie, 27 yrs, Ireland
122A-96-96, Davis, Martha, 7 yrs, PA
119B-62-62, Davis, Martha E., 20 yrs, PA
122A-96-96, Davis, Matilda May, 3/12 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Davis, Robert, 23 yrs, PA
122A-96-96, Davis, Sarah, 11 yrs, PA
119B-62-62, Davis, Sarah, 60 yrs, OH
119B-62-62, Davis, Warren, 24 yrs, PA
122A-96-96, Davis, William, 9 yrs, PA
117B-24-24, Densmore, James, 22 yrs, Scotland
118A-36-36, Detwiler, Elizabeth, 30 yrs, PA
119B-55-55, Dillan, Anna May, 8/12 yrs, PA
119B-55-55, Dillan, Florence Eva, 3 yrs, PA
119B-55-55, Dillan, L. L., 35 yrs, PA
119B-55-55, Dillan, P. M., 14 yrs, PA
119B-55-55, Dillan, W. H., 40 yrs, PA
123A-117-117, Downing, Andrew, 15 yrs, PA
123A-117-117, Downing, Daniel M., 46 yrs, PA
123A-117-117, Downing, Mary J., 33 yrs, PA
120A-69-69, Duncan, Charley, 5 yrs, PA
120A-69-69, Duncan, Fannie J., 8 yrs, PA
120A-69-69, Duncan, J. T., 31 yrs, PA
118B-40-40, Duncan, John M., 19 yrs, PA
120A-69-69, Duncan, Julias, 1 yrs, PA
120A-69-69, Duncan, Mary, 4 yrs, PA
120A-69-69, Duncan, Mary L., 26 yrs, PA
126B-174-171, Duncan, Williams, 26 yrs, OH [surname possibly Williams]
116A-3-3, Dunmire, Ella, 22 yrs, PA
116A-3-3, Dunmire, Grace, 8/12 yrs, PA
116A-3-3, Dunmire, Harry, 3 yrs, PA
116A-3-3, Dunmire, Ritchard A., 26 yrs, PA
121A-84-84, Edeburn, David, 52 yrs, PA
121A-84-84, Edeburn, Emanuel, 24 yrs, PA
121A-84-84, Edeburn, Hannah, 49 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Evens, Maggie, 20 yrs, PA
118A-31-31, Everhart, A. F., 59 yrs, PA
118A-31-31, Everhart, Caroline, 24 yrs, PA
118A-31-31, Everhart, Susan, 15 yrs, PA
118A-31-31, Everhart, William, 22 yrs, PA
123B-120-120, Fa**tan [Fauntan?, Famtan?, Fannton?], P., 23 yrs, Canada
123A-114-114, Farrel, Eliza, 55 yrs, Ireland
120A-66-66, Farrel, Eva, 2 yrs, PA
123A-114-114, Farrel, Henry, 8 yrs, PA
123A-119-119, Farrel, Hettie, 12 yrs, PA
123A-114-114, Farrel, Jane, 18 yrs, PA
123A-114-114, Farrel, Mary, 16 yrs, PA
123A-114-114, Farrel, Mathew, 22 yrs, Ireland
123A-114-114, Farrel, Mathew, 58 yrs, Ireland
120A-66-66, Farrel, Rosanna, 33 yrs, OH
123A-114-114, Farrel, Thomas, 20 yrs, PA
120A-66-66, Farrel, William, 25 yrs, PA
116A-6-6, Farrell, Anna, 3 yrs, PA
116A-6-6, Farrell, David, 32 yrs, Ireland
116A-6-6, Farrell, Rosanna, 31 yrs, PA
126A-162-159, Findley, Robert, 30 yrs, Scotland
121B-95-95, Finisthwait, Gibson, 22 yrs, DE
121B-95-95, Finisthwait, James, 52 yrs, DE
121B-95-95, Finisthwait, Lovy, 62 yrs, DE
124B-143-141, Flood, Catherine, 40 yrs, Ireland
124B-143-141, Flood, Franics, 45 yrs, Ireland
125B-155-153, Frazier, Horatio, 2/12 yrs, PA
125B-155-153, Frazier, Hysophania, 7 yrs, PA
125B-155-153, Frazier, James H., 18 yrs, PA
125B-155-153, Frazier, John, 43 yrs, PA
125B-155-153, Frazier, John *., 14 yrs, PA
125B-155-153, Frazier, Letha J., 12 yrs, PA
125B-155-153, Frazier, Martha J., 40 yrs, PA
125B-155-153, Frazier, Martha M., 17 yrs, PA
125B-155-153, Frazier, McClelan, 5 yrs, PA
125B-157-154, Gard, Clara, 5 yrs, PA
125B-157-154, Gard, Mary, 29 yrs, MD
125B-157-154, Gard, Michael, 35 yrs, Ireland
122A-103-103, Garrel, Annie M., 18 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Garrel, Charles F., 11 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Garrel, George H., 6 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Garrel, Mathew J., 14 yrs, PA
126A-167-164, Gear, Calvin S., 20 yrs, PA
126A-167-164, Gear, Frank, 7 yrs, PA
126A-167-164, Gear, Ida, 2 yrs, PA
126A-167-164, Gear, Josiah, 43 yrs, PA
126A-167-164, Gear, Mariah, 36 yrs, PA
126A-167-164, Gear, Mary, 14 yrs, PA
126A-167-164, Gear, Oliver, 4 yrs, PA
122B-107-107, Gilbert, William, 26 yrs, PA
117B-24-24, Gilchrist, James, 30 yrs, Scotland
117B-24-24, Gilchrist, John, 32 yrs, Scotland
122A-97-97, Gillilam, David, 44 yrs, PA
122A-97-97, Gillilam, Emily, 33 yrs, PA
122A-97-97, Gillilam, John, 2 yrs, PA
123B-120-120, Gorman, Michael, 25 yrs, PA
126A-162-159, Gow, William, 29 yrs, Scotland
116B-10-10, Grace, Charles, 6 yrs, PA
116B-10-10, Grace, Curtus V., 15 yrs, PA
116B-10-10, Grace, Edward H., 8 yrs, PA
116B-10-10, Grace, Frank, 12 yrs, PA
116B-10-10, Grace, H. L., 37 yrs, PA
116B-10-10, Grace, Teresa V., 37 yrs, PA
116A-4-4, Green, B. W., 32 yrs, PA
116A-4-4, Green, Callie, 23 yrs, PA
116A-4-4, Green, Catherine, 60 yrs, PA
116A-4-4, Green, Ella, 3 yrs, PA
116A-4-4, Green, M. J., 24 yrs, PA
116A-4-4, Green, Willie, 5/12 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Gumfrey, George, 5 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Gumfrey, James, 6 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Gumfrey, Kate, 8 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Gumfrey, Leota, 1 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Gumfrey, Mariah, 27 yrs, England
122B-105-105, Gumfrey, Viola, 3 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Gumfrey, William, 9 yrs, PA
122B-105-105, Gumfrey, William, 29 yrs, PA
117B-25-25, Gundy, Angeline, 26 yrs, OH
120B-76-76, Gundy, Catherine, 40 yrs, PA
117B-25-25, Gundy, Charles E., 7 yrs, OH
119A-51-51, Gundy, Fredy, 3 yrs, PA
117B-26-26, Gundy, H. B., 42 yrs, PA
120B-76-76, Gundy, Ida, 10 yrs, PA
117B-26-26, Gundy, Jacob, 42 yrs, PA
117B-26-26, Gundy, James S., 16 yrs, PA
119A-51-51, Gundy, John, 24 yrs, PA
127A-179-176, Gundy, Joseph, 29 yrs, PA
120B-76-76, Gundy, Letha, 7 yrs, PA
127A-179-176, Gundy, Lucy Ann, 28 yrs, PA
119A-51-51, Gundy, Malissa, 23 yrs, PA
117B-26-26, Gundy, Marshal, 6 yrs, PA
120B-76-76, Gundy, Petter, 47 yrs, PA
117B-25-25, Gundy, R. E., 34 yrs, PA
124A-129-127, Hagarty, Maggie J., 2/12 yrs, PA
121B-92-92, Hanckinberg, J. B., 30 yrs, PA
121B-92-92, Hanckinberg, Rachel, 23 yrs, PA
126B-175-172, Harrington, Alonzo, 27 yrs, PA
127A-178-175, Harriss, James, 22 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Haul , Margaret, 13 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Hays, Ann, 43 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Hays, Eta E., 2 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Hays, John Calvin, 17 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Hays, Leander, 10 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Hays, Minnie Bell, 6 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Hays, Ruheme A., 13 yrs, PA
122A-100-100, Hays, Wm E., 43 yrs, NY
126B-174-171, Haywood, George, 18 yrs, PA
117A-21-21, Henderson, Charles M., 16 yrs, PA
117A-21-21, Henderson, Clarence, 15 yrs, PA
117A-21-21, Henderson, Laura, 12 yrs, PA
117A-21-21, Henderson, Rebeck, 45 yrs, PA
117A-21-21, Henderson, William A., 18 yrs, PA
126A-163-160, Hess, Casper, 18 yrs, Baden
126A-163-160, Hess, Cris, 22 yrs, Baden
123B-126-125, Hewitt, Balinda, 28 yrs, PA
123B-126-125, Hewitt, Clara E., 5 yrs, PA
123B-126-125, Hewitt, Samuel, 33 yrs, PA
123B-126-125, Hewitt, William H., 3 yrs, PA
118B-40-40, Hillier, J. W., 31 yrs, PA
118B-40-40, Hillier, Sarah E., 28 yrs, PA
117B-27-27, Hilterbran, P. J., 20 yrs, PA
120A-63-63, Holibaugh, Joseph, 60 yrs, PA
120A-63-63, Holibaugh, Martha, 70 yrs, PA
120A-63-63, Holibaugh, Rachel M., 40 yrs, PA
117A-24-24, Horner, H. H., 19 yrs, PA
117B-24-24, Houston, Sarah, 40 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Hull, Wm Budd, 19 yrs, PA
120B-80-80, Jackson, M. A., 31 yrs, OH
120B-80-80, Jackson, R. W., 40 yrs, PA
119A-46-46, Johnson, E. T. , 27 yrs, PA
119A-46-46, Johnson, G. A., 17 yrs, PA
119A-46-46, Johnson, J. *. [J. W. or J. M.], 27 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Johnson, Mollie, 16 yrs, PA
116B-14-14, Johnson, Nancy A., 37 yrs, PA
116B-14-14, Johnson, Rusell B., 5 yrs, PA
116B-14-14, Johnson, Sheldon B., 10 yrs, PA
116B-14-14, Johnson, W. R., 48 yrs, NY
119A-46-46, Johnson, W. W., 2 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Jones, A. T. Stewart, 6/12 yrs, PA
117B-24-24, Jones, Alice, 19 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Jones, Charlie Wats, 2 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Jones, Fred John, 10 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Jones, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Jones, Nancy A., 22 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Jones, Nannie Clarie, 6 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Jones, Wm, 43 yrs, PA
117B-28-28, Jones, Wm Harry, 8 yrs, PA
120A-69-69, Kasey, Catherine, 51 yrs, Ireland
124B-141-139, Kelley, Christopher, 12 yrs, PA
124B-141-139, Kelley, Harrison, 20 yrs, PA
124B-141-139, Kelley, Mary M., 15 yrs, PA
124B-141-139, Kelley, Nancy, 51 yrs, PA
124B-141-139, Kelley, Richard F., 10 yrs, PA
124B-141-139, Kelley, Thomas, 17 yrs, PA
125B-160-157, Kelly, David, 78 yrs, PA
126A-168-165, Kelly, Jane, 19 yrs, PA
126A-168-165, Kelly, John **. [possibly John Jr. or John Wm. ], 43 yrs, PA
125B-160-157, Kelly, Martha, 70 yrs, PA
120B-78-78, Kemmuir, Andrew, 40 yrs, Scotland
120B-78-78, Kemmuir, Elizabeth, 2/12 yrs, PA
120B-78-78, Kemmuir, Ellen, 27 yrs, Ireland
120B-78-78, Kemmuir, James, 4 yrs, PA
120B-78-78, Kemmuir, Mary, 3 yrs, PA
120B-78-78, Kemmuir, Robert, 5 yrs, PA
120B-78-78, Kemmuir, Thomas, 8 yrs, PA
126B-172-169, Kemp, E. C., 38 yrs, MD
126B-172-169, Kemp, E. J., 32 yrs, PA
126B-172-169, Kemp, Harriet B., 13 yrs, PA
126B-172-169, Kemp, Harvey D., 9 yrs, PA
126B-172-169, Kemp, Nellie M., 3 yrs, PA
126B-173-170, Ken** [Kermp?, Kennss?, Kenup?], Eddy Guy, 1 yrs, PA
126B-173-170, Ken** [Kermp?, Kennss?, Kenup?], Elizabeth, 63 yrs, MD
126B-173-170, Ken** [Kermp?, Kennss?, Kenup?], Malissa J., 32 yrs, PA
126B-173-170, Ken** [Kermp?, Kennss?, Kenup?], R. C., 36 yrs, PA
126B-173-170, Ken** [Kermp?, Kennss?, Kenup?], Warren, 3 yrs, PA
126B-173-170, Ken** [Kermp?, Kennss?, Kenup?], Willis Clark, 12 yrs, PA
117A-24-24, Keyser, Dr., 35 yrs, PA
119A-52-52, Kimell, Mary, 20 yrs, PA
125B-158-155, Kin*y* [Kinsyl?], Cornelia, 45 yrs, OH
125B-158-155, Kin*y* [Kinsyl?], Johny, 3 yrs, PA
125B-158-155, Kin*y* [Kinsyl?], Sylvester, 17 yrs, PA
120B-74-74, King, Angelia, 25 yrs, PA
120B-74-74, King, Benj. G., 36 yrs, PA
118A-33-33, King, Catherin, 25 yrs, OH
118A-33-33, King, Charles, 9 yrs, PA
117A-20-20, King, Clarissa, 15 yrs, OH
120B-74-74, King, Fredy B., 1 yrs, PA
118A-33-33, King, Homer T., 33 yrs, OH
117A-20-20, King, John M., 47 yrs, OH
120B-74-74, King, Minnie May, 5 yrs, PA
120B-74-74, King, Peresie J., 3 yrs, PA
117A-20-20, King, Rachel, 45 yrs, OH
117A-20-20, King, Richard, 20 yrs, OH
116B-12-12, Kinipp, Charles H., 6 yrs, PA
116B-12-12, Kinipp, Joseph, 29 yrs, Prussia
116B-12-12, Kinipp, Martha, 34 yrs, NY
116B-12-12, Kinipp, Mary Jane, 3 yrs, PA
123B-128-126, Knghler, Charles W. H., 15 yrs, PA
123B-128-126, Knghler, H. A., 37 yrs, PA
123B-128-126, Knghler, J. S., 37 yrs, PA
123B-128-126, Knghler, Mary E., 12 yrs, NY
123B-124-124, Landower, Saml, 28 yrs, Wertemburg
122B-107-107, Lang, Gerrad, 36 yrs, PA
122B-107-107, Lang, Nancy, 44 yrs, PA
123A-116-116, Law, Luvisa, 26 yrs, PA
123A-116-116, Law, Ritichard, 27 yrs, PA
124A-135-133, Leisure, Mary, 74 yrs, PA
117B-27-27, Lese, D. W., 35 yrs, PA
117B-27-27, Lese, Oliver E., 9 yrs, PA
117B-27-27, Lese, S. C., 29 yrs, PA
117B-27-27, Lese, Thadius Stephen, 4 yrs, PA
118B-43-43, Levingston, Alfred, 21 yrs, PA
118B-43-43, Levingston, James B., 42 yrs, PA
118B-43-43, Levingston, Rachel F., 29 yrs, PA
127A-178-175, Lewis, Clarissa, 37 yrs, PA
118A-35-35, Lewis, Erastus B., 11 yrs, OH
127A-178-175, Lewis, Fannie, 10 yrs, PA
127A-178-175, Lewis, Leander, 16 yrs, PA
126B-178-175, Lewis, Morison W., 45 yrs, PA
127A-178-175, Lewis, Sarah B., 5 yrs, PA
127A-178-175, Lewis, Thomas R., 16 yrs, PA
124A-134-132, Leylla, Ann, 41 yrs, PA
124A-134-132, Leylla, Emma, 12 yrs, PA
124A-134-132, Leylla, Frank, 16 yrs, PA
124A-134-132, Leylla, James, 44 yrs, PA
124A-134-132, Leylla, Joseph, 7 yrs, PA
121B-94-94, Lilley, George W., 28 yrs, OH
121B-94-94, Lilley, Joseph, 1 yrs, PA
121B-94-94, Lilley, Susan, 21 yrs, PA
116A-7-7, Lineberger, Augustus C., 23 yrs, PA
116A-7-7, Lineberger, Caroline, 47 yrs, PA
116A-7-7, Lineberger, Charles, 20 yrs, PA
116A-7-7, Lineberger, Johnathan, 53 yrs, PA
116A-7-7, Lineberger, Lester, 25 yrs, PA
116A-7-7, Lineberger, Willie, 5 yrs, PA
118A-30-30, Little, Joseph, 40 yrs, PA
124B-146-144, Long, Charles, 45 yrs, Bavaria
124B-146-144, Long, Eliza, 40 yrs, Ireland
124B-146-144, Long, Ester, 15 yrs, PA
124B-146-144, Long, Mary, 11 yrs, PA
124B-146-144, Long, Rhoda, 13 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Love, D. L. J., 4 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Love, James, 47 yrs, PA
118B-39-39, Love, James W., 24 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Love, Jane, 37 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Love, L. A., 8/12 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Love, S. L., 7 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Love, S. M., 16 yrs, PA
118B-39-39, Love, Sarah E., 22 yrs, PA
123A-113-113, Lucas, Ida, 58 yrs, OH
123A-113-113, Lucas, S. C., 60 yrs, OH
124A-135-133, Lyons, John E., 37 yrs, PA
123A-113-113, Lyons, Joseph, 12 yrs, PA
124A-135-133, Lyons, Mary Lidist, 3/12 yrs, PA
124A-135-133, Lyons, Permilia, 29 yrs, PA
124A-135-133, Lyons, Siera Navada, 4 yrs, PA
126B-176-173, Lytle, Burnetta, 22 yrs, PA
121B-91-91, Lytle, Charley W., 10 yrs, PA
120A-67-67, Lytle, Edith, 2 yrs, PA
121B-91-91, Lytle, J. S., 60 yrs, PA
120A-67-67, Lytle, John, 24 yrs, PA
126B-176-173, Lytle, Johnathan, 23 yrs, PA
121B-91-91, Lytle, Lease Ida, 25 yrs, PA
123B-120-120, Lytle, Mary, 58 yrs, KY
121B-91-91, Lytle, Mary E., 51 yrs, VA
120A-67-67, Lytle, Sarah, 22 yrs, PA
121B-91-91, Lytle, Seth Leetwood, 14 yrs, PA
123B-120-120, Lytle, Spender, 60 yrs, OH
119B-61-61, Mabe** [probably "Mabery"], Beulah R., 7 yrs, PA
119B-61-61, Mabe** [probably "Mabery"], Elizabeth May, 4 yrs, PA
119B-61-61, Mabe** [probably "Mabery"], John Henry, 2 yrs, PA
119B-61-61, Mabe** [probably "Mabery"], Samuel, 42 yrs, PA
119B-61-61, Mabe** [probably "Mabery"], Sarah, 31 yrs, PA
119B-61-61, Mabe** [probably "Mabery"], Willis, 6/12 yrs, PA
125B-159-156, Mahan, Eliza, 8 yrs, NY
125B-159-156, Mahan, Johny, 3 yrs, PA
125B-159-156, Mahan, Katie, 1 yrs, PA
125B-159-156, Mahan, Mary, 28 yrs, Ireland
125B-159-156, Mahan, Mary E., 5 yrs, PA
125B-159-156, Mahan, Turns, 35 yrs, Ireland
123B-119-119, Manly, Alderman, 19 yrs, PA
118A-30-30, Markle, Mary, 23 yrs, PA
119A-54-54, Martin, David, 67 yrs, Ireland
119A-54-54, Martin, Margaret, 66 yrs, Ireland
126B-172-169, Marvery, Sade, 18 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Mason, William, 22 yrs, PA
119B-54-54, Mastler, Lemuel, 28 yrs, PA
126B-177-174, Mathers, Fred, 45 yrs, PA
126B-177-174, Mathers, Mary, 6 yrs, PA
124B-145-143, Mayer, Julia, 23 yrs, PA
124B-145-143, Mayer, Mary Ellen, 2/12 yrs, PA
124B-145-143, Mayer, Wesly, 29 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, McBride, J. W., 11 yrs, PA
117B-25-25, McBride, James, 36 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, McBride, John, 32 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, McBride, L. E., 29 yrs, OH
121A-82-82, McBride, Matilda, 40 yrs, PA
120B-75-75, McBride, W. S. G., 5 yrs, PA
126A-166-163, McBureny, Bessie, 25 yrs, Ireland
126A-166-163, McBureny, Clara, 5 yrs, PA
126A-166-163, McBureny, Hellen, 1 yrs, PA
126A-166-163, McBureny, James K., 26 yrs, PA
120A-70-70, McCall, Ada, 12 yrs, PA
120A-70-70, McCall, Eva, 12 yrs, PA
120A-70-70, McCall, John, 59 yrs, OH
120A-70-70, McCall, Mary, 17 yrs, PA
120A-70-70, McCall, Mary Ann, 54 yrs, PA
120A-70-70, McCall, Matilda, 18 yrs, PA
120A-70-70, McCall, William, 16 yrs, PA
116A-6-6, McCane, Sarah J., 22 yrs, PA
124A-132-130, McCartys, Elizabeth, 47 yrs, RI
124A-132-130, McCartys, Wm, 49 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, McClain, Clark Wm, 3 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, McClain, Hannah N., 10 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, McClain, James, 1/12 yrs, PA
121B-88-88, McClain, Jamse Sen, 28 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, McClain, Laura, 37 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, McClain, Mary A., 8 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, McClain, Robert M., 5 yrs, PA
121A-88-88, McClain, Saml, 36 yrs, PA
119B-59-59, McConnell, George H., 32 yrs, PA
119B-59-59, McConnell, Rilla, 23 yrs, PA
119B-59-59, McConnell, Warren E., 10/12 yrs, PA
119B-58-58, McCormac, Catherine, 47 yrs, Ireland
119B-58-58, McCormac, Mary, 16 yrs, MA
121A-83-83, McCreary, Anna, 49 yrs, OH
121A-83-83, McCreary, David, 51 yrs, PA
121A-83-83, McCreary, David A., 13 yrs, PA
121A-83-83, McCreary, Fannie E., 11 yrs, PA
121A-83-83, McCreary, John W., 21 yrs, PA
121A-83-83, McCreary, Laura J., 18 yrs, PA
125B-162-159, McDanald, Anna, 14 yrs, Scotland
125B-162-159, McDanald, Donald, 11 yrs, Scotland
125B-162-159, McDanald, James, 60 yrs, Scotland
126A-162-159, McDanald, James Jr., 5 yrs, PA
125B-162-159, McDanald, Mary, 36 yrs, Scotland
125B-162-159, McDanald, Mary Jr., 16 yrs, Scotland
126A-162-159, McDanald, Sarah, 1 yrs, PA
125B-162-159, McDanald, William, 7 yrs, Scotland
117A-23-23, McDermit, Hettie May, 3/12 yrs, OH
117A-23-23, McDermit, Minnie Amras, 5 yrs, OH
117A-23-23, McDermit, Rebeckah, 28 yrs, PA
117A-23-23, McDermit, T. W., 31 yrs, OH
117A-23-23, McDermit, Wm Thomas, 2 yrs, OH
117A-17-17, McEntire, Jennie, 20 yrs, PA
124A-130-128, McFarlan, Alice, 11 yrs, PA
124A-130-128, McFarlan, Mary, 43 yrs, OH
126B-174-171, McFarland, Mary, 22 yrs, PA
116B-9-9, McGrady, Anna, 4 yrs, PA
116B-9-9, McGrady, D. W., 29 yrs, PA
116B-9-9, McGrady, Lizzie, 23 yrs, PA
126B-174-171, McIntirer, Anna, 16 yrs, PA
123A-118-118, McNabb, A. C., 38 yrs, OH
123A-118-118, McNabb, Anna Mariah, 23 yrs, MD
123A-118-118, McNabb, D. C., 11 yrs, PA
123A-118-118, McNabb, Fred, 8 yrs, PA
123A-118-118, McNabb, Rosa, 16 yrs, OH
120B-77-77, Means, Frank, 25 yrs, PA
125A-149-147, Mercer, Frank, 1 yrs, PA
125A-149-147, Mercer, John, 30 yrs, PA
125A-149-147, Mercer, Margaret, 8 yrs, PA
125A-149-147, Mercer, Mary, 30 yrs, PA
121B-95-95, Meseck, Minis, 52 yrs, DE
123A-117-117, Michael, J. W., 25 yrs, PA
116A-1-1, Milegan, T. S., 27 yrs, OH
123B-129-127, Miles, Alice, 11 yrs, PA
123B-129-127, Miles, Clara, 12 yrs, PA
123B-129-127, Miles, Jennie, 18 yrs, PA
123B-129-127, Miles, John, 16 yrs, PA
123B-129-127, Miles, Nancy, 14 yrs, PA
123B-129-127, Miles, Rebeckah, 42 yrs, PA
123B-129-127, Miles, Thomas M., 47 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Miller, E. C., 23 yrs, PA
124B-146-144, Miller, George, 30 yrs, PA
125A-146-144, Miller, Joseph, 25 yrs, Wertemburg
124A-133-131, Miller, Lewis, 28 yrs, Bavaria
122A-101-101, Miller, M. E., 2/12 yrs, PA
122A-101-101, Miller, N. J., 23 yrs, PA
117A-20-20, Mitcheltree, Rachel, 73 yrs, DC
118A-32-32, Morrison, W. W., 27 yrs, PA
122B-109-109, Morton , Julia B., 20 yrs, PA
123B-124-124, Moser, Arminta E., 11 yrs, PA
123B-124-124, Moser, Florence, 1 yrs, PA
123B-124-124, Moser, H. J., 40 yrs, Wertemburg
123B-124-124, Moser, Ida H., 14 yrs, PA
123B-124-124, Moser, Leonora, 7 yrs, PA
123B-124-124, Moser, Mary, 34 yrs, Wertemburg
117B-24-24, Munson, George, 28 yrs, Scotland
125A-150-148, Musser, Nancy A., 28 yrs, PA
125A-150-148, Musser, Samuel, 25 yrs, PA
119A-50-50, Newkirk, Charley, 7 yrs, PA
126B-174-171, Newkirk, Christine, 50 yrs, PA
119A-50-50, Newkirk, Henry H., 31 yrs, PA
126B-174-171, Newkirk, James Alfred, 14 yrs, PA
126B-174-171, Newkirk, John S., 40 yrs, PA
126B-174-171, Newkirk, Luisa Clara, 10 yrs, PA
126B-174-171, Newkirk, Mary E., 2 yrs, PA
126B-174-171, Newkirk, Mary E., 35 yrs, PA
121A-87-87, Newkirk, Stewart, 17 yrs, PA
126B-174-171, Newkirk, Tirza, 12 yrs, PA
119A-50-50, Newkirk, Victoria, 28 yrs, PA
122B-103-103, OLary, Michael, 19 yrs, Ireland
122B-108-108, Parsh, Adam, 26 yrs, Prusia
122B-108-108, Parsh, Elizabeth, 24 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Parsh, John Calvin, 3 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Parsh, Katy Ann, 5 yrs, PA
122B-108-108, Parsh, William A., 1 yrs, PA
119B-56-56, Parshall, Ema, 16 yrs, PA
119B-56-56, Parshall, Harry, 9 yrs, PA
119B-56-56, Parshall, Rebeckah, 43 yrs, PA
119B-56-56, Parshall, Samuel, 43 yrs, PA
122A-103-103, Patton, Franklin, 21 yrs, PA
126A-162-159, Paw [Pew?], Alexander, 18 yrs, Scotland
126A-162-159, Paw [Pew?], William, 20 yrs, Scotland
116A-1-1, Penman, Sarah, 21 yrs, Scotland
122B-106-106, Perry, Edward, 53 yrs, England
122B-106-106, Perry, Nancy A., 39 yrs, PA
116B-11-11, Petigrew, J. S., 54 yrs, PA
116B-11-11, Petigrew, Margaret, 45 yrs, OH
117B-28-28, Philips, Mary, 16 yrs, Scotland
123B-123-123, Pike, Charles, 21 yrs, OH
123B-123-123, Pike, Joseph, 23 yrs, OH
123A-115-115, Pool, Dillan Angela, 2 yrs, PA
123A-115-115, Pool, Elizabeth, 27 yrs, England
123A-115-115, Pool, Passer, 29 yrs, PA
118A-32-32, Porter, A. W., 33 yrs, PA
118A-36-36, Porter, Ella M., 19 yrs, PA
119B-57-57, Porter, Ester, 71 yrs, PA
118A-36-36, Porter, John, 1/12 yrs, PA
118A-36-36, Porter, John W., 33 yrs, PA
117A-19-19, Powell, F. M., 32 yrs, PA
117A-19-19, Powell, Harriet L., 30 yrs, PA
117A-19-19, Powell, Harriet L. J., 7 yrs, PA
117A-19-19, Powell, Horatio N., 6 yrs, PA
117A-19-19, Powell, John E., 2 yrs, PA
117A-19-19, Powell, Sarah E., 3 yrs, PA
117A-19-19, Powell, Wm S., 33 yrs, MD
123A-118-118, Ralstin, Seth, 17 yrs, PA
119A-52-52, Randal, Charley, 9 yrs, PA
119A-52-52, Randal, Harratio, 6 yrs, PA
119A-52-52, Randal, Harry W., 12 yrs, PA
119A-52-52, Randal, J. S., 40 yrs, OH
119A-52-52, Randal, Sarah J., 33 yrs, PA
121B-89-89, Randall, Ada, 9 yrs, PA
121B-89-89, Randall, Albert E., 12 yrs, PA
121B-89-89, Randall, Leah, 42 yrs, PA
121B-89-89, Randall, Robt, 40 yrs, England
121B-89-89, Randall, Wm, 7 yrs, PA
125A-153-151, Rankin, Adam F., 7 yrs, PA
125A-153-151, Rankin, James W., 5 yrs, PA
125A-153-151, Rankin, Joseph, 35 yrs, PA
125A-153-151, Rankin, Maggie M., 2 yrs, PA
125A-153-151, Rankin, R chel, 35 yrs, PA
125A-153-151, Rankin, West Anna, 15 yrs, PA
120B-77-77, Ray, John, 45 yrs, Ireland
125B-161-158, Rayan, Bridget, 40 yrs, Ireland
125B-161-158, Rayan, Catherine, 13 yrs, PA
125B-161-158, Rayan, Eliza, 17 yrs, PA
125B-161-158, Rayan, John, 60 yrs, Ireland
125B-161-158, Rayan, Johny, 15 yrs, PA
125B-161-158, Rayan, Julia, 9 yrs, PA
119B-58-58, Rayan, Katie, 12 yrs, PA
118B-37-37, Rayen, Charles, 10 yrs, PA
118A-37-37, Rayen, Emily, 36 yrs, OH
118A-37-37, Rayen, Isac, 43 yrs, OH
118B-37-37, Rayen, John Frank, 14 yrs, PA
118B-37-37, Rayen, Marion, 5 yrs, PA
127A-178-175, Rebole, John, 23 yrs, Bavaria
125A-151-149, Reed, Anna, 8 yrs, PA
116B-8-8, Reed, Blle, 35 yrs, PA
125A-151-149, Reed, E. T., 33 yrs, PA
125A-151-149, Reed, Ella, 7 yrs, PA
125A-151-149, Reed, Faletus, 9 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Reed, Frank M., 8 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Reed, Freddie, 2 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Reed, J. W., 29 yrs, PA
116B-8-8, Reed, Julia, 47 yrs, PA
125A-151-149, Reed, Malissa, 33 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Reed, Mary, 6 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Reed, Matilda, 3 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Reed, Matilda Jane, 28 yrs, PA
125A-151-149, Reed, Maud, 5 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Reed, Prim*ose H., 12 yrs, PA
125A-151-149, Reed, Ruphus, 3 yrs, PA
116B-8-8, Reed, Sarah J., 40 yrs, PA
121A-82-82, Reed, Wm D., 10 yrs, PA
126B-171-168, Reynolds, Bridget, 27 yrs, Ireland
126B-171-168, Reynolds, Edward, 8 yrs, England
126B-171-168, Reynolds, Lizzie, 6 yrs, England
126B-171-168, Reynolds, Martin, 33 yrs, Ireland
126B-171-168, Reynolds, Willie, 2 yrs, PA
119B-60-60, Rice, Albert, 24 yrs, PA
119B-60-60, Rice, George Albert, 4 yrs, PA
119B-60-60, Rice, Sarah Ann, 24 yrs, NJ
119B-60-60, Rice, Thomas, 27 yrs, PA
117A-20-20, Richie, Elizabeth, 15 yrs, DC
118B-43-43, Riddle, Anna, 15 yrs, PA
118B-44-44, Risher, Amanda J., 11 yrs, PA
124A-131-129, Risher, B. B., 2 yrs, PA
124A-131-129, Risher, C. A., 22 yrs, PA
118B-44-44, Risher, Cordelias, 28 yrs, PA
124A-137-135, Risher, J. T., 43 yrs, PA
124A-137-135, Risher, Luvica, 37 yrs, OH
118B-44-44, Risher, Marvin B., 13 yrs, PA
124A-131-129, Risher, Samuel B., 26 yrs, PA
118B-44-44, Risher, W. W., 39 yrs, PA
118B-44-44, Risher, Willie R., 5 yrs, PA
124A-136-134, Roberts, David T., 22 yrs, OH
116B-15-15, Robison, Emma E., 22 yrs, PA
116B-15-15, Robison, S. S., 27 yrs, PA
116B-13-13, Rose, Horace, 16 yrs, PA
116B-13-13, Rose, J. C., 49 yrs, PA
116B-13-13, Rose, James B., 12 yrs, PA
116B-13-13, Rose, M. A., 48 yrs, PA
116B-13-13, Rose, Rinaldo, 21 yrs, PA
116B-13-13, Rose, William, 14 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Russell, Frank M., 4 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Russell, Fred Akin, 1 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Russell, Joseph W., 32 yrs, PA
121A-86-86, Russell, Menerva J., 27 yrs, PA
126A-164-161, Rutrough, Elihigh, 25 yrs, PA
126A-164-161, Rutrough, Elizabeth J., 25 yrs, PA
126A-164-161, Rutrough, Ida May, 8/12 yrs, PA
118A-30-30, Satterfield, Elissa, 50 yrs, PA
118A-30-30, Satterfield, Frank, 11 yrs, PA
118A-30-30, Satterfield, Fred, 8 yrs, PA
118A-30-30, Satterfield, Sarah, 26 yrs, PA
117A-18-18, Satterfield, Sarah, 33 yrs, PA
117A-22-22, Scott, Amand, 22 yrs, OH
117A-22-22, Scott, D. W., 29 yrs, PA
117A-18-18, Scovill, Vina, 17 yrs, OH
125A-154-152, Seam , Mary E., 4 yrs, PA
125A-154-152, Seam , Sarah Jane, 22 yrs, PA
125A-154-152, Seam , Simeon, 24 yrs, PA
118B-40-40, Shafer, Anna, 16 yrs, PA
120B-79-79, Shafer, Catherine, 19 yrs, PA
120B-79-79, Shafer, John, 77 yrs, Baden
120B-79-79, Shafer, John Jr., 13 yrs, PA
120B-79-79, Shafer, Terasie, 45 yrs, Baden
120B-79-79, Shafer, Terasie Jr., 17 yrs, PA
124B-144-142, Smith, Arvilla, 33 yrs, PA
124B-142-140, Smith, Catherine, 8 yrs, PA
124B-142-140, Smith, Eliza A., 13 yrs, PA
124B-144-142, Smith, Exelona, 7 yrs, PA
124B-142-140, Smith, James, 17 yrs, PA
124B-144-142, Smith, Jane, 12 yrs, PA
124B-142-140, Smith, Jenett, 2 yrs, PA
124B-144-142, Smith, John, 4 yrs, PA
124B-142-140, Smith, John, 6 yrs, PA
124B-142-140, Smith, John, 53 yrs, PA
124B-144-142, Smith, John R., 34 yrs, PA
124B-142-140, Smith, Luvina, 36 yrs, PA
124B-144-142, Smith, Millie, 1 yrs, PA
124B-144-142, Smith, Sarah, 9 yrs, PA
123A-112-112, Smyth, Charles, 23 yrs, Scotland
123A-112-112, Smyth, Jane, 23 yrs, Scotland
126A-162-159, Snedon, Jenett, 23 yrs, Scotland
126A-162-159, Snedon, Wm, 26 yrs, Scotland
126B-170-167, Sneither, Lizzie, 9 yrs, PA
126B-170-167, Sneither, Maggie, 1 yrs, PA
126A-170-167, Sneither, Mary, 30 yrs, PA
126A-170-167, Sneither, Salamon, 29 yrs, PA
127A-180-177, Snodgrass, Herick, 26 yrs, PA
127A-180-177, Snodgrass, Wm, 28 yrs, PA
125A-152-150, Snyder, Ellen, 24 yrs, PA
125A-152-150, Snyder, Jacob, 20 yrs, PA
125A-152-150, Snyder, James, 4 yrs, PA
125A-152-150, Snyder, Johny, 2 yrs, PA
125A-152-150, Snyder, Sophronia, 2/12 yrs, PA
125A-152-150, Snyder, Wm, 29 yrs, PA
123B-121-121, Stamp, Anna E., 5 yrs, PA
123B-121-121, Stamp, Charles H., 2/12 yrs, PA
123B-121-121, Stamp, Nancy, 24 yrs, PA
123B-121-121, Stamp, Warren, 23 yrs, PA
118B-41-41, Steen, Am*a Laura, 6/12 yrs, PA
118B-41-41, Steen, Amanda, 23 yrs, OH
118B-41-41, Steen, James Lewis, 16 yrs, PA
118B-41-41, Steen, John, 41 yrs, PA
118B-41-41, Steen, John Thompson, 16 yrs, PA
118B-41-41, Steen, William Rasty, 14 yrs, PA
122B-109-109, Stephenson, Elmyra, 47 yrs, OH
122B-109-109, Stephenson, John, 43 yrs, Ireland
121B-90-90, Steward, Amanda, 25 yrs, VA
121B-90-90, Steward, Mathew, 39 yrs, PA
121B-90-90, Steward, Rebeckah, 9/12 yrs, PA
121B-90-90, Steward, Samantha, 7 yrs, PA
121B-90-90, Steward, Willie, 2 yrs, PA
119A-47-47, Stewart, Anna J., 15 yrs, PA
119A-53-53, Stewart, Charles, 8/12 yrs, PA
119A-47-47, Stewart, Fannie, 12 yrs, PA
119A-53-53, Stewart, James Mitchel, 7 yrs, PA
119A-53-53, Stewart, James S., 39 yrs, PA
119A-47-47, Stewart, Mariah H., 43 yrs, PA
119A-47-47, Stewart, Robert, 49 yrs, PA
119A-47-47, Stewart, Robert E., 10 yrs, PA
119A-53-53, Stewart, Sarah J., 31 yrs, IL
119A-53-53, Stewart, Thomas John, 2 yrs, PA
123A-111-111, Stowell, Anna Mary, 9 yrs, PA
123A-111-111, Stowell, Eliza J., 39 yrs, PA
123A-111-111, Stowell, James, 13 yrs, PA
122B-111-111, Stowell, Jasper, 70 yrs, VT
123A-111-111, Stowell, Thomas, 11 yrs, PA
118B-38-38, Suits, Adie A., 22 yrs, OH
118B-38-38, Suits, Chancy G., 27 yrs, OH
118B-38-38, Suits, Charley G., 3 yrs, MI
124A-137-135, Swager, Austy, 17 yrs, OH
124A-136-134, Tate, George E., 17 yrs, OH
120B-72-72, Tate, Jamie R., 4/12 yrs, PA
120A-72-72, Tate, Jane, 28 yrs, Scotland
124A-136-134, Tate, Liddie Ann, 29 yrs, OH
124A-136-134, Tate, Lidie, 59 yrs, PA
120A-72-72, Tate, Maggie F., 2 yrs, PA
124A-136-134, Tate, Robert, 56 yrs, PA
120A-72-72, Tate, Robert J., 40 yrs, VA
117A-24-24, Tayler, Samuel, 21 yrs, Wales
120A-65-65, Taylor, James, 24 yrs, PA
120A-65-65, Taylor, Josephine, 16 yrs, PA
117A-24-24, Thomas, Charles, 21 yrs, PA
125B-158-155, Thompson, Drusilla, 20 yrs, PA
125B-158-155, Thompson, infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
125B-158-155, Thompson, Peter, 31 yrs, OH
117A-23-23, Thorn, Anna, 21 yrs, PA
116A-5-5, Truxel, Clara Emma, 1 yrs, PA
116A-5-5, Truxel, Elizabeth, 28 yrs, PA
116A-5-5, Truxel, J. D., 28 yrs, PA
116A-5-5, Truxel, Kittie May, 3 yrs, PA
116A-5-5, Truxel, William, 4 yrs, PA
126A-169-166, Uncafer, Amanda, 18 yrs, PA
126A-169-166, Uncafer, John, 54 yrs, PA
126A-169-166, Uncafer, Simeon, 22 yrs, PA
124B-139-137, Vanhorn, Anna, 9 yrs, PA
124B-139-137, Vanhorn, Charlott, 13 yrs, PA
124A-139-137, Vanhorn, Emma, 16 yrs, PA
124A-139-137, Vanhorn, John, 36 yrs, PA
124A-139-137, Vanhorn, Mary, 40 yrs, PA
119A-45-45, Vanhorn, Ross, 18 yrs, PA
118A-34-34, Veach, Clara P., 5 yrs, PA
116A-2-2, Veach, Clyde C., 8 yrs, PA
116A-2-2, Veach, Elizabeth, 26 yrs, PA
116A-2-2, Veach, Frank Irvin, 1 yrs, PA
116A-2-2, Veach, George C., 38 yrs, OH
118A-34-34, Veach, Hiram, 39 yrs, OH
124A-133-131, Veach, J. M., 27 yrs, OH
124A-133-131, Veach, J. W., 68 yrs, OH
116A-2-2, Veach, John W., 4 yrs, PA
117A-17-17, Veach, M. E., 35 yrs, PA
124A-133-131, Veach, M. M., 21 yrs, OH
116B-11-11, Veach, Mary, 26 yrs, OH
118A-34-34, Veach, Mira, 26 yrs, PA
124A-133-131, Veach, Terza, 67 yrs, Ireland
116A-2-2, Veach, Vincent B., 6 yrs, PA
117A-17-17, Veach, W. H., 36 yrs, OH
117B-24-24, Walker, George, 28 yrs, Scotland
121B-88-88, Wallace, Jennie, 21 yrs, Scotland
123B-124-124, Ward, Ella, 25 yrs, PA
121A-85-85, Warren, Albert E., 7/12 yrs, PA
121A-85-85, Warren, H. N., 31 yrs, NY
121A-85-85, Warren, Mary M., 26 yrs, PA
122B-110-110, Webster, A. E., 37 yrs, OH
122B-110-110, Webster, Carry Blanch, 3 yrs, PA
122B-110-110, Webster, Clarence, 15 yrs, PA
122B-110-110, Webster, Frank H. P., 18 yrs, PA
122B-110-110, Webster, Laburn Julia, 26 yrs, PA
122B-110-110, Webster, Rollin R., 5 yrs, PA
122B-110-110, Webster, Virginia M., 8 yrs, PA
122B-110-110, Webster, William, 39 yrs, PA
117A-24-24, Whan, J. H., 28 yrs, PA
117A-24-24, Whan, Mary, 19 yrs, PA
for Williams, see also "Duncan"
126A-165-162, Williams , C. B., 49 yrs, PA
126A-165-162, Williams , Farnk, 14 yrs, PA
126A-165-162, Williams , Herbert, 1 yrs, PA
126A-165-162, Williams , Mariah, 9 yrs, PA
126A-165-162, Williams , Sylina, 35 yrs, PA
118B-42-42, Williamson, *asmore, 21 yrs, PA
118A-32-32, Williamson, C. A., 42 yrs, PA
118B-42-42, Williamson, Elizabeth, 20 yrs, OH
118A-32-32, Williamson, Ida, 11 yrs, PA
118A-32-32, Williamson, Jennie, 15 yrs, PA
118A-32-32, Williamson, Katie, 7 yrs, PA
118A-32-32, Williamson, W. W., 44 yrs, PA
118A-32-32, Williamson, Warren, 10 yrs, PA
123B-124-124, Willis, Frederick, 22 yrs, Wertemburg
121B-93-93, Willson, Albert, 14 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Willson, Anna, 10 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Willson, Charley, 8 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Willson, Elizabeth, 16 yrs, OH
121B-93-93, Willson, Harvey, 2 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Willson, M. B., 57 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Willson, Margaret, 44 yrs, PA
117A-19-19, Willson, Mary, 48 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Willson, Maud, 5 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Willson, Thomas C., 18 yrs, PA
121B-93-93, Willson, William, 19 yrs, PA
124A-133-131, Woodling, Cath, 45 yrs, PA
117B-24-24, Woods, John, 27 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Young, Christopher, 67 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Young, Mary, 16 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Young, Willson*, 10 yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 2000 John MacDonald

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