Perry Township

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

410A-114-114, Acles, Asa, 29 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
410A-114-114, Acles, Catharine, 20 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
404A-22-22, Acles, Catharine, 54 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
404A-22-22, Acles, Clara, 19 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
404A-22-22, Acles, Frank, 17 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
404A-22-22, Acles, George, 7 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
404A-22-22, Acles, Isabell, 11 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
404A-22-22, Acles, John, 14 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
410A-114-114, Acles, Mary, 3 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
410A-114-114, Acles, Minna, 7 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
404A-22-22, Acles, Oliver, 24 yrs, PA; surname known to be "Eckles"
405A-41-41, Adams, Abram, 10 yrs, PA
403B-16-16, Adams, Anna J, 6 yrs, PA
403B-16-16, Adams, Daniel, 36 yrs, PA
403B-16-16, Adams, Eliza J, 35 yrs, PA
403B-16-16, Adams, James G, 3 yrs, PA
403B-16-16, Adams, Joseph, 1 yrs, PA
403B-16-16, Adams, Magga, 9 yrs, PA
405A-41-41, Adams, Maria, 26 yrs, PA
405A-41-41, Adams, Mary, 8 yrs, PA
405A-41-41, Adams, Nathan, 36 yrs, PA
410A-113-113, Albright, Barbary, 34 yrs, PA
410A-113-113, Albright, George, 70 yrs, Germany
410A-113-113, Albright, Mary, 62 yrs, Germany
410A-113-113, Albright, Susan, 23 yrs, PA
408A-87-87, Alclendeffer, Ellen J, 11 yrs, PA
408A-87-87, Alclendeffer, Henry, 3 yrs, PA
408A-87-87, Alclendeffer, Jacob, 41 yrs, PA
408A-87-87, Alclendeffer, Mary A, 32 yrs, PA
408A-87-87, Alclendeffer, Sarah E, 9 yrs, PA
408A-87-87, Alclendeffer, Wm John, 7 yrs, PA
406A-61-61, Axtell, A L, 42 yrs, PA
406A-61-61, Axtell, Jane, 30 yrs, PA
404A-25-25, Ayers, Adda, 3 yrs, PA
404A-25-25, Ayers, Frank, 1 yrs, PA
404A-25-25, Ayers, Hetty, 5 yrs, PA
404A-25-25, Ayers, Sarah, 25 yrs, PA
404A-25-25, Ayers, William, 35 yrs, OH
410A-118-118, Beal, Anne, 18 yrs, PA
410A-118-118, Beal, George, 4 yrs, PA
410A-118-118, Beal, George, 42 yrs, England
410A-118-118, Beal, Margaret J, 36 yrs, NY
410A-118-118, Beal, Nette, 9 yrs, PA
410A-118-118, Beal, Russel, 6 yrs, PA
410A-118-118, Beal, Thomas, 7 yrs, PA
410A-118-118, Beal, William, 7/12 yrs, PA
407A-72-72, Bean, Adela, 5 yrs, PA
407A-72-72, Bean, Elizabeth, 34 yrs, PA
407A-72-72, Bean, Emmie, 11 yrs, PA
407A-72-72, Bean, Esther, 27 yrs, PA
407A-72-72, Bean, Isaac, 9 yrs, PA
407A-72-72, Bean, Thomas, 10/12 yrs, PA
407A-72-72, Bean, Thomas, 35 yrs, PA
407A-72-72, Bean, William A, 12 yrs, PA
408B-90-90, Beekman, Caroline, 16 yrs, PA
408A-90-90, Beekman, George, 20 yrs, PA
408A-90-90, Beekman, George, 59 yrs, Germany
408A-90-90, Beekman, Gurta, 50 yrs, Germany
408B-90-90, Beekman, Henry, 15 yrs, PA
408B-90-90, Beekman, Minnie, 17 yrs, PA
408A-90-90, Beekman, Sarah, 19 yrs, PA
408B-90-90, Beekman, Theodore, 10 yrs, PA
408B-90-90, Beekman, William, 8 yrs, PA
411A-128-128, Bell, Emmie, 12 yrs, PA
411A-128-128, Bell, Flawrence, 15 yrs, PA
411A-128-128, Bell, John, 45 yrs, NJ
411A-128-128, Bell, John E, 6 yrs, PA
411A-128-128, Bell, Mary, 40 yrs, OH
411A-128-128, Bell, Sarah, 10 yrs, PA
410B-122-122, Biggs, A Dixon, 19 yrs, PA
410B-122-122, Biggs, Emmie Jane, 7 yrs, PA
410B-122-122, Biggs, George, 47 yrs, OH
410B-122-122, Biggs, George F, 10 yrs, PA
410B-122-122, Biggs, John A, 4 yrs, PA
410B-122-122, Biggs, Marven, 13 yrs, PA
410B-122-122, Biggs, Mary Jane, 9 yrs, PA
410B-122-122, Biggs, Milton A, 15 yrs, PA
410B-122-122, Biggs, Rebecca, 43 yrs, PA
410B-122-122, Biggs, Susan A, 15 yrs, PA
406A-59-59, Bissel, Eldrey, 19 yrs, PA
406A-59-59, Bissel, Ellen, 16 yrs, PA
406A-59-59, Bissel, Frank, 22 yrs, PA
406A-59-59, Bissel, Isabell, 34 yrs, OH
406A-59-59, Bissel, Jewett, 62 yrs, OH
406A-59-59, Bissel, John, 25 yrs, PA
406A-59-59, Bissel, William, 24 yrs, PA
412A-150-150, Bittaker, Godfrey, 70 yrs, Germany
412A-150-150, Bittaker, Martin, 22 yrs, PA
412A-150-150, Bittaker, Rachael, 55 yrs, Germany
408B-97-97, Black, Samantha, 23 yrs, PA
408B-97-97, Black, Wilson, 27 yrs, PA
411B-140-140, Bogart, Electa, 34 yrs, PA
411B-140-140, Bogart, Ely Harrison, 7 yrs, PA
411B-140-140, Bogart, Jacob, 45 yrs, PA
411B-140-140, Bogart, Lyda Ann, 4 yrs, PA
411B-140-140, Bogart, Mandis J, 45 yrs, PA
411B-140-140, Bogart, Mary Etta , 2 yrs, PA
411B-140-140, Bogart, William C, 11 yrs, PA
404B-35-35, Bortner, Philip, 6 yrs, PA
409B-109-109, Bortz, Catharine, 52 yrs, Germany
409B-109-109, Bortz, John, 17 yrs, PA
409B-109-109, Bortz, John, 62 yrs, Germany
409B-109-109, Bortz, Ulyssus, 6 yrs, PA
409B-109-109, Bortz, William, 14 yrs, PA
413A-166-166, Bowman, Dorothy, 54 yrs, PA
409A-101-101, Boyd, David C, 6 yrs, PA
409A-101-101, Boyd, Ezra, 31 yrs, PA
409A-101-101, Boyd, Hiraim N, 5/12 yrs, PA
409A-101-101, Boyd, Joseph A, 3 yrs, PA
409A-101-101, Boyd, Sophia, 32 yrs, PA
412A-149-149, Brustmoyer, Anna, 29 yrs, Germany
412A-149-149, Brustmoyer, Anna M, 6 yrs, PA
412A-149-149, Brustmoyer, Frances, 2 yrs, PA
412A-149-149, Brustmoyer, H, 36 yrs, Germany
412A-149-149, Brustmoyer, Henry John, 70 yrs, Germany; surname possibly "Henry"
412A-149-149, Brustmoyer, Josephene, 4 yrs, PA
412A-148-148, Buxman, Catharine, 64 yrs, Germany
412A-147-147, Buxman, Ellen, 1 yrs, PA
412A-147-147, Buxman, George, 27 yrs, Germany
412A-148-148, Buxman, Henry, 65 yrs, Germany
412A-147-147, Buxman, Saloma, 27 yrs, PA
412B-154-154, Carringer, Geor, 75 yrs, PA
412B-154-154, Carringer, Harvey, 25 yrs, PA
412B-154-154, Carringer, Isabell, 66 yrs, PA
404B-33-33, Carrol, Aaron A, 10 yrs, OH
411A-131-131, Carrol, Allice F, 8 yrs, PA
411A-131-131, Carrol, Amet O, 1 yrs, PA
411A-131-131, Carrol, Amy M, 32 yrs, OH
404B-33-33, Carrol, Catharine, 34 yrs, OH
414A-179-179, Carrol, Charles, 17 yrs, PA
414A-179-179, Carrol, Elizabeth, 48 yrs, OH
404B-33-33, Carrol, Elmer E, 8 yrs, PA
414A-179-179, Carrol, Emmie, 15 yrs, PA
411A-131-131, Carrol, Ezra, 33 yrs, OH
404B-33-33, Carrol, G William, 14 yrs, OH
414A-177-177, Carrol, Hannah, 26 yrs, PA
414A-177-177, Carrol, Isaac, 25 yrs, OH
404B-33-33, Carrol, Jennie E, 6 yrs, PA
414A-179-179, Carrol, Jeremiah, 47 yrs, PA
404B-34-34, Carrol, Jona, 72 yrs, OH
404B-33-33, Carrol, Jonah, 43 yrs, OH
404B-33-33, Carrol, Jonathon, 12 yrs, OH
414A-179-179, Carrol, July Ann, 9 yrs, PA
404B-33-33, Carrol, Louise, 15 yrs, OH
414A-179-179, Carrol, Louise, 21 yrs, PA
414A-179-179, Carrol, Maria, 22 yrs, PA
404B-33-33, Carrol, Mary L, 2 yrs, PA
414A-179-179, Carrol, Matilda, 19 yrs, PA
411A-131-131, Carrol, Mills A, 6 yrs, PA
414A-179-179, Carrol, Sarah, 11 yrs, PA
404B-33-33, Carrol, Sarah C, 8/12 yrs, PA
414A-179-179, Carrol, Thomas Coron*, 1 yrs, PA
407A-71-71, Clark, Anne, 4 yrs, PA
407A-71-71, Clark, Calvin, 49 yrs, OH
407A-73-73, Clark, David L, 13 yrs, PA
407A-71-71, Clark, Ellen, 6 yrs, PA
407A-71-71, Clark, Freedom, 5 yrs, PA
407A-71-71, Clark, Ida, 7 yrs, PA
407A-71-71, Clark, Jane, 33 yrs, PA
407A-71-71, Clark, John, 1 yrs, PA
407A-73-73, Clark, Louis, 43 yrs, OH
407A-73-73, Clark, Phebe C, 30 yrs, PA
408A-86-86, Cleeland, Elizabeth, 51 yrs, PA
408A-86-86, Cleeland, John, 59 yrs, PA
408A-86-86, Cleeland, Lizzie, 12 yrs, PA
403A-6-6, Cochran, Evy M, 2 yrs, PA
403A-6-6, Cochran, James, 36 yrs, PA
403A-6-6, Cochran, Margaret, 34 yrs, PA
403A-6-6, Cochran, S Knox, 9 yrs, PA
403A-6-6, Cochran, Wm Alexander, 11 yrs, PA
412A-142-142, Cole, Charles, 6/12 yrs, PA
412A-143-143, Cole, Frank A, 6 yrs, PA
412A-143-143, Cole, George, 12 yrs, PA
412A-142-142, Cole, Isaac, 10 yrs, PA
412A-143-143, Cole, James D, 16 yrs, PA
412A-143-143, Cole, John, 39 yrs, OH
411B-142-142, Cole, Julie, f yrs, PA
412A-143-143, Cole, Loira, 10 yrs, PA
412A-143-143, Cole, Marilla, 34 yrs, PA
411B-142-142, Cole, Martin, 31 yrs, PA
412A-143-143, Cole, Mary E, 8 yrs, PA
408B-96-96, Corben, Abner, 30 yrs, PA
408B-96-96, Corben, Charles, 3 yrs, PA
408B-96-96, Corben, Hudson, 1 yrs, PA
408B-96-96, Corben, Ursula, 24 yrs, PA
406B-66-66, Coroner, Charles, 37 yrs, PA
406B-66-66, Coroner, Mary, 4 yrs, PA
406B-66-66, Coroner, Sarah, 74 yrs, England
406B-66-66, Coroner, Sarah E, 31 yrs, PA
406B-66-66, Coroner, Thomas, 33 yrs, PA
406B-66-66, Coroner, Thomas, 77 yrs, England
406A-54-53, Coulter, Clara, 4 yrs, PA
405B-54-53, Coulter, David, 26 yrs, PA
404B-36-36, Coulter, Joseph, 86 yrs, PA
406A-54-53, Coulter, Loretta, 2 yrs, PA
405B-54-53, Coulter, Martha, 24 yrs, PA
406A-54-53, Coulter, Robert, 1/12 yrs, PA
405B-54-53, Coulter, William M, 6 yrs, PA
410B-124-124, Davis, Elizabeth, 66 yrs, Ireland
410B-124-124, Davis, Margaret, 16 yrs, PA
410B-124-124, Davis, Robert, 68 yrs, Ireland
408B-93-93, Deal, Edmund, 5 yrs, PA
408B-93-93, Deal, Edmund, 41 yrs, England
408B-93-93, Deal, Emedella, 7 yrs, PA
408B-93-93, Deal, James, 13 yrs, PA
408B-93-93, Deal, Mary E, 31 yrs, PA
413A-159-159, Dean, Adalde, 17 yrs, PA
413A-159-159, Dean, Albert, 16 yrs, PA
406B-64-64, Dean, Allis, 2 yrs, PA
412B-159-159, Dean, Anjeline, 30 yrs, PA
413A-159-159, Dean, Calvin W, 11 yrs, PA
406B-64-64, Dean, Catherine Rea, 17 yrs, PA; surname Rea?
413A-159-159, Dean, Edwin G, 9/12 yrs, PA
406B-64-64, Dean, Hollis G, 5 yrs, PA
406B-64-64, Dean, Jonathan, 26 yrs, PA
412B-159-159, Dean, Robert, 52 yrs, PA
406B-64-64, Dean, Susan, 27 yrs, PA
413A-159-159, Dean, Velletta, 13 yrs, PA
406A-55-55, Devany, Charles, 11 yrs, PA
406A-55-55, Devany, Eliza, 40 yrs, PA
406A-55-55, Devany, Hugh, 70 yrs, Ireland
406A-55-55, Devany, Mary, 64 yrs, PA
406A-55-55, Devany, Samuel, 21 yrs, PA
408A-85-85, Dickerson, Elizabeth, 41 yrs, PA
408A-85-85, Dickerson, James, 7 yrs, PA
408A-85-85, Dickerson, Mary E, 12 yrs, PA
408A-85-85, Dickerson, Nancy, 15 yrs, PA
408A-85-85, Dickerson, Robert, 5 yrs, PA
408A-85-85, Dickerson, Saml, 45 yrs, PA
408A-85-85, Dickerson, William, 12 yrs, PA
413A-163-163, Donaldson, Elly, 9 yrs, PA
413A-165-165, Donaldson, Etta, 21 yrs, PA
413A-165-165, Donaldson, Isadora, 2 yrs, PA
413A-165-165, Donaldson, John, 6/12 yrs, PA
413A-163-163, Donaldson, John, 18 yrs, PA
413A-163-163, Donaldson, John B, 47 yrs, PA
413A-163-163, Donaldson, Maghettabe, 45 yrs, PA
413A-165-165, Donaldson, Wm, 24 yrs, PA
404A-27-27, Dumers, John, 60 yrs, PA
404A-27-27, Dumers, Susan, 41 yrs, PA
407B-78-78, Feather, Clyde, 2 yrs, IA
407B-79-79, Feather, Crystena, 26 yrs, Germany
407B-78-78, Feather, Esther, 30 yrs, VT
412B-157-157, Feather, G H, 23 yrs, PA
407B-78-78, Feather, George, 20 yrs, PA
412B-157-157, Feather, George, 62 yrs, OH
407B-79-79, Feather, Hiraim, 26 yrs, PA
407B-79-79, Feather, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
407B-78-78, Feather, John, 23 yrs, PA
407B-78-78, Feather, John, 64 yrs, PA
412B-157-157, Feather, Lyda J, 25 yrs, PA
407B-78-78, Feather, Mary, 37 yrs, PA
412B-157-157, Feather, Mary, 58 yrs, PA
407B-78-78, Feather, Nancy Jane, 25 yrs, PA
407B-78-78, Feather, Phebe, 61 yrs, PA
412B-157-157, Feather, Sarah E, 24 yrs, PA
411A-132-132, Fenstermaker, Aaron, 55 yrs, PA
411A-134-134, Fenstermaker, Catharine, 36 yrs, PA
411A-134-134, Fenstermaker, D, 40 yrs, PA
411A-134-134, Fenstermaker, Daniel A, 3 yrs, PA
411A-134-134, Fenstermaker, John F, 12 yrs, PA
411A-132-132, Fenstermaker, Michael, 1 yrs, PA
411A-132-132, Fenstermaker, Sarah E, 22 yrs, PA
411A-134-134, Fenstermaker, Sarah R, 14 yrs, PA
411A-134-134, Fenstermaker, William H, 10 yrs, PA
412B-153-153, Fosner, Cornelius, 24 yrs, OH
412B-153-153, Fosner, John, 54 yrs, OH
412B-153-153, Fosner, Josiah, 15 yrs, OH
412B-153-153, Fosner, Margaret, 54 yrs, OH
412B-153-153, Fosner, Maria, 22 yrs, OH
412B-153-153, Fosner, Solomon, 20 yrs, OH
403B-17-17, Foster, B Milliner, 6 yrs, PA
403B-17-17, Foster, Esther, 48 yrs, OH
404A-17-17, Foster, L James, 8 yrs, PA
403B-17-17, Foster, Samuel, 36 yrs, NY
405A-43-43, Foster, William, 18 yrs, PA
405A-39-39, Foulk, Amanda, 25 yrs, OH
405A-39-39, Foulk, C Mead, 3/12 yrs, PA
405A-39-39, Foulk, Eward, 4 yrs, OH
405A-39-39, Foulk, R C, 29 yrs, OH
405A-39-39, Foulk, Sarah, 2 yrs, PA
405A-39-39, Foulk, Sidney, 21 yrs, PA
404A-26-26, Gillespy, David, 36 yrs, PA
404A-26-26, Gillespy, Minna, 14 yrs, PA
404A-26-26, Gillespy, Nancy, 37 yrs, PA
413A-160-160, Goodman, Armitta, 2 yrs, PA
413A-160-160, Goodman, Darri, 39 yrs, OH
413A-160-160, Goodman, Hannah, 33 yrs, PA
413A-160-160, Goodman, Mary A, 4 yrs, PA
413A-160-160, Goodman, Sarah S, 7 yrs, PA
412A-144-144, Goodridge, Allice, 16 yrs, PA
412A-144-144, Goodridge, David, 52 yrs, NY
412A-145-145, Goodridge, Eva, 18 yrs, PA
412A-145-145, Goodridge, J B, 25 yrs, PA
412A-144-144, Goodridge, Loella, 10 yrs, PA
412A-144-144, Goodridge, Maria, 20 yrs, OH
412A-144-144, Goodridge, Mary, 48 yrs, OH
406B-63-63, Gottraba, Amos W, 4 yrs, PA; possibly "Gottraber"
406A-63-63, Gottraba, Benjamin, 40 yrs, OH; possibly "Gottraber"
406B-63-63, Gottraba, Elizabeth, 36 yrs, PA; possibly "Gottraber"
406B-63-63, Gottraba, John M, 9 yrs, PA; possibly "Gottraber"
406B-63-63, Gottraba, Maggaret, 13 yrs, PA; possibly "Gottraber"
406B-63-63, Gottraba, Mary Etta, 6 yrs, PA; possibly "Gottraber"
406B-63-63, Gottraba, Milis D, 9/12 yrs, PA; possibly "Gottraber"
405B-48-48, Hadley, David, 27 yrs, OH
405B-48-48, Hadley, Edwin, 2 yrs, OH
404B-30-30, Hadley, Eliza Jane, 27 yrs, OH
404B-29-29, Hadley, Elizabeth, 30 yrs, OH
405B-48-48, Hadley, Evaline, 27 yrs, OH
404B-29-29, Hadley, George, 15 yrs, OH
404B-30-30, Hadley, John M, 10/12 yrs, PA
404B-29-29, Hadley, M Jane, 9 yrs, OH
404B-30-30, Hadley, Robert, 29 yrs, OH
404B-29-29, Hadley, William, 40 yrs, OH
405A-37-37, Hagan, Amelia, 22 yrs, PA
405A-37-37, Hagan, Amy, 1 yrs, PA
404B-37-37, Hagan, S W, 27 yrs, PA
404B-32-32, Hagen, George, 6 yrs, PA
404B-32-32, Hagen, Hildah, 28 yrs, PA
404B-32-32, Hagen, Isaac L, 21 yrs, PA
404B-32-32, Hagen, Jeremiah, 26 yrs, PA
404B-32-32, Hagen, Lemuel A, 23 yrs, PA
404B-32-32, Hagen, Mary, 64 yrs, PA
404B-32-32, Hagen, Mary Ann, 30 yrs, PA
404B-32-32, Hagen, Samuel, 70 yrs, PA
404B-31-31, Haley, David, 64 yrs, OH
404B-31-31, Haley, Jane, 67 yrs, PA
414A-175-175, Heckman, Amos, 9 yrs, PA
413B-175-175, Heckman, Catharine, 46 yrs, PA
414A-176-176, Heckman, Conrad, 82 yrs, PA
414A-175-175, Heckman, George, 17 yrs, PA
414A-175-175, Heckman, Jonathan, 23 yrs, PA
414A-176-176, Heckman, Joseph, 27 yrs, PA
414A-175-175, Heckman, Louis, 6 yrs, PA
414A-175-175, Heckman, Louise, 15 yrs, PA
414A-175-175, Heckman, Malinda, 19 yrs, PA
414A-175-175, Heckman, Maria, 12 yrs, PA
414A-176-176, Heckman, Mary, 78 yrs, PA
413B-175-175, Heckman, Reuben, 50 yrs, PA
414A-175-175, Heckman, William, 22 yrs, PA
410A-112-112, Hener, Michael, 19 yrs, Germany
406A-56-56, Henry, John G, 60 yrs, Ireland
406A-56-56, Henry, Nancy, 48 yrs, PA
406A-56-56, Henry, Wm John, 8 yrs, PA
413B-168-168, Hofacker, Adam, 44 yrs, PA
413B-168-168, Hofacker, Benjamin, 15 yrs, PA
413B-170-170, Hofacker, Clerrena, 1 yrs, PA
413B-168-168, Hofacker, Elizabeth, 42 yrs, OH
413B-167-167, Hofacker, George, 76 yrs, PA
413B-169-169, Hofacker, George W, 34 yrs, OH
413B-167-167, Hofacker, Harriet, 20 yrs, PA
413B-168-168, Hofacker, Henry, 7 yrs, PA
413B-170-170, Hofacker, Jacob, 39 yrs, OH
413B-168-168, Hofacker, Jesse, 9 yrs, PA
413B-169-169, Hofacker, John W, 5 yrs, PA
413B-167-167, Hofacker, July Ann, 23 yrs, PA
413B-167-167, Hofacker, Lucy Ann, 11 yrs, PA
413B-168-168, Hofacker, Maria, 11 yrs, PA
413B-170-170, Hofacker, Mary, 34 yrs, OH
413B-167-167, Hofacker, Mary, 56 yrs, PA
413B-170-170, Hofacker, Mary M, 12 yrs, PA
413B-167-167, Hofacker, Michael, 54 yrs, PA
413B-168-168, Hofacker, Sophia, 13 yrs, PA
413B-169-169, Hofacker, Sophia, 27 yrs, OH
413B-167-167, Hofacker, Susan, 15 yrs, PA
413B-169-169, Hofacker, Wilbert S, 1 yrs, PA
409B-112-112, Houser, Anne, 17 yrs, PA
410A-112-112, Houser, Caroline, 14 yrs, PA
409B-112-112, Houser, Edward, 16 yrs, PA
409B-112-112, Houser, Elizabeth, 38 yrs, MD
409B-112-112, Houser, Robert, 42 yrs, Germany
410A-112-112, Houser, Theodore, 10 yrs, PA
410A-112-112, Houser, William N, 4 yrs, PA
411B-141-141, Huey, Augustus M, 10 yrs, PA
411B-141-141, Huey, Elmer, 8 yrs, PA
411B-141-141, Huey, George, 40 yrs, PA
411B-141-141, Huey, Hannah, 29 yrs, PA
411B-141-141, Huey, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
411B-141-141, Huey, John, 12 yrs, PA
411B-141-141, Huey, Martha, 5 yrs, PA
411B-141-141, Huey, Mary, 2 yrs, PA
411A-129-129, Hutchison, Allen, 48 yrs, OH
411A-130-130, Hutchison, Ann, 73 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, Curtis, 2 yrs, PA
411A-129-129, Hutchison, Eliza, 43 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, Enos, 21 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, Irene, 13 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, John, 54 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, Louis, 17 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, Lovela, 5 yrs, PA
411A-129-129, Hutchison, Magga, 17 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, Mary, 8/12 yrs, PA
411A-130-130, Hutchison, Nancy, 32 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, Ortes, 11 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, Rachael, 41 yrs, PA
405A-38-38, Hutchison, Samantha, 19 yrs, PA
411A-129-129, Hutchison, Seneth, 15 yrs, PA
411A-129-129, Hutchison, William, 13 yrs, PA
410B-123-123, Jones, Columbus, 15 yrs, PA
410B-123-123, Jones, Edward, 3 yrs, PA
410B-123-123, Jones, Eliza, 6 yrs, PA
410B-123-123, Jones, Elizabeth, 74 yrs, PA
410B-123-123, Jones, Francis, 12 yrs, PA
410B-123-123, Jones, G. W, 44 yrs, VA
410B-123-123, Jones, G. Washington, 9 yrs, PA
410B-123-123, Jones, Martha, 43 yrs, PA
410B-123-123, Jones, Robert N, 13 yrs, PA
410B-123-123, Jones, Sarah, 17 yrs, PA
405B-45-45, Kelso, Anne, 25 yrs, PA
405B-45-45, Kelso, Harrison, 23 yrs, PA
405B-45-45, Kelso, Joseph, 18 yrs, PA
405B-45-45, Kelso, Joseph, 71 yrs, PA
412A-151-151, Kelson, Charles, 11 yrs, PA
412A-151-151, Kelson, Edwin, 8 yrs, PA
412A-151-151, Kelson, Samuel, 39 yrs, PA
412A-151-151, Kelson, Susan, 39 yrs, PA
412A-151-151, Kelson, William, 9 yrs, PA
405B-51-51, Kenedy, A, 73 yrs, NY
405B-50-50, Kenedy, Evy, 4 yrs, PA
405B-50-50, Kenedy, Frank, 6 yrs, OH
405B-50-50, Kenedy, H J, 30 yrs, PA
405B-50-50, Kenedy, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
405B-50-50, Kenedy, James, 2 yrs, PA
405B-50-50, Kenedy, Martha, 27 yrs, PA
405B-53-53, Ketch, Charles, 11 yrs, PA
411B-135-135, Kibler, F Grant, 4 yrs, PA
411A-135-135, Kibler, Jacob, 35 yrs, NY
411A-135-135, Kibler, Sarah, 29 yrs, PA
404B-35-35, Lany, David P, 64 yrs, PA
404B-35-35, Lany, Jane, 54 yrs, PA
412A-146-146, Laver, Amelia S, 26 yrs, Germany
412A-146-146, Laver, Ange Maria, 2 yrs, PA
413B-173-173, Laver, Eliza J, 22 yrs, PA
412A-146-146, Laver, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
412A-146-146, Laver, Jacob, 31 yrs, Germany
413B-174-174, Laver, John, 71 yrs, Germany
413B-173-173, Laver, John W, 33 yrs, Germany
413B-174-174, Laver, Mary, 66 yrs, Germany
404A-24-24, Limber, Carry, 8 yrs, PA
404A-24-24, Limber, George, 31 yrs, PA
404A-24-24, Limber, Margaret, 29 yrs, PA
404A-24-24, Limber, Mary E, 2 yrs, PA
404A-24-24, Limber, William, 4 yrs, PA
404A-20-20, Livingston, D L, 50 yrs, PA
404A-20-20, Livingston, John C, 7 yrs, PA
404A-20-20, Livingston, Meraby, 37 yrs, PA
404A-19-19, Livingston, S C, 23 yrs, PA
406A-62-62, Long, Andrew, 46 yrs, PA
404B-36-36, Long, Anna M, 15 yrs, PA
404B-36-36, Long, David A, 5 yrs, PA
406B-65-65, Long, Emmie, 12 yrs, PA
406A-62-62, Long, Evaline, 15 yrs, PA
406A-62-62, Long, Jane E, 42 yrs, PA
406B-65-65, Long, Joseph, 38 yrs, PA
406B-65-65, Long, Lizzie, 10 yrs, PA
406A-62-62, Long, Magga, 6 yrs, PA
406A-62-62, Long, Mary, 9 yrs, PA
406B-65-65, Long, Mary, 32 yrs, PA
406B-65-65, Long, Mary Etta, 6 yrs, PA
404B-36-36, Long, Mary Jane, 36 yrs, PA
404B-36-36, Long, Rachael A, 9 yrs, PA
404B-36-36, Long, Smauel, 38 yrs, PA
406A-62-62, Long, Sylvester, 18 yrs, PA
408B-95-95, Mackly, E, 56 yrs, PA
408B-95-95, Mackly, John W, 20 yrs, PA
404A-21-21, Martin, Elizabeth, 36 yrs, PA
404A-21-21, Martin, Ida, 9 yrs, PA
404A-21-21, Martin, James, 37 yrs, PA
404A-21-21, Martin, John, 4 yrs, PA
407B-76-76, McCartney, David, 58 yrs, PA
407A-75-75, McCartney, David E, 6 yrs, PA
406A-61-61, McCartney, Emily, 40 yrs, OH
407B-75-75, McCartney, Frances C, 1 yrs, PA
407A-74-74, McCartney, Henry, 20 yrs, PA
406A-61-61, McCartney, J L, 46 yrs, OH
407B-76-76, McCartney, Jane, 17 yrs, PA
407B-75-75, McCartney, John H, 3 yrs, PA
407B-76-76, McCartney, Margaret, 18 yrs, PA
407A-74-74, McCartney, Margaret, 51 yrs, PA
407A-74-74, McCartney, Martin, 54 yrs, PA
407A-75-75, McCartney, Oliver, 28 yrs, PA
407A-75-75, McCartney, Samuel, 5 yrs, PA
407B-76-76, McCartney, Sarah, 56 yrs, PA
407A-75-75, McCartney, Sylvester, 32 yrs, PA
407A-74-74, McCartney, Unis M, 25 yrs, PA
406B-69-69, McClery, Cassa A, 7 yrs, PA
406B-69-69, McClery, Elizabeth, 2 yrs, PA
406B-67-67, McClery, Evy Etta, 5 yrs, PA
407A-69-69, McClery, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
406B-69-69, McClery, James, 35 yrs, PA
406B-69-69, McClery, Jesse S, 11 yrs, PA
406B-67-67, McClery, John, 39 yrs, PA
406B-67-67, McClery, John S, 8/12 yrs, PA
406B-69-69, McClery, Lucinda, 34 yrs, PA
406B-69-69, McClery, Martha C, 5 yrs, PA
406B-67-67, McClery, Mary A, 4 yrs, PA
406B-67-67, McClery, Meri*a, 35 yrs, PA
406B-67-67, McClery, S Ellen, 17 yrs, PA
406B-67-67, McClery, Samuel, 10 yrs, PA
406B-69-69, McClery, Samuel H, 14 yrs, PA
406B-69-69, McClery, William E, 9 yrs, PA
408A-88-88, McClure, Alexander, 1 yrs, PA
406A-60-60, McClure, Charles, 8 yrs, PA
408A-88-88, McClure, David, 7 yrs, PA
409A-100-100, McClure, Eliza, 21 yrs, PA
406A-60-60, McClure, Frank, 3 yrs, PA
409A-100-100, McClure, Frank, 5 yrs, PA
406A-60-60, McClure, George E, 5 yrs, PA
408A-88-88, McClure, Isabell, 30 yrs, PA
409A-100-100, McClure, John, 52 yrs, PA
408B-94-94, McClure, John F, 19 yrs, PA
409A-100-100, McClure, Joseph H, 19 yrs, PA
408B-94-94, McClure, Loretta, 34 yrs, PA
406A-60-60, McClure, Lorinda, 30 yrs, PA
406A-57-57, McClure, M, 72 yrs, PA
409A-100-100, McClure, Malinda, 17 yrs, PA
406A-57-57, McClure, Martha, 40 yrs, PA
408B-94-94, McClure, Martha, 74 yrs, PA
409A-100-100, McClure, Mary J, 44 yrs, PA
408A-88-88, McClure, Mary Jane, 5 yrs, PA
409A-100-100, McClure, Richard P, 10 yrs, PA
408A-88-88, McClure, Robert C, 31 yrs, PA
408B-94-94, McClure, Ruth, 61 yrs, PA
409A-100-100, McClure, Samuel A, 20 yrs, PA
409A-100-100, McClure, Sarah A, 14 yrs, PA
406A-60-60, McClure, William, 28 yrs, PA
411A-133-133, McCreary, Dianthy A, 16 yrs, OH
411A-133-133, McCreary, Jane**, 52 yrs, OH
411A-133-133, McCreary, Luciner, 10 yrs, OH
411A-127-127, McDowell, Elizabeth, 16 yrs, PA
411A-127-127, McDowell, Elsworth, 8 yrs, PA
411A-127-127, McDowell, Frank, 18 yrs, PA
411A-127-127, McDowell, M C, 47 yrs, PA
411A-127-127, McDowell, Mary Ann, 45 yrs, PA
411A-127-127, McDowell, Miron, 11 yrs, PA
411A-127-127, McDowell, William, 20 yrs, PA
407B-77-77, McEntire, Matilda, 23 yrs, Ireland
407A-70-70, MCintire, Emoline, 12 yrs, PA
407A-70-70, MCintire, Hugh, 16 yrs, PA
407A-70-70, MCintire, James, 2 yrs, PA
407A-70-70, MCintire, James, 50 yrs, Ireland
407A-70-70, MCintire, Margaret, 17 yrs, PA
407A-70-70, MCintire, Matilda, 9 yrs, PA
407A-70-70, MCintire, Nancy, 45 yrs, Ireland
407A-70-70, MCintire, Robert, 7 yrs, PA
407A-70-70, MCintire, Samuel, 5 yrs, PA
406B-68-68, McMerry, Elizabeth, 11/12 yrs, PA
406B-68-68, McMerry, Margaret, 28 yrs, PA
406B-68-68, McMerry, R K, 28 yrs, PA
403A-2-2, Michael, Ely, 5 yrs, OH
403A-2-2, Michael, Jennett, 15 yrs, Scotland
403A-2-2, Michael, John, 11 yrs, Scotland
403A-2-2, Michael, Margaret, 45 yrs, Scotland
403A-2-2, Michael, Miron, 13 yrs, Scotland
403A-2-2, Michael, Robert, 7 yrs, Canada
403A-2-2, Michael, Robert, 48 yrs, Scotland
403A-2-2, Michael, Stewart, 3 yrs, OH
403A-2-2, Michael, Wallas, 1 yrs, PA
403A-2-2, Michael, William, 9 yrs, Scotland
410B-121-121, Miller, Jesse, 56 yrs, PA
410B-121-121, Miller, Lewella, 11 yrs, PA
410B-121-121, Miller, Mary A, 15 yrs, PA
410B-121-121, Miller, Sophia, 57 yrs, OH
411B-138-138, Millner, Isabell, 44 yrs, PA
411B-138-138, Millner, John, 12 yrs, PA
411B-138-138, Millner, Joseph, 3 yrs, PA
411B-138-138, Millner, Joseph, 46 yrs, PA
411B-138-138, Millner, Susannah, 9 yrs, PA
411B-138-138, Millner, Thomas, 11 yrs, PA
408A-89-89, Mills, Amy, 36 yrs, PA
408B-92-92, Mills, David, 24 yrs, PA
408B-92-92, Mills, Mary, 66 yrs, Ireland
408A-89-89, Mills, Mary E, 16 yrs, PA
408B-91-91, Mills, Thos, 28 yrs, PA
408B-91-91, Mills, Tina, 22 yrs, PA
408A-89-89, Mills, William, 14 yrs, PA
412B-152-152, Mizner, Elizabeth, 37 yrs, PA
405A-42-42, Mizner, Fanny, 10 yrs, PA
405A-42-42, Mizner, Henry, 34 yrs, PA
412A-152-152, Mizner, John, 38 yrs, OH
405A-42-42, Mizner, Leorena, 32 yrs, PA
405A-42-42, Mizner, Peter, 3 yrs, PA
405A-42-42, Mizner, Stoct, 8 yrs, PA
414A-178-178, Monwick, Catherina, 41 yrs, OH
414A-178-178, Monwick, David, 9 yrs, PA
414A-178-178, Monwick, Ephraim, 17 yrs, PA
414A-178-178, Monwick, George, 5 yrs, PA
414A-178-178, Monwick, Harriet, 7 yrs, PA
414A-178-178, Monwick, Michael, 47 yrs, Germany
414A-178-178, Monwick, Obediah, 2 yrs, PA
414A-178-178, Monwick, Samuel, 14 yrs, PA
414A-178-178, Monwick, Sarah, 15 yrs, PA
414A-178-178, Monwick, Solomon, 19 yrs, PA
414A-178-178, Monwick, Susannah, 12 yrs, PA
408B-95-95, Moor, Catherine, 23 yrs, PA
408B-95-95, Moor, Fanny, 10/12 yrs, PA
408B-95-95, Moor, John, 2 yrs, PA
408B-95-95, Moor, Richard, 25 yrs, PA
407A-73-73, More, Bridget, 27 yrs, PA
407A-73-73, More, Mary, 1 yrs, PA
407A-73-73, More, Richard, 29 yrs, PA
403B-12-12, Morrison, Alfred, 17 yrs, PA
407B-81-81, Morrison, Allen, 65 yrs, PA
407B-82-82, Morrison, Allen Jr, 22 yrs, PA
403A-1-1, Morrison, Clara, 8/12 yrs, PA
407B-81-81, Morrison, David, 12 yrs, PA
403A-1-1, Morrison, David, 54 yrs, PA
403B-12-12, Morrison, Emmie, 13 yrs, PA
407B-82-82, Morrison, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
407B-81-81, Morrison, J. W. L., 18 yrs, PA
403B-12-12, Morrison, James, 8 yrs, PA
403B-11-11, Morrison, Jane, 53 yrs, PA
403A-1-1, Morrison, June, 19 yrs, PA
403B-13-13, Morrison, Jus, 65 yrs, PA
407A-73-73, Morrison, Kate, 4 yrs, PA
407B-81-81, Morrison, Margaret, 20 yrs, PA
403B-15-15, Morrison, Margaret, 23 yrs, PA
407B-82-82, Morrison, Maria B, 19 yrs, PA
403A-1-1, Morrison, Mrs., 34 yrs, Scotland
407B-81-81, Morrison, Nancy, 53 yrs, PA
403B-15-15, Morrison, Newton, 2 yrs, PA
407B-81-81, Morrison, Sarah E, 13 yrs, PA
403B-11-11, Morrison, Thomas, 57 yrs, PA
403B-12-12, Morrison, Thomas Jr, 25 yrs, PA
403B-12-12, Morrison, Warren, 20 yrs, PA
403B-15-15, Morrison, William, 28 yrs, PA
403B-12-12, Morrison, Wilson, 23 yrs, PA
410B-125-125, Oshell, Catherine, 26 yrs, Ireland
410B-125-125, Oshell, Henry, 34 yrs, OH
410B-126-126, Oshell, Josiah, 30 yrs, OH
410B-126-126, Oshell, Malinda, 3 yrs, PA
411A-126-126, Oshell, Malissa, 1 yrs, PA
410B-126-126, Oshell, Sarah A, 30 yrs, PA
405B-53-53, Patterson, Alex, 65 yrs, Scotland
405B-52-52, Patterson, David, 33 yrs, PA
404A-28-28, Patterson, Gilbert, 22 yrs, PA
405B-52-52, Patterson, Hannah, 28 yrs, PA
405B-52-52, Patterson, Jennett, 11/12 yrs, PA
404A-28-28, Patterson, John, 25 yrs, PA
405B-52-52, Patterson, Josiah, 3 yrs, PA
404A-28-28, Patterson, Maria, 23 yrs, PA
405B-53-53, Patterson, Mary Jane, 18 yrs, PA
405B-52-52, Patterson, Retta, 5 yrs, PA
408B-98-98, Pearsal, Amjaline, 34 yrs, PA
408B-98-98, Pearsal, Charles, 12 yrs, PA
408B-98-98, Pearsal, Corry, 8 yrs, PA
408B-98-98, Pearsal, William, 45 yrs, PA
405A-44-44, Peters, Aaron, 25 yrs, PA
405A-44-44, Peters, Anjoline, 23 yrs, PA
405A-44-44, Peters, Anjoline, 72 yrs, PA
405B-51-51, Quest, Harry, 4/12 yrs, PA
405B-51-51, Quest, Harry, 30 yrs, Germany
405B-51-51, Quest, Ida, 6 yrs, PA
405B-51-51, Quest, Lucy, 25 yrs, Germany
405A-40-40, Quinn, Adda, 7/12 yrs, PA
405A-43-43, Quinn, Ann, 24 yrs, PA
405A-43-43, Quinn, Henry, 16 yrs, PA
405A-43-43, Quinn, John, 67 yrs, Ireland
405A-40-40, Quinn, Johnes, 28 yrs, PA
405A-40-40, Quinn, Maria, 22 yrs, PA
405A-43-43, Quinn, Mary, 28 yrs, PA
405A-43-43, Quinn, Nancy, 58 yrs, Ireland
405A-43-43, Quinn, William, 19 yrs, PA
406A-58-58, Rammel, Elizabeth, 46 yrs, PA
406A-58-58, Rammel, Henry, 20 yrs, PA
406A-58-58, Rammel, Joseph, 10 yrs, PA
406A-58-58, Rammel, Joseph, 66 yrs, Germany
for Rea, see Dean
404A-27-27, Reed, Cecelia, 18 yrs, PA
404A-27-27, Reed, Lemuel, 14 yrs, PA
404A-27-27, Reed, Loret, 12 yrs, PA
404A-27-27, Reed, Mary, 4 yrs, PA
409B-111-111, Riley, Emmie, 15 yrs, PA
409A-106-106, Riley, Hannah E, 21 yrs, PA
409A-106-106, Riley, Jacob, 32 yrs, PA
409B-111-111, Riley, James, 50 yrs, PA
409B-111-111, Riley, James M, 13 yrs, PA
409B-111-111, Riley, John C, 9 yrs, PA
409B-111-111, Riley, L Jane, 16 yrs, PA
409B-111-111, Riley, Mary M, 10 yrs, PA
409B-106-106, Riley, Mary M, 19 yrs, PA
409B-111-111, Riley, Melvill, 8 yrs, PA
409B-111-111, Riley, Phebe, 38 yrs, PA
409A-106-106, Riley, Rebecca J, 45 yrs, PA
409A-106-106, Riley, Richard H, 22 yrs, PA
409B-111-111, Riley, William N, 12 yrs, PA
412B-158-158, Romwalt, Amelia, 7 yrs, PA
412B-158-158, Romwalt, Catharine, 48 yrs, Germany
412B-158-158, Romwalt, Christian, 17 yrs, PA
412B-158-158, Romwalt, Fatneant, 23 yrs, PA
412B-158-158, Romwalt, John, 11 yrs, PA
412B-158-158, Romwalt, Lyda, 5 yrs, PA
412B-158-158, Romwalt, Mary, 19 yrs, PA
412B-158-158, Romwalt, Menah, 13 yrs, PA
412B-158-158, Romwalt, Robert, 48 yrs, Germany
412B-158-158, Romwalt, Solomon, 21 yrs, PA
407B-80-80, Rose, Alfred, 30 yrs, PA
407B-80-80, Rose, Clara, 7 yrs, PA
407B-80-80, Rose, Emmie, 4 yrs, PA
411B-135-135, Rose, Isaac, 54 yrs, PA
407B-80-80, Rose, Ruth, 25 yrs, PA
407B-80-80, Rose, Sarah, 1 yrs, PA
410A-112-112, Rough, Rosannah, 77 yrs, Germany
409A-104-104, Ruff, Elizabeth, 18 yrs, PA
409A-104-104, Ruff, Emmie, 7 yrs, PA
409A-104-104, Ruff, Godfrey, 55 yrs, Germany
409A-104-104, Ruff, Sarah, 51 yrs, PA
409A-104-104, Ruff, Sarah J, 24 yrs, PA
409A-104-104, Ruff, Vilas E, 10 yrs, PA
409A-104-104, Ruff, William G, 15 yrs, PA
413A-161-161, Ruhlman, Amos, 50 yrs, PA
413A-161-161, Ruhlman, Emoline, 10 yrs, PA
413A-162-162, Ruhlman, Ida, 5/12 yrs, PA
413A-161-161, Ruhlman, Jesse, 18 yrs, OH
413A-162-162, Ruhlman, Jonathon, 24 yrs, OH
413A-161-161, Ruhlman, July Ann, 46 yrs, OH
413A-161-161, Ruhlman, Louis, 14 yrs, PA
413A-162-162, Ruhlman, Polenia, 23 yrs, OH
405B-49-49, Sanders, James, 11 yrs, PA
405B-49-49, Sanders, John, 11 yrs, PA
405B-49-49, Sanders, Mary, 35 yrs, Ireland
405B-49-49, Sanders, Thos, 44 yrs, England
408A-83-83, Shay, Briget, 8/12 yrs, PA
408A-83-83, Shay, Catherine, 7 yrs, PA
407B-83-83, Shay, Jeremiah, 8 yrs, PA
408A-83-83, Shay, Margaret, 3 yrs, PA
408A-83-83, Shay, Mary, 5 yrs, PA
407B-83-83, Shay, Mary, 35 yrs, Ireland
407B-83-83, Shay, Michael, 15 yrs, PA
407B-83-83, Shay, Patrick, 10 yrs, PA
407B-83-83, Shay, Patrick, 45 yrs, Ireland
407B-83-83, Shay, Timothy, 13 yrs, PA
408A-84-84, Shea, Cornelius, 15 yrs, PA
408A-84-84, Shea, Cornelius, 45 yrs, Ireland
408A-84-84, Shea, Daniel, 11 yrs, PA
408A-84-84, Shea, Ellen, 39 yrs, Ireland
408A-84-84, Shea, John, 19 yrs, ME
408A-84-84, Shea, Mary, 6 yrs, PA
408A-84-84, Shea, Patrick, 17 yrs, PA
408A-84-84, Shea, Timothy, 9 yrs, PA
411B-136-136, Sheakley, Anderson, 15 yrs, PA
411B-137-137, Sheakley, Casordina, 245 yrs, PA
411B-137-137, Sheakley, Esther, 86 yrs, PA
411B-136-136, Sheakley, Esther E, 23 yrs, PA
411B-137-137, Sheakley, Joseph, 28 yrs, PA
411B-136-136, Sheakley, Mary J, 21 yrs, PA
411B-136-136, Sheakley, W Wallas, 18 yrs, PA
411B-136-136, Sheakley, Wm, 55 yrs, PA
413A-166-166, Shulenberger, Caroline, 4 yrs, PA
413A-166-166, Shulenberger, David, 5 yrs, PA
413A-166-166, Shulenberger, George, 7 yrs, PA
412B-155-155, Shulenberger, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
412B-155-155, Shulenberger, J, 25 yrs, OH
413A-166-166, Shulenberger, Josiah, 9 yrs, PA
412B-155-155, Shulenberger, Malissa, 2 yrs, PA
413A-166-166, Shulenberger, Rebecca, 36 yrs, OH
413A-166-166, Shulenberger, Saml, 36 yrs, OH
413A-166-166, Shulenberger, Samuel, 11 yrs, PA
412B-155-155, Shulenberger, Susannah, 30 yrs, OH
413A-166-166, Shulenberger, Thomas, 43 yrs, OH
413A-166-166, Shulenberger, W. Henry, 13 yrs, PA
410B-119-119, Simons, Anna, 3 yrs, PA
410A-117-117, Simons, Anne, 28 yrs, PA
410B-119-119, Simons, Clarrissa, 5 yrs, PA
410A-117-117, Simons, Elizabeth, 13 yrs, PA
410A-117-117, Simons, Elmer, 3 yrs, PA
410B-119-119, Simons, Emmie J, 8 yrs, PA
410A-117-117, Simons, Ida, 8 yrs, PA
410A-117-117, Simons, Infant, 4/12 yrs, PA
410A-119-119, Simons, James W, 15 yrs, PA
410A-117-117, Simons, John, 5 yrs, PA
410A-119-119, Simons, Joseph, 38 yrs, PA
410A-117-117, Simons, Josiah, 11 yrs, PA
410A-117-117, Simons, Mary E, 9 yrs, PA
410B-119-119, Simons, Matilda, 13 yrs, PA
410A-117-117, Simons, Reuben, 42 yrs, PA
410A-119-119, Simons, Susan, 36 yrs, PA
410B-119-119, Simons, William, 11 yrs, PA
410A-115-115, Small, Elsworth S, 7 yrs, PA
409A-103-103, Small, Hannah, 5 yrs, PA
409A-103-103, Small, Henry M, 3 yrs, PA
410A-115-115, Small, Ida D, 9 yrs, PA
409A-105-105, Small, James, 71 yrs, PA
409A-103-103, Small, Joseph, 39 yrs, PA
409A-103-103, Small, Margaret, 28 yrs, PA
409A-103-103, Small, Mary A, 7 yrs, PA
410A-115-115, Small, Mary Jane, 12 yrs, PA
410A-115-115, Small, Sarah A, 32 yrs, PA
409A-103-103, Small, Sarah G, 10/12 yrs, PA
409A-103-103, Small, Seva S, 9 yrs, PA
410A-115-115, Small, William, 39 yrs, PA
410A-115-115, Small, William James, 5 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, Caroline, 4 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, John G, 42 yrs, Germany
403A-5-5, Smith, Joshua, 14 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, Lavina, 16 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, Lemuel, 6/12 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, Maria J, 12 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, Martin, 6 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, Matthias, 10 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, Michael, 20 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, Sarah, 39 yrs, PA
403A-5-5, Smith, Sholinda, 2 yrs, PA
413A-164-164, Solt, Berton, 4/12 yrs, PA
413A-164-164, Solt, David, 25 yrs, PA
413A-164-164, Solt, Frank, 1 yrs, PA
413A-164-164, Solt, Jane, 20 yrs, PA
403B-8-8, Stamp, Anna Marie, 8 yrs, PA
403B-8-8, Stamp, Josiah, 19 yrs, PA
403B-8-8, Stamp, Margetta, 17 yrs, PA
403B-8-8, Stamp, Rocena, 49 yrs, PA
403B-8-8, Stamp, William, 51 yrs, NY
410B-120-120, Stergen, Calvin, 2 yrs, PA
410B-120-120, Stergen, John, 37 yrs, Ireland
410B-120-120, Stergen, Mary Etta, 27 yrs, PA
403B-14-14, Stewart, Alfred T, 13 yrs, PA
403B-14-14, Stewart, Arminta, 11 yrs, PA
403B-14-14, Stewart, Caroline, 34 yrs, PA
403B-14-14, Stewart, Emmie, 3 yrs, PA
403B-14-14, Stewart, Margaret J, 15 yrs, PA
403B-14-14, Stewart, Mary, 1 yrs, PA
403B-14-14, Stewart, R Franklin, 6 yrs, PA
403B-14-14, Stewart, Samuel, 52 yrs, OH
403B-14-14, Stewart, Wm Jackson, 9 yrs, PA
409B-108-108, Stull, Edward, 2 yrs, PA
409B-108-108, Stull, Elizabeth, 22 yrs, PA
409B-108-108, Stull, Frederick, 27 yrs, Germany
405B-46-46, Swager, Amy, 5 yrs, PA
405B-46-46, Swager, E Gibner, 3 yrs, PA
405B-47-47, Swager, Emerett, 35 yrs, PA
405B-47-47, Swager, Fred, 42 yrs, OH
405B-46-46, Swager, Harriet, 22 yrs, PA
405B-46-46, Swager, Uriah, 3/12 yrs, PA
405B-46-46, Swager, William, 56 yrs, OH
407B-77-77, Tuttle, John, 53 yrs, PA
407B-77-77, Tuttle, Sarah, 57 yrs, PA
403A-3-3, Vanness, Aaron, 16 yrs, PA
403A-3-3, Vanness, Charles F, 15 yrs, PA
403A-3-3, Vanness, Elmer E, 9 yrs, PA
403A-4-4, Vanness, Peter, 86 yrs, PA
403A-3-3, Vanness, Prusalla, 41 yrs, PA
403A-3-3, Vanness, Robert, 43 yrs, OH
403A-3-3, Vanness, Sarah, 18 yrs, PA
403A-4-4, Vanness, Susan, 81 yrs, NJ
408B-99-99, Vaughn, Emmie, 7 yrs, PA
408B-99-99, Vaughn, J M, 50 yrs, PA
408B-99-99, Vaughn, James, 12 yrs, PA
408B-99-99, Vaughn, John, 15 yrs, PA
408B-99-99, Vaughn, Mary Jane, 18 yrs, PA
408B-99-99, Vaughn, Unice, 49 yrs, PA
413B-172-172, Volinzel, Agnis, 45 yrs, OH
413B-172-172, Volinzel, Elizabeth, 14 yrs, PA
413B-172-172, Volinzel, Harriet, 11 yrs, PA
413B-172-172, Volinzel, John, 44 yrs, OH
413B-172-172, Volinzel, John W, 5 yrs, PA
413B-172-172, Volinzel, Josiah, 8 yrs, PA
413B-172-172, Volinzel, Susan, 9 yrs, PA
413B-172-172, Volinzel, Uriah, 13 yrs, PA
411B-139-139, Walker, Alex, 42 yrs, PA
411B-139-139, Walker, Dixson W, 20 yrs, PA
411B-139-139, Walker, Edwin, 11 yrs, PA
411B-139-139, Walker, Frank, 15 yrs, PA
411B-139-139, Walker, James, 17 yrs, PA
411B-139-139, Walker, Nancy, 42 yrs, PA
411B-139-139, Walker, Norris W, 3 yrs, PA
404B-31-31, Walker, Randolph, 14 yrs, PA
404B-35-35, Watson, Harriet, 40 yrs, PA
403A-6-6, Welch, William, 36 yrs, PA
413B-171-171, Whisler, Arminta L, 2/12 yrs, PA
413B-171-171, Whisler, Cornelius, 25 yrs, OH
413B-171-171, Whisler, Cynthia A, 18 yrs, OH
413B-171-171, Whisler, Jonathan, 25 yrs, OH
403B-10-10, White, Mary, 21 yrs, PA
403B-9-9, White, Nancy, 52 yrs, PA
403B-9-9, White, Thomas, 14 yrs, PA
403B-10-10, White, William, 22 yrs, PA
410A-116-116, White , Wm A, 29 yrs, PA
403A-7-7, Williard, Oliver, 74 yrs, NY
403B-7-7, Williard, Rocena M, 77 yrs, NY
412B-156-156, Wittenberger, Anna, 43 yrs, Germany
412B-156-156, Wittenberger, Daniel, 14 yrs, PA
412B-156-156, Wittenberger, Ely, 4 yrs, PA
412B-156-156, Wittenberger, John, 12 yrs, PA
412B-156-156, Wittenberger, Lizzie, 6/12 yrs, PA
412B-156-156, Wittenberger, Louis, 6 yrs, PA
412B-156-156, Wittenberger, Lyda, 2 yrs, PA
412B-156-156, Wittenberger, S, 43 yrs, Germany
412B-156-156, Wittenberger, Susannah, 11 yrs, PA
404A-23-23, Wood, Hatta, 17 yrs, PA
404A-23-23, Wood, Zelinda, 37 yrs, PA
409B-110-110, Yeager, Albert, 5 yrs, PA
409B-110-110, Yeager, Annis, 3 yrs, PA
409B-110-110, Yeager, Infant, 1/12 yrs, PA
409B-110-110, Yeager, Louise, 12 yrs, PA
409B-110-110, Yeager, Mary, 38 yrs, PA
409B-110-110, Yeager, Mary M, 18 yrs, PA
409B-110-110, Yeager, Matilda, 14 yrs, PA
409B-110-110, Yeager, Peter, 46 yrs, Germany
409B-110-110, Yeager, Peter J, 16 yrs, PA
409B-110-110, Yeager, Sarah, 8 yrs, PA
409A-102-102, Young, Allice, 16 yrs, PA
409A-102-102, Young, Hannah, 14 yrs, PA
409A-102-102, Young, Igolis, 9 yrs, PA
409A-102-102, Young, James M, 18 yrs, PA
409A-102-102, Young, Letta, 45 yrs, PA
409A-102-102, Young, Lizzie, 4 yrs, PA
409A-102-102, Young, Matthew, 47 yrs, PA
409B-107-107, Zahnizer, Fidelia, 22 yrs, PA
409B-107-107, Zahnizer, Irie C, 10 yrs, PA
409B-107-107, Zahnizer, Margaret, 17 yrs, PA
409B-107-107, Zahnizer, Mary E, 19 yrs, PA
409B-107-107, Zahnizer, Michael, 27 yrs, PA
409B-107-107, Zahnizer, Ruth, 51 yrs, PA
409B-107-107, Zahnizer, William, 16 yrs, PA
409B-107-107, Zahnizer, Wm, 59 yrs, PA

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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