Worth Township

1870 Census Surname List

Worth Township

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1374)

Enumerator: David Perrine
Post Office: Sandy Lake
Date of Enumeration: 7 Aug - 27 Aug, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

WARNING! Due to the handwriting of the transcriber [beginning on page 216B] of the original census books, Worth Township, of all the townships and boroughs of the 1870 census, was the most difficult to decipher. Not only was much of the spelling unconventional and the script hurried and very
unclear, but in several cases the transcriber clearly transposed the surname and first names of the individuals. Search this township carefully and with every possible spelling variation of the surnames you are researching. The population of the township is not large-it may be worthwhile to review the record individual by individual. And, of course, the original microfilm records should be reviewed for possible errors on my part.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

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* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

226B-196-206, Alenn, Ruth, 77 yrs, PA
222A-123-130, Allen, Lavina, 19 yrs, PA
214A-1-1, Armstrong, Anne, 52 yrs, PA
214A-1-1, Armstrong, Charles, 3/12 yr, PA
214A-1-1, Armstrong, Gi***n [Gideon?], 24 yrs, PA
217A-46-48, Armstrong, Har***, 55 yrs, NY
215A-18-18, Armstrong, James T., 2 yrs, PA
214B-9-9, Armstrong, Jane, 29 yrs, PA
214A-1-1, Armstrong, John, 21 yrs, PA
215A-18-18, Armstrong, John A., 18 yrs, PA
214A-1-1, Armstrong, Joseph, 16 yrs, PA
214A-1-1, Armstrong, L. E. [S. E.?], 52 yrs, NY
217A-46-48, Armstrong, Letha* J., 54 yrs, PA
214B-9-9, Armstrong, Lewis, 23 yrs, PA
215A-18-18, Armstrong, Lizzie E. A., 9 yrs, PA
215A-18-18, Armstrong, Lydia, 42 yrs, PA
215A-18-18, Armstrong, Mary J., 6 yrs, PA
214B-9-9, Armstrong, Minnie M., 1 yrs, PA
215A-18-18, Armstrong, Phebe E., 14 yrs, PA
215A-18-18, Armstrong, Sarah M., 12 yrs, PA
214A-1-1, Armstrong, Wilmina, 17 yrs, PA
218A-64-67, Arnold, Hiram N., 16 yrs, PA
218A-64-67, Arnold, Martha, 22 yrs, PA
221A-107-114, Atwell, Hannah, 64 yrs, PA
224A-160-170, Bagnell, Charles, 8/12 yr, PA
224A-160-170, Bagnell, Elizabeth, 14 yrs, PA
224A-160-170, Bagnell, Emeline, 12 yrs, PA
224A-160-170, Bagnell, Fanny, 38 yrs, PA
224A-160-170, Bagnell, George, 3 yrs, PA
224A-160-170, Bagnell, George, 47 yrs, England
224A-160-170, Bagnell, Mary, 17 yrs, PA
224A-160-170, Bagnell, Sedena, 10 yrs, PA
224A-160-170, Bagnell, William, 7 yrs, PA
221A-111-118, Baker, Andrew, 7 yrs, PA
221A-104-111, Baker, Jackson, 1 yrs, PA
221A-104-111, Baker, John, 61 yrs, PA
221A-111-118, Baker, Joseph, 31 yrs, PA
221A-111-118, Baker, Laura J., 8 yrs, PA
221A-111-118, Baker, Margaret, 30 yrs, PA
221A-104-111, Baker, Mary A., 34 yrs, PA
221B-111-118, Baker, Saml, 4 yrs, PA
221A-111-118, Baker, Wm J., 9 yrs, PA
219B-88-94, Ball, Beriah, 18 yrs, PA
219B-88-94, Ball, Caleb, 9 yrs, PA
214B-15-15, Ball, Eugene, 7 yrs, PA
219B-88-94, Ball, Jacob, 31 yrs, PA
215A-15-15, Ball, Lizzie J., 5 yrs, PA
219B-88-94, Ball, Netta, 14 yrs, PA
214B-15-15, Ball, Oscar F., 11 yrs, MI
219B-88-94, Ball, Phebe, 21 yrs, PA
219B-88-94, Ball, Rebecca, 23 yrs, PA
219B-88-94, Ball, Sarah, 19 yrs, PA
219B-88-94, Ball, Sarah, 59 yrs, PA
214B-15-15, Ball, Valentine Z., 34 yrs, PA
219B-88-94, Ball, William, 62 yrs, PA
221B-116-123, Barn [Bann?], Elizabeth, 35 yrs, PA
221B-116-123, Barn [Bann?], George, 12 yrs, PA
225B-176-186, Barns, Alexandr, 62 yrs, PA
224B-160-170, Barns, Ellin, 18 yrs, PA
225B-176-186, Barns, Emeline, 17 yrs, PA
224B-160-170, Barns, George, 1 yrs, PA
225B-176-186, Barns, George, 19 yrs, PA
225B-176-186, Barns, Margaret, 22 yrs, PA
220B-99-106, Beach, Anna, 36 yrs, Ireland
220B-99-106, Beach, Delilas, 14 yrs, PA
220B-99-106, Beach, James A., 17 yrs, PA
220B-99-106, Beach, Martin, 8 yrs, PA
220B-99-106, Beach, Nancy K., 3 yrs, PA
220B-99-106, Beach, Oliver, 40 yrs, PA
220B-99-106, Beach, Sarah, 5 yrs, PA
220B-99-106, Beach, William, 10 yrs, PA
217A-46-49, Beggby, W***as E., 27 yrs, PA
217A-46-49, Beggby, William, 36 yrs, NY
222B-131-138, Bennet, Minna, 9/12 yr, PA
222B-131-138, Bennet, Sarah, 20 yrs, PA
222B-131-138, Bennet, Sim H., 23 yrs, PA
218A-65-69, Bestwick, *am** [Samuel?], 27 yrs, PA
218A-65-70, Bestwick, Elizabeth, 21 yrs, PA
218A-65-68, Bestwick, George, 16 yrs, PA
218A-64-67, Bestwick, James, 88 yrs, England
218A-65-70, Bestwick, James H., 25 yrs, PA
218A-65-68, Bestwick, James J., 64 yrs, England
218A-65-68, Bestwick, Mary, 59 yrs, PA
218A-65-70, Bestwick, Mary E., 2/12 yr, PA
218A-65-69, Bestwick, Minnie, 2 yrs, PA
218A-64-67, Bestwick, Sarah, 66 yrs, England
217A-52-56, Blain, Mary, 85 yrs, PA
217A-52-56, Blan [Blain?], Ja*n*, 32 yrs, Ireland
217A-52-56, Blan [Blain?], James, 47 yrs, PA
217A-52-56, Blan [Blain?], John J., 2 yrs, PA
217A-52-56, Blan [Blain?], Rebecca E., 7/12 yr, PA
215A-16-16, Bolandor, Infant, 1/12 yr, PA
215A-16-16, Bolandor, James E., 2 yrs, PA
215A-16-16, Bolandor, James O., 34 yrs, PA
215A-16-16, Bolandor, Louisa, 25 yrs, PA
215A-16-16, Bolandor, Thomas J. E., 8 yrs, PA
215A-16-16, Bolandor, William A., 4 yrs, PA
225B-183-193, Boyd, Enich, 28 yrs, OH
225B-183-193, Boyd, Mary, 23 yrs, PA
226B-199-210, Boyles, Sarah, 67 yrs, Ireland
216A-34-34, Brakeman, Amelia J., 7 yrs, PA
216A-34-34, Brakeman, David A., 9 yrs, PA
216A-34-34, Brakeman, Elisabeth, 14 yrs, PA
216A-34-34, Brakeman, Isaac, 34 yrs, PA
216A-34-34, Brakeman, Mariah J., 11 yrs, PA
216A-34-34, Brakeman, Melvinas, 34 yrs, PA
216A-34-34, Brakeman, William W., 3 yrs, PA
219B-86-92, Brown, Angeline, 33 yrs, OH
219B-86-92, Brown, Samuel W., 1 yrs, PA
219B-86-92, Brown, Westly, 37 yrs, OH
215B-25-25, Buckly, Daniel, 28 yrs, PA
215B-25-25, Buckly, Hannah, 24 yrs, England
214B-14-14, Buckly, Hellen, 27 yrs, PA
214B-14-14, Buckly, John, 1/12 yr, PA
215A-23-23, Buckly, John, 39 yrs, PA
215A-23-23, Buckly, Margaret E., 32 yrs, PA
215B-25-25, Buckly, Mary, 3 yrs, PA
215B-25-25, Buckly, Milley E., 4 yrs, PA
215B-25-25, Buckly, Sarah A., 1 yrs, PA
214B-14-14, Buckly, Ulyssus G., 4 yrs, PA
214B-14-14, Buckly, William W., 3 yrs, PA
214B-14-14, Buckly, Wm P., 32 yrs, PA
220B-98-105, Buner [Burnes?], Anie E., 25 yrs, PA
220B-98-105, Buner [Burnes?], George, 32 yrs, PA
220B-98-105, Buner [Burnes?], George H., 1 yrs, PA
214A-3-3, Bush, William, 19 yrs, PA
222A-128-135, Can, Da**** S. [David?, Daniel?], 13 yrs, PA
222A-128-135, Can, Magg B., 3 yrs, PA
222A-128-135, Can [Carn?], Milten [Willen?], 39 yrs, PA
222A-128-135, Can, Milton J., 11 yrs, PA
222A-128-135, Can, Noah C., 6 yrs, PA
222A-128-135, Can, Orphas, 34 yrs, PA
222A-128-135, Can, Saml *. [V.?, N.?], 15 yrs, PA
217A-48-51, Cannahad, Aaron, 64 yrs, PA
217A-48-51, Cannahad, Ahab K., 17 yrs, PA
217A-49-52, Cannahad, Duncan, 27 yrs, PA
217A-49-52, Cannahad, Harriott, 25 yrs, PA
217A-48-51, Cannahad, Hennery H., 22 yrs, PA
217A-49-52, Cannahad, Lillion, 2 yrs, PA
217A-48-51, Cannahad, Margaret, 12 yrs, PA
217A-48-51, Cannahad, Margaret, 60 yrs, PA
226A-187-197, Carll, Almond, 20 yrs, PA
226A-187-197, Carll, J. F., 49 yrs, PA
226A-187-197, Carll, Joanna, 49 yrs, PA
226A-187-197, Carll, Newton, 13 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, A**menta, 2 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Alanson, 12 yrs, PA
227A-204-215, Carmechail, Allice, 8 yrs, PA
227A-204-215, Carmechail, Amandy, 6 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Andrew, 15 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Charles, 6 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Charlott, 8/12 yr, PA
227A-207-217, Carmechail, Charlott, 29 yrs, PA
227A-206-217, Carmechail, Chat*, 87 yrs, PA
227B-207-217, Carmechail, Claundy, 19 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Eliza, 16 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Elizabeth, 41 yrs, England
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Hariott, 4 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Hiram, 7 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Hiram, 44 yrs, PA
227A-204-215, Carmechail, James, 52 yrs, PA
227A-207-217, Carmechail, John, 67 yrs, PA
227B-207-217, Carmechail, John A. *, 21 yrs, PA
227A-204-215, Carmechail, Josephine, 1 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Margaret, 9 yrs, PA
227A-204-215, Carmechail, Margaret, 35 yrs, PA
227A-204-215, Carmechail, Martha, 9 yrs, PA
227A-207-217, Carmechail, Mary, 22 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Mary*, 13 yrs, PA
227A-204-215, Carmechail, Sarah, 4 yrs, PA
227A-205-216, Carmechail, Sarah, 17 yrs, PA
227B-207-217, Carmechail, Warren, 17 yrs, PA
219B-84-89, Carmichael, Aaron, 13 yrs, PA
219B-84-89, Carmichael, Andrew F., 5 yrs, PA
219B-84-89, Carmichael, John A. J., 9 yrs, PA
219B-84-89, Carmichael, Margaret, 12 yrs, PA
219B-84-89, Carmichael, Mary, 43 yrs, PA
219B-84-89, Carmichael, Mary F., 17 yrs, PA
219B-84-89, Carmichael, Os*ha*, 15 yrs, PA
219B-84-89, Carmichael, Rue M., 18 yrs, PA
223A-139-146, Carr**, H. Mint, 19 yrs, PA [surname probably Mint]
224B-161-171, Carrell, Allin, 4 yrs, OH
224A-159-169, Carrell, Clarra, 9 yrs, PA
224A-159-169, Carrell, Dalton, 15 yrs, PA
224A-159-169, Carrell, Earl O., 12 yrs, PA
224B-161-171, Carrell, Frank, 2 yrs, OH
224A-159-169, Carrell, Jane, 46 yrs, PA
224B-161-171, Carrell, Jonathan, 33 yrs, PA
224B-161-171, Carrell, Lucretia, 30 yrs, OH
224A-159-169, Carrell, Manerva, 17 yrs, PA
224A-158-167, Carrell, Margaret, 23 yrs, PA
224B-161-171, Carrell, Mary, 1 yrs, OH
224A-158-167, Carrell, Nancy, 63 yrs, PA
224A-159-169, Carrell, William, 43 yrs, PA
226A-193-203, Carrl, Charles, 25 yrs, PA
226A-193-203, Carrl, Dellie, 21 yrs, PA
226B-197-208, Carrl, Elizabeth, 69 yrs, PA
226B-195-205, Carrl, Frederick, 12 yrs, PA
226B-197-208, Carrl, Georg W., 19 yrs, PA
226B-195-205, Carrl, John, 65 yrs, PA
226B-195-205, Carrl, Margaret, 53 yrs, PA
226B-195-205, Carrl, Plummer, 21 yrs, PA
226A-190-200, Carrl, William, 45 yrs, PA
221B-115-122, Chochcan, David K., 18 yrs, PA
221B-115-122, Chochcan, Elizabeth, 59 yrs, PA
221B-115-122, Chochcan, Margaret, 29 yrs, PA
221B-115-122, Chochcan, Wm, 65 yrs, PA
224A-160-170, Clule, Sidene, 67 yrs, England
221B-113-120, Cochran, Cyntha, 28 yrs, PA
221B-113-120, Cochran, Ida, 4 yrs, PA
221B-113-120, Cochran, James L., 1 yrs, PA
221B-113-120, Cochran, John, 29 yrs, PA
221B-113-120, Cochran, Wm F., 6 yrs, PA
223A-139-146, Cole, Ella, 14 yrs, PA
223A-139-146, Cole, Mary, 37 yrs, PA
223A-139-146, Cole, Melvin, 45 yrs, OH
223A-139-146, Cole, Sarah, 9 yrs, PA
222B-132-139, Condet, Sarah, 28 yrs, PA
222B-134-141, Crosby, Jane, 20 yrs, VA
222B-134-141, Crosby, Jerza, 3 yrs, PA
222B-134-141, Crosby, Peroy, 11/12 yr, PA
222B-134-141, Crosby, Richard, 25 yrs, PA
214A-6-6, Cummings, Alexander, 3 yrs, PA
214A-6-6, Cummings, Anna M., 9 yrs, PA
214A-6-6, Cummings, Ida May, 8 yrs, PA
214A-6-6, Cummings, Permelias, 36 yrs, PA
214A-6-6, Cummings, Robert E., 4 yrs, PA
214A-6-6, Cummings, Robt., 36 yrs, Ireland
219A-77-82, Dalrymple, Hugh, 67 yrs, Scotland
216B-41-43, Dandson [Donalson?], Al**a* [Alexand?], 34 yrs, PA
216B-41-43, Dandson, David P., 1 yrs, PA
216B-41-43, Dandson, Franny M., 5 yrs, PA
216B-41-43, Dandson, Lamont, 9 yrs, PA
216B-41-43, Dandson, Mary E., 10 yrs, PA
216B-41-43, Dandson, Mary M., 34 yrs, PA
216B-41-43, Dandson, Wm G., 5 yrs, PA
219A-76-81, Day, Amilia, 3 yrs, PA
219A-76-81, Day, Deantha, 12 yrs, PA
219A-76-81, Day, Esrom, 10 yrs, PA
219A-76-81, Day, George, 5 yrs, PA
219A-76-81, Day, James S., 44 yrs, PA
219A-76-81, Day, Jamese, 7 yrs, PA
219A-76-81, Day, Mary J., 18 yrs, PA
219A-76-81, Day, Nancy, 44 yrs, PA
219A-76-81, Day, Sylvania, 11/12 yr, PA
219A-76-81, Day, William, 14 yrs, PA
217B-54-58, Deedes [Leedes?], Frank, 3 yrs, NY
217B-54-58, Deedes [Leedes?], Hiram, 29 yrs, NY
217B-54-58, Deedes [Leedes?], Mary, 7/12 yr, PA
217B-54-58, Deedes [Leedes?], Olive, 24 yrs, NY
215A-22-22, Delong, Joel, 20 yrs, PA
215A-22-22, Delong, Losina, 33 yrs, NY
215A-22-22, Delong, Sarah, 65 yrs, NY
215A-22-22, Delong, Sarah Jane, 31 yrs, PA
223B-148-155, Dennison, Edward, 13 yrs, MI
223B-148-155, Dennison, John B., 7 yrs, OH
223B-148-155, Dennison, Kinny, 38 yrs, NY
223B-148-155, Dennison, Maria J., 4 yrs, PA
223B-148-155, Dennison, Nellae M., 1 yrs, PA
223B-148-155, Dennison, Rachael, 35 yrs, OH
223B-148-155, Dennison, William, 10 yrs, OH
227A-201-212, Dickey, Mary J., 45 yrs, PA
215A-21-21, Eagles, Albert, 12 yrs, PA
215A-21-21, Eagles, Elizabeth, 51 yrs, PA
215A-20-20, Eagles, Ella, 4/12 yr, PA
215A-20-20, Eagles, George, 2 yrs, PA
215A-20-20, Eagles, Lizzie, 24 yrs, PA
215A-20-20, Eagles, Wm A., 24 yrs, PA
223A-144-151, Ewing, David, 39 yrs, PA
223A-144-151, Ewing, Ellie, 2 yrs, PA
223A-144-151, Ewing, Emeline, 14 yrs, IA
214A-8-8, Ewing, George, 30 yrs, Ireland
223A-144-151, Ewing, Isaah, 8 yrs, PA
223A-144-151, Ewing, Margaret, 10 yrs, PA
214B-8-8, Ewing, Mariah, 27 yrs, Ireland
224A-155-164, Ewing, Martin, 27 yrs, PA
224A-155-164, Ewing, Mary J., 23 yrs, PA
214B-8-8, Ewing, Metilda, 3 yrs, NY
223A-144-151, Ewing, Nancy A., 38 yrs, PA
223A-144-151, Ewing, Rebeca, 6 yrs, PA
224A-155-164, Ewing, Thomas, 1 yrs, PA
224A-155-164, Ewing, William, 4/12 yr, PA
223A-144-151, Ewing, William, 12 yrs, PA
214B-8-8, Ewing, William R., 1 yrs, NY
217A-47-50, Ewings, *** : [Anna?] M., 7 yrs, NY
217A-47-50, Ewings, John, 33 yrs, Ireland
217A-47-50, Ewings, John M., 14 yrs, Ireland
217A-47-50, Ewings, Lea, 4 yrs, NY
217A-47-50, Ewings, Mirah, 35 yrs, Ireland
217A-47-50, Ewings, Permilids, 3 yrs, NY
217A-47-50, Ewings, Robert, 1 yrs, NY
218B-68-73, Finse*y, Catherine, 27 yrs, PA
218A-68-73, Finse*y, Da***, [David?, Daniel?] 59 yrs, PA
218B-68-73, Finse*y, Da**** [David?, Daniel?] A., 20 yrs, PA
218B-68-73, Finse*y, John H., 17 yrs, PA
218B-68-73, Finse*y, Susanna, 62 yrs, PA
219A-75-80, Flemming, Carah, 3 yrs, PA
219A-75-80, Flemming, Elizabeth, 11 yrs, PA
219A-75-80, Flemming, George, 20 yrs, PA
219A-75-80, Flemming, Jane, 22 yrs, PA
219A-75-80, Flemming, Joel, 9 yrs, PA
219A-75-80, Flemming, Rebecca, 16 yrs, PA
219A-75-80, Flemming, Sarah, 13 yrs, PA
218B-75-80, Flemming, Sarah, 50 yrs, England
218B-75-80, Flemming, Smith, 57 yrs, OH
219A-75-80, Flemming, Urah, 17 yrs, PA
220A-91-98, Game*, Ephram, 60 yrs, PA
220A-91-98, Game*, John A., 19 yrs, PA
220A-91-98, Game*, Martha, 17 yrs, PA
220A-91-98, Game*, Martha, 55 yrs, PA
214A-2-2, Gifferd, Levi, 40 yrs, PA
214A-2-2, Gifferd, Phebe, 48 yrs, PA
215B-27-27, Gifford, Abagail, 65 yrs, PA
217B-55-59, Gihon, Ch**l*s [Charles?], 32 yrs, OH
217B-55-59, Gihon, Mary, 30 yrs, PA
222B-133-140, Gill, Andrew, 4 yrs, PA
222B-133-140, Gill, David, 38 yrs, PA
222B-133-140, Gill, Eliza, 11 yrs, PA
222B-133-140, Gill, Elizabeth, 38 yrs, PA
222B-133-140, Gill, Euline, 6 yrs, PA
222B-133-140, Gill, Matildy, 9 yrs, PA
222B-133-140, Gill, Robert, 2 yrs, PA
222B-133-140, Gill, William, 13 yrs, PA
223A-142-149, Gilleran, Jane, 53 yrs, PA
223A-142-149, Gilleran, Martha, 38 yrs, NY
217B-60-63, Grace, Aaron, 50 yrs, PA
225B-184-194, Grace, Clau*** [Clausen?], 3 yrs, PA
225B-184-194, Grace, Emeline, 37 yrs, PA
218A-60-63, Grace, Emma, 2 yrs, PA
217B-60-63, Grace, Emmor, 14 yrs, PA
226A-185-195, Grace, George G., 7 yrs, PA
226A-185-195, Grace, Hanah, 40 yrs, PA
225B-184-194, Grace, Ida, 8 yrs, PA
225B-184-194, Grace, John F., 40 yrs, PA
223B-152-160, Grace, John J., 33 yrs, PA
223B-151-159, Grace, Malindy, 28 yrs, PA
223B-152-160, Grace, Mary, 2 yrs, PA
223B-152-160, Grace, Mary E., 28 yrs, PA
218A-60-63, Grace, Percillas, 7 yrs, PA
223B-151-159, Grace, Saml R., 21 yrs, PA
217B-60-63, Grace, Sarah P., 39 yrs, PA
223B-152-160, Grace, Thomas, 5 yrs, PA
217B-60-63, Grace, Victor, 16 yrs, PA
225B-184-194, Grace, William, 13 yrs, PA
225B-184-194, Grace, Williminah, 16 yrs, PA
223B-147-154, Graham, Frank, 2 yrs, PA
223B-147-154, Graham, Henry, 34 yrs, PA
223B-147-154, Graham, Jaud T., 7/12 yr, PA Remark: Jareel?
217A-51-55, Graham, Jno B., 24 yrs, PA
217A-51-55, Graham, Jno H., 59 yrs, Ireland
223B-147-154, Graham, Lucy, 34 yrs, PA
217A-51-55, Graham, Margaret, 51 yrs, Ireland
224B-168-178, Graham, Mary A., 34 yrs, PA
217A-51-55, Graham, Sa**** F., 20 yrs, PA Remark: probably Samuel
224B-168-178, Graham, Thomas, 70 yrs, PA
217A-51-55, Graham, Wm B., 27 yrs, PA
218B-73-78, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Augustus, 76 yrs, PA
218B-72-77, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Elmer, 7 yrs, PA
218B-74-79, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Harrison, 2 yrs, PA
218B-72-77, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Harvey R., 5 yrs, PA
218B-72-77, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Margaret, 28 yrs, PA
218B-72-77, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Mary L., 9 yrs, PA
218B-74-79, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Minnie, 3 yrs, PA
218B-73-78, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Nancy, 61 yrs, PA
218B-72-77, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Robert E., 3/12 yr, PA
218B-72-77, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Saml, 31 yrs, PA
218B-73-78, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Stewart, 18 yrs, PA
218B-74-79, Gri**** [Grisher?, Grishner?], Westly C., 26 yrs, PA
216B-40-41, Griffin, Charlott P., 34 yrs, OH
216A-38-38, Griffin, Elizabeth, 22 yrs, PA
216B-40-41, Griffin, Geo. G., 4 yrs, PA
216A-38-38, Griffin, H. J., 35 yrs, PA
216B-38-38, Griffin, J. H., 13 yrs, IL
216B-40-41, Griffin, James L., 30 yrs, PA
216B-38-38, Griffin, Jno A., 9 yrs, PA
216B-40-41, Griffin, Magie, 3 yrs, PA
216B-40-41, Griffin, Mary E., 27 yrs, OH
216B-40-41, Griffin, Orville F., 1 yrs, PA
216B-38-38, Griffin, Rusa B., 1 yrs, PA
216B-40-41, Griffin, Thomas W., 2/12 yr, PA
227B-207-217, Hampta, Orvile E., 2 yrs, PA
216A-31-31, Hart, Abraham, 30 yrs, PA
216A-33-33, Hart, Alva, 5 yrs, PA
216A-32-32, Hart, Alva, 25 yrs, PA
216A-33-33, Hart, Amelia, 3 yrs, PA
216A-32-32, Hart, Amelia, 66 yrs, PA
216A-33-33, Hart, Charles F. M., 17 yrs, PA
216A-33-33, Hart, Edward, 43 yrs, PA
216A-31-31, Hart, Euphema, 29 yrs, PA
216A-33-33, Hart, George, 16 yrs, PA
216A-33-33, Hart, Hugh M., 11/12 yr, PA
216A-31-31, Hart, James, 2 yrs, PA
216A-32-32, Hart, Martha R., 1 yrs, PA
216A-32-32, Hart, Mary J., 39 yrs, PA
216A-33-33, Hart, Mary Jane, 39 yrs, NY
216A-33-33, Hart, Seth, 9 yrs, PA
216A-31-31, Hart, William, 1 yrs, PA
216A-33-33, Hart, William, 13 yrs, PA
224A-154-163, Hays, Austus, 26 yrs, PA
224A-154-162, Hays, Harriett, 20 yrs, PA
224A-154-163, Hays, Saml, 26 yrs, PA
224A-154-162, Hays, William, 20 yrs, PA
214A-3-3, Henderson, Al., 35 yrs, PA
219B-86-91, Henderson, Allice, 16 yrs, PA
219A-80-85, Henderson, Amilia, 9 yrs, PA
219A-80-85, Henderson, Archy, 56 yrs, PA
215B-24-24, Henderson, Arcly, 47 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Henderson, Birdie, 2 yrs, PA
214A-3-3, Henderson, Burton H., 3 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Henderson, Catharine E., 42 yrs, NY
215B-24-24, Henderson, Charles M., 15 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Henderson, Clara E., 10 yrs, PA
219A-81-86, Henderson, Clara M., 23 yrs, PA
219A-82-87, Henderson, Elizabeth, 27 yrs, PA
219B-86-91, Henderson, Ella, 13 yrs, PA
219A-80-85, Henderson, Elza, 53 yrs, PA
214A-4-4, Henderson, Emeline R., 30 yrs, PA
214A-3-3, Henderson, Emma M., 32 yrs, PA
214A-3-3, Henderson, George, 8 yrs, PA
215B-24-24, Henderson, George G., 5 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Henderson, Hattie, 5 yrs, PA
216B-42-44, Henderson, Hetta, 50 yrs, PA
216B-43-45, Henderson, Hettie, 5 yrs, PA
214A-4-4, Henderson, Jane, 49 yrs, OH
219A-81-86, Henderson, Jasper, 24 yrs, PA
214A-4-4, Henderson, John F., 13 yrs, PA
216B-43-45, Henderson, John H., 29 yrs, PA
215B-24-24, Henderson, John L., 12 yrs, PA
214A-4-4, Henderson, Jonathon, 63 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Henderson, Jos. S., 58 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Henderson, Joseph E., 8 yrs, PA
214A-3-3, Henderson, Lizzie A., 7 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Henderson, Lois A., 19 yrs, PA
215B-24-24, Henderson, Margaret L., 8 yrs, PA
216B-43-45, Henderson, Martha E., 10 yrs, IN
219A-80-85, Henderson, Mary, 20 yrs, PA
215B-24-24, Henderson, Mary A., 45 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Henderson, Mary W., 13 yrs, PA
219A-82-87, Henderson, Melvina, 18 yrs, PA
226A-185-195, Henderson, Nancy, 13 yrs, PA
219A-82-87, Henderson, Nancy, 30 yrs, PA
219A-82-87, Henderson, Ro***t [Robert?], 64 yrs, PA
214A-4-4, Henderson, Roda M., 22 yrs, PA
219B-86-91, Henderson, Saml, 62 yrs, PA
215B-24-24, Henderson, Samuel C., 16 yrs, PA
219A-82-87, Henderson, Sarah, 22 yrs, PA
216B-42-44, Henderson, Sarah A., 11 yrs, PA
219A-82-87, Henderson, Sarah A., 54 yrs, PA
216B-43-45, Henderson, Sarah B., 34 yrs, IN
214A-5-5, Henderson, Scott, 15 yrs, PA
216B-43-45, Henderson, Thomas, 1 yrs, PA
216B-43-45, Henderson, Walter B., 8 yrs, PA
214A-5-5, Henderson, Wilber B., 31 yrs, PA
216B-42-44, Henderson, William, 53 yrs, PA
219B-86-91, Henderson, Wm H., 21 yrs, OH
223B-149-157, Henge, Charles, 14 yrs, OH
223B-149-157, Henge, Julia F., 10 yrs, IL
223B-149-157, Henge, Milcha, 46 yrs, PA
223B-149-157, Henge, Thomas, 8 yrs, PA
218B-70-75, Henry, Alice G., 13 yrs, PA [surname Kirk?]
218A-66-71, Henry, Ann, 49 yrs, PA [surname Thompson?]
218A-66-71, Henry, Briton, 18 yrs, OH [surname Thompson?]
220B-97-104, Henry, Charles, 5 yrs, PA [surname Larney?, Jarney? ]
220B-97-104, Henry, Christiana, 28 yrs, OH [surname Larney?, Jarney? ]
218B-70-75, Henry, Elizabeth B., 7 yrs, PA [surname Kirk?]
220B-97-104, Henry, Emma T., 10/12 yr, PA [surname Larney?, Jarney?]
218B-70-75, Henry, Fa**** [Fanud?], 1 yrs, PA [surname Kirk?]
218B-70-75, Henry, H. Kirk, 41 yrs, OH [surname Kirk?]
218B-70-75, Henry, Harry D., 9 yrs, PA [surname Kirk?]
218A-66-71, Henry, Henry, 11 yrs, OH [surname Thompson?]
218B-70-75, Henry, John, 4 yrs, PA [surname Kirk?]
220B-97-104, Henry, Larney, 39 yrs, England [surname Larney?, Jarney? ]
218B-70-75, Henry, Nettie, 11 yrs, PA [surname Kirk?]
218A-66-71, Henry, Orland*, 21 yrs, OH [surname Thompson?]
218B-70-75, Henry, Sarah M., 33 yrs, OH [surname Kirk?]
218B-70-75, Henry, Susan M., 16 yrs, OH [surname Kirk?]
218A-66-71, Henry, Thompson, 47 yrs, PA [surname Thompson?]
218A-66-71, Henry, Willie, 5 yrs, OH [surname Thompson?]
220B-97-104, Henry, Wiltimet, 3 yrs, PA [surname Larney?, Jarney? ]
215B-30-30, Hoss, Oliver, 9 yrs, PA
226B-194-204, How, Agness, 5 yrs, PA
226A-194-204, How, Arthur, 14 yrs, PA
225B-180-190, How, Charles, 4 yrs, PA
225B-180-190, How, Edgar, 1/12 yr, PA
226B-194-204, How, Eliza, 10 yrs, PA
226B-194-204, How, Ellin, 1 yrs, PA
226B-194-204, How, Evva, 17 yrs, PA
225B-180-190, How, James, 29 yrs, PA
226A-194-204, How, Jane, 37 yrs, PA
226B-194-204, How, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
225B-182-192, How, Mary, 70 yrs, PA
225B-180-190, How, Sarah, 25 yrs, PA
226B-194-204, How, Sarah J., 9 yrs, PA
226A-194-204, How, William H., 41 yrs, PA
218A-62-65, Huey, David, 50 [58?]yrs, PA
218A-62-65, Huey, Francis, 64 yrs, PA
218A-62-65, Huey, Jay**, 15 yrs, PA
218A-62-65, Huey, Jno J., 1 yrs, PA
218A-62-65, Huey, Laura, 2/12 yr, PA
218A-62-65, Huey, Leander, 21 yrs, PA
218A-62-65, Huey, Mary, 29 yrs, PA
218A-62-65, Huey, Walter, 13 yrs, PA
218A-62-65, Huey, William L., 19 yrs, PA
219B-87-93, Hughey, George, 16 yrs, PA
223B-146-153, Humphrey, Henry, 51 yrs, NY
223B-146-153, Humphrey, Nancy B., 8 yrs, PA
223B-146-153, Humphrey, Sally, 50 yrs, PA
220B-95-102, Hunter, Arminta, 8 yrs, PA
220A-95-102, Hunter, Benet, 32 yrs, PA
220A-89-95, Hunter, Classy, 11 yrs, PA
220B-95-102, Hunter, Elizabeth, 28 yrs, PA
220A-89-95, Hunter, Hutcheson, 21 yrs, PA
219B-89-95, Hunter, John, 49 yrs, PA
220A-89-95, Hunter, John L., 14 yrs, PA
220A-89-95, Hunter, Mary J., 49 yrs, PA
220A-89-95, Hunter, Mary V., 17 yrs, PA
220B-96-103, Inda, **in, 30 yrs, PA
220B-96-103, Inda, Ana M., 12 yrs, PA
220B-96-103, Inda, Daniel, 32 yrs, PA
220B-96-103, Inda, Rhody E., 9 yrs, PA
220A-93-100, Indy, Christianna, 56 yrs, PA
220A-93-100, Indy, Eliza P., 16 yrs, PA
220A-93-100, Indy, Thomas, 23 yrs, PA
227A-201-212, Ingham, Margaret, 30 yrs, PA
227A-201-212, Ingham, Wesly B., 2 yrs, OH
222A-125-133, Jack, Ellin J., 7 yrs, PA
222A-125-133, Jack, Eva A., 12 yrs, PA
222A-127-134, Jack, John, 15 yrs, PA
222A-125-133, Jack, Mary , 40 yrs, PA
222A-127-134, Jack, Rhody, 53 yrs, PA
222A-127-134, Jack, Robert, 18 yrs, PA
222A-125-133, Jack, Saml, 3 yrs, PA
222A-125-133, Jack, Thomas, 10 yrs, PA
222A-125-132, Jack, Thomas, 64 yrs, PA
222A-125-133, Jack, William, 33 yrs, PA
222A-127-134, Jack, William, 67 yrs, PA
225B-178-188, Jacob, Andrew, 33 yrs, OH
225B-179-189, Jacob, Charles, 14 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, Clarry M., 9 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, Elizabeth, 19 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, Ellie J., 11 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, Elmr, 4 yrs, PA
225B-178-188, Jacob, Emma, 12 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, Isaac K., 49 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, John, 22 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, Julia, 6 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, Mary, 1 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, Mary, 44 yrs, PA
225B-178-188, Jacob, Sarah, 26 yrs, PA
225B-179-189, Jacob, William, 16 yrs, PA
226B-198-209, Jacobs, Cora M., 4 yrs, PA
226B-198-209, Jacobs, Herbert, 9 yrs, PA
226B-198-209, Jacobs, Norman, 2 yrs, PA
226B-198-209, Jacobs, Pr*cella, 31 yrs, PA
225B-177-187, Jacobs, Salinna, 72 yrs, PA
226B-198-209, Jacobs, Thomas, 6 yrs, PA
226B-198-209, Jacobs, William, 39 yrs, OH
225B-177-187, Jacobs, William, 71 yrs, PA
221A-104-111, James, Jones, 15 yrs, PA [surname Jones?]
221A-110-117, Jamson, Andrew, 20 yrs, PA
221A-110-117, Jamson, Emma A., 7 yrs, PA
221A-110-117, Jamson, James O., 8 yrs, PA
221A-110-117, Jamson, John A., 1 yrs, PA
221A-110-117, Jamson, Sarah A., 35 yrs, PA
221A-110-117, Jamson, Sarah E., 3 yrs, PA
221A-110-117, Jamson, William, 46 yrs, Ireland
221A-110-117, Jamson, Wm C., 4 yrs, PA
218A-66-71, Jane, M**, 47 yrs, Scotland [surname Muer (Muir)?]
220B-100-107, Jobe, Elmer, 9 yrs, PA
220B-100-107, Jobe, Hester, 3 yrs, PA
220B-100-107, Jobe, Jane, 34 yrs, PA
220B-100-107, Jobe, John, 40 yrs, PA
220B-100-107, Jobe, John G., 11/12 yr, PA
220B-100-107, Jobe, Lydia J., 13 yrs, PA
220B-100-107, Jobe, Nebbert, 11 yrs, PA
222A-130-137, Johnston, Calvin, 14 yrs, PA
221B-114-121, Johnston, George, 3 yrs, PA
222A-123-130, Johnston, Ja*sias, 55 yrs, NY
222A-123-130, Johnston, James, 30 yrs, PA
221B-114-121, Johnston, Margaret, 25 yrs, PA
222A-130-137, Johnston, Mary, 2 yrs, PA
222A-129-136, Johnston, Nancy, 64 yrs, PA
222A-130-137, Johnston, Saml, 34 yrs, PA
222A-123-130, Johnston, Saml, 66 yrs, PA
222A-130-137, Johnston, Sarah, 37 yrs, England
221B-114-121, Johnston, Sarah, 63 yrs, Ireland
222A-130-137, Johnston, Sophrena, 9 yrs, PA
226A-186-196, Jones, Clarisa, 38 yrs, PA
226A-186-196, Jones, John, 21 yrs, PA
226A-186-196, Jones, Levi, 55 yrs, PA
226A-186-196, Jones, William, 1 yrs, PA
220A-92-99, Kenady, Jesep, 38 yrs, PA
220A-92-99, Kenady, Margaret, 35 yrs, PA
227A-202-213, Kerr, Francis, 48 yrs, England
227A-202-213, Kerr, James, 16 yrs, PA
227A-202-213, Kerr, John, 14 yrs, PA
227A-202-213, Kerr, Joseph, 43 yrs, PA
216B-44-46, Kimp, Lillia, 6/12 yr, PA
216B-44-46, Kimp, Margaret H., 24 yrs, PA
216B-44-46, Kimp, Rebecca, 2 yrs, PA
216B-44-46, Kimp, Samuel, 29 yrs, PA
216B-44-46, Kimp, William J., 4 yrs, PA
223A-143-150, King, Alexander, 23 yrs, PA
223A-143-150, King, Archy, 19 yrs, PA
223A-143-150, King, Lucy, 58 yrs, PA
223A-143-150, King, Nancy, 21 yrs, PA
223A-143-150, King, William, 64 yrs, PA
227A-203-214, Kisnha, Ana K., 54 yrs, OH
227A-203-214, Kisnha, Isa*n, 63 yrs, OH
225A-173-183, Lamb, Charles, 12 yrs, PA
225A-173-183, Lamb, Ednm, 11/12 yr, PA
223B-149-156, Lamb, Elizabeth, 70 yrs, PA
225A-173-183, Lamb, George, 11 yrs, PA
225A-173-183, Lamb, Henry, 6 yrs, PA
225A-173-183, Lamb, Jamima, 8 yrs, PA
225A-173-183, Lamb, John, 39 yrs, PA
225A-173-183, Lamb, Prudence, 40 yrs, PA
223B-149-156, Lamb, Thomas, 76 yrs, England
226A-185-195, Lau*hie, Fran*, 13 yrs, IA
217B-53-57, Lavalle, Saml, 18 yrs, IL
217B-57-61, Limber, Albert, 16 yrs, PA
217B-57-61, Limber, Benet, 6 yrs, PA
217B-57-61, Limber, Freder***, 3 yrs, PA
217B-57-61, Limber, Gi**es, 14 yrs, PA
217B-57-61, Limber, Jane, 8 yrs, PA
217B-57-61, Limber, Mary, 2/12 yr, PA
217B-57-61, Limber, Mary J., 38 yrs, PA
217B-57-61, Limber, Thos, 10 yrs, PA
217B-57-61, Limber, Thos J., 40 yrs, PA
217B-57-61, Limber, Willie, 12 yrs, PA
218A-67-72, Limhr, Dwight, 15 yrs, OH
218A-67-72, Limhr, James B., 64 yrs, PA
218A-67-72, Limhr, Jane, 64 yrs, PA
219B-85-90, Litle, Albert, 10 yrs, PA
219B-85-90, Litle, George, 12 yrs, PA
219B-85-90, Litle, Joseph J., 38 yrs, Ireland
219B-85-90, Litle, Margaret, 9/12 yr, PA
219B-85-90, Litle, Robert, 5 yrs, PA
219B-85-90, Litle, Ruth, 34 yrs, PA
219B-85-90, Litle, Thomas, 8 yrs, PA
219B-85-90, Litle, Wm J., 14 yrs, PA
221B-116-123, M**e* [Miner?, Nuner?], J*ne*, 32 yrs, PA
221B-116-123, M**e*, M*** [Marty?], 5 yrs, PA
217A-53-57, Mackey, D. Tensard, 35 yrs, OH
217B-53-57, Mackey, Malindy, 6 yrs, OH
217A-53-57, Mackey, Mary C., 10 yrs, PA
217A-53-57, Mackey, Sibas, 31 yrs, PA
217B-53-57, Mackey, Tensard E., 4 yrs, PA
216A-37-37, Magee, Samuel, 26 yrs, PA
216A-35-35, Marshall, Alfred, 22 yrs, PA
216A-35-35, Marshall, Ardy, 32 yrs, PA
216A-35-35, Marshall, Hugh, 69 yrs, PA
216A-35-35, Marshall, Martha, 44 yrs, PA
216A-35-35, Marshall, Nancy, 66 yrs, PA
216B-39-40, Mashal [Marshal?], George, 6 yrs, PA
216B-39-40, Mashal [Marshal?], John, 35 yrs, PA
216B-39-40, Mashal [Marshal?], Mary, 8 yrs, PA
216B-39-40, Mashal [Marshal?], Nancy, 1 yrs, PA
216B-39-40, Mashal [Marshal?], Yahu, 32 yrs, PA
225B-184-194, McConnell, mary, 70 yrs, NJ
226A-192-202, McCullah, Clarrissa, 27 yrs, OH
226A-192-202, McCullah, James W., 2 yrs, PA
226A-192-202, McCullah, Leonard, 4 yrs, PA
226A-192-202, McCullah, Maitri* [Martin?], 33 yrs, PA
226A-192-202, McCullah, Willia, 8/12 yr, PA
226A-192-202, McCullah, William, 30 yrs, PA
223B-150-158, McCurdy, Da*** [David?], 27 yrs, PA
223B-150-158, McCurdy, Margaret, 1 yrs, PA
223B-150-158, McCurdy, Rentta, 22 yrs, PA
223B-150-158, McCurdy, William, 7/12 yr, PA
221A-107-114, McDowel, Arvilla, 16 yrs, PA
221A-107-114, McDowel, Ellin, 6 yrs, PA
221A-107-114, McDowel, Hannah, 9 yrs, PA
221A-107-114, McDowel, John, 43 yrs, PA
221A-107-114, McDowel, Julia V., 3 yrs, PA
221A-107-114, McDowel, Nancy, 33 yrs, PA
226B-199-210, McDowell, Anna Liza, 35 yrs, PA
226B-199-210, McDowell, Elizabeth, 4 yrs, PA
226B-199-210, McDowell, James, 44 yrs, PA
226B-199-210, McDowell, John, 16 yrs, PA
226B-199-210, McDowell, Oswell, 12 yrs, PA
226B-199-210, McDowell, Sarah, 9 yrs, PA
226B-199-210, McDowell, William, 15 yrs, PA
224A-156-165, McEl*ath, Elurns, 6 yrs, MN
224A-156-165, McEl*ath, Jane D., 36 yrs, PA
224A-156-165, McEl*ath, Mary L., 2 yrs, PA
224A-156-165, McEl*ath, William, 39 yrs, PA
227A-203-214, McFarlin, William, 12 yrs, PA
225A-170-180, McKnight, Andrew, 12 yrs, PA
225A-170-180, McKnight, Caroline, 18 yrs, PA
225A-170-180, McKnight, James, 14 yrs, PA
226A-189-199, McKnight, Jenny, 23 yrs, PA
225A-170-180, McKnight, Margaret, 51 yrs, Ireland
226A-189-199, McKnight, Robert, 25 yrs, Canedy
225A-170-180, McKnight, Robert, 50 yrs, Ireland
226A-189-199, McKnight, William, 9/12 yr, PA
225A-170-180, McKnight, William, 20 yrs, Canada
220A-92-99, McMillin, Wm H., 14 yrs, PA
215A-17-17, Miller, Alexander, 42 yrs, PA
215B-29-29, Miller, Frank T., 5 yrs, PA
215A-17-17, Miller, Ines J., 14 yrs, PA
215A-17-17, Miller, Infant, 1/12 yr, PA
215B-29-29, Miller, John, 1 yrs, PA
215B-28-28, Miller, John, 74 yrs, PA
215B-29-29, Miller, John W., 37 yrs, PA
215A-17-17, Miller, Lester E., 16 yrs, PA
215A-17-17, Miller, Lincoln F., 11 yrs, PA
215B-28-28, Miller, Mary, 74 yrs, VA
215A-17-17, Miller, Mary J., 23 yrs, PA
215B-29-29, Miller, Minnie, 28 yrs, MI
215B-28-28, Miller, Sarah, 33 yrs, PA
220B-102-109, Mogee [McGee, Magee?], Elmna, 14 yrs, PA
220B-102-109, Mogee [McGee, Magee?], Leonard, 12 yrs, PA
221A-108-115, Montgomery, George, 50 yrs, Ireland
221A-108-115, Montgomery, Sarah, 57 yrs, Ireland
225A-174-184, Mopford [Mossford?, Mofford?], Eva, 6/12 yr, PA
225A-174-184, Mopford [Mossford?, Mofford?], Harry W., 3 yrs, PA
225A-174-184, Mopford [Mossford?, Mofford?], Mary, 29 yrs, PA
225A-174-184, Mopford [Mossford?, Mofford?], Thomas, 33 yrs, England
222B-130-137, Morgan, Addy, 14 yrs, PA
221B-118-125, Mulbury, Buroughs, 17 yrs, PA
221B-118-125, Mulbury, Emetine F., 15 yrs, PA
221B-118-125, Mulbury, Jemima, 37 yrs, PA
221B-119-126, Mulbury, Lydia, 76 yrs, NY
221B-118-125, Mulbury, Orsin, 38 yrs, NY
214B-12-12, Noonemaker, Charlotte, 22 yrs, PA
214B-12-12, Noonemaker, Chas., 25 yrs, PA
214B-12-12, Noonemaker, Lamont, 3 yrs, PA
214B-12-12, Noonemaker, Loretta, 9/12 yr, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, Ella A., 6 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, Ellin, 29 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, Elmer S., 10 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, Emma, 13 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, Hannah, 47 yrs, OH
220A-90-97, Orsh**, John C., 20 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, Margaret, 22 yrs, PA
220A-89-96, Orsh**, Morgan, 27 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, Myrtle, 1 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, Saml N., 15 yrs, PA
220A-89-96, Orsh**, Sarah E., 22 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, Sennitt M., 8 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, William, 56 yrs, PA
220A-90-97, Orsh**, William J., 17 yrs, PA
214A-7-7, Osborn, Eleanor, 77 yrs, PA
214A-7-7, Osborn, Elizabeth, 34 yrs, PA
214A-7-7, Osborn, Samuel, 34 yrs, PA
221B-121-128, Osburn, Alva, 23 yrs, PA
222A-121-128, Osburn, Betsey M., 8/12 yr, PA
222A-122-129, Osburn, Cal*** [Calvert?], 7/12 yr, PA
222A-124-131, Osburn [Orshn?], Carolin, 32 yrs, PA
222A-122-129, Osburn, Ellis A., 8 yrs, PA
222A-122-129, Osburn, Elma, 5 yrs, PA
222A-122-129, Osburn, Emerson, 10 yrs, PA
222A-124-131, Osburn [Orshn?], Frank, 10 yrs, PA
222A-121-128, Osburn, Issabell, 20 yrs, PA
222A-122-129, Osburn, James, 33 yrs, PA Remark: Osbun?
221B-120-127, Osburn, James, 71 yrs, PA Remark: Osbun?
222A-122-129, Osburn, Jane, 30 yrs, PA
221B-120-127, Osburn, Margaret, 62 yrs, PA
221B-120-127, Osburn, Maud, 20 yrs, PA Remark: Osbun?
222A-124-131, Osburn [Orshn?], Nesella, 12 yrs, PA
224A-157-166, Page, Allice, 11 yrs, PA
224A-157-166, Page, Ellin M., 9 yrs, PA
224A-157-166, Page, James P., 39 yrs, NY
224A-157-166, Page, Mary, 6 yrs, PA
224A-157-166, Page, Mary, 29 yrs, PA
217A-45-47, Payne, George, 13 yrs, NY [surname Schuyln?]
217A-45-47, Payne, Martha A., 15 yrs, NY [surname Schuyln?]
217A-45-47, Payne, Schuyln, 66 yrs, NY [surname Schuyln?]
217A-50-53, Pe**ls, Masandy B., 19 yrs, PA Remark: Percils[?]
218A-63-66, Pe**m [Perinn? Peuim?], Adilla, 22 yrs, PA
218A-63-66, Pe**m [Perinn? Peuim?], John C., 30 yrs, PA
218A-63-66, Pe**m [Perinn? Peuim?], Louella, 1 yrs, PA
219A-78-83, Perin, Bennett, 53 yrs, PA
219A-78-83, Perin, Chales B., 3 yrs, PA
219A-79-84, Perin, Charlott, 79 yrs, NJ
219A-78-83, Perin, Elya E., 45 yrs, NY
219A-78-83, Perin, Fleming, 16 yrs, PA
219A-78-83, Perin, Nancy, 6 yrs, PA
219A-79-84, Perin, Rebecca, 54 yrs, PA
219A-78-83, Perin, Sarah E., 13 yrs, PA
219A-78-83, Perin, Thomas E., 19 yrs, PA
217B-56-60, Perine [Perim?], A. J., 47 yrs, PA
217B-59-62, Perine, Andrew J., 15 yrs, PA
217B-58-62, Perine, Anna, 24 yrs, England
217B-58-62, Perine [Perim?], Chas W., 28 yrs, PA
217B-56-60, Perine, Clarissa, 43 yrs, PA
217B-56-60, Perine, Curt** *., 21 yrs, 250
217B-56-60, Perine, Cyrus, 14 yrs, PA
217B-58-62, Perine, Emma M., 1/12 yr, PA
217B-59-62, Perine [Perim?], John, 61 yrs, PA
217B-56-60, Perine, Lewis, 12 yrs, PA
217B-56-60, Perine, Malichi, 9 yrs, PA
217B-59-62, Perine, Margaret, 59 yrs, England
217B-56-60, Perine, Mary E., 2 yrs, PA
217B-56-60, Perine, Milton, 6 yrs, PA
217B-56-60, Perine, Oliver, 17 yrs, PA
217B-56-60, Perine, Roseita, 19 yrs, PA
217B-56-60, Perine, Sophronee, 20 yrs, PA
215B-31-31, Perrine, Eva, 5 yrs, PA
215B-31-31, Perrine, Genette C., 37 yrs, PA
215B-31-31, Perrine, Harpalira, 12 yrs, PA
215B-31-31, Perrine, Ida F., 10 yrs, PA
215B-31-31, Perrine, Mary C., 16 yrs, PA
216A-31-31, Perrine, S. E., 3 yrs, PA
215B-31-31, Perrine, Samuel, 42 yrs, PA
215B-31-31, Perrine, Watson B., 15 yrs, PA
215A-21-21, Peters, J. L. D., 51 yrs, NY
218A-61-64, Pettycrew, Hize**ah, 48 yrs, OH
218A-61-64, Pettycrew, Nancy A., 46 yrs, PA
220A-93-100, Puir, Elly, 13 yrs, PA [surname Indy?]
220A-93-100, Puir, Elmer, 9 yrs, PA [surname Indy?]
220A-93-100, Puir, Mary, 34 yrs, PA [surname Indy?]
226B-200-211, Richards, Elizabeth, 48 yrs, VA
227A-200-211, Richards, Ellie, 8 yrs, PA
227A-200-211, Richards, Fran, 11 yrs, PA
226B-200-211, Richards, Ida, 16 yrs, PA
226B-200-211, Richards, Jane, 26 yrs, PA
226B-200-211, Richards, Jesse, 75 yrs, VA
227A-200-211, Richards, Julia, 10 yrs, PA
216A-37-37, Ritchie, Alfred M., 1 yrs, PA
216A-37-37, Ritchie, Bethshebas, 5 yrs, PA
216A-36-36, Ritchie, Bethshebas, 52 yrs, PA
216A-37-37, Ritchie, Elizabeth, 28 yrs, PA
216A-37-37, Ritchie, John, 29 yrs, PA
216A-36-36, Ritchie, Moses, 63 yrs, PA
216A-37-37, Ritchie, Sarah E., 3 yrs, PA
218B-71-76, Samuel, Etta M., 19 yrs, PA [surname probably Vaughn]
218B-71-76, Samuel, Huldah, 8 yrs, PA [surname probably Vaughn]
218B-71-76, Samuel, Isabell J., 45 yrs, PA [surname probably Vaughn]
218B-71-76, Samuel, Vaughn, 61 yrs, PA [surname probably Vaughn]
218B-71-76, Samuel, Violet B., 13 yrs, PA [surname probably Vaughn]
216B-42-44, Sarah, Stokely, 75 yrs, PA
224B-162-172, Savage, Elenor, 45 yrs, NY
224B-162-172, Savage, George, 54 yrs, England
215B-30-30, Smail, Henry, 65 yrs, PA
215B-30-30, Smail, Martha, 21 yrs, PA
215B-30-30, Smail, Philetus, 24 yrs, PA
215B-30-30, Smail, Sophrona, 66 yrs, NJ
218B-69-74, Smal*, Aaron, 41 yrs, PA ["Smale" in 1850 census]
218B-69-74, Smal*, Alice V., 1 yrs, PA
218B-69-74, Smal*, George B., 3 yrs, PA
218B-69-74, Smal*, Henry C., 14 yrs, PA
218B-69-74, Smal*, Mary E., 12 yrs, PA
218B-69-74, Smal*, Nancy, 40 yrs, PA
218B-69-74, Smal*, Sophrona, 8 yrs, PA
218B-69-74, Smal*, Tuner W., 16 yrs, PA
215A-16-16, Small, Mary A., 6 yrs, PA
221B-112-119, Smith, Abigail, 9 yrs, PA
220A-94-101, Smith, Amananie, 3 yrs, PA
221B-112-119, Smith, Ann, 14 yrs, PA
221B-112-119, Smith, Catherine, 12 yrs, PA
221A-103-110, Smith, Christie, 3 yrs, PA
220B-101-108, Smith, David, 29 yrs, PA
221B-112-119, Smith, Edith, 37 yrs, PA
220A-94-101, Smith, Elizabeth, 7 yrs, PA
221B-112-119, Smith, Emma, 2 yrs, PA
220B-101-108, Smith, Hamett, 69 yrs, PA
226A-188-198, Smith, Henry, 30 yrs, PA
226A-188-198, Smith, Izabell, 27 yrs, PA
221A-103-110, Smith, John J., 9 yrs, PA
220B-103-110, Smith, Joseph, 38 yrs, PA
221B-112-119, Smith, Lydia, 1 yrs, PA
220A-94-101, Smith, Margaret, 1 yrs, PA
221A-103-110, Smith, Margaret, 8 yrs, PA
226A-188-198, Smith, Mary, 1 yrs, PA
221A-103-110, Smith, Nancy J., 36 yrs, PA
220B-101-108, Smith, Robbut C., 40 yrs, PA
220A-94-101, Smith, Sarah, 5 yrs, PA
220A-92-99, Smith, Sarah J., 5 yrs, PA
220A-94-101, Smith, Susanna, 30 yrs, PA
220A-94-101, Smith, Uieh, 33 yrs, PA
226A-188-198, Smith, William, 5 yrs, PA
221B-112-119, Smith, William, 40 yrs, England
214B-11-11, Snider, Amos, 27 yrs, PA
214B-11-11, Snider, Anna M., 3 yrs, PA
219B-83-88, Snider, Annah, 47 yrs, OH
214B-11-11, Snider, Edith E., 1 yrs, PA
219B-83-88, Snider, Hudson, 24 yrs, PA
214B-11-11, Snider, Maud, 3/12 yr, PA
214B-11-11, Snider, Roenas, 18 yrs, OH
214B-11-11, Snider, Sarah J., 26 yrs, PA
219B-83-88, Snider, Stephen, 52 yrs, OH
219B-83-88, Snider, Sti*ly, 22 yrs, PA
225B-181-191, Stewart, Archey, 16 yrs, PA
225B-181-191, Stewart, Mary Ann, 14 yrs, PA
225B-181-191, Stewart, Nancy, 26 yrs, PA
225B-181-191, Stewart, R***t [Robert?], 50 yrs, PA
225B-181-191, Stewart, Sarah, 48 yrs, PA
223A-141-148, Surzly, Alphus, 23 yrs, PA
223A-141-148, Surzly, Angeline, 21 yrs, PA
223A-141-148, Surzly, Essetta, 2 yrs, PA
223A-141-148, Surzly, Saml, 55 yrs, PA
223A-141-148, Surzly, Susana, 35 yrs, PA
223A-141-148, Surzly, Thadeus, 18 yrs, PA
223A-141-148, Surzly, Thomas, 14 yrs, PA
223A-141-148, Surzly, Ulrich, 6 yrs, PA
224A-158-168, Sutleff, Calvin D., 13 yrs, PA
224A-158-168, Sutleff, Edith, 10 yrs, PA
224A-158-168, Sutleff, Mary, 41 yrs, PA
226A-191-201, Swett, James W., 11 yrs, PA
226A-191-201, Swett, Leonard, 70 yrs, NH
226A-191-201, Swett, Mary, 45 yrs, NY
226A-191-201, Swett, Samuel E., 8 yrs, PA
226A-191-201, Swett, Thomas, 6 yrs, PA
215B-27-27, Swires, Susan, 24 yrs, PA
216B-43-45, Tayler, Aaron, 84 yrs, MD
216B-40-42, Tayler, Elizabeth, 71 yrs, MD
216B-40-42, Tayler, Thomas, 83 yrs, Ireland
221B-117-124, Thomas, Amanda, 39 yrs, PA [surname Dickey?]
221B-117-124, Thomas, Dickey, 44 yrs, PA [surname Dickey?]
221B-117-124, Thomas, Elmer, 4 yrs, PA [surname Dickey?]
221B-117-124, Thomas, John, 1 yrs, PA [surname Dickey?]
221B-117-124, Thomas, Maragaret, 12 yrs, MN [surname Dickey?]
221B-117-124, Thomas, Mary, 10 yrs, PA [surname Dickey?]
221B-117-124, Thomas, Wm C., 8 yrs, PA [surname Dickey?]
224B-169-179, Turner, Alexand, 45 yrs, PA
224B-166-176, Turner [Tuner?], Alfred, 18 yrs, PA
224B-166-176, Turner [Tuner?], Burroghs, 11 yrs, PA
224B-166-176, Turner [Tuner?], James, 7 yrs, PA
224B-169-179, Turner, James, 20 yrs, PA
224B-165-175, Turner, James, 69 yrs, PA Remark: Tuner?, Truner?
224B-169-179, Turner, John, 15 yrs, PA
225A-169-179, Turner, Laura, 7 yrs, PA
224B-165-175, Turner, Martha, 65 yrs, VA
224B-169-179, Turner, Nancy, 17 yrs, PA
224B-166-176, Turner [Tuner?], Nancy, 39 yrs, PA
225A-169-179, Turner, Nathan, 3 yrs, PA
224B-169-179, Turner, Rachael, 39 yrs, OH
224B-166-176, Turner [Tuner?], Richard, 41 yrs, PA
225A-169-179, Turner, Rody, 12 yrs, PA
225A-169-179, Turner, Roxina, 10 yrs, PA
224B-166-176, Turner [Tuner?], Saml, 15 yrs, PA
220B-102-109, Vogan, Catherine, 20 yrs, PA
220B-102-109, Vogan, Catherine, 49 yrs, PA
221A-106-113, Vogan, Charles, 3 yrs, PA
221A-106-113, Vogan, Eliza, 40 yrs, PA
221A-105-112, Vogan, James, 81 yrs, PA
220B-102-109, Vogan, James A., 22 yrs, PA
221A-106-113, Vogan, James Jr., 37 yrs, PA
220B-102-109, Vogan, Joseph, 24 yrs, PA
221A-106-113, Vogan, Laura, 5 yrs, PA
220B-102-109, Vogan, Luke, 50 yrs, OH
221A-105-112, Vogan, Sarah, 78 yrs, PA
225B-176-186, W*l***, Culpetha, 2 yrs, PA Remark: Williery?
227A-201-212, Waddle, John, 70 yrs, PA
227A-201-212, Waddle, Permilia, 64 yrs, NJ
221A-109-116, Waddlr, James, 65 yrs, PA
221A-109-116, Waddlr, Mary, 52 yrs, PA
221A-109-116, Waddlr, Mary E., 14 yrs, PA
221A-109-116, Waddlr, William, 11 yrs, PA
214B-10-10, Wampler, Carrie J., 8 yrs, PA
214B-10-10, Wampler, Daniel, 34 yrs, PA
214B-10-10, Wampler, Homer F., 6 yrs, PA
214B-10-10, Wampler, Ida May, 4 yrs, PA
214B-10-10, Wampler, Laura E., 9 yrs, PA
214B-10-10, Wampler, Matilda J., 33 yrs, PA
214B-10-10, Wampler, Robert, 1 yrs, PA
214B-10-10, Wampler, Willie M., 2 yrs, PA
227A-200-211, Watson, John, 7 yrs, PA
222B-132-139, West, Andy C., 7 yrs, PA
222B-132-139, West, Anna, 5 yrs, PA
222B-132-139, West, Clarence, 2 yrs, PA
222B-132-139, West, George, 11/ yrs, PA
222B-132-139, West, John P., 36 yrs, PA
222B-132-139, West, Margaret, 8 yrs, PA
222B-132-139, West, Nancy Jane, 34 yrs, PA
222B-138-145, Westlake, Alputta, 7 yrs, OH
222B-138-145, Westlake, Ben**: [Benness?], 36 yrs, PA
222B-138-145, Westlake, Eliza Jane, 3 yrs, PA
222B-135-142, Westlake, Ella, 26 yrs, PA
222B-137-144, Westlake, Fanny, 56 yrs, PA
222B-138-145, Westlake, Flory, 9 yrs, PA
222B-136-143, Westlake, Frank L., 4 yrs, PA
223A-145-152, Westlake, George, 40 yrs, PA
222B-137-144, Westlake, George, 69 yrs, PA
222B-135-142, Westlake, Henry, 29 yrs, PA
223B-145-152, Westlake, John S., 17 yrs, PA
223A-145-152, Westlake, Lewis M., 18 yrs, PA
223A-138-145, Westlake, Maliy, 1 yrs, PA
222B-136-143, Westlake, Margaret, 26 yrs, PA
222B-138-145, Westlake, Mary, 27 yrs, PA
223B-145-152, Westlake, Mary, 66 yrs, OH
223B-145-152, Westlake, Mary E., 14 yrs, PA
222B-136-143, Westlake, Mary R., 3 yrs, PA
223A-145-152, Westlake, Nancy, 41 yrs, PA
223B-145-152, Westlake, Olin [Elin?], 6 yrs, PA
222B-135-142, Westlake, Samuel, 1 yrs, PA
222B-136-143, Westlake, Walter, 11/12 yr, PA
222B-135-142, Westlake, William, 3 yrs, PA
222B-136-143, Westlake, William, 32 yrs, PA
215A-19-19, Whann, Araadna, 22 yrs, PA
215A-19-19, Whann, Araadna A., 9 yrs, PA
214B-13-13, Whann, Emily, 12 yrs, PA
214B-13-13, Whann, Jesse W., 10 yrs, PA
215A-19-19, Whann, Lewis, 1 yrs, PA
214B-13-13, Whann, Mary A., 21 yrs, PA
214B-13-13, Whann, Matilda E., 49 yrs, NY
214B-13-13, Whann, Matthew L., 57 yrs, PA
214B-13-13, Whann, Matthew T., 14 yrs, PA
215A-19-19, Whann, Robert C., 24 yrs, PA
214B-13-13, Whann, Sarah E., 17 yrs, PA
214B-13-13, Whann, Tamar, 19 yrs, PA
215A-23-23, Wheeler, Cyrus, 70 yrs, NY
215B-26-26, Wheeler, Elizabeth, 14 yrs, PA
215B-26-26, Wheeler, Hannah, 77 yrs, England
215B-26-26, Wheeler, James, 46 yrs, PA
215B-26-26, Wheeler, Margaret, 18 yrs, PA
215B-26-26, Wheeler, Mariah, 41 yrs, England
215B-26-26, Wheeler, Robert, 22 yrs, PA
215B-26-26, Wheeler, Tena, 16 yrs, PA
223A-140-147, White, Elmer, 9 yrs, PA
223A-140-147, White, Fanny, 4 yrs, PA
223A-140-147, White, James, 2 yrs, PA
223A-140-147, White, John , 7 yrs, PA
223A-140-147, White, Josephine, 11 yrs, PA
223A-140-147, White, Mary E., 14 yrs, PA
223A-140-147, White, May J., 33 yrs, PA
223A-140-147, White, Thomas, 39 yrs, PA
217A-50-54, Wigth, John S., 24 yrs, PA
217A-50-54, Wigth, Matildy, 22 yrs, PA
217A-50-53, Wigth, Sarah, 57 yrs, England
217A-50-53, Wigth, Thomas J., 20 yrs, PA
226A-187-197, Wilcott, Aron, 40 yrs, NY
226A-187-197, Wilcott, Frank, 10 yrs, NY
224B-163-173, Willson, Aaron, 54 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Albert, 10 yrs, PA
224B-164-174, Willson, Alfred, 1 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Allin, 12 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Ambrose, 15 yrs, PA
225A-172-182, Willson, Celestie, 11 yrs, PA
224B-164-174, Willson, Charlott, 30 yrs, PA
224B-167-177, Willson, Clarisa, 9 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Clausa, 14 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Edwin, 6 yrs, PA
224B-167-177, Willson, Ellie, 3 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Flora H., 8 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, George, 46 yrs, PA
224B-163-173, Willson, George W., 36 yrs, PA
224B-167-177, Willson, Ida M., 11 yrs, PA
224B-167-177, Willson, James, 37 yrs, PA
225A-171-181, Willson, James, 75 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, John, 3 yrs, PA
224B-164-174, Willson, John, 9 yrs, PA
224B-164-174, Willson, John, 32 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Joseph, 20 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Laura, 2/12 yr, PA
224B-167-177, Willson, Lerdum, 4 yrs, PA
225A-172-182, Willson, Liza, 41 yrs, PA
224B-163-173, Willson, Margaret, 27 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Marie E., 18 yrs, PA
224B-167-177, Willson, Mary, 31 yrs, PA
225A-172-182, Willson, Nancy, 20 yrs, PA
224B-163-173, Willson, Nancy, 25 yrs, PA
225A-172-182, Willson, Peter R., 46 yrs, PA
224B-164-174, Willson, Robert, 5 yrs, PA
225A-175-185, Willson, Roxena, 42 yrs, PA
225A-171-181, Willson, Sarah, 65 yrs, PA
224B-164-174, Willson, Suth, 7 yrs, PA
225A-172-182, Willson, Wilber, 3 yrs, PA
222A-130-137, Willson, William, 16 yrs, PA
218A-65-70, Wingard, Simon, 23 yrs, PA
223B-153-161, Winuams [Muans?], *humas, 16 yrs, OH
223B-153-161, Winuams [Muans?], Emery J., 9 yrs, OH
223B-153-161, Winuams [Muans?], Henry, 45 yrs, OH
223B-153-161, Winuams [Muans?], Henry H., 14 yrs, OH
224A-153-161, Winuams [Muans?], Maggy, 3 yrs, PA
224A-153-161, Winuams [Muans?], Mittun, 1 yrs, PA
223B-153-161, Winuams [Muans?], Olin [Elin?], 12 yrs, OH
223B-153-161, Winuams [Muans?], William, 19 yrs, OH
226A-186-196, Wood, George, 16 yrs, PA
226A-186-196, Wood, Rachael, 18 yrs, PA
226B-196-206, Young, Cassius, 14 yrs, PA
226B-196-206, Young, David, 19 yrs, PA
226B-196-207, Young, Eliza, 21 yrs, PA
226B-196-206, Young, Henry, 53 yrs, OH
226B-196-207, Young, Henry W., 22 yrs, PA
226B-196-206, Young, Mary J., 11 yrs, PA
226B-196-206, Young, Polly, 47 yrs, PA
226B-196-206, Young, Robert, 16 yrs, PA
226B-196-206, Young, Susan, 43 yrs, OH
215A-22-22, Zada, S., 9 yrs, PA
219B-87-93, Zahniser, **** [L*nn?], 59 yrs, PA
219B-87-93, Zahniser, John W., 60 yrs, PA
[end of township, end of county]

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 2000 John MacDonald

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