Mercer Borough

1870 Census Surname List
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

 Pg# Dwelling# Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

100A-229-245, Abrams, Anna 24 yrs, PA
91A-79-84, Alexander, Wm H. 57 yrs, PA
91A-79-84, Alexander, Mary M. 63 yrs, OH
91B-79-84, Alexander, William C. 26 yrs, PA
99A-210-226, Alexander, Oliver 62 yrs, PA
99A-210-226, Alexander, Esther 68 yrs, PA
99A-210-226, Alexander, Eliza 59 yrs, PA
99A-210-226, Alexander, Sarah N. 17 yrs, PA
98B-206-221, Allen, Thomas 17 yrs, PA
100A-229-245, Allen, W. E. 27 yrs, PA
100A-229-245, Allen, Luella 23 yrs, PA
100A-229-245, Allen, Edwin W. 9/12 yrs, PA
99A-211-227, Armstrong, J. W. 45 yrs, PA
99A-211-227, Armstrong, Emeline 27 yrs, PA
99A-211-227, Armstrong, Mary 3 yrs, PA
99A-211-227, Armstrong, Alice 1 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Asper, J. D. 23 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Bailey, Charles 30 yrs, Ireland
88B-43-46, Balmmiller, Christian 34 yrs, Wurtenburgh
99B-215-231, Barnes, Clara 41 yrs, PA
99B-215-231, Barnes, John 17 yrs, PA
99B-215-231, Barnes, Smith 11 yrs, PA
99B-215-231, Barnes, Elmer B. 9 yrs, PA
99B-215-231, Barnes, Sarah E. 7 yrs, PA
99B-215-231, Barnes, Samuel A. 4 yrs, PA
99B-215-231, Barnes, John 74 yrs, Ireland
90A-62-65, Barnett, S. H. 45 yrs, PA
90A-62-65, Barnett, Louisa 41 yrs, PA
90A-62-65, Barnett, Mattie 12 yrs, PA
90A-62-65, Barnett, Clara 4 yrs, PA
90A-62-65, Barnett, John 1 yrs, PA
97A-178-190, Barnett, Edwin 17 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Bartlett, Margaret 21 yrs, Scotland
93A-109-116, Baskin, Eveline 36 yrs, PA
94A-124-132, Baskin, James F. 19 yrs, PA
94A-128-136, Baskin, Elizabeth 46 yrs, PA
94A-128-136, Baskin, Lillie 15 yrs, PA
94A-128-136, Baskin, John B. 10 yrs, PA
91A-73-78, Beach, Lyman 51 yrs, CT
95B-157-168, Bean, Rebecca 57 yrs, PA
95B-157-168, Bean, Albert C. 26 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Beaty, Isabella 19 yrs, PA
87A-15-17, Beckwith, Mary J. 35 yrs, PA
90A-60-63, Beckwith, Henry 42 yrs, PA
90A-60-63, Beckwith, Harriet 32 yrs, PA
90A-60-63, Beckwith, Fredie 9 yrs, PA
90A-60-63, Beckwith, Montrose 2 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Bell, Jane 65 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Bell, Sarah J. 40 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Bell, Thomas 35 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Bell, Rachel 30 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Bell, Lizzie P. 21 yrs, PA
90B-70-75, Bell, Alexander 23 yrs, PA
90B-70-75, Bell, Anna 22 yrs, PA
91A-75-80, Bell, James M. 30 yrs, PA
91A-75-80, Bell, Sarah 28 yrs, PA
91A-75-80, Bell, Fannie 6 yrs, PA
91A-75-80, Bell, John E. 5 yrs, PA
97B-186-200, Bell, Wm S. 27 yrs, PA
97B-186-200, Bell, Ellen E. 23 yrs, PA
97B-186-200, Bell, Scott 21 yrs, PA
98A-194-206, Bell, Samuel 49 yrs, PA
98A-194-206, Bell, Margaret 49 yrs, PA
98A-194-206, Bell, John 27 yrs, PA
98A-194-206, Bell, Mary E. 23 yrs, PA
86A-4-4, Belles, Ruben 35 yrs, PA
86A-4-4, Belles, Mary M. 23 yrs, PA
86A-4-4, Belles, Fred 2 yrs, PA
87A-19-21, Black, Mary A. 39 yrs, PA
99B-221-237, Black, Alex T. 57 yrs, IN
99B-221-237, Black, Rebecca 45 yrs, PA
99B-221-237, Black, Thomas 15 yrs, PA
99B-221-237, Black, Eva W. 7 yrs, PA
99B-221-237, Black, Eora I. 6 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Bohn, Adam J. 43 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Bohn, Eliza 32 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Bohn, Thomas 17 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Bohn, Charles 14 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Bohn, George W. 9 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Bohn, Edward A. J. 6 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Bohn, Mary E. 5 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Bohn, Sarah 3 yrs, PA
91A-73-78, Booth, Laura H. 54 yrs, CT
96B-170-183, Bowers, Josephene 16 yrs, PA
87A-23-26, Bowman, Eliza 73 yrs, NJ
96A-160-171, Boyden, Thomas H. 33 yrs, PA
96A-160-171, Boyden, Maggie A. 24 yrs, VA
102A-245-262, Bradley, Paterick 28 yrs, Ireland
88B-39-42, Braggins, F. H. 29 yrs, PA
88B-39-42, Braggins, M. E. 29 yrs, PA
88B-39-42, Braggins, Grace 4 yrs, PA
88B-39-42, Braggins, Nettie 2 yrs, PA
88B-39-42, Braggins, Fred W. 5/12 yrs, PA
98A-193-205, Bredin, Sarah J. 38 yrs, PA
98A-193-205, Bredin, Mary 17 yrs, PA
98A-193-205, Bredin, Willie 12 yrs, PA
98A-193-205, Bredin, John 6 yrs, PA
91A-77-82, Brent, George 55 yrs, VA
91A-77-82, Brent, Jane 23 yrs, VA
91A-77-82, Brent, Charles 11 yrs, PA
96A-163-175, Brock, Dorcus 16 yrs, PA
87B-27-30, Brooking, Margaret 23 yrs, New Foundland
91A-74-79, Brooking, Eliza 20 yrs, New Foundland
96A-159-170, Brooking , Mary 49 yrs, New Foundland
96A-159-170, Brooking , Mary E. 26 yrs, New Foundland
96A-159-170, Brooking , Eliza H. 20 yrs, New Foundland
96A-159-170, Brooking , Salina A. 18 yrs, New Foundland
96A-159-170, Brooking , Emma 16 yrs, New Foundland
96A-159-170, Brooking , John J. 12 yrs, New Foundland
87B-24-27, Burd, Samuel F. 29 yrs, PA
87B-24-27, Burd, Rebecca H. 29 yrs, PA
87B-24-27, Burd, Mary E. 1 yrs, PA
88A-37-39, Burns, Eliza 34 yrs, PA
88A-35-37, Burwell, S. P. 60 yrs, CT
88A-35-37, Burwell, P. E. 60 yrs, CT
88A-35-37, Burwell, S. E. 23 yrs, CT
88A-35-37, Burwell, H. E. 20 yrs, CT
88A-35-37, Burwell, W. M. 21 yrs, CT
88B-44-47, Bush, Charles 55 yrs, NY
88B-44-47, Bush, Emeline 55 yrs, NY
88B-44-47, Bush, William 19 yrs, PA
88B-44-47, Bush, Emma J. 17 yrs, PA
91B-82-87, Bush, Samuel M. 22 yrs, PA
91B-82-87, Bush, Anna M. 24 yrs, PA
91B-82-87, Bush, Alice M. 1 yrs, PA
92A-91-95, Bush, J. G. 31 yrs, PA
92A-91-95, Bush, Esther 25 yrs, IL
92A-91-95, Bush, Roseltha 9 yrs, PA
92A-91-95, Bush, William 8 yrs, PA
92A-91-95, Bush, Bessie K. 7/12 yrs, PA
92A-96-100, Bush, John M. 24 yrs, PA
92A-96-100, Bush, Robertanna 23 yrs, MD
92A-96-100, Bush, Mary 1 yrs, PA
91A-73-78, Buswell, A. S. 56 yrs, CT
91A-73-78, Buswell, S. M. 48 yrs, CT
91A-73-78, Buswell, Ellen S. 25 yrs, PA
91A-73-78, Buswell, Charles 17 yrs, PA
91A-73-78, Buswell, Edie B. 10 yrs, PA
91A-73-78, Buswell, Ida M. 7 yrs, PA
91A-73-78, Buswell, Minnie A. 3 yrs, PA
93A-107-113, Byers, C. G. 30 yrs, PA
93A-107-113, Byers, Lizzie 27 yrs, PA
93A-107-113, Byers, Charles T. 1 yrs, PA
102A-242-259, Calvert, Phebe P. 38 yrs, PA
86B-13-15, Campbell, John 18 yrs, PA
97B-190-204, Carns, Maria 66 yrs, PA
96A-162-174, Carpenter, Sarah 33 yrs, PA
91A-73-78, Carter, Polly 25 yrs, PA
97A-180-192, Carter, John 37 yrs, PA
97A-180-192, Carter, Sarah A. 35 yrs, PA
97A-180-192, Carter, Sarah J. 14 yrs, PA
97A-180-192, Carter, Essington 11 yrs, PA
97A-180-192, Carter, Ida 8 yrs, PA
97A-180-192, Carter, Mary 6 yrs, PA
97A-180-192, Carter, infant 1/12 yrs, PA
98B-202-217, Carter, Henrietta 46 yrs, PA
98B-202-217, Carter, Eldred W. 19 yrs, PA
98B-202-217, Carter, Kate 17 yrs, PA
98B-205-220, Caughey, Mary A. 72 yrs, Ireland
88B-41-44, Chappell, Jason 60 yrs, NY
88B-41-44, Chappell, Mary A. 14 yrs, PA
88B-41-44, Chappell, Margaret R. 12 yrs, PA
88B-41-44, Chappell, James A. 5 yrs, PA
89B-57-60, Christine, Laura 18 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Christy, Maria C. 59 yrs, PA
92B-103-109, Christy, M. A. 53 yrs, PA
92B-103-109, Christy, L. M. 25 yrs, PA
92B-103-109, Christy, John C. 21 yrs, PA
96B-170-183, Chrouser, Samuel 41 yrs, PA
96B-170-183, Chrouser, Louisa 36 yrs, PA
95A-149-158, Clark, William 36 yrs, PA
95A-149-158, Clark, Mary 32 yrs, PA
95A-149-158, Clark, Benney 14 yrs, PA
95A-149-158, Clark, Henry H. 12 yrs, PA
95A-149-158, Clark, William 10 yrs, PA
95A-149-158, Clark, Mary E. 8 yrs, PA
95A-149-158, Clark, Ida J. 4 yrs, PA
95B-149-158, Clark, Joseph S. 2 yrs, PA
95B-149-158, Clark, Amanda 4/12 yrs, PA
96A-167-179, Clark, John W. 18 yrs, PA
97B-189-203, Clark, Henry H. 59 yrs, PA
97B-189-203, Clark, Rachel 60 yrs, PA
97B-189-203, Clark, Addington 29 yrs, PA
97B-189-203, Clark, Mary J. 25 yrs, PA
97B-189-203, Clark, Samuel 21 yrs, PA
97B-189-203, Clark, Rachel M. 17 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Connelly, Thomas 31 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Connelly, Elizabeth B. 27 yrs, Ireland
89B-55-58, Connelly, Mary E. 6 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Connelly, Thomas F. 4 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Connelly, Anna L. 2 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Connelly, Jacob B. 2 yrs, PA
90A-60-62, Connelly, Johanna 35 yrs, Ireland
90A-60-62, Connelly, Beatrice 8 yrs, NY
90A-60-62, Connelly, Clara 12 yrs, OH
99B-217-233, Connelly, Rebecca 21 yrs, PA
97A-178-190, Conner, Herbert 17 yrs, PA
96A-167-179, Conway, H. H. 36 yrs, Ireland
96A-167-179, Conway, Mary E. 28 yrs, PA
96A-167-179, Conway, Harvey 8 yrs, PA
96A-167-179, Conway, Samuel 6 yrs, PA
96A-167-179, Conway, George 3 yrs, PA
88A-37-39, Cook, James L. 32 yrs, OH
88A-37-39, Cook, Mary 32 yrs, PA
88A-37-39, Cook, Ida M. 8 yrs, PA
88A-37-39, Cook, James W. 2 yrs, PA
88A-37-39, Cook, Ella J. D. E. 6/12 yrs, PA
95A-144-153, Cook, David M. 43 yrs, PA
95A-144-153, Cook, Sarah A. 36 yrs, PA
95A-144-153, Cook, John M. 14 yrs, PA
95A-144-153, Cook, David M. 13 yrs, PA
95A-144-153, Cook, Solomon W. 10 yrs, PA
95A-144-153, Cook, Amos V. 7 yrs, PA
95A-144-153, Cook, William T. 5 yrs, PA
95A-144-153, Cook, Carrie E. 3 yrs, PA
95A-144-153, Cook, James A. 2 yrs, PA
101B-238-255, Cook, James F. 37 yrs, PA
101B-238-255, Cook, Catharine I. 33 yrs, PA
101B-238-255, Cook, William H. 14 yrs, PA
101B-238-255, Cook, Mary A. 7 yrs, PA
91A-76-81, Cozad, J. A. 27 yrs, PA
91A-76-81, Cozad, Lizzie 28 yrs, England
91A-76-81, Cozad, Mary M. 5 yrs, PA
91A-76-81, Cozad, Lizzie A. 3 yrs, PA
91A-76-81, Cozad, Jennie K. 1 yrs, PA
91A-76-81, Cozad, Noble A. 17 yrs, PA
101B-234-250, Cozad, Lourinea 30 yrs, PA
101B-234-250, Cozad, Delbert 20 yrs, PA
101B-234-250, Cozad, Orlando 17 yrs, PA
95B-154-164, Crawford, H. D. 62 yrs, PA
95B-154-164, Crawford, Matilda 60 yrs, PA
95B-154-164, Crawford, Mary M. 25 yrs, PA
95B-154-164, Crawford, Lizzie 21 yrs, PA
98A-193-205, Cubbison, Mary A. 68 yrs, PA
98A-193-205, Cubbison, Martha 42 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Curry, Charles 40 yrs, Scotland
101B-235-251, Darrah, James 23 yrs, PA
101B-235-251, Darrah, Elizabeth 20 yrs, PA
96B-169-182, Daugherty, John 25 yrs, PA
96B-169-182, Daugherty, Mary 21 yrs, OH
86A-3-3, Davidson, Samuel S. 14 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Davis, Mary M. 14 yrs, PA
94B-142-150, Day, L. W. 42 yrs, NY
94B-142-150, Day, Ellen V. 40 yrs, NY
95A-142-150, Day, Lillie L. 16 yrs, NY
100A-231-247, Defrance, R. M. 43 yrs, PA
100A-231-247, Defrance, Sarah P. 40 yrs, PA
100A-231-247, Defrance, Powell 13 yrs, PA
100A-231-247, Defrance, George 11 yrs, PA
100A-231-247, Defrance, Charles 10 yrs, PA
100A-231-247, Defrance, Stonewall J. 8 yrs, PA
100A-231-247, Defrance, Mary E. 4 yrs, PA
101B-231-247, Defrance, Virginia M. 3 yrs, PA
99A-209-225, Deniston, A. L. 60 yrs, PA
99A-209-225, Deniston, Sarah 63 yrs, PA
99A-209-225, Deniston, Lizzie 25 yrs, PA
92A-97-101, Devitt, Elenor 65 yrs, PA
92A-97-101, Devitt, Eliza H. 50 yrs, PA
92A-97-101, Devitt, Jane 48 yrs, PA
92B-97-101, Devitt, Hester J. 23 yrs, PA
90B-70-74, Donaldson, J. N. 39 yrs, PA
90B-70-74, Donaldson, Amanda 39 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Donnelly, Nillie 20 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Donnely, Amanda 24 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Doty, John F. 22 yrs, PA
92A-92-96, Dugan, Elizabeth 42 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Ebberman, Wm S. 50 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Ebberman, Isabella 50 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Ebberman, John R. 24 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Ebberman, E. G. 20 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Ebberman, Joseph W. 18 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Ebberman, Margaret I. 16 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Ebberman, Albert S. 14 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Ebberman, Rebecca C. 12 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Ebberman, Elizabeth 10 yrs, PA
98A-198-211, Edwards, Calista 45 yrs, PA
98A-198-211, Edwards, John 21 yrs, PA
98A-198-211, Edwards, Alfred 19 yrs, PA
98A-198-211, Edwards, James 17 yrs, PA
93A-110-117, Englebaugh, Louis 27 yrs, Prussia
93A-110-117, Englebaugh, Elizabeth 21 yrs, Prussia
93A-110-117, Englebaugh, Charles 1 yrs, PA
92A-91-94, Estlick, William 31 yrs, PA
92A-91-94, Estlick, Hisephema 25 yrs, PA
92A-91-94, Estlick, Mary E. 2 yrs, PA
94B-134-142, Farmer, John J. 35 yrs, New Brunswick
94B-134-142, Farmer, Mary J. 30 yrs, PA
94B-134-142, Farmer, James 8 yrs, PA
94B-134-142, Farmer, Belle 3 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Filson, A. B. 28 yrs, MD
93A-107-113, Filson, Laura 23 yrs, MD
89A-48-51, Findley, D. W. 58 yrs, PA
89A-48-51, Findley, Mary J. 46 yrs, PA
89A-48-51, Findley, John M. 25 yrs, PA
89A-48-51, Findley, Mary E. 21 yrs, PA
89A-48-51, Findley, David 19 yrs, PA
89A-48-51, Findley, Virginia 17 yrs, PA
89A-48-51, Findley, James M. 14 yrs, PA
93A-112-119, Findley, Sarah 50 yrs, PA
93A-112-119, Findley, Lizzie P. 23 yrs, PA
93A-112-120, Findley, Mary 69 yrs, PA
97A-183-195, Findley, John R. 40 yrs, PA
97A-183-195, Findley, Mary 32 yrs, PA
97A-183-195, Findley, Mary E. 12 yrs, PA
97A-183-195, Findley, Samuel R. 10 yrs, PA
97A-183-195, Findley, Maggie G. 8 yrs, PA
97A-183-195, Findley, Walter 6 yrs, PA
91B-81-86, Fisher, Wm C. 45 yrs, PA
91B-81-86, Fisher, Mary E. 34 yrs, NY
91B-81-86, Fisher, Charles 15 yrs, PA
91B-81-86, Fisher, Emma 11 yrs, PA
91B-81-86, Fisher, Hattie 1 yrs, PA
92A-94-98, Flake, Nancy A. 65 yrs, PA
90B-70-74, Fleming, Elizabeth 30 yrs, PA
92A-93-97, Fleming, W. L. 54 yrs, PA
92A-93-97, Fleming, Hannah C. 48 yrs, PA
101B-237-253, Ford, James 30 yrs, Canada
101B-237-253, Ford, Margaret 24 yrs, PA
101B-237-253, Ford, Harry 5 yrs, PA
101B-237-253, Ford, Alice 1 yrs, PA
92A-94-98, Forester, Caroline 30 yrs, England
86B-9-9, Forker, Isabella 68 yrs, PA
91B-83-88, Forker, William 47 yrs, PA
91B-83-88, Forker, Anna M. 33 yrs, PA
91B-83-88, Forker, Anna E. 12 yrs, PA
91B-83-88, Forker, Mary B. 12 yrs, PA
91B-83-88, Forker, Caroline J. 8 yrs, PA
91B-83-88, Forker, Kate 6 yrs, PA
91B-83-88, Forker, Ella 2 yrs, PA
92B-101-107, Forker, James 52 yrs, PA
92B-101-107, Forker, Sarah 41 yrs, PA
92B-101-107, Forker, Selima 20 yrs, PA
92B-101-107, Forker, Hannah F. 15 yrs, PA
92B-101-107, Forker, William J. 13 yrs, PA
92B-101-107, Forker, Edward 2 yrs, PA
92B-101-107, Forker, Hannah 80 yrs, PA
92B-101-107, Forker, Richard 35 yrs, PA
94B-137-145, Forker, Margaret 48 yrs, PA
94B-137-145, Forker, Samuel 19 yrs, PA
94B-137-145, Forker, Maggie 17 yrs, PA
86B-8-8, Forrest, Esther 67 yrs, PA
86B-8-8, Forrest, Callie 30 yrs, PA
86B-8-8, Forrest, Mary M. 13 yrs, PA
86B-8-8, Forrest, Charles 11 yrs, PA
97B-183-196, Forrest, Etta 15 yrs, PA
86B-9-9, Foster, Henry H. 36 yrs, PA
86B-9-9, Foster, Bella 33 yrs, PA
86B-9-9, Foster, Willie 10 yrs, PA
99A-207-222, Fox, William 35 yrs, NY
99A-207-222, Fox, Lucinda 32 yrs, NY
99A-207-222, Fox, Alice 16 yrs, NY
93A-111-118, Fritz, Caroline 30 yrs, Germany
95A-145-154, Fry, William 40 yrs, England
95A-145-154, Fry, Jane 43 yrs, PA
95A-145-154, Fry, Elizabeth 23 yrs, PA
95A-145-154, Fry, Mary A. 9 yrs, PA
95A-145-154, Fry, Margaret E. 5 yrs, PA
89B-52-55, Garrett, J. P. 66 yrs, PA
91A-74-79, Garvin, Wm S. 64 yrs, PA
91A-74-79, Garvin, Annie H. 60 yrs, NY
97A-178-190, Garvin, Edwin L. 30 yrs, PA
97A-178-190, Garvin, Louisa 27 yrs, OH
97A-178-190, Garvin, Anna L. 2 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Gates, David 26 yrs, PA
89A-50-53, Geibner, Jason T. 36 yrs, PA
96A-165-177, Geibner, Samuel 68 yrs, PA
96A-165-177, Geibner, Emily 36 yrs, PA
86B-10-10, Gelvin, Thomas 25 yrs, PA
86B-10-10, Gelvin, Elizabeth 19 yrs, PA
86B-10-10, Gelvin, John 22 yrs, PA
86B-10-10, Gelvin, Josephene 22 yrs, PA
86B-10-10, Gelvin, Franklin 17 yrs, PA
86B-11-11, Gibson, John S. 27 yrs, PA
86B-11-11, Gibson, Harriet E. 27 yrs, PA
86B-11-13, Gibson, Wm M. 52 yrs, PA
86B-11-13, Gibson, Nancy 43 yrs, PA
86B-11-13, Gibson, Mary E. 19 yrs, PA
86B-11-13, Gibson, Sarah A. 17 yrs, PA
86B-11-13, Gibson, Robert J. 11 yrs, PA
86B-11-13, Gibson, George M. 7 yrs, PA
86B-13-15, Gibson, Samuel H. H. 31 yrs, PA
86B-13-15, Gibson, Eliza 24 yrs, PA
86B-13-15, Gibson, Charles M. 3 yrs, PA
86B-13-15, Gibson, James L. 21 yrs, PA
102A-243-260, Gibson, Wm F. 28 yrs, PA
102A-243-260, Gibson, Ella 19 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Gill, Lewis 22 yrs, PA
95A-143-151, Gillaspie, James 40 yrs, OH
95A-143-151, Gillaspie, Martha 33 yrs, PA
95A-143-151, Gillaspie, Eva 12 yrs, IN
95A-143-151, Gillaspie, Ida 10 yrs, IN
95A-143-151, Gillaspie, John 9 yrs, IN
95A-143-151, Gillaspie, Arthur 5 yrs, OH
95A-143-151, Gillaspie, James 3 yrs, PA
95A-143-151, Gillaspie, Jessie 10/12 yrs, PA
91A-73-78, Gillett, Mary P. 45 yrs, CT
97B-185-198, Gillett, Isane 45 yrs, CT
97B-185-198, Gillett, Emeline 48 yrs, CT
97B-185-198, Gillett, Ella 19 yrs, CT
97B-185-198, Gillett, Abbie 7 yrs, PA
97B-185-198, Gillett, Willie 5 yrs, PA
99A-212-228, Glendenning, Mary 38 yrs, PA
92A-95-99, Glenn, Elizabeth R. 57 yrs, PA
95B-158-169, Gloyd, John T. 36 yrs, MA
95B-158-169, Gloyd, Nancy A. 30 yrs, Ireland
89A-47-50, Gordon, J. P. 25 yrs, PA
87B-29-32, Gould, O. H. 60 yrs, CT
87B-29-32, Gould, Hetty 60 yrs, PA
87B-29-32, Gould, Hetty A. 26 yrs, PA
88B-40-43, Graham, George K. 27 yrs, PA
88B-40-43, Graham, Arianda 22 yrs, PA
88B-40-43, Graham, Laura 1 yrs, PA
89B-54-57, Graham, Thompson 60 yrs, PA
89B-54-57, Graham, Mary 50 yrs, PA
89B-54-57, Graham, William 23 yrs, PA
89B-54-57, Graham, Mary 30 yrs, PA
89B-54-57, Graham, Thomas 19 yrs, PA
89B-54-57, Graham, Alfred N. 15 yrs, PA
89B-54-57, Graham, Margaret 23 yrs, PA
92A-91-94, Gray, Clara 27 yrs, PA
102B-247-264, Greenman, Edward 38 yrs, PA
102B-247-264, Greenman, Mary M. 28 yrs, MI
102B-247-264, Greenman, Frederick 10 yrs, PA
102B-247-264, Greenman, Estella 8 yrs, PA
102B-247-264, Greenman, Nellie 3 yrs, PA
90B-65-68, Greogery, William 52 yrs, PA
90B-65-68, Greogery, Elizabeth 50 yrs, PA
90B-65-68, Greogery, Sarah J. 17 yrs, PA
90B-69-72, Greogory, Charles 28 yrs, PA
90B-69-72, Greogory, Angeline 24 yrs, PA
90B-69-72, Greogory, Edward 6 yrs, PA
90B-69-72, Greogory, Mary 3 yrs, PA
90B-69-72, Greogory, Charles 1 yrs, PA
91B-87-92, Griffith, Samuel 54 yrs, Wales
91B-87-92, Griffith, Caroline 50 yrs, PA
91B-87-92, Griffith, Samuel B. 18 yrs, PA
91B-87-92, Griffith, William H. 12 yrs, PA
91B-87-92, Griffith, Caroline 10 yrs, PA
91B-87-92, Griffith, Margaret 47 yrs, PA
96A-162-173, Hamilton, Mary 54 yrs, PA
96A-162-173, Hamilton, Ella D. 42 yrs, PA
94B-134-142, Hanna, Mary 69 yrs, PA
87A-21-23, Hargh, Wm J. 18 yrs, England
96B-173-186, Harry, Rachel 28 yrs, PA
95B-152-162, Hayne, Maria 17 yrs, PA
100A-228-242, Hays, John 69 yrs, Ireland
100A-228-242, Hays, Caroline 60 yrs, PA
100A-228-242, Hays, Lettie 18 yrs, PA
99B-216-232, Heasley, Ella 16 yrs, PA
98A-197-210, Hecker, Henry 55 yrs, Germany
96B-175-188, Henderson, Harriet 60 yrs, PA
99B-218-234, Henderson, J. S. 27 yrs, PA
99B-218-234, Henderson, Malinda 27 yrs, PA
99B-218-234, Henderson, Mary 2 yrs, PA
93B-115-123, Henry, Gushas 25 yrs, OH
98A-196-209, Hezlep, Cynthia 18 yrs, PA
96A-161-172, Hinckley, Mortimer 31 yrs, PA
96A-161-172, Hinckley, Margaret 27 yrs, PA
96A-161-172, Hinckley, Charles 9 yrs, PA
96A-161-172, Hinckley, Harry 2 yrs, PA
100A-229-244, Hirst, J. T. 58 yrs, OH
100A-229-244, Hirst, Mary W. 55 yrs, OH
98B-204-219, Hodge, John P. 34 yrs, England
98B-204-219, Hodge, Eliza 35 yrs, England
98B-204-219, Hodge, Mary E. 4 yrs, PA
90B-68-71, Hoge, Rebecca 53 yrs, PA
90B-68-71, Hoge, David L. 25 yrs, PA
90B-68-71, Hoge, Anna 21 yrs, PA
86B-14-16, Hoon, Henry A. 27 yrs, PA
86B-14-16, Hoon, Ellen 27 yrs, PA
86B-14-16, Hoon, Anna M. 2 yrs, PA
94B-132-140, Hoon, R. B. 29 yrs, PA
94B-132-140, Hoon, Sarah J. 26 yrs, PA
94B-132-140, Hoon, Clark E. 2 yrs, IL
100A-226-240, Hoover, Leonard 51 yrs, Bavaria
100A-226-240, Hoover, Martha 33 yrs, Scotland
100A-226-240, Hoover, John H. 11 yrs, PA
100A-226-240, Hoover, Peter 9 yrs, PA
100A-226-240, Hoover, Bartholomew 3 yrs, PA
92B-102-108, Hosack, John P. 48 yrs, PA
92B-102-108, Hosack, Margaret G. 44 yrs, PA
92B-102-108, Hosack, Jennei 18 yrs, PA
92B-102-108, Hosack, Jennie 13 yrs, PA
92B-102-108, Hosack, George W. 12 yrs, PA
92B-102-108, Hosack, Bella 6 yrs, PA
94B-140-148, Houck, B. S. 36 yrs, PA
94B-140-148, Houck, Elizabeth 35 yrs, Ireland
87A-17-19, Howard, James 64 yrs, Ireland
87A-17-19, Howard, Martha 50 yrs, Ireland
87A-17-19, Howard, Samuel 52 yrs, Ireland
89B-57-60, Howard, Samuel 16 yrs, PA
91B-84-89, Howard, John 65 yrs, Ireland
91B-84-89, Howard, Kate 60 yrs, Ireland
91B-84-89, Howard, Samuel 16 yrs, PA
92B-98-102, Howard, William 87 yrs, Ireland
92B-98-102, Howard, Mary 77 yrs, Ireland
92B-98-102, Howard, Rosanna 35 yrs, Ireland
92B-98-102, Howard, Eliza J. 30 yrs, PA
92B-104-110, Howard, William 52 yrs, Ireland
92B-104-110, Howard, Amy 41 yrs, NY
89A-51-54, Hoy, A. T. 43 yrs, PA
89A-51-54, Hoy, Louisa 43 yrs, PA
89A-51-54, Hoy, George 17 yrs, PA
89A-51-54, Hoy, Monroe 15 yrs, PA
89B-51-54, Hoy, Thomas 13 yrs, PA
95B-150-159, Huff, M. R. 48 yrs, PA
95B-150-159, Huff, Wm H. 18 yrs, NJ
102A-245-262, Hunter, Mary 30 yrs, Scotland
97B-186-199, Hutchinson, James 58 yrs, Ireland
97B-186-199, Hutchinson, Polly 58 yrs, PA
97B-186-199, Hutchinson, Sarah H. 24 yrs, PA
97B-186-199, Hutchinson, James 12 yrs, PA
90B-72-77, Irwin, R. M. 52 yrs, PA
90B-72-77, Irwin, Rebecca 44 yrs, PA
91A-72-77, Irwin, Ella M. 17 yrs, PA
91A-72-77, Irwin, John 12 yrs, PA
91A-72-77, Irwin, Robert 9 yrs, PA
91A-72-77, Irwin, Lizzie 6 yrs, PA
91A-72-77, Irwin, James B. 2 yrs, PA
96B-173-186, Irwin, T. T. 42 yrs, PA
96B-173-186, Irwin, Florence 14 yrs, PA
96B-173-186, Irwin, Lewis 10 yrs, PA
96B-173-186, Irwin, Rachel 70 yrs, PA
99A-208-223, Irwin, Robert 32 yrs, PA
99A-208-223, Irwin, Harriet 32 yrs, PA
99A-208-223, Irwin, James A. 7 yrs, PA
87A-19-21, Jack, Robert 69 yrs, PA
87A-19-21, Jack, Frances 22 yrs, PA
87A-19-21, Jack, Hannah 25 yrs, PA
87A-19-21, Jack, Robert 10 yrs, PA
97A-182-194, Jack, William 38 yrs, PA
97A-182-194, Jack, Margaret I. 36 yrs, OH
97A-182-194, Jack, Bella 7 yrs, PA
102A-241-258, Jack, Anna 29 yrs, PA
102A-241-258, Jack, John M. 9 yrs, PA
102A-241-258, Jack, James B. 2 yrs, PA
93A-112-119, Jackson, E. W. 22 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Johnston, David 50 yrs, NY
88B-40-43, Jones, M. 45 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Jones, John 22 yrs, PA
91A-78-83, Jones, Anna 51 yrs, PA
91A-78-83, Jones, Laura 10 yrs, PA
99A-212-228, Ke*r, Sarah 71 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Keiffer, Lydia 57 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Keizer, Margaret 35 yrs, Germany
99B-223-239, Kelly, Sarah 83 yrs, Ireland
97B-188-202, Kilgore, James 72 yrs, PA
97B-188-202, Kilgore, Elizabeth 62 yrs, PA
93A-109-115, King, Mina 25 yrs, Germany
102A-240-257, King, George 23 yrs, PA
102A-240-257, King, Newarkl 21 yrs, PA
93A-115-123, Kline, John G. 45 yrs, PA
93A-115-123, Kline, Margaret J. 35 yrs, MD
93A-115-123, Kline, George 15 yrs, PA
93B-115-123, Kline, Lizzie 10 yrs, PA
93B-115-123, Kline, Charles 7 yrs, PA
93B-115-123, Kline, Hannah 5 yrs, PA
93B-116-124, Kline, Cathaarine 77 yrs, PA
98B-202-217, Kline, Charles W. 35 yrs, PA
94B-140-148, Kyle, Elizabeth 14 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Kyle, Emanuel 28 yrs, PA
89A-50-53, Lafferty, John 47 yrs, OH
89A-50-53, Lafferty, Sarah N. 44 yrs, PA
89A-50-53, Lafferty, Thomas R. 14 yrs, PA
89A-50-53, Lafferty, John L. 11 yrs, PA
89A-50-53, Lafferty, George G. 7 yrs, PA
90B-71-76, Lary, Philip 60 yrs, MD
90B-71-76, Lary, Magdalene 54 yrs, PA
90B-71-76, Lary, Charles 18 yrs, PA
90B-71-76, Lary, Jennie 15 yrs, PA
90B-71-76, Lary, Emma 11 yrs, PA
93B-115-123, Lary, Henry 19 yrs, PA
98A-198-213, Lary, William 26 yrs, PA
98B-198-213, Lary, Caroline 28 yrs, PA
89B-53-56, Lathrop, Phebe 75 yrs, NY
95B-151-161, Lau, Elizabeth 60 yrs, PA
95A-148-157, Laughlin, Adam 34 yrs, PA
95A-148-157, Laughlin, Hoze E. 23 yrs, PA
91A-76-81, Lewis, Malinda 17 yrs, PA
91A-77-82, Lewis, Sarah 31 yrs, VA
91A-77-82, Lewis, Jane 4 yrs, PA
93B-116-124, Lindsey, Elizabeth 52 yrs, PA
93B-116-124, Lindsey, Kate 20 yrs, PA
94A-125-133, Lindsey, John K. 25 yrs, PA
94A-125-133, Lindsey, C. R. 25 yrs, PA
96A-161-172, Lindsey, Samuel 38 yrs, PA
87B-25-28, Logan, Robert 50 yrs, PA
87B-25-28, Logan, Nancy 50 yrs, PA
87B-25-28, Logan, Arminta 22 yrs, PA
87B-25-28, Logan, Elda E. 19 yrs, PA
86A-7-7, Lynch, Daniel 51 yrs, VA
86A-7-7, Lynch, Catharine 40 yrs, VA
86A-7-7, Lynch, Sarah E. 17 yrs, PA
86A-7-7, Lynch, Daniel 16 yrs, PA
86A-7-7, Lynch, James 13 yrs, PA
86A-7-7, Lynch, Melissa 8 yrs, PA
86B-7-7, Lynch, Frank 6 yrs, PA
86B-7-7, Lynch, Charles 2 yrs, PA
86B-7-7, Lynch, Dora 7/12 yrs, PA
98B-203-218, Lynch, Robert 33 yrs, PA
98B-203-218, Lynch, Maria 33 yrs, PA
98B-203-218, Lynch, John 13 yrs, PA
98B-203-218, Lynch, George 11 yrs, PA
98B-203-218, Lynch, Eva 7 yrs, PA
89B-57-60, Magoffin, Beriah 60 yrs, Ireland
89B-57-60, Magoffin, Maria M. 44 yrs, Ireland
93B-119-127, Magoffin, James 70 yrs, Ireland
93B-119-127, Magoffin, Grace E. 58 yrs, Ireland
93B-119-127, Magoffin, John 35 yrs, PA
93B-119-127, Magoffin, Montrose 25 yrs, PA
93B-119-127, Magoffin, Sarah J. 26 yrs, PA
93B-119-127, Magoffin, Maria 24 yrs, PA
93B-119-127, Magoffin, Amanda 23 yrs, PA
96A-166-178, Martin, Wm M. 41 yrs, PA
96A-166-178, Martin, Clara 34 yrs, PA
96A-166-178, Martin, James S. S. 13 yrs, PA
96A-166-178, Martin, Anna A. 11 yrs, PA
96A-166-178, Martin, Maggie P. 7 yrs, PA
90A-64-67, Maskery, Sashina 39 yrs, PA
90A-64-67, Maskery, S. Leech 14 yrs, PA
90A-64-67, Maskery, Charles 11 yrs, PA
90A-64-67, Maskery, Harry H. 8 yrs, PA
90B-64-67, Maskery, Frank A. 5 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Mason, S. R. 43 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Mason, Sarah J. 43 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Mason, Lizzie 16 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Mason, Robert J. 14 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Mason, Mary M. 12 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Mason, Joseph S. 9 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Mason, Samuel R. 7 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Mason, William C. 4 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Mason, Jennie 2/12 yrs, PA
92B-106-112, Maxwell, Mary M 49 yrs, PA
92B-106-112, Maxwell, Sophia D. 55 yrs, PA
93A-112-119, McAdoo, Rankin 26 yrs, PA
93A-112-119, McAdoo, Marre R. 21 yrs, PA
92B-99-105, McBurney, John F. 25 yrs, PA
92B-99-105, McBurney, Sarah 25 yrs, PA
94A-124-132, McBurney, Mary A. 65 yrs, PA
95B-153-163, McBurney, Thomas 52 yrs, Ireland
95B-153-163, McBurney, Rosanna 55 yrs, PA
95B-153-163, McBurney, Nancy J. 26 yrs, PA
95B-153-163, McBurney, Bird 21 yrs, PA
95B-153-163, McBurney, William T. 18 yrs, PA
99A-214-230, McCandlass, J. A. 37 yrs, PA
99A-214-230, McCandlass, Sarah 36 yrs, PA
99A-214-230, McCandlass, Harry W. 13 yrs, PA
99A-214-230, McCandlass, James F. 8 yrs, PA
99A-214-230, McCandlass, Charles 4 yrs, PA
89A-46-49, McCartney, A. B. 28 yrs, OH
100A-228-243, McCormick, Wm A. 30 yrs, PA
100A-228-243, McCormick, Martha 24 yrs, PA
100A-228-243, McCormick, Charles 10/12 yrs, PA
90B-68-71, McDermitt, A. 41 yrs, PA
90B-68-71, McDermitt, Elizabeth 30 yrs, PA
90B-68-71, McDermitt, Jane H. 3 yrs, PA
89B-52-55, McDonald, Margaret 60 yrs, PA
96B-169-181, McDonald, Elenor 67 yrs, PA
96B-169-181, McDonald, Ellen P. 31 yrs, PA
96B-169-181, McDonald, Sarah E. 27 yrs, PA
87A-22-24, McEhaney, L. A. 39 yrs, PA
92B-100-106, McGill, J. P. 44 yrs, PA
92B-100-106, McGill, Charles S. 14 yrs, PA
98A-195-208, McGill, John 75 yrs, PA
98A-195-208, McGill, Mary 69 yrs, PA
98A-195-208, McGill, Lamont D. 29 yrs, PA
94B-135-143, McIntire, Eliza 19 yrs, Ireland
94A-130-138, McJunkin, Josiah 57 yrs, PA
94A-130-138, McJunkin, Imelda 44 yrs, PA
94A-130-138, McJunkin, Julia 20 yrs, PA
94A-130-138, McJunkin, Mary 13 yrs, PA
94A-130-138, McJunkin, Walter 11 yrs, PA
88A-38-40, McKean, James 76 yrs, Ireland
88A-38-40, McKean, Ellen 50 yrs, OH
88A-38-40, McKean, Collie 23 yrs, PA
88B-43-46, McKean, A. J. 40 yrs, PA
88B-43-46, McKean, Elizabeth K. 32 yrs, PA
88B-43-46, McKean, Ada 13 yrs, PA
88B-43-46, McKean, Laura 11 yrs, PA
88B-43-46, McKean, Fannie 8 yrs, PA
88B-43-46, McKean, Charles 6 yrs, PA
88B-43-46, McKean, Jessie 6/12 yrs, PA
88B-43-46, McKean, Jane 57 yrs, Ireland
92B-99-104, McKean, James 29 yrs, PA
92B-99-104, McKean, Nan J. 21 yrs, PA
94A-124-132, McKean, Wm J. 35 yrs, PA
94A-124-132, McKean, Rebecca 34 yrs, PA
94A-124-132, McKean, Benjamin S. 10 yrs, PA
94A-124-132, McKean, Mary A. 5 yrs, PA
94A-124-132, McKean, Eva C. 2 yrs, PA
99A-211-227, McKean, Wm T. 27 yrs, PA
99A-211-227, McKean, Margaret M. 20 yrs, PA
99A-213-229, McKean, John 57 yrs, Ireland
99A-213-229, McKean, Agnes 55 yrs, PA
99A-213-229, McKean, Archibald 33 yrs, PA
99A-213-229, McKean, John H. 26 yrs, PA
99A-213-229, McKean, Sarah J. 22 yrs, PA
99A-213-229, McKean, Martha A. 21 yrs, PA
99A-213-229, McKean, Margaret 19 yrs, PA
99A-213-229, McKean, Kate 17 yrs, PA
99A-213-229, McKean, Hugh N. 14 yrs, PA
97B-188-202, McKim, Elizabeth 16 yrs, PA
99B-220-236, McKinley, John P. 41 yrs, PA
99B-220-236, McKinley, Elethe G. 43 yrs, PA
99B-220-236, McKinley, Marshal B. 15 yrs, PA
97A-179-191, McKnight, J. P. G. 30 yrs, PA
97A-179-191, McKnight, Sarah A. 24 yrs, PA
97A-179-191, McKnight, Mary E. 6 yrs, PA
97A-179-191, McKnight, Harry H. 3 yrs, PA
93B-120-128, McKnright, Wm 39 yrs, Ireland
93B-120-128, McKnright, Mary J. 35 yrs, PA
93B-120-128, McKnright, Joseph R. 27 yrs, PA
93B-120-128, McKnright, Melissa 25 yrs, PA
87A-18-20, McLain, Hiram 52 yrs, PA
87A-18-20, McLain, Eliza 47 yrs, Ireland
87A-18-20, McLain, Anna 20 yrs, PA
87A-18-20, McLain, Maria 16 yrs, PA
87A-18-20, McLain, Ruth 21 yrs, PA
96A-163-175, McMillen, Martha 67 yrs, PA
97A-183-195, McMullen, Elizabeth 28 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, McNickle, William 24 yrs, Ireland
101B-239-256, McWatty, Robert 42 yrs, Ireland
101B-239-256, McWatty, Rebecca 35 yrs, PA
101B-239-256, McWatty, Mary S. 12 yrs, PA
101B-239-256, McWatty, Jennie 10 yrs, PA
101B-239-256, McWatty, Edward C. 8 yrs, PA
101B-239-256, McWatty, Robert L. 6 yrs, PA
90B-66-69, McWilliams, Sarah 57 yrs, PA
90B-66-69, McWilliams, Sarah S. 27 yrs, PA
90B-66-69, McWilliams, Mary E. 24 yrs, PA
86A-3-3, Mehard, Samuel S. 46 yrs, PA
86A-3-3, Mehard, Mary J. 41 yrs, PA
86A-3-3, Mehard, James W. 21 yrs, PA
86A-3-3, Mehard, Samuel S. 20 yrs, PA
86A-5-5, Miller, John L. C. 32 yrs, PA
86A-5-5, Miller, Mary E. 24 yrs, MD
86A-5-5, Miller, Erminia 4 yrs, VA
86A-5-5, Miller, Olive 2 yrs, PA
86A-5-5, Miller, Lewis A. 1/12 yrs, PA
87B-25-28, Miller, John 47 yrs, PA
96A-165-177, Miller, Amanda 24 yrs, PA
96A-165-177, Miller, Lizzie 6 yrs, PA
99A-212-228, Miller, Sarah 23 yrs, PA
99B-217-233, Miller, J. H. 25 yrs, PA
99B-217-233, Miller, R. J. 22 yrs, PA
99B-217-233, Miller, Eva 3 yrs, PA
99B-217-233, Miller, Jessie 1 yrs, PA
102A-240-257, Miller, Henry 21 yrs, PA
88B-42-45, Miller , S. H. 30 yrs, PA
88B-42-45, Miller , E. F. 28 yrs, PA
88B-42-45, Miller , M. R. 3 yrs, PA
88B-42-45, Miller , W. R. 2 yrs, PA
99B-222-238, Millnier, Samuel 27 yrs, PA
99B-222-238, Millnier, Caroline 23 yrs, OH
99B-222-238, Millnier, Charles 4 yrs, PA
89A-49-52, Mills, Andrew 30 yrs, PA
89A-49-52, Mills, Alice J. 20 yrs, PA
89A-49-52, Mills, Evie 4 yrs, PA
89A-49-52, Mills, John 2 yrs, PA
95B-157-167, Moffatt, Daniel E. 32 yrs, NY
95B-157-167, Moffatt, Emeline 29 yrs, PA
95B-157-167, Moffatt, Mina M. 9 yrs, PA
95B-157-167, Moffatt, Harvey 6 yrs, PA
95B-157-167, Moffatt, Willie 2 yrs, PA
87B-28-31, Montgomery, Nancy 60 yrs, PA
92B-105-111, Montgomery, W. R. 37 yrs, PA
92B-105-111, Montgomery, Mary E. 37 yrs, PA
92B-105-111, Montgomery, Alex L. R. 12 yrs, PA
92B-105-111, Montgomery, Charles L. 10 yrs, PA
92B-105-111, Montgomery, Minnie A. 5 yrs, PA
92A-93-97, Moon, Susan 20 yrs, PA
87B-30-33, Moore, A. F. 50 yrs, OH
87B-30-33, Moore, Susannah 50 yrs, OH
87B-30-33, Moore, Amanda 17 yrs, OH
87B-30-33, Moore, George C. 12 yrs, OH
87B-30-33, Moore, Joseph C. 18 yrs, OH
89B-53-56, Moore, D. J. 30 yrs, PA
89B-53-56, Moore, Stella C. 27 yrs, NY
89B-53-56, Moore, Erastus B. 2 yrs, PA
89B-53-56, Moore, Jeannette 1 yrs, PA
94B-139-147, Moore, James D. 62 yrs, PA
94B-139-147, Moore, Sarah A. 54 yrs, PA
94B-139-147, Moore, John G. 25 yrs, PA
96A-164-176, Moore, Julia 24 yrs, PA
96A-164-176, Moore, Emma 21 yrs, PA
97A-182-194, Moore, Sarah J. 38 yrs, PA
96B-171-184, Morgan, Patrick 77 yrs, Ireland
98B-201-216, Morrison, James D. 33 yrs, PA
98B-201-216, Morrison, Hannah G. 32 yrs, PA
98B-201-216, Morrison, Ella G. 11 yrs, PA
98B-201-216, Morrison, Flora M. 8 yrs, PA
88B-39-42, Morrow, Lizzie 20 yrs, PA
96B-174-187, Morrow, Maggie 22 yrs, PA
93A-114-122, Mosby, Frank 31 yrs, PA
102A-244-261, Mourer, Jacob 67 yrs, PA
102A-244-261, Mourer, Mary 64 yrs, PA
102A-244-261, Mourer, Mary A. 40 yrs, PA
102A-244-261, Mourer, Hannah E. 22 yrs, PA
102A-244-261, Mourer, Julia A. 20 yrs, PA
93B-117-125, Moures, D. J. 40 yrs, PA
93B-117-125, Moures, Matilda 37 yrs, PA
93B-117-125, Moures, Mary 13 yrs, IL
93B-117-125, Moures, Harry 11 yrs, PA
93B-117-125, Moures, Aggie 9 yrs, PA
97B-187-201, Mowry, Thomas G. 46 yrs, PA
97B-187-201, Mowry, Ellen H. 46 yrs, PA
97B-187-201, Mowry, John B. 18 yrs, PA
97B-187-201, Mowry, Mary L. 12 yrs, PA
98A-195-207, Munger, O. L. 27 yrs, NY
98A-195-207, Munger, Mary J. 26 yrs, CT
98A-195-207, Munger, Jane 4/12 yrs, PA
90B-69-73, Murphy, Albert 24 yrs, PA
90B-69-73, Murphy, Syntha 25 yrs, PA
90B-69-73, Murphy, Mary 2 yrs, PA
90B-69-73, Murphy, James 1/12 yrs, PA
101B-236-252, Murry, Harrison 50 yrs, VA
101B-236-252, Murry, Alice 35 yrs, NC
101B-236-252, Murry, William 9 yrs, PA
91A-77-82, Myers, Lucy 16 yrs, VA
93A-114-122, Myers, Henry 52 yrs, VA
93A-114-122, Myers, Sophia 39 yrs, VA
93A-114-122, Myers, Lina 13 yrs, PA
93A-114-122, Myers, Phelon 14 yrs, PA
93A-114-122, Myers, Mary 11 yrs, PA
93A-114-122, Myers, Henry 6 yrs, PA
87A-22-25, Nelson, Harry 30 yrs, PA
87A-22-25, Nelson, Kate 24 yrs, PA
88A-33-35, Newell, Alexander 36 yrs, PA
88A-33-35, Newell, Mary H. 33 yrs, PA
88A-33-35, Newell, Carrie N. 9 yrs, PA
88A-33-35, Newell, Grace 5 yrs, PA
88A-33-35, Newell, Maggie 3 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Newton, John 50 yrs, PA
90B-67-70, Nickum, Lewis S. 33 yrs, MD
90B-67-70, Nickum, Sarah J. 32 yrs, PA
90B-67-70, Nickum, Lizzie J. 14 yrs, PA
90B-67-70, Nickum, Edward 12 yrs, PA
90B-67-70, Nickum, Frank C. 11 yrs, PA
90B-67-70, Nickum, Ida S. 2 yrs, PA
93B-115-123, Nickum, Eliza 65 yrs, MD
98A-198-212, Nickum, J. B. 32 yrs, MD
98A-198-212, Nickum, Rebecca 30 yrs, MD
98A-198-212, Nickum, Lewis 4 yrs, PA
98A-198-212, Nickum, Maggie 2 yrs, PA
98B-206-221, Nickum, J. D. 45 yrs, MD
98B-206-221, Nickum, Clara 22 yrs, MD
98B-206-221, Nickum, Kate 20 yrs, MD
98B-206-221, Nickum, Minnie 11 yrs, PA
98B-206-221, Nickum, Charles 10 yrs, PA
98B-206-221, Nickum, Harvey 7 yrs, PA
98B-206-221, Nickum, Lizzie 5 yrs, PA
98B-206-221, Nickum, Ettie 3 yrs, PA
100A-227-241, Nickum, T. J. 37 yrs, MD
100A-227-241, Nickum, Minerva 35 yrs, PA
100A-227-241, Nickum, Ellen 18 yrs, PA
100A-227-241, Nickum, John 16 yrs, PA
100A-227-241, Nickum, Sarah E. 14 yrs, PA
100A-227-241, Nickum, Thomas J. 12 yrs, PA
100A-227-241, Nickum, Charles 10 yrs, PA
100A-227-241, Nickum, Jessie 5 yrs, PA
100A-227-241, Nickum, Minnie 3 yrs, PA
100A-227-241, Nickum, George 9/12 yrs, PA
88A-37-39, Ormsby, Nettie 7 yrs, PA
88A-37-39, Ormsby, Harriet E. 4 yrs, PA
101B-234-250, Orwig, Samuel 50 yrs, PA
101B-234-250, Orwig, Elizabeth 47 yrs, PA
101B-234-250, Orwig, Sarah 18 yrs, PA
101B-234-250, Orwig, Louisa 15 yrs, PA
95B-150-159, Otis, Garrett S. 37 yrs, NJ
95B-150-159, Otis, Annette 33 yrs, PA
95B-150-159, Otis, William W. 11 yrs, NJ
95B-150-159, Otis, Mary J. 8 yrs, NJ
91B-86-91, Page, E. H. 45 yrs, NY
91B-86-91, Page, Martha A. 32 yrs, PA
91B-86-91, Page, Lamont 11 yrs, PA
94B-139-147, Palmer, Ida 8 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Parker, R. H. 42 yrs, OH
88A-33-35, Parks, Frank G. 20 yrs, MD
92A-96-100, Parks, Charles K. 22 yrs, MD
94B-138-146, Parks, J. L. 35 yrs, MD
94B-138-146, Parks, Maria 29 yrs, PA
94B-138-146, Parks, Lydia A. 8 yrs, PA
94B-138-146, Parks, Gertrude 9 yrs, PA
98A-198-212, Parks, John W. 60 yrs, PA
93A-109-116, Patterson, Margaret 60 yrs, PA
87A-21-23, Pearce, Peter J. 35 yrs, PA
87A-21-23, Pearce, Emeline 34 yrs, PA
87A-21-23, Pearce, Elizabeth 15 yrs, PA
87B-27-30, Pearson, Johnson 51 yrs, PA
87B-27-30, Pearson, Eva 23 yrs, PA
87B-27-30, Pearson, George 20 yrs, PA
87B-27-30, Pearson, James 14 yrs, PA
87B-27-30, Pearson, Charles 11 yrs, PA
94A-126-134, Pearson, James H. 39 yrs, PA
94A-126-134, Pearson, Elizabeth 31 yrs, PA
94A-126-134, Pearson, Sidney 28 yrs, PA
94A-126-134, Pearson, Ellen 24 yrs, PA
94A-129-137, Pearson, Sarah W. 66 yrs, PA
96B-168-180, Peck, Harriet 39 yrs, PA
96B-168-180, Peck, Mary 16 yrs, PA
96B-168-180, Peck, Charles 11 yrs, PA
96B-168-180, Peck, Harriet 9 yrs, PA
96B-168-180, Peck, Ella 7 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Pew, J. N. 21 yrs, PA
95B-152-162, Pew, A. P. 26 yrs, PA
95B-152-162, Pew, Mary E. 20 yrs, PA
95B-152-162, Pew, Harry 2 yrs, PA
95B-152-162, Pew, Charles 7/12 yrs, PA
96A-163-175, Pew, Albert 27 yrs, PA
96A-163-175, Pew, Lydia 31 yrs, PA
96A-163-175, Pew, Ida A. 3 yrs, PA
96A-163-175, Pew, Marcus T. 1/12 yrs, PA
97B-184-197, Pew, John 48 yrs, PA
97B-184-197, Pew, Maria 30 yrs, PA
97B-184-197, Pew, Rebecca 18 yrs, PA
97B-184-197, Pew, Mary M 12 yrs, PA
97B-184-197, Pew, Charles 8 yrs, PA
97B-184-197, Pew, Henry 6 yrs, PA
96B-172-185, Porter, Joseph P. 33 yrs, PA
96B-172-185, Porter, Mary 36 yrs, PA
96B-172-185, Porter, Maggie P. 2 yrs, PA
99B-223-239, Porter, Elizabeth 68 yrs, Ireland
99B-223-239, Porter, Sarah J. 25 yrs, OH
99B-223-239, Porter, Agnes 23 yrs, OH
97A-180-192, Potter, Byron 21 yrs, PA
87A-22-25, Powers, Charles 18 yrs, PA
93A-111-118, Rankin, J. H. 50 yrs, PA
93A-111-118, Rankin, Martha 80 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Rauch, Francis K. 21 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Ray, Lydia 30 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Redman, William 19 yrs, PA
95A-146-155, Redman, Mary M. 60 yrs, France
95A-146-155, Redman, Lewis 27 yrs, PA
95A-146-155, Redman, George W. 18 yrs, PA
95A-147-156, Redman, Andew 33 yrs, PA
95A-147-156, Redman, Mary 21 yrs, PA
95A-147-156, Redman, Amanda 1 yrs, PA
102A-246-263, Redman, Isaac 54 yrs, PA
102A-246-263, Redman, Mary A. 35 yrs, PA
102A-246-263, Redman, William 17 yrs, PA
102A-246-263, Redman, Michael 15 yrs, PA
102A-246-263, Redman, Elizabeth 13 yrs, PA
102A-246-263, Redman, John 10 yrs, PA
102A-246-263, Redman, Rebecca J. 7 yrs, PA
95B-155-165, Reed, Mary E. 57 yrs, PA
99A-208-224, Reed, Samuel 42 yrs, VA
99A-208-224, Reed, Loutisia 31 yrs, Ireland
99A-208-224, Reed, John 14 yrs, VA
99A-208-224, Reed, Sophia B. 12 yrs, PA
101B-237-254, Reed, James 31 yrs, PA
101B-237-254, Reed, Caroline 25 yrs, MD
87A-20-22, Reznor, George 34 yrs, PA
87A-20-22, Reznor, Alice A. 23 yrs, PA
87A-20-22, Reznor, Claud 3 yrs, PA
87A-20-22, Reznor, Estella 1 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Richards, Jane 30 yrs, PA
100A-230-246, Riddle, George W. 32 yrs, PA
100A-230-246, Riddle, Mary A. 29 yrs, PA
100A-230-246, Riddle, Edwin 8 yrs, PA
100A-230-246, Riddle, Ida 4 yrs, PA
100A-230-246, Riddle, Anna 2 yrs, PA
100A-230-246, Riddle, Frank 6/12 yrs, PA
92A-90-93, Ride, B. A. 38 yrs, England
92A-90-93, Ride, Mary 39 yrs, PA
92A-90-93, Ride, Rachel 16 yrs, PA
92A-90-93, Ride, William 1 yrs, PA
92A-90-93, Ride, Alice 7 yrs, PA
92A-90-93, Ride, Jackson 20 yrs, PA
97A-178-190, Robbins, James 20 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Roberts, Henry 22 yrs, PA
93A-107-113, Roberts, Eliott 19 yrs, PA
88A-34-36, Robinson, J. H. 43 yrs, OH
88A-34-36, Robinson, Eliza A. 41 yrs, PA
88A-34-36, Robinson, John 16 yrs, PA
88A-34-36, Robinson, Mary 14 yrs, PA
88A-34-36, Robinson, Robert H. 12 yrs, PA
88A-34-36, Robinson, Henry 11 yrs, PA
88A-34-36, Robinson, William 1 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Robinson, Joseph 22 yrs, VA
98B-205-220, Robinson, Wm M. 56 yrs, PA
98B-205-220, Robinson, Eliza C. 51 yrs, PA
98B-205-220, Robinson, Anna D. 13 yrs, OH
99B-219-235, Rodgers, J. R. 63 yrs, OH
99B-219-235, Rodgers, Margaret 57 yrs, PA
99B-219-235, Rodgers, Samuel B. 26 yrs, PA
99B-216-232, Rose , E. L. 25 yrs, PA
99B-216-232, Rose , Mary 22 yrs, PA
99B-216-232, Rose , Etta M. 2 yrs, PA
99B-216-232, Rose , Charles A. 9/12 yrs, PA
87A-20-22, Scannel, Matilda 26 yrs, PA
87A-21-23, Scannel, Jennie 20 yrs, PA
98A-193-205, Schroyer, A. W. 26 yrs, PA
93A-113-121, Scott, Samuel 30 yrs, PA
93A-113-121, Scott, Ellen 21 yrs, PA
93A-113-121, Scott, Lilla M. 5/12 yrs, OH
87B-23-26, Shannon, Eliza 48 yrs, Ireland
89B-53-56, Shannon, Sarah 40 yrs, Ireland
86B-11-12, Sheasley, Manuel 27 yrs, PA
86B-11-12, Sheasley, Ann 24 yrs, PA
86B-11-12, Sheasley, James A. 5 yrs, PA
86B-11-12, Sheasley, Sarah E. 5 yrs, PA
86B-11-12, Sheasley, Cora 1 yrs, PA
88A-38-40, Sherriff, Kate 36 yrs, PA
88B-38-40, Sherriff, John P. 19 yrs, PA
92A-95-99, Sherriff, William W. 39 yrs, PA
92A-95-99, Sherriff, Anna G. 36 yrs, PA
92A-95-99, Sherriff, Lillie 14 yrs, PA
92A-95-99, Sherriff, Nancy 12 yrs, PA
92A-95-99, Sherriff, Samuel G. 11 yrs, PA
92A-95-99, Sherriff, Joseph 9 yrs, PA
92A-95-99, Sherriff, Benjamin 5 yrs, PA
92A-95-99, Sherriff, Gertrude W. 1 yrs, PA
93B-122-131, Sherriff, Thomas B. 45 yrs, PA
93B-122-131, Sherriff, Celia 43 yrs, PA
93B-122-131, Sherriff, Mary 19 yrs, PA
93B-122-131, Sherriff, Eva Celia 10 yrs, PA
96B-168-180, Sherriff, Joseph M. 49 yrs, KY
96B-168-180, Sherriff, Nancy 45 yrs, PA
96B-168-180, Sherriff, Mary 13 yrs, PA
96B-168-180, Sherriff, George W. 10 yrs, PA
97A-181-193, Sherriff, James 70 yrs, PA
97A-181-193, Sherriff, Christena 66 yrs, OH
90A-59-61, Shipler, Noah 60 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Shipler, Melvina 48 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Shipler, Junita P. 18 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Shipler, John 13 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Shipler, Orlando 9 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Shipler, Mary 7 yrs, PA
93B-118-126, Shipler, P. E. 29 yrs, PA
93B-118-126, Shipler, Mary J. 29 yrs, PA
93B-118-126, Shipler, W. H. 8 yrs, PA
96B-175-188, Shipler, Peter 52 yrs, PA
96B-175-188, Shipler, Rachel 42 yrs, PA
96B-175-188, Shipler, George 25 yrs, PA
98B-200-215, Shipler, Joseph 56 yrs, PA
98B-200-215, Shipler, Mary 56 yrs, PA
98B-200-215, Shipler, Hellen 20 yrs, PA
87B-26-29, Slater, William M. 27 yrs, PA
87B-26-29, Slater, Ella E. 24 yrs, PA
96B-176-189, Sloys, Robert 54 yrs, Ireland
96B-176-189, Sloys, June 54 yrs, PA
96B-176-189, Sloys, Sarah 19 yrs, PA
96B-176-189, Sloys, Loutiscia A. 16 yrs, PA
96B-176-189, Sloys, Amanda 12 yrs, PA
97A-181-193, Sloys, James 55 yrs, Ireland
97A-181-193, Sloys, Mary 39 yrs, PA
97A-181-193, Sloys, James E. 15 yrs, PA
97A-181-193, Sloys, Mary 9 yrs, PA
97A-181-193, Sloys, Oliver 7 yrs, PA
97A-181-193, Sloys, Margaret 16 yrs, PA
97B-190-204, Sloys, John 49 yrs, Ireland
97B-190-204, Sloys, Margaret 20 yrs, PA
94B-135-143, Small, Edward 58 yrs, NY
94B-135-143, Small, Mary A. 49 yrs, OH
94B-135-143, Small, Ella 12 yrs, PA
94B-135-143, Small, Emma 12 yrs, PA
94B-135-143, Small, Edward 10 yrs, PA
93B-121-130, Smith, Emeline 41 yrs, PA
97A-183-196, Smith, Catharine 50 yrs, PA
97A-183-196, Smith, George K. 30 yrs, PA
97A-183-196, Smith, Elizabeth P. 28 yrs, PA
97B-183-196, Smith, T. W. 25 yrs, PA
97B-188-202, Snyder, Alice 12 yrs, PA
96B-170-183, Stark, Catharine 20 yrs, MD
87B-31-34, Stephenson, H. B. 56 yrs, PA
87B-31-34, Stephenson, S. B. 31 yrs, PA
86A-2-2, Stewart, James 75 yrs, PA
86A-2-2, Stewart, Catharine 48 yrs, PA
86A-2-2, Stewart, James 22 yrs, PA
86A-2-2, Stewart, Eva 14 yrs, PA
93A-109-115, Stewart, C. M. 44 yrs, OH
93A-109-115, Stewart, M. E. 30 yrs, PA
93A-109-115, Stewart, I*ie 12 yrs, PA
93A-109-115, Stewart, Lourie 4 yrs, PA
96B-168-180, Stewart, Sarah 79 yrs, PA
98B-199-214, Stewart, William 59 yrs, PA
98B-199-214, Stewart, Alletta 45 yrs, NJ
98B-199-214, Stewart, Mary 18 yrs, PA
98B-199-214, Stewart, Robert 16 yrs, PA
98B-199-214, Stewart, Alletta 4 yrs, PA
98B-199-214, Stewart, George 2 yrs, PA
88B-45-48, Stowe, Justus 52 yrs, NY
88B-45-48, Stowe, Mary J. 48 yrs, PA
88B-45-48, Stowe, Ellen J. 21 yrs, PA
88B-45-48, Stowe, Cunningham 20 yrs, PA
89A-45-48, Stowe, Lustis 16 yrs, PA
89A-45-48, Stowe, Hannah 14 yrs, PA
89A-45-48, Stowe, Eva 13 yrs, PA
89A-45-48, Stowe, Archibald 10 yrs, PA
90A-63-66, Stowe, Henderson 25 yrs, PA
90A-63-66, Stowe, Caroline 22 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Strahanan, J. A. 31 yrs, PA
94A-131-138, Sykes, Thomas B. 36 yrs, PA
94A-131-138, Sykes, Elizabeth 39 yrs, PA
94A-131-138, Sykes, Benjamin A. 13 yrs, PA
94A-131-138, Sykes, John W. 12 yrs, PA
94A-131-138, Sykes, Mary W. 10 yrs, PA
94A-131-138, Sykes, Annie E. 8 yrs, PA
94A-131-138, Sykes, Grant W. 5 yrs, PA
94A-131-138, Sykes, Joseph S. 2 yrs, PA
94A-131-138, Sykes, Jessie J. 7/12 yrs, PA
94B-136-144, Sykes, Joseph 63 yrs, England
94B-136-144, Sykes, Mary A. 58 yrs, PA
94B-136-144, Sykes, Mary 34 yrs, PA
94B-136-144, Sykes, Smith 18 yrs, PA
86B-12-14, Tanner, Elizabeth 56 yrs, Ireland
86B-12-14, Tanner, Susan 17 yrs, PA
93B-121-130, Tanner, George 26 yrs, PA
93B-121-130, Tanner, Josephene 25 yrs, PA
93B-121-130, Tanner, Hellen 1 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Taylor, Ella 17 yrs, PA
95A-143-152, Taylor, William 33 yrs, PA
95A-143-152, Taylor, Elizabeth 36 yrs, PA
87B-27-30, Templeton, Nancy 74 yrs, PA
87B-27-30, Templeton, Mary 40 yrs, PA
87A-22-24, Thompson, S. F. 26 yrs, PA
87A-22-24, Thompson, Cellie 21 yrs, PA
88A-36-38, Thompson, Amelia 20 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Thompson, G. W. 35 yrs, NJ
93B-120-129, Thompson, Wm M. 53 yrs, PA
93B-120-129, Thompson, Sarah P. 54 yrs, PA
93B-120-129, Thompson, Mary J. 20 yrs, PA
95B-151-160, Thompson, Susan 36 yrs, PA
95B-151-160, Thompson, Lula J. 11 yrs, PA
95B-151-160, Thompson, Harry E. 8 yrs, PA
95B-151-160, Thompson, Eva 6 yrs, PA
96A-162-174, Thompson, Mary 76 yrs, MD
88B-38-41, Thompson , S. R. 25 yrs, PA
88B-38-41, Thompson , Mary 24 yrs, PA
88B-38-41, Thompson , Chester W. 3 yrs, PA
90A-59-61, Thornton, John 50 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Todd, Mary M. 33 yrs, Ireland
101B-233-249, Todd, Ruth 41 yrs, Ireland
101B-233-249, Todd, William 19 yrs, NY
101B-233-249, Todd, Mary A. 19 yrs, CT
101B-233-249, Todd, Ellen 16 yrs, CT
101B-233-249, Todd, John 14 yrs, CT
101B-233-249, Todd, Lizzie 12 yrs, PA
101B-233-249, Todd, Alexander E. 8 yrs, PA
101B-233-249, Todd, Charles N. 5 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Trunkey, John 41 yrs, OH
86A-6-6, Trunkey, Agnes 36 yrs, PA
86A-6-6, Trunkey, William 15 yrs, PA
91B-85-90, Turner, Wm C. 32 yrs, PA
91B-85-90, Turner, Rachel 29 yrs, PA
91B-85-90, Turner, Benny H. 7 yrs, PA
91B-85-90, Turner, Louie H. 5 yrs, PA
91B-85-90, Turner, Annie 1 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Urey, Adam G. 26 yrs, PA
89B-55-58, Urey, Emma 19 yrs, PA
94B-141-149, Urey, Jacob 34 yrs, PA
94B-141-149, Urey, Margaret 39 yrs, PA
94B-141-149, Urey, Calvin 3 yrs, PA
94B-141-149, Urey, Albert 1 yrs, PA
92B-101-107, Van Dwenter, John 25 yrs, PA
94B-133-141, Wallace, Ann 82 yrs, Ireland
94B-133-141, Wallace, Grace A. 31 yrs, Ireland
101B-232-248, Wallace , Samuel B. 40 yrs, PA
101B-232-248, Wallace , Mary D. 27 yrs, PA
101B-232-248, Wallace , William 4 yrs, PA
89B-56-59, Weakley, Samuel 38 yrs, PA
89B-56-59, Weakley, Catharine 33 yrs, PA
89B-56-59, Weakley, William W. 9 yrs, PA
800-56-59, Weakley, Matilda J. 11 yrs, PA
89B-56-59, Weakley, John C. 5 yrs, PA
89B-56-59, Weakley, Bessie K. 3 yrs, PA
93A-108-114, Weese, A. J. 42 yrs, OH
93A-108-114, Weese, Elmira 42 yrs, OH
96B-174-187, Wharton, Hannah 46 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Whistler, C. W. 35 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Whistler, Mary E. 33 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Whistler, Edmund *. 10 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Whistler, Julia F. 8 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Whistler, Charles E. 6 yrs, PA
89A-47-50, Whistler, Paul G. 9/12 yrs, PA
86A-1-1, White, John G. 28 yrs, PA
86A-1-1, White, Nancy A. 25 yrs, PA
86A-1-1, White, **intus A. 3 yrs, PA
86A-1-1, White, Frank J. 2 yrs, PA
86A-1-1, White, Bertha B. 6/12 yrs, PA
91B-80-85, White, Hiram C. 56 yrs, PA
91B-80-85, White, Martha 52 yrs, PA
91B-80-85, White, Maggie 29 yrs, PA
91B-80-85, White, Lewis E. 18 yrs, PA
91B-80-85, White, David H. 14 yrs, PA
98B-203-218, White, Ezra 71 yrs, PA
88B-39-42, Williams, H. G. 17 yrs, PA
93A-112-119, Wilson, W. H. 25 yrs, PA
98A-196-209, Wilson, J. C. 35 yrs, PA
98A-196-209, Wilson, Mary 34 yrs, PA
98A-196-209, Wilson, Edie 13 yrs, PA
98A-196-209, Wilson, Minnie 12 yrs, PA
98A-196-209, Wilson, Ella 10 yrs, PA
98A-196-209, Wilson, Montrose 1 yrs, PA
86B-15-17, Wiseman, William 45 yrs, PA
87A-15-17, Wiseman, E. A. 45 yrs, PA
87A-15-17, Wiseman, H. D. 17 yrs, PA
95B-156-166, Wolf, Samuel 40 yrs, Ireland
95B-156-166, Wolf, Nancy 30 yrs, Ireland
95B-156-166, Wolf, Sarah 35 yrs, Ireland
87A-16-18, Wood, Samuel 61 yrs, PA
87A-16-18, Wood, Sarah A. 25 yrs, PA
87A-16-18, Wood, Mary J. 14 yrs, PA
87A-16-18, Wood, Adda 12 yrs, PA
87A-16-18, Wood, Emma 10 yrs, PA
87A-16-18, Wood, Florence 6 yrs, PA
87A-16-18, Wood, Eliza B. 3 yrs, PA
92B-98-103, Wright, G. *. 28 yrs, PA
92B-98-103, Wright, R. M. 28 yrs, PA
97B-183-196, Wright, R. W. 27 yrs, PA
102A-245-262, Wright, Clinton 22 yrs, PA
94A-127-135, Yeager, G. W. 45 yrs, PA
94A-127-135, Yeager, Sarah 36 yrs, PA
94A-127-135, Yeager, Syntha 15 yrs, PA
94A-127-135, Yeager, Emma 13 yrs, PA
94A-127-135, Yeager, Maggie 8 yrs, PA
94A-127-135, Yeager, Mary 5 yrs, PA
94A-127-135, Yeager, Jennie 3 yrs, PA
94A-127-135, Yeager, Carrie 1 yrs, PA
94A-127-135, Yeager, Nannie 1 yrs, PA
90A-61-64, Young, H. W. 43 yrs, PA
90A-61-64, Young, Margaret 35 yrs, PA
90A-61-64, Young, Samantha J. 17 yrs, PA
90A-61-64, Young, Margare A. 15 yrs, PA
90A-61-64, Young, Elizabeth 6 yrs, PA
90A-61-64, Young, Arabella 4 yrs, PA
90A-61-64, Young, William 1 yrs, PA
92A-93-97, Zahnizer, William 49 yrs, PA
92A-93-97, Zahnizer, Bessie K. 7 yrs, PA
92A-93-97, Zahnizer, Mary A. 5 yrs, PA
98A-197-210, Zahnizer, R. M. J. 33 yrs, PA
98A-197-210, Zahnizer, Lizzie 31 yrs, PA
98A-197-210, Zahnizer, Harry H. 8 yrs, PA
98A-197-210, Zahnizer, Frank R. 5 yrs, PA
98A-197-210, Zahnizer, Bertha 2 yrs, PA

The 1870 census transcription, above, was contributed by John MacDonald.  This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. 

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