West Salem Township

1870 Census Surname List

West Salem Township

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1374)

Enumerator: William M. Bailey
Post Office: Sharpsville Furnace
Date of Enumeration: 25 July - 17 August, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

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* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

159A-6-6, Adams, Clara, 9yrs, PA

181B-350-351, Adams, Matilda, 10yrs, PA

183A-373-373, Agan, Anna, 38yrs, Ireland

183A-373-373, Agan, Jane, 9yrs, PA

183A-373-373, Agan, Morris, 45yrs, Ireland

172A-204-204, Allen, Clara, 32yrs, PA

166B-125-124, Allen, Elizabeth, 18yrs, Scotland

166B-125-124, Allen, George, 18yrs, Scotland

172A-204-204, Allen, Jmaes, 32yrs, PA

166B-125-124, Allen, W., 22yrs, Scotland

172B-212-212, Amon, Adeline, 33yrs, PA

172B-212-212, Amon, Amelia, 10yrs, PA

172B-212-212, Amon, Charles E., 8yrs, PA

172B-212-212, Amon, Francis, 3yrs, PA

172B-212-212, Amon, Isaac, 36yrs, PA

164A-82-83, Amon, Margret, 37yrs, OH

172B-212-212, Amon, Saml R., 1yrs, PA

172B-212-212, Amon, Sarah E., 6yrs, PA

172B-212-212, Amon, W. Farnklin, 11yrs, PA

164A-82-83, Amon, Wm, 12yrs, PA

164A-82-83, Amon, Wm, 51yrs, PA

165B-109-108, Amos, Caroine, 20yrs, Byden

165B-109-108, Amos, Gotlub, 21yrs, Byden

173A-217-217, Amy, Rebecca, 22yrs, PA

173A-217-217, Amy, Solomen, 26yrs, PA

174A-238-238, Andrews, Anna, 9yrs, OH

174A-238-238, Andrews, Emma, 12yrs, PA

173B-230-230, Angles, Abraham, 24yrs, PA

173B-230-230, Angles, Chambers, 5/12yr, PA

173B-230-230, Angles, Margetta, 19yrs, PA

169A-161-161, Applegate, Margret, 11yrs, PA

169B-174-174, Armer, David Jr., 57yrs, PA

170A-174-174, Armer, James, 17yrs, PA

170A-174-174, Armer, Pricilla, 52yrs, OH

179B-320-320, Arner, David, 92yrs, PA

159A-5-5, Arner, Jacob, 70yrs, PA

159A-5-5, Arner, John, 69yrs, PA

159A-5-5, Arner, John M., 21yrs, OH

162A-46-47, Arner, Lyman P., 10yrs, PA

159A-5-5, Arner, Mary, 66yrs, OH

162A-46-47, Arner, Mary E., 25yrs, OH

162A-46-47, Arner, Paul, 55yrs, PA

162A-46-47, Arner, Sarah A., 50yrs, PA

162A-46-47, Arner, Sarah J., 15yrs, PA

183B-375-375, Arnold, Curtis, 34yrs, PA

183B-375-375, Arnold, Dilly, 1/12yr, PA

183B-375-375, Arnold, Elizabeth M., 30yrs, PA

174B-239-239, Artman, Albert W., 1yrs, PA

171A-189-189, Artman, Andrew, 23yrs, PA

171A-193-193, Artman, Cathrine, 45yrs, PA

163B-76-77, Artman, Cathrine, 76yrs, PA

170B-188-188, Artman, Elizabeth, 20yrs, PA

171A-189-189, Artman, John, 15yrs, PA

171A-189-189, Artman, John, 50yrs, PA

171A-189-189, Artman, Mary, 29yrs, PA

171A-189-189, Artman, Mary, 49yrs, NY

171A-189-189, Artman, Melvina, 20yrs, PA

174B-239-239, Artman, Sarah, 21yrs, PA

170B-188-188, Artman, Wallace, 22yrs, PA

174B-239-239, Artman, Wm, 27yrs, PA

172A-205-205, Ash, A. Jame, 7yrs, PA

172A-205-205, Ash, Edwin, 36yrs, PA

172A-205-205, Ash, Edwin E., 6yrs, PA

172A-205-205, Ash, James E., 12yrs, PA

172A-205-205, Ash, Mary E., 33yrs, PA

172A-205-205, Ash, Milton E., 13yrs, PA

172A-205-205, Ash, Newton L., 11yrs, PA

176A-264-264, B*an [Bean?], Arthur A., 8yrs, PA

176A-264-264, B*an [Bean?], John M., 11yrs, PA

176A-264-264, B*an [Bean?], Martin R., 13yrs, PA

184A-383-383, Bargon, Alex, 37yrs, PA

184A-383-383, Bargon, Charlotta, 33yrs, NY

184A-383-383, Bargon, Harvey, 6/12yr, PA

165A-102-101, Barnhart, Andrew G., 6yrs, PA

165A-102-101, Barnhart, Cathrine, 17yrs, PA

165A-102-101, Barnhart, Josh, 53yrs, PA

165A-102-101, Barnhart, Lewis T., 13yrs, PA

165A-102-101, Barnhart, Margret, 37yrs, PA

165A-102-101, Barnhart, Mary E., 19yrs, PA

165A-102-101, Barnhart, Wm, 10yrs, PA

168A-144-144, Bary, Stephen, 10yrs, PA

174A-236-236, Bates, Harry, 3/12yr, PA

174A-236-236, Bates, Margret, 30yrs, PA

174A-236-236, Bates, Robt, 37yrs, PA

181B-351-352, Bats, Abner, 33yrs, ME

181B-351-352, Bats, Augustus, 2yrs, PA

181B-351-352, Bats, Maria, 33yrs, PA

165B-107-106, Baugh, Adam, 4yrs, PA

165B-107-106, Baugh, Cathrine, 11yrs, PA

165B-107-106, Baugh, Cathrine, 38yrs, France

165B-107-106, Baugh, Jacob, 6yrs, PA

165B-107-106, Baugh, Jacob, 49yrs, Prussia

165B-107-106, Baugh, John, 15yrs, PA

165B-107-106, Baugh, Lizzie, 8yrs, PA

165B-107-106, Baugh, Margret, 11/12yr, PA

165B-107-106, Baugh, Mary, 13yrs, PA

184A-385-385, Bayle, Mary, 43yrs, PA

184A-385-385, Bayle, Rueben, 21yrs, PA

184A-385-385, Bayle, Saml, 47yrs, PA

184A-385-385, Bayle, Sarah E., 19yrs, PA

160A-17-18, Bean, Mary, 70yrs, Ireland

164B-92-93, Bearee, Charles, 4yrs, PA

164B-92-93, Bearee, Emma, 22yrs, PA

164B-92-93, Bearee, P. Ugene, 2yrs, PA

164B-92-93, Bearee, Wilson, 22yrs, PA

166B-121-120, Beckstine, August, 4yrs, PA

166B-122-121, Beckstine, August, 27yrs, Hanover

166B-122-121, Beckstine, Barbara, 19yrs, OH

166B-122-121, Beckstine, Charlotta, 3/12yr, PA

166B-121-120, Beckstine, Charlotta, 68yrs, Hanover

166B-121-120, Beckstine, Fred, 38yrs, Hanover

166B-121-120, Beckstine, Levissa, 27yrs, Hanover

166B-121-120, Beckstine, Mina, 1yrs, PA

181B-350-351, Bedford, Absalom, 63yrs, VA

170A-179-179, Beechly, Isaac, 11yrs, PA

183A-373-373, Behan, Martin, 19yrs, NY

183A-373-373, Behan, Mary, 19yrs, Ireland

159B-7-8, Beiler, George, 21yrs, Bavaria

159A-7-8, Beiler, Jacob, 29yrs, Bavaria

159B-7-8, Beiler, John, 4/12yr, PA

159A-7-8, Beiler, Louisa, 24yrs, Bavaria

162B-56-57, Belck, Levi, 19yrs, PA

162B-61-62, Beleg, Linas, 39yrs, PA

162B-61-62, Beleg, Lydia, 33yrs, OH

184B-391-391, Bell, Emily, 24yrs, PA

184B-391-391, Bell, James, 3yrs, PA

184B-391-391, Bell, Mary, 5yrs, PA

184B-391-391, Bell, Saml, 7/12yr, PA

184B-391-391, Bell, Wm, 27yrs, PA

182A-355-355, Beninghof, Anna, 43yrs, PA

182A-355-355, Beninghof, Frederick, 2yrs, PA

182A-355-355, Beninghof, George, 12yrs, PA

182A-355-355, Beninghof, Jacob, 11yrs, PA

182A-355-355, Beninghof, John, 6yrs, PA

182A-355-355, Beninghof, Joseph, 4yrs, PA

182A-355-355, Beninghof, Julia, 8yrs, PA

182A-355-355, Beninghof, Martin, 13yrs, PA

182A-355-355, Beninghof, Martin, 43yrs, PA

164A-83-84, Bently, Anna, 55yrs, PA

184B-393-393, Berry, Danl, 3yrs, PA

184B-393-393, Berry, James, 9yrs, PA

181A-343-343, Berry, John, 2yrs, PA

184B-393-393, Berry, John, 5yrs, PA

181A-343-343, Berry, John, 25yrs, PA

184B-393-393, Berry, John, 45yrs, Ireland

181A-343-343, Berry, Maria, 22yrs, PA

184B-393-393, Berry, Mary A., 35yrs, PA

184B-393-393, Berry, Wm, 7yrs, PA

159B-8-9, Bidley, Anna, 54yrs, OH

159B-8-9, Bidley, Mary, 10yrs, PA

159B-8-9, Bidley, Reuben, 18yrs, OH

159B-8-9, Bidley, Reuben, 65yrs, MA

183B-380-380, Bittenbaner, C., 79yrs, PA

183B-380-380, Bittenbaner, David, 52yrs, PA

183B-380-380, Bittenbaner, Jacob, 43yrs, PA

183B-380-380, Bittenbaner, Sarah, 74yrs, PA

175A-251-251, Blair, Anna, 58yrs, PA

175A-251-251, Blair, Elizabeth, 19yrs, PA

175A-251-251, Blair, Harriett, 13yrs, PA

183B-378-378, Bonnel, Alice, 18yrs, PA

183A-371-371, Bonnel, Johnson, 29yrs, OH

183A-371-371, Bonnel, Malissa, 2yrs, PA

183A-371-371, Bonnel, Mary, 25yrs, PA

183B-377-377, Bort, Anna, 4yrs, PA

183B-377-377, Bort, John, 12yrs, Canada

183A-369-369, Bort, John, 22yrs, Ireland

183B-377-377, Bort, John, 45yrs, Ireland

183B-377-377, Bort, Julia, 45yrs, Ireland

183B-377-377, Bort, Michael, 14yrs, Canada

183B-377-377, Bort, Patrick, 10yrs, Canada

183B-377-377, Bort, Sylvester, 7yrs, PA

182B-365-365, Bortz, Agnes A., 8yrs, PA

182A-358-358, Bortz, Alice, 14yrs, PA

172B-211-211, Bortz, Charles, 19yrs, PA

172B-211-211, Bortz, Charles, 58yrs, PA

182B-368-368, Bortz, Danl, 61yrs, PA

182B-365-365, Bortz, Danl R., 10yrs, PA

182A-358-358, Bortz, Eliza, 35yrs, PA

167B-141-140, Bortz, Elvina, 28yrs, PA

172B-211-211, Bortz, Emma, 21yrs, PA

182B-365-365, Bortz, Erwin G., 2yrs, PA

182B-365-365, Bortz, Franklin, 11yrs, PA

182A-358-358, Bortz, George, 4yrs, PA

182B-368-368, Bortz, Harriett, 20yrs, PA

182B-365-365, Bortz, Helena, 38yrs, PA

182B-365-365, Bortz, James, 38yrs, PA

167B-141-140, Bortz, JohnW., 2yrs, PA

182A-358-358, Bortz, Levi, 40yrs, PA

182A-358-358, Bortz, Louisa, 11yrs, PA

172B-211-211, Bortz, Lydia, 28yrs, PA

172B-211-211, Bortz, Mallissa, 55yrs, PA

167B-141-140, Bortz, Marcus, 4yrs, PA

182B-365-365, Bortz, Mary E., 13yrs, PA

182A-358-358, Bortz, Mary E., 16yrs, PA

172B-211-211, Bortz, Mavella, 15yrs, PA

182B-365-365, Bortz, Melvin, 3yrs, PA

167B-141-140, Bortz, Reuben, 47yrs, PA

182B-365-365, Bortz, Sarah, 15yrs, PA

182B-368-368, Bortz, Sarah, 61yrs, PA

167B-141-140, Bortz, Susan M., 1yrs, PA

182A-358-358, Bortz, Susanna, 75yrs, PA

182B-368-368, Bortz, Wm, 18yrs, PA

167B-141-140, Bortz, Wm A., 24yrs, PA

166A-110-109, Bottama, Cora, 1yrs, PA

166A-110-109, Bottama, Eliza, 30yrs, Bavaria

165B-110-109, Bottama [Boltama?], George, 32yrs, Byden

166A-110-109, Bottama [Boltama?], Otter, 4yrs, PA

166A-110-109, Bottama [Boltama?], Otter, 5yrs, PA

178A-300-300, Brackall, Charles, 8yrs, PA

177B-295-295, Bracken, Ann, 39yrs, Prussia

164B-88-89, Bramen [Branew, Branen?], J. J., 54yrs, PA

164B-88-89, Bramen [Branew, Branen?], Jas M., 12yrs, PA

164B-88-89, Bramen [Branew, Branen?], Rebecca, 49yrs, OH

170B-187-187, Breckway, ***, **yrs, PA [line crossed out; possibly St...,15yrs]

170B-187-187, Breckway, Caroline, 41yrs, PA

170B-187-187, Breckway, James, 39yrs, PA

170B-187-187, Breckway, Wm, 16yrs, PA

172B-214-214, Brittin, Ann E., 28yrs, PA

172B-214-214, Brittin, Ella D., 4yrs, PA

172B-214-214, Brittin, J. R., 31yrs, PA

172B-214-214, Brittin, Joseph H., 2yrs, PA

161A-35-36, Brown, Amelia, 15yrs, PA

168B-158-158, Brown, Amelia, 41yrs, OH

171A-190-190, Brown, Andrew, 25yrs, PA

171A-190-190, Brown, Andrew, 61yrs, PA

169A-163-163, Brown, Anna, 8yrs, PA

171A-194-194, Brown, B. C., 45yrs, PA

179A-313-313, Brown, Bertha, 24yrs, OH

168B-156-156, Brown, Catharine, 32yrs, OH

171A-194-194, Brown, Charles, 1yrs, PA

171B-197-197, Brown, Charles, 2yrs, PA

174A-231-231, Brown, Eliza J., 14yrs, PA

169A-162-162, Brown, Eliza J., 20yrs, PA

169A-163-163, Brown, Elizabeth, 6yrs, PA

164B-91-92, Brown, Elizabeth, 35yrs, PA

169A-162-162, Brown, Elizabeth, 62yrs, PA

161A-35-36, Brown, Ellsxworth, 8yrs, PA

168B-158-158, Brown, Emerson C., 17yrs, PA

173B-229-229, Brown, Emily, 14yrs, PA

168B-158-158, Brown, Emma J., 19yrs, PA

179A-313-313, Brown, Ermina, 4yrs, OH

171B-197-197, Brown, Fred, 6/12yr, PA

171A-193-193, Brown, Fred, 4yrs, PA

174A-231-231, Brown, George, 54yrs, PA

161A-35-36, Brown, Hannah, 26yrs, OH

168A-152-152, Brown, Henry, 27yrs, OH

169A-163-163, Brown, Irvin, 33yrs, PA

173B-229-229, Brown, Irwin, 17yrs, PA

168B-156-156, Brown, J. M., 35yrs, OH

168B-152-152, Brown, James, 1yrs, PA

169A-163-163, Brown, James, 4yrs, PA

171A-194-194, Brown, Jane, 16yrs, PA

175A-250-250, Brown, Jane, 16yrs, PA

169A-162-162, Brown, Jas R., 59yrs, PA

168B-156-156, Brown, Jennie, 7yrs, PA

184B-392-392, Brown, John, 8yrs, OH

179A-313-313, Brown, John, 39yrs, OH

168B-156-156, Brown, John P., 1yrs, PA

161A-35-36, Brown, L. H., 58yrs, OH

171A-194-194, Brown, Laura, 7yrs, PA

161A-35-36, Brown, Laura P., 30yrs, OH

174A-231-231, Brown, Levina, 54yrs, PA

171B-197-197, Brown, Lewis, 31yrs, PA

169A-162-162, Brown, Lobena, 27yrs, PA

171A-194-194, Brown, Louisa, 7yrs, PA

168A-147-147, Brown, Louisa, 13yrs, PA

169A-163-163, Brown, Malinda, 2yrs, PA

169A-158-158, Brown, Manly A., 2yrs, PA

168B-156-156, Brown, Mary, 6yrs, PA

171A-193-193, Brown, Mary, 26yrs, PA

184B-392-392, Brown, Mary A., 12yrs, OH

171A-194-194, Brown, Mary A., 47yrs, PA

161A-35-36, Brown, Mary A., 51yrs, OH

171B-197-197, Brown, Mary J., 29yrs, PA

184B-392-392, Brown, Mary J., 40yrs, Ireland

184B-392-392, Brown, Michael, 44yrs, Ireland

168B-158-158, Brown, Milo C., 7yrs, PA

168B-158-158, Brown, Minerva C., 11yrs, PA

168B-158-158, Brown, Nancy A., 13yrs, PA

171A-194-194, Brown, Orlanda, 23yrs, PA

168B-158-158, Brown, P. R., 10yrs, PA

179A-313-313, Brown, Peter, 2yrs, PA

168B-156-156, Brown, Peter, 68yrs, PA

168B-158-158, Brown, Ranson, 16yrs, PA

171A-194-194, Brown, Rari, 18yrs, PA

169A-163-163, Brown, Sarah, 1/12yr, PA

168A-152-152, Brown, Sarah A., 24yrs, PA

169A-163-163, Brown, Sarah A., 31yrs, PA

171A-194-194, Brown, Sarah E., 20yrs, PA

171A-193-193, Brown, W. A., 32yrs, PA

179A-313-313, Brown, Wm, 1/12yr, PA

173B-229-229, Brown, Wm, 2yrs, PA

161A-29-30, Burns, Abram, 45yrs, PA

183A-369-369, Burns, Chris, 26yrs, Ireland

160A-17-18, Burns, Damis, 6/12yr, PA

163A-65-66, Burns, Effie, 3yrs, PA

161A-29-30, Burns, Elizabeth, 80yrs, MD

161A-29-30, Burns, George W., 8yrs, PA

163A-65-66, Burns, Hannah, 10yrs, PA

163A-65-66, Burns, J. A., 44yrs, PA

160A-17-18, Burns, James, 10yrs, Canada

163A-65-66, Burns, Jndah H., 9yrs, PA

160A-17-18, Burns, John, 34yrs, Ireland

160A-17-18, Burns, John G., 2yrs, PA

163A-65-66, Burns, Joseph, 12yrs, PA

161A-29-30, Burns, Levina, 56yrs, PA

160A-17-18, Burns, Lizzie, 4yrs, PA

163A-66-67, Burns, Margret, 71yrs, MD

163A-66-67, Burns, Mary, 51yrs, PA

160A-17-18, Burns, Mary A., 8yrs, Canada

160A-17-18, Burns, Mary R., 32yrs, Ireland

163A-65-66, Burns, Mary R., 44yrs, PA

160A-17-18, Burns, Myrtle, 12yrs, Canada

163A-66-67, Burns, Nancy, 68yrs, PA

163A-65-66, Burns, Nettie, 7yrs, PA

160A-17-18, Burns, Patrick, 14yrs, Canada

160A-17-18, Burns, Peter, 5yrs, OH

161A-29-30, Burns, Sarah J., 30yrs, PA

163A-65-66, Burns, Vina, 5yrs, PA

171B-196-196, Burwell, David H., 8yrs, PA

171B-196-196, Burwell, Emma T., 17yrs, PA

171B-196-196, Burwell, John L., 6yrs, PA

171B-196-196, Burwell, Levina, 42yrs, PA

171B-196-196, Burwell, M. Ellen, 10yrs, PA

171B-196-196, Burwell, Nimrod, 55yrs, PA

171B-196-196, Burwell, Nimrod W., 14yrs, PA

177A-287-287, Caho** [Cahoma?, Cahorne?], A*ored A., 12yrs, OH

177A-287-287, Caho** [Cahoma?, Cahorne?], Ally T., 6yrs, PA

177A-287-287, Caho** [Cahoma?, Cahorne?], Cassy, 46yrs, OH

177A-287-287, Caho** [Cahoma?, Cahorne?], Eva *, 2yrs, PA

177A-287-287, Caho** [Cahoma?, Cahorne?], Frances L., 9yrs, PA

177A-287-287, Caho** [Cahoma?, Cahorne?], Margret A., 14yrs, OH

177A-287-287, Caho** [Cahoma?, Cahorne?], Mary A., 18yrs, OH

177A-287-287, Caho** [Cahoma?, Cahorne?], Rebecca T., 4yrs, PA

177A-287-287, Caho** [Cahoma?, Cahorne?], Saml, 47yrs, OH

174A-232-232, Callahan, Eliza J., 36yrs, PA

174A-232-232, Callahan, Elizabeth, 11yrs, PA

174A-232-232, Callahan, Elizabeth, 71yrs, PA

176B-279-279, Callahan, Ettie, 11yrs, PA

174A-232-232, Callahan, Frances, 6yrs, PA

174A-232-232, Callahan, Hiram W., 8yrs, PA

174A-232-232, Callahan, J. N., 70yrs, PA

176B-279-279, Callahan, James B., 45yrs, PA

176B-279-279, Callahan, Jane, 18yrs, PA

174A-232-232, Callahan, John N., 3yrs, PA

174A-232-232, Callahan, Margert, 11/12yr, PA

176B-279-279, Callahan, Mary A., 46yrs, PA

177A-283-283, Callahan, Minnie, 14yrs, PA

174A-232-232, Callahan, Nancy, 30yrs, PA

174A-232-232, Callahan, Robt P., 41yrs, PA

177A-283-283, Callahan, Susan, 41yrs, PA

176B-279-279, Callahan, T. P., 15yrs, PA

177A-283-283, Callahan, Wm, 49yrs, PA

170A-178-178, Calvert, Elizabeth, 21yrs, PA

170A-178-178, Calvert, Emma, 7yrs, PA

170A-178-178, Calvert, J. W., 50yrs, NY

170A-178-178, Calvert, John, 17yrs, PA

170A-178-178, Calvert, Joseph, 14yrs, PA

170A-178-178, Calvert, Margret, 19yrs, PA

170A-178-178, Calvert, Mary, 9yrs, PA

170A-178-178, Calvert, Mary, 46yrs, PA

168B-154-154, Calvin, Amanda, 27yrs, PA

168B-154-154, Calvin, Eallen W., 11yrs, PA

168B-154-154, Calvin, Jane, 50yrs, PA

159B-13-14, Calvin, John, 28yrs, PA

168B-154-154, Calvin, Joseph, 60yrs, PA

168B-154-154, Calvin, Joseph H., 21yrs, PA

168B-154-154, Calvin, Margret E., 18yrs, PA

159B-13-14, Calvin, Mary, 24yrs, PA

159B-13-14, Calvin, Minnie, 10/12yr, PA

176B-274-274, Canon, John, 25yrs, PA

176B-274-274, Canon, L*verain*, 20yrs, PA

176B-274-274, Canon, Mary, 28yrs, PA

176B-274-274, Canon, Mary, 60yrs, PA

176B-274-274, Canon, Saml, 22yrs, PA

176B-274-274, Canon, Saml, 65yrs, PA

176B-274-274, Canon, Sarah, 27yrs, PA

164A-79-80, Carr, Catharine, 26yrs, OH

170B-183-183, Carr, David, 24yrs, PA

164A-79-80, Carr, Elvira, 4yrs, PA

170B-183-183, Carr, Ida J., 6/12yr, PA

170B-183-183, Carr, Lydia J., 24yrs, PA

164A-79-80, Carr, Martha, 29yrs, PA

164A-79-80, Carr, Nettie, 6yrs, PA

164A-79-80, Carr, Robert, 57yrs, PA

164A-79-80, Carr, Sarah E., 2yrs, PA

164A-79-80, Carr, William, 13yrs, PA

163B-70-71, Caystle, Margret, 14yrs, Ireland

175B-257-257, Chermonte, Geo, 63yrs, PA

175B-257-257, Chermonte, John, 19yrs, PA

175B-257-257, Chermonte, Susan, 45yrs, PA

164A-80-81, Cherry, Miles, 20yrs, PA

182A-363-363, Chrisman, Edward, 15yrs, PA

182B-363-363, Chrisman, Emma, 12yrs, PA

182B-363-363, Chrisman, Franklin, 8yrs, PA

182B-363-363, Chrisman, Frederick, 3yrs, PA

182A-363-363, Chrisman, Margret, 45yrs, PA

182A-363-363, Chrisman, Reuben, 49yrs, PA

182A-363-363, Chrisman, Sarah, 22yrs, PA

182B-363-363, Chrisman, Wm, 10yrs, PA

171B-200-200, Ciple, Edward, 30yrs, PA

171B-200-200, Ciple, Fred, 2yrs, PA

171B-200-200, Ciple, Ida, 14yrs, PA

171B-200-200, Ciple, Peter, 54yrs, PA

171B-200-200, Ciple, Sarah, 4yrs, PA

171B-200-200, Ciple, Sarah, 49yrs, PA

171B-200-200, Ciple, Wm, 5yrs, PA

162B-55-56, Clark, Charlotta, 15yrs, OH

183B-380-380, Clark, Wm, 11yrs, IL

161A-32-33, Clump, Chris, 62yrs, Wirtemburgh

161A-32-33, Clump, Emeline, 20yrs, Wirtemburgh

161A-32-33, Clump, Godlope, 30yrs, Wirtemburgh

161A-32-33, Clump, Margret, 24yrs, Wirtemburgh

161A-32-33, Clump, Margret, 64yrs, Wirtemburgh

161A-32-33, Clump, Wilhemina, 17yrs, Wirtemburgh

162B-55-56, Cochran, Wilson, 21yrs, PA

167A-132-131, Coddle, Sarah, 31yrs, PA

167A-132-131, Coddle, W., 31yrs, NY

168A-149-149, Comstock, Anna, 24yrs, PA

165B-106-105, Comstock, Caroline, 8yrs, PA

165B-106-105, Comstock, Cephas, 61yrs, NY

179A-309-309, Comstock, Cephus, 2yrs, PA

179A-309-309, Comstock, Emma, 21yrs, PA

168A-149-149, Comstock, George, 26yrs, PA

165B-106-105, Comstock, Hannah, 59yrs, NY

181A-341-341, Comstock, Henry, 4yrs, PA

165B-106-105, Comstock, Jason, 31yrs, PA

179A-309-309, Comstock, Jasper, 28yrs, PA

165B-106-105, Comstock, Julia, 25yrs, PA

176B-277-277, Cook, Harriet N., 34yrs, PA

176B-277-277, Cook, Lizzie R., 4yrs, PA

176B-277-277, Cook, Minnie *., 14yrs, PA

176B-277-277, Cook, R. R., 44yrs, PA

176B-277-277, Cook, Sarah E., 8yrs, PA

176B-277-277, Cook, Thos M., 7yrs, PA

177B-295-295, Copen, John, 15yrs, PA

177B-295-295, Copen, Nicholas, 12yrs, PA

177B-295-295, Copen, Wm, 17yrs, PA

178B-306-306, Cossitt, Duran, 4yrs, PA

178B-306-306, Cossitt, Ephrodates, 7yrs, PA

178B-306-306, Cossitt, Fred, 2yrs, PA

178B-306-306, Cossitt, H. D. La, 11yrs, PA

178B-306-306, Cossitt, H. D. La, 65yrs, CT

178B-306-306, Cossitt, Lizzie, 37yrs, PA

178B-306-306, Cossitt, Sarah, 9yrs, PA

175A-253-253, Cotton, Elizabeth, 24yrs, PA

175A-253-253, Cotton, Wm, 22yrs, PA

173B-222-222, Cozens, Lucien A., 25yrs, PA

164B-90-91, Cravat, Alison, 24yrs, PA

164B-90-91, Cravat, C., 36yrs, PA

164B-90-91, Cravat, Chas T., 2yrs, PA

164B-90-91, Cravat, Emeline, 34yrs, PA

164B-90-91, Cravat, Maria, 30yrs, PA

164B-90-91, Cravat, Patience, 58yrs, PA

164B-90-91, Cravat, Saml, 13yrs, PA

163B-77-78, Cravat, Susan, 60yrs, PA

164B-90-91, Cravat, Wm, 16yrs, PA

183B-377-377, Cullen, David, 45yrs, Ireland

178A-301-301, Dailey, **ury, 20yrs, PA

178B-301-301, Dailey, Cloa, 13yrs, PA

178B-301-301, Dailey, Teresa, 17yrs, PA

175B-264-264, Day, Alfred C., 38yrs, MA

175B-264-264, Day, Etta J., 4yrs, PA

175B-264-264, Day, Hannah J., 36yrs, PA

176A-264-264, Day, Ida, 10yrs, PA

175B-264-264, Day, Lewis A., 1yrs, PA

176A-264-264, Day, Mary S., 13yrs, PA

176A-264-264, Day, Wm, 10yrs, PA

167B-138-137, Deel, Bena, 47yrs, Baden

167B-138-137, Deel, Danl, 5yrs, PA

167B-138-137, Deel, Jacob, 19yrs, Prussia

167B-138-137, Deel, Kate, 17yrs, Prussia

167B-138-137, Deel, Lewis, 13yrs, PA

167B-138-137, Deel, Lizzie, 8yrs, OH

167B-138-137, Deel, Maggie, 6yrs, OH

167B-138-137, Deel, Phillip, 46yrs, Prussia

182A-358-358, Deetery, Hiram, 21yrs, PA

175B-260-260, Deets, Alden, 6yrs, PA

175B-259-259, Deets, Benjm, 21yrs, PA

175B-259-259, Deets, Eveline, 11yrs, PA

175B-259-259, Deets, George, 13yrs, PA

175B-259-259, Deets, Jacob, 57yrs, PA

175B-259-259, Deets, John, 23yrs, PA

175B-260-260, Deets, Joseph, 33yrs, PA

175B-260-260, Deets, Josh, 1/12yr, PA

175B-260-260, Deets, Martha, 25yrs, PA

175B-259-259, Deets, Mary, 56yrs, PA

175B-259-259, Deets, Mary A., 18yrs, PA

175B-260-260, Deets, Ulysis S., 5yrs, PA

175B-260-260, Deets, Wm H., 2yrs, PA

179A-308-308, Defendifer, Jacob, 15yrs, PA

182B-367-367, Deifendifer, Catharine, 4yrs, PA

182B-367-367, Deifendifer, Catharine, 44yrs, PA

182B-367-367, Deifendifer, Charles, 48yrs, PA

182B-367-367, Deifendifer, Charles E., 12yrs, PA

182B-367-367, Deifendifer, Geo S., 14yrs, PA

182B-367-367, Deifendifer, Jacob A., 16yrs, PA

182B-367-367, Deifendifer, Julia A., 9yrs, PA

182B-367-367, Deifendifer, Levi F., 18yrs, PA

182B-367-367, Deifendifer, Sarah L., 20yrs, PA

177A-285-285, DeMars, David M., 10yrs, PA

177A-284-284, DeMars, Eliza J., 7yrs, PA

179B-315-315, Denison, Mimie, 18yrs, PA

183A-374-374, Derr, Elizabeth, 55yrs, PA

183B-374-374, Derr, Emeline, 13yrs, PA

183A-374-374, Derr, Henry, 67yrs, PA

183B-374-374, Derr, James, 18yrs, PA

183B-374-374, Derr, Lydia M., 11yrs, PA

183B-374-374, Derr, Mary A., 16yrs, PA

183A-374-374, Derr, Sarh E., 20yrs, PA

170B-184-184, Dilly, Andrew J., 28yrs, OH

170B-184-184, Dilly, John A., 6yrs, PA

170B-184-184, Dilly, Marilla, 26yrs, PA

162A-49-50, Dingen, Ellen, 19yrs, OH

162A-49-50, Dingen, Oliver, 22yrs, PA

174B-245-245, Dingman, Amanda, 19yrs, PA

174B-245-245, Dingman, Anjo, 17yrs, PA

174B-245-245, Dingman, Clara, 4yrs, PA

174B-245-245, Dingman, Elmer, 7yrs, PA

174B-245-245, Dingman, Emma A., 14yrs, PA

174B-245-245, Dingman, Jane L., 45yrs, PA

174B-245-245, Dingman, Nelson, 52yrs, NY

174B-245-245, Dingman, Sanford, 11yrs, PA

163B-70-71, Dolan, Wm, 18yrs, PA

178A-301-301, Donaldson, Daniel W., 5yrs, PA

178A-301-301, Donaldson, Harvey F., 2yrs, PA

178A-301-301, Donaldson, Lydia, 33yrs, PA

183A-369-369, Donelly, Pat, 35yrs, Ireland

177B-291-291, Donie, Eli, 58yrs, PA

177B-291-291, Donie, Elizabeth, 22yrs, PA

177B-291-291, Donie, Jackson, 11yrs, PA

177B-291-291, Donie, Lucinda, 17yrs, PA

177B-291-291, Donie, Mary H., 52yrs, PA

177B-291-291, Donie, Patience, 15yrs, PA

166A-117-116, Dorfield, Ameline, 23yrs, Hanover

166A-117-116, Dorfield, Charles, 1yrs, PA

166A-117-116, Dorfield, Charles, 26yrs, Prussia

163B-70-71, Doyle, Ann, 54yrs, Ireland

163A-69-70, Doyle, Bridget, 54yrs, Ireland

163A-69-70, Doyle, Mark, 56yrs, Ireland

163B-69-70, Doyle, Mary A., 18yrs, PA

163B-70-71, Doyle, Patrick, 58yrs, Ireland

163B-69-70, Doyle, Patrick H., 12yrs, PA

163B-69-70, Doyle, Tesia, 23yrs, Ireland

163B-69-70, Doyle, William, 23yrs, OH

183A-369-369, Duffy, Wm, 38yrs, Ireland

181A-340-340, Dumyer [Dumzer?, Dumger?], Aveston, 21yrs, PA

181A-340-340, Dumyer [Dumzer?, Dumger?], Reuben, 40yrs, PA

163A-67-68, Dykeman, Charles B., 2/12yr, PA

163A-67-68, Dykeman, Chas H., 24yrs, PA

163A-67-68, Dykeman, Eliza, 21yrs, PA

163A-67-68, Dykeman, Rachel, 52yrs, PA

169B-166-166, Eckenrode, Chauncey, 28yrs, OH

169B-166-166, Eckenrode, Lydia, 22yrs, PA

169B-166-166, Eckenrode, Sherman, 2yrs, PA

169B-166-166, Eckenrode, Wirren, 4yrs, PA

178B-303-303, Eich, Dexter, 7yrs, PA

178B-303-303, Eich, Elmer, 9yrs, PA

178B-303-303, Eich, Elvin, 1yrs, PA

178B-303-303, Eich, George, 5yrs, PA

178B-303-303, Eich, Lillie, 4yrs, PA

178B-303-303, Eich, Margret, 30yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

178B-303-303, Eich, Stephen, 28yrs, Baden

183A-370-370, Eisenhart, Caroline, 28yrs, PA

183A-370-370, Eisenhart, G. S., 59yrs, PA

183A-370-370, Eisenhart, J. R., 22yrs, PA

183A-370-370, Eisenhart, Mary, 26yrs, PA

183A-370-370, Eisenhart, Mary, 65yrs, PA

183A-370-370, Eisenhart, Wm, 24yrs, PA

166B-126-125, Everall, Edward, 4/12yr, PA

166B-126-125, Everall, Sarah J., 17yrs, PA

166B-126-125, Everall, Thos, 23yrs, England

162B-60-61, Fasner, Mary E., 36yrs, OH

159A-1-1, Fell, A. R., 41yrs, PA

159A-3-3, Fell, Alice, 15yrs, PA

159A-3-3, Fell, Catharine, 46yrs, OH

159A-1-1, Fell, Chalmer, 19yrs, PA

159A-1-1, Fell, Charles, 10yrs, PA

159A-1-1, Fell, Clarissa, 37yrs, NY

159A-3-3, Fell, Irene, 13yrs, PA

159A-3-3, Fell, Lillie, 3yrs, PA

166A-115-114, Fell, Mary, 63yrs, PA

166A-115-114, Fell, Nancy, 83yrs, Ireland

159A-3-3, Fell, P. P. T., 19yrs, PA

159A-1-1, Fell, Walter J., 17yrs, PA

159A-3-3, Fell, Willie, 10yrs, PA

159A-3-3, Fell, Wm H., 49yrs, PA

177B-290-290, Ferguson, Ann, 56yrs, PA

177B-289-289, Ferguson, Henry, 35yrs, PA

177B-289-289, Ferguson, Sarah, 28yrs, PA

173B-228-228, Fink, Alferd, 12yrs, PA

173B-228-228, Fink, Delila, 32yrs, PA

173B-228-228, Fink, Eli, 26yrs, PA

173B-228-228, Fink, Helen A., 18yrs, PA

173B-228-228, Fink, Henry, 37yrs, PA

173B-227-227, Fink, Jacob, 63yrs, PA

173B-227-227, Fink, Sarah, 62yrs, PA

169A-161-161, Fisher, Abner, 72yrs, NJ

169A-161-161, Fisher, Jane, 16yrs, PA

169A-161-161, Fisher, Malissa, 19yrs, PA

169A-161-161, Fisher, Olive, 19yrs, PA

169A-161-161, Fisher, Susan, 54yrs, PA

169A-161-161, Fisher, Thos, 21yrs, PA

172B-215-215, Fletcher, *. N., 37yrs, PA

172B-215-215, Fletcher, Harby, 1yrs, PA

172B-215-215, Fletcher, Laura, 30yrs, PA

184B-396-396, Forester, Robt G., 73yrs, Scotland

164B-89-90, Foulk, Alley, 10yrs, PA

179B-321-321, Foulk, Alvin, 27yrs, PA

163A-68-69, Foulk, Eleta A., 14yrs, PA

163A-68-69, Foulk, Emeline, 25yrs, PA

164B-89-90, Foulk, Enon, 8yrs, PA

179B-321-321, Foulk, Esther, 25yrs, PA

163A-68-69, Foulk, Geo. *.[L?, D?], 23yrs, PA

164B-89-90, Foulk, herbert, 3yrs, PA

164B-89-90, Foulk, Jackson, 35yrs, PA

164B-89-90, Foulk, Jane, 29yrs, PA

179B-320-320, Foulk, John, 15yrs, PA

164A-84-85, Foulk, John, 27yrs, PA

163A-68-69, Foulk, John S., 7/12yr, PA

179B-320-320, Foulk, Leah, 48yrs, PA

163A-68-69, Foulk, Lena, 41yrs, PA

163A-68-69, Foulk, M. Sarena, 20yrs, PA [surname Sarena?]

164A-84-85, Foulk, Margret E., 7yrs, PA

164A-84-85, Foulk, Mary, 27yrs, PA

164B-89-90, Foulk, Matilda, 11yrs, PA

163A-68-69, Foulk, Oscar H., 9yrs, PA

179B-320-320, Foulk, Saml, 53yrs, PA

179B-321-321, Foulk, Sarah, 1/12yr, PA

163A-68-69, Foulk, Sarah, 20yrs, PA

163A-68-69, Foulk, Vanton C., 11yrs, PA

164A-84-85, Foulk, Wm W., 1yrs, PA

172A-205-205, Freer, Mary, 13yrs, PA

177B-294-294, Fromer, Catharine, 40yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

177B-294-294, Fromer, Eliza, 11yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

177B-294-294, Fromer, George, 3/12yr, PA

177B-294-294, Fromer, Jno H., 44yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

177B-294-294, Fromer, John, 5yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

177B-294-294, Fromer, Mary, 8yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

177B-294-294, Fromer, Stena, 3yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

177B-294-294, Fromer, Wm, 13yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

172B-208-208, Fry, Ada, 4yrs, PA

176A-271-271, Fry, Adison, 31yrs, PA

176A-271-271, Fry, Amanda, 28yrs, PA

172B-208-208, Fry, Anna, 46yrs, PA

172B-208-208, Fry, Benjaman, 5yrs, PA

172B-208-208, Fry, Charles, 56yrs, PA

172B-208-208, Fry, Fanny, 10yrs, PA

172B-208-208, Fry, Joseph, 14yrs, PA

172B-209-209, Fry, Matilda, 4/12yr, PA

172B-209-209, Fry, Matilda, 21yrs, PA

172B-208-208, Fry, Saml, 7yrs, PA

172B-209-209, Fry, Wm H., 22yrs, PA

182A-361-361, Furgueson, John, 53yrs, PA

176B-275-275, Gahline, Mary, 61yrs, Baden

166A-114-113, Gallaher, John, 24yrs, Scotland

171B-195-195, Gear, Edward J., 6yrs, PA

171B-195-195, Gear, Eliza, 37yrs, PA

171B-195-195, Gear, Ella E., 2yrs, PA

171B-195-195, Gear, Elmina, 15yrs, PA

171B-195-195, Gear, George H., 13yrs, PA

171B-195-195, Gear, Julia L., 8yrs, PA

171B-195-195, Gear, Milton L., 11yrs, PA

171B-195-195, Gear, Thos A., 4yrs, PA

171B-195-195, Gear, Thos C., 40yrs, OH

175B-262-262, George , Clinton M., 4yrs, PA

175B-262-262, George , Jas M., 6yrs, PA

162A-53-54, Gillis, Abagail M., 25yrs, PA

162A-51-52, Gillis, Allen, 13yrs, PA

162A-51-52, Gillis, Chris, 8yrs, PA

162A-51-52, Gillis, Emeline, 18yrs, PA

162A-53-54, Gillis, Emma A., 22yrs, PA

162A-51-52, Gillis, Isabel, 3yrs, PA

162A-53-54, Gillis, J. Walker, 23yrs, PA

162A-51-52, Gillis, James, 47yrs, PA

162A-51-52, Gillis, Jennie, 37yrs, PA

162A-53-54, Gillis, John T., 14yrs, PA

162A-51-52, Gillis, Sarah, 15yrs, PA

162A-53-54, Gillis, Sarah, 54yrs, PA

162A-53-54, Gillis, Thos M., 56yrs, OH

162A-51-52, Gillis, Wm, 16yrs, PA

177A-282-282, Gleeson, Emma, 10yrs, PA

175A-252-252, Gohring, Amelia, 40yrs, PA

175A-252-252, Gohring, Christiana, 6yrs, PA

175A-252-252, Gohring, Jacob, 45yrs, Wurtemburg

175A-252-252, Gohring, Jacob W., 4yrs, PA

175A-252-252, Gohring, Louisa A., 10yrs, PA

175A-252-252, Gohring, Sarah D., 8yrs, PA

177A-281-281, Gonaworth, Charles, 53yrs, PA

177A-281-281, Gonaworth, Rebecca, 64yrs, PA

184B-396-396, Gordon, Alex, 38yrs, Scotland

184B-396-396, Gordon, Isabell, 32yrs, Scotland

184B-396-396, Gordon, Joseph, 1yrs, PA

184B-396-396, Gordon, Margret, 13yrs, Scotland

184B-396-396, Gordon, Mary, 4yrs, Scotland

184B-396-396, Gordon, Robt, 8yrs, England

172A-203-203, Granger, Emma, 17yrs, PA

172A-203-203, Granger, Frances, 19yrs, PA

172A-203-203, Granger, Horace, 49yrs, PA

172A-203-203, Granger, James, 13yrs, PA

172A-203-203, Granger, Margret, 47yrs, OH

172A-203-203, Granger, Rufus, 23yrs, PA

172A-203-203, Granger, Silas, 24yrs, PA

159A-6-6, Graves, Isaac, 10yrs, England

159A-6-6, Graves, James, 1yrs, PA

159A-6-6, Graves, Joseph, 35yrs, England

159A-6-6, Graves, M. Elvira, 3yrs, PA

159A-6-6, Graves, Mary, 40yrs, PA

159A-6-6, Graves, Thomas, 8yrs, England

170B-187-187, Green , Matilda, 14yrs, PA [this line crossed out]

181B-348-348, Grim, Edwin, 26yrs, PA

181B-348-348, Grim, Laura, 23yrs, PA

181B-348-348, Grim, Miles, 8/12yr, PA

181B-348-348, Grim, Thadeus, 4yrs, PA

184A-389-389, Griver, Reuben, 23yrs, PA

184B-389-389, Griver, susan, 18yrs, PA

172A-204-204, Gromold, Nathan, 60yrs, PA

161B-38-39, Ha*nep [Haznep?, Hasnep?] , Ellen J., 9yrs, PA

161B-38-39, Ha*nep [Haznep?, Hasnep?] , James, 42yrs, England

161B-38-39, Ha*nep [Haznep?, Hasnep?] , Mary, 10yrs, PA

161B-38-39, Ha*nep [Haznep?, Hasnep?] , Sarah, 39yrs, PA

172B-213-213, Hack, Benjm, 22yrs, PA

172B-213-213, Hack, Ellen, 14yrs, PA

172B-213-213, Hack, George, 54yrs, PA

172B-213-213, Hack, Mary, 17yrs, PA

172B-213-213, Hack, Mary, 51yrs, PA

181A-344-344, Hamill, Maria, 25yrs, Ireland

181A-344-344, Hamill, Michael, 2yrs, PA

181A-344-344, Hamill, Michael, 25yrs, Ireland

175B-256-256, Hamilton, Alex, 60yrs, Ireland

175B-256-256, Hamilton, Eliza J., 20yrs, PA

175B-256-256, Hamilton, Eliza J., 55yrs, Ireland

175B-256-256, Hamilton, Mary A., 14yrs, PA

175B-256-256, Hamilton, Robt A., 24yrs, PA

160A-18-19, Harhill [Hashill?], Ann, 60yrs, Ireland

160A-19-20, Harhill [Hashill?], Edmund, 1/12yr, PA

160A-19-20, Harhill [Hashill?], Ellen, 17yrs, PA

160A-19-20, Harhill [Hashill?], John, 24yrs, Ireland

160A-18-19, Harhill [Hashill?], John, 74yrs, Ireland

160A-18-19, Harhill [Hashill?], Maggie, 17yrs, Canada

180B-336-336, Harmlues, Clara, 2yrs, PA

180B-336-336, Harmlues, Cora, 1yrs, PA

180B-336-336, Harmlues, Fred, 1/12yr, PA

180B-336-336, Harmlues, Lewis, 4yrs, PA

180B-336-336, Harmlues, Sarah, 21yrs, PA

180B-336-336, Harmlues, Wm, 1/12yr, PA

180A-329-329, Harnett, Abram, 45yrs, PA

180A-329-329, Harnett, Anna S., 2yrs, PA

175A-254-254, Harnett, Cascrus, 15yrs, PA

180A-329-329, Harnett, Catharine, 11yrs, PA

180A-329-329, Harnett, Danl, 5yrs, PA

182A-362-362, Harnett, Elizabeth, 10yrs, PA

182A-362-362, Harnett, Emeline, 32yrs, PA

182A-362-362, Harnett, John, 11/12yr, PA

175A-254-254, Harnett, Linas, 39yrs, PA

175A-254-254, Harnett, Lizzie, 13yrs, PA

182A-362-362, Harnett, Maria, 3yrs, PA

175A-254-254, Harnett, Maria, 5yrs, PA

182A-362-362, Harnett, Marvin, 32yrs, PA

175A-254-254, Harnett, Mary, 8yrs, PA

180A-329-329, Harnett, Peter, 8yrs, PA

175A-254-254, Harnett, Rachel, 36yrs, OH

180A-329-329, Harnett, Sarah, 45yrs, England

175A-254-254, Harnett, Sarah A., 11yrs, PA

180A-329-329, Harnett, Silas, 12yrs, PA

183A-369-369, Harregan, John, 30yrs, Ireland

172B-211-211, Harris, David, 22yrs, PA

173A-219-219, Hart, David, 24yrs, PA

177A-283-283, Hart, John, 35yrs, PA

168B-153-153, Hassenplug, Charles G., 3yrs, PA

168B-153-153, Hassenplug, David E., 10yrs, PA

168B-153-153, Hassenplug, Elizabeth, 14yrs, PA

168B-153-153, Hassenplug, Ella, 7/12yr, PA

164A-83-84, Hassenplug, Emma, 11yrs, PA

168B-153-153, Hassenplug, Emma M., 11yrs, PA

168B-153-153, Hassenplug, Evinnta, 8yrs, PA

168B-153-153, Hassenplug, Ida J., 5yrs, PA

168B-153-153, Hassenplug, Jacob, 38yrs, PA

168B-153-153, Hassenplug, Mary A., 32yrs, PA

181B-353-354, Hays, Charles, 9yrs, PA

181B-353-354, Hays, Grant, 4yrs, PA

181B-353-354, Hays, Harriet, 11yrs, PA

181B-353-354, Hays, Harriet, 36yrs, NY

181B-353-354, Hays, James M., 2yrs, PA

181B-353-354, Hays, James S., 38yrs, NY

181B-353-354, Hays, Mary E., 16yrs, NY

181B-353-354, Hays, Matilda, 14yrs, PA

181B-353-354, Hays, Morris, 1/12yr, PA

165B-108-107, Henessey, Catharine, 5yrs, Canada

165B-108-107, Henessey, Ed Wm, 12yrs, NY

165B-108-107, Henessey, Francis, 9yrs, Canada

165B-108-107, Henessey, John, 17yrs, Canada

165B-108-107, Henessey, Mary, 42yrs, Ireland

165B-108-107, Henessey, Rebecca, 10yrs, Canada

165B-108-107, Henessey, Thos, 47yrs, Ireland

167A-129-128, Henry, Danl, 32yrs, Bavaria

167A-129-128, Henry, Kate, 24yrs, Prussia

167A-129-128, Henry, Mary M., 2yrs, PA

167A-129-128, Henry, Sarah, 4/12yr, PA

168A-144-144, Hessenphig, David, 69yrs, PA

168A-144-144, Hessenphig, Elizabeth, 31yrs, PA

168A-144-144, Hessenphig, Elizabeth, 66yrs, PA

166B-123-122, Hetherthon, John, 27yrs, England

166B-123-122, Hetherthon, Mary, 29yrs, England

166B-123-122, Hetherthon, Thos, 2yrs, England

161B-42-43, Hetuslan, Allen, 3yrs, PA

161B-42-43, Hetuslan, Elizabeth, 48yrs, England

161B-42-43, Hetuslan, George, 13yrs, PA

161B-42-43, Hetuslan, Henry, 49yrs, England

161B-42-43, Hetuslan, Isabel, 15yrs, PA

161B-42-43, Hetuslan, John, 12yrs, PA

160B-24-25, Hill, Clara, 40yrs, Bavaria

160B-24-25, Hill, John, 24yrs, Bavaria

160B-24-25, Hill, Vase, 7yrs, Bavaria

160B-24-25, Hill, Wm, 14yrs, Bavaria

160B-24-25, Hill, Wm, 60yrs, Bavaria

180B-335-335, Hobert, Eva J., 8yrs, PA

180B-335-335, Hobert, Fred L., 4yrs, PA

180B-335-335, Hobert, Joseph, 10yrs, PA

180B-335-335, Hobert, Josiah, 49yrs, PA

180B-335-335, Hobert, Mary M., 14yrs, PA

180B-335-335, Hobert, Rolando, 18yrs, PA

180B-335-335, Hobert, Sarah C., 41yrs, PA

160A-20-21, Hocum, Clara, 4yrs, OH

160A-20-21, Hocum, H. C., 26yrs, OH

160A-20-21, Hocum, Mary, 24yrs, OH

164B-94-95, Hoffman, Anna, 12yrs, PA

164B-94-95, Hoffman, Catharine, 43yrs, Prussia

164B-94-95, Hoffman, Charles, 7yrs, PA

165A-94-95, Hoffman, Charletta, 4yrs, PA

164B-94-95, Hoffman, Chris, 19yrs, PA

164B-94-95, Hoffman, Jacob, 17yrs, PA

164B-94-95, Hoffman, John, 14yrs, PA

164B-94-95, Hoffman, Peter, 9yrs, PA

164B-94-95, Hoffman, Peter, 41yrs, Bavaria

164A-81-82, Holer, Horace, 25yrs, OH

164A-81-82, Holer, Laura, 18yrs, PA

164A-81-82, Holer, Maggie E., 4/12yr, PA

164A-81-82, Holer, Mary E., 2yrs, PA

162A-47-48, Hollingsworth, Elizabeth, 64yrs, PA

162A-47-48, Hollingsworth, Wm, 64yrs, England

174A-238-238, Hollister, Diana, 53yrs, PA

174A-238-238, Hollister, Saml F., 59yrs, NY

178B-305-305, Homer, Abel, 25yrs, PA

179A-310-310, Homer, Abram, 25yrs, PA

181B-352-353, Homer, Carrie, 2yrs, PA

178B-305-305, Homer, Emma, 21yrs, PA

178B-305-305, Homer, Francis, 12yrs, PA

181B-352-353, Homer, G. Edward, 10yrs, PA

181B-352-353, Homer, Harry M., 13yrs, PA

178B-305-305, Homer, Henry, 16yrs, PA

178B-305-305, Homer, Loretta, 8yrs, PA

178B-305-305, Homer, Mary, 13yrs, PA

178B-305-305, Homer, Mary, 47yrs, PA

181B-352-353, Homer, Mary J., 36yrs, PA

179A-310-310, Homer, Pauley, 25yrs, PA

178B-305-305, Homer, Teresa, 23yrs, PA

181B-352-353, Homer, Uriah, 47yrs, PA

181B-352-353, Homer, Warren, 5yrs, PA

179A-310-310, Homer, Wm, 1yrs, PA

178B-305-305, Homer, Wm, 5yrs, PA

178B-305-305, Homer, Wm, 46yrs, PA

160B-23-24, Honeyfiled, Charles, 3yrs, PA

160B-23-24, Honeyfiled, George, 28yrs, England

160B-23-24, Honeyfiled, Rebecca, 25yrs, England

160B-23-24, Honeyfiled, Sarah A., 5yrs, PA

160B-23-24, Honeyfiled, Wm, 1yrs, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, Alferd, 15yrs, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, Dydia J., 9yrs, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, Emma, 20yrs, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, Fanny, 1/12yr, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, George, 46yrs, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, Luenal, 14yrs, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, Maria M., 41yrs, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, Mary, 19yrs, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, Matilda, 7yrs, PA

180B-334-334, Hornelius, Wm H., 11yrs, PA

165A-100-99, Hos*nplug [Hosunplug?], Anna E., 3yrs, PA

165A-100-99, Hos*nplug [Hosunplug?], Caroline, 22yrs, PA

165A-100-99, Hos*nplug [Hosunplug?], Jacob, 72yrs, PA

165A-100-99, Hos*nplug [Hosunplug?], John H., 35yrs, PA

165A-100-99, Hos*nplug [Hosunplug?], Washington, 9/12yr, PA

160A-20-21, Hossenplug, Eliza, 14yrs, PA

172A-206-206, Howe, Catharine, 7/12yr, PA

172A-206-206, Howe, Elizabeth, 37yrs, PA

172A-206-206, Howe, Elmer, 8yrs, PA

172A-206-206, Howe, Emma, 12yrs, PA

172A-206-206, Howe, J. Crowtin, 6yrs, PA

172A-206-206, Howe, R. T., 36yrs, PA

172A-206-206, Howe, Wm *., 4yrs, PA

181B-350-351, Hubard, James, 45yrs, OH

181B-350-351, Hubard, May A., 40yrs, MD

168A-146-146, Hunt, Gilbert, 12yrs, PA

164A-86-87, Hunter, Adam, 40yrs, PA

163B-78-79, Hunter, Alex, 67yrs, PA

170A-180-180, Hunter, Ally A., 52yrs, PA

164A-78-79, Hunter, Alvin, 20yrs, PA

170B-180-180, Hunter, Caroline, 15yrs, PA

163B-78-79, Hunter, Cathrine, 63yrs, PA

170B-182-182, Hunter, Elizabeth, 73yrs, PA

179A-306-306, Hunter, Ellen, 21yrs, PA

164A-86-87, Hunter, Elmora, 3yrs, PA

170B-181-181, Hunter, Isabella, 75yrs, MD

164A-86-87, Hunter, Linda, 2yrs, PA

164A-78-79, Hunter, Marilla, 19yrs, PA

164A-86-87, Hunter, Martha, 25yrs, PA

170B-182-182, Hunter, Mathew, 78yrs, PA

170B-180-180, Hunter, Saml, 18yrs, PA

170A-180-180, Hunter, Samuel, 56yrs, PA

170A-180-180, Hunter, Sarah, 26yrs, PA

170B-181-181, Hunter, Silas Col, 38yrs, PA

180A-327-327, Hyglig, Barbara, 36yrs, Wurtemburgh

180A-326-326, Hylig, Anthony, 25yrs, Wurtemburgh

180A-326-326, Hylig, Catharine, 1yrs, PA

180A-326-326, Hylig, Catharine, 22yrs, PA

180A-326-326, Hylig, Elizabeth, 3yrs, PA

179B-322-322, Hylig, Joseph, 34yrs, Wurtembrugh

170B-185-185, Jack, Dortha , 15yrs, PA

170B-185-185, Jack, James, 22yrs, PA

170B-185-185, Jack, James, 58yrs, Ireland

170B-185-185, Jack, John, 18yrs, PA

170B-185-185, Jack, Margret, 10yrs, PA

170B-185-185, Jack, Mary J., 20yrs, PA

170B-185-185, Jack, Rebeca, 46yrs, PA

170B-185-185, Jack, Saml, 23yrs, PA

170B-185-185, Jack, Sarves, 12yrs, PA

166B-124-123, Jackson, Elizabeth, 5yrs, OH

166B-124-123, Jackson, Frizzie R., 7/12yr, PA

166B-124-123, Jackson, John, 48yrs, England

166B-124-123, Jackson, Mary J., 7yrs, OH

166B-124-123, Jackson, Sarah, 30yrs, Scotland

166B-120-119, Jackstimer, Alex, 27yrs, PA

166B-120-119, Jackstimer, Alpha, 2yrs, PA

166B-120-119, Jackstimer, Amanda, 5yrs, PA

178A-297-297, Jackstimer, Amos, 65yrs, PA

166A-115-114, Jackstimer, Geo, 12yrs, PA

166A-115-114, Jackstimer, Hannah, 45yrs, PA

178A-297-297, Jackstimer, Judith, 59yrs, PA

166B-120-119, Jackstimer, Mary, 25yrs, England

178A-297-297, Jackstimer, Reuben, 13yrs, PA

178A-297-297, Jackstimer, Thos, 20yrs, PA

166A-115-114, Jackstimer, Wm, 14yrs, PA

166A-115-114, Jackstimer, Wm, 39yrs, PA

179A-311-311, Jacob, Anna M., 60yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

179A-311-311, Jacob, Nicholas, 70yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

166A-118-117, James, Mary, 40yrs, England

166A-118-117, James, Philip, 21yrs, England

160B-28-29, Jewel, Alice A., 6yrs, PA

160B-28-29, Jewel, Charles, 8yrs, PA

160B-28-29, Jewel, Collins H., 45yrs, OH

162B-60-61, Jewel, Cornelius, 12yrs, PA

160B-28-29, Jewel, Ella H., 13yrs, PA

160B-28-29, Jewel, Emeline M., 17yrs, PA

161A-28-29, Jewel, Frances, 3yrs, PA

160B-28-29, Jewel, Henry C., 19yrs, PA

160B-28-29, Jewel, Mary J., 10yrs, PA

160B-28-29, Jewel, Sarah E., 11yrs, PA

161A-28-29, Jewel, Unes, 4/12yr, PA

160B-28-29, Jewel, Unes M., 40yrs, OH

160B-28-29, Jewel, Wm A., 15yrs, PA

170A-177-177, Johnston, Charles, 9yrs, PA

170A-179-179, Johnston, Ella, 9yrs, PA

170A-179-179, Johnston, Emma, 18yrs, PA

170A-177-177, Johnston, Jas M., 57yrs, PA

170A-179-179, Johnston, Lorenca, 16yrs, PA

170A-179-179, Johnston, Margret J., 45yrs, PA

170A-177-177, Johnston, Salena, 16yrs, PA

170A-177-177, Johnston, Samantha, 25yrs, PA

170A-177-177, Johnston, Sarah, 52yrs, PA

170A-177-177, Johnston, Vinetta, 14yrs, PA

170A-177-177, Johnston, Vinton, 14yrs, PA

170A-179-179, Johnston, Wm H., 53yrs, PA

170A-177-177, Johnston, Wm R., 11yrs, PA

183A-369-369, Jones, Abadias, 1yrs, PA

183A-369-369, Jones, Alice N., 14yrs, NY

183A-369-369, Jones, Catharine, 4yrs, PA

182B-369-369, Jones, Catharine, 40yrs, Ireland

163B-74-75, Jones, Emma A., 1yrs, PA

163B-74-75, Jones, H. W., 28yrs, PA

183A-369-369, Jones, John , 20yrs, NY

182B-369-369, Jones, Lewis, 44yrs, Ireland

183A-369-369, Jones, Margret J., 11yrs, NY

183A-369-369, Jones, Mary, 8yrs, NY

163B-74-75, Jones, Matilda, 28yrs, OH

183A-369-369, Jones, Peter, 18yrs, NY

183A-369-369, Jones, Wm, 16yrs, NY

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Celesta, 3yrs, PA

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Danl P., 5yrs, PA

176B-275-275, Kaghler, George, 15yrs, PA

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Jacob, 11yrs, PA

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Jacob, 45yrs, Baden

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Lizzie, 8yrs, PA

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Louisa, 6yrs, PA

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Margret, 8yrs, PA

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Mary, 13yrs, PA

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Mary, 38yrs, Baden

176B-275-275, Kaghler, Sarah, 1yrs, PA

163B-72-73, Kale, Martha, 45yrs, PA

163B-72-73, Kale, Martin, 15yrs, OH

181B-349-350, Keck, Ann, 24yrs, PA

173B-222-222, Keck, Caroline, 33yrs, PA

173B-222-222, Keck, Catharine, 62yrs, MD

180A-328-328, Keck, Christina, 84yrs, PA

179B-323-323, Keck, Danl, 54yrs, PA

178A-301-301, Keck, Danl, 85yrs, PA

180B-337-337, Keck, David, 43yrs, PA

179B-323-323, Keck, Franklin, 15yrs, PA

179B-323-323, Keck, Isaac, 23yrs, PA

179B-323-323, Keck, Joanna, 17yrs, PA

178A-301-301, Keck, Leah, 43yrs, PA

179B-323-323, Keck, Lena, 56yrs, PA

180A-328-328, Keck, Mary A., 25yrs, PA

178A-301-301, Keck, Sarah, 50yrs, PA

181B-349-350, Keck, Theodore, 20yrs, PA

181B-349-350, Keck, Wm, 8/12yr, PA

162B-55-56, Kelly, Emma* M., 9/12yr, OH

162B-55-56, Kelly, Mary E., 26yrs, OH

162B-55-56, Kelly, Wm, 39yrs, OH

183B-380-380, Kelsey, Edwin R., 23yrs, CT

176A-267-267, Kerr, Amanda, 27yrs, PA

180A-330-330, King, Elizabeth, 9yrs, Scotland

180A-330-330, King, George, 44yrs, Scotland

180A-330-330, King, Isabella, 46yrs, Scotland

180A-330-330, King, Lillie, 2/12yr, PA

180A-330-330, King, Mary, 25yrs, Scotland

180A-330-330, King, Sanford, 16yrs, Scotland

180A-332-332, Knotenberger, Caroline, 18yrs, PA

182A-360-360, Knotenberger, Danl, 33yrs, PA

180A-332-332, Knotenberger, Danl, 57yrs, PA

182A-360-360, Knotenberger, Ella L., 2yrs, PA

180B-332-332, Knotenberger, Emeline, 15yrs, PA

180A-332-332, Knotenberger, John N., 21yrs, PA

182A-360-360, Knotenberger, Lizzie, 1yrs, PA

180A-332-332, Knotenberger, Mary, 57yrs, PA

182A-360-360, Knotenberger, Mary L., 24yrs, PA

180B-332-332, Knotenberger, Sarah, 12yrs, PA

180A-331-331, Knowinger, Amelia, 10yrs, PA

180A-331-331, Knowinger, Catharine, 29yrs, PA

180A-331-331, Knowinger, Emma, 5yrs, PA

180A-331-331, Knowinger, Jacob, 29yrs, PA

180A-331-331, Knowinger, Mary J., 3yrs, PA

165B-106-105, Koonce, G., 2yrs, PA

174B-240-240, Laughlin, Drusilla, 49yrs, PA

174B-240-240, Laughlin, Levi, 53yrs, OH

174B-240-240, Laughlin, Levina, 16yrs, PA

170B-186-186, Laughlin, Maggie, 2yrs, PA

170B-186-186, Laughlin, Myrta, 4yrs, PA

170B-186-186, Laughlin, Nancy J., 24yrs, PA

174B-240-240, Laughlin, Sarah L., 21yrs, PA

170B-186-186, Laughlin, Silas, 30yrs, OH

169A-159-159, Leninger, Aniline, 13yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Celestia, 5yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Conrad, 20yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Curtin, 8yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Herbert, 11yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Herman, 24yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Irvin, 17yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Jacob, 46yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Levi, 14yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Mary A., 45yrs, PA

169A-159-159, Leninger, Wm, 22yrs, PA

164B-87-88, Lilly, Dora E., 3yrs, PA

164B-87-88, Lilly, James M., 31yrs, OH

164B-87-88, Lilly, Martha E., 26yrs, OH

164B-87-88, Lilly, Ora A., 5yrs, PA

175B-258-258, Lindeman, Marks, 69yrs, France

179A-314-314, Lininger, Catharine, 15yrs, PA

179A-314-314, Lininger, Cora, 7yrs, PA

179A-314-314, Lininger, David, 51yrs, PA

171A-190-190, Lininger, Elizabeth, 28yrs, PA

179A-314-314, Lininger, Elizabeth, 57yrs, OH

179A-314-314, Lininger, Ellen, 13yrs, PA

166A-116-115, Lininger, George, 21yrs, PA

171A-190-190, Lininger, Harman, 35yrs, PA

166A-116-115, Lininger, Mary, 15yrs, PA

179A-314-314, Lininger, Sarah, 17yrs, PA

166A-116-115, Lininger, Thos, 17yrs, PA

166A-116-115, Lininger, Walena, 52yrs, PA

175A-247-247, Logan, Frank, 16yrs, PA

175A-247-247, Logan, George, 12yrs, PA

174B-247-247, Logan, James H., 25yrs, PA

174B-247-247, Logan, John, 57yrs, Ireland

175A-247-247, Logan, John D., 18yrs, PA

175A-247-247, Logan, Rolandas, 21yrs, PA

174B-247-247, Logan, Sarah, 53yrs, PA

182B-364-364, Logenbaugh, Franklin, 5yrs, PA

182B-364-364, Logenbaugh, Henry, 26yrs, PA

182B-364-364, Logenbaugh, Julia, 26yrs, PA

177B-288-288, Loland, Catharine, 6yrs, NY

177B-288-288, Loland, Frank, 8/12yr, PA

177B-288-288, Loland, James, 8yrs, NY

177A-288-288, Loland, Johana, 35yrs, Ireland

177B-288-288, Loland, John, 14yrs, NY

177A-288-288, Loland, John, 48yrs, Ireland

177B-288-288, Loland, Mary, 12yrs, NY

177B-288-288, Loland, Rose, 2yrs, OH

177B-288-288, Loland, Wm, 4yrs, OH

173A-219-219, Lotzeniser, Catharine, 58yrs, PA

173A-219-219, Lotzeniser, David, 21yrs, PA

173A-219-219, Lotzeniser, John, 19yrs, PA

173A-219-219, Lotzeniser, John, 71yrs, PA

173A-219-219, Lotzeniser, Maggie, 16yrs, PA

173A-219-219, Lotzeniser, Saml, 62yrs, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Allison, 11yrs, PA

176A-268-268, Loutzeniser, Alpheus J., 2yrs, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Anderson, 9yrs, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Caroline, 3yrs, PA

175B-263-263, Loutzeniser, Catharine, 26yrs, PA

176A-267-267, Loutzeniser, Charles D., 11yrs, PA

176A-266-266, Loutzeniser, Harriett, 26yrs, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Henry, 16yrs, PA

176A-268-268, Loutzeniser, Ida B., 3/12yr, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Jacob, 14yrs, PA

175B-263-263, Loutzeniser, Jacob, 26yrs, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Jacob, 72yrs, PA

176A-268-268, Loutzeniser, Jas L., 25yrs, PA

176A-266-266, Loutzeniser, John, 27yrs, PA

176A-267-267, Loutzeniser, Josh, 56yrs, PA

176A-267-267, Loutzeniser, Lucinda, 56yrs, PA

176A-267-267, Loutzeniser, Margret K., 20yrs, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Maria, 48yrs, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Maria J., 5yrs, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Mary, 18yrs, PA

174A-233-233, Loutzeniser, Richard, 19yrs, PA

176A-268-268, Loutzeniser, Sarah, 23yrs, PA

173A-220-220, Loutzeniser, Sarah A., 20yrs, PA

175B-263-263, Loutzeniser, Victor M., 2yrs, PA

169A-164-164, Ludwig, Abram, 60yrs, PA

162B-57-58, Ludwig, Anna B., 24yrs, PA

169B-164-164, Ludwig, Charles, 26yrs, PA

162B-57-58, Ludwig, E. C., 34yrs, PA

182B-366-366, Ludwig, Eliza, 25yrs, PA

169B-164-164, Ludwig, Emeline, 22yrs, PA

169A-164-164, Ludwig, Eva, 60yrs, PA

169B-164-164, Ludwig, Henry, 20yrs, PA

182B-366-366, Ludwig, Irena, 2yrs, PA

162B-57-58, Ludwig, Isabel, 4/12yr, PA

181A-338-338, Lutz, Catharine, 61yrs, PA

183A-369-369, Lynch, Pat, 25yrs, Ireland

181A-345-345, Maffet, Minerva, 42yrs, OH

180A-324-324, MaGrath [McGrath?], Joseph, 23yrs, PA

164A-80-81, Mahan, A. E., 33yrs, OH

164A-80-81, Mahan, Armetta, 3yrs, PA

164A-80-81, Mahan, Florence, 14yrs, PA

164A-80-81, Mahan, James, 36yrs, OH

164A-80-81, Mahan, John H., 10yrs, PA

164A-80-81, Mahan, Thos, 5yrs, PA

162B-58-59, Manchester, Eliza, 27yrs, OH

162B-58-59, Manchester, Ida M., 2yrs, PA

162B-58-59, Manchester, Margret J., 5yrs, PA

162B-58-59, Manchester, Nathan, 28yrs, OH

171A-191-191, Marsh, James, 15yrs, PA

171A-191-191, Marsh, James, 54yrs, MD

171A-191-191, Marsh, Louina *., 12yrs, PA

171A-191-191, Marsh, Otis, 3yrs, PA

171A-191-191, Marsh, Samantha, 20yrs, PA

171A-191-191, Marsh, Susan, 48yrs, PA

171A-191-191, Marsh, Wellington, 23yrs, PA

171A-191-191, Marsh, Wm, 7yrs, PA

173A-216-216, Marshal, Hugh, 74yrs, PA

173A-216-216, Marshal, Jane, 76yrs, PA

174A-236-236, Mathew, Lizzie, 6yrs, PA

178B-304-304, Mattiy [ Mattig?], Anna, 13yrs, PA

178B-304-304, Mattiy [ Mattig?], John, 15yrs, PA

178B-304-304, Mattiy [ Mattig?], Louisa, 4yrs, PA

178B-304-304, Mattiy [ Mattig?], Maggie, 22yrs, Baden

178B-304-304, Mattiy [ Mattig?], Mary, 49yrs, Baden

178B-304-304, Mattiy [ Mattig?], Peter, 50yrs, Baden

178B-304-304, Mattiy [ Mattig?], Wm, 8yrs, PA

181A-339-339, McAdoo, Caroline A., 33yrs, PA

181A-339-339, McAdoo, Charles B., 5yrs, PA

181A-339-339, McAdoo, Hattie M., 3yrs, PA

181A-339-339, McAdoo, John, 35yrs, Ireland

176A-269-269, McBroom, Emma J., 23yrs, PA

184A-382-382, McBroom, James A., 23yrs, PA

184A-382-382, McBroom, Margret, 58yrs, VA

184A-382-382, McBroom, Martha, 19yrs, PA

176A-269-269, McBroom, Robt, 25yrs, PA

183A-369-369, McCann, Thos, 42yrs, Ireland

184A-386-386, McClimens, Alex, 47yrs, PA

184A-387-387, McClimens, Caroline, 18yrs, PA

184A-387-387, McClimens, Effie, 13yrs, PA

184A-387-387, McClimens, Jane, 50yrs, PA

184A-386-386, McClimens, Jennie, 19yrs, PA

184A-386-386, McClimens, Mary, 51yrs, PA

184A-387-387, McClimens, Mary E., 6yrs, PA

184A-386-386, McClimens, Nancy, 5yrs, PA

184A-387-387, McClimens, Saml, 11yrs, PA

184A-386-386, McClimens, Thos, 21yrs, PA

179A-312-312, McClimens, WM, 75yrs, PA

184A-387-387, McClimens, Wm, 22yrs, PA

184A-387-387, McClimens, Wm, 62yrs, PA

166B-120-119, McClurgh, Edward, 20yrs, NY

176B-276-276, McConnel, Calvin H., 21yrs, PA

176B-276-276, McConnel, Margret M., 18yrs, PA

176B-276-276, McConnel, R. A., 51yrs, OH

176B-276-276, McConnel, Wm S., 15yrs, PA

170B-182-182, McCormick, Arthur, 5yrs, PA

170B-182-182, McCormick, David, 29yrs, PA

170B-182-182, McCormick, Sarah, 29yrs, PA

170B-182-182, McCormick, Thos, 34yrs, PA

170B-182-182, McCormick, Wilbur, 3yrs, PA

173B-222-222, McCoy, David A., 21yrs, PA

175B-259-259, McCrady, Ora, 6yrs, PA

183B-378-378, McDowel, A. J., 43yrs, NY

173A-221-221, McDowel, Alley M., 7yrs, PA

183B-378-378, McDowel, C. E., 12yrs, PA

173A-221-221, McDowel, Eva, 2yrs, PA

166A-114-113, McDowel, John, 23yrs, Ireland

183B-378-378, McDowel, M. N. M., 1/12yr, PA

173A-221-221, McDowel, Margret S., 17yrs, PA

166A-114-113, McDowel, Mary A., 23yrs, England

173A-221-221, McDowel, Mary A., 33yrs, PA

166A-114-113, McDowel, Mary E., 1/12yr, PA

164B-92-93, McDowel, Minda, 16yrs, PA

173B-221-221, McDowel, Minnie, 4/12yr, PA

173A-221-221, McDowel, Orlanda, 10yrs, PA

183B-378-378, McDowel, P. J., 37yrs, OH

173A-221-221, McDowel, S. W., 47yrs, PA

183B-378-378, McDowel, W. L., 2yrs, PA

173A-218-218, McElhaney, Anna, 14yrs, PA

173A-218-218, McElhaney, Eva V., 10yrs, PA

173A-218-218, McElhaney, James, 56yrs, PA

173A-218-218, McElhaney, John, 17yrs, PA

173A-218-218, McElhaney, Margret, 19yrs, PA

173A-218-218, McElhaney, Margret, 52yrs, PA

173A-218-218, McElhaney, Mary J., 21yrs, PA

174B-246-246, McElhany, Charles, 1yrs, PA

174B-246-246, McElhany, Mary J., 29yrs, PA

174B-246-246, McElhany, Stephen, 47yrs, PA

183B-376-376, McElheny, Mary, 20yrs, PA

179B-316-316, McGinis, J. W. R., 24yrs, PA

168A-148-148, McKinny, Anna L., 2yrs, OH

168A-148-148, McKinny, Emma, 8/12yr, PA

168A-148-148, McKinny, Louisa L., 27yrs, OH

168A-148-148, McKinny, W. H., 29yrs, OH

160A-16-17, McKnight, Elizabeth, 39yrs, PA

160A-16-17, McKnight, Ida F., 12yrs, PA

160A-16-17, McKnight, Julia S., 16yrs, PA

160A-16-17, McKnight, Wm F., 45yrs, PA

174A-235-235, McLaughlin, Adison, 26yrs, PA

174A-233-233, McLaughlin, Arminda, 15yrs, PA

174A-235-235, McLaughlin, Elizabeth, 20yrs, PA

174A-234-234, McLaughlin, Ernst, 2yrs, PA

170B-181-181, McLaughlin, Henry, 29yrs, PA

174A-234-234, McLaughlin, Jamima, 30yrs, PA

174A-233-233, McLaughlin, Jane, 20yrs, PA

174A-235-235, McLaughlin, Justus, 61yrs, OH

174A-234-234, McLaughlin, May, 5yrs, PA

174A-234-234, McLaughlin, Richard, 35yrs, PA

174A-233-233, McLaughlin, Sarah, 35yrs, PA

174A-235-235, McLaughlin, Steward, 22yrs, PA

169B-168-168, McMahon, Albert, 8yrs, PA

181A-345-345, McMahon, Albert, 24yrs, OH

169B-168-168, McMahon, Cordelia, 42yrs, PA

181A-342-342, McMahon, Eliza, 39yrs, PA

169B-168-168, McMahon, Emma, 15yrs, PA

181A-342-342, McMahon, Etta, 5yrs, PA

169B-168-168, McMahon, Eva, 11yrs, PA

169B-168-168, McMahon, Grant, 6yrs, PA

181A-342-342, McMahon, Hiram, 19yrs, PA

181A-342-342, McMahon, Ida, 10yrs, PA

169B-168-168, McMahon, Joseph, 41yrs, OH

181A-342-342, McMahon, Levina, 7yrs, PA

181A-345-345, McMahon, Levina, 64yrs, OH

169B-166-166, McMahon, Mary, 14yrs, PA

181A-342-342, McMahon, Mary A., 17yrs, PA

169B-168-168, McMahon, Packard, 14yrs, PA

181A-342-342, McMahon, Thos, 13yrs, PA

181A-345-345, McMahon, Thos, 64yrs, OH

181A-342-342, McMahon, Thos L., 39yrs, OH

177A-284-284, McMichael, Alfred, 14yrs, PA

177A-284-284, McMichael, Eliza J., 29yrs, PA

177A-284-284, McMichael, John, 64yrs, Ireland

177A-284-284, McMichael, Robt, 22yrs, PA

177A-284-284, McMichael, Sarah, 49yrs, PA

170A-175-175, McMurren, A. M., 26yrs, PA

170A-175-175, McMurren, Andrew, 29yrs, OH

170A-175-175, McMurren, De Ward, 3yrs, PA

170A-175-175, McMurren, Durant, 2yrs, PA

179B-319-319, McMurry, Esther J., 3yrs, PA

179B-319-319, McMurry, Jane, 24yrs, PA

179B-319-319, McMurry, Robt, 28yrs, PA

179B-319-319, McMurry, Saml H., 1yrs, PA

170A-176-176, McNeely, James G., 23yrs, PA

170A-176-176, McNeely, John, 72yrs, MD

170A-176-176, McNeely, John T., 25yrs, PA

170A-176-176, McNeely, Sarah, 66yrs, PA

170A-176-176, Melvin, Agnes, 32yrs, PA

162A-45-46, Melvin, Allen, 9yrs, PA

171B-198-198, Melvin, Anna, 47yrs, PA

171B-198-198, Melvin, Charles, 17yrs, PA

170A-176-176, Melvin, Elizabeth, 8yrs, PA

162A-45-46, Melvin, George, 7yrs, PA

162A-45-46, Melvin, Herman, 12yrs, PA

162A-45-46, Melvin, Ida, 4yrs, PA

170A-176-176, Melvin, John F., 6yrs, PA

162A-45-46, Melvin, John H., 14yrs, PA

171B-198-198, Melvin, John R., 64yrs, PA

162A-45-46, Melvin, Lester, 38yrs, PA

162A-45-46, Melvin, Mary, 1yrs, PA

162A-45-46, Melvin, Mary, 38yrs, PA

171B-198-198, Melvin, Robt, 56yrs, PA

181A-341-341, Menton, George, 4yrs, PA

181A-341-341, Menton, Mary, 29yrs, PA

181A-341-341, Menton, Mathias, 40yrs, PA

169A-160-160, Meynold, Clemins, 25yrs, Bydon

167B-136-135, Miller, Adam, 16yrs, Prussia

172A-202-202, Miller, Catharine, 10yrs, PA

162A-50-51, Miller, Charles, 15yrs, PA

172A-202-202, Miller, Charlotta, 6yrs, PA

172A-202-202, Miller, Charlotta, 36yrs, Bavaria

172B-207-207, Miller, Clara, 1yrs, PA

163B-71-72, Miller, David A., 61yrs, PA

180B-335-335, Miller, Electa C., 16yrs, PA

169B-169-169, Miller, Elizabeth, 38yrs, Bydon

179A-307-307, Miller, Geo H., 22yrs, NY

167B-136-135, Miller, George, 50yrs, Prussia

163B-71-72, Miller, George B., 19yrs, PA

172A-202-202, Miller, Hannah, 4yrs, PA

176A-273-273, Miller, Henry, 67yrs, PA

179A-312-312, Miller, Hester J., 4yrs, PA

179A-312-312, Miller, J. H., 37yrs, NY

172A-202-202, Miller, Jacob, 2yrs, PA

169B-169-169, Miller, Jacob, 36yrs, Prussia

172A-207-207, Miller, Joel, 27yrs, PA

162A-50-51, Miller, Johathan, 56yrs, PA

172A-202-202, Miller, Linda, 12yrs, PA

163B-71-72, Miller, Louisa, 28yrs, PA

162A-50-51, Miller, Margret, 52yrs, PA

179A-312-312, Miller, Margret A., 34yrs, PA

179A-312-312, Miller, Margret L., 8yrs, PA

162A-50-51, Miller, Maria, 15yrs, PA

172A-207-207, Miller, Mary, 20yrs, PA

167B-136-135, Miller, Mary, 60yrs, Prussia

172A-202-202, Miller, Nicholas, 8yrs, PA

174A-238-238, Miller, Peter, 75yrs, PA

179A-312-312, Miller, Peter F., 12yrs, PA

172A-202-202, Miller, Phillip, 37yrs, Bavaria

163B-71-72, Miller, Prudence, 58yrs, PA

176B-273-273, Miller, Salome, 63yrs, PA

176B-273-273, Miller, Susan, 23yrs, PA

179A-307-307, Miller, Teresa J., 23yrs, PA

162B-59-60, Misner, Alex, 38yrs, OH

162B-59-60, Misner, Caroline, 33yrs, OH

162B-60-61, Misner, John D., 23yrs, OH

162B-60-61, Misner, Margret, 63yrs, OH

162B-60-61, Misner, Nicholas, 58yrs, OH

162B-60-61, Misner, Sarah, 33yrs, OH

162B-59-60, Misner, Viola, 8yrs, PA

164B-91-92, Misner, Wm N., 45yrs, OH

173A-216-216, Mitchel, C. E., 24yrs, PA

173A-216-216, Mitchel, Carrie S., 5yrs, PA

173A-216-216, Mitchel, E. J., 10yrs, PA

173A-216-216, Mitchel, Hattie E., 8yrs, PA

173A-216-216, Mitchel, Hugh J., 3yrs, PA

173A-216-216, Mitchel, P. M., 31yrs, PA

162A-48-49, Moffit, John W., 57yrs, England

162A-48-49, Moffit, Mary A., 55yrs, England

159A-7-7, Mohr, Anrew, 2yrs, PA

159A-7-7, Mohr, Caroline, 8yrs, OH

159A-7-7, Mohr, Caroline, 38yrs, Wurtemburgh

159A-7-7, Mohr, Christopher, 11yrs, OH

159A-7-7, Mohr, Fred, 12yrs, OH

159A-7-7, Mohr, Jacob, 36yrs, Bavaria

159A-7-7, Mohr, John, 6yrs, PA

159A-7-7, Mohr, Margaret, 10yrs, OH

161B-44-45, Moore, Charles, 30yrs, Baden

162A-44-45, Moore, Emma, 4/12yr, PA

161B-44-45, Moore, Frank, 6yrs, PA

161B-44-45, Moore, John, 2yrs, PA

161B-44-45, Moore, Julia, 25yrs, Baden

161B-44-45, Moore, Wm, 4yrs, PA

168B-157-157, Morford, Albert, 8yrs, PA

168B-157-157, Morford, Charles, 5yrs, PA

178A-300-300, Morford, Durant, 16yrs, PA

162B-62-63, Morford, Elizabeth, 45yrs, PA

168B-157-157, Morford, Ensign, 10yrs, PA

168B-157-157, Morford, Hannah, 34yrs, PA

168B-157-157, Morford, Irena, 7yrs, PA

171A-192-192, Morford, J. H., 55yrs, PA

162B-62-63, Morford, Josh, 50yrs [56?], PA

168B-157-157, Morford, Judson, 33yrs, PA

178A-300-300, Morford, Kate, 24yrs, PA

171A-192-192, Morford, Lavina, 52yrs, PA

171A-192-192, Morford, Levina, 19yrs, PA

171A-192-192, Morford, Lucina, 14yrs, PA

178A-300-300, Morford, M. Ellen, 21yrs, PA

162B-62-63, Morford, Margret J., 23yrs, PA

171A-192-192, Morford, Marilla, 28yrs, PA

171A-192-192, Morford, Mary, 25yrs, PA

168A-151-151, Morford, Mary, 76yrs, PA

178A-300-300, Morford, Mary A., 54yrs, PA

178A-300-300, Morford, Nathan, 53yrs, PA

163A-62-63, Morford, Orlando, 17yrs, PA

171A-192-192, Morford, Reuben, 17yrs, PA

168A-151-151, Morford, Richard, 88yrs, NJ

171A-192-192, Morford, Sarah, 23yrs, PA

171A-192-192, Morford, Thos, 81yrs, NJ

168B-157-157, Morford, Warren, 12yrs, PA

163A-62-63, Morford, Wellington, 20yrs, PA

168A-146-146, Morris, Agnes, 22yrs, PA

163A-64-65, Morris, Anna, 13yrs, PA

176A-265-265, Morris, Casper E., 4yrs, PA

176A-265-265, Morris, Charles E., 8yrs, OH

168A-146-146, Morris, Elizabeth, 58yrs, PA

168A-146-146, Morris, Ellenor, 20yrs, PA

163A-64-65, Morris, Jacob, 19yrs, PA

170A-177-177, Morris, Jacob, 19yrs, PA

168A-146-146, Morris, Jacob, 67yrs, Wales

176A-265-265, Morris, Jas R., 40yrs, PA

163A-64-65, Morris, Joseph, 17yrs, PA

163A-64-65, Morris, Lilly, 9yrs, PA

163A-64-65, Morris, Pricilla, 11yrs, PA

176A-265-265, Morris, Rachel, 40yrs, OH

168A-146-146, Morris, Samantha, 15yrs, PA

163A-64-65, Morris, Sarah, 35yrs, PA

161A-30-31, Morton [Moston?], Charles, 1yrs, PA

161A-30-31, Morton [Moston?], Charlotta, 6yrs, PA

169B-169-169, Mosher, Harry, 12yrs, PA

161A-33-34, Mossman, Cyrus, 73yrs, MD

161A-33-34, Mossman, Elizabeth, 56yrs, MD

163B-72-73, Mossman, Frank, 1yrs, PA

161A-34-35, Mossman, Herdman G., 4/12yr, PA

163B-73-74, Mossman, J. S., 72yrs, MD

161A-33-34, Mossman, James A., 23yrs, PA

161A-34-35, Mossman, Louisa, 33yrs, OH

161A-34-35, Mossman, Madge L., 5yrs, PA

161A-33-34, Mossman, Margret S., 19yrs, PA

163B-72-73, Mossman, Mary A., 64yrs, NY

161A-33-34, Mossman, Mary E., 22yrs, PA

163B-72-73, Mossman, Minerva, 25yrs, OH

163B-73-74, Mossman, Rebecca, 60yrs, PA

161A-34-35, Mossman, Ruben, 31yrs, PA

161A-33-34, Mossman, S. Jane, 28yrs, PA

163B-73-74, Mossman, Sarah, 29yrs, PA

163B-72-73, Mossman, Wallace, 27yrs, PA

159A-3-3, Mossman, Wm, 19yrs, PA

163B-72-73, Mossman, Wm, 65yrs, PA

165A-103-102, Mossman , Ada B., 2yrs, PA

165A-103-102, Mossman , C. A., 23yrs, OH

165A-103-102, Mossman , John *., 32yrs, PA

165A-103-102, Mossman , V. V. West, 4yrs, PA

165A-103-102, Mossman , Wilber, 2/12yr, PA

161A-30-31, Mountain, Allen, 14yrs, PA

161A-30-31, Mountain, David, 52yrs, OH

161A-30-31, Mountain, Eliza E., 56yrs, OH

182B-366-366, Mowry, John A., 39yrs, PA

182B-366-366, Mowry, Levi S., 12yrs, PA

182B-366-366, Mowry, Mary, 4yrs, PA

182B-366-366, Mowry, Oliver D., 14yrs, PA

182B-366-366, Mowry, Sarah , 9yrs, PA

182B-366-366, Mowry, Sarah A., 35yrs, PA

182B-366-366, Mowry, Wm, 7yrs, PA

167A-135-134, Moyer, Abbot, 11yrs, PA

167A-135-134, Moyer, Celicia, 21yrs, PA

167A-135-134, Moyer, Elizabeth, 57yrs, PA

167A-135-134, Moyer, Emma, 18yrs, PA

180A-325-325, Moyer, Magdalene, 73yrs, PA

167A-135-134, Moyer, Peter, 30yrs, PA

167A-135-134, Moyer, Wm, 57yrs, PA

165B-104-103, Moyers, Caroline, 5yrs, PA

165B-104-103, Moyers, Saml, 8yrs, PA

163A-63-64, Myers, Charles, 10yrs, PA

163A-63-64, Myers, Holda, 14yrs, PA

163A-63-64, Myers, Jane, 16yrs, PA

163A-63-64, Myers, John C., 55yrs, OH

163A-63-64, Myers, Lucy, 17yrs, PA

163A-63-64, Myers, Mary, 48yrs, OH

173B-229-229, Nelson, Alex, 68yrs, PA

177A-286-286, Nelson, Amanda, 20yrs, PA

173B-229-229, Nelson, Clara M., 17yrs, PA

173B-224-224, Nelson, Emma, 1yrs, PA

173B-224-224, Nelson, Eva, 11yrs, PA

173B-229-229, Nelson, James, 21yrs, PA

177A-285-285, Nelson, James, 30yrs, PA

177A-285-285, Nelson, Jas B., 5yrs, PA

173B-224-224, Nelson, Joseph, 36yrs, PA

173B-224-224, Nelson, Mary, 33yrs, PA

173B-229-229, Nelson, Mary A., 38yrs, PA

177A-286-286, Nelson, Mary J., 60yrs, PA

177A-285-285, Nelson, Maud, 3yrs, PA

173B-224-224, Nelson, Maud, 4yrs, PA

177A-286-286, Nelson, Saml, 28yrs, PA

173B-229-229, Nelson, Sarah, 58yrs, PA

177A-285-285, Nelson, Sarah E., 26yrs, PA

179B-318-318, ODonnel, Barney, 20yrs, Ireland

179B-318-318, ODonnel, Charles, 29yrs, Ireland

179B-318-318, ODonnel, John, 3yrs, Scotland

179B-318-318, ODonnel, Margret, 1yrs, Scotland

179B-318-318, ODonnel, Margret, 23yrs, Scotland

179B-318-318, ODonnel, Mary, 5yrs, Scotland

184B-394-394, Ohl, Elizabeth, 54yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

184B-394-394, Ohl, Pter, 52yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

184B-394-394, Ohl, Sophia, 16yrs, PA

184B-394-394, Ohl, Sophia, 19yrs, PA

183A-373-373, Omar, Bridget, 20yrs, NY

183A-373-373, Omar, Martin, 22yrs, NY

180A-324-324, Opple, Alvin, 3yrs, PA

184B-397-397, Opple, Catharine, 11yrs, PA

180A-324-324, Opple, Charles, 10yrs, PA

184B-397-397, Opple, Danl, 39yrs, PA

179B-324-324, Opple, Ermina, 11yrs, PA

179B-324-324, Opple, Franklin, 13yrs, PA

180A-324-324, Opple, Henry B., 5yrs, PA

180A-324-324, Opple, John W., 7yrs, PA

179B-324-324, Opple, Joseph, 45yrs, PA

179B-324-324, Opple, Phianna, 37yrs, PA

184B-397-397, Opple, Sarah A., 16yrs, PA

184B-397-397, Opple, Teressa, 33yrs, PA

176B-278-278, Packard, W. W., 28yrs, PA

176B-278-278, Packard, Ellen, 20yrs, PA

162A-52-53, Parker, Elizabeth, 76yrs, PA

170A-174-174, Parker, Ether M., 30yrs, PA

173B-225-225, Parker, Lizzie, 12yrs, PA

173B-226-226, Parker, Mary, 93yrs, PA

173B-225-225, Parker, Mary , 52yrs, PA

173B-225-225, Parker, Mary L., 25yrs, PA

173B-225-225, Parker, Robt, 18yrs, PA

173B-225-225, Parker, Saml, 15yrs, PA

173B-225-225, Parker, Wilson, 48yrs, PA

173B-225-225, Parker, Wm L., 21yrs, PA

173B-223-223, Parks, Amelia, 25yrs, PA

173B-223-223, Parks, Cyrus, 26yrs, PA

184A-382-382, Pearls, Caroline, 25yrs, PA

184A-382-382, Pearls, Mary M., 30yrs, PA

183B-379-379, Perchet, Albert, 60yrs, England

183B-379-379, Perchet, Ida, 16yrs, PA

183B-379-379, Perchet, Sarah, 45yrs, PA

163B-75-76, Perdame, Abby J., 14yrs, PA

163B-75-76, Perdame, Arefosia, 12yrs, PA

163B-75-76, Perdame, Caroline, 45yrs, PA

163B-75-76, Perdame, Jesse, 52yrs, NY

161B-39-40, Peters, Elizabeth, 9yrs, PA

161B-39-40, Peters, Mary J., 23yrs, PA

161B-39-40, Peters, Peter, 23yrs, OH

184A-384-384, Phillips, Danl, 47yrs, PA

184A-381-381, Phillips, Emma, 8yrs, PA

183B-381-381, Phillips, John, 53yrs, PA

184A-384-384, Phillips, John H., 21yrs, PA

184A-381-381, Phillips, Mary, 11yrs, PA

184A-384-384, Phillips, Mary, 43yrs, PA

183B-381-381, Phillips, Nancy, 48yrs, PA

184A-381-381, Phillips, Nancy E., 18yrs, PA

184A-381-381, Phillips, Saml P., 20yrs, PA

166A-111-110, Polfry, Eliza, 44yrs, England

166A-111-110, Polfry, Frances, 8yrs, PA

166A-111-110, Polfry, John, 16yrs, PA

166A-111-110, Polfry, Saml, 50yrs, England

166A-111-110, Polfry, Thos, 2yrs, PA

166A-111-110, Polfry, Wm, 10yrs, PA

159A-4-4, Pollock, David, 59yrs, Scotland

159A-4-4, Pollock, George, 18yrs, NY

159A-4-4, Pollock, Isabella, 22yrs, NJ

159A-4-4, Pollock, Isabella, 58yrs, Scotland

176A-270-270, Porter, B. W., 1yrs, PA

176A-270-270, Porter, C. C., 10yrs, PA

176A-270-270, Porter, D. B., 36yrs, PA

176A-270-270, Porter, J. L., 7yrs, PA

176A-270-270, Porter, U. W., 3yrs, PA

176A-270-270, Porter, V. M., 3yrs, PA

176A-270-270, Porter, W. G., 36yrs, PA

181B-351-352, Power, Laura, 18yrs, PA

183B-374-374, Preston, Edgar, 25yrs, PA

167B-142-141, Probst, Alice, 4yrs, PA

167B-142-141, Probst, Amanda, 21yrs, PA

167B-142-141, Probst, Eliza J., 25yrs, PA

167B-142-141, Probst, George, 25yrs, PA

167B-142-141, Probst, He*ry, 3yrs, PA

167B-142-141, Probst, Henry, 65yrs, PA

184A-388-388, Reagle, Charles W., 10yrs, PA

184A-388-388, Reagle, Frank C., 3yrs, PA

184A-388-388, Reagle, Henry, 31yrs, OH

184A-388-388, Reagle, James S., 5yrs, PA

169B-173-173, Reagle, M. C., 26yrs, OH

184A-388-388, Reagle, Mary A., 7yrs, PA

169B-173-173, Reagle, Rachel, 26yrs, PA

184A-388-388, Reagle, Rosanna, 26yrs, PA

169B-173-173, Reagle, W*. M., 3yrs, PA

181B-347-347, Redner, Freeman, 52yrs, NY

181B-347-347, Redner, Pheba, 55yrs, NY

178A-298-298, Reghner, Adam, 7yrs, PA

178A-298-298, Reghner, Catharine, 19yrs, Bavaria

178A-298-298, Reghner, Elizabeth, 18yrs, PA

178A-298-298, Reghner, Henry, 2yrs, PA

178A-298-298, Reghner, Jacob, 6yrs, PA

178A-298-298, Reghner, John, 16yrs, PA

178A-298-298, Reghner, Joseph, 9yrs, PA

178A-298-298, Reghner, Peter, 11yrs, PA

178A-298-298, Reghner, Reuben, 49yrs, Saxony

178A-298-298, Reghner, Sophia, 13yrs, PA

178A-298-298, Reghner, Wm, 15yrs, PA

169B-170-170, Rice, Abagail, 48yrs, PA

169B-170-170, Rice, Charles, 9yrs, PA

169B-170-170, Rice, Chas, 51yrs, PA

171B-201-201, Rice, Danl, 78yrs, PA

172A-201-201, Rice, Elizabeth, 73yrs, PA

169B-170-170, Rice, George, 7yrs, PA

172A-201-201, Rice, George F., 7/12yr, PA

169B-170-170, Rice, Henry, 12yrs, PA

172A-201-201, Rice, Henry, 29yrs, PA

172A-201-201, Rice, Laena, 29yrs, PA

169B-170-170, Rice, Lizzie, 4yrs, PA

169B-170-170, Rice, Malinda, 14yrs, PA

174B-244-244, Richard, A. P., 32yrs, PA

163B-76-77, Richard, Anna, 57yrs, PA

174B-244-244, Richard, Frank, 3yrs, PA

174B-244-244, Richard, Hannah, 32yrs, PA

174A-236-236, Richard, Martha, 23yrs, PA

174B-244-244, Richard, Milton, 5yrs, PA

163B-76-77, Richard, Sarah A., 2yrs, PA

182A-359-359, Richards, Carrie A., 4yrs, PA

182A-359-359, Richards, Elvira, 33yrs, PA

182A-359-359, Richards, Malissa, 50yrs, PA

179A-314-314, Richardson, Wm, 22yrs, PA

169B-171-171, Rickle, Anna, 21yrs, PA

169B-172-172, Rickle, Catharine, 61yrs, OH

169B-172-172, Rickle, James, 14yrs, PA

169B-172-172, Rickle, John, 60yrs, PA

169B-171-171, Rickle, Newton, 21yrs, PA

183A-369-369, Riney, Tim, 40yrs, Ireland

173B-222-222, Roberts, Laura, 15yrs, PA

179A-314-314, Rodgers, John A., 14yrs, PA

166B-120-119, Rodgers, Sade, 21yrs, PA

168B-155-155, Roulf, Barbara, 60yrs, PA

168B-155-155, Roulf, Emma, 19yrs, OH

168B-155-155, Roulf, Joseph, 25yrs, PA

169B-171-171, Rowe, Barbara, 41yrs, OH

172B-210-210, Rufe, Jacob, 25yrs, Prussia

172B-210-210, Rufe, Lydia, 20yrs, PA

167B-140-139, Rumel, George C., 1/12yr, PA

167B-140-139, Rumel, Ishman, 32yrs, OH

167B-140-139, Rumel, Margret, 2yrs, PA

167B-140-139, Rumel, Margret, 32yrs, PA

169B-167-167, Rumfelt, Catharine, 46yrs, Prusia

169B-167-167, Rumfelt, Josherevay, 47yrs, PA

169B-167-167, Rumfelt, Sarah, 14yrs, PA

167B-139-138, Rummel, George, 62yrs, OH

167B-139-138, Rummel, Lizzie, 6yrs, PA

167B-139-138, Rummel, M. Louisa, 28yrs, OH

167B-139-138, Rummel, Margret, 58yrs, OH

160B-25-26, Ryan, Anna, 6/12yr, PA

160B-25-26, Ryan, Kate, 6yrs, Canada

160B-25-26, Ryan, Lizzie, 8yrs, MO

160B-25-26, Ryan, Maggie, 10yrs, Canada

160B-25-26, Ryan, Mary, 3yrs, OH

160B-25-26, Ryan, Mary R., 36yrs, Ireland

160B-25-26, Ryan, Michael, 12yrs, Canada

160B-25-26, Ryan, Michael, 36yrs, Ireland

177B-293-293, Sailor, Alex, 8yrs, PA

177B-293-293, Sailor, Anna, 6yrs, PA

177B-293-293, Sailor, Beamen, 4yrs, PA

177B-293-293, Sailor, Jacob, 56yrs, Bavaria

177B-293-293, Sailor, Linda, 9yrs, PA

177B-293-293, Sailor, Louisa, 3yrs, PA

177B-293-293, Sailor, Mary E., 35yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

177B-293-293, Sailor, Ottis, 7/12yr, PA

177B-293-293, Sailor, Peter, 11yrs, PA

179B-317-317, Sallada, Alice, 11yrs, PA

179B-317-317, Sallada, Danl, 53yrs, PA

179B-316-316, Sallada, Elizabeth, 21yrs, PA

179B-316-316, Sallada, Flora L., 19yrs, PA

179B-316-316, Sallada, G. L. A., 6/12yr, PA

179B-317-317, Sallada, George, 14yrs, PA

179B-317-317, Sallada, John, 19yrs, PA

179B-317-317, Sallada, Levina, 52yrs, PA

179B-317-317, Sallada, Lizzie, 21yrs, PA

179B-317-317, Sallada, S. Rachel, 17yrs, PA

179B-316-316, Sallada, W. H., 24yrs, PA

178B-302-302, Saul, Elizabeth, 11yrs, PA

178B-302-302, Saul, Elizabeth, 43yrs, Bavaria

178B-302-302, Saul, Fred, 5yrs, PA

178B-302-302, Saul, Frederick, 46yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

178B-302-302, Saul, George, 13yrs, PA

178B-302-302, Saul, Lena, 7yrs, PA

178B-302-302, Saul, Lewis, 9yrs, PA

182A-357-357, Schesly, Catharine, 39yrs, PA

182A-357-357, Schesly, John, 59yrs, PA

168A-150-150, Scovil, Charles, 14yrs, PA

168A-150-150, Scovil, Elmer, 8yrs, PA

168A-150-150, Scovil, Elvina, 10yrs, PA

168A-150-150, Scovil, James F., 27yrs, NY

168A-150-150, Scovil, Jane, 16yrs, PA

168A-150-150, Scovil, Lucy A., 24yrs, PA

168A-150-150, Scovil, Margret, 16yrs, PA

168A-150-150, Scovil, Mary, 41yrs, PA

180A-325-325, Seckly, Eliza E., 15yrs, PA

180A-325-325, Seckly, Hester, 34yrs, PA

180A-327-327, Seckly, Lorane, 49yrs, Wurtemburgh

180A-325-325, Seckly, Saml F., 13yrs, PA

180A-325-325, Seckly, Sarah J., 10yrs, PA

181B-349-349, Seigle [Leigle?], Emma J., 1yrs, PA

181B-349-349, Seigle [Leigle?], Frank, 30yrs, PA

181B-349-349, Seigle [Leigle?], Nora, 4yrs, PA

181B-349-349, Seigle [Leigle?], Zidania, 25yrs, PA

166B-127-126, Seinde, Cathrina, 47yrs, Byden

166B-127-126, Seinde, Martin, 37yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

165B-105-104, Shafer, Adam, 44yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

165B-105-104, Shafer, Conrad, 13yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

179A-315-315, Shafer, Effie P., 2yrs, PA

165B-105-104, Shafer, Eliza, 5yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

179A-315-315, Shafer, Elmer, 9yrs, PA

179A-315-315, Shafer, Frank O., 6yrs, PA

179A-315-315, Shafer, Harry S., 5/12yr, PA

165B-105-104, Shafer, Henry, 15yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

178A-295-295, Shafer, Jacob, 3yrs, PA

165B-105-104, Shafer, John, 13yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

179A-315-315, Shafer, Lusie E., 4yrs, PA

179A-315-315, Shafer, Maria, 28yrs, PA

165B-105-104, Shafer, Martha, 38yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

165B-105-104, Shafer, Mathias, 7yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

165B-105-104, Shafer, Oner, 2yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

179A-315-315, Shafer, Saml E., 34yrs, PA

176B-280-280, Shelley, Enon, 30yrs, PA

177A-280-280, Shelley, Ida, 26yrs, PA

177A-280-280, Shelley, Jodiah, 27yrs, PA

177A-280-280, Shelley, Phoeba, 65yrs, PA

168A-143-142, Shoemaker, Chas G., 3yrs, PA

168A-143-142, Shoemaker, E. E., 8/12yr, PA

168A-145-145, Shoemaker, Edward, 43yrs, PA

168A-143-143, Shoemaker, George, 70yrs, PA

165A-97-97, Shoemaker, Hines, 8yrs, PA

165A-97-97, Shoemaker, Jacob, 19yrs, PA

167B-143-142, Shoemaker, Jesse, 43yrs, PA

165A-97-97, Shoemaker, John, 65yrs, PA

165A-97-97, Shoemaker, John A., 6yrs, PA

165A-97-97, Shoemaker, Levi, 16yrs, PA

165A-97-97, Shoemaker, Lucinda, 30yrs, PA

168A-145-145, Shoemaker, Margret, 71yrs, PA

168A-145-145, Shoemaker, Maria, 38yrs, PA

165A-97-97, Shoemaker, Mary, 60yrs, PA

167B-143-142, Shoemaker, Mary A., 32yrs, PA

167B-143-142, Shoemaker, Mary C., 15yrs, PA

168A-145-145, Shoemaker, Solomon, 71yrs, PA

167B-143-142, Shoemaker, Wm W., 12yrs, PA

167B-138-137, Shultz, Barbara, 84yrs, Baden

160A-21-22, Sidle [Lidle?], Bridget, 1yrs, PA

160A-21-22, Sidle [Lidle?], James, 4yrs, PA

160A-21-22, Sidle [Lidle?], Johanna, 6yrs, England

160A-21-22, Sidle [Lidle?], Lawrence, 40yrs, Ireland

160A-21-22, Sidle [Lidle?], Mary, 8yrs, England

160A-21-22, Sidle [Lidle?], Mary D., 41yrs, Ireland

182A-356-356, Signos, Eli B., 18yrs, PA

182A-356-356, Signos, Henry, 53yrs, PA

182A-356-356, Signos, James F., 17yrs, PA

182A-356-356, Signos, Mary A., 52yrs, PA

159B-11-12, Simpkins, Alman, 13yrs, PA

161B-43-44, Simpkins, Edwin, 3yrs, PA

159B-11-12, Simpkins, Ellenor, 50yrs, OH

159B-11-12, Simpkins, Emma, 5yrs, PA

161B-43-44, Simpkins, Emma E., 14yrs, PA

159B-10-11, Simpkins, Frank, 2yrs, PA

159B-10-11, Simpkins, Fred, 4yrs, PA

159B-11-12, Simpkins, George, 14yrs, PA

159B-10-11, Simpkins, Ha*** [Hazer?], 25yrs, PA

159B-10-11, Simpkins, Jennie, 25yrs, PA

159B-11-12, Simpkins, Linas, 16yrs, PA

159A-2-2, Simpkins, Lucinda, 25yrs, PA

161B-43-44, Simpkins, Mary, 33yrs, PA

159B-11-12, Simpkins, Peter, 50yrs, OH

159B-11-12, Simpkins, Peter P., 11yrs, PA

161B-43-44, Simpkins, Robt, 35yrs, PA

161B-43-44, Simpkins, Wealthy, 10yrs, PA

161B-43-44, Simpkins, Wellington, 1/12yr, PA

159A-2-2, Simpkins, Wm E., 28yrs, PA

184A-383-383, Sisson, Eva L., 14yrs, NY

184A-383-383, Sisson, John L., 10yrs, NY

175A-255-255, Smith, Christina, 26yrs, PA

167A-130-129, Smith, Emma R., 19yrs, PA

175B-255-255, Smith, Frederick, 41yrs, Wurtemburg

175B-255-255, Smith, George, 28yrs, PA

175A-255-255, Smith, Jacob, 68yrs, Wurtemburg

175B-256-256, Smith, Jas A., 15yrs, PA

167A-130-129, Smith, Jesse, 69yrs, VA

172A-201-201, Smith, Joel, 27yrs, PA

167A-130-129, Smith, Peoria, 20yrs, PA

167A-130-129, Smith, Rosa, 23yrs, PA

173B-224-224, Smith, Wm, 17yrs, Canada

169B-165-165, Smoyer [Sneoger?], Celesta, 35yrs, PA

169B-165-165, Smoyer [Sneoger?], Henry, 35yrs, PA

184B-390-390, Snodgrass, Alex, 44yrs, PA

184B-390-390, Snodgrass, Ann I., 8yrs, PA

184B-390-390, Snodgrass, Elsworth, 2yrs, PA

184B-390-390, Snodgrass, James, 11yrs, PA

184B-390-390, Snodgrass, Mary, 44yrs, PA

184B-390-390, Snodgrass, Mary E., 18yrs, PA

165A-101-100, Sours [Lours?], John, 12yrs, PA

165A-101-100, Sours [Lours?], Leonard, 60yrs, Baden

165A-101-100, Sours [Lours?], Margretta, 50yrs, Prussia

165A-101-100, Sours [Lours?], Mary, 14yrs, PA

174B-242-242, Speir, Catharine, 3yrs, PA

174B-241-241, Speir, Elmira, 19yrs, PA

164B-93-94, Speir, Emma, 33yrs, PA

164B-93-94, Speir, Gillen, 34yrs, PA

174B-241-241, Speir, Irena, 25yrs, PA

174B-241-241, Speir, James, 56yrs, PA

174B-242-242, Speir, James L., 26yrs, PA

164B-93-94, Speir, James M., 5yrs, PA

174B-241-241, Speir, John H., 15yrs, PA

174B-242-242, Speir, Louisa, 25yrs, PA

174B-241-241, Speir, Nancy A., 57yrs, PA

174B-241-241, Speir, Sarah, 23yrs, PA

162B-56-57, Sponsler, Andrew, 43yrs, PA

162B-56-57, Sponsler, Clara, 14yrs, PA

162B-56-57, Sponsler, Emeline, 21yrs, PA

162B-56-57, Sponsler, John, 9yrs, PA

162B-56-57, Sponsler, Mary, 11yrs, PA

162B-56-57, Sponsler, Mary, 43yrs, PA

162A-47-48, Stephenson, J. *. , 18yrs, OH

166B-119-118, Stillitson, Emma, 5yrs, PA

166B-119-118, Stillitson, Isabel, 7yrs, PA

166B-119-118, Stillitson, Maria, 2yrs, PA

166B-119-118, Stillitson, Mary, 14yrs, England

166B-119-118, Stillitson, Mary, 42yrs, England

166B-119-118, Stillitson, Sarah A., 12yrs, PA

166A-119-118, Stillittson, John, 50yrs, England

170B-180-180, Stitsenger, Ellen, 12yrs, PA

183B-376-376, Straton, Charles, 26yrs, Scotland

183B-376-376, Straton, Elizabeth, 26yrs, England

183B-376-376, Straton, John, 3yrs, PA

183B-376-376, Straton, Lizzie, 1/12yr, PA

162B-57-58, Stull, David, 54yrs, OH

162B-57-58, Stull, Lucinda, 46yrs, OH

161B-37-38, Stuver, George, 61yrs, PA

159B-12-13, Stuver, Henry, 36yrs, PA

159B-12-13, Stuver, Iva M., 5/12yr, PA

159B-12-13, Stuver, Jane, 26yrs, OH

161B-37-38, Stuver, Susan, 60yrs, PA

159B-12-13, Stuver, Willard, 3yrs, PA

178A-296-296, Swartz, Lena, 17yrs, Baden

178A-296-296, Swartz, Lewis, 29yrs, Baden

160A-22-23, Swindle, Cathrine, 37yrs, Scotland

160A-22-23, Swindle, George, 13yrs, PA

160A-22-23, Swindle, George, 39yrs, England

160A-22-23, Swindle, John, 15yrs, PA

160A-22-23, Swindle, Joseph, 5yrs, PA

160B-22-23, Swindle, Mary J., 2yrs, PA

160A-22-23, Swindle, Peter, 8yrs, PA

160B-22-23, Swindle, Robt, 1yrs, PA

160A-22-23, Swindle, Thos, 11yrs, PA

160B-22-23, Swindle, Wallace, 5yrs, PA

167B-137-136, Tailor, Elizabeth, 50yrs, Prussia

167B-137-136, Tailor, John, 19yrs, PA

167B-137-136, Tailor, Lewis, 25yrs, Prussia

167B-137-136, Tailor, Lucinda, 26yrs, PA

164A-85-86, Tanpleton [Templeton?], Chambers, 17yrs, PA

164A-85-86, Tanpleton [Templeton?], Grant, 2yrs, PA

164A-85-86, Tanpleton [Templeton?], John, 13yrs, PA

164A-85-86, Tanpleton [Templeton?], John, 46yrs, PA

164A-85-86, Tanpleton [Templeton?], Mary M., 11yrs, PA

164A-85-86, Tanpleton [Templeton?], Sarah, 42yrs, PA

164A-85-86, Tanpleton [Templeton?], Wm, 16yrs, PA

178A-299-299, Tate, Clarence, 8yrs, PA

178A-299-299, Tate, Clement L., 6yrs, PA

178A-299-299, Tate, Geo R., 5yrs, PA

178A-299-299, Tate, George, 37yrs, PA

178A-299-299, Tate, Hannah J., 3yrs, PA

178A-299-299, Tate, Hiram, 9/12yr, PA

178A-299-299, Tate, Michael H., 15yrs, PA

178A-299-299, Tate, Sarah, 34yrs, PA

178A-299-299, Tate, Thos H., 12yrs, OH

180B-333-333, Taylor [Saylor?], Amanda, 11yrs, PA

180B-333-333, Taylor [Saylor?], Ann, 38yrs, PA

180B-333-333, Taylor [Saylor?], Charles M., 17yrs, PA

180B-333-333, Taylor [Saylor?], Danl, 43yrs, Bavaria

180B-333-333, Taylor [Saylor?], George W., 19yrs, PA

166B-119-118, Taylor, James, 24yrs, PA

181B-347-347, Taylor, John, 36yrs, England

181B-347-347, Taylor, Precilla, 38yrs, England

180B-333-333, Taylor, Sarah M., 13yrs, PA

174A-237-237, Templeton, Charles, 14yrs, PA

174A-237-237, Templeton, Francis, 10yrs, PA

174A-237-237, Templeton, James, 38yrs, PA

174A-237-237, Templeton, Maggie, 16yrs, PA

174A-237-237, Templeton, Melvina, 39yrs, PA

166B-128-127, Thaler, David, 16yrs, PA

167A-128-127, Thaler, Elizabeth, 14yrs, PA

166B-128-127, Thaler, Elizabeth, 32yrs, Byden

166B-128-127, Thaler, Jacob, 39yrs, Byden

167A-128-127, Thaler, John, 6yrs, PA

167A-128-127, Thaler, Marcus, 10yrs, PA

167A-128-127, Thaler, Mena, 5yrs, PA

160A-20-21, Thompson, John, 13yrs, England

159B-9-10, Thorter, Anna, 30yrs, Ireland

159B-9-10, Thorter, Henry, 28yrs, Ireland

159B-9-10, Thorter, Margaret, 2yrs, OH

159B-9-10, Thorter, Mary, 3yrs, OH

159B-9-10, Thorter, Thos, 6yrs, Ireland

169A-160-160, Thuster, Edward, 5/12yr, PA

169A-160-160, Thuster, Frank, 3yrs, PA

169A-160-160, Thuster, George, 19yrs, Bydon

169A-160-160, Thuster, Lilly, 5yrs, PA

169A-160-160, Thuster, Martha, 30yrs, PA

169A-160-160, Thuster, Mary, 17yrs, Bydon

169A-160-160, Thuster, Phillip, 48yrs, Bydon

163B-71-72, Timber, Idella, 5yrs, PA

177B-292-292, Tingaman, Adam, 29yrs, Baden

177B-292-292, Tingaman, Anna, 2/12yr, PA

177B-292-292, Tingaman, Teresa, 20yrs, PA

164B-91-92, Tinker, Sarah E., 10yrs, PA

170B-182-182, Tomkins, E. M., 14yrs, PA

165A-99-98, Trager, Charles, 6yrs, PA

165A-99-98, Trager, Charles, 44yrs, Saxony

165A-99-98, Trager, Goerge, 11yrs, IL

165A-99-98, Trager, Henry, 2yrs, PA

165A-99-98, Trager, Lucinda, 33yrs, PA

165A-99-98, Trager, Mary, 8yrs, PA

165A-99-98, Trager, Sarah, 9yrs, IL

165A-99-98, Trager, Wm, 3yrs, PA

183A-372-372, Trosseau, Anne, 27yrs, Ireland

183A-372-372, Trosseau, Frank, 3yrs, PA

183A-372-372, Trosseau, Minnie, 1yrs, PA

183A-372-372, Trosseau, Sarah, 5yrs, PA

183A-372-372, Trosseau, Thos, 30yrs, VA

160B-27-28, Troter, Ellen, 3yrs, PA

160B-27-28, Troter, Henry, 6/12yr, PA

160B-27-28, Troter, John, 30yrs, Ireland

160B-27-28, Troter, John, 75yrs, Ireland

160B-27-28, Troter, Mary, 30yrs, Ireland

160B-27-28, Troter, Mary, 70yrs, Ireland

160B-27-28, Troter, Thos, 39yrs, Ireland

162B-54-55, Trunkey, Frances, 66yrs, CT

162B-54-55, Trunkey, George, 24yrs, PA

162B-54-55, Trunkey, Rachel, 63yrs, PA

162B-54-55, Trunkey, Urilla, 31yrs, PA

160B-26-27, Trunky, Francis J., 35yrs, PA

160B-26-27, Trunky, Jenetta T., 30yrs, OH

175A-249-249, Tulinson, Ada J., 1yrs, PA

175A-248-248, Tulinson, Amos, 1yrs, PA

175A-248-248, Tulinson, Amos, 40yrs, PA

175B-261-261, Tulinson, Anna E., 19yrs, PA

175A-248-248, Tulinson, Chambers, 8yrs, PA

175A-248-248, Tulinson, Elizabeth, 29yrs, PA

175B-262-262, Tulinson, Hannah, 61yrs, PA

175A-248-248, Tulinson, James, 10yrs, PA

175A-249-249, Tulinson, John, 36yrs, PA

175A-249-249, Tulinson, Margret, 27yrs, PA

175B-262-262, Tulinson, Martin, 28yrs, PA

175B-261-261, Tulinson, Reuben, 24yrs, PA

175B-261-261, Tulinson, Saml R., 1yrs, PA

176A-272-272, Tunilson, Samantha, 17yrs, PA

184B-395-395, Turnbull, Jno, 38yrs, Ireland

184B-395-395, Turnbull, Joseph, 12yrs, Scotland

184B-395-395, Turnbull, Rosanna, 46yrs, Ireland

159B-14-15, Unanget, Charles, 11/12yr, PA

159B-14-15, Unanget, Geo, 31yrs, PA

159B-14-15, Unanget, Jane, 21yrs, PA

159B-14-15, Unanget, Mary, 3yrs, PA

174B-240-240, Vanbleet, Levi A., 9/12yr, PA

183B-380-380, Wagoner, Anna, 18yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

165B-104-103, Wagoner, Jacob, 6yrs, PA

181A-338-338, Wasser, Charles, 4yrs, PA

181A-338-338, Wasser, Edward, 41yrs, PA

181A-338-338, Wasser, H. A., 11yrs, PA

181A-338-338, Wasser, Henry, 16yrs, PA

181A-338-338, Wasser, James O., 22yrs, PA

181A-338-338, Wasser, M. S.[M. T.?], 13yrs, PA

181A-338-338, Wasser, Mary E., 9yrs, PA

181A-338-338, Wasser, Nancy, 7yrs, PA

181A-338-338, Wasser, Rosanna, 40yrs, PA

180B-337-337, West, Anna, 27yrs, PA

180B-337-337, West, Etta, 4yrs, PA

180B-337-337, West, Lydia, 8yrs, PA

180B-337-337, West, Mina E., 10yrs, PA

180B-337-337, West, Saml, 1/12yr, PA

180B-337-337, West, Saml, 6yrs, PA

180B-337-337, West, Saml, 42yrs, PA

175A-250-250, Wheaton, Alrich, 6yrs, PA

175A-250-250, Wheaton, Clarence, 4yrs, PA

175A-250-250, Wheaton, Frederick, 1yrs, PA

175A-250-250, Wheaton, Hyat, 8yrs, PA

175A-250-250, Wheaton, Sarah A., 32yrs, PA

175A-250-250, Wheaton, Upson, 10yrs, PA

175A-250-250, Wheaton, W. U., 33yrs, PA

161B-40-41, Wheeden, Irwin, 29yrs, PA

161B-41-42, Wheeden, Lena A., 3yrs, PA

161B-41-42, Wheeden, Louisa, 2/12yr, PA

161B-41-42, Wheeden, Louisa, 25yrs, PA

161B-41-42, Wheeden, Meclan, 27yrs, PA

161B-41-42, Wheeden, Ralsey, 5yrs, PA

161B-40-41, Wheeden, Rebecca, 18yrs, PA

161B-40-41, Wheeden, Warren, 1yrs, PA

171B-199-199, Wiley, Caroline, 15yrs, PA

171B-199-199, Wiley, Cathrine, 40yrs, Prussa

171B-199-199, Wiley, Gephart, 48yrs, Wurtemburk

171B-199-199, Wiley, Henry, 14yrs, PA

171B-199-199, Wiley, Ida, 6yrs, PA

171B-199-199, Wiley, Joseph, 4yrs, PA

171B-199-199, Wiley, Lizzie, 12yrs, PA

171B-199-199, Wiley, Mary, 8yrs, PA

183B-378-378, Willeman, John, 16yrs, PA

161A-31-32, Williams, Elizabeth, 32yrs, OH

161A-31-32, Williams, Henry, 10yrs, OH

161A-31-32, Williams, John, 19yrs, OH

161A-31-32, Williams, Wm, 62yrs, England

162B-61-62, Wilson, H. W., 29yrs, PA

166A-112-111, Winklefonst, Anna, 8yrs, PA

166A-112-111, Winklefonst, August, 20yrs, Baden

166A-112-111, Winklefonst, Minnie, 20yrs, Baden

163B-77-78, Wolf, Julia E., 3yrs, PA

163B-77-78, Wolf, Lanra, 1yrs, PA

163B-77-78, Wolf, Louisa, 32yrs, PA

163B-77-78, Wolf, Mary, 4yrs, PA

165B-104-103, Woner, Charles, 13yrs, PA

165A-104-103, Woner, Christian, 53yrs, Baden

165B-104-103, Woner, Geo, 13yrs, PA

165B-104-103, Woner, Philopena, 46yrs, Baden

165B-104-103, Woner, Wm, 10yrs, PA

181B-352-353, Wood, Emma, 14yrs, PA

176A-267-267, Wood, Keziah, 89yrs, NJ

167A-133-132, Woods, Alex, 25yrs, PA

167A-133-132, Woods, Charles T., 13yrs, PA

168A-147-147, Woods, Clarence, 1yrs, PA

168A-147-147, Woods, Clarinda, 25yrs, PA

168A-147-147, Woods, Della M., 3yrs, PA

167A-133-132, Woods, Electa J., 32yrs, PA

167A-133-132, Woods, Emeline, 17yrs, PA

167A-131-130, Woods, Emma, 14yrs, PA

177A-282-282, Woods, F. David, 62yrs, PA

167A-131-130, Woods, Fred, 7yrs, PA

167A-133-132, Woods, Harriett E., 11yrs, PA

167A-131-130, Woods, Harry, 9yrs, PA

167A-131-130, Woods, Ida, 12yrs, PA

168A-147-147, Woods, J. W., 27yrs, PA

177A-282-282, Woods, Jacob M., 13yrs, PA

167A-131-130, Woods, James, 5yrs, PA

167A-133-132, Woods, Jemima, 55yrs, OH

167A-131-130, Woods, Jno A., 45yrs, PA

167A-131-130, Woods, Josh H., 16yrs, PA

167A-133-132, Woods, Laman B., 19yrs, PA

177A-282-282, Woods, Margret, 15yrs, PA

177A-282-282, Woods, Margret, 53yrs, PA

167A-131-130, Woods, Mary, 46yrs, Hanover

167A-131-130, Woods, Minnie, 3yrs, PA

167A-131-130, Woods, Nellie, 10yrs, PA

167A-133-132, Woods, Oscar N., 21yrs, PA

167A-134-133, Woods, Rebecca, 72yrs, PA

177A-282-282, Woods, Safronia, 20yrs, PA

167A-133-132, Woods, Willis O., 15yrs, PA

159B-15-16, Woodwell, Della, 3yrs, PA

159B-15-16, Woodwell, Edison, 6yrs, PA

160A-15-16, Woodwell, Ellen, 10/12yr, PA

159B-15-16, Woodwell, Harriet, 28yrs, OH

159B-15-16, Woodwell, Kingsley, 17yrs, OH

159B-15-16, Woodwell, Madison, 8yrs, PA

159B-15-16, Woodwell, Phineas, 39yrs, OH

159B-15-16, Woodwell, Pholetta, 15yrs, OH

166A-113-112, Wyand, Cathrine, 15yrs, Byden

166A-113-112, Wyand, Emma, 6yrs, PA

166A-113-112, Wyand, Maggie, 7yrs, PA

166A-113-112, Wyand, Malinda, 10yrs, PA

166A-113-112, Wyand, Mary, 13yrs, PA

166A-113-112, Wyand, Mary, 44yrs, Byden

166A-113-112, Wyand, Mathias, 44yrs, Byden

181A-346-346, Yeagle, Amos, 27yrs, PA

181A-346-346, Yeagle, Jennie, 18yrs, PA

176A-272-272, Young, Charles, 2yrs, PA

176A-272-272, Young, James, 8yrs, PA

176A-272-272, Young, Reuben, 26yrs, PA

176A-272-272, Young, Saml, 6yrs, PA

176B-274-274, Young, Saml, 68yrs, PA

176A-272-272, Young, Susan, 24yrs, PA

174B-243-243, Youngblood, Alex L., 11yrs, PA

174B-243-243, Youngblood, Isaac, 49yrs, PA

174B-243-243, Youngblood, John, 1yrs, PA

174B-243-243, Youngblood, Mary J., 29yrs, PA

174B-243-243, Youngblood, Wm, 8yrs, PA

179A-308-308, Zigler, David, 48yrs, PA

179A-308-308, Zigler, Julia A., 43yrs, PA

161B-36-37, Zimerman, Charles, 5yrs, PA

161A-36-37, Zimerman, James, 35yrs, PA

161B-36-37, Zimerman, John, 2/daysyrs, PA

161B-36-37, Zimerman, Linda, 4yrs, PA

161A-36-37, Zimerman, Margret, 35yrs, OH

161B-36-37, Zimerman, Mary, 8yrs, PA

161B-36-37, Zimerman, Sanford, 14yrs, PA

161B-36-37, Zimerman, Susana, 12yrs, PA

[end of township?]*


Remark: The enumeration of this township ends with this last full page, without the customary declaration by the enumerator or several blank pages. It is possibly that one or more pages were skipped by the transcriber(s)

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 2000 John MacDonald

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