Wolf Creek Township

1870 Census Surname List

Wolf Creek Township

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1374)

Enumerator: John Snyder
Post Office: Mercer
Date of Enumeration: 20 July - 26 July, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

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* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

209B-44-43, Albin, Drusilla, 2yrs, PA
210A-44-44, Albin, John, 70yrs, Ireland
209B-44-43, Albin, John R., 32yrs, PA
209B-44-43, Albin, Lizzie, 4yrs, PA
209B-44-43, Albin, Louisa, 30yrs, PA
210A-44-44, Albin, Presilla, 68yrs, PA
207A-6-6, Alexander, James H., 13yrs, PA
207A-6-6, Alexander, Maggie, 18yrs, PA
207A-6-6, Alexander, Mina, 16yrs, PA
212A-76-78, Anderson, Margaret, 80yrs, Ireland
207B-13-13, Barrett, Emma J., 6/12yr, PA
207B-13-13, Barrett, James, 33yrs, PA
207B-13-13, Barrett, James G., 5yrs, PA
207B-13-13, Barrett, John C., 9yrs, PA
207B-13-13, Barrett, Mary, 40yrs, PA
207B-13-13, Barrett, Samuel M., 7yrs, PA
211A-61-62, Beach, Rebecca A., 10yrs, PA
210B-55-56, Black, Elizabeth, 18yrs, PA
211A-64-65, Boyd, Robert, 22yrs, PA
210A-50-51, Burnett, Alpheus W., 20yrs, PA
210A-50-51, Burnett, James L., 17yrs, PA
210A-50-51, Burnett, Lavina T., 13yrs, PA
210A-50-51, Burnett, Mary E., 10yrs, PA
210A-50-51, Burnett, Phebe A., 43yrs, PA
210A-50-51, Burnett, Sylva, 21yrs, PA
210A-50-51, Burnett, Wm P., 50yrs, Ireland
212A-77-79, Burton, Catharine, 22yrs, PA
212A-77-79, Burton, Catharine, 54yrs, PA
212A-77-79, Burton, Michael, 28yrs, PA
212A-77-79, Burton, William, 52yrs, Bavaria
211B-65-66, Carroll, Delta, 15yrs, PA
210A-47-48, Clupper, John, 15yrs, PA
213A-101-101, Cochran, Harriet, 5yrs, PA
213A-101-101, Cochran, James, 18yrs, PA
213A-101-101, Cochran, Mary, 3yrs, PA
213A-101-101, Cochran, Nancy J., 12yrs, PA
213A-101-101, Cochran, Robert W., 9yrs, PA
213A-101-101, Cochran, Rosa B., 11/12yr, PA
213A-101-101, Cochran, Rosannah, 37yrs, PA
213A-101-101, Cochran, Thomas, 45yrs, PA
213A-101-101, Cochran, William, 14yrs, PA
210B-51-52, Coleman, E. V., 14yrs, PA
210B-51-52, Coleman, Jason G., 7yrs, PA
210B-51-52, Coleman, Mary A., 38yrs, PA
210B-51-52, Coleman, Mary B., 18yrs, PA
210B-51-52, Coleman, Robert J., 11yrs, PA
210B-51-52, Coleman, Samuel, 48yrs, PA
210B-51-52, Coleman, Sarah E., 2yrs, PA
209B-40-39, Coulter, Ann, 18yrs, PA
209B-40-39, Coulter, Carson, 63yrs, Ireland
211B-72-74, Coulter, Elizabeth, 35yrs, PA
209B-40-39, Coulter, Fannie, 53yrs, PA
211B-72-74, Coulter, James, 44yrs, PA
211B-72-74, Coulter, James A., 3/12yr, PA
209B-40-39, Coulter, John A., 15yrs, PA
209B-40-39, Coulter, Joseph C., 13yrs, PA
211B-72-74, Coulter, Maria J., 5yrs, PA
211B-72-74, Coulter, Monroe G., 10yrs, PA
209B-40-39, Coulter, Sarah, 20yrs, PA
211B-71-73, Coulter, Sarah, 68yrs, PA
211B-72-74, Coulter, Sarah B., 3yrs, PA
209B-40-39, Coulter, William H., 17yrs, PA
211B-72-74, Coulter, William J., 11yrs, PA
208A-18-18, Craig, Charles B., 1/12yr, PA
208A-18-18, Craig, David F., 9yrs, PA
208A-18-18, Craig, Hannah, 41yrs, PA
208A-18-18, Craig, Jacob T., 40yrs, PA
208A-18-18, Craig, James T., 3yrs, PA
208A-18-18, Craig, Mathew J., 8yrs, PA
208A-18-18, Craig, Sarah M., 10yrs, PA
207A-1-1, Crawford, Arachibald, 49yrs, PA
209A-35-33, Crawford, Elizabeth, 4yrs, PA
209A-35-33, Crawford, Emely W., 18yrs, PA
207A-1-1, Crawford, Esther E., 9yrs, PA
209A-35-33, Crawford, James, 52yrs, Ireland
207A-1-1, Crawford, John H., 11yrs, PA
209A-35-33, Crawford, Margaret, 45yrs, PA
209A-35-33, Crawford, Mary, 10yrs, PA
207A-1-1, Crawford, Mary J., 45yrs, PA
207A-1-1, Crawford, Mary P., 20yrs, VA
209A-35-33, Crawford, Melvin, 18yrs, PA
209A-35-33, Crawford, Rachel, 8yrs, PA
207A-1-1, Crawford, Robert D., 14yrs, PA
207A-1-1, Crawford, Samuel M., 17yrs, PA
207A-1-1, Crawford, Sarah A., 3yrs, PA
209A-35-33, Crawford, Sarah J., 20yrs, PA
207B-12-12, Crocker, Anna, 4yrs, PA
207B-12-12, Crocker, David, 11yrs, PA
207B-12-12, Crocker, Eliza, 3yrs, PA
207B-12-12, Crocker, Ellen, 6yrs, PA
207B-12-12, Crocker, Grant, 2yrs, PA
207B-12-12, Crocker, infant, 8/12yr, PA
207B-12-12, Crocker, Mary J., 42yrs, PA
207B-12-12, Crocker, Wm C., 47yrs, PA
213A-92-94, Davidson, Albert, 22yrs, PA
213A-92-94, Davidson, James L., 17yrs, PA
213A-92-94, Davidson, Jane E., 7yrs, PA
213A-92-94, Davidson, Martha A., 14yrs, PA
213A-92-94, Davidson, Mary E., 19yrs, PA
213A-92-94, Davidson, Nancy, 49yrs, PA
213A-92-94, Davidson, William W., 10yrs, PA
213A-92-94, Davidson, Wm A., 49yrs, PA
213A-91-93, Donaldson, Martha J., 28yrs, PA
210B-52-53, Durn [Dunn?], E. S., 28yrs, PA
210B-52-53, Durn [Dunn?], Margaret A., 6yrs, PA
210B-52-53, Durn [Dunn?], Matilda G., 2yrs, PA
210B-52-53, Durn [Dunn?], Rose M., 5yrs, PA
210B-52-53, Durn [Dunn?], Sarah, 28yrs, PA
212B-84-86, Eakin, Clara E., 8yrs, PA
212B-84-86, Eakin, Cyrus K., 12yrs, PA
210B-58-59, Eakin, David C., 26yrs, PA
212B-84-86, Eakin, Emma N., 5yrs, PA
212B-84-86, Eakin, George W., 4/12yr, PA
212B-84-86, Eakin, Laura B., 3yrs, PA
212B-84-86, Eakin, Lewis W., 14yrs, PA
210B-58-59, Eakin, Mary, 30yrs, PA
212B-84-86, Eakin, Nancy, 38yrs, PA
212B-84-86, Eakin, Samuel W., 44yrs, PA
212B-86-88, Evans, George, 50yrs, PA
212B-86-88, Evans, Margaret J., 16yrs, PA
212B-86-88, Evans, Maria E., 22yrs, PA
212B-86-88, Evans, Martha, 10yrs, PA
212B-86-88, Evans, Samuel R., 7/12yr, PA
212B-86-88, Evans, Wm G. W., 2yrs, PA
213A-95-96, Ferguson, An M., 81yrs, PA
207A-5-5, Foster, Submit, 73yrs, NJ
209B-39-38, Geibner, Anna, 70yrs, Ireland
209B-39-38, Geibner, Valentine, 12yrs, PA
211B-68-70, Gibson, Atchison, 18yrs, PA
211B-68-70, Gibson, Catharine, 22yrs, PA
211B-68-70, Gibson, George, 15yrs, PA
211B-68-70, Gibson, Hannah, 20yrs, PA
211B-68-70, Gibson, James, 56yrs, Ireland
211B-68-70, Gibson, Jane, 56yrs, Ireland
211B-69-71, Gibson, Josiah, 28yrs, PA
211B-69-71, Gibson, Martha J., 27yrs, PA
211B-69-71, Gibson, William J., 3yrs, PA
211B-74-76, Gilderslieve, Alfred, 25yrs, PA
210A-48-49, Gilderslieve, Austin W., 9yrs, PA
210A-49-50, Gilderslieve, Daniel, 65yrs, PA
210A-48-49, Gilderslieve, Eliza, 36yrs, PA
212A-74-76, Gilderslieve, Ellen M., 17yrs, PA
212A-74-76, Gilderslieve, Emma, 13yrs, PA
210A-48-49, Gilderslieve, J. E., 37yrs, PA
212A-74-76, Gilderslieve, J. H., 14yrs, PA
210A-48-49, Gilderslieve, Maggie J., 12yrs, PA
210A-49-50, Gilderslieve, Margaret, 63yrs, PA
211B-74-76, Gilderslieve, Mary, 46yrs, PA
210A-49-50, Gilderslieve, Mary A., 28yrs, PA
210A-49-50, Gilderslieve, Nancy M. N. A. P., 21yrs, PA
210A-48-49, Gilderslieve, Robert E., 14yrs, PA
210A-49-50, Gilderslieve, Wm F. Q., 25yrs, PA
210A-47-47, Gill, Elizabeth, 67yrs, Ireland
210A-47-48, Gill, Frances, 3yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, Hugh R., 10yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, Infant, 1/12yr, PA
210A-47-47, Gill, Isaac, 67yrs, PA
209B-43-42, Gill, Isaac E., 7yrs, PA
210A-47-48, Gill, Isaac Jr., 35yrs, PA
209B-43-42, Gill, James, 39yrs, PA
209B-43-42, Gill, James P., 7/12yr, PA
208B-22-22, Gill, Jasper, 3yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, John A., 47yrs, PA
209B-43-42, Gill, John E., 4yrs, PA
210A-47-48, Gill, Lizzie A., 1yrs, PA
210A-47-48, Gill, Mary, 28yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, Meade G., 6yrs, PA
209B-43-42, Gill, Melissa J., 12yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, Newton C., 4yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, Otis A., 2yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, Samuel S., 12yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, Sarah A., 20yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, Sarah E., 40yrs, PA
209B-43-42, Gill, Sarah L., 35yrs, PA
209B-43-42, Gill, Susan A., 9yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Gill, William J., 8yrs, PA
207B-13-13, Gordon, Joseph S., 14yrs, PA
207B-13-13, Gordon, Sarah A., 17yrs, PA
209B-39-37, Grace, Eliza, 4yrs, PA
209B-39-37, Grace, James, 28yrs, PA
209B-39-37, Grace, Sarah, 30yrs, PA
209B-44-43, Grace, Victor, 16yrs, PA
213A-95-96, Harkleys, Cyrus, 15yrs, PA
213A-95-96, Harkleys, Wm R., 18yrs, PA
208B-26-26, Haughey, Elizabeth, [22?, 17?]yrs, Ireland
207A-7-7, Haynes, Cyrus, 10yrs, MN
211B-66-68, Hoge, Franklin, 10yrs, PA
210B-57-58, Holt, David, 40yrs, PA
210B-57-58, Holt, Effie J., 5yrs, PA
210B-57-58, Holt, Mary E., 26yrs, PA
208A-20-20, Hosack, Anna, 73yrs, PA
208A-18-18, Hosack, Harriet R., 15yrs, PA
208A-18-18, Hosack, Mary A., 19yrs, PA
213A-99-99, Hummel, Armenella, 27yrs, MO
213A-99-99, Hummel, Henry B., 2yrs, PA
213A-99-99, Hummel, Josiah, 37yrs, PA
213A-99-99, Hummel, Mary L., 6yrs, PA
213A-99-99, Hummel, Philip, 68yrs, PA
213A-99-99, Hummel, Sophia, 7yrs, PA
213A-99-99, Hummel, Sophia, 66yrs, PA
208B-26-26, Hurne, James, 45yrs, Ireland
208B-26-26, Hurne, Margaret, 71yrs, Ireland
208B-27-27, Hurne, Mary, 20yrs, PA
208B-27-27, Hurne, William, 64yrs, Ireland
207B-10-10, Huston, Agnes D., 3yrs, PA
207B-10-10, Huston, Caroline A., 33yrs, PA
207B-10-10, Huston, Edie W., 8yrs, PA
207B-10-10, Huston, John J., 32yrs, PA
207B-10-10, Huston, Wm W. H., 1yrs, PA
208A-20-20, Irwin, Adaline, 5yrs, PA
212A-76-78, Irwin, Clara, 9yrs, PA
208A-20-20, Irwin, Dorathea E., 30yrs, PA
208A-20-20, Irwin, Edwin S., 5yrs, PA
208A-15-15, Irwin, Elizabeth, 24yrs, PA
212A-75-77, Irwin, Elizabeth, 30yrs, OH
208A-15-15, Irwin, George A., 29yrs, PA
212A-76-78, Irwin, Grace, 1yrs, PA
208A-17-17, Irwin, Hannah, 22yrs, PA
208A-15-15, Irwin, Ida, 7yrs, PA
212A-75-77, Irwin, Isabella, 45yrs, PA
212A-75-77, Irwin, James C., 50yrs, PA
208A-20-20, Irwin, John C., 12yrs, PA
212A-76-78, Irwin, Mary, 15yrs, PA
208A-15-15, Irwin, Mary E., 6yrs, PA
212A-75-77, Irwin, Mary J., 35yrs, OH
212A-76-78, Irwin, Mathew, 14yrs, PA
208A-17-17, Irwin, Mathew A., 30yrs, PA
212A-76-78, Irwin, Nancy, 12yrs, PA
212A-76-78, Irwin, Rachel, 40yrs, PA
208A-15-15, Irwin, Sarah, 2yrs, PA
208A-20-20, Irwin, Thomas, 31yrs, PA
208A-20-20, Irwin, Thomas A., 10yrs, PA
212A-76-78, Irwin, William, 46yrs, PA
208B-26-26, Jobe, Mehala, 50yrs, PA
207A-3-3, Johnson, Gilbert, 25yrs, PA
207A-3-3, Johnson, Jane E., 4yrs, PA
207A-3-3, Johnson, Lucy R., 2yrs, PA
207A-3-3, Johnson, Margaret A., 28yrs, PA
207A-3-3, Johnson, Mary M., 1yrs, PA
207A-3-3, Johnson, Sarah M., 3yrs, PA
209A-31-29, Kelly, Jane, 60yrs, Ireland
209A-31-29, Kelly, John, 70yrs, Ireland
209A-31-29, Kelly, Maggie, 29yrs, PA
209A-31-29, Kelly, Robert B., 21yrs, PA
213A-97-98, Kooce, Elenor, 57yrs, PA
213A-97-98, Kooce, Eliza E., 22yrs, PA
213A-97-98, Kooce, Emely, 19yrs, PA
213A-97-98, Kooce, Mary A., 25yrs, PA
213A-97-98, Kooce, William, 59yrs, PA
207A-7-7, Lenegan, Alexander, 55yrs, Ireland
207A-7-7, Lenegan, Jeanette, 22yrs, CT
207A-7-7, Lenegan, Nancy, 54yrs, VA
207A-7-7, Lenegan, Sarah, 20yrs, MA
207A-7-7, Lenegan, Susan, 17yrs, VA
211B-66-68, Lock, Richard, 22yrs, PA
207A-6-6, Lockhart, Elizabeth, 44yrs, PA
207A-6-6, Lockhart, John, 61yrs, PA
207A-6-6, Lockhart, John F., 8yrs, PA
213A-89-91, McBride, An J., 62yrs, Ireland
213A-89-91, McBride, James C., 22yrs, PA
213A-89-91, McBride, James G., 62yrs, Ireland
213A-89-91, McBride, Jane, 32yrs, PA
213A-89-91, McBride, Margaret E., 34yrs, PA
211B-70-72, McCheasney, Elizabeth J., 1yrs, PA
211B-70-72, McCheasney, Harriet, 26yrs, PA
213A-96-97, McCheasney, J. Floyd, 11yrs, PA
213A-96-97, McCheasney, M. L., 18yrs, PA 
213A-96-97, McCheasney, Martha, 57yrs, PA
211B-70-72, McCheasney, William, 28yrs, PA
208B-28-28, McConnell, Alice E., 14yrs, PA
210B-53-54, McConnell, Elizabeth, 50yrs, PA
210B-53-54, McConnell, Emerson, 4yrs, PA
208B-28-28, McConnell, George, 44yrs, PA
208B-28-28, McConnell, James M., 1yrs, PA
210B-53-54, McConnell, John, 53yrs, PA
208B-28-28, McConnell, Mary A., 10yrs, PA
210B-53-54, McConnell, Mary J., 15yrs, PA
210B-53-54, McConnell, Mehala J., 19yrs, PA
208B-28-28, McConnell, Sarah M., 35yrs, PA
208A-16-16, McCurdy, Adam, 20yrs, PA
208A-16-16, McCurdy, Alexander, 11yrs, PA
208A-16-16, McCurdy, George, 18yrs, PA
208A-16-16, McCurdy, Jane, 56yrs, Ireland
208A-16-16, McCurdy, John, 58yrs, Ireland
208A-16-16, McCurdy, Martha, 15yrs, PA
211A-60-61, McDowell, Eliza, 29yrs, Ireland
209B-42-41, McDowell, Ezra A., 14yrs, PA
211A-60-61, McDowell, George, 9yrs, PA
213A-91-93, McDowell, Hannah, 20yrs, PA
209B-42-41, McDowell, Magdalene, 54yrs, PA
213A-91-93, McDowell, Margaret, 58yrs, PA
211A-60-61, McDowell, Margaret G., 1yrs, PA
213A-91-93, McDowell, Nancy A., 18yrs, PA
211A-60-61, McDowell, Paterick, 28yrs, PA
209B-42-41, McDowell, Sarah E., 21yrs, PA
209B-42-41, McDowell, Thomas, 47yrs, PA
207B-8-8, McElree, Amelia, 31yrs, PA
207B-8-8, McElree, George, 13yrs, PA
207B-8-8, McElree, Ida M., 9/12yr, PA
207B-8-8, McElree, John E., 6yrs, PA
207B-8-8, McElree, Martha J., 7yrs, PA
207A-8-8, McElree, Thomas, 34yrs, PA
210A-46-46, McFarlin, Elmer, 8yrs, PA
210A-46-46, McFarlin, Frank, 2yrs, PA
210A-46-46, McFarlin, Grant W., 14yrs, OH
210A-46-46, McFarlin, John A., 47yrs, OH
210A-46-46, McFarlin, Lavina, 36yrs, OH
210A-46-46, McFarlin, Lizzie, 5yrs, PA
208A-19-19, McKee, Alexander, 62yrs, Ireland
208A-21-21, McKee, Ellen, 35yrs, PA
208A-19-19, McKee, Hannah, 51yrs, Ireland
208A-19-19, McKee, Hugh, 24yrs, Ireland
208A-21-21, McKee, Joseph, 35yrs, Ireland
208B-22-22, McKee, Letitia, 52yrs, PA
208B-21-21, McKee, Mary J., 4yrs, PA
208B-22-22, McKee, Olive, 15yrs, PA
208B-22-22, McKee, Samuel, 52yrs, Ireland
208A-21-21, McKee, Samuel A., 8yrs, PA
208A-21-21, McKee, Willis P., 10yrs, PA
212B-82-84, Metcalf, George S., 14yrs, England
212A-82-84, Metcalf, James, 43yrs, England
212B-82-84, Metcalf, James W., 8yrs, England
212A-82-84, Metcalf, Mary, 47yrs, England
212B-83-85, Miller, Eliza, 50yrs, PA
212B-83-85, Miller, George W. C., 9yrs, PA
209B-37-35, Miller, Martha, 11yrs, PA
212B-83-85, Miller, S. G., 48yrs, PA
209A-37-35, Montgomery, Agnes, 53yrs, PA
211B-66-68, Montgomery, Agnes, 55yrs, PA
209A-37-35, Montgomery, Anna, 37yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Apheus J., 21yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Beriah C., 27yrs, PA
212B-87-89, Montgomery, Charles N. S., 6yrs, PA
211B-65-66, Montgomery, Clara, 5yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Cyrus J., 23yrs, PA
213A-96-97, Montgomery, Edward S., 29yrs, PA
213A-96-97, Montgomery, Eliza, 26yrs, PA
211B-65-67, Montgomery, Eliza, 64yrs, PA
212B-87-89, Montgomery, Elizabeth, 47yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Elizabeth, 50yrs, PA
211B-67-69, Montgomery, Elizabeth, 76yrs, Ireland
212B-87-89, Montgomery, Elmer, 8yrs, PA
213A-95-96, Montgomery, Emely E., 42yrs, PA
213A-95-96, Montgomery, Gilbert M., 11yrs, PA
211B-65-66, Montgomery, Henry, 1yrs, PA
211A-65-66, Montgomery, Howard W., 9yrs, PA
211B-66-68, Montgomery, James C., 51yrs, PA
211A-61-62, Montgomery, James E., 51yrs, PA
211B-65-66, Montgomery, John, 1yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, John B., 54yrs, PA
212B-87-89, Montgomery, Josiah F., 10yrs, PA
211B-65-66, Montgomery, Laura, 4yrs, PA
211A-65-66, Montgomery, Lizzie P., 11yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Maggie A., 5yrs, PA
211A-61-62, Montgomery, Margaret, 48yrs, OH
212B-87-89, Montgomery, Martha A., 13yrs, PA
211B-67-69, Montgomery, Martha A., 39yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Martha E., 19yrs, PA
213A-96-97, Montgomery, Martha M., 1yrs, PA
211A-61-62, Montgomery, Mathew C., 21yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Milton B., 25yrs, PA
212B-87-89, Montgomery, Philip S., 3yrs, PA
211A-65-66, Montgomery, Rebecca, 35yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Renwick H., 9yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Roxannah, 26yrs, PA
209A-37-35, Montgomery, Samuel, 49yrs, PA
212B-87-89, Montgomery, Samuel M., 15yrs, PA
213A-95-96, Montgomery, Sarah M., 9yrs, PA
211B-66-68, Montgomery, Silas B., 25yrs, PA
213A-96-97, Montgomery, Sophia L., 3yrs, PA
211B-66-68, Montgomery, Sylva V., 12yrs, PA
209A-37-35, Montgomery, Thomas, 84yrs, DE
213A-95-96, Montgomery, Thomas J., 13yrs, PA
211A-62-63, Montgomery, Thomas N., 12yrs, PA
211A-65-66, Montgomery, Violetta, 13yrs, PA
211A-65-66, Montgomery, William, 39yrs, PA
211A-61-62, Montgomery, William A., 25yrs, PA
212B-87-89, Montgomery, Wm B., 54yrs, PA
212B-83-85, Moore, Mary, 24yrs, OH
207B-11-11, Parkes, Anna M., 5yrs, PA
207B-11-11, Parkes, Caroline R., 12yrs, PA
207B-11-11, Parkes, James, 36yrs, Ireland
207B-11-11, Parkes, John A., 10yrs, PA
207B-11-11, Parkes, Martha E., 37yrs, PA
207B-11-11, Parkes, William W., 13yrs, PA
208B-23-23, Patterson, Amanda, 11yrs, PA
208B-23-23, Patterson, Arthur, 9yrs, PA
208B-23-23, Patterson, Cassandria, 21yrs, PA
211A-64-65, Patterson, Elizabeth, 25yrs, PA
210A-45-45, Patterson, Ella, 7yrs, PA
210A-45-45, Patterson, George, 19yrs, PA
208B-23-23, Patterson, George, 46yrs, Ireland
208B-23-23, Patterson, Hannah, 52yrs, PA
208B-23-23, Patterson, Huldah, 7yrs, PA
208B-23-23, Patterson, John, 17yrs, PA
210A-45-45, Patterson, John, 17yrs, PA
211A-64-65, Patterson, Julia, 18yrs, PA
210A-45-45, Patterson, Maggie, 13yrs, PA
211A-64-65, Patterson, Margaret, 23yrs, PA
210B-55-56, Patterson, Maria, 41yrs, PA
211A-64-65, Patterson, Mary J., 34yrs, PA
210B-55-56, Patterson, Meade, 14yrs, PA
211A-64-65, Patterson, Melissa, 20yrs, PA
210A-45-45, Patterson, Rebecca J., 48yrs, PA
210A-45-45, Patterson, Robert, 20yrs, PA
210B-55-56, Patterson, Robert, 67yrs, Ireland
208B-23-23, Patterson, Samuel, 14yrs, PA
210A-45-45, Patterson, Thomas, 15yrs, PA
211A-64-65, Patterson, William, 65yrs, Ireland
209A-32-30, Perry, Alpheus M., 19yrs, PA
209A-34-32, Perry, Clarrissa, 5yrs, PA
209A-34-32, Perry, Clarrissa, 44yrs, OH
209A-32-30, Perry, Eliza, 52yrs, PA
209A-34-32, Perry, George, 51yrs, PA
209A-32-30, Perry, George W., 85yrs, PA
209A-32-30, Perry, James C., 13yrs, PA
209A-32-30, Perry, Jefferson C., 22yrs, PA
209A-32-30, Perry, Joseph, 49yrs, PA
209A-32-30, Perry, Margaret A., 24yrs, PA
209A-34-32, Perry, Margaret E., 10yrs, PA
209A-32-30, Perry, Newton L., 15yrs, PA
207B-9-9, Pond, Elizabeth, 25yrs, PA
207B-9-9, Pond, James, 60yrs, VT
207B-9-9, Pond, Jane, 65yrs, PA
207B-9-9, Pond, Lavina, 1yrs, PA
207B-9-9, Pond, Seth, 22yrs, PA
209A-33-31, Rainey, John, 34yrs, Ireland
209A-33-31, Rainey, John, 73yrs, Ireland
209A-33-31, Rainey, Letitia, 66yrs, Ireland
209A-33-31, Rainey, Mary, 25yrs, NY
209A-33-31, Rainey, Rachel, 39yrs, Ireland
208A-19-19, Rove, Martha, 9yrs, Wales
211A-60-61, Seaton, Mary, 60yrs, PA
213A-93-95, Shaw, Eusebia J., 4yrs, PA
211A-59-60, Shaw, Hugh, 27yrs, Ireland
213A-93-95, Shaw, Robert, 24yrs, Ireland
213A-93-95, Shaw, Sarah, 26yrs, PA
213A-93-95, Shaw, William J., 2yrs, PA
212B-85-87, Smear, Rose, 16yrs, Germany
210B-57-58, Snyder, Ellis, 16yrs, PA
212A-81-82, Sopher, Charity, 66yrs, NJ
212A-81-83, Sopher, Charles, 4yrs, PA
212A-81-83, Sopher, French, 2yrs, PA
212A-81-83, Sopher, James, 39yrs, PA
212A-81-83, Sopher, James B., 6yrs, PA
212A-81-82, Sopher, Jonathan, 70yrs, NJ
212A-81-83, Sopher, Jonathan M., 12yrs, PA
212A-81-83, Sopher, Mary A., 34yrs, PA
212A-81-83, Sopher, Minnie M., 10yrs, PA
212A-81-83, Sopher, Philip, 14yrs, PA
213A-91-93, Sterrett, James P., 30yrs, PA
213A-91-93, Sterrett, Mary A., 26yrs, PA
208B-26-26, Stevenson, James, 45yrs, Ireland
212B-83-85, Swager, Jennie, 9yrs, PA
213A-88-90, Taylor, Abraham L., 32yrs, PA
211B-73-75, Taylor, Alice A., 22yrs, PA
213A-88-90, Taylor, Ida E., 8yrs, PA 
211B-73-75, Taylor, John L., 35yrs, PA
213A-88-90, Taylor, Louesa A., 28yrs, PA
211B-73-75, Taylor, Mary A., 2yrs, PA
213A-88-90, Taylor, Mary E., 4yrs, PA
211B-73-75, Taylor, Sarah E., 9/12yr, PA
213A-88-90, Taylor, William J., 1yrs, PA
209B-38-36, Thompson, Elizabeth, 39yrs, PA
209B-38-36, Thompson, Margaret, 8yrs, PA
209B-38-36, Thompson, Rebecca A., 6yrs, PA
209A-31-29, Thompson, Rhoda C., 24yrs, PA
209B-38-36, Thompson, Robert, 39yrs, PA
209B-38-36, Thompson, Samuel M., 4yrs, PA
207A-4-4, Todd, Eliza J., 19yrs, PA
207A-4-4, Todd, Hugh, 32yrs, PA
207A-4-4, Todd, Jane, 67yrs, PA
207A-2-2, Todd, John C., 9yrs, PA
207A-5-5, Todd, John S., 41yrs, PA
207A-5-5, Todd, Margaret, 10yrs, PA
207A-2-2, Todd, Mary, 43yrs, PA
207A-5-5, Todd, Mina E., 7yrs, PA
207A-2-2, Todd, Robert P., 30yrs, PA
207A-4-4, Todd, Robert S., 25yrs, PA
207A-5-5, Todd, Susan J., 11yrs, PA
207A-4-4, Todd, William, 27yrs, PA
211A-63-64, Turner, David, 38yrs, PA
211A-63-64, Turner, Elizabeth, 37yrs, PA
210B-54-55, Turner, James, 32yrs, PA
211A-63-64, Turner, John N., 11yrs, PA
210B-54-55, Turner, Mary , 28yrs, PA
211A-63-64, Turner, Melissa, 6yrs, PA
210B-54-55, Turner, Samuel, 35yrs, PA
211A-63-64, Turner, Sarah E., 14yrs, PA
210B-56-57, Vogan, Drusilla, 1yrs, PA
210B-56-57, Vogan, Melissa, 20yrs, PA
210B-56-57, Vogan, Oliver Perry, 11yrs, PA
210B-56-57, Vogan, Rachel, 3yrs, PA
210B-56-57, Vogan, Stephen, 30yrs, PA
213A-90-92, Waldron, D. M., 35yrs, PA
210B-59-60, Waldron, Dorcaas, 15yrs, PA
213A-90-92, Waldron, Elizabeth, 77yrs, PA
213A-90-92, Waldron, Emberetta, 7yrs, PA
210B-59-60, Waldron, Florissa, 17yrs, PA
213A-90-92, Waldron, Friend A., 1yrs, PA
211A-59-60, Waldron, Hannah, 74yrs, PA
210B-59-60, Waldron, James, 12yrs, PA
210B-59-60, Waldron, Nancy, 43yrs, PA
213A-90-92, Waldron, Paulina, 30yrs, PA
210B-59-60, Waldron, Simeon, 49yrs, PA
210A-49-50, Wallace, Marvin, 8yrs, PA
208A-14-14, Weaver, Alfred, 24yrs, PA
208B-25-25, Weaver, Barbara A., 10yrs, PA
207B-14-14, Weaver, Christopher, 40yrs, PA
208B-25-25, Weaver, Ellen, 8yrs, PA
208B-25-25, Weaver, George, 1yrs, PA
208B-25-25, Weaver, George, 50yrs, PA
209B-41-40, Weaver, George R., 6yrs, PA
208A-14-14, Weaver, Isaac, 26yrs, PA
208B-25-25, Weaver, James, 12yrs, PA
207B-14-14, Weaver, Joseph, 45yrs, PA
208A-14-14, Weaver, Lusetta, 13yrs, PA
209B-41-40, Weaver, Margaret E., 30yrs, PA
209B-41-40, Weaver, Mary E., 8yrs, PA
208B-25-25, Weaver, Mary J., 30yrs, PA
207B-14-14, Weaver, Polly, 70yrs, PA
208B-25-25, Weaver, Sarah, 6yrs, PA
209B-41-40, Weaver, Sarah L., 11yrs, PA
209B-41-40, Weaver, Vanderman, 33yrs, PA
209B-41-40, Weaver, William J., 3yrs, PA
209A-36-34, Wick, Alonzo S., 18yrs, OH
209A-36-34, Wick, D. M., 46yrs, OH
209A-36-34, Wick, Jane, 32yrs, PA
209A-36-34, Wick, Lotta M., 3yrs, PA
209A-36-34, Wick, Nancy E., 6yrs, PA
209A-36-34, Wick, R. K., 9yrs, PA
212A-80-81, Williamson, George B., 57yrs, PA
212A-80-81, Williamson, Isabella, 32yrs, PA
212A-80-81, Williamson, Jacob, 20yrs, PA
212A-80-81, Williamson, Joseph N., 22yrs, PA
212A-80-81, Williamson, Laura B., 5yrs, PA
212A-80-81, Williamson, Margaret J., 17yrs, PA
212A-80-81, Williamson, Mary R., 51yrs, PA
208B-24-24, Wilson, David, 35yrs, PA
213A-100-100, Wilson, John, 56yrs, Ireland
213A-100-100, Wilson, John B., 25yrs, PA
213A-100-100, Wilson, Martha, 45yrs, Ireland
213A-100-100, Wilson, Martha L., 11yrs, PA
213A-100-100, Wilson, Mary, 23yrs, PA
208B-24-24, Wilson, Mary, 30yrs, PA
208B-24-24, Wilson, Mary C., 4yrs, PA
213A-100-100, Wilson, Mathew, 17yrs, PA
208B-24-24, Wilson, Mina, 1yrs, PA
213A-100-100, Wilson, Nancy E., 8yrs, PA
213A-100-100, Wilson, Samuel, 65yrs, Ireland
208B-24-24, Wilson, Sarah A., 6yrs, PA
213A-100-100, Wilson, Sarah A., 14yrs, PA
213A-100-100, Wilson, William, 19yrs, PA
208B-24-24, Wilson, William J., 12yrs, PA
212A-78-80, Young, Johnnah, 63yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 2000 John MacDonald

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