Jackson Township

1870 Census Surname List

Jackson Township

INDEX TO THE 1870 Census of Mercer County, JACKSON TOWNSHIP

1870 Census-Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: John Snyder
Post Office: Mercer
Date of Enumeration: 21 - 27 June, 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the
individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

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Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

326B-26-24, Aken, Joseph, 76 yrs, NJ
326B-26-24, Aken, Mary, 62 yrs, PA
327A-40-37, Armstrong, Catharine, 29 yrs, PA
327A-40-37, Armstrong, Debora, 76 yrs, PA
327A-40-37, Armstrong, Francis H., 10 yrs, PA
332A-127-114, Armstrong, Frank, 17 yrs, PA
327A-40-37, Armstrong, George, 33 yrs, PA
327A-40-37, Armstrong, John E., 1 yrs, PA
327A-40-37, Armstrong, Willis E., 8 yrs, PA
331B-117-105, Armstrong , Amanda, 20 yrs, PA
331A-117-105, Armstrong , John, 61 yrs, PA
331B-117-105, Armstrong , Lizzie, 30 yrs, PA
331A-117-105, Armstrong , Martha, 59 yrs, PA
331B-117-105, Armstrong , Mattie, 25 yrs, PA
331B-117-105, Armstrong , Nancy J, 34 yrs, PA
330B-104-91, Arnold, Fletcher, 27 yrs, PA
330B-104-91, Arnold, Julia A, 56 yrs, PA
330B-104-91, Arnold, Lydia V, 18 yrs, PA
325B-15-15, Barnes, Alice A., 6 yrs, PA
326A-19-18, Barnes, Archibald B., 4 yrs, PA
325B-15-15, Barnes, Burton S., 14 yrs, PA
325B-15-15, Barnes, Calvin, 4 yrs, PA
325A-1-1, Barnes, Daniel, 22 yrs, PA
326A-19-18, Barnes, Eliza J., 39 yrs, PA
325A-1-1, Barnes, Ford, 67 yrs, PA
326A-19-18, Barnes, George L., 12 yrs, PA
325B-15-15, Barnes, Irwin A., 18 yrs, PA
326A-19-18, Barnes, James G., 9 yrs, PA
326A-19-18, Barnes, John L., 40 yrs, PA
326A-19-18, Barnes, Maggie E., 2 yrs, PA
325B-15-15, Barnes, Margaret, 1 yrs, PA
325A-1-1, Barnes, Maria, 13 yrs, PA
325B-15-15, Barnes, Martha A., 42 yrs, PA
325A-1-1, Barnes, Mary E., 57 yrs, PA
326A-19-18, Barnes, Math** A., 5 yrs, PA
325A-2-2, Barnes, Mathew, 45 yrs, PA
325A-2-2, Barnes, Nancy J., 37 yrs, PA
326A-19-18, Barnes, Orvetus L., 7 yrs, PA
325A-1-1, Barnes, Sarah, 24 yrs, PA
326A-19-18, Barnes, Therm O., 4/12 yrs, PA
325B-15-15, Barnes, William, 47 yrs, PA
325B-15-15, Barnes, William J., 11 yrs, PA
331A-110-98, Bell, Matilda, 19 yrs, OH
333A-147-134, Bestwick, Minnie, 2 yrs, PA
333A-144-131, Black, Emma, 8 yrs, PA
331A-116-104, Black, James M, 7 yrs, PA
331A-116-104, Black, Jane, 26 yrs, PA
331A-116-104, Black, John W, 5 yrs, PA
331A-116-104, Black, Lemuel, 31 yrs, PA
331A-116-104, Black, Lemuel W, 16 yrs, PA
333A-144-131, Black, Lydia, 35 yrs, PA
333A-146-133, Black, Mary, 18 yrs, PA
331A-116-104, Black, Olive L, 1 yrs, PA
333A-144-131, Black, Sarah, 33 yrs, PA
334B-165-152, Bowman, Jane E, 12 yrs, PA
334A-165-152, Bowman, Mary G, 44 yrs, PA
334B-165-152, Bowman, Mary M, 5 yrs, PA
334A-165-152, Bowman, Samuel, 44 yrs, PA
334B-165-152, Bowman, Sarah E, 4 yrs, PA
325B-12-12, Boyd, Enoch, 25 yrs, OH
334B-167-154, Boyd, Sarah, 24 yrs, PA
329B-89-76, Brockleyhurst, Ann, 35 yrs, OH
329B-90-77, Brockleyhurst, Anna E, 4 yrs, PA
329A-81-69, Brockleyhurst, Charles V, 3 yrs, PA
329B-89-76, Brockleyhurst, Elizabeth, 31 yrs, OH
329B-89-76, Brockleyhurst, Elizabeth, 67 yrs, England
329A-81-69, Brockleyhurst, Francis, 1 yrs, PA
329B-90-77, Brockleyhurst, George E, 6 yrs, PA
329B-89-76, Brockleyhurst, Harriet, 27 yrs, OH
329A-81-69, Brockleyhurst, John, 35 yrs, OH
329A-81-69, Brockleyhurst, John E, 4 yrs, PA
329B-90-77, Brockleyhurst, John Wm, 1 yrs, PA
329B-90-77, Brockleyhurst, Mary A, 31 yrs, PA
329A-81-69, Brockleyhurst, Mary A, 33 yrs, PA
329B-90-77, Brockleyhurst, Mary E, 3 yrs, PA
329B-89-76, Brockleyhurst, Sarah, 39 yrs, PA
329A-81-69, Brockleyhurst, Sarah M, 8 yrs, PA
329B-90-77, Brockleyhurst, Wm, 41 yrs, England
334A-157-144, Bromley, Charles, 18 yrs, PA
332A-128-115, Buchanan, Charles A, 3 yrs, PA
332A-128-115, Buchanan, James A, 1 yrs, PA
332A-128-115, Buchanan, John R, 30 yrs, PA
332A-128-115, Buchanan, Margaret P, 25 yrs, PA
332A-130-117, Buchanan, William, 20 yrs, PA
327A-38-35, Buck, Mary, 56 yrs, PA
327A-38-35, Buck, Samuel, 71 yrs, Ireland
325A-8-8, Campbell, Anne, 48 yrs, PA
325A-8-8, Campbell, Susan A., 24 yrs, PA
328B-71-61, Clark, Abraham, 50 yrs, PA
328B-72-62, Clark, Alfred, 11 yrs, PA
328B-72-62, Clark, Araminta J, 8 yrs, PA
328B-72-62, Clark, Catharine V, 40 yrs, NY
328B-70-60, Clark, Charles M, 10 yrs, PA
328B-72-62, Clark, Florence, 19 yrs, PA
328B-71-61, Clark, Hannah M, 3 yrs, PA
328B-71-61, Clark, Mary, 33 yrs, OH
328B-70-60, Clark, Mary A, 42 yrs, PA
328B-72-62, Clark, Thomas, 48 yrs, PA
328B-70-60, Clark, Uriah S, 7 yrs, PA
328B-70-60, Clark, William, 63 yrs, PA
328B-72-62, Clark, Zetta M, 1 yrs, PA
328A-52-48, Clawson, A. M., 29 yrs, PA
328A-52-48, Clawson, Harriet, 25 yrs, PA
328A-52-48, Clawson, Laura A., 4 yrs, PA
331B-119-106, Collins, Patrick, 71 yrs, Canada
332A-131-119, Cousins, Annie M, 11 yrs, PA
332A-131-119, Cousins, David H, 15 yrs, PA
332A-131-119, Cousins, Elizabeth, 47 yrs, PA
332B-136-124, Crowley, Isabella V, 19 yrs, PA
326B-32-30, Crowley, Mary, 20 yrs, PA
332B-136-124, Daugherty, Armstrong, 38 yrs, PA
332B-136-124, Daugherty, Elizabeth, 63 yrs, PA
332B-136-124, Daugherty, James, 70 yrs, PA
332B-136-124, Daugherty, James M, 24 yrs, PA
329A-78-67, Davy, Elizabeth, 41 yrs, England
329A-78-67, Davy, Frederick, 16 yrs, PA
329A-78-67, Davy, Jackson, 6 yrs, PA
329A-78-67, Davy, John, 42 yrs, England
330A-96-83, Defrancie, Arthur, 63 yrs, PA
330A-96-83, Defrancie, Arthur N, 21 yrs, PA
330A-96-83, Defrancie, Melissa, 22 yrs, PA
330A-96-83, Defrancie, Nancy, 59 yrs, PA
330A-97-84, Dight, Alexander, 24 yrs, PA
332B-138-126, Dight, Anna, 17 yrs, PA
330A-97-84, Dight, Anna, 27 yrs, PA
332B-138-126, Dight, Charles, 13 yrs, PA
332B-138-126, Dight, George, 20 yrs, PA
330A-97-84, Dight, James R, 28 yrs, PA
332B-137-125, Dight, John, 47 yrs, PA
332B-137-125, Dight, Mary, 43 yrs, PA
332B-138-126, Dight, William, 60 yrs, PA
325B-9-9, Donaldson, Anna M., 12 yrs, PA
325B-9-9, Donaldson, Etta, 7 yrs, PA
325B-9-9, Donaldson, Leander, 23 yrs, PA
325A-9-9, Donaldson, Minerva, 49 yrs, PA
325B-9-9, Donaldson, Sabina, 21 yrs, PA
325A-9-9, Donaldson, Samuel, 51 yrs, PA
325B-9-9, Donaldson, William L., 4 yrs, PA
332A-130-117, Eats, Minerva, 15 yrs, PA
327A-35-32, Esterbrook, Charles, 7 yrs, PA
330A-95-82, Farker, Nancy J, 24 yrs, PA
330A-95-82, Farker, William, 24 yrs, PA
330B-98-85, Findley, Adella, 1 yrs, PA
330B-98-85, Findley, Benjamin, 7 yrs, PA
330A-98-85, Findley, Clarissa A, 18 yrs, PA
330B-98-85, Findley, Laura, 3 yrs, PA
330A-98-85, Findley, Maggie, 9 yrs, PA
330A-98-85, Findley, Mary, 11 yrs, PA
330A-98-85, Findley, Patterson, 46 yrs, PA
330A-98-85, Findley, Prudence, 42 yrs, PA
330A-98-85, Findley, Rebecca, 16 yrs, PA
330A-98-85, Findley, William S, 20 yrs, PA
327B-42-39, Fisher, Albert, 15 yrs, PA
327B-42-39, Fisher, Alfred, 10 yrs, PA
327B-42-39, Fisher, Austa, 32 yrs, OH
327B-42-39, Fisher, Calvin, 7 yrs, PA
327B-42-39, Fisher, Henry, 32 yrs, England
327B-42-39, Fisher, Jane, 3 yrs, PA
327B-42-39, Fisher, Minnie, 1 yrs, PA
327B-42-39, Fisher, Sarah A., 9 yrs, PA
327B-43-40, Galagher, Ellen, 44 yrs, PA
327B-43-40, Galagher, James M., 49 yrs, PA
327B-43-40, Galagher, Mary J., 14 yrs, PA
330A-92-79, Garvin, Anna M, 15 yrs, PA
330A-92-79, Garvin, James, 43 yrs, Ireland
330A-92-79, Garvin, James E, 7 yrs, PA
330A-92-79, Garvin, Margaret, 17 yrs, PA
330A-92-79, Garvin, Samuel, 3 yrs, PA
330A-92-79, Garvin, Sarah, 42 yrs, PA
330A-92-79, Garvin, Susan, 13 yrs, PA
330B-105-92, Gill, James L, 4 yrs, PA
330B-105-92, Gill, Margaret, 27 yrs, PA
330B-105-92, Gill, Rebecca A, 3/12 yrs, PA
330B-105-92, Gill, William J, 33 yrs, PA
330B-105-92, Gill, William S, 7 yrs, PA
332A-129-116, Gordon, Cassius C, 11 yrs, PA
332A-125-112, Gordon, Catharine, 60 yrs, PA
332A-129-116, Gordon, Charles E, 4 yrs, PA
332A-129-116, Gordon, Hugh F, 36 yrs, PA
332A-129-116, Gordon, Sarah J, 31 yrs, PA
332A-130-117, Graham, Christena, 32 yrs, PA
332A-130-117, Graham, Francis F, 38 yrs, PA
327A-41-38, Graham, Jane, 1 yrs, PA
327A-41-38, Graham, Jane E., 50 yrs, PA
327A-41-38, Graham, Johnson, 76 yrs, PA
327A-41-38, Graham, Mary F., 21 yrs, OH
327A-41-38, Graham, William J., 25 yrs, PA
325B-10-10, Greenlee, Amanda, 28 yrs, PA
325B-10-10, Greenlee, John, 70 yrs, PA
325B-10-10, Greenlee, Mary, 50 yrs, Ireland
325B-10-10, Greenlee, Samuel D., 33 yrs, PA
325B-10-10, Greenlee, William, 35 yrs, PA
331B-117-105, Hamilton, Charles W, 10 yrs, PA
334B-166-153, Hamilton, David B, 54 yrs, PA
334A-164-151, Hamilton, Elizabeth, 19 yrs, PA
334A-159-146, Hamilton, George, 2 yrs, PA
334A-159-146, Hamilton, James M, 25 yrs, PA
334A-159-146, Hamilton, Jane, 4/12 yrs, PA
334A-164-151, Hamilton, Jane, 56 yrs, PA
334A-164-151, Hamilton, John, 15 yrs, PA
334A-164-151, Hamilton, Margaret, 20 yrs, PA
334B-166-153, Hamilton, Mary, 20 yrs, OH
334A-159-146, Hamilton, Mary M, 20 yrs, PA
334A-164-151, Hamilton, Mathew, 17 yrs, PA
334A-164-151, Hamilton, Wm H, 54 yrs, PA
333B-150-137, Harrison, Jesse, 25 yrs, PA
333B-150-137, Harrison, Mary J, 21 yrs, PA
333B-150-137, Harrison, Sarah, 62 yrs, England
333B-150-137, Harrison, Thomas, 24 yrs, PA
333B-150-137, Harrison, William, 73 yrs, England
332B-135-123, Harry, David G, 15 yrs, PA
332B-135-123, Harry, Henry, 51 yrs, PA
332B-135-123, Harry, James M, 11 yrs, PA
332B-135-123, Harry, John, 20 yrs, PA
332B-135-123, Harry, Saph*a, 49 yrs, PA
332B-135-123, Harry, Sarah E, 18 yrs, PA
327A-39-36, Have, Frank, 9 yrs, PA
327A-39-36, Have, Jerusha, 21 yrs, PA
327A-39-36, Have, Susan, 61 yrs, PA
330A-94-81, Haynes, Alice, 9 yrs, MN
332B-140-128, Heasley, Mincy E, 11 yrs, PA
328B-69-59, Hergesheimer, August, 26 yrs, PA
329B-82-70, Hess, Martin E, 3 yrs, PA
329B-82-70, Hess, Mary M, 1 yrs, PA
329A-82-70, Heys, Mary, 23 yrs, PA
329A-82-70, Heys, Richard, 25 yrs, OH
325A-4-4, Hoge, Eliza, 43 yrs, PA
325A-5-5, Hoge, James B., 50 yrs, PA
325A-4-4, Hoge, Jane, 50 yrs, PA
325A-5-5, Hoge, Lucinda, 49 yrs, PA
325A-4-4, Hoge, Margaret, 60 yrs, Ireland
325A-4-4, Hoge, Nancy, 45 yrs, PA
325A-5-5, Hoge, Nancy J., 12 yrs, PA
325A-5-5, Hoge, William J., 14 yrs, PA
333B-152-139, Hosack, Catharine, 42 yrs, PA
331A-115-103, Hosack, Deborah H, 28 yrs, PA
333B-152-139, Hosack, Ellen, 20 yrs, PA
326A-22-20, Hosack, Frank, 8 yrs, PA
333B-152-139, Hosack, Thomas, 18 yrs, PA
331A-115-103, Hosack, Thomas J, 27 yrs, PA
333B-152-139, Hosack, William, 17 yrs, PA
333B-151-138, Hosak, Margaret A, 18 yrs, PA
333B-151-138, Hosak, Martha J, 29 yrs, PA
333B-151-138, Hosak, Sarah, 56 yrs, PA
333B-151-138, Hosak, Sarah A, 15 yrs, PA
333B-151-138, Hosak, William A, 20 yrs, PA
328A-55-51, Huey, Elizabeth, 72 yrs, PA
328A-55-51, Huey, George W., 23 yrs, PA
328A-57-52, Huey, John, 60 yrs, PA
328A-55-51, Huey, Samuel, 55 yrs, PA
331A-113-101, Hughes, Calvin, 13 yrs, PA
331A-113-101, Hughes, Hattie, 19 yrs, PA
331A-113-101, Hughes, Jennie, 15 yrs, PA
331A-114-102, Hughes, John, 30 yrs, PA
325B-11-11, Hughes, John H., 25 yrs, PA
325B-11-11, Hughes, Mary, 22 yrs, PA
331A-114-102, Hughes, Mary J, * yrs, PA
331A-114-102, Hughes, Mary J, 22 yrs, PA
331A-114-102, Hughes, May L, 1 yrs, PA
331A-113-101, Hughes, Sarah, 12 yrs, PA
331A-113-101, Hughes, Sarah, 56 yrs, PA
331A-113-101, Hughes, William, 64 yrs, PA
326A-22-20, Hughey, Nannie H., 11 yrs, PA
329B-86-73, Indfield, George W, 15 yrs, PA
329B-86-73, Indfield, Henry B, 4 yrs, PA
329B-86-73, Indfield, Ida, 10 yrs, PA
329B-86-73, Indfield, John, 9 yrs, PA
329B-86-73, Indfield, Joseph, 41 yrs, MD
329B-86-73, Indfield, Margaret A, 6 yrs, PA
329B-86-73, Indfield, Mary, 37 yrs, PA
329B-86-73, Indfield, Silvia, 12 yrs, PA
331A-111-99, Infield, Charles, 8 yrs, PA
330B-99-86, Infield, Daniel, 62 yrs, PA
331A-111-99, Infield, George, 2 yrs, PA
331A-111-99, Infield, Jennie, 9 yrs, PA
331A-111-99, Infield, John, 35 yrs, PA
331A-111-99, Infield, Lizzie, 4 yrs, PA
331A-111-99, Infield, Mary, 29 yrs, PA
330B-99-86, Infield, Sarah, 59 yrs, PA
326B-25-23, Irwin, Loretta, 11 yrs, PA
330A-92-79, Jameson, Jane, 73 yrs, Ireland
333B-157-144, Jeffery, Jane, 45 yrs, Scotland
333B-157-144, Jeffery, William, 46 yrs, Scotland
326B-32-30, Jones, Carrie, 12 yrs, PA
326B-32-30, Jones, Esther, 60 yrs, PA
326B-32-30, Jones, George, 55 yrs, PA
327B-48-45, Jones, Susan, 70 yrs, PA
325B-12-12, Jones , Allen P., 38 yrs, PA
325B-12-12, Jones , George R., 6 yrs, PA
325B-12-12, Jones , Harvey C., 11 yrs, PA
325B-12-12, Jones , Lucinda M., 33 yrs, NY
325B-12-12, Jones , Mary E., 9 yrs, PA
325B-12-12, Jones , Nancy J., 2 yrs, PA
330B-101-88, Kerr, Adam, 47 yrs, PA
330B-101-88, Kerr, Elizabeth, 45 yrs, PA
330B-101-88, Kerr, Henrietta, 9 yrs, PA
330B-101-88, Kerr, Ida, 7 yrs, PA
330B-101-88, Kerr, Robert D, 18 yrs, PA
330A-94-81, Lenegan, Rebecca, 48 yrs, PA
327A-37-34, Little, Andrew J., 10 yrs, WI
327B-49-46, Little, David, 46 yrs, PA
327A-37-34, Little, George, 32 yrs, PA
327B-49-46, Little, Henry, 10/12 yrs, PA
327B-49-46, Little, John, 17 yrs, PA
327B-49-46, Little, Margaret, 30 yrs, PA
327A-37-34, Little, Mary, 38 yrs, PA
327A-37-34, Little, Pearson, 38 yrs, PA
327A-37-34, Little, Sarah A, 15 yrs, WI
327B-49-46, Little, Thomas, 3 yrs, PA
327B-49-46, Little, William, 15 yrs, WI
325A-8-8, Long, Robert A., 10 yrs, PA
329A-77-66, Luke, Ann J, 6 yrs, PA
329A-77-66, Luke, Cathrine, 15 yrs, PA
329A-77-66, Luke, Mary, 58 yrs, Ireland
329A-77-66, Luke, Mary E, 10 yrs, PA
329A-77-66, Luke, Samuel, 46 yrs, Ireland
329A-77-66, Luke, Sarah E, 1/12 yrs, PA
325B-16-16, Mars, Agnes D., 15 yrs, PA
325B-16-16, Mars, Seth P., 23 yrs, PA
328A-61-54, Mathony, Clarence, 6 yrs, OH
328A-61-54, Mathony, Frances, 27 yrs, PA
328A-61-54, Mathony, John, 28 yrs, OH
328A-61-54, Mathony, Merty, 1 yrs, PA
326B-30-28, McClellan, Charles N., 2 yrs, PA
326B-30-28, McClellan, Mary A., 30 yrs, PA
326B-30-28, McClellan, Sylvester, 30 yrs, PA
327B-46-43, McConnell, Allen J., 19 yrs, PA
327B-46-43, McConnell, Hiram, 46 yrs, PA
327B-46-43, McConnell, Luther W., 17 yrs, PA
327B-46-43, McConnell, Rachael, 40 yrs, PA
327A-34-31, McCurdy, Alice, 6 yrs, PA
328B-73-63, McCurdy, Alice, 60 yrs, Ireland
328B-73-63, McCurdy, Anna M, 10 yrs, PA
326B-31-29, McCurdy, Catharine, 12 yrs, PA
327A-34-31, McCurdy, Catharine, 12 yrs, PA
327A-34-31, McCurdy, Elizabeth, 3 yrs, PA
327A-34-31, McCurdy, Hannah, 8 yrs, PA
329A-77-66, McCurdy, Isabella, 30 yrs, PA
326B-31-29, McCurdy, James, 14 yrs, PA
328B-73-63, McCurdy, James, 56 yrs, Ireland
326B-31-29, McCurdy, James, 61 yrs, Ireland
329A-77-66, McCurdy, John, 1 yrs, PA
327A-34-31, McCurdy, John, 53 yrs, Ireland
327A-34-31, McCurdy, Margaret, 8/12 yrs, PA
327A-34-31, McCurdy, Nancy, 39 yrs, Ireland
326B-31-29, McCurdy, Rosanna, 16 yrs, PA
328B-73-63, McCurdy, Rosanna, 24 yrs, PA
326B-31-29, McCurdy, Rosanna, 50 yrs, Ireland
327A-34-31, McCurdy, Rose, 19 yrs, PA
327A-34-31, McCurdy, William, 14 yrs, PA
326B-30-28, McDonald, William, 19 yrs, PA
330B-103-90, McElrath, Ida, 12 yrs, PA
330B-103-90, McElrath, Jane, 50 yrs, PA
330B-103-90, McElrath, John, 57 yrs, Ireland
330B-103-90, McElrath, Mary, 17 yrs, PA
331B-120-107, McGinnis, James M, 18 yrs, PA
331B-120-107, McGinnis, John D, 14 yrs, PA
331B-120-107, McGinnis, John D, 52 yrs, PA
331B-120-107, McGinnis, Lizzie B, 11 yrs, PA
331B-120-107, McGinnis, Rachel, 16 yrs, PA
331B-120-107, McGinnis, Rachel N, 45 yrs, PA
331B-120-107, McGinnis, William D, 24 yrs, PA
326A-23-21, McKay, Catharine P., 11 yrs, PA
326A-23-21, McKay, Enos C., 15 yrs, PA
326A-22-20, McKay, James, 47 yrs, Ireland
326A-23-21, McKay, James A., 1 yrs, PA
326A-23-21, McKay, Margaret J., 13 yrs, PA
326A-22-20, McKay, Rebecca, 39 yrs, PA
326A-23-21, McKay, Sarah, 40 yrs, PA
326A-22-20, McKay, Talitha P., 18 yrs, PA
326A-23-21, McKay, Thomas A.,=205 yrs, PA
326A-23-21, McKay, William, 49 yrs, Ireland
329A-77-66, McLain, Ann, 70 yrs, Ireland
329A-77-66, McLain, John, 58 yrs, Ireland
332B-139-127, McMillen, Caroline, 2 yrs, PA
332B-140-128, McMillen, David, 71 yrs, VA
332B-140-128, McMillen, David F, 29 yrs, PA
333A-143-130, McMillen, David L, 8 yrs, PA
332B-140-128, McMillen, Eliza J, 27 yrs, PA
332B-140-128, McMillen, Elizabeth E, 1 yrs, PA
332B-139-127, McMillen, Hannah C, 26 yrs, PA
333A-143-130, McMillen, J P, 36 yrs, PA
333A-143-130, McMillen, Lydia, 32 yrs, PA
332B-140-128, McMillen, Nancy, 68 yrs, PA
332B-139-127, McMillen, Samuel, 31 yrs, PA
333A-143-130, McMillen, Uriah W, 3 yrs, PA
332B-139-127, McMillen, William E, 1 yrs, PA
327A-38-35, Mogee, Fanny, 13 yrs, PA
332A-125-112, Moon, Amanda, 4 yrs, PA
325B-13-13, Moon, Anna A., 22 yrs, PA
332A-126-113, Moon, Cyrus C, 24 yrs, PA
325B-13-13, Moon, David S., 17 yrs, PA
332A-126-113, Moon, Ella N, 3 yrs, PA
325B-13-13, Moon, George C., 7/12 yrs, PA
332A-125-112, Moon, James H, 1 yrs, PA
325B-13-13, Moon, John, 26 yrs, PA
332A-125-112, Moon, Kate A, 10 yrs, PA
332A-126-113, Moon, Laura D, 1 yrs, PA
331B-125-112, Moon, Lewis, 42 yrs, PA
331B-125-112, Moon, Mary, 44 yrs, PA
332A-125-112, Moon, Mary A, 14 yrs, PA
332A-125-112, Moon, Rebecca, 16 yrs, PA
332A-125-112, Moon, Sarah A, 8 yrs, PA
332A-126-113, Moon, Sarah A, 24 yrs, PA
325B-13-13, Moon, Tena L., 1 yrs, PA
328A-65-56, Mourer, Debra, 61 yrs, PA
328A-65-56, Mourer, Hannah, 36 yrs, PA
330B-102-89, Murphy, Ellen, 21 yrs, PA
330B-102-89, Murphy, Josephene, 18 yrs, PA
330B-102-89, Murphy, Margaret, 45 yrs, PA
334A-157-144, Murry, Isabella, 65 yrs, Scotland
331A-110-98, North, William, 18 yrs, PA
332B-141-129, Orr, Ann, 20 yrs, PA
333A-149-136, Orr, Eliza, 17 yrs, PA
333A-149-136, Orr, Hannah, 18 yrs, PA
333A-149-136, Orr, Isabella, 14 yrs, PA
333A-149-136, Orr, Jane, 20 yrs, PA
333A-149-136, Orr, John, 28 yrs, PA
333B-149-136, Orr, Nancy, 8 yrs, PA
333A-149-136, Orr, Nancy, 55 yrs, Ireland
332B-141-129, Orr, William, 24 yrs, PA
333A-149-136, Orr, William, 65 yrs, Ireland
326A-17-17, Patterson, Anna L., 1 yrs, PA
326B-26-24, Patterson, Elizabeth, 42 yrs, PA
326B-27-25, Patterson, James B., 30 yrs, PA
326B-26-24, Patterson, John, 18 yrs, PA
326B-28-26, Patterson, John, 55 yrs, Ireland
326B-27-25, Patterson, Margaret, 2 yrs, PA
326B-28-26, Patterson, Margaret, 22 yrs, PA
326A-17-17, Patterson, Margaret, 61 yrs, PA
326B-28-26, Patterson, Maria M., 18 yrs, PA
326B-26-24, Patterson, Martha, 12 yrs, PA
326B-26-24, Patterson, Mary, 16 yrs, PA
326A-17-17, Patterson, Mary J., 25 yrs, PA
326B-27-25, Patterson, Mary J., 25 yrs, Canada
326B-28-26, Patterson, Ruth, 55 yrs, PA
325B-17-17, Patterson, Samuel, 55 yrs, PA
326B-26-24, Patterson, Sarah, 14 yrs, PA
326A-17-17, Patterson, Thompson, 27 yrs, PA
326B-26-24, Patterson, William, 66 yrs, PA
329B-88-75, Peach, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
328A-53-49, Pearson, Catharine, 51 yrs, PA
328A-53-49, Pearson, Charles, 51 yrs, PA
328A-53-49, Pearson, Daniel, 21 yrs, PA
328A-54-50, Pearson, Emma, 16 yrs, PA
328A-51-47, Pearson, George W., 25 yrs, PA
328A-51-47, Pearson, Hannah, 59 yrs, PA
328A-54-50, Pearson, Mary M., 19 yrs, PA
328A-54-50, Pearson, Matildia, 43 yrs, PA
328A-53-49, Pearson, Samuel, 22 yrs, PA
328A-54-50, Pearson, Samuel, 53 yrs, PA
333A-144-131, Peat, Dorathy, 71 yrs, England
333A-144-131, Peat, John, 60 yrs, England
332A-132-120, Pew, Annie M, 29 yrs, PA
332A-132-120, Pew, Clara T, 3 yrs, PA
332A-131-118, Pew, Elizabeth, 67 yrs, PA
332A-132-120, Pew, Joseph V, 31 yrs, PA
332A-131-118, Pew, Rebecca, 40 yrs, PA
332A-131-118, Pew, Samuel, 77 yrs, PA
332A-131-118, Pew, William A, 22 yrs, PA
326A-24-22, Porter, Alexander, 50 yrs, PA
326A-24-22, Porter, Alexander C., 18 yrs, PA
326B-24-22, Porter, Amanda G., 13 yrs, PA
326A-24-22, Porter, Mary E., 14 yrs, PA
326A-24-22, Porter, Nancy, 49 yrs, PA
326B-24-22, Porter, Thomas E., 6 yrs, PA
325A-6-6, Powell, Adaline, 8 yrs, PA
325A-2-2, Powell, Catharine, 14 yrs, PA
325A-6-6, Powell, Eliza, 11 yrs, PA
325A-6-6, Powell, John, 48 yrs, PA
325A-6-6, Powell, Mary J., 22 yrs, PA
325A-6-6, Powell, Phebe, 12 yrs, PA
325A-6-6, Powell, Samuel L., 3 yrs, PA
325A-6-6, Powell, Sarah B., 45 yrs, PA
325A-6-6, Powell, William J., 6 yrs, PA
326B-30-28, Rice, William M., 15 yrs, PA
331A-109-97, Richards, Jacob, 21 yrs, PA
331A-109-97, Richards, Nancy, 21 yrs, PA
331A-109-97, Richards, Willie, 1/12 yrs, PA
327B-44-41, Ringer, Charles, 8 yrs, PA
327B-44-41, Ringer, George, 15 yrs, PA
327B-44-41, Ringer, Harvey N., 2 yrs, PA
327B-44-41, Ringer, John F., 10 yrs, PA
327B-44-41, Ringer, Mary E., 12 yrs, PA
327B-44-41, Ringer, Nancy, 36 yrs, PA
327B-44-41, Ringer, William, 39 yrs, PA
331A-112-100, Rise, Dennis, 11 yrs, PA
331A-112-100, Rise, infant, 5/12 yrs, PA
331A-112-100, Rise, John, 44 yrs, PA
331A-112-100, Rise, Mary E, 13 yrs, PA
331A-112-100, Rise, Rebecca, 32 yrs, PA
333A-148-135, Riter, Rebecca, 70 yrs, VT
331B-121-108, Robinson, David, 45 yrs, PA
331B-121-108, Robinson, Emely, 42 yrs, PA
331B-121-108, Robinson, Ida B, 3 yrs, PA
328A-55-51, Rodebank, Sarah, 23 yrs, PA
330B-107-96, Runkle, Alice, 8 yrs, PA
330B-107-96, Runkle, Benjamin E, 14 yrs, PA
330B-107-96, Runkle, Eliza J, 12 yrs, PA
332A-127-114, Runkle, Francis G, 1 yrs, PA
332A-127-114, Runkle, Jennie, 20 yrs, PA
330B-107-96, Runkle, John, 49 yrs, PA
330B-107-96, Runkle, Lizzie, 10 yrs, PA
330B-107-96, Runkle, Maria, 43 yrs, England
325B-12-12, Runkle, Rebecca, 33 yrs, PA
325A-6-6, Runkle, Rebecca, 84 yrs, PA
329A-81-69, Runkle, Sarah E, 13 yrs, PA
332A-127-114, Runkle, William, 37 yrs, PA
330B-107-96, Runkle, Willie, 6 yrs, PA
331B-119-106, Se*ill, David, 20 yrs, PA
331B-119-106, Se*ill, Isaac, 61 yrs, PA
331B-119-106, Se*ill, Mary, 25 yrs, PA
331B-119-106, Se*ill, Rachel, 55 yrs, PA
333A-148-135, Selvins, Anthony, 39 yrs, PA
333A-148-135, Selvins, David, 83 yrs, PA
333A-148-135, Selvins, Emma, 41 yrs, England
333A-148-135, Selvins, John G, 6 yrs, PA
333A-148-135, Selvins, Mary A B, 5 yrs, PA
333A-148-135, Selvins, Sarah E, 11 yrs, PA
333A-148-135, Selvins, William, 14 yrs, PA
333B-153-140, Service, Adaline, 30 yrs, PA
333B-154-141, Service, Angeline, 27 yrs, PA
333B-153-140, Service, Caroline, 39 yrs, PA
333B-153-140, Service, Eva, 17 yrs, PA
333B-154-141, Service, Eva L, 2 yrs, PA
333B-154-141, Service, Wm W, 37 yrs, PA
329B-84-72, Sidley, Anthony, 77 yrs, Baden
329B-84-72, Sidley, Corunda, 52 yrs, Baden
329B-83-71, Sidley, Joseph, 16 yrs, PA
329B-83-71, Sidley, Leander, 54 yrs, Baden
329B-83-71, Sidley, Mary, 39 yrs, PA
333B-156-143, Stroud, Edward A, 12 yrs, PA
333B-156-143, Stroud, John, 47 yrs, PA
333B-156-143, Stroud, Nancy, 46 yrs, PA
333B-156-143, Stroud, Wm C, 24 yrs, PA
327B-41-38, Struble, Lavina, 30 yrs, OH
328B-69-59, Sutton, Alma, 17 yrs, OH
328B-69-59, Sutton, Mary, 45 yrs, OH
328B-69-59, Sutton, Walter, 15 yrs, OH
328B-69-59, Sutton, William, 12 yrs, OH
328B-69-59, Sutton, William, 44 yrs, OH
333A-147-134, Taylor, Benjamin, 9 yrs, PA
333A-147-134, Taylor, Benjamin, 48 yrs, PA
333A-147-134, Taylor, Charlotte, 16 yrs, PA
333A-147-134, Taylor, Elizabeth, 1* yrs, PA
333A-147-134, Taylor, Elizabeth, 46 yrs, PA
333A-145-132, Taylor, George, 17 yrs, PA
333A-145-132, Taylor, Ida, 10 yrs, PA
333A-145-132, Taylor, Jane, 35 yrs, PA
332B-133-121, Taylor, John A, 1 yrs, PA
333A-146-133, Taylor, Lydia, 30 yrs, PA
332A-133-121, Taylor, Malinda, 3 yrs, PA
332A-133-121, Taylor, Mary, 25 yrs, PA
333A-146-133, Taylor, Mary, 78 yrs, PA
333A-145-132, Taylor, Melissa, 15 yrs, PA
332A-133-121, Taylor, Robert, 31 yrs, OH
333A-146-133, Taylor, Samuel, 78 yrs, PA
333A-145-132, Taylor, Thomas, 13 yrs, PA
333A-147-134, Taylor, William W, 18 yrs, PA
328A-59-53, Thompson, Hugh L, 7 yrs, OH
328A-59-53, Thompson, Ida A, 5 yrs, OH
328A-59-53, Thompson, Laura J., 24 yrs, OH
328A-59-53, Thompson, Mahlon A, 2 yrs, OH
328A-59-53, Thompson, Mahlon D., 32 yrs, PA
329B-87-74, Truxill, Adis, 60 yrs, PA
329B-87-74, Truxill, Emma, 18 yrs, PA
329B-87-74, Truxill, Jane, 25 yrs, PA
329B-87-74, Truxill, Margaret, 55 yrs, PA
329B-87-74, Truxill, Sarah, 20 yrs, PA
329B-87-74, Truxill, William H, 15 yrs, PA
329B-91-78, Turner, Alexander P, 32 yrs, PA
327B-48-45, Turner, Clara, 43 yrs, PA
326B-29-27, Turner, Debora, 50 yrs, PA
332B-139-127, Turner, Frances M, 8 yrs, PA
330A-91-78, Turner, John A, 3 yrs, PA
329B-88-75, Turner, Krickbarem, 25 yrs, PA
329B-91-78, Turner, Leonora, 28 yrs, PA
326B-29-27, Turner, Rebecca, 52 yrs, PA
330B-106-94, Turner, Samuel P, 27 yrs, PA
329B-88-75, Turner, Sarah, 56 yrs, PA
330A-91-78, Turner, Sarah D, 10/12 yrs, PA
326B-29-27, Turner, Tenie, 3 yrs, PA
329B-88-75, Turner, Uriah, 27 yrs, PA
328B-74-64, Vernam, Elizabeth, 36 yrs, PA
329A-75-65, Vernam, Elizabeth A, 3 yrs, PA
329A-75-65, Vernam, Francis, 38 yrs, PA
329A-74-64, Vernam, James L., 6 yrs, PA
328B-74-64, Vernam, John, 46 yrs, England
328B-74-64, Vernam, John H, 18 yrs, PA
329A-75-65, Vernam, John W, 1 yrs, PA
328B-74-64, Vernam, Lucinda, 12 yrs, PA
329A-75-65, Vernam, Sarah A, 33 yrs, PA
329A-75-65, Vernam, Sarah M, 10 yrs, PA
329A-75-65, Vernam, Sarah S, 4 yrs, PA
329A-75-65, Vernam, Thomas, 6 yrs, PA
328B-74-64, Vernam, Thomas, 16 yrs, PA
328B-74-64, Vernam, William, 19 yrs, PA
327B-47-44, Vernem, Alice P., 5 yrs, PA
327B-47-44, Vernem, Susan, 42 yrs, PA
327B-47-44, Vernem, Thomas, 48 yrs, England
328B-68-58, Vorous, Emma M, 17 yrs, PA
328B-68-58, Vorous, William S, 14 yrs, PA
332B-134-122, Wallace, Anna E, 3 yrs, PA
326A-21-19, Wallace, Eliza, 13 yrs, PA
326A-21-19, Wallace, Euphema, 7 yrs, PA
326A-21-19, Wallace, Euphema, 36 yrs, PA
332B-134-122, Wallace, Eynas J, 9 yrs, PA
332B-134-122, Wallace, Hugh, 40 yrs, Ireland
332B-134-122, Wallace, Hugh L, 2 yrs, PA
326A-21-19, Wallace, James S., 18 yrs, PA
332B-134-122, Wallace, James T, 14 yrs, PA
326A-21-19, Wallace, John L., 20 yrs, PA
332B-134-122, Wallace, John M, 6 yrs, PA
326A-21-19, Wallace, Mary, 11 yrs, PA
332B-134-122, Wallace, Mary J, 7 yrs, PA
326A-21-19, Wallace, Robert, 9 yrs, PA
332B-134-122, Wallace, Sarah, 33 yrs, PA
326A-21-19, Wallace, Talitha, 5 yrs, PA
326A-21-19, Wallace, William, 16 yrs, PA
330A-93-80, Warall, Elizabeth, 55 yrs, PA
330A-93-80, Warall, Lewis, 16 yrs, PA
330A-93-80, Warall, Maggie, 25 yrs, PA
330A-93-80, Warall, Thomas, 58 yrs, PA
330B-106-95, Washabaugh, David, 22 yrs, PA
330B-106-95, Washabaugh, David, 59 yrs, PA
330B-105-93, Washabaugh, Myra C, 39 yrs, PA
330B-106-95, Washabaugh, Sarah, 65 yrs, PA
330B-106-95, Washabaugh, Sarah F, 19 yrs, PA
331A-110-98, Watson, Newton A, 18 yrs, PA
327A-35-32, Webb, Eliza A., 46 yrs, NY
327A-35-32, Webb, John, 53 yrs, Ireland
327A-35-32, Webb, Lodenette, 18 yrs, PA
328A-63-55, Wharton, Albert E, 8 yrs, PA
328B-68-58, Wharton, Alfred, 19 yrs, PA
328A-63-55, Wharton, Catharine, 43 yrs, PA
328B-68-58, Wharton, Charles R., 7 yrs, PA
328A-63-55, Wharton, Emma J., 3 yrs, PA
328A-63-55, Wharton, George, 46 yrs, PA
328B-68-58, Wharton, Hannah A, 1 yrs, PA
328B-68-58, Wharton, Jacob, 56 yrs, PA
328B-68-58, Wharton, John, 17 yrs, PA
328A-65-56, Wharton, John, 65 yrs, PA
328B-68-58, Wharton, Phebe J., 37 yrs, PA
328B-66-57, Wharton, Rebecca, 61 yrs, PA
328B-68-58, Wharton, Robert, 15 yrs, PA
329B-82-70, Wharton, Wilbor, 20 yrs, PA
328A-63-55, Wharton, William C., 12 yrs, PA
325A-7-7, Wheeler, Caroline G., 42 yrs, Eng
325A-7-7, Wheeler, Elizabeth C., 8 yrs, PA
325A-7-7, Wheeler, Isaac, 45 yrs, PA
325A-7-7, Wheeler, Isaac R., 18 yrs, PA
325A-7-7, Wheeler, Mary A., 14 yrs, PA
330B-100-87, White, Catharine, 35 yrs, PA
325A-3-3, Wild, George, 3 yrs, PA
325A-3-3, Wild, Ki*iah, 30 yrs, PA
325A-3-3, Wild, Mary J., 1 yrs, PA
325A-3-3, Wild, Robert, 14 yrs, PA
325A-3-3, Wild, Thomas, 31 yrs, England
331B-119-106, Wilfong, Hannah, 63 yrs, PA
325B-14-14, Williams, James H., 27 yrs, PA
325B-14-14, Williams, Lavina, 25 yrs, OH
325B-14-14, Williams, Lolinna M., 5/12 yrs, PA
327B-45-42, Wilson, Caroline, 38 yrs, Hesse Darmstate
331B-124-111, Wilson, Clarence M, 7 yrs, PA
331B-123-110, Wilson, Elenor, 60 yrs, PA
331B-122-109, Wilson, Elizabeth, 26 yrs, PA
331B-124-111, Wilson, Essington B, 5 yrs, PA
331B-122-109, Wilson, Eva M, 8 yrs, PA
327B-45-42, Wilson, Francis M., 14 yrs, PA
331A-111-99, Wilson, Frank, 15 yrs, PA
326B-25-23, Wilson, George, 87 yrs, PA
331B-124-111, Wilson, George W, 28 yrs, PA
331B-122-109, Wilson, Harry M, 6 yrs, PA
331B-122-109, Wilson, John, 27 yrs, PA
331B-123-110, Wilson, Margaret, 16 yrs, PA
326B-25-23, Wilson, Margaret L., 3/12 yrs, PA
331B-124-111, Wilson, Margaret M, 28 yrs, PA
331B-122-109, Wilson, Martha W, 3 yrs, PA
331B-123-110, Wilson, Mary, 23 yrs, PA
326B-25-23, Wilson, Mary, 29 yrs, PA
327B-45-42, Wilson, Mary E., 13 yrs, PA
326B-25-23, Wilson, Milo A., 44 yrs, PA
327B-45-42, Wilson, Moore M., 22 yrs, PA
327B-45-42, Wilson, Samuel, 5 yrs, PA
331B-124-111, Wilson, Samuel B, 28 yrs, PA
331B-124-111, Wilson, Sarah L, 3 yrs, PA
331B-123-110, Wilson, William, 33 yrs, PA
331B-123-110, Wilson, William, 77 yrs, PA
327A-36-33, Wingard, Eliza, 51 yrs, PA
327A-36-33, Wingard, Henry, 53 yrs, PA
327A-36-33, Wingard, James M., 14 yrs, PA
327A-36-33, Wingard, Lucy, 13 yrs, PA
327A-36-33, Wingard, Maria, 18 yrs, PA
334A-163-150, Wood, Angeline, 25 yrs, PA
334A-163-150, Wood, Jane, 72 yrs, PA
325B-12-12, Woods, Samuel S., 21 yrs, PA
330A-94-81, Yetman, John, 13 yrs, OH
333B-152-139, Zahnizer, A. J., 51 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, Albert, 3 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, Amanda, 23 yrs, PA
330A-95-82, Zahnizer, Annie S, 12 yrs, PA
334A-158-145, Zahnizer, Arthur D, 4 yrs, PA
334A-160-147, Zahnizer, Catharine, 1 yrs, PA
329A-80-68, Zahnizer, Clarinda, 36 yrs, WI
334B-167-154, Zahnizer, D. R. P., 31 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, Daniel, 8 yrs, PA
334B-167-154, Zahnizer, David, 75 yrs, PA
334A-158-145, Zahnizer, Edmid S, 9/12 yrs, PA
329A-80-68, Zahnizer, Elenor, 4 yrs, WI
334A-161-148, Zahnizer, Elenor A, 18 yrs, PA
334A-158-145, Zahnizer, Elizabeth, 30 yrs, PA
330A-95-82, Zahnizer, Elizabeth, 48 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, Eva, 5 yrs, PA
334A-158-145, Zahnizer, H. M., 34 yrs, PA
334A-158-145, Zahnizer, Ida M, 6 yrs, PA
334A-162-149, Zahnizer, Jacob, 63 yrs, PA
334A-158-145, Zahnizer, Jacob J, 2 yrs, PA
334A-162-149, Zahnizer, Jacob M, 17 yrs, PA
330A-95-82, Zahnizer, James, 52 yrs, PA
330A-95-82, Zahnizer, James G E, 9 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, John L, 53 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, John M, 15 yrs, PA
334A-161-148, Zahnizer, John N, 6 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, Katie, 10 yrs, PA
329A-80-68, Zahnizer, Lint, 47 yrs, PA
329A-80-68, Zahnizer, Louisa A, 6/12 yrs, IN
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, Lucy, 47 yrs, PA
331A-110-98, Zahnizer, M L, 23 yrs, PA
334A-162-149, Zahnizer, Malinda, 18 yrs, PA
334A-162-149, Zahnizer, Malinda, 54 yrs, PA
334A-161-148, Zahnizer, Margaret J, 41 yrs, PA
334A-160-147, Zahnizer, Martha E, 23 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, Mary, 12 yrs, PA
334A-160-147, Zahnizer, Mary A, 3 yrs, PA
329A-80-68, Zahnizer, Mary E, 6 yrs, WI
330A-94-81, Zahnizer, Mary J, 38 yrs, PA
334A-161-148, Zahnizer, Michael, 12 yrs, PA
334A-161-148, Zahnizer, Michael, 49 yrs, PA
329A-80-68, Zahnizer, Nancy, 8 yrs, WI
334A-158-145, Zahnizer, Nancy L, 8 yrs, PA
329A-80-68, Zahnizer, Omar, 2 yrs, WI
330A-95-82, Zahnizer, Rachel A, 30 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, Richard J, 14 yrs, PA
334A-161-148, Zahnizer, Richard M, 1 yrs, PA
334A-161-148, Zahnizer, Robert L, 17 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, Samuel, 13 yrs, PA
331A-110-98, Zahnizer, Susan, 21 yrs, OH
334A-161-148, Zahnizer, Valentine O, 10 yrs, PA
333B-155-142, Zahnizer, William, 20 yrs, PA
330A-95-82, Zahnizer, William N, 15 yrs, PA
334A-161-148, Zahnizer, William S, 14 yrs, PA
334A-160-147, Zahnizer, Wm F, 30 yrs, PA

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