Lackawannock Township

1870 Census Surname List

Lackawannock Township

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1374)

Enumerator: R. G. Madge
Post Office: Worth
Date of Enumeration: 16 June - 19 June 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 2000. Any commercial use prohibited

* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

196A-53-51, Adams, Ann, 40yrs, PA
196A-53-51, Adams, Elizabeth, 16yrs, PA
196A-53-51, Adams, Francis Marion, 2yrs, PA
196A-53-51, Adams, James, 43yrs, PA
196A-53-51, Adams, James Will, 10yrs, PA
196A-53-51, Adams, John, 12yrs, PA
196A-53-51, Adams, Mary Ann, 6yrs, PA
198B-96-93, Akin, Sqarah Malissa, 12yrs, PA
205B-202-195, Alcorn, John H., 5yrs, PA
205B-202-195, Alcorn, John R., 42yrs, PA
205B-202-195, Alcorn, Sarah, 60yrs, PA
205B-202-195, Alcorn, Sarah Bell, 7yrs, PA
205B-202-195, Alcorn, Thomas J., 2yrs, PA
205B-202-195, Alcorn, William J., 8yrs, PA
196B-56-54, Allen, Annie, 52yrs, PA
194B-31-30, Allen, Charles Stewart, 11/12yr, PA
194B-31-30, Allen, George, 46yrs, PA
196B-56-54, Allen, George R., 56yrs, PA
194B-31-30, Allen, John Cowden, 6yrs, PA
196B-56-54, Allen, John W., 21yrs, PA
194B-31-30, Allen, Joseph Wm, 12yrs, PA
194B-31-30, Allen, Maggie Anna, 4yrs, PA
194B-31-30, Allen, Martha, 42yrs, PA
194B-31-30, Allen, Mary E., 16yrs, PA
196B-56-54, Allen, Sarah, 16yrs, PA
196B-56-54, Allen, Willie, 14yrs, PA
194B-31-30, Allen, Womer John, 35yrs, PA
198B-96-93, Allen , John B., 55yrs, PA
198B-96-93, Allen , Sarah, 55yrs, PA
198A-82-79, Ash, Eva, 12yrs, PA
197A-65-63, Ash, John Emberson, 18yrs, PA
198A-82-79, Ash, Julia, 47yrs, PA
198A-82-79, Ash, Mary, 7yrs, PA
198A-82-79, Ash, Melvin, 10yrs, PA
200B-129-124, Bare, Anna Bell, 11yrs, PA
200B-129-124, Bare, Anna Eliza, 47yrs, PA
200B-129-124, Bare, James, 7yrs, PA
200B-129-124, Bare, John, 56yrs, PA
200B-129-124, Bare, Joseph L., 11yrs, PA
200B-129-124, Bare, Willie, 13yrs, PA
202A-153-148, Bartholamew, David, 32yrs, PA
202A-153-148, Bartholamew, Elizabeth, 34yrs, PA
206A-205-198, Bartholimew, Curtis, 5yrs, PA
205B-205-198, Bartholimew, Edward C., 16yrs, PA
206A-205-198, Bartholimew, Eva, 9yrs, PA
206A-205-198, Bartholimew, Franklin, 11yrs, PA
206A-205-198, Bartholimew, John, 1yrs, PA
205B-205-198, Bartholimew, Lucinda, 33yrs, PA
205B-205-198, Bartholimew, Sarah Liddie, 12yrs, PA
206A-205-198, Bartholimew, Susan, 1yrs, PA
195A-39-38, Bear, George, 18yrs, PA
197B-74-72, Beckley, A. L., 27yrs, OH
201A-133-128, Beckwith, Anna, 6yrs, PA
201A-133-128, Beckwith, B. A., 50yrs, PA
201A-133-128, Beckwith, Edwin, 8yrs, PA
201A-133-128, Beckwith, Ella, 17yrs, PA
201A-133-128, Beckwith, Ellen, 38yrs, PA
201A-133-128, Beckwith, Harry, 10yrs, PA
201A-133-128, Beckwith, Ida, 15yrs, PA
201A-133-128, Beckwith, Wilmot, 2yrs, PA
205A-194-188, Bell, Amelia, 45yrs, PA
198B-93-90, Bell, Bulah Refina, 13yrs, PA
198B-93-90, Bell, Clara, 8yrs, PA
205A-194-188, Bell, Ella, 10yrs, PA
198B-93-90, Bell, Ester C., 6yrs, PA
198B-93-90, Bell, James Hugh, 3yrs, PA
205A-194-188, Bell, John, 16yrs, PA
198B-93-90, Bell, John Calvin, 10/12yr, PA
198B-93-90, Bell, Margaret W., 13yrs, PA
198B-93-90, Bell, Mary Jane, 15yrs, PA
198B-93-90, Bell, Rebeckah, 38yrs, OH
205A-194-188, Bell, Robert W., 50yrs, OH
205A-194-188, Bell, Sarah, 13yrs, PA
198B-93-90, Bell, William, 41yrs, PA
195A-40-39, Bently, Elizabeth, 48yrs, PA
195A-40-39, Bently, J. D., 53yrs, PA
195B-41-40, Bently, Nancy Jane, 22yrs, PA
195A-41-40, Bently, William J., 22yrs, PA
200B-128-123, Bills, Charley, 10yrs, PA
200B-128-123, Bills, Francis, 22yrs, OH
200B-128-123, Bills, John, 14yrs, PA
200B-128-123, Bills, Joseph R., 60yrs, CT
200B-128-123, Bills, Mary C., 51yrs, NY
200B-128-123, Bills, Sarah, 19yrs, OH
196B-58-56, Bird, Elizabeth, 63yrs, PA
196B-58-56, Bird, John, 62yrs, PA
196B-58-56, Bird, Mary, 34yrs, PA
198A-90-87, Bird, Sadie, 26yrs, PA
197B-78-76, Black, Arminta, 23yrs, PA
197B-78-76, Black, Emily Pearl, 6/12yr, PA
197B-78-76, Black, John C., 27yrs, PA
197B-78-76, Black, Margaret J., 16yrs, PA
197A-71-69, Blackson, Bills Adie, 18yrs, OH [surname possibly Bills]
201A-132-127, Blackson, Calvin R., 3yrs, PA
201A-132-127, Blackson, Charles H., 9yrs, PA
200A-116-112, Blackson, Ella Ann, 17yrs, PA
201A-132-127, Blackson, Elsie B., 12yrs, PA
201B-143-138, Blackson, Francis A., 16yrs, PA
197A-71-69, Blackson, George, 64yrs, PA
197A-71-69, Blackson, George W., 21yrs, PA
201A-132-127, Blackson, Ida L., 7yrs, PA
201B-141-136, Blackson, James A., 17yrs, PA
201B-143-138, Blackson, James N., 10yrs, PA
200A-116-112, Blackson, James R., 20yrs, PA
201B-141-136, Blackson, John, 41yrs, PA
201B-141-136, Blackson, Maggie Elmore, 3yrs, PA
197A-71-69, Blackson, Margaret, 59yrs, PA
201A-132-127, Blackson, Mary, 10/12yr, PA
199B-116-112, Blackson, Mary, 37yrs, PA
201B-141-136, Blackson, Mary H., 39yrs, PA
200A-116-112, Blackson, Mary Nevilla, 5yrs, PA
201B-143-138, Blackson, Nancy Anna, 12yrs, PA
201A-132-127, Blackson, Pery C., 16yrs, PA
201B-143-138, Blackson, Samuel, 43yrs, PA
197A-71-69, Blackson, Sarah Ellen, 18yrs, PA
200B-132-127, Blackson, Sarah Isabell, 35yrs, PA
201B-143-138, Blackson, Susanna, 40yrs, PA
199B-116-112, Blackson, Thomas, 45yrs, PA
201A-139-134, Blackson, Thomas G., 5yrs, PA
201B-141-136, Blackson, Will** S., 14yrs, PA
200B-132-127, Blackson, William, 40yrs, PA
203B-178-172, Bookson, Lewis, 26yrs, PA
203B-178-172, Bookson, Mary, 22yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Aaron G., 20yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Ann Mariah, 42yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Anna M., 19yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Elyus Moses, 11/12yr, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Ente Ellen, 6yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Fietta C., 17yrs, PA
205B-203-196, Bortz, George, 32yrs, PA
205B-203-196, Bortz, Isac, 46yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Jacob S., 54yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Jane, 16yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, John S., 12yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Leteas Eloma, 8yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Lucind H., 10yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Martin L. Aug., 14yrs, PA
205B-203-196, Bortz, Mary, 77yrs, PA
205B-203-196, Bortz, Mary Jr., 53yrs, PA
205B-204-197, Bortz, Phebe R., 4yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Boyler, Johnas, 52yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Boyler, Magdalena, 78yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Boyler, Mary, 48yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Boyler, Moses, 44yrs, PA
193A-4-4, Boyler, Samuel , 46yrs, PA
203B-172-166, Brackenridge, C. L., 7yrs, IL
195A-32-31, Bucannon , Emeline, 30yrs, PA
195A-32-31, Bucannon , Fanny, 65yrs, PA
195A-32-31, Bucannon , James W., 26yrs, PA
195A-32-31, Bucannon , Maggie, 28yrs, PA
195A-32-31, Bucannon , Robert B., 24yrs, PA
195A-32-31, Bucannon , Sarah Ann, 35yrs, PA
194B-26-25, Burdett, John, 25yrs, PA
198A-89-86, Burgess, A. J., 55yrs, OH
198A-92-89, Burgess, Agness, 47yrs, OH
198A-88-85, Burgess, Charles N., 18yrs, PA
198B-92-89, Burgess, Flora A., 10yrs, PA
198B-92-89, Burgess, George V., 15yrs, PA
198A-88-85, Burgess, Henry W., 12yrs, PA
198A-88-85, Burgess, Ida B., 8yrs, PA
198A-88-85, Burgess, John, 45yrs, OH
198A-88-85, Burgess, Mary , 1/12yr, PA
198A-92-89, Burgess, Mary A., 26yrs, OH
198A-88-85, Burgess, Mary Ann P., 39yrs, MA
198A-89-86, Burgess, Rebeckah A. B., 48yrs, PA
198B-92-89, Burgess, Sarah E., 20yrs, PA
198A-92-89, Burgess, William, 22yrs, PA
197B-74-72, Byers, Harrison H., 29yrs, PA
197B-74-72, Byers, James Wm, 31yrs, PA
197B-74-72, Byers, Mariah, 72yrs, PA
197B-74-72, Byers, Mary S., 39yrs, PA
197B-74-72, Byers, Samuel, 33yrs, PA
197B-74-72, Byers, Thomas H., 24yrs, PA
199B-112-108, Caldwell, Susanna, 44yrs, Scotland
199B-112-108, Caldwell, William, 32yrs, Scotland
204A-184-178, Campbell, Elizabeth, 20yrs, PA
204A-184-178, Campbell, Elvisa, 13yrs, PA
204A-184-178, Campbell, George W., 9yrs, PA
204A-184-178, Campbell, Hance, 50yrs, Ireland
204A-184-178, Campbell, James A., 22yrs, PA
204A-184-178, Campbell, Margaret, 47yrs, Ireland
204A-184-178, Campbell, Tillie, 15yrs, PA
204A-184-178, Campbell, Winnie, 17yrs, PA
193B-8-8, Cane, Catherine, 30yrs, Ireland
193B-8-8, Cane, Gahen William, 24yrs, Ireland [: surname Gahen?]
193B-8-8, Cane, John, 8yrs, MA
193B-8-8, Cane, Mary, 3yrs, PA
193B-8-8, Cane, Patsy, 5yrs, PA
193B-8-8, Cane, Thomas, 38yrs, Ireland
193B-8-8, Cane, Winnie, 1yrs, PA
197A-69-67, Clark, A. F., 35yrs, NY
197A-69-67, Clark, Charley C., 3yrs, PA
197A-69-67, Clark, Gealia F., 32yrs, PA
198A-82-79, Cochran, James, 16yrs, PA
194B-25-24, Coon, Lizzie, 25yrs, OH
194B-25-24, Coon, Milton, 40yrs, PA
194A-25-24, Coon, Perrie, 25yrs, PA
198A-91-88, Coyle, Martha E., 62yrs, PA
196A-54-52, Coyle, Mattie, 21yrs, PA
196A-54-52, Coyle, Nancy H., 73yrs, PA
196A-54-52, Coyle, Sadie, 23yrs, PA
196A-54-52, Coyle, William A., 25yrs, PA
199A-106-102, Crawford, Isabella, 44yrs, PA
199A-106-102, Crawford, Jane, 50yrs, PA
199A-106-102, Crawford, John S., 56yrs, PA
199A-106-102, Crawford, Nancy, 46yrs, PA
199A-103-99, Danals, Mary Jane, 3yrs, PA
204A-180-174, Darrow [Darrone?], Emily, 54yrs, PA
204A-180-174, Darrow [Darrone?], Harriet, 18yrs, OH
204A-180-174, Darrow [Darrone?], John W., 56yrs, NY
204A-180-174, Darrow [Darrone?], Watson, 16yrs, OH
194B-29-28, Davidson, David, 13yrs, PA
200A-123-119, Davidson, William W., 24yrs, PA
194A-17-17, Davis, Daniel, 33yrs, PA
196B-57-55, Davis, Ester Agness, 9yrs, PA
196B-57-55, Davis, Leander, 40yrs, PA
196B-57-55, Davis, Liddie Jane, 15yrs, PA
194A-16-16, Davis, Lizzie A., 30yrs, PA
196B-57-55, Davis, Margaret, 46yrs, PA
194A-16-16, Davis, Margaret J., 40yrs, PA
196B-57-55, Davis, Mary Ann, 12yrs, PA
196B-57-55, Davis, Samuel Leslie, 13yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Dawson, Beulah, 30yrs, OH
193B-7-7, Dawson, Frank H., 12yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Dawson, L. C., 39yrs, PA
193A-7-7, Dawson, Malinda H., 35yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Dawson, Mary Eva, 5yrs, PA
193B-7-7, Dawson, Mary Eva, 14yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Dawson, Mury Melvina, 3yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Dawson, Nancy, 76yrs, PA
193A-7-7, Dawson, Robert C., 42yrs, PA
201A-135-130, Denison, Martha, 22yrs, PA
198B-99-96, Dilley, Aaron W., 28yrs, PA
198B-99-96, Dilley, Francis, 60yrs, PA
198B-99-96, Dilley, Francis H., 4yrs, PA
199A-99-96, Dilley, Harry W., 8/12yr, PA
198B-99-96, Dilley, Henrietta, 29yrs, PA
198B-99-96, Dilley, James W., 6yrs, PA
198B-99-96, Dilley, Samuel Jddings, 2yrs, PA
196A-54-52, Donaldson, Emma, 17yrs, PA
199A-101-97, Douthet, Jane, 50yrs, PA
206A-208-201, Duff, Catherine, 23yrs, Ireland
196B-60-58, Dunlap, Alexander, 63yrs, OH
196B-60-58, Dunlap, Alexander Jr., 18yrs, PA
196B-59-57, Dunlap, Andrew J., 32yrs, OH
196B-60-58, Dunlap, Eliza, 62yrs, OH
201B-147-142, Dunlap [Dunlass?], Eliza Jr., 35yrs, Ireland
202A-147-142, Dunlap [Dunlass?], James R., 1yrs, PA
196B-60-58, Dunlap, Jane, 23yrs, OH
196B-63-61, Dunlap, John P., 37yrs, OH
201B-147-142, Dunlap [Dunlass?], Josiah, 30yrs, OH
202A-147-142, Dunlap [Dunlass?], Josiah Wm, 3yrs, PA
196B-63-61, Dunlap, Maggie J., 37yrs, PA
196B-59-57, Dunlap, Margaret, 32yrs, OH
196B-63-61, Dunlap, Mollie E., 1yrs, PA
196B-60-58, Dunlap, William, 21yrs, OH
205B-201-194, Dunner, Caroline, 22yrs, PA
205B-201-194, Dunner, Elvina, 18yrs, PA 
205B-201-194, Dunner, Samuel J., 60yrs, PA
205B-201-194, Dunner, Samuel Jr., 23yrs, PA
198B-97-94, Esington, Wm E., 13yrs, PA
193A-6-6, Evans, Eva, 17yrs, PA
204A-182-176, Fife, Agness, 14yrs, PA
195B-48-46, Fife, Ann, 47yrs, Ireland
204A-182-176, Fife, Elizabeth, 43yrs, MA
204A-182-176, Fife, J. Preston, 5yrs, PA
195B-48-46, Fife, John Hamelton, 15yrs, PA
196A-48-46, Fife, Margaret Jane, 9yrs, PA
195B-48-46, Fife, Mary Ann, 18yrs, PA
204A-182-176, Fife, Mary Jane, 7yrs, PA
196A-48-46, Fife, Rebeckah G., 7yrs, PA
204A-182-176, Fife, Robert, 43yrs, Ireland
195B-48-46, Fife, Samuel, 42yrs, Ireland
196A-48-46, Fife, Samuel Jr., 12yrs, PA
204A-182-176, Fife, William B., 9yrs, PA
204A-178-172, Fisher, Amanda, 45yrs, PA
204A-178-172, Fisher, Ellens Mariah, 9yrs, PA
204A-178-172, Fisher, Ida Carrie, 11yrs, PA
203B-178-172, Fisher, John, 58yrs, PA
204A-178-172, Fisher, McClelan, 7yrs, PA
197A-69-67, Fox, Elizabeth, 16yrs, PA
197A-72-70, Fox, Henry Sherman, 3yrs, PA
196B-61-59, Fox, John, 26yrs, PA
197A-72-70, Fox, John Albert, 12yrs, PA
197A-72-70, Fox, Joseph Elsie, 12yrs, PA
196B-61-59, Fox, Liddia Ann, 23yrs, PA
197A-72-70, Fox, Mariah, 35yrs, PA
197A-72-70, Fox, Mary Ann, 5yrs, PA
197A-72-70, Fox, Michael, 41yrs, PA
203A-171-165, Fry, Jane, 29yrs, PA
203A-171-165, Fry, John *., 34yrs, PA [middle initial U?, C?]
205B-205-198, Fry, Joseph, 53yrs, PA
203B-171-165, Fry, Mary C., 8yrs, PA
205B-205-198, Fry, Sarah, 76yrs, PA
203B-171-165, Fry, Thomas M., 4yrs, PA
197B-73-71, Gardener, Archabald, 8yrs, Scotland
197B-73-71, Gardener, Archabald Sr., 17yrs, Scotland
197A-73-71, Gardener, James, 37yrs, Scotland
197A-73-71, Gardener, Martha Francis, 32yrs, England
195A-35-34, Gardner, Sarah, 45yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, Catherine, 40yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, James C., 17yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, John, 49yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, Joseph A., 4yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, Lawrence C., 7yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, M. M., 9yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, Margaret E., 15yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, Refina, 11yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, Refina D., 37yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, Samuel, 3yrs, PA
199B-114-110, Gault, William, 13yrs, PA
197B-75-73, Ghalagher, Mary, 64yrs, Ireland
197B-75-73, Ghalagher, Mary Ann, 25yrs, PA
197B-75-73, Ghalagher, Rebeckah W., 22yrs, PA
197B-75-73, Ghalagher, Robt, 63yrs, Ireland
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, Agness, 7yrs, PA
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, Archy R., 17yrs, OH
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, Dugal R., 17yrs, OH
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, James, 10yrs, PA
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, John, 4yrs, PA
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, Margaret Ellen, 2yrs, PA
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, Margaret R., 43yrs, Scotland
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, Mary, 15yrs, PA
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, Robert, 12yrs, PA
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, William R., 21yrs, Scotland
206A-207-200, Gilchrist, Wm A., 48yrs, Scotland
193A-2-2, Gilkey, Andrew G**ly, 12yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Gilkey, George Smith, 15yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Gilkey, Joh Henry, 16yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Gilkey, Marilda Jane, 8yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Gilkey, Nancy Jane, 48yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Gilkey, Robert, 59yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Gilkey, Robert Reed, 17yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Gilkey, Sadie ****, 7fyrs, PA
193A-2-2, Gilkey, Seth Willson, 19yrs, PA
193A-2-2, Gilkey, Thomas Melvin, 13yrs, PA
200A-123-119, Gordon, Elizabeth, 47yrs, OH
200B-124-120, Gordon, Emma, 16yrs, PA
200B-125-121, Gordon, F. S., 29yrs, PA
200A-117-113, Gordon, Jane, 60yrs, PA
200B-124-120, Gordon, Lizzie S., 20yrs, PA
200A-124-120, Gordon, Martha, 50yrs, PA
200A-124-120, Gordon, mary A., 27yrs, PA
200B-124-120, Gordon, Minnie F., 8yrs, PA
200A-117-113, Gordon, N. N., 23yrs, PA
200A-123-119, Gordon, Nanie Mary, 4yrs, PA
200B-125-121, Gordon, S. H., 26yrs, OH
200A-117-113, Gordon, S. John, 27yrs, PA
200A-117-113, Gordon, Samuel, 61yrs, PA
200B-124-120, Gordon, Seth R., 18yrs, PA
200A-123-119, Gordon, Thomas M., 50yrs, PA
200A-124-120, Gordon, William H., 55yrs, PA
200A-121-117, Gorgdan, Elizabeth, 73yrs, MD
200A-121-117, Gorgdan, William, 86yrs, Ireland
201B-146-141, Greyham, Elizabeth, 75yrs, OH
201B-146-141, Greyham, Johny, 14yrs, PA
201B-146-141, Greyham, Nannie, 19yrs, PA
201B-146-141, Greyham, Wm, 84yrs, OH
202B-160-155, Gube [Gule?, Gibe?, Gile?], Ellen, 30yrs, Ireland
202B-160-155, Gube [Gule?, Gibe?, Gile?], Martin, 29yrs, Ireland
202B-160-155, Gube [Gule?, Gibe?, Gile?], Martin Jole, 9/12yr, PA
202B-160-155, Gube [Gule?, Gibe?, Gile?], Thomas, 2yrs, PA
195B-46-44, Haley, John, 2yrs, PA
195B-46-44, Haley, Martin, 8yrs, PA
195B-46-44, Haley, Mary, 32yrs, Ireland
195B-46-44, Haley, Mary Jr., 15yrs, PA
195B-46-44, Haley, Michael, 13yrs, PA
195B-46-44, Haley, Selan, 5yrs, OH
195B-46-44, Haley, Thomas, 32yrs, Ireland
195B-46-44, Haley, Thomas Jr., 10yrs, PA
202B-162-157, Hanford, Caraline, 21yrs, England
202B-162-157, Hanford, Roaf, 24yrs, England
204B-187-181, Hathorn, Charles Cline, 12yrs, PA
204B-187-181, Hathorn, Eva L., 14yrs, PA
195B-43-42, Hathorn, J. B., 40yrs, PA
204B-187-181, Hathorn, John D., 56yrs, PA
204B-187-181, Hathorn, Mary, 36yrs, PA
193B-15-15, Hays, Adam H., 35yrs, PA
193B-14-14, Hays, Ester H., 24yrs, PA
198B-94-91, Hays, Lucinda Walace, 12yrs, PA
193B-15-15, Hays, Lulela, 5yrs, PA
198B-94-91, Hays, Margaret Jane, 42yrs, PA
193B-14-14, Hays, Rachel Walace, 68yrs, PA
193B-15-15, Hays, Rebeckah, 29yrs, PA
198B-94-91, Hays, Sarah M., 9yrs, PA
198B-94-91, Hays, Watson McMillen, 12yrs, PA
193B-14-14, Hays, William, 66yrs, PA
198B-94-91, Hays, Willie Reed, 14yrs, PA
202B-157-152, Heasly, Curtis Wm, 2yrs, PA
202B-157-152, Heasly, George McClelan, 6yrs, PA
202B-157-152, Heasly, Leah, 27yrs, PA
202B-157-152, Heasly, Peter, 35yrs, PA
202B-157-152, Heasly, Samuel Rainy, 4yrs, PA
204B-186-180, Henderson, Jessie H., 8yrs, PA
204B-186-180, Henderson, John, 57yrs, PA
204B-186-180, Henderson, John D., 29yrs, PA
204B-186-180, Henderson, M. Isabella, 26yrs, PA
204B-186-180, Henderson, Mary T., 53yrs, PA
197B-80-77, Hillkirk, Aggie, 2yrs, OH
197B-80-77, Hillkirk, Emma, 4yrs, PA
197B-80-77, Hillkirk, Ida Anna, 6yrs, PA
197B-80-77, Hillkirk, Isac, 31yrs, PA
197B-80-77, Hillkirk, Menerva, 22yrs, PA
203A-167-161, Hockins, Anna, 46yrs, England
203A-167-161, Hockins, Elizabeth Ann, 11yrs, England
203A-167-161, Hockins, John, 36yrs, England
203A-167-161, Hockins, Mary Ann, 10yrs, England
203A-167-161, Hockins, William, 3yrs, PA
196A-55-53, Holibaugh, George W., 57yrs, PA
202B-159-154, Holmes, Azzaneth, 2yrs, PA
202B-159-154, Holmes, Elizabeth, 4yrs, PA
202B-159-154, Holmes, George, 14yrs, OH
202B-159-154, Holmes, George, 40yrs, England
202B-159-154, Holmes, John, 10yrs, PA
202B-159-154, Holmes, Johnathan, 16yrs, OH
202B-159-154, Holmes, Sarah, 6yrs, PA
202B-159-154, Holmes, Sarah, 38yrs, England
202B-159-154, Holmes, William, 12yrs, OH
198B-95-92, Hope, John W., 27yrs, PA
198B-95-92, Hope, Joseph R., 20yrs, PA
198B-95-92, Hope, Margaret, 50yrs, PA
206B-212-205, Hope, Rachel, 53yrs, PA
206B-212-205, Hope, Ritchard, 58yrs, PA
200A-118-114, Hughs, A. J., 45yrs, PA
200A-118-114, Hughs, Anna Martha, 6yrs, PA
203B-174-168, Hughs, E. P., 18yrs, PA
200A-118-114, Hughs, H. J., 14yrs, PA
200A-118-114, Hughs, John, 48yrs, PA
200A-118-114, Hughs, John Milton, 4yrs, PA
200A-118-114, Hughs, Laura May, 9yrs, PA
203B-174-168, Hughs, M. D., 26yrs, PA [: possibly W. D.
199B-112-108, Hughs, Martin, 6yrs, PA
200A-118-114, Hughs, S. Jane, 12yrs, PA
202A-151-146, Hunter, Catherine, 35yrs, PA
198A-85-82, Hunter, Catherine, 40yrs, PA
202A-151-146, Hunter, Charlott Jane, 32yrs, PA
198A-85-82, Hunter, Isabella, 37yrs, PA
202A-151-146, Hunter, James F., 37yrs, PA
204B-189-183, Hunter, Rebeckah, 30yrs, PA
204B-189-183, Hunter, Robt T., 24yrs, PA
202A-151-146, Hunter, Sarah Ann C., 18yrs, PA
193B-10-10, Hunter, William, 9yrs, PA
202A-151-146, Hunter, William Jr., 22yrs, PA
202A-151-146, Hunter, Wm, 70yrs, PA
193B-14-14, Jackson, Burton, 17yrs, PA
205A-200-193, Jagger, Elizabeth, 52yrs, England
197B-76-74, Jeldings, Charles F., 13yrs, OH
197B-76-74, Jeldings, Frank Alb, 10yrs, OH
197B-76-74, Jeldings, Laura W., 49yrs, OH
197B-76-74, Jeldings, May W., 15yrs, OH
197B-76-74, Jeldings, Warren, 52yrs, OH
199A-104-100, Jennings, Elizabeth, 50yrs, PA
199A-104-100, Jennings, Fyetta, 15yrs, PA
199A-104-100, Jennings, J. H., 43yrs, PA
199A-104-100, Jennings, Seth Atchison, 16yrs, PA
205A-192-186, Jewell, Charley, 3yrs, PA
205A-192-186, Jewell, George, 2yrs, PA
204B-192-186, Jewell, Hulda, 26yrs, PA
205A-192-186, Jewell, Johny, 9/12yr, PA
204B-192-186, Jewell, Mathias, 24yrs, PA
204B-192-186, Jewell, Nancy, 13yrs, PA
202B-156-151, Jones, Martha, 17yrs, PA
203A-165-159, Keebe, Anna, 38yrs, PA
203A-165-159, Keebe, David, 36yrs, PA
201A-134-129, Keeper, Mary Jane, 24yrs, PA
201A-134-129, Keeper, William H., 30yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, Adison D., 12yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, Amanda D., 10yrs, PA
194B-28-27, Kerr, David J., 28yrs, PA
194B-28-27, Kerr, Eliza, 52yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, Henry, 27yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, James S., 11yrs, PA
194B-28-27, Kerr, John, 58yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, John C., 37yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, John Harvy, 8yrs, PA
194B-28-27, Kerr, Lizzie, 10yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, Maggie Arminta, 1yrs, PA
194B-28-27, Kerr, Mattie, 16yrs, PA
194B-28-27, Kerr, Phebe M., 19yrs, PA
194B-28-27, Kerr, R. Campbell, 24yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, Samuel Curtis, 6yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, Sarah, 32yrs, PA
194B-28-27, Kerr, Sarah A., 22yrs, PA
203A-164-158, Kerr, Willie Wil, 3yrs, PA
193B-9-9, Kilpaterick, William, 17yrs, PA
197B-74-72, King, Elizabeth J., 41yrs, PA
197B-74-72, King, Mary Jennie, 10yrs, PA
195A-34-33, Larverine, Anna Maggie, 12yrs, PA
195A-34-33, Larverine, David B., 52yrs, Ireland
195A-34-33, Larverine, David Franklin, 4yrs, PA
195A-34-33, Larverine, John Elmore, 9yrs, PA
195A-34-33, Larverine, Mary Ann, 45yrs, PA
195A-34-33, Larverine, Mary Elizabeth, 2yrs, PA
195A-34-33, Larverine, William B., 18yrs, PA
202A-153-148, Lary, Margaret Ann, 11yrs, PA
197A-66-64, Layman, Elizabeth Ema, 3yrs, PA
197A-66-64, Layman, Joseph, 47yrs, PA
197A-66-64, Layman, Mary Jane, 20yrs, PA
197A-66-64, Layman, Nancy, 44yrs, PA
201B-145-140, Lewis, Hannah, 40yrs, PA
201B-145-140, Lewis, Sarah, 82yrs, PA
195A-33-32, Lockhart, Alice, 55yrs, Ireland
195A-33-32, Lockhart, Paterick, 52yrs, Ireland
204B-188-182, Love, Arty L. J., 18yrs, PA
197A-67-65, Love, Catherine Ella, 11yrs, PA
197A-67-65, Love, Cris Ervin, 14yrs, PA
204B-188-182, Love, David R., 15yrs, PA
204B-188-182, Love, Eliza J., 47yrs, OH
194A-17-17, Love, Eliza Jane, 38yrs, PA
197A-67-65, Love, Elzetta Jane, 3yrs, PA
198A-87-84, Love, Ester M., 40yrs, OH
204B-188-182, Love, Hugh Edmond, 8yrs, PA
204B-188-182, Love, J. W., 13yrs, PA
197A-67-65, Love, Jane, 44yrs, PA
194A-17-17, Love, John W., 12yrs, PA
194A-17-17, Love, Maggie C., 17yrs, PA
204B-188-182, Love, Mary A., 22yrs, PA
193B-12-12, Love, Mathew, 50yrs, PA
197A-67-65, Love, Retta, 18yrs, PA
204B-188-182, Love, Robert C., 49yrs, PA
197A-67-65, Love, Robert L., 49yrs, OH
198A-87-84, Love, Samuel C., 42yrs, PA
193B-12-12, Love, Sarah, 50yrs, PA
204B-188-182, Love, Willmina, 11yrs, PA
195A-36-35, Love , Cyntha Ann, 50yrs, OH
195A-36-35, Love , Emeline, 23yrs, PA
195A-36-35, Love , Joseph, 45yrs, OH
195A-36-35, Love , Mary, 55yrs, OH
195A-36-35, Love , Mary M., 11yrs, PA
193B-10-10, Lusk, Elizabeth, 13yrs, PA
193B-10-10, Lusk, Margaret, 18yrs, PA
193B-10-10, Lusk, Mary Ann, 15yrs, PA
193B-10-10, Lusk, Nancy, 54yrs, PA
193B-10-10, Lusk, Samuel M., 72yrs, PA
193B-10-10, Lusk, Sarah, 16yrs, PA
198A-84-81, Lytle, Hugh McF., 62yrs, OH
198A-84-81, Lytle, Sarah, 56yrs, PA
194A-18-18, Mabury, E. E. , 15yrs, PA
194A-18-18, Mabury, Elizabeth, 53yrs, PA
194A-18-18, Mabury, Ezekiel, 56yrs, PA
194A-18-18, Mabury, H. T., 13yrs, PA
194A-18-18, Mabury, J. H., 19yrs, PA
194A-18-18, Mabury, M. J., 23yrs, PA
194A-18-18, Mabury, M. M., 8yrs, PA
194A-18-18, Mabury, T. S., 17yrs, PA
206A-210-203, Madge, A. Willie, 3yrs, PA
206A-209-202, Madge, Anna, 31yrs, PA
206A-209-202, Madge, David Willson, 20yrs, PA
206A-210-203, Madge, Laura Maud, 9/12yr, PA
206A-209-202, Madge, Lizzie, 18yrs, PA
198A-90-87, Madge, Luella Jane, 2yrs, PA
206A-209-202, Madge, Maggie J., 23yrs, PA
198A-90-87, Madge, Mary, 24yrs, PA
206A-210-203, Madge, R. G., 26yrs, PA
206A-210-203, Madge, R. L. G., 22yrs, PA
198A-90-87, Madge, Robert S., 25yrs, PA
206A-209-202, Madge, Robt, 64yrs, England
198A-90-87, Madge, Sarah, 52yrs, PA
206A-209-202, Madge, Sarah, 60yrs, PA
198A-90-87, Madge, Thomas, 58yrs, England
198B-97-94, Marquis, Elizabeth J., 34yrs, PA
198B-97-94, Marquis, James, 38yrs, PA
198B-98-95, Marquis, James Edgar, 8yrs, PA
198B-97-94, Marquis, John, 45yrs, PA
198B-97-94, Marquis, Margaret, 70yrs, PA
198B-98-95, Marquis, Mary Elizabeth, 36yrs, NY
198B-98-95, Marquis, Mary Margaret, 5yrs, PA
198B-97-94, Marquis, Sarah, 29yrs, PA
198B-98-95, Marquis, Wm, 40yrs, PA
202B-155-150, Mason, Bortz Sarah, 22yrs, PA [surname Bortz?]
202B-155-150, Mason, Catherine, 60yrs, PA
202B-155-150, Mason, David, 30yrs, PA
204B-187-181, McCankey, Wm, 20yrs, PA
199A-105-101, McClintock, Edwin, 2yrs, PA
199A-105-101, McClintock, Jane H., 31yrs, PA
199A-105-101, McClintock, Joseph, 58yrs, PA
199A-105-101, McClintock, Joseph W., 6yrs, PA
199A-105-101, McClintock, Mariah, 7yrs, PA
199A-105-101, McClintock, Thadeus, 5yrs, PA
201A-135-130, McConnell [McCormell?], Joseph A., 20yrs, PA
194A-19-19, McCrea, Elizabeth Berson, 4/12yr, PA
194A-19-19, McCrea, Mattie M., 27yrs, PA
194A-19-19, McCrea, R. T., 31yrs, PA
196A-50-48, McCulough, A. F., 10yrs, PA
196A-52-50, McCulough, A. W., 33yrs, PA
196A-52-50, McCulough, Adellia, 1yrs, PA
196A-52-50, McCulough, Amelia, 1yrs, PA
196A-51-49, McCulough, Dunwoody, 10yrs, PA
196A-50-48, McCulough, Ester Ann, 36yrs, OH
196A-51-49, McCulough, Ester Isabell, 33yrs, PA
196A-52-50, McCulough, George W., 6yrs, PA
196A-50-48, McCulough, Isabella, 14yrs, PA
196A-49-47, McCulough, Isabella, 64yrs, PA
196A-50-48, McCulough, J. B., 43yrs, PA
196A-49-47, McCulough, James, 68yrs, PA
196A-51-49, McCulough, Joseph O., 3yrs, PA
196A-52-50, McCulough, Martha Jane, 8yrs, PA
196A-52-50, McCulough, Namie Isabella, 12yrs, PA
196A-52-50, McCulough, Rhoda Ann, 36yrs, PA
196A-50-48, McCulough, S. J., 12yrs, PA
196A-51-49, McCulough, W. J., 41yrs, PA
196A-51-49, McCulough, W. Jane, 12yrs, PA
196A-52-50, McCulough, William T., 10yrs, PA
199A-108-104, McDonnald, Alex, 36yrs, OH
199A-108-104, McDonnald, Daniel Stephen, 11/12yr, PA
199A-108-104, McDonnald, Sarah Elizabeth, 30yrs, PA
194A-22-22, McGarvey, John W., 16yrs, PA
196B-59-57, McGuffy, Mary, 77yrs, MD
203A-166-160, McIntosh, Dreusilla, 1yrs, PA
203A-166-160, McIntosh, Eliza Ann, 3yrs, PA
203A-166-160, McIntosh, George, 3/12yr, PA
203A-166-160, McIntosh, John, 24yrs, Scotland
203A-166-160, McIntosh, Susana, 23yrs, England
195A-39-38, McNair, Elizabeth, 32yrs, PA
195A-39-38, McNair, Margaret, 76yrs, Ireland
195A-39-38, McNair, Sarah, 35yrs, PA
195A-39-38, McNair, Thompson, 38yrs, PA
203B-177-171, McWherter, David, 18yrs, PA
203B-177-171, McWherter, Elizabeth, 12yrs, PA
203B-177-171, McWherter, James, 10yrs, PA
203B-177-171, McWherter, John, 6yrs, PA
203B-177-171, McWherter, John, 59yrs, Ireland
203B-177-171, McWherter, Joseph, 14yrs, PA
203B-177-171, McWherter, Mary Jane, 47yrs, PA
203B-177-171, McWherter, Nancy, 16yrs, PA
203B-177-171, McWherter, Robert, 22yrs, PA
203B-177-171, McWherter, William, 8yrs, PA
201A-135-130, Mercer, Emma, 30yrs, PA
201A-135-130, Mercer, Lizzie, 3yrs, PA
201A-135-130, Mercer, William, 39yrs, PA
200A-122-118, Mevey, Elizabeth, 8yrs, PA
200A-122-118, Mevey, Lorenza, 4yrs, PA
200A-122-118, Mevey, Rebeckah Jane, 33yrs, PA
200A-122-118, Mevey, Scott, 31yrs, PA
200A-122-118, Mevey, William John, 5yrs, PA
197B-77-75, Michael, Maggie Bell, 5yrs, PA
197B-77-75, Michael, Nancy J., 26yrs, PA
197B-77-75, Michael, Robert G., 33yrs, PA
197B-77-75, Michael, William H., 7yrs, PA
195A-37-36, Miller, Catherine, 54yrs, PA
195A-38-37, Miller, Elizabeth, 24yrs, PA
195A-37-36, Miller, John B., 66yrs, PA
195A-37-36, Miller, Samuel Ross, 23yrs, PA
195A-38-37, Miller, William J., 27yrs, PA
198A-83-80, Mitchael, Catharine, 36yrs, PA
198A-83-80, Mitchael, Hannah, 31yrs, PA
198A-83-80, Mitchael, Isabell, 67yrs, PA
198A-82-79, Montgomery, Milton, 25yrs, PA
198A-82-79, Montgomery, Nelson, 12yrs, PA
193B-14-14, Moore, Mary H., 36yrs, PA
202A-154-149, Morrison, Mahala, 26yrs, PA
202A-154-149, Morrison, Wm C., 25yrs, PA
196B-62-60, Morrow, David Milton, 19yrs, PA
200B-127-122, Morrow, Eliza Ann, 48yrs, PA
200B-127-122, Morrow, Jesse, 46yrs, PA
200B-127-122, Morrow, John Adam W., 10yrs, PA
200B-127-122, Morrow, Nickolas Hector, 14yrs, PA
200B-127-122, Morrow, Preston W., 16yrs, PA
197B-75-73, Morrow, Robt, 17yrs, Ireland
200B-127-122, Morrow, Sevena Elista, 12yrs, PA
200B-127-122, Morrow, Welthy Jane, 20yrs, PA
194A-20-20, Nelson, Elmie Mariah, 12yrs, PA
194A-20-20, Nelson, Harry Walter, 6yrs, PA
194A-20-20, Nelson, Lizzie, 4yrs, PA
194A-20-20, Nelson, McCllelan S., 8yrs, PA
194A-20-20, Nelson, Susan, 33yrs, PA
194A-20-20, Nelson, Thomas, 40yrs, PA
196B-62-60, Niece, Amelia, 28yrs, PA
195A-40-39, Niece, Anna Adella, 11yrs, PA
196B-62-60, Niece, Clara Maud, 3yrs, PA
196B-62-60, Niece, Infant, 3/12yr, PA
196B-62-60, Niece, Olive Annetta, 6yrs, PA
196B-62-60, Niece, Samuel C., 32yrs, PA
196B-62-60, Niece, William Edmund, 4yrs, PA
205A-196-190, Palmer, Ann, 68yrs, PA
205A-195-189, Palmer, Edy Boyle, 7yrs, PA
205A-195-189, Palmer, Elizabeth, 29yrs, PA
205A-195-189, Palmer, Emma Lavilla, 9/12yr, PA
205A-195-189, Palmer, James, 30yrs, PA
205A-195-189, Palmer, Nettie Bell, 5yrs, PA
205A-196-190, Palmer, Rebeckah, 20yrs, PA
205A-196-190, Palmer, Samuel, 71yrs, PA
205A-195-189, Palmer, Samuel W., 2yrs, PA
206A-211-204, Perry, R. P., 29yrs, PA
206B-211-204, Perry, Frank, 3yrs, PA
206B-211-204, Perry, Grant, 1yrs, PA
206B-211-204, Perry, Leonard, 5yrs, PA
206B-211-204, Perry, Mary E., 21yrs, PA
203B-173-167, Porter, Anna, 1yrs, PA
203B-173-167, Porter, Caroline, 31yrs, PA
200B-131-126, Porter, Emeline, 28yrs, PA
203B-173-167, Porter, Hannah, 68yrs, PA
200B-131-126, Porter, Harvey Edward, 2yrs, PA
200B-131-126, Porter, Ida , 8yrs, PA
200B-131-126, Porter, James Braden, 4yrs, PA
203B-173-167, Porter, John William, 33yrs, PA
203B-173-167, Porter, Thomas, 78yrs, Ireland
200B-131-126, Porter, Wm R., 38yrs, PA
196B-65-63, Preston , George L., 28yrs, PA
196B-64-62, Preston , Mary Jane, 29yrs, PA
196B-64-62, Preston , S. H., 36yrs, PA
196B-65-63, Preston , Tena C., 24yrs, PA
196B-65-63, Preston , Thomas A., 3yrs, PA
196B-64-62, Preston , William George, 7yrs, PA
200A-120-116, Ray, Carrie Clyde, 1yrs, PA
200A-120-116, Ray, Elizabeth Jane, 27yrs, PA
204A-179-173, Ray, George, 16yrs, PA
204A-179-173, Ray, James Francis, 8yrs, PA
204A-179-173, Ray, John, 22yrs, PA
200A-120-116, Ray, M. Anna Jane, 6yrs, PA
204A-179-173, Ray, Margaret, 47yrs, Ireland
204A-179-173, Ray, Rebeckah M., 7yrs, PA
204A-179-173, Ray, Sarah Jane, 12yrs, PA
204A-179-173, Ray, Susan Mariah, 9yrs, PA
204A-179-173, Ray, Thomas, 46yrs, Ireland
200A-120-116, Ray, William, 35yrs, Ireland
204A-179-173, Ray, William G., 14yrs, PA
197B-81-78, Rayen, Edward S., 12yrs, PA
197B-81-78, Rayen, Harriet, 10yrs, PA
197B-81-78, Rayen, J. K., 42yrs, OH
197B-81-78, Rayen, M. A., 35yrs, PA
200A-119-115, Redman, Maria *. S., 2yrs, PA
200A-119-115, Redman, Paulina, 22yrs, PA
200A-119-115, Redman, Thomas, 3yrs, PA
200A-119-115, Redman, Warren, 26yrs, PA
200A-119-115, Redman, Willie, 1/12yr, PA
206A-206-199, Reed, Anna Mary, 17yrs, PA
206A-206-199, Reed, David C., 49yrs, OH
193B-13-13, Reed, Elizabeth, 14yrs, PA
198A-82-79, Reed, George, 30yrs, PA
193B-13-13, Reed, James, 66yrs, PA
206A-206-199, Reed, James H., 13yrs, PA
198A-91-88, Reed, Joanne, 19yrs, PA
198A-91-88, Reed, John H., 22yrs, PA
206A-206-199, Reed, M. Anna, 49yrs, PA
193B-13-13, Reed, Margaret, 53yrs, PA
193B-13-13, Reed, Mary, 18yrs, PA
193B-13-13, Reed, Robert P., 16yrs, PA
201B-142-137, Remely, Henry, 33yrs, PA
201B-142-137, Remely, Ida, 7yrs, PA
201B-142-137, Remely, Jemima, 24yrs, PA
201B-142-137, Remely, Jeneva, 5yrs, PA
201B-142-137, Remely, Mary, 7/12yr, PA
201B-142-137, Remely, Minie, 2yrs, PA
201A-135-130, Rice, Eugine, 18yrs, PA
198A-86-83, Rodgers, Francis E., 24yrs, MD
198A-86-83, Rodgers, Joseph Thomas, 1yrs, MD
198A-86-83, Rodgers, M. J., 22yrs, MD
197A-68-66, Semple, Alfred Primrose, 13yrs, PA
197A-68-66, Semple, David, 41yrs, PA
206A-208-201, Semple, David William, 19yrs, PA
197A-68-66, Semple, Elizabeth Lu*ina, 16yrs, PA
206A-208-201, Semple, Harry Elmore, 4yrs, PA
206A-208-201, Semple, James Jos., 17yrs, PA
197A-68-66, Semple, Margaret, 41yrs, PA
197A-68-66, Semple, Mary Malissa, 18yrs, PA
195A-34-33, Semple, Roliett J., 14yrs, PA
206A-208-201, Semple, Samuel Melvon, 15yrs, PA
206A-208-201, Semple, Samuel S., 45yrs, PA
206A-208-201, Semple, Sarah , 44yrs, PA
197A-68-66, Semple, Sarah Ida, 10yrs, PA
206A-208-201, Semple, Sarah Malissa, 11yrs, PA
206A-208-201, Semple, Thomas Stewart, 8yrs, PA
197A-68-66, Semple, William Edgar, 11yrs, PA
194B-26-25, Sewell, Addie, 20yrs, PA
194A-21-21, Sewell, Catharine Sarah, 13yrs, PA
194A-22-22, Sewell, Clement S., 39yrs, PA
194A-21-21, Sewell, Elizabeth, 36yrs, PA
194A-22-22, Sewell, Grear Miller, 6/12yr, PA
194A-21-21, Sewell, Hattie Bell, 1/12yr, PA
194A-21-21, Sewell, Ida Jane, 8yrs, PA
194A-24-23, Sewell, Mary E., 33yrs, PA
194B-26-25, Sewell, Mary Myrtle, 1yrs, PA
194A-21-21, Sewell, Mary Rebeckah, 10yrs, PA
194A-21-21, Sewell, Milton Edw**, 6yrs, PA
194A-22-22, Sewell, Minerva Ann, 33yrs, PA
194B-26-25, Sewell, Noah Amos, 31yrs, PA
194A-21-21, Sewell, Oliver H., 45yrs, PA
195A-37-36, Sewell, Rebeckah, 10yrs, PA
194A-24-23, Sewell, Sarah, 73yrs, MD
194A-21-21, Sewell, William John, 2yrs, PA
194B-26-25, Sewell, William Pery, 3yrs, PA
194B-27-26, Shafer, Austin, 2yrs, PA
194B-27-26, Shafer, Eliza Margaret, 23yrs, PA
194B-27-26, Shafer, Elmore Elton Els, 10yrs, PA
199B-113-109, Shafer, Lucinda, 21yrs, WV
194B-27-26, Shafer, Marry, 14yrs, PA
194B-27-26, Shafer, Mathias, 51yrs, PA
194B-27-26, Shafer, Nancy, 50yrs, PA
194B-27-26, Shafer, Washington, 12yrs, PA
194B-27-26, Shafer, William H., 16yrs, PA
199A-103-99, Shingledecker, David, 26yrs, PA
199A-103-99, Shingledecker, Elizabeth, 44yrs, PA
199A-103-99, Shingledecker, Ellen Sarah, 15yrs, PA
199A-103-99, Shingledecker, Joseph W., 17yrs, PA
199A-103-99, Shingledecker, Mary Elizabeth, 5yrs, PA
199A-103-99, Shingledecker, Thomas F., 12yrs, PA
201A-137-132, Shoafs, Charlie, 7yrs, PA
201A-137-132, Shoafs, J. S., 30yrs, PA
201A-137-132, Shoafs, Jane, 31yrs, PA
201A-137-132, Shoafs, Vilallis, 4yrs, PA
201A-137-132, Shoafs, Willie, 2yrs, PA
201B-139-134, Sloss, Elizabeth, 78yrs, Ireland
201B-139-134, Sloss, Israel G., 22yrs, PA
201A-139-134, Sloss, Joseph, 57yrs, Ireland [: Slofs?
201A-139-134, Sloss, Nancy, 56yrs, PA
201B-139-134, Sloss, Sarah A., 20yrs, PA
201B-139-134, Sloss, Wesly C., 16yrs, PA
202B-161-156, Smith, Ann, 32yrs, England
202A-154-149, Smith, John, 26yrs, Canada
202B-161-156, Smith, Marty Matilda, 10yrs, England
202B-161-156, Smith, William, 30yrs, England
201B-140-135, Sowers, Aaron, 36yrs, PA
205A-199-192, Sowers, Eva, 10yrs, PA
201B-140-135, Sowers, Hiram, 30yrs, PA
205A-199-192, Sowers, John, 8yrs, PA
205A-199-192, Sowers, Joseph, 47yrs, PA
205A-199-192, Sowers, Mary E., 4yrs, PA
205A-199-192, Sowers, Rachel, 46yrs, PA
201B-140-135, Sowers, Rchel, 72yrs, PA
201B-140-135, Sowers, Vicie, 20yrs, PA
205A-199-192, Sowers, William H., 6yrs, PA
195B-42-41, Spears, Adaline, 18yrs, PA
195B-42-41, Spears, Adam, 16yrs, PA
195B-42-41, Spears, Ann, 14yrs, PA
195B-43-42, Spears, Benjamin R., 57yrs, PA
195B-43-42, Spears, Elsina, 18yrs, PA
195B-43-42, Spears, Emelda, 20yrs, PA
195B-43-42, Spears, Harriet, 23yrs, PA
195B-43-42, Spears, Mary Ann, 45yrs, PA
195B-42-41, Spears, Sira, 65yrs, PA
195B-42-41, Spears, William, 69yrs, OH
199A-102-98, Standly, Frances B., 24yrs, PA
196A-55-53, Standly, George Wm, 2yrs, PA
196A-55-53, Standly, Gideon, 25yrs, PA
196A-55-53, Standly, infant, 5/12yr, PA
196A-55-53, Standly, Mary Lewisa, 21yrs, PA
199A-102-98, Standly, Mason, 26yrs, PA
200A-117-113, Stephenson, Lizzie, 17yrs, PA
199B-112-108, Stepheson, Susanna, 13yrs, PA
199B-112-108, Stepheson, William, 15yrs, PA
197A-70-68, Sterling, A. C., 26yrs, PA
197A-70-68, Sterling, Anna A., 4/12yr, PA
197A-70-68, Sterling, Sarah, 23yrs, PA
197A-70-68, Sterling, Walter A., 20yrs, PA
197A-70-68, Sterling, Wayne C., 3yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, Anna Bell, 4yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, C*ylas Costl, 2yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, Dady Amder, 11yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, Lucy Ann, 17yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, Maggie M., 9yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, Nancy Elizabeth, 12yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, Sarah, 35yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, Thomas, 45yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, Thomas Mills, 10yrs, PA
202A-152-147, Stewart, William A., 15yrs, PA
200B-130-125, Swagger, Dallas A., 22yrs, PA
200B-130-125, Swagger, Eliza, 51yrs, OH
199B-111-107, Swagger, Emily A., 28yrs, PA
199B-111-107, Swagger, Harvey W., 25yrs, PA
200B-130-125, Swagger, Henry, 50yrs, PA
200B-130-125, Swagger, Hiram R., 15yrs, PA
195B-44-43, Swagger, J. P., 23yrs, PA
195B-44-43, Swagger, Jennie A., 18yrs, PA
195B-44-43, Swagger, John, 68yrs, PA
200B-130-125, Swagger, John Wallace, 9yrs, PA
200B-130-125, Swagger, Lewis Milton, 18yrs, PA
195B-44-43, Swagger, Maggie, 14yrs, PA
200B-130-125, Swagger, Oliver Henry, 12yrs, PA
195B-44-43, Swagger, S. L., 20yrs, PA
195B-44-43, Swagger, Sarah, 64yrs, PA
195B-47-45, Swartz, John, 53yrs, PA
195B-47-45, Swartz, Joshua, 20yrs, PA
195B-47-45, Swartz, Mariah, 52yrs, PA
195B-47-45, Swartz, Marietta, 16yrs, PA
195B-47-45, Swartz, Martha, 12yrs, PA
195B-47-45, Swartz, Nancy, 14yrs, PA
195B-47-45, Swartz, Rachel, 7yrs, PA
195B-47-45, Swartz, Sarah, 18yrs, PA
195B-47-45, Swartz, Thomas, 24yrs, PA
198B-96-93, Taylor, John, 19yrs, DC
200A-123-119, Taylor, Permelia, 50yrs, NY
194A-24-23, Teral, Charles, 12yrs, PA
201A-136-131, Thomas, Henry Cose**, 12yrs, PA
201A-136-131, Thomas, Mary, 50yrs, PA
201A-136-131, Thomas, Mary Jane, 10yrs, PA
205A-198-191, Thompson, Albert, 8yrs, PA
193A-1-1, Thompson, Alex L., 33yrs, PA
193B-9-9, Thompson, Alexander M., 35yrs, PA
203A-168-162, Thompson, Amanda E., 5yrs, PA
203A-168-162, Thompson, Ana Mary, 15yrs, PA
193A-3-3, Thompson, Andrew B., 24yrs, PA
193A-3-3, Thompson, Ann, 59yrs, PA
205A-198-191, Thompson, Anna Lizzie, 6yrs, PA
193A-1-1, Thompson, Anna Mary, 2yrs, PA
203A-170-164, Thompson, Ebeneezer, 54yrs, PA
205A-198-191, Thompson, Elen Luvisa, 13yrs, PA
204B-191-185, Thompson, Elizabeth, 78yrs, Ireland
203A-170-164, Thompson, Elizabeth Ann, 19yrs, PA
203B-176-170, Thompson, Ellie , 7yrs, PA
193A-3-3, Thompson, Gordon E***, 22yrs, PA
205A-198-191, Thompson, Henry, 45yrs, PA
203A-170-164, Thompson, Hugh Love, 15yrs, PA
203A-168-162, Thompson, J. H., 40yrs, PA
204B-191-185, Thompson, J. P., 20yrs, PA
204B-191-185, Thompson, J. W., 22yrs, PA
204B-191-185, Thompson, James, 46yrs, PA
203A-168-162, Thompson, James F., 13yrs, PA
203B-176-170, Thompson, James M., 47yrs, PA
204B-191-185, Thompson, Jane, 55yrs, Ireland
193B-9-9, Thompson, Jane, 62yrs, OH
193B-9-9, Thompson, John, 72yrs, Ireland
204B-191-185, Thompson, Lizzie, 18yrs, PA
193B-11-11, Thompson, Maggie Blanch, 4yrs, PA
193A-1-1, Thompson, Maggie E., 29yrs, PA
205A-198-191, Thompson, Mary, 40yrs, OH
205A-198-191, Thompson, Mary Emma, 11yrs, PA
203B-176-170, Thompson, Mary Jane, 21yrs, PA
203A-170-164, Thompson, Mary M., 50yrs, PA
203B-176-170, Thompson, Melvin C., 18yrs, PA
203A-170-164, Thompson, Minnie Alice, 1yrs, PA
203A-168-162, Thompson, N. L., 37yrs, PA
193A-3-3, Thompson, Nancy, 18yrs, PA
203A-170-164, Thompson, Nancy Jane, 23yrs, PA
193B-11-11, Thompson, Rebeckah Jane, 32yrs, OH
193A-3-3, Thompson, Robert S., 16yrs, PA
193A-3-3, Thompson, Sadie, 30yrs, PA
193A-3-3, Thompson, Samuel John, 13yrs, PA
203B-176-170, Thompson, Sarah, 49yrs, PA
203A-168-162, Thompson, Sarah Jane, 9yrs, PA
193B-9-9, Thompson, Sarah P., 17yrs, PA
205A-198-191, Thompson, Susan Mariah, 9yrs, PA
193B-11-11, Thompson, Thomas R., 49yrs, PA
205A-198-191, Thompson, Walter Lowery, 17yrs, PA
203A-168-162, Thompson, Wesly Reed, 3yrs, PA
205A-193-187, Troutman, Emma, 11yrs, PA
205A-193-187, Troutman, Eva, 14yrs, PA
205A-193-187, Troutman, G. F., 44yrs, PA
205A-193-187, Troutman, Mary Ellen, 19yrs, PA
205A-193-187, Troutman, Thomas L., 16yrs, PA
205A-193-187, Troutman, Wilamine, 40yrs, PA
205A-193-187, Troutman, Willa Maud, 2yrs, PA
203A-169-163, Venatta, John, 67yrs, PA
203A-169-163, Venatta, John H., 25yrs, PA
203A-169-163, Venatta, Mary A., 27yrs, PA
205B-200-193, Vennetta, Annie, 11/12yr, PA
205B-200-193, Vennetta, Elizabeth, 35yrs, PA
205B-200-193, Vennetta, Frank L., 6yrs, PA
205B-200-193, Vennetta, John Wm., 9yrs, PA
205B-200-193, Vennetta, Maggie, 4yrs, PA
205B-200-193, Vennetta, Nancy Jane, 11yrs, PA
205B-200-193, Vennetta, Robert H., 8yrs, PA
205B-200-193, Vennetta, Thomas, 37yrs, PA
200A-121-117, W**es [Wades? Wales?], Anna, 16yrs, PA
203B-175-169, Walker, A. J., 34yrs, PA
201B-145-140, Walker, Anna, 50yrs, PA
201B-144-139, Walker, Anna Jane, 4yrs, PA
201B-144-139, Walker, Byers, 26yrs, PA
203B-175-169, Walker, George McClelan, 7yrs, PA
201B-145-140, Walker, Hannah Ellen, 2yrs, OH
201B-144-139, Walker, Mary, 26yrs, PA
203B-175-169, Walker, Mary Ann, 30yrs, PA
201B-145-140, Walker, Mary Elizabeth, 22yrs, PA
203B-175-169, Walker, Mary Ester, 2yrs, PA
201B-145-140, Walker, Morison L., 25yrs, PA
201B-144-139, Walker, Robert, 2yrs, PA
203B-175-169, Walker, Robert Henderson, 10yrs, PA
203B-175-169, Walker, Sophronia Jane, 8yrs, PA
203B-175-169, Walker, Theodore S., 4yrs, PA
204A-183-177, Wallace, Agness, 64yrs, Ireland
204A-183-177, Wallace, Agness Harriet, 3yrs, IL
204A-183-177, Wallace, Maggie, 27yrs, PA
204A-181-175, Wallace, Malissa, 24yrs, PA
204A-183-177, Wallace, Marian, 24yrs, PA
204A-183-177, Wallace, Robert, 33yrs, PA
204A-183-177, Wallace, Robert, 69yrs, Ireland
204A-181-175, Wallace, Wm H., 31yrs, PA
199A-107-103, Ward, Albertina, 12yrs, PA
199A-107-103, Ward, Catherine G., 37yrs, PA
199A-107-103, Ward, George B. M. C., 6yrs, PA
199B-110-106, Ward, James, 61yrs, PA
199B-111-107, Ward, Jennett, 22yrs, PA
199A-107-103, Ward, Lizzie M., 17yrs, PA
199B-110-106, Ward, Mary Ellen, 25yrs, PA
199A-107-103, Ward, Mary Jane, 15yrs, PA
199B-110-106, Ward, Nancy, 58yrs, OH
199B-110-106, Ward, Prestly Cochran, 18yrs, PA
199A-107-103, Ward, William M., 51yrs, PA
203B-172-166, Watson, A. M., 35yrs, PA
203B-172-166, Watson, Elizabeth M., 33yrs, PA
203B-172-166, Watson, Lucinda, 71yrs, KY
203B-172-166, Watson, Lucy, 1yrs, PA
203B-172-166, Watson, Sarah, 40yrs, PA
199B-110-106, Watson, Thomas Esington, 9yrs, PA
199B-113-109, Weaver, Adam, 5/12yr, PA
199B-113-109, Weaver, Catherine J., 35yrs, WV
199B-113-109, Weaver, Daniel, 12yrs, PA
199B-113-109, Weaver, Elizabeth, 4yrs, PA
199B-113-109, Weaver, Henry, 10yrs, PA
199B-113-109, Weaver, John D., 45yrs, PA
199B-113-109, Weaver, William, 17yrs, OH
193B-11-11, White, Nancy, 20yrs, PA
195A-35-34, Williamson, Eliza Jane, 2/12yr, PA
195A-35-34, Williamson, Hulda Jane, 28yrs, PA
195A-35-34, Williamson, W. G., 45yrs, PA
201A-138-133, Willson, Andrew, 39yrs, PA
201A-138-133, Willson, Beulah, 7yrs, PA
201A-138-133, Willson, Chancy, 3yrs, PA
201A-138-133, Willson, Hulda, 35yrs, PA
201A-138-133, Willson, Martha Ann, 13yrs, PA
201A-138-133, Willson, Milo, 9yrs, PA
201A-138-133, Willson, Samuel, 15yrs, PA
202A-149-144, Wise, Aaron, 25yrs, PA
202A-148-143, Wise, Amanda Jane, 18yrs, PA
202A-148-143, Wise, Catherine, 44yrs, PA
202A-149-144, Wise, Charles B., 2/12yr, PA
202A-150-145, Wise, Daniel, 52yrs, PA
202A-149-144, Wise, Daniel B., 6yrs, PA
202A-149-144, Wise, Ema Jane, 28yrs, OH
197B-77-75, Wise, Jacob, 37yrs, PA
202A-148-143, Wise, John, 48yrs, PA
202A-148-143, Wise, John Franklin, 12yrs, PA
202A-148-143, Wise, Lewis H., 23yrs, PA
202A-149-144, Wise, S*urge*n W., 1yrs, PA
202A-150-145, Wise, Sarah, 56yrs, PA
202A-148-143, Wise, Sarah Ann, 15yrs, PA
202A-148-143, Wise, Stephen Saml, 21yrs, PA
202A-148-143, Wise, W. Edmund, 9yrs, PA
202A-149-144, Wise, Warren B., 4yrs, PA
202B-158-153, Woodman, Charley, 1yrs, PA
202B-158-153, Woodman, Henry, 40yrs, Baden
202B-158-153, Woodman, James Samuel, 5yrs, PA
202B-158-153, Woodman, Lewis, 1/12yr, PA
202B-158-153, Woodman, Susan, 39yrs, PA
204A-185-179, Yarian, Benjamin, 54yrs, OH
204B-185-179, Yarian, Elizabeth, 20yrs, PA
204B-185-179, Yarian, Emma, 12yrs, PA
204B-185-179, Yarian, Henry, 19yrs, PA
204B-185-179, Yarian, Salme, 50yrs, OH
204B-185-179, Yarian, Sarah Ann, 16yrs, PA
204B-185-179, Yarian, Sevina, 13yrs, PA
199A-109-105, Young, Almon Reed, 14yrs, PA
202B-156-151, Young, Caraline, 30yrs, PA
202B-156-151, Young, Clara, 2yrs, PA
199B-115-111, Young, David P., 14yrs, PA
202B-156-151, Young, Ellen Jane, 11yrs, PA
199B-115-111, Young, Ellen Margaret, 12yrs, PA
202B-156-151, Young, J. Frankey, 13yrs, PA
199B-115-111, Young, James M., 9yrs, PA
199B-115-111, Young, John, 59yrs, PA
199A-109-105, Young, Lewis C., 51yrs, PA
199A-108-104, Young, Margaret, 36yrs, PA
202B-156-151, Young, Mathias, 35yrs, PA
202B-156-151, Young, Milton, 9yrs, PA
199B-115-111, Young, Nancy M., 48yrs, PA
202B-156-151, Young, Nettie, 7yrs, PA
199A-109-105, Young, Robert Gallagher, 13yrs, PA
199B-115-111, Young, William A., 16yrs, PA
199A-109-105, Young, William Henry, 5yrs, PA
194B-29-28, Zenver, Agness M., 33yrs, PA
194B-29-28, Zenver, Emma P., 9yrs, PA
194B-29-28, Zenver, George E. W., 38yrs, PA
194B-30-29, Zenver, Mary R., 18yrs, IN
194B-30-29, Zenver, Nancy, 1yrs, KY
194B-30-29, Zenver, Nancy, 60yrs, PA
194B-30-29, Zenver, Samuel, 70yrs, PA
194B-30-29, Zenver, Thomas H., 23yrs, PA
204B-190-184, Zimerman, Elizabeth, 28yrs, PA
204B-190-184, Zimerman, Frank F., 5yrs, PA
204B-190-184, Zimerman, Ida May, 2yrs, PA
204B-190-184, Zimerman, Joseph, 32yrs, PA
204B-190-184, Zimerman, Loretta, 7yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Zook, Annie, 8yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Zook, Barbra, 17yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Zook, Catherine, 45yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Zook, Christian, 13yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Zook, Daniel, 15yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Zook, Noah, 53yrs, PA
193A-5-5, Zook, Solomon, 11yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

1870 Census Transcription Copyright 2000 John MacDonald

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