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1870 Census Surname List


Borough of Sharon


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1870 Census-Mercer County 

(US Archives microfilm roll #1373)


Enumerator Elijah Baker

Post Office Mercer

Date of Enumeration 6 July to 20 July, 1870


Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The

last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.


John MacDonald

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Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth



308B-6-7, *egle, Ellen, 32 yrs, NY

308B-6-7, *egle, Geo., 14 yrs, PA

296B-6-9, *elley, Napo., 17 yrs, VA

314A-4-4, Abright, Mary, 17 yrs, PA

314B-3-3, Ackerson, Frank, 12 yrs, PA

314B-3-3, Ackerson, Jas, 50 yrs, PA

314B-3-3, Ackerson, Lyddia, 45 yrs, PA

284B-2-2, Adams, Alma, 20 yrs, PA

317B-3-3, Adams, John, 35 yrs, PA

317B-3-3, Adams, Lucinda, 40 yrs, PA

295A-4-4, Adamson, Eliza, 29 yrs, Eng

295A-4-4, Adamson, Elizabeth, 2 yrs, Eng

295A-4-4, Adamson, Jane, 5 yrs, Eng

295A-4-4, Adamson, Jonna, 7 yrs, Eng

295A-4-4, Adamson, Wm, 32 yrs, Eng

274B-2-2, Albaugh, Maggie, 18 yrs, Bav

309A-1-1, Albert, Elisabeth, 25 yrs, Scot

309A-1-1, Albert, Henry, 26 yrs, Scot

316B-1-1, Albin, Florence, 17 yrs, PA

316B-1-1, Albin, Lucy, 39 yrs, NY

283A-2-2, Alderman, Alford, 32 yrs, PA

283A-2-2, Alderman, Amira, 30 yrs, PA

272B-4-5, Alderman, Bertha, 8 yrs, OH

271B-2-2, Alderman, Edward, 6/12 yr, PA

272B-4-5, Alderman, Elisabeth, 32 yrs, OH

272B-4-5, Alderman, Fay, 10 yrs, OH

271B-2-2, Alderman, Frances, 2 yrs, PA

283A-2-2, Alderman, Johathan, 56 yrs, NY

271B-2-2, Alderman, Nancy, 29 yrs, OH

271B-2-2, Alderman, Richard, 25 yrs, PA

283A-2-2, Alderman, Sarah, 52 yrs, NY

272B-4-5, Alderman, Timothy, 35 yrs, OH

298A-4-5, Alexander, Anna, 5 yrs, PA

308A-1-1, Alexander, Barache*, 30 yrs, Prus

314A-1-1, Alexander, Elisabeth, 48 yrs, PA

307B-3-3, Alexander, Jno., 20 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Alexander, Joseph, 22 yrs, PA

298A-4-5, Alexander, Leopol****, 30 yrs, Prus

308A-1-1, Alexander, Libbie, 4 yrs, PA

298A-4-5, Alexander, Louis, 3 yrs, PA

308A-1-1, Alexander, Marcus, 10 yrs, PA

308A-1-1, Alexander, Morris, 44 yrs, Prus

308A-1-1, Alexander, Rachel, 12 yrs, PA

308A-1-1, Alexander, Solomon, 7 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Amy, Maggie, 18 yrs, PA

297B-3-3, Anderson, Abagail, 53 yrs, PA

297B-3-3, Anderson, Alexander, 25 yrs, PA

297B-3-3, Anderson, Edward, 18 yrs, PA

287B-1-1, Anderson, Isaac, 21 yrs, PA

284A-9-9, Anderson, Mary, 16 yrs, Eng

297B-3-3, Anderson, Mary, 22 yrs, PA

305A-5-5, Anson, Elisabeth, 23 yrs, PA

305A-5-5, Anson, Elisabeth, 6 yrs, PA

305A-5-5, Anson, Paul, 26 yrs, France

305A-5-5, Anson, Philamina, 1/12 yr, PA

305A-5-5, Anson, Sarah, 2 yrs, PA

276A-2-2, Applegate, Abner, 44 yrs, OH

276A-2-2, Applegate, Jane, 12 yrs, PA

276A-2-2, Applegate, Marilda, 36 yrs, PA

276A-2-2, Applegate, Mary, 16 yrs, PA

276A-2-2, Applegate, Mary, 86 yrs, MD

276A-2-2, Applegate, William, 14 yrs, PA

320A-1-1, Appleyard, Virginia, 16 yrs, VA

292A-8-8, Arbuthn**, Sarah, 20 yrs, PA

292A-8-8, Arbuthn**, Wm, 21 yrs, WV

323B-1-1, Armstrong, Agnes, 12 yrs, Can W.

323B-1-1, Armstrong, Ella, 27 yrs, Can W.

273B-2-2, Armstrong, Frank, 39 yrs, NY

273B-2-2, Armstrong, Geo, 20 yrs, NY

323B-1-1, Armstrong, James, 2 yrs, PA

323B-1-1, Armstrong, John, 18 yrs, Can W.

323B-1-1, Armstrong, Robert, 29 yrs, Can W.

316B-5-5, Arnold, Frederic., 25 yrs, Eng

271A-5-5, Ash, James, 20 yrs, PA

286B-2-2, Ash, S. J., 19 yrs, PA

309B-7-7, Ashton, Adolphus, 21 yrs, PA

309B-1-1, Ashton, Amelia, 22 yrs, PA

309B-5-5, Ashton, Anna, 28 yrs, PA

310A-7-7, Ashton, Benj, 17 yrs, PA

309B-5-5, Ashton, Cecillia, 7 yrs, PA

309B-1-1, Ashton, Charles, 4/12 yr, PA

309B-7-7, Ashton, Frances, 56 yrs, Eng

310A-7-7, Ashton, George, 14 yrs, PA

310A-7-7, Ashton, Jennie, 8 yrs, PA

309B-7-7, Ashton, John, 59 yrs, Eng

309B-7-7, Ashton, John, 23 yrs, PA

309B-5-5, Ashton, Joseph, 27 yrs, PA

309B-1-1, Ashton, Marefall, 25 yrs, PA

309B-5-5, Ashton, Maud, 2 yrs, PA

317A-6-6, Ashworth, Anna, 65 yrs, Eng

284A-2-2, Atchison, Allice H., 18 yrs, OH

284A-2-2, Atchison, E. B., 23 yrs, OH

284A-2-2, Atchison, Minnie, 2/12 yr, OH

320A-6-6, Atkins, George, 38 yrs, NY

320A-6-6, Atkins, Grace, 5 yrs, PA

320A-6-6, Atkins, Jane, 33 yrs, Eng

320A-6-6, Atkins, Jane, 3 yrs, PA

320A-6-6, Atkins, Samuel, 9 yrs, "Mo"

308A-1-1, Auerbauch, Hannah, 58 yrs, Prus

308A-1-1, Auerbauch, Marie, 18 yrs, PA

308A-1-1, Auerbauch, Nund**, 68 yrs, Prus

308A-1-1, Auerbauch, Pauline, 22 yrs, PA

308A-1-1, Auerbauch, Rachel, 16 yrs, PA

291A-7-8, Augustine, Frank, 19 yrs, PA

309B-6-6, Avanaugh, Wm, 21 yrs, WV

276A-3-3, Bader, S. O. , 30 yrs, France

277A-1-1, Baily, Benjamin, 11 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Baily, Betty, 5 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Baily, Effa, 13 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Baily, Eva, 7 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Baily, Martha, 3 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Baily, Paul, 9/12 yr, PA

277A-1-1, Baily, Sarah, 36 yrs, Eng

272B-3-4, Baily, William, 37 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Baily, William, 40 yrs, Eng

307B-4-4, Baker, Emmanuel, 19 yrs, OH

312B-3-4, Baker, Geo., 23 yrs, OH

307B-4-4, Baker, James, 1/12 yr, PA

312B-3-4, Baker, Kate, 9/12 yr, PA

307B-4-4, Baker, Maggie, 19 yrs, OH

312B-3-4, Baker, Rebecca, 19 yrs, PA

314A-4-4, Baker, William, 18 yrs, PA

294B-3-3, Baldwin, A. B., 32 yrs, PA

294B-3-3, Baldwin, Jennie, 31 yrs, PA

299B-6-5, Barber, Anna, 17 yrs, PA

276B-3-3, Barber, John, 35 yrs, PA

299B-6-5, Barber, Joseph, 47 yrs, Eng

299B-6-5, Barber, Lizzie, 12 yrs, PA

299B-6-5, Barber, Sarah, 51 yrs, Eng

283A-5-5, Barbers, Mathew, 23 yrs, Bav

315B-4-5, Bariet, Elizabeth, 24 yrs, Eng

315B-4-5, Bariet, Hannora, 4 yrs, PA

315B-4-5, Bariet, Jas., 30 yrs, Ire

315B-4-5, Bariet, Jno, 2 yrs, PA

315B-4-5, Bariet, Joseph, 3/12 yr, PA

315B-2-3, Bark, James, 26 yrs, Ire

315B-2-3, Bark, Mary, 40 yrs, Ire

314B-4-5, Barker, Mabell, 17 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Barkhammer, Katy, 22 yrs, PA

277A-2-2, Barlon, Anna, 35 yrs, Ireland

318A-9-10, Barnet, Nancy, 24 yrs, PA

314A-3-3, Barnet, Robert, 40 yrs, Wales

283A-3-3, Barret, Hester, 31 yrs, PA

300A-1-1, Barret, James, 26 yrs, Ireland

300A-1-1, Barret, Thos., 24 yrs, Ireland

283A-3-3, Barret, Umphry, 45 yrs, PA

323B-6-6, Bates, Anna, 56 yrs, Eng

323B-6-6, Bates, Betsy, 16 yrs, OH

323B-6-6, Bates, James, 52 yrs, Eng

285A-7-7, Bates, Sarah, 20 yrs, OH

323B-6-6, Bates, William, 23 yrs, OH

276A-3-3, Bear, Addison, 8 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Bear, Ella, 11 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Bear, Susan, 37 yrs, PA

292B-6-5, Beaty, M. J., 44 yrs, PA

310A-1-2, Beavan, Hannah, 27 yrs, Wales

310A-1-2, Beavan, William, 33 yrs, Wales

313B-4-4, Bebe, James, 22 yrs, OH

274B-4-4, Beckwith, Florine, 21 yrs, NY

274B-4-4, Beckwith, George, 28 yrs, OH

274B-4-4, Beckwith, Nelly, 6/12 yr, PA

289B-6-6, Bedford, Amsy, 22 yrs, NY

290B-3-3, Bell, Allice, 24 yrs, OH

317A-1-1, Bell, Allice, 25 yrs, PA

277B-6-6, Bell, Anna, 18 yrs, PA

277B-6-6, Bell, Edwin C., 24 yrs, PA

317A-1-1, Bell, Emma, 23 yrs, PA

317A-1-1, Bell, Henderson, 14 yrs, PA

277B-6-6, Bell, James R., 60 yrs, PA

277B-6-6, Bell, John H., 17 yrs, PA

317A-1-1, Bell, Mary, 17 yrs, PA

305A-4-4, Bell, Reuben, 25 yrs, PA

317A-1-1, Bell, Richard, 27 yrs, PA

317A-1-1, Bell, Robert, 20 yrs, PA

290B-3-3, Bell, S. W., 28 yrs, PA

277B-6-6, Bell, Sarah E., 53 yrs, PA

277B-6-6, Bell, Sarah J., 27 yrs, PA

317A-1-1, Bell, Susan, 59 yrs, Eng

317A-1-1, Bell, William, 58 yrs, PA

317A-1-1, Bell, William, 21 yrs, PA

274B-5-5, Belton, Harry, 28 yrs, NY

274B-5-5, Belton, Lyddia, 25 yrs, NY

292B-6-5, Benjamin, Allen N., 4 yrs, OH

308B-4-4, Benjamin, Fannie, 57 yrs, CT

292B-6-5, Benjamin, Fanny, 2 yrs, OH

308B-4-4, Benjamin, Flora, 14 yrs, OH

308B-4-4, Benjamin, N. K., 55 yrs, CT

292B-6-5, Benjamin, R. E., 30 yrs, OH

292B-6-5, Benjamin, Sarah, 21 yrs, OH

315A-6-7, Bennet, Hugh, 28 yrs, NY

315A-6-7, Bennet, Rebecca, 27 yrs, Ire

272B-7-8, Berry, Elisabeth, 26 yrs, PA

272B-7-8, Berry, Jesse, 1 yrs, NY

276B-1-1, Berry, John, 18 yrs, PA

302A-7-7, Berry, John, 6 yrs, Eng

272B-7-8, Berry, Joseph, 24 yrs, Germany

302A-7-7, Berry, Mary, 40 yrs, Ire

303B-3-3, Berry, Patrick, 26 yrs, Ire

302A-7-7, Berry, Thomas, 38 yrs, Ire

311A-4-4, Bidamen, Christ., 50 yrs, MD

311A-4-4, Bidamen, Edwin, 11 yrs, OH

311A-4-4, Bidamen, Israel, 15 yrs, PA

311A-4-4, Bidamen, Leicester, 14 yrs, OH

311A-4-4, Bidamen, Mary, 50 yrs, Eng

311A-4-4, Bidamen, Mary, 9 yrs, OH

311A-4-4, Bidamen, Wm, 21 yrs, PA

317A-6-6, Bideman, Emma, 24 yrs, PA

317A-6-6, Bideman, Jacob, 25 yrs, PA

276B-1-1, Bills, Frank, 24 yrs, OH

278A-7-7, Bills, Frank, 23 yrs, OH

275A-3-3, Bills, George, 30 yrs, PA

275A-3-3, Bills, Lilly, 24 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, Bilton, Harry, 25 yrs, PA

301B-6-7, Birr, Mary, 58 yrs, Ire

301B-6-7, Birr, Robert, 60 yrs, Ire

283A-5-5, Bisel, Frank, 25 yrs, OH

276B-3-3, Bishop, D., 40 yrs, PA

281B-3-3, Blackstone, Carrie, 4 yrs, PA

281B-1-1, Blackstone, Emely, 56 yrs, PA

281B-3-3, Blackstone, George, 9 yrs, PA

281B-3-3, Blackstone, Jesse, 1 yrs, PA

281B-1-1, Blackstone, Jones, 54 yrs, PA

281B-3-3, Blackstone, Millie, 7 yrs, PA

281B-3-3, Blackstone, Rachel, 31 yrs, PA

281B-3-3, Blackstone, Wm., 30 yrs, PA

300A-3-3, Blake, Pat., 20 yrs, Ireland

307A-4-4, Blakely, F. T. M., 20 yrs, PA

286A-9-9, Blystore, Arthur, 12 yrs, PA

286A-9-9, Blystore, H. E., 33 yrs, PA

286B-9-9, Blystore, Harvey, 5 yrs, PA

286A-9-9, Blystore, Jeany, 7 yrs, PA

286B-9-9, Blystore, Samuel, 11/12 yr, PA

286A-9-9, Blystore, Sul*e M., 9 yrs, PA

286A-9-9, Blystore, Susan, 31 yrs, PA

285A-5-5, Boag**e, Kate, 32 yrs, PA

311A-2-3, Boardman, Anna, 67 yrs, Eng

275A-10-10, Bodden, Abagail, 40 yrs, PA

275B-10-10, Bodden, Abagail, 15 yrs, PA

275A-10-10, Bodden, Cornelius, 43 yrs, OH

275B-10-10, Bodden, Emma, 17 yrs, PA

275B-10-10, Bodden, Jesse M., 2 yrs, PA

275B-10-10, Bodden, Margaret, 11 yrs, PA

322B-3-4, Bohizer, Anna, 3/12 yr, PA

322B-3-4, Bohizer, Dorothy, 21 yrs, Bav

322B-3-4, Bohizer, Henry, 22 yrs, H. Darmstadt

277A-2-2, Boice, Maud, 3 yrs, PA

277A-2-2, Bois, Julia, 27 yrs, PA

278B-5-5, Bonacher, Elisabeth, 50 yrs, H. Darmstadt

278B-5-5, Bonacher, Elisabeth, 14 yrs, H. Darmstadt

278B-5-5, Bonacher, Frederick, 10 yrs, H. Darmstadt

278B-5-5, Bonacher, Jacob, 12 yrs, H. Darmstadt

278B-5-5, Bonacher, Joseph, 8 yrs, H. Darmstadt

278B-5-5, Bonacher, Peter, 50 yrs, H. Darmstadt

278B-5-5, Bonacher, PHillip, 19 yrs, H. Darmstadt

283A-5-5, Bonnel, Charles, 25 yrs, PA

316A-9-9, Book, Clara, 26 yrs, PA

316B-9-9, Book, Claud, 3 yrs, PA

316B-9-9, Book, Gay, 1 yrs, PA

316A-9-9, Book, T. C., 30 yrs, PA

323A-3-2, Booth, John, 23 yrs, Wales

307B-5-5, Boughton, Wm, 18 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Boulard, M., 40 yrs, OH

317A-4-4, Bowden, Charles, 14 yrs, PA

317A-4-4, Bowden, Daniel, 81 yrs, PA

317A-4-4, Bowden, Effy A., 11 yrs, PA

317A-4-4, Bowden, Phebe A., 43 yrs, OH

317A-4-4, Bowden, Thomas, 47 yrs, PA

317A-4-4, Bowden, Thomas C., 6 yrs, PA

324A-4-4, Bowe, Emma, 20 yrs, PA

291A-4-4, Bowman, B. T., 33 yrs, PA

291A-4-4, Bowman, Joseph, 8 yrs, PA

291A-4-4, Bowman, Ray, 3 yrs, PA

279B-5-6, Bowman, Sarah, 72 yrs, PA

291A-4-4, Bowman, T. J., 33 yrs, PA

317B-6-7, Boyce, George, 65 yrs, Eng

317B-6-7, Boyce, Stutiree, 55 yrs, PA

280B-3-3, Boyd, Andrew, 17 yrs, PA

318A-5-5, Boyd, Eliza, 54 yrs, PA

316B-3-3, Boyd, Harry, 7 yrs, PA

318A-5-5, Boyd, Henry, 58 yrs, Ire

316B-3-3, Boyd, Ida F., 2 yrs, PA

318A-5-5, Boyd, Jane, 23 yrs, PA

316B-3-3, Boyd, Jas. A., 39 yrs, PA

318A-5-5, Boyd, Salina, 18 yrs, PA

316B-3-3, Boyd, Sarah, 24 yrs, PA

317B-5-6, Boyd, Thamsor, 37 yrs, PA

318A-5-5, Boyd, Thomas, 19 yrs, PA

299A-4-4, Boyle, Bridget, 55 yrs, Ireland

299A-4-4, Boyle, Ellen, 17 yrs, Ireland

299A-4-4, Boyle, John, 60 yrs, Ireland

299A-4-4, Boyle, John, 19 yrs, Ireland

299A-5-5, Boyle, Kate, 23 yrs, PA

296A-7-7, Boyle, Mary, 30 yrs, Ireland

296A-7-7, Boyle, Mary, 2/12 yr, PA

299A-5-5, Boyle, Mich., 24 yrs, Ireland

296A-7-7, Boyle, Michael, 2 yrs, Eng

296A-7-7, Boyle, Thos, 30 yrs, Ireland

291A-1-1, Braden, G. W., 26 yrs, OH

291A-1-1, Braden, Jennie, 25 yrs, PA

287A-3-3, Brady, Allice, 1 yrs, PA

287A-3-3, Brady, Ellen, 34 yrs, Ireland

287A-3-3, Brady, Ellen J., 11 yrs, Ire

287A-3-3, Brady, Emely, 3 yrs, PA

287A-3-3, Brady, Lizzie, 6 yrs, Ire

287A-3-3, Brady, Lucy, 9 yrs, Ire

287A-3-3, Brady, Martha, 12 yrs, Ire

287A-3-3, Brady, Martha, 65 yrs, Ireland

287A-3-3, Brady, Patrick, 35 yrs, Ireland

294A-4-4, Braem, Margaret, 30 yrs, Ire

294A-4-4, Braem, Patrick, 40 yrs, Ire

315B-9-10, Brannon, Alfar, 15 yrs, PA

315A-9-10, Brannon, Ben., 50 yrs, PA

315B-9-10, Brannon, Cecilla, 4 yrs, PA

315A-9-10, Brannon, Chas, 21 yrs, PA

315A-9-10, Brannon, Elizab., 56 yrs, PA

315B-9-10, Brannon, Elizabeth, 8 yrs, PA

315B-9-10, Brannon, Emma, 10 yrs, PA

315B-9-1, Brannon, Francis, 3 yrs, OH

315A-9-10, Brannon, Geo., 17 yrs, PA

315B-9-1, Brannon, Georg, 1 yrs, PA

315B-9-10, Brannon, Jno, 12 yrs, PA

315B-9-1, Brannon, Sarah, 21 yrs, PA

315A-9-10, Brannon, Wm, 25 yrs, PA

295B-1-1, Breakeiran, Geo., 20 yrs, PA

294B-5-4, Breen, Hugh, 40 yrs, Ire

303B-2-2, Breeze, Anne, 48 yrs, Wales

303B-2-2, Breeze, Jno., 46 yrs, Wales

299B-6-5, Brennan, Wm, 33 yrs, Ireland

288A-3-3, Briggs, Emely, 24 yrs, NY

288A-3-3, Briggs, James, 35 yrs, NY

277A-1-1, Brindidge, C., 24 yrs, PA

271B-6-6, Brockson, A. J., 21 yrs, PA

273A-6-6, Broniger, Lizzie, 14 yrs, Germany

314B-7-8, Brooks, *elket, 39 yrs, PA

317A-8-8, Brooks, George, 40 yrs, Eng

317B-8-8, Brooks, Kate, 42 yrs, Eng

314B-7-8, Brooks, Mary, 38 yrs, NY

310B-4-4, Brose, Anna, 2 yrs, PA

310B-4-4, Brose, Caroline, 5 yrs, OH

310B-4-4, Brose, Catherine, 9 yrs, OH

310B-4-4, Brose, Charles, 7 yrs, OH

310B-4-4, Brose, Christopher, 44 yrs, Wirtemberg

310B-4-4, Brose, Elisabeth, 14 yrs, OH

310B-4-4, Brose, John, 3 yrs, PA

310B-4-4, Brose, Magdalena, 38 yrs, France

310B-4-4, Brose, Magdalena, 11 yrs, OH

310B-4-4, Brose, Mary, 13 yrs, OH

310B-4-4, Brose, William, 5/12 yr, PA

286B-6-6, Brown, Eliza J., 4 yrs, PA

282B-7-8, Brown, Eva, 9 yrs, PA

286B-6-6, Brown, George, 27 yrs, PA

282B-7-8, Brown, Hiram, 40 yrs, PA

286B-6-6, Brown, Issabella, 1 yrs, PA

286B-6-6, Brown, Jane, 26 yrs, Ireland

315B-3-4, Brown, Jno, 28 yrs, Ire

315B-3-4, Brown, Johanna, 27 yrs, Ire

297B-6-6, Brown, John, 40 yrs, PA

291A-7-8, Brown, Saml, 18 yrs, PA

309B-8-8, Brown, Samuel, 45 yrs, PA

282B-7-8, Brown, Sarah, 32 yrs, PA

286B-6-6, Brown, Thomas, 3 yrs, PA

317B-1-1, Bryson, Ella, 26 yrs, PA

277B-4-4, Buckholtz, Elisabeth, 25 yrs, PA

277B-4-4, Buckholtz, Joseph, 2 yrs, PA

277B-4-4, Buckholtz, Louis, 32 yrs, Prus

277B-4-4, Buckholtz, William, 5 yrs, PA

296A-5-5, Buckley, Jno., 23 yrs, Eng

318A-2-2, Budd, Anna, 21 yrs, PA

283B-7-7, Budd, Benjamin, 14 yrs, PA

317B-1-1, Budd, Catherine, 45 yrs, PA

283B-7-7, Budd, E. S., 68 yrs, PA

283B-7-7, Budd, Edward, 21 yrs, PA

323B-2-2, Budd, Flora, 16 yrs, PA

323B-2-2, Budd, Hannah, 34 yrs, Eng

323B-2-2, Budd, Harvy, 2 yrs, OH

323B-2-2, Budd, James, 38 yrs, PA

318A-2-2, Budd, Lucy, 53 yrs, OH

283B-7-7, Budd, Mary, 63 yrs, PA

323B-2-2, Budd, Mary, 11 yrs, PA

283B-7-7, Budd, Netty, 16 yrs, PA

323B-2-2, Budd, Roland, 13 yrs, OH

318A-2-2, Budd, Upson [Wilson?], 56 yrs, PA

324B-3-3, Buhl, F. H., 22 yrs, MI

303A-3-3, Buick, Bridget, 45 yrs, Ireland

303A-3-3, Buick, Mich., 48 yrs, Ireland

294B-2-2, Bum*el, Elisabeth, 18 yrs, PA

305B-3-3, Burk, John, 25 yrs, NY

291B-2-5, Burns, Geo., 5 yrs, PA

291B-2-5, Burns, Jno. A., 35 yrs, PA

287B-4-4, Burns, John, 28 yrs, Ireland

287B-4-4, Burns, Mariah, 30 yrs, Ireland

291B-2-5, Burns, Mary, 27 yrs, PA

312A-4-4, Burns, Michal., 28 yrs, Ire

287B-4-4, Burns, Richard, 1 yrs, PA

291B-2-5, Bushnell, Hulda, 44 yrs, OH

311B-2-2, Butler, Francis, 24 yrs, NY

309A-7-7, Butler, Jane, 54 yrs, NY

273B-4-4, Byard, David, 37 yrs, NY

273B-4-4, Byard, David, 13 yrs, OH

274A-4-4, Byard, Grant, 6 yrs, PA

273B-4-4, Byard, Margaret, 34 yrs, Scot

273B-4-4, Byard, Minnie, 14 yrs, Can

304B-6-6, Bycroft, Andrew, 3 yrs, MI

304B-6-6, Bycroft, Jas L., 12 yrs, MI

304B-6-6, Bycroft, Joanna, 9 yrs, MI

304B-6-6, Bycroft, Mary, 35 yrs, Ire

304B-6-6, Bycroft, Michael, 13 yrs, MI

304B-6-6, Bycroft, Simon, 38 yrs, Eng

304B-6-6, Bycroft, Simon, 15 yrs, MI

295B-2-2, Cain, Emma, 1 yrs, Isle of Man

295B-2-2, Cain, Jane, 20 yrs, Isle of Man

295B-2-2, Cain, Marshall, 3 yrs, Isle of Man

295B-2-2, Cain, Robt, 28 yrs, Isle of Man

289A-7-7, Calliger, George, 25 yrs, PA

289A-7-7, Calliger, Margaret, 4 yrs, PA

289A-7-7, Calliger, Mary, 25 yrs, PA

289B-7-7, Calliger, William, 1 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Calvin, Olla, 28 yrs, PA

303B-5-5, Cameron, Alexander, 4 yrs, PA

303B-5-5, Cameron, Jacob, 9 yrs, PA

303B-5-5, Cameron, Jane, 3 yrs, PA

303B-5-5, Cameron, Jas, 6 yrs, PA

303B-5-5, Cameron, Margaret, 25 yrs, PA

303B-5-5, Cameron, Samuel, 7 yrs, PA

303B-5-5, Cameron, Sarah, 1 yrs, PA

303B-5-5, Cameron, Wm, 31 yrs, WV

316A-4-4, Campbell, Anna, 26 yrs, PA

283A-1-1, Campbell, Louis, 42 yrs, France

296B-1-2, Campbell, Margaret, 53 yrs, PA

296B-1-2, Campbell, Nathan, 66 yrs, NY

283A-1-1, Campbell, Sarah, 53 yrs, NY

306A-1-1, Canavan, Anne, 28 yrs, Can W

306A-1-1, Canavan, Ellen, 1 yrs, PA

306A-1-1, Canavan, James, 5 yrs, PA

306A-1-1, Canavan, Margaret, 3 yrs, PA

306A-1-1, Canavan, Mary, 6 yrs, PA

306A-1-1, Canavan, Patrick, 35 yrs, Ire

284B-7-7, Canfield, Jane, 65 yrs, Ireland

309A-3-3, Carlon, Catherine, 27 yrs, Ire

309A-3-3, Carlon, Edward, 32 yrs, Ire

309A-3-3, Carlon, Edward, 9/12 yr, PA

309A-3-3, Carlon, John, 9 yrs, Ire

309A-3-3, Carlon, Mary, 7 yrs, Ire

309A-3-3, Carlon, Thomas, 3 yrs, PA

309A-3-3, Carlon, William, 5 yrs, NY

309B-3-3, Carn, Louisa, 22 yrs, OH

307A-1-1, Carnes, Andrew, 5 yrs, PA

307A-1-1, Carnes, Anne, 27 yrs, Ire

307A-1-1, Carnes, James, 10 yrs, NY

307A-1-1, Carnes, John, 13 yrs, NY

307A-1-1, Carnes, Mich., 39 yrs, Ire

307A-1-1, Carnes, Mich., 12 yrs, WI

307A-1-1, Carnes, Patrick, 2 yrs, PA

307A-1-1, Carnes, Wm, 4 yrs, PA

280B-1-1, Carrington, George, 43 yrs, PA

280B-1-1, Carrington, Isabella, 17 yrs, PA

280B-1-1, Carrington, Margaret, 44 yrs, PA

280B-1-1, Carrington, Nancy, 12 yrs, PA

280B-1-1, Carrington, Sarah, 15 yrs, PA

280B-1-1, Carrington, Thomas, 18 yrs, PA

280B-1-1, Carrington, Willie, 10 yrs, PA

322A-4-5, Carrol, Hannah, 26 yrs, Ire

322A-4-5, Carrol, Michael, 30 yrs, Ire

285A-6-6, Carver, C. G., 70 yrs, NY

317B-7-8, Carver, Conrad, 33 yrs, PA

285A-6-6, Carver, Conrod, 1 yrs, PA

285A-6-6, Carver, Elizabeth, 3/12 yr, PA

285A-6-6, Carver, J. L., 36 yrs, PA

317B-7-8, Carver, Mary, 21 yrs, PA

285A-6-6, Carver, Susan, 26 yrs, Ireland

285A-6-6, Carver, Theressa, 62 yrs, PA

288B-3-3, Casey, Bridget, 29 yrs, Ireland

288B-3-3, Casey, Dennis, 30 yrs, Ireland

278A-6-6, Cassiday, Bridget, 18 yrs, Ireland

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, Anna, 18 yrs, PA

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, Catherine, 42 yrs, Irex

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, Dennis, 16 yrs, PA

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, Edward, 3 yrs, PA

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, Florence, 12 yrs, PA

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, Francis, 8 yrs, PA

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, Martin, 24 yrs, PA

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, Patrick, 45 yrs, Ire

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, Patrick, 22 yrs, PA

287B-7-7, Cassidfay, William, 5 yrs, PA

279A-6-6, Cathcart, Emma, 30 yrs, PA

279A-6-6, Cathcart, Nelly, 9 yrs, PA

279A-6-6, Cathcart, Robt, 36 yrs, PA

279A-6-6, Cathcart, William, 9/12 yr, PA

275B-1-1, Catsky, William, 22 yrs, NY

277B-4-4, Cavanaugh, Mary, 16 yrs, Ireland

283A-5-5, Cenongisie, A., 22 yrs, PA

283B-5-5, Cepner, Eugene, 25 yrs, OH

324A-4-4, Chamberlain, Elisabeth, 40 yrs, Eng

324A-4-4, Chamberlain, Jos, 40 yrs, Eng

314B-4-5, Chandler, David, 19 yrs, PA

314B-4-5, Chandler, Emely, 30 yrs, PA

314B-4-5, Chandler, Henry, 59 yrs, MA

314B-4-5, Chandler, Joseph, 22 yrs, PA

316B-7-7, Chany, Abby, 52 yrs, IL

311B-2-2, Chapman, Ursula, 37 yrs, NY

286B-8-8, Chase, Albert, 12 yrs, PA

286B-8-8, Chase, Ellen, 30 yrs, PA

286B-8-8, Chase, Esther, 9 yrs, PA

286B-8-8, Chase, Hosea, 6 yrs, PA

290A-6-6, Chase, Hosea, 28 yrs, PA

286B-8-8, Chase, John, 37 yrs, PA

286B-8-8, Chase, Malissa, 4 yrs, PA

290A-6-6, Chase, Martha, 25 yrs, PA

290A-6-6, Chase, Mary E., 2 yrs, PA

286B-8-8, Chase, Wilhelm, 2 yrs, PA

279B-7-7, Chew, William, 60 yrs, OH

282A-7-7, Christy, Joseph, 35 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Christy, Margaret, 20 yrs, PA

282A-7-7, Christy, Rebecca, 22 yrs, PA

282A-7-7, Christy, William, 2 yrs, PA

292B-6-5, Churchill, M., 42 yrs, PA

313A-1-1, Clain, Edward, 31 yrs, Eng

313A-1-1, Clain, Kate, 19 yrs, Ire

313A-1-1, Clain, Kate, 10/12 yr, PA

283A-5-5, Clair, Elizabeth, 55 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Clair, Elizabeth, 19 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Clair, John, 50 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Clair, John, 12 yrs, PA

305A-2-2, Clark, Amelia, 34 yrs, Can W.

305A-2-2, Clark, Arthur, 7 yrs, Can W.

305A-2-2, Clark, Barbara, 14 yrs, Can W.

271B-1-1, Clark, Bessie, 19 yrs, OH

278B-8-8, Clark, Charles, 14 yrs, KS

278B-8-8, Clark, Clara, 36 yrs, ME

305A-2-2, Clark, David, 40 yrs, Scot

278A-8-8, Clark, Edward, 23 yrs, NY

312B-4-5, Clark, Elizab., 56 yrs, PA

305A-2-2, Clark, Emma, 3 yrs, PA

278B-8-8, Clark, Fenton, 2 yrs, PA

309B-2-2, Clark, Frances, 12 yrs, PA

276B-1-1, Clark, Frank, 23 yrs, PA

312B-4-5, Clark, George, 34 yrs, PA

309A-2-2, Clark, Jennet, 20 yrs, PA

271B-1-1, Clark, John, 17 yrs, OH

318A-4-4, Clark, John, 25 yrs, Ire

312B-4-5, Clark, Josaphine, 16 yrs, PA

309B-2-2, Clark, Joseph, 35 yrs, PA

281A-6-6, Clark, Lucy, 28 yrs, PA

312B-4-5, Clark, Maria, 20 yrs, PA

309B-2-2, Clark, Mary, 31 yrs, PA

312B-4-5, Clark, Milton, 21 yrs, PA

276B-1-1, Clark, Mrs, 20 yrs, PA

309A-2-2, Clark, Patterson, 23 yrs, PA

305A-2-2, Clark, Robert, 10 yrs, Can W.

296A-5-5, Clark, Robt, 51 yrs, PA

300B-5-7, Clary, Bridget, 48 yrs, Ireland

300B-5-7, Clary, Bridget, 10 yrs, Eng

300B-5-7, Clary, Edward, 13 yrs, Eng

300B-5-7, Clary, James, 50 yrs, Ireland

300B-5-7, Clary, James, 14 yrs, Eng

300B-5-7, Clary, Julia, 12 yrs, Eng

300B-5-7, Clary, Mary, 5 yrs, PA

300B-5-7, Clary, Michael, 3 yrs, PA

300B-5-7, Clary, Thomas, 8 yrs, Eng

293B-7-9, Cleeland, James, 22 yrs, Ire

323B-4-4, Cleine, Harry, 17 yrs, PA

323B-4-4, Cleine, Mary E., 11 yrs, PA

272B-9-10, Clepper, Amelia, 20 yrs, PA

287B-1-1, Clepper, David, 17 yrs, PA

287A-9-9, Clepper, John, 46 yrs, PA

287B-9-9, Clepper, Polly, 51 yrs, PA

287B-9-9, Clepper, Samuel, 20 yrs, PA

304A-1-1, Clifford, Andrew, 24 yrs, Ire

296A-3-3, Clifford, Catherine, 40 yrs, Ireland

296A-3-3, Clifford, Chas., 6 yrs, PA

296A-3-3, Clifford, Clarence, 1 yrs, PA

295B-5-5, Clifford, Eliza, 31 yrs, Wales

295B-5-5, Clifford, Ellen, 19 yrs, PA

296A-3-3, Clifford, Ellen, 3 yrs, PA

296A-3-3, Clifford, James, 9 yrs, NY

295B-5-5, Clifford, Jno, 29 yrs, Ireland

296A-3-3, Clifford, John, 19 yrs, Ireland

296A-3-3, Clifford, Laurence, 40 yrs, Ireland

291A-5-5, Clofenstein, Emely, 28 yrs, PA

291A-5-5, Clofenstein, Harvey, 6 yrs, MD

291A-5-5, Clofenstein, Jno., 28 yrs, MD

291A-5-5, Clofenstein, Maggie, 5 yrs, MI

275A-1-1, Cohan, Henry M., 2 yrs, PA

275A-1-1, Cohan, Julia, 25 yrs, Belgium

275A-1-1, Cohan, Mark, 26 yrs, Eng

275A-1-1, Cohan, Reuben W., 6/12 yr, PA

321B-4-4, Cokes, Elisabeth, 32 yrs, PA

321B-4-4, Cokes, Frank, 2 yrs, PA

321B-4-4, Cokes, John, 4 yrs, PA

321B-4-4, Cokes, Levi, 7/12 yr, PA

321B-4-4, Cokes, Saidy, 6 yrs, PA

321B-4-4, Cokes, Thomas, 32 yrs, Eng

321B-4-4, Cokes, William, 9 yrs, PA

323A-3-2, Cole, James, 45 yrs, Eng

284B-6-6, Cole, Pierce, 16 yrs, OH

285B-6-6, Cole, Sally, 67 yrs, NY

313B-1-1, Colence, Patrick, 28 yrs, Ire

300B-3-4, Collins, Catharine, 6 yrs, PA

304A-1-1, Collins, Dennis, 50 yrs, Ire

300B-3-4, Collins, Elizabeth, 26 yrs, Wales

304A-1-1, Collins, Jno., 20 yrs, Ire

304A-1-1, Collins, Julia, 20 yrs, Wales

304A-1-1, Collins, Mary, 58 yrs, Ire

300B-3-4, Collins, Thomas, 1 yrs, PA

300B-3-4, Collins, Thos, 29 yrs, Ireland

300B-3-4, Collins, Wm, 4 yrs, PA

272B-3-4, Collum, George, 44 yrs, OH

272B-3-4, Collum, Priscilla, 36 yrs, PA

300B-6-7, Comlin, Alice, 12 yrs, Eng

300B-6-7, Comlin, James, 3 yrs, Eng

300B-6-7, Comlin, Jane, 33 yrs, Scot

300B-6-7, Comlin, Sarah, 6 yrs, Eng

300A-6-7, Comlin, Wm, 40 yrs, Scot

316A-3-3, Conde, Fredona, 10 yrs, PA

316A-3-3, Conde, Mary, 12 yrs, PA

316A-3-3, Conde, Nancy, 43 yrs, PA

316A-3-3, Conde, Sarah, 17 yrs, PA

303B-3-3, Connels, Patrick, 28 yrs, Ire

317B-6-7, Conway, Mary, 17 yrs, Ire

323B-5-5, Cook, Anna, 20 yrs, Scot

323B-5-5, Cook, Charles, 22 yrs, PA

307B-3-3, Cook, Chas., 11 yrs, MO

307B-3-3, Cook, Clara, 8 yrs, Col. Ter.

320A-4-4, Cook, Clara, 19 yrs, IN

315B-1-2, Cook, Dany T., 2 yrs, Wales

315B-1-2, Cook, Elizabeth, 60 yrs, Wales

320A-4-4, Cook, Ida May, 3/12 yr, PA

315B-1-2, Cook, Jane, 24 yrs, Wales

315B-1-2, Cook, John, 1/12 yr, Wales

318B-7-7, Cook, John, 21 yrs, PA

320A-4-4, Cook, John, 25 yrs, PA

272A-5-5, Cook [Cork?], Lester, 24 yrs, PA

307B-3-3, Cook, Olive, 32 yrs, OH

315B-1-2, Cook, Saml., 20 yrs, Wales

309B-6-6, Cooly, Thomas, 23 yrs, PA

289A-7-7, Coon, William, 18 yrs, PA

284A-1-1, Coonan, Wm, 27 yrs, Ireland

287A-8-8, Cope, George, 40 yrs, OH

287A-8-8, Cope, Mary, 46 yrs, NY

275B-1-1, Cornell, L., 30 yrs, PA

295B-5-5, Coslton, Hugh, 25 yrs, Ireland

295B-5-5, Coslton, Michael, 23 yrs, Ireland

313B-4-4, Cotton, Brron, 14 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Cotton, Caroline, 10 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Cotton, Edith, 13 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Cotton, Harriete, 17 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Cotton, Mary, 38 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Cotton, William, 11 yrs, PA

322A-1-1, Couly, Margaret, 26 yrs, Ire

298B---1, Couzett, Amanda, 21 yrs, PA

298B---1, Couzett, Peter, 22 yrs, PA

297B-6-6, Covert, William, 19 yrs, OH

278A-7-7, Cox, Burt, 30 yrs, PA

301B-3-3, Coyle, Edward, 44 yrs, Ire

298B-1-3, Coyle, Elisabeth, 38 yrs, PA

301B-3-3, Coyle, Ellen, 9 yrs, Eng

298B-1-3, Coyle, Florence, 4 yrs, PA

301B-3-3, Coyle, James, 13 yrs, Eng

301B-3-3, Coyle, Mary, 45 yrs, Ire

301B-3-3, Coyle, Mary, 11 yrs, Eng

298B-1-3, Coyle, Sarah, 7 yrs, PA

298B-1-3, Coyle, Walter, 9 yrs, PA

280A-5-5, Cozad, Fanny, 71 yrs, PA

286B-3-3, Cozadd, Elizabeth, 25 yrs, OH

286B-3-3, Cozadd, Jno. E., 4 yrs, PA

286B-3-3, Cozadd, Wm, 26 yrs, PA

284A-9-9, Cozens, Patrick, 22 yrs, PA

304A-2-2, Craft, Ida, 11/12 yr, PA

304A-2-2, Craft, Jno., 40 yrs, OH

304A-2-2, Craft, Lararia, 20 yrs, PA

304A-2-2, Craft, Sarah, 3 yrs, PA

304A-2-2, Craft, Wade, 7 yrs, PA

304A-2-2, Craft, Warner, 9 yrs, PA

311B-4-4, Craven, Colonel, 9 yrs, PA

311B-4-4, Craven, Connie, 11 yrs, PA

311B-4-4, Craven, Erie, 45 yrs, MD

311B-4-4, Craven, Ernst, 18 yrs, OH

311B-4-4, Craven, Frank, 14 yrs, PA

311B-4-4, Craven, Grace, 7 yrs, PA

311B-4-4, Craven, Rich, 57 yrs, NJ

311B-4-4, Craven, Wm, 14 yrs, PA

276A-2-2, Crawford, Jane, 23 yrs, PA

292B-2-2, Crooa*, Katy, 30 yrs, PA

315B-9-10, Crostwait, Ellen, 26 yrs, IA

315B-9-10, Crostwait, Hen., 35 yrs, Ire

316A-9-10, Crostwait, Jno, 2 yrs, PA

315B-9-10, Crostwait, Joseph, 6 yrs, PA

308B-7-8, Crouch, Anne E., 17 yrs, PA

309B-8-8, Crouch, Charles, 10 yrs, OH

308B-7-8, Crouch, Elizabeth, 45 yrs, PA

309B-8-8, Crouch, Eva, 8 yrs, OH

309A-7-8, Crouch, George, 1 yrs, PA

309A-8-8, Crouch, Henry, 36 yrs, PA

309B-8-8, Crouch, Howard, 11 yrs, PA

308B-7-8, Crouch, J. S., 55 yrs, PA

309A-7-8, Crouch, James, 4 yrs, PA

309A-7-8, Crouch, Mary, 14 yrs, PA

309A-7-8, Crouch, Matilda, 7 yrs, PA

309B-8-8, Crouch, Rebecca, 32 yrs, PA

309A-7-8, Crouch, William, 12 yrs, PA

309B-4-4, Crow, Mallachi, 20 yrs, PA

306A-6-6, Cunuff, James, 5 yrs, PA

306A-6-6, Cunuff, Johanna, 2 yrs, PA

305B-6-6, Cunuff, Mary, 28 yrs, Ire

306A-6-6, Cunuff, Mary, 3 yrs, PA

305B-6-6, Cunuff, Peter, 50 yrs, Ire

306A-6-6, Cunuff, Thomas, 6/12 yr, PA

313B-1-1, Curr, Michael, 31 yrs, Ire

300A-3-3, Curry, Thos., 29 yrs, Ireland

284B-7-7, Curtis, Alfred, 46 yrs, PA

284B-7-7, Curtis, Clarrissa, 25 yrs, CT

295B-3-3, Cussick, Anne, 19 yrs, OH

295B-3-3, Cussick, Bridget, 43 yrs, Ireland

295B-3-3, Cussick, Mary, 16 yrs, OH

295A-3-3, Dailey, Anne, 22 yrs, Ireland

295A-3-3, Dailey, Jeremia, 2 yrs, PA

295A-3-3, Dailey, Owen, 30 yrs, Ireland

314B-8-9, Dalrumple, Jane, 15 yrs, Scot

284A-3-3, Dame, Mary, 21 yrs, PA

284A-3-3, Dame, S. P., 29 yrs, ME

316A-1-1, Daringer, Chas., 19 yrs, OH

316A-1-1, Daringer, Frank, 25 yrs, Baden

316A-1-1, Daringer, Lizzie, 18 yrs, OH

274B-1-1, Daus, Abraham, 16 yrs, NY

308A-5-5, Daus, Abraham, 6 yrs, NY

308A-5-5, Daus, Alexander, 37 yrs, Prus

274B-1-1, Daus, Anna, 12 yrs, NY

308A-5-5, Daus, Austina, 30 yrs, Prus

274B-1-1, Daus, Charles, 5 yrs, NY

306B-1-1, Daus, Charles, 24 yrs, Prus

308A-5-6, Daus, Henrietta, 4 yrs, PA

274B-1-1, Daus, Julia, 44 yrs, France

274B-1-1, Daus, Julius, 44 yrs, Prus

308A-5-5, Daus, Leopold, 13 yrs, Prus

306B-1-1, Daus, Max, 7/12 yr, PA

308A-5-5, Daus, Rosalia, 5 yrs, PA

308A-5-5, Daus, Shenetta, 11 yrs, Prus

306B-1-1, Daus, Theresa, 23 yrs, Prus

306B-7-7, David, Thomas, 54 yrs, Wales

314B-2-2, Davidson, Edgar, 9 yrs, PA

314B-2-2, Davidson, Ella, 13 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Davidson, Jas, 21 yrs, PA

314B-2-2, Davidson, John, 60 yrs, PA

314B-2-2, Davidson, Margaret, 51 yrs, Ire

for "Davis", see also "Doris"

273A-2-2, Davis, Abram, 36 yrs, PA

273A-2-2, Davis, Adella, 4 yrs, PA

273A-2-2, Davis, Amilda, 6 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Davis, Anna, 25 yrs, TN

304B-3-3, Davis, Anna, 13 yrs, PA

323B-4-4, Davis, Anna, 37 yrs, Eng

315B-5-6, Davis, Calvin, 18 yrs, PA

303B-4-4, Davis, Chas, 7 yrs, PA

303B-4-4, Davis, Clara, 4 yrs, PA

304A-7-7, Davis, Elizabeth, 36 yrs, Wales

304A-7-7, Davis, Elizabeth, 9 yrs, Wales

313A-6-7, Davis, Emely, 12 yrs, Wales

273A-2-2, Davis, Farncis, 11 yrs, PA

323B-4-4, Davis, Francis, 3/12 yr, PA

271B-5-5, Davis, Frank, 24 yrs, PA

323B-4-4, Davis, Frederick, 3/12 yr, PA

315B-5-6, Davis, Geo, 49 yrs, PA

315B-5-6, Davis, Geo, 13 yrs, PA

318B-4-4, Davis, George, 14 yrs, PA

285B-6-6, Davis, Hannah, 7 yrs, PA

315B-5-6, Davis, Hannah, 43 yrs, PA

318B-4-4, Davis, Isabella, 22 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Davis, James, 40 yrs, PA

318B-4-4, Davis, James M., 20 yrs, PA

304B-3-3, Davis, Jennie, 12 yrs, PA

307A-7-7, Davis, Jno., 26 yrs, Wales

315B-5-6, Davis, Jno. C., 6 yrs, OH

289A-3-3, Davis, John, 33 yrs, PA

323A-6-5, Davis, John, 28 yrs, Wales

304A-7-7, Davis, Jos., 39 yrs, Wales

273A-2-2, Davis, Lewella, 8 yrs, PA

271B-5-5, Davis, Libbie, 23 yrs, NY

303B-4-4, Davis, Margaret, 32 yrs, PA

313B-3-3, Davis, Margaret, 48 yrs, Wales

314A-5-5, Davis, Margaret, 29 yrs, Wales

323A-6-5, Davis, Margery, 23 yrs, Wales

298B-1-2, Davis, Mariah, 17 yrs, PA

315B-5-6, Davis, Martha, 20 yrs, PA

303B-4-4, Davis, Mary, 11 yrs, PA

304A-7-7, Davis, Mary, 8/12 yr, PA

303B-4-4, Davis, Milton, 27 yrs, PA

298B-1-2, Davis, Rachel, 15 yrs, PA

289A-3-3, Davis, Rebecca, 34 yrs, PA

312B-5-5, Davis, Rich, 22 yrs, WV

298B-1-2, Davis, Sarah, 30 yrs, PA

304A-7-7, Davis, Sarah, 6 yrs, Wales

304B-3-3, Davis, Sarah, 48 yrs, PA

318B-4-4, Davis, Sarah, 54 yrs, Eng

273A-2-2, Davis, Susannah, 36 yrs, PA

314A-5-5, Davis, Thomas, 5 yrs, PA

323B-4-4, Davis, Thomas, 30 yrs, Eng

304B-3-3, Davis, Thos., 65 yrs, Wales

324B-1-1, Davis, Washington, 19 yrs, PA

303B-4-4, Davis, William, 1 yrs, PA

305A-4-4, Davis, William, 27 yrs, Can

313A-7-7, Davis, William, 23 yrs, OH

314A-5-5, Davis, William, 28 yrs, Wales

314A-5-5, Davis, William, 8 yrs, PA

304A-7-7, Davis, Wm, 3 yrs, Wales

304B-3-3, Davis, Wm, 18 yrs, WV

304B-5-5, Day, Anna M., 23 yrs, PA

302A-8-8, Day, Ellen, 29 yrs, Eng

302A-8-8, Day, Ellen, 4 yrs, PA

304B-5-5, Day, Georgiana, 6 yrs, PA

304B-5-5, Day, James, 30 yrs, PA

302A-8-8, Day, Julia, 10/12 yr, PA

302A-8-8, Day, Mary, 9 yrs, Eng

296B-2-4, Day, Master, 32 yrs, Prus

302A-8-8, Day, Peter, 40 yrs, Ire

312B-5-5, Dean , Laurence, 18 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Deaver, Charles, 1 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Deaver, John, 28 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Deaver, Kate, 21 yrs, PA

312A-2-2, Debolo, Albert, 1 yrs, PA

312A-2-2, Debolo, Chas, 7 yrs, PA

312A-2-2, Debolo, Louis, 40 yrs, France

312A-2-2, Debolo, Mary J., 27 yrs, PA

312A-2-2, Debolo, Mary J., 7 yrs, PA

312A-2-2, Debolo, Omea, 4 yrs, PA

279A-7-7, Decker, Charles, 22 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Defendifer, Chas., 27 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Defendifer, William, 23 yrs, PA

297A-6-7, Deflin, John, 19 yrs, PA

297A-6-7, Deflin, Samuel, 15 yrs, OH

297A-6-7, Deflin, Silas, 9 yrs, PA

314B-5-6, Deforest, Homer, 13 yrs, OH

314B-5-6, Deforest, Isaac, 41 yrs, NJ [NY?]

314B-5-6, Deforest, Mariah, 29 yrs, PA

297A-2-3, Deforge, Bertha, 9 yrs, PA

297A-2-3, Deforge, Elisabeth, 32 yrs, H. Cassel

297A-2-3, Deforge, Felix, 32 yrs, France

297A-2-3, Deforge, Frederick, 7 yrs, PA

297A-2-3, Deforge, Gertreude, 12 yrs, PA

297B-6-6, Degvoy, Charles, 27 yrs, NY

299B-6-5, Delany, Mary, 40 yrs, Ireland

299B-6-5, Delany, Wm, 45 yrs, Ireland

297B-5-5, Deming, Charles, 36 yrs, VT

297B-5-5, Deming, Martha, 29 yrs, MA

297B-5-5, Deming, Walter J., 6 yrs, VT

295B-7-7, Derrig, Cath, 20 yrs, Ireland

295B-3-3, Derrig, Marten, 25 yrs, Ireland

322B-10-11, Desmond, John, 30 yrs, Ire

313A-7-7, Devereux, Jane, 1 yrs, PA

313A-7-7, Devereux, John, 29 yrs, Wales

313A-7-7, Devereux, Naomi, 23 yrs, Wales

296B-1-1, Dewalts, Fanny, 19 yrs, PA

296B-1-1, Dewalts, Gaido, 30 yrs, Spain

296B-1-1, Dewalts, Homer, 7/12 yr, PA

300B-4-6, Dewire, Bartholo, 40 yrs, Ireland

300B-4-6, Dewire, Katy, 3 yrs, OH

300B-4-6, Dewire, Mary, 25 yrs, Ireland

300B-4-6, Dewire, Mary, 5 yrs, PA

316B-2-2, Dickey, Jno., 24 yrs, Can

312B-2-3, Dicks, Elizabeth, 8 yrs, Eng

312B-2-3, Dicks, Saml., 38 yrs, Eng

312B-2-3, Dicks, Samuel, 12 yrs, Eng

312B-2-3, Dicks, Sarah, 32 yrs, Eng

312B-2-3, Dicks, Thos., 3 yrs, OH

313B-4-4, Dickson, Hiram, 23 yrs, PA

294B-5-5, Dignon, Catherine, 30 yrs, Ire

294B-5-5, Dignon, Mary, 2 yrs, PA

294B-5-5, Dignon, Patrick, 32 yrs, Ire

294B-5-5, Dignon, Peter, 4 yrs, PA

294B-5-5, Dignon, Thoams, 11/12 yr, PA

313A-3-3, Dirbin, Alfred, 2 yrs, Wales

313A-3-3, Dirbin, Edward, 2/12 yr, PA

313A-3-3, Dirbin, Job, 36 yrs, Wales

313A-3-3, Dirbin, John, 9 yrs, Wales

313A-3-3, Dirbin, Mary, 29 yrs, Wales

313A-3-3, Dirbin, Thomas, 4 yrs, Wales

302A-3-3, Diskel, Catherine, 11/12 yr, PA

302A-3-3, Diskel, Ellen, 25 yrs, Wales

302A-3-3, Diskel, John, 27 yrs, Ire

302A-3-3, Diskel, Thomas, 6 yrs, PA

282B-6-6, Dixon, Eliza, 23 yrs, PA

282B-6-6, Dixon, Jno., 23 yrs, Eng

286B-6-6, Dixon, Wm, 20 yrs, PA

272A-4-4, Doback, Louis, 33 yrs, Bav

272A-4-4, Doback, Mary, 1 yrs, PA

272A-4-4, Doback, Tilly, 23 yrs, Bav

321B-7-7, Dobbins, Elisabeth, 13 yrs, PA

322A-7-7, Dobbins, Harry, 8 yrs, PA

322A-7-7, Dobbins, James, 11 yrs, PA

321B-7-7, Dobbins, Jane, 30 yrs, Ire

322A-7-7, Dobbins, Kate, 3 yrs, PA

321B-7-7, Dobbins, Leonard, 35 yrs, PA

280B-4-4, Dolan, Mary, 35 yrs, Ireland

300A-3-3, Dolan, Mary, 25 yrs, Ireland

319A-1-1, Dolun, Anna, 9 yrs, PA

319A-1-1, Dolun, John, 33 yrs, Ire

319A-1-1, Dolun, Kate, 3 yrs, PA

319A-1-1, Dolun, Margaret, 30 yrs, Ire

319A-1-1, Dolun, Margaret, 7 yrs, PA

319A-1-1, Dolun, Mathew, 1 yrs, PA

274A-2-2, Donagan, Bridget, 34 yrs, Ireland

322B-8-8, Donagan, Cornelius, 31 yrs, Ire

274A-2-2, Donagan, John, 40 yrs, Ireland

274A-2-2, Donagan, John, 2 yrs, NY

274A-2-2, Donagan, Julia, 13 yrs, NY

274A-2-2, Donagan, Mary, 11 yrs, NY

274A-2-2, Donagan, William, 7 yrs, NY

301A-3-3, Donahue, Anna, 23 yrs, Eng

301A-3-3, Donahue, Jas., 26 yrs, Ire

301A-3-3, Donahue, John, 1 yrs, PA

317A-7-7, Donahue, Maggie, 20 yrs, Ire

323A-7-6, Donaldson, Agnes, 38 yrs, PA

293A-3-3, Donaldson, Harriett, 26 yrs, PA

314B-6-7, Donaldson, Mary, 20 yrs, PA

315A-1-2, Donaldson, Mary, 57 yrs, PA

293A-3-3, Donaldson, W, 33 yrs, PA

290B-4-5, Donaldson, Wm., 65 yrs, PA

315A-1-2, Donaldson, Zylphia, 23 yrs, PA

324B-7-7, Donavan, Dennis, 2 yrs, MA

324A-7-7, Donavan, Ellen, 24 yrs, Ireland

324A-7-7, Donavan, Katy, 4 yrs, Wales

282B-6-7, Donavan, Margaret, 35 yrs, Ireland

282B-6-7, Donavan, Mich, 35 yrs, Ireland

324A-7-7, Donavan, Patrick, 23 yrs, Ireland

294B-8-8, Donavon, Bartholomew, 25 yrs, PA

294A-9-11, Donelly, Patrick, 50 yrs, Ire

284A-9-9, Donely, James, 23 yrs, PA

295A-6-6, Dongherty, Jno, 17 yrs, Eng

317A-7-7, Doris, [Davis?] Jacob, 31 yrs, Ire

317A-7-7, Doris, Jenny, 22 yrs, OH

317A-7-7, Doris, Matilda, 6/12 yr, PA

300A-1-1, Dorman, Jas, 40 yrs, Wales

272A-6-6, Dorr, Anna M., 5 yrs, PA

272B-6-6, Dorr, August, 2/12 yr, PA

272A-6-6, Dorr, Caroline, 17 yrs, Bav

298B-3-5, Dorr, Catherine, 18 yrs, PA

272A-6-6, Dorr, Charles, 43 yrs, Bav

272A-6-6, Dorr, Charles, 13 yrs, OH

272A-6-6, Dorr, Charlotte, 35 yrs, Bav

272A-6-6, Dorr, Charlotte, 10 yrs, PA

298B-3-5, Dorr, Elisabeth, 66 yrs, Prus

272A-6-6, Dorr, Jacob, 8 yrs, PA

272A-6-6, Dorr, John F., 2 yrs, PA

272A-6-6, Dorr, Sophia, 15 yrs, PA

272A-6-6, Dorr, Willhelmina, 7 yrs, PA

272A-6-6, Dorr, William, 3 yrs, PA

288B-4-4, Dougherty, Allice, 27 yrs, Ireland

288B-2-2, Dougherty, Anna, 1 yrs, PA

310B-6-6, Dougherty, Anna, 26 yrs, PA

288B-4-4, Dougherty, Anthony, 28 yrs, Ireland

288B-2-2, Dougherty, Catherine, 10 yrs, Eng

288B-2-2, Dougherty, Hugh, 8 yrs, Eng

288B-2-2, Dougherty, James, 3 yrs, PA

288B-2-2, Dougherty, Jas, 34 yrs, Ireland

288B-4-4, Dougherty, Kate, 6 yrs, Ire

288B-2-2, Dougherty, Mary, 27 yrs, Ireland

288B-2-2, Dougherty, Mary, 5 yrs, Eng

288B-4-4, Dougherty, Mary, 1 yrs, PA

310B-6-6, Dougherty, Wm, 22 yrs, NY

275B-6-6, Douglass, Caroline, 17 yrs, PA

275B-6-6, Douglass, M. E., 53 yrs, PA

275B-6-6, Douglass, Mary E., 19 yrs, PA

297B-6-6, Douglass, S. B., 26 yrs, OH

275B-7-7, Douglass, Virginia, 16 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Dowells, Olavia, 18 yrs, PA

298A-1-1, Dresh, Caroline, 10 yrs, PA

298A-1-1, Dresh, Catherine, 6 yrs, PA

298A-1-1, Dresh, Charles, 4 yrs, PA

298A-1-1, Dresh, George, 13 yrs, PA

298A-1-1, Dresh, Jacob, 41 yrs, Bav

298A-1-1, Dresh, Jacob, 1 yrs, PA

298A-1-1, Dresh, Maggie, 9 yrs, PA

298A-1-1, Dresh, Morgaret, 31 yrs, Bav

304A-3-3, Drew, Chas, 32 yrs, Wales

304A-3-3, Drew, Elizabeth, 2 yrs, PA

304A-3-3, Drew, Jane, 22 yrs, Wales

284B-3-3, Drye, Charlotte, 21 yrs, Eng

284B-3-3, Drye, James, 27 yrs, Eng

284B-3-3, Drye, John, 2 yrs, PA

284B-3-3, Drye, Robert, 11/12 yr, PA

288A-5-5, Dub**, Ellen, 6 yrs, PA

288A-5-5, Dub**, Hen ry, 13 yrs, PA

288A-5-5, Dub**, Kate, 10 yrs, PA

288A-5-5, Dub**, Martha, 16 yrs, PA

288A-5-5, Dub**, Mary, 41 yrs, PA

288A-5-5, Dub**, R. G., 42 yrs, PA

288A-5-5, Dub**, Sarah, 18 yrs, PA

288A-5-5, Dub**, William, 16 yrs, PA

307A-3-3, Dubes, Wm, 28 yrs, OH

303A-1-1, Duffey, Bridget, 30 yrs, PA

303A-2-2, Duffey, Bridget, 33 yrs, Ireland

303A-1-1, Duffey, Dennis, 3 yrs, PA

301A-2-2, Duffey, James, 55 yrs, Ire

303A-1-1, Duffey, James, 35 yrs, Ireland

303A-2-2, Duffey, James, 7 yrs, Can

303A-2-2, Duffey, John, 39 yrs, Can

303A-2-2, Duffey, John, 5 yrs, NY

303A-1-1, Duffey, Mary, 8 yrs, PA

303A-1-1, Duffey, Mary, 84 yrs, Ireland

303A-1-1, Duffey, Patrick, 1 yrs, PA

303A-2-2, Duffey, Peter, 1/12 yr, PA

303A-1-1, Duffey, Sarah, 6 yrs, PA

301A-2-2, Duffey, Thoams, 27 yrs, Ire

302A-2-2, Duffy, ***tin, 27 yrs, Ire

305B-4-4, Duffy, Austin, 80 yrs, Ire

302A-2-2, Duffy, Catherine, 23 yrs, Ire

278B-1-1, Duffy, Caty, 20 yrs, OH

310A-4-5, Duffy, Ellen, 10 yrs, MA

276A-1-1, Duffy, James, 32 yrs, Ireland

322A-9-10, Duffy, Jane, 53 yrs, NY =20

310A-4-5, Duffy, John, 40 yrs, Ire

322A-9-10, Duffy, John, 54 yrs, NY

310A-4-5, Duffy, Margaret, 35 yrs, Ire

305B-4-4, Duffy, Mariah, 25 yrs, Ire

284A-7-7, Duffy, Mary, 15 yrs, Scot

310A-4-5, Duffy, Mary, 11 yrs, MA

302A-2-2, Duffy, Mary Ann, 11/12 yr, PA

310A-4-5, Duffy, Patrick, 13 yrs, Ire

310A-4-5, Duffy, Phillip, 4 yrs, PA

310A-4-5, Duffy, Richard, 1 yrs, PA

305B-4-4, Duffy, William, 30 yrs, Ire

322A-9-10, Duffy, William, 14 yrs, OH

299A-7-7, Dugan, Catharine, 33 yrs, Ireland

299A-7-7, Dugan, Danl, 37 yrs, Ireland

299A-7-7, Dugan, Dennis, 31 yrs, Ireland

299A-7-7, Dugan, John, 28 yrs, Ireland

299A-7-7, Dugan, Mary, 70 yrs, Ireland

307B-5-5, Dunbar, Eliza, 29 yrs, PA

291B-5-8, Duncan, Jane, 21 yrs, Scot

285B-2-2, Dunham, Mary, 13 yrs, PA

285B-2-2, Dunham, Nancy, 48 yrs, PA

277B-2-2, Dunham, Thomas, 35 yrs, OH

285B-2-2, Dunham, Wm, 27 yrs, PA

285B-7-7, Dunlap, Chas., 5 yrs, PA

311B-7-7, Dunlap, Ed., 18 yrs, PA

285B-7-7, Dunlap, Edwin F., 17 yrs, PA

285B-7-7, Dunlap, Harry, 2 yrs, PA

285B-7-7, Dunlap, J. L., 40 yrs, PA

285B-7-7, Dunlap, Lovaida, 38 yrs, PA

285B-7-7, Dunlap, Sydney, 11 yrs, PA

281A-1-1, Dunn, Cloe, 43 yrs, NY

281A-1-1, Dunn, E. R., 53 yrs, NY

273B-2-2, Duval, Barney, 22 yrs, NY

307A-3-3, Ebert, W. D., 25 yrs, PA

273A-3-3, Eddings, Wm., 21 yrs, PA

324B-1-1, Edmond, Christina, 39 yrs, PA

324B-1-1, Edmond, George, 45 yrs, Wales

324B-1-1, Edmonds, Richard, 12 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Edward, Joseph, 52 yrs, Wales

296A-1-1, Edwards, Anne, 26 yrs, Wales

296A-1-1, Edwards, Edward, 30 yrs, Wales

312A-1-1, Edwards, Jno, 23 yrs, PA

323A-3-2, Edwards, William, 23 yrs, Wales

273B-2-2, Elgenfritz, A., 35 yrs, PA

312B-5-5, Elliott, Geo., 24 yrs, PA

293B-2-4, Elrich, Lizzie, 12 yrs, Bav

293B-2-4, Elrich, Mariah, 61 yrs, Bav

290B-6-7, Emerich, Lue, 20 yrs, OH

276A-3-3, Emery, Jacob, 28 yrs, PA

296B-2-3, English, Anna, 21 yrs, W. Canada

279B-4-4, English, Elisabeth, 23 yrs, PA

296B-2-3, English, Jno, 26 yrs, NY

289A-2-2, English, Joanna, 34 yrs, NY

279B-4-4, English, John, 24 yrs, PA

301A-2-2, English, John, 56 yrs, Eng

289A-2-2, English, Lucy, 58 yrs, NY

296B-2-3, English, Margaret, 1/12 yr, PA

289A-2-2, English, Michael, 22 yrs, PA

275B-4-4, Ernest, Jennie, 34 yrs, PA

275B-4-4, Ernest, Wm. A., 33 yrs, PA

301A-5-5, Eustace, Martin, 45 yrs, Ire

301A-5-5, Eustace, Mary, 35 yrs, PA

308B-2-2, Evans, Catharine, 49 yrs, PA

308B-2-2, Evans, Chas, 7 yrs, PA

308B-2-2, Evans, Edward, 5 yrs, PA

308B-2-2, Evans, Georg, 11 yrs, PA

308B-2-2, Evans, H. G., 55 yrs, PA

308B-2-2, Evans, Henry, 17 yrs, PA

292A-6-6, Evans, Lizzy, 22 yrs, Eng

308B-2-2, Evans, Lucy, 19 yrs, PA

308B-2-2, Evans, Lyddia, 24 yrs, PA

308B-2-2, Evans, Sarah, 9 yrs, PA

322A-8-9, Evens, Anna, 24 yrs, Wales

302B-9-9, Evens, Catherine, 21 yrs, Wales

322A-8-9, Evens, Evens D., 28 yrs, Wales

314A-3-3, Evens, John, 25 yrs, Wales

297A-4-5, Everett, Amanda, 47 yrs, OH

297A-5-6, Everett, Charles, 30 yrs, PA

297A-4-5, Everett, Elmer, 17 yrs, PA

297A-4-5, Everett, John, 48 yrs, PA

297A-4-5, Everett, Martin, 24 yrs, PA

297A-5-6, Everett, Susan, 68 yrs, PA

317B-7-8, Everson, Eliza, 30 yrs, PA

317B-4-4, Evert, William, 38 yrs, Eng

275B-8-8, Ewing, Edith, 8/12 yr, PA

275B-8-8, Ewing, Lizzie, 22 yrs, PA

275B-8-8, Ewing, Mailen, 27 yrs, OH

282A-8-8, Faas, Druzilla, 34 yrs, PA

282A-8-8, Faas, Gotlieb, 3 yrs, PA

282A-8-8, Faas, Jacob, 36 yrs, PA

296A-4-4, Fadigan, Anne, 50 yrs, Ireland

296A-4-4, Fadigan, James, 18 yrs, Ireland

296A-4-4, Fadigan, Margaret, 12 yrs, PA

296A-4-4, Fadigan, Patric, 40 yrs, Ireland

314A-6-6, Farrow, Anna, 14 yrs, PA

314A-6-6, Farrow, Catherine, 19 yrs, PA

314A-6-6, Farrow, Elisabeth, 12 yrs, PA

314A-6-6, Farrow, George, 37 yrs, PA

314A-6-6, Farrow, George, 8 yrs, PA

314A-6-6, Farrow, Grant, 1 yrs, PA

314A-6-6, Farrow, Mary, 10 yrs, PA

314A-6-6, Farrow, Rebecca, 39 yrs, PA

314A-6-6, Farrow, William, 23 yrs, PA

297A-10-11, Ferguson, Albert, 39 yrs, Ire

297B-10-11, Ferguson, Catherine, 28 yrs, Can

297B-10-11, Ferguson, Catherine, 10 yrs, Can

297B-10-11, Ferguson, Charles, 9 yrs, Can

297B-10-11, Ferguson, Eleanor, 7 yrs, Can

297B-10-11, Ferguson, Elsey A., 11 yrs, Can

322B-2-2, Ferguson, Hugh, 23 yrs, Scot

297B-10-11, Ferguson, Oliver, 5 yrs, PA

299B-3-3, Ferry, James, 26 yrs, Ireland

299B-3-3, Ferry, Maggie, 24 yrs, Ireland

278B-5-5, Fiddler, Charles, 30 yrs, Baden

307A-3-3, Fields, D. M., 20 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Files, Mark, 25 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Files, Wm, 23 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Findley, William, 28 yrs, PA

314A-3-3, Fisher, Albert, 31 yrs, PA

322A-3-4, Fisher, Allice, 1 yrs, PA

322A-2-2, Fisher, Andrew, 16 yrs, PA

281B-7-7, Fisher, Anna, 2 yrs, PA

322A-2-2, Fisher, Anna, 42 yrs, PA

322A-3-4, Fisher, Anna P., 2 yrs, PA

310A-2-3, Fisher, Beatrice, 20 yrs, PA

289A-7-7, Fisher, Edwin, 10 yrs, PA

288B-7-7, Fisher, Ella, 14 yrs, PA

289A-7-7, Fisher, Emma, 12 yrs, PA

322A-3-4, Fisher, Emma, 28 yrs, Eng

314A-3-3, Fisher, Francis, 5/12 yr, PA

314A-3-3, Fisher, Gertrude, 2 yrs, PA

281B-7-7, Fisher, Gotlieb, 6 yrs, Prussia

281B-7-7, Fisher, Haemond, 26 yrs, Prussia

288B-7-7, Fisher, Harriett, 32 yrs, PA

281B-7-7, Fisher, Jacob, 1/12 yr, PA

281B-7-7, Fisher, John, 37 yrs, Prussia

288B-7-7, Fisher, John, 20 yrs, PA

322A-2-2, Fisher, John, 48 yrs, Eng

322A-3-4, Fisher, John H, 23 yrs, PA

312B-1-2, Fisher, Manfull, 16 yrs, PA

288B-7-7, Fisher, Mary, 22 yrs, PA

314A-3-3, Fisher, Mary, 31 yrs, PA

322A-2-3, Fisher, Mary, 18 yrs, OH

322A-2-3, Fisher, Richard, 21 yrs, PA

288B-7-7, Fisher, Virginia, 18 yrs, PA

288B-7-7, Fisher, William, 16 yrs, PA

314A-3-3, Fisher, Willis, 4 yrs, PA

312B-1-2, Fisher, Wm, 48 yrs, Eng

311A-1-2, Fitzpatrick, Jane, 9 yrs, Ire

311A-1-2, Fitzpatrick, Jeremia, 50 yrs, Ire

311A-1-2, Fitzpatrick, John, 2 yrs, Ire

311A-1-2, Fitzpatrick, Mary, 44 yrs, Ire

311A-1-2, Fitzpatrick, Mary, 15 yrs, Ire

311A-1-2, Fitzpatrick, Michael, 6 yrs, Ire

311A-1-2, Fitzpatrick, Thomas, 13 yrs, Ire

318B-3-3, Fleming, Clarence, 3 yrs, PA

318B-3-3, Fleming, Hubert, 1 yrs, PA

310B-8-8, Fleming, Isabella, f, yrs, Scot

311A-8-8, Fleming, James, 3 yrs, Scot

317A-2-2, Fleming, Jemima, 29 yrs, NJ

311A-8-8, Fleming, John, 6 yrs, Scot

318B-3-3, Fleming, Mary, 24 yrs, PA

311A-8-8, Fleming, Robt, 3 yrs, Scot

318B-3-3, Fleming, Saml, 30 yrs, PA

310B-8-8, Fleming, William, 28 yrs, Scot

288A-3-3, Flint, Mary, 15 yrs, NY

300A-3-3, Floherty, Thos., 26 yrs, Ireland

285B-1-1, Flowers, Cyrus, 22 yrs, PA

300A-3-3, Flynn, Jno. A., 36 yrs, Ireland

297A-9-10, Foley, Johanna, 30 yrs, Ire

299B-6-5, Follen, Peter, 20 yrs, Ireland

285A-5-5, Forker, Harry, 8 yrs, PA

285A-5-5, Forker, Issabella, 4 yrs, PA

285A-5-5, Forker, John, 16 yrs, PA

285A-5-5, Forker, Julia, 15 yrs, PA

285A-5-5, Forker, Salina, 41 yrs, PA

285A-5-5, Forker, Thomas, 14 yrs, PA

309B-6-6, Forsythe, John, 31 yrs, PA

309B-6-6, Forsythe, Sarah, 36 yrs, PA

281B-5-5, Forward, Mettie, 19 yrs, PA

283A-4-4, Foster, Edward, 31 yrs, NY

303B-3-3, Foster, Elizabeth, 50 yrs, PA

303B-3-3, Foster, Elizabeth, 15 yrs, PA

283A-4-4, Foster, Francis, 2 yrs, PA

303B-3-3, Foster, Jno., 52 yrs, Eng

303B-3-3, Foster, Jno., 30 yrs, Eng

303B-3-3, Foster, Jno., 82 yrs, Ire

283A-4-4, Foster, Josaphine, 27 yrs, PA

283A-4-4, Foster, Louis, 5 yrs, PA

283A-4-4, Foster, Mary, 4 yrs, PA

279B-4-5, Fourdan, Frederick, 36 yrs, France

274A-3-3, Fowler, Charles, 4 yrs, NY

274A-3-3, Fowler, Henry C, 9 yrs, NY

274A-3-3, Fowler, Ida Anna, 6 yrs, NY

274A-3-3, Fowler, Lucy, 37 yrs, Eng

274A-3-3, Fowler, Mary, 11 yrs, NY

274A-3-3, Fowler, William, 43 yrs, Eng

310A-2-3, Fox, Elisabeth, 1 yrs, PA

310A-2-3, Fox, Robert, 28 yrs, Ire

310A-2-3, Fox, Sarah, 24 yrs, PA

322B-5-5, Fox, Thomas, 40 yrs, Ken

312B-1-1, Fragal, Adrianna, 10/12 yr, PA

312B-1-1, Fragal, Edward, 32 yrs, Eng

312B-1-1, Fragal, Olive, 27 yrs, PA

319A-5-6, Fraly, Mary, 25 yrs, PA

319A-5-6, Fraly, Thomas, 25 yrs, Ire

277A-2-2, Frank, George, 45 yrs, PA

307B-2-2, Frazier, Alex., 12 yrs, OH

307B-2-2, Frazier, Bennet, 6 yrs, PA

307B-2-2, Frazier, Catharine, 10 yrs, PA

307B-2-2, Frazier, Harriet, 34 yrs, OH

307B-2-2, Frazier, James, 1 yrs, PA

307B-2-2, Frazier, Jno., 38 yrs, OH

307B-2-2, Frazier, Julia, 8 yrs, PA

304A-6-6, Frazier, Mary, 68 yrs, PA

307B-2-2, Frazier, Mary, 14 yrs, PA

280B-3-3, Freas, Matilda, 25 yrs, OH

290A-3-3, Free, Molly, 25 yrs, PA

294B-3-3, Freely, Barbara, 35 yrs, Germany

295B-1-1, Freeman, Jas., 21 yrs, Ireland

292B-9-9, Freir, James, 7 yrs, PA

292B-9-9, Freir, Jane, 33 yrs, PA

292B-9-9, Freir, Loretta, 4 yrs, PA

292B-9-9, Freir, Lournia, 5 yrs, PA

292A-9-9, Freir, Nelson, 35 yrs, PA

292B-9-9, Freir, Olive, 2 yrs, PA

271A-6-6, Fuller, Sabina, 77 yrs, CT

302B-7-7, Furey, Bridget, 7 yrs, PA

302B-7-7, Furey, John, 3 yrs, PA

302B-7-7, Furey, Mary, 30 yrs, PA

302B-7-7, Furey, Thomas, 29 yrs, Ire

302B-7-7, Furey, Thomas, 8 yrs, PA

303A-7-7, Fury, James, 10/12 yr, PA

303A-7-7, Fury, John, 33 yrs, Ireland

301B-7-8, Gallagher, Anne, 42 yrs, Ire

302A-7-8, Gallagher, Anne, 12 yrs, Ire

302A-7-8, Gallagher, Edward, 7 yrs, PA

318B-5-5, Gallagher, Elisabeth, 4 yrs, PA

318B-5-5, Gallagher, Emma, 8 yrs, PA

301B-7-8, Gallagher, James, 18 yrs, Ire

318B-5-5, Gallagher, James, 5/12 yr, PA

278A-7-7, Gallagher, John, 28 yrs, Can

302A-7-8, Gallagher, Mary, 3 yrs, PA

318B-5-5, Gallagher, Mary, 34 yrs, Ire

318B-5-5, Gallagher, Mary, 5 yrs, PA

276A-1-1, Gallagher, Mary A., 24 yrs, Ireland

302A-7-8, Gallagher, Mich, 14 yrs, Ire

276A-1-1, Gallagher, Patrick, 27 yrs, Ireland

318B-5-5, Gallagher, Sarah, 7 yrs, PA

301B-7-8, Gallagher, Thomas, 45 yrs, Ire

318B-5-5, Gallagher, William, 38 yrs, Ire

318B-5-5, Gallagher, William, 2 yrs, PA

279B-5-6, Gamber, Mary, 35 yrs, PA

279B-5-6, Gamber, Samuel, 9 yrs, OH

313B-4-4, Garretson, Seth, 19 yrs, PA

283B-6-6, Garvine, Catharine, 6 yrs, Eng

283B-6-6, Garvine, Mary, 5/12 yr, PA

283B-6-6, Garvine, Owen H., 3 yrs, Ireland

283B-6-6, Garvine, Rosana, 31 yrs, Scot

283B-6-6, Garvine, Wm, 33 yrs, Ireland

283A-5-5, Gaston, J. S. , 21 yrs, PA

281A-8-8, Gaumere, Amos, 56 yrs, PA

281B-8-8, Gaumere, Julia, 35 yrs, PA

295B-3-3, Gaver, Jno, 33 yrs, Ireland

305B-3-3, Gennings, George, 28 yrs, Eng

282B-8-8, Gephart, John, 35 yrs, PA

298A-3-4, Gerr, Isaac, 18 yrs, PA

285B-6-6, Gibbon, Anna, 12 yrs, Ireland

285B-6-6, Gibbon, Magie, 15 yrs, Ireland

285A-6-6, Gibbon, Mary, 19 yrs, Ireland

290A-8-8, Gibbons, Anne, 10 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Gibbons, Bridget, 24 yrs, Ire

290A-8-8, Gibbons, Bridget, 8 yrs, PA

290B-8-8, Gibbons, James, 5/12 yr, PA

290A-7-7, Gibbons, John, 2 yrs, PA

290A-8-8, Gibbons, John, 4 yrs, PA

290A-7-7, Gibbons, Mary, 45 yrs, Ire

290A-7-7, Gibbons, Mary, 11 yrs, PA

290A-8-8, Gibbons, Mary, 45 yrs, PA

290A-7-7, Gibbons, Patrick, 45 yrs, Ire

290A-7-7, Gibbons, Patrick, 7 yrs, PA

290A-8-8, Gibbons, Patrick, 48 yrs, Ireland

290A-8-8, Gibbons, Patrick, 7 yrs, PA

290A-7-7, Gibbons, Thomas, 13 yrs, Eng

291A-6-6, Gibson, Charles, 13 yrs, PA

291A-6-6, Gibson, Eliza, 38 yrs, PA

291A-6-6, Gibson, James, 15 yrs, PA

291A-6-6, Gibson, Jennie, 16 yrs, PA

291A-6-6, Gibson, John, 40 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Gibson, Thomas, 24 yrs, NY

306A-7-7, Gifford, Emma, 3 yrs, MA

306A-7-7, Gifford, Herbert, 9 yrs, MA

306A-7-7, Gifford, Mariah, 37 yrs, MA

306A-7-7, Gifford, Nelson, 40 yrs, MA

277B-2-2, Gilbert, Bery, 21 yrs, PA

288A-8-8, Gilchrist, Agnes, 7 yrs, Scot

288A-8-8, Gilchrist, Isabella, 28 yrs, Scot

288B-8-8, Gilchrist, James, 28 yrs, Scot

288A-8-8, Gilchrist, John, 31 yrs, Scot

288A-8-8, Gilchrist, Marion, 5 yrs, Scot

288B-8-8, Gilchrist, Marion, 21 yrs, Scot

288A-8-8, Gilchrist, Mary, 3 yrs, Scot

288B-8-8, Gilchrist, William, 8/12 yr, Scot

277A-1-1, Gillchrist, John, 31 yrs, Scot

285A-1-1, Gilleland, Su, 22 yrs, PA

291B-1-3, Gillespie, Joseph, 29 yrs, PA

291B-1-3, Gillespie, Lilly, 1 yrs, PA

291B-1-3, Gillespie, Sarah, 28 yrs, PA

299A-1-1, Gillispie, Elmia, 28 yrs, PA

299A-1-1, Gillispie, S. J., 30 yrs, PA

296B-2-4, Gills, Johannas, 42 yrs, Hamburg

296B-2-4, Gills, Lena, 13 yrs, NY

296B-2-4, Gills, Lizzie, 21 yrs, PA

296B-2-5, Gills, Louis, 18 yrs, NY

296B-2-4, Gills, Louise, 16 yrs, NY

312B-5-5, Glenn, Burgess, 1* yrs, PA

312B-5-5, Glenn, Henry, 45 yrs, PA

300B-2-2, Goaker, Dan., 54 yrs, MD

300B-2-2, Goaker, Elizab., 52 yrs, PA

300B-2-2, Goaker, Jonas, 10 yrs, PA

300B-2-2, Goaker, Lonson, 20 yrs, PA

300B-2-2, Goaker, Lucinda, 22 yrs, PA

300B-2-2, Goaker, Mary, 3 yrs, PA

300B-2-2, Goaker, Sarah, 13 yrs, PA

321B-6-6, Godley, Alexander, 11 yrs, Eng

321B-6-6, Godley, Daniel, 13 yrs, Eng

321B-6-6, Godley, Dorothy, 36 yrs, Eng

321B-6-6, Godley, Dorothy, 5 yrs, Eng

321B-6-6, Godley, George, 60 yrs, Eng

322B-5-5, Golden, James, 23 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Golden, Jas, 21 yrs, PA

321B-7-7, Goldrod, Anna, 1 yrs, PA

320A-7-7, Goldrod, Caroline, 34 yrs, H. Darmstadt

320A-7-7, Goldrod, Elisabeth, 13 yrs, PA

320A-7-7, Goldrod, Jacob, 5 yrs, PA

320A-7-7, Goldrod, Louisa, 7 yrs, OH

320A-7-7, Goldrod, Maggie, 12 yrs, PA

320A-7-7, Goldrod, Thomas, 29 yrs, Baden

277B-4-4, Goldstein, Edward, 17 yrs, OH

297A-7-8, Good, Elisabeth, 21 yrs, PA

297A-7-8, Good, J. D., 30 yrs, PA

295B-4-4, Goodrich, Anne, 38 yrs, MD

295B-4-4, Goodrich, Anne, 6 yrs, DC

295B-4-4, Goodrich, Elizabeth, 10 yrs, DC

295B-4-4, Goodrich, Florence, 18 yrs, DC

295B-4-4, Goodrich, James, 45 yrs, VA

295B-4-4, Goodrich, Joseph, 12 yrs, DC

299B-4-4, Gothny, Wm, 30 yrs, Ireland

322B-2-2, Gowl, S. B., 65 yrs, Scot

322B-2-2, Gowl, William, 25 yrs, Scot

306B-6-6, Grace, Abby, 8 yrs, NY

306B-6-6, Grace, James, 18 yrs, CT

306B-6-6, Grace, John, 3 yrs, PA

306B-6-6, Grace, Margaret, 11 yrs, NY

306B-6-6, Grace, Mary, 36 yrs, Ire

306B-6-6, Grace, Phillip, 50 yrs, Ire

306B-6-6, Grace, Thomas, 16 yrs, NY

276B-3-3, Grace, William, 44 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Gracy, Alex, 45 yrs, Ireland

298A-3-4, Graham, Edward, 20 yrs, PA

305A-1-1, Graham, Ella, 8/12 yr, PA

305A-1-1, Graham, Hugh, 25 yrs, PA

305A-1-1, Graham, Jennie, 3 yrs, PA

311A-1-1, Graham, Jno, 30 yrs, Ire

305A-1-1, Graham, Mary, 23 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Granger, Morris, 57 yrs, PA

290B-5-6, Grant, Robert, 8/12 yr, PA

286B-7-7, Green, Amanda, 30 yrs, PA

286B-7-7, Green, H. M., 38 yrs, PA

286B-7-7, Green, Henry M., 4 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Green, John, 23 yrs, PA

301B-4-4, Green, Patrick, 32 yrs, Ire

323B-6-6, Green, Samuel, 30 yrs, Eng

293B-6-8, Greenwood, Fred, 35 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Greenwood, Steph, 32 yrs, PA

272B-8-9, Grier, Anna, 34 yrs, PA

294A-3-3, Griffin, Catherine, 4 yrs, OH

294A-3-3, Griffin, Cornelius, 7 yrs, OH

304A-4-4, Griffin, Ella, 39 yrs, Ire

304A-4-4, Griffin, Ellen, 8 yrs, Can. W.

304A-4-4, Griffin, Jno, 60 yrs, Ire

304A-4-4, Griffin, Jno., 15 yrs, VT

294A-3-3, Griffin, John, 9 yrs, NY

294A-3-3, Griffin, Margaret, 35 yrs, Ire

294A-3-3, Griffin, Margaret, 1 yrs, PA

304A-4-4, Griffin, Margaret, 18 yrs, VT

294A-3-3, Griffin, Mary, 11 yrs, NY

294A-3-3, Griffin, Michael, 12 yrs, NY

304A-4-4, Griffin, Michael, 20 yrs, VT

304A-4-4, Griffin, Patrick, 12 yrs, Can. W.

294A-3-3, Griffin, Thomas, 40 yrs, Ire

304A-4-4, Griffin, Thos, 10 yrs, Can. W.

319B-5-5, Grim, Carey, 5/12 yr, PA

316B-2-2, Grim, Chas., 30 yrs, PA

319B-6-6, Grim, Francis, 9/12 yr, PA

319B-5-5, Grim, John, 3 yrs, PA

319B-6-6, Grim, John, 29 yrs, PA

319B-5-5, Grim, Julia, 25 yrs, PA

319B-6-6, Grim, Mary, 23 yrs, PA

319B-5-5, Grim, Samuel, 27 yrs, PA

319B-6-6, Grim, William, 2 yrs, PA

323A-1-1, Grim*, Emma, 30 yrs, PA

323A-1-1, Grim*, Etta, 5 yrs, PA

323A-1-1, Grim*, Jacob, 32 yrs, PA

323A-1-1, Grim*, Samuel, 9 yrs, PA

271B-8-8, Grisswold, Elisha, 42 yrs, PA

271B-8-8, Grisswold, Mary, 41 yrs, PA

285A-5-5, Grohe, Elizabeth, 30 yrs, Ireland

314A-4-4, Gross, Herman, 23 yrs, Wirtemburg

308B-5-6, Gumphrey, Anna, 8 yrs, PA

308B-5-6, Gumphrey, Jennie, 4 yrs, PA

308B-5-6, Gumphrey, Lotta, 25 yrs, OH

308B-5-6, Gumphrey, Michael, 30 yrs, Ger.

308B-5-6, Gumphrey, Sallie, 6 yrs, PA

317B-4-5, Guy, Hernie, 5 yrs, PA

317B-4-5, Guy, John, 30 yrs, OH

317B-4-5, Guy, Mary E., 30 yrs, OH

315A-2-3, Hais, Adam, 36 yrs, Hesse Darmstadt

315A-2-3, Hais, Car*ie, 4 yrs, PA

315A-2-3, Hais, Sally, 10 yrs, PA

315A-2-3, Hais, Sarah, 30 yrs, WV

293A-4-4, Hale, Amelia, 20 yrs, PA

294B-5-4, Haley, Henry, 50 yrs, Ire

290B-4-5, Hall, Eliza, 51 yrs, PA

286B-4-4, Hall, Elizabeth, 54 yrs, NY

316A-5-5, Hall, Flora, 20 yrs, PA

276B-1-1, Hall, George, 21 yrs, PA

286B-4-4, Hall, Gregory, 58 yrs, NY

316A-5-5, Hall, Maud, 9/12 yr, PA

286B-4-4, Hall, Millard, 17 yrs, PA

316A-5-5, Hall, W. E., 23 yrs, OH

280A-2-2, Hamil, Charles, 2 yrs, OH

280A-2-2, Hamil, Edwin, 25 yrs, PA

280A-2-2, Hamil, Hannah, 24 yrs, PA

286B-6-6, Hamil, Issabella, 18 yrs, PA

293B-3-5, Hamilton, Ameretta, 61 yrs, VT

285A-7-7, Hamilton, Anna, 32 yrs, Ireland

291A-3-3, Hamilton, Anne, 42 yrs, PA

293B-3-5, Hamilton, C, 63 yrs, VT

280A-4-4, Hamilton, Ellen, 23 yrs, Ireland

273B-7-7, Hamilton, Emma A., 5 yrs, PA

291A-3-3, Hamilton, Eva, 18 yrs, PA

273B-7-7, Hamilton, Eva L., 8 yrs, PA

273B-7-7, Hamilton, Ida May, 1 yrs, PA

291A-3-3, Hamilton, Jno., 52 yrs, PA

273B-7-7, Hamilton, Marion, 12 yrs, PA

273B-7-7, Hamilton, Mary, 20 yrs, PA

291A-3-3, Hamilton, Maud, 4 yrs, PA

291A-3-3, Hamilton, Saml, 6 yrs, PA

273B-7-7, Hamilton, Sarah, 41 yrs, PA

280A-4-4, Hamilton, Thomas, 26 yrs, Scot

273A-7-7, Hamilton, William, 46 yrs, PA

291A-3-3, Hamilton, Wm, 13 yrs, PA

299A-2-2, Hammin, A. F., 49 yrs, NY

299A-2-2, Hammin, Bertie E., 10 yrs, PA

299A-2-2, Hammin, D., 50 yrs, NY

299A-2-2, Hammin, Frank, 15 yrs, PA

299A-2-2, Hammin, Glen, 13 yrs, PA

299A-2-2, Hammin, Mary A., 19 yrs, PA

299A-2-2, Hammin, Teres*, 7 yrs, PA

299A-2-2, Hammin, Victor, 3 yrs, PA

315A-1-1, Hanahan, Edward, 1 yrs, PA

315A-1-1, Hanahan, Math., 30 yrs, Ire

315A-1-1, Hanahan, Sarah, 2* yrs, Ire

319B-4-4, Handrahan, James, 4 yrs, Can W

319B-4-4, Handrahan, Jane, 38 yrs, Can W

319B-4-4, Handrahan, Jas., 40 yrs, Ire

319B-4-4, Handrahan, John, 8 yrs, Can W

319B-4-4, Handrahan, Sarah, 2 yrs, PA

319B-4-4, Handrahan, William, 6 yrs, Can W

for "Hank", see also "Hawk"

311A-1-1, Hanna, Ellen, 9/12 yr, OH

311A-1-1, Hanna, Susan, 21 yrs, Ire

311A-1-1, Hanna, Thos, 27 yrs, Ire

286A-8-8, Hanscon, Elmer, 8/12 yr, PA

286A-8-8, Hanscon, George, 26 yrs, MA

286A-8-8, Hanscon, Samie, 20 yrs, PA

275B-10-10, Hanson, Elisabeth, 50 yrs, Eng

276A-10-10, Hanson, Emma, 19 yrs, PA

276A-10-10, Hanson, Flora, 16 yrs, PA

283B-8-8, Hanson, John, 25 yrs, PA

283B-8-8, Hanson, Lizzie, 23 yrs, Wales

276A-10-10, Hanson, Louisa, 9 yrs, PA

283B-8-8, Hanson, Mehale, 5/12 yr, PA

283B-8-8, Hanson, Mimier, 4 yrs, PA

275B-10-10, Hanson, Saml., 50 yrs, Eng

284A-2-2, Harber, Caroline, 13 yrs, OH

277A-2-2, Hardell, John, 36 yrs, Wirtemberg

294A-1-1, Harmon, Elisabeth, 7 yrs, PA

294A-1-1, Harmon, Ella, 12 yrs, PA

294A-1-1, Harmon, James, 36 yrs, Ire

294A-1-1, Harmon, James, 1/12 yr, PA

294A-1-1, Harmon, John, 11 yrs, PA

294A-1-1, Harmon, Maggie, 5 yrs, PA

294A-1-1, Harmon, Mary, 9 yrs, PA

294A-1-1, Harmon, Mary , 34 yrs, NY

294A-1-1, Harmon, Susan, 3 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Harriett, John, 26 yrs, PA

315B-2-3, Harrington, Hannora, 10 yrs, Wales

272A-8-8, Harrington, Jacob, 16 yrs, PA

315B-2-3, Harrington, Johnsston, 12 yrs, Wales

315B-2-3, Harrington, Pat., 14 yrs, Wales

323A-3-2, Harris, Esther, 14 yrs, Wales

323A-3-2, Harris, James, 26 yrs, Wales

300A-3-3, Harris, Wm, 22 yrs, Ireland

295A-4-4, Harrison, Elizabeth, 8/12 yr, PA

295A-4-4, Harrison, Jno, 24 yrs, Eng

295A-4-4, Harrison, Sarah, 26 yrs, Eng

276A-3-3, Harron , Mich, 30 yrs, Ire

305A-5-5, Hart, Elisabeth, 41 yrs, Prus

272A-5-5, Harvey, E. B., 25 yrs, PA

274B-1-1, Haskert, Isaac, 22 yrs, Prus

272A-1-1, Hassel, Mary, 13 yrs, PA

324A-6-6, Haun, Cyrus, 33 yrs, PA

324A-6-6, Haun, Eva, 5 yrs, PA

324A-6-6, Haun, Mary, 30 yrs, PA

324A-6-6, Haun, Tillie, 1 yrs, PA

300B-6-8, Hawk [Hank?], Caroline, 30 yrs, Saxony

301A-6-8, Hawk [Hank?], Daniel, 5 yrs, PA

301A-6-8, Hawk [Hank?], Henry, 2 yrs, PA

301A-6-8, Hawk [Hank?], Jacob, 8 yrs, NY

301A-6-8, Hawk [Hank?], John, 11 yrs, NY

300B-6-8, Hawk [Hank?], Saml., 45 yrs, Switz.

302A-5-5, Hays, Catherine, 6 yrs, Wales

302A-5-5, Hays, Eugene, 4 yrs, Wales

302A-5-5, Hays, Mary, 36 yrs, Wales

302A-5-5, Hays, Mary, 11 yrs, Wales

302A-5-5, Hays, Sarah J., 1 yrs, PA

302A-5-5, Hays, Thomas, 34 yrs, Wales

302A-5-5, Hays, Timithy, 12 yrs, Wales

319B-1-1, Haywood, Benj., 36 yrs, Eng

319B-1-1, Haywood, Charles, 6 yrs, Can W

319B-1-1, Haywood, Ellen, 8 yrs, Can W

319B-1-1, Haywood, Fred, 4 yrs, PA

319B-1-1, Haywood, Permelia, 34 yrs, Can W

316A-5-5, Hazleton, Thos., 18 yrs, PA

282A-2-2, Heasley, Susan, 18 yrs, PA

271B-7-7, Heasly, Anna E., 28 yrs, PA

271B-7-7, Heasly, Charles, 9 yrs, PA

272B-8-9, Heasly, Franklin, 17 yrs, PA

272B-8-9, Heasly, Harriett, 58 yrs, Canada

271B-7-7, Heasly, Henry, 32 yrs, PA

271B-7-7, Heasly, Mary, 1 yrs, PA

271B-7-7, Heasly, Ollive, 3 yrs, PA

298A-7-7, Heather, Annie, 5/12 yr, PA

298A-7-7, Heather, Charles, 4 yrs, PA

297B-7-7, Heather, Jacob, 36 yrs, Germany

297B-7-7, Heather, Mary, 25 yrs, OH

298A-7-7, Heather, William, 2 yrs, PA

297A-6-7, Hedglin, E*us, 38 yrs, OH

297A-5-6, Hedglin, Stephin, 45 yrs, PA

285B-4-4, Hedly, Esra, 17 yrs, OH

286A-5-5, Hefling, *, 39 yrs, OH

286A-5-5, Hefling, Cora, 2 yrs, PA

286A-5-5, Hefling, Lula, 7 yrs, OH

286A-5-5, Hefling, Mary R., 31 yrs, OH

286A-5-5, Hefling, Maud, 9 yrs, OH

283A-5-5, Heilman, Jno., 22 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Heilman, Wm, 20 yrs, PA

320A-3-3, Helmbold, Henrietta, 11 yrs, Ken.

320A-3-3, Helmbold, Henry, 32 yrs, Hamburg

320A-3-3, Helmbold, Henry, 8 yrs, IN

320A-3-3, Helmbold, Mariah, 40 yrs, IN

320A-3-3, Helmbold, Mary, 6 yrs, PA

320A-4-4, Hembold, Christina, 10 yrs, Ken.

275B-7-7, Henderson, Emma, 9 yrs, PA

271B-4-4, Henderson, H. J., 51 yrs, PA

323B-6-6, Henderson, Lancelot, 58 yrs, Eng

275B-7-7, Henderson, Laura, 14 yrs, PA

275B-7-7, Henderson, Mary A., 45 yrs, DE

271B-4-4, Henderson, R. S., 21 yrs, PA

275B-7-7, Henderson, Theodore, 12 yrs, PA

271B-4-4, Henderson, W. G., 18 yrs, PA

275B-7-7, Henderson, Wm, 45 yrs, PA

318B-1-1, Hengist, Anna, 10 yrs, OH

318B-1-1, Hengist, Christina, 40 yrs, PA

318B-1-1, Hengist, Eli, 16 yrs, PA

318B-1-1, Hengist, Frances, 5 yrs, PA

318B-1-1, Hengist, Louisa, 18 yrs, PA

318B-1-1, Hengist, Marietta, 14 yrs, PA

318B-1-1, Hengist, Theodore, 54 yrs, Hanover

307B-5-5, Henlan, Conrod, 10 yrs, PA

307B-5-5, Henlan, Julia, 17 yrs, PA

307B-5-5, Henlan, Mary, 35 yrs, OH

307A-5-5, Henlan, Wm, 40 yrs, PA

311B-4-4, Herbert, Geo, 23 yrs, PA

275A-6-6, Herrington, Carlisle, 11 yrs, WI

275A-6-6, Herrington, Clayton, 14 yrs, OH

275A-6-6, Herrington, M**, 40 yrs, VT

290A-3-3, Hewett, Anna, 4 yrs, PA

290A-3-3, Hewett, Elmer, 8 yrs, PA

290A-3-3, Hewett, J. R., 40 yrs, PA

290A-3-3, Hewett, Lemuel, 6 yrs, PA

290A-3-3, Hewett, Lizzie, 33 yrs, PA

310B-5-5, Hickey, Catherine, 18 yrs, Can W

310B-5-5, Hickey, James, 53 yrs, Ire

310B-5-5, Hickey, James, 26 yrs, Ire

310B-5-5, Hickey, Jeremiah, 22 yrs, Ire

310B-5-5, Hickey, Maggie, 8 yrs, Can W

310B-5-5, Hickey, Margaret, 58 yrs, Ire

274A-6-6, Hickman, David, 6 yrs, PA

274A-6-6, Hickman, George, 9 yrs, PA

274A-6-6, Hickman, Mary, 36 yrs, PA

312B-5-5, Hicks, Rich., 24 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, Hidemyer, Joseph, 24 yrs, PA

295B-3-3, Higgins, Thos, 23 yrs, Ireland

284A-6-6, Higgs, Edward, 27 yrs, PA

284A-7-7, Higgs, Edward, 1 yrs, PA

284A-6-6, Higgs, Joseph, 2 yrs, PA

284A-7-7, Higgs, Joseph, 22 yrs, PA

284A-6-6, Higgs, Lida, 5 yrs, PA

284A-6-6, Higgs, Mary, 27 yrs, PA

315A-4-5, Higgs, Mary, 50 yrs, Eng

284A-7-7, Higgs, Nancy, 24 yrs, PA

290A-1-1, Hildebrand, Amos, 47 yrs, PA

290A-1-1, Hildebrand, Angeline, 19 yrs, PA

290A-1-1, Hildebrand, Berial, 15 yrs, PA

290A-1-1, Hildebrand, Ella, 13 yrs, PA

282A-9-9, Hildebrand, Emma, 12 yrs, PA

290A-1-1, Hildebrand, Emma, 12 yrs, PA

290A-1-1, Hildebrand, Irvin, 9 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, Hildebrand, Joseph, 26 yrs, PA

287A-6-6, Hildebrand, Joseph, 31 yrs, PA

290A-1-1, Hildebrand, Laura, 6 yrs, PA

298B-5-7, Hildebrand, Levi, 20 yrs, PA

290A-1-1, Hildebrand, Louisa, 17 yrs, PA

287A-6-6, Hildebrand, Marsha, 26 yrs, Eng

281B-7-7, Hildebrand, Mary, 14 yrs, PA

290A-1-1, Hildebrand, Sarah, 42 yrs, PA

298B-5-7, Hildebrand, Susan, 55 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Hilderbrau, Mary, 19 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Hilderbrau, Wm, 21 yrs, PA

296B-6-9, Hill, Joseph, 19 yrs, PA

274B-8-8, Hilly, Edward, 29 yrs, Isle of Man

297A-3-4, Himeron, James, 48 yrs, Ire

297A-3-4, Himeron, Mary, 38 yrs, Ire

318A-3-3, Hines, Charles, 25 yrs, Bav

317B-7-8, Hines, Charley, 32 yrs, Germany

281A-6-6, Hines, Jackson, 23 yrs, PA

304A-5-5, Hirst, G. W., 38 yrs, OH

304A-5-5, Hirst, Julia A., 32 yrs, PA

304A-5-5, Hirst, Mary G., 10 yrs, PA

286B-8-8, Hitchcock, Mattie, 16 yrs, PA

307B-5-5, Hitchcock, Wm, 35 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Hitchock, Robt, 25 yrs, PA

275A-8-8, Hoaston, Anna, 6 yrs, PA

275A-8-8, Hoaston, James, 8 yrs, PA

316A-1-1, Hoelzel, Emma, 5 yrs, PA

316A-1-1, Hoelzel, Jacob, 29 yrs, Baden

316A-1-1, Hoelzel, Louiza, 27 yrs, Baden

316A-1-1, Hoelzel, Wm, 3 yrs, PA

316A-1-1, Hoelzel, Wm, 20 yrs, Baden

298B-3-5, Hoezel, Charles, 11 yrs, PA

298B-3-5, Hoezel, Elisabeth, 3 yrs, PA

298B-3-5, Hoezel, Frederick, 33 yrs, Baden

298B-3-5, Hoezel, Frederick, 5 yrs, PA

298B-3-5, Hoezel, Sophia, 30 yrs, Bav

312B-1-2, Hogan, Angeline, 25 yrs, PA

312B-1-2, Hogan, Edward, 24 yrs, Eng

312B-1-2, Hogan, Louisa, 5 yrs, PA

312B-1-2, Hogan, Thomas, 3 yrs, PA

316B-7-7, Holfkill, Chas., 5 yrs, PA

316B-7-7, Holfkill, Hellen, 7/12 yr, PA

316B-7-7, Holfkill, Kate, 3 yrs, PA

316B-7-7, Holfkill, Mary H., 23 yrs, IL

316B-7-7, Holfkill, Robt, 29 yrs, IL

277B-1-1, Holmes, Jacob, 28 yrs, Eng

277B-1-1, Holmes, Jane, 40 yrs, Eng

321B-6-6, Holton, George, 50 yrs, Ire

286A-4-4, Holtz, Marianna, 47 yrs, Baden

286A-4-4, Holtz, Stephen, 45 yrs, Baden

297A-1-1, Hoodecker, Albert, 10 yrs, OH

297A-1-1, Hoodecker, Emma, 32 yrs, Prus

297A-1-1, Hoodecker, Louis, 7 yrs, OH

297A-1-1, Hoodecker, Matilda, 13 yrs, OH

322A-6-7, Horahan, Catherine, 30 yrs, PA

322A-6-7, Horahan, Joseph, 8 yrs, PA

322A-6-7, Horahan, Marten, 35 yrs, Ire

322A-6-7, Horahan, Martin, 4 yrs, PA

322A-6-7, Horahan, Mary, 12 yrs, PA

324A-4-4, Horner, Asaph, 17 yrs, OH

310B-2-2, Hosak, Elisabeth, 34 yrs, NY

305A-4-4, Hosput, John, 26 yrs, PA

296B-2-3, Howard, Jno, 30 yrs, Eng

276B-3-3, Hoyt, L. D., 37 yrs, PA

279B-3-3, Hubbard, John, 31 yrs, MD

279B-3-3, Hubbard, Josaphine, 19 yrs, PA

279B-3-3, Hubbard, Joseph, 5/12 yr, PA

279B-3-3, Hubbard, Mary, 2 yrs, WI

322B-1-1, Hudspath, Ellen, 8 yrs, PA

322B-1-1, Hudspath, Mary, 45 yrs, Eng

322B-1-1, Hudspath, Mary, 17 yrs, PA

322B-1-1, Hudspath, Ralph, 51 yrs, Eng

322B-1-1, Hudspath, Thomas, 5 yrs, PA

322B-1-1, Hudspath, William, 14 yrs, PA

292B-6-5, Huff, Abel, 35 yrs, PA

295A-5-5, Hughs, Catharine, 9 yrs, NY

295A-5-5, Hughs, Catherine, 37 yrs, Ireland

295A-5-5, Hughs, Cristy, 35 yrs, Ireland

275A-9-9, Hughs, Frank, 20 yrs, NY

295A-6-6, Hughs, Frank, 34 yrs, Ireland

295A-6-6, Hughs, James, 7/12 yr, NY

295A-6-6, Hughs, Katherine, 7 yrs, PA

275A-9-9, Hughs, Lizzie, 17 yrs, PA

295A-5-5, Hughs, Mary, 18 yrs, NY

295A-6-6, Hughs, Mary, 5 yrs, PA

295A-6-6, Hughs, Sarah, 24 yrs, NY

303B-2-2, Hughs, Stephen, 37 yrs, Wales

295A-5-5, Hughs, Susan, 10 yrs, NY

295A-6-6, Hughs, Wm, 3 yrs, PA

275A-10-10, Hull, Anna, 21 yrs, PA

282A-5-5, Hull, Clara, 18 yrs, PA

282A-5-5, Hull, F. N., 50 yrs, PA

316A-2-2, Hull, Frank, 12 yrs, PA

278B-2-2, Hull, George, 20 yrs, PA

297A-2-2, Hull, Hiram, 41 yrs, OH

282A-5-5, Hull, Louisa, 16 yrs, PA

282A-5-5, Hull, Mary A., 39 yrs, OF

297A-2-2, Hull, Melvina, 24 yrs, PA

306A-3-3, Hunt, Margaret, 50 yrs, Ire

306A-3-3, Hunt, Stephen, 40 yrs, Ire

274A-7-7, Hunter, Axey, 37 yrs, PA

274A-7-7, Hunter, Frederick, 8 yrs, PA

274A-7-7, Hunter, Hannah, 5 yrs, PA

308A-5-6, Hunter, Jane, 19 yrs, PA

274A-7-7, Hunter, Jesse W., 10/12 yr, PA

274A-7-7, Hunter, Joseph, 38 yrs, PA

308A-5-6, Hunter, Mary, 28 yrs, PA

274A-7-7, Hunter, Olive, 10 yrs, PA

296A-5-5, Huny, John, 11 yrs, PA

276B-1-1, Hurk, Henry, 30 yrs, PA

282B-2-2, Hurlburt, C. A., 38 yrs, OH

282B-2-2, Hurlburt, Franklin, 10 yrs, OH

282B-2-2, Hurlburt, Lilly J., 15 yrs, OH

282B-2-2, Hurlburt, R. H., 44 yrs, Cont

293B-8-10, Hurly, Clarence, 37 yrs, Ire

294B-8-8, Hurly, Daniel, 23 yrs, PA

294A-8-8, Hurly, Dennis, 78 yrs, Ire

294B-8-8, Hurly, Dennis, 25 yrs, PA

322A-1-1, Hurly, Ellen, 13 yrs, PA

293B-8-10, Hurly, Eva T, 7 yrs, PA

294A-8-8, Hurly, Jerry, 28 yrs, PA

293B-8-10, Hurly, John, 3 yrs, PA

294B-8-8, Hurly, John, 20 yrs, PA

293B-8-10, Hurly, Mary, 10 yrs, PA

294B-8-8, Hurly, Mary, 30 yrs, Ire

294B-8-8, Hurly, Norah, 24 yrs, Ire

293B-8-10, Hurly, Susan, 29 yrs, Ire

293B-8-10, Hurly, William, 6 yrs, PA

292B-5-4, Hutchison, Albert, 22 yrs, PA

292B-5-4, Hutchison, Chas., 2 yrs, PA

292B-5-4, Hutchison, Priscilla, 21 yrs, PA

285A-1-1, Hyde, Alfred, 4 yrs, PA

285A-2-2, Hyde, Charles, 7/12 yr, PA

285A-1-1, Hyde, Clarrissa, 1 yrs, PA

285A-1-1, Hyde, Eliza, 60 yrs, Eng

285A-1-1, Hyde, Ida C., 6 yrs, PA

285A-1-1, Hyde, J. W., 37 yrs, NY

285A-1-1, Hyde, James, 12 yrs, PA

285A-2-2, Hyde, M. W., 24 yrs, PA

285A-2-2, Hyde, Mary, 2 yrs, PA

285A-1-1, Hyde, S. E., 31 yrs, PA

285A-2-2, Hyde, T. J., 26 yrs, PA

285A-1-1, Hyde, Wm, 14 yrs, PA

283B-5-5, Irvine, Wm, 23 yrs, PA

284A-3-3, Irwin, Armstong, 24 yrs, OH

285B-4-4, Irwin, Carrie, 4 yrs, PA

285B-4-4, Irwin, Chas., 5 yrs, PA

284A-3-3, Irwin, Frank, 12 yrs, PA

285B-4-4, Irwin, Freddy, 7 yrs, PA

285B-4-4, Irwin, J. A., 32 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Irwin, John, 20 yrs, PA

284A-3-3, Irwin, John M., 56 yrs, OH

285B-4-4, Irwin, Lida, 9 yrs, PA

284A-3-3, Irwin, Mary, 50 yrs, Eng

285B-4-4, Irwin, Sarah, 31 yrs, PA

278B-3-3, Isenberg, Jacob, 20 yrs, PA

307B-1-1, Isles, David, 2 yrs, PA

307B-1-1, Isles, Jane, 25 yrs, Can. W.

307B-1-1, Isles, Wm, 35 yrs, Scot

280A-5-5, Jackson, Andrew, 28 yrs, PA

280A-5-5, Jackson, Clara, 9 yrs, PA

280A-5-5, Jackson, Mary E., 13 yrs, PA

280A-5-5, Jackson, Salina, 11 yrs, PA

280A-5-5, Jackson, William, 15 yrs, PA

299B-7-6, James, Margaret, 53 yrs, Wales

299B-7-6, James, Richard, 52 yrs, Wales

278B-6-6, Jameson, Joseph, 2 yrs, Eng

278B-6-6, Jameson, Mary, 30 yrs, Eng

278B-6-6, Jameson, Mary J., 6 yrs, Eng

278B-6-6, Jameson, Robert, 9 yrs, Eng

278B-6-6, Jameson, Wm, 30 yrs, Eng

278B-2-2, Jekey, James, 21 yrs, OH

275A-10-10, Jenkins, Anna, 12 yrs, Wales

311B-5-5, Jenkins, Lewis, 19 yrs, OH

280B-3-3, Jewel, A. J., 40 yrs, OH

280B-3-3, Jewel, Clayton, 6 yrs, PA

280B-3-3, Jewel, Mary, 38 yrs, PA

284B-1-1, Jinkins, Lucy, 15 yrs, Eng

318A-2-2, Johns, Mary J., 17 yrs, Wales

305A-4-4, Johnston, Amos, 28 yrs, PA

291B-2-4, Johnston, Delia, 33 yrs, PA

291B-2-4, Johnston, Geo., 3* yrs, PA

290B-4-4, Johnston, Lucinda, 28 yrs, PA

290B-4-4, Johnston, Margaret, 9 yrs, PA

290B-4-4, Johnston, William, 11 yrs, PA

310A-6-7, Jones, Agnes, 9 yrs, Eng

306B-7-7, Jones, Anna, 33 yrs, Wales

309A-4-4, Jones, Anna, 4 yrs, PA

311B-5-5, Jones, Anna, 17 yrs, Wales

320A-5-5, Jones, Anna, 3 yrs, PA

278A-2-2, Jones, Anna P., 24 yrs, NY

304B-2-2, Jones, Anne, 30 yrs, Wales

310A-6-7, Jones, Betsey, 42 yrs, Wales

303A-4-5, Jones, Catharine, 8 yrs, PA

302B-1-1, Jones, Catherine, 18 yrs, Wales

302B-1-1, Jones, Daniel, 30 yrs, Wales

302B-1-1, Jones, Daniel, 4 yrs, PA

306B-8-8, Jones, David, 36 yrs, Wales

306B-7-7, Jones, David, 47 yrs, Wales

310A-6-7, Jones, David, 28 yrs, Wales

320A-5-5, Jones, David, 29 yrs, Wales

320A-5-5, Jones, David, 13 yrs, PA

303A-4-5, Jones, Davy G., 3 yrs, PA

309A-4-4, Jones, Elisabeth, 40 yrs, Wales

310A-6-7, Jones, Elisabeth, 19 yrs, Wales

289B-5-5, Jones, Eliza, 36 yrs, Wales

303B-2-2, Jones, Elizabeth, 8 yrs, PA

306B-7-7, Jones, Ellen, 10 yrs, Wales

289A-5-5, Jones, Emma, 22 yrs, VA

320A-5-5, Jones, Emma, 36 yrs, Wales

320A-5-5, Jones, Emma, 8 yrs, PA

278A-2-2, Jones, Eva B., 2 yrs, PA

302B-1-1, Jones, Franicis, 10/12 yr, PA

303A-4-5, Jones, Fred., 28 yrs, Wales

311B-5-5, Jones, G. W., 39 yrs, Wales

278A-2-2, Jones, Harry, 33 yrs, NY

306B-8-8, Jones, Henry, 4 yrs, Wales

304B-2-2, Jones, Hugh R., 5 yrs, Wales

320A-5-5, Jones, Jacob, 17 yrs, PA

311B-5-5, Jones, Jennie, 4 yrs, OH

304B-2-2, Jones, Jno. H., 31 yrs, Wales

300A-1-1, Jones, Jno. S., 57 yrs, Wales

289B-5-5, Jones, John, 14 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Jones, John, 22 yrs, Wales

302A-9-9, Jones, John, 46 yrs, Wales

309A-4-4, Jones, John, 43 yrs, Wales

320A-5-5, Jones, John, 11 yrs, PA

323A-6-5, Jones, John, 27 yrs, Wales

309A-4-4, Jones, Lewis, 7 yrs, PA

289B-5-5, Jones, Lilly, 6 yrs, PA

311B-5-5, Jones, Lizzie, 14 yrs, Wales

303A-4-5, Jones, Lizzy, 3/12 yr, PA

302B-9-9, Jones, Louis, 23 yrs, Wales

313B-2-2, Jones, Louisa, 1 yrs, PA

275A-1-1, Jones, Maggie, 16 yrs, Wales

320A-5-5, Jones, Maragret, 15 yrs, PA

306B-7-7, Jones, Margaret, 7 yrs, PA

309A-4-4, Jones, Margaret, 13 yrs, PA

289B-5-5, Jones, Mary, 12 yrs, PA

300A-1-1, Jones, Mary, 56 yrs, Wales

303A-4-5, Jones, Mary, 27 yrs, Wales

306B-7-7, Jones, Mary, 13 yrs, Wales

309A-4-4, Jones, Mary, 10/12 yr, PA

310A-6-7, Jones, Mary, 13 yrs, Eng

311B-5-5, Jones, Mary, 42 yrs, Wales

311B-5-5, Jones, Mary, 8 yrs, Wales

303B-2-2, Jones, Mary J., 22 yrs, Wales

318A-7-7, Jones, Mel, 29 yrs, PA

289B-5-5, Jones, Noah, 26 yrs, Wales

320A-5-5, Jones, Rachel, 5 yrs, PA

310A-6-7, Jones, Reece, 22 yrs, Wales

289B-5-5, Jones, Saidy, 5 yrs, PA

302B-1-1, Jones, Sarah, 28 yrs, Wales

302B-1-1, Jones, Sarah, 7 yrs, Wales

306B-7-7, Jones, Sarah, 10/12 yr, PA

313B-2-2, Jones, Sarah, 23 yrs, Eng

300A-1-1, Jones, Susanna, 18 yrs, PA

318A-7-7, Jones, Syche, 66 yrs, PA

289B-5-5, Jones, T. M., 46 yrs, Wales

289B-6-6, Jones, Thomas, 49 yrs, Wales

289B-6-6, Jones, Thomas, 18 yrs, PA

303B-2-2, Jones, Thomas, 12 yrs, PA

306B-7-7, Jones, Thomas, 8 yrs, Wales

310A-6-7, Jones, Thomas, 43 yrs, Wales

289B-5-5, Jones, William, 2 yrs, PA

302B-9-9, Jones, William, 12 yrs, Wales

302B-1-1, Jones, William, 9 yrs, Wales

306B-7-7, Jones, William, 14 yrs, Wales

309A-4-4, Jones, William, 15 yrs, PA

313B-2-2, Jones, William, 25 yrs, Eng

311B-5-5, Jones, Wm, 2 yrs, OH

320A-1-1, Joy, Anna, 32 yrs, PA

320A-1-1, Joy, Charles, 1 yrs, PA

320A-1-1, Joy, Sarah, 5 yrs, W VA

320A-1-1, Joy, Thomas, 6 yrs, VA

320A-1-1, Joy, William, 40 yrs, Eng

285B-3-3, K**ghton, Estella, 13 yrs, IN

285B-3-3, K**ghton, Susa, 28 yrs, OH

285B-3-3, K**ghton, Wm, 38 yrs, Eng

294B-8-8, Kane, Martin, 27 yrs, Ire

287A-2-2, Kantlin, Catherine, 40 yrs, At Sea

287A-2-2, Kantlin, Clara, 3 yrs, PA

287A-2-2, Kantlin, Michael, 30 yrs, Ireland

287A-2-2, Kantlin, William, 4 yrs, PA

322B-7-7, Kavanaugh, Bridget, 22 yrs, Ire

322B-7-7, Kavanaugh, Mary, 4/12 yr, PA

322B-7-7, Kavanaugh, Thos, 26 yrs, Can W.

298B-5-6, Kay, Elisabeth, 11 yrs, Scot

298A-5-6, Kay, James, 21 yrs, Scot

298A-5-6, Kay, Jennet, 58 yrs, Scot

298B-5-6, Kay, John, 15 yrs, Scot

298A-5-6, Kay, Susan, 19 yrs, Scot

298A-5-6, Kay, Thomas, 58 yrs, Scot

298A-5-6, Kay, Thomas, 29 yrs, Scot

298A-5-6, Kay, William, 23 yrs, Scot

304B-4-4, Keenen, Catharine, 8 yrs, NY

304B-4-4, Keenen, Drucilla, 1 yrs, PA

304B-4-4, Keenen, Ellen, 17 yrs, NY

304B-4-4, Keenen, Frank, 18 yrs, NY

304B-4-4, Keenen, Jane, 4 yrs, PA

304B-4-4, Keenen, Jno, 14 yrs, NY

304B-4-4, Keenen, Julia, 10 yrs, NY

304B-4-4, Keenen, Margaret, 12 yrs, NY

304B-4-4, Keenen, Mary, 43 yrs, Ire

304B-4-4, Keenen, Patrick, 45 yrs, Ire

316A-9-10, Keener, Peter, 18 yrs, OH

292A-5-5, Keidrick, Wilhelmina, 47 yrs, Hesse Cassel

281A-5-5, Keller, Emma, 15 yrs, PA

281A-5-5, Keller, Harry, 22 yrs, PA

281A-5-5, Keller, M. J. , 45 yrs, PA

283B-9-9, Keller, McNeal, 30 yrs, Ireland

281A-5-5, Keller, P. W., 30 yrs, PA

281A-5-5, Keller, William, 11 yrs, PA

=46or "Kell(e)y" see also "*elley" at the beginning of this index

295A-6-6, Kelley, James, 40 yrs, Ireland

315B-8-9, Kelley, Jno., 74 yrs, Ire

293B-9-11, Kelley, John, 15 yrs, NY

315B-8-9, Kelley, Marsh, 30 yrs, PA

292B-6-5, Kelley, Mary, 18 yrs, NY

300A-3-3, Kelley, Thos., 31 yrs, Ireland

315B-8-9, Kelley, Wm, 32 yrs, OH

314B-6-7, Kelly, Alfred, 31 yrs, PA

319A-2-2, Kelly, Catherine, 35 yrs, PA

288A-1-1, Kelly, Ellen, 22 yrs, PA

314B-6-7, Kelly, Harry, 3 yrs, PA

319A-2-2, Kelly, James, 3 yrs, PA

314B-1-1, Kelly, John, 21 yrs, Ire

322A-1-1, Kelly, John, 29 yrs, Ire

319A-2-2, Kelly, John P., 2 yrs, PA

314B-6-7, Kelly, Mariah, 30 yrs, PA

319A-2-2, Kelly, Mary, 1/12 yr, PA

322A-1-1, Kelly, Mary, 3 yrs, PA

314B-6-7, Kelly, Mary E., 2 yrs, PA

288A-1-1, Kelly, Michael, 28 yrs, Ireland

319A-2-2, Kelly, Patrick, 40 yrs, Ire

297A-3-4, Kelly, Rose, 9 yrs, NY

322A-1-1, Kelly, Rose, 35 yrs, Ire

322A-1-1, Kelly, William, 1 yrs, PA

318B-2-2, Kenmai*x, Celia, 17 yrs, PA

318B-2-2, Kenmai*x, Wm., 23 yrs, Scot

291A-7-8, Kenneday, Chas., 3 yrs, PA

290B-7-8, Kenneday, J. H., 35 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Kenneday, Jenney, 20 yrs, PA

291A-7-8, Kenneday, Jennie, 5 yrs, PA

291A-7-8, Kenneday, M. E., 28 yrs, PA

271A-5-5, Kenny, Mary, 24 yrs, Ireland

285B-6-6, Kent, Betsy, ** yrs, Ireland

286A-7-7, Keown, Jno., 34 yrs, PA

286A-7-7, Keown, Sarah, 30 yrs, NY

308B-4-5, Kerr, Albert, 3 yrs, PA

308B-4-5, Kerr, Martha, 29 yrs, PA

308B-4-5, Kerr, R. W., 33 yrs, PA

308B-4-5, Kerr, Sencetta, 5 yrs, CA

272B-2-3, Kimbal, Wm J., 21 yrs, PA

284B-2-2, Kimberly, Catharine, 49 yrs, Isle of Man

284B-2-2, Kimberly, Kate , 20 yrs, OH

284B-2-2, Kimberly, Peter S., 23 yrs, OH

284B-2-2, Kimberly, Saml, 52 yrs, OH

273A-1-1, King, Addison, 17 yrs, PA

273A-1-1, King, Barbara, 42 yrs, PA

273A-1-1, King, Elenora, 21 yrs, PA

273A-1-1, King, Joseph, 50 yrs, PA

314A-4-4, King, Joseph, 28 yrs, PA

271A-5-5, King, Myra, 22 yrs, PA

314A-4-4, King, Sarah, 27 yrs, PA

314A-4-4, King, William, 2 yrs, PA

for "Knughton" see "K**ghton "

275B-5-5, Koonce, Frank, 9 yrs, PA

275B-5-5, Koonce, Mary, 27 yrs, PA

275B-5-5, Koonce, Salina, 14 yrs, PA

275B-5-5, Koonce, Saml, 28 yrs, PA

322A-5-6, Korner, Anna, 33 yrs, Hanover

322A-5-6, Korner, Anna, 12 yrs, NY

322A-5-6, Korner, William, 34 yrs, Hamburg

279A-1-1, Laferty, Sarah, 22 yrs, Iriland

311B-7-7, Laird, Jas, 28 yrs, PA

322B-2-2, Lane, Daniel, 31 yrs, Scot

322B-2-2, Lane, Eliza, 29 yrs, Scot

293B-6-7, Langley, Frank, 10 yrs, PA

293A-6-7, Langley, John, 41 yrs, Eng

293B-6-7, Langley, Laura, 4 yrs, PA

293B-6-7, Langley, Lizzie, 15 yrs, PA

293B-6-7, Langley, Marcia, 6 yrs, PA

293B-6-7, Langley, Mary, 8 yrs, PA

293A-6-7, Langley, Sarah, 43 yrs, Eng

323B-6-6, Lark, John, 23 yrs, Eng

274A-1-1, Larkin, Ellen, 16 yrs, OH

274A-1-1, Larkin, Mathew, 30 yrs, Ire

283B-9-9, Larkins, Anna, 30 yrs, ME

283B-9-9, Larkins, Edith, 6 yrs, PA

283B-9-9, Larkins, James, 11 yrs, OH

283B-9-9, Larkins, Lilly, 8 yrs, PA

295B-1-1, Laughlin, Dan., 28 yrs, Ireland

295B-1-1, Laughlin, Mary, 21 yrs, PA

295B-1-1, Laughlin, Wm, 2 yrs, PA

296A-5-5, Laurence, Wm, 58 yrs, PA

309A-7-7, Lavell, Clenence, 27 yrs, NY

309A-7-7, Lavell, Frankey, 4 yrs, OH

309A-7-7, Lavell, Jemima, 27 yrs, NY

309A-7-7, Lavell, Rawson, 2 yrs, OH

272A-2-2, Law, Joseph, 22 yrs, PA

for "Leaburn" see also "Seaburn"

309B-6-6, Lealy, Joseph, 21 yrs, NY

274A-5-5, Leaphammer, Albert, 19 yrs, PA

274A-5-5, Leaphammer, Caroline, 10 yrs, PA

274A-5-5, Leaphammer, George, 20 yrs, PA

274A-5-5, Leaphammer, James, 6 yrs, PA

274A-5-5, Leaphammer, Nesbit, 2 yrs, PA

274A-5-5, Leaphammer, Robert, 12 yrs, PA

274A-5-5, Leaphammer, Susan, 38 yrs, Baden

274A-5-5, Leaphammer, Wm, 42 yrs, Wirtemberg

303B-4-4, Leary, Peter, 22 yrs, Ire

273B-1-1, Lebot, Esther, 35 yrs, OH

293A-5-6, Lee, Anna, 44 yrs, Eng

299B-8-7, Lee, Hanora, 42 yrs, Ireland

299B-8-7, Lee, Hanora, 6 yrs, PA

299B-8-7, Lee, Jno, 12 yrs, PA

293A-5-6, Lee, John, 42 yrs, Eng

299B-8-7, Lee, Maggie, 10 yrs, PA

293A-5-6, Lee, Mary, 13 yrs, PA

299B-8-7, Lee, Mary, 17 yrs, Wales

299B-8-7, Lee, Mich., 5 yrs, PA

299B-8-7, Lee, Michael, 52 yrs, Ireland

293A-5-6, Lee, Nancy, 15 yrs, OH

299B-8-7, Lee, Thomas, 9 yrs, PA

293A-5-6, Lee, William, 18 yrs, Eng

282B-5-5, Lemox, Thomas, 30 yrs, Can

282B-5-5, Lemox, Wm H., 2 yrs, PA

284A-4-4, Leonard, Anna, 37 yrs, PA

305B-3-3, Leonard, David, 25 yrs, WV

284A-4-4, Leonard, John, 11 yrs, PA

284A-4-4, Leonard, Mary, 7 yrs, OH

284A-4-4, Leonard, Mattie, 1 yrs, PA

284A-4-4, Leonard, Olive, 6 yrs, PA

284A-4-4, Leonard, Phillip, 32 yrs, PA

271A-5-5, Leslie, Frank, 3 yrs, PA

271A-5-5, Leslie, Kate, 26 yrs, PA

271A-5-5, Leslie, William, 28 yrs, PA

321B-3-3, Lester, Anna, 19 yrs, WI

321B-3-3, Lester, Anne, 43 yrs, Eng

321B-3-3, Lester, Hellen, 2 yrs, PA

321B-3-3, Lester, Mariah, 17 yrs, WI

321B-3-3, Lester, Martah, 12 yrs, PA

320A-6-6, Lester, Martha, 13 yrs, PA

321B-3-3, Lester, Mary, 10 yrs, PA

321B-3-3, Lester, Samuel, 50 yrs, Eng

279B-1-1, Lewellyn, Alfred, 20 yrs, PA

279B-1-1, Lewellyn, David, 23 yrs, Wales

279B-1-1, Lewellyn, Elisabeth, 44 yrs, Wales

279B-1-1, Lewellyn, Jemima, 11 yrs, PA

279B-1-1, Lewellyn, John, 52 yrs, Wales

279B-1-1, Lewellyn, John, 16 yrs, PA

279B-1-1, Lewellyn, Lizzie, 21 yrs, PA

279B-1-1, Lewellyn, Saidy, 14 yrs, PA

279B-1-1, Lewellyn, William, 9 yrs, PA

297A-7-10, Lewis, Danie*, 21 yrs, Wales

313A-6-6, Lewis, David, 21 yrs, Wales

323A-3-2, Lewis, Elisabeth, 2 yrs, PA

323A-3-2, Lewis, Esher, 6 yrs, OH

296B-7-10, Lewis, Jno, 70 yrs, Wales

297A-7-10, Lewis, John E., 8 yrs, PA

297A-7-10, Lewis, Lewis, 26 yrs, Wales

297A-7-10, Lewis, Mary, 70 yrs, Wales

323A-3-2, Lewis, Mary A., 35 yrs, Wales

323A-3-2, Lewis, Robert, 10 yrs, OH

297A-7-10, Lewis, Samuel, 6 yrs, PA

323A-3-2, Lewis, Samuel, 35 yrs, Wales

313A-6-6, Lewis, Wm, 23 yrs, Wales

281B-2-2, Lichenberg, John, 32 yrs, PA

281B-2-2, Lichenberg, Mary, 30 yrs, PA

324A-4-4, Lind, Lizzie, 18 yrs, PA

324A-4-4, Lind, Susan, 15 yrs, PA

274A-8-8, Linder, Edgar, 32 yrs, Eng

297B-4-4, Linder, Elle, 18 yrs, PA

297B-4-4, Linder, Emma, 14 yrs, PA

297B-4-4, Linder, Frank, 12 yrs, PA

297B-4-4, Linder, M. E., 51 yrs, Eng

274A-8-8, Linder, Mary, 18 yrs, OH

297B-4-4, Linder, Wm H., 20 yrs, Eng

303A-3-4, Liston, Catharine, 35 yrs, Ireland

303A-3-4, Liston, Hariott, 13 yrs, Can. W.

303A-3-4, Liston, Jno., 54 yrs, Ireland

303A-3-4, Liston, Jno., 7 yrs, Can. W.

303A-3-4, Liston, Jno., 54 yrs, PA

303A-3-4, Liston, Mary A., 2 yrs, PA

303A-3-4, Liston, Wm, 1/12 yr, PA

300A-5-6, Little, Anne, 59 yrs, Eng

293B-1-1, Little, Carl C, 1 yrs, PA

293B-1-1, Little, Julia, 27 yrs, PA

312B-5-5, Little, Julia, 58 yrs, PA

293B-1-1, Little, Samuel, 26 yrs, OH

300A-5-6, Little, Wm, 39 yrs, Eng

282B-3-3, Locke, Arvilla, 13 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, Clifford, 1 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, Ebenezer, 28 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, Ella, 17 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, Emeline, 48 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, Emma, 15 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, Gaylord, 5 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, John, 52 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, Josephine, 20 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, Minerva, 26 yrs, PA

282B-3-3, Locke, Nancy, 12 yrs, PA

280A-1-1, Lockhart, Emeline, 34 yrs, OH

280A-1-1, Lockhart, Hiram, 56 yrs, PA

280A-1-1, Lockhart, John H., 29 yrs, OH

280A-1-1, Lockhart, Margaret, 55 yrs, OH

280A-1-1, Lockhart, William, 11/12 yr, PA

273B-2-2, Logan, Milton, 25 yrs, PA

285A-2-2, Long, Sophia, 17 yrs, PA

297B-6-6, Long, William, 22 yrs, PA

294B-2-2, Love, Benjamin, 42 yrs, PA

294B-2-2, Love, Charles, 12 yrs, PA

294B-2-2, Love, Effie G., 7 yrs, PA

294B-2-2, Love, Elmer, 9 yrs, PA

294B-2-2, Love, Jesse, 23 yrs, PA

275B-1-1, Love, John, 62 yrs, Eng

294B-2-2, Love, Julia, 38 yrs, PA

283B-5-5, Lowry, C. W., 23 yrs, OH

271B-6-6, Lowry, Mary, 22 yrs, PA

287A-1-1, Luce, Adel, 8 yrs, PA

287A-1-1, Luce, Anna, 4 yrs, PA

287A-1-1, Luce, Emely, 24 yrs, PA

287A-1-1, Luce, George, 32 yrs, PA

287A-1-1, Luce, Minerva, 62 yrs, NY

310B-2-2, Lumpkins, Joanna, 29 yrs, NY

310B-2-2, Lumpkins, Wm, 30 yrs, NY

294B-5-4, Lutrell, Henry, 32 yrs, Ire

294B-5-4, Lutrell, Mary, 24 yrs, Ire

319A-5-5, Lynch, Daniel, 40 yrs, Ire

319A-5-5, Lynch, Daniel, 6 yrs, NY

280A-6-7, Lynch, Elisabeth, 22 yrs, PA

319A-5-5, Lynch, Ellen, 39 yrs, Ire

280A-6-7, Lynch, Emma, 4 yrs, PA

279B-6-7, Lynch, George, 46 yrs, PA

279B-6-7, Lynch, Harriet, 26 yrs, PA

280A-6-7, Lynch, Jane, 19 yrs, PA

280A-6-7, Lynch, John, 15 yrs, PA

319A-5-5, Lynch, John, 3 yrs, PA

280A-6-7, Lynch, Julianne, 14 yrs, PA

280A-6-7, Lynch, Laura, 2 yrs, PA

313B-1-1, Lynch, Lawrence, 27 yrs, Wales

319A-5-5, Lynch, Margaret, 2 yrs, PA

279B-6-7, Lynch, Martha, 23 yrs, PA

303B-1-1, Lynch, Mary, 27 yrs, Ireland

303B-1-1, Lynch, Mary, 1 yrs, Wales

280A-6-7, Lynch, Samuel, 9 yrs, PA

279B-6-7, Lynch, Susanna, 42 yrs, PA

303B-1-1, Lynch, Timothy, 28 yrs, Ireland

280A-6-7, Lynch, Washington, 18 yrs, PA

280A-6-7, Lynch, William, 11 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Lynn, Albert, 21 yrs, PA

274B-5-5, Lynn, Frederick, 11 yrs, OH

274B-5-5, Lynn, H. B., 48 yrs, MD

274B-5-5, Lynn, Ranny, 7 yrs, OH

274B-5-5, Lynn, Sarah, 48 yrs, PA

280A-6-6, Lyon, James, 23 yrs, PA

290B-4-5, Lytle, Adaline, 18 yrs, PA

290B-4-5, Lytle, Isaih, 22 yrs, PA

290B-4-5, Lytle, Lilly A., 10/12 yr, OH

306A-2-2, Mack, Bart, 7 yrs, OH

306A-2-2, Mack, Eugene, 18 yrs, Ire

306A-2-2, Mack, Honora, 37 yrs, Ire

306A-2-2, Mack, James, 11/12 yr, PA

306A-2-2, Mack, John 8, 8 yrs, OH

306A-2-2, Mack, Mane, 3 yrs, PA

306A-2-2, Mack, Michael, 10 yrs, PA

306A-2-2, Mack, Patrick, 14 yrs, NY

306A-2-2, Mack, Timothy, 51 yrs, Ire

306A-2-2, Mack, Timothy, 5 yrs, PA

293A-2-2, Madge, Harriett, 16 yrs, PA

293A-2-2, Madge, Mary, 23 yrs, PA

293A-2-2, Madge, Sarah, 50 yrs, PA

293A-2-2, Madge, Seeveda, 18 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Madge, W. S., 22 yrs, PA

293A-2-2, Madge, William, 51 yrs, PA

318A-7-7, Madge, Wm, 22 yrs, PA

287B-8-8, Mahanna, Bridget, 22 yrs, Ire

282A-7-7, Mahanna, Caroli**e, 18 yrs, PA

282A-7-7, Mahanna, Jerome, 19 yrs, PA

282A-7-7, Mahanna, Nicholas, 75 yrs, PA

289A-6-6, Maher, Ellen, 9/12 yr, PA

289A-6-6, Maher, Margaret, 25 yrs, PA

289A-6-6, Maher, Mathew, 2 yrs, PA

289A-6-6, Maher, Patrick, 28 yrs, Ire

289A-6-6, Maher, Patrick, 9/12 yr, PA

289A-6-6, Maher, William, 4 yrs, PA

292B-2-2, Mahla, Albert, 32 yrs, Bav

292B-2-2, Mahla, Anna, 38 yrs, Werturmberg

292B-2-2, Mahla, Anna, 11 yrs, PA

292B-2-2, Mahla, Caroline, 9 yrs, PA

292B-2-2, Mahla, Joseph, 3 yrs, PA

292B-2-2, Mahla, Loui*a, 14 yrs, PA

280A-7-7, Mailen, Charles, 19 yrs, PA

282B-1-1, Malcomb, Jas, 30 yrs, Canada

282B-1-1, Malcomb, Laura, 27 yrs, OH

295B-3-3, Maley, Wm, 28 yrs, Ireland

284A-1-1, Malheova, Cath., 19 yrs, Ireland

319A-7-8, Mallory, Horatio, 2 yrs, PA

319A-7-8, Mallory, Lewedna, 4 yrs, PA

319A-7-8, Mallory, Mary, 27 yrs, Eng

319A-7-8, Mallory, Walter, 28 yrs, Eng

284B-4-4, Malony, Mary, 35 yrs, Ireland

301B-6-6, Maly, Anna, 4 yrs, Ire

301B-6-6, Maly, Biddy, 25 yrs, OH

301B-6-6, Maly, Hugh, 8 yrs, Ire

301B-6-6, Maly, John, 30 yrs, Ire

314A-3-3, Maly, Margaret, 17 yrs, Ire

301B-6-6, Maly, Patrick, 9/12 yr, PA

283A-1-1, Man*coy, Simmons, 32 yrs, NY

276B-1-1, Manahan, Bridget, 30 yrs, Ire

301B-1-1, Manahan, Bridget, 30 yrs, Ire

301B-1-1, Manahan, John, 3/12 yr, PA

301B-1-1, Manahan, Michael, 2 yrs, Scot

301B-1-1, Manahan, Phillip, 35 yrs, Ire

277B-3-3, Manahan, Susan, 21 yrs, Ireland

315A-5-6, Mapes, Elizabeth, 30 yrs, PA

315A-5-6, Mapes, Loretta, 6 yrs, PA

315A-5-6, Mapes, Mary, 4 yrs, PA

315A-5-6, Mapes, Saidy, 1 yrs, PA

315A-5-6, Mapes, Thos, 35 yrs, PA

317A-3-3, Mareddy, Rachel, 20 yrs, Ireland

296A-5-5, Marse, Messiob, 22 yrs, PA

285A-1-1, Marshall, A. G., 23 yrs, PA

311B-3-3, Marshall, Anna, 22 yrs, PA

315A-8-9, Marshall, Frank, 3 yrs, PA

283A-8-10, Marshall, James, 19 yrs, PA

282B-8-10, Marshall, Jane, 60 yrs, Ireland

282B-8-10, Marshall, Jane, 28 yrs, Scot

283A-8-10, Marshall, Jno, 22 yrs, PA

315A-8-9, Marshall, Julia, 9 yrs, PA

285A-3-3, Marshall, Kitty, 23 yrs, PA

315A-8-9, Marshall, Peter, 31 yrs, France

315A-8-9, Marshall, Peter, 7 yrs, PA

315A-8-9, Marshall, Roze, 29 yrs, France

311B-3-3, Marshall, S. B., 24 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Marshall, Thomas, 18 yrs, PA

285A-3-3, Marshall, W. B., 26 yrs, PA

276B-3-3, Mathew, James, 35 yrs, Ire

277A-1-1, Mathews, Anna, 16 yrs, OH

283B-1-1, Mathews, Emma B., 9 yrs, OH

283B-1-1, Mathews, Freddie A., 1 yrs, PA

302B-3-3, Mathews, Isaac, 17 yrs, Wales

306B-5-5, Mathews, Jennie, 15 yrs, Can W

302B-3-3, Mathews, John, 12 yrs, PA

302B-3-3, Mathews, Maggie, 9 yrs, WV

302B-3-3, Mathews, Mary, 44 yrs, Eng

302B-3-3, Mathews, Mary, 15 yrs, Eng

283B-1-1, Mathews, Sarah, 30 yrs, PA

283B-1-1, Mathews, W. S., 36 yrs, Eng

300A-1-1, Mathews, Wm, 30 yrs, Wales

307B-1-1, Matin, Jno., 24 yrs, Can. W.

290A-4-4, Maxhaemer, Cecillia, 20 yrs, PA

290A-4-4, Maxhaemer, Charles, 2 yrs, PA

290A-4-4, Maxhaemer, Eva, 1 yrs, PA

290A-4-4, Maxhaemer, J*le, 23 yrs, Prus

315A-3-4, May, Annie E., 30 yrs, Ire

315A-3-4, May, Charles, 13 yrs, PA

315A-3-4, May, Georg, 6 yrs, PA

315A-3-4, May, Harry, 2 yrs, PA

279B-3-3, May, Liddia, 30 yrs, PA

315A-3-4, May, Robt., 9/12 yr, PA

315A-3-4, May, Robt. S., 35 yrs, PA

279B-3-3, May, Trovillow, 30 yrs, PA

286A-4-4, Mazer, Julins, 29 yrs, Baden

295A-2-2, McAndrew, Chas., 3 yrs, PA

295A-2-2, McAndrew, Jno, 23 yrs, NY

295B-1-1, McAndrew, Jno, 23 yrs, Ireland

295A-2-2, McAndrew, Lucy, 23 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Mcanmich, Alex., 23 yrs, PA

272A-5-5, McArthur, Frank H., 12 yrs, PA

272A-5-5, McArthur, M. L., 51 yrs, PA

272A-5-5, McArthur, Margaret, 43 yrs, PA

292A-3-3, McAuinch, Anna, 8 yrs, PA

292A-3-3, McAuinch, Elisha, 10 yrs, PA

292A-3-3, McAuinch, Henry, 13 yrs, PA

292A-3-3, McAuinch, Jas, 40 yrs, PA

292A-3-3, McAuinch, Jas, 6 yrs, PA

292A-3-3, McAuinch, Oliver, 14 yrs, PA

292A-3-3, McAuinch, Rach., 38 yrs, PA

292A-3-3, McAuinch, Thomas, 2 yrs, PA

272B-6-7, McBride, Charles, 5 yrs, PA

272B-6-7, McBride, Frank, 27 yrs, PA

272B-6-7, McBride, Harvey, 10/12 yr, PA

272B-6-7, McBride, Susannah, 29 yrs, PA

315B-6-7, McBurney, Ebenezer, 46 yrs, PA

297B-6-6, McCalmont, M., 35 yrs, PA

297B-5-5, McCanner, Mariah, 15 yrs, OH

275A-3-3, McCardle, John, 19 yrs, PA

276B-3-3, McCarter, James, 25 yrs, PA

321B-2-2, McCarty, Danl, 47 yrs, Ire

322A-10-11, McCarty, Danl, 30 yrs, Ire

321B-2-2, McCarty, Florence, 11 yrs, Wales

322B-10-11, McCarty, Florence, 3 yrs, Eng

321B-2-2, McCarty, Hannah, 9 yrs, Wales

289B-6-6, McCarty, Jackson, 22 yrs, OH

322A-10-11, McCarty, Jeremiah, 7 yrs, Eng

321B-2-2, McCarty, Kate, 13 yrs, Wales

322A-10-11, McCarty, Margaret, 28 yrs, Ire

321B-2-2, McCarty, Mary, 46 yrs, Ire

322B-10-11, McCarty, Mary, 5 yrs, Eng

321B-2-2, McCarty, Nora, 19 yrs, Wales

322A-10-11, McCarty, Thomas, 8 yrs, Eng

322B-10-11, McCarty, William, 3 yrs, Eng

318A-4-4, McCaslin, Albert, 14 yrs, PA

318A-4-4, McCaslin, Andgeline, 19 yrs, PA

318A-4-4, McCaslin, Elisabeth, 13 yrs, PA

318A-4-4, McCaslin, Eliza, 49 yrs, PA

318A-4-4, McCaslin, Josaphine, 18 yrs, PA

318A-4-4, McCaslin, Lyddia, 10 yrs, PA

318A-4-4, McCaslin, Mark, 16 yrs, PA

278B-2-2, McCauly, Alexander, 20 yrs, VA

278B-2-2, McCauly, Archy, 22 yrs, VA

277A-1-1, McCay, James, 27 yrs, Scot

277A-1-1, McCay, William, 25 yrs, Scot

274B-3-3, McChesney, Allice, 19 yrs, PA

274B-3-3, McChesney, Franklin, 1 yrs, PA

274B-3-3, McChesney, Thos, 30 yrs, PA

280A-6-6, McCleary, Amanda, 38 yrs, PA

280A-6-6, McCleary, Nannie, 6 yrs, PA

280A-6-6, McCleary, Rogers, 43 yrs, PA

280A-6-6, McCleary, Wellington, 19 yrs, PA

280A-6-6, McCleary, William, 13 yrs, PA

293B-7-9, McClelland, Anna, 22 yrs, Ire

293B-7-9, McClelland, Charles, 12 yrs, IL

293B-7-9, McClelland, Elisabeth, 47 yrs, Ire

293B-7-9, McClelland, Jos, 47 yrs, Ire

323B-3-3, McCleod, Arthur, 9 yrs, Can W.

323B-3-3, McCleod, Donald, 40 yrs, Scot

323B-3-3, McCleod, Emma, 32 yrs, N. Scotia

323B-3-3, McCleod, Ida, 5 yrs, PA

323B-3-3, McCleod, Walter, 8 yrs, Can W.

307A-3-3, McClure, Canetin, 10 yrs, PA

307A-3-3, McClure, Cath., 40 yrs, PA

284B-4-4, McClure, Charles, 1 yrs, PA

307A-3-3, McClure, Jno, 8 yrs, PA

284B-4-4, McClure, Joseph, 27 yrs, PA

284B-4-4, McClure, Rebecca, 24 yrs, PA

307A-3-3, McClure, Rebecca, 15 yrs, PA

285B-6-6, McClury, Adaline, 24 yrs, PA

286A-1-1, McClury, Caroline, 38 yrs, NY

286A-1-1, McClury, Chals., 15 yrs, PA

286A-1-1, McClury, Jessie A., 11 yrs, PA

286A-1-1, McClury, Joseph, 47 yrs, PA

285B-6-6, McClury, Mary, 75 yrs, PA

304A-8-8, McConaligh, Ellen, 23 yrs, Ire

304B-8-8, McConaligh, Mar., 2/12 yr, PA

304A-8-8, McConaligh, Mich., 22 yrs, Ire

317A-2-2, McConnel, Edgar, 30 yrs, NJ

281A-5-5, McConnel, Ella, 25 yrs, Ireland

317A-2-2, McConnel, Mariah, 31 yrs, NJ

317A-2-2, McConnel, Michael, 6 yrs, PA

282B-7-9, McConnell, Eliza, 19 yrs, PA

for "McCormick" see also "McOrmick"

316A-9-10, McCormick, Wm, 25 yrs, PA

314B-3-4, McCowan, Ebenezer, 83 yrs, PA

314B-3-4, McCowan, Margaret, 49 yrs, PA

314B-3-4, McCowan, Mary G., 20 yrs, OH

297B-6-6, McCoy, D. N., 30 yrs, NY

278B-3-3, McCracken, Anna, 17 yrs, PA

318A-6-6, McCrislin, Bridget, 28 yrs, Ire

302B-5-5, McCullough, Lawrence, 39 yrs, Ire

302B-5-5, McCullough, Mary, 41 yrs, Ire

302B-5-5, McCullough, Mary, 13 yrs, Can

288A-7-7, McCurdy, Alexander, 7 yrs, Can

288A-7-7, McCurdy, Anne, 31 yrs, Can

288A-7-7, McCurdy, John, 34 yrs, Can

288A-7-7, McCurdy, Nelly, 2 yrs, Can

288A-7-7, McCurdy, Nina, 12 yrs, Can

288A-7-7, McCurdy, William, 9 yrs, Can

299A-3-3, McDonald, Anna, 28 yrs, Ireland

299A-3-3, McDonald, James, 2 yrs, PA

299A-3-3, McDonald, Jno, 32 yrs, Ireland

299A-3-3, McDonald, Mary, 4 yrs, PA

303B-3-3, McDonald, Olive, 40 yrs, NY

293B-9-11, McDonnel, Alexander, 6 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, McDonnel, Ellen, 19 yrs, Ireland

293B-9-11, McDonnel, John, 32 yrs, PA

293B-9-11, McDonnel, Kate, 28 yrs, Ire

293B-9-11, McDonnel, Rebecca, 4 yrs, PA

308B-6-7, McDonough, Mary, 28 yrs, Ire

307A-4-4, McDowell, Alex, 25 yrs, PA

307A-4-4, McDowell, Clara, 23 yrs, PA

307A-4-4, McDowell, James, 2 yrs, PA

299A-6-6, McEelloon, Anthony, 14 yrs, Can. W.

299A-6-6, McEelloon, Catherine, 24 yrs, Ireland

299A-6-6, McEelloon, Catherine, 2 yrs, PA

299A-6-6, McEelloon, Ellen, 10 yrs, Can. W.

299A-6-6, McEelloon, Jno, 37 yrs, Ireland

299A-6-6, McEelloon, John, 8 yrs, Can. W.

299A-6-6, McEelloon, Patrick, 12 yrs, Can. W.

299A-6-6, McEelloon, Susan, 6 yrs, Can. W.

299A-6-6, McEelloon, Wm, 4 yrs, PA

288A-4-4, McElhany, Eva, 23 yrs, PA

288A-4-4, McElhany, Maggie, 1 yrs, PA

288A-4-4, McElhany, R. G., 21 yrs, OH

316A-4-4, McElheny, Mary, 18 yrs, PA

291B-2-5, McElheny, Soph*, 21 yrs, PA

301A-1-1, McFarland, Bernard, 29 yrs, Ire

278B-1-1, McFarland, Cloe, 56 yrs, OH

312A-1-1, McFarland, Jas., 19 yrs, PA

301A-1-1, McFarland, Margaret, 25 yrs, Ire

278B-1-1, McFarland, Robt, 53 yrs, OH

318B-7-8, McFarlane, Curtis, 59 yrs, Ire

318B-7-8, McFarlane, James, 29 yrs, Ire

318B-7-8, McFarlane, Jane, 24 yrs, Ire

308A-3-3, McFarlane, Lizzie, 23 yrs, PA

318B-7-8, McFarlane, Mary, 65 yrs, Ire

308A-3-3, McFarlane, Robt, 3 yrs, PA

308A-3-3, McFarlane, Thos, 28 yrs, PA

279B-5-6, McGaughy, E. O., 7 yrs, OH

279B-5-6, McGaughy, John, 49 yrs, PA

279B-5-6, McGaughy, John C., 10 yrs, OH

279B-5-6, McGaughy, Sarah, 12 yrs, OH

276B-3-3, McGillen, Edward, 24 yrs, Ireland

276B-3-3, McGillen, Mary , 20 yrs, Ireland

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Albert, 18 yrs, PA

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Alexander, 8 yrs, PA

276B-2-2, McGilvary, Allice, 17 yrs, PA

276B-2-2, McGilvary, Anna, 12 yrs, PA

276B-2-2, McGilvary, Edward, 7 yrs, PA

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Edward, 41 yrs, PA

276B-2-2, McGilvary, Effa, 9 yrs, PA

276B-2-2, McGilvary, Emma, 5 yrs, PA

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Emma, 6 yrs, PA

276B-2-2, McGilvary, Jesse, 2 yrs, PA

276B-2-2, McGilvary, John, 14 yrs, PA

277B-3-3, McGilvary, Kate, 11 yrs, PA

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Lizzie, 17 yrs, PA=20

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Louis, 2 yrs, PA

276B-1-1, McGilvary, Luther, 37 yrs, PA

276B-2-2, McGilvary, Mary, 34 yrs, Wales

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Mary, 35 yrs, PA

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Mary, 4 yrs, PA

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Minerva, 12 yrs, PA

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Minnie, 15 yrs, PA

277B-3-3, McGilvary, Rebecca, 46 yrs, PA

276B-2-2, McGilvary, Reed, 4 yrs, PA

277B-3-3, McGilvary, Viola, 16 yrs, PA

298A-3-4, McGilvary, Wilfred, 9 yrs, PA

277B-3-3, McGilvary, William, 10 yrs, PA

277B-3-3, McGilvary, Wm, 46 yrs, PA

291B-5-8, McGoffin, B., 25 yrs, PA

301B-2-2, McGonigle, Anne, 4 yrs, PA

301B-2-2, McGonigle, Catherine, 14 yrs, Ire

301B-2-2, McGonigle, James, 6 yrs, PA

301B-2-2, McGonigle, Jas, 46 yrs, Ire

301B-2-2, McGonigle, John T., 1 yrs, PA

301B-2-2, McGonigle, Joseph, 11 yrs, Ire

301B-2-2, McGonigle, Mary, 44 yrs, Ire

301B-2-2, McGonigle, Sarah, 16 yrs, Ire

309B-3-3, McGowan, Anna, 3 yrs, PA

309B-3-3, McGowan, Barbara, 31 yrs, OH

309B-3-3, McGowan, Clarence, 1 yrs, PA

309B-3-3, McGowan, Harvy, 38 yrs, PA

309B-3-3, McGowan, William, 8 yrs, PA

290B-1-1, McGowen, A. P., 56 yrs, PA

290B-1-1, McGowen, Clayton, 17 yrs, PA

290B-1-1, McGowen, Elly, 15 yrs, PA

290B-1-1, McGowen, Lyddia, 55 yrs, PA

290B-1-1, McGowen, Margaret, 24 yrs, PA

290B-1-1, McGowen, Smith A., 12 yrs, PA

299A-7-7, McGowin, Ellen, 5 yrs, Ireland

299A-7-7, McGowin, Jno., 2 yrs, PA

299A-7-7, McGowin, Mary, 26 yrs, Ireland

315A-6-7, McGregger, Maggie, 18 yrs, NY

295A-6-6, McHagh, Michael, 21 yrs, VT

294B-5-4, McHugh, Frank, 10 yrs, NY

294B-5-4, McHugh, James, 50 yrs, Ire

294B-5-4, McHugh, James, 17 yrs, NY

277A-1-1, McIntire, John, 38 yrs, Scot

309B-6-6, McIntire, John, 22 yrs, PA

297A-8-9, McKee, Eliza, 43 yrs, PA

297A-8-9, McKee, Jennie, 21 yrs, PA

297A-8-9, McKee, Laura, 19 yrs, PA

297A-8-9, McKee, William, 47 yrs, PA

297A-8-9, McKee, William, 11 yrs, PA

272A-2-2, McKinley, Alex, 35 yrs, PA

272A-2-2, McKinley, Fanny, 35 yrs, PA

272A-2-2, McKinley, Grace, 10 yrs, PA

272A-2-2, McKinley, Minnie, 3 yrs, PA

311B-1-1, McKnight, Aberta, 8/12 yr, PA

275B-1-1, McKnight, Anderson, 29 yrs, PA

275B-1-1, McKnight, Anna, 30 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, McKnight, Anna A., 12 yrs, PA

311B-1-1, McKnight, Chas., 10 yrs, PA

311B-1-1, McKnight, D. F., 35 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, McKnight, Frank, 7 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, McKnight, Harry, 4 yrs, PA

303A-5-6, McKnight, J. P. , 26 yrs, PA

275B-1-1, McKnight, James, 1 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, McKnight, Jas. G., 39 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, McKnight, Malinda, 17 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, McKnight, Nancy, 41 yrs, PA

311B-1-1, McKnight, Rhoda, 32 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, McKnight, Sarah A., 15 yrs, PA

275B-1-1, McKnight, Seth, 31 yrs, PA

279B-2-2, McLain, David, 44 yrs, Ireland

279B-2-2, McLain, Ellen, 20 yrs, PA

273A-3-3, McLain, Frank, 14 yrs, PA

273A-3-3, McLain, Freddy, 8 yrs, PA

279B-2-2, McLain, James, 13 yrs, PA

279B-2-2, McLain, John A., 10 yrs, PA

279B-2-2, McLain, Margaret, 2 yrs, PA

273A-3-3, McLain, Martha, 37 yrs, PA

273A-3-3, McLain, Martha, 12 yrs, PA

279B-2-2, McLain, Robert, 8 yrs, PA

279B-2-2, McLain, Sarah, 41 yrs, Ireland

279B-2-2, McLain, Thomas, 15 yrs, PA

273A-3-3, McLain, William, 38 yrs, PA

318A-4-4, McLaine, James, 23 yrs, NY

302B-6-6, McMa*nus, Bridget, 36 yrs, Ire

302B-6-6, McMa*nus, Bridget, 16 yrs, Ire

302B-6-6, McMa*nus, John, 34 yrs, Ire

302B-6-6, McMa*nus, John, 8 yrs, PA

302B-6-6, McMa*nus, Joseph, 13 yrs, PA

302B-6-6, McMa*nus, Mary, 10 yrs, PA

302B-6-6, McMa*nus, Sabina, 3 yrs, PA

309A-5-5, McMahon, Bridget, 30 yrs, Ire

309A-5-5, McMahon, Catherine, 3/12 yr, PA

309A-5-5, McMahon, Ellen, 9 yrs, Can. W.

309A-5-5, McMahon, John, 6 yrs, Can. W.

309A-5-5, McMahon, Mary, 8 yrs, Can. W.

301A-2-2, McMahon, Mich, 30 yrs, Ire

309A-5-5, McMahon, Michael, 3 yrs, NY

309A-5-5, McMahon, Patrick, 27 yrs, Ire

283A-3-3, McMally, Saml., 35 yrs, PA

300A-3-3, McMannis, Pat, 23 yrs, Ireland

288A-9-9, McMaster, Clara, 15 yrs, PA

287B-9-9, McMaster, D. M., 40 yrs, NY

272A-2-2, McMaster, Elizabeth, 79 yrs, Ireland

288A-9-9, McMaster, Sarah, 25 yrs, OH

293A-4-4, McMillen, Florence, 22 yrs, PA

278B-7-7, McMillen, Mary, 4 yrs, PA

278B-7-7, McMillen, Minnie, 1 yrs, PA

278B-7-7, McMillen, Rebecca, 26 yrs, PA

278B-7-7, McMillen, Saml, 28 yrs, PA

293A-4-4, McMillen, Theresa, 5/12 yr, PA

293A-4-4, McMillen, William, 24 yrs, PA

275B-10-10, McMurry, John, 17 yrs, PA

275B-2-2, McNabb, A. G., 37 yrs, OH

275B-2-2, McNabb, Jennie, 31 yrs, OH

313B-8-8, McNamara, Cath., 28 yrs, Ire

313A-8-8, McNamara, Darl, 31 yrs, Ire

276A-3-3, McNeil, Fanny, 30 yrs, Ire

303A-5-6, McOdoroney, Albert, 20 yrs, PA

303A-5-6, McOdoroney, Dock, 9 yrs, PA

303A-5-6, McOdoroney, Hannah, 36 yrs, PA

303A-5-6, McOdoroney, James, 12 yrs, PA

303A-5-6, McOdoroney, Jno, 45 yrs, Ireland

303A-5-6, McOdoroney, Jno. R., 15 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, McOrmick, Edward, 1 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, McOrmick, Margaret, 41 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, McOrmick, Wm, 42 yrs, PA

296A-5-5, McQuirk, Jno, 25 yrs, Ireland

312A-1-1, Mcuimch, Georg, 9 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Mcuimch, John, 12 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Mcuimch, Lokia, 6 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Mcuimch, Martha, 3 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Mcuimch, Wm, 13 yrs, PA

292B-1-1, McVey, Avenella, 9/12 yr, PA

292B-1-1, McVey, D. D., 36 yrs, PA

292B-1-1, McVey, Mary A., 30 yrs, PA

292B-1-1, McVey, Saml B., 4 yrs, PA

316B-9-9, Means, Jas., 25 yrs, PA

285A-4-4, Meck, Caroline, 44 yrs, Eng

285A-4-4, Meck, Chas., 53 yrs, Scot

294B-5-4, Meloy, Charles, 35 yrs, Ire

277A-2-2, Menahan, Bridget, 24 yrs, Ireland

277A-2-2, Messersmith, Alla, 15 yrs, OH

277A-2-2, Messersmith, Barney, 9 yrs, OH

277A-2-2, Messersmith, Edward, 20 yrs, OH

277A-2-2, Messersmith, Frank, 14 yrs, OH

277A-2-2, Messersmith, Jacob, 50 yrs, PA

277A-2-2, Messersmith, Mary, 12 yrs, OH

277A-2-2, Messersmith, Mary A., 51 yrs, PA

277A-2-2, Messersmith, Ransom, 29 yrs, OH

299B-2-2, Miles, Jas., 5 yrs, PA

299B-2-2, Miles, Jno., 35 yrs, Ireland

299B-2-2, Miles, Jno., 10/12 yr, PA

276A-3-3, Miles, Lissie, 20 yrs, Ire

299B-2-2, Miles, Mary A., 3 yrs, PA

284A-4-4, Millegun, Annie, 22 yrs, Ireland

272B-1-2, Miller, Adam, 20 yrs, Bav

297B-2-2, Miller, Albert, 9 yrs, PA

319A-3-3, Miller, Catherine, 34 yrs, Prus

297A-7-10, Miller, Edward, 20 yrs, Wales

272B-1-1, Miller, Elisabeth, 25 yrs, PA

272B-1-2, Miller, Elisabeth, 40 yrs, Bav

272B-1-1, Miller, Elver, 8/12 yr, PA

319A-3-3, Miller, Frank, 35 yrs, Prus

272B-1-1, Miller, Frederick, 6 yrs, PA

272B-1-1, Miller, Jacob, 26 yrs, Bav

287A-4-4, Miller, Jacob, 25 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Miller, James, 22 yrs, PA

297B-2-2, Miller, Jennet, 47 yrs, Scot

297B-2-2, Miller, Jennet, 18 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Miller, M., 30 yrs, Scot

298A-1-1, Miller, Maggie, 21 yrs, BAv

287A-4-4, Miller, Mary L., 3 yrs, PA

287A-4-4, Miller, Melissu, 27 yrs, PA

279B-7-7, Miller, Moses, 19 yrs, NY

308B-6-7, Miller, Robt, 34 yrs, Eng

308B-6-7, Miller, Sarah, 28 yrs, Ire

272B-1-1, Miller, William, 5 yrs, PA

297B-2-2, Miller, William, 12 yrs, PA

319A-3-3, Miller, William, 14 yrs, Prus

292B-6-5, Mills, M. R., 30 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Mills, Stephen, 18 yrs, OH

298A-3-4, Minger, Albert, 20 yrs, PA

309B-4-4, Minich, Mary, 20 yrs, PA

324B-1-1, Missey, Charles, 23 yrs, PA

271B-6-6, Mitchel, Alexander, 10 yrs, PA

271B-6-6, Mitchel, Amanda, 7 yrs, PA

271B-6-6, Mitchel, George, 10/12 yr, PA

271B-6-6, Mitchel, Hannah, 6 yrs, PA

271B-6-6, Mitchel, James, 35 yrs, PA

271B-6-6, Mitchel, Jane, 26 yrs, PA

317A-2-2, Mixel, E. G., 56 yrs, NJ

317A-2-2, Mixel, Elbredge, 23 yrs, NJ

317A-2-2, Mixel, Eleanor, 55 yrs, NJ

299A-7-7, Monahan, Jas., 20 yrs, Ireland

322B-2-2, Monroe, George, 25 yrs, Scot

276B-1-1, Monroe, Henry, 32 yrs, OH

316B-2-2, Montgomery, Thos, 30 yrs, PA

311A-7-7, Moore, Allice, 6 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, Moore, Clinton, 25 yrs, PA

311A-7-7, Moore, Edward, 11 yrs, OH

281B-8-8, Moore, George, 40 yrs, PA

311A-7-7, Moore, Herbert, 8/12 yr, PA

281B-8-8, Moore, Ida M, 4 yrs, PA

311A-7-7, Moore, Kate, 31 yrs, OH

281B-8-8, Moore, Marion, 28 yrs, PA

311A-7-7, Moore, Robt., 35 yrs, OH

313B-4-4, Moore, William, 21 yrs, PA

301A-4-4, Morford, Bridget, 38 yrs, Ire

301A-4-4, Morford, Catherine, 5/12 yr, PA

324A-6-6, Morford, Cornelia, 18 yrs, OH

301A-4-4, Morford, Patrick, 2 yrs, PA

301A-4-4, Morford, Stephen, 35 yrs, Ire

310A-5-6, Morgan, Edmond, 35 yrs, Wales

310A-5-6, Morgan, Elisabeth, 4 yrs, Wales

310A-5-6, Morgan, Eliza, 38 yrs, Wales

316A-2-2, Morgan, Elizab., 46 yrs, PA

316A-2-2, Morgan, Israel, 50 yrs, CT

316A-2-2, Morgan, James, 25 yrs, PA

310A-5-6, Morgan, John, 12 yrs, Wales

313B-1-1, Morgan, John, 21 yrs, Ire

312A-1-1, Morgan, Jonat'n, 41 yrs, Eng

317B-1-1, Morgan, Maggie, 20 yrs, Ire

306B-2-2, Morgan, Margaret, 1 yrs, Wales

306B-2-2, Morgan, Mary, 28 yrs, Wales

306B-2-2, Morgan, Robert, 3 yrs, Wales

310A-5-6, Morgan, Thomas, 2 yrs, PA

306B-2-2, Morgan, William, 28 yrs, Wales

310A-5-6, Morgan, William, 15 yrs, Wales

304B-1-1, Morgan , Dav., 30 yrs, Wales

304B-1-1, Morgan , David, 3 yrs, Wales

304B-1-1, Morgan , Sarah, 29 yrs, Wales

304B-1-1, Morgan , Wm, 1 yrs, Wales

298A-2-3, Morganthall, Marion, 41 yrs, PA

298A-2-3, Morganthall, Wm, 45 yrs, PA

299B-2-2, Moriarty, Ellen, 27 yrs, Ireland

319A-9-10, Morris, A. H., 37 yrs, PA

319B-9-10, Morris, Amelia, 1 yrs, PA

319B-9-10, Morris, Anna J., 6 yrs, PA

319B-9-10, Morris, Carrie, 3 yrs, PA

319B-9-10, Morris, Eddie, 3 yrs, PA

319B-9-10, Morris, Isaac, 10 yrs, PA

302A-4-4, Morris, James, 59 yrs, Ire

295B-3-3, Morris, Jno, 22 yrs, Ireland

293A-4-5, Morris, John H., 7 yrs, Eng

289B-6-6, Morris, Josaphine, 22 yrs, PA

293A-4-5, Morris, Joseph, 9 yrs, Eng

289B-6-6, Morris, Lizzie A., 9 yrs, PA

302A-4-4, Morris, Lizzy, 60 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Morris, Lorraine, 17 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Morris, Margaret, 42 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Morris, Margaret, 4 yrs, PA

293A-4-5, Morris, Marianna, 3 yrs, PA

319B-9-10, Morris, Martha, 40 yrs, PA

319B-9-10, Morris, Martha, 12 yrs, PA

284B-2-2, Morris, Mary, 30 yrs, Wales

291B-1-2, Morris, Mary, 20 yrs, PA

293A-4-5, Morris, Mary, 39 yrs, Eng

319B-9-10, Morris, Mary, 8 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Morris, R. S., 49 yrs, PA

281A-5-5, Morris, Sarah, 17 yrs, Eng

293A-4-5, Morris, Sarah, 1 yrs, PA

293A-4-5, Morris, Thomas, 5 yrs, PA

293A-4-5, Morris, William, 39 yrs, Eng

319B-9-10, Morris, William, 14 yrs, PA

289B-6-6, Morris, Winfield, 14 yrs, PA

272A-2-2, Morrison, Graham, 25 yrs, PA

272A-2-2, Morrison, John W., 22 yrs, PA

322A-9-10, Morrison, Wm., 2 yrs, PA

274A-4-4, Morswick, Arabella, 18 yrs, PA

274A-4-4, Morswick, William, 11/12 yr, PA

274A-4-4, Morswick, Wm., 25 yrs, Eng

317A-5-5, Mossman, Anna, 30 yrs, PA

317A-5-5, Mossman, Anna, 12 yrs, PA

317A-5-5, Mossman, William, 35 yrs, PA

323A-4-3, Mould, Hannah, 38 yrs, France

323A-4-3, Mould, Mary, 17 yrs, PA

323A-4-3, Mould, Thomas, 45 yrs, Eng

323A-4-3, Mould, Thomas, 17 yrs, Wales

291A-7-8, Mounts, Chas., 15 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Mounts, Elmer, 7 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Mounts, Emma, 23 yrs, PA

296A-5-5, Mounts, Hugh, 39 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Mounts, Isadore, 5 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Mounts, Julianne, 18 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Mounts, Laura E., 13 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Mounts, Martha, 46 yrs, OH

278A-7-7, Mounts, Nancy L., 12 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Mounts, Thomas, 46 yrs, PA

324A-5-5, Moyer, Benjamin, 8 yrs, PA

324A-5-5, Moyer, Eliza, 16 yrs, PA

324A-5-5, Moyer, Jacob, 41 yrs, PA

324A-5-5, Moyer, John, 18 yrs, PA

324A-5-5, Moyer, Lyddia, 6 yrs, PA

324A-5-5, Moyer, Mary, 48 yrs, PA

324A-5-5, Moyer, Orlando, 14 yrs, PA

292A-7-7, Mu** [Murm?], Alfaretta, 5/12 yr, PA

292A-7-7, Mu** [Murm?], Amerlia, 34 yrs, WV

292A-7-7, Mu** [Murm?], Anna, 13 yrs, WV

292A-7-7, Mu** [Murm?], Jacob, 44 yrs, MD

292A-7-7, Mu** [Murm?], Louis, 9 yrs, WV

292A-7-7, Mu** [Murm?], Wm, 15 yrs, WV

277A-2-2, Mulhausen, Bridget, 20 yrs, Ireland

324B-3-3, Mulherven, Bridget, 24 yrs, Ire

324A-4-4, Mulligan, Wm., 13 yrs, PA

284A-3-3, Muloulhill, Mch., 33 yrs, Ireland

315B-7-8, Mumbaugh, Jac, 24 yrs, PA

315B-7-8, Mumbaugh, Mary, 19 yrs, PA

288A-6-6, Munn, George, 1 yrs, PA

288A-6-6, Munn, Jacob, 9 yrs, VA

288A-6-6, Munn, Mary, 30 yrs, Scot

288A-6-6, Munn, William, 33 yrs, MD

288A-6-6, Munn, William, 4 yrs, VA

296A-2-2, Muny, Cather., 25 yrs, Ireland

296A-2-2, Muny, Catherine, 3 yrs, PA

296A-2-2, Muny, Danl., 31 yrs, Ireland

296A-2-2, Muny, Elizabeth, 7 yrs, PA

296A-2-2, Muny, Hanon, 5 yrs, PA

296A-2-2, Muny, Margaret, 1 yrs, PA

317B-2-2, Murdock, Florence, 25 yrs, PA

317B-2-2, Murdock, John, 32 yrs, OH

317B-2-2, Murdock, M. L., 64 yrs, OH

317B-2-2, Murdock, Margaret, 59 yrs, PA

317B-9-10, Murdock, William, 28 yrs, PA

300B-3-3, Murlvebell, Cornelius, 18 yrs, Ireland

300B-3-3, Murlvebell, Mrs, 44 yrs, Ireland

287B-5-5, Murphey, Anne, 8 yrs, Eng

287B-5-5, Murphey, James, 38 yrs, Ireland

287B-5-5, Murphey, James, 5 yrs, PA

287B-5-5, Murphey, Katy, 2 yrs, PA

287B-5-5, Murphey, Rose, 33 yrs, Ire

289A-4-4, Murphy, Anthony, 28 yrs, Ire

289A-4-4, Murphy, Bridget, 4 yrs, PA

303B-3-3, Murphy, Dennis, 24 yrs, Ire

284A-1-1, Murphy, Edward, 50 yrs, Ireland

302A-6-6, Murphy, Jerry, 25 yrs, Ire

289A-4-4, Murphy, Mary, 25 yrs, Ireland

302A-6-6, Murphy, Mary, 54 yrs, Ire

302A-6-6, Murphy, Mary, 13 yrs, Ire

289A-4-4, Murphy, Michael, 7 yrs, Eng

289A-4-4, Murphy, Stephen, 1 yrs, PA

302A-6-6, Murphy, Timothy, 54 yrs, Ire

302A-6-6, Murphy, Timothy, 18 yrs, Ire

305B-2-2, Murran, Edward, 23 yrs, WV

305B-2-2, Murran, Edward, 3 yrs, PA

305B-2-2, Murran, Jesse, 19 yrs, WV

305B-2-2, Murran, John, 29 yrs, WV

305B-2-2, Murran, Juliett, 23 yrs, OH

305B-2-2, Murran, Mary E., 3/12 yr, PA

275A-5-5, Murry, Anna, 8 yrs, Eng

275A-5-5, Murry, Johanna, 11 yrs, Eng

275A-5-5, Murry, Mary, 37 yrs, Ireland

275A-5-5, Murry, Mary, 6 yrs, Eng

275A-5-5, Murry, Thomas, 40 yrs, Ireland

322B-5-5, Myers, Ada, 6 yrs, PA

322B-5-5, Myers, Andrew, 54 yrs, OH

290A-2-2, Myers, Barney, 25 yrs, PA

322B-5-5, Myers, Candiel, 47 yrs, PA

293A-1-1, Myers, Catherine, 32 yrs, Prus

319A-4-4, Myers, Catherine, 30 yrs, Ire

319A-4-4, Myers, Francis, 37 yrs, Aus

296B-6-9, Myers, Joseph, 20 yrs, MD

290A-2-2, Myers, Mary, 23 yrs, PA

319A-4-4, Myers, Mary, 2 yrs, PA

273A-1-1, Nailor, Eva, 3 yrs, PA

316B-2-2, Nailor, Hary, 23 yrs, Eng

316B-2-2, Nailor, Jno., 25 yrs, Eng

282B-7-8, Nailor, John, 2 yrs, PA

312B-5-5, Nailor, Wm, 20 yrs, WV

324B-3-3, Naylor, George, 5 yrs, Eng

324B-3-3, Naylor, John S., 11 yrs, Eng

324B-3-3, Naylor, Margaret, 35 yrs, Eng

324B-3-3, Naylor, Phebe, 2 yrs, Eng

324B-3-3, Naylor, Ruth, 9 yrs, Eng

324B-3-3, Naylor, William, 36 yrs, Eng

272A-8-8, Nelson, Catherine, 17 yrs, Scot

275A-6-6, Nelson, Jennet, 15 yrs, Scot

301B-4-4, Nicholson, Bridget, 28 yrs, PA

324B-1-1, Nicholson, Christina, 3 yrs, PA

324B-1-1, Nicholson, Elisabeth, 20 yrs, PA

324B-1-1, Nicholson, Jacob, 22 yrs, PA

301B-4-4, Nicholson, John, 3 yrs, PA

301B-4-4, Nicholson, Mich, 28 yrs, Ire

301B-4-4, Nicholson, Michael, 1/12 yr, PA

324B-1-1, Nicholson, Minnie, 6/12 yr, PA

301B-4-4, Nicholson, Patrick, 2 yrs, PA

275A-2-2, Nickerson, C. A., 28 yrs, OH

275A-2-2, Nickerson, Cornelia, 4 yrs, OH

275A-2-2, Nickerson, Hetty, 27 yrs, OH

275A-2-2, Nickerson, Nora, 2 yrs, PA

319A-8-9, Nimms, Cassius, 2 yrs, PA

319A-8-9, Nimms, Frances, 1 yrs, PA

319A-8-9, Nimms, Harriett, 24 yrs, PA

319A-8-9, Nimms, William, 27 yrs, PA

295B-5-5, Noch kins, Mick, 60 yrs, Ireland

306B-5-5, Nolan, Charles, 10 yrs, PA

306B-5-5, Nolan, Frank, 7 yrs, PA

306B-5-5, Nolan, J. C., 37 yrs, Ire

306B-5-5, Nolan, Jennie, 29 yrs, PA

306B-5-5, Nolan, John, 3 yrs, PA

306B-5-5, Nolan, Maggie, 5 yrs, PA

300A-5-5, Noonen, Bridget, 25 yrs, Ireland

299B-1-1, Noonen, Jno, 38 yrs, Ireland

299B-1-1, Noonen, Jno, 14 yrs, PA

299B-1-1, Noonen, Maggie, 7 yrs, PA

299B-1-1, Noonen, Mary A., 37 yrs, PA

299B-1-1, Noonen, Mary A., 11 yrs, PA

300A-5-5, Noonen, Mary A., 4 yrs, PA

300A-5-5, Noonen, Mich., 30 yrs, Ireland

300A-5-5, Noonen, Michael, 5/12 yr, PA

299B-1-1, Noonen, Patrick, 16 yrs,=20PA

300A-5-5, Noonen, Patrick, 6 yrs, Ireland

299B-1-1, Noonen, Sarah, 4 yrs, PA

299B-1-1, Noonen, Wm, 2 yrs, PA

284B-7-7, Nortan, Mary, 58 yrs, PA

301A-6-6, Norton, John, 27 yrs, Ire

301A-6-6, Norton, Mary, 25 yrs, PA

301A-6-6, Norton, Mary, 5/12 yr, PA

295B-3-3, Nulty, Frederi., 17 yrs, VA

278A-7-7, Nye, William, 38 yrs, OH

295B-3-3, O Donnel, Jno, 27 yrs, Ireland

285A-7-7, O'Brian, Isaac, 22 yrs, Can

285A-7-7, O'Brian, John, 25 yrs, Canada

276B-3-3, O'Brian, Mary, 19 yrs, Wales

299B-9-8, O'hare, Chas, 60 yrs, Ireland

299B-9-8, O'hare, John, 27 yrs, Eng

299B-9-8, O'hare, John, 5 yrs, Eng

299B-9-8, O'hare, Margaret, 53 yrs, Eng

284A-1-1, O'Keif, John G., 58 yrs, Ireland

292B-6-5, Ofensand, Louis, 26 yrs, PA

296A-6-6, OHare, Ellen, 25 yrs, Ireland

296A-6-6, OHare, Lerrence, 30 yrs, Ireland

296A-6-6, OHare, Wm, 4 yrs, PA

301A-7-7, Ohare, Anna, 24 yrs, Ire

301A-7-7, Ohare, Bernard, 29 yrs, Ire

301A-7-7, Ohare, Catherine, 60 yrs, Ire

301A-7-7, Ohare, Edward, 22 yrs, Ire

293B-5-7, Ohare, Ellen, 22 yrs, MI

293B-5-7, Ohare, James, 32 yrs, Ire

293B-5-7, Ohare, James, 2 yrs, PA

301A-2-2, Ohare, John, 20 yrs, PA

301A-7-7, Ohare, Mary, 22 yrs, Ire

301A-2-2, Ohare, Rosanna, 12 yrs, PA

301A-2-2, Ohare, Sarah, 45 yrs, Eng

301A-7-7, Ohare, Terrence, 60 yrs, Ire

284B-2-2, Ohl, Edwin, 20 yrs, OH

274B-2-2, Oldfield, Frank, 3 yrs, PA

274B-2-2, Oldfield, Sarah, 24 yrs, PA

318A-3-3, Oldswold, Adam, 64 yrs, France

318A-3-3, Oldswold, Christina, 54 yrs, France

294A-2-2, Onail, Mary, 64 yrs, Ire

294A-2-2, Onail, Moses, 56 yrs, Ire

276A-3-3, Oneil, Anna, *8 yrs, Ire

294B-6-6, Oneil, Anna, 30 yrs, Ire

295A-6-6, Oneil, Anna, 4 yrs, NY

295A-6-6, Oneil, Catherine, 7/12 yr, PA

295B-1-1, Oneil, Jno, 27 yrs, NY

295A-6-6, Oneil, Mary, 2 yrs, PA

294B-6-6, Oneil, Moses, 26 yrs, Ire

280B-5-5, Ormand, A. P., 48 yrs, PA

280B-5-5, Ormand, Alfred, 1 yrs, PA

280B-5-5, Ormand, George, 4 yrs, PA

280B-5-5, Ormand, John J., 6 yrs, PA

280B-5-5, Ormand, Rebecca, 29 yrs, PA

285B-5-5, Ormond, B. K. , 39 yrs, PA

285B-5-5, Ormond, Jno. H. , 4 yrs, PA

285B-5-5, Ormond, Josaphine, 11 yrs, PA

285B-5-5, Ormond, Mary, 35 yrs, PA

285B-5-5, Ormond, Mary G., 8 yrs, PA

286A-2-2, Orsnmd, Jane, 73 yrs, PA

286A-2-2, Orsnmd, Mary A., 35 yrs, PA

286A-2-2, Orsnmd, Susan, 22 yrs, PA

306A-5-5, Overfield, Fred, 22 yrs, NY

306A-5-5, Overfield, Martha, 20 yrs, PA

303A-4-5, Owald, Jeukin, 25 yrs, Wales

304A-6-6, Paine, Emma, 14 yrs, NY

280B-3-3, Pakcard, Richard, 12 yrs, PA

309B-4-4, Pame, John, 24 yrs, PA Remark: Paine?

271B-6-6, Pardy, Phebe, 10 yrs, OH

307A-3-3, Park, Jno., 25 yrs, PA

278B-2-2, Parker, Allice, 17 yrs, PA

317B-8-9, Parker, Edith, 1 yrs, PA

289A-3-3, Parker, Edward, 14 yrs, PA

278B-2-2, Parker, Elisabeth, 68 yrs, Eng

289A-3-3, Parker, Ellen, 12 yrs, PA

289A-3-3, Parker, Hannah, 10 yrs, PA

278B-2-2, Parker, John, 70 yrs, Eng

280B-5-5, Parks, Phoebe, 14 yrs, OH

302B-2-2, Parry, Caroline, 3 yrs, PA

302B-2-2, Parry, Margaret, 26 yrs, Wales

302B-2-2, Parry, William, 33 yrs, Eng

274B-7-7, Parsons, L. G., 28 yrs, NY

274B-7-7, Parsons, Louisa, 21 yrs, PA

300A-10-9, Passavan, Eliza, 19 yrs, PA

299B-10-9, Passavan, Philllip, 23 yrs, PA

300A-10-9, Passavan, Walter, 11/12 yr, PA

281A-3-3, Patterson, Bertha, 2 yrs, PA

281A-3-3, Patterson, Carrie, 3/12 yr, PA

281A-4-4, Patterson, Ella, 18 yrs, PA

281A-4-4, Patterson, Isaac, 54 yrs, PA

281A-3-3, Patterson, Jerome, 30 yrs, PA

281A-4-4, Patterson, Luphvona, 22 yrs, PA

281A-3-3, Patterson, no name, 3/12 yr, PA

281A-3-3, Patterson, Sarah, 26 yrs, PA

281A-6-6, Patterson, Wm., 40 yrs, PA

324A-1-1, Patton, Eliza, 16 yrs, PA

290B-2-2, Pease, G. W., 27 yrs, IN

290B-2-2, Pease, Jennie, 23 yrs, PA

290B-2-2, Pease, Mainy, 3 yrs, PA

271B-1-1, Perkins, Laura, 25 yrs, LA

271B-1-1, Perkins, Simon Jr., 32 yrs, OH

310B-1-1, Perry, Frances, 13 yrs, MO

310B-1-1, Perry, James, 12 yrs, Ren

310B-1-1, Perry, Kate, 15 yrs, MD

310B-1-1, Perry, Marian, 40 yrs, Ire

310B-1-1, Perry, Rose, 10 yrs, MO

310B-1-1, Perry, William, 28 yrs, Spain

288A-4-4, Pettigrew, Wilber, 18 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Pew, Andrew, 40 yrs, PA

310B-7-7, Pew, David, 37 yrs, PA

310B-7-7, Pew, Emely, 27 yrs, PA

310B-7-7, Pew, John, 3 yrs, PA

310B-7-7, Pew, no name, 7/12 yr, PA

317B-8-9, Phillips, Alfred, 19 yrs, PA

290B-5-6, Phillips, Benj., 47 yrs, NY

290B-5-6, Phillips, Celestia, 23 yrs, NY

290B-5-6, Phillips, Celia, 18 yrs, NY

317B-8-9, Phillips, Clara, 11 yrs, PA

317B-8-9, Phillips, Elisabeth, 25 yrs, PA

314B-1-1, Phillips, Fred., 23 yrs, Eng

290B-5-6, Phillips, Hannah, 46 yrs, NY

290B-5-6, Phillips, Hannah, 8 yrs, NY

290B-5-6, Phillips, Jane, 21 yrs, NY

317B-8-9, Phillips, John, 60 yrs, PA

290B-5-6, Phillips, Laura, 13 yrs, NY

317B-8-9, Phillips, Margaret, 50 yrs, PA

314B-1-1, Phillips, Mary, 22 yrs, Eng

290B-5-6, Phillips, Simon, 11 yrs, NY

290B-5-6, Phillips, William, 25 yrs, NY

317B-8-9, Phillips, William, 16 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Phythion, Levi, 23 yrs, NJ

310A-3-4, Pierce, Hannah, 4 yrs, Can W

310A-3-4, Pierce, Henrietta, 9 yrs, NY

310A-3-4, Pierce, Mary E., 5/12 yr, PA

310A-3-4, Pierce, Temperence, 30 yrs, Eng

310A-3-4, Pierce, Thomas, 34 yrs, Eng

310A-3-4, Pierce, Thomas, 6 yrs, NY

322B-9-9, Pinckney, Jerome, 30 yrs, NY

322B-9-9, Pinckney, Maggie, 27 yrs, OH

304B-7-7, Pipenger, Adaline, 16 yrs, PA

304B-7-7, Pipenger, Chas, 12 yrs, PA

305A-7-7, Pipenger, David, 7 yrs, PA

304B-7-7, Pipenger, Elizabeth, 43 yrs, PA

304B-7-7, Pipenger, Fanny, 25 yrs, PA

304B-7-7, Pipenger, Margareat, 8 yrs, PA

304B-7-7, Pipenger, Marilda, 23 yrs, PA

304B-7-7, Pipenger, Nichol., 52 yrs, PA

312B-5-5, Pitner, Geo., 24 yrs, PA

284A-3-3, Plant, Alice, 20 yrs, PA

293B-2-3, Plant, Mary, 60 yrs, Eng

293B-2-3, Plant, William, 56 yrs, Eng

277A-1-1, Polones, Agnes, 16 yrs, PA

281B-6-6, Polter [Potter?], Charles, 8 yrs, OH

281B-6-6, Polter [Potter?], Cora M, 3/12 yr, PA

281B-6-6, Polter [Potter?], Emma, 4 yrs, PA

281B-6-6, Polter [Potter?], Hannah, 31 yrs, OH

281B-6-6, Polter [Potter?], Harvey, 10 yrs, PA

281B-6-6, Polter [Potter?], John R, 31 yrs, PA

281B-6-6, Polter [Potter?], William, 6 yrs, PA

279A-7-7, Pope, William, 20 yrs, PA

291B-4-7, Porte*, Chas., 11 yrs, PA

291B-4-7, Porte*, Ephraim, 47 yrs, NY

291B-4-7, Porte*, Katie, 5 yrs, PA

291B-4-7, Porte*, Sarah, 43 yrs, PA

291B-4-7, Porte*, Wm, 8 yrs, PA

281A-7-7, Porter, Alexander, 65 yrs, PA

271A-4-4, Porter, Alfred C., 10 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Porter, Andrew, 40 yrs, PA

271A-3-3, Porter, Anna, 7 yrs, PA

271B-3-3, Porter, Anna, 20 yrs, PA

271B-3-3, Porter, Anne, 53 yrs, PA

271A-3-3, Porter, David, 2 yrs, PA

271B-3-3, Porter, David, 68 yrs, PA

271A-4-4, Porter, David P., 14 yrs, PA

271A-3-3, Porter, Ellen, 6 yrs, PA

316A-8-8, Porter, Elvira, 27 yrs, PA

271A-3-3, Porter, Fanny, 4 yrs, PA

271A-3-3, Porter, Frances, 30 yrs, PA

271A-4-4, Porter, Grace, 3 yrs, PA

314A-2-2, Porter, Henry C., 3 yrs, PA

271A-3-3, Porter, James, 31 yrs, PA

287B-8-8, Porter, Jefferson, 69 yrs, PA

316A-8-8, Porter, Jno. A., 33 yrs, PA

316A-8-8, Porter, Jno. W., 5/12 yr, PA

271A-3-3, Porter, John, 10/12 yr, PA

276A-3-3, Porter, John, 12 yrs, PA

287B-8-8, Porter, Julia, 24 yrs, PA

271A-4-4, Porter, Lyddia, 36 yrs, PA

314A-2-2, Porter, Martha, 7 yrs, PA

271A-3-3, Porter, Mary, 9 yrs, PA

271B-3-3, Porter, Mary, 18 yrs, PA

281A-7-7, Porter, Mary, 66 yrs, PA

317A-8-8, Porter, Mary, 36 yrs, PA

287B-8-8, Porter, Matty, 15 yrs, OH

271B-3-3, Porter, Nancy, 27 yrs, PA

271A-4-4, Porter, Nancy E., 16 yrs, PA

287B-8-8, Porter, Quimby, 32 yrs, PA

314A-2-2, Porter, S. C., 10 yrs, PA

271B-3-3, Porter, Sarah, 26 yrs, PA

314A-2-2, Porter, Sarah A., 36 yrs, OH

316B-8-8, Porter, Shannon, 40 yrs, PA

316A-8-8, Porter, Silas B., 3 yrs, PA

271B-3-3, Porter, Thomas, 23 yrs, PA

279B-7-7, Porter, Thomas, 35 yrs, PA

314A-2-2, Porter, W. F., 13 yrs, PA

314A-2-2, Porter, Washington, 44 yrs, PA

271A-4-4, Porter, William, 39 yrs, PA

271A-4-4, Porter, William W., 5 yrs, PA

275A-8-8, Poterfield, Nevanna, 28 yrs, PA

275A-8-8, Poterfield, Thos, 32 yrs, OH

for "Potter" see also "Polter"

296A-5-5, Potter, Jane, 22 yrs, PA

296A-5-5, Potter, John, 65 yrs, PA

318A-4-4, Potter, M., 35 yrs, NY

296A-5-5, Potter, Nancy, 59 yrs, PA

296A-5-5, Potter, Sarah, 24 yrs, PA

300A-3-3, Powers, James, 8/12 yr, PA

300A-3-3, Powers, Lizzie, 33 yrs, Ireland

300A-3-3, Powers, Nicholas, 35 yrs, Ireland

273A-4-4, Prindle, Amanda, 41 yrs, PA

273A-4-4, Prindle, Chancey, 50 yrs, OH

273A-4-4, Prindle, Clara, 13 yrs, PA

273A-4-4, Prindle, Cornelia, 21 yrs, OH

273A-4-4, Prindle, Hattie, 24 yrs, OH

273A-4-4, Prindle, Minnie, 9 yrs, PA

273A-4-4, Prindle, William L., 26 yrs, OH

300A-3-3, Pucy, Andrew, 30 yrs, Ireland

276B-3-3, Purdy, David, 22 yrs, Prus

323A-5-4, Purvis, Austin, 14 yrs, PA

323A-5-4, Purvis, Clara, 7/12 yr, PA

323A-5-4, Purvis, Leroy, 3 yrs, PA

323A-5-4, Purvis, Nancy, 2 yrs, PA

323A-5-4, Purvis, Sarah, 29 yrs, PA

323A-5-4, Purvis, William, 40 yrs, W VA

272B-5-6, Putt, Anna, 16 yrs, PA

272B-5-6, Putt, Henry, 41 yrs, PA

272B-5-6, Putt, Martha, 52 yrs, PA

272B-5-6, Putt, Robert, 19 yrs, PA

273A-5-5, Pyard, Charlotte, 29 yrs, PA

273A-5-5, Pyard, Myrtie, 5 yrs, PA

273A-5-5, Pyard, Perry, 27 yrs, PA

273A-5-5, Pyard, Perry L., 1 yrs, PA

290B-6-7, Quartier, Deborah, 24 yrs, DE

290B-6-7, Quartier, H. C., 34 yrs, Switzerland

290B-6-7, Quartier, Harry, 8 yrs, OH

290B-6-7, Quartier, Jennie, 6 yrs, OH

290B-6-7, Quartier, Mary, 3 yrs, PA

290B-6-7, Quartier, Saidy, 4 yrs, PA

290B-6-7, Quartier, William, 10 yrs, OH

275A-4-4, Quigly, Anna, 5/12 yr, PA

275A-4-4, Quigly, Catherine, 22 yrs, Ireland

275A-4-4, Quigly, Edward, 25 yrs, Ireland

273A-6-6, Quimby, Charles E., 16 yrs, PA

273A-6-6, Quimby, Ephraim, 14 yrs, PA

273A-6-6, Quimby, Franklin, 12 yrs, PA

273A-6-6, Quimby, Jesse, 18 yrs, PA

273A-6-6, Quimby, Laura, 48 yrs, OH

273A-6-6, Quimby, Laura A., 10 yrs, PA

273A-6-6, Quimby, Louis P., 8 yrs, PA

287B-3-3, Quimby, Park, 59 yrs, PA

307B-3-3, Quimby, Quincy, 23 yrs, PA

273A-6-6, Quimby, Torestes, 24 yrs, PA

301B-5-5, Quinn, Elisabeth, 2 yrs, PA

324B-2-2, Quinn, Harvy, 18 yrs, PA

324B-2-2, Quinn, Jane, 56 yrs, PA

301B-5-5, Quinn, John J., 1 yrs, PA

301B-5-5, Quinn, Mary, 23 yrs, Ire

301B-5-5, Quinn, Patrick, 30 yrs, Ire

324B-2-2, Quinn, Samuel, 67 yrs, PA

306B-4-4, Qumby, J. A., 25 yrs, PA

306B-4-4, Qumby, Jennie, 29 yrs, PA

281A-6-6, Randolph, Edward, 22 yrs, PA

282B-4-4, Randolph, Julia, 63 yrs, CT

282B-4-4, Randolph, R. F., 64 yrs, NY

295B-7-7, Rane, John, 40 yrs, Ireland

310A-1-1, Rannels, David, 3/12 yr, PA

297B-1-1, Rannels, Ella, 11/12 yr, PA

310A-1-1, Rannels, Hannah, 26 yrs, Wales

310A-1-1, Rannels, John, 29 yrs, Wales

310A-1-1, Rannels, Margaret, 6 yrs, Wales

297B-1-1, Rannels, Michael, 39 yrs, PA

310A-1-1, Rannels, Rebecca, 5 yrs, Wales

297B-1-1, Rannels, S. B., 28 yrs, PA

282B-4-4, Ransom, E. A., 22 yrs, NY

282B-4-4, Ransom, J. B., 25 yrs, NY

294B-1-1, Raride, Mary, 19 yrs, PA

303B-1-1, Raridon, Abbe, 55 yrs, Ireland

303B-1-1, Raridon, Edward, 26 yrs, Ireland

303B-1-1, Raridon, James, 17 yrs, Wales

303B-1-1, Raridon, Jno., 17 yrs, Wales

303B-1-1, Raridon, Timot., 56 yrs, Ireland

305B-3-3, Rawlings, Freeman, 12 yrs, PA

305B-3-3, Rawlings, Hannah, 47 yrs, PA

305B-3-3, Rawlings, Laura, 6 yrs, PA

305B-3-3, Rawlings, Martha, 14 yrs, PA

305B-3-3, Rawlings, Mary, 23 yrs, PA

305B-3-3, Rawlings, William, 4 yrs, PA

305B-3-3, Rawlings, Wm, 51 yrs, MD

275B-9-9, Ray, C. W., 26 yrs, PA

277A-1-1, Ray, Daniel, 30 yrs, PA

283B-5-5, Ray, Elbert, 23 yrs, PA

283B-5-5, Ray, Elsey E., 11 yrs, PA

283B-5-5, Ray, Franklin, 51 yrs, PA

307A-3-3, Ray, Jno, 40 yrs, PA

275B-9-9, Ray, Mary, 22 yrs, PA

283B-5-5, Ray, Mary J., 46 yrs, PA

283B-5-5, Ray, Sarah A., 17 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Reardon, Edwin, 20 yrs, PA

314A-1-1, Redman, Eliza, 67 yrs, Eng

314A-1-1, Redman, Jas, 66 yrs, Eng

276B-1-1, Reed, Agnew, 22 yrs, PA

291B-3-6, Reed, Belinda, 37 yrs, PA

308B-1-1, Reed, Cynthia, 64 yrs, PA

282B-5-5, Reed, Esther H., 46 yrs, Eng

291B-3-6, Reed, Fred S., 10 yrs, PA

282B-5-5, Reed, Geo. W., 52 yrs, VT

291B-3-6, Reed, George, 14 yrs, PA

308B-1-1, Reed, Henry, 19 yrs, PA

291B-3-6, Reed, J. P., 42 yrs, PA

282B-5-5, Reed, Jas E., 8 yrs, PA

308B-1-1, Reed, Jno. F., 64 yrs, PA

291B-3-6, Reed, Jno. P., 13 yrs, PA

277A-2-2, Reed, Saidy, 22 yrs, PA

291B-3-6, Reed, Susy K., 10/12 yr, PA

312A-3-3, Reedoral, Elizabeth, 34 yrs, PA

312A-3-3, Reedoral, Frank, 9 yrs, OH

312A-3-3, Reedoral, John, 5 yrs, PA

312A-3-3, Reedoral, Saidy, 1 yrs, PA

312A-3-3, Reedoral, Wm, 34 yrs, PA

272B-10-11, Reeves, Charles A., 29 yrs, OH

305B-5-5, Reeves, Edward, 10 yrs, Can W

305B-5-5, Reeves, Ellen, 42 yrs, Ire

305B-5-5, Reeves, Ellen, 1 yrs, OH

273A-10-11, Reeves, Emma, 14 yrs, PA

292A-4-4, Reeves, Jabes, 28 yrs, Eng

305B-5-5, Reeves, Jerry, 17 yrs, NY

272B-10-11, Reeves, Jesse, 62 yrs, OH

272B-10-11, Reeves, Jesse, 18 yrs, PA

305B-5-5, Reeves, Kate, 15 yrs, NY

305B-5-5, Reeves, Mary, 7 yrs, Can W

292A-4-4, Reeves, Mary A., 20 yrs, Wales

272B-10-11, Reeves, Sybil M., 54 yrs, OH

292A-4-4, Reeves, Thomas, 4/12 yr, PA

305B-5-5, Reeves, William, 44 yrs, Ire

305B-5-5, Reeves, William, 5 yrs, Can W

287A-4-4, Renney, Calvin, 21 yrs, OH

307B-6-6, Reno, Anna, 14 yrs, PA

307B-6-6, Reno, Benjamin, 4 yrs, PA

280B-6-6, Reno, Charles, 2 yrs, PA

280B-6-6, Reno, Earl, 6 yrs, PA

308A-6-6, Reno, Frances, 45 yrs, PA

280B-6-6, Reno, Isaac, 35 yrs, PA

307B-6-6, Reno, Jerrome, 37 yrs, PA

280B-6-6, Reno, Lucy, 29 yrs, PA

307B-6-6, Reno, Mary, 12 yrs, PA

280B-6-6, Reno, May, 4 yrs, PA

307B-6-6, Reno, Perry, 10 yrs, PA

307B-6-6, Reno, Sarah , 32 yrs, PA

280B-6-6, Reno, Woodward, 11 yrs, PA

272A-2-2, Renshaw, M. , 25 yrs, PA

306A-8-8, Reynolds, Elisabeth, 25 yrs, Wales

306A-8-8, Reynolds, Jas, 24 yrs, Wales

306B-8-8, Reynolds, Rebecca, 1 yrs, Wales

281B-5-5, Rice, C. M., 32 yrs, PA

281B-5-5, Rice, Caroline, 27 yrs, PA

281B-5-5, Rice, Charles, 5 yrs, PA

281B-5-5, Rice, Corydon, 1 yrs, PA

281B-5-5, Rice, James, 7 yrs, PA

273B-1-1, Rich, Dora, 1 yrs, PA

273B-1-1, Rich, James, 29 yrs, Prus

273B-1-1, Rich, Mary, 3 yrs, PA

273B-1-1, Rich, Rebecca, 25 yrs, Prus

273B-1-1, Rich, Saidy, 5 yrs, PA

317A-3-3, Richard, J. C., 40 yrs, OH

274A-4-4, Richard, Jennie, 19 yrs, PA

317A-3-3, Richard, Kate, 30 yrs, OH

317A-3-3, Richard, Kate, 10 yrs, OH

317A-3-3, Richard, Peter, 1 yrs, PA

317A-3-3, Richard, William, 7 yrs, OH

318B-1-1, Rickart, Sarah, 21 yrs, PA

285A-5-5, Ricking, Anna, 14 yrs, Eng

277B-2-2, Ridley, Jones, 23 yrs, PA

282A-4-4, Rigby, Amelia, 26 yrs, OH

278A-5-5, Rigby, James, 22 yrs, PA

282A-4-4, Rigby, James, 20 yrs, OH

278A-5-5, Rigby, Joseph, 32 yrs, PA

282A-4-4, Rigby, Joseph, 30 yrs, OH

278A-5-5, Rigby, Milda, 26 yrs, PA

278A-5-5, Rigby, Ralph, 8/12 yr, PA

282A-4-4, Rigby, Ralph, 6/12 yr, PA

295B-1-1, Riggins, Jno, 31 yrs, Eng

296B-5-8, Riley, Anna, 2 yrs, NY

296B-5-8, Riley, Catharine, 39 yrs, Eng

296B-5-8, Riley, Catharine, 9 yrs, NY

305B-6-6, Riley, Cecillia, 16 yrs, WV

296B-4-7, Riley, Henry, 32 yrs, Ireland

296B-5-8, Riley, Henry, 4 yrs, NY

296B-5-8, Riley, Jno., 33 yrs, Ireland

296B-4-7, Riley, John, 7 yrs, PA

296B-5-8, Riley, John, 9/12 yr, PA

296B-4-7, Riley, Mary, 30 yrs, Eng

295B-4-4, Rine, Geo. W., 16 yrs, WV

305A-7-7, Ripenger, Amanda, 4 yrs, PA

308A-2-2, Rish, Benja., 10/12 yr, PA

308A-2-2, Rish, Caroline, 24 yrs, France

308A-2-2, Rish, Emmile, 3 yrs, PA

308A-2-2, Rish, Fanny, 65 yrs, Prus

308A-2-2, Rish, Jno. T., 30 yrs, Prus

308A-2-2, Rish, Mathew, 5 yrs, OH

314B-7-8, Riter, Mary, 31 yrs, PA

313A-5-5, Robbins, Anna, 5 yrs, PA

313A-5-5, Robbins, Eliza, 36 yrs, PA

313A-5-5, Robbins, Josaphine, 9 yrs, PA

313A-5-5, Robbins, Joseph, 49 yrs, PA

313A-5-5, Robbins, Sarah, 12 yrs, PA

313A-5-5, Robbins, William, 14 yrs, PA

292A-6-6, Roberts, Chas, 5 yrs, PA

292A-6-6, Roberts, Edward, 35 yrs, Eng

292A-6-6, Roberts, Edward, 6 yrs, PA

282A-6-6, Roberts, Elizabeth, 58 yrs, Wales

306A-4-4, Roberts, Fanny, 10 yrs, NY

306A-4-4, Roberts, Frank, 2 yrs, VT

306A-4-4, Roberts, Helen, 17 yrs, NY

306A-4-4, Roberts, Julia, 14 yrs, NY

306A-4-4, Roberts, Louisa, 41 yrs, NY

306A-4-4, Roberts, Lucy, 12 yrs, NY

292A-6-6, Roberts, Mary A., 34 yrs, PA

292A-6-6, Roberts, Mary E., 9/12 yr, PA

279A-7-7, Roberts, William, 22 yrs, PA

306A-4-4, Roberts, William, 39 yrs, NY

306A-4-4, Roberts, William, 5 yrs, NY

292A-6-6, Roberts, Wm, 9 yrs, PA

305A-4-4, Robison, Aaron, 35 yrs, PA

305A-4-4, Robison, Aaron, 8 yrs, PA

306B-3-3, Robison, Abert, 25 yrs, PA

277B-2-2, Robison, Alex, 25 yrs, Scot

294A-5-5, Robison, Charles, 8 yrs, PA

319B-3-3, Robison, Charles, 10 yrs, PA

306B-3-3, Robison, D. C., 27 yrs, PA

294A-5-5, Robison, Edith, 7 yrs, PA

305A-3-3, Robison, Edward, 36 yrs, PA

294A-5-5, Robison, Elisabeth, 33 yrs, OH

294A-5-5, Robison, Elisabeth, 12 yrs, OH

306B-3-3, Robison, Eliza, 62 yrs, PA

306B-3-3, Robison, Eliza, 20 yrs, PA

305A-3-3, Robison, Emma, 13 yrs, PA

294A-5-5, Robison, Flora, 9 yrs, PA

274B-6-6, Robison, Frank G., 1 yrs, PA

274B-6-6, Robison, Harriett, 28 yrs, OH

294A-5-5, Robison, Harry, 5 yrs, PA

306B-3-3, Robison, Harry, 4 yrs, PA

305A-4-4, Robison, Isabella, 33 yrs, PA

305A-4-4, Robison, Isabella, 2 yrs, PA

294A-5-5, Robison, John, 36 yrs, PA

294A-5-5, Robison, John, 9/12 yr, PA

319B-3-3, Robison, Josaphine, 30 yrs, PA

305A-4-4, Robison, Joseph, 5 yrs, PA

312B-5-5, Robison, Josiah, 45 yrs, PA

305A-3-3, Robison, Kate, 6 yrs, PA

278B-8-8, Robison, Lilly, 15 yrs, MD

319B-3-3, Robison, Margaret, 4 yrs, PA

305A-4-4, Robison, Martha, 10 yrs, PA

305A-3-3, Robison, Mary, 9 yrs, PA

319B-3-3, Robison, Mary, 2 yrs, PA

305A-3-3, Robison, Minnie, 1 yrs, PA

305A-3-3, Robison, Phebe, 33 yrs, PA

319B-3-3, Robison, Scott, 12 yrs, PA

319B-3-3, Robison, Thomas, 39 yrs, PA

274B-6-6, Robison, W. H., 31 yrs, PA

294A-5-5, Robison, William, 11 yrs, PA

305A-3-3, Robison, William, 12 yrs, PA

319B-3-3, Robison, William, 6 yrs, PA

284A-3-3, Robson, Maggie, 20 yrs, Eng

284A-3-3, Robson, Rebecca, 28 yrs, Eng

312B-5-5, Rodgers, Chas., 2 yrs, PA

312B-5-5, Rodgers, Hary, 9 yrs, OH

298A-3-4, Rodgers, John, 60 yrs, PA

312A-5-5, Rodgers, Mary, 35 yrs, OH

292A-5-5, Roemer, Elizabeth, 21 yrs, PA

292A-5-5, Roemer, Mary E., 9 yrs, PA

292A-5-5, Roemer, Wm, 30 yrs, Hesse Cassel

307A-7-7, Rose, Mich, 15 yrs, PA

274A-6-6, Rosser, David, 26 yrs, Wales

318A-1-1, Rouse, Ida, 8 yrs, PA

318A-1-1, Rouse, Mary, 28 yrs, PA

318A-1-1, Rouse, Ola, 6 yrs, PA

300B-1-1, Roy, Edward, 3 yrs, PA

300B-1-1, Roy, Jno., 27 yrs, Ireland

300B-1-1, Roy, Mary, 25 yrs, Eng

300B-1-1, Roy, Mary, 5 yrs, PA

300B-1-1, Roy, Sarah, 1 yrs, PA

285B-1-1, Runser, Adaline, 38 yrs, PA

285B-1-1, Runser, Alfred, 11 yrs, PA

285B-1-1, Runser, Emma, 18 yrs, PA

285B-1-1, Runser, Frank, 6 yrs, PA

285B-1-1, Runser, Kitty, 8 yrs, PA

285B-1-1, Runser, Sebat., 41 yrs, France

290A-5-5, Russel, A. D., 30 yrs, NY

290A-5-5, Russel, Ellen, 29 yrs, PA

290A-5-5, Russel, Frank, 5 yrs, PA

276B-3-3, Russel, James, 40 yrs, PA

290A-5-5, Russel, Vinnie, 1/12 yr, PA

321B-1-1, Ryan, James, 3 yrs, Wales

321B-1-1, Ryan, Luke, 24 yrs, Wales

321B-1-1, Ryan, Mary, 23 yrs, Wales

321B-1-1, Ryan, Mary, 1 yrs, PA

313A-6-6, S*nn*, Joseph, 25 yrs, Wales

298B-2-4, Sadler, Levi, 52 yrs, Poland

298B-2-4, Sadler, Rebecca, 48 yrs, Poland

298B-2-4, Sadler, Solomon, 14 yrs, Can

323A-7-6, Sample, Adda, 7/12 yr, PA

323A-7-6, Sample, Harvy, 4 yrs, PA

323A-7-6, Sample, Jane, 34 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, Sample, W. A., 23 yrs, ME

323A-7-6, Sample, William, 37 yrs, PA

323A-7-6, Sample, William, 6 yrs, PA

307A-7-7, Samuel, David, 39 yrs, Wales

307A-7-7, Samuel, Joshua, 23 yrs, Wales

307B-5-5, Satterey, Dennis, 18 yrs, Ire

308A-6-7, Schofield, Benjamin, 8 yrs, Can. W.

308A-6-7, Schofield, Hetty, 3 yrs, NY

308A-6-7, Schofield, John, 34 yrs, Prus

308A-6-7, Schofield, Joseph, 4 yrs, NY

308A-6-7, Schofield, Poleria, 28 yrs, Poland

308A-6-7, Schofield, Solomon, 6 yrs, Can. W.

308B-6-7, Scoffiels, Henrietta, 1 yrs, PA

315A-7-8, Scott, Ella S., 6 yrs, PA

315A-7-8, Scott, Geo. A., 1 yrs, PA

312A-1-1, Scott, Henry, 31 yrs, PA

315A-7-8, Scott, Jas W., 32 yrs, Eng

315A-7-8, Scott, Mary G., 31 yrs, PA

315A-7-8, Scott, Robt., 10 yrs, PA

318A-9-10, Scott, William, 18 yrs, PA

314B-9-10, Scourfield, Elisabeth, 25 yrs, Wales

314B-9-10, Scourfield, John, 62 yrs, Wales

314B-9-10, Scourfield, Sarah, 30 yrs, Wales

276B-1-1, Scoville, Frank, 17 yrs, OH

288A-2-2, Seaburn, Edwin, 4 yrs, PA

288A-2-2, Seaburn, Harry, 2 yrs, PA

288A-2-2, Seaburn, Nancy, 36 yrs, PA

288A-2-2, Seaburn, Samuel, 36 yrs, PA

289A-7-7, Seachrist, Wm., 17 yrs, PA

287B-2-2, Seaple [Teaple?], Henry, 49 yrs, Bav

287B-2-2, Seaple [Teaple?], John, 13 yrs, MO

287B-2-2, Seaple [Teaple?], Phillip, 19 yrs, LA

287B-2-2, Seaple [Teaple?], Theresa, 49 yrs, Bav

287B-2-2, Seaple [Teaple?], Wilhelmina, 10 yrs, LA

291A-5-5, Seedy [Sudy?], Ann, 19 yrs, MD

291A-5-5, Seedy [Sudy?], Frank, 25 yrs, MD

291A-5-5, Seedy [Sudy?], Harvey, 7/12 yr, OH

291A-5-5, Seedy [Sudy?], Hattie, 19 yrs, MD

311B-5-5, Sees, Jno, 23 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Seigfretz, Henry, 19 yrs, PA

282A-8-8, Seigfritz, David, 50 yrs, PA

321B-5-5, Sennet, Anna, 44 yrs, Ire

321B-5-5, Sennet, James, 8 yrs, Can W

321B-5-5, Sennet, Jeremiah, 40 yrs, Ire

321B-5-5, Sennet, Mary, 4 yrs, PA

321B-5-5, Sennet, Patrick, 1 yrs, PA

285B-5-5, Sergent, Mary, 34 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Service, Augella, 22 yrs, PA

283A-5-5, Service, John, 18 yrs, PA

318B-8-9, Severing, Carl, 1 yrs, PA

318B-8-9, Severing, Florence, 31 yrs, Prus

318B-8-9, Severing, Henry, 30 yrs, Prus

318B-8-9, Severing, Henry, 2 yrs, PA

318B-8-9, Severing, William, 3 yrs, Prus

291A-2-2, Shaffer, Caroline, 22 yrs, Hanover

308A-4-4, Shaffer, Frederic., 29 yrs, Ger

308A-4-4, Shaffer, Frederick, 9 yrs, PA

291A-2-2, Shaffer, Geo., 23 yrs, PA

291A-2-2, Shaffer, Ida, 2 yrs, PA

291A-2-2, Shaffer, Lyddia, 27 yrs, PA

308A-4-4, Shaffer, Rosa, 33 yrs, Prus.

324B-2-2, Sharp, James, 40 yrs, PA

318A-9-10, Shaw, Saidy, 16 yrs, PA

305B-1-1, Shay, Catherine, 22 yrs, Wales

304A-1-1, Shay, Edward, 28 yrs, Ire

304A-1-1, Shay, Jno, 21 yrs, Ire

305B-1-1, Shay, John, 8/12 yr, Wales

305B-1-1, Shay, Margaret, 3 yrs, Wales

295B-1-1, Shay, Martin, 20 yrs, PA

305B-1-1, Shay, Morris, 27 yrs, Ire

295B-1-1, Shearing, Thos., 30 yrs, PA

286B-2-2, Shenod, Laura, 8 yrs, PA

286B-2-2, Shenod, Saml, 45 yrs, PA

286B-2-2, Shenod, Sarah, 47 yrs, PA

318A-6-6, Sheras, David, 26 yrs, PA

318A-6-6, Sheras, Lyddia, 21 yrs, PA

322B-6-6, Shields, Aagail, 28 yrs, PA

322B-6-6, Shields, Andw, 54 yrs, PA

292B-7-6, Shilling, Angeline, 24 yrs, OH

292B-7-6, Shilling, Charles, 3 yrs, PA

286B-5-5, Shilling, Geo., 26 yrs, Coburg

281A-2-2, Shilling, George, 27 yrs, OH

286B-5-5, Shilling, Margaret, 20 yrs, Bav

286B-5-5, Shilling, Margaret, 51 yrs, Coburg

281A-2-2, Shilling, Mary, 60 yrs, PA

281A-2-2, Shilling, Mary F., 24 yrs, OH

292B-7-6, Shilling, Porter, 28 yrs, PA

281A-2-2, Shilling, Samuel, 59 yrs, PA

314B-4-5, Shirtleff, Louisa, 36 yrs, MA

283A-5-5, Shook, John, 30 yrs, PA

320A-6-6, Short, Sarah, 58 yrs, Eng

273B-2-2, Shout, M. M., 25 yrs, PA

298B-6-8, Siddel, Mary, 15 yrs, PA

281B-8-8, Siddle, Emma, 17 yrs, PA

314A-2-2, Siddle, Jane, 20 yrs, PA

291A-7-8, Sikle, Crandle, 18 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Simmonds, Harry, 45 yrs, NJ

313A-4-4, Simms, Jennie, 9 yrs, Wales

313A-4-4, Simms, John, 31 yrs, Wales

313A-4-4, Simms, Lettis, 30 yrs, Wales

313A-4-4, Simms, Mary, 5 yrs, NY

313A-4-4, Simms, Rachel, 1 yrs, PA

313A-4-4, Simms, Sarah, 11 yrs, Wales

293B-1-2, Simons, Charles, 24 yrs, NY

293B-1-2, Simons, Jennie, 23 yrs, PA

307A-3-3, Simonton, S., 25 yrs, PA

316B-2-2, Simpson, James, 35 yrs, Ire

313B-4-4, Simpson, Thomsa, 18 yrs, NJ

307B-5-5, Sinder, Sarah, 25 yrs, Eng

312A-7-8, Skiles, Eliza, 16 yrs, PA

312A-7-8, Skiles, Kate, 11 yrs, PA

312A-7-8, Skiles, Leat, 9 yrs, OH

311B-7-8, Skiles, Mary, 19 yrs, PA

311B-7-8, Skiles, Susan, 35 yrs, PA

311B-7-8, Skiles, Wm, 41 yrs, PA

312A-7-8, Skiles, Wm, 13 yrs, PA

312B-6-7, Skinner, Jas., 31 yrs, Scot

313A-6-7, Skinner, John, 1 yrs, PA

313A-6-7, Skinner, Mary, 27 yrs, PA

313A-6-7, Skinner, William, 4 yrs, PA

287B-6-6, Smiley, Jane, 36 yrs, Ire

287B-6-6, Smiley, Jane, 61 yrs, Ire

287B-6-6, Smiley, Samuel, 42 yrs, Ire

280A-8-8, Smith, Amelia, 28 yrs, PA

291B-8-8, Smith, Ellen, 35 yrs, OH

291B-8-8, Smith, Fanny, 9 yrs, PA

320A-2-2, Smith, Hannah, 1 yrs, PA

312B-5-6, Smith, Hariott, 2 yrs, Eng

280A-8-8, Smith, Henry, 30 yrs, PA

299A-1-1, Smith, J. P., 20 yrs, PA

291A-8-8, Smith, James, 35 yrs, OH

296B-3-6, Smith, Jane, 86 yrs, PA

320A-2-2, Smith, Jennie, ** yrs, Wales

276B-3-3, Smith, John, 22 yrs, PA

312B-5-6, Smith, John, 25 yrs, Eng

291B-8-8, Smith, Lemuel, 6 yrs, PA

291B-8-8, Smith, Mady, 7 yrs, PA

274B-2-2, Smith, Margaret, 53 yrs, PA

307A-3-3, Smith, Mary, 17 yrs, Eng

312B-5-6, Smith, Mary A., 21 yrs, Eng

280B-8-8, Smith, Maud, 3/12 yr, PA

291B-8-8, Smith, Orrin, 12 yrs, OH

301A-2-2, Smith, Owen, 35 yrs, Ire

274B-2-2, Smith, Sarah, 19 yrs, PA

274B-2-2, Smith, Scott, 14 yrs, PA

320A-2-2, Smith, Thomas, 33 yrs, PA

312B-5-6, Smith, Wm, 1 yrs, Eng

280A-3-3, Smith , Jesse, 1 yrs, PA

280A-3-3, Smith , Rebecca, 20 yrs, PA

280A-3-3, Smith , S. S., 29 yrs, PA

307A-4-4, Snedden, Agnes, 15 yrs, OH

273B-2-2, Sneddin, Ellen, 19 yrs, PA

300A-1-1, Snovel, Geo., 25 yrs, Germ.

277B-5-5, Snyder, Cleopatra, 9 yrs, PA

277B-5-5, Snyder, Frederick, 17 yrs, PA

277B-5-5, Snyder, Leondo, 20 yrs, PA

277B-5-5, Snyder, Mary, 13 yrs, PA

277B-5-5, Snyder, Sarah, 47 yrs, PA

277B-5-5, Snyder, Solomon, 47 yrs, PA

288A-2-2, Somers, Katy, 15 yrs, PA

308B-4-4, Soper, L. B., 48 yrs, NY

292B-8-7, Southard, Rachael, 27 yrs, Scot

292B-8-7, Southard, S. W., 36 yrs, NY

292B-8-7, Southard, Wm, 8 yrs, OH

311B-3-3, Southerland, O., 16 yrs, PA

282B-4-4, Southland, C. E., 38 yrs, NY

282B-4-4, Southland, E. H., 38 yrs, NY

280B-8-8, Spealman, **ea**luis, 22 yrs, PA

279A-5-5, Speigle, Barbara, 17 yrs, Ken

279A-5-5, Speigle, Carrie, 16 yrs, Ken

279A-5-5, Speigle, Isaac, 6 yrs, Ken

279A-5-5, Speigle, Jacob, 8 yrs, Ken

279A-5-5, Speigle, Maud, 4 yrs, Ken

279A-5-5, Speigle, Michael, 9 yrs, Ken

279A-5-5, Speigle, Pollina, 14 yrs, Ken

279A-5-5, Speigle, Regina, 27 yrs, Bav

279A-5-5, Speigle, Wolf, 46 yrs, France

307A-3-3, Spencer, Thos, 33 yrs, MD

295A-7-7, Spilans, Cornel., 60 yrs, Ireland

295A-7-7, Spilans, Denny, 26 yrs, Ireland

295A-7-7, Spilans, Hanora, 50 yrs, Ireland

295A-7-7, Spilans, Jerry, 30 yrs, Ireland

295A-7-7, Spilans, Jno., 28 yrs, Ireland

295B-7-7, Spilans, Mom, 22 yrs, Ireland

300A-1-1, Spirman, Barney, 20 yrs, Germ.

286A-6-6, St. John, Alna, 2/12 yr, PA

286A-6-6, St. John, Everett, 2 yrs, PA

286A-6-6, St. John, Frederica, 27 yrs, Breman

286A-6-6, St. John, Rufus, 36 yrs, CT

290B-4-4, Staener, Joseph, 81 yrs, PA

304A-1-1, Stafford, Peter, 25 yrs, Ire

289A-5-5, Staly, Jefferson, 37 yrs, VA

289A-5-5, Staly, Leonora, 9 yrs, VA

289A-5-5, Staly, Mary, 25 yrs, VA

271A-1-1, Stambough, Charles, 6 yrs, PA

271A-1-1, Stambough, Etta May, 2 yrs, PA

271A-1-1, Stambough, Margaret, 35 yrs, PA

287A-7-7, Stambough, Margaret, 63 yrs, PA

271A-1-1, Stambough, Michael C., 11 yrs, PA

271A-1-1, Stambough, Newton E., 10 yrs, PA

271A-1-1, Stambough, Saml, 36 yrs, PA

287A-7-7, Stambough, Sarah, 30 yrs, PA

271A-1-1, Stambough, Sarah E., 4 yrs, PA

271A-1-1, Stambough, Willmitta, 8 yrs, PA

287B-1-1, Stapleton, E. M., 29 yrs, PA

287B-1-1, Stapleton, Jennie, 10/12 yr, PA

287B-1-1, Stapleton, Lyddia, 24 yrs, PA

276B-1-1, Starkey, Wm, 23 yrs, PA

321B-3-3, State, Martha, 68 yrs, Eng

276B-1-1, Staunton, Agnes, 22 yrs, Ire

276B-1-1, Staunton, Catherine, 14 yrs, Ire

302A-1-1, Staunton, John, 2/12 yr, PA

302A-1-1, Staunton, Kate, 28 yrs, Ire

302A-1-1, Staunton,=20Phillip, 38 yrs, Ire

316A-4-4, Steece, Eliza, 41 yrs, PA

316A-4-4, Steece, Sebastine, 48 yrs, Bav

316A-4-4, Steece, Wm, 23 yrs, PA

313B-1-1, Stevens, David, 23 yrs, Wales

275B-1-1, Stevenson, John, 40 yrs, PA

271A-2-2, Stevenson, Kate, 20 yrs, PA

271A-2-2, Stevenson, William, 1 yrs, PA

323A-1-1, Steward, Gertrude, 21 yrs, PA

287A-5-5, Stewart, Albert, 11 yrs, PA

287A-5-5, Stewart, Annals, 4 yrs, PA

292A-2-2, Stewart, Bell, 23 yrs, Eng

324B-1-1, Stewart, Charles, 21 yrs, PA

287A-5-5, Stewart, Charlotte, 17 yrs, PA

292A-2-2, Stewart, Chas., 26 yrs, OH

278B-3-3, Stewart, D. P., 28 yrs, PA

278B-3-3, Stewart, Etta, 23 yrs, PA

278B-3-3, Stewart, Frederick, 1/12 yr, PA

287A-5-5, Stewart, George , 14 yrs, PA

287A-5-5, Stewart, James, 20 yrs, PA

322A-7-8, Stewart, Jane, 27 yrs, Ire

294B-1-1, Stewart, John, 33 yrs, PA

287A-5-5, Stewart, Louisa, 13 yrs, PA

322A-7-8, Stewart, Robt, 35 yrs, Scot

287A-5-5, Stewart, Sarah, 40 yrs, Scot

287A-5-5, Stewart, Sarah, 7 yrs, PA

287A-5-5, Stewart, Thomas, 9 yrs, PA

287A-5-5, Stewart, William, 55 yrs, PA

289B-1-1, Stillings, James, 29 yrs, PA

289B-2-2, Stillings, Jemima, 50 yrs, PA

289B-1-1, Stillings, Josaphine, 27 yrs, PA

289B-1-1, Stillings, Minta, 6/12 yr, PA

289B-1-1, Stillings, William, 5 yrs, PA

289B-2-2, Stillings, William, 51 yrs, PA

286A-7-7, Stives, Agnis, 10 yrs, NY

286A-2-2, Straur, Elmer, 9 yrs, PA

286A-2-2, Straur, R. A., 35 yrs, PA

272A-1-1, Strawbridge, Jenny, 27 yrs, PA

291B-5-8, Strawbridge, Mary, 36 yrs, OH

272A-1-1, Strawbridge, Monroe, 23 yrs, PA

272A-1-1, Strawbridge, Naomi, 24 yrs, PA

272A-1-1, Strawbridge, Susan, 49 yrs, PA

282A-3-3, Struble, Emmanuel, 29 yrs, OH

282A-3-3, Struble, Ida, 7 yrs, PA

282A-3-3, Struble, Maud, 5 yrs, PA

282A-3-3, Struble, Rebeca, 30 yrs, OH

278A-4-4, Struble , L., 36 yrs, OH

283B-2-2, Struble , Leonard, 36 yrs, PA

278A-4-4, Struble , Mariah, 6 yrs, PA

283B-2-2, Struble , Marie, 6 yrs, PA

278A-4-4, Struble , Nancy, 26 yrs, PA

283B-2-2, Struble , Nancy, 29 yrs, PA

for "Sudy" see "Seedy"

300A-2-2, Sullivan, Anna, 4 yrs, PA

322B-8-8, Sullivan, Anna, 11/12 yr, PA

295A-1-1, Sullivan, Catharine, 29 yrs, Wales

296B-2-3, Sullivan, Danl, 30 yrs, Ireland

295A-1-1, Sullivan, Danl., 28 yrs, Ireland

296B-2-3, Sullivan, Danla, 38 yrs, Ireland

322B-8-8, Sullivan, Elisabeth, 26 yrs, ***land

322B-8-8, Sullivan, Ellen, 3 yrs, England

300A-2-2, Sullivan, J. S., 55 yrs, Ire

295A-1-1, Sullivan, John, 4 yrs, PA

300A-2-2, Sullivan, John, 1 yrs, PA

300A-2-2, Sullivan, Margaret, 8 yrs, PA

300A-2-2, Sullivan, Mary, 22 yrs, Ire

300A-2-2, Sullivan, Mary, 8/12 yr, PA

322B-8-8, Sullivan, Mary, 4 yrs, Eng

296A-5-5, Sullivan, Mich., 60 yrs, Ireland

295A-1-1, Sullivan, Michael, 1 yrs, PA

322B-8-8, Sullivan, Sylvester, 30 yrs, Ire

276B-1-1, Sullivan , Jerry, 25 yrs, Can

311A-2-3, Sumner, Amy, 11 yrs, Can W

311A-2-3, Sumner, Anna, 29 yrs, Eng

311A-2-3, Sumner, Caroline, 9 yrs, Can W

311A-2-3, Sumner, Sarah, 6 yrs, PA

271B-1-1, Sunday, Caroline, 14 yrs, PA

311A-5-5, Swa*tzer, Catharine, 43 yrs, Bav

311A-5-5, Swa*tzer, Geo, 43 yrs, Prus

311A-5-5, Swa*tzer, George, 9 yrs, PA

311A-5-5, Swa*tzer, Henry, 11 yrs, PA

311A-5-5, Swa*tzer, Mary, 13 yrs, PA

311A-5-5, Swa*tzer, Nana, 8 yrs, PA

311A-5-5, Swa*tzer, Rachael, 5 yrs, PA

298B-3-5, Swartz, Frederick, 19 yrs, Baden

278B-5-5, Swartz, Henry, 40 yrs, Bav

278B-5-5, Swartz, Peter, 20 yrs, Bav

299A-1-1, Swastzer, Mary, 13 yrs, PA

314B-4-5, Sweeny, Jerry, 32 yrs, MA

314B-4-5, Sweeny, Martha, 28 yrs, PA

314A-4-4, Sweet, Darius, 35 yrs, MA

286A-1-1, Talbot, Mary, 25 yrs, Wales

289B-3-3, Tate, Anna, 52 yrs, PA

289B-3-3, Tate, Clara, 14 yrs, PA

289B-3-3, Tate, Gwynn, 16 yrs, PA

289B-4-4, Tate, Hiram, 27 yrs, PA

289B-3-3, Tate, Lucas, 18 yrs, PA

289B-3-3, Tate, Rachel, 13 yrs, PA

289B-4-4, Tate, Rachel, 36 yrs, PA

289B-3-3, Tate, Thomas, 72 yrs, PA

289B-3-3, Tate, Wilbur, 11 yrs, PA

324A-3-3, Taylor, Abagail, 29 yrs, Eng

282A-6-6, Taylor, Byers, 10 yrs, PA

323B-6-6, Taylor, Daniel, 25 yrs, Eng

282A-6-6, Taylor, Elizabeth, 30 yrs, PA

282A-6-6, Taylor, Elizabeth, 2 yrs, PA

298B-6-8, Taylor, Eva, 8 yrs, IL

272A-5-5, Taylor, Frank, 20 yrs, PA

282A-6-6, Taylor, Frank, 4 yrs, PA

324A-3-3, Taylor, Frederick, 6 yrs, PA

298B-6-8, Taylor, H. M., 33 yrs, IL

324A-3-3, Taylor, Henry, 33 yrs, Eng

324A-3-3, Taylor, James, 3 yrs, PA

298B-6-8, Taylor, John, 11 yrs, IL

306A-6-6, Taylor, John, 26 yrs, Eng

324A-3-3, Taylor, John, 8 yrs, PA

298B-6-8, Taylor, Jonah, 37 yrs, Eng

273A-10-11, Taylor, Lucretia, 64 yrs, PA

306A-6-6, Taylor, Mary, 23 yrs, PA

298B-6-8, Taylor, Monteith, 6 yrs, IL

298B-6-8, Taylor, Percival, 1 yrs, PA

314A-3-3, Taylor, Samuel, 23 yrs, Wales

282A-6-6, Taylor, Warren, 32 yrs, OH

282A-6-6, Taylor, Warren, 6 yrs, PA

282A-6-6, Taylor, William, 8 yrs, OH

298B-6-8, Taylor, William, 10 yrs, IL

324A-3-3, Taylor, William, 1 yrs, PA

for "Teaple" see "Seaple"

314A-4-4, Templeto, John, 17 yrs, OH

286A-3-3, Tesdale, Abby, 39 yrs, NY

286A-3-3, Tesdale, Angie, 2 yrs, NY

286A-3-3, Tesdale, Hatty, 6 yrs, NY

286A-3-3, Tesdale, Ida, 8 yrs, NY

286A-3-3, Tesdale, Orin, 45 yrs, NY

286A-3-3, Tesdale, Orin, 19 yrs, NY

286A-3-3, Tesdale, Rosy, 13 yrs, NY

317B-4-4, Test, Charles, 12 yrs, IN

317B-4-4, Test, Frank, 17 yrs, OH

317B-4-4, Test, Harriett, 37 yrs, OH

317B-4-4, Test, James, 40 yrs, OH

313A-7-7, Thomas, Benj, 31 yrs, PA

313A-2-2, Thomas, Cornelius, 25 yrs, Wales

313A-6-6, Thomas, Davey, 34 yrs, Wales

307A-7-7, Thomas, David, 60 yrs, Wales

302B-4-4, Thomas, Elisabeth, 39 yrs, Wales

305B-6-6, Thomas, George, 3/12 yr, PA

305B-6-6, Thomas, Hetty, 6 yrs, OH

305A-6-6, Thomas, James, 10 yrs, PA

310B-3-3, Thomas, Joanna, 8 yrs, PA

302B-4-4, Thomas, John, 13 yrs, PA

305B-6-6, Thomas, John, 8 yrs, OH

313A-2-2, Thomas, Kate, 4 yrs, OH

305B-6-6, Thomas, Lewis, 4 yrs, PA

302B-4-4, Thomas, Louis, 9 yrs, PA

302B-4-4, Thomas, Maggie, 5 yrs, PA

313A-6-6, Thomas, Margaret, 22 yrs, Wales

302B-4-4, Thomas, Mary, 17 yrs, Wales

305A-6-6, Thomas, Mary, 42 yrs, PA

310B-3-3, Thomas, Mary, 4 yrs, PA

313A-2-2, Thomas, Mary, 24 yrs, Wales

313A-6-6, Thomas, Mary, 7/12 yr, PA

305B-6-6, Thomas, Missouri, 2 yrs, PA

305A-6-6, Thomas, Morgan, 12 yrs, PA

310B-3-3, Thomas, Rower, 6 yrs, PA

310B-3-3, Thomas, Sarah, 5/12 yr, PA

310B-3-3, Thomas, Theresa, 30 yrs, Wales

302B-4-4, Thomas, Thomas, 44 yrs, Wales

310B-3-3, Thomas, Thomas, 36 yrs, Wales

305A-6-6, Thomas, William, 41 yrs, Wales

305A-6-6, Thomas, William, 9 yrs, PA

285A-5-5, Thomas, Wm, 62 yrs, Eng

316B-2-2, Thomas , Edw., 21 yrs, PA

307A-2-2, Thompson, Alfred, 10 yrs, PA

316B-5-5, Thompson, Desman, 32 yrs, Eng

286B-1-1, Thompson, Ella, 7 yrs, OH

286B-1-1, Thompson, Florence, 2/12 yr, PA

272A-3-3, Thompson, Francis, 17 yrs, PA

278A-7-7, Thompson, Frank, 6 yrs, PA

286B-1-1, Thompson, G. W., 34 yrs, Eng

307A-2-2, Thompson, Issabel, 6 yrs, PA

277B-7-7, Thompson, J. C., 45 yrs, PA

307A-2-2, Thompson, Jas, 45 yrs, Ire

307A-2-2, Thompson, Jas, 12 yrs, PA

286B-1-1, Thompson, Jemima, 23 yrs, Eng

292B-3-3, Thompson, Jno., 24 yrs, PA

307A-2-2, Thompson, John, 15 yrs, PA

292B-3-3, Thompson, Josaphine, 19 yrs, PA

322B-2-3, Thompson, Laura, 25 yrs, Scot

316B-5-5, Thompson, Lelia, 13 yrs, OH

272A-3-3, Thompson, Martha, 39 yrs, PA

277B-7-7, Thompson, Martha, 42 yrs, PA

286B-1-1, Thompson, Mary, 32 yrs, Eng

286B-1-1, Thompson, Mattie, 5 yrs, PA

277B-7-7, Thompson, Myra, 10 yrs, PA

316B-5-5, Thompson, Nellie, 3 yrs, PA

292B-3-3, Thompson, Oive, 7/12 yr, PA

307A-2-2, Thompson, Sarah, 37 yrs, PA

277B-7-7, Thompson, Sylveretta, 17 yrs, PA

277B-7-7, Thompson, Sylvester, 20 yrs, PA

322B-2-3, Thompson, Thomas, 35 yrs, Scot

272A-3-3, Thompson, W. L., 51 yrs, PA

286B-1-1, Thompson, Wm, 8 yrs, OH

307A-2-2, Thompson, Wm, 3 yrs, PA

316B-5-5, Thompson, Wm J., 36 yrs, Eng

276A-3-3, Thornton, Bridget, 18 yrs, Ire

309B-8-8, Thornton, Bridget, 18 yrs, Ire

273B-2-2, Throne, Mary E., 20=20yrs, PA

291B-1-1, Titus, James, 23 yrs, PA

291B-1-1, Titus, John, 63 yrs, PA

287A-7-7, Titus, Mary, 8 yrs, PA

291B-1-1, Titus, Mary, 60 yrs, PA

291B-1-1, Titus, Mary, 26 yrs, PA

291B-1-1, Titus, Thos., 31 yrs, PA

282A-6-6, Todd, Molly, 18 yrs, PA

275A-4-4, Toharr, Jane, 17 yrs, Ireland

318A-7-7, Tooling, Francis, 19 yrs, OH

318A-7-7, Tooling, Joseph, 21 yrs, OH

324B-2-2, Tracy, William, 22 yrs, NY

301A-2-2, Trainer, Patrick, 30 yrs, Ire

285B-5-5, Trelbert, Anna, 16 yrs, PA

276B-3-3, Tresch, Edward, 50 yrs, Prus

276B-3-3, Tresch, J. L., 25 yrs, Prus

276B-3-3, Tresch, S. B. , 18 yrs, Prus

308B-3-3, Tresh, Catharine, 40 yrs, Aus

324B-3-3, Tresh, Edward, 23 yrs, Aus

308B-3-3, Tresh, Emmanuel, 9 yrs, Aus

308B-3-3, Tresh, Max, 45 yrs, Aus

308B-3-3, Tresh, Morris, 16 yrs, Aus

308B-3-3, Tresh, Nettie, 11 yrs, Aus

308B-3-3, Tresh, Theressa, 7 yrs, Aus

284A-5-5, Tribby, Anne J., 31 yrs, PA

284B-6-6, Tribby, Calvin, 28 yrs, OH

284A-5-5, Tribby, Charles, 13 yrs, PA

284B-6-6, Tribby, Elmer, 5 yrs, PA

284A-5-5, Tribby, George, 40 yrs, OH

284A-5-5, Tribby, Jenney, 8 yrs, PA

284B-6-6, Tribby, Maggie, 27 yrs, PA

284B-6-6, Tribby, Marion, 2 yrs, PA

307B-5-5, Trotter, Julia, 65 yrs, PA

288B-1-1, Tubbs, Cora, 12 yrs, PA

288B-1-1, Tubbs, Edna, 5 yrs, PA

288B-1-1, Tubbs, Elver, 8 yrs, PA

288B-1-1, Tubbs, Frank, 40 yrs, PA

288B-1-1, Tubbs, Geala, 10 yrs, PA

288B-1-1, Tubbs, N. N., 1 yrs, PA

276B-1-1, Tubbs, Ratio, 26 yrs, NY

288B-1-1, Tubbs, Sarah, 36 yrs, PA

288B-1-1, Tubbs, William, 14 yrs, PA

282A-1-1, Tupper, Alice, 14 yrs, NY

282A-1-1, Tupper, Levi, 45 yrs, NY

282A-1-1, Tupper, Sarah, 45 yrs, NY

282A-1-1, Tupper, Willie, 10 yrs, NY

272B-8-9, Turner, Alonzo, 14 yrs, PA

284B-1-1, Turner, Ambasi**, 28 yrs, VA

298B-4-6, Turner, Charles, 11 yrs, PA

298B-4-6, Turner, Ella, 9 yrs, PA

284B-1-1, Turner, Etta, 2 yrs, OH

298B-4-6, Turner, Florence, 4 yrs, PA

298B-6-8, Turner, Franklin, 14 yrs, PA

293B-4-6, Turner, Georgianna, 23 yrs, PA

293B-4-6, Turner, Godfrey, 33 yrs, PA

284B-1-1, Turner, Mary, 1 yrs, OH

298B-4-6, Turner, Mary, 35 yrs, PA

293B-4-6, Turner, Ruhama, 62 yrs, PA

284B-1-1, Turner, Sarah, 4 yrs, OH

293B-4-6, Turner, Wilhelmina, 24 yrs, PA

298B-4-6, Turner, William, 42 yrs, PA

298B-4-6, Turner, William, 16 yrs, PA

298B-4-6, Turner, William, 1 yrs, PA

284B-1-1, Turner, Wm, 36 yrs, Eng

284B-1-1, Turner, Wm, 6 yrs, OH

322B-6-6, Uber, Calla, 13 yrs, PA

278A-3-3, Ulh, C. P., 24 yrs, OH

307B-5-5, Ulp, Bell B., 27 yrs, PA

307B-5-5, Ulp, Kate C., 2 yrs, PA

307B-5-5, Ulp, R. M., 31 yrs, OH

278B-4-4, Urie, Harriett, 30 yrs, PA

278B-4-4, Urie, John, 36 yrs, OH

311B-6-6, Urmson, Allen, 5/12 yr, PA

311B-6-6, Urmson, Eliza, 26 yrs, Eng

324A-3-3, Urmson, Esther, 65 yrs, Eng

311B-6-6, Urmson, Eva, 2 yrs, PA

311B-6-6, Urmson, Joseph, 29 yrs, Eng

289A-7-7, Vance, George, 24 yrs, PA

313B-4-4, Vanhorn, Jas, 23 yrs, PA

309B-4-4, Vanhorn, John, 22 yrs, PA

281B-9-9, Venatta, Anna, 26 yrs, OH

281B-9-9, Venatta, Minnie, 1 yrs, NY

281B-9-9, Venatta, Wm. C., 23 yrs, PA

279A-1-1, Vial, Margaret, 26 yrs, OH

279A-1-1, Vivial, C. C., 30 yrs, OH

318A-9-10, Wagner, Austu, 23 yrs, OH

283A-5-5, Wagoner, Frederick, 20 yrs, Bav

283A-5-5, Wagoner, George, 22 yrs, PA

301A-8-8, Walch, Catherine, 38 yrs, Ire

301B-8-8, Walch, Catherine, 3 yrs, PA

301A-8-8, Walch, Elisabeth, 19 yrs, NY

301B-8-8, Walch, George, 7 yrs, PA

301A-8-8, Walch, James, 16 yrs, NY

301A-8-8, Walch, John, 45 yrs, Ire

301A-8-8, Walch, John, 14 yrs, NY

301B-8-8, Walch, Mary, 5 yrs, PA

301A-8-8, Walch, Michael, 11 yrs, PA

301A-8-8, Walch, William, 9 yrs, PA

288B-5-5, Walderman, Catherine, 30 yrs, Ire

288B-5-5, Walderman, Mary, 1 yrs, PA

288B-5-5, Walderman, Patrick, 3 yrs, PA

288B-5-5, Walderman, Thos, 35 yrs, Ire

288B-6-6, Waldrons, Edward, 2 yrs, PA

288B-6-6, Waldrons, Elisabeth, 33 yrs, Ire

288B-6-6, Waldrons, James, 8 yrs, Eng

288B-6-6, Waldrons, John, 4/12 yr, PA

288B-6-6, Waldrons, Miles, 32 yrs, Ireland

288B-6-6, Waldrons, Thomas, 4 yrs, Eng

279A-7-7, Waldruff, Asa, 17 yrs, OH

279A-7-7, Waldruff, Eva, 6 yrs, OH

279A-7-7, Waldruff, Saphoma, 28 yrs, OH

307B-5-5, Walkenshaw, Jennet, 30 yrs, Scot

311B-6-7, Walker, Mariah, 30 yrs, PA

311B-6-7, Walker, Mary, 10/12 yr, PA

311B-6-7, Walker, Thos, 29 yrs, Eng

292B-6-5, Wallace, Elmer, 23 yrs, OH

307A-3-3, Wallace, Wm, 25 yrs, Can. W.

318A-9-10, Ward, Alfred, 14 yrs, PA

317B-9-10, Ward, Elisabeth, 44 yrs, PA

318A-9-10, Ward, Frank, 10 yrs, PA

318A-9-10, Ward, Harry, 7 yrs, PA

317B-9-10, Ward, John, 51 yrs, PA

309A-7-7, Warn, Ada, 9 yrs, NY

309A-7-7, Warn, Susan, 31 yrs, NY

324A-4-4, Warnock, Robt, 21 yrs, PA

277B-2-2, Waterson, John, 45 yrs, OH

274A-6-6, Waterston, John, 23 yrs, Scot

316B-6-6, Watson, Amanda, 51 yrs, PA

293A-4-4, Watson, Anna, 2 yrs, PA

291B-1-2, Watson, Charles, 4 yrs, PA

293A-4-4, Watson, Charles, 16 yrs, PA

293A-4-4, Watson, Conrod, 12 yrs, PA

316B-6-6, Watson, Edmund, 14 yrs, PA

293A-4-4, Watson, Edwin, 10 yrs, PA

291B-1-2, Watson, Elizabeth, 25 yrs, PA

291B-1-2, Watson, Elizabeth, 25 yrs, PA

293A-4-4, Watson, Frank, 14 yrs, PA

316B-6-6, Watson, Harry, 16 yrs, PA

311A-6-6, Watson, Jennie, 22 yrs, PA

291B-1-2, Watson, Mongemery, 2 yrs, PA

316B-6-6, Watson, R. W., 53 yrs, PA

293A-4-4, Watson, Samuel, 54 yrs, PA

311A-6-6, Watson, W. G., 21 yrs, PA

293A-4-4, Watson, William, 19 yrs, PA

293A-1-1, Weason, Catherine, 6 yrs, PA

293A-1-1, Weason, Elisabeth, 28 yrs, Prus

293A-1-1, Weason, Mary, 7 yrs, PA

293A-1-1, Weason, Matilda, 3/12 yr, PA

293A-1-1, Weason, N., 32 yrs, Bav

293A-1-1, Weason, Rosy, 2 yrs, PA

274B-8-8, Weaver, **rie, 15 yrs, OH

280A-6-6, Weaver, D. A., 37 yrs, NY

280A-7-7, Weaver, Jacob, 39 yrs, NY

280A-7-7, Weaver, Kate, 22 yrs, PA

274B-8-8, Weaver, Laura, 10 yrs, IA

274B-8-8, Weaver, Mary, 35 yrs, NY

324B-2-2, Webster, Jane, 17 yrs, OH

283B-4-4, Welbur, Harris, 10 yrs, PA

283B-4-4, Welbur, Lincoln, 52 yrs, MA

283B-4-4, Welbur, Martha, 38 yrs, PA

312A-4-4, Welch, Dennis, 28 yrs, Ire

280B-2-2, Welch, Flora, 17 yrs, PA

277B-2-2, Welch, Jacob, 28 yrs, Scot

296A-5-5, Welch, Jas., 34 yrs, Ireland

302A-6-6, Welch, Joanna, 26 yrs, Ire

312A-4-4, Welch, Joanna, 20 yrs, Ire

312A-4-4, Welch, John, 21 yrs, Ire

312A-4-4, Welch, Katherine, 15 yrs, Ire

291B-4-7, Welch, Katy, 17 yrs, Ireland

280B-2-2, Welch, L. S., 40 yrs, PA

312A-4-4, Welch, Margaret, 48 yrs, Ire

302A-6-6, Welch, Mariah, 1 yrs, Ire

280B-2-2, Welch, Mary, 39 yrs, PA

302A-6-6, Welch, Michael, 26 yrs, Ire

312A-4-4, Welch, Nichol., 50 yrs, Ire

280B-2-2, Welch, Winfield, 14 yrs, PA

302B-6-6, Welch, Winiford, 64 yrs, Ire

279A-3-3, Wennel, Christopher, 27 yrs, PA

279A-4-4, Wennel, Clara, 3/12 yr, PA

277B-5-5, Wennel, Frederick, 63 yrs, Holland

279A-3-3, Wennel, Hellena, 3/12 yr, PA

279A-4-4, Wennel, Lissie, 4 yrs, PA

279A-4-4, Wennel, Louis, 26 yrs, PA

279A-3-3, Wennel, Lyddia, 3 yrs, PA

279A-4-4, Wennel, Lyddia, 20 yrs, PA

279A-3-3, Wennel, Mary, 5 yrs, PA

279A-3-3, Wennel, Sophy, 25 yrs, PA

279A-4-4, Wennel, Willie, 2 yrs, PA

317B-7-8, Westerman, Edwin, 17 yrs, PA

280B-4-4, Westerman, Eleanor, 33 yrs, PA

317B-7-8, Westerman, Eva, 15 yrs, PA

280B-4-4, Westerman, Geo., 35 yrs, PA

280B-4-4, Westerman, George, 13 yrs, PA

280B-4-4, Westerman, George, 16 yrs, PA

280B-4-4, Westerman, James, 10 yrs, PA

317B-7-8, Westerman, Jas, 50 yrs, France

317B-7-8, Westerman, Mary, 43 yrs, Eng

280B-4-4, Westerman, Thomas, 8 yrs, PA

280B-6-6, Westlake, Nettie, 24 yrs, OH

296B-6-9, Wheeler, Alfred, 14 yrs, PA

296B-6-9, Wheeler, Annetta, 8 yrs, PA

283B-3-3, Wheeler, Augusta, 20 yrs, PA

296B-6-9, Wheeler, Charles, 1 yrs, PA

271A-6-6, Wheeler, E. A., 42 yrs, OH

296B-6-9, Wheeler, Evaline, 33 yrs, PA

271A-6-6, Wheeler, Frank, 19 yrs, PA

296B-6-9, Wheeler, George, 11 yrs, PA

296B-6-9, Wheeler, Herman, 40 yrs, PA

296B-6-9, Wheeler, John, 9 yrs, PA

296B-6-9, Wheeler, Mary, 10 yrs, PA

316A-6-6, Wheeler, Mary, 26 yrs, OH =20

283B-3-3, Wheeler, N., 53 yrs, OH

316A-6-6, Wheeler, P., 23 yrs, MD

296B-6-9, Wheeler, Ruth, 5 yrs, PA

271A-6-6, Wheeler, Sally, 45 yrs, OH

283B-3-3, Wheeler, Sylvaia, 52 yrs, OH

296A-5-5, Whipple, Osburn, 29 yrs, PA

303A-6-7, Whippo, Betty, 5/12 yr, PA

303A-6-7, Whippo, Ellen, 21 yrs, PA

303A-6-7, Whippo, Geo., 23 yrs, PA

303A-6-7, Whippo, Geo. W., 63 yrs, PA

281A-6-6, Whitcraft, Elisabeth, 25 yrs, PA

281A-6-6, Whitcraft, J. R., 28 yrs, PA

281A-6-6, Whitcraft, Jenny, 1 yrs, PA

272B-2-3, Whitcroft, A. G., 39 yrs, PA

272B-2-3, Whitcroft, Mary A., 27 yrs, PA

323A-3-2, White, James, 20 yrs, Ire

305B-3-3, Whiteman, Wm, 29 yrs, PA

300A-4-4, Whiteside, Jane, 30 yrs, Ireland

300A-4-4, Whiteside, Jno, 30 yrs, Ireland

300A-4-4, Whiteside, John, 1 yrs, PA

284B-2-2, Whiteside, Martha, 22 yrs, Ireland

271A-4-4, Whiting, Rebecca, 61 yrs, PA

294B-5-4, Whitlash, Barney, 20 yrs, PA

319B-2-2, Wickerson, Frank, 7 yrs, NY

319B-2-2, Wickerson, Harriett, 28 yrs, Eng

319B-2-2, Wickerson, Herbert, 3 yrs, PA

319B-2-2, Wickerson, Thomas, 28 yrs, Eng

319B-2-2, Wickerson, Walter, 5 yrs, NY

313B-3-3, Wilke, Albert, 18 yrs, Wales

313B-3-3, Wilke, Caroline, 35 yrs, Wales

313B-3-3, Wilke, Joseph, 10/12 yr, PA

313B-3-3, Wilke, Margaret, 6 yrs, PA

313B-3-3, Wilke, William, 38 yrs, Wales

313B-3-3, Wilke, William, 3 yrs, PA

313B-1-1, Wilks, Elisabeth, 13 yrs, Wales

313B-1-1, Wilks, James, 36 yrs, Wales

313B-1-1, Wilks, Margaret, 31 yrs, Wales

313B-1-1, Wilks, Mary, 9 yrs, Wales

313B-1-1, Wilks, Samuel, 5/12 yr, PA

275B-3-3, William, Mary, 67 yrs, PA

275B-3-3, William, Mary, 16 yrs, OH

275B-3-3, William, Matilda, 38 yrs, OH

278A-1-1, Williams, Adella, 7 yrs, PA

274B-9-9, Williams, Albert, 22 yrs, PA

316B-2-2, Williams, Alfred, 19 yrs, OH

277B-2-2, Williams, Amanda, 20 yrs, OH

274B-10-10, Williams, Benjamin, 17 yrs, PA

271A-2-2, Williams, Bertha, 6 yrs, PA

279A-2-2, Williams, Caroline, 30 yrs, PA

279A-2-2, Williams, Carrie, 2 yrs, PA

307B-5-5, Williams, Chas., 18 yrs, PA

274B-10-10, Williams, Daniel, 19 yrs, PA

273B-3-3, Williams, Desilver, 33 yrs, NJ

316B-2-2, Williams, Ella, 13 yrs, PA

279A-2-2, Williams, Emma, 7 yrs, PA

278A-1-1, Williams, Frances, 48 yrs, PA

282A-2-2, Williams, Frances, 9/12 yr, PA

278A-1-1, Williams, George, 19 yrs, PA

271A-2-2, Williams, Harry, 1 yrs, PA

273B-3-3, Williams, Ida B., 6 yrs, PA

273B-3-3, Williams, J. B., 49 yrs, PA

279A-2-2, Williams, James, 4 yrs, PA

281A-6-6, Williams, James, 29 yrs, PA

279A-2-2, Williams, Jenny, 10 yrs, PA

316B-2-2, Williams, Julia, 11 yrs, PA

274B-10-10, Williams, L., 46 yrs, Wales

279A-2-2, Williams, Lester, 45 yrs, OH

282A-2-2, Williams, Lester, 24 yrs, PA

279A-2-2, Williams, Lizzie, 9 yrs, PA

277B-2-2, Williams, Louis, 26 yrs, OH

271A-2-2, Williams, Lucreatia, 30 yrs, OH

282A-2-2, Williams, Lydia, 19 yrs, PA

278A-1-1, Williams, Martin, 12 yrs, PA

274B-9-9, Williams, Mary, 20 yrs, OH

274B-10-10, Williams, Mary, 21 yrs, PA

309B-6-6, Williams, Mary, * yrs, PA

279A-2-2, Williams, Molly, 16 yrs, PA

271A-2-2, Williams, N. L., 31 yrs, OH

278A-1-1, Williams, P. L., 49 yrs, OH

323A-4-3, Williams, Perry, 22 yrs, Wales

316B-2-2, Williams, Rach, 39 yrs, PA

278A-1-1, Williams, Samuel, 16 yrs, PA

309A-6-6, Williams, Sarah, 23 yrs, Wales

309A-6-6, Williams, Stephen, 29 yrs, Wales

316B-2-2, Williams, Wilbert, 16 yrs, PA

323A-4-3, Williams, William, 71 yrs, PA

284B-4-4, Williamson, Adda, 14 yrs, PA

281A-1-1, Williamson, Caroline, 9 yrs, PA

281A-1-1, Williamson, Caroline, 24 yrs, Eng

284B-5-5, Williamson, Elizabeth, 16 yrs, PA

284B-5-5, Williamson, Flora, 19 yrs, PA

284B-5-5, Williamson, Frederick, 4 yrs, PA

281A-1-1, Williamson, Gertrude, 1 yrs, PA

284B-5-5, Williamson, Hellena, 28 yrs, PA

272A-5-5, Williamson, Lizzie, 20 yrs, IL

284B-5-5, Williamson, LW, 43 yrs, PA

281A-1-1, Williamson, Maggie, 16 yrs, PA

281A-1-1, Williamson, R., 34 yrs, Eng

281A-1-1, Williamson, Rebecca, 30 yrs, PA

281A-1-1, Williamson, Russell, 11=20yrs, PA

281A-1-1, Williamson, Stanly, 7 yrs, PA

284B-5-5, Williamson, Wirt, 10 yrs, PA

303B-4-4, Willson, Jno., 25 yrs, PA

303B-4-4, Willson, Wm, 19 yrs, PA

308A-2-2, Wilman, Josaph, 18 yrs, PA

319A-6-7, Wilson, Alfred, 12 yrs, OH

318B-5-6, Wilson, Amanda, 18 yrs, PA

289A-1-1, Wilson, Anna, 5 yrs, PA

292A-1-1, Wilson, Anna, 19 yrs, PA

319A-6-7, Wilson, Anna, 46 yrs, Eng

319A-6-7, Wilson, Anna, 5 yrs, PA

289A-1-1, Wilson, Benj., 52 yrs, PA

318B-6-7, Wilson, Bridget, 26 yrs, Ire

324A-1-1, Wilson, Clara, 5 yrs, PA

292A-1-1, Wilson, Clarence, 10 yrs, PA

318B-5-6, Wilson, Edward, 22 yrs, PA

324A-1-1, Wilson, Edward, 42 yrs, Eng

324A-1-1, Wilson, Edward, 11 yrs, PA

297B-6-6, Wilson, Elisabeth, 9 yrs, PA

324A-1-1, Wilson, Elisabeth, 38 yrs, PA

289A-1-1, Wilson, Emely, 41 yrs, PA

278A-6-6, Wilson, Emma, 27 yrs, PA

289A-1-1, Wilson, Emma, 9 yrs, PA

278A-6-6, Wilson, Estella, 7/12 yr, PA

324A-1-1, Wilson, Frederick, 3 yrs, PA

324A-1-1, Wilson, George, 15 yrs, PA

292A-1-1, Wilson, Herbert, 3 yrs, PA

278A-6-6, Wilson, J. T., 31 yrs, PA

289A-1-1, Wilson, James, 7 yrs, PA

324A-1-1, Wilson, James, 9 yrs, PA

272B-9-10, Wilson, James J., 38 yrs, PA

297B-6-6, Wilson, Jane, 38 yrs, Eng

292A-1-1, Wilson, Jas., 48 yrs, OH

289A-1-1, Wilson, John, 24 yrs, PA

292A-1-1, Wilson, John, 17 yrs, PA

319A-6-7, Wilson, John, 47 yrs, Eng

319A-6-7, Wilson, John, 18 yrs, OH

297B-6-6, Wilson, John M., 11 yrs, PA

289A-1-1, Wilson, Josaeph, 17 yrs, PA

278A-6-6, Wilson, Lizzie, 2 yrs, PA

278A-6-6, Wilson, Louisa, 6 yrs, PA

324A-1-1, Wilson, Martha, 7 yrs, PA

289A-1-1, Wilson, Mary, 15 yrs, PA

292A-1-1, Wilson, Mary, 41 yrs, OH

311B-7-7, Wilson, Mary, 19 yrs, Scot

319A-6-7, Wilson, Mary, 8 yrs, OH

278A-6-6, Wilson, Minnie, 4 yrs, PA

324A-1-1, Wilson, Minnie, 4/12 yr, PA

292A-1-1, Wilson, Olive, 7 yrs, PA

318B-6-7, Wilson, Richard, 24 yrs, Eng

297B-6-6, Wilson, Rosella, 13 yrs, PA

272B-9-10, Wilson, Sarah, 30 yrs, OH

297B-6-6, Wilson, Thomas, 45 yrs, PA

289A-1-1, Wilson, William, 19 yrs, PA

319A-6-7, Wilson, William, 14 yrs, OH

293A-8-7, Wilsore, Nettie, 16 yrs, OH

275A-7-7, Wiltze, Clarence, 6 yrs, Can

275A-7-7, Wiltze, Gertrude, 4 yrs, PA

275A-7-7, Wiltze, Sarah, 23 yrs, Can

275A-7-7, Wiltze, William, 27 yrs, Can

316A-7-7, Winnel, David, 11/12 yr, PA

316A-7-7, Winnel, Eliza, 25 yrs, PA

275A-8-8, Winnel, Henry, 20 yrs, PA

316A-7-7, Winnel, Solomon, 24 yrs, PA

273B-2-2, Wireman, Frank, 19 yrs, PA

281B-4-4, Wolfkill, Laura, 21 yrs, IN

281B-4-4, Wolfkill, Lizzie, 8/12 yr, MO

281B-4-4, Wolfkill, R. W., 31 yrs, IL

312B-5-5, Wooburry, Elizab., 18 yrs, PA

314B-8-9, Wood, Carloff, 30 yrs, OH

314B-8-9, Wood, Charles, 1 yrs, OH

314B-8-9, Wood, Lucy, 30 yrs, OH

314B-8-9, Wood, Winslow, 23 yrs, OH

294A-7-7, Woodbury, Edward, 54 yrs, NY

294A-6-6, Woodbury, George, 1 yrs, PA

294A-7-7, Woodbury, Junices, 9 yrs, OH

294A-6-6, Woodbury, Margaret, 4 yrs, PA

294A-6-6, Woodbury, Rosanna, 26 yrs, PA

294A-7-7, Woodbury, Sarah, 52 yrs, OH

294A-6-6, Woodbury, Stephen, 23 yrs, PA

298A-1-2, Wormer, J. D., 22 yrs, PA

298A-1-2, Wormer, Sarah, 24 yrs, NY

323A-8-7, Wright, Alexander, 46 yrs, Ire

291A-7-7, Wright, Alfa, 21 yrs, PA

323B-8-7, Wright, Allice, 3 yrs, PA

271B-4-4, Wright, Charles, 18 yrs, PA

323A-8-7, Wright, Elisabeth, 40 yrs, Scot

323B-8-7, Wright, Elisabeth, 13 yrs, PA

323B-8-7, Wright, Hamilton, 15 yrs, PA

316B-4-4, Wright, Henry, 27 yrs, NY

316B-4-4, Wright, Irene, 3 yrs, PA

271B-4-4, Wright, James A., 20 yrs, PA

271B-4-4, Wright, Jane, 53 yrs, PA

323B-8-7, Wright, Jennet, 17 yrs, PA

291A-7-7, Wright, John, 27 yrs, Eng

323B-8-7, Wright, John, 10 yrs, OH

316B-4-4, Wright, Kate, 24 yrs, India.

274B-3-3, Wright, Martin, 22 yrs, PA

323B-8-7, Wright, Mary, 7 yrs, OH

323B-8-7, Wright, Nancy, 19 yrs, PA

291A-7-7, Wright, Samuel, 4/12 yr, PA

323B-8-7, Wright, William, 5 yrs, OH

294B-1-1, Yoder, E. J., 24 yrs, PA

294B-1-1, Yoder, L. L., 2 yrs, PA

294B-1-1, Yoder, Minnie B., 3/12 yr, PA

294B-1-1, Yoder, S. C., 30 yrs, PA

300B-3-5, York, Elizabeth, 47 yrs, Ireland

300B-3-5, York, Wm, 50 yrs, Ireland

284B-2-2, Young, Emma, 13 yrs, OH

280B-1-1, Young, James, 19 yrs, Scot

315A-6-7, Young, Jno, 8 yrs, Can

304A-6-6, Young , Lucinda, 35 yrs, PA

304A-6-6, Young , Thos., 47 yrs, Scot

276A-3-3, Zahnizer, Charles, 14 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Zahnizer, Christina, 32 yrs, PA

276A-3-3, Zahnizer, John, 40 yrs, PA

316A-4-4, Zahnizer, Mary, 22 yrs, PA

309B-4-4, Zinn, Daniel, 28 yrs, PA

309B-4-4, Zinn, Mary, 19 yrs, PA

309B-4-4, Zinn, Willie, 1 yrs, PA

[end of Sharon Boro]

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