Decendants ofHenry Vandruff

Descendants of


(C. 1759 - 1815)


GreeneCounty, Pennsylvania

Containing the knowndescendants of Henry’s
(known) children:

Compiled by Gerald D. Hobson

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Dedicated to the Memory Of

Florence Eddith Vandruff Garrison, “Flora”
Wife of Robert Curtis Garrison
Photo taken in 1900 prior to their marriage
On 9/12/1900.

Generation 1
HenryVandruff (Abt. 1759-1815)
Generation 2
JamesVandruff ---------------- (Abt. 1786-1857)
JoshuaVandruff ---------------
SusannahVandruff Morford (Abt. 1798-1874)
CatherineVandruff Morford (Unk.-Bef. 1840)
HenryVandruff, Jr. ----------- (Abt. 1804-Unk.)
JosephVandruff --------------- (Unk.-Uunk.)
CassanderVandruff Phillips -------------------------
HenryVandruff ------------------------------------------ (Abt. 1812 -Abt. April1853)
ElizabethVandruff Phillips -------------------------- (March 1813-October16, 1874)
MariahVandruff Engle -------------------------------- (Abt. 1818-Abt. 1883)
JohnVandruff -------------------------------------------- (April 07, 1820-May12, 1895)
HannahVandruff Hamilton -------------------------- (Abt. 1823-December16, 1873)
PerryCommodore Vandruff ------------------------- (Abt. 1828-Bef. 1900)
Barbara"Barbary" Vandruff Goble---------------- (April 24, 1816-May05, 1893)
JohnWesley Vandruff--------------------------------- (April 24, 1816-May05, 1893)
CatherineVandruff Ogilvie Essex----------------- (April 18,1818-January 16, 1863)
SusannaVandruff Griffin------------------------------ (November 09,1819-Abt. 1856)
Hesperia"Peria"Vandruff Kalbaugh --------------
(Abt. 1820-December31, 1844)
JosephH.Vandruff-------------------------------------- (February 08,1826-December 11, 1901)
JamesT.Vandruff--------------------------------------- (January 16,1827-April 24, 1894)
JacobArthurVandruff---------------------------------- (September 08,1827-June 01, 1880)
JoshuaVandruff, Jr.------------------------------------ (April 01,1832-January 12, 1895)
Elizabeth"Aunt Betsey"Vandruff Cross --------
(September 02,1835-August 05, 1903)
-JamesMorford------------------------------------------- (Abt. 1820-Unk.)
-JohnMorford--------------------------------------------- (Abt. 1816-December18, 1860)
ReasonMorford------------------------------------------ (December 11, 1822-May26, 1886)
WilliamMorford------------------------------------------ (Abt. 1824-Abt. 1850)
JoshuaMorford------------------------------------------- (Abt. 1830-Unk.)
JosephWesleyMorford------------------------------- (February 25,1838-July 13, 1914)
JoshuaR.Van Druff------------------------------------ (March 31, 1837-March30, 1885)
MatildaVandruff Lippencott-------------------------- (March 1835-bef. 1910)
MinervaVandruff Marchand-------------------------- (Abt. 1843-Abt.January 1905)
OrphaJaneVandruff Smith-------------------------- (Abt. 1845- Unk.)
Josephus"Cephus"Vandruff------------------------ (July 1818-Aft. 1900)
GeorgeWashingtonVandruff----------------------- (October 04,1820-January 01, 1886)
Generation 4
Lucinda Phillips Stewart ---------------------------------
(December16, 1832-September 10, 1874)
Henry Phillips ----------------------------------------
(Abt.1835-Bef. 1866)
Miller Vandruff ---------------------------------------
(May12, 1838-September 29, 1916)
Emiline Vandruff Davis ---------------------------
John Vandruff ----------------------------------------
(January24, 1842-November 19, 1909)
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