Decendants of Henry Vandruff
GenerationNo. 1

1. HENRY1 VANDRUFF wasborn Abt. 1750 in Greene County, Pennsylvania,(Some srcs. say NJ)1, and died March 14,1815 in Greene County, Pennsylvania2. He married (1) UNKNOWNBef. 1786 in Unknown. She was born Unknown in Unknown,and died Unknown in Unknown. He married (2)ELIZABETH UNKNOWN Bef. 1801 in Unknown. She was bornAbt. 1778 in Unknown, New Jersey3, and diedDecember 30, 1850 in Greene County, Pennsylvania4.

Possiblelisting from
FederalCensus, 1790
BedfordCounty, Pennsylvania
Copyprovided by
LuellaMiller Tokas

Vanruth, Hendrey
Whitemale, 16 yrs. and upward: 1
Whitemale, under 16 yrs. : 1
Whitefemale: 1

(Ed. note: James Vandruffwas born in 1786, next child, Joshua, notborn until 1791)

Transcription of LandWarrant
Copyobtained from Pennsylvania Historicaland Museum Commission
WHEREAS Henry Vandruff ofthe Township of ______in the County of _____hath applied for three hundred and fifty acres of land,including an Improvement adjoining lands ofJohn Lemley, Jacob Lemley, the Heirs of Wm. Wood,Samuel Bayard, John Wisecarver and others situate in WhitelyTownship in the County of Greene for which he has paid intothe office of the State Treasurer, at therate of fifty shillings per hundred acres, with interestthereon from the 1 March 1805 to be paid agreeably to theseveral acts of Assembly in such case made andprovided.
THESE are, therefore, toauthorize and require you to survey, or causeto be surveyed, unto the said Henry Vandruffthe quantity of acres by him applied for at the placeaforesaid, if not already surveyed or appropriated, and tomake return thereof into the Land Office, for which this shallbe your Warrant.
IN WITNESS whereof JohnCochran, Esq., Secretary of the Land Office,hath hereunto set his hand and affixed the sealof the said office, the seventeenth day of January A. D. 1812.
for /s/ Andrew Porter
/s/ John Cochran, Secy ofOffice.
(Outer jacket of documentshows the following):
Jan 17, 1812....No. 2
350 Acres
Henry Vandegrift
Ret.19 March 1823
1812 County of Greene
Ret.19th March 1823

Transcription of Entry in GreeneCounty Will Book 1, p. 146, item #234:
Estateof Henry Vanderhoof
Lettersof Administration granted to Elizabeth Vandroof the twentythird day of March, 1815. Bond with Jacob Renner andJoshua Vandroof as securities taken same day.

Transcription of Entry in
GreeneCounty Will Book 1, p. 173, item # 269:
TheEstate of Henry Vandruff deceased
Citation(Issued 12th October 1816) to Elizabeth Vandroof and JamesVandroof Admins of the Estate of the intestateon the application of one of the heirs to be and appear atthe Register's office in Waynesburg on Friday the 25thof October instant with their accounts and vouchers asAdministrators of the said Estate in order that the same maybe audited and settled on.

Transcription of Entry in
GreeneCounty Unidentified Record Book
TheCommonwealth of Pennsylvania to the Sheriff of Greene County -Greetings
WhereasElizabeth Vandroof and James Vandroof of said Greene County didon the twenty-third day of March eighteen hundred andfifteen obtain letters of Administration on theEstate of Henry Vandroof late of said County deceased,whereby the said Elizabeth & James became bound to theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania with Jacob Renner andJoshua Vandroof, their sureties in the penal sum of sevenhundred dollars for the well and truly administeringthe said Estate according to Law and whereas the saidElizabeth & James have not rendered an account oftheir administration according to the condition of theirBond; - These are therefore to require you that you summonthe said Elizabeth and James to be and appear before theRegister at his office at Waynesburg on Friday thetwenty fifth day of October with their accounts and vouchersas Administrators of the said Estate that the samemay be audited and settled agreeably to the Laws in that casemade and provided and have you then there thiswrit. Given under my hand and seal of office at Waynesburgthe twelfth day of October in the year of our Lordone thousand eight hundred and sixteen.
/s/Wm. T. Mays (or Kays) Register

Transcription of Entriesfrom Greene County Record Book
Identifiedonly as "Docket 1"
On thepetition of Daniel Morford son-in-law of Henry Vandroof late ofCumberland Township, setting forth that the saidHenry died intestate leaving a widow to-wit Elizabeth Vandroofand issue Seven children to-wit; James - Joshua -Joseph - Henry, Catherine the wife of Daniel Morford yourPetitioner, Susannah the wife of William Morfordand Elizabeth and that the said intestate died siezed in his(?) as of (?) of and in two certain tracts of land on thewaters of Whitely Creek, adjoining lands of Samuel BayardsHeirs, John Lemley and others, Containing threeHundred acres - with the appurtenances. The other situate on thehead waters of Muddy Creek adjoining JohnMorris, Thomas Rineharts heirs John Renner and others. Containingthree hundred acres with the
YourPetitioner therefore humbly prays your Honors to award an Inquestto make Partition of the premises aforesaid if the same canbe made agreeable to Law, or to value thesame if it cannot be divided without injuring orspoiling the whole agreeable to the Laws of this Commonwealth.Whereupon the Court upon due consideration of theprayer of the Petitioner awarded an Inquest - (?)Writ of Partition of 6th September 1815.
Atan Open Court held at Waynesburg the 27th of November 1815 Writreturned by the Sheriff together with an inquisitionthereto annexed in which the real Estate is divided intofour parcels and valued as follows - viz No 1 -Beginning at a White Oak thence by Lot Number two, North Eightythree degrees, West eighty-two Perches to a Post, NorthFifty-Eight, West Fifty-four perches to achestnut Oak, South Seventy four perches to a Post andthence by lands of Thomas Rinehart's heirs. South nineteendegrees, East six perches to a White Oak.
Southfourteen degrees, East Ninety Perches to a Red Oak, East twentyperches and a half to a White Oak. South thirteendegrees, East Thirty eight perches to a White Oak. South Fortyeight degrees and a half west twenty sevenperches to a Dog-wood, thence by lands of John Renner. Southtwenty six degrees. East sixty three perches toa Hickory, thence by lands of Robert Hickman. North twentynine degrees East fifty four perches to a chestnutOak. East seventy five perches to a chestnut Oak. Northseventy four degrees,. East seventy nine perches toa gum. North twenty degrees, East one hundred and fiftyperches to the place of Beginning.
Containingone hundred and fifty three acres strict measure - valued atseven hundred and seven Dollars sixty two cents anda half per year.
(Ed.Note: Copies of the above were provided by other researchers intothe lineage of Joshua Vandruff and do not includedescriptions for parcels 2, 3, & 4 which may or may notexist.)

Transcription of Entries in
"Docket#1, pg. 103"
Copiesprovided by Esther Mc Affee
(copiescontain no dates)
Onthe Petition of Elizabeth Vandruff a minor above the age of fourteenyears, setting forth that by the death of HenryVandruff her father she is entitled to some real as well aspersonal property, and praying the Court to appointsome proper person as guardian of her person and property, andrecommends Barnet Whitlatch as a proper person for thepurpose aforesaid.
Whereuponthe Court appoints Barnet Whitlatch as her guardian.
Onthe Petition of James Vandruff setting forth that Henry Vandruff aminor son of Henry Vandruff, late of GreeneCounty, deceased, who is under the age of fourteen years, is bythe death of his said father entitled to some realand personal property - And praying the Court to appoint someproper person for the purpose aforesaid.
Whereuponthe Court appoints Barnett Whitlatch guardian of the saidHenry Vandruff.

Cemetery records ascompiled by Dorothy & James Hennen October 16,1977
JeffersonTownship, Greene County, Located in Southwestcorner near where Franklin, Jefferson and WhitelyTownships join.
VANDRUFF,Henry died 3/14/1815, aged 56 years
Elizabeth,wife of Henry died 12/30/1850, aged 78 years
Allive(Olive?), wife of Henry Vandruff, Jr. died 5/7/1864, aged 59years
HenryC. died at Nashville, Tenn. 1/9/1865 (of H & A) aged 20 yrs 8mos 11 das
Mem.Co. A, 97th Reg. OH. Vol.

Notes based in information"stumbled on" in Greene Co. Will Book C.1819 (did not keep good notes, can't rememberwhere I saw this information) Has to do with previouslyunknown Vandruff in Greene County, PA, to wit,
MargaretVandruff (possible wife of Edward Nichols, both buried inVandruff Cemetery, Durham Twp, , Hancock County, IL??)
(willinfo may have come from Howard Dewey Hickman)

Henry Vandroof/or VandruffNOT LISTED in 1783 Tax Lists forCumberland Twp., Washington County, PA
(later- 1782 - to become Greene County)
TaxLists and 1790 Census
ascompiled by Katherine K. Zinsser and Raymond M.Bell
HenryVandruff LISTED in Cumberland Township, Washington (later Greene)County (per Hennen, Vol. 3, p.121) and then listed in Jefferson TownshipFederal Census of 1800.
HenryVandroff/or Vandruff NOT LISTED in 1790 Federal Census forCumberland Twp., Washington County, PA (see above)

Extraction from the 1800Federal Census
JeffersonTownship, Greene County, Pennsylvania
Series:M32 Roll: 40 Page: 69
Vanruff,Henry, Males: (0-9 yrs. of age) 3 (10-15) 1(16-25) 0 (26-44) 1(45 +) 0
(Females):(0-9 yrs. of age) 2 (10-15) 0 (16-25) 0 (26-44) 1 (45 +) 0
Otherfree persons: 0, slaves: 0

Transcription of Censusextraction by the Cornerstone GenealogicalSociety Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
GreeneCounty, PA, 1810
1male under 10 yrs of age, 1 male 10-16 yrs of age, 1 male 16-26 yrsof age, 1 male over 45 yrs of age
1female under 10 yrs of age, 1 female 10-16 yrs of age, 1 female 26-45yrs of age, 1 female over 45 yrs of age.
Analysisof above Census information:
1male under 10 yrs of age = Henry, Jr. (b. C. 1800 or after, based onsubsequent Census information - see notes for Henry,Jr.)
1 male 10-16 yrs. of age =Joseph (birth date is unknown, but he is theremaining son when this analysis is complete)
1male 16-26 yrs. of age = Joshua (born in 1791 - see his file)
1male 45 yrs. of age or over = Henry
(James,Henry's first son, was 20 yrs. old in 1810, and was alreadyhead of his own household - see his file)
1female under 10 yrs. of age = Elizabeth (was born after 1800, basedon subsequent Census information - see her file)
1female 10-16 yrs. of age = Catherine (Born Abt. 1798)
1female 26-45 yrs. of age = Susannah
1female 45 yrs. of age or over = Elizabeth (wife)

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Burial:March 1815, Vandruff Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Greene, PA5
MoreAbout UNKNOWN:
Burial:Unknown, Unknown
Transcriptionof Information in Cornerstone Clues, VolVII. No. 3, p. 63:
(providedvia FCGS)
1830Census, Jefferson Twp., VANDRUFF, Elizabeth, 1 person, age 60-70.

Transcription of CensusExtraction by William A. Walter,Independence, MO
JeffersonTownship, Greene County, PA, 1840, p. 127
1female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 40-50, 1 female 70-80

Transcription from GreeneCounty court Records
Vol.1, p. 173
TheEstate of Henry Vandroof, deceased
Citation(Issued 12th October 1816) to Elizabeth Vandroof and JamesVandroof Admin of the estate of the intestate,on the application of one of the heirs to be and appear atthe Register's office in Waynesburg on Friday the 20thof October instant with the accounts and vouchers asAdministrators of the said Estate in order that the same maybe audited and settled on.

Burial:January 1851, Vandruff Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Greene, PA5
Childrenof HENRY VANDRUFF and UNKNOWN are:
2. i. JAMES2 VANDRUFF, b.May 1786, Greene County, Pennsylvania; d.July 11, 1857, Greene County,Pennsylvania.
3. ii. JOSHUA VANDRUFF, b.January 03, 1791, Greene County,Pennsylvania; d. April 07, 1856, Rock Island,RockIsland, Illinois.
4. iii. SUSANNA VANDRUFF,b. Abt. 1798, Unknown; d. December 17, 1874,Unknown.
5. iv. CATHERINE VANDRUFF,b. Unknown, Greene County, Pennsylvania; d.Bef. 1840, Unknown.

v. ELIZABETH2 VANDRUFF, b.Abt. 1801, Greene County, Pennsylvania
6; d. Unknown, Unknown.
MoreAbout ELIZABETH VANDRUFF: Burial: Unknown, Unknown

6. vi. HENRY VANDRUFF,JR., b. Abt. 1804, Greene County, Pennsylvania;d. Unknown, Unknown.
7. vii. JOSEPH VANDRUFF,b. Unknown, Greene County, Pennsylvania; d.Unknown, Unknown.