Decendants ofMiller Vandruff

39.MILLER4 VANDRUFF (HENRY3, JAMES2, HENRY1)was born May 12, 1838inGreene County, Pennsylvania403, and died September 29, 1916in Alliance, Stark, Ohio404. He married(1)ELEANOR MATILDA KELLY, "ELLEN" February 21, 1869 in Clark County,Missouri405. She was born Abt.1844in Liverpool Township, Columbiana, Ohio406, and diedNovember 05, 1883 in Bates County, Missouri407.Hemarried (2) MARILER JANE ISON July 31, 1887 in Bates County, Missouri408.She was born January 1846 inLaGrange, Kentucky409, and died October 11, 1909 in BatesCounty, Missouri410.

Extraction from the 1870 Federal Census
Union Township, Clark County, Missouri
Series: M593 Roll: 769 Page: 601
Dwelling 184, Family 185
August 22, 1870
Vandruff, Miller, age 32, b. PA
Vandruff, Ellen M., age 27, b. OH
Vandruff, Arwilda, age 1/12, b. MO

Extraction from the 1880 Federal Census
Online at www.familysearch.com
Lone Oak, Bates, Missouri
Family History Library Film 1254673
NA Film Number T9-0673
Page Number 224B
Miller VANDRUFF, age 42, b. PA, f. b. PA, m. b. PA, Farmer
Ellen M. VANDRUFF, age 37, b. OH, f. b. OH, m. b. OH
Arwilda VANDRUFF, age 10, b. MO, f. b. PA, m. b. OH
John F. VANDRUFF, age 9, b. MO, f. b. PA, m. b. OH
Flora E. VANDRUFF, age 6, b. MO, f. b. PA, m. b. OH

Extraction from the 1900 Federal Census
Summit Township, Bates County, Missouri
Series: T623 Roll: 839 Page: 302
Supv. Dist. 6, Ed 23, Sheet 3-A
Line 48, Dwelling 54, Family 54
June 6, 1900
Vandruff, Miller, b. May 1838, age 62, marr. 12 yrs., b. PA, father b.PA, mother b. PA, farmer
Vandruff, Jane M., b. Jan. 1846, age 54, marr. 12 yrs.,. b. KY, fatherb. VA, mother b. KY

Transcription from
History of Lewis, Clark, Knox and Scotland Counties, Missouri
Re-Printed by
Stevens Publishing Co.
Astoria, Ill, 61501
(date not shown)
originally published in 1887
(publisher and location not shown)
page 96.
In August of this year (1862) occurred the murder of Ezekial Pratt, aUnion man living in the northern part of the county, in the vicinity ofWilliamstown and Bunker Hill. The killingwas attributed to John Baker and some men under him, and to his father,Willis Baker, who was a neighbor ofPratt. John Baker had been in the rebel service for some time as abushwacker, and had been for a short time under JoePorter. He seems to have left Porter immediately after the Kirksvillefight, and sped away to his father'shouse, at the head of a small band, although it is claimed that he wasnot at Kirksville at all, but had been in thebrush, on the Fabius, all summer. The circumstances of the killing arethus related by the widow of Mr. Pratt(now Mrs. H. L. Sweet), yet living in the neighborhood of the tragedy:
"On the 8th of August, 1862, John Baker came to our house with a bandof men, armed with shot-guns, and surrounded the house. He asked forMr. Pratt; said he wanted him, andhad come to kill him; he also wanted all the guns we had, andparticularly a certain United States musket. Mr.Pratt was not at home. I refused them admittance, but John Bakerordered me to open the door or he wouldshoot me through the window. He ordered the men to set fire to thehouse and kill me, or get in somehow. Mylittle girl, fearing they would execute their threats, opened the doorand they rushed in yelling like Indians. I hadconcealed the musket and they could not find it. They rummaged throughthe house, and found a box of cartridgesbelonging to it, and after cursing and swearing around awhile rode away.
When Mr. Pratt returned, and I informed him of what had happened, hemounted his horse, and with two young men, named Tuttle and (I think)Bandruff, started in pursuit of thebushwackers, sending word to the Union men of the neighborhood tofollow him and assist in breaking up their campand routing them. Mr. Pratt was exempt from military service, but heand the neighbors had agreed amongthemselves to put down bushwackers and robbers if they came in, and ifthe men had rallied to his support theywould have destroyed or captured this band.
Mr. Pratt and the two boys were riding along the road past the thicket,near the house of Willis Baker, the father of John. Some one fired onthem from the bushes, and wounded Mr. Pratton the ankle; the saddle skirts were covered with blood. Not mindingthe wound he jumped from the horse, andrushed into the thicket from which the shot came. In a few seconds thetwo young men heard the voice ofJohn Baker cry out, "Father, come and help me!" Willis Baker then cameout of his door, and it is believedshot Mr. Pratt. The body had one wound in the back of the head,supposed to have been made by Willis Baker, one(a fatal shot) in the abdomen, one in the ankle, and one cut or stab inthe body from his own bayonet. Oneperson, who claimed to know, told me he lived several hours andrequested to be brought home to die. All kinds ofstories were told me to excuse his murder until I refused to listen tothem.
When the fighting was going on in the thicket, the two young men becamealarmed and fled, spreading the news that Mr. Pratt was killed, etc. Iknew nothing of it until it was allover, and then had great difficulty in getting any one to go and getthe body; all were afraid.* * * * I have given what Ibelieve to be the truth."
Mr. Pratt was a native of Cohaset, Mass., and at the time of his deathwas forty-six years of age. He had twice married; his second wife wasthe daughter of Judge Charles Hequembourg,of St. Louis, where Mr. Pratt was last married in 1847, and where hepursued the occupation of architect andbuilder for some years. He came to Lewis County in 1854, and purchasedthe farm whereon his widow and sons nowreside.
Willis Baker was arrested some time after the tragedy, charged withassisting in the killing of Mr. Pratt. He was taken to Palmyra, and wasone of the ten Confederate prisoners executedby order of Gen. McNeil, on the 18th of October following, inretaliation for the murder of Andrew Allsman, bysome of Porter's men. It must be borne in mind that his friends alwaysdenied that he participated in the murder,which was attributed to his son, John Baker. He was an old settler ofthis country, and was about 60 years ofage at the date of his death. He died very bravely, implacable in hishatred of his executioners.
(Ed. Note: Although it is not yet possible to determine accuratelywhich Tuttle and which "Bandruff" (almost certainly "Vandruff") wasinvolved in the above incident, it isincluded with the material on Miller Vandruff because of his knownactivities in the Civil War.)

Extract From
1890 Missouri Veterans Census Index
by Index Publishing
page 277
Bates County
Summit Twp.
Supervisor's District 6
Enumeration District 14

Extraction from 1900 Census
by Rose Vandruff Balao, (3/3/95)
State of Missouri
Bates County
Summit Twp., Roll No. 839
Enumeration District #23
Dwelling No. 54, Family No. 54
Vandruff, Miller, born 5/1838, age 62, married 12 yrs, born in PA,father b. in PA, mother born in PA, farmer
Vandruff, Jane M., born 1/1846, age 54, married 12 yrs. born in KY,father b. in VA, mother b. in KY

Transcription of Postcard
Miss Flora Vandruff
Coshocton, Ohio
Butler, Mo, May (illegible) 1886
Butler Bates Co. Mo.
May the 15th 1886
Well Flora I received your letter today and was very glad to hear thatyou all got through safe. We are all well. I was very uneasy about youall. I will not get started to Arkansasperhaps til July then I can go in a wagon at little expense and perhapsI will have more to go with. from M.V.l
Transcription of Letter:
Mr. J. Vandruff
Butler Mo.
National Military Home, Kansas
April 18, 1914
National Military Home, Kans
Co. L, Ward 4
April 18, 1914
Dear Son or rather Ruth
Received your letter of the 11th. I have been feeling out of sorts, butam feeling all right now and have concluded to leave here for Butler onthe 25th next Saturday morning at 7:30o'clock, land in K.C. about 9 a.m. leave K.C. at 10 for Butler, land atButler about one o'clock p.m. - if nothinghappens to the contrary. If anything prevents me from startingSaturday, will by Sunday (illegible). We had rain lastnight. It is cool today and cloudy. I do not know whether to leave thehome or take a furlough for 30 or more days,but I think I will take my papers out as I could come back either way,if I wanted to and perhaps I would lose mycitizenship in Mo. If I took a furlough. I will think it over tillFriday. Well that is all I can think of nowthat would interest you.
from Miller Vandruff
to Frank and family

Transcription of Obituary
From The Alliance Review
Alliance, Ohio
(Stark County)
(date not recorded)
War Veteran Passes Away
Miller Van Druff, a veteran of the Civil War, died at the home of hisdaughter, Mrs. Arwilda Urig, 424 Vine Street at five o'clock Fridaymorning, his age being 79 years. Deathwas due to a complication of troubles, coupled with his advanced age.
The home of the deceased was in Butler, Mo., and a year ago last Julyhe came for a visit with the daughter here.
He was taken ill soon after arrival and was never able to return, beingmore or less seriously sick ever since and gradually declining.
Mr. Van Druff was born in Pennsylvania, his home being there until ayoung man when he went to Missouri, that state since having been thehome. He was a member of Co. D., of theSecond Missouri State Militia Cavalry, attaining the rank of corporal,and served throughout the war, a periodof more than three years. Following the war he engaged in farming, thatever having been his vocation.
He was a member of the Christian church, also of the G. A. R. of hishome town, and a splendid man and citizen, quiet and reserved in hismanner, a kind husband and father, and everhad a wide circle of friends.
Surviving are four children, J. F. Van Druff of Butler, Mo., Mrs. R. C.Garrison of Cleveland, Mrs. Winifred Milligan of Toledo and Mrs.Arwilda Urig of Alliance, at whose home hedied.
Funeral services will await the coming of the son from Missouri. Shouldhe not arrive by Sunday the remains will be placed in the mausoleum inAlliance cemetery and service held later.Friends may view the remains at the Urig home at any time Saturday andSunday.

Transcription of Obituary
From The Bates County Record
(Bates County, Missouri)
Friday, October 6, 1916
Death of Miller Vandruff
Word was received here Friday of last week from Alliance, Ohio by J. F.Vandruff announcing the death of Miller Vandruff at the home of hisdaughter, Mrs. J. A. Urig, in that city.
Miller Vandruff was esteemed and a respected citizen of Bates countyfor 35 years. He was a native of West Virginia and was seventy-eightyears of age. Since the death of hiswife some twenty-five years ago he has made his home with his children.He served three years in the SecondMissouri Cavalry during the Civil war. He is survived by four children;J. F. Vandruff of this city; Mrs. J. A. Urigof Alliance, Ohio, Mrs. R. C. Garrison of Cleveland, Ohio; and Mrs. F.A. Milligan of Cleveland, Ohio. Mr.Vandruff was a man of high personal character, and esteemed by all whoknew him.
Funeral services were held at Alliance Sunday and interment in Alliancecity cemetery.

Burial: October 02, 1916, Alliance City Cemetery, Alliance, OH, Sec. C,Lot 49411
Fact 1: Died intestate, Letters of Administration on file412
Member: Member GAR, Butler, MO413
Military service: March 01, 1862, Civil War, Co. D, 2nd Reg. MO StateMilitia Cavalry414
Obituary: On file 7/29/94

Transcription of Letter
From Ellen M. Kelly to
unidentified sister,
unidentified location
dated May 17, 1868
(original in the possession of
Lucille & Elliott Garland
(Ed. Note: Spelling is corrected where meaning is made clear by context)
May 17, 1868
Dear sister - it has been some time since I have begun my letter andalways forget to take it to the office, so I thought I would write alittle more this morning. We are all well andhave had a heap of rain since I began my letter. There is not much cornplanted yet, our folks planted someyesterday. Well, pap got a letter from John.
He stated he had bought a farm there. I think he is crazy. I would notlive there now for I like it here so much better. Folks has not beenfeeding their stock here for two months. Whythe grass is as green all over the ground every where here like ameadow. We have two cows, one striper and onefresh. We get as much milk from them as we did in Ohio from four cowsin the place you bought, the one thatyou had your cow in pasture once when I went with you to milk. I am sosorry to hear that you are not comingout here. O must it ever be that we will never see each other any morein this world. It grieves my heart tothink of it, but I hope we will, maybe when I get married I will bringmy old man in to see you. I will have to closefor this time. I want to put it in the office today, so good bye, writesoon.
Ellen Kelly
R. A. M. My fellow is coming tonight. I wish you was here to see him. Iwas thinking I was going to see you this fall, thinking of things Iwould have to tell you. I would imagineI could see you at the gate and us all running to meet you. I wouldhave a hundred kisses for you and the children butnow have to cry over my great

Transcription of Letter
from Ellen Matilda Kelly to
unidentified parties,
unidentified location,
dated August 30, 1868
(original in the possession of
Lucille and Garland Elliott)
(Ed. note: Spelling is corrected where meaning is made clear by context)
Dear Sister and Brother and children
I seat myself this rainy day to write a few lines to let you know weare all well. I got your letter was glad to hear from you. This is avery lonesome day, it is too bad of a day to go tomeeting and Milton Frank and I are all alone. Mother has gone toDillingers, Pap has gone to Deanses, and Idon't know whether or not my sweet heart will get here today or not, itis so bad. Well it has been very dryhere this summer but it looks like it is set in for rain to some timenow, we will be apt to have too much rain, now I amafraid. Our folks has got their threshing done. They had 165 bushel ofrye, 64 bushel of wheat, 441 bushel ofoats, rye is 1.00 per bushel. They don't low (?) to sell their oatsyet, it is only about 30 cents per bushel. Idon't know what wheat is, we will not have much to sell. They haveabout 25 acres of corn, it is middling good. The folkssay corn will bring a good price, there they will be working on therailroad before long now that will run throughWilliamstown 2 miles from our house. That will be close enough to makegood market. When I go to see you I canget on the cars in two miles of home, won't that be nice? O I wish Icould start today. I would be sorejoiced the house could not hold me. Mother don't complain any more ofthat disease of her heart. I believe I havewrote all the news. I will have to close my letter, I want to write oneto Clarissa today so must bid you all goodbye. My love to you all, kiss the children for me.
Ellen M. Kelly
Rebecca A. Melligan
John Melligan

Burial: November 1883, Oak Hill Cemetery, Bates County, MO415

Transcription of Marriage Record
I Hereby certify that on the 21st day of February A.D. 1869, Isolemnized the rites of matrimony between Mr. Miller Vandruff and EllenKelley.
M. F. Olp, M.G.
H. M. Hiller, Recorder
Filed April 5, 1869.

Transcription of Obituary
From The Bates County Record
Butler, Missouri
(Bates County)
Saturday, October 16, 1909
Mrs. Jane Vandruff, wife of Miller Vandruff, died after a lingeringillness of two years at the family home on south High street Mondaynight at 11 o'clock. The cause of her deathwas cancer. She was born at LaGrange, Kentucky, 63 years ago lastJanuary and came to Bates county in 1878.Twenty-three years ago she was married to Miller Vandruff and has livedin the city for five years. Funeralservices took place at the Christian church Wednesday evening at 2o'clock. Rev. Wm. Mayfield conducting theservices, followed by interment in Oak Hill cemetery .

Transcription of Last Will and Testament
and related documents
Letters Testamentary
Granted to Miller Vandruff
Estate of Mariler Jane Vandruff
Dated October 26th 1909
Record Book 13, Page 91
State of Missouri)
County of Bates) SS
In The Probate Court
I, J. A. Silvers, Judge and Ex-Officio Clerk of the Probate Court heldin and for the County of Bates, do hereby certify that the withinLetters of Testamentary are recorded in myoffice in Book 13 for recording Executor's Bonds and LettersTestamentary at page 91.
In Witness thereof, I have hereto set my hand and affixed the seal ofthe said Court at office in Butler, Missouri this the 26th day ofOctober, A. D. 1909
/S/ J. A. Silvers
Judge and Ex-Officio Clerk of the Probate Court.
Know all men by these presents that I Mariler Jane Vandruff realizingthe uncertainty of human life and desiring to make disposition of myproperty before death so far as the same canbe done, do hereby make and publish this as my last will and testament.
First: I direct my executor hereinafter named to pay my just debts andfuneral expenses.
Second: If my husband Miller Vandruff survive me, I give and bequestunto him all my personal property on hand at the time of my deceased.
Third: If my said husband survive me, I will and devise unto him a lifeestate in all real estate and every interest therein that I may own atthe time of my death, with full power to use,occupy and control the same and the proceeds thereof during his naturallife.
Fourth: I devise unto the children of said Miller Vandruff in equalparts the remainder interest in all real estate in which my saidhusband shall have a life estate as aforesaid to have andhold the same in fee subject to the life estate of said husband but theuse, occupancy and proceeds of said realestate shall go to my said husband as long as he lives and on his deathsaid land shall pass to and vest in hissaid children.
Fifth: If I should survive my said husband then my personal estateshall be given to John Franklin Vandruff and if I survive said husbandI will and devise unto his children living atthe time, all my real estate or interest therein, in equal parts.
Sixth: I hereby appoint my said husband if living at the time of mydeath, the executor of this my said will with full power and authorityto carry the same into effect.
In witness thereof I have this day set my hand and seal, this the 3rdday of July A. D. 1889. Mariler Vandruff (seal)
We attest the above and foregoing will by subscribing our names heretoas witnesses, in the presence of Mariler Jane Vandruff the testatrix,this the 3rd day of July 1889, and wefurther certify that at the time of this execution thereof saidtestatrix was of sound and disposing mind.
/S/ T. W. Silvers
/S/ J. A. Silvers
State of Missouri)
County of Bates) SS. In the Circuit Court of said County and State
Now on this day, a hearing of the application to prove and admit toprobate an instrument of writing dated July 3, 1889, purporting to bethe last will and testament of Mariler JaneVandruff, deceased late of Bates County Missouri, coming on to be heardbefore this Court, the same having beenregulary certified hereto by the probate court of Bates County,Missouri, because it is shown that the Judge ofsaid Court is a material witness on behalf on the applicant, to probatethe same as such last will; and the courthaving examined the said instrument of writing, and heard the testimonyof T. W. Silvers and J. A. Silvers thesubscribing witnesses thereto, in relation to the execution of same, dodeclare and adjudge said instrument to be thelast will and testament of said Mariler Jane Vandruff, deceased and thesame is therefore admitted to probateas such.
And it is therefore ordered that a full and complete transcript of thisJudgement and order be made by the Clerk and delivered to the ProbateCourt of Bates County, Missouri, togetherwith the testimony of the said witnesses taken in said matter.
Judge of the Circuit Court
State of Missouri)
County of Bates) SS
I, T. D. Embree, Clerk of the Circuit Court within and for the Countyand State aforesaid do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is afull true and complete transcript of thejudgement and order made and entered in the matter of the applicationto prove and admit to Probate the will ofMariler Jane Vandruff, deceased as shown by the records in my office,and the attached affidavit of the subscribingwitnesses herewith returned was all the testimony taken in said matter.
In testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the sealof said Court of Office in Butler, Missouri, this 25th day of October1909.
/S/ T. D. Embree
Circuit Clerk
State of Missouri)
County of Bates) SS
I, J. A. Silvers, Judge of Probate and Ex-Officio Clerk of the ProbateCourt in and for Bates County and State of Missouri, de hereby certifythe foregoing to be a true and accuratecopy of the original will of Mariler Jane Vandruff deceased, and thetranscript of the judgement of the CircuitCourt admitting the same to Probate as the same appears of record andon file in my office.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the sealof said Court at office in Butler, Missouri, this 26th day of October1909.
/S/ J. A. Silvers
Judge of Probate
State of Missouri)
County of Bates) SS
To all to whom there Presents shall Come, GREETINGS: KNOW YE, That thelast Will and Testament of Mariler Jane Vandruff deceased, late ofBates County, Missouri, hath,in the form of law, been exhibited, proved and recorded at the officeof the Judge of the Probate Court of BatesCounty, Missouri, a copy of which is hereto annexed; and inasmuch itappears that Miller Vandruff, widower ofdeceased has been appointed Executor in and by said last Will andTestament to execute the same, and to the endthat the property of the said Testator may be preserved for those whoshall appear to have a legal right or interesttherein, and that the said last Will and Testament may be executedaccording to the request and instruction ofthe said Testator, we do hereby authorize him, the said Miller Vandruffas such Executor to collect and secureall and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits, which wereof the said Mariler Jane Vandruff at the timeof her death, in whosesoever hands or possession the same may be foundand to perform and fulfill all suchduties as may be enjoined upon him by said last Will and Testament sofar as there shall be property, and the lawcharges him and in general to do and perform all other acts which arenow or may be hereafter required ofhim by law.
In Testimony Whereof, I J. A. Silvers, Judge and Ex-Officio Clerk ofthe Probate Court in and for said County have hereunto signed my nameand affixed the seal of said Court, atoffice, in City of Butler, this 26th day of October A. D. 1909
/S/ J. S. Silvers
Judge and Ex-Officio Clerk of Probate Court

Burial: October 12, 1909, Oak Hill Cemetery, Butler, MO416
Fact 1: Photos and will on file
Obituary: On file 2/25/94

144. i. UREY ARWILDA5 VANDRUFF, "WILDA",b. October 10, 1869, ClarkCounty, Missouri; d. May 09, 1923, Alliance, Stark, Ohio.

145. ii. JOHN FRANKLIN VAN DRUFF, "FRANK",b. October 24, 1871,Williamstown, Lewis, Missouri; d. September 28, 1953, Kansas City,Jackson, Missouri.

146. iii. FLORENCE EDDITH VAN DRUFF,"FLORA", b. October 22, 1873,Clark County, Missouri; d. November 13, 1938, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio.

iv. ELMER VANDRUFF, b. May 07, 1877, ClarkCounty, Missouri417; d.October 24, 1878, Clark County, Missouri418.

Burial: October 1878, Oak Hill Cemetery, Bates County, MO419

147. v. SARAH WINFREDA VANDRUFF,"WINIFRED", b. November 19, 1881,Clark County, Missouri; d. September 30, 1951, Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.