Decendants ofCatherine Vandruff

17. CATHERINE3 VANDRUFF(JOSHUA2, HENRY1) was born April 18, 1818in Unknown, Pennsylvania161, and died January 16, 1863 in Unknown162. She married (1) PETER H.OGILVIE October 13, 1842 in Rock Island County, Illinois163. He was born Abt. 1800 inUnknown, Scotland164, and died Bef. December 1850 in Unknown.She married (2) ELISHA J. ESSEX December 25, 1850 in Rock IslandCounty, Illinois165. He was born April 26, 1826 in Unknown,Ohio166, and died September 02,1903 in Unknown167.

Transcription of Extraction
From the 1850 Federal Census
Rock Island County, IL
October 28, 1850
provided by Office of the Secretary of State
Springfield, IL
December 1, 1975
Katherine Ogilvie (head of household), age 27, b. PA
Persie L. Ogilvie, age 4, b. IA
Katherine L. Ogilvie, age 3, b. IA
Mary Ogilvie, age 13, b. IA
living in the household of
Benjamin Cobb

Burial: January 1863, Unknown

Transcription of Biographical Information
From Travels In Time
Mediapolis, Iowa
Peter H. Ogilvie
Peter H. Ogilvie arrived in Rock Island County just when this new areaneeded his services. Mr. Ogilvie was born in 1800, a native of Scotlandwhere he received his education. He came to this country by way ofChambly, Canada. His first wife, Mary Ann, or from some sources,"Murta" died when she was 23, leaving a daughter,
Mayme, (actually, "Mary") who made her home with the Benjamin Cobbfamily when her father brought her to Rock Island County.
In later years Mayme recalled that eventful July 4th when many hadassembled at the courthouse for a picnic - the day that GeorgeDavenport was murdered. As a young girl she remembered going to SingingBird's home, where she learned to sew beads on moccasins. She relatedalso that Joshua Vandruff was a wealthy fur trader who bought largetracts of land from the government but when he had had too muchwhiskey, crafty agents would have him sign land over to them and inthis way he lost his fortune.
In 1842 Peter Ogilvie married Catherine Vandruff, a daughter of Joshuaand Elizabeth Wisecarver Vandruff.
Their first child, Pliny Augustus Ogilvie died October 19, 1845. Twodaughters were listed in the 1850 Census, Persis, four years, andCatherine, 3 years.
In 1840 Mr. Ogilvie assisted in taking the census. He was countysurveyor as well as federal deputy surveyor.
In March 1844, P. H. Ogilvie filed a diagram of Camden, and June, 1844he platted the town of Lowell and in December he submitted to thecounty board a proposition to make a map of Rock Island County. Othersurveying work was done in Moline, Canoe Creek and Whiteside County.
Information from Vera Letitia Thompson Wilson, Des Moines, Iowa.

Transcription of notes
in the collection of Esther Vandruff McAfee
(following notes are above photocopies of two photos, at the bottom ofone page, the left one clearly a female, the right one nearly obscure,but is a man's photo. Notes are faint, and almost illegible)
(Illegible line)
At (illegible) yesterday, (illegible) by the Rev. Joseph Braithwaite,P.H. Ogilvie, Esquire to Mary Ann, only daughter of P. Murta, Esq.Barrack Master of all that place. Immediately after the service thehappy couple set out for the United States on a tour of pleasure.
July 18, 1836.
Death, at Dixon's Ferry, Illinois, on the 25th of February, Mary Ann,the wife of P. H. Ogilvie, Esq., Civil Engineer & daughter of thelate P. M. Murta, Esq. Barrack Master, Chambly, in her 23rd year, 1838.
Left photo captioned "Daughter Mary S. Ogilvie, daughter of Patrick H.Ogilvie & Mary Ann Murta, P. H. Ogilvie's first wife.
(below caption) Mary S. Ogilvie, E. Beatty
Right photo captioned "Patrick H. Ogilvie, Surveyor" balance of notesillegible

Extraction of Information
provided by the Office of the Secretary of State
Springfield, IL
December 1, 1975
There is no mention of any Ogilvie who died "during the year 1st June1850" in the Mortality Schedule of the U. S. Census for Rock Island Co.
Our election returns for Rock Island County, Illinois, volume 53, page43, shows that "P. H. Ogilvie" was a candidate for the office of CountySurveyor on August 1, 1842. The Governor's Executive Record, 1837-1834,volume 3, page 353 shows that he was elected and duly commissioned assurveyor for this county on August 13, 1842.
Likewise, the election returns for Rock Island County, Illinois, volume59, page 13, shows that "P. H. Ogilvie" was a candidiate for CountySurveyor on August 7, 1843. The Governor's Executive Record, 1843-1847,volume 4, page 74 shows that he was duly commissioned surveyor onAugust 18, 1843.
On August 5, 1844, "P. H. Ogilvie" of Rock Island County, Illinois,stood as a candidate for Justice of the Peace.
He was not elected.

Biographical sketch: On file 3/6/1994
Burial: Bef.December 1850, Unknown
Elected: August 13, 1842, Surveyor for Rock Island County, IL
Fact 1: August05, 1844, Ran for office as Justice of the Peace, was not elected170
Occupation:Surveyor, map maker171

Extraction from the 1870 Federal Census
Bellvell Township, Howard County, Kansas
Series: M593 Roll: 434 Page: 231
Line 22, Dwelling 68, Family 68
July 25, 1870
Essex, E. J., age 44, farmer, b. OH
Essex, Maranda, age 29, b. IA
Essex, Martha, age 18, b. IL
Essex, John, age 17, working on farm, b. IL
Essex, Durinda, female, age 14, b. IL
Essex, William ,age 6, b. IL
Long, G. F., age 23, farmer, b. KY
Extraction from the 1900 Federal Census
McPherson Township, McPherson County, Kansas
Series: T623 Roll: 488 Page: 124
Supv. Dist. 7, ED 142, Sheet 28-A
Line 31, Dwelling 633, Family 643
North Cherry St.
June 11, 1900
Essex, E. J., b. Apr. 1826, age 74, marr. 15 yrs., 1 child, 1 living,b. OH, father b. VA, mother b. VA, gardener
Essex, Harriett E., b. Nov. 1854, age 45, marr. 15 yrs., 1 child, 1living, b. RI, father b. NY, mother b. RI
Essex, Mary, b. Apr. 1888, age 12, b. IL, father b. OH, mother b. RI

Burial: September 1903, Unknown
Military service: March 04, 1865, Civil War, Pvt., Co. I, 28th IL Inf.
Residence:Moline, Illinois172

i. PLINY AUGUSTUS4 OGILVIE, b. April 04,1843, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois173; d. October 19, 1845, Rock Island, RockIsland, Illinois174.

Burial: October 1845, Unknown
84. ii. HESPERIA LUTITIA OGILVIE, "PERA",b. October 31, 1845, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois; d. May 28,1925, Peoria, Peoria, Illinois.
iii. KATHERINE L. OGILVIE, b. April 04,1847, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois175; d. Unknown, Unknown.

Burial: Unknown, Unknown

85. iv. MARTHA4 ESSEX, b. October 28,1851, Unknown, Illinois; d. March 24, 1879, McPherson County, Kansas.
v. DORA ESSEX, ("DURINDA?"), b. Aft. 1851,Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.

Notes for DORA ESSEX, ("DURINDA?"):
Possible listing from the Illinois Marriage Index: LACKEY, FRANCIS D,ESSEX, DORA, PULASKI County,
06/01/1876, Vol. 1, p. 54.
Possible listing from the Illinois Death Index: LACKEY, DORA, Cert. #31921, 1916-10-25, PULASKI County, ROAD DIST NO 2, filed 16-10-26.
LACKEY, FRANCIS D., Cert. # 4325, 1946-01-05, UNION County, ROAD DISTNO 5

More About DORA ESSEX, ("DURINDA?"):
Burial: Unknown, Unknown

vi. FRANK ESSEX, ("JOHN F."?), b. Bef.1863, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.

More About FRANK ESSEX, ("JOHN F."?):
Burial: Unknown, Unknown