Decendants of Henry Vandruff

9. HENRY3 VANDRUFF(JAMES2, HENRY1) was born Abt. 1812 in WhiteleyTownship, Greene, Pennsylvania66, and died Abt. April 1853 in MonongaliaCounty, West Virginia67. He marriedURYE BELLARD, "EURIE" Abt. 1837 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. She wasborn March 07, 1815 in MonongahelaCounty, Pennsylvania68, and died October 09, 1905 in Butler,Bates, Missouri69.

Transcription of 1840 Census Extraction by
William A. Walter, Independence, MO
Greene Township, Greene County, PA, Roll # 144, p. 112, 1840
Henry Vandroof (age 28)
1 male under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30
1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30

Transcription of Census Extraction
from 1850 Federal Census
37th District, Monongalia County. Virginia
September 13, 1850
Henry Vanrupp 38, b. Penn.
Urye 36 b. Penn.
Miller 12 b. Penn.
Emiline 9 b. Penn.
John 8 b. Penn.
George 7 b. Penn
Hannah 4 b. Penn
William 1

Transcription of research by
Howard D. Hickman, III
Henry Vandruff (son of James) first appears in the (Whitely Township)tax list in 1833 as "single." He continues to appear each year until1838, when his name is crossed off the"single men" tax roll and listed as "married." He is listed in 1839,and in 1840, his name is first listed, then crossedoff, with the notation "out of township." He does not appear in anyfurther Whitely Township tax records. These taxrecords confirm our previous assumptions that (1) Henry was born about1812 (age 21 in 1833), (2) hemarried in 1838, and (3) he moved from his father's farm about 1840. Hewas, therefore, the eldest son.
(see notes for Eli and John Vandruff, brothers to Henry)

Transcription of records from
Chancery Order Book 2, p. 227
Monongalia County, WV
Monday the 5th April 1852
Present: The same judge as on Saturday last
Edgar C. Wilson, et al, Plaintiff)
Henry Vandruff, et al, (Defendant) In Chancery
This cause came on this day to be heard, upon the bills, amended bill,answers, replications thereto, and upon exhibits, and was ordered &decreed, that unless said defendantVandruff, pay to Edgar C. Wilson, within six months from this date, thesum of One hundred and fifty dollars, withinterest on the same from the 1st April 1850 till paid, and his costsof suit; also to said George Courtney, withinthe same time the sum of $200 with interest in 100 dollars parcelthereof from the 1st April 1851, and interest on 100dollars residue thereof from the first of April 1852 until paid, thatthen the sheriff of this county, who mayact by deputy, proceeds to sell the land in the bill and proceedingsmentioned, and as described in the deed filed, atpublic auction at the court house in Morgantown, upon some court day,upon a credit of six, twelve andeighteen months, with interest from the day of sale, the purchasergiving bond & security, and the title beingretained. But that previoous to such sale, the time place and termsthereof, shall be advertised in some newspaperpublished in said county of Monongalia, if such there be, for fourweeks previous to the same, and a copy of suchnotice of sale, posted up at the front door of the court house in saidcounty, on some court day, and also a noticeof the same at one or more public places near the land so to be sold,and that said commissioner report hisproceedings to this court. And it appearing that the further sum of 100dollars will be due to said Courtney, as part ofthe purchase money for said land, on the first day of April, 1853,leave is given him for further decree, inthis cause in relation to the same; upon motion and notice thereof - asto apply the proceeds of sale, if as much therebe, to pay the same, or if no sale be made herein, then to enforce thepayment of the same by a decree against thesaid land. It is further ordered & directed that the PlaintiffEdgar C. WIlson shall be entitled to be first paidout of the proceeds of sale - the said Courtney being postponed to him.

Transcription of records from
Chancery Order Book 2, p. 282
Monongalia County, WV
(Note: there is no indication of the date of this entry but the nextentry in the book is dated Thursday, April 14, 1853)
Edgar C. Wilson, et al, Plaintiff)
Henry Vandruff, Defendant) In Chancery
This cause came on this day to be finally heard upon the decree of thelast term and upon the report of sale; to which there are no exceptionsand the same is confirmed - and wasargued by counsel upon consideration thereof it is adjudged ordered anddecreed that said Dorsey Sheriff by himselfor one of his deputies, be authorized to withdraw from the papers ofthis cause the bonds filed with thisreport, and proceed to collect the same as they fall due and from theproceeds thereof first pay the costs of the suit& sale, including $2.50 cts for advertising and $20.40 cts forSheriffs Commission, which is hereby allowed him - andthen the plaintiffs debt and upon payment of the purchase money that,said Sheriff, who may act by either of hisdeputies Convey said tract of land to the purchaser thereof. Andwhereas it is suggested that since the saleaforesaid the said deft, Vandruff has departed this life, leaving awidow and children - and that there will also be asurplus of purchase money after paying the plffs debt interest andcosts. Therefore it is ordered that said widowbe summoned in to assert her right, if any she has to a portion of thesurplus after paying the amount of plffs decreeand the estate of said Henry Vandruff having been committed to theSheriff of this county and the saidSheriff appearing by his Counsel - it is ordered that the distributionof the said durplus be reserved for a futureorder of this Court.
Ordered, that this court be adjourned till tomorrow morning, 9 o'clock.
|s| Geo. W. Thompson

Transcription of records from
Chancery Order Book 2, p. 295
Monongalia County, WV
(Note; no date is indicated on the entry, but the prior entry in thebook is dated Apr. 29, 1853)
Edgar C. Wilson, et al, Plaintiff)
Henry Vandruff, Defendant) In Chancery No. 31
This cause came on to be finally heard upon the decree heretoforerendered - and was argued by counsel. Upon consideration thereof and byconsent of parties - it appearing thatUrye Vandruff has been duly summoned but failing to appear and assertany claim to the Surplus Money in thehands of the Commissioners, it is ordered that said Commmissioners paythe said surplus over to the Sheriff of thisCounty; who was appointed administrator of said Henry Vandruff, to beby said administrator after the payment ofthe Costs of administration paid out to creditors of said HenryVandruff according to law - or to the widow& heirs of said Vandruff.

Transcription of record from
Monongalia Deed Book "OS 21" p. 53
Decree to Grantee
Sept. 16, 1854
Henry Vandruffs, Comm.
and Timmie (or "Zimmie") Thomas
William Lamaster) Deed for the "Vandruff" Land
Wherea under & by virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court ofMonongalia County Virginia rendered at the Spring term 1852 in the caseof E. C. Wilson et al Plaintiff Vs Henry VandruffDefendant the land in the Bill and proceedings of said case mentionedwas directed to be sold by theSheriff of said County who was authorized to act by deputy as in saiddecree set forth and whereas at the sale madeunder said decree by Enoch P. Fitch Deputy Sheriff for the high Sheriffof said County Benjamin Thomas being thehighest bidder therefor became the purchaser thereof at the price offive hundred & seventy dollars aswill be seen by the report of said sale made by said Fitch and whereasat the Spring term 1853 of said Court the salewas by decree confirmed and the said Fitch was therein directed asspecial Commissioner to convey the land thereinto the said Thomas whenever the purchase money therefor should be fullypaid off and whereas the saidBenjamin Thomas for and in consideration of six hundred dollars to bepaid as follows two hundred dollars inhand with the balance of $400.00 to be paid in annual payments withinterest thereon for which William Lamasters(illegible) his four several bonds accordingly & for a moreparticular description of the (illegible) is given tothe lands in notice for the date & the amounts for which payment(illegible) lien is retained until all the purchase moneyis fully paid off the same Benj Thomas has bargained & sold untothe said William Lamasters the land andinterest as aforesaid are given by him and the said Zimmie Thomas byhis signature hereto (illegible) hath directed untothe said Fitch to convey the said land to William Lemasters.
Now therefore this deed made this 28th day of March 1854 between thesaid Enoch P. Fitch Deputy Sheriff and Commissioners as aforesaid ofthe first part and William Lemasters ofthe second part for and in consideration of the respective sums ofmoney as set forth in this deed the said Fitchas special Commissioner doth grant unto the said William Lemasters theland as aforesaid in the Covenants ofspecial warranty and the said Zinni Thomas for his part doth grant theland as aforesaid to the said WIlliam Lemasterswith covenant of general warranty. For a more particular description ofsaid land reference is given to thepapers filed in the cause referred to and the (ilegible) in the causereferred to as in the deed mentioned. Witnessthe following signatures.
|s| E. P. Fitch
Deputy Sheriff & Commissioner as aforesaid
|s| Timmi Thomas
Be it remembered that this deed to William Lemasters was acknowledgedby Enoch P. Fitch and Zemmy Thomas before me Marshall M. Dent Clerk ofMonongalia County Court in myoffice on the 28th day of March 1854
\s| Marshall M. Dent
And on the 28th day of August, 1854 this deed was again (illegible) tome and admitted to record.
\s\ Test; Marshall M. Dent, Clerk.

Burial: April 1853, Unknown
Fact 1: Possibly died in Monongalia County, WV (Then VA)

Transcription of excerpt from
Letter written 3/12/1908
From Arwilda (Vandruff) Urig, while visiting
her brother Frank Vandruff in/near Butler, MO, to Flora Van DruffGarrison, her sister:
"If it is a nice day today we expect to go to the cemetery where Ma& Elmer and Grandma are buried." and:
"Grandma Tuttle used to live just south if it (the town school). Weused to go over there from school at noon.
That is where she had guineas and chickens. That house is not there anymore."

Transcription of Obituary
The Butler Bates County Democrat
Butler, Missouri
(Bates County)
Thursday, October 12, 1905
Mrs. Tuttle Dead
Mrs. Eury Tuttle died at her home in West Butler Sunday at 4:15 o'clockp.m. aged 90 years, 7 months and 1 day.
Mrs. Tuttle had been in feeble health for several years and her deathwas not unexpected. She was born in Monongahela county, Pa., March 7,1815, and moved to Butler in 1880.She leaves seven children to mourn her loss. Funeral services were heldat the family residence at 4 o'clockthis afternoon conducted by Rev. J. A. Barker of the M. E. church,after which she was laid to rest in Oak HillCemetery.

Burial: October 12, 1905, Oak Hill Cemetery, Butler, MO Bl 141, Lot 2,E 1/2
Fact 1:Cemetery rec. shows first name "Eura", possibly "Eurabelle"?
Obituary: On file 8/23/95

39. i. MILLER4 VANDRUFF, b. May 12, 1838, Greene County,Pennsylvania;d. September 29, 1916, Alliance, Stark, Ohio.
40. ii. EMILINE VANDRUFF, b. Abt. 1841,Unknown, Pennsylvania; d.Unknown, Unknown.
41. iii. JOHN VANDRUFF, b. January 24,1842, Blacksville, Pennsylvania;d. November 19, 1909, Jefferson, Grant, Oklahoma.
42. iv. GEORGE VANDRUFF, b. September 09,1844, Monongalia County, WestVirginia; d. April 04, 1914, Quincy, Adams, Illinois.
v. HANNAH VANDRUFF, b. Abt. 1846, Unknown,West Virginia72; d. Unknown,Unknown.

Burial: Unknown, Unknown

vi. WILLIAM VANDRUFF, b. Abt. 1849,Unknown, West Virginia72; d.Unknown, Unknown.

Possible listing
Extraction from the 1870 Federal Census
Wayne Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania
Series: M593 Roll: 1348 Page: 454
Dwelling 240, Family 237
July 15, 1870
Vantreft, Wm., age 22, b. VA
Vantreft, Nancy, age 18, b. VA
Vantreft, Morris, age 1, b. VA

Burial: Unknown, Unknown

vii. HENRY G. VANDRUFF, b. Abt. 1853,Unknown, West Virginia72; d.Unknown, Unknown.

Possible Listing
Extraction from the 1910 Federal Census
Squaw Valley Township, Siskiyou County, California
Series: T624 Roll: 108 Page: 210
Supv. Dist. 1, ED 119, Sheet 15-B
Line 96, Dwelling 198, Family 201
Enumerated with Harvey Ackley
(Illegible ranch)
April 28, 1910
Vandruff, Henry, age 58, single, b. PA, father b. PA, mother b. PA,laborer

Burial: Unknown, Unknown