Decendants ofJohn Wesley Vandruff

16. JOHN WESLEY3 VANDRUFF(JOSHUA2, HENRY1) was born November 12,1817 inWaynesburg, Greene, Pennsylvania147, and died October 05, 1894 in McLouth,Jefferson, Kansas147. He married MELISSA HUNTER June 16, 1850in Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois148. She was born May 02, 1834 in Rising Sun,Ohio, Indiana149, and died February 16, 1921 in McLouth,Jefferson, Kansas149.

Extraction from 1850 Census, Rock Island County, IL
House # 1295
Vandruff, John, age 32, farmer, born in PA
Vandruff, Melissa, age 16, born in IN
Vandruff, Henry, age 38, born in PA
Vandruff, Joshua, laborer, age 19, born in IL
Vandruff, Elizabeth, age 15, born in IL

Extraction from the 1860 Federal Census
Black Hawk Township, Rock Island County, Illinois
Series: M653 Roll: 222 Page: 300
Line 11, Dwelling 176, Family 360
June 11, 1860
John Vandruff, age 41, farmer, b. PA
Melissie Vandruff, age 26, wife, b. IN
Martin L. Vandruff, age 9, b. IL
Marietta Vandruff, age 7, b. IL
John W. Vandruff, age 3, b. IL
Silas DeAngelos Vandruff, age 1, b. IL

Extraction from 1870 Federal Census
Oskaloosa, Kansas
Dwelling No. 109
Family No. 116
John, age 52, b. PA
Melissa, age 36, b. Indiana
Martin, age 19, B. IL
Marietta, age 17, b. IL
John, age 13, b. IL
Silas, age 11, b. IL
Ethelbert, age 7, b. IL
Sherman, age 5, b. IL
Clennis, age 2, b. IL
Nelson, age 11/12, b. KS

Extraction from
1875 Kansas Census
Copy provided by Rose Vandruff Balao
Jefferson County, Delaware Township
Dwelling 88, Family 88
Vandruff, John, age 57, farmer, b. PA, to KS from IL
Malissa, age 40, b. IN, to KS from IL
John, age 18, b. IL, to KS from IL
Silas, age 16, b. IL to KS from IL
Wilbert, age 12, b. IL, to KS from IL
Sherman, age 10, b. IL, to KS from IL
Pliny, age 7, b. IL, to KS from IL
Nelson, age 5, b. KS
Elmer, age 2, b. KS

Extraction from the 1880 Federal Census
Online at www.familysearch.com
Union, Jefferson, Kansas
Family History Library Film 1254383
NA Film Number T9-0383
Page Number 209B
J. VANDRUFF Self M Male W 60 PA Farmer --- ---
M. VANDRUFF Wife M Female W 46 IN Keeping House --- NY
Silas VANDRUFF Son S Male W 21 IL At Home PA IL
Wilbert VANDRUFF Son S Male W 17 IL At Home PA IN
Sherman VANDRUFF Son S Male W 15 IL At Home PA IN
Pliney VANDRUFF Son S Male W 12 IL At Home PA IN
Nelson VANDRUFF Son S Male W 10 KS At Home PA IN
Elmer VANDRUFF Son S Male W 7 KS At Home PA IN
Lillian VANDRUFF Dau S Female W 4 KS PA IN

Transcription of Obituary
From the McLouth Times
McLouth, Kansas
(Jefferson County)
Friday, October 12, 1894
Why should our tears in sorrow flow,
When God recalls his own.
And bids them leave a world of woe,
For an immortal crown?
Is not E'en death a gain to those
Whose life to God was given?
Gladly to earth their eyes they close
To open them in heaven.
By the fount of living waters
Flowing fair through endless years,
The Redeemer leads his loved ones,
With their eyes undimmed by tears.
Sacred fount of living waters!
Holy, white robed angel throng!
Blessed hope that we may join him
By and by in that sweet song above!
Died, our esteemed fellow citizen, John Vandruff, Esq., after aprotracted illness, passed from earth-life to the city unseen, Fridayevening, October 5, aged 76 years, 11 months and 23 days.
Mr. Vandruff was born in Waynesburg, Penn., November 12, 1817. He wentwith his parents to Rock Island, Illinois in 1827, and during theIndian war took refuge in the Fort, from its perils. In 1850 he wasunited in marriage with Miss Melissa Hunter. In their home were bornnine sons and three daughters. Two were taken away in infancy, and ason, Oscar Nelson, in his twenty-second year. Four of the sons havehomes and families, and also one daughter, all residing here exceptSherman, who lives in Riley county, one daughter remaining at home withher mother. The children were all at the funeral.
Among the early settlers. having located here in 1868, he has beenwidely and favorably known as an upright and honorable citizen, a justand generous man.
But a few months ago he made a public profession of faith as a followerof Christ and during his last months of feebleness was sustained by aserene trust in the goodness and mercy of God.
The funeral services were conducted by Dr. E. S. Healy, in the UnitedBrethren Church, of which he was an esteemed member. The large assemblyof citizens who crowded every nook and corner of the the church, andlistened at the window and door, gave evidence of the honor andfraternal regard in which their hearts enshrined
him. The tender sympathies of all are given to the bereaved widow, andto the sons and daughters.
The bereaved wife and mother, the sons, daughters and immediaterelatives, hereby express their gratitude for the kind (illegible) ofmany friends who have assisted them in numerous ways during the illnessand death of husband and father.
Mrs. Vandruff and children

Transcription of Obituary
From undated and unidentified newspaper
In the collection of Rose Vandruff Balao
John Vandruff's Death
We missed the always pleasant meeting and friendly hand shaking withour old time friend John Vandruff.
After a short illness, being afflicted with partial paralysis, heclosed his eyes to all of earth as if passing into a sweet sleep. Hewas for many years a great sufferer though always cheerful, patient,kind and friendly to all. So enemies he had not one while with the busyworld he ran, nor when life's work was done.
He lived to the age of about eighty seven years; about twenty years ofwhich time, he resided on a farm adjoining McLouth. He recently soldhis farm and built a most charming home in the town, where he died. Heleaves a very large family of grown children and his good wife to mourntheir loss. Elmer the youngest son and Lillie the youngest daughter,two most dutiful and noble children, are at home at present to remainand comfort the declining years of their most excellent and tendermother.
They are enduring their sad bereavement in a calm and philosophical way- resigned to the fact that death is the common portion of all living;realizing that sooner or later all of us must meet that dreadedmessenger that calls us to man's final destiny.

Burial: October 1894, McLouth Cemetery, McLouth, KS
Fact 1: July1998, Printed book, "Descendants of John W. Vandruff",sent to Jefferson County, KS Genealogical
Fact 2: May 01, 1843, Filed land patent, Doc. 8510-5/7, S/N IL4450.035,in IL151
Fact 3: April 01, 1845, Filed land patent, Doc. 14458, S/N IL4510.090,in IL151
Moved: 1827, (With parents) to Rock Island, IL152
Obituary: On file 3/12/94
Extraction from the 1900 Federal Census
McLouth, Jefferson County, Kansas
Series: T623 Roll: 483 Page: 364
Supv. Dist. 1, ED 81, Sheet 1-A
Line 22, Dwelling 6, Family 6
June 1, 1900
Vandruff, (illegible), b. Mar, 1834, age 66, wid., 12 children, 7living, b. (illegible), father b. (illegible), mother b. (illegible)
Clark, Lillian, dau., b. Feb. 1876, age 24, marr., 2 children, 1living, b. (illegible), father b. (illegible), mother b. (illegible)
Clark, William H., s-inlaw, b. Mar. 1872, age 28, b. (illegible),father b. PA, mother b. IN, barber
Clark, Luella A., b. May 1899, age 1, b. KS, father b. (illegible),mother b. (illegible)

Extraction from the 1910 Federal Census
McLouth, Jefferson County, Kansas
Series: T624 Roll: 442 Page: 157
Supv. Dist. 1, ED 80, Sheet 3-B
Line 85, Dwelling 77, Family 77
April 18, 1910
Vandruff, Melissa, age 75, wid., b. IN, father b. IN, mother b. IN
Vandruff, Elmer M., age 36, marr. 1, 13 yrs., b. KS, father b. PA,mother b. IN, laborer
Vandruff, Anna M., d-in-law, age 37, marr. 1, 13 yrs., b. KS, father b.PA, mother b. IN

Transcription of Obituary
From the McLouth Times
McLouth, Kansas
(Jefferson County)
(date of issue not recorded)
Mrs. Melissa Hunter-Van Druff was born May 2nd, 1834, near Rising Sun,Indiana, and died at McLouth, Kansas, Feb. 16, 1921, at 8 o'clock inthe evening, at the ripe age of 86 years, 9 months and 14 days. She hadbeen ailing all winter and death came only after a long struggleagainst it.
Mrs. Van Druff moved with her parents to Rock Island County, Illinois,at 12 years of age, where she was later married to John Van Druff, June16, 1850.
They moved to Kansas in October, 1868, where Mr. Van Druff died Oct. 5,1894. To them were born 12 children, 7 of whom are living; Martin,John, Will, Pliny, Elmer, and Mrs. Etta Reardon, and Mrs. Lillian Clark.
A number of greatchildren, great-grandchildren, and also 4great-great-grandchildren survive her, Mrs. Van Druff was the last ofher own, the Hunter family, as well as the Van Druff family.
Mrs. Van Druff was converted and joined the Methodist church at 14years of age; later, about 1862, she became a member of the UnitedBrethren church in Illinois, transferring her membership here in anearly day. She loved the church and has been a faithful member of itfor many years. Of late years she has kept up with the Home Departmentof the Sunday School, constantly studying her lessons. She leaves agood influence in pointing others to a better life. She always saw thegood and not the evil, was patient in the extreme, a good neighbor.
Mrs. Van Druff was a good mother, her children hardly realizing howoften she was on her knees praying for them. So often she could notrest at night and would spend the time praying for her children, thatthey would meet her in heaven, many times she sang at night. The daybefore her death she repeated the song, "Come thou fount of everyblessing, Tune my heart to sing thy praise." Just a few hours beforeher death she was calling on God in prayer. She knew many songs of theyears ago. Just lately she said, "Oh, there are so many good songs butI can't remember them anymore," and so she has gone, another of God'schildren.

Transcription of Obituary
From undated and unidentified newspaper
In the collection of Rose Vandruff Balao
Grandma Vandruff Dies
Mrs. Melissa Vandruff died last night at 7:40, following a longillness. She had been rapidly sinking for several days and most of herchildren were near her bedside during the last days. She was about 82years of age.
Funeral arrangements had not been made at the time of going to press.

Burial: February 1921, McLouth Cemetery, McLouth, KS152
Member: United Brethren Church, McLouth, KS152
Moved: 1846, ( With parents) to Rock Island County, IL152
Obituary: On file 3/12/94

76. i. MARTIN LUTHER4 VANDRUFF, b. March30, 1851, Milan, Rock Island, Illinois; d. November 21, 1933, McLouth,Jefferson, Kansas.
77. ii. MARIETTA VANDRUFF, "ETTIE", b.January 06, 1853, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois; d. November 23,1925, McLouth, Jefferson, Kansas.
iii. PAULINA VANDRUFF, b. December 16,1854, Milan, Rock Island, Illinois~~153; d. November 02, 1855, Milan,Rock Island, Illinois~~153.

Burial: November 1855, Dickson Cemetery, Rock Island, IL153

78. iv. JOHN WESLEY VANDRUFF, JR., b.September 20, 1856, Milan, Rock Island, Illinois; d. June 11, 1929,McLouth, Jefferson, Kansas.
v. SILAS DEANGELOS VANDRUFF, b. September24, 1858, Milan, Rock Island, Illinois154; d. August 27,1915,McLouth, Jefferson, Kansas154.

Transcription of Obituary
From the McLouth Times
McLouth, Kansas
(Jefferson County)
Friday, September 3, 1915
Silas D. Vandruff passed away Friday, August 27th, at 9:30 A.M., afteran illness of more than two years. He came to Kansas when a small boyand enjoyed the friendship of a large circle of friends. He wasespecially well liked among the children and appreciated their company.
Silas D. Vandruff was born September 24, 1858, at Milan, Rock Islandcounty, Illinois, and died August 27, 1915 at McLouth, Kansas. Aged 56years, 11 months and 3 days. He was the third son of John and MelissaVandruff who came to Kansas in the early days and located in Jeffersoncounty on a fine farm property just
north of what is now McLouth city limits.
The father and one brother have preceded him to the great beyond. Fortwo years he was a patient sufferer from heart trouble. He was a memberof the Baptist church and also held a membership in the A. F. and A. M.and I. O. O. F. lodges.
He leaves an aged mother, Mrs. Melissa Vandruff, six brothers, M. L.,J. W., and P. E., of McLouth, P. W., of Keits, S. D., of Leonardsvilleand Elmer of Kansas City and two sisters, Mrs. J. P. Reardon ofCimeron, Kansas, and Mrs. W. H. Clark of McLouth, also many otherrelatives and a host of sorrowing friends to mourn their loss.
Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon in the Baptist churchconducted by his pastor, Rev. E. O. Rogers, assisted by Rev. Swezey ofthe U. B. church. The music was furnished by a mixed quartette composedof Misses Dollie Glynn and Synthia Woodhead, Messrs Cronemeyer and W.Guest, with Miss Ella Jones at the piano.
Interment was made in the Union cemetery.
We take this means of thanking the friends and neighbors for theirassistance and kindness during the sickness of our son and brother.
We especially desire to thank those who furnished the music and membersof the local A. F. and A. M., I. O. O. F. and K. and L. of S. lodges,also the Larned I. O. O. F. lodge and others for their floral offerings.
Mrs. Melissa Vandruff & Family

1900 Census, Vol. 1, E.D. 20, Sheet 8, Line 34
Nelson Hunter, Head of Family
Born, December, 1837, age 62, in Indiana
Anderson County, Lone Elm (illegible)
Other members of Family
Hunter, Gelpha F. Wife, born Nov. 1839, age 60, in Pennsylvania
Hunter, Elsie M. Dau. born June 1881, age 18, in Illinois
Vandruff, Silas , nephew, born April 1858, age 42, in Illinois

Burial: August 29, 1915, McLouth Cemetery, McLouth, KS154
Member: Baptist church, McLouth, KS154
Obituary: On file 3/14/94
Occupation: Farmer155

vi. EZRA D. VANDRUFF, b. December 11,1860, Milan, Rock Island, Illinois156; d. August 20, 1862,McLouth,Jefferson, Kansas157.

Burial: August 1862, Unknown

79. vii. PERRY WILLIAM VANDRUFF,("WILBERT?"), b. April 10, 1863, Milan, Rock Island, Illinois; d.August 20, 1943, Clay Center, Clay, Kansas.
80. viii. SHERMAN DAILEY VANDRUFF, b.April 29, 1865, Milan, Rock Island, Illinois; d. April 01, 1918,Clayton, Union, New Mexico.
81. ix. PLINY ETHELBERT VANDRUFF, b. March22, 1868, Milan, Rock Island, Illinois; d. Abt. October 1941, McLouth,Jefferson, Kansas.
x. OSCAR NELSON VANDRUFF, b. Abt. 1870,McLouth, Jefferson, Kansas158; d. February 09, 1892,McLouth,Jefferson, Kansas158.

Transcription of Obituary
From the McLouth Times
McLouth, Kansas
(Jefferson County)
Friday, February 12, 1892
Oscar Nelson Vandruff, son of John and Melissa Vandruff, died at hishome near the city, Tuesday morning, February 9, 1892, aged 21 years, 7months and 9 days. He was converted during his last illness, joined theUnited Brethren church on profession, and received the ordinances ofbaptism on January 16, 1892.
Nelson, as he was known, had not been well for some time past, butdeath was not thought to be so near, but his disease developed intoquick consumption which completed its work on the date above named.
Our acquaintance with him was limited to an occasional meeting. Butduring his sickness which took him away, was with him almost every day,and was at his bedside at death. Seldom do we witness a greater victoryfor Christ. The last two days were perhaps the happiest of his life,for he often spoke of being so happy and while in the throes of death,and could no longer speak, he very likely would have said:
What is this that steals, that steals upon my frame?
Is it death? Is it death?
That soon shall quench, shall quench this vital frame.
Is it death? Is it death?
If this be death, I soon shall be
From every pain and sorrow free.
I shall the King of glory see,
All is well! All is well!
Hark! Hark! My Lord, my Lord and Master calls me,
All is well! All is well!
I shall soon see, shall see His face in glory,
All is well! All is well!
Farewell dear friends, adieu, adieu,
I can no longer stay with you,
My glittering crown appears in view,
All is well! All is well!
The funeral taking place at 11 A.M., Thursday, February 11, 1892 fromthe United Brethren church,
conducted by the pastor.

Baptism: January 26, 1892, At United Brethren Church, McLouth, KS159
Burial: February 11, 1892, McLouth Cemetery, McLouth, KS159
Member: United Brethren Church, McLouth, KS160
Obituary: On file 3/21/94

82. xi. ELMER MARION VANDRUFF, b. July 16,1873, McLouth, Jefferson, Kansas; d. May 06, 1947, Kansas City,Jackson, Missouri.
83. xii. LILLIAN LUELLA VANDRUFF, b.February 14, 1876, McLouth, Jefferson, Kansas; d. August 25, 1964,McLouth, Jefferson, Kansas.