Decendants ofJoshua R. Van Druff

31. JOSHUA R.3 VAN DRUFF (HENRY2VANDRUFF, JR., HENRY1) was born March 31, 1837 in GreeneCounty, Pennsylvania298, and died March 30, 1885 in ValleyFalls, Jefferson,Kansas299. He married MARY FRANCIS LYNCH March 22, 1863 inJackson County, Kansas300. She was bornOctober 03, 1847 in Boxley, Hamilton, Indiana301, and diedApril 03, 1926 in Valley Falls, Jefferson,Kansas301.

Extraction from
1875 Kansas Census
Copy provided by Rose Vandruff Balao
Jefferson County, Delaware Township
Dwelling 201, Post Office, Valley Falls
Vandruff, J., age 38, farmer, b. PA, to KS from PA
Mary, age 28, b. IN, to KS from IN
W. M., (male)age 11, b. MT, to KS from ID
Maria, age 9, b. ID, to KS from ID
M.S., (male) b. ID, to KS from ID
Geo. H., age 5, b. KS
Annie, age 2, b. KS

Extraction from 1880 Federal Census
Online at www.familysearch.org
Delaware, Jefferson, Kansas
Family History Library Film 1254383
NA Film Number T9-0383
Page Number 172B
Joshua VANDRUFF Self M Male W 43 PA Farmer PA PA
Mary VANDRUFF Wife M Female W 33 IN Keeping House IN IN
Wm. Henry VANDRUFF Son S Male W 15 KS At Home PA IN
Mariah VANDRUFF Dau S Female W 13 KS At Home PA IN
George VANDRUFF Son S Male W 10 KS At Home PA IN
Melissa VANDRUFF Dau S Female W 7 KS PA IN
Louis VANDRUFF Son S Male W 2 KS PA IN

Transcription of Biographical Sketch
From History of the State of Kanses
By William G. Cutler
A. T. Andreas, Chicago, Illinois, 1883
J. VANDRUFF, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 24, P. O. Valley Falls,is a native of Pennsylvania, and was born in Greene County, March 31,1837; was there reared and learned thecarpenter's trade. Early in life he engaged in stock-driving betweenChicago and Philadelphia. In 1857 he came toKansas, locating at Valley Falls; worked at his trade as contractor andcarpenter for a number of years, erecting anumber of the first buildings. For a number of years he has beenengaged in agricultural pursuits. During the warhe was a member of the State militia. He was married, in 1863, to MissMary Lynch, of Indiana. They have had sixchildren--William H., Maria F., George H., Melissa A., Lucius M., andlost one, Marian. Mr. V. is a member ofthe I. O. O. F., Crescent Lodge, No. 86.

Transcription of Biographical sketch from
Portrait and Biographical Record of Jefferson
and Pottawatomie Counties, Kansas
Published by Chapman Bros., Chicago, Illinois
JOSHUA R. VAN DRUFF, now deceased, was a most worthy citizen and hadmany warm friends in Jefferson County, being esteemed and respected byall who knew him. He was one ofthe old settlers of the county, of which he first became a resident in1858, and to which he returned in1868 after having spent a few years in the Northwest. He then located amile west of Valley Falls, and during theremainder of his life was engaged in tilling the soil, holding a rankamong the most progressive andfinancially successful agriculturists of the section.
His death took place on the farm, March 30, 1885, his sorrowing familyhaving the sympathy of a large circle in their sad bereavement.
Mr. Van Druff was born in Greene County, Pa., March 31, 1837, and was ason of Henry and Olive (Rinehart) Van Druff. His father was also anative of Greene County and lived nearWaynesburg, where he was engaged in tilling the soil until too old foractive employment. The motherdeparted this life some years since. The parental family comprised ninechildren, of whom six now survive. They are Mrs.Elizabeth Chaffin, Mrs. Minerva Marchant, Mrs. Matilda Lippencott, Mrs.Orpha Smith, Maria, and Mrs.Margaret Zimmerman. One son, Henry C., died from the effects of a woundreceived during the late war;another son, John, went to California in 1851, and as the family neverheard directly from him they supposed him to bedead.
The subject of our sketch was reared upon the home farm and educated inthe common schools. He worked for a few years at the trade of acarpenter, and spent a few years in thegold mines of Idaho and Montana, whither he went in 1864, and where hemade considerable money. The greater part ofhis life, however, was spent in agricultural pursuits.
In Jackson County, Kan., ten miles west of Valley Falls, on March 22,1863, Mr. Van Druff was united in marriage with Miss Mary Lynch. Thebride's mother, whose maiden namewas Malinda Tansy, died when her daughter, Mary, was quite small,leaving two daughters, of whom Mrs.Van Druff is the elder; the other, Mrs.
Sarah Chilson, now lives in Oregon. Mr. Lynch subsequently married MissMartha Whitecotton, who bore him eight children. Of the latter, fiveare now living. They are Mrs. AnnMcReynolds, Amos, Sylvester, William and John. One died in infancy,Jane, at the age of twenty-two years, andElsie, Mrs. Bennie, at the age of twenty years.
To Mr. and Mrs. Van Druff seven children were born, who bear the namesrespectively of William H., Maria F., Marion C., George H., Annie M.,Lucius M., and Edith Belle. Mariamarried Charles Swisher, of Salina, Kan.; Marion is deceased. On Nov.18, 1886, Mrs. Van Druff removed to ValleyFalls where she has since lived,
educating her children. She is a lady of more than ordinaryintelligence. A loving and efficient helpmate during her husband'slife, she is striving to fill his place as well as herown in the management of her worldly affairs and the training of thechildren who are left to her care, and admirablyshe is carrying out his wishes and continuing the work which he hadbegun.

Transcription of Obituary
From the Valley Falls Vindicator
Valley Falls, Kansas
(Jefferson County)
Thursday, April 2, 1885
The news of the death of Joshua Vandruff, who resided on his farm abouta wile west of Valley Falls, was received throughout the community withprofound regret. He had beensuffering from malaria two or three months, but it was not dreamed thathis ailment would terminate fatallyuntil almost the fatal hour arrived. The case was under the care of Dr.L. Northrup, who gave it the mostcareful and skillful attention. But the disease, which took the form ofbrain fever on Saturday proved too stubborn toyield to the treatment usually given in such cases, and the attendingphysician thought best to hold a consultationwith other physicians. So Dr. Weaver, of Leavenworth, and Dr. Hunt, ofthis city, were called in Mondayafternoon, but the patient was beyond human aid, and passed away about7 o'clock the same evening.
Mr. Vandruff was one of the pioneer settlers of this place, and hadamassed quite a competency of this world's goods, owning at the time ofhis death one of the most attractive andvaluable homesteads in Jefferson county. He leaves a large family andnumerous acquaintances to mourn his departure.
The funeral took place Wednesday forenoon at 10 o'clock, conducted bythe Turners. A. L. Myers delivered a short funeral oration.

Transcription of Biographical sketch from
History of the State of Kansas
(Jefferson County)
Published by A. T. Andreas, Chicago, Illinois
J. VANDRUFF, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 24, P.O. Valley Falls, isa native of Pennsylvania, and was born in Greene County, March 31,1837, and was there reared and learned thecarpenter's trade. Early in life he engaged in stock-driving betweenChicago and Philadelphia. In 1857 hecame to Kansas, locating at Valley Falls; worked at his trade ascontractor and carpenter for a number of years,erecting a number of the first buildings.
For a number of years he has been engaged in agricultural pursuits.During the war he was a member of the State militia. He was married, in1863, to Miss Mary Lynch, of Indiana. Theyhave had six children - William H., Maria F., George H., Melissa A.,Lucius M., and lost one, Marion. Mr.V. is a member of the I.O.O.F., Crescent Lodge No. 86.

Transcription of Obituary
From The Valley Falls Register
Valley Falls, Kansas
(Jefferson County)
Friday, April 3, 1885
Died at his residence half a mile west of the city, Monday, March 30,1885, at 7:15 p.m. Joshua Vandruff, aged 48 years, of inflammation ofthe brain superinduced by malarial poison.He had not been feeling well for several days and Saturday morning wasstricken with convulsions. Drs. Northrupand Hunt were called; but from the start deemed it a hopeless case. Oneor the other of the physicians wasconstantly at his bedside, until death came to his relief. The funeraloccurred Wednesday at 10 a.m. the Turners, ofwhich society he was an honorary member, took charge. Appropriate musicwas furnished by a choir and the newcity Cornet band. Following is the oration of Hon. L. A. Myers on theoccasion.
In the presence of the dead, nothing could be more beautiful andappropriate than the solemn notes of the dirge which has just beenrendered. After that, reverential silence is moreeloquent than words. But at the request of the friends of the deceased,I feel constrained to state a few factsconnected with the life, death, and aspirations of our departed friend.Joshua Vandruff was born in Greene County,Pennsylvania, March 31, 1837, and came to Kansas in 1857. In the Springof 1864 he removed to Montana, and fromthence to Idaho. After an absence of more than four years, he returnedto Kansas in September, 1868,purchased, settled upon and improved the farm upon which he has residedto the time of his death. On the morning ofSaturday last he was taken suddenly ill, and soon became unconscious -in which condition he remained, withperhaps brief intermissions, until Monday evening 7 o'clock, when hepassed quietly away.
Under no circumstances is death a welcome visitor. Whether it comes tothe young, the middle aged, or to those who have attained to theallotted span of three score and ten - whetherit comes suddenly and unexpectedly, or after a lingering illness -boldly in the broad light of day, orstealthily like a thief in the night - it finds its victims more orless unprepared - and seems like a cruel blow to survivingrelatives and friends. Death is a great mystery.
To the ignorant and the superstitious it is a great terror. To theintelligent and the thoughtful it is but a step forward and upward - adays journey, that transports us to a country ofbrighter skies, and greener fields, and more congenial companionship,an advance on the line of that infiniteand eternal progression which leads toward
ultimate perfection. There comes upon the face of the dead a look ofcontentment and repose that is susceptible of no other interpretation.It may be natural for us that are leftbehind, but must so soon follow, to mourn the departure of our lovedones - but it cannot be otherwise than that allis well with these who have gone before.
The processes of nature are slow but sure. No more unphilosophical ideaever entered the mind of man, than the doctrine that we pass from thislife, at a single bound, to a conditionof everlasting bliss, or everlasting woe - and that further progress isimpossible. The best thinkers believe, notthat there is this life and another one merely - but that an unendingprocession of cycles of change, of development andadvancement carries us forward in the future as we are carried from thecradle to the grave. No other theoryis in harmony with our past experience. No other theory would justifyour high hopes and our great aspirations. Noother theory can satisfactorily account even for our present existence.Accepting this theory, how confidentlywe may look forward to the future! What encouragement it affords us topress forward in all the avenues oflearning and of knowledge! How it dignifies and exalts our commonhumanity! It is well known that our departedentertained liberal and enlightened views on all these subjects. Thoseof us who have been intimately associatedwith him - who are familiar with his vigorous modes of thought and hiskeen intellect - and those who have studiedand discussed these momentous questions with him, can well imagine thathe met the grim messenger with a manlycourage and an unfaltering trust.
Acting as he did upon the theory that what a man does is of vastly moreconsequence than what he believes - our friend could be no other thanwhat he was - an honest man and a modelcitizen. Industrious, liberal, temperate, public spirited, out-spoken -no man possessed in greater degree theconfidence, esteem and respect of his neighbors and acquaintenances.
Stricken down so suddenly, in the very meridian of his manhood, just ashe was prepared to enjoy the competence resulting from years ofenterprise and labor - it seems hard indeed!But such things have been and will be again.
The lesson ought to impress itself upon us all. Not that we mustabandon our daily avocations and demurely fold our hands and likefrightened children in the night, expect and dreadthe final summons - but arranging our affairs as best we may for thebenefit of those we must leave behind - enjoyingto the fullest measure in every rational way the life we are living - amere span though it may be - let usalso, as did our friend, by philosophical thought and contemplation ridourselves of all superstitious fears, andcultivate that manly courage that will enable each of us to approachthe grave "as one who wraps the drapery of his couchabout him, and lies down to pleasant dreams. - "

Biographical sketch: On file 2/26/1994302
Burial: April 01, 1885, Rose Hill Cemetery, Valley Falls, KS303
Fact 1: Photo on file (provided by Helen Davis Gaede)
Fact 2: Probate documents on file (died intestate)
Fact 3: August 1998, Printed "Ancestors of Joshua R. Van Druff" forJefferson Co. Gen Soc.
Member: I.O.O.F. Crescent Lodge No. 86304
Moved: 1857, From Greene County, PA to Kansas305
Obituary: On file 1/7/95
Occupation: Farmer, contractor, carpenter306

Transcription of Obituary
From the Valley Falls Vindicator
Valley Falls, Kansas
(Jefferson County)
Friday, April 16, 1926
Mrs. George W. Hull was born on October 3, 1847, at Boxley, Indiana anddeparted this life on April 3, 1926, aged 78 years and 6 months. Shewas united in marriage to JoshuaVanDruff on March 22nd, 1863, and to this union were born sevenchildren; Wm. H., Marie F., Marion C., George R.,Anna, Lucius M., Belle E. Her husband and two of these childrenpreceded her in death.
On September 5, 1894, she was united in marriage with George W. Hull ofValley Falls, Kansas. Mr. Hull was called to his reward on September10, 1910, leaving her a widow for asecond time.
She leaves to mourn her departure four children, who were present atthe funeral; one step-son, six grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren anda host of friends.
Services were held at the Federated church on Thursday afternoon at 2o'clock, conducted by Rev. I. N. Reid; and interment was in the localcemetery.
We wish to thank all our friends and neighbors for their kind sympathyand assistance, also their beautiful floral offerings extended to usduring the illness and death of our dearmother.
Mrs. Elmer M. VanDruff
Mrs. George F. Davis
Mr. Geo. H. VanDruff
Marie F. Swisher

Burial: April 15, 1926, Rose Hill Cemetery, Valley Falls, KS307
Fact 1: Photo on file (provided by Helen Davis Gaede)
Obituary: On file 2/26/94

Marriage Notes for JOSHUA VAN DRUFF and MARY LYNCH:
Transcription of Text
From Jackson County, Kansas record book,
Volume unknown, page 54, from
the collection of Esther Vandruff McAfee
This is to certify that Joshua R. Vandruff and Mary F. Lynch was by methe undersigned legally united in the Bonds of Matrimony on the 22ndday of March Anno Domini 1863.
J. W. Williams, J.P (seal)
of Douglas (illegible) Jackson County, Kansas
Filed for record April 6, 1863
and recorded May 8th 1863
by Amos Landon

Children of JOSHUA VAN DRUFF and MARY LYNCH are:

i. WILLIAM HENRY4 VANDRUFF, b. December25, 1863, Valley Falls,Jefferson, Kansas308; d. July 16, 1945, Los Angeles, LosAngeles, California309; m. MARY WISELY, December 14,1885, Oskaloosa, Jefferson, Kansas310; b. Unknown, Unknown;d. Unknown, Unknown.

Transcription of
Extract from Index to Indian Wars
Pension Files
Volume II: L-Z
transcribed by Virgil D. White
The National Historical Publishing Company
Waynesboro, Tennessee
page 1586
VANDRUFF, William H., SA-1622329 CA 24 Aug 1928, srv 1885-94 7th US Inf& 6th US Cav.

Extraction from
1920 Census
Vol. 56, ED 415, sheet 8, line 47
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA
Vandruff, William H. (lodger) age 57, b. KS, father b. PA, mother b. INenumerated with Edgar Shaw

Extraction from the 1930 Federal Census
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
Roll T626_164, page 13-A, ED 747
Vandruff, William H., age 67, b. KS, lodger

Extraction from Pension Records
of William Henry Vandruff
Sheet entitled "Prospective Legal Heirs"
dated Nov. 9, 1934
Brothers & Sisters
Mrs. Maria Swisher, Enterprise, Kansas
Melissa Vandruff, add. unknown, Bell, Married name & add. unknown
George & Louis add. unknown

Extraction from interments at
Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, California
Via www.interment.net
Vandruff, William Henry, b. 12/25/1863, d. 07/16/1945, CAL 6TH REGTCAV, Plot: 191 6 R E, bur. 07/19/1945,

Burial: July 19, 1945, Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA,Plot: 191 6 R E311
Fact 1: August 20, 1928, Applied for Indian Wars pension and collectedsame312
Fact 2: Pension files say born in KS, 1875 Census says MT313
Military service: Pension File No. SA-1622329 & SC-A11/21/28, filed8/24/1928314
Moved: Abt. 1909, To Los Angeles, CA, worked as a cook315

Burial: Unknown, Unknown

Possible listing
From the Colorado Divorce Index
Respondent VANDRUFF, WILLIE Decree Date 12/12/1899
Docket # 002912 Decree Type Divorce

125. ii. MARIA FRANCIS VANDRUFF, b.November 19, 1865, Unknown,Montana; d. November 13, 1940, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.
iii. MARION C. VANDRUFF, b. December 16,1867, Unknown, Montana316;d. February 14, 1876, Valley Falls, Jefferson, Kansas317.

Burial: February 1876, Rose Hill Cemetery, Valley Falls, KS317
Fact 1: Family Bible says born in MT, 1875 Census says ID318

iv. GEORGE H. VANDRUFF, b. February 13,1870, Valley Falls, Jefferson,Kansas319; d. January 01, 1931, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon320;m. EFFIE L. SPENCER, Unknown,Unknown; b. July 16, 1876, McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon321;d. August 25, 1945, Long Beach, LosAngeles, California321.

Extraction from the 1930 Federal Census
Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon
Roll T626_1949, page 2-B, ED 23
Vandruff, George, age 60, b. KS
Vandruff, Effie, age 54, b (?)

Burial: January 06, 1931, Unknown cemetery, Amity, OR322
Occupation: January 01, 1931, Apartment owner322

POSSIBLE CA Death Index listing
Effie L. Vandruff
Spouse's initials: GV
D. 8/24/45
La County, CA

Burial: August 28, 1945, Sunnyside Mausoleum, Los Angeles County,CA323
Occupation: Apartment house owner323

126. v. ANNA MELISSA VANDRUFF, b.September 12, 1872, Valley Falls,Jefferson, Kansas; d. November 29, 1947, Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri.
vi. LUCIUS MARCHANT VANDRUFF, b. April 12,1878, Valley Falls,Jefferson, Kansas324; d. January 13, 1911, Valley Falls,Jefferson, Kansas324; m. AUSTA MUSA COWAN, June 17,1904, Valley Falls, Jefferson, Kansas325; b. September 1875,Unknown, Kansas326; d. Unknown,Unknown.

Extraction from the 1910 Federal Census
Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado
Series: T624 Roll: 124 Page: 146
Dwelling 127
April 20, 1910
Vandruff, Lucius M., age 32, b. KS, Father b. PA, mother b. IN, marr. 5yrs., physician
Vandruff, Austa M., age 33, b. KS, father b. PA, mother b. KS, marr. 5yrs. 0 children

Transcription of Obituary
from the Valley Falls New Era
Valley Falls, Kansas
(Jefferson County)
Thursday, January 19, 1911
Death of Dr. Lucius Vandruff
After a lingering illness Dr. Lucius M. Vandruff died at the home ofhis mother, Mrs. Mary F. Hull, in Valley Falls, Friday noon Jan. 13,1911, aged 32 years, 9 months and one day.The cause of his death was tuberculosis of six years standing.
Lucius, a younger son of Joshua and Mary F. Vandruff, was born on theVandruff farm one mile west of Valley Falls April 12, 1878. His fatherdied when Lucius was only sevenyears of age. He was educated in the Valley Falls schools, graduatingfrom the High school in 1898.
He attended the State University two years and after a four year coursegraduated in 1904 from Rush Medical College, Chicago. The same year Dr.Lucius Vandruff was married to MissAusta Musa Cowan at Valley Falls, June 17.
They located at Humboldt, Kans., where he gained a large practice, butat the end of a year, his health failing, they went to Oregon remainingthere eighteen months, his health beingmuch improved. Returning to Humboldt he again engaged in the practiceof his profession with thereputation of being a conscientious and
successful physician. At a fire in their residence he overtaxed hisstrength and fell sick. He was advised to seek another climate. Hetried Arizona a few months after which theylocated at Pueblo, Col., where his faithful wife taught school. But hishealth continued to fail and lastfall he came to Valley Falls to be with his mother, in his last days,his wife resigning her school to join him.
He joined the Congregational church at Valley Falls at the age of 11years. When they moved to Humboldt he, with his wife, joined thePresbyterian church there, of which hewas a member in good standing at the time of his death.
The funeral was held from the Hull home in Valley Falls Sundayafternoon, Dr. Dysinger of the Lutheran church officiating at theservices in the presence of friends of thefamily.
By request of his wife the choir sang "Crossing the Bar", expressive ofhis sentiment while in the shadows.
The burial was in the family lot in Rose Hill cemetery.
In their great loss, the bereaved wife and mother have the fullsympathy of many friends.
We desire to thank our friends for their kindness and sympathy in thehour of our bereavement.
Mrs. Austa Musa Vandruff
Mrs. Mary F. Hull
Mrs. Anna Vandruff

Ed. Note: Probably named after DR. LUCIUS A. MARCHAND, prominentphysician of Fayette County, PA, descended from a long line of MARCHANDphysicians, married to MinervaVan Druff, daughter of Henry Vandruff, Jr.

Burial: January 15, 1911, Rose Hill Cemetery, Valley Falls, KS327
Education: 1898, Attended Kansas State University328
Graduation: 1898, Valley Falls High School328
Member: Presbyterian Church, Humboldt, KS328
Obituary: On file 11/23/94
Occupation: Physician328

127. vii. EDITH BELLE VANDRUFF, b.November 18, 1884, Valley Falls,Jefferson, Kansas; d. July 24, 1927, McPherson, McPherson, Kansas.