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The Borough of Stoneboro, named after Amasa Stone, was incorporated on August 26, 1866. This was in response to a petition filed by the major landowner, the Mercer Iron & Coal Company, along with the signatures of 103 local residents.

This enterprising place, situated on the beautiful sheet of water known as Sandy Lake, was first settled as early as 1825 by a colony of colored people. After a lapse of time this republic of Liberia gradually disintegrated, so that by the middle of the present century but one lone specimen of the sons of Ham remained. His tastes were commercial in character, and consequently from his hut on the lakeside he retailed cigars and whiskey to those disposed to patronize him. The land on which this Negro colony lived was ultimately sold to Messr. John F. Hogue and William Shields, who, in turn, sold it in 1862 to Jeremiah Bonner and the Mercer Iron and Coal Company, Bonner purchasing Hogue's interest, and the company that of Shield. J. M. Goodwin, now a resident of Sharpsville, surveyed these lands and laid out the village of Stoneboro in 1865, on territory belonging to both Lake and Sandy Lake Township.

The location of the town is one of great beauty, especially as viewed from the opposite shore of Sandy Lake, although the smoke arising from the burning of refuse from the coal mines is anything but pleasant, and does not help the picture any. But, naturally, the lake, the cozy village, nestled at the foot of the hills, themselves form a picturesque page in the panorama we see in traveling over the county.  The place is a great resort or picnic parties, who find plenty of craft at the boat houses, in which to take a row, sail or steamer ride, on the clear waters of the beautiful lake, the north shore of which is dry, and covered with forest trees, beneath which no person can fail to enjoy himself, nor find any lack of variety with which to make the time pass pleasantly

Source: History of Mercer County: its past and present,1888, pages 467 - 472
Borough Firsts
First house - built by Jeremiah Bonner in 1866.
First merchant - W. H. Bonner. He had a frame building on the corner of Lake and Walnut Streets. The building has since been destroyed. Mr. Bonner is deceased. His father, Jeremiah Bonner, was one of the pioneers of the place.
First Blacksmith Shop - was the property of James Lisle.
First Wagon Shop - William Beatty
First Physician - Dr. D. A. Philips. He is now in Sheakleyville.
First Postmaster - Robert P. Cann, now secretary and general manager of the Mercer Iron and Coal Company
The first election of Borough officers was held on the third Friday of March, 1867, Frank W. Hubley acting as judge, and Samuel Hines and Evan Evans as inspectors. The principal borough offers in 1867 were Burgess: H. B. Blood; Council: F. M. Finney, J. C. Cornwell, J. C. Nolan, A. S. Troop, Samuel Custer; Clerk: J. A. B. Atwater
The Methodist Episcopal Congregation - organized winter of 1869
The First Baptist Church of Stoneboro - organized October 1870
The Catholic Church - celebrated first mass about 1864
The Presbyterian Church - organized November 1878
St. Paul's Primitive Methodist Church - organized January 1879
The first school-house was built in 1868. As of 1888, the number of schools in the borough is four, with a property valued at $3,600. The school children number 312 - 133 being males and 179 females
Amasa Stone Slave Cemetery aka "Freedom Road Cemetery"
St. Columbkill Cemetery
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railways with branch traffic on the New Castle and Franklin, and the Jamestown and Franklin.
The railroads have a fine passenger depot, and a large number of tracks; a branch also runs to the mines, for the accommodation of the Mercer Iron and Coal Company.
The business at the Stoneboro station is extensive, the principal commodity handled being the coal shipped by the Mercer Iron and Coal Company.
Secret Societies
Keystone Mutual Relief Association - chartered April 17, 1880
Lake Lodge No. 434, F & A. M. - instituted January 24, 1869
Lake Lodge No. 1363, I. O. G. T. - organized and chartered November 1, 1879
Lake Lodge No. 1193, K. & L. of H. - instituted October 20, 1886
Sandy Lake Circle No. 16, P. H. C. - instituted August 1 , 1887
Stoneboro Lodge No. 458, K. of P. - was instituted August 15, 1878
Stoneboro Lodge No. 501, I. O. O. F. - instituted December 18, 1882
Stoneboro Union No. 376, E. A. U. - organized December 1, 1881
  • Sandy Lake Ice Co. though in existence for a number of years previous, was not formed into a partnership association until 6 September 1882.
  • Stoneboro Milling Co. was incorporated into a partnership association February 8, 1887.
History of Mercer County, PA; its past and present, 1888
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