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First Baptist Church

The Catholic Church in Stoneboro celebrated its first mass about twenty-four years ago [about 1864] , the service being performed in private houses. Shortly afterward, however, a house once used as a dwelling, but then recently vacated, was purchased, and for a period of four years prior to the erection of the present edifice was occupied as a place of worship by the congregation. The early Catholic families in the vicinity were not deterred by the smallness of their number from attempting to secure for themselves and children larger and more convenient quarters, in which to conduct their religions services, and by the year 1876 enough money had been raised to begin the erection of the present [1888] handsome structure. This, a frame building, 30x50 feet in dimensions, with a sanctuary 12x30 feet, was completed in the same year, at a cost of $3,000, andwas occupied and dedicated shortly afterward. It is a very convenient church edifice, and sitting upon the top of a graceful elevation, presents a pleasing spectacle to the eye of the beholder. Among the first members of the congregation were Lawrence Kearns, John Kennedy, Peter Hughes, and Daniel Conley, with their families. The first regular priest that ministered to the little flock was Rev. K. O’Branigan. He was succeeded by Rev. Thomas Tracey, Rev.William Pugh, Rev. P. Brady, Rev. John Smith, Rev. J. H. McAdam, of the Mercer Church, who also has charge of the Stoneboro congregation. The membership numbers forty-two families, earnest in spirit and determined in faith.

Source: History of Mercer County, 1888, pages  468-469

Early Members

of the Catholic Church

in Stoneboro

Lawrence Kearns

John Kennedy

Peter Hughes

Daniel Conley

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