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Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church congregation was organized November 19, 1878, through the instrumentality of Rev. David Waggoner, Rev. J. Frank Stonecipher and Elder J. H. Carr. Its first regular members were John Parry, Thomas English, Mrs. C. E. English, Miss E. L. English, Mrs. L. Bowen, Mrs. Eliza Bonner, Mrs. J. A. Allen, Miss Mary Pringle, O. V. Porter, Mrs. Margaret E. Porter, Mrs. Mary L. McClurg, V. B. Coulson, Mrs. Mary Coulson, Miss S. R. Downs, B. L. Coulson, S. E. Coulson, J. P. Coulson and Mrs. Margaret Cornwell. The church was incorporated September 17, 1883, at which time the board of trustees consisted of E. Houser, James Hewitt and Charles Runningbrew. The building used by the congregation is a frame, erected in 1883, at a cost of $2, 500. The first pastor was Rev. Samuel Glenn. He was followed by Rev. B. C. Critchlow, who in turn was succeeded by Rev. J. C. Chapman. The present [1888] pastor, Rev. E. A. Nelson, has been in charge for about three years, and is the first regular pastor the congregation has had, the others having been provisional ministers merely.

The membership of the church is 145. Connected with it is a Sunday-school, of which Robert P. Cann is the superintendent; and also a Ladies’ Missionary Society, of which the president is Mrs. Robert P. Cann, and the vice-president, Miss Mary Pringle.

History of Mercer County,  1888, pgs 469-470

Early Members of the Presbyterian Church in Stoneboro


John Parry

Thomas English

Mrs. C. E. English

Miss E. L. English

Mrs. L. Bowen

Mrs. Eliza Bonner

Mrs. J. A. Allen

Miss Mary Pringle

O. V. Porter

Mrs. Margaret Porter

Mrs. Mary L. McClurg

V. B. Coulson

 Mrs. Mary Coulson
 Miss S. R. Downs

B. L. Coulson

S. E. Coulson

J. P. Coulson
Mrs. Margaret Cornwell
Robert P. Cann

Harriett Patterson Greer, wife of James L. Greer
b: 1858, d: 1924