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First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church of Stoneboro was organized October 9, 1870, by Revs. J. M. Perry, Ross Ward, E. T. Crane  and R. H. Austin. The first members of the new society were: David Griffith, Miriam Griffith, Nancy Gomforey, T. H Price, D. A. Phillips, Parmelia M. Phillips, Sarah A. Vernon, Susan McCormick, D. T. Davis, Eliza Davis, Sarah B. Haskell, Sarah Olds, Elisha Flickinger, Mrs. Flickinger, Sarah Corbin, Deliah, Hannah and Rebecca Woolford. The congregation was incorporated September 24, 1883, upon petition of Thomas H. Price, James Stubbs, James Lyle, D. A. Phillips, D. M. Griffith, Herbert Davis, William Davis, Edward Rowe, J. R. Cummings and T. B. Martin. The building occupied by the congregation [1888] is a frame structure erected in 1873, at a cost of $2,500. The first pastor of the church was Rev. J. T. Griffith, who remained three years. Succeeding him came Rev. W. H. Leet, one year; Rev. E. H. Hovey, two years; Rev. J. T. Bradford, two and a half years; Rev. G.M. Evans, two years, and the present pastor, Rev. J. T. Davis, who was placed in charge in 1886. A list of the secretaries of the congregation is as follows: D. A. Phillips, J. T. Davis, David Wilson, J. C. Wilson, William Phillips, D. C. Bachelor, T. H. Rowe,
Herbert Edwards, John Crook and Ed. Rowe.  The church at present [1888] numbers 138 members, and is in good condition. In connection with it is maintained a Sunday-school which enrolls 125 pupils.   

Source: History of Mercer County, 1888, pages  468-469

Early Pastors

of the First Baptist Church

in Stoneboro

J. T. Griffith

W. H. Leet

E. H. Hovey

J. T. Bradford

G. M. Evans

J. T. Davis

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