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Stoneboro United Methodist Church

Formerly Methodist Episcopal Church, Stoneboro

The Methodist Episcopal congregation was organized in the winter of 1869, through the agency of Rev. John Eckels. In the first organization there were forty-one members. The first regular services were held in the school house, then a two-story, two-roomed building, The first class-leader was Edwin Egbert, of Sandy Lake. Adam Davis was the first steward. The building at present [1888] used by the congregation was erected in the year 1875. It is a frame and is quite commodious. The succession of pastors has been, as nearly as can be ascertained, Rev. John Eckels, Rev. A. S. Goodrich, Rev. Robert Beatty, Rev. J. Kinney, Rev. John Graham, Rev. A. R. Rich, Rev. Gilfillan. Rev. Charles Reeves, under whose ministry the congregation became a separate charge. Rev. W. S. Shepard and Rev. John Eckels, the present pastor [1888], who began his labors in the fall of 1886. The congregation is at present in a prosperous condition, numbering ninety-five members. There is a Sunday-school connected with it, of which the superintendent is Mr. F. T. Mears. The enrollment of the school is 132.

History of Mercer County,  1888, pg. 468

Early Pastors of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Stoneboro


John Eckels

A. S. Goodrich

Robert Beatty

J. Kinney

John Graham

A. R. Rich

Rev. Gilfillan

Charles Reeves

W. S. Shephard

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