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St. Paul's Primitive 

Methodist Church

St. Paul’s Primitive Methodist Church was organized in the public school house January 19, 1879, by Rev. Ralph Fothergill. with the following flamed members: Charles Nichols, Enoch Show, John Arkless, John Jackson, Mary A. Bromley, Mattie Bromley, John W. Roberts, Thomas Brown, John Squires, Susannah Proud, Duncan C. McLaren, Jane Shaw, Henry Swyres, Maggie Swyres, William Proud, Esther Arkless, Mary Jackson. David Watts, Archie Greenfield, James McWilliams, John Weston, Jacob Swyres, Susannah McLaren, Jennie Swyres, John Swyres, John Proud, Gowan Arkless, Peter Henderson, William Swyres, Annie Roberts, Thomas Armstrong, Robert Morris, Samuel Morris, Tillie McIntire, William Brown, Melissa Swyres, John P. Blanchard, George Proud, Lizzie Emon, Lizzie Jenkins, Minnie Pearson, Lizzie Smith, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Esgar, Carrie Leslie, Robert Finkel, Sarah Henderson, Charles Frye, Lizzie Roberts, William Frye, William Cartwright, Robert Gordon and James Watley. The present church structure [1888]  was built in October. 1881, at an expense of $1,000. Following is the succession of pastors of the congregation: Rev. Ralph Fothergill, Rev. B. G. Roscamp, Rev. John A. James, Rev. John Atkinson and Rev. Lewis , the present [1888] efficient pastor. The secretaries of the congregation have been John Arkless, Duncan C. McLaren, Herbert Timmons, D. C. McLaren, James McKay and D. C. McLaren, who at present officiates in that position. The membership of the church is twenty. The condition of the congregation is very fair.

History of Mercer County, 1888, page 470 

Early Pastors

of the St. Paul's Primitive Methodist Church

in Stoneboro

Ralph Fothergill

B. G. Roscamp

John A. James

John Atkinson

Lewis Norman Leith 

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