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There may be duplicate entries for cemeteries, and some cemeteries may overlap township lines.

Obituary Links are being added as the cemeteries are transcribed.

Cemetery Name & Transcription Link
Adsit Cemetery
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Map         Conneaut Lake Sadsbury
Allen Borough of Cambridge Springs
Amish Cemetery #1     41.48588 -80.33671 Atlantic Twp.
Amish Cemetery #2 Map      41.4947420 -80.3444720 Greenville East Atlantic Twp.
Amish Cemetery #3
Adjacent to the Unger Cemetery. They share the same piece of land, but the Amish Cemetery is to the left of the Unger Cemetery and is fenced in. This cemetery is no longer in use as a burial ground.  The cemetery in on private land and you need permission to enter.
Map      41.5389000 -80.3124000 Conneaut Lake Atlantic Twp.
Amy Cemetery   1179511     Athens Twp.
Anderson Family Cemetery
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Map    1168284 41.5345878 -80.2072525 Geneva Borough of Cochranton
Andrews Family Cemetery
Map    1168302 41.5931396 -80.2366561 Geneva Vernon Twp.
Andrews Cemetery     41.5931015 -80.2367020   Vernon Twp.
Bailey Cemetery
In 1968 this cemetery had only one visible tombstone. There were bases found for two others. This cemetery has been abandoned and nearly forgotten. It is located on the south side of Hamilton Road east of Muddy Creek and is marked by a growth of trees and brush and a heavy growth of myrtle close to the road. The Veteran Affairs office removed two graves from this Cemetery in 1959 and transfered them to the nearby Drake Cemetery on Dewey Road in Little Cooley. The Veterans that were removed were Simeon Z. Bailey and Jedidiah Shaver. The last known burial in this cemetery was that of a Mrs. Graham about 1910, but no stone was erected for her. There are sure to be other burials here known but to God.
      41.7373760 -79.8753260   Athens Twp.
Baker Cemetery
Map    2799539  41.6887512 -79.8835449 Townville  Borough of Townville 
Baldwin Cemetery           Linesville Pine Twp.
Baldwin-Snyder Cemetery Map    1168652  41.123789 -80.4597743 Linesville Conneaut Twp.
Barber Cemetery
aka (New Burying Ground or Stratton Cemetery)
Map    1168694  41.5989069 -80.3005794 Conneaut Lake Sadsbury Twp.
Barber Cemetery
Map   2801388 41.7047958 -80.5037002 Leon Conneaut Lake Twp.
Barton Farm Cemetery
      41.69576 -79.87089   Borough of Townville
Beatty Cemetery
aka (Breckenridge Cemetery)
Map 1170186 41.6498064 -80.2611202 Harmonsburg Vernon Twp.
Beaver Center Cemetery
Map 2801490 41.8025393 -80.4702952 Beaver Center Beaver Twp.
Bennett Cemetery 

  Union City
Oil Creek Twp.
Birch Cemetery
Birch Cemetery is located on Dunn Road, 1.1 miles from Stein Hill Road. It sits on the top of the hill in the corner of the woods. This is an inactive, overgrown cemetery.
  41.5155390 -80.0814470 Borough of Cochranton
Black Ash Cemetery
Map   2800508 41.5901865 -79.9064450 Sugar Lake Randolph Twp.
Blakeslee Family Cemetery Map

2799545 41.843036 -79.8410992 Lake Canadohta Tillotson
Bloomfield Burying Ground
aka (Bloomfield Cemetery)
Map 1169842 41.8189386 -79.8169903 Lake Canadohta Bloomfield Twp.
Blooming Valley Cemetery
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Map 1169851 41.6847223 -80.0470089 Blooming Valley
Brawley Cemetery
Map 1170179 41.6000094 -79.9922756 Sugar Lake Randolph Twp.
Breckenridge Cemetery
aka  (Beatty Cemetery)
Map 1170186 41.6498064 -80.2611202 Harmonsburg Vernon Twp.
Britton Run Cemetery
Map 2801127 41.7933305 -79.7423291 Spartansburg Sparta Twp.
Brookhouser Cemetery
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Map 1170324 41.7224344 -80.1563305 Meadville Hayfield Twp.
Brooks Cemetery Map 1170332 41.7781161 -80.4988313 Beaver Twp.
Broughton Cemetery
aka (Mickle Cemetery)

Once thought destroyed and plowed over, this cemetery remains intact. Previous owners of the land told people the cemetery had been destroyed so that people wouldn't visit.
Map 41.6967000 -80.4331000 Conneaut Twp.
Brown Family Cemetery
aka (Dianthe Brown Lot)
This location is the site of abolitionist John Brown's tannery. His first wife, Dianthe Lusk Brown, died here in childbirth. She and their infant son are buried together on the property, along with son Frederick Brown who died during childhood.
Map 41.7184830 -79.9501460 Richmond Twp.
Calvary Episcopal Churchyard
aka (Episcopal Cemetery)
Map 41.6781592 -79.8793472   Townville, Steuben Twp.
Cambridge Cemetery
aka (Yankee Hill Burying Ground & Upper Cambridge Cemetery)
Map 2799132 41.7895540 -80.0654491 Cambridge Springs Cambridge Twp.
Cambridge Springs Cemetery
Map 2801325 41.7992472 -80.0596966 Cambridge Springs Borough of Cambridge Springs
Carmel Cemetery
aka (Stebbins Cemetery)
Map 2800555 41.7695497 -80.2071804 Edinboro South Cussewago Twp.
Carmel-Freeman Cemetery
Map 1171222 41.7971453 -80.2182277 Edinboro South Cussewago Twp.
Centerville Cemetery
Map 2800512 41.7387422 -79.7645078 Centerville Rome Twp.
Chapinville Cemetery
Map 1171566 41.8185304 -79.9109616 Millers Station Rockdale Twp.
Chestnut Corners Cemetery
aka (Immaculate Conception Cemetery)

Map 2801961 41.6848406 -80.3506282 Harmonsburg Summit Twp.
Cline Cemetery
Along the Mercer County line, south of Atlantic East Fallowfield Twp.
Clyde Cemetery South Shenango Twp.
Coblentz Cemetery Map 2799208 41.7874636 -80.3475306 Conneautville Spring Twp.
Cochranton Cemetery
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Map 2799131 41.5223841 -80.0403103 Cochranton Wayne Twp.
Cole Cemetery
Map 1172170 41.6886515 -80.1903957 Meadville Hayfield Twp.
Conneaut Cemetery
Map 2801568 41.5384478 -80.1047253 Cochranton Fairfield Twp.
Conneaut Center Cemetery
aka (Thayer Cemetery)
Map 1172335 41.7041124 -80.4493830 Linesville Conneaut Twp.
Conneautville Cemetery
Map 2800502 41.7632479 41.7632479 Conneautville Conneautville
Connell Cemetery Oil Creek Twp.
Coulter-Humes Cemetery
On private land. Burial for John C Humes and Mary G Humes family, Lang family and Miller families.
Map 2799133 41.7411951 -80.0638851 Blooming Valley
County Home Cemetery
Map 2801011 41.7122873 -80.1351818 Meadville Saegertown
Covenanter Cemetery Map 2801546 41.7272676 -79.6788755 Titusville North Titusville
Crane Cemetery 41.7503237 Oil Creek Twp.
Cribbs Cemetery
aka Methodist Home Cemetery
Map 1192312 41.7503237 -80.3567241 Conneautville Conneautville
Crockett Cemetery
This cemetery is long-abandoned and is now defunct and used as farm fields. The family monument was moved to the Linesville Cemetery. No mention of moving the bodies has been found.
41.6928690 -80.4337080 Conneaut Twp.
Curry Cemetery Map 1172842 41.6571497 -79.6885114 Titusville North Titusville
Deckards Cemetery
Map 2801562 41.5255694 -79.9739575 Sugar Lake Wayne Twp.
Dennington Cemetery Map 2799215 41.5449061 -79.9738430 Sugar Lake Wayne Twp.
DeMills Cemetery
aka (Southwick Family Cemetery)

41.6879310 -79.7151450 Oil Creek Twp.
Denny Cemetery
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Map 1173161 41.6626047 -80.2246822 Meadville Hayfield Twp.
Diamond Cemetery
Rt. 27 in Diamond
Dicksonburg Cemetery
Map 1173258 41.7074732 -80.3496364 Harmonsburg Summerhill Twp.
Drake Cemetery
Map 2799544 41.7387842 -79.8875088 Townville Little Cooley
Drake Mills Cemetery
aka (St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery)
Cambridge Twp. (near Venango Twp. line)
Dunn Cemetery
Hayfield Twp.
East Spring Cemetery Map 2799534 41.7938700 -80.2714600 Conneautville Springboro
East Troy Cemetery Map 1173888 41.6361008 -79.7581024 Centerville Hydetown
Espyville Cemetery
Map 2801389 41.6041064 -80.4886897 Hartstown North Shenango Twp.
Evergreen Cemetery
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Map 2799530 41.6588701 -80.3155635 Harmonsburg Harmonsburg
Ewing Cemetery
Map 2798839 41.6128840 -80.0549282 Cochranton East Meade Twp.
Fink Ridge Cemetery
West of 89, North of State Rte. 1013, near Fink Road Rome Twp.
Fish Cemetery Conneaut Twp.
Fitch Cemetery Richmond Twp.
Foster Cemetery Map 2801251 41.7697824 -80.3692668 Conneautville Spring Twp.
Foust Cemetery
Map 2800499 41.6327128 -80.2984584 Harmonsburg Summit Twp.
Frame Cemetery East Fallowfield Twp.
Frey Cemetery
Map 2800496 41.6708216 -80.4532206 Linesville Conneaut Twp.
Frisbee Cemetery
Off Sturgis Road, east of the intersection of Rte. 1035. Rockdale Twp.
Gallagher Cemetery Pymatuning Lake South Shenango Twp.
Garwood Cemetery
Map 2798462 41.6323847 -80.3839229 Linesville Sadsbury Twp.
Gehrton Cemetery Map 2800353 41.6449351 -80.3593867 Harmonsburg Linesville
Geneva Methodist Church Cemetery
Map 2799571 41.5630946 -80.2278942 Geneva Greenwood Twp.
Gilson Ridge Cemetery Map 1175627 41.6758150 -79.7036481 Titusville North Oil Creek Twp.
Gospel Hill Cemetery
aka (Hotchkiss Cemetery)
Cussewago Twp.
Grange Hall Road Cemetery Map 2799526 41.7289995 -79.8081784 Centerville Centerville
Gravel Run Cemetery Map 1176012 41.7569651 -80.1106685 Cambridge Springs Woodcock Twp.
Greendale Cemetery Map 1176144 41.6442217 -80.1317257 Meadville Meadville
Greendale Cemetery Map 1176145 41.6461329 -80.1353878 Meadville Meadville
Greenfield Cemetery Map 2800251 41.5043063 -80.2585796 Conneaut Lake Porters Corner, Greenwood Twp.
Greenlawn Cemetery
aka (Kingsley Greenlawn)
Map 2799209 41.6831049 -79.8900876 Townville Townville
Greenwood Cemetery Map 1176197 41.5070719 -80.2174724 Geneva Greenwood Twp.
Greenwood Cemetery Map 1176199 41.6376299 -79.7029462 Titusville North Oil Creek Twp.
Guys Mills Cemetery West Mead Twp.
Harmonsburg Cemetery Harmonsburg
Harned Cemetery Cussewago Twp.
Harrison Cemetery Rome Twp.
Hartstown Cemetery West Fallowfield Twp.
Hatch Cemetery Randolph Twp.
Hecker Cemetery Cussewago Twp.
Hickernell Cemetery Spring Twp.
Hickernell Cemetery Hayfield Twp.
Hill Cemetery Oil Creek Twp.
Hollenbeck Cemetery Beaver Twp.
Hood Cemetery Greenwood Twp.
Hotchkiss Cemetery
aka (Gospel Hill Cemetery)
Cussewago Twp.
Hurd Cemetery Shadeland
Immaculate Conception Cemetery
aka (Chestnut Corners Cemetery)
Summit Twp.
Jackson Cemetery East Fallowfield Twp.
Jervis Cemetery Rockdale Twp.
Jolly Cemetery Summit Twp.
Kebort Cemetery South of Meadville
Kerr Hill Cemetery Oil Creek Twp.
Kingsley Greenlawn Cemetery Townville
Kiser Hill Cemetery East Meadville Twp.
Lakeview Cemetery Conneaut Lake
Lewis Cemetery Cussewago Twp.
Linesville Cemetery Linesville
Littles Cemetery
aka (Patriot Cemetery)
Hayfield Twp.
Loomis Cemetery Bloomfield Twp.
Manning-Miller Cemetery Conneaut Twp.
Maple Hill Cemetery Troy Twp.
Martin Cemetery South Shenango Twp.
McArthur Cemetery South Shenango Twp.
McClure Cemetery-Chestnut Corners Summit Twp.
McDowell Cemetery Summerhill Township
McKay Cemetery Summerhill Twp.
McLaughlin Cemetery Rome Twp.
McMaster Cemetery Btw. Adamsville & Hartstown
McMichael Cemetery East Fallowfield Twp.
McMichael Cemetery Greenwood Twp.
McMullen Cemetery Conneaut Twp.
Methodist Home Cemetery Summerhill Twp.
Miller Farm Cemetery Vernon Twp.
Miller Station Cemetery Rockdale Twp.
Mitchell Cemetery Cambridge Twp.
Morris Farm Cemetery Cussweago Twp.
Mt. Blair Cemetery Woodcock Twp.
Mt. Hope Cemetery Randolph Twp.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Bloomfield Twp.
Mumford Chapel Cemetery Fairfield Twp.
Mushrush Cemetery East Fallowfield Twp.
New Richmond Cemetery Richmond Twp.
North Richmond Cemetery Richmond Twp.
Oak Hill Cemetery Summit Twp.
Oakland Cemetery
aka (Wayland Cemetery)
East Mead Twp.
Old Reformed Cemetery Wayne Twp.
Patton Cemetery West Fallowfield Twp.
Peiffer Cemetery Woodcock Twp.
Penn Line Cemetery Conneaut Twp.
Peterson Cemetery Fairfield Twp.
Pioneer Cemetery Titusville
Powell Farm Cemetery East Fairfield Twp.
Quigley Cemetery Vernon Twp.
Reichel Cemetery Cussewago Twp.
Riceville Cemetery Bloomfield Twp.
Ridgway Cemetery
aka (Smith-Rockafellow Cemetery)
East Fairfield Twp.
Rocky Glen Cemetery Adamsville - West Fallowfield Twp.
Rodgers Cemetery Hayfield Twp.
Rootville Cemetery Athens Twp.
Rose Hill Cemetery Sparta Twp.
Roselawn Memorial Gardens Meadville
Rundell's Cemetery Conneautville
Rushmore Cemetery Conneaut Twp.
Saegertown Cemetery Hayfield Twp.
Shreve Ridge Cemetery Bloomfield Twp.
St. Agatha's Cemetery East Mead Twp.
St. Brigid's Cemetery West Meadville Twp.
St. Catherine's Cemetery Oil Creek Twp.
St. Hippolytes Cemetery East Mead Twp.
St. James Cemetery Crossingville Cussewago Twp.
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
aka (Drakes Mills Cemetery)
Cambridge Twp. (near Venango Twp. line)
St. Peter & St. Paul Orthodox Greek Catholic Church Cemetery Crossingville Cussewago Twp.
St. Peter & St. Paul Roman Catholic Church Cemetery East Fairfield Twp.
St. Peter's Roman Catholic Cemetery Conneautville Spring Twp.
St. Sava Cemetery
(Located on the grounds of the Most Holy Mother of God Serbian Orthodox Monastery)
St. Walberga Cemetery Titusville
Oil Creek Twp.
Seceder Cemetery Wayne Twp.
Seeley - Old Baptist Cemetery Linesville Pine Twp.
Shaw Cemetery Summerhill Twp.
Skeltontown Cemetery Venango Twp.
Smith Cemetery Athens Twp.
Smith Cemetery East Mead Twp.
Smith Cemetery Summit Twp.
Smith Corners Cemetery Hayfield Twp.
Smith-Rockafellow Cemetery
aka (Ridgway Cemetery)
East Fairfield Twp.
South Shenango Cemetery South Shenango Twp.
Southside Cemetery Shermansville Sadbury Twp.
Spring Cemetery Spring Twp.
State Line Cemetery Jamestown
Steamburg Cemetery Conneaut Twp.
Stebbins Cemetery
aka (Carmel Cemetery)
Cussewago Twp.
Stuntz Cemetery Beaver Twp.
Sugar Lake Cemetery Wayne Twp.
Sunnyside Cemetery Athens Twp.
Sunnyside Cemetery Sadsbury Twp.
Sturdevant Cemetery Springboro
Swift Lang Cemetery Woodcock Twp.
Thompson Cemetery Spring Twp.
Thompson Cemetery Conneaut Twp.
Townley Cemetery Richmond Twp.
Townville Cemetery Townville
Trinity Reformed Cemetery Fairfield Twp.
Troy Center Cemetery East of Meadville
Tubbs Cemetery Oil Creek Twp.
Union Cemetery Guys Mills Randolph Twp.
Union Cemetery Oil Creek Twp.
Union Cemetery Summit Twp.
United Brethren Cemetery Cussewago Twp.
Upper Cambridge Cemetery
aks (Yankee Hill Burial Ground)
Cambridge Twp.
Venango Cemetery Venango Twp.
Vernon Cemetery Guys Mills
Watson Run Reformed Church Cemetery Conneaut Lake
Wayland Cemetery
aka (Oakwood Cemetery)
East Mead Twp.
Wheeler Cemetery Conneaut Twp.
White Cemetery Beaver Twp.
Whitford Cemetery Beaver Twp.
Whitney Cemetery Sparta Twp.
Wilson Cemetery North Shenango Twp.
Wilson Cemetery South Shenango Twp.
Woodlawn Cemetery Sparta Twp.
Woodlawn Cemetery Titusville
Oil Creek Twp.
Yankee Hill Burial Ground
aka (Cambridge Cemetery)
Cambridge Twp.

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