Crawford County,  Pennsylvania
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Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


ALLISON, Eleanor HART 8 Nov 1902   22 May 1991    

ANDERSON, Grace PATTERSON 1911   1975   wife of Leon T. Anderson

ANDERSON, Leon T. 1908   2000   husband of Grace Patterson

BAIRD, Flora     Nov 1910   age 62
BASS, William     1910   age 75
BELL, Frank     1910   age 56
BELL, Zora     May 1910   age 25
BYHAM, John      1910   age 81
BROWN, Dyer Jude "D.J"

11 Oct 1816    19 Apr 1894 Sandy Lake, Mercer Co., PA son of Lansing D. Brown and Speedy Walker married Nancy Maria Weir  
BROWN, Nancy Maria WEIR         wife of Dyer Jude "D.J." Brown, daughter of Adam Weir Mary Ann Bean 
CARLSON, Esther HART 24 May 1912   2 Jan 1984   wife of Wayne A. Hart

COCHRAN, J.J.     Jun 1910   age 75
COLEY, William J.     Mar 1910   age 81
CULBERTSON, Rebecca     Dec 1910   age 73
CUMMINGS, Jennie ENGLE 1869   1936   wife of Stephen H. Cummings info
CUMMINGS, Mildred S. 1896   19--     info
CUMMINGS, Minnie           info
CUMMINGS, Oliver C. 1908   1958    Sec 19 Row 86 info
CUMMINGS, Stephen H. 1863   1890   Sec 1 Row 10    info
CUMMINGS, William  1830    1878   Sec 1 Row 10 info
DU PONT, Ella Althea ROCKAFELLOW 14 Feb 1864 Wayne Twp., Crawford Co., Pa 19 Aug 1901 Wayne Twp., Crawford Co., Pa  

Cochranton Cemetery

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